My Life, part 2
by Slave J


As my piercings were still sore, my master linked up all the rings with a little play in them. In time he has said that once completely healed, he will pull the chain tight before joining them together! I went to work as usual feeling proud of myself for what I had been through that weekend.

I had a shock when I sat on my chair at work, the ring played havoc with my feelings every time I moved, and during the course of the day, I had to finger myself – I knew that I would be punished later as I have to tell my Master everything that happened during the day.

When I arrived home, I stripped, gave myself an enema as ordered, and was kneeling by the front door cuffed and waiting for my master. This was now my normal routine.

On his return, he chained my ankles and wrists and fastened a length of chain to a bolt in the kitchen. There was enough play for me to move around the kitchen and nowhere else, so there I stayed cooking our dinner. We ate at the breakfast bar, and during the course of the meal, I told him everything that had happened that day.

He laughed saying, “That is one puishment you have earned”. He then ordered me to do the washing and clearing up before I got released from my chains.

That night was the first punishment session (and was not the last!) Once he had unchained me, he led me upstairs (this time by a chain through the nipple rings). He made me insert plugs into both holes and this time gave me a tight pair of hot pants to ensure that they did not fall out during the course of the evening. (In time I learnt to use my own muscles to keep them in). The tightness also made the ring feel more painful. A three foot spreader bar was attached to my ankles, my wrists were tied to opposite elbows, and then the chain through the nipples was pulled down and fastened to the middle of the spreader bar with the end result of me bending down. He then used the multi-thronged whip all over my body. Every time I jerked there was a pull on my nipples that caused more discomfort. This lasted about ten minutes and when he finished there were red stripes all over my body. This, he informed me, was a light punishment.

That night I slept on the floor in a tight hogtie as part of my punishment. In the morning before I went to work, I had to use my mouth for his pleasure. This time he had me wear a chasity belt with a slightly larger anal plug. I felt really uncomfortable sitting at my desk.

Little did I know that during the day, my master was re-organising our basement, and after my routine and dinner I was led down to the cellar. I was amazed at what he had done so far. There was what looked like stocks, but set very low down, and various items that he had either brought or made. He told me to put my hair into a ponytail and then he fastened my wrists together, attached them to a pully, and hoisted them up till I was standing on tiptoe. Further ropes were attached to my ankle cuffs and pulled outwards, causing all of my weight to be taken by my arms. He then added weights to my nipple and clitoris rings.

Then what really shocked me was a rope was tied to my ponytail and pulled directly to a ring fitted in the back wall, so my head was well back with my mouth wide open. Looking up I saw a phallus being lowered into my mouth. Once in I had no option but to suck and was rewarded with a stream of water which I had to swallow. He then left me saying that if I was thirsty – all I had to do was to suck harder and water would be dispensed. So here I was, suspended, with a phallus in my mouth that I could not dislodge, aching all over due to the tightness of the restraints. My only relief was to suck and to get refreshments. I do not know I long he left me there. When he did release me, I just collapsed in a heap on the floor crying as the circulation came back. While trying to get the circulation back, he used me for his own pleasure, then left me again. What should I do? Go upstairs or remain in the basement? What would the you do?

In the end I did what every slave would have done – stayed until summoned by the Master. I do not know how long I waited, (time has no meaning now as my master controls me) but I then heard him summon me and ordered me to crawl up the steps and along the floor to the lounge. He was sitting on the couch watching televison. I stopped by his feet and he lifted them up and indicated me to crawl further, then he put his feet on my back (a footrest) and there I stayed on my hands and knees. Occasionally he would touch parts of my body and that’s all. I was in need of the toilet and was afraid to speak, as he was engrossed in his programme, so I ‘mewed’ to try to get his attention – no response – so I tried again. This time he said that I could speak (it was a commercial break). I asked him if I could go to the toilet. As I had been good downstairs my wish was granted, but had to crawl there and back and on return I would have to plug myself front and rear.

Crawling back was a nightmare in itself. Everytime I moved my legs, the plugs moved also, so I found myself getting aroused. He ordered me to assume the same position as before, and there I stayed until the show had finished. He then made me kneel upright. He placed a blindfold on me and tolf me to caress myself, but I would not be allowed to ‘cum’ till told to do. A few times when he saw me nearing a climax, he used a riding crop my body causing me to jump. Each time he waited for a few minutes then told to start again. So the cycle continued until he said to let go – and I did, and at the same time he thrust his member into my mouth and I had to suck him ‘off’ and to swallow his ‘cum’.

That night I was allowed to sleep without a restraint and in his arms. I woke first in the morning as usual, and for a treat to my master I woke him by using my mouth for his pleasure. He was most surprised but did not complain.

My restraint for work was a tight rope around my waist, with a thin rope from my clitoris ring pulled back behind me, and tied to the waist rope. Further thin rope was threaded though my tit rings and pulled down to the waist rope. It made a change from chains, but he trusted me to keep them on as part of my commitment to him. As it was thin rope, it was quite painful and I am sure that my boss notcied my discomfort as he asked me if I would like to go home. I declined his offer and carried out my duties. Was I glad to get home that day and remove all the ties. The crotch rope had embedded itself in so was painful when I tried to remove it. I did succeed in the end, with just enough time to be ready for my master's return.

That night I was introduced to one of my master's new toys!