My Life, part 5
by Slave J

A Day at the Races

Once I was secured to the sulky, I was led (by a leash to my collar) until I was standing on what seemed to be grass under my bare feet. The trainer then stopped me, and I felt the weight increase as he sat in the sulky. I could not see or hear anything, but when I felt the whip across my buttocks I instantly started to trot as I was taught over the last few days. The whip came more frequently and I picked up speed. Suddenly there was a pull on my left nipple and I turned to my left. And so it went on, whip, pull right, pull left, etc. Suddenly both reins were pulled taut, pulling my lower lips even wider, and I stopped.

I was exhausted, and the sweat was dripping off me. After a few minutes I felt a towel rubbing me down, and water being poured in my mouth by a tube which was almost forced down my throat. I drank as much as I could before it began to spill out of my mouth. I was unhitched from my sulky and led over to the hitching post, but this time I was made to kneel and secured with my head down to the ground. A vibrator was inserted into me and turned on a low setting. One earplug was removed, and I heard my trainer say that he wanted me warmed up for the next event. I was then re-plugged and was left with this thing in side of me giving wonderful feelings, but never enough to bring me off, which I so desperately wanted.

The next event followed shortly. With the vibrator still in me, I was unhitched and walked over to a sandy area. I was then put through my paces of high stepping, backwards trot, sideways etc, while all of the time I was getting more and more turned on. Just as I was pulled up to stop, the vibrator was turned up to high, and I let myself go with a massive orgasm right in front of people. It was a good job I could not see them but I felt my face go red!

I was then led over to the horsebox, and secured in the same way as I was transported. I was at last allowed freedom of sight and hearing. As I was the first in, I could not see the state of the other captives, but I heard them all panting, so I guessed that we all had the same event. When we arrived back at the ranch, we were hosed down, the harness was removed, and I was placed in the stall. On the side of the stall were a couple of rosettes with a second and first place ribbons attached. I did not know for which event though.

I was at the ranch for at least a month, either pulling ploughs, buggy duty, show time etc. When I was weighed, I had lost some weight, and my legs were toned up.

My master then came to fetch me. I thought that I would walk to the car, but instead I was led over to a crate. On the base of the crate was a bed of foam and I was ordered to get in and to lie on my back. Metal clamps screwed in to the crate secured me. My mouth was taped over, as were my eyes. Before they put earplugs in, they told me that I would be encased in a foam mould but not to worry. I was then plugged. I felt my other two holes being taped over as well. Two straws were placed in my nose, and then I felt a warm substance pouring over me, and when it cooled down, I felt it constrict even more. At least I could still breathe through my nose. I felt the vibrations of screws being tightened securing a lid to the crate. Where was I going?

The travel seemed to take ages with me being moved in all sorts of directions (upright, face down etc.) At last it all stopped. It was a few more hours before I heard the vibrations of the screws being removed. Little by little the foam was cut away – head first so that I could have the straws and tape from my mouth and eyes removed. It took a couple of minutes before my eyes could focus. The earplugs were removed, and I could hear my master’s voice talking in a gentle manner to me. It would appear that during my time at the ranch, my master had sold the house and we had moved to the country where all of my training at the ranch would come in handy.

I had questions to ask as to what has happened to my job, what was my financial state, etc. My master reassured me that from now on I would be working from home between the other jobs do to here. Through the network my master had secured me a job organizing travel arrangements for a variety of clients, and it could all be done via the computer, so no need to go to the office, and our finances were in good shape. (He did mention that the prize money from the races was an added bonus)

So from now on, my duties were to organize business trips (booking flights/rooms etc), look after the homestead (as my master had named it), and gardening. At all times I am to be naked and bound in some way or another.

Sleeping arrangements depended how good I was at my chores. If good then I would sleep in the house, or if I did not do my chores to my master’s satisfaction I would be sleeping in the barn.

He then fastened a lead to my collar and we walked around the barn and I saw all my master’s toys were fixed to the floor. No need for a dungeon now. In the barn there was also a buggy, a plough of some kind, and a stall with hay. This would be where I would sleep if I was bad. There was also a hanging metal cage that was new. I dared not ask what it was, so just followed my master. Outside of the barn, there was a farmhouse, and looking around were just fields. My master did inform me that we now owned two of the fields. Between the house and the barn, there was a post situated in the ground, with a metal beam horizontal from the top. I knew that this was a training post, as I had used one during my training at the Farm.

Once inside the house, my master ordered me to have a good soak in the bath, then to get a meal ready for the both of us. Tonight would be a rest from chains and duties. That night was the best for some time.

In the morning I was ordered to get breakfast ready, then introduced to my office to catch up on some bookings. So here I was, starting a new stage of devotion to my master. Naked and chained for the rest of my life-I did not care, as now it would be stress free and always close to my master. My office was a desk in front of my master’s desk and the bondage while booking flights etc, was detailed in my introduction to my diary. In case you have forgotten, let me briefly describe it again.

I am secured tightly to a wooden stool, plugged at both ends, with a ring gag in my mouth. My breasts are tied in a strict rope bra, and my ringed tits are weighted and padlocked to a six inch chain to my wrist cuffs causing me to pull on them with every movement over the keypad.

For the next couple of hours I worked in this state. A couple of times I was stopped to allow my master to use my mouth.

Once satisfied that all the bookings had ben completed and invoices sent to the respective clients (all via the Internet) I was released from the stool, un-gagged and allowed to prepare lunch and eat with my master.

After lunch I was hitched to the plough. For once I was not plugged below. Later I would be once the field has been cultivated. The plough was much heavier than the buggy, so I was laced into a ‘boned’ corset to keep my body straight. The plough handles were attached to rings in the corset, and I was able to hold the handle also (cuffed to the bar). I was allowed to wear boots to protect my feet, but these were custom made and had horse shoes fitted to them. Once laced up, my ankles were supported to stop any injuries occurring. I was then bridled and led out to one of the fields. For the next couple of hours (in fact it was four hours) I was walked up and down the field churning up the grass. I was whipped if I was having trouble pulling or going slow. I was halted a few times to get water to drink and a rub down with a damp towel.

So this is how each day would be, organizing, ploughing, buggy service, training at dressage, etc. Even doing the house work I was in some form of bondage, even a menial task such as cleaning out the toilet and bathroom was hindered, such as having a brush secured to my mouth gag to clean the toilet, and a sponge (on an extended penis gag) to clean the bath.

My master did take me to more races, and I did win (which made me and my master happy, which resulted me in sleeping in his bed and being well taken (even though tied in some sort of position – at least it was more comfortable than the stall!)

Well that’s all for now – perhaps I will be able to write about more of my life, as and when my master decrees – as he now controls me fully.

End of part 5