Authors Note: This is a fantasy that occurred to me one day. Like all fantasies it ignores some realities.  I know that all human bodies don’t really react the same way to a given level of stimulation.  I also know that given the initial contact with Jan, the subsequent relationship is extremely improbable.  Still nothing herein is really impossible and it is a fantasy……

The Device
by Sir Richard

In the beginning

It began as a legitimate medical research project.  The theory was that low voltage electromagnetic pulses waves could be used to interrupt the nerves running from an injury to the brain.  By interrupting the electrical nerve synapses or signals going to the brain, the patient would not feel the pain of the injury.  It would be ideal, if it worked, as the patient would not only be pain free, it would eliminate the need for anesthetics while the doctors worked on the patient.

The idea held the promise of millions if we had been able to perfect it.  A simple generator in a collar could send the pulses into the back of the neck disrupting the pain signals.  Our initial results were promising.  We did manage to block pain from specific locations with pulses tuned to a specific frequency.

That specific frequency proved to be our undoing.  There are just too many nerve endings in the human body.  Since the pain could come from anywhere there were just too many frequencies.  Eventually, despite the initial promise the project was dropped.

I adopt the research

With the project dead and the team all assigned to other tasks I decided to see if I could use the research for a more personal purpose.  I reasoned that if we could block signals to the brain we could also generate false signals to the brain.  Specifically I wondered if I could modify the device to cause the brain to feel that a certain portion of the female anatomy was being stimulated.  That’s right I wanted to see if I could make a woman feel that her pussy was being stimulated simply by sending a signal to the brain.

You might wonder why I could succeed when the initial research had proven impractical.  Well, it was because I was dealing with a much smaller subset of the human body.  The inside of the pussy, including the G spot and, of course, the clitoris, is a much more limited area.

After some research I felt that I had perfected the device and was now ready to field test it.  In theory the zero position it would block all feeling from a woman’s groin to her brain.  On the number one setting it should mildly stimulate her.  In the number two setting it should drive her to the edge of orgasm but not allow her to cum.  In number three it should take her over the edge and hold that for forty seconds (I know that doesn’t sound that long but I am talking about the most intense portion of her orgasm, not the entire thing,) and then stop.  In the number four position it would continue to hold the woman at the absolute peak of her orgasm, over and over again.

Of course this was all theory and, as I said, needed to be tested.  To do this I traveled several thousand miles from my home and booked a suite in a beach side resort.  I planned to conduct the scientific field tests on professional prostitutes.  I reasoned that while they might talk about my device, it was unlikely that any hint of the device would get back to my home town.

Field Testing (1)

It was indulgent to book a suite in a large beach side resort but I decided that I might as well enjoy myself.  I planned to run tests several nights to ensure I understood the results before proceeding further.  Once settled into my room I picked up the yellow pages and looked up escort services.  I contacted the service and contracted for an hour at 4 PM.  I was tempted to set up an evening appointment as well but there were several escort agencies and I decided to spread the appointments among them so that there would be less chance of suspicions being aroused.

At 4 PM there was a discrete knock at my door.  I opened it to find Kimberly (I don’t have much experience with working girls but wondered why they always use names like that?  Why no Sally or Martha?  Well I guess they want their ‘working name’ to be exotic.)  Kimberly was a very attractive woman in her early to mid twenties with a lovely face and a buxom figure that may have been natural.   This really didn’t matter to my research.

I invited her in and showed her the return portion of my ticket, proving that I was just in town for a few days and then gave her the agreed-on cash.  I told her that I wanted to experiment and she warned me that she didn’t do ‘kinky’.  I lied, telling her it was nothing like that, just a necklace I wanted her to wear.  It was, I lied, from an old girlfriend.

I don’t know what ‘Kimberly’ believed, as the collar didn’t look very elegant.  It was, remember, still experimental.  Still it didn’t look dangerous and I let her buckle it around her neck herself so there were no objections.  I had the remote hidden in my hand and turned it on at its lowest setting.  Kimberly was just in the process of unzipping her dress and I could see her jerk as she felt some mild stimulation in her pussy.

She dropped her dress and made a grab at her crotch as I turned the stimulation up a notch.  Now she was just below orgasm but being wildly stimulated.  “What the hell is going on?” she asked in sort of a gasp. I treated the question as rhetorical and turned up the power one more step.  Kimberly fell to the floor and had a hard orgasm rolling, writhing and clutching at her groin.  .  I turned up the stimulation once more and she passed out as her system overloaded with a continual orgasm.  I took pity on her and turned the device off allowing her to come down.

After a few minutes her eyes fluttered and she regained consciousness.  I feigned ignorance of what had happened though the gush of fluids staining her panties and the musky small of sex were pretty obvious.  Instead I acted as though she had had a stroke and asked solicitously, “Are you all right?”

She assured me that she was though she staggered weakly as she stood up and finished removing her clothes.  She looked carefully at her panties and rubbed her groin a bit.  Still playing the solicitous john, I asked if she wanted to go on.  Not wanting to give up her fee she assured me that she was all right and lay back on the bed.

I was very happy.  No, not with Kimberly, though she was an attractive woman, but with the device which had worked perfectly.  I stripped off my clothes placing the remote, which looked for all the world like an automobile remote control, on the bedside table.  I rolled on a condom and mounted Kimberly in the missionary position.  I began pumping in and out and she gave me her professional smile and encouraged me with her standard patter of “Oh, you are so good.  That feels so great.  Yeah, just like that lover.”

Lowering my body so that I was able to shield the night table from her view with my face I continued to pump away.  Once I was certain she couldn’t see I supported myself with my elbow and reached over and turned the device back on sliding it up to the second, near orgasm level.  The effect was, if you pardon the expression, electric.  Kimberly stopped her canned encouragement and gave a surprised “Oh!”  Her legs which had been spread on the bed came up and wrapped behind me pulling me into her.  I stepped up the control one more step and she slid into a hard orgasm.

I can tell you that sex with a prostitute in the throes of a genuine orgasm is much better that sex with a professional merely trying to encourage you.  I left Kimberly orgasm in 40 second bursts repeatedly until I began to cum and then switched the device back to the low setting.  After I finished cumming I switched the device off.  The difference in Kimberly took a bit to become apparent as she had been over the top for several minutes and now, even with the device switched off, she took some little time to come down, her body being racked by aftershocks.

I withdrew and rolling off the bed disposed of the condom in the bathroom.  When I came back Kimberly was still lying on her back.  She had a well f***ked look on her face and was obviously worn out.  She was still gasping for breath when she looked up at me and said, “I don’t know what’s come over me tonight.  You are one heck of a lover, big guy.”

I smiled and sat on the side of the bed cradling her in my arms.  I knew that most of what ‘came over her’ was mechanically (or, more accurately, electronically) induced no matter what she thought.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am a competent, caring lover, attentive to my partner’s likes and needs.  Still I had no illusions that I had reduced this professional escort to earth shattering and prolonged orgasm solely through my efforts.

We still had most of the hour left so, at my suggestion we showered together. Kimberly was playful in the shower.  I don’t know how playful she normally was with customers but I suspect most of it came from have been very satisfied with our time in bed.

Field Testing (2)

That evening I called a second agency for an escort.  They sent a tall blond woman with a nice figure called Alexis (another working girl type name!).  I gave her the same story about wanting her to wear my ex girlfriend’s collar.  She looked at the leather collar a bit strangely and said. “I get an extra $100 if you want to do something kinky.”

I told her that I didn’t think a collar was all that kinky but that gave me an idea and I forked over an extra $100.  I asked her to undress, which she did and I turned on the device at a two setting.  Her eyes opened wide and she grabbed at her crotch.  This one was apparently more intelligent and reached up for the collar having realized that it must somehow have something to do with the sensation in her groin.

I decided that I didn’t want her to discover that the collar was really the cause of her problems so I pushed the setting up to three.  The woman collapsed writhing on the floor.  It was quite wondrous to watch her humping the imaginary penetration.  I moved the setting up to four and she passed out, just as Kimberly before her had done.  I turned of the collar.

Since I had paid for kinky I decided to get my money’s worth.  I lifted her and tied her spread eagle on the bed.  Now I know that no prostitute with any sense will allow a new john to tie her up but I pretended to be ignorant of that.  In any case the testing was going better than I had any right to expect and I decided that I would take a risk and get some feedback from this woman.

I got a washrag to gag her should it become necessary and settled down waiting for her to recover.  When she woke up she started tugging at the ropes and cursing me.  I told her “Shut up!  You haven’t been hurt and I paid for kinky so you have nothing to bitch about.  I’m not going to hurt you.”

She tried again, telling me that she didn’t want to be tied up.  I assured her that she wasn’t going to be hurt.  She asked, “What is in this collar?”  I gave her a cock and bull story about it being a psychic connection with a ghost I knew and he was the one who was enjoying her body.  I don’t think she bought all of that but on the other hand she couldn’t conceive of how the collar was creating the feelings she had experienced at the other end of her torso.

I turned the collar on at its lowest setting and told her to describe what she was feeling.  She told me that it felt as if her pussy was full and something was holding and stroking her clit.  It was strange but not painful; in fact it was mildly arousing.

I turned it up to two and she began to moan.  Again I asked her to describe what was happening.  She said that my friend (the ghost, I guess) was moving in and out of her.  It was sexually arousing but also very frustrating because it wasn’t quite enough to cum.

I turned the control up to three and she was lost as orgasm immediately swept over her I left it on that setting and it appeared that each time her orgasm began to slow she was forced into another one.  I couldn’t get a response from my questions while she was in the throes of orgasm so I turned the device off and watched as she came down from her peak.  I delighted in watching as her body shook from aftershocks.

I suppose I should have asked her to describe her feeling but at this point I stripped, slid on a condom, pushed a pillow under her ass and entered her.  Having just cum I didn’t expect much reaction from her but found that her pussy was swollen and her nipples were hard.  I turned the device back on and set it to level two.  Alexis was humping me as best as she could, trying to get that little bit extra required to push herself over the edge.  I waited until I felt myself about to explode and then pushed her over the edge by turning the device up to three again.  We had a very satisfactory mutual orgasm.

There was one more test I had planned leaving her tied to the bed and dazed from the orgasm she had experienced, I moved back to check my range of control.  I found that so long as she was wearing the collar I could control it from the other room, more than 20 yards away.  I turned the device off and went back to free the woman on the bed.

She was mad and said that her groin was sore from all the stimulation and asked me how many times I had f**ked her.  Apparently the feelings within her and the intensity of her orgasm had prevented her from noticing when I slipped out and went into the other room.  She thought the entire series of orgasms had been caused by me.  Very flattering to my ego, even though I knew it to be untrue.

Field Testing (3)

After I paid the girl off that night I spent the next day preparing for a third field test.  The first two tests had been with professionals in the business of sex.  They were, albeit mercenary, willing participants who were open to sexual activity and who might have been predisposed to having an orgasm or at least sexual stimulation.  What I needed now was an unsuspecting woman who would be in a position where she would be more afraid and who would naturally resist arousal.  If my device could overcome her fear and reluctance, that would be the acid test. In short for this test one I wanted an amateur, a hotel guest.

Carefully I scouted the pool until I saw two women lounging together.  I waited until one gathered her gear and headed back towards her room.  Briefcase in hand I slipped into the elevator with her.  She was a very cute girl with a lovely figure clad in a black bikini.  Not a thong or a string bikini but very sexy and revealing nevertheless.  We smiled politely and nodded as strangers in an elevator do, but didn’t speak.  At her floor I got out and followed her down the hall towards her room.

I slipped my hand into my pocket and turned on the small stun gun I was carrying.  This wasn’t one of those massive police taser models that fired barbs into the victim but a smaller one that had to be pressed against the victim when it was fired.  Smiling waited until she had her key in her hand at her room door and then stepped behind her as though I was continuing down the hall.  Her bathing suite left plenty of lovely skin exposed as a target.  I pressed the stun gun against her neck and before she could react pressed the trigger.  I heard her moan and as she lost control of her legs and sagged toward the floor.  I caught her, took the key card from her hand and inserted it in the door.  Checking the hall to be certain that we were still unobserved, I pulled her into her room and bolted the door.  No sense in taking a chance that her roommate would return soon.

The stun gun wasn’t all that powerful so I moved her onto the bed, slipped a sleep mask over her eyes as a blindfold, and tied her wrists and ankles in a tight, face up spread eagle.  I fastened the collar around her neck and did a quick look around the room. As I had suspected the contents confirmed my supposition that the room was occupied solely by two women.  Her roommate was probably the other woman who had been down at the pool.

I grabbed a washrag to use as a gag and returned to the bed where my victim was waking up and tugging, uselessly, at her bonds.  She must have sensed me near because she asked “Who are you?  What are you going to do with me?  Please…”

I guess she was going to ask me not to hurt her but I cut off her voice with the washrag.   Her voice told me that she was fearful and worried, just as I wanted for the test.  This would be perfect.  I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t regret the fear I had caused the woman.  In fact I didn’t think about her at all except as one might think of a white mouse or other laboratory test animal.

I began by untying her halter top from behind her neck and pulling her top down exposing her breasts.  They were absolutely lovely, firm and full but obviously all natural.  Still not thinking of her as a person I did realize that she was more than a white mouse.  I couldn’t resist massaging her breasts and fondling them for a bit.  At first she tried to twist away but when she made no progress, she eventually lay back and allowed my hands to roam at will.

The panties of her bikini tied at the sides so I was able to open them and pull the top triangle off exposing her to me.  She naturally reacted to this by renewing her struggle.  I ran my hand over her groin and found, as I had expected, that she was dry.  Perfect test conditions.  I had been afraid that my playing with her breasts had aroused her body, but her fear must have overcome the natural reactions of her body and this was evidently not the case.

I saw that the woman was trying to work the washrag out of her mouth but I ignored it as I turned the collar on at it’s lowest setting.  The woman moaned through the gag and I turned it up to the second setting.  If I was correct this would have her at the edge of orgasm.

Apparently it was working because as she finally got the gag out of her mouth she was moaning in sexual heat.  I didn’t have to touch her groin to see that it was now wet.  Her outer lips had grown a bit turgid and spread exposing her inner lips.  Her musky smell was apparent.  I suppose the next step should have been to go to repetitive orgasms but I, weak man that I am, couldn’t resist swiping my tongue through those inviting folds.  I licked her juices from her canal, thoroughly enjoying myself.  I moved my head back and turned the device up to the third position.  The woman tumbled into a prolonged orgasm.  She was absolutely marvelous when she came.

I slipped on a condom and joined her on the bed.  With her pussy fluttering with orgasm after orgasm it took almost no time at all for me to cum.  I carefully backed out and turned the device up another notch.  As with the prostitutes before her, she went into a prolonged orgasm that caused her back to arch and her body to go rigid.  As with the other test subjects her body shut down from sensory overload.

Now I know that some of you might condemn me for having entered the woman.  Still it made no difference to her.  She felt the stimulation whether I really entered her or not. Her feelings of being tied down and raped would have been there in any case, so nothing I really did made a bit of difference to her. At least that was how I justified it to myself.  The stimulation was necessary for the test program and my entering her had done nothing to add to her distress.

I quickly turned off the device, removed the collar, disposed of the condom and slipped out, knowing that sooner or later the second woman would return and set the test subject free.  In fact, once I returned to my suite, I glanced down at the pool and saw the second woman gathering up her paraphernalia preparatory to returning to the room.

Next Morning

I had completed my test schedule, and, by the way, had a most enjoyable time, and was planning to have breakfast and fly back home.  I was seated alone at a small table in the hotel dining room when a woman walked up and took the chair opposite me.  I looked up, surprised at the interruption, and recognized the girl with the black bikini.  My heart sank as I realized that she must have been able to figure out that I was the man that assaulted her from our brief time in the elevator.  I was mentally kicking myself for my stupidity and looking about expecting to see police when she astonished me by saying, “My roommate doesn’t believe that you were able to do me so hard I fainted.”

I had been expecting accusation, denouncement, anything but this matter of fact assessment.  I guess I just stared at her because she went on. “Fran prefers females and she says no man is good enough to cause that sort of reaction.  Are you going to eat all of this toast?”

As she asked the last she reached over and snagged a half of buttered toast from my plate.  She delicately bit into it and, after chewing and swallowing said, “She wants you to do it again to prove it.”

I finally croaked out, “Do what?”

The woman smiled at me and said, “Don’t play dumb.  We both know what I am talking about.  We want you to tie me to the bed and screw me until you make me pass out.  Only this time Fran wants to be in the room to watch.”

Well, that was clear enough.  I looked across the table and said “Who are you?”

“You mean beside your victim?” she asked archly.  “My name is Jan and I had a good time with you yesterday afternoon.  In fact, a pretty spectacular time, and Fran and I want to know if it was a fluke or if you have some secret technique.”

This was going to create a problem.  The last thing I wanted was premature knowledge of the device and its effectiveness – although the prospect of a repeat with Jan was an attractive proposition.  As I thought about the ramifications the glimmerings of a plan came to mind.  I looked at Jan and said “I will be at your room around 3 PM.”

“Great, see you then.” She said, and left the dining room with the remains of my toast in her hand.  I will admit that I was a bit nonplused.  Still, after finishing breakfast I spent my time well.  I took a cab into town, located an adult store and bought a pair of handcuffs, a couple of better blindfolds and a ball gag.

That Afternoon

At 3 PM I was at their room and knocked on the door.  It was opened by the second woman who I took to be Fran.  She looked at me as though she was measuring me and then stepped back to let me into the room.  I smiled at her and said, “So you don’t think I can create an orgasm strong enough to knock a woman out.”

“I don’t think any man has the ability to do that.”

At that point I was interrupted by a nude Jan who waltzed into the room from the bathroom.  She looked at me brightly and said, “I thought naked would save time.  Do you need the bikini?”

“No, Jan.  Just get on the bed.”

She did as I requested and I tied each wrist and ankle holding her in a repeat of yesterday’s spread eagle.  I fished out a blindfold and applied it and then, pinching her nose closed, swiftly inserted the ball gag when she gasped for air.  This was not what I had done yesterday but I didn’t give her a chance to protest.

I got the handcuffs from my bag and walked over to Fran.  Not giving her a chance to think I went behind her, pulled her arms back and handcuffed her.  Of course she protested and asked me what the hell I thought I was doing.  Ignoring her protests I pushed her to the foot of the bed facing Jan.  Holding her in place I tied one ankle to the bed posts and then looped a rope around Fran’s other ankle.  Pulling on the rope I spread her legs.  She continued to protest so I asked her if she wanted a gag as well.  She gave me a nasty look but stopped talking.

I tied a rope on the link between the handcuffs, looped it through the headboard and tugged pulling her wrists up and forcing her to bend forward.  I told her, “You are going to eat Jan until she comes.”  She began to protest again and Jan tried to twist but I ignored their protests.  While they were distracted I fastened the collar around Fran’s neck.

Fran was wearing a light cotton shirtwaist dress which I rolled up and tucked into the belt leaving her bottom exposed.  Using a scissors I cut off her panties engendering further protest.  I responded by swatting her bare ass and saying, “Did I tell you to eat her?”

Fran realized how exposed she was and stopped her protests, lowering her head and making contact with Jan’s pussy.  I got the distinct impression that this was not unfamiliar territory and soon the only sounds were the slurping sounds Fran was making and the moans that escaped Jan’s gag.  At this point I turned the device to the first position.  That got a little shriek from Fran.

I upped the device to the second position and soon Fran was trying to lift her head and beg for release.  I simply swatted her ass and told her that she wouldn’t cum until after she had made Jan cum.  Fran’s desperate need drove her to dip her head and renew her efforts on Jan.

Now, what happened next wasn’t really part of the plan.  It demonstrates just how weak I am and is nothing to be proud of.  Nevertheless, this was very erotic and I slipped out of my trousers and boxer shorts.  I found that I was very hard as I watched Fran’s ass sway from side to side as she ate the nude Jan’s pussy.  It was really more than a man could be expected to absorb.  In any case, I rolled on a condom and slid into Fran from the rear. 

Needless to say she was already wet.  With her legs spread she wasn’t marvelously tight but she was tight enough.  That combined with her wetness and the heat her pussy generated brought me rapidly towards orgasm.  Fortunately, shortly after I entered Fran, Jan’s body arched in orgasm and I was able to reward Fran with an orgasm.  Feeling a bit of a devil I skipped the third (40 second orgasm) position and went directly to the fourth (overload) level.

With Fran’s pussy spasming around me I came and came and came.  Fran collapsed about the time I completed my orgasm.  Of course her orgasm interrupted eating Jan and as I recovered I could see that she (Jan) was back to more or less normal.  I rook the collar and handcuffs off the unconscious Fran and got dressed.  Then I untied Jan’s right wrist, removed her blindfold and the ball gag and told her, “I think Fran’s convinced now.”

“But aren’t you going to make me cum till I pass out?” Jan whined.

“I think your roommate is convinced now.”  I repeated.  I don’t really know why, but then I leaned over and kissed Jan. I found that I was actually growing quite fond of this woman.  As I left the room I said, “Work on your other wrist and you ought to be able to get free in ten or fifteen minutes.”

I went back to my room, picked up my bags, checked out of the resort and took a cab to the airport.  I couldn’t help thinking that if field work was always as much fun as this I would have to get out of the lab more often.

Six Months Later

Once home I worked on improving the collar.  I changed from a leather dog collar to a metal one that prevented just cutting it off.  Then I moved into production and marketing.  I actually subcontracted the production in several non-incriminating subassemblies and did the final assembly in my home.  Marketing began very slowly over the internet.  At first I had to travel to demonstrate the device but very satisfied customers provided word of mouth recommendations beyond anything I had envisioned.

It was really amazing how many wealthy people (men and women) wanted to control a woman.  I had priced the collar at $300,000 for one and $250,000 each for two or more, thinking that I would be fortunate to sell three or four a year.  In fact I was averaging two or more a month and had become quite wealthy. 

The strange thing was that I hadn’t captured a woman for my own.  At first I had envisioned capturing a harem but had never acted upon the idea.  I told myself that I was too busy building my new business but, in fact, I was a bit squeamish about forced sex.  I still harbored some feelings of guilt about what I had done to Jan and I was quite certain that Fran hadn’t expected to be an active participant in our return engagement.

I suppose that’s why I was so surprised when I opened my front door and found Jan standing there with her purse and a sports bag in hand.  I let her in and asked, “What on earth are you doing here? How did you find me?”

Jan laughed and said, “Oh, please.  You are no James Bond.  When you disappeared I bribed a bellboy to check the hotel records and get me a copy of your bill and your home address.”

That really didn’t answer the ‘what are you doing here question’ but instead of pursuing it I asked if Fran was with her.  Jan smiled and said, “No she is still pissed at you for leaving her with her ankles tied up.”

“Why is she pissed at me?  I untied you and you should have been able to free her in a couple of minutes.” I asked innocently. 

Jan smiled and said, “It was probably because I slipped a vibe into her and wouldn’t let her go until she ate me out again.  Well, I also paddled her ass and made her eat me out three times.” 

I asked, “And that made her pissed at me because?”

Jan laughed and said, “I told her that you were standing behind her and forcing me.  She tries to be the dom all the time anyway.  It was fun to get back at her even if she does still think it was your fault.  Anyhow, this is about you and me, baby.”  As she said this, Jan drew a very large pistol from her bag and pointed it at me.

Now in retrospect I suppose the pistol wasn’t all that large but when it is pointed at you it does seem larger. Jan closed and locked the door behind her.  She waved the gun and told me to take her to my bedroom.  When we got there she told me, “Strip!”

Since I never argue with some one holding a gun on me I stripped.  Now I am no great hunk and, unlike both Jan and Fran, I am not any one’s idea of a sex object.  Stripping in front of a very attractive woman was embarrassing but arousing at the same time.  When I finished stripping I tried to hide my erection but Jan was having none of it.  She ordered me onto the bed on my back and, reaching into her bag tossed me fur lined cuffs with locks on them.  Once I had cuffed and locked my wrists, Jan began roping my wrists to the bed frame.  She did this carefully with one hand tugging the ropes and the other maintaining her aim with the pistol.  Once my arms were useless she set down the gun and roped my ankles to the bed holding me in a tight but not uncomfortable spread eagle. 

Once I was tied down Jan picked up the pistol, took careful aim at my groin and, to my horror tightened her finger on the trigger.  To my consternation a stream of cold water splashed my now flaccid prick.

Jan was laughing now but I, though relieved that I wasn’t in immediate danger, realized that I was still tied down on my bed.  I watched in wonder as she began to undress. Jan asked me, “Do you know what it feels like to be held on the very edge of orgasm and not be allowed to cum?”

I gulped and said something like, “No, not really.”

She said, “Well, you are about to learn. I am going to tease and torment you for a while and then I will give you a chance to give me some straight answers to what happened at the resort.”

I am not stupid and knew that I would wind up telling her what she wanted to know so I said, “Wait.  You don’t need to do that.  I will tell you everything you want to know.”

She smiled at me.  It was a feral smile such as a tiger might give a captured antelope.  Have you ever had a drop dead gorgeous, nude woman stand over your bound body with a feral smile? 

“Oh but that would spoil the fun.  It’s payback time.”  Jan said.

Payback is a b….

Jan took a hose clamp and a screw driver from her purse.  I was afraid I knew exactly what she intended to do and tried not to have an erection.  Jan, however, had other ideas and was softly stroking my testicles.  I resisted as best I could, perhaps three nanoseconds, when she bent over the bed and took me in her mouth.  She was a very talented cock sucker (pardon the language but it really does seem appropriate here) and had me hard in no time.

Jan pulled off with a wet plopping sound and there I was, as hard as I had ever been in my life.  As I had suspected she slid the metal circle of the hose clamp over me.  While she held it snugly at the base of my shaft, she used the screwdriver and began to tighten the clamp.  She made it painfully tight.  There was no way any blood could escape from my engorged member nor was there any way my sperm could rise past that dammed clamp.

“I like a man who stays hard.” Remarked Jan was she stroked my shaft.  Still smiling she climbed on the bed straddled my head, lowered her pussy to my mouth and said, “Get busy.”

When I didn’t instantly respond I felt her gently squeeze my balls.  I realized that I was in no position to negotiate so I ‘got busy’ licking Jan. She rode my mouth until she had cum twice.  Then she slid down my body and inserted me into her.  She was marvelously hot, tight and wet and I was ready to cum in a very few strokes.  Ready but definitely not able.  This was torment as Jan rose and fell on my rigid member.   My testicles reminded me that they urgently needed to send a load of sperm into that hot wet love tunnel.

As you might imagine, Jan, having cum several times at my mouth, took one hell of a long time before achieving a third orgasm. When she did she fell forward pressing her breasts against my chest and kissed me saying, “Mmmm.  That was nice.”

By this time I was begging and I think crying as her pussy tormented my overexcited penis.  In particular when she rose so that her lips were gripping my glans the sensations were overwhelming.

Then she dismounted and lay down on beside of me. She rested her head on my shoulder and wrapped one leg over my thigh.  With a sigh, she appeared to be settling down for a nap.  My groin was still straining for release and I protested, “Hey!  What about me?”

“Oh yes. You…” said Jan.  She climbed off the bed and returned with a ball gag which she forced into my mouth and buckled behind my head.  Apparently all thoughts of sleep had fled because when she climbed back onto me she used her hand to gently stroke my penis.  Fluids from both her orgasms assured plenty of lubrication for her hand.  Of course my body responded with a desperate need to ejaculate which the hose clamp cum cock ring prevented.  I whimpered and got my balls squeezed in response.  Then Jan resumed the gentle stroking.

Eventually she lay down half on top of me and drifted off, exhausted by her three orgasms.  I suppose I could have made noise and twisted about to keep her awake but the last squeeze on my testicles had frightened me.  Remember I was helpless and at this woman’s mercy.  Making her angry by interrupting her nap did not seem like a good idea.

New Arrangements

I must have fallen asleep despite my discomfort because it was some time later when I awoke to an urgent need to cum.  Jan had slid down on the bed and was running her tongue just under the head of my penis.  Then she took it in her mouth and flicked her tongue over the head while sucking with her mouth on the entire head.  In was indescribable.  It was unlimited pleasure but at the same time it was so intense it was painful.  In no time at all she had me whimpering through the gag.  She stopped and removed the gag and said, “Tell me all about it baby.  Tell me about how you did that at the resort.  If you are a good boy I might even let you cum.”

I suppose I should have been heroic and refused to tell her anything but weak and cowardly animal that I am I told her everything.  I told her about the medical research, about how I had adopted it and about the field tests.  Then, when she said “I think there’s more baby.  What happened after you got home?” I told her about revising the design so that it was metal, subcontracting the sub-assemblies and the marketing.  When I was done telling her how much sales were running she smiled at me and said, “That’s a good boy.  I think you have a new partner now.  Come on let’s get you ready to show mommy the workshop.”

She went back to her bag and brought a pair of handcuffs, an adjustable spreader bar and a couple of lengths of rope.  First she opened the spreader bar to its maximum width.  Then she released my ankles from the bed and fastened them to the spreader bar.  Then she had me bend my knees so that my feet were flat on the bed.  Fastening a slip knot around my testicles she tied the rope to the center of the spreader bar so that I couldn’t straighten my legs.  Then she tied a second rope around my testicles to use as a leash.  Only then did she release one wrist from the bed and fasten on the handcuffs.  With one hand tied to the bed and a leash around my testicles I was powerless to resist and she handcuffed my second hand and then released it from the bed.

Tugging the leash around my testicles she got me off the bed and started me awkwardly towards the workshop.  With the line from my testicles to the spreader bar between my ankles holding me in a crouch it was a very awkward and painful walk.  The stairs down from my bedroom proved impossible so she had me sit and, urged by the leash on my balls she slowly tugged me down stairs.  I could just set my feet two steps down and then drop one step down on my ass.  Of course I was continually getting my legs too straight and tugging on my own testicles.

I have to say that there was something strange about all of this.  Jan was laughing at my clumsy waddle and teasing me about how completely she had me controlled and yet none of this was vicious.  Oh sure, she tugged enough to make me move but never really painfully and while I was mad at her, somehow I wasn’t really afraid that she would do something to harm me.  It all seemed like a game, even if I was a reluctant player.  I can’t explain it better that that but Jan just didn’t seem to be dangerous.

Eventually we made it to the workshop.  There were three heavy wooden benches or work tables with sub-assemblies strewn around.  I pointed out the assemblies and how they fitted into the new metal collars (impossible to easily cut off).  I offered to demonstrate a collar on her but Jan wasn’t dumb enough to allow me to regain control.

At least until she asked to see the remote control units and how each one was keyed to an individual collar.  I opened the drawer with the not yet programmed control units and found that I had tossed my stun gun in with the remote controls.  I fumbled around turning on the stun gun and pulling out several remote control transmitters.  The stun gun worked from high capacity capacitors and took several seconds to charge up.  I hoped to hell that the batteries were fresh and fully charged.  Grasping the stun gun I indicated that this was the newest model and turned to hand it to her.  As she approached I saw the green LED light up indicating it was ready and I lunged, jabbing the stun gun onto her breast. I triggered the gun and heard the satisfactory crackle as the full charge zapped into her.  Poor Jan dropped like a stone.

I didn’t know how much time I had, so I moved quickly.  Working with handcuffed wrists was awkward but I managed to get both slip knots off my testicles.  Using the leash rope I secured her right wrist to one of the heavy work benches.  It took several frantic minutes to get the second rope off of the spreader bar.  By the time I had the rope free Jan was trying to get her wrist free.  It was a good thing she had tied slip knots as I don’t know if I could have tied her left wrist with my handcuffed hands if it wasn’t for the slip knot.  In any case I got it around her left wrist.  I pulled this rope around a second work bench high enough so that Jan was half lifted off the floor with her arms fully extended.

I was still handcuffed and locked into the spreader bar.  My best bet at finding the keys was to search Jan’s purse and bag but they were upstairs in the bedroom.  Not wanting to take any chance on her escaping before I freed myself I grabbed a finished collar and locked it around her graceful neck.  Then I programmed a remote to match her collar and turned it on.  She was fully awake by this time and realized her predicament. I turned the setting up to two (just on the edge of but not quite enough to orgasm) and left her.

I won’t bore you with the difficulties in climbing stairs with a spreader bar between my ankles (at least I could stand up fully without that rope around my testicles) or the details of the hunt for the keys.  The key to the locks for the spreader bar was easy to find as she had dropped them into her equipment bag.  The handcuffs were a bit more difficult as she had dropped them into her purse.  I have never understood why women feel the need to carry so much junk in their purses.  Lipstick, compact, eyebrow pencil, address book, rental car keys, hotel key, house keys, small pack of Kleenex, wallet with cash and credit cards, airline tickets, assorted ball point pens, birth control pills, a package of breath mints, two rather old looking sticks of gum and, finally the handcuff key.  It was like a treasure hunt.

Once my hands were free I looked around for the screwdriver to get that damn hose clamp off my penis.  It must have rolled away somewhere because I couldn't find it.  In the end I went back to the workshop and found Jan.  She had managed to get her knees under her but had been unable to reach either loop on her wrists.  She was moaning and obviously in some distress.  I left her moaning while I got one of my screwdrivers and removed the metal band that had held me so tightly.  I turned off the collar and sat down looking at her as she caught her breath and sat back on her heels.  She glared angrily at me.  “Now I suppose you will kidnap me, keep me as a slave and make me serve you sexually.”

Well, in fact that might have been the plan, if I had a plan.  In fact, since Jan had shown up I had been reacting to her and her rather surprising actions.  At the moment I decided to react a bit more, this time to the hours of teasing she had put me through.  I went around behind Jan and lifted her by her hips until she was more or less standing.  With her wrists still fastened to the work benches she was forced to bend forward at the waist.

I couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was but that just inflamed my lust even more, if that was possible.  I slipped my hard member into her inviting pussy and found that the level 2 stimulation had left her decidedly wet.  I gave her a moment to adjust and then began to thrust.  I knew that with the collar turned off she would be able to feel me in her but would get no stimulation at all.  Because of that, I was surprised when I felt her thrusting her ass back at me to match me thrust for thrust.  Since she was getting no stimulation she could only be moving to enhance my enjoyment.  Strange reaction from this rather strange woman.  After all of the stimulation I had been given I didn’t take long and when I came I seemed to spurt gallons into her. 

Finally satiated I thought about her reaction and I decided to learn more about this rather intriguing woman so I said, “Tell me about yourself.”

“Go to hell,” was her response.

Spirited but unwise.  I turned the collar back on at level 2 and soon she was begging to be allowed to cum.  I turned the control up and watched her shake through a couple of orgasms.  “Feeling more talkative?” I asked.

“What do you want to know?”

“Who are you?  Where were you born?  How old are you?  I know you and Fran are intimate but what is your sexual orientation?  Are you involved with anyone else?  Where did you go to school?  What is your job?  Do you have family?  What are your goals?  Why did you track me down?”

Jan looked at me strangely but began to tell me about her.  She was young, 23, and single.  Though she had a sexual relationship with Fran, Jan was bisexual and preferred men.  She had completed college and was an elementary school teacher.  Her family had been small and was pretty much gone except for a younger sister who was living with a distant aunt and still in high school.  I had to draw her out on goals and she didn’t want to talk about why she had followed me.  Of course, a short refresher course at level 1 reminded her that she really had very few options.

Finally I got her to stumble through “I don’t really know why I came.  You seemed like a nice guy and the bondage really turned me on and the sex was fantastic.  I wanted to see if there was anything more.”

So she found the bondage enjoyable and she thought I was a nice guy even after what I had done to her.  Well if she enjoyed it that much, perhaps it was what I had done with her instead of to her.  I asked “Then why the water pistol and the payback session?  It doesn’t seem like the best way to meet a guy.”

She actually blushed when she admitted, “I came all this way and I realized that I didn’t have any idea of how you would react.  I thought it would be fun to be aggressive with you and see how you reacted to being on the other end.  Besides…” she lifted her chin defiantly, “you deserved it.”

Wow!  This was a spirited lady.  I couldn’t help but smile at her response.

Jan looked at me and asked, “What are you going to do with me?”

“I think I will make you clean and cook for me.  I will keep you more or less constantly in some sort of bondage or another.  Not to harm you but because you actually enjoy it and you look so dam n good in my ropes.  In the evenings I will take you to my bed and tease you until you beg for release and then make you serve me in all sorts of nasty but sexy ways.  I thought of keeping you nude because I do enjoy looking at your beautiful body but that might be impractical if you are cooking.  Perhaps I can find a clear plastic apron to protect you without obscuring my vision.”

“So you are going to keep me as a prisoner,” she said.

I reached over and unfastened the collar from her neck.  As I began to untie her wrists I said, “No, I don’t want a prisoner. I want a partner.  I told you what I would do to you if you stay but you are free to go if you want.”

Jan looked at me and said, “But I thought the collar was your fantasy.  To be able to control any woman at the flick of a switch.”

I laughed ruefully and said, “Yes it was a fantasy.  A lovely but childish fantasy.  I want to control you Jan but I want it to be me that controls you.  I guess it’s OK for a dominant who has a harem and needs to be able to control all of them but that’s not me.  I am only interested in one woman.  I want it to be my hands, my lips, my cock that control you.  Oh, I will use ropes and perhaps a dildo or a vibrator but an electric switch is just too impersonal for me.”

“And as far as the prisoner goes, I don’t want to be a jailer.  I want to tie you and play with you but I don’t want to have to count the kitchen knives after each meal.  No, I don’t know if you want to stay, but if you do it will have to be your choice.  We will be partners but I will be the dominant one and you will have to be my little sub.  I will tie you and play with you and if you give me trouble I will turn you over my lap and spank you.”

Jan said, “And you will keep me tied up and nude all of the time?”

“Well, I guess that could be negotiable.” I laughed.  “I suppose I could get one of those French Maid outfits.  You know, the parody of a real one, with a low cut bodice showing plenty of cleavage and a really short skirt that flashes your buns every time you bend over.”

Jan was laughing when she said, “Why you pervert.  I suppose you will want gauze harem pants with no crotch and an open vest.”

“Great idea!” I said.  “You see you are already being useful.”

Jan picked up the two ropes that I had dropped when I let her free.  She handed them to me and said, “I must be nuts.  Here, you promised to keep me in bondage.”  Then she turned around and placed her arms behind her back.

Sealing the Deal

I pulled Jan’s elbows together.  They didn’t quite meet but her shoulders were pulled back forcing her lovely breasts to thrust forward invitingly.  While I was fastening her elbows and cinching the ropes she reminded me that we were both nude by reaching back and fondling my testicles.  For a moment I wondered if I should turn away, remembering her rough treatment of those same orbs so recently.  Then I decided that a partnership required trust from both partners.  Jan was giving me herself when she allowed me to tie her.  I could do no less so instead of pulling away I thrust my groin against her hands.  Jan moaned appreciatively.

When her elbows were secure I tied and cinched her wrists.  Then I looped rope around each of her lower thighs just above her knees.  I couldn’t help noticing that even her knees, an often ungainly, rather knobby, joint, were… well, cute.  With the ropes in place I had her lie face down and bent her legs bringing her heels up to her very attractive buns.  I tied her ankles to her upper thighs cinching the ropes tightly.

Rolling her over I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the living room.  She was so light I felt as though I could carry her all day.  Well that’s probably the adrenaline talking.  I know my limitations, but the point is she was quite light and easy to carry.  I couldn’t help notice that there was a fresh effusion of moisture at her groin suggesting that being tied had aroused her.

I set her down with her buns resting on the front edge of the couch and let her body lean back toward the rear.  Her hands, though bound at wrist and elbow, supported her.  Lifting her foot to the very edge of the couch I used the line from above her knee to hold that leg to one side.  Repeating this with the other rope I soon had her resting on the couch with her legs spread wide, the soles of her feet almost touching just below the edge of the couch and her body leaning back on her hands.

I almost leapt at her pussy but decided that if I was going to abandon the electrical device I had better pay attention to all of this lovely woman and not just her sex.  Now I know that all of this woman means more, oh much more, than all of her body, but we had already had a bit of a ‘who are you’ session and now I meant to learn every bit of the body before me.

I began by kissing the tip of her nose.  She had been staring intently at me as I leaned forward and at one point her eyes crossed.  She shook her head and I laughed as we both realized what had happened.  I held her cheeks and gently kissed her eyelids.  Then, fisting my hand in her hair I turned her head and gently nibbled at an earlobe.  I kissed her ear and gently followed my kiss with a soft breath.  Then I worked my way down her jaw line.  Pulling her head back exposed her neck which looked long and graceful.  I kissed my way down it and then along her collarbone.

While doing this I removed my hands from her hair and gently stroked down the side of her breasts.  Ah, yes.  Her breasts.  You knew I would get there didn’t you.  I don’t know why I loved her breasts so but I did.  They weren’t particularly large and their shape seemed to change as I moved her body.  When she had been bent forward between the work benches they hung away from her body like two ripe fruits, luscious and sweet, begging to be taken.  Now with her body leaning back you could not see where they began.  The flesh sloped smoothly from just under her shoulders becoming fuller as my eyes descended to her areolas and nipples which were both crinkled and hard.  Immediately below these brown islands her breasts curved back toward her body revealing a fullness that ached to be touched and fondled.

I stroked my hands down her side and then brought them under her lovely breasts to cup and hold them.  Gently I squeezed while I let my fingers glide across her turgid nipples.  I kissed down the center of her chest between her breasts but had to divert my mouth to first one and then the other nipple.  I suckled her nipples while fondling her breasts.  Jan pushed forward as much as she could pressing her breasts against my mouth and begged me “Harder!  Oh please, squeeze them harder.”

I responded squeezing harder with my hands as my tongue flicked back and forth over each nipple.  Eventually I returned to little butterfly kisses down her body.  Leaning back, as she was, her stomach was flat.  Her belly button was ticklish and she responded to my inserting my tongue with a little shiver.  Then I slowly moved down over her slightly rounded abdomen to the very top of her slit.  Her outer lips were slightly swollen with her arousal and the darker color of her inner folds glistened with the fluids she was producing.  Her aroma was succulent and it took all of my will power to move away to her inner thighs splayed open by my ropes.

I began at one knee and slowly kissed nipped and licked until I was just barely touching the outsides of her outer lips.  Then I moved over to the other leg and repeated myself.  Jan was moaning, begging and I think cursing but I paid no attention to anything but the body before me.

Eventually I reached her center and plunged my tongue into her.  I lapped at her sweet nectar licking inside her with my tongue as my lips sucked against her.  After a while her moans raised me to a frenzy and I slid by tongue up her slit until I found the hard bud of her inflamed clitoris.  I laved at that for a couple of passes with my tongue and than clamped my lips around her clit and lashed at the very tip with rapid little strokes.  Jan exploded under me and came in a gush that dribbled down my chin.  I thought of moving my mouth down to lap at her but decided that continuing to lash at her clit was the best way to prolong her orgasm.

Eventually I moved back and watched her.  She was so marvelous in the throes of orgasm.  Finally she came down with little shudders or aftershocks coursing through her body.  She looked at me and said, “That was marvelous.”

I laughed and said, “Well probably not as good as the device would have done…”

Jan interrupted me saying, “No!  No!  That was better.  The collar is perfect mechanically but that had passion and was way better.”

Well, I don’t know if I fully believed her but what man doesn’t want to be told how great he is at sex?  At any rate I realized that Jan’s current position would be very awkward at relieving my need unless I wanted to settle for a blow job.  Now, don’t misunderstand me.  Oral sex is great and Jan had already shown that she had great talent (or perhaps, less charitably, lots of experience) with her mouth.  But I wanted to feel myself in her so I untied her knees and pulled her forward onto me as I lay back on the floor.  It was a bit awkward but I managed to lift her enough to get my tip into her very wet pussy and, sliding her down, I managed to insert myself fully.

I paused for a moment with one hand wrapped around her back holding us together and the other resting on one cheek of her ass.  I was wondering how I was going to manage this when Jan began to move her hips, sort of rolling them, stroking me part way out of her and then back into her depths.  It was marvelous to feel that hot wet grip sliding over my penis. Despite having cum in her while we were in the workshop I felt my testicles tighten and warned her, “You are so marvelous I don’t think I will be able to last much longer.”

At that point this rather surprising woman surprised me once more.  She slid her hips down so that I was fully in her and then she clamped her pussy tight over the base of my cock.  She must have been exercising down there because I had never felt a pussy grip me like that.  I saw her smile down at me and she said, “Oh, I think I can prolong you for a while.”

Now in truth I was enjoying what she was doing and wouldn’t have minded letting her continue.  I did think, however, that Jan needed a lesson in who made the decisions in a dominant/submissive relationship.  I took the hand that had been fondling her ass and used it to rake my finger nail along the sole of her foot which, you will recall was still held by her ankle to upper thigh rope.

The reaction was instantaneous.  Jan squealed, lost all of her concentration and wiggled.  I could feel her pussy lose its grip and I was filled with delightful sensations as her wiggles caused all sorts of movement of her pussy on my penis.

Jan shrieked “No Fair!” and then dissolved in giggles as I continued to run my fingernail over the sole of her foot.  Of course all of this movement brought me to a very satisfactory orgasm in no time at all.  As I began to spurt into her I relented and brought my hand back up to her ass.  I finished spurting about the same time that Jan regained her breath.

“You are a tricky son of a gun.”  I couldn’t help thinking that she was pretty tricky herself but I remained silent as I didn’t want her to know how much I was enjoying her little tricks.

We lay there for a bit until Jan asked, “Master, do you think one day we could invite Fran to visit?”

“Sure, why not?”

Jan said, “Well you know how dominant she is and how she doesn’t much like men.”

“Yes.” I said waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Jan said, “Well, if we make her walk around in front of you nude we will probably have to use a collar to control her.  Would that be O.K. master?”

I could imagine just what Jan was planning for Fran.  Still it would be fun when it happened.  But that’s a story for another day.