Getting Sucked In
by SoTexHonda

I have sure been getting tired of living in apartments. Real estate prices here have completely priced us out of the market. I guess if I was willing to work more weekends,we could scrape up some funds to buy some small-ass house with a frigginí septic tank or something. Anyway, my wife and I found a nicer apartment complex, with a pool view. With summer coming up, I better get my moneyís worth out of the extra rent for said view.

Imagine my surprise when my wife and I run into one of our new neighbors at a local hockey game. We wave at each other, even say hello during a beer run. BTW, always follow man laws. Beer in the cup is okay at games... As great as hockey season is, pool season is even better. The pool view is well worth it. With my days off at odds with those of the wife, I get to spend a lot of time watching and studying the pool as the weather warms up. What is it about women at the pool? They go around the pool, and always sit where we can best view the goods. Coincidence? Probably not. So, I get off in the living room everyday watching several hotties sit around in bikinis. I love the varied suits, and how the girls just sit there and adjust their suits. Just seeing a string here or there untied, then retied, just sets me off. Iím just waiting for that one string to be inadvertently lost. Go ahead, search for that string... arch your back... move your arms... I just want to see the sides of your tits peaking out...

Even better is taking time out with the wife at the pool. I love to encourage her to get in the pool with me just to feel her soft skin next to mine. I love to loosen her top in the water and watch her get out of the pool and hold her top and tits so she doesnít fall out. Often, sheíll go to lie down on her stomach and just let gravity take over. Usually, knowing what sheís up to, Iíll make sure to watch all the eyes on her when she does so. Doing that ensures lots of extra time in the water for me, if you know what I mean.

One day, my local neighborhood hockey fan and his wife were the only ones at the pool... Rather, I should say, my local neighborhood hockey fan and his hottie wife were at the pool. With my daily studies, it was easy to recognize her. You never know what will transpire during the weekday at an apartment complex pool. In college, topless girls were taken for granted. But, as adults, living near an office complex, that is not always the case. Hockey fanís wife was not the typical sun worshipper. The lack of suntan lines from her bikini top indicated early on that she was not afraid to untie her top when on her stomach. With my binoculars, I was able to see her crack begin to emerge from her bikini bottom. Obviously, she often arranged her suit to gain sunlight. It was my goal to see her do so. With the end of hockey season in sight, I knew my time was limited for movement on this front. It was going to take a bold move...

What I didnít realize was that it wouldnít necessarily be my move. My new neighbor, now known as Nick, and I agreed we should get together to grill and drink one afternoon in early Spring. We both met early to claim our poolside grill. Our wives met us at about the same time, and I realized my luck. They knew each other from poolside sunning during their days off. Ah, karma. And then, double karma. Nick also has to work odd hours, and he pointed to his apartment with itís pool view. I boldly asked him how his view was. This was about as close as I thought I would get to sharing my wife, but he answered my question honestly. Everyday, there seem to be major league babes hanging out at the pool on his days off. He always pretends to look the other way when he and the wife are at the pool. But, on certain days, he is alone, and life is good. I agree. Today will certainly turn into one of those days. We agree to see which of our favorite targets will show up today at the pool, realizing our favorite targets are already here.

Our wives settle down. Today is Ďbackí day for my wife, so Iíll be getting my favorite view during most of the day. His wife does the same. You know how girls are when theyíre at the pool, talking and stuff. At that point, I recognized a favorite target of my binoculars. Nickís wife, Anna, has only been seen by me from behind from my apartment window. Nick is a little surprised when his wife lays on her stomach displaying her thong. He walks over to her and starts rubbing oil on her back. I see him whisper something to her. Anna leans up a little and asks me if her suit is okay. I say something lame like if itís okay with my wife, then itís okay with me and that Iíll try not to stare too much. She smiles and lays back down.

My wife gives me that knowing look, and I return it. In response, without a word, she goes back to our apartment. My heart races as I hope she is getting her beach outfit on. Sure enough, she returns in my favorite suit. What I like about this suit is that it covers her ass, but at the beach she will have me roll the bottoms up into a thong look and remove her top from under her. This way, she is stuck in position unless she wants to expose herself. Normally, she only does so at the beach when the coast is clear. Anyway, she informs my neighbor of how her suit is about to morph and lays down. I start to get out our hamburger patties and watch her roll up her suit bottom...

My neighbor walks over and high fives me. We agree that hockey season is way too long although a seven game final was kind of nice. My wife asks me to come over and put on her tanning oil. Okay, I tell her, but only when I can get my hands cleaned of this hamburger meat. Then, like a pipe dream, Anna volunteers to take care of it for me. You know what, that would be fine with me. So, she sits up and starts applying oil on my wife's back. However, she stops at her bottom. Good, I think, and anticipate doing the rest of her. Only, Anna gets more oil and starts rubbing my wifeís feet and working oil up her legs. You could hear a pin drop, or a beer open in space as her hands slowly and methodically inched their way up my wifeís legs. The second to best part was when my wife slightly opened her legs to get the oil on her inner legs.

I notice my wife is a little white on her ass and mention it to her. She says to stop and asks me to go get the heavier sunscreen because she doesnít want to have trouble sitting down at work due to a burn. I head inside with a plan in mind. My plan takes mere seconds to hatch. I get inside the apartment, and head not to the sunscreen, but to my binoculars and video camera. I set up the video on a tripod and start recording the poolside scene. Then, I grab the sunscreen and head outside.

At the pool fence, I stop and toss the sunscreen to Nick and tell him the beer has already kicked in and that Iíll be right back. I even do a little dance back to the apartment to sell it. I get back inside, lock the door, and strip out of my suit. I grab a small kitchen towel and head to the window. I know this will be great in slow-mo as I adjust the camera, then grab the binos to enjoy the show. Nick has just handed the sunscreen to his wife and heads back to the grill.

His wife shows my wife the bottle and I can see her saying something. She shrugs her shoulders and looks at our apartment. Oh man, can she see through the blinds? I forgot to check!! Smiling, she squeezes out some sunscreen and rubs it in her hands. Then, she slowly starts rubbing my wifeís ass. I zoom in with the camera just in case her fingers go south, if you know what I mean. By this time, Iím pretty rock solid hard and start stroking myself... Unsure if I want to cum, I watch the application as time stands still.

Iím pretty dialed in on the scene when Anna's hands leave my wifeís ass. Okay, I think Iíll save this for later, but her hands then do something amazing. They head to her own breasts. Anna proceeds to slightly pull her top away from her tits and begins to rub the remaining oil on them. I practically drop the binoculars so I can adjust the camera. I zoom in on her tits just in time to catch a view of one of her nipples. Yep, this cannot wait any longer as I cum all over the towel.

I quickly pull on my suit and run outside. I head directly to the pool and jump in. My wife asks what took so long and I tell her it wasnít just the beer that kicked in and thanks for asking. Looking at my neighbor, I observe all manís laws and say something about it being nice being regular. Smirks all around, especially from his wife as she resumes her spot on the lounger...

Sufficiently cooled off, thinking the cold water will come in handy in more ways than one, I get out and head to my wife. I like the poolside loungers because they are kinda old style. My wife has to lie on a towel because these loungers have the plastic straps which can get sticky and uncomfortable. I sit down next to her and check out the oil job. I grab the oil and start putting more on. Nick sits beside his wife and does the same.

We both seem to know that we have two great pieces of ass lying right in front of us and give approving looks all around. I go ahead and go for the gold right there in a public apartment pool. I loosen the string on my wifeís top at her neck and send my fingers to her back tie. Deftly, both are now undone, and I notice my neighbor has thoughtfully begun the same maneuvers. We hear sighs of approval from our wives, so I up the ante and begin the process of sliding her top out from under her. Well, inhibitions seem to be going to the curb. My wife puts her arms alongside her back, grabs her towel and stands up. Her back to me, I take in the sight of her wet, full ass. She lifts her towel away from her body for just a split second, long enough to allow her top to fall to her feet. I grab it and watch her move back into position. She has to roll around a bit to get comfortable and gives me a great view of the side of her breast then quickly hides her front side with her arms at her side. I just hope I set the camera back in the apartment to catch any of her future movements...

Anna looks a tad uncomfortable, and Iím not sure if it is due to the condition of my wifeís suit. No, it seems not as she asks her husband for his towel because hers is not very thick. Okay, no problem he says. Her top totally untied, I eagerly await this exchange. Rather than retying her suit, she simply stands up while holding her towel like my wife had done. My neighbor looks quizzically at her. She takes the offensive and instructs him to bring his towel over and hold it up in front of her.

So, this fully oiled piece of ass turns her back to me, husband in front of her, and drops her towel, suit top and all. Just as quickly, his towel envelopes her and she begins the delicate re-positioning of her body. Iím pretty sure Iíll be back in the cold water in just a minute. The soft side of the breast is a wonderful sight to behold, and she does not disappoint. But, not wanting to lose my perspective of these asses, I resume oiling my wife.

My next plan hatches almost immediately. The sun is working its way up their feet, so I spread my wifeís legs just a bit to oil them, and my neighbor does the same to his wife. We agree the fire is just about right, and head to the grill. From there, we have great views of our wives from behind. We start cooking lunch and toast our good fortune with new beers..

Toasting the view, something begins to dawn on me. The air is starting to warm up, but the pool is still lacking of anyone but ourselves. We picked this complex because of the lack of kids, but this is ridiculous. Where are the usual customers? Ah, summer has arrived, and the nearby beach must be packed, leaving us with a great situation. I ask my neighbor if he thinks his wife will get into the pool, as is.

Hmmm, sounds like a worthy undertaking. I start the proceedings by suggesting to the girls that we make use of the outside pool kitchen to make frozen margaritas. They agree, so I go and fetch our blender and mixers. Inside, I go ahead and move the camera to our bedroom and continue the filming. I close the door in case our neighbors decide to use our bathroom instead of going upstairs. I return outside to the kitchen and discover our wives are in the water for the first time. Somehow, they got their tops on while I was moving the camera. Itís all good, because theyíre still coming off at some point.

In the kitchen, I know it wonít be long as I watch the office staff leave early like they always do on Saturdays. I go jump in the water and swim to my wife. As much as Iím looking forward to making frozen drinks while Iím soaking wet, Iím just as ready to feel her up so I start kissing her. Anna suddenly jumps up from under the water right next to us and splashes us and tells me to watch my hands. She gets close enough for me to feel her legs against mine, and my right elbow brushes her breasts. I tell her to watch something underwater. She goes under and I turn my wifeís back to her and begin to untie her suit top. My wife urges caution and tells me to stop. Underwater, I feel 2 hands come to mine and start to retie the top, somehow knowing that my wife has nixed that idea. Okay, I agree to stop and watch her top get retied, only kinda loosely. The hands leave her strings, and the body arises next to me and Iím told to stop by Anna or sheíll enforce her own rules and suddenly she grabs me through my swimsuit and squeezes.

Well, it is definitely on now. We start to get out, and I notice my wifeís top is very loose due to water and the poor tie job. Her tits almost fall out, but she catches them and arranges her suit long enough to sit down. I get out and sit next to her. I lean over and whisper to her that we are all alone at this deserted pool, and this is Ďbackí day, she needs to take off her top right now, then lay down. Obligingly, she does so without question. She pulls off her top without untying it, hands it to me, then lies down on her stomach.

My neighbor walks over, picks up his wifeís towel and stands there for her to do the same. She must have gotten the hint because she pulls off her top, bends down to put it under her lounger and gives me a great view of her hanging tits. I really like her tan lines, but think there has to be ways to shrink them. So, she stands back up, gets the towel put on her by her husband, and lies down. We both start to re-oil our wives, and I begin looking around for signs of other people and maybe a more private place in the pool area. The pool is located just behind the offices. Actually, the offices are in a U shaped building, offices on one side, and clubhouse on the other. The bottom of the U is nothing but windows for an entryway, which leads to both sides of the building.

Since the office staff is gone for the day, it dawns upon me that we can eat our lunches on the office side in almost perfect privacy. My neighbor and I go and finish preparing the burgers, and I point to a table on the office side as a good spot for eating. I also point out that the trees on that side of the pool offer lots of cover from our apartment building. So, we take the plates to a table, and invite the girls to eat while I start the margaritas. My wife stares at me, and I tell her it would be easier for them to just eat in their towels. She agrees, scoops up her towel around her, and heads to the table. Anna follows suit, and it is a sight to see them walking with towels wrapped around themselves. Imagining them walking with just towels, and no bottoms is even better...

Lunch is quite the adventure. Our wives seem to have a contest to see who can tie her towel just right as to allow the most skin to be seen. The arranging, and re-arranging of towels is cool, and I remark how lucky we have been so far in that the pool is empty, and we have the best spots for sunning and eating. Anna squirms around in her chair, and I even notice that the plastic straps in my seat are really sticky. To solve this dilemma, she pulls off her towel, sits on it, and scoots her chair all the way up to the table, thus hiding her tits under the table. I nod affirmatively at my wife, but she is not taking the bait. With a little food, and margaritas starting to take effect, I know my time will come. ppAdventure over, I ask the wives if we should bring the loungers over here, but they quickly inform me they want to be near the water. My neighbor and his wife head back. I notice her grabbing her towel. In short order, she hangs her towel around her neck and drops his towel onto the lounger, and pulls up the back of it so as to sit up. With her towel still hanging, she sits down and begins to arrange her towel to just barely cover her breasts. Nice effect, I think. Not a bad idea since the rest of her towel can now act as a pillow of sorts.

I ask my wife to unwrap and walk back holding the towel with her arms wrapped around her chest so just she can feel the comfort of walking nude outside. I walk to the kitchen and watch her move around. Unsure of what she is up to, I accidentally make a fairly stronger set of drinks for them. Oh well, I need to see what she is up to. I see her sit down, and start back to her. When I get around to her front side, I see that she is reclined lower than Anna, is lying back-down on her towel, and is using her bikini top to cover her breasts. The strings are packed tightly under the material.

I drop off the drinks and head for water.In the water, I just need to chill out. My neighbor brings me a beer and heads to the kitchen for some more ice because the drinks need a little watering down. Iím now on the side of the pool just staring at my wifeís head as she is faced away from me. I just start imagining what the next water break will bring for her. Well, it doesnít matter because certain body parts of mine inform me it will be good for both of us. I loosen my suit string and feel my cock and slowly lower my suit down so I can look down and feel the water against my free member. I figure Iím safe and just hang there in the water and drink my beer.

My neighbor comes back, so I pull up my suit, but leave it untied. I have complained about this suit before to my wife, so the loose strings will be easily explained. With my neighbor sitting next to his wife, I get out, pull my suit up, and head to my wife. I see she is starting to burn, so I grab the sunscreen and help her apply more. She just lies there, staring at me from under her sunglasses. I think she is watching me for signs of misbehavior. She would be right as I start at her shoulders and cover her soft skin right up to the suit.

I stop there and head to her feet. I work my hands up her legs, again taking the time to spread them, and then head to her stomach. I am able to get some serious circling motions going with my hands on her stomach, and I slowly work my hands outward from the center of her stomach. At her suit bottom, I slip a pinky under the material and linger ever so slightly. I continue upward and brush against the top covering her left breast. Covered like they were, I canít believe her nipples werenít already rock hard. But, I watch them rise up under the material as my hand heads south again. I slip two fingers under her suit bottom this time and head back up. I stop at the suit top. I open the sunscreen and get more on my hand. With my left hand on her leg, I begin applying the oil on the sides of her stomach and work up to just below her underarm. She lifts her arms outwardly, almost instinctively, and I send my fingers to her breast. Her tits are not small, so the material of the top almost covers my hand as it begins applying sunscreen to the white of her skin.

I see her close her eyes and roll her head back like she has had enough watching and just wants to feel. I lift the top off her left breast with the back of my hand and continue rubbing. Her left hand has stayed at her side, but is now moving up along my leg and grabbing my leg hairs. I stop, apply lotion to my other hand and use to start applying oil to her other breast. That done, I boldly put each hand under the material covering each breast, completely lift up her top and admire my application job.

I replace my wifeís top and view the neighborís wife for a second. She has lain back in the lounger. The ice that was supposedly for the drinks has instead been used to wet down the parts of her towel covering her breasts. Not only are her tits sticking straight up, but her nipples are completely upright, and almost completely show through the material. We leave the girls there and get in the water with fresh beers. Once cooled off, we get out to clean up the grill. My wife is susceptible to migraines, so I fashion a blindfold of sorts to cover just her eyes. My neighbor does the same to his wife because she wants something to soak up the sweat from her forehead. We scrub the grill down and pick up our trash and clear the table. I make some more palatable drinks and deliver them poolside.

My wife asks me to apply some lotion to her feet since they are so hot. My neighborís wife asks for more lotion as well. The easiest decision of the day is thus made. I grab his wifeís lotion, and throw ours to him. We assume positions opposite of where we were before and start honoring their requests. He motions for me to begin. My hands begin to shake in anticipation of touching this different skin. He doesnít seem as nervous and we both squeeze out lotion and get to work. It is almost too much watching his hands on my wife. Without removing the material covering her eyes, she lifts up her top, silently requesting more lotion for her tits. He is gentle and quick.

I am not so brave as to touch his wifeís breasts. I work around them, almost in awe of how close I am. I grab some ice from her drink and let it melt in my fingers over her nipples. She arches her back ever so slightly and licks her lips. Then, I move my hand to just over her swimsuit bottom and let the ice water drop on her skin just below her belly button and watch it roll down under her suit.

My neighbor heads inside to the bathroom, and I go jump back in the water. Actually, I dive in just so my loose suit will come all the way off. It does so, and I swim, unconsciously, back to the side. I ask my wife if I put enough sunscreen on her, and rather than hearing her voice, I hear that of my neighborís wife. Man, we were set up!

So, hanging there on the side of the pool, in all my glory, I begin to nervously laugh. Embarrassed for whatever reason, I duck my head under water to contemplate my next answer. As I rise up, I see Nick standing to my left and I hear him say that Iím in the water butt naked. I forgot to put on my suit. My suit is floating in the middle of the pool. Just like that, Anna walks up and stands above me giving me a view of the bottom of her breasts. That is little consolation to the fact that I am completely naked. She bends over to get a view of my ass.

Noticing that Iím glued to the side of the pool, she jumps over me. In mid-flight I see her towel land in front of Nick. I hear a splash and watch him walk back to her lounger with the towel. I turn my neck and see her retrieve my suit and swim to me. She tells me to stay right there, and then goes underwater. I can feel my suit being lifted around my feet and move them to help out. She comes up and tells me to remain still. As she goes back under, she guides her body down by grasping the sides of my body. Then, as I feel my suit begin to come up, I can also see her head moving around to my hips. She grips me, spins me, and wraps her lips around my cock. I feel her tongue swirl around my balls and dick, and then she comes to the surface and brings the suit all the way up.

I thank her and get out. As I walk to my wife, I hear my neighborís wife get out of the pool. It occurs to me that her towel, which was covering her breasts, is at her chair, so I turn around and admire her form as she walks normally to her lounger and sits down. She grabs her drink and doesnít even bother to cover up. I pick up her towel and offer it to her, but instead hit her hand, spilling her sticky margarita all over her chest. I apologize, and walk to the pool to make sure Nick doesnít think that was on purpose.

Suddenly, I feel a push from behind and I fall face first into the pool. Once again, I am completely uncovered by my mutinous swimsuit. But, I realize it wasnít Nick, but his Anna that pushed me in because she splashes in and is quickly covering me stomach to stomach. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and pushes me under. I make sure my face rubs against her breasts and I grab her suit bottom and pull. I certainly didnít have to pull hard. The bottom slide down. All that oiling really helped. Anyway, as I lead the suit down, I get a real close look at her pussy. She has a perfectly manicured landing strip, and I catch a peek of pink. I grab the suit at her feet and squeeze it into one hand. Then, I wrap an arm around her legs, and push up off the bottom of the pool with my legs.

I rise from the water lifting her like a trophy to show her husband. He looks over and smiles. I slowly begin to lower her by loosening my arm. She slides easily from my grasp, but leans her head over mine as she goes down. I can feel a breast on my head, so I turn my face to receive a breast into my mouth. I quickly suck a nipple and let go. At the same time, I fully let go of her and slide my hand under her ass. I grab a cheek and then go straight to the crack and then southward. I feel totally in control of this woman as I continue to lower her back into the water with one hand firmly in her ass and she allows a finger to explore her pussy.

Not wanting to offend, I let go and head to the side of the pool. At the side of the pool, I lift my hand with the suit bottom still in it, and throw it at my wife. Judging by the look on his face, I guess Nick was even surprised by this revelation. He and my wife get up at the same time and come to the side of the pool. She is cupping her breasts still covered by her suit top. I invite her in, so she throws her top to the side and jumps in. My neighbor brings our drinks over and gets in. We all hang on the side of the pool and drink. Since Iím naked, I decide to suggest that all future swimming should be done at least topless and preferably bottomless.

This actually goes over fairly well, but we agree that any newcomers to the pool will not be subjected to our hedonistic behavior. My neighborís wife asks for her bottom back. I volunteer to retrieve it, so I swim to my suit, put it on, and exit the water. Just then, the sound of the fence gate signals the entry of a couple to the pool area. I quickly grab the bottom and deliver them. The couple moves some loungers to the kitchen and drops off a cooler there. I get in the pool, much to the chagrin of the women. Oh, I guess they want their tops now. Too bad, I think as I swim off, heading to the kitchen area.

The new couple is sitting down, so I stay in the water and ask them if they mind that our wives are topless. They say they are cool, and continue setting up to face the sun. They sit down, backs to us, and begin reading and drinking. I swim back to my wife and say everythingís cool if they want to get out. My neighborís wife does just that. She walks topless, adjusting her thong on the way back to her lounger.

I ask my wife if she is upset. She says she is actually excited, and just wishes she had been in earlier to get her bottom taken off. So, I hug her, tell her to stay still, and then grab her rolled up bottom and remove it. It is really easy underwater. I come up, and she just gasps. To complete the shock, I get out and go sit down next to my neighborís wife so I can look at my wife. I show Anna the bottom and she congratulates me on hitting the lottery. I laugh then quickly become quiet as my wife walks up the steps of the pool and strides toward me completely nude. Holy crap! She stops in front of me and asks me for her bottom. She is just standing there! I canít say a word. I look around her, but the new couple is oblivious to this ceremony. I tell her no and to lie down, not to cover up, and Iíll be right back with a new margarita. I correct myself and tell her not to lie down until Iím at the kitchen. I walk over to the blender and turn around to admire my nude wife from afar. My neighbor, not wanting to be left out, has suddenly moved right behind my wife. When he sees me turn around, he places his hands on my wifeís hips and begins to move them toward her breasts. I can see she has closed her eyes, so I lift a bottle of something in salute. That is his green light. His right hand moves down to my wifeís mostly shaved pussy and starts to caress and rub. I try to use the mixer while watching, but fail miserably. Itís a wonder I donít lose a finger in the blender. I just pour a bunch of stuff in it while watching my wife.

She bends over, picks up her sunscreen, and stands back up. My neighborís hands return to their last spot and she puts some of the lotion on her hands and places the bottle in his hands. She proceeds to start rubbing the front of her body while my neighbor pours some on her back and starts rubbing her up and down. Now fully covered, she backs up into him and starts rubbing her body on his like sheís getting the excess off. Then, she turns around and rubs him chest to chest.

My blended concoction is absolutely undrinkable, so I pour it into a pitcher and start another batch to compensate for the first. I blend it, and then combine with the first so we have a bunch of frozen drinks for some time. So, I go and inform the new couple at the pool that they are welcome to the drinks since I donít want them to go to waste. They thank me and I head to my wife. She is now reclining and has thoughtfully placed her bikini on her front side, just not around her body. In fact, the triangle over her pussy is just that, barely big enough to cover her, and is pulled in to allow maximum thigh viewing. My neighborís wife has decided to remain topless so I see we will witness tanline shrinking after all.

I tell my wife I am in the mood to cook her favorite dinner and invite our new friends. She smiles, but tells me I will need to run to the store for some pork. No problem I say, and inform Nick we need to run a quick errand. He knows the wine steward at the store, and offers to buy some dark beer for the meal. Not one to turn down a smooth dark beer, I tell him weíll clean up out here and head out. We take our cooking stuff to my apartment, and he tells me he can buy a case of mixed beers so we can do some beer tasting tonight. I think weíll be tasting more than exotic beers tonight.

Once inside, I open the blinds in the living room so we can check out the view. I go and grab the binoculars and hand them to Nick. He gladly takes them and spies on his wife. Now knowing what I need from the store, we head out. As we drive around the pool, I notice our wives have moved. I donít see them at first, but think it may be due to the fact a couple of guys are now in the water. Nope, they are standing next to the fence, topless, and start waving to us as we drive by. I drive nice and slow then start to exit the complex. In my rearview mirror, I see them turn around and walk back toward their loungers. They donít even cover up. I hope those guys enjoy the show because we wonít be gone long.

We returned in short order, cubed pork and dark beers in hand. As we entered the complex, I can see the girls have turned their loungers around, and are face down with heads toward our apartment. No one is around them so I figure no one got too bold, not wanting the show to end. My neighbor and I both wave at our wives from the breezeway as we enter the apartment. They both lean up and signal for drinks. We go in and put down our goods. I go to my bedroom and bring out the video camera. I put in a new disk and tell my neighbor he has access to both windows and he proceeds to film. He walks right up to the living room sliding door onto the balcony and opens the door. He stays back in the shadows, but the shot should be clear of glare from the glass.

I head out to the pool and pour the last of the margaritas into their glasses. I tell my wife that I have started preparing the pork kebabs, and we have time to swim before heading in for dinner. My wifeís neighbor says that sounds good and I tell her that her husband is going upstairs to fetch one of her favorite beach cover-ups for dinner. She says okay and asks for my help to put on her top for swimming. I tell her to sit up, facing the apartment and camera. She does so, and straddles the lounger. I straddle it right behind her and start working with her top. I lower the top around her front and carefully cover each breast. I also take the time to lift each one to make sure the fit is proper, and then begin tying the strings. I also provide a little more sunscreen for her shoulders, and Iím certain she can feel my hardness at her back.

Just when you think you know someone, they pull a new one. My wife has done just that. I canít believe my eyes as I notice that her suit bottom is again just covering her ass, but isnít wrapped around her hips. My wife is facing me and I ask when and how she did that. She just smiles, and I realize I probably have video of this, so I ask her how sheíll get into the pool. She tells me to stand behind her and pull up the back of the lounger when she swings her legs down the side. So, I get behind her, get a good look, and realize a good portion of her pussy is showing directly to the guys on the other side of the pool. This is going to be some maneuver.

So, she spreads her legs even more to lower them down the side of the lounger. I raise the back into a locked position, and then straddle the seat right behind her. She is still spread-eagled on the lounger; and completely nude facing our apartment. She asks me why the door is open, and I tell her I was getting the gas grill ready to cook. She nods in approval and lifts her knees up and puts her feet in her suit bottom. She puts her left arm across her breasts and stands up to adjust her suit. I tell her to stop and to lower her arm while I finish the suit. I take my time pulling the suit up into place and gently caress her ass.

Then I pull her down in front of me and start putting on her top. Instead of wrapping the top string around her neck, I pull both sets of strings around her back creating a type of tube top. I tell the girls to go get in the water, and weíll be right back after I get the grill fired up. I run back inside. I ask my neighbor if he got all that, and he says he got off right there just watching his wife getting up topless and then getting her top put on by another man. I tell him he better hightail it upstairs and get a coverup for his wife for dinner. He says he has just the thing in mind, and even one for my wife.

I fire up the grill and head to the pool. So, back in the water, Nick joins us and we hang out a few minutes. I get out and inform everyone they also need to get out and get comfortable for dinner since pork only takes a few minutes. Nick tells his wife what he picked out for her and my wife and that the items are in the apartment. She says cool and starts to get out. My neighbor and I get back to the apartment and I head to the grill just outside my balcony. I tell him to keep the video on just in case. I put the pork on, and head to the kitchen to grab a couple of beers for us. The girls come from the pool wrapped in towels, but they come directly to the balcony instead of entering the apartment through the breezeway. My neighbor runs to the bedroom with the video so we donít get busted too early. I see him adjust the blinds in the room facing the balcony, so he probably figured out the tripod pretty quickly. He returns to the balcony just as the girls arrive. My wife opens the grill and shows off my specialty.

With sounds of apprecition for dinner, they both remove their towels and hang them on the balcony railing to dry. Instead of immediately walking around to the apartment door, they stop and look at each other for a brief second. I have seen this look before, and know when women have mastered the art of non-verbal communication. I am instantly glad that they have done so when they both remove their tops and hang them next to the towels. Again the look occurs, and god dang if their bottoms donít come off. How could I not have thought of this first? They then proceed to walk around to the apartment door. I run to the door, open it and walk out.

Instead of staring at them, I walk right by and head out to the pool to pick up their margarita glasses. I also retrieve the blender and head back wondering what awaits me during dinner. I return to the apartment and check on dinner. Itís almost ready, so I continue inside to find both girls still completely nude and sitting on our couch... I go to the kitchen, grab a pan for the kebabs, and head outside to pick up dinner.

From the grill, I call to my wife to come out on the balcony. She does so, but sits down just behind the railing. I tell her to stand up and that we will now have some rules for the rest of the evening. For one, everything she does will be by my direction. Secondly, I will not put her into any uncomfortable circumstances just as we have agreed upon during conversations about living out fantasies. There is no Ďmasterí stuff, just mutually agreeable submission. I tell my wife to go get the cover-up Nick brought for her and to go put it in our bedroom. She heads inside and goes to the bedroom. I take our food around and she meets me in the kitchen with a videodisk in her hand. I tell her to put it by the TV and weíll enjoy it during dessert. After that, weíll add onto the current disk in the camera. Part II

As I plated our meals, I informed Nick that our apartment is now a male-ruled world. He and Anna heard how my wife would remain naked for dinner and basically be subject to my will. I promised to speak all of my requests for her, and that they could intervene on her behalf at any time. I guaranteed that a woman would be naked at all times, but we also promised to respect anything they did as a couple.

That said, I had the four of us sit on the floor around the coffee table in the living room. Anna went ahead and put on her cover-up. Nick told her she wasnít supposed to do that and would allow us to tell her what to do with it. I told him he would want to make that decision in just a minute. I picked up my beer and toasted our guests and the night of fun to follow. Once done, I asked my wife to hold my beer. As she lifted her hand to my bottle, I told her to spread her pussy and hold it there. I peered around the edge of the table as she used four of her fingers to spread her lips. Once fully spread, I placed my beer on the floor and snug against her pussy. I could see her lips assume wetness from the condensation on the side of the bottle. Ever so gently, the skin retracted, but I could see her pussy outlined now in the glass. My wife scooted forward just a little and pushed the beer as close as she could.

Dinner was wonderful. I asked for my beer, and made sure to lick the side of the bottle before drinking of it. Iím pretty sure that got Anna going because she stood up, still covered, and told Nick to put his bottle in her before drinking. He reached up under her garment and we could see her spread her legs. She closed her eyes and slowly moved her hips, stopping as he removed his beer. While her eyes were closed, I grabbed my beer and handed it to Nick under the table. He took a drink of his, licked his lips, and asked for another. She obliged by again moving her legs, and he was able to lift her dress just a bit to hide the fact he had switched bottles. He raised my bottle and I got hard just anticipating the return of my drink.

He pulled it out and handed the bottle to me over the table as she was sitting down. She groaned at him, but watched intently as I placed my tongue on the top of the bottle and started licking around the edges. Not to sound sick, but I took half the neck of the bottle in my mouth get the full effect. I stood up, walked around the table, got on all fours behind Anna, and whispered thank you in her ear and that the beer did not do her justice. I got back up, and went behind my wife, handed her my bottle, bent over her to spread her pussy and watch her replace the bottle. She did so, but only after taking a taste of my beer, using her mouth to search for any remaining vestiges of Anna.

Dessert seemed in order, so I told everyone to face the TV and had my wife put in the first videodisk of the day. Nick sat behind Anna and lifted her cover-up, then twisted it so it fell only over her shoulders and exposed her front and backsides. As the video started, she quickly turned her attention to the screen as one of her breasts came into view after she had oiled down my wife. I asked her if she had known I was watching, though not necessarily with a camera. She said no, she was smiling because she had never oiled down another womanís ass and was kinda turned on by the thought. My wife asked me what I was looking at when I was standing at the grill. I point blank told her both Nick and I had toasted each other on the fine pieces of ass we had just oiled up and that their pussies were wonderfully exposed to us at the grill, even if covered in swimsuits.

The next few minutes of video are kinda generic since there was no one to zoom in and refocus. I sit down next to my wife and lean her over into a laying position in my lap. As I put my left hand on her hip, she leans up to support herself with her right hand and begins to slip her left under her breast and reaches for my shorts. This is exactly as I had hoped so I shifted a little so she has access to enter my shorts through the legs. In the video, we could be seen walking off to lunch, then splashing around and one could almost sense the suits just aching to come off our wivesí bodies. Sure enough, the scene with my wife walking out of the pool and right toward the apartment occurs and I become rock hard for my wifeís hand.

I tell her and Anna that I will take two visions from today: Anna with the wet towel covering her rock hard nipples, and my wife lying naked with the suit bottom just laying on her, barely covering her pussy. My wife says there is one more vision for me and quickly pulls me out of my shorts and turns her head to start sucking me. I lean backward and witness the girls getting ready to wave goodbye to from poolside. In the video, you can see them watching us as we headed to car. Quickly, my wife jumps up stark naked and pulls on her bottom and runs with Anna to the opposite fence line. It was also evident they had not seen the guys in the pool, because once they turn around, they actually covered up and ran. As you see my car leave, they turn around only they bravely walk around the pool without covering up and talk with big smiles on their faces.

My wife and Anna say they had expected something of a little more substance for dessert. So, I ask if they want to go for coffee or something. The girls say they will drive and we can determine where once we get started. I tell them to put on their suits and weíll head out. So, they both walk out to the balcony naked and put on their suits right there. Nick and I agree that ice cream would be easiest, so we head to the car. The girls sit up front, and we get in back and start giving directions. First, their suits are to be removed by the time we exit the complex. Secondly, if a car gets too close, they may cover up, but they may only cover the other.

This worked well in a hurry, as my wife could tell Anna was nervous at our first stoplight and reached over with her arm and covered Annaís breasts. Anna returned the favor, and it was a good show to the gas station. Once there, Nick and I got out and purchased several pints of ice cream.

However, as we returned to the car, we noticed the girls had put their suits back on. Hmmm, I didnít know if this called for punishment as much as it called for male leverage. So, we changed spots in the back of the car. I said we werenít so much concerned as to why they had put their suits back on as much as we were concerned with how they would return to the apartment. So, I reached around Annaís seat and started to remove her suit. Nick did the same to my wife, and we were soon in possession of their suits. This proved too much for me and I started to rub Annaís shoulders and tits. I stopped, reached down to the chair control and eased her seat back so I could reach even farther down. Anna put her feet on the seat, and I instantly had great access to her pussy. My wife expertly drove the car while eyeing my movements. Nick couldnít ease her seat back, so he first got one hand on my wifeís pussy and fingered her, and then he worked his right hand around the other side and tweaked her nipple to hardness. The other followed suit and I actually watched my wife and worked Anna at the same time. This was even better than applying sunscreen to them.

The car ride ended all too quickly, but it was far from over. As we parked, I told the girls they would be transported from the car to the apartment in their current state of dress. Nick and I got out, and put their suits in the bag with the ice cream. I opened Annaís door and told her to stand in front of me. She did so, and I quickly scooped her up in my arms and began carrying her around the car. I stopped by Nick and told him we had two packages to deliver. My wife was quickly out of the car, and jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist. He grabbed her legs and pulled her up. From my angle, I could see her wet pussy and knew I better get going.

At the apartment door, Anna, keys in hand, leaned as far back as Nick could handle and opened the door in an almost upside down position. Her tits stood straight up, and Nick had to grab her ass pretty good, but they got the door open. Nick and I carried the girls into the small kitchen, and put them on the counter next to each other. I asked Nick, which ice cream he preferred. He told me, so I grabbed it and a spoon and opened the container. I got some out with the spoon and put it right onto Annaís landing strip and watched it quickly begin to drip down her pussy. Nick wasted no time in licking it up.

He wasted no time in putting my favorite mint chocolate chip on my wife, but left the spoon sticking out of her pussy. Awesome. The girls got off the counter. Anna pulled my shorts down and put vanilla on my dick. The ice cream hit the floor pretty quickly, so my wife asked for her to do it again, only she got on her knees to catch what she could, then began sucking me with a cold mouth. My wife got up and dipped her fingers in Nickís favorite, chocolate. She pulled his cock out of his shorts and slowly used her fingers to cover his hardness. Anna didnít waste any time, and Nick enjoyed the chocolate Anna sucked off of him. We cleaned up the ice cream so we would have more for later.

That done, Nick asked me to back up the video. Iím not sure he really cared about the screen since he was instantly on top of Anna. As she wrapped her legs around him, I put down the remote and moved my wife into a position lying right in front of me. I sat before her spread legs and proceeded to finger her. I nearly fell into her face first and began eating my dessert.

My wife startled me with a question. She asked me how I wanted to cum. I said it would be fun to finish our day where it started and told her to go grab a towel. She came back and asked me what she should wear to the pool. I told her nothing and headed to the door. I told her to meet me on the balcony. I walked around and pulled the grill to the balcony. I then told her to sit on the railing facing out and to climb on my back piggyback style. She held on and I flipped the towel over my head and onto her back. I was able to make the short walk without getting hard even though she played with me with her feet. I walked to the side of the pool, felt her let go of the towel around us, and I jumped in the deep end still carrying her.

We came up and quickly swam to a dark edge of the lit water. Nick and Anna had followed us out and were sitting on the opposite side. I mentioned to Anna that her cover-up would be heavy underwater. She agreed, stripped it off, and jumped in. I then turned my attention to my wife and pulled her to me and started kissing her. Almost immediately, I could feel my suit being tugged on, but again it was Anna doing the tugging. My wifeís hands stayed on my shoulders as we kissed. I could feel a hand grab my dick and massage it to hardness. Even better, my dick was then guided to my wifeís pussy. I could actually feel two of Annaís fingers around my cock as I was put into my wife. I looked down to see what I could, but a hand on my wifeís tits blocked my view. Nick was still on his side of the pool, but Anna was most definitely busy with us. She then inspired me to put a Jacuzzi in our first house when she went underwater and blew bubbles into my wifeís pussy and around my balls.

Nick got into the water as Anna came up for air. I pointed her to him, and she swam off. My wife pulled my arm and we followed her over. Underwater, we watched them become one. I stood up behind Anna and reached around to rub her tits. She arched her back, and my wife reached down between Nick and Anna and felt his hardness inserted just below Annaís landing strip. Anna said that as much as she loved the pool, she would be more comfortable inside to finish this. I told I couldnít imagine her being any more comfortable, but said it was a good idea if we could tape this setup out of water. She and Nick were game, so we all got out, still completely naked one and all.

I quickly got the video setup and Nick and Anna resumed their coupling. I directed my wife to grab Nick as I got a close-up, and she filmed me rubbing Annaís tits. I put the camera on the tripod, and got behind Anna. I rubbed her breasts some more, then proceeded to grab her ass and lift her up and push her down onto Nick. Well, that put her over the edge. Anna began to move up and down on her own. I stood up, pulled my wife on her knees to me and had her face Nick and Anna. I directed her to lick me as we watched a joyous orgasm overcome Anna.

As she was cumming, Nick got out of her. He stood up and asked me to come over. I did so, and he asked me to lay on top of Anna without getting into her. I could put my leg in between hers and rub her pussy. Well, that was an offer too good to refuse. I got between her legs, careful not to breathe on her face. I did put a nipple between my teeth and she slowly began to grind again. My wife crawled over and began licking my balls from behind. This was all good, but I needed to put my dick into a pussy, and at this stage thought it better be that of my wife. So, I got up while keeping my leg between Anna. I brought the length of my leg up along her landing strip and then laid down on my back somewhat perpendicular to her with leg just above my ankle still rubbing her pussy. I was also able to reach over with left hand and grab her tits.

Now upright, but on my back, I watched as my wife slowly lowered herself onto me. My right hand guided her down and slowly went to her tits. I looked over at Anna and realized I better move my hand as Nick brought his cock to her mouth. She sucked it in quite a bit and I watched in appreciation. She gave me a quick look hello and got back to work on his dick. Nick had lowered himself into a semi 69 position, only my leg was in the way. I started to move my leg, but Anna begged me to keep it there, so Nick instead leaned over and started sucking one of my wifeís tits.

So, dear reader, did all of us come at the same time? Let me just say it was damn close. Technically, we did since we didnít leave that position until we all had gone, some more than once. The video never lies.

Anyway, now our wives enter the each otherís apartments and know to disrobe upon entry. On a good day, they will even show up naked at the front door. Thatís always a pleasant surprise. With summer here, we have cooled off our pool activities. Anna and my wife know how to get us going now, and spend lots of time on the balconies in the nude getting what sun makes its way there.

Finally, apartment hunters, check out any new digs during a Saturday afternoon when the office is closed. One never knows what discoveries one will make. It would surely be a waste of apartment pools if weíre the only ones taking advantage.