My Life, part 4
by Slave J

The Farm

After a few minutes to collect my thoughts on what is happening, my master informed me that for the next week I would be staying here under the guidance of the head trainer to further my training. No buts, but he did give me a safe word to say if that I could not carry on, and he would come and pick me up. If I lasted a the week there would be no more hard training, as this was my last test to become a fully devoted slave to him.

He kissed me then left, just like that.

The head trainer came over and started to take measurements on all parts of my body, and said that my rings would come in most handy for training (and save him time). I was then led over to the stables and placed in a stall. My hands were still cuffed behind me, and if I wanted to eat and drink I would have to get down and eat from the bowl that was placed in front of me. The gate was then shut and locked. Looking around, the stall was bland – no where to sit (except on the straw floor) and worse of all no toilet!

Shortly after I heard a voice from the other side of the stall wall. She told me we were only allowed to talk for 5 minutes and after that time we would be punished. Briefly she told me the rules, and that if I wanted to go, then I would have to do it in the corner, or wait until I was outside when training or working. With that she fell silent – how did she know the time was up? I found that out the following morning.

As my master had not removed my collar, I was fitted with a posture collier that was a tight fit, and I could only look in front of me. I felt a tingle, and was told by the trainer that the collar was linked to a computer, and if I talked more than five minutes in a day, then a current passing through my collar would shock me. I then had a bit fitted in my mouth. I was told to bend over and he inserted a large plug that had a hair tail attached. As I had long hair (my master liked it) he gathered it up into a top ponytail. A A harness was then fitted to me which went around my breasts (encircling them tightly and pushing them forward), then linked to a waist belt, and then down either side of my lower lips and secured to the waist belt at rear.

My front opening was free and was informed that ‘reining’ would go through my rings on either side of my cunt. The ‘reining’ was as follows – they were fixed to either side of the lower rings, pulled tightly and tied to my nipple rings, then through the rings on either side of my ‘bit’. Hence, to control which way I was to go the rider only had to pull on one side which caused me pain in either my left or right rings. To stop me he pulled on both – ouch!

I was then led over to what was called the training ring. There was a large pole in the middle with six protruding arms attached to the top of the pole. I noticed that five were already taken up and I was the last to be fitted via a lead from the posture collar to the end of the bar. The post started to turn and we all had to walk. We were told to take high steps, and would feel the sting of the whip if our legs did not go up high enough. It took some time for me to get used to the steps, and I did feel the whip across my buttocks. Time had no meaning and I did not know how long we were on the ring, but my legs ached.

I needed to relieve myself and it gushed out and sprayed over my legs as we were still walking, The other female behind me had to walk through the damp soil as I did when I had done a lap. The trainer just laughed. Then the post stopped turning and we were released and led over to the side of the of the shed and secured by our collar to rings placed in the wall. A spray of cold water from a hosepipe then showered us. We were then left to dry naturally.

The next day was the same routine, but the day after there was a change to the routine. When I was getting harnessed, instead of the straps I was fitted with a tight corset, my arms were encased in a single sleeve, and when the bit gag was applied, I found that it had side panels on which kept my vision directly in front of me. The reins were kept the same, but I was not fitted with my tail. I was led into the yard and secured to a post. I could not see anything except the wall. I then had my ears plugged. The next thing I knew, I was being pushed down onto two protrusions on a shaft. Once the trainer had ensured that I was fully down, he connected a chain from either side of the shaft and fixed them to the two rings on either side of my corset. My arms were then pulled back and secured to a ring further back on the shaft forcing me to bend slightly back.

Little did I know that I was now fitted to a small buggy. I only found out when I was released and pushed back slightly. I then felt the weight change and I presumed that some one was sitting in the buggy. As I could not hear anything, when the reigns were pulled, I did not know what to do, so I felt the whip across my buttocks. The next pull on my reigns I moved slowly forward, then the rider pulled on the left rein and I turned left instantly due to the pain it caused on my lower lips. The rest of the morning I was put through a routine of obeying the pull of the reins and learning via the whip to increase the pace. All during the morning I had to ensure that my step was at the correct height even when running fast.

After a couple more days, three of us were harnessed as usual, but we had a head plume fitted to the top of the bit harness. Our arms were placed tightly into a single arm sheath. We were led over to a horsebox in a coffle (linked neck to neck). Once inside the box, we were secured standing up. Ropes pulled tightly from the side rings on the corset to either side of the box achieved this. As I was in front, another rope was secured from the front ring to the front of the box. From the rear ring a rope was attached to the front of the female behind me, and the same to the third female, who had her rear ring tied tightly with rope to the back of the box. Ankle cuffs were then fitted, and a chain connected via a ring in the floor of the box. The way we were secured that there was no way we could fall over once we hit the road.

We traveled for about two hours. When we stopped, we were not led out straight away. We had our ears plugged, and instead of ‘blinkering’ us, we had eye pads pressed onto the harness. We were then led out (blind and deaf). Luckily we were still in the coffle and were led in a straight line. We were then separated and attached to hitching posts. When the reins were fitted, it felt tighter between the lower lips and my nipple rings. I was then unhitched and backed up towards the ’sulky’. Even those protrusions seemed to be thicker today.

End of part 4