My Life, part 3
by Slave J


I will not bore you with daily routines, but will explain some of the new toys and my introduction to outside bondage and ponyplay.

As indicated earlier, the basement was turned into what my master called his dungeon. Here is a brief description of some of the equipment which I bought (not literally – financed by my job). The pillory was like the old fashion style, but with a modification that my ankles were secured apart in the base of the frame and where my head and wrists were secured, the height could be adjusted depending how my master would best deem fit for my punishment.

The horse was painful as it was a blunt triangular piece of wood secured three feet from the ground, so with my legs tied horizontal to hooks in the wall, all of my weight was on my lower openings. My hands could be secured either to the front or rear of the wood.

The cage (made of all iron bars-including the base) was just big enough of me to crawl into, and once secured, it would be hoisted up from the floor. I spent many nights locked in that cage for punishment.

Once secured to the wheel, my master could turn me around so I could be upside down, or horizontal.

As we had a secluded garden my master introduced to me to outside bondage. It started when I was sunbathing naked in the garden (as my master liked me to have an all over tan). He undid the straps holding me to the lounger and ordered me to follow him onto our lawn. He had placed stakes in the lawn, and ordered me to lie down, and then he secured me spread eagle to the stakes. He gagged and blindfolded me. Then I felt sticky stuff being spread over my body, and then I heard the rustle of a packet and felt bits falling over my coated body. He then whispered in my ear that I was now a bird feeder table. During the day, I felt birds landing on me and pecking up the seeds. I do not know how long I spent like that, but suddenly I was being hosed down with cold water. He removed the blindfold and left me there to dry off. Looking down at my body I could see that except for a few red spots I was intact. He said that it was the honey base that stopped any damage to me.

Another form of a bird table is what I would call a scarecrow. He placed a penis gag in my mouth, with a outer protrusion, stood me on a box and secured my arms tightly to the cross piece at wrists, elbows and top of my arms. Further rope was lashed all the way down my body tightly. Once secured he removed the box from under me. I did not move as the lashings did their job. He placed rope around my forehead to the upright so I could not nod. He did not blindfold me. He then secured a tray to my body using the nipple rings and the collar ring. He placed birdseed in the tray, then walked away. Once the birds landed on the tray, it pulled on my rings causing me to flinch. I looked towards the house and my master was sitting on the patio drinking and smiling.

Another day I was a table for my master to eat from. To do this, he had made a wooden base with sliding blocks at either end, and ordered me to place my feet in one set of cut outs, and slid the other set securing my feet to the base. He then ordered me to bend backwards and he did the same with my wrists. Now he rested his plate on my belly and started to eat. Occasionally he would fondle my pussy, as the way I was secured it was quite open for him. Once he had eaten, he knelt in front of my head (which was down at an angel) and used me for his pleasure. He then left me again in this position while he took a shower.

One day while doing the washing, the machine broke down, so he said that I would be the clothes drier. He led me out side, and secured me with my back to a tree. He then fed a rope through one of my nipple rings, wrap around a post on the other side of the garden, and back to my other nipple ring. He then hang the clothes on the line. The weight of the washing really pulled on my rings.

After a few months of strenuous discipline, my Master decided it was time to socialize with other like-minded people, and so he organized a party. As I was not accustomed to being naked in front of other people yet, he said that I would be wearing an outfit of his choice. While I was preparing food he went out and brought me a maid’s outfit. It was very short. If I bent over to fill up the snack bowls or to remove glasses, I was open to view for everyone. The rule was that they could see but not touch at the moment (in time I did serve guests naked, and allowed them to touch me). He hobbled my ankles with a twelve-inch chain and my wrist with a six-inch chain, and all linked up to my collar. I felt vulnerable during the first part of the evening, but as time went by, and as I was busy keeping the guest glasses filled and snacks on the table filled up it became second nature that someone else could see my lower ringing, and I got quite a few comments on how good they looked, especially as my master had attached a couple of (imitation) diamonds hanging down from it.

During the course of the evening, my master took the guests down to our dungeon, and I had to be the model for demonstration purpose (he did leave my outfit on – but it did little to hide my embossment though!). Once all the guests had left, he ordered me to leave the tidying up till the morning and come to bed. That night I was not restrained as my reward for being good. I hasten to add that we did not sleep much that night!

When we did wake up in the morning, it was back to the routine of Master and slave.

Over the next few days, there were numerous phone calls and e-mails between my master and the guests that were at our party. Needless to say that we attended various ‘soirees’ over the months and I got more accustomed to being naked and chained among other masters and slaves.

One weekend, out of the blue, my training progressed further. I was tied and blindfolded and placed in the trunk of our car. After what seemed to be hours, we stopped, and I was manhandled out of the car by hands that I did not know. I was tied to a post via a lead to my collar, and my blindfold was removed. I stood in fright as around me there were naked females attired like ‘ponies’ pulling carts or ploughing a field. What was I doing here?