Hackers' Justice
by Snow Ghost

Jason Duval and Wesley Simon stood before the judge. Neither the 15 year old or the 16 year old made any real effort to appear repentant or ashamed of what they had done. In fact, they seemed amused by it all and overly pleased with themselves. They had actually enjoyed the publicity the press had given them after their arrest. They also failed to notice that their cocky, arrogant attitude had seriously annoyed the judge.

So they had hacked into some home computers, and hacked some adult web sites, the world should thank them for showing how vulnerable computers were. But no, the cops and the lawyers, the politicians, made it sound as if they had committed murder. Well, let them make noise about it, when they got out of high school, they would have reputations as computer wizzes, and get some good job offers, no doubt. Hundreds of computers and sites were hacked every day, what was the big deal?

The judge finally looked down at them from behind her bench. "I have gone over this case very carefully, I have talked with the police, I have talked with both independent and corporation computer experts. Your lawyers have asked the court for leniency, in consideration of your age. You aren't going to get leniency. In this type of crime, your age is meaningless. If a person has the knowledge to hack a computer, they also all ready know it's wrong."

Both boys began to get a bit uncomfortable, the lawyers had assured them their ages would protect them from any real punishment.

The judge went on. "You knew what you were doing was wrong, you went ahead and did it anyway. And not just once. Examination of both your home computers show dozens, if not hundreds, of computers were hacked into. You two are not some electronic folk hero outlaws, you are nothing but another form of peeping toms. I see no difference between peeking through a window into a bedroom, and peeking through a computer into personal files and information. The legal system has been slow to create uniform laws and punishments for computer crimes. When you can sit behind a computer in one state, and hack a computer in another state, indeed, even in another country, it's difficult to get the jurisdictions to agree on seriousness and fitting punishment. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for you, I have just returned from a national judges conference, and computer crimes were well discussed. A number of innovative ideas were suggested, some of which I am about to use now. The punishment will fit the crime. When you totally disregarded others right to privacy, you surrender any expectation of privacy yourself. When you brazenly view other peoples most intimate acts, you grant them the right to view your most intimate acts."

"Therefore, the court orders you to 6 months of zero privacy,"

The boys looked at each other, glanced at their lawyers. They weren't sure what the judge was on about, but it wasn't what the lawyers had told them to expect.

"We will start with personal privacy. The court orders both Jason Duval and Wesley Simon to be nude, with the only exception of sneakers, for foot protection, for a period of 6 months. Totally nude, at home, at school, at whatever after school activities, on weekends, you will be completely naked, for 6 months. A probationary period, mind you. Any further criminal acts, and it will be extended."

"That part of the sentence to begin NOW."

Two large, very large, officers stepped forward with cardboard boxes, dropping a box in front of each boy. The friends looked at each other. This couldn't be real, couldn't be happening. Did she really expect them to just strip naked, in front a room full of people, full of reporters?

The judge looked at them. "You can do it yourself, or the officers will do it for you."

Both sets of parents jumped up and began shouting,shouthing about cruel and unusual punishment, shouting how she had no right to sentence their sons to something like that.

Judge Brent slammed her gavel down so hard, it almost snapped the handle. "ORDER IN THE COURT," She pointed the gavel at the Jason's parents, "that means you," she swung it to Wesley's parents, "and you. Sit down, shut up and don't interrupt." She gave them both a long look. "The court will get to your part in this soon enough."

The boys were in the process of undressing. Their shoes and socks were off, then their shirts. Then finally, their jeans. Wesley stumbled slightly as he raised one leg to take them off, and the court erupted in laughs and giggles. The judge banged her gavel again for order.

The boys were in their undershorts, they looked pleadingly at the judge, looking for mercy, but met only an icy stare. They had no choice, no option, they slid down their undershorts and slipped them off, dropping them in the box with the rest of their clothes. Their hands immediately went to cover their crotches.

It was summer, both boys were active outdoors, wearing only shorts and sneakers as much as possible. They had good tans, which now, made their pale white asses stand out like beacons. Except they weren't totally pale.

Both boys were blushing so hard, even their asses had a pink color to them. Both looked like they wished they could crawl through a crack in the floor to hide.

"Computer hacking is not a victimless crime, it is not a harmless crime. Every year, companies governments, private individuals are forced to spend millions of dollars trying to protect themselves from hackers like you. We are all hurt by your acts. Businesses are forced to raise the prices to cover the cost of software protection, governments have to increase taxes or divert the money away from other uses. But the individual citizen is the worst off, your hacking forces them to spend more and more, without any way of recouping the loss."

"Therefore, courts across the nation have decided to start a hacking fund, we will collect money from convicted hackers, to help offset the cost of your actions. ou are hereby ordered to pay $100 a month to the fund I have set up. Since this is your first conviction, it will only be $100 a month, any further hacking on your part, it will go up, significantly."

One of the lawyers stepped forward. "Your honor, while I admire the courts zealous attempt to protect the citizens, I feel that $100 a month, for 6 months, is excessive for boys that age, even with their parents help."

Judge Brent smiled, the first time today. "You misunderstand, counselor, it is not for merely 6 months; that amount would be meaningless compared to the cost of computer protection. The $100 a month is for the rest of their lives. Every other hacker convicted from now on will pay the same amount into the fund."

She gaveled the courtroom to silence before it had the chance to respond. "We now address the parents of these two young men. Mr./Mrs. Duval, Mr./ Mrs. Simon, forward please."

The "please" was the smallest formality, it was an order.

"The four of you have totally failed in your responsibilities, failed as parents, to instill a basic sense of right and wrong in your children, failed to teach them that acts against the greater population are totally unacceptable, failed to monitor their actions, when every day, we read or hear about private computers being criminally used. Further, you have failed to protect society from your offsprings callus disregard for it's most basic right of privacy. Therefore, the same lack of privacy which now is order for your children will be ordered for you. For the next 6 months, you too will be totally nude, everywhere, all the time, with the exception of footwear."

All four adults started protesting at the same time, and Judge Brent gaveled them to silence. This time, the room seemed to be filled with large officers, waiting to help carry out the judge's orders. The two fathers looked around, as if weighing their chances of physically fighting their way out, but caved in rather quickly. The court was totally silent as they watched the two mothers and two fathers stand by their nude sons, and stripping nude themselves. It seemed to take them a long time for all to get undressed. The men assumed the same pose as their sons, hands over their groins. The mothers each had one arm over their breasts, one over their vaginas.

"Through neglence and lack of supervision, you allowed your sons unlimited access into peoples' computers, and by that, into their homes. So the court now orders unlimited access into your homes. Web cameras will be placed throughout your homes, every room, every corner, every angle, will be covered by the cams, day and night, 24/7. Anyone with a computer and the urge to do so will be able to view you any time they choose. The URL's of the cams will be posted on the net, world wide."

Wesley's mother half raised her hand to speak. "Your honor, you can't mean EVERY room and EVERY angle! What about... bathrooms?"

"What about them, Mrs. Simon? You didn't teach your son to respect others privacy, why should you enjoy privacy?"

"Installation of the cams will begin as soon as you get home. Case closed"