The Burglar
by Sir Richard

Business Trips

Jack and I were occasional lovers though we were both more or less happily married to other people.† We both worked for the same company, he in marketing and me in legal, and our affair had begun quite by accident on a business trip.† After a long day of meetings we had been working on cleaning up contract language for what would hopefully be tomorrowís final meeting and signing of the contract.† We had finished work and were having a drink from the mini-bar and had flipped on the television to catch the late news.† I donít even remember whose room it was.

Through some twist of fate the hotel TV came on with a very explicit, very hot X rated movie featuring mild B&D.† Neither of us reacted at first but both of us were so turned on that we wound up having sex.† Later we shared a few awkward moments and then opened up to each other.† We both loved our spouses and our families but were unsatisfied with our sex lives.† Jackís wife would have nothing to do with B&D and only enjoyed what she called "normal" or straight missionary position vanilla sex.† For my part Tom, my husband, was a little, but not much, more adventurous.† He would play with my breasts and their nipple rings but had no use for what he considered "deviant" sex.† He had tried tying me to the bed at my request but was turned off by what he called a "rape" scenario (even though it was what I was begging him to do) and had never been willing to go that route again.

After our first frenzied encounter Jack and I admitted to each other that we were both turned on by B&D but not into S&M.† We agreed that the sex between us, fueled by the mild B&D in the movie had been pretty incredible.†† Since Jack was the companyís top contract negotiator and I was the best contract attorney we found ourselves thrown together, on out of town business trips, several times a year.† Over time we collected some toys which he concealed but invariably brought on our trips.† Each trip was a chance for hot B&D sex with no longer term complications.

On the night in question we had been to dinner with the clientís people and we were all supposed to go to a concert to which Jack had bought tickets.† Unfortunately there was a fire at the concert hall and we were unable to go in.† After chatting with the clientís people for a few minutes we all decided to just call it a night.† I think the clientís people were pleased to be able to catch earlier trains home and, of course, Jack and I didnít mind an early evening retreat to his hotel suite for a night of B&D fun and hot sex.

An Unexpected Visitor

We entered Jackís suite to find the lights on but thought noting of it.† That is we thought nothing of it until a man, having heard us in the living room, came out of the bedroom with a very large gun in his hand.

"You two werenít supposed to be home for hours." He said.† "Didnít you like the concert?"

"It was canceled," Jack replied.† "Who are you and what are you doing in my room?"

The man smiled and said, "I would have thought that was obvious.† I am a burglar and I was going through your stuff to see what you had that was worth stealing."

The entire scene was surreal and as I looked at the gun in his hand, I asked "What are you going to do with us?"

"He smiled again and said "Well I am not going to hurt you unless you do something foolish.† I am only here to steal, not to injure anyone.† I guess I will have to tie you up though to keep you out of the way until I can make my get away."

"Now just a minute," Jack said stepping protectively in front of me.

The burglar stopped smiling and pointed the gun, which he had been casually waving about, at Jack.† "I said, donít do anything foolish.† Now get into the bedroom."

Jack and I moved into the bedroom where we found Jackís luggage in disarray including our bondage toys that were strewn over the bed.† "Take off your jacket, tie and shirt." He said to Jack.

"Why?" asked Jack.

"Because I can search your clothes after you are tied.† It will be easier if you are not wearing them.† In any case you donít really get to question what I tell you.† Now get them off and toss them onto the bed."

Jack complied as the burglar picked up a pair of handcuffs from the bed.† He handed them to me.† When Jack was bare to the waist he told me "Cuff his hand behind him.† And you had better make certain they are tight or I am going to be getting very nasty."

Once I had cuffed Jack he made me kneel against the wall on the far side of the bed and had Jack stand facing the wall while he checked the cuffs.† When satisfied he had me come over and handed me a penis gag that Jack and I liked.† Under his orders I put it into Jackís mouth and buckled it tightly behind his head.† Then he had me kneel in front of Jack and remove his shoes and socks.

It was when he told me "Finish stripping him." that Jack tried to move away.† He simply pushed Jack forward again and said "Do you want to watch me beat your girlfriend or are you going to do as you are told?"

I saw Jackís shoulders slump in resignation as he moved back before me.† I was still on my knees and reached up to unbuckle Jackís belt.† Once I had Jack completely nude the burglar moved a chair with arms from behind the desk to the open space in the middle of the bedroom floor.

Jack is Bound

The burglar made Jack sit on the forward edge of the chair and had me lift his cuffed wrists over the back of the chair.† Now Jack was leaning back so that his shoulders touched the top of the chairís back.† Taking two of our ropes from the bed he had me tie a line from the links between the cuffs to the crossbar near the bottom of the legs.† He had me run another line across Jackís chest around the back of the chair.† After knotting, the ends of the ropes were led over the top of the chair, back through Jackís armpits and tied off solidly welding Jackís shoulders to the top of the chair back.

Next he had me lift Jackís legs over the arms of the chair spreading his legs obscenely wide.† Though we were both afraid of what this crook would do to us we couldnít help responding to the bondage.† I could feel my nipples harden and a bit of moisture in my groin and, as Jack watched me handle his thighs and legs he grew semi-erect.† The burglar had me tie Jackís ankles to the rear legs of the chair holding him exposed and spread.

While I was completing Jackís bondage under his watchful eye, the burglar rifled through Jackís pants and jacket removing all of the cash from his wallet.† Then he turned to me and said "Your turn now.† Stand in front of him and strip.† Make it slow and sexy."

My Turn

I blushed but didnít see any point in arguing and unzipped my dress.† I had anticipated being with Jack that night so Iíd worn my sexiest underwear, a dark blue lacy demi-bra and high cut matching lacy panties.† As with most sexy lingerie it wasnít particularly comfortable and I was almost happy to take it off.† Almost!† I didnít really want a stranger seeing my pierced nipples or neatly shaved groin.† Still I had no choice and slowly revealed myself to both Jack and the burglar.

It was very embarrassing.† The burglar gestured at the bed and said "I guessed you two were into kinky stuff but didnít expect nipple rings and a shaved pussy.† You are a very sexy woman."

I think my blush must have deepened about three shades and I was very aware of how turgid and stiff my nipples were,† I didnít know where to look but glancing down saw that Jack was as erect as I had ever seen him.† Despite out current situation I guess I was secretly pleased to know that Jack found me sexy as well.

When I lifted my eyes I saw him holding our second set of handcuffs.† "Your turn," he said gesturing for me to turn around.† I complied with his instruction and brought my wrists behind my back.† After cuffing my hands behind me, the burglar took several lengths of rope from the ones in Jackís luggage and had me kneel in front of Jack.† I couldnít take my eyes off of Jackís rigid cock and despite my fear, I felt myself growing wet.

"Take his cock into your mouth," was the next command.†

Jack and I had enjoyed oral sex so this wasnít repulsive but the order was so unexpected that I said something like "Huh?"

The burglar repeated his command and grabbed a fist full of my hair to push my head down.† I opened my mouth and slid over Jackís penis.† Then the burglar grabbed my jaw and forced it as wide open as possible.† Holding my jaw wide he used his other hand to stuff Jackís testicles into my mouth.† Jack, despite the fear we both felt, moaned appreciatively as my tongue swirled around his scrotum pulling his testicles further into my mouth.† It was a very strange feeling.† The front of my mouth was stuffed full with a hard penis and two testicles while the rear of my mouth was being jabbed with the tip of his rigid penis.† The burglar looped a belt under my jaw and twice around my head and pulled.† I was afraid he was going to force me to bite Jack, but he just buckled the belt over my head holding my mouth tightly around Jackís most sensitive parts.†

I couldnít seem to find a comfortable position for my tongue which kept moving around inside my mouth.† One moment it was under Jacks balls, the next it was touching the end of his rigid penis and then it was between his scrotum and the underside of his penis laving at the sensitive flesh.† I also found that with my mouth so full I was constantly salivating and that as I swallowed to clear my mouth I was involuntarily creating suction.† With my tongue continuing in motion and my swallowing Jackís moans increased and he soon spurted into my mouth.† I found that even when he grew soft I couldnít stop my tongue from licking and moving about my mouth and soon Jack began to grow turgid once again.

While I was occupied with the sensations from my mouth the burglar pulled my knees back and apart until my torso was parallel to the floor.† This forced me to overbalance so that my forehead was pressed against Jacks belly.† I was so far over extended that I couldnít have straightened up even if the belt hadnít held my mouth firmly closed around Jack.† Not yet satisfied the burglar crossed and tied my ankles.† Now I was balanced like a tripod on my wide spread knees and my head against Jack.†

I donít think I would have been able to move without assistance but the burglar hadnít finished yet.† I felt some fumbling at my breasts which were hanging straight down from my chest.† Then there was a forward pull.† With my face pressed against Jackís belly and groin, I couldnít see what was happening but it was fairly obvious from the tugs I felt.† The SOB had tied my nipple rings under the chair, probably to the rear legs so that I couldnít move back without pulling at my nipples.† I was really immobile.

Fun and Games

Jack and I remained in our strained bondage positions while the burglar finished his search of Jackís luggage and my purse.† I couldnít control my tongue or my swallow reaction and Jack was moaning through his gag almost continually.† I lost count of how many times he came in my mouth though there was less semen each time until his orgasms seemed almost painfully dry.

Then the burglar came back into the room and, standing behind me said "This really turns you on doesnít it?"† I realized that with my legs spread as they were my pussy must have been very exposed from the rear and that the moisture that I had felt was evidently visible.† I didnít think I could be more embarrassed but I felt myself flush and knew that I must be blushing again.

The burglar said "I can see by the cum dripping out of the corner of your mouth that he must have come several times.† That hardly seems fair that he has all the fun.† Let me see what I can do to arrange some fun for you."

Both Jack and I made grunting noises indicating that we really didnít want any more Ďfuní but he ignored us and rooted around in Jackís toy bag.† When he came back he knelt beside the chair to show me what he had found.† First he held up a medium sized butt plug and smiled at me.† Then he held up our bunny vibrating dildo.†

Jack and I had bought it as a joke and used it occasionally on these trips.† Basically it was a long green plastic vibrating dildo with a leaping rabbit near the base.† The rabbit was attached to the dildo by his rear paws and was leaping forward and down so that his long plastic ears stuck out forward.† When properly applied the ears slipped onto either side of my clitoris gripping it and transmitting the vibrations to it while the main body of the dildo stirred me from the inside.

My grunts got louder but he had already slipped around behind me.† First he forced the butt plug into my pussy stretching it wide but mercifully lubricating the plug.† He then forced it into my anus.† It wasnít the biggest butt plug I had ever seen but it was substantial enough to make me feel stretched and full.†

Then he inserted the dildo into my pussy.† He was fairly gentle with the toys but I continued my muffled grunts of protest, knowing what was coming.† What was coming was me.† That nasty burglar decided to ensure that my clit was as turgid as possible by bringing me off by hand.† He moved the dildo in and out of me with one hand while playing with my clit with the other.† When I came I shuddered and jerked causing the ropes to pull my nipples and again stimulating Jack to full rigidity in my mouth.

While I was still in a sexual haze, the burglar rotated the dildo and got the bunny into position.† Carefully holding the tip of my clit with one hand he pushed the ears on either side at the base.† I knew from experience that the stimulation would keep my clit turgid and enlarged and the bunny ears wouldnít slip off.

Satisfied with the positioning, the burglar wrapped a rope around my waist and used it to form a crotch strap holding the butt plug and the dildo in place.

He said "I will put the ĎMaid Serviceí sign on the door so that housekeeping will open the door and find you relatively early tomorrow morning.† In the interim I will get out of town.† You two kids have fun."

I realized that tomorrow morning there was a significant risk that, once the maid discovered us and called security, the entire story would come out causing problems with our families and possibly causing us to be fired.† I didnít reflect on that very long however because as he headed for the door with his loot the burglar turned on the vibrator.† My pussy began to churn, the vibrations moved the butt plug in my anus and the ears began work on my clit.† I shrieked around Jackís balls and cock and began to helplessly jerk back and forth.† There were sharp tugs on my nipples that should have been painful but somehow just added to the sensation of sexual stimulation and all rational though fled my mind.† I lost count of how many times I came and can not describe how painful the constant stimulation of my clit was.† Painful, but somehow arousing as it brought me back up to a new sexual peak.† My cries and tongue and swallowing kept arousing Jack as well.† Mercifully the batteries gave out somewhere in the early morning hours and Jack and I both fell unconscious in a sexual stupor that could have passed for sleep.† We were still there in the rigid bondage when the maid found us in the morning.