The Rescue

by Sir Richard


Chapter 1-  On The Road

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night but I have always wanted to begin a story that way.  It was actually a clear cold desert night lit by a full moon and so many stars you wished you could just lie back and count them.  I was more or less on the last leg of a trip from LA to a little town just north of Tucson where I lived.  I was tired having driven straight through.  I had turned off I-10 and driven down the state road towards I-15 from San Diego in order to bypass the congestion around Phoenix.  In another 20 minuets or so I would catch I-15 east for 30 minutes to reunite with I-10 south and east and then be only about an hour out of my home.

From behind me I saw headlights rapidly gaining.  Since I was doing a good 80 on the lightly patrolled road I knew the headlights had to be at 95 or 100.  Soon a bright white panel van with California plates swept past me.  I watched its tail lights dwindle in the distance.  Someone was in a big hurry for a dark two lane state highway.  Oh well, none of my business, or so I though at the time.

It must have been 5 or 6 minutes later when my headlights picked up a white van on its side just past a curve.  It was pretty clear what had happened, the driver had taken the curve too fast, run off the road and tipped over when his wheels  ran off the pavement.  I braked to a stop just behind the van and got out to take a look and see if I could offer assistance.  The van was on its right side and I had to walk around to look in where the windshield had been.  The driver lay crumpled against the passenger door and I didn’t have to feel his pulse to see that his neck had broken and his skull had been crushed by the impact.  I was about to walk back to my car when I glanced toward the rear of the van and that’s when the story really began.

The rear of the van had been curtained off from the front but the curtain was hanging down onto the right side providing a view into the interior.  I saw four bundles of flesh colored something.  Two were on the right side of the van (which was now the floor) and two were hanging from the left side that was now the roof.  I don’t know why I didn’t dismiss it as four bundles of dirty laundry but as I looked the suspended bundles rotated.  I did a double take as I realized that the bundles were actually four nude women tied into a very tight ball and roped to the side of the van.  I realized that the women were tethered to the van by a rope attaching their collars to the sides of the van and that with the van on its side the two from the left side were choking as their body weight pulled their collars into their necks.

I kicked in the remains of the windshield and crawled over the dead driver to reach the hanging women.  I carried an old Swiss army knife in my pocket and pulled it out to cut the women down.  The knife wasn’t all that sharp so I had to grasp the collar and saw at the rope.  It cut through in a couple of seconds and I was reminded that I wasn’t thinking too clearly as the first woman dropped down onto the woman on the right side below her.  I wanted to stop, apologize to both women and check them for injuries but remembered the rear woman was also choking.  This time I got a little smarter and used my left shoulder to push her up and pin her against the side while I cut through her neck rope.  Once she was loose I was able to lower her gently to the floor.

It was about at this point that I noticed flickering light coming from the front of the van.  Apparently dripping gas had landed on some hot metal and begun to burn.   What had I gotten myself into?  I pulled up the lock and opened the rear doors, or at least the right side door.  I pushed up the left side door but it kept dropping back down.  As I glanced back at the front of the van I saw a few tongues of flame flickering and growing.  Grabbing the woman I had just cut loose I pulled her our of the van, banging myself on the upper door as I did so, and carried her back about 30 feet towards my car.

As I turned back I could see that the flames were increasing.  There really wasn’t much time to loose so I crawled back in and picked up the first woman I had cut loose.  I carried her back and deposited her next to the first woman and went back for the last two.  Now the flames were really licking back into the driver’s compartment and I realized that the two women on the bottom were still tethered to the van.  Since the flames came from the front I cut the front woman loose first and then half carried half rolled her out the rear door.  No time to carry her further back.  I crawled in for the last woman sawed her neck tether loose and pushed her out the rear door.  By this time the flames had reached the curtain to the cargo compartment.  I decided (though that implies more thought than I really gave the matter) that I had no time to loose and just grabbed the ropes holding the last two women and dragged them back towards the first two.

At this point my lack of conditioning, combined with my adrenaline running out, let me drop down next to the four tightly balled women and I began to inspect their bindings and, at the same time catch my breath.  As I gasped and inspected them I saw four pairs of eyes examine me.  I wish I was a clever story writer and could tell you what I saw in those eyes but at that point I was too exhausted to care.  You try carrying or even dragging, four one hundred pound (or so) bundles 30 yards under pressure of a gasoline fire and then tell me you could have done better.

At any rate, as my breathing returned to normal I began to examine the women and their bindings and realized that they were all very attractive.  Each woman had been bound with leather cuffs at wrist and elbow and ankles and knees.  The cuffs had been locked on as was a leather collar and ball gag with leather straps.  The wrist, elbow, ankle and knee straps has been locked to each other.  Then a rope had been passed through the hasp of the lock between the knees and pulled under their armpits and knotted behind their back effectively jackknifing each woman.  Another rope had been passed through the lock hasp linking their wrists and drawn down through the cleft of their buttocks and up to the hasp between their ankles pulling them down into a tight and very stressful ball. I could only imagine how uncomfortable that position must be.  It must have been even worse as the van roared down the road.

I didn’t know how they had gotten this way or what their story was but it was pretty clear that no official agency would ever put prisoners into such a position much less transport them in that fashion.  First things first, I thought and pulled out my trusty knife again.  I went around each woman and cut the rope that had pulled their knees into their chins.  This released the tension and let each woman gain some relief though they were still secured in what looked like a very loose hog-tie.  At least it was loose enough so that the connecting rope was no longer between their (very shapely) buttocks.

Chapter 2 - Sandy’s Plea

It was time to find out what I had gotten into.  Reaching over to a very attractive woman with what looked like dark black hair and a very attractive figure I slid my knife blade between her cheek and the gag strap.  Moving as carefully as I could to avoid hurting her I began to saw at the leather strap holding her gag.  After a few minutes, and I am afraid a few jabs at her cheek, the strap parted.  I reached over to pull the gag out but her mouth couldn’t open that far.  I told her that I was sorry but that I would have to pry her jaw further open to get the gag out.  She ‘mmphed’ and nodded her head encouragingly.  I pulled her jaw down while pushing her forehead up with my shoulder and tugging at the gag straps with my free hand.  After some struggle it popped out.

She moved her jaw around for a minute and then began to plead.  “Please get us out of here.  We have all been kidnapped and tortured.  Get us out of here before they notice the van is missing and come looking for us” spilled out of her in a rush.  The other women began to “mmmph” through their gags and nod in violent agreement with the first woman.

“What about the police?” I asked. “Shouldn’t we wait here for a highway patrol?”

“No!” she insisted “We can and will call the cops later but you don’t know these guys.  They are mean and evil and the first thing we need to do is get somewhere where we can hide and be safe.  Please, this is really a life and death sort of thing. Please get us out of here now.  I beg of you.” She pleaded.  The other women joined in with many “mmmph” sounds and more violent nods of their heads.

Now I don’t know what your world is like but I find it is hard to refuse what was obviously heartfelt begging from a beautiful nude woman, especially one in bondage, and damn near impossible to refuse four of them.  I had gotten myself into this and it looked as though I was going to have to get in deeper before reason and some semblance of order would return to my life.  I reached down and grasped her ankle.  She protested that there wasn’t time to cut everyone loose.  I told her that I understood the urgency and her fear but that I was running this rescue and she had better pipe down or I would leave her where she sat. Her eyes widened but I thought I saw a smile as she meekly said “Yes master.”  Although my heart lurched at those words (as well as another part of my anatomy considerably further south) in a few minutes I had cut the rope to her wrist and one of the ankle cuffs.

I pulled her to her feet (which was kind of nice as she leaned against me) and walked her to my car.  It wasn’t far even though her bound knees limited the size of her steps.  I watched her wince but not complain as we passed over the usual gravel at the side of the road. I opened the passenger door and swung her around and kept my hand behind her head as she sat.  “Don’t go anywhere.” I said. She looked at me and the minx stuck her tongue out, but then made my heart flutter by giving me a big smile and another “Yes master.”  I could get used to this.

I went back to the other three women and cut their wrist to ankle ropes and one ankle cuff .  I explained that the woman without the gag had insisted that there was some urgency so that the rest of their bonds would have to wait.  They all nodded and seemed to agree.  I walked them individually up to the car and slid them into the rear bench seat.  I used the seat belts to secure each woman and then climbed in and resumed the drive towards  home.

Chapter 3- Abduction and Rape

“What” I asked the woman next to me “is your name, and do you want to tell me what this is all about?”

“My name is Sandra.  People used to call me Sandy” she responded “though for the past several months I have been called much worse.  I’ll tell you our story but it is a long one.”

“We have about an hour and a half or more.” I said  “Why don’t you see how far you can get?”

“It all began when I was leaving work at the bank one evening.  I had stayed late to clean up a few things and it was around 5:30 or so when I went down to the garage to get my car.  The garage was pretty empty by that time.  As I neared my car I heard someone behind me.  I turned to see who it was but as I turned a cloth sack of some sort was pulled over my head and a hand placed over my mouth.  At the same time a hand grabbed my left wrist.  A moment later another hand grabbed my right wrist and twisted it. The person holding my mouth leaned my body over the trunk of my car and the other one put on handcuffs.  Then they pulled me upright and stuffed what must have been a ball gag into my mouth through the cloth sack.  I fought as best as I could but with two strong men holding me they hauled me over to their truck or van and tossed me in as easily as if I had been a sack of potatoes.”

As Sandy talked I could hear her voice turn into a dry croak.  Idiot, I thought, they must be parched.  Fortunately we were just arriving at the junction of the state highway and I-15.  There was a gas station with an all night convenience store.  I pulled around toward the rear of the building as far out of the lights as I could.  Turning to Sandy I said “Face the door.”

When she didn’t move I barked at her “Now!”.  She turned and I began to saw one of her wrist cuffs.  Once it was loose I went to work on one elbow cuff.  “Listen,…” I said “…I am going to go into this store and get some water and, maybe, some food if they have some.  While I am gone you cut loose one of your knee cuffs and then crawl into the back.  Don’t go outside, crawl between the front seats.  When you get back there get one of the women’s arms free and then give her the knife to cut her gag off and free her own knee.  Then get back into the front while she works to free the others.  I will be back as quick as I can.  Just keep the car doors locked and hope no one looks back here and sees you all.”  I handed her the knife and got out locking the car behind me.

As I suspected the mini mart had bottled water in its cooler.  Every place in southern Arizona does, though I don’t know how much gets sold in the middle of the night.  In any case I bought five bottles and a couple of packs of small donuts.  After I paid I headed back to the car.  Sandy had done pretty well.  She was back in the front seat and one of the other women was more or less free and working on the woman in the center of the rear seat.  I opened my door and dumped the cold bottles into Sandy’s lap.  She bounced up as the bottles landed with a shriek.  I tossed her the donut packs and climbed in.

“That’s cold!” she complained.

“It serves you right.” I said “Here I am a clearly heterosexual man with four gorgeous women tied and at my mercy and what do I do?  I turn them loose without even molesting them.  Why I will probably have nightmares about this for years to come.”

Sandy laughed and rewarded me with one of her grins.  “Well you still have four nude women locked in your car.” came a voice from the rear.  “I am Anne…” she said “… and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the rescue.  You don’t know what those bastard have been doing to us.”

Sandy passed three water bottles back as Anne finished working on the girl in the middle and slid over to start freeing the last woman.  I asked if she could do that while the car was moving as I was afraid that the longer we were parked the greater the chance that someone would see us.  Having been assured that she could handle it and having checked my gas gauge (we were fine all the way home) I pulled out and onto the east bound interstate.

The middle woman introduced herself as Margaret and picked up the story where Sandy had left off.  “My kidnapping was pretty much the same as Sandy’s…” she said “… once they had me in the truck (or whatever it was) they cut off all of my clothes.  Then they cuffed my elbows together, flipped me on my back on top of my bound arms and pulled my legs apart.  They fastened my ankles to something so that my legs were pulled up and apart.  Probably the sides of the van.  Then as the van got under way they began to rape me.  It hurt!  There was no foreplay and I was dry.  I don’t know how many men there were or if they each did it over and over.  All I know was that I was pinned down and abused for the entire drive.”

Chapter 4- Torture and Brainwashing

Anne finished up on the last woman and passed my knife back to me.  “My story is pretty much the same” she said.  “When the van got to wherever it was going things really got bad.  That’s when the torture started.  They replaced the bag with a kind of hood that covered our head down to the nose.  They never spoke a word to me but began to beat and rape me.  I couldn’t even scream because they kept me gagged.  At some point they chained me upside down against the wall and left me for hours.  After a while you lost all track of time though later when we talked Sandy had figured out a way to count the days.”

“Yeah” Sandy said “… they were trying to disorient us, like brainwashing us, but they weren’t as clever as they thought.  They varied the feeding schedule with two or sometimes only one meal a day and left us in tortured positions for long periods of time so you couldn’t tell if it was night or day.  But the bastards messed up.  Every morning they stretched us out and gave us an enema.  They thought it was hilarious to fill us up till our bellies were distended and felt like bursting.  They had us plugged up with some inflatable device so we couldn’t expel anything and then they would fasten our wrists and ankles so we were stretched out and couldn’t even bend to relieve the cramps.  They delighted in tormenting us.  While we were stretched out they would beat on our bellies and laugh at our anguish.  Still it was a routine and gave me a way to hold onto my sanity while they tortured me.  If they wanted us disoriented and confused I was going to do my damnedest to keep myself aware and thinking straight”

Anne resumed the story. “Of course we didn’t figure this out so the abuse was more effective in breaking the rest of us down.  It wasn’t until we were past that first week and into the regular slave service that we were able to talk to each other and learn that we had all gone through pretty much the same tortures.”

“Regular slave service?” I interrupted

“After we were able to talk together we kind of divided it into phases.” said Sandy.  “First there was the kidnapping and rape”… said a voice from the back…” then about a week of torture, then a period of training in how to be a good slave, and then we were put into regular service.”

All of the women joined in the conversation which became a cross between a sorority coffee klatch and a Edgar Alan Poe horror story.  Janet, the last of the four to be cut loose began, but soon all of the women were joining in the conversation which was rapidly becoming a ‘can you top this’ recitation of torture and abuse.

“I think the worst part, aside from the rapes themselves, was the canning.  They would tie your legs apart and then bend you over the sawhorse or bench or whatever it was and just batter you.  From time to time they would pull out the ball gag and substitute a ring gag and fuck your mouth but generally they just left in the ball gag.  They seemed to delight in banging into your whipped ass while they took you in the ass.  Of course they never told us why they were doing this or when it would end.”

“That was bad but I hated it when they raised your arms and left you free to twist and turn while they whipped you.  No matter what you did you couldn’t stay still and every time you moved it exposed some other part of your body. The whippings just seemed to go on and on.”

“I think the times they tied you so that you tortured yourself were even worse.  Like the time they hoisted my arms up behind me and pulled till I was on my toes.  Then they paddled my ass sore a while and then left me.  I tried to stay up to relive the strain on my shoulders but my legs cramped and I came down putting more strain on my poor shoulders.  You would rise up again but your feet couldn’t take it.”

“How about the time they put nipple clamps on me and then stretched my arms out to the sides.  I couldn’t see, of course, with that damn hood but they must have run lines from my wrist cuffs through pulleys in the ceiling and then down to the clamps.  It was torture to try to keep your arms straight out but every time they sagged the clamps pulled up and bit harder into your nipples.”

“Then there was the cattle prod in your pussy.  They set this rod up into me and raised me onto tip toe.  Then they pushed some sort of switch below my heels.  If I came down off my toes I got this horrible shock inside me.  That would make you rise up onto tip toe again but soon your calf muscles and feet would be cramping from the strain and you would come down again.  Then the whole thing went over and over.”

“I think the sharp bar under the pussy was pretty terrible.  They lashed my wrists to the opposite elbow so I couldn’t reach anything.  Then they straddled me over a beam that must have been triangular or square tilted with the sharp edge up.  Once I was on they pulled my feet out to the side so that my full weight rested on my pussy.  Then they left me there for what seemed like hours.”

Gradually the list of tortures petered out as the women withdrew back into their memories.  I was a little concerned at the brooding silence so as I swung back onto I-10 headed south I decided to try to get them talking again.

“Sandy,…” I asked “…how long did this go on and what happened after that?”

Chapter 5- Training

Sandy smiled at me but I could see that it was a sad smile as the dismal memories had affected all of the women.

“Of course none of us can be certain of the time frame…” she responded, “…but using my enema per day measure they held us in the torture phase for about a week.  During all that time we were hooded and gagged.  We could hear others being beaten or whipped but we didn’t know how many of us were there or how many abusers were with us.  Then at the end of the week they must have figured that they had broken any spirit or resistance we might have had.  They tied us up very painfully, about the way you found us, and put us back in the van and drove off.  We were in the van for some time until they brought us to the training place.  I don’t really know if it was a different place or if they just drove us around to disorient us.

In any case they took us out and for the first time in a week removed our hoods.  We were in a large concrete room with cells on one side and were given a speech,  They told us that we were sex objects and slaves and that we had been brought there for training so that we could please out masters or mistresses.  They told us that sex slaves were valuable possessions and that we would be treated well so long as we behaved and learned our lessons well. If we didn’t perform well we would be punished.  I think he phrased it that we would only be punished when we, in his words, deserved it. He also made it clear that if we fought our training too much we could always be shipped back to what he called the reception area where we would be tortured as we had been.  Believe me none of us wanted to go back to that terrible time.

Then they took us to a tiled room with a drain in the floor.  They tethered us to a bar hanging from the ceiling and sprayed us with a hose.  It was cold but after a week of being beaten and fucked without any washing it was a relief.  They had one of those soap dispenser things on the hose, like you would use to wash your car, and they soaped us up and then rinsed us off.  They even worked the suds around in our hair.  They left us tethered there to drip dry but they did use a hair dryer to get done in a reasonable time.

They put each of us into separate cells.  The cells had thin mattresses and toilets and were as welcome as luxury suites after our prior treatment.  For the first time in a week or so we were able to stretch out and had some control over our movements.  Even with our wrists and elbows bound and wearing ball gags, we were able to roll onto our sides or stomachs and get a good nights sleep.  There were no blankets but the room was comfortable and that first night was a welcome relief from what we had been going through.

Early the next morning they woke us up and began our training.  We were taken out of our cells and fastened to a chair that had a yoke that closed around our neck.  Then they took out the ball gags and inserted a ring gag and through that a large penis gag.  On the outside of each penis gag there was an tube that went straight up.  They opened the top of the tube, poured in a yogurt mixture and refastened the top of the tube.  They told us that this morning’s class was cock sucking 101.  The idea was that we had to push against the penis gag with our tongue while sucking hard to open the internal tube and draw the food into our mouth.  Then we had to swallow.  They explained the theory and told us that we had an hour to completely empty the tube and that failure would result in punishment.  They observed us and encouraged our efforts with a riding crop to the breasts or belly.  It was difficult at first but got easier once you got the hang of it.”

Anne picked up the story. “The rest of the morning was spent on treadmills and stair step machines.  They clamped your nipples to the machine so that if you missed a step you got a sharp painful tug.  Lunch was a repeat of breakfast with different flavors but we only had an hour to finish.  After the meal they filled the tubes with water and we had to suck till they were empty.

That afternoon they started training us in what they called slave positions.  Our wrist and elbows were released for this. We learned to kneel with our legs spread wide, backs straight, shoulders back so our breasts were thrust out.  Hands were on our thighs palm up and heads were subserviently bowed.  That was position number one and we were to assume it whenever we were at rest or other had not been given other orders.  The second position was standing with legs apart, hands laced behind the neck shoulders and elbows back.  The head had to be held up for inspection but the eyes were subserviently looking down at the floor.  You get the idea.  There were eight positions in total, some meant for punishment others for display but always humiliating.  The so called trainers were always there with their riding crops to prod and whip us painfully for any error.

Dinner was a repeat of the prior two meals and then we were given cold showers.  Then it was lectures on how to answer to a master or mistress.  After that it was back to the cells and ropes to rings in the floor holding us spread eagle on our mattresses.  After a while the trainers came in and raped us in all three holes but at least they used some lubrication.  Lord listen to me.  They were the good rapists because they used lubrication.  They have my thinking totally screwed up.”

“Cheer up babe…” said Margaret “…it is a wonder that we can think straight at all.  Remember the devices they had to measure our fucking ability.  We had to hump that damn dildo and maintain whatever rhythm they dialed into the machine or get electric shocks as well as swats with the crop.  And they were able to set it up in so many positions that we had to hump the machine on our back, on our fronts, standing, bending over and seated with our legs spread wide.  When they were satisfied that we could do it they started all over with anal penetration.”

“And don’t forget the klegel exercises where we had to hold weighted dildos with our legs spread.”

“Or the position exercises.  I never knew I could get my ankles behind my ears while humping a damn machine.”

All of the women had pulled themselves out of their reverie by this time and were once again participating in the conversation.  While it sounded pretty brutal to me, I was glad to see that their indignation had given them some positive motivation instead of the silent withdrawal they had sunken into.

“What about the lesbian races one asked?”

“What were those? I wondered.

“They made us eat each other and lick each other’s pussies.  They would time how long it took us to bring the other to orgasm.  After a while they figured out that we were faking orgasms to help the licker meet the time target and they went to an incentive program.  They tied two of us in sixty nine position and told us to bring the other girl off.  They would fasten us at the waist then push our mouth into the other girl’s pussy.  Then they would bring her legs up along side our head and tie them tightly enough so that we couldn’t move our heads back.  Then they made us start licking each other. The first one to cum was whipped for poor performance.”

Gradually the conversation died down but the atmosphere didn’t seem as blue and withdrawn as it had during the earlier pause.  After a while a voice from the rear asked “Master, may this slave ask where are you taking us?”

“I am taking you to my house. “ I replied.

“So you will have your own personal harem” said Sandy with a grin.

“And all properly kept nude for the master’s pleasure.” came a voice that I recognized as Anne's.  Her voice made it clear that she was joining Sandy in teasing me.  It wasn’t clear to everyone however.

“Does that mean we will be tied and have to have sex with you Master?” came the voice I now recognized as Janet’s.

“Janet…” I replied “… I like sex but I am not into rape.  No one has to do anything they don’t want to do and you ladies don’t owe me anything, certainly not sexual favors.”

“Yeah…” laughed Sandy “…just because you rescued us from slavery and continued rape”

“And pulled us from a burning wreck…” added Anne.

“And took us into your home…” added Sandy.

“Why would anyone think we owe you anything.” they finished together.

“O.K., O.K….” I laughed, “…I think I was just at the right place at the right time but if you want to feel you owe me your lives that’s O.K. with me.  The point is that, even if you did owe me something, you couldn’t repay it so it makes no sense to try and I am certainly not going to ask you to try.”

Chapter 6- Slave Service

“We are nearly home now.  Can you tell me about the service phase?”

“When they thought we had the skills we were transported to a big ranch.” began Anne.  “We don’t really know where it was but aside from the huge main house and some smaller buildings there was nothing around for miles in any direction.  We were presented to our new master and mistress who had apparently purchased us from the slavers.  Our bondage was lighter, mainly hobbles to keep us from running and hands joined in front with about a foot of chain.  This allowed us to perform the domestic duties during the day.  We cooked and cleaned and washed and polished just like hired servants.  Each night the master would take one slave to his bed and the mistress another.  Sometimes they made two of us perform together and occasionally they would punish one of us for some transgression or what they judged to be poor performance.  The punishments were mild, generally a spanking with a riding crop but not a really vicious one.  When not busy we were allowed to talk to one another and watch TV.”

“We slept in a dorm room, when we weren’t in one of the owners beds. We even had a bathroom and shower and were expected to keep ourselves clean and our pussies shaved.  There were a couple of ranch hands who fucked us from time to time but all in all we weren’t treated too badly except for the constant reminder of our slavery.  We were chained up at night and sometimes bound in ropes for our masters amusement.  I guess they did consider us valuable property.”

“There were two other girls there when we arrived and they told us what had happened before we got there.  It seem that there had been four women and two had tried to escape.  They caught them and brought them back.  Both were whipped until they almost died.  Then they were put into two boxes and buried alive.  The two girls who hadn’t tried to escape were sold off and moved out of the country as a safety precaution.  At least that’s what they were told would happen.  All we really know is that shortly after we got there they were tied up and loaded onto a van.”

As the story finished I was pulling into my garage.  I lowered the door with the remote so that any neighbors wouldn’t see my ‘harem’ and unlocked the door to the house.  The women followed me in and I showed them the guest bedrooms and the bathroom. The larger bedroom had a queen sized bed which Sandy and Anne took while the other held a day bed with a pull out trundle bed.  Janice and Margaret took that room.

I brought over four of my T shirts and said that they could use them or not as they chose.  I also showed them the robes that had my wife and I had accumulated over the years.  There were a couple of cotton robes we had picked up in Japan, a couple of heavy terry cloth robes we had bought and an old wool robe dating back to when I lived in the east.  Of course all that led to questions and I explained that my wife and I had retired here to Arizona after many years of corporate ladder climbing and the attendant moves around the world. I also told them that I had lost my wife some years ago in an accident.  Finally I told them that it was late and time to get some sleep, especially for old folk like myself.

“Where do you sleep, Master?” Sandy asked.

“On the other side of the house in the Master bedroom, of course.” I said with a grin.

“Are you sure you don’t want one of us in bed with you tonight?” she asked.

“It has been a long day and an emotional one for all of us Sandy.” I said.  “I would love to have any one of you in bed with me but I don’t think any of us are thinking too clearly just now. and I really don’t want to take advantage of you.   I know I will kick myself in the morning, but lets just get some sleep now and see how things look in the morning."

“You are the Master.” She said.  Then she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss.  That isn’t a good description of what she did.  It was not a subservient hug and kiss.  It was a passionate promise of all a very lovely woman could give made with her mouth and every inch of her body.  When she broke the kiss I was stunned and she knew it.  She smiled, stuck her tongue out at me and turned back to her bedroom.  Despite the fatigue of the long drive and the draining efforts of the rescue it took me quite a while to fall asleep that night.

Chapter 7- Shopping and That Night

The next morning I came out to find Margaret and Sandy sitting quietly at the kitchen table with mugs of coffee.  Margaret was wearing a T shirt and Sandy was nude.  Both women looked gorgeous.  I guess I hadn’t really seen them in the moonlight and in the car but they were stunning.  I stood there for a moment just drinking in the site.

When they noticed me Margaret got up and came over.  She hugged me and said “Good morning” and gave me a kiss.  It wasn’t up to Sandy’s earth shaking kiss of last night but it was good kiss.  Then she said “Thank you” and gave me another kiss.  Not wanting to be a rude host I wrapped my arms around her grabbed her very attractive buns and said “You are welcome” and kissed her back while squeezing and massaging the aforementioned buns.

“Hey you two…” interjected Sandy “leave some for me.  Anyway Margaret has a husband and wants to call him.  Is that OK?”

“Of course…” I said. “let me give you the phone number here so he can call back.  Also if he wants to come and get you tell him Tucson is the nearest commercial airport.  But you had better warn him that you will have to talk to the authorities, probably the FBI and they may want you to stay in town for a couple of days while they get all the facts straight.”
Margaret indicated that she understood and turned to the telephone.  I turned to find Sandy looking for her good morning kiss which she delivered with all the passion and promise of the night before.  I took advantage of the opportunity to verify that she also had a very nice rear and received no protest at all.  About then a nude and magnificent Anne came out of the bathroom and, seeing what was going on, demanded her kiss and grope.  Oh the burdens of being host.  Of course I had no choice but to oblige her and then a robe clad Janet.  I don’t know how much was their slave training and how much was natural talent but these women could kiss.  I could feel a rather embarrassing lump growing in my pajama bottoms (I usually sleep nude but put on pajamas before coming out as I didn’t know how the ladies would feel about dress codes).

We had a light breakfast OJ, coffee and toast as I had depleted my refrigerator before heading out of town.  I apologized for the meager fare and promised that we would find some groceries later that day.  Then I collected the girl’s sizes.  The plan was that I would head down to Target and buy everyone one set of clothes that would cover them enough so that they could go out in public without causing a riot. While I was out shopping they could cut off the remaining cuffs and contact the FBI and arrange for them to come out to the house for interviews.   I told them not to agree to go downtown as we had too many things to do.  Janet, who was the youngest of the four, modified the plan slightly when she asked if she could contact her parents first.  I gave her the same speech I had given Margaret about cautioning them that the authorities might need them here for a few days but told her to go ahead.

I drove to the nearest mall, refilled the car’s gas tank and went into a Target to get the women some basic clothes.  Armed with their size list I bought panties, jeans and tops and four pairs of beach sandals.  They had given me bra sizes but I decided that I preferred to see the movement of their unfettered breasts, at least until they got to go shopping later in the day.

When I got home I was informed that Bob, Margaret’s husband was getting some vacation time and would call back as soon as he had the dates worked out and his flight information.  I was also told he wanted to know where the hotel or motel nearest to my house was.  Janet had similar news except that her parents were retired and didn’t need to work out a schedule with anyone.  They asked that I call them back with the hotel information and instructions on how to get to my house.  Both women were happy and smiling.

Sandy informed me that the local FBI office had all of their names and the cities from which they had been abducted and were in the process of informing the local authorities and getting material faxed so that they could confirm the girl’s identification.  I hadn’t thought about it but apparently there was quite a routine to be followed to get new driver’s licenses issued and have the banks provide checkbooks and the usual assortment of cards.  I identification wasn’t much of an issue for Janet and Margaret as their families could identify them but Anne and Sandy had some procedures to get through.  In any case the FBI said that two agents would get to the house around 2 that afternoon to begin the interview process.

That didn’t leave us much time so I sent the girls to dress so that we could go shopping.  I took considerable ribbing about the lack of bras from Sandy and Anne in particular but all of the women joined in attacking me.  It was actually good to hear the happy tones and light hearted nature of the conversation.  Back in the car and back to the discount shop for more clothes.  I reminded them that there were four of them and only one credit card, mine.  At the same time I told them to get at least a couple of changes and not to forget feminine products, hair conditioner, and that sort of stuff.  Of course that brought on more jokes about a shopping spree on my cards.  Actually they were both quick and pretty restrained in their shopping.

When we finished at the Target we tossed everything in the trunk and headed for the supermarket.  We went up and down the aisles in a group with the women planning menus as we went.  Since we didn’t really know how long they would be with me we planned for about five people for one week but with some things that could be kept for the following week if we had less people later in the week.  Again my credit card sagged under the weight of the charges.

Returning home we found messages from Margaret’s husband and Janet’s father.  I returned the calls, provided the hotel information, explained that we would see the FBI later in the day and possibly learn when the two women could leave.  I also jotted down the flight information but we agreed that with the authorities requiring our statements it would be best if they took a cab or rental car to the motel.  While I was on the phone I emphasized that from what I understood the women had been forced to do some pretty nasty things and they needed love and support.  I must have sounded pompous but they both accepted my little lecture in the spirit it was meant and they sounded positive.  Of course both Margaret and Janet spoke to their family again.  In the interim the women not on the telephone put away the groceries, made lunch and apparently reorganized my entire kitchen as I couldn’t find an opener for the beer.  Fortunately my trusty Swiss army knife has an opener among its multiple blades.

The afternoon saw long sessions with the FBI agents and was pretty much a repetition of what had been said in the car.  We were all pretty tired by the end of the day so I took the women out to dinner at a local restaurant.  We were all dragging by the time we got home and headed off to our bedrooms.

I had just crawled into bed when Sandy opened my bedroom door.  She was once again nude and very appealing.  I asked her, rather stupidly, if she was certain that she wanted to do this.  She asked me if I thought she was a child.  I assured her that while she was very sexy and attractive she was clearly past her teen years.  She then asked if I thought she was retarded or simple minded. I told her that clearly she had all her facilities and that she was bright and funny with a great personality though I had to wonder how smart she was if she found me attractive.  Then she asked if I found her attractive.  Not being a fool I told her sincerely that she was one of the sexiest and most attractive women I had ever seen.  By this time she was in the bed leaning over me and said simply “Then shut up and fuck me!.”

I grabbed her and rolled her over and said “I don’t fuck people I make love to them.  Let me show you the difference.”  I leaned down to kiss her and was rewarded with one of her broad smiles.  We were lying slightly at an angle so my weight wasn’t pressing down to heavily on her and I moved my hand to caress a breast as I kissed her lips, then her nose and then her eyelids.  Moving gently to her ear and jaw line I kissed my way down her neck while caressing her breasts and stroking her now hard nipples.

I spent some time kissing her collarbone and neck where it met her shoulder which I find to be a good turn on.  I know guys are supposed to want to ignore foreplay but at my age I took great pleasure in pleasing my partner.  Sandy had begun to moan appreciatively when I hit a particularly sensitive spot.  While doing this I let my hand travel further down her body with light touches until I was cupping her mound.  Continuing to kiss her shoulders and neck, I slipped a finger into her finding her both hot and wet.  Apparently she was enjoying this as her moans became louder and her hips surged up to entice my finger further into her.  At this point I was stretched out too far so I let my head travel down to her breasts which I showered with gentle kisses.  Moving my mouth to a nipple I inserted a second finger and moved my hand as far up as I could.  Gently curling my fingers I searched for a slight variation in her internal tissue that would signify the G spot.  I felt I had located it as her hand fisted in my hair and her moans became incoherent urgings.  At this point her head was moving from side to side and her hips thrusting urgently.  It was time to wring out her first orgasm.

I maneuvered my thumb to tease her clit while the two fingers inside her continued to stroke her G spot.   At the same time I sucked in on her nipple and gripped it with my lips while teasing it with my tongue.  She went over the edge with a scream that left me feeling smug.  I released her nipple and stopped all activity with my hand to let her recover from what had been a pretty strong orgasm.  She was muttering something like “Oh my God, Oh my God” as she came down,  I smiled down at her and said “That’s one.”

Before she could respond the bedroom door banged open and in came a nude Anne with a long knife from the kitchen followed by the other two women in various states of dress and undress.  “What are you doing to her?” she demanded. As she saw the look on Sandy’s face and the position of my hand the answer became apparent and Anne actually blushed.  “I thought you were…The scream…I am so embarrassed.” she finally concluded.

“Its OK, I’m glad you were worried about her but you are kind of spoiling the mood.”

Anne blushed bright red and she and the other women backed out of the bedroom pulling the door closed behind them.  I looked down at Sandy and we both burst out laughing.

“You were kind of loud…” I said “…perhaps I should go and see if any of the ball gags are serviceable.”  Sandy gave me a strange look which I thought meant that to her bondage, after her recent experiences, was not a topic for joking. Deciding to change the subject, I moved my fingers inside her and asked “Are you ready to resume?”  Without waiting for an answer I resumed kissing her breasts and nipples and shifted my position so that my body forced her thighs gently apart.  Despite the interruption I realized I had a fierce hard on.  I debated entering Sandy but reminded myself how much I liked this woman.  I had promised myself that if I ever had Sandy in bed I would make our first time a memorable experience.  That meant that more foreplay was in order to get us back to where we had been.

Using my arms to lift my weight off Sandy I moved down kissing he stomach, nipping at her belly button and onto her abdomen.  Her body reacted with a tight jerk when I was at her belly button so I spent a few moments licking, probing with my tongue and, very gently, nipping at the surrounding flesh.  As I began moving south she reached down and grabbed my hair.  “You don’t have to do that.” She said.  I reached under her thighs and around to her wrists.  Grasping them firmly I moved her wrists from my hair and pinned them to the bed at her sides.  “Good harem girls don’t try to tell their masters what they may or may not do!” I growled in as masterful a tone as I could manage.

Then I got down to work.  I can’t help remembering how stupid we were those many years ago in high school when pussy liqueur was a term of derision implying something less than full macho maleness.  We really didn’t know what we were talking about.  I stuck my tongue as far down as I could reach between Sandy’s buns and slowly drew it upward over her anus.  I applied some pressure as I passed over the flesh between her anus and her pussy (yes I know there is a name for it but I was too lost in enjoyment to think of it at the time) and was rewarded with a moan and her body jerking with pleasure.  I continued up her slit until I just touched her clit which brought another heave of her hips and a happy sound from her lips.

Leaving her wrists on the bed I brought my hand to her pussy and spread the outer lips.  This not only gave me the full impact of her inviting smell but allowed me to touch various parts with some accuracy rather than just swiping my tongue up and down.  First I kissed and pressed the inner lips with my lips.  Then my tongue went into her canal as far as I could get it.  I curled my tongue up and down and even though I couldn’t reach the G spot this way got some very positive response.  Looking up over her mound I could, just barely, see her chin as her head trashed from side to side.  I judged she was far enough along and ran my tongue back up to her clit.  I planted my lips firmly over her engorged clit and sucked it as far as I could into my mouth.  I no longer needed to hold her outer lips open so I reach up and took a nipple in each hand.  I squeezed and rolled her nipples while sucking her clit into my mouth and battering it as rapidly as I could with my tongue.  She went off like a skyrocket nearly breaking my nose with her pubic bone.  I rode her out and continued to lash at her clit and tug at her nipples until I felt her coming down from her orgasm.  I hadn’t timed it , of course, but it seemed to me that it had lasted longer and been even more intense than her first one.

I don’t really know if I decided the evening was memorable enough or if I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I used my arms to support my weight as I worked my way back up her now sweat soaked body, licking and kissing lovingly.  She shuddered beneath me but I don’t know if it was appreciation for my efforts or just aftershocks from the orgasm.  At any rate the trip north gave her time to come down and relax her groin.  When I reached the appropriate position I shifted my weight to my left arm and used my right to position my now aching cock at her entrance.  Sandy and been making little inarticulate moans which now shifted to a growl as she wrapped her legs around me and attempted to draw me fully into her.  Being a contrary sort of fellow I fought her, entering only a bit at a time.  As she gained more purchase on my raging cock, however, all of my good intentions dissolved in a haze of lust and I thrust into her.  I knew I wouldn’t last long so I began pulling back and trusting as rapidly as I could manage.  Her growls turned to grunts which I took to mean she was enjoying this.  Having entered her my right hand was now free so I slid it between us, found her clit and flicked , squeezed and massaged it as rapidly as my little fingers could move.  I was rewarded with another scream and a bucking bronco ride that would have done a professional rodeo cowboy proud.  I couldn’t hold out any longer and as she spasmed around me, I came with more force than I would have thought possible.

As we both came down my left arm collapsed and I sort of slid off to her right with her half under me.  My brain was slowly returning to its normal function and I realized I ought to get at least most of my weight off her so I rolled away to my left side.  She came sideways with me and gave me one of her passionate kisses.  It was great but I am afraid that I was so drained at the moment I returned it with more love than passion.  We both caught or breath while gazing into each others eyes (trite phrase but looking at each other just wouldn’t cut it here). “Wow” she said. “Me two.” I responded with less than brilliant repartee.  I rolled further back onto my back and used my left arm to slide under her head and pull her over onto me.  With her head on my chest, her body half on me and our legs intertwined we kissed and stroked and cuddled for a while.  Then we drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 8-  Good-byes and a Reward

I woke up with a stiff left shoulder and great memories.  Sandy was still in the same position and looked great in the morning even with her hair mussed and some strand stuck to her face.  I tried to recover my left arm very gently but she woke up and saw me.  She gave me a great smile and slipped out of bed padding towards the bathroom.  Since that had been my idea I should have been miffed but she was so gorgeous, even from the rear that I just smiled and told my bladder it would have to wait.

I staggered out to the kitchen on weak knees forgetting what a mess I must have looked like and grabbed for the coffee.  The three women were sitting at the table and while Anne did apologize they all had the nerve to laugh at me.  Perhaps the dried pussy juice on my face or the mixed secretions dried in my crotch or the stagger in my walk were humorous but I thought it somewhat mean spirited of them.  Of course, the only solution was to grab my coffee, muster what little dignity I had left and return to the master suite and my now available toilet.

I did what was required and noticed that Sandy had not only appropriated the john but was now in my shower.  I opened the stall door to chastise her but had to step in and close the door behind me to prevent flooding the bathroom.  Sandy turned and began to soap me, thoroughly.  In fact very thoroughly. I turned Sandy around and shampooed her hair.  I don’t know why I should consider this sexual but rubbing my hands through her lovely hair slippery with shampoo was a very sensuous experience. Though I didn’t think I had it in me, we played with each other’s genitals and chests in the shower until we both came.  Not the story line earth shattering sex with her riding his cock and her legs around him while supporting both of them in the slippery shower but sweet gentle loving mutual masturbation.  Somewhat later as the hot water began to run out we dried each other off and headed back to the kitchen. We were greeted by the three other who rose and gave us a round of applause.  Much better than laughter.

The rest of the day saw the FBI finishing their interviews and clearing up the identification of Sandy and Anne.  With the help of the FBI and the local authorities the women’s banks were mailing them recent bank and credit card statements, new check books and plastic.  The credit card companies had promised to reverse the late charges due to the circumstances but insisted that they were entitled to the interest that had accumulated.  This problem was ameliorated somewhat when Janet’s parents arrived.  It seems they had offered a $70,000 reward and felt that it should be given to me.  Not a fortune but certainly a nice surprise and it more than covered the girl’s clothes, sundries and old credit card charges.

As far as the criminals went the FBI was pretty close mouthed.  They were tracing the ownership of the wrecked van but that was really the only lead.  None of the women had seen the kidnappers and torturers.  They had seen the ‘trainers’ and the people at the ranch but had no idea of the location.  They helped a local sketch artist with pictures but unless the van led them to one group or the other there wasn’t much to go on.  The FBI took down home addresses and telephone numbers for Janet and Margaret and agreed that they could leave town.

Sandy and Anne said that they would remain with me at least for the immediate future.  Both had been single women living alone and employed by companies that had filled their jobs after several months of absence.  Both companies offered to '‘try to find some other position” for the women but nothing was available at their old level.  Aside from a few friends, whom they telephoned, both women were content with my house, at least for the moment.  In any case we really didn’t discuss it, except in passing, as there were to many other things happening that day.

Bob, Margaret’s husband got in late that afternoon and we all went out to a farewell dinner.  Afterwards we went back to my place to pack Janet’s and Margaret’s few clothes and notions.  Then to much crying and promises of undying friendship Janet and Margaret went off to the hotel with their respective families.  They would fly to their respective homes the next morning.

Chapter 9- Anne's Initiative

We were all kind of down after the farewells and drifted off towards our bedrooms fairly early.  I had hopes that Sandy would join me and was mildly suppressed when Anne, regal in her tall nude beauty came to my bed.  I haven’t described Anne before.  While all four women were very attractive and sexy, Anne was the one most in line with conventional views of beauty.  Whereas Sandy was medium height and curvy, Ann was tall and thin.  Both women had C cup breasts (Even though I didn’t buy bras for them, they had all given me their sizes when I went shopping that first day.  While not obsessed with breasts I did enjoy them and remembered the sizes.).  On Sandy these were well proportioned to her beautifully curved body.  On Anne’s thin frame they were spectacular and spectacularly inviting.  While Sandy had jet black hair, and a healthy tan complexion; Anne was a red head (perhaps reddish brown, maybe auburn?) with the pale white, almost fragile, complexion.  I lusted after Sandy but was almost mesmerized by Anne.

Perhaps that’s why my brain (and other parts of my body) were occupied and I wasn’t listening carefully.  As Anne slid into bed I asked if this was going to create problems with Sandy.  “Don’t worry…” Anne said “…I have taken care of Sandy.  She knows that tonight is my turn and that I am here.”  Now I am in my mid 50s and know that I am not the sort of guy gorgeous women, especially gorgeous women 20 or 25 years younger than me, are attracted to.  I can only attribute a temporary insanity brought on by great sex and the prospect of more great sex to my accepting Anne at her word and dismissing Sandy from my mind.  I know, I know, I must be a real jerk to any woman readers, but you guys out there tell me.  How many of you could have resisted this spectacular nude?

In any case I didn’t, resist that is.  Anne climbed over me and I responded with a hardening penis that would have done a high school boy proud.  Anne didn’t want a lot of foreplay.  She kissed me, hard, and then rose up and straddled me.  She positioned my penis at her opening and slowly slid down on me.  I was surprised to see that she was already wet and ready.  If I thought about it I supposed she had stroked herself on the way to the bedroom, but as I said before, I am not certain that I was really thinking at the time.

I reached out and massaged her breasts running my thumbs over her rapidly hardening nipples.  I was more than satisfied to comply with her request to let her do the work but I did find my hips rising to meet her downward strokes.  I slid one hand down to our juncture to massage her clit and was rewarded with a smile and encouraging moans.  She had fantastic control bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then clamping me inside her and backing off.  I think I was whimpering by the time she came and let me come.  When she had, she slid me out of her and laid face down on the bed next to me.  I was sated but felt I could not resist more contact with that smooth perfect skin.

I rolled over and straddled Anne and began to massage her shoulders, neck and back.  She moaned and encouraged me by telling me how great that felt.  After a while I shifted targets and slid down to the bottom of the bed.  I began with a foot massage and was rewarded with appreciative moans. Then I slowly rubbed my way up her calves to her thighs.  She was almost purring when she let her legs fall open to give me better access to her inner thighs.  I continued to massage my way up to those lovely buns.  I began to massage her buns and inner thighs letting my thumbs brush against her becoming pussy.  I was rewarded (yes rewarded, I told you before that I derive pleasure from my partners pleasure) with little wiggles added to the moans.

I pulled back on her hips and raised her lower half to her knees.  Her face and shoulders were still on the bed.  I entered her from behind moving slowly.  She responded by raising her front with her arms and thrusting back with her hips to meet me.  We set up a rhythm while I leaned my weight on her back and reached under her to play with her breasts.  As we built up speed I brought one hand down and stimulated her clit.  I actually managed to hold off until after she came (but don’t ask me how) and then came deep within her.  Exhausted we both collapsed down onto the bed with me rolling off of her.  I cradled her in my arms with little kisses and we both fell asleep.

Some time later I woke up and considered my ability to try another round with Anne.  As I was internally debating the wisdom of trying again she woke up.  She looked at me with a lazy almost predatory smile.  Then her eyes popped wide open and she said “Oh my gosh, I forgot Sandy.”

“What are you talking about? I asked.

Anne responded “I left her all tied up.”

She rolled out of bed and headed for their room.  It took me a second or two to process what she said but then I was up and after her.  As we reached the women’s bedroom I saw Sandy, face down on the bed, trussed up in a tight frog tie with a cloth gag over her mouth holding what looked like a great deal of stuffing in her mouth.  Her wrists and elbows were tightly tied with stockings.  Her ankles had been crossed and then drawn up towards her wrists forcing her knees wide apart and preventing her from rolling over.  Her buttocks bore red marks and a yard stick was lying next to her on the bed. In a flash I realized what Anne had meant when she said that she had ‘taken care’ of Sandy.

“Anne” I said in a warning voice.  My own stupidity nagged at me.

“Oh she likes being tied up.” Said Anne, trying to pretend that this was some game they had been playing.  The daggers Sandy was shooting from her eyes suggested differently.

“Anne…” I said “… there are two problems here.  First was Sandy a willing participant?  More importantly do you understand that when you gag someone so that they can’t breath through their mouth you NEVER NEVER leave them alone.  Not even for a few minutes, certainly not for as long as you have been in my room.  If she sneezed or creed or just had allergies her nose could have been blocked and she could have suffocated.  Even is she had no problems with her nose the packing in her mouth could slip back and block her throat.  YOU COULD HAVE KILLED SANDY THROUGH YOUR STUPIDITY!!”

By this time I was shouting and had worked my self into a pretty good rage.  I grabbed Anne and sat on the bed. Twisting her arm roughly I pushed her down across my lap.  Then I began to spank her with my hand.  I am ashamed to say that I did this in anger and with some severity.  Anne’s buttocks, that I had so ardently fondled a short time ago, turned pink and then red and then a bright crimson.  Anne was crying and begging forgiveness.  I started to calm down and as I became more rational I realized that Anne had probably not know about basic safety precautions and the responsibility the dom. had towards the sub. I stopped and helped her to her feet.  To her credit she didn’t try to run or to lash out at me.  “Oh Sandy, I never thought I could have hurt you.” She said.  It was obvious that the fear in her eyes was because was frightened of what she had done, not because she was afraid of me.

“Look, both of you…” I said “…I know you have had more bondage experience than most people, but the people who were tying you didn’t have safety as a first concern.  I have no problem if you want to play bondage games.  With the right partner they can be great fun.  But until you are more experienced talk to me before you play.”

Then I untied the gag around Sandy’s mouth and started to remove the packing.  To my surprise the first thing she did was lash out, not at Anne but at me.  “You slept with her didn’t you?  You bastard.” Were the first word out of her mouth.

Not being particularly bright I responded with “She told me it was OK with you.”

“Oh yeah…” Sandy said “… and you never thought to check with me did you? You miserable SOB.  You just saw a nude hottie and boing.  Just like a man.”

Ouch. Busted. If I hadn’t wanted to screw around with Anne so badly I would probably have discussed it before acting.

“Well …” interjected Anne, who was busy untying Sandy “…its you own fault for not telling him you loved him.”

Love?  That was ridiculous.  I was in my mid 50s and Sandy couldn’t be more than her late 20’s or early 30s.  Hell I had children around her age and perhaps older than her.  Still I felt an awfully strong attraction to this woman.  Could it be possible?

Sandy was untied by this time and came at me.  “You, get out.” she demanded.

“But” I replied again proving my brilliance as a conversationalist.

“OUT, OUT, OUT.” She screamed.

Discretion being the better part of valor I retreated to my bedroom and spent a troubled night.

Chapter 10- Trust and Teasing

The next morning I went into the kitchen to find both Anne and Sandy waiting for me looking glum.  Anne was standing.  I know we were in southern Arizona but I felt a distinct chill in the air.

I decided to try to break the ice and began  “ Anne, I owe you an apology.  When I spanked you last night it was in anger and I shouldn’t have acted that way.  I am not the sort of guy who hits women.  I don’t know how you got Sandy tied up but it really isn’t my business. If you guys want to play bondage games that’s OK with me.  The gag was dangerous and I do want you to check with me in the future before you hurt someone but I understand you didn’t know how dangerous it was.  I was mad at you for tricking me but I think I was more angry at myself for allowing myself to be led down the garden path so easily.  In any case, while I am still upset with what you did, and think you deserved a spanking, you didn’t deserve the battering I gave your ass last night.  Please forgive me.

“Sandy, I know we have only known each other for a few days but I am really attracted to you.  Sure you have a very pretty face and a great body but its more than that.  Its your smile that lights up a room, you intelligence, your sense of humor, your ability to be wickedly sexy without being lewd, your feisty manner and determination to fight for what you want.  I can honestly tell you that I never dreamed a woman like you could be attracted to a guy like me but that’s a cop out.  I hurt you by having sex with Anne and that’s the last thing I would ever want to do.  I was thoughtless and I hope you can forgive me.”

“Oh, that doesn’t matter.  I was just embarrassed and angry last night.  Partly because I was ashamed because, despite all we have been through I find bondage a turn on, and partly I was embarrassed because Anne made such a chump out of me.  It started out as fun and games but then she used that yardstick on my ass and made me eat her to a climax, twice.  All the while she was teasing me about getting her wet enough for you, and telling me how she was going to seduce you and what she was going to do with you.  I knew you would wind up in her, she is a very sexy woman and I don’t suppose I can really blame you.  We have only been together a couple of very busy days and we never did talk about our feelings.  That is as much my fault as yours.  I could have made it a priority to talk with you but frankly I was afraid you might not feel as strongly as I did.  Given the lack of communication I shouldn’t have felt as betrayed as I did.  I guess, like you, I was really angry with myself and just taking it out on the handiest person available.”

I was flabbergasted.  Sandy did have feelings for me.  This required some discussion as I wasn’t sure it was a good choice for her.  Then too, Anne made Sandy eat her twice.  I guess that explained why Anne was so ready and needed so little foreplay last night but it was still hard to process.  If my having sex with Anne didn’t matter why the glum mood this morning.  I knew what I wanted to ask but didn’t know quite how to phrase it. Anne saved me the trouble.

Are you going to make me leave now?” asked Anne “Are you going to send me away?”

“No, of course not.  I’m not planning to send anyone away.  You are both welcome to stay as long as you like if you can both handle that. I do think its time we faced up to some realities and, to use a cliché, laid our cards on the table.  Sandy how do you feel about both you and Anne living here?”

“Anne and I talked for a long time last night.  We are OK, though…” she said with a devious smile aimed at Anne “… I think I still owe her for last night.”

“OK, then that part is settled.  Now lets talk about the future.  Ladies I am flattered and somewhat awe struck that such gorgeous women had sex with me.  I am not the sort of guy who usually attracts women certainly not in batches.  I do have feelings for you both, especially for Sandy BUT I do not think I am a good choice for either of you.  First you are both somewhere in your late 20’s or early 30’s.  Is that right?”

Both women nodded confirming my estimate.

“Well I am in my mid 50’s. I don’t plan to die in the foreseeable future but it’s a good bet that I won’t be around for another 30 years. That could leave you alone and vulnerable.  Then there is the financial future.  Even if you want to stay with me I am not a rich man.  No, I don’t think you are after money…” I said holding up a hand to stop their reaction “… but think practically. I retired early partly because my pension allows me to live well but that will end at my death. I have grown children your age and they have given me grandchildren.  Whatever estate I have, and there is a modest one both in savings and in the value of this house, it is committed to their future.  That means when I die before you, as I almost certainly will, you will be left with no means of support.”

“Nice speech.” said Sandy.

“Noble overtones of personal sacrifice.” added Anne.

“I’d give it an eight, maybe a eight point five.” Sandy said.  Then she turned to me and said “Sit down. our imperial master, and we will tell you what we discussed last night and how things are going to be around here.”

She said it with a smile but by now I was smart enough to know that when Sandy was determined it was time to keep my mouth shut and do what Sandy said.  I sat down.

“Both Anne and I were working when we met you.  I managed a small branch of a large bank and have a little money saved. In addition I have some money my folks left me when they died.  Its not anything huge but it is significant. I plan to go back to work with one of the banks that have operations here.  I don’t suppose that I will get hired at my old level but if I live here with you I won’t have rent and ought to be able to save a pretty good chunk of what I earn.  I can even kick in some for my food and still build my savings.  I know all about lower pay for women, and all of that, but the fact is that, if you can house and at least partly feed me while I am with you, I don’t think you will need to worry about my future.

Anne is a different situation.  She was a graphic artist working for a large advertising firm.  She has been wanting to break away and try to carve out a living as an artist but hadn’t quite worked up the nerve to give up a steady paycheck.  This is really sort of an opportunity for her to try to develop her art and see is she can make it.  In the interim she, like I will sponge off of you for food and shelter.  Her clothes and incidentals she ought to be able to cover from part time commercial commissions and whatever money she had saved.  Even if she finds she can’t make it, and has to go back to work later, she will have tried to do what she really wants.

Now, having covered the finances the other point you made was the age difference.  Most relationships, hell most marriages nowadays, don’t last ten years much less twenty or thirty so I think we ought to just see how things go.  As far as being attracted to you we both think you are brave, intelligent, quick thinking, resourceful, and generous.”

“And he isn’t too bad in bed.” interjected Anne.

“Yeah…” Sandy continued”… and that’s really part of your generous nature.  Not only did you take us into your house and clothe and feed us, you also pay attention to your partner and her needs in the bedroom.  The fact is that even if you were a total jerk it probably wouldn’t matter to me.  I have fallen for you big time and have decided that you are a keeper.  The sex part is a bit trickier as Anne and I have decided we will have to share your services.”

“Share? Now wait a minute…” I began.

“Shut up!” Sandy said “… I haven’t finished with what Anne and I decided.”

“She and I agree that it is unrealistic to expect you to be strictly monagamous with two nudes bouncing around the house. Furthermore, Anne will have needs from time to time.  Given the way we came into your life I guess she has some claim on your services.  Most of the time you will be mine but from time to time I will loan you to Anne.  Or we may do each other or even try a three way if the ‘old’ man’s heart can take it.  But you better understand this arrangement is limited to Anne and I.  If you ever go after a different woman I’ll cut your balls off and stuff them down your throat!”

Wow, here is a great woman with a great personality who can go from playing sex slave to telling me how the things that matter to her are going to be done.  This isn’t some storybook fantasy of a meek little slave who does nothing but obey.  This is a real woman and one I could spend the rest of my life with.  Further she was telling me I could have sex with both her and with Anne, who had apparently agreed with all of this.  Tough decision, do I agree with all that she had said or tell her no and go back to the lonely (and largely asexual) life I had been living since my wife died. My mama didn’t raise no fool and I was so smitten with her it probably wouldn’t have mattered what conditions she had laid down.  I smiled as I responded  “I can live with all of what you said though I am a bit worried about how the sex sharing is going to work out.  I guess I will just leave it up to you two to figure out how to avoid jealousy and bickering.  I am not too keen on castration so I guess I will have to be satisfied with a rather small harem.”

Sandy noted my smile but punched me in the arm anyway.  Then she said “You seemed to know a lot about gags and bondage safety last night.  And then this morning you said something to Anne about bondage games being OK with you.  I have already told you that bondage turns me on.  I think Anne enjoys it too, though she prefers to act the dominant, at least with me.  Where are you with all of this?”

“I think bondage between two consenting partners can be great fun.  I am a little surprised that you and Anne started out playing games last night because I thought that your experience would have soured you on the whole idea.  You really have to trust your partner to let them restrain you.  If you do, it can be a great experience.  In fact, it can be so great I think we might want to tie up Anne so that you can have your revenge for last night.”

I started around the table towards Anne.  “What a great idea.” Said Sandy with a big grin as she advanced on Anne from the other side.  “Now wait a minute you guys.” said Anne.

“We agreed you still owed me didn’t we?” asked Sandy.

“Well, yes.” Anne agreed.

“Good, get in the bedroom, strip down and lie on the bed until we come for you.” Sandy instructed.

As Anne left I explained what I has in mind for Sandy’s revenge.  Sandy’s eyes sparkled as she agreed. I left to get a long rope from the garage.  A few minutes later we both went into the women’s bedroom.  Anne was a bit apprehensive but she did trust us and she had stripped herself and was lying on her back on the bed.  I shook out the rope and found the middle.

I pushed the folded middle through the center of the headboard about two feet above the mattress.  Then I lifted Ann’s right thigh until her knee was about at shoulder height.  I wrapped the long rope around her thigh and took a quick hitch.  Then I did the same to the other thigh. This left Anne with her bottom rolled up and exposed.  In the mean time Sandy held both of Anne’s wrists to keep her from moving up towards the headboard and relieving the tension. Then I took the line attached to the right thigh and pulled it through to side of the headboard just about at mattress level.  This pulled Anne’s knee and leg out towards the side of the bed.  I repeated the process with the other leg.  Now Anne was not only rolled up exposing her bottom, she was also spread so wide that her pussy gaped open exposing her love canal and her clit.

I still had plenty of rope so I took the arm on the side where a stood and pulled it out at a comfortable angle.  I took a couple of quick wraps around her elbow and tied off the rope.  Then I led the line down to her wrist did a couple of wraps and tied a knot in the back of her wrist.  It didn’t really matter if she could rotate her hand around to reach the knot at her wrist because I took the rope on down to the foot of the bed and tied it off to the foot board.  The other arm received the same treatment.  Now Anne couldn’t move up or down the bed as her wrist was anchored to the foot board and both her elbow and knee were held to the headboard.

Further binding wasn’t really required but I had some rope left so I brought it up from the foot board and tied it to her ankles.

Sandy smiled when she saw how Anne was both pinned in place and spread wide open.

“Sandy…” I asked innocently “…How did you lick Anne’s pussy last night?  Could you show me?”

Sandy climbed on the bed and attacked Anne’s pussy with all the skill her slave trainers had taught her.  At first Anne protested but soon Sandy had he moaning and trying to move her hips up to Sandy’s mouth.  As Anne’s moans grew more urgent Sandy lifted her head and said “It was more or less like that.”

I wandered to the side of the bed near one of Anne’s feet.  “I bet Anne is ticklish.” I remarked. I began to stroke down her arch and along the bottom of her foot.  Caught between the knee ropes to the headboard and the ankle rope to the foot board Anne was unable to move her foot other than to curl and uncurl her toes.  She had been begging Sandy to finish her off and allow her to come but now she shrieked and began to laugh wildly.  I kept this up for about a minute until I was certain her body had retreated from the almost orgasm and nodded to Sandy.  She immediately lowered her head and began to bring Anne up to the edge again.  We repeated this cycle for some time.  I switched off with Sandy when her tongue and neck became tired and we rotated back when my tongue was tired.  All of this time Anne was begging us to stop tormenting her and to let her come.  This was between her guffaws of laughter and passion induced moans.  Eventually Sandy decided that Anne had suffered enough and after extracting all sorts of apologies and promises for the future she brought her over the edge.  I then untied her.  Anne just lay on the bed in a pool of sweat utterly spent from the constant stimulation and tickling.

Sandy and I moved to the master bedroom to deal with the master’s reaction to the scene he had just participated in and to shower and, eventually dress.  During our after sex cuddling in my bed Sandy reverted to her slave persona and very sweetly told me “Master, I do trust you and want to be your bondage slave as well as your sex slave, your lover and your main squeeze.”

And that, my friends is how I came to have a two woman harem both of whom were into submissive bondage games.  There were many more games and adventures in the future but I think I will leave them for the sequel.