An Encounter with erica
by Sir Richard

Author's Note

This story is a fantasy. It was inspired by a very real woman who calls herself erica (not her real name) and who is looking for a master. Unlike the events in this story, erica is not into promiscuous sex or one night stands. She is an attractive, intelligent, self supporting, professional woman with family obligations that bind her to the greater Cleveland area. She is looking for a man who is both smart enough and strong enough to master her. If you are interested in meeting her, send me your first name, your e-mail address, the city and state in which you reside (or frequently visit) and a brief paragraph explaining why erica should be willing to meet you for a first date. I will forward all responses to her and she will decide if she wishes to respond to any of them.

Flights of Fancy

I looked out the window of my little regional jet as it flew between Chicago and Cleveland and wondered again if I was being honest with myself. I had been OK on the flight from my home to Chicago but as I neared my planned meeting and mastering of erica, I mentally debated my motives again. This was not like me. I am usually comfortable with my decisions and my actions but this was an unusual situation for me.

I had written some bondage stories and had had some appreciative comments from readers both male and female. I generally responded in a friendly tone as appreciative notes are the only gain to be had from sharing one's stories. One of those was a note from erica and after I responded she had come back with more comments. One thing led to another and we had exchanged many notes and a good deal of personal information as well. All of which led to the situation in which I found myself.

My internet friend, erica, was a grown woman in her 40's with several daughters and at the moment she was in the midst of a divorce from a younger man. Their marriage had foundered for many reasons, as is always the case, but the final straw had been when she found him having sex with her daughter's best friend. She was a strong self-supporting woman with a good paying professional job and was both intelligent and articulate, qualities that I always found attractive in a woman. As erica described herself she was open and innovative sexually (she had once suggested as a tease that she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.) and she had tried to interest her husband in B&D play in the bedroom. He hadn't enjoyed this and now her fantasies revolved around being mastered and being tightly bound and forced to serve her partner.

I had warned her several times about the dangers of B&D in the real world and the need to be absolutely certain of her partner before she allowed herself to be made helpless. She said that she understood but her fantasies (we had shared several) bordered on rape, or at least forced sex while tightly bound at the hands of a stranger or those of a man she barely knew. Despite her words and her obvious intelligence I was concerned. And that's how I found myself traveling thousands of miles to tie and have sex with a woman I had never actually met.

I'm older than erica and am married. I've been with the same woman for many years and am committed to my marriage. I'd explained all of this to erica who had thanked me for my honesty. As our internet relationship developed she told me that she liked my writing and my characters and that she thought I was sexy. We continued to write notes as friends and I continued to warn her about the need to have a great deal of trust in any B&D partner. I think that at one point I told her that despite her age and experience she was naive in terms of B&D and that I was worried that she would place herself in danger by acting on her fantasies and desires.

After some months erica challenged me to come east and help her to live out her fantasy. When I hesitated she pointed out that she trusted me after all this time and that if I was really worried about her safety I would help her to experience some of the reality I was always warning her about. The fact that erica managed to be both feisty and submissive was one of the things that endeared her to me. To make a long story short, after discussing this with my wife, I'd agreed to fly out and have a bondage session with her.

That requires some explanation. How can I be committed to my wife and flying off to a bondage and sex encounter with another woman? Yeah, I know, I am a guy. Actually my wife, who is European, has some rather strange views of men and women. She'd been a mistress (the sexual kind, not the B&D kind) to a married man when I met her and was quite open about it.

At the time of our marriage she had told me that she "understood that men have different needs" and that she would accept my having one-night flings with other woman so long as I never went back to the same woman a second time. This was when talk of "open marriages" had been all the rage. I had not taken advantage of that for some time because my wife was all the woman I could ever desire; but I did raise it with her when we discussed erica. In the end she told me to go ahead but warned me that I had better not be worn out when I got back.

As the plane approached Cleveland I was still wondering if I was going to help a friend learn about B&D and fulfill her fantasy or was I going for my own pleasure at mastering this intriguing and attractive woman. I wondered if I was turning into exactly the sort of sexual predator I had warned her about. I knew that she wouldn't come to any physical harm when she was under my control but how would this smart, aggressive professional woman fare psychologically after being made helpless and forced to serve at my pleasure? Would she be able to handle the reality of submission as well as she thought she would?

Still wrestling with my conscience I tugged my lap belt tighter and raised my seat back as the plane descended for landing.

The Meeting

I got off the plane and headed for the baggage claim area. As I passed the security checkpoint I saw a number of people waiting with signs. One of them was a short blond woman with a sign that said "S. Richard". I studied her as I walked towards her and mentally compared her to the pictures she had sent me. She was even lovelier in person. She had once described herself as 8 out of 10. I don't play number games but she was certainly attractive, with lovely blue eyes, a strong chin, and just the lightest dusting of freckles below those lovely eyes emphasizing her fair complexion. As she had told me, erica looked younger than her age but she was every bit as desirable as her e-mails and her pictures had led me to believe. She, of course, had no way of recognizing me as I didn't feel it necessary for a Dom to send his picture to a sub. Our eyes met as I came near and we both smiled. I hugged her to me and said "Hello erica. It's nice to meet you at last."

I took her arm and began to move her towards the baggage claim area. I picked up my small duffel bag and asked erica to show me where her car was parked. As we walked out into the parking lot she said, "I'm surprised you bothered to check such a small bag."

I smiled at her and replied, "Everything I do has a purpose, erica. And that should have been `I am surprised that you checked such a small bag, SIR.' Stop here a moment."

I knelt down and pulled a light zip up shell from my bag. I handed it to erica and said, "Put this on please." She looked puzzled, as it was still warm, but moved to comply with my wishes. While she was doing that I palmed a set of handcuffs from the duffel and zipped it shut. I stood and turned to erica and said "No, don't zip it yet. Put your hands in the pockets, please."

The puzzled look on her face grew but she decided to play along. Her look changed to surprise as she realized that the pockets had been cut out of the jacket and her hands went all the way through. Before she could react to this, I reached out with my left hand and grabbed her right arm just above her wrist. With my right hand I snapped one hand cuff on her. Then sliding my left hand down to the links between the cuffs I used my right hand to capture her left arm and bring it in position to complete cuffing her.

The entire process had taken only a few seconds and our bodies had shielded our movements from the people passing by. Now I grasped the bottom of the jacket, inserted the mating halves of the zipper and slid the zipper far enough up that her cuffed wrists were concealed inside the jacket. "I checked the bag because airport security wouldn't have let me carry all the things I need to make you helpless onto the airplane."

This was probably unnecessary, as erica was a bright woman and had, no doubt, figured this out, but I wanted to emphasize the part about making her helpless. Since that was a part of her fantasy, the sooner she started to feel captured the sooner I would be able to see how well she could deal with it.

Mentally I breathed a sigh of relief. This attractive woman was not only strong-willed but, as I had mentioned she was feisty. In her e-mails she had described how her older brothers had taught her to fight and had even told me about flipping a 200-pound correction officer over her shoulder. (She had hastened to assure me that this was a friend, lest I assume that she was an escaped felon.) While I wasn't afraid of erica, I could envision a scenario with us rolling around on the parking lot asphalt while police and airport security guards rushed at us with drawn guns. Of course, that would be followed by stories mixing S&M with B&D and headlines declaring something like "Perverted Weirdoes Arrested at Airport". Fortunately I had been quick enough and the parking lot had been public enough that I had managed to surprise this lovely woman and `capture' her before she could react.

Opening a side pocket in the duffel I took out a bottle of CA glue (which is the same stuff as that sold as "Super Glue) and slid the zipper on the jacket down so that I could put a drop of the glue on her thumb. Then I pressed her thump and forefinger together for a couple of seconds. I pulled the zipper back up and returned the glue to the duffel.

Super glue, or CA glue as it is more generically called, adheres firmly to human skin. It can only be removed with a special solvent (sold primarily for people to unstick their fingers when using CA). I could have used two or three drops to invisibly seal her lips together and later loosen them with the solvent, but, I found it more fun to control her without the chemicals and I wanted her to realize that there were other forms of control than ropes and cuffs.

I picked up the duffel in one hand and grabbed her arm with the other and said, "Show me where your car is."

As we walked I told her, "I could have glued your lips together as I did your fingers but your lips are just too lovely for harsh chemicals and glues. Besides, I have decided that I would rather have you take an active role in your own growing helplessness. You can, in theory, scream for help and probably get it, but then you would be left with all sorts of embarrassing explanations of how we met and why I am here. It might even make the newspaper and make interesting reading for your daughters."

This little speech was because erica had mentioned how she enjoyed a scene I had written in which the female helped to gag herself at the direction of the dominant male. I saw a smile play across her face and her chest heave as she took a deep breath. As I said, erica was a bright woman.

When we got to her car I fished around in her purse for the car keys and the parking ticket. Then I walked her to the passenger side and opened the door for her. I put a hand on her head to guide her into the car. Once she was seated I strapped the belt across her ensuring that she couldn't get up. Then I dipped back into my duffel and pulled out three long plastic wire ties. I lifted the hem of her skirt just above her knees and wrapped a wire tie around each thigh just above the knee. I tightened them enough to ensure that they wouldn't slip down over her knees but didn't make them tight enough to seriously restrict her circulation. The third tie was threaded through the first two and tightened until her thighs were hobbled with about four inches of play. Back into my bag for a wire cutter, and I clipped off the tails of the plastic ties. I couldn't help but admire the white flesh of her thighs.

"That's to keep you from running, my pet," I said unnecessarily. Then I leaned into the car and gently kissed her lovely and glue-free lips. My lips were met by a surge of pressure from her. I was pretty certain she was enjoying things so far. I pulled the hem of her dress back down, concealing the plastic ties, and those lovely thighs, and asked, "Are you feeling a bit more helpless?"

She was breathing deeply and her voice had a husky quality as she responded with, "Yes sir."

I told erica that I was going to take her to my hotel and that we had to decide upon a safe word and discuss limits before we began to play. I also said that once we had all that straight I would give her one chance to rethink this entire adventure and back out if she wished. She smiled, jingled the links on her cuffs and asked, "Before we begin to play?"

"That's just to let you have a little taste, erica. Once we really begin I plan to strip you bare, not just your clothes but right down to your soul. Then I am going to play with that lovely curvy body of yours and use every bit of you for my pleasure without giving you any choice or opportunity to back out."

Now this was only partly true. I had just said that she would have a safe word and I would certainly respect it. At the same time I wanted to emphasize just how helpless she would become both because I wanted to control her and because I wanted to give her the fantasy we had talked about.

I asked erica if she had brought her overnight things and if her daughters expected her home before tomorrow. She blushed a bit as she answered yes to the first question and no to the second.

I'd booked a suite at the Renaissance for our evening. It was extravagant but I wanted to be certain that the surroundings were luxurious for erica's first bondage experience. As we began to talk, I pulled out the driving directions I'd downloaded from the web and headed to the hotel. We agreed on a safe word and she asked what I meant by limits.

"Well we already have agreed to some limits my pet. We have discussed the fact that neither of us is into S&M or constant pain. There will be no whips, no maiming, no burning, no scars or anything like that. On the other hand I have told you that bondage is a sort of sexual foreplay for me and that I intend to use you and have sex with you. I know you are not promiscuous or into one night stands but that is pretty much what tonight is going to be, and we both know it. That's why I will give you a chance to change your mind before we really start."

"Will you be mad at me if I back out?" she asked

"No, not mad. Sad perhaps and definitely disappointed but not mad. I want you, every bit of you and I want to enjoy your nude body so I would be disappointed but, no, I wouldn't be mad. I understand that giving up control is a big step and that casual sex is even a bigger deal. I lust for you but I want to remain friends when this is all over so we will have to make sure you are ready before we proceed."

"I don't want to back out," she said so softly I almost couldn't hear her. Then, in a more normal voice she said, "I don't want to know everything you plan to do."

"And I am not going to give you a script my lovely little sub. I still want to be clear on some things before we start. I know we have discussed oral sex and both seem to enjoy the idea. What do you think about anal sex?"

She made a face and said, "I can't stop you if you want to but it's..."

"Icky?" I asked quoting one of her e-mails.

"Yes, icky," she said with a smile.

"Well it's not one of my favorites either," I said. "I am not into water sports or scat so we will leave those outside of our discussion. Let's talk about vaginal sex. I know we both have assured the other that we are clean and disease free, but I don't think we have ever discussed birth control. Do you want me to use a condom?"

My blond, blue eyed little beauty actually turned almost bright red as she said, "No, I had my tubes tied several years ago; I won't get pregnant, no matter what you do to me."

"We talked about rope bras and nipple clamps so those are in bounds. At one point you told me you wanted to feel a flogger while tied and I did bring one but that may be too intense for a first time bondage adventure. We will have to see. Oh yes, we talked about spanking. If you deserve it I will spank you until you sob helplessly. I may use my hand or I may even use a paddle I brought along."

"You said you might tickle me even if I didn't want it," erica added helpfully.

The Hotel

We'd arrived at the hotel so I unfastened her safety belt, took her bag and my duffel from the car and gave the keys to the valet. I walked her into the large lobby watching carefully as she got used to walking with her thighs hobbled. In the center of the lobby I set the bags down and turned to her saying, "Stay here my pet; with the rest of the baggage." With that I turned and walked over to registration leaving her standing handcuffed under the jacket and hobbled under her dress.

After I registered us, I had a bell boy take the two bags while I guided erica to the elevators. The bell boy took a service elevator so we were alone in the elevator and I took advantage of our isolation to pull her tight against me and kiss her lips again. As the car continued to ascend I moved my lips to her neck and feasted hungrily on the soft flesh there. I reluctantly let her go as the car stopped and the doors opened.

I guided her into our suite, which was impressive as hotel suites go. I turned to her and said, "Now erica I am going to keep you helpless and enjoy every inch of your lovely body. I will treat you as my little love slave and use you for my pleasure."

This was not strictly speaking, absolutely true. While I was going to use her, much of my pleasure would come from the pleasure she would derive. In fact most of this evening would be devoted to fulfilling her fantasies.

I was interrupted at that point by the bell boy with the luggage. I told erica, "Stay." And then I went to the door. After that bit of business, I unzipped her jacket revealing her cuffed hands and used the solvent to unstick her fingers. I said, "erica I want you so much I ache, but I am going to let you think about doing this or backing out. I am going to order a light dinner because that airplane food was terrible. While we wait for room service I want you to think about tonight and if you really want to go through with it. Are you hungry?"

She rewarded me with one of her beautiful smiles and answered, "I think I am too excited to eat. I don't know if I could handle food on top of the butterflies in my stomach."

I called down for a steak and a dinner salad with a good bottle of a Merlot. While we waited I unpacked my duffel letting erica see the paddle, the flogger, the cuffs and the plentiful quantity of rope. I also had a few other things that I wanted to be surprises so I left them in the bottom of the duffel. I took my shaving gear into the bathroom and returned to see erica stroking the flogger with her cuffed hands.

I stroked my hand down her back and went into the living area where I pulled the ice tray from the minibar area. I carefully emptied one cube and placed a handcuff key in the water to freeze. I had a bit of string on the key and used it to hold the key diagonally so that once frozen the entire cube would have to melt before it could be retrieved.

When the food arrived I tipped the waiter and pulled up a chair. I brought erica to the table and pointed to the rug next to my chair and said simply, "Kneel." For a moment I thought she would balk. Then with me holding her for stability she sank to her knees. My heart lurched and I didn't know which hunger I should satisfy first. Still delayed gratification can be so much more pleasurable. I sat down to my meal. From time to time I held my fork to erica's mouth and gave her a taste of the steak. I also used my glass to give her a few sips of the wine. After dinner I told her "Stay" while I wheeled the table out into the corridor. It was time to unveil this luscious beauty.


I gently helped erica to her feet and said, "Its time. Do you want to go or shall I master you as I want?"

She raised her cuffed hands and said, "I am at your mercy sir."

I smiled. This was a very brave lady willing to step on some of her own beliefs and taboos in order to step into the world of her fantasies. It was going to be a great evening for both of us. I simply cut the shell jacket off of her and then took a length of rope and wrapped it around her body trapping her upper arms against her sides. Using a duplicate key, I uncuffed her hands and worked them behind her where I re-cuffed them.

She had worn a dress with buttons down the front and had left a modest two buttons undone. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her to me. She had told me how she objected when men told her she had a great ass so, of course, I groped her luscious butt cheeks and whispered in her ear, "What a great ass." Her rigid posture and the glare from her eyes told me that she knew exactly what I was doing but she realized that she was absolutely powerless to stop me.

I must admit that I groped for longer than required to make the point. She did have a great ass and I was certain it would get quite a work out, along with the rest of her lovely body that night. While I was groping I kissed her eyelids, her jaw line and nibbled on one delightful ear. I felt her body relax in my arms and surge against me.

Reluctantly giving up those lovely buttocks I began to unbutton her dress. As I exposed bits of flesh I used my lips, down her neck a bit, along her shoulders and collar bone and down into her cleavage. When I had the dress unbuttoned to the waist I pushed it off her creamy shoulders and spent several minutes kissing that lovely skin. I slid my lips down to the upper slopes of her breasts but didn't disturb her bra yet. I dipped below the bra and buried my mouth is the soft and lovely flesh of he stomach. My lovely erica was, as so many women are, weight conscious, and as I lowered myself to her stomach she said, "No, don't..."

Perfect. I looked up at her face and said, "Oh little pet, you don't get to tell me no. You are mine, all mine." Then I leaned into her stomach and after kissing at it for a few moments, gently nipped a bit of her flesh between my teeth.

I could have stripped her quickly and then tied her down but it was too much fun to go at this slowly and to worship each bit of flesh as it was disclosed so I sank to my knees and took off her shoes. I stood up and reached around her to unfasten her bra. I lifted the bra over her head so that it hung from its shoulder straps on her arms. My, I didn't know Cleveland had so much sunshine. While fair complexioned, erica was lightly tanned which only emphasized the lovely light dusting of freckles on her chest. She had obviously not been sunning or swimming topless as her breasts were bright white contrasting sharply with their upper slopes. Her nipples had grown hard as I gazed at her breasts but I was certain that I would be able to get them even harder as the night progressed.

I turned her around, intending to fasten her elbows but had forgotten the thigh hobble. Turning her quickly almost had her falling to the floor. I reached around and grabbed her from the rear. Actually this wasn't all bad as it just emphasized just how helpless she was.

Oh, oh. My sweet feisty erica was trying to take advantage of my being behind her by groping for my groin. I shifted my hips to one side and pushed her hands harmlessly to the other side. At the same time I reached around her and cupped her breasts. I leaned close to her ear and said, "You are magnificent. I will so enjoy playing with these." I squeezed gently but firmly enough so that she knew I was controlling her body.

"Do you like my breasts, sir?"

"I like everything about you erica but this beautiful body and sexy flesh is just a bonus. Do you think I would endure hours in airplanes and a trek across the country just for some flesh? It's you, the bright, witty, feisty, strong willed mother and sweet submissive that has drawn me across most of the country and that is what I want. These..." I reiterated fondling her breasts, "are just a bonus. A very nice bonus but not nearly as attractive as the person you are."

I took off the rope I had wrapped around her and fastened her elbows together behind her back. With her arms now free her dress and bra slid down to her cuffed wrists. Holding the links firmly I unfastened one cuff with my duplicate key and pushed her clothing down. Then I refastened her wrist and did the same with the other. Now her bra was on the floor and her dress hung loosely from her hips.

I pushed the dress down to the floor and picked it up and hung it in the closet, leaving my hobbled beauty in the center of the room. As I turned I realized that she had worn panty hose. Now some guys are turned on by this but I am not one of them. I pulled them over her hips and down towards her hobbles and noted that she had an attractive pair of panties under the hose. Great, more clothes to strip from this very lovely woman.

Instead of removing the hobbles I just cut the panty section from the hose and then cut them off. My sweet erica protested saying, "No, don't ruin them. They're a brand new pair."

I looked up at her and said, "That's twice you have told me `no'. That is not a good thing to do erica and I suggest you don't do it again." Inwardly I was pleased, once more and I would have the excuse for a spanking that I (dare I say we?) wanted.

I eased her panties down to her knees, or at least the level of the plastic tie hobbles and pushed my face into her groin. She had grown wet and the musky small was intoxicating. I let my tongue swipe up along her slit and enjoyed her response as her body twitched and she squeaked. Yes, I know grown women don't squeak but my oh so luscious erica did. In fact I enjoyed it so much I ran my tongue through her slit a second time. No squeak this time but a very nice shudder and a medium moan.

I could have gone on with this for some time but it was time for the next stage of stripping this very attractive woman. I clipped the plastic hobbles and let them drop to the floor. Then I pushed down the panties and the remaining parts of the panty house. Grabbing her ass for stability I worked off first one nylon leg cover and then the other. Now I did have to hold her to get the nylons off but I will admit that I may have groped, massaged and fondled those beautiful buns for just a bit longer than absolutely necessary. In fact, I was still groping her buns when I rose to my feet. I leaned down and said, "Great ass, erica." And then I kissed her along the jawbone again.

Having removed her clothing I slipped a hand under her hair and took a handful to control her head. I pulled back tilting her face up and giving me access to the delectable flesh of her neck, collarbone and shoulders which I proceeded to kiss, lick and nibble. After a while I used my grip in her hair to guide her into the bathroom. I marched her up to the mirror, wet a washrag and began to scrub away any vestige of makeup.

Now erica didn't need or use much makeup, a bit of lipstick and some color around her lovely blue eyes. I had found, however that stripping that last slight vestige of decoration was often more traumatic for a woman than removing her clothes. I used the washrag to scrub away her lipstick and told her, "I told you I would strip you down to your soul, my pet."

She responded predictably. "Oh, no. I will look gross and I wanted to be so nice for you."

Bingo, three strikes and she was out! I took on my harshest voice and said, "You said no to me again. You just don't get it, do you Erica? You should never tell try to deny me anything I want. First because you will be punished for the attempt and secondly because it won't make a damn bit of difference,"

In a more reasonable voice I told her, "Look Erica, I have told you time and again that it is you, the real you, the woman that I want. I don't need lipstick and eye shadow to attract me to you. It is you I desire and even with no makeup you are gorgeous and appealing to me. Now look in the mirror at the woman who has aroused my lust."

While I said this I dropped the washrag and slipped my hand down to her groin. Carefully I inserted first one and then a second finger into her. I began a slow steady stroking and told her, "Look at how you look writhing in your arousal. How could any man resist that? I want to make you come for me, but you have been naughty. Even though you should understand that you are absolutely helpless in my control you have tried to deny me and have to be punished."

This was a bit thick but I didn't want to do more than arouse her at this point. I stopped stimulating her vagina and wiped my fingers across her upper lip where she would be certain to smell her arousal with each breath. Still holding her hair I marched her into the bedroom. I left her standing in the bedroom rubbing her thighs together while I grabbed the ping pong paddle I was going to use on her.

I sat on the bed and forced her down over my lap by using her bound arms as a lever. She was a strong woman who fought every inch of the way but with her arms and elbows tied she didn't have much of a chance. She was still squirming and trying to roll off my lap when I put my left hand down on the small of her back and began to spank the lovely flesh of her ass. She cursed at me for a bit and then as her buns turned red and became more sensitive she began to "Oh" and "Ow" with only an occasional, "Let me up you SOB."

After a while I switched to the paddle and began a rapid, hard series of strokes. Valiant as she was I began to hear sobs and sniffles. At that point I tossed the paddle back onto the bed and went back to using my hand. Her ass cheeks were bright red and inflamed by this point so I was certain my hand was really hurting her. In any case my hand was more personal than the paddle and I wanted to feel that lovely flesh as my hand sank into each cheek. Eventually her ass was close to purple and I decided to stop. By this time her protests had died out and my feisty slave girl had been reduced to tears. I stood her up and enfolded her in my arms (I didn't think she wanted to sit down at just that moment) pulling her head onto my shoulder and stroking her hair. After a bit the sobbing slowed and she regained her breath and said, "Damn you. I haven't cried like that since I was a child."

I smiled and said, "Yes but you are a child again. You're my little pet who has to be protected and loved and who has to be corrected when she does wrong. Relax my pet, and let your master care for you."

She sniffled a bit but didn't pull away from me. I was happy with the results of the spanking. Her tough guy resistance had been stripped away as surely as her clothes. Now don't get me wrong, erica was tough. It was no façade. She was a strong and determined woman but she wanted to be a sub and to have all the decisions made for her, to be loved and cared for and to be unable to change the course of events.

I left her standing there while I gathered up the cuff and padlocks I wanted to use next. I was going to tie erica to the bed but I wanted to change her bondage first. Having her elbows fastened together is a great position for a short while. It pulls her shoulders back and forces those lovely breasts out into even greater prominence. It also reduces her ability to put up any sort of an effective resistance. At the same time it is a pretty rigid position and can become painful pretty rapidly. The human body just isn't designed to be fastened in a strained position for any great length of time.

While I was gathering up the cuffs I realized that my conscience no longer troubled me. Perhaps it was that I had been playing with erica for several hours and she seemed to be handling it well. She was fighting and resisting enough to convince her that she was really controlled but she wasn't freaking out. On the other hand perhaps it was just that my lust had overcome any second thoughts. I guess if you give me an attractive woman, strip off her clothes, have her controlled by my ropes and a give me a few hours to savor her, my ethical thoughts seems to fade. Hey, it's a guy thing.

In any case I wanted to change her bondage to something that would be more comfortable for her. I fastened leather cuffs to her upper thighs, above her knees and on her ankles. The cuffs on her upper thighs have a second loop and a set of buckles intended to pin a slaves wrists to her thighs, I untied her elbows and used the rope to pull her cuffed wrists as far to the left of her body as I could manage, cinching the handcuffs to her left thigh cuff. Then I uncuffed her right wrist and moved it to her right thigh. I buckled the cuff and secured the buckle with a padlock. Only then did I release her left wrist and fasten it to her left thigh. I wasn't really concerned that erica would be trying to escape but by treating her carefully and releasing only one arm at a time I was trying to emphasis just how much I controlled her.

With her wrist secured at her thighs I had great access to her body, both front and rear. I proceeded to take advantage of that access by running my hands and my mouth over her body, kissing, licking, stroking, groping and even nipping at her tasty flesh. I soon had her aroused and squirming. I reinserted my fingers into her pussy and soon had her moaning and trying to make contact with her clitoris on my hand. Oh my, was little erica trying to control the pace of things again? Well I couldn't really blame her as I was deliberately arousing her but, on the other hand, I certainly couldn't allow her to decide when she would be allowed to come. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and made a big production of sucking and licking them. I told her, "You are delicious."

On the Bed

Then I moved erica to the bed and placed her on her back, allowing her to roll to one side and take most of her weight off her still very tender ass. Using a pillow under her waist I rolled her back onto her back but kept her hips up off the bed sparing her ass contact for the moment. Using rope I pulled her knees up and out securing them to the head of the bed. Her ankles were pulled down towards the foot of the bed and securely fastened. She could still roll her upper body from side to side but couldn't really move anywhere.

I decided to reduce that little bit of freedom so I ran a rope behind her neck, over her shoulders, through her armpits, back up through the part behind her neck , where it was knotted off and finally the rope's ends were tied off to the upper corners of the bed. I tugged the ends tight as I tied off the rope so that she would feel the pull on her upper body. The rope wasn't really necessary for control, but it did help to remind my little sub of exactly how helpless she was.

I rubbed her feet and raised calves gently and began to kiss down the inside of her thighs. When I reached her groin I swiped my tongue up her slit and flicked at her hard clit. I watched as she moaned and arched her back. Then I stopped to pick her pubic hair from my teeth. I smiled at her and said, "I love the way you taste and am going to enjoy eating you until you are weak from orgasms but your pussy hair annoys me and I am going to shave you bare."

You can see the progress here can't you? First I took control at the airport and made he cooperate in her `abduction', and then I left her with the `other baggage'. After that, I slowly stripped her clothing and then took off her makeup. Then I punished her for daring to try to tell me no. Now I was going to shave her pubic hair. Not really mutilation, which would have been outside the limits we had set, but one more step in absolute control and domination. I was enjoying this and hoped that, at least in retrospect, she would be pleased with how her fantasies were coming true.

As expected erica objected, but being a bright woman, with still stinging buns, she avoided actually saying no. "But what if my daughters see me?" she asked trying to play on my moral values. Of course, by this time, I was thinking more with my groin that with the upper head and she had almost no chance of my changing my mind just to shield her daughters from something that they probably would never see anyhow.

I told her, "Your older girls probably don't even want to think of you as a sex object and will ignore it. If they don't, then you can tell them that a loss of a little hair is a small price to pay for the tongue lashing I am going to give you. Besides..." I said noting that her bush was a shade or so darker than the hair on her head, "this way no one can tell that you lightened your hair."

My feisty submissive erica actually blushed at what I had said about telling her daughters, but protested, "I don't lighten my hair. It's just the sun." As if it mattered to me. Who was it who said, "Vanity, woman is thy name"? I went into the bathroom and got the supplies I needed. Her bush was luxurious so I used a scissors first. Then I used my electric razor's beard trimmer to shave off the remainder of her hair. Now that would have been enough for my avowed purpose of avoiding hair in my teeth, but I also wanted to continue to emphasize just how helpless this lovely woman was. Accordingly I used shaving cream and a new disposable razor to remove the last of the stubble.

Risking being dazzlingly trite I looked down at my nude and bound erica and said. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Suiting words to action I leaned over and began to lick at the lovely fleshy lips of her pussy with occasional diversions up her slit. As I did the outer lips grew thick and more swollen and opened revealing her inner lips like a beautiful flower unfolding. I couldn't resist and plunged my tongue into her as far as I could and then swiped up her slit to her exposed clitoris. Now I had a problem. I wanted to make sweet erica come under my control but I wasn't certain that some teasing wouldn't be in order. Accordingly I waited until I felt her body begin to tighten up and then withdrew my mouth. "Ohhhh," She groaned. "Don't stop. Please don't. I'm so close."

I could have said something stupid like `close but no cigar.' but, in fact, I chose to say, "You taste so good I want to sample all of you." I moved up on the bed and holding her head began to kiss her eyes, her mouth, her neck, her collarbone and, yes, her beautiful breasts. In one e-mail erica had claimed that her nipples had been described as `exquisite'. I don't think I could have come up with a better word as I licked, sucked, and even, very gently, nipped at her turgid nipples. While I was doing this I let my hand slip down to her groin and began to use two fingers in a gentle in and out motion. I was careful to avoid touching her clitoris as I wanted her to become more and more aroused but not to allow her to come yet. It seemed to work as she cursed, then begged, and then became rather inarticulate.

Now up to this time I had remained fully dressed, another aspect of the `me master, you slave' game we were playing. Seeing her body was ready to peak despite the lack of clitoral stimulation I took the occasion to get off the bed entirely and begin to leisurely undress. When I was nude, I climbed back on the bed and resumed kissing and stroking my, by now, somewhat less-aroused slave girl.

It took a long time to bring her back to simmer as she was trying to fight her body's response all the way. What a remarkable woman. It was fun to watch her try to regain some modicum of control but of course it was totally hopeless. She was fixed open in my ropes and totally available and mind over matter doesn't really work when the Dom is carefully working every erogenous zone he can find.

Oh yes, there are varied erogenous zones on different women. We all know about the breasts and the pussy, of course, but some women melt at a soft stroke of the back of the neck where it joins the shoulder, some have very sensitive nipples, some will melt if you play with their belly button. I have always favored plenty of stroking and oral attention to the inner thighs. I sampled all of these spots on my sweet slave erica with varied degrees of reaction. I discovered that little bit of flesh between the anus and the bottom of the pussy was particularly sensitive. Just placing a finger on that spot and pressing or rubbing in circles had her panting and gasping. I don't know if it will have that effect on your girlfriend or wife or other lover but you certainly have my permission to try.

The point here is that there are so many places to explore and play with I found it relatively easy to keep erica on edge without allowing her release. Eventually she was sobbing and begging for release which is about as far from the tough, sharp lady that she usually is as I could get. OK, time to quit teasing and go on to sex.

Sex, but no lies or videotape

One of the things that have always made me love to play with submissive women is their marvelous capacity for multiple orgasms. I have never been with a woman who could not, if properly handled (is that a pun?) have multiple orgasms in rapid succession. I was certain that this lovely woman, spread out in my ropes before me would not prove to be an exception. I began to move my tongue around her clitoris varying the pace with an occasional swipe the length of her slit. As I felt her begin to tighten I planted my lips around her clitoris firmly, sucked her into my mouth and lashed at her bud as rapidly as I could move my tongue. I was rewarded with a spectacular convulsion as erica exploded under me. I continued to lash at her clit for a few seconds, prolonging her orgasm.

Mindful of the turn-off of over stimulating the clitoris I moved up the bed telling my sweet little erica how wonderful and special she was and how lucky I was to have her as my slave. This was accompanied by little kisses and nips on various parts of her body as I worked my way up. I kissed her on her lips and said, "Can you taste yourself, my pet?" The little minx not only smiled, she stuck her tongue out and licked at my mouth. What a remarkable woman this was.

Having allowed her to come down and not wanting her to cool too far down, I slid my hand down to stroke her now bare mound and gently press on that bit of flesh below her slit. My wonderful erica arched her back and her eyes opened. I slid two fingers into her as high as I could get and gently flexed them looking for her G spot. She was very wet and slick from her first orgasm and I couldn't' actually feel it, but knew I had found it by her body's reaction. Keeping my fingers in place I began to stroke, very gently. There was no sign of resistance from erica as my fingers took control of her body and began to build her towards her second orgasm. Her head thrashed about as the intensity of the feeling overtook her and she actually blushed as she saw my face and realized that I was watching her in the throes of passion. She opened her mouth to say something but the orgasm overtook her and she was only able to moan. I was overjoyed to watch the orgasm play out across her body. I stopped moving my fingers but left them in place enjoying the feeling of her pussy clenching around them. My erica recovered her breath and said, weakly, "You are going to kill me if you go on with that."

I laughed and said, "Oh, I think you have a couple more left in you before you pass away."

I maneuvered down the bed and used both my fingers on her G spot, my other hand just below her slit and my mouth on her clitoris to bring her to a third glorious orgasm. Feeling a bit needy myself, to say nothing of rock hard and throbbing, I untied the ropes to her knees and moved on top of her. Now her hands were still held to her thighs and the ropes from her shoulders and ankles kept her in place on the bed but with her knees free she had much greater freedom of movement.

I had intended to enter her slowly and lovingly but with her able to raise her hips and my rather needy state, I wound up plunging rapidly into her. I pinned her with my body weight for a moment until we were both adjusted to the feelings. I don't know how I felt to erica but I know how she felt to me. She was hot, slick and tight around me. It was heavenly. I slowly began to move in and out with erica meeting me stroke for stroke. I knew I wasn't going to last very long so I slid a hand between us using my thumb and forefinger, I gently stimulated her clit. I managed to hold off my own ejaculation until I felt her body begin to stiffen signaling her fourth orgasm. We came together or so nearly together as to make no difference.

We were both pretty exhausted by this time but I remembered erica's boasting about her ability with blow jobs and decided to prolong the evening. I worked my way back up her body telling her again how very special she was and how fortunate I was to have her. OK, I know I was probably repeating some of what I had said before but I was pretty much beyond rational and original thought and besides, erica didn't seem to mind a bit.

When I got to the top of the bed I slid a pillow under her and put a knee on each side of her head. Waving my now limp and messy member at her lips I said, "Clean me." I saw a sly smile spread across erica's face as she realized that she might just be able to gain some modicum of control. I suppose I ought to have used a ring gag to prevent her from biting but I didn't really think she was going to do something like that. I was right.

She gained all the control she wanted by using her tongue, her lips and her mouth. She sucked, licked and swirled her tongue around me so expertly that I was dazed. At that moment, my bound, nude, sweet slave girl was in absolute control of the evening as my brain had shut down due to overwhelming sensations of pleasure emanating from my groin.

I dimly realized that she had brought me to full rigidity when I felt a familiar pre-ejaculatory sensation in my testicles and I pulled back from her mouth. I was hard and throbbing. It had been many years, perhaps way back in my high school days, since I had been able to recover so quickly and so completely. This was a pretty remarkable tribute to erica's skills. My penis emerged with a loud "plop" and erica managed to look disappointed and feral at the same time.

"Didn't master enjoy my cleaning?", she asked innocently but with a smile that would have done a feral tiger proud. I don't remember my answer but it may have just been an inarticulate grunt as I don't think I was capable of coherent speech at the moment.

In the dim recesses of my mind I was pleased to see that feral grin. I had been pushing erica pretty hard to get her into a submissive mode. Now that she was there I was pleased to see the reassertion of her personality while she remained submissive and under control. These were good signs that indicated I would not only be able to give her the fantasies she wanted but that she was also enjoying them.

Since erica had worked me up again I wanted to take her but this time from the rear in a doggy position. I had found that this rear entry often allowed a woman more pleasure than straight missionary sex. Of course it also allowed me to play with her beautiful breasts while penetrating her. With the knee ropes gone there was enough slack to allow erica to roll over and lift the hips for me. The ropes tightened as she pushed back and her head and shoulders were held down on the bed. I maneuvered behind her and wetting my penis with her fluids slid smoothly into her. We set up a rhythm and I again used my thumb and forefinger to bring her along so that we both came at the same time.

After our mutual orgasm we both collapsed sweaty and exhausted onto the bed. I slid sideways so that my full weight wasn't on erica. I reached down and pulled the bed clothes over us so that we wouldn't get too cold as the sweat evaporated from our bodies and I praised her again for her body, her spirit and her skills. I rolled her a bit to her side and slid under her so that she rested partly on top of me. Her left leg straddled mine and her wet pussy leaked our mixed fluids onto my left thigh. Her left breast pressed on to my chest while her right breast was against my side. Her head was cradled by my shoulder and chest and my left arm slipped under her to wrap around the beautiful flesh and pull her tightly to me. With my right hand I moved her hair back from her face, stroked down her flank and eventually groped her ass. "Nice ass, erica," I mumbled. She turned her head to look at me, smiled and said simply, "Thank you master." And we both drifted off to sleep.


I woke up about 8:00 AM and slid out from under my tied beauty and staggered into the bathroom. After taking care of business I brushed my teeth and ran my razor over my face, smiling as I remembered where the razor had last been used. I came back into the bedroom to find erica awake and needing a quick trip to the bathroom herself. I untied her from the bed and walked her to the john. "Don't I get any privacy?" she asked.

I responded cheerfully, "Nope, I control every bit of you including your bodily functions."

She tried to glare at me but couldn't hide the smile that twitched around her lips. After wiping her clean, which may have involved just a little stroking, I brushed her teeth and then changed her bonds preparatory to our morning shower. Leather cuffs are damaged by water and ropes are uncomfortable when wet so I opted for more plastic ties. When I went into the other room to retrieve them and the keys to the cuffs erica was wearing, I paused long enough to telephone room service and order fruit plates, coffee and a basket of croissants and other breakfast breads.

Returning to the bathroom I used the plastic ties to fasten first erica's elbows and then her wrists behind her back. The suite actually had both a tub and a shower stall. It was a large shower stall so I entered with erica and, using her body to shield me from the first cold jets of water turned on the shower. She shrieked and told me that a I was `a bastard', but she remembered to add `sir' at the end. As the water warmed up I began to shampoo her hair and wash her body. I may have lingered a bit long at her breasts and her crotch but with her helpless it was up to me to be certain she was clean, wasn't it?

After she was washed and rinsed I worked up a soapy lather on her breasts and said, "Your turn to wash me."

"How can I..." she began. As I have said erica is a bright woman and she realized the answer even before she had gotten the question all the way out. She began to slide her soapy breasts up and down along my back. This was a delightful way to get washed though it did take some time. We were interrupted by the doorbell signifying room service with our breakfast. I left erica in the shower while slipping into one of the hotel's terry cloth robes, admitting the waiter, tipping him, and returning to the bathroom in what must have been record time.

I re-soaped her breasts and she sank to her knees behind me to rub her breasts on my legs. When she finished she asked me to turn around and began on the front of my legs. This was very erotic and my penis began to grow. Never one to miss an opportunity, erica engulfed me with her mouth and demonstrated that last night had not been a fluke. She had me hard and moaning, with all parts of my brain dormant except for the overworked pleasure receptors, in just a few seconds. Being a gentleman I did manage to warn her when I was about to come, but my lovely little slave girl merely increased the suction and the speed of her bobbing head and sucked every drop from my body.

I was leaning against the shower stall wall as limp as a rag when erica released me and stood up proclaiming brightly, "You are all clean, master." In truth the little minx had cleaned me inside as well as out. I turned off the water and dried erica with the big fluffy towels the hotel provided. I was careful to make certain she was well dried between her legs as I didn't want any chafing there. Drying myself off I draped a robe over her shoulders and, re-donning my robe led her out to breakfast.

I think I mentioned that I am a gentleman so instead of having erica kneel next to me as I had done last night I had her sit in my lap as I ate and fed her. I even gave her a sip of my coffee. She did say something about taking it with cream and sugar but I told her she took it the way I gave it to her which happened to be black. So my sweet little slave girl was fed by her master and sipped his black coffee while looking wistfully at the creamer and sugar bowl sitting on the table.

When we finished our breakfast I stood erica up and changed her bonds cuffing her hands in front of her. She probably didn't notice at the time but I carefully put the hand cuffs on upside down so that the key hole was on the side of her fingers.

I told her to lift her hands over her head so that we could try a rope bra (this was one of the things she had fantasized about in her e-mails). I have seen pictures of rope bras fashioned in all sorts of ways; with loops around the base of the breast, with ropes crossing over the shoulders and as part of an elaborate macramé of Japanese bondage. I have never had much luck with getting these to stay in place and to provide the desired amount of constriction.

I used the old fashioned approach of several loops of rope around her chest just under her breasts, several more loops just touching the upper swell of her breasts, cinch ropes to pull the two sets of loops together on either side of her breasts and then a final rope around the back of her neck cinching the upper and lower loops between her breasts. I found that this was attractive, it stayed in place no matter how she twisted and contorted and served it purpose of adding to her sense of restraint. The loops around the chest would constrict her each time she took a deep breath and the cinched loops would gently press against her breasts constricting the flesh enough to make her breasts ultra sensitive but not so much as to be dangerous with prolonged wear.

In this case I also folded erica's arms down over her head and tied the hand cuff links to the middle of the back of the rope bra. This left her elbows pointed up at the ceiling framing her lovely face and ensured that any movement of her arms would tug at the ropes around her breasts. It was a perfect tie for tickle torment but unfortunately my time table for this morning didn't allow for more than a few minutes of this delightful pastime.

I placed my duplicate handcuff key in erica's right hand and asked her to see if she could unlock her left wrist. While she was doing this I copied her address from her driver's license onto a large priority mail envelope. Then I began to get dressed. I had my trousers on and was just tying my shoes when erica triumphantly proclaimed, "Got it!"

I went over to her, captured her left wrist and re-cuffed it. Then I took the handcuff key and put it in her left hand and said, "Now try to free the right wrist."

By this time erica had learned to follow directions without question and she began to maneuver to do as I asked. I completed dressing and began to toss things like my shaving gear into the duffel bag. I also pulled out some things I planned to use for the last act of this little adventure.

Last Act

"Got it!" said erica. I walked over to her and re-cuffed her right wrist and pocketed the key. I strapped a triangular cloth covered device to erica's front as we talked. "If that's a thong it is way too high," she said as she gazed down. My poor inexperienced slave girl didn't recognize the butterfly vibrator now being strapped over her clit. I continued with the leg straps and said

"I have some plans for you this morning, my pet. Just give me a few minutes to get set up and I will explain everything to you."

I wrapped a belt with a couple of boxes taped to it and fastened it tightly to her waist. The next object was apparent to erica as I pulled out a large silver torpedo shaped dildo.

"That will never fit into me," she said.

"We will see," I answered as I began to rub her vagina, and lick at her exquisite nipples (which had been made all the more sensitive by the rope bra and her tugging as she worked with her hands). Her nipples became turgid and I felt moisture seep from her vagina as I rubbed. Just to be certain I slipped my fingers into her and checked for adequate lubrication. Satisfied that she was prepared I gently worked the large dildo into her rotating and sliding is very slowly. Once it was fully into her I reached between her legs for the rope hanging down from the rear of the belt and drew it up to the front of the belt tugging gently to ensure that the fully inserted dildo was now held by the rope, and would not be slipping out until the rope was untied. I took wires dangling from both the dildo and the butterfly and plugged them into the battery boxes that had been taped to the belt.

"You have some devious plan in mind, don't you?" asked my lovely erica. I told you she was bright. Smiling but not answering I led her into the living area and let her watch as I retrieved the ice cube with the handcuff key in it, set it on a dish and placed it on a chair near the door.

"OK," I said, "here is what is going to happen. I am going to start you out from the far side of the bedroom and you are going to make your way out here and get the handcuff key from that ice cube. If you get here before it melts you can hold it in your hand to speed up the process. Once you have the key you can free yourself, put on your dress and shoes and drive yourself home. You won't have any underwear but this envelope will reach your home in a couple of days with your bra and panties." As I said this I slipped the underwear into the priority mail envelope and sealed it.

"Where will you be while all this is going on?" she very sensibly asked.

I smiled at her and said, "I have a plane to catch my sweet slave. Don't worry I will mail the envelope from the airport. I will also tell the clerk at the checkout desk that my wife is still sleeping and that he shouldn't let the cleaning crew up to this room until the noon check out hour. I think he will pay attention but just in case he is sloppy you shouldn't dawdle."

"Why do I think you haven't told me everything, you nasty master?"

"Well, I said there are a few handicaps that I will have to explain as we get ready," I said with a smile. I took her arm and walked her back into the bedroom, around the bed to the furthest corner from the living area and the key to her release. I tied a rope around her thighs just above her knees leaving about a six inch hobble. She looked at me suspiciously, which I have to admit was fully justified. When I had her in position I helped her to kneel down on the floor.

"One last thing we had talked about my pet." I pulled a set of Japanese clover nipple clamps connected by a shot chain from my pocket. Her eyes grew wide as I knelt before her and began to work her nipples to their turgid maximum. I clipped on one clamp and she groaned.

"These hurt a bit but it will soon dull to an ache. I am told though that when you take them off the blood returning to these lovely nipples will feel like pins and needles and hurt even more than putting them on." I pushed her shoulders down so that her breasts almost met her knees, looped the chain through her hobble and put the other clip on her other beautiful flint hard nipple. This elicited another groan.

"One thing I should warn you about. These clamps get tighter if you tug on the chain." I demonstrated by giving the chain a sharp tug. "I think you want to be very careful when you crawl over to the key to avoid pain."

"You really are a bastard, aren't you?" she asked, rather unnecessarily I thought.

I smiled and showed her a ball gag. "I hadn't used a gag on you last night because I wanted you to be able to use your safe word my pet. Now that I am convinced you can handle what I am doing to you, and since I won't be here to hear you, I think a gag is in order." I reached out and tugged the nipple chain causing erica to yell "Ouch!" and took advantage of her open mouth to insert the ball gag.

"Now as far as my being a bastard, that's not at all true my pet. In fact I left you a pleasant diversion to pass the time while you crawl for the key." I reached down and flipped on the vibrator in the dildo. Predictably she tried to jerk upright but as she did so the chain pulled at the clamps pinching her nipples. As she settled back down glaring at me I reached over and turned on the butterfly over her clit. She moaned as I stood, grabbed my duffel and headed for the door. "Be sure to e-mail me and tell me all about your escape pet. And thank you for a wonderful adventure. You are a very desirable woman, and I enjoyed every minute of our time together."