Trials of Champions
by Spunk N. Wagnels


Summary: The US Olympic gymnastics team plays catch-up to the rest of the world with near nude competition, only some have a harder time adjusting to the embarrassment than others.

Keywords: humiliation, exhibitionism, voyeurism
The following is adult fiction intended for legally mature adults to view at their discretion, where and when it is legal to do so. Similarity to persons, living or dead is coincidence. The author reserves all rights. Permission is granted to archive in places where adults can legally view it free of charge, and as long as no words are changed, including this disclaimer.

Part 3

"Good morning champions."

"Good morning Coach Monika." The team said nearly in unison.

"I don't have your alternate costumes, girls, with the support you may want or need just yet, however, I just heard of a major rule change that may make a difference."

Everybody was clinging to the head instructorís every word.

"It has just been announced that cradling your breasts at any time that you should need to is acceptable. For instance, in a landing you can do it hugging your breasts with your arms or cradling them in your palms, just so long as you finish with an arched extension."

"What's that?" Terry remarked.

"For any maneuver that you need to give yourself support, you can now do so but only for the moment you need that support. The judges will take into consideration the increased difficulty of keeping your balance without the normal use of your arms, and as such it will be encouraged."

The group started to murmur.

"Now, this will probably create a whole new set of possibilities for you to develop patented moves and you can bet the other world competitors are working hard on using this to their advantage right now too. I hope you are all ready for the challenge. If not, I'd cooperate with your parents and sponsors to get over any hang-ups about displaying your bodies as soon as possible so we can work on the bigger challenges at hand."

Once stretches and exercises were over, there was a new found enthusiasm for working on routines. The coaching team members were eager to spot the girls and catch them as they tried to perfect their balance while holding their breasts at individual times during their routines. Some worked with the competitors in trying to come up with new moves that naturally incorporated breast holding and cradling. They seemed to delight in demonstrating on the girls' ways they might be able to do it.

By the end of the day, with the focus on the bounce and flounce of breasts and with all of the necessary and unnecessary touching, everyone was in need of a cold shower.

Libby took a day off from school to practice some new aspects of her routine at home. She had always put her competing ahead of school and it was only a GED program at a community college. In Libby's mind, she would complete high school and maybe even college some day, but it didn't have to be now. Her sponsor Mrs. Woodcock had housed several gymnasts over the

years so they could be by the National Training Center, and she shared the competitors' priorities for their window of opportunity to compete over just about anything else.

Mrs. Woodcock was busy making finger food appetizers for the impromptu and last minute "coming out party" scheduled for this night to help a couple of the members of the team have an opportunity to grow more comfortable with their nakedness in the presence of strangers.

The doorbell rang. "Libby, can you get that please?" Mrs. Woodcock called out.

"Yes Ma'am." Libby replied, her heart racing at having to greet an unknown at the front door in the all together. She stepped into the high heels she was instructed to wear and slowly opened the door a crack to peer around.

"Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?"

"Hi Sweetie. Aren't you going to let us in?" Libby's mother asked.

"Ah, ah, well sure..."

"Hi Jones', I'm so glad you could come on such short notice. Libby, maybe you could take their coats and things upstairs while we become better acquainted."

"In the guest room I guess?"

"Yes Dear. That will be fine." Mrs. Woodcock acknowledged.

"Will you two be staying here with us?" Mrs. Woodcock offered Libby's parents.

"Well, we'll have to see. We do have reservations just down the road." Mrs. Jones said politely, but couldn't hide her wonderment at her daughter's nakedness.

Libby's parents couldn't help but stare in shock at their daughter and the way she was following Ms. Woodcock's direction totally in the nude except for her high heels struggling with a suitcase up the stairs. Libby's sponsor had to bring them out of their staring trance.

"So how was your trip from Iowa?" Libby heard Mrs. Woodcock asking as she took a moment's rest on a landing.

When Libby was done, she waited for everyone in the front hall standing for attention the way Ms. Woodcock had instructed, legs about shoulder width apart, toes pointed out, shoulders back and hands flat on her backside.

"My, how you've grown." Her mother remarked coming back into the front entry.

"You've filled out nicely... I mean you are becoming a very attractive young woman, Libby." Her father added.

"So this is what it takes to be a champion these days." The mom said with a hint of sarcasm and regret.

"She is going to mesmerize her audiences when she performs her events." Mrs. Woodcock said proudly.

"But why this?" The mother asked pointing at Libby's denuded pubis while trying to turn somewhat away.

"The costumes really call for it. Would you like to be the first to see what she will be competing in?"

Both parents nodded their heads.

"Libby, run upstairs and put on your competition uniform and come back down."

"Yes Ma'am."

"We did raise her right, about the manners I mean, didn't we Harold." Libby's mom said reflecting on how polite and respectful she was behaving.

"Yes Millie, we did. I'm awfully proud of that." He replied.

"You'll be awfully proud of Libby too when she brings home a medal for the US." Mrs. Woodcock added.

"Yes, yes of course we will." The mother confirmed.

Libby came back down and walked the way she had seen models walk in fashion shows along the catwalks. She had to focus on performing something; otherwise she wouldn't have been able to handle her parents looking at her posing nude in front of them for the first time since she had developed into young womanhood.

"Oh my, hum. I see about the hair part, down there I mean. Yes I see, um." Libby's mother remarked.

"No, it wouldn't do to have hair there would it?" Mrs. Woodcock added.

"I guess you know what you're doing." Her father remarked.

"Yes Dad. We are all wearing this costume this year. It is our country's team uniform." Libby replied.

"Well then, I think it will be great, and we are proud of you. Aren't we Millie?" He replied.

"Yes Dear, very proud." She confirmed.

"Well Libby, why don't you put the costume away to keep it looking nice for tonight. Millie, maybe you would like help me in the kitchen."

"I'd be happy to," Mrs. Jones said.

"Harold, maybe you would want to make yourself comfortable in the living room with the TV or something for awhile."

"Thank you Rebecca, I could use a rest after all that last minute traveling."

When Libby returned to the living room to continue experimenting with her routine, she found her Dad sitting in Mr. Woodcock's chair clicking the channels. "Would I be bothering you if I practiced in here while you watch? The Woodcocks have me do it all the time."

"No Dear, no problem. Pretend I'm not here so I'm not in your way. Nice big living room for it isn't it?"

Libby decided that she would just pretend her father wasn't sitting there so she could concentrate on her craft. It was tough enough to have him see her naked for the first time since she swam topless at a lake back when she was seven.

As she did her routines her dad tried with all of his will not to look at his naked daughter. The discomfort went both ways in the situation, but something was making his head swim with confusion, the smell of the chair, the movement of Libby grabbing her breasts out of the corner of his eye, Libby's utterances during physically challenging moves, he hadto get up. "Excuse me Dear, I've got to go see if your mother needs any help."

"Okay Dad," Libby said with a smile.

A little while later Jill's sponsor, Mrs. Robbins came by with Jill and another teammate Hannah, to help out with the party preparation. Jill and Hannah immediately disrobed down to their underwear smirking that Libby was totally nude. Mrs. Robinson came back out of the kitchen, after going in and announcing her presence, to hang up her coat in the hall closet. When she saw the two girls giving Libby a hard time, she said, "Okay girls, in this house the competitors wear nothing, right Libby?"

"Yes Mrs. Robbins." Libby said with an 'I got you back' smile.

Then Mrs. Robbins noticed that Libby had already shaved herself clean between her legs. "Well Libby you are so on the ball. Monika only mentioned it to you all this morning and you have already followed her instruction. Good job. Maybe you would be kind enough to help Jill and Hannah with it."

"Be glad to Ms. R.† Com'on you furballs lets get you cleaned up." Libby said feeling in charge.

Hannah was okay with letting another girl be in charge of the area between her legs, but Jill sort of fancied herself as top jokester and decided that she would take care of it herself. She watched as Libby snipped off Hannah's curly hairs as carefully as she could. When she was through, she said to Jill, "Okay, I cut off most of it, you can shave the rest."

"I'm not touching her there. I think she likes it too much." Jill said in response to Libby's order. "No offense Babe." She said to Hannah.

"None taken. Why don't you both do it?" Hannah said with a smile.

"Okay, I'll pull her skin tight while you shave her and then I'll feel for the areas you might still need to go over again." Libby directed.

"No, I'll pull the skin and tell You where you need to shave her." Jill countered.

Hannah didn't want to wait for any more arguments, so she quickly put some lotion on and waited for the service.

Jill knelt down next to Hannah and put her fingers on the inside of her thighs as far away from Hannah's vulva as possible while Libby crouched down between Hannah's outstretched legs and began to gingerly scrape away the stubble with the razor. Hannah closed her eyes and started to bask in the sensations being created down between her legs.

"Hey look. What did I tell you? She's into this. Look at her nipples." Jill declared.

Hannah opened her eyes and looked at her nipples, reached up and squeezed them with a smile and pointed out that she could say the same thing about the other two by the size and firmness of their nipples were showing.

Jill was finding it increasingly difficult to hold the skin taut for Libby because the lotion had worked its way out to where her fingertips were trying to hold the skin back. She found that she had to paw at Hannah's skin closer and closer to the centerline and more and more often to give Libby a tight surface to scrape. As Libby's swaths with the razor came in closer to the center, Jill had to paw all across Hannah's lips to give Libby a proper surface to scrape.

Hannah was obviously starting to lose control. "Hurry up with it. Will ya?" Jill said concerned.

"I'm doing it as fast as I can. Your fingers get in the way sometimes."

"Are you almost done? I can't really see it very well." Jill asked.

"It's looking pretty good. Feel around for rough spots."

Jill felt around as quickly as she could, which only heightened Hannah's excitement and when she was about to draw her hand away Hannah grabbed it and kept it pinned to her cunt as she went through the throes of her orgasm.

"Ooo, gross!" Jill said.

"I think that is why you and I are in this remedial program to get ourselves more comfortable with our bodies." Libby observed. "It's why we >canít wear our underwear over here. It's why we are entertaining strangers tonight in the nude. And it's why we may not make the team if we don't demonstrate that we can be comfortable with the natural aspects of a girl's body."

"Well, thanks for the god damn lecture Ms. Jones." Jill said put out that Libby was getting a handle on it sooner than she was. Then she broke out into tears.

Libby and Hannah both put their arms around her to comfort her. In her sobbing Jill confessed, "I don't think I'm going to be able to do it and make this team."

"Sure you will." Libby encouraged.

"I've worked so hard at this all of my life. The terrible schedules for practice time, the competitions, no boyfriends, the pressure, ..."

"We know."

"It is all going to be for nothing and all because I can't get comfortable with my body fast enough for Monika Solheim's schedule. It's just not fair!" Jill said continuing to weep.

"We'll help you. That's why we were brought together for this tonight, to support each other." Hannah said.

"Well, maybe. It could be that tonight they will pick who among us they will invest any more time in." Libby said casting a pall over the moment.

"But we're teammates, right? We work together and help each other and we can't all win all the time, so let's just help each other in doing our best as always."

"That's what we like about you, always positive, always cheerful." Hannah said as Jill leaned over to give Libby a heartfelt hug.

"Okay, Jill your turn." Libby said. Jill got herself in position.

"You do the shaving. You're good at it." Hannah stated.

"Okay." Libby said in a sigh.

"You need more lotion, girl." Hannah declared, while Jill opened her eyes suspiciously to look at her.

Hannah started off doing the job straight, but as time wore on she would get her hand in the way of Libby and feel Jill up. Jill would open her eyes to see if they were pulling something on her and would close them again when Hannah's act reassured her. When Jill was pretty much done, she was sweating from trying to fight the natural response Hannah was creating in her. Hannah wasn't through with her though.

"Is that a spot you missed?" Hannah would say inviting Libby to follow her touch in a particular spot.

"Like here?" Libby would say.

"No, more over here." Hannah would say.

"Oh I see. You mean here." And Libby would glide the razor again for a moment until Hannah would start it up all over again.

Hannah skated over the Jill's most sensitive spot going from side to side checking the job Libby had done. She watched and delighted in the convulsing muscle movements she was causing Jill to make along her abdomen.

Finally Jill opened her eyes wide and sat up forward and rocked back a couple of times in horror as she was flooded by the first orgasm of that magnitude she ever experienced.

Hannah looked at Libby with a cocked eye and devilish smile. Libby smiled back until Jill looked at them both and their smiles instantly vanished.

"Welcome to the club Jilly-pooh." Hannah congratulated. "Now it's Libby's turn, don't you think?"

"No, no... no. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I was in this club a whole day before you guys." Libby protested.

"Okay, we'll have to take your word for it. So have any of you come up with any new moves for the new rule change?" Hannah asked.

"I was trying something, but it is hard to come up with stuff."

"What did you try?" Jill asked.

"Well, when you turn on one foot on the floor, you know with one arm up and the other bent horizontally in front of you, instead of having it out, you can hug your sternum during the turn like this. Then bring it back out in the stationary moment at the end for the regular posture."

"That works. You start and end in the normal postures and hug up under your breasts just in the turn." Hannah said considering it for herself.

Hannah was more intent than anyone on learning these moves because she was the tallest and had the heaviest tits in the group. She used the strongest sports bras in practices and competitions of anyone. Her breasts were starting to be pulled by gravity so her nipples rested just below horizontal when everyone else's were at it or above. Jill had full breasts too, but slightly smaller and their fullness came more to a point at her nipples compared to Hannah's that were more rounded at the end. Libby's breasts were half grapefruit sized and still firm, so her interest in the breast holding moves was more for gaining higher scores for difficulty than for the necessity of supporting them in her routines.

The girls exchanged the ideas they had been working on and didn't realize that the time had flown by. The next they knew that the party was starting was when Jill's sponsor came up to check on them and to inform them that the guests were starting to arrive.

Mrs. Robbins was relieved that nobody had any cuts from shaving and had been briefed on Libby's standing for attention by Mrs. Woodcock so she instructed Jill and Hannah to do the same.† She gave them the shoes she brought for them to wear and passed out frilly aprons for the three girls to put on. The bib of the apron barely covered both areolas when standing still and the small token skirt came just below their crotches and was almost as wide in front as their hips.

"Why are we wearing these, Mrs. Robbins?" Libby asked surprised that she wasn't going to greet the guests naked as planned.

"Mrs. Woodcock wants to create anticipation and interest in your bodies by the guests. If the guests see you naked at the start, within fifteen minutes they will be blasť about it and you won't feel any challenge from their attention. She is wise about these things. She reminded me that the concern about the nudity thing is all in your heads not everyone else's. People only want what they can't have freely. If everyone walked around naked all of the time, no one would care."

"Oh, what a relief. I thought I would have to walk into a room full of clothed people being one of the few people totally naked. This way we have something covering us." Jill said. Libby wanted to stop her because she knew they were having their attitudes monitored.

"Oh, you will find this even more difficult we suspect."

"Why's that Mrs. R.?" Hannah asked.

"People are going to try and look at your bodies more with these on the whole time you are wearing them than they would after a short while with you wearing nothing at all. When you are performing, there will be an adjustment to the edge your new uniforms are pushing, but by the end of the competitions, everybody will be looking mostly at your performances, I assure you."

"Okay, thanks. I get it I think." Jill conceded.

"Well then, get your hair fixed, any makeup on you want, and I'll come back and get you in half an hour."

"Yes, Mrs. R," Libby replied tying her apron on in back.

While the girls were upstairs all of guests had arrived as scheduled. They were briefed on the tactics for the evening to challenge the girls for their competitions. They were coached to draw as much attention to the girls' bodies as possible so they would learn to deal with it. They were asked to find reasons to innocently touch the girls to surprise them by boundary crossing. And they were asked to think of ways to position the girls in potentially embarrassing postures to challenge their poise. Coach Monica and her assistants were present to whisper advice to the guests as opportunities presented themselves.

The girls were brought down and entered the room full of mostly strangers carrying in appetizers. Guests seemed to empty the side of the tray closest to the girls first with the idea of a possible glancing touch of their breasts. When the trays were eventually placed around the room guest would clumsily drop napkins and ask the nimble athletes to retrieve them for them. When standing and answering people's questions, the girls stood for attention giving everyone an unobstructed view between their legs from behind and their breasts from the sides.

Some of the women were bold enough to ask, "You're skin looks amazingly soft, may I touch it?" and touch they did on the exposed sides of their breasts. The girls initially backed away, but would look at their coach or an assistant and then decide to stand and take it.

After a little while of the girls getting a big dose of inappropriate attention, Monika Solheim made an announcement about the team uniforms and asked the girls to run upstairs and put them on. While they were gone, she unveiled her game plan for the rest of the evening.

"Can you believe those people?" Libby said when they were safely in Libby's room.

"I don't think they are really like that. I think Coach has put them up to it. It didn't seem very natural. Especially when my folks looked like they were going to try some of it and seemed to back down at the last minute." Libby explained.

"I say, that if you're gonna touch me, do it and mean it." Hannah declared.

"You're weird," Jill said.

With the costumes on they went down stairs and entered like models to the applause of the guests. Some music was turned on, and not just any music, Libby's floor routine music. It got her spontaneously dancing to the beat.

The other girls had heard it many times and started to move to the beat too as Libby stepped forward and went into some close quarter versions of her floor program. Then the music died down and started up again only this time it was Hannah's music. Hannah stepped forward and did some of her routine modified for the time and space so as not to be outdone by Libby. Applause followed as the guests saw the pattern and from the excitement Hannah's large flopping breasts were creating, especially for the men present. Jill expected and was rewarded with her music playing next. She even threw in Libby's move from the turn to try to get one up with her coaches.

The audience was thrilled with the sampling of the programs from among the nation's best women gymnasts. The applause, hooting and hollering lasted for several minutes while the girls didn't know what to do other than to stand for attention embarrassed and occasionally bowing to try and get the applause to stop. The other girls felt like Libby, that "I'm just going to have to be 'okay' with my nipples hard and showing stuck out like this, because that is the way it is going to be."

Finally, when the applause stopped Coach Monika announced to the girls that they were passing their test well and they would have to go one more level before she could be confident that they would be able to handle themselves before the world like this. They were going to have to improvise a dance that would show everyone that they are completely comfortable with their bodies and the way their bodies work, and the only props they could use were the feathers she provided them, a silk scarf, and the small pilates ball she rolled into the room.

When Waltz of the Toreadors from Carmen was started on the stereo, Libby knew where she needed to take this. Mrs. Woodcock had been preparing her well. She took off her costume, picked up a feather and the scarf and started a wide sweeping dance using her flexibility and wide range of motion. Jill grabbed her arm and pulled her in to talk to her while Hannah caught on and took off her costume too.

"What are you doing?" Jill whispered.

"I'm showing Coach that I can be completely comfortable with my body and how it works. You should too." Libby answered frustrated that she was being held back from dancing.

"Wait. I don't think I can do it."

"Sure you can. You can either do it pretending that no one is here in the room with you, or you can soak in the strength their appreciation has for you to do a better job of it, or you can just decide to try and turn them on. They all work." Libby said echoing the advice she received the night before.

"Oh god," Jill groaned. She took a few moments to collect her courage while Libby and Hannah were out in front dancing with their eyes mostly closed, and joined them with her props.

When all three were out dancing and starting to be free with it, nearly everyone pulled out disposable cameras that were handed out by Monika and Rebecca, Libby's sponsor. Jill nearly stopped; Hannah kept dancing nearly oblivious to the cameras, and Libby started to soak in the attention to generate the strength to try new moves.

They were all a little taken aback when flashes started going off. Libby decided to face that challenge head on and started stroking the long feather up and down her body. Hannah was amused by Libby's verve and started to stroke Libby's body with her feathers too. Libby was feeling close to stimulus overload from the cameras, her parents, her nudity, and fought to bring the situation back to a performance. A performance she could handle, something with a beginning, middle, and an end. Based on what she had discussed with her sponsor, she knew what her end needed to be, so she started sawing her feather between her legs. She was so into taking control again that she didn't even notice her parents leaving quietly.

Hannah got swept up in the moment and started dancing her feathers over Libby's breasts and nipples. Jill didn't know what to do, so she just danced on autopilot watching the other two. Hannah brought Jill into it by tickling her with a feather just to get her goat. Jill playfully tickled her back and then joined her on Libby. Meanwhile Libby had to force herself to take what they were dishing out because she had nowhere else to go with it. Mercifully, she finally lost it and collapsed to her knees in an orgasm that wouldn't quit because Hannah and Jill were now oblivious to the audience and trying to make her come again on top of the first one. When Libby started to lean back away from the feathers licking her nipples, Jill rushed the pilates ball under her back and Libby ended up spread-eagle atop the ball. Hannah was into it now, the audience was into her doing these things to Libby and she derived strength form that to finish Libby off and get herself on the ball.

All pretense of an impromptu dance seemed to be off. Hannah was now sawing her feather between her legs and Jill was dancing her feathers over Hannah's face, neck and breasts while Libby was collecting herself to rejoin the girls. By the time Libby was back on task, Hannah was diddling herself with her fingers so Libby tried sawing her feather back an forth along Hannah's nipples trying to keep the feather on both as she played her like a bass fiddle. Hannah sat up suddenly, breaking from the feathers and rapidly frigged herself to a climax sitting on the ball. Flashes went off in rapid succession telling the girls that the audience was getting pretty turned on.

Libby walked up to Jill, her breasts meshing with hers as she whispered in her ear. This is our big chance. We've got to really turn these people on." She said as worked the feather around to a sawing motion up and down Jill's crack in back.

"Okay," Jill said tentatively, but also realizing that since she had a poor start at this that she may have to play catch up from a deficit.

Jill ended up using the feather motion tickling her crack and turned around with her backside to the audience, legs apart and her hands on her knees inviting Libby to keep. Working it there. Her freshly denuded nether region was super sensitive to the touch and she took her butt up and down against it to increase the motion. Libby changed the attitude of the feathers and Jill started humping it on her cunt. Hannah wanted a piece of this action so she started tracing the surface regions of Jill's globes. Jill tried to make the feathers away on top while still controlling the humping against the feathers Libby was holding below all without removing her hands from her knees. Her squat became more pronounced as she was getting closer and looking back at the cameras flashing away, she tried to look provocative and confident.

Suddenly her hands slipped from her knees to the floor and she was in a four-pointed slouch. Hannah shifted to spreading Jill's cheeks and lips apart while Libby had her way between them. Jill could take no more and fell to her widespread knees and one shoulder hugging the floor while Hannah and Libby saw to it that she had as little time between orgasms as possible until she just collapsed into a fetal position.

The flashes had all been used up and the guests were just plain shocked. Coach Monika announced that the evening was a success and that she no longer had any reservations about any of the three girls competing for the US in Worlds and the Olympics.

The girls were eventually sitting together hugging in relief that the evening was now past them and they were off their coach's informal probation list. Coach Monika came over to them, with her assistants in tow and crouched down to speak to the girls. "I was very impressed with you girls tonight, a little surprised, but very impressed."

"Thank you Coach." Hannah said for the three of them.

"You handled everything I could think to throw at you." The girls smiled at each other proudly. "I look forward to working with you at practice tomorrow. Better get some sleep soon."

"We will Coach." Libby said. "By the way, what is happening to all of those cameras?"

"We asked for them back. They were just a prop." Coach Monika explained. An assistant whispered something in her ear. "Well, we got all back except one I guess."

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