Ex-Girlfriend Surprise
by Sir Vlad

The university that I attend had planned a new-student recruitment weekend, with each school describing their curriculum. The dean for the "Arts" school was particularly excited at this prospect to raise its enrollment, which had declined over the past several years. She requested that the Photography, Drawing, Music, and Graphic Design curriculums present informative and unforgettable displays.

My girlfriend and I posed for life drawing classes and were asked to participate in their presentation. As a demonstration of a real drawing class we would pose while several students sketched and interacted with the instructor. Each student would talk to the audience and explain why he or she chose the university and the Arts curriculum.

Both my girlfriend and I had modeled undraped, but for a public presentation the instructor felt bathing suits would suffice. On the first day of the event we all prepared the stage and went off to relax until the actual show. Right before the curtain was to open our instructor rushed up to us and said she changed her mind, and for us to remove our bathing suits. We would be at the front of the stage, but with our backs to the audience. This would portray the class with realism while maintaining a degree of modesty.

When the curtain opened the instructor discussed the program. She told us to assume a position and the students started to draw. After each student had talked to the audience the instructor thanked everyone and asked to students to come to the front of the stage. Next she gave my girlfriend and me a special thanks, and told us to turn around and bow to the audience. Shocked, we both turned around. In the front row 10 feet from the stage were my sisters, their husbands, my mom and dad, and my ex-girlfriend. She was cheering at the top of her lungs and giving the instructor a thumbs up. My family just stared. Needless to say, I was very embarrassed, but now we laugh about it.