Sue Lee
by Sir Richard

Lady Kathleen

I stood with my back to the wall on the hinge side of the door. Nervously, I rechecked my equipment once again. In my hands I held the sack, hanging from my belt were a rubber ball with a cord through it and a length of rope. A longer rope was coiled an in my pocket. I was going to kidnap Lady Kathleen, the wife of Lord Edward, who was the damned Englishman that ruled this part of my beloved Ireland. My name is Sean O’Kelly, and I admit to being a bit of rouge, but I am also an Irish patriot.

When she entered the door hid my presence and I was pleased to see she had her hands filled with books. I pushed the door shut with my butt and pulled the sack down over her head. Then I whipped the shorter rope around her neck, tying it swiftly. It wasn’t going to be there long. By this time she had dropped the books and raised her hands to grasp the rope that was now holding the sack over her head.

My left hand reached around her and grasped her nose through the material. She opened her mouth and my right hand pushed the sacking and ball in behind her teeth. Blind and gagged her hands fumbled for the cord holding the gag while I removed the neck rope. The gag rope prevented her from removing the sack. I turned her around and pressed her against the wall while she made muffled ‘muphing’ sounds. Holding her against the wall with my body I captured her hands and used what had been the neck rope to tie them, with her wrists crossed, behind her back.

Now I used the longer rope to fashion a noose around her neck and to lead her to my lair. I bent near her ear and whispered, “You’re mine now, M’Lady. You husband can’t help you and his soldiers will not be able to find you. You had best not lag lest this rope choke you. I would hate to drag you over the rough stones behind my horse but I will if you fight me.”

Bound, gagged and sightless she stumbled behind me as we twisted and turned away from her estate and along the mountain paths. She was a sensible woman and realized that she could do nothing but obey. At least until we reached my abode.

There I removed the gag and sack. She remained docile as she looked about and took in her surroundings, but became quite agitated as I opened a button on the blouse she wore. Although I knew she was embarrassed by the very thought of being undressed, I asked, “What’s the matter, Lady Kathleen?”

She blushed prettily as she said, “Please sir, no man has ever seen me unclothed.”

I continued with her buttons as I responded, “Sure and what manner of nonsense is this? You being a married woman and all, M’Lady, not some child.”

In the arrogant manner of the English upper classers she responded, “My husband is a gentleman. He doesn’t enter my chambers until I am in my night clothes and under the bedding.”

This irritated me and I was a bit harsher when I said, “What English stupidity that would be! If what you say is true, Lord Edward is a greater fool than I had thought. Woman was designed by God and their bodies are works of art to be seen and admired.”

Her blouse was off her shoulders and sliding down her arms. Her skirt followed, pooling at her feet. I began on her undergarments, saying a bit more gently, “While you remain with me M’Lady, your bare skin will be your nightclothes. Aye and your day dress as well.”

I spun her about and tied her elbows together so that I could release her wrists and complete the removal of her clothes. Then I retied her wrists, which was a bit of overkill perhaps, and turned her to face me again. The ropes on her elbows had forced her shoulders back and thrust her breasts proudly forward. She was absolutely gorgeous and I told her so.

She had a pretty face, reddish brown hair, green eyes, lovely pale skin dotted with freckles. Kathleen had a beautiful figure with ample breasts, a slim waist and broad round hips made to bear children, and an ass that was just perfect. Her legs were nicely shaped and seemed to stretch for miles.

Kathleen had been silent digesting what I had said while I finished stripping her but now seeing my gaze blushed and tried to twist away. I held her while I looked in awe at her perfect body. I appreciated the slope of her shoulder, the line of her neck, the contour of a collar bone, the sharp edge of a shoulder blade and the taper of the smooth skin of her back. I won’t apologize for that love of her form.

I pulled her to my bed. She fought, but ineffectually, as I forced her onto my bed so she was lying on her bound hands. I decided the simplest tie would be best to begin our relationship. I spread her legs and tied her ankles to the sides of the bed at the foot. Only then did I release her wrists and elbows. In a few moments these were tied to the upper corners of the bed and Kathleen was spread for the taking.

The woman knew she couldn’t escape by force but she had wits and she tried to discourage me as best as she could. She said, “My husband won’t ransom me if I have been despoiled.”

I laughed and asked, “And who will tell him? Not I, M’Lady. And not, I wager, you. If he found out he would throw you out on the street and call you a trollop.”

She and I both knew that no matter how unfair it would be to blame her for what was going to happen, that was exactly what would happen. English society would demand it. No great lord would keep a woman who had been with another man. The English nobility might like to keep their noses in the air but the weight of a cuckold’s horns would be too much to bear.

Kathleen tried another tack, “But I am fertile and could not hide a child if you plant one.”

By now I had undressed and was climbing onto the bed. I said, “Have you not heard that it’s a wise child that knows his father? If you wind up with child you can tell your husband how viral and manly he is. From what I understand half the kings of England have been born on the wrong side of theblanket.”

Kathleen knew she was lost but couldn’t resist a parting shot, “You sir, are no gentleman!”

I don’t know why I even bothered talking to her but I did find the Lady Kathleen charming. She had wit as well as beauty and despite her resistance and apparent anger, I found myself charmed by the woman. She was something special, so different from the usual run of subservient woman. I held her head and kissed her beginning with her nose and then her lips, moving on to nibble at her ear and then kiss the junction of her jaw and neck and continued to work my way down her neck.

Between kisses I responded, “That depends on your point of view M’Lady. You English come to Ireland uninvited and seize our lands, our cattle and crops and, yes, our women as well. You do all this with no more justification than force of arms. We Irish have learned to play your game. We don’t have armies to meet you in the field now, but that day will come. For now I take the Lady Kathleen by force just as you armies have taken from us. You are a rare beauty but you are more than that. You are a jewel among women and I have stolen that jewel from the bloody, thrice dammed English.”

I don’t know what she thought at my having listened to her and responding as though she was more than a mere woman. Indeed I had responded as though she was an equal intellect, which I am certain was not how she was treated in polite society. In truth I didn’t care what she thought at the moment because lust was consuming me. I had reached the base of that long graceful neck and was kissing the smooth slope of her shoulder. I ran a finger down the underside of her arm and across the bottom of her breast. She jerked as I took my weight on my elbows and began to fondle her breasts. Surely even the English lords had enough sense to know how to arouse their women.

Yet it seemed not, as each thing I did seemed to be a new experience to her. When I let my forefinger brush across her nipple, she gave a surprised cry and when I lowered my mouth to kiss, lick and suck on her nipple she moaned. I could smell the musky odor of her arousal as I shifted my mouth to her other nipple.

I decided to see just how responsive this woman could be. After a bit, I moved my kisses down her stomach and over her abdomen to her mound. Sure enough I found her labia turgid and inflamed and her slit wet with the juices of her arousal.

As I did this Kathleen asked, “What are you doing?” and as my tongue slid into her she cried out “Oh no! That’s unnatural.”

Of course I ignored her and continued to lick and suck and even gently nip at that delicate flesh. At some point her moans became incoherent and I slid my tongue up her slit to find that marvelous pearl. I licked at her clit and she exploded under me with a scream. I was glad that I had placed my hands on her hips because her thrashing would surely have broken my nose.

“What did you do to me?” she asked weakly after the orgasm had subsided. Could it be that her husband was too stupid to give her orgasms? Was she really wondering what had happened? Every milk maid and bar girl knew how to pleasure herself. Could these stupid nobles really be that ignorant? It really didn’t matter as I went back to work arousing her once again. She protested weakly but I ignored her and brought her to what I judged to be the edge of a second orgasm. Then I lifted myself off her.

She protested again but this time she was telling me not to stop. By this time I was too needy to go back to eating her. I worked my way up and as I poised my penis at her entrance I said, “I wouldn’t want to do anything unnatural, M’Lady.”

At that point further discussion was superfluous and I slid into her. I surprised myself as I thought I was going to thrust into her but found the sensations so exquisite that I slowly (and rather gently) slid down. She was well lubricated but tight and hot. She moaned as I reached full insertion and then raised her hips up as though to hold me when I backed away. In two or three strokes we established a rhythm with her thrusting her hips up each time I slid into her. I had intended this to be fast and hard but somehow found myself making slow gentle almost romantic love to this woman.

Her moans were constant and I knew that I couldn’t hold off much longer. For some reason I felt very tender towards this woman and was about to move a hand to play with her clit to bring her along when she had her second orgasm. Well, that did it for me. Her cries and the tightness of her pussy set me off and I pumped my sperm into her. I remembered to take my weight on my elbows as we both fell back toward the bed.

I said something like, “I took you for ransom, M’Lady but you are so magnificent I may never let you out of my bed.”

Kathleen gave a low throaty chuckle and said, “That would be a great idea, stud, but I have a paper due Monday and have to spend some time in the library tomorrow.”

And just like that we slid from 17th century Ireland to today in Southern California. Kathleen and I were both students attending USC and living in a rented off-campus apartment. The sack that I had discarded reverted to being a pillow case and the rubber ball with cord became a commercially produced medium sized ball gag.

Kathleen was an exchange student from Ireland attending school on a grant from an Irish company that wanted to employ her after graduation. She was intelligent, as you might expect from an exchange student. She was also smart (which is quite different from intelligent), clever, and feisty. She held strong opinions, deferred to no one, and wasn’t shy in expressing them.

She didn’t much like the English in Northern Ireland and had a real hatred of the Orangemen who marched into the Catholic slums each year. She maintained that the marches were not to commemorate battles fought six hundred years ago but to stir trouble and misery. At the same time, while she wanted the English out and Ireland united again, she had no patience with the IRA or the ‘troubles’. She understood their aims but felt the tactics of random violence were unforgivable.

I didn’t agree with all of her views but found her sharp wit and mind to be almost as big an attraction as her body. Well, I did say almost. For all her feisty behavior and strong opinions Kathleen was kind and generous.

One of the reasons Kathleen and I got along so well was her desire to be held in bondage when we had sex. Her fantasies revolved around one Sean O’Kelly, a he-man from the wild parts of Ireland who was somewhere between a bandit and a warrior chieftain. I never knew if he was a real man, a legend, or just a creation of her fantasies, but apparently O’Kelly was continually raiding against neighboring estates, villages, and towns. Of course when raiding the estates he would steal off with Lady Kathleen tied behind his horse. In towns and villages he might steal Kathleen the mayor’s wife or Katie the serving girl from the inn.

Of course all of these women resisted being abducted and Sean (whose part was played by me in our little role plays) would have to tie them tightly and drag them off to his lair in the wilds (which looked suspiciously like our bedroom). Once there he would remove their clothing bit by bit while enjoying each new bit of flesh revealed. When the women had been divested of their clothes he would rope them to his bed and play with their bodies until their curses had turned to moans and begging. Occasionally a woman more resistant might even require a bit of (mild, very mild) corporal punishment before succumbing to his charms.

These abductions, bondage and forced sex sessions were a game we played for many nights. Kathleen apparently had always had these abduction and rape fantasies and never tired of playing at it. To tell the truth, I was little bothered by the rape aspect, but Kathleen convinced me that playing out her fantasies wasn’t really rape and I, well I, being a guy, enjoyed both her body and the sex.

Now even with a voracious appetite for sex Kathleen wasn’t perfect. Her red hair was a true indicator of her temper. Kathleen could ‘get her Irish up’ rapidly and forcefully. Still, even with her temper she was a marvelous woman and a wonderful partner and I realized how lucky I was to be the Sean O’Kelly of her games. I was frankly besotted with her.

What, you might wonder, does all of the above have to do with Sue Lee? The answer is absolutely nothing. Except, that it might explain why I, a reasonably intelligent and normal, if somewhat dominant, man went along with Kathleen and Sue Lee when Sue Lee was abducted...

Mai Ng

Unlike Kathleen, Sue Lee was born and bred in the United States. I don’t know why she and Kathleen became such friends, except, perhaps, that both women had been raised in cultures very foreign to the normal, relatively hedonistic, flow of college life in Southern California. Sue Lee had been raised in a tightly closed oriental family while Kathleen came from a tightly closed Irish Catholic family.

Whatever the reason was, the two women became strong friends and spent a fair amount of time together. They also became part time lovers. This didn’t matter to me though at first I was afraid it was a negative comment by Kathleen on my performance. I asked her about it and she responded, “No, as a lover you are…adequate.”

Talk about damming with faint praise. My reaction must have shown on my face, because Kathleen couldn’t keep from laughing as she said, “Relax lover. Massage that male ego of yours. You rarely give me less than two orgasms, I love your ropes and you fulfill all my fantasies. It’s just that sometimes it is fun to play on the other team.”

Of course I asked if she had checked out Sue Lee’s history considering all the AIDS and STDs. My feisty little red head made it known that she wasn’t stupid except perhaps in her choice of men. Given that I had already put my foot in my mouth, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to ask if I could watch them together.

All of that is background to the Wednesday I came home from a class to find Kathleen digging around in our shared desk, looking for the key to Sue Lee’s apartment. Since I knew her class schedule as well as mine I asked her, “What’s up? Shouldn’t you be in a lecture about now?”

Kathleen said, “There is something funny going on. Sue Lee didn’t show up for our coffee date this morning and then she missed class. When I stopped by her place, a strange woman opened the door, said Sue Lee wasn’t ‘available’ and then slammed the door in my face. I’m going back and check it out. Want to come with me?”

Well, I would rather cum with Kathleen than go with her, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen just then. If Kathleen thought something was funny with Sue Lee, she wasn’t going to be diverted until she checked it out. Since I always preferred her company to hitting the books, I went along.

When we got to Sue Lee’s place, Kathleen used her key to let us in. I have to admit that things looked strange. There was a big section of plastic pipe on the living room floor along with what appeared to be some bondage items and some hardware things. We could hear some sort of noise in the bedroom and Kathleen went off in that direction. Since I didn’t want to walk in to Sue Lee’s bedroom unannounced, I stopped to see if I could figure out what all the hardware things were intended to do.

Kathleen called out, “Sue Lee?”

The noises in the bedroom changed and I heard someone, it later turned out to be Sue Lee, call out, “Help!”

Kathleen disappeared into the bedroom and the next thing I heard was a crash and then sounds of a scuffle. I ran over to the bedroom and saw Kathleen on the floor with a nude woman twisting her arm. At the same time I saw a nude Sue Lee spread eagled and tied on her bed. I rather stupidly called out, “Hey, what’s going on here?”

The nude, who was on top of Kathleen, turned her head, saw me and apparently decided that I was a greater threat than Kathleen. She let go of the arm she had been holding, rose to her feet and, without pause spun around and launched a kick at me. I doubled over from the force of the kick and the woman grabbed my hair as she launched a knee at my face.

I was pulling sideways to get away from her painful grip on my hair and the knee missed my face by some fraction of an inch. I stumbled forward and banged into the woman who was on one foot and we crashed to the floor with me on top of her. I guess the fall knocked the breath out of her because I was able to get her wrists off my hair and pinned to the ground while I used my body weight to pin her down as much as I could.

Later the women praised me for overcoming Mai Ng, for that’s who the nude was, but in truth it was all dumb luck and accident. I had no particular fighting skills and was still feeling the effect of that first kick. Still, even if I protested that it was all just luck, it was nice to be designated as the hero of the day.

Kathleen grabbed some rope and helped me roll the woman face down. While I held the woman, Kathleen tied her wrists palm to palm behind her back. Next she bound the woman’s ankles and then her elbows. She completed the tie by pulling the tail of the wrist tie through the woman’s ankles and pulling her into a hog tie. She tied off the rope running from the wrists through the ankle tie to the elbow tie ensuring that the knots were well out of reach.

Sue Lee had seen us all go down onto the floor in a jumble but couldn’t see what happened from her position on top of the bed. It wasn’t until she saw Kathleen and me stand up that she called out, “Thank God you came. That bitch has been forcing me to eat her pussy for hours. Untie me so I can use her damn crop on her.”

Sue lee was a slim attractive woman with long black hair, relatively small breasts, a lovely toned and trim body and, to my surprise, a shaved pussy. Lying on the bed next to her was a riding crop that the woman must have been using to force Sue Lee to do her bidding. I moved forward to begin to free Sue Lee but was interrupted by Kathleen. She demanded, “Are you giving me orders, Sue Lee?”

Sue Lee responded “No, Mistress.”

Well, that was interesting. Kathleen had always played the submissive in our bed but apparently had a different role when playing with Sue Lee. She turned to me and said, “Play with her breasts.”

I was flabbergasted and looked at Sue Lee with I guess what must have been a quizzical expression because she responded, “Yes please. Fondle my breasts and play with my nipples too, please.”

I couldn’t quite believe what was happening but no heterosexual male can resist an invitation to play with a woman’s breasts, especially when the woman is willing and his steady girlfriend is in the room and telling him to do it. The fact that Sue Lee was tied to the bed and I was into bondage was just the icing on the cake, so to speak. I began to fondle her breasts while Kathleen climbed onto the bed between Sue Lee’s spread legs and began to lap at her pussy.

Sue Lee must have been aroused by what had been happening to her previously because she began to moan almost immediately. In very little time her moans turned to grunts and she arched her body as much as the ropes allowed and came with a strong orgasm. Kathleen lifted her head and said, “She is such a little bondage slut. OK, let’s get her loose now.”

As we worked the knots loose I asked, referring to the bound woman on the floor, “Who the hell is she?”

Sue Lee said, “She is Mai Ng and she works for Huang Nugyen. They are both Cambodian and work out of San Jose. They were going to hold me hostage and try to use me to force my father to give up some of his territory.”

That didn’t make much sense to me so I asked, “What kind of business is your father in?”

Sue Lee gave me a strange look and said, “He provides consumer services.”

That still didn’t make much sense but Kathleen interjected, “Tell him Sue Lee. He won’t panic and run out on you.”

Now I was worried. If there was a question of running out or panicking, there must be something pretty nasty. I felt a bit queasy as Sue Lee looked at me and said, “My father is Chin Lee and he runs the Two Dragons Tong.”

That was not good news. Tongs began back in the 17th century when many Chinese were brought to the west coast as laborers to help build the Central Pacific Railroad, the western end of Mr. Lincoln’s first transcontinental railroad. As with all immigrant groups the Chinese suffered from discrimination and the Tongs began life as social organizations helping to defend the immigrants from street gangs and corrupt officials. Of course, as they fought corrupt officials it was easy to slip into supplying the immigrants with extra-legal comforts that the officials denied them.

If you were prosperous enough to purchase a bride the Tong could arrange to find a suitable girl, arrange the bride price and smuggle her into this country. If toughs from the Barbary Coast dens of iniquity were roughing you up and stealing from your produce rack the Tong could arrange for men to protect your business; men that spoke your language and understood your customs.

Operating, as they did, outside the normal legal process it was easy to slip into providing other services including, but not limited to; gambling dens, prostitution, the protection racket and importing and distributing drugs (primarily opium at the time). Today they were like any criminal gang and exploited the Chinese community they had been formed to help.

Now I understood the situation, but if I had any sense at all I would have run for the door. The last place I wanted to be was between the Chinese mob and the Cambodian mob as they got into a turf dispute. If they were into kidnapping family members this was not a good place to be. Of course, we had already foiled the Cambodian’s plans so I was already in the middle of things. I really didn’t want to run out on Sue Lee. It was clear to me that Kathleen wasn’t about to leave either and I was, as I said, besotted with Kathleen. Is besotted another way of saying pussy whipped? I don’t know and if you want to hear the story, stop asking wise guy questions.

Sue Lee was free and off the bed now and she began getting dressed. She said, “These damn Cambodians have no sense of honor. The family members are usually left out of these things but I guess that since I am Chin Lee’s only child they thought it would be cute to grab me. She had two goons with her when they grabbed me but she sent them away until 7 tonight so she could force me to service her. We have to be out of here before then.”

As Sue Lee dressed she did something I had never seen before. She fastened her bra backwards with the cups behind her and the hooks in front. Then she slid the fastened strap around her body, put her arms through the straps and adjusted her breasts in the cups. I guess I was staring because Sue Lee looked at me and said, “Perv!”

I thought a change of subject would be in my best interests so I asked, “What are we going to do with her?”

Sue Lee said, “I’d like to put her in the bathtub and slit her throat but the apartment is in my name and leaving a dead body would be dumb.”

Kathleen asked Sue Lee, “Isn’t that a little drastic?”

Sue Lee told us we didn’t understand how dangerous Mai Ng was and proceeded to tell us a story of how Mai Ng had driven a man insane with sexually oriented torture simply because he had made a sexually charged remark to her. She had tied the man in a face up in a spread eagle; force fed him with one of the erectile dysfunction medicines and then fastened a hose clamp around the base of his penis. The poor guy was erect but the clamp prevented him from either ejaculating or going soft. Then she brought in four other women and one by one they rode him until they had an orgasm. Of course with no clitoral stimulation it took a long time to achieve orgasm. When all five had cum (Mai Ng participated with the other four women) they began over again.

At first the man had begged to be allowed to cum. After a while, despite the lubrication his penis became raw and swollen and was painfully tender. Still they rode him, woman after woman. The pleasurable sensations had turned painful and now the man begged them to stop. Still the women continued. With five women taking turns they were pretty much rested when it came to their turn. After two days and a night of constant stimulation and pain, the man went insane. If that wasn’t a horrific enough tale, Mai Ng then blinded the man and dumped him out on a country road. He was eventually found but his insane babbling made no sense and given that he was blind and danger to himself, he wound up institutionalized for the rest of his life.

While this made me less concerned for Mai Ng’s future, it did nothing to calm my concern at what we were getting, or, more accurately, had gotten ourselves into.

Finally, Sue Lee decided that we would ship Mai Ng back to her boss bound into the pipe which was exactly what Mai Ng had planned to do to Sue Lee. Sue Lee laughingly pointed out that Mai Ng had thoughtfully provided all of the bondage and hardware gear we would need.

At Sue Lee’s direction, the first step was for me to carry Mai Ng into the bathroom, release the rope holding her in the hogtie and place her kneeling in the tub with her body bent over the side and her butt uppermost. She inserted a medical enema into Mai Ng and squeezed the bottle.

As soon as the bottle was empty, Sue Lee set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes and set it on the floor in front of Mai Ng. Then she flourished the riding crop in front of Mai Ng and said, “If you let one drop out before the timer rings, you get a dozen with this and we start all over again. If I were you I would concentrate on keeping my ass clenched tight.”

I noted that despite her nasty talk, Sue Lee hadn’t been unnecessarily rough with the enema. She was relatively gentle when she slid it in and there was no nasty jerking it around. It wasn’t that she was really gentle. It was more a workmanlike economy of motion that suggested she had done this many times.

Leaving Kathleen to watch Mai Ng, Sue Lee began hurriedly packing her belongings in two suitcases. She abandoned her books as she would be dropping out of school and staying in the safety of her father’s compound until this entire affair had run its course. While she packed her belongings, I was charged with gathering up Mai Ng’s clothes and her purse, all of which went into a large plastic garbage bag. We did keep her credit card and driver’s license out for later use.

When the timer rang we pushed Mai Ng back into the tub and watched while she voided her bowels. While nothing that happened was in Mai Ng’s control both Sue Lee and Kathleen made nasty remarks about how filthy she was and how she fouled herself, as they turned on the water and cleaned up both Mai Ng and the tub. Mai Ng seemed to be more embarrassed by being forced to sit in her own feces than by having been captured or being nude. I guess it is a girl thing.

Once she was cleaned up I brought Mai Ng out to Sue Lee’s living room and we changed her bondage. First we undid her legs and while Kathleen and I each held an ankle, Sue lee fastened a very short spreader bar to Mai Ng’s lower thighs just above her knees. Then we bent her legs so that her foot pressed tightly against her butt while Sue Lee roped each ankle to the respective upper thigh.

Only after we had her legs immobilized did we change her arms. These were stretched out in front of her and tightly tied palm to palm. To ensure that she couldn’t work any knots loose Sue Lee tucked her thumbs between her palms and then wrapped both hands together with duct tape. Mai Ng’s elbows were tied and her wrist pulled backwards over her head and down her back.

I thought Sue lee was going to fasten the tail of the wrist cinch to the short spreader bar but instead she had me hold the rope. Then Sue Lee doubled a long rope and wrapped it around Mai Ng’s waist, knotting it securely in front. With the same economy of motion I had noted before, Sue Lee inserted a dildo and a butt plug into Mai Ng. The tails of the waist rope were then passed through Mai Ng’s crotch, through her bound wrists and back down to the waist rope. This left her is sort of half a hog tie and any tension on her arms would pull against her crotch and press the inserts more firmly into her.

I thought we were done but Sue Lee had me roll Mai Ng onto her back and had me hold her steady as she fed a long length of clear plastic tube deep down each of Mai Ng’s nostrils. Sue Lee saw my puzzled expression and said, “They use this stuff for fuel lines on model airplanes. It is flexible but tough enough so that it doesn’t kink shut when it is bent. She is going to be gagged and I don’t want her to get a stuffy nose and have breathing problems.”

The compassionate dominatrix, I thought. Still, I was glad that however nasty Mai Ng’s treatment was going to be it wouldn’t be fatal.

Sue Lee then bent down to Mai Ng’s chest and began to play with her nipples. With her arms stretched over her head and down her back Mai Ng’s breasts had almost disappeared. She was even less well endowed than Sue Lee. This made no difference to her nipples which, under Sue Lee’s fingers (and mouth) stood out proudly. On each of these Sue Lee fastened a nasty looking clamp. The ends of the breathing tubes were duct taped to the clamps and the stiffness of the tubes ensured that they couldn’t accidently be dislodged from Mai Ng’s nostrils.

I was somewhat mystified by the last two ropes. Sue Lee wrapped a short bungee cord around the spreader bar several times and knotted it so that there was just an inch or so dangling down as a tail. Then she formed a lark's head in a long rope and slipped it through Mai Ng’s elbows. Sue Lee inserted a pump gag into Mai Ng’s mouth and pumped it until her cheeks bulged and her jaw was spread wide open. It looked very uncomfortable.

Given all she had said, I was surprised that Sue Lee wasn’t going to punish Mai Ng further. While being bound and shipped in a pipe was uncomfortable it wasn’t any more than Mai Ng had planned for Sue Lee. It would be a nasty ride but over in eight or ten hours. I asked Sue Lee about the lack of punishment and that was when I learned just how devious she could be.

Sue Lee said’ “Oh, the punishment will come at the other end of the trip. You know how important we Orientals consider face. Mai Ng has already called Huang Nugyen and told him that I would be arriving in bondage in the pipe. I just bet he will have assembled all his most important lieutenants to witness what he thinks will be my father’s humiliation when I am pulled nude and bound from the pipe. Imagine his loss of face when they open the pipe and find his enforcer nude and bound. I think he might even be angry with poor Mai Ng.”

Up to this point Mai Ng had taken her captivity relatively passively, at least once she had been bound. Now, as she realized that she was going to be the instrument of Huang Nugyen’s humiliation I saw the fear in her eyes. She tried to twist and protest but the gag was too well inflated and she was too stringently bound. All she could do was shake her head from side to side and all that did was tug the clamps on her nipples.

Sue lee rolled the pipe to a position near Mai Ng’s head and tossed the long lines from her elbows through the pipe. As she pulled on the lined I lifted Mai Ng into the pipe. Once she was in the pipe Sue Lee instructed me to slide a piece of rebar through the two holes at that end of the pipe. The bungee cord hooked over the rebar and then I lifted that end of the pipe letting Mai Ng slide further into the pipe. While I steadied the pipe Sue lee slid one of the caps over the end of the pipe. The sides of the pipe cap covered the ends of the rebar and prevented it from sliding out. The cap was secured with cement.

When I saw her sealing the cap, I asked about air but Sue Lee showed me that a small hole had been drilled into each end cap. It wouldn’t provide a lot of air but it would keep Mai Ng alive.

With that end of the pipe sealed we went to the other end. My job was to pull as hard as I could on one of the tails of the rope connected to Mai Ng’s elbows stretching her between the two pieces of rebar. At the end I braced my feet on the sides of the pipe and leaned back to ensure that our prisoner was tightly stretched. Of course this also put considerable strain on her crotch rope and the two plugs. I am certain Mai Ng would have protested if the gag hadn’t been so effective.

While I held Mai Ng stretched with one tail, Sue Lee fastened the other tail to the rebar at this end. Once this was done I could slack off on my rope and Mai Ng remained tightly stretched. We cut off the excess rope and then sealed the upper end of the pipe. Sue Lee delighted in rolling the pipe back and forth turning Mai Ng over and over.

We loaded the suitcases and the pipe into the back of my pickup with a scrap of red rag tied to the end. While we were pretty certain Mai Ng couldn’t make a sound, we didn’t want to be stopped by a traffic cop. The garbage bag with Mai Ng’s clothes and purse went into a near by dumpster and we were off for the freight company.

There are several companies that make overnight runs between the L. A. and San Fran areas and we encountered no problems. When the guy asked what was inside the pipe Sue Lee said it was an Oriental rug. She used Mai Ng’s credit card to pay for the shipment and didn’t even get asked for identification. I guess the guy saw an oriental name and an oriental woman and just assumed that it was a match. The guy assured us that the 10 pm truck would get to the bay area around 8 am and the package would be delivered to San Jose late that morning.

Sue Lee, at last

After we had disposed of the vicious Madame Ng by stuffing her into a pipe and shipping her to her boss in San Jose, the three of us went to the apartment Kathleen and I shared. We grabbed a pizza and some beer on the way and dined at home. We had won a victory and rescued Sue Lee but we were subdued. The incipient gang war meant that Sue Lee would have to drop out of school and return north to her father’s well guarded home.

After Sue Lee booked a seat on an early morning flight and had a long telephone conversation with her father we decided to head off to bed. Of course as students we had a tiny apartment with no spare bedroom so Sue Lee was going to use the living room couch which was really a futon while Kathleen and I took to our bedroom.

Perhaps because we had been so subdued at dinner I decided to play out one of our fantasy scenarios. This time Kathleen would be Katie, the serving wench at the local pub. Accusing her of having teased me while I was in the pub by waving ‘those lovely bosoms in me face’ I was once again Sean O’Kelly, the rogue.

Without much resistance, other than the token necessary for our fantasy, I soon had Katie nude and tied in my ropes. I was in an experimental mode and tied her in an asymmetrical manner. Her right wrist was tied to the head board and her right ankle to the foot of the bed but her left wrist was tied to her left ankle. I had only to push her knee to leave her wide open and available.

This position did interesting things to Katie’s breasts. Her right breast was flattened to a slight mound due to the upward pull of her right arm. With her left arm down to her ankle, her left breast retained its full luscious shape. I couldn’t decide which was more inviting but while the disparity between them was both interesting and arousing, it had no impact on the sensitivity of her nipples.

I know this for a fact because I kissed, licked and suckled at her breasts and found both nipples equally hard and turgid despite her strange position on the bed. While I never really have enough breast fondling, eventually I moved down to her groin where I licked her to a very satisfactory orgasm. I enjoy licking Kathleen or Katie as she was this night. It also relieves my conscience if, as is often the case, I can’t last as long as she does while I am in her.

This is just where I was as soon as her body came back to earth from my oral ministrations. I moved up and slid into her using my body weight to press her left knee open and flat on the mattress. I knew that I wouldn’t last long so I supported myself on one arm and used the other to play with her clit. I managed to work her up so that we came almost together. I thought it had been one of my better performances.

I was apparently not alone in that judgments, as I heard a voice behind me say, “Wow! That was so hot! I never knew you guys were so kinky.”

I rolled over and there, framed in the open bedroom door, was Sue Lee apparently clad only in a long T shirt. Now I was pretty certain that I had closed the bedroom door and was about to say something like ‘Get the hell out of here.' when Sue Lee preempted me by coming into the room and saying, “So, little bar slut. You think you take number one slave girl’s place?”

Not only did she say this as she advanced into the room, she adopted a terrible Pidgin English that sounded like a bad Charlie Chan movie. The ‘number one’ came out as as ‘numba wan’. But what really froze me wasn’t her stereotypical Chinese accent, but that trick women do where they cross their arms grab the hem of whatever they are wearing and then pull their arms up removing their garment.

Sue Lee did this and dropped her T shirt to the floor as she advanced to the bed saying, “You think that because you tied in master’s bed you replace me. Oh no. Soon he tire of you like all others. Then he give you to me and I take you down to scullery and tie you to table. Then I bring in butler and all footmen and let them have you. And then when you can no longer stand I take you to stable and give you to that filthy half wit stable boy. You know what he do to you?”

Now I didn’t even know what a scullery was and I was pretty certain that Ireland may have had peasants but never had slaves. I had no idea if Irish rogue would have a butler and footmen or a stable boy, but as I looked at Kathleen her eyes seemed to sparkle and her nipples seemed to swell with excitement, so I decided to enjoy viewing Sue Lee’s naked body and keep my mouth shut.

I had actually seen Sue Lee naked when we rescued her and she was tied to her bed. Upright and moving in the moonlight that flooded our bedroom she seemed even more enticing.

I watched as she climbed on to the foot of the bed and reached for Kathleen’s butt. Sue Lee said, “He tie you over door to stall and then shove his cock in you. But he so stupid he miss you cunny and ram his big thing in here.”

I was more or less parallel to Katie and couldn’t actually see what Sue Lee was doing but from the way Kathleen jerked it was obvious that she had just been goosed. Sue Lee continued, “First you in master’s bed so I got to clean you up. I clean you real good.”

As I watched she lowered her mouth to Kathleen’s pussy and began to lick and slurp. From the way Sue Lee was pushing Kathleen’s buttons, it looked like this was familiar territory. I realized that here I was, nude in my bed, watching Sue Lee lick and suck Kathleen’s and my combined fluids. I had read about cream pies, of course, but this was the first time I had ever seen it happen. I had always thought that it would be rather disgusting to see, but in actuality it was erotic and rather arousing. As I watched Sue Lee brought Kathleen to the point of orgasm. When she was moaning, however, Sue Lee lifted her head and said, “You no come until you beg.”

Kathleen immediately began begging, “Please, Sue Lee, let me come.”

Sue Lee gave a nasty little laugh and said, “Stupid girl. You beg master to fuck numba one slave girl doggy style. You no come until he fucking me.”

Having stated her demand Sue Lee went back to work arousing and teasing Kathleen’s pussy with her mouth. Kathleen turned to me and said, “Please master, I need to come so bad. Please fuck Sue Lee so she lets me come. Please master.”

If I thought things were arousing before they suddenly went to an entirely new level. I had two nude women in my bed and my girlfriend was begging me to fuck her friend. I realized that in the few minutes since Sue Lee had injected herself into our games that I had grown hard again.

While that was all well and good I decided it was time to reassert my dominance so I slid down the bed and wrapped my left arm around Sue Lee’s waist holding her in place while I used my right hand to spank her. As I spanked her I said, “Number one slave girl knows better that to come into my bed uninvited. I agree this Katie wench is very seductive but you forget your place.”

I don’t know what reaction I had expected but I was astonished when Sue Lee raised her head and said, “Oh yes, Master. Punish your bad slave girl.”

So I did. Judging from her moans, she enjoyed every minute of it. Sue Lee’s lovely tan or slightly yellow butt took on a rosy hue and I continued to spank her until I had grown so hard that I realized that I was punishing myself at least as much as I was punishing her. I let go of her waist and twisted around so that I was on my knees behind Sue Lee.

Now, even though I was half crazed with lust, I realized that Su Lee was a small woman and I approached intending to gently and slowly enter her. That was the plan but Sue Lee was having none of it. As soon as my penis began to part her very wet labia, Sue Lee rocked back and took me about half way into her. Then she clamped her pussy tight around me, pulled us both forward, released me and rocked back again. I was fully into her in two strokes and less time than it takes to read about it.

Just as Sue Lee had her own ideas of how quickly I was to enter her, she set the pace for our intercourse by rocking back and forth rapidly. She didn’t ignore Kathleen and in a few strokes I saw my beautiful Kathleen arch her back in a powerful orgasm.

I had seen Kathleen have orgasms before, of course, but never had I had a view like this one. If I had brought Kathleen off with my mouth my view was pretty much limited to her pussy and thighs. If it had happened during vanilla sex I saw her face and perhaps her breasts. Now, however, I could see Kathleen from the top of her head to about mid thigh and admired how lovely she looked as her entire body was engulfed in her orgasm.

I was still admiring my Kathleen as she collapsed back on the bed when some part of me recognized that despite my earlier orgasm, I wasn’t going to last too much longer under Sue Lee’s relentless rapid rocking back and forth. Wanting to ensure that she got an orgasm out of this I shifted my weight to my left hand and brought my right back under Sue Lee searching for her clitoris. She must have been pretty far along because it didn’t take much before I felt Sue Lee spasm under me.

I rolled back onto the bed exhausted thinking what a night it had been. Apparently Sue Lee still had some energy left. As I lay there trying to catch my breath, I could see Sue Lee holding her hand over her pussy as she swung herself up and around over Kathleen’s head. She removed her hand and mashed her pussy over Kathleen’s mouth. Not a word was spoken but I could hear Kathleen beginning to lick and slurp the juices from Sue Lee. At the same time Sue Lee lay down over Kathleen and began to lick at her pussy.

Good lord! Lets see, this was my first threesome, the first and second time I had seen a woman eating my cum from another woman’s pussy, I had spanked and then fucked a woman I barely knew, and now I was seeing my beautiful Kathleen and the very attractive Sue Lee in a classic 69. This was a memorable night.

Right about then it got even more memorable as I saw Kathleen’s body arch lifting Sue Lee up and away from her mouth. Kathleen moaned through her orgasm and then as her body came down she went right back to licking at Sue Lee’s pussy.

Sue Lee shifted her position slightly, getting her clit into better contact with Kathleen’s tongue, and I felt her hand around the base of my penis and scrotum. Good luck with that, I thought as after ejaculating in both women I was certain that I was done for the night. Of course, at that time, I had not idea of how talented Sue Lee was with her mouth.

I felt said mouth surround my penis with her tongue creating all sorts of weird but very nice sensations and, much to my surprise I felt my penis swelling again. Oh, don’t misunderstand me. As much as I would like to say it was as ‘stiff as a baseball bat’ or as ‘hard as a steel bar’, that would have been a lie. I think that that poor worn out organ was more like stiff putty than wood bats or iron bars, but it was turgid. It was also sending signals to my testicles that it was ready for more. Unfortunately I don’t think there was much more to give.

It was at that moment when Kathleen managed to bring Sue Lee to orgasm and give me yet another memorable image. Sue Lee didn’t just cum, she squirted ejaculate all over. Well, it was mostly all over Kathleen’s face. I had read of women who squirted but this was another first for me and the sight of it, combined with Sue Lee’s very talented ministrations, was enough to bring me off. It wasn’t much of an orgasm. I didn’t shoot jets of cum. In fact I think there was barely a drop or so, but the feeling was almost painfully strong.

I don’t know what the women did after that. I would like to say I fell asleep but in truth I think I passed out. The next thing I knew a freshly showered and fully dressed pair of women were shaking me awake and telling me that it was time to drive Sue Lee to the airport.

The End