My Life, part 1
by Slave J

My master has ordered me to write an introduction to my life as a married slave.

Let me introduce myself and describe the method of restraint while typing this out.

I am secured tightly to a wooden stool, plugged at both ends, with a ring gag in my mouth. My breasts are tied in a strict rope bra, and my ringed tits are weighted and padlocked to a six inch chain to my wrist cuffs causing me to pull on them with every movement over the keypad.

I have been married to my master for many years, and have been in bondage for the last ten years.

My master alllows me to carry on my PA work during the day, and under my formal outer attire, I am completely naked, and always with some method of control like today I was with a chasity belt (holding waa waa balls in) and tits joined together by a chain. If only my boss knew! The money that I earn goes towards toys and equipment for our basement playroom.

As soon as I arrive home, I have to be naked kneeling in front of the door awaiting my masterís return. He then removes the chasity belt and orders me to lick the balls clean before putting them in the box. He then cuffs my ankles with a twelve-inch chain and my wrists with a six-inch chain and then I have to cook a meal for him. I do have the privalage of sitting at the table, but my chair has fixed plugs for both front and rear holes, which I have to lower my self down on them. I then have to do the washing up in this case there are ringbolts in the faucet which I am chained to. If my master so desires to use my holes while doing the washing up, the way that he has positioned the bolts allows easy access.

Depending on the day my master has will determine the state of play for the evening (this can range from mild bondage to extremely hard bondage).

Why do I put myself entirley in my masterís hands? It all starte a couple of years after being married. We did do playful bondage from the outset as my master did warn me that he was strict, but would not force me into doing anything which I did not want do. That all changed a couple of years later, when my master booked us a weekend away with a group of my masterís friends. It was an eye-opener and speaking to the other slaves, (woman Ė woman) I felt that it was the time to progress to being a full time slave.

Once we arrived home, I immediately stripped off, fell to my masterís feet and offered myself to be trained fully. He was a bit taken back, and asked me again if that was what I wanted. I replied with an outstanding YES.

He then took me into our bedroom, opened my wardrobe and draws and started to remove items of clothing and placed them in a black bag. He said that from now on, I would be kept naked at all times in the house, and if we did go out he would choose what underwear (if any) and revealing oufits that I could wear. My day job as a PA he allowed me to keep my dress suits, but insisted that there would be always some form of bondage under it, and always naked underneath.

That night was the last night of my freedom.

In the morning he phoned my work to say that I would not be in today. After breakfast he got me out a short dress and see-thru top, and we went to our local sex shop. He brought various bits and pieces and charged them to my account card (I was paying for my own bondage equipment). A DIY shop was next on the list for various lengths of chains, padlocks and hooks etc.

On arrival at home, he ordered me to strip and to lock the collar and cuffs on my self. The keys were then placed on top of a cupboard and that from now on, whenever I returned home from work, that I should present myself wearing the signs of slavery to him upon his return from work. He then secured me in a hogtie in the lounge, while he went about descretely securing hooks etc around various rooms of the house. (In time he did convert our basement Ė but details will be forthcoming later)

He then untied me, attached alead to my collar and was marched upstairs to the bathroom where I took my first (and not last) enemma. My instruction was to do this each day after work. I had not considered anal pleasure before this, and was taken aback with fright, but my master assured me that the training will be easy and tonight was the first training session.

Once he was satisified that I was clean inside, I was led over to the bed. Laying me on my back, he secured my ankles to my thighs, and then rolled me over. He attached a rope around each ankle and pulled my legs apart, and then tied the ends to the bedposts leaving me wide open. My wrists were secured to the head of the bed. He then greased my rear hole and showed me the training plug that was ridged and he told me that the splintzer muscles would contract around the ridge to stop me from expelling it. He slowly pushed it in and to my astonishment (to him also) it slid in quite easily all the way. Just for good measure, he than placed tape over it as an added precaution. While in that position, my front hole was open also and he then used me for his pleasure. I did moan a bit when he withdrew, but he stated that the slave is used for the masterís own pleasure, and would only give me pleasure if I deserved it or done something right (otherwise I would have to pleasure myself with him watching). Due to the position I was in, I could do nothing at this time. He left me there for the next couple of hours just feeling the sensations. He then returned with a vibrator, removed my plug, then immediately plunged the vibrator in my rear hole, turned up fully and within a few minutes I came with a squeal of delight. My first experience of anal was now complete, to the fact that today it comes as a second nature to be filled up the rear.

Upon release, he led me again over to the bathroom for my personal use, then when we returned to the bedroom where he secured me for the night, by roping my ankles, above and below the knees, and thighs together. These were then clinched from the thighs to the bottom of the bed. My arms were pulled over my head and secured to either side of the headboard. In this position my master could fondle and caress my body but denied access to my lower areas, so during the night he brought me to near climax, then stopped. He said that part of the training would be for me to come as and when he said so.

In the morningwhen he awoke, he released the ties and told me to pleasure my self as a reward for being good last night. I did not need a second telling and immediately frigged my self and within minutes I was satisfied.

I was told to go down to make breakfast for us. After breakfast, he made me kneel on the floor and take is member into my mouth until he came. He then removed the cuffs and collar, and then to my surprise he placed a box in my hands. On opening it, there was a choker with a mini padlock at the front. Once he put it on me, he put the key in his wallet, so I could not remove it. From now on when I went to work I should wear this as a sign of my obedience to him. As this was my first day, he did not put any restraints on before I got dressed for work saying that he had to get things organised for that. (What did he mean?) It felt odd working with the knowledge that other workers had no idea that I was naked underneath. I did feel rather conscious when I bent down to reach a file, but realised that if I squatted then I was safe. During theday I had a phone call to say do not go straight home as he had arranged for us to see someone after work and would pick me up.

When he picked me up, we went down to a seedy part of town, and I was ushered into a tattoo parlour, and walked straight to the back of the establishment. I was told to strip and then was placed in a medical chair and securely tied down. A man came in and my master told him to pierce my nipples and clitoris. I nearly cried when I heard him say that, but the look in his eyes satisfied me that it was safe. The man asked if I was to be sedated during the process, and my master agreed as it was all new to her. The next thing I knew was waking up with a throbbing sensation in my nipples and down below. My master was holding me in his arms and I was not secured. He helped me up, and walked out the back door (still naked) into his car.

He buckled the seat belt on me and we drove home. I was put to bed immediately with no restraints and slept throgh the night. In the morning my master putting some antisceptic on my piercings waked me. Looking down, I saw that my nipples had small rings at the base of the tips and when I felt below, I felt another ring. My master held a mirror for me to see what the ring looked like. All that I could see was my cliterous very prominent. That is the way it has stayed over the years.

As it was a weekend, I was free form all bondage to allow my piercings to heal.

To be continued?