Corporate Ways
by Snow Ghost

Part 2

Kay Writter woke to the constant ringing of the doorbell. A quick glance at the clock showed 6am. Who the hell would bother her at 6 oclock on a Sunday morning? Specially after the bizarre dream she had last night! Who ever it was must be here for something important, she thought, they would not stop ringing the bell.

She jumped up, and immediately regretted it. Her head pounded like a trip hammer, her mouth was like sand paper. No wonder she had such a wierd dream, as drunk as she had gotten.

She pulled her housecoat on, fully intending to send whoever it was away. She normally didn't get up until 8am on Sunday, then open the store at 11. She did a pretty good business on the weekends, more than enough to make it worth loosing her Sunday.

Kay undid the locks, the bell was still ringing, and all but shouted "YES?" Her stomack flipped when she saw Mr. Bains standing there, with a crew of men and a large truck. It hadn't been a bizarre dream afterall, it had been an all too real nightmare. And obviously, the nightmare wasn't over.

Bains pushed past her and into the livingroom. Kay was furious. "Look, Mr... you may own your company, and you may have my sister and I and her family over a barrel, but that does not give you the right to come barging into my house."

Bains looked at her coldly. "Right now, my lawyers are reviewing your financial records, as well as the purchase of this house. I believe there is a very good chance they will prove it was purchased with money made by selling Fabricorp clothes, which means it is MY house. At any rate, I told you we'd be here early in the morning to begin removing all Fabricorp property, and I meant it."

He went back to the door and called for the men to start bringing in the empty moving boxes.

Kay tried to muster as much hauty indignance as possible. "Would it be all right if I took a shower while your men worked?"

Bains nodded absently, "Yea, go ahead, but don't take long, I may have questions."

Kay turned on her heels and went up the stairs to the bathroom, securely locking the door behind her. She leaned back against the door, she was trembling. How had she ever gotten into this? How had she let her sister talk her into selling the clothes she knew were illegal? How was she going to live with the terms that Bains had set last night?

She got under the hot water and let the spray flow over her. Maybe Bains was serious about getting his property and money back, but he couldn't be serious about her working in the nude in his building! Or making Karen, Chuck and the kids work nude either. That was too much to believe of anyone. No, she was sure, having them stip last night was just a show for the other Fabricorp executives, to scare them into submission. And Kay bet it worked just like it was meant to.

After a few moments, there was a pounding on the bathroom door. "Kay", it was Bains, "come out here, I need to speak to you."

Quickly, she shut off the water, roughly toweled dry and slipped her robe on. She was still wet enough that it would cling, and become see thru in places, she bet Bains would get off on that.

She came out of the bathroom to find men going through her closets, inspecting her wardrobe. Bains was sitting at her nightstand, with some ledgers in front of him.

"There seems to be a number of missing account entries. How many sets of books do you keep?"

Kay was about to do her indignant/offended act, but realized Bains would see right through it. He all ready knew what she had been up to. Before she could reply, he looked at her sharply. "That's a Fabricorp dressing gown you have on, take it off and put it with the other things."

Again, Kay knew she was trapped, she had to remove the robe and stand nude in her own bedroom, while the working grinned and oggled her naked body. She had never felt more like a piece of meat in her life. She almost regretted now all those hours she spent in the health club, working out to keep herself in shape. For what? So some corporate bastard could show off his power and a bunch of mental midget jack offs could get a free show?

She looked closely at Bains. If he were getting a thrill out of this, there was no hint of pleasure or revenge, no enjoyment, in his eyes. The man was like a machine, all business. That fact reminded her, there would be no distracting him with her body, she wasn't going to get away with anything anymore. How totally he now controlled her life! He would just as easily turn the evidence over to the police as deal with her this way, and she knew it. And so did he.

Kay explained how she manipulated the books, what she kept hidden from her own accountant. She may be a thief, but she was not a slime, she would not let the poor guy take the fall for her crimes.

He told her to sit on the bed while he reexamined the books, using what she had just explained to him. She sat there, stark naked, while the delivery men proceded with their work, and openly stared at her. Bains may be a machine himself, but he seemed to have no problem with his workmen taking pleasure out of seeing her body.

And it enjoy it they did, that was obvious from the erections plainly showing in the front of their pants. It was the "not knowiing what would happen next" that was the real cruel punishment. Bains seemed to be interested in nothing but business, his clothing business, but he also obviously liked to dominate people. Would he subject her to a gang rape to break her completely? Or was leaving the possibility of a gang bang before her part of his plan to torture her?

In the middle of it, her phone rang. Bains meerly nodded at her and then at the phone. It was Karen, she immediately began aplogoizing for the previous night, and crying about what she had gotten everyone into. On the one hand, Kay was ready to kill her, on the other, she felt even sorrier for her sister than she did for herself. Karen would have to know, and probably see, her family going about their jobs stark naked, as well as having to be nude herself.

Finally, Kay had enough of her sisters whining. "Kay, I really feel sorry for you, but I have problems of my own. Bains is here right now, with a crew of men, taking back all their company things. I know you're upset, but I'm nude in front of a bunch of strange guys, in my own house, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it, so you might as well start learning to accept the situation. If it's this or jail, then I take this."

On the other end of the phone, she could hear her sister gasp. "They're there now, and you're nude?"

"Yes, sis, I'm nude, stark naked, just like we were last night." "Bains said I might as well start getting used to it."

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone, finally, in a low voice, Karen asked, "What's it like?"

Kay was dumbfounded. How could her own sister ask her something like that? "Just wait til Monday, sis, and you'll find out." Then she hung up the phone. Humans are deep and often twisted creatures. How could she admit she was secretly getting a bit of a thrill out of it? Her pussy was damp and her nipples were like spikes. She was pleased to see the men learing at her nude body, though she would never admit it to anyone.

Bains snapped her out of her revery. "Ms.Writter, please make us some coffee, I will take up a collection from the men to repay you." Even as politely as it was said, it was still an order, not a request.

And Kay had no doubt that Bains would take up the collection. Didn't anything faze that man? He hadn't been at all put off by the humiliation they felt last night, nor had he appearted to be enjoying it in the least. Now, today, he was standing here, talking to a nude woman, who, she could admit with pride, still had a great body, and he was showing no more emotion than if he were reading the paper.

Then one of the workmen came in. "Mr. Bains, there's a Mrs. Kravits at the door, wishing to speak to Ms. Writter."

Bains meerly nodded. "Thank you, Evans, back to work" He looked at Kay and sighed. "I suppose we can't allow you to answer the door nude, this isn't corporate headquarters. Damn nosy neighbors." He picked up the housecoat she wore when he arrived. "Deal with her and get rid of her, please, we have work to do."

Kay had been dreading this. Kravits was indeed a nosy neighbor, the worst. Kay knew the moment the old bitty saw the truck and the men loading it, she would be over. Kay had always felt sorry for poor Mr. Kravits, Abner had been hounded since the day he married. She had even thought of giving the poor guy a good fuck now and then, just to relive the pressure, but had never acted on it.

She went down the stairs to the door, knowing the workmen were smirking at her behind her back. The housecoat covered her, but it was obvious she had nothing else on, her nipples were pushing agains the thin fabric like spikes. Would Mrs. Kravits notice the men all had erections, too? That was certainly obvious enough.

The high pitched voice, neighborhood busy body pushed in the house. "Ms.Writter, are you going to be moving out on us? We'd hate to lose you as neigbors."

Kay knew what the old bitty really meant was that she'd hate to lose such a rich source of gossip. Kay also knew Mrs. Kravits didn't approve of divorcees.

"No, Mrs. Kravits, not moving out, just donating some things, I realized how many clothes I've accumulated here, and thought they should be shared."

"But a delivery truck, so early in the morning? Abner isn't even awake yet."

Kay doubted that, she knew that the old busy body had woken her poor husband to tell him all about the truck and the men the moment she saw it.

"My sister's boss was kind enough to donate the use of the truck and the men, Mrs. Kravits, he's a firm believer in community goodwill."

The answer seemed to throw Kravits off, Kay knew she was dying to be the first one with the news of someone moving in our out, and for the first time that morning, felt a small glimmer of triumph.

Kravits continued to try and press for details, but just then Bains appeared behind her. "Ms. Writter, we're about done here, we should be getting loaded and on our way."

Kay had to admit, the guy knew how to control a situation, and people. She and her sister were living proof, they were under his control now, no question. His presence seemed to have a chilling effect on Mrs. Kravits, she mumbled a few insincere "glad you're staying's" and left.

The moment the door was closed, Bains held out his hand for the housecoat she was wearing. Kay surrended it, what had seemed like thin fabric when she was wearing it now seemed like a suit of armour when she had to take it off. Would he make her work in the store nude too? What about people going by, looking in the windows!

Kay stood and watched as the men carried 95 per cent of the clothing in the house out to the truck. "We will deliver this load to the company warehouse, Ms. Writter, then we will come back and pick you up, and go to your store. That will give you time to have your breakfast. Please be here and be ready when we return." It sounded like a request, but Kay knew it was an order.

How could she eat anything when her stomach was in such a turmoil?

What would the rest of the day be like?