The Submissive Husband
by Sir Richard

In the Beginning

It all began with the Ferguson contract. Let me explain. I am Roger Blake, head of finance and accounting at a medium sized manufacturing company. I am married to my wife of seven years, the very lovely Jennifer Blake. The company had just agreed on a contract with a major company for us to supply sub-assemblies. Our CEO wanted the sales and their CEO wanted to buy the parts from us.

The devil is in the details, as they say. While the top brass thought the deal was done there remained contracts to be drafted and details to be agreed to. Who would pay freight? How were the assemblies to be shipped? When would payments be made? Etcetera, etcetera. My boss wanted Theresa (Terry) McFarland, head of our legal department, and I to fly to Dallas and work out the details of the contract including drafting wording acceptable to both parties.

Now I am very much in love with my wife and have never even given her cause to doubt my fidelity. When she heard I was going out of town with Theresa McFarland, however, she hit the roof.

“That woman has eyes for you. I saw how she looked at you during the company Christmas party,” declared Jennifer.

I tried to argue that I had never received an improper advance from Terry (It was probably a tactical error to use her nickname) and that even if I had I wouldn’t be interested. Still Jennifer’s heretofore hidden jealous streak could not be appeased. Finally she grudgingly agreed that I could go if I agreed to wear a chastity belt for which she would hold the key. I thought this was nonsense but I loved my wife and, like a loving husband, I wanted to put the dispute behind us so I agreed. That settled we went to bed and had a pretty good time during which I tried to prove that she was the only woman in the world for me.

The following day was Saturday and I dutifully pulled up some websites that sold male chastity belts and asked Jennifer if she had a preference. She told me that she would handle procurement to be certain I had no opportunity to access the key. I felt she was going to extremes but didn’t want to start another quarrel with her just before I would be out of town. We made love both Saturday and Sunday in anticipation of my planned three day absence.

As I was laying back and half asleep I felt Jennifer’s hands fumbling with my now limp cock cleaning it with a warm cloth and then inserting it into a curved tube. In a moment I felt something tighten around my scrotum and then click. “Hey, I’m not leaving until tomorrow.” I protested.

I heard a further clicking as Janice replied, “Oh please, I know you. You are done for the night and there’s no reason not to put it on now.”

More or less awake now I saw Jennifer rubbing something that clicked and asked “What are you doing?”

“Just setting the dials to zero”


She smiled as she turned to explain, “This is a very special model. It doesn’t have a key, just a four digit combination. Four digits make 10,000 possible combinations though they recommend setting the dials to 0000 after locking it. That way you would have to try all 9,999 combinations if you wanted to get it off. You see, it sets a new combination each time it is closed. Whatever the dials are at when it is closed becomes the new combination. Add to that the dials are located behind your balls so they would be hard for you to see and work and this is as near escape proof as possible. I had to do a lot of hunting to get this model.”

Then she lay down and cuddled with me. Something she had said didn’t seem just right but I couldn’t quite focus on it and cocooned in the warmth of her body and the warm afterglow of my orgasm I drifted off to sleep.

The Business Trip

Monday morning I awoke with a strange feeling in my groin as the chastity belt prevented my cock from achieving its normal morning stiffness. It wasn’t really painful as much as it was uncomfortable, but it was noticeable. I got up and headed for the bathroom for my morning ablutions and thought I heard Jennifer giggle softly as she watched me enter the bathroom. Of course I realized that I now had to sit to urinate.

Other than that uncomfortable wake up and having to sit on the toilet the morning went normally. Jennifer got up while I was dressing and seemed all smiles. She went into the bathroom and I headed downstairs to start the coffee and grab my briefcase.

After breakfast I left for the airport where I met Terry. She was dressed, as usual, in a business skirt suit. Most of my meetings with Terry had been in one conference room or another so I had never noticed her legs or footwear. In the boarding area I couldn’t help but notice that her legs were very shapely and that she had very high heels.

Once we boarded and found our seats in first class I helped Terry put her carry-on in the overhead and we both gave our suit jackets to the stewardess (OK, flight attendant if you want to be PC) As we sat down and began to go over the key points we wanted to cover, I couldn’t help but notice that Terry filled her blouse very nicely. As we worked she would lean over to emphasize some point or another and I would inadvertently catch glimpses of the swell of her breast and the lacy bra that contained it. The uncomfortable feeling returned and annoyed me for the entire flight.

The business meetings went well although we were unable to complete the work on Wednesday as planned. Of course I telephoned Janice to let her know we had rescheduled for the Thursday evening flight and I would be home late Thursday night. Jennifer told me that she missed me and was, in her words, so very horny that I should be prepared to make love to her no matter how late the plane was. This did nothing but make my poor deprived cock try to swell in the chastity device and I ended the call telling her that I loved her and would be home late Thursday.

And I would have been if the Dallas weather had co-operated. We had wrapped up the contract work Thursday and headed for Dallas-Fort Worth airport. It was then that a cold front blew in with one of Dallas’ notorious ice storms. Our driver managed to get us to the airport and earned a big tip. We entered the terminal only to find that the airport had been closed and all flights canceled.

We had checked out of our hotel and the airport hotels were jammed with irate would-be passengers. We finally managed to score a single room with two beds. Dropping our luggage in the room we went to the hotel restaurant. The restaurant was jammed so we had a drink in the bar while waiting for our table. The meal was reasonable but not particularly good. To improve the meal Terry and I split a bottle of wine and, since we had nowhere to go, we enjoyed a leisurely Irish coffee afterwards.

On the way to the room Terry confessed that she usually didn’t drink as much as she had. It was the drink, no doubt, that made her joke that she was finally going to get to sleep with the hunkiest accountant in the company. I laughed and told her that she was certainly the loveliest lawyer in the company and that if I hadn’t been an old married man I would be looking forward to sharing a room with her.

The trip had run longer than we had planned and we were running out of clean clothes. As a result Terry had been wearing a dress rather than her usual skirt suit and when we got to the room she casually slipped out of the dress and hung it in the closet. She had on a silky looking full length red slip trimmed with black lace at the hem and around her breasts. My groin went from uncomfortable to painful. She undid her bra and turning away from me slipped down one shoulder strap and then the other. The bra was hung over the back of a chair and she pulled the shoulder straps back up as she turned and said, “I didn’t pack for this long a trip and all my sleepware was stuffed into my dirty clothes bag so I am going to have to sleep like this.”

I grabbed the boxers that I normally slept in and went into the bathroom to change. When I came out Terry was sitting on her bed reviewing the contract, yet again. It was obvious as she moved slightly forward that her rather generous breasts were free within the slip. I must have made a face as my cock tried futilely to expand once again. Terry apparently caught my expression as she asked “Something wrong?”

I could hardly explain that she was so sexy that my cock was trying to get hard but that my wife had locked me into a chastity belt. “No…” I said, “…it’s just an old injury that acts up sometime.”

“Want me to massage it?” she helpfully offered.

“No, thanks, it will be ok in a minute. I better call Jennifer and let her know I won’t be home till Friday.”

Terry went back to the contract and I sat on my bed with my back to her as I called home. Jennifer was disappointed but the storm had made the national news and she accepted the delay with good grace. She did promise that we would play some kinky sexual games when I did get home and reminded me that her vibrators were no match for my cock.

I ended the call and slipped under the covers, but couldn’t help thinking that Jennifer and her vibrators were getting a whole lot more sex that week than I was. Terry saw I was trying to sleep and put away the contract and turned out the lights. There was just enough light coming from the window to illuminate her shape as she climbed into bed with those breasts moving in all sorts of interesting ways.

As I drifted off to sleep I wondered how Jennifer had found and procured the very elaborate chastity device if she only began looking for it Saturday morning. I couldn’t come up with an answer but decided it didn’t matter as I would be out of it tomorrow.


We finally left Dallas on Friday at mid-morning getting home about 2 PM. We went in to the office and gave the CEO a quick rundown and a copy of the signed contract. I called Jennifer at her office and told her I was back in town and would be home when she got there.

Hugs and kisses, a quick supper and we headed up to the bedroom. I stripped down and asked her to remove the chastity belt. Jennifer was getting undressed and told me to lie down on my back and that she would get the device off so we could have some kinky sex. I asked her what she had in mind but she just said, “You’ll see. Just get on the bed on your back and scooch over to the middle.”

I did as she asked and watched as my gorgeous wife came to the bed and straddled me. “Give me your hands.”, she said. I let her stretch my hands above my head. As she did so she leaned forward pinning my wrists to the mattress. The naturally brought he lovely breasts to over my mouth, and I opened my mouth to lick and suckle at her nipples.

While I was luxuriating in the taste of those sweet breasts I heard a faint ratcheting noise and felt something cool and hard on my wrists. Jennifer sat back up pulling her breasts from my mouth and I tried to reach for her but found my wrists locked to the head of the bed. “What are you doing?” I asked as she got off the bed and began to buckle a leather strap or cuff around my ankle.

“Tonight is my night and I am in charge. You can just relax and enjoy being fucked by your wife.”

By this time she had cuffs on both ankles and attached the cuffs to some sort of a strap. She began to work on some sort of ratchet device which drew my feet apart. “Wait…” I said, “I don’t want to be tied up. I want to hold you.”

“We’ll cuddle afterwards. First I am going to ride you to a climax.” she said. By this time she moved up to the top of the bed and wrapped a leather cuff around my left wrist. Then she released the handcuff. I found that the handcuffs were somehow fastened to the headboard because I still couldn’t move my right wrist. She fastened my left wrist to some sort of strap and ratcheted it out towards the upper side of the bed. The she walked around the bed and did the same with my right wrist.

I didn’t much like the idea of being tied in a spread eagle (star shape for British readers) but Jennifer was determined and I did love her. If she had worked out some sort of kinky fantasy, I guess I would go along with it. I must admit the spread eagle wasn’t overly tight. I could flex my arms and bend my knees and there were no stretched joints but I was, I realized, at my wife’s mercy.

Jennifer climbed up on the bed between my legs and lifting my balls to get a better angle turned the dials to open the chastity belt. Of course, as soon as she removed the device I grew hard. Apparently Jennifer was as turned on as I was because she was obviously well lubricated when she mounted me. She began to move up and down. After a week’s abstinence I found that I was rapidly approaching orgasm. I warned Jennifer but she responded, “Not yet! Don’t you dare cum yet.”

Despite her warning it was only a few seconds later that my orgasm swept through me and I spouted gout after gout of semen into her warm and welcoming pussy. Well her pussy might have been welcoming but Jennifer certainly wasn’t. She was spitting mad as my cock softened and slipped out of her. She said, “Damn you. You left me hanging. Well you are going to make up for that right now.”

While she was talking she slipped up the bed and planted her pussy over my mouth. Now I like eating my wife but the idea of tonguing my semen out of her pussy didn’t appeal to me. “Lick me, you worthless bum.” demanded Jennifer.

I held my mouth firmly shut but Jennifer had the answer for that as well. She pinched my nose shut, cutting off my supply of oxygen. I had to open my mouth to breathe. Once my mouth was open she demanded “Lick!”.

At this point I was getting frightened. Where had Jennifer gotten all this anger from? My cum had already been dripping into my mouth from her pussy and I had no choice but to swallow so I reluctantly began to lick. It took some time before she shuddered through an orgasm. By that time I had pretty well licked and swallowed all of my cum from her pussy.

When she had come down from her orgasm, Jennifer climbed off of me and reinstalled the chastity device. After she dialed the combination locks to zero, she began to release my limbs. “Jennifer…” I said, “…we have to talk.”

“In the morning.” she responded. “It’s been a long night and we are both tired. Let’s talk in the morning. OK?”

She climbed into bed and said, “Just hold me for now.”

I realized how exhausted I was and silently agreed. I wrapped my arms around her and drifted off to sleep.

Saturday Morning

We sat down to breakfast and I said, “I didn’t appreciate your locking this thing back on me again.”

Jennifer said, “I’ll take it off when we play again tonight. Were you planning to masturbate the day away?”

I said, “No but I’m not traveling with another woman so I don’t see any need for a chastity belt.”

“It gives me a thrill to be in charge and it doesn’t hurt you since I take it off when we go to bed so what’s the big deal?”

Well, in fact it wasn’t that big a deal, so long as she was going to remove it when we made love. Sure, I had to sit to urinate but that really isn’t a big deal and at least I wouldn’t get into trouble over leaving the toilet seat up. So I conceded the argument and switched to saying, “I didn’t appreciate it when you made me eat my goo from your pussy.”

“Oh for goodness sake, it is just your semen. You don’t mind leaving me full of that goo so why the hell should you be upset at tasting it? In any case, I was mad at you for leaving me hanging. You need to work on your self-control. Perhaps I will show you how frustrating it is some day. Anyhow that’s not what I wanted to talk about.”

This conversation wasn’t going the way I wanted at all so I asked her what she wanted to talk about. She said “Chores. The household chores.”

I asked her what she was talking about. Janice responded, “We both work during the week and we used to share the chores on the weekend. Now you have hired a landscaper and a pool company so your chores get done but I am still left with the cleaning and cooking and laundry. It’s not fair.”

I had to admit that she was right so I asked, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well since I do all the cooking, you could do the washing up. I still do all the house cleaning so you could handle the washing and ironing and changing the linen.”

“Wait a minute…” I said. “I guess I could clean up after meals but the laundry is just a step too much.”

She glared at me but said, “We will have to see but for now I’ll take what I can get. You can start as soon as we finish breakfast.”

Well, I didn’t like her tone of voice but a deal is a deal so I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. I went looking for my wife and found her in our master suite having a bubble bath. Lord she looked sexy and yes my cock was fighting with the chastity device again.

Saturday Evening

During the rest of the day Jennifer seemed to be OK with me as we talked and went about our normal relaxed Saturday routine. I did not think about the fact that she didn’t do the laundry which was usually a Saturday chore and in any case I didn’t think raising the issue would be wise. After dinner we went into the living room to watch a little TV. As I was about to sit down Jennifer tossed a pillow on the floor between her feet and said, “Kitty feels neglected. Why don’t you kneel on the pillow and lick me?”

I enjoy cunnilingus and have always been willing to provide Jennifer with orgasms. On the other hand, while she had asked politely her tone suggested more an order than a question. I was mindful of the damn chastity belt and decided that if I wanted sex instead of an argument tonight, I had better do as she asked.

In fact I licked her to two orgasms and missed most of the evenings TV. No great loss given the standard of TV programing, but it was a bit annoying to be trapped between her admittedly lovely thighs for so long. The experience was enhanced by the lovely self-supporting nylon stockings she wore. By the time she was coming down from her second orgasm the room smelled of sex and both of us were ready to head to the bedroom.

Jennifer was a raging tiger as she undressed me and pushed me back onto the bed. She climbed over me and before I realized what she was doing she had cuffed my wrists as she had last night. I tried to protest but she pulled my wrists apart and then proceeded with my ankles. I was protesting vigorously but stopped when she said, “Quiet down if you ever want to get out of that chastity belt.”

When had Jennifer become so demanding… no, domineering? Since I had returned home she had taken command. It was kind of exciting to have this sexual tiger as my wife. It was also just a bit frightening. I didn’t really believe the ‘ever’ part but it was clear that I was only going to get sex when she let me and, apparently that was only going to be when I was tied down.

With me on the bed Jennifer removed the chastity belt and began to seductively strip off her clothing. My wife is a very attractive woman on many levels including her mind and sharp wit. She is also physically near perfection and exudes sexual attractiveness. She didn’t just remove her clothes but sensually disrobed. Of course I was rock hard by the time she was nude.

Instead of climbing back onto the bed she carefully hung her clothes and placed her underwear and stockings in the hamper. Then she turned to her make up table and gathered up several things which she placed on the bed between my legs. I couldn’t quite make out what the objects were but soon found out that one of them was a brush with soft bristles which she proceeded to run up the underside of my cock. When she reached the glans she ran it gently around the underside just where the shaft meets the glans.

It was an exquisite pleasurable feeling that was so intense it was almost painful. As she repeated this soft but mind blowing teasing I could feel my testicles draw up about to deliver a great load of semen. I must have made some sort of face because suddenly the brush was gone and my cock was bobbing uselessly in the air.

“What are you doing? Why did you stop”, I groaned.

I saw Jennifer smile down at me as she said, “It’s called tease and denial. I did some research while you were gone and it is supposed to be a very potent way to convince a reluctant husband to accept his place.”

‘His place?’ That didn’t make any sense to me at all but before I could ask what she meant the brush was back softly stroking me and bringing me back to the edge of an orgasm. Of course she watched carefully and stopped before I could cum.

“Please don’t stop.” I pleaded, “For god’s sake let me cum.”

Jennifer smiled and said, “Perhaps a bit later. The nice thing about this is that we can keep it up for hours. I could tease you all night and since tomorrow is Sunday we could go all day and tomorrow night. I think in an hour or so we can have a little talk.”

Then she went back to teasing me. It was hard to think straight but my mind reverberated with ‘an hour or so’. There was no way I could endure this for an hour. I would be a babbling idiot and in no shape to ‘have a little talk.’

I pled with her, I begged her and I told her that she had won. I would do anything she said. Jennifer ignored me and brought me repeatedly to the edge and then backed down. I think I was crying when she finally stopped and said, “I think you might be ready to listen.”

Jennifer began, “Look, in every relationship one partner leads and the other follows. For example if I don’t feel like sex, we don’t have sex, do we?”

“Well now, I would never force you.”

She continued, “Well that’s what I mean. I am the dominant partner and you go along with what I decide. Oh, we discuss matters, even argue sometimes, but in the end you generally go along with what I want, don’t you?”

I thought back over the years of our marriage and, while there were times I had convinced her to change her mind, it was generally true that I went along with her wishes. That included, I though ruefully, the decision to let her lock me in the damn chastity belt. After all I loved the woman and if she really wanted something I wanted to provide it or do it for her. In the end I agreed with her and said “Yes.”

“OK then, let’s talk about the laundry and ironing. Since I am in charge you will do as I say and take care of the laundry. Agreed?”

I hesitated and Jennifer ran the brush around the underside of my glans again. She reminded me, “We can keep this up as long as it takes.”

I hurriedly said, “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes I will take care of the laundry and ironing.”

“Well that’s good, but what I want to hear you say is ‘Yes Miss Jennifer’.

“Are you serious?”

Jennifer didn’t respond but ran the brush up the bottom of my throbbing cock. She continued alternating between running it up my cock and circling the base of the glans and softly brushing it over the top of my cock until I was throbbing and begging once again. Then she sat back looking expectantly at me and asked “Well?”

I think I gritted my teeth but said, “Yes Miss Jennifer, I will do all the laundry and ironing.”

“Do I have your word on that?” she asked.

“Yes Miss Jennifer, you have my word.”

Jennifer looked directly in my face and said, “Be very certain when you give me your word. You may think you can say anything while I am teasing you and then change your mind. But if you break your word to me you will be locked into that chastity belt for a very long time. I might even be so upset at you that I forget your combination entirely!”

I shuddered and said “I understand Miss Jennifer.”

“Good, now there is the matter of your defying me when I first suggested you do the laundry. You will have to be punished for that. Whenever we are at home you will be nude except for your chastity belt and the slippers I will provide for you. When you go out or we have guests over you will wear women’s panties and thigh high stay up nylon stockings. That will be humiliating enough to remind you of your disobedience so you won’t hesitate to obey me in the future.

“Jennifer… I mean Miss Jennifer I can’t wear those things to work. If anyone notices I will probably get fired.”

“Disobedience again? No one at work will see your panties. You already have to go in a stall and sit down to pee. Just close the stall door. The stockings will only be visible between the tops of your oxfords and the hem of your trousers. They won’t look that different from black men’s stockings. Just don’t cross your legs so your pants legs ride up. What’s the problem?”

She had figured everything out. I ruefully said, “I guess there isn’t a problem, Miss Jennifer.”

“Good! Now for not trusting me to have thought things out, you get a further punishment. Tomorrow morning, before you start on the laundry, we are going to remove all your hair below the neck. You will find your bare skin much more sensitive to the panties and the nylons. When I say all your hair below the neck I mean chest, back, butt, groin, legs and arms. And before you earn further punishment, no one will notice your hairless arms so long as you keep your sleeves rolled down. Are we clear?”

“Yes Miss Jennifer.”

“Understand that what you wear or don’t wear may change in the future if I think it necessary.”

“Yes Miss Jennifer.”

Jennifer smiled at me and leaning forward blew on my engorged cock. I almost came right then. She laughed and said, “I am going to let you cool down a bit and then we are going to make love. I think I have figured out a way for you to hold back until I have an orgasm. And Roger, I said make love, not just fuck. Once you adjust to our modified relationship I think we are both going to be very happy. I may humiliate you to help you along, but you should never doubt that I love you very much.”

My mind was in turmoil as I watched my wife slip on a robe and leave the bedroom. Was I really OK with Jennifer taking control and all this Mickey Mouse ‘Miss Jennifer’ shit? She had told me she was going to humiliate me which I really didn’t like, but then she told me that she loved me. She had threatened to leave me locked into the chastity belt for a long time. There was a lot to get my mind around but I had to admit that despite the torturous pleasure of the tease and denial session, nothing she had done had really been nasty, at least so far. Oh, I might have balked at eating my semen from her pussy but it wasn’t really that big a deal. Similarly taking on a few chores, even doing the washing and ironing, wasn’t really a big deal.

I realized Jennifer must have planned this for some time and then tricked me into the chastity belt. I wasn’t worried about the trickery or the chastity belt. This wasn’t some internet story. I knew that there was no such thing as an invulnerable device. If worst came to worst I could take a week’s vacation, go to some remote hotel and use a stool with a mirror on the floor to work through the combinations. The problem was that if I did that, I suspected Jennifer would be very angry and that my marriage might become very rocky.

The big thing was her insistence on being the dominant partner in our marriage. Could I live with that? It sounded crazy but it was clear that this wasn’t some spur of the moment thought. Jennifer had given the entire scheme some thought, as well as planning how to trick me into the chastity belt. That was obvious from the handcuffs, the leather wrist and ankle cuff and the straps. Hell, if I had been thinking, it would have been obvious from the elaborate combination lock chastity belt.

I didn’t know if I could be the submissive she wanted me to be. I knew that I loved her and in the end it came down to how much did I love Jennifer and did I trust her to be my dominant mistress. That pretty much settled things. I wasn’t certain how this would work out but I would try to fit whatever life style she wanted. With that decided I was able to relax. I didn’t know where we were going but I trusted Jennifer.

I must have dozed off in my bondage, as I was awakened by a warm wet mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes to see my nude wife giving me a blow job. Jennifer has this technique of using her tongue around the base of my glans that never fails to bring me to full rock hard erection. It did just that.

When I was hard, Jennifer sat up and produced a camera. Standing at the foot of the bed she snapped several shots of me bound and erect. Setting the camera down she picked up a pink ribbon and tied a large knot, about in the center. Pressing the knot into the underside of my cock at the base she proceeded to wrap it tightly around the base of my cock and tie it in a bow. As she did she explained, “The knot is supposed to collapse the tube that allows the delivery of semen, making it difficult or impossible for you to ejaculate. The tight ribbon, itself, impedes the circulation of blood trapping your cock in the fully hard and erect position. The ribbon is pink because that suits your position as my subby hubby.”

Stepping back off the bed Jennifer picked up the camera and snapped off several more pictures, including close ups of the rather humiliating pink ribbon. Then she picked up cone shaped object, which I realized was a butt plug, and began to coat it with some sort of lubricant.

We had never tried anal sex and the idea was abhorrent to me. I said, “Miss Jennifer, I don’t want that thing in me.”

Jennifer glared at me with a look I had never seen before. She almost barked out, “Shut up, subby.”

“But, please Miss Jennifer, don’t put that into me.”

Jennifer set the butt plug down and for a moment I thought she had acceded to my wishes. Fat chance. Instead she turned to her dresser and removed something. She looked at me and said, “Open up.”

Rather foolishly I clamped my jaw shut. She sighed as a mother might do when faced with an obstreperous child. Then she grabbed my nose and twisted hard. I screamed and she shoved something into my mouth. She buckled straps around my head and it was over. I had a gag in my mouth and she had asserted her control once again.

Jennifer walked back to the foot of the bed and picked up the, now shiny with lubricant, butt plug. She looked at me and said, “This can go in easily if you relax and accept it or it can be nasty and painful if you continue to fight me. Arch your hips up off the bed.”

Foolishly I did nothing. Jennifer simply leaned forward, grabbed my balls and yanked upwards. Let me tell you when your testicles go up, your hips follow. Jennifer slid the tip of the butt plug up and down the crack of my ass until she found my ass hole and then inserted the tip. She propped the base on the bed and let go of my scrotum. I immediately felt the pressure as the butt plug pushed slightly further into my sphincter stretching and widening it. I held my hips and back in a painful arch to keep it from entering further.

Jennifer climbed onto the bed and straddled me rubbing my still rigid cock through her slit to lubricate it. It didn’t escape my notice that she was already very wet. Apparently dominating me was a sexual turn on for her. As she slid my cock into her she said, “You will learn that you will be better off if you obey me without pause or question. I can always make things worse for you if you fight me. Like now.”

As she said ‘now’ she lifted her feet from the bed and dropped her full weight onto my groin driving my hips down to the bed and the butt plug painfully into my ass. As it went in I felt as if my sphincter was being torn apart. Fortunately the base was narrower and gave my sphincter some relief. It still hurt but the pain was receding to be replaced with a very full feeling as if I needed to go to the bathroom.

As the pain in my rectum receded I became aware of the very pleasant sensation of Jennifer bouncing up and down on my cock. As I watched she was throwing her head back and mauling her breasts with both hands. All in all, it was a very sexy show. At the same time, each descent was punctuated by the butt plug being driven into my ass. As she rose the reduced pressure allowed the plug to slip down a fraction of an inch and then, as she dropped down pushing my hips into the mattress, the plug was driven back into me. It was a strange feeling. The tightness of my sphincter kept the plug from sliding more than a fraction of an inch but that fraction was very noticeable.

Jennifer switched from mauling her breasts to pinching and rolling her nipples as she came nearer to orgasm. Since she was more or less upright at the level of my hip I could see her entire body as she came. Of course I had seen her orgasm before but usually with my face between her legs or on rare occasions with our faces close together. This was different as I could see her entire body react. It was awe inspiring.

When she came back down to earth Jennifer lifted herself off me and untied the ribbon. Pulling it away she grabbed my cock and gave me a hand job. It didn’t take very long. Over stimulated as I had been it only took two or three tugs before I began spouting semen at my chin and chest. She continued until my balls had emptied and then went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back she had a damp wash cloth which she ran over my cock before she reinstalled the chastity belt.

She ran the cloth over my chest and chin cleaning up the semen and said, “I ought to make you lick this up but I’m too tired to play more tonight. I will let you up. Go into the bathroom and remove the gag and the butt plug. Make certain you clean them before you put them both back on my makeup table. Then come to bed and cuddle with me.”

Jennifer added, “Don’t think I have forgotten your refusal to open your mouth. I will give that some thought and tell you what your punishment will be tomorrow.”


Sunday morning started with the normal three S’s (Shave, shit, and shine or at least brush your teeth). After that Jennifer passed one cuff of the steel handcuffs through the D ring in a dog collar. Since we didn’t have a dog this was more evidence, not that I needed more evidence, that Jennifer had been planning this for some time. Once my wrists had been cuffed and the collar placed around my neck I was led to the guest bathroom and placed into the bathtub where Jennifer proceeded to slather my body, legs and arms with some thick white cream. She paid particular attention to my groin and ass. She told me it had to remain on for fifteen minutes, washed her hands and went to get her shower and get dressed.

By the time Jennifer returned, looking cool and elegant in her blouse and skirt, I was almost dancing as the cream seemed to be burning my skin. She turned on the shower to wash off the cream. When you first turn on a shower it takes some time for the warm water to run through the pipes so I was treated to bitterly cold water, which actually felt soothing. Of course the cream was a hair remover and by the time my shower was done all of my hair below the neck was gone. Jennifer removed the dog collar and unlocked the handcuffs, gave me a bath towel and told me to dry myself and then come back to the master bedroom with the damp towel.

When I got back to the bedroom I found further evidence of Jennifer’s having planned for the change in our relationship. There on the floor was a pair of pink fuzzy slippers with what must have been a three inch platform heel. It was clear that these were not intended for Jennifer’s feet which, like the rest of her were svelte. The slippers were clearly intended for my larger feet. Jennifer had me put them on. The contrast between myself, nude but for the slippers and chastity belt, and Jennifer, fully clothed in her attractive casual outfit, could not have been greater.

Under Jennifer’s direction I bent over the bed while she inserted my butt plug. She told me that if I relaxed my sphincter it would be less painful. I tried to comply and she was right, though it hurt as the widest part stretched me, it was less painful than the rough insertion of last night. Jennifer then told me that my refusal to open my mouth earned me a week of chastity and that since I had objected to the butt plug I would wear one for the entire week. It would move inside me as I walked or sat or stood up, constantly reminding me that her instructions were to be promptly obeyed.

Then, following her instructions, I gathered the used towels from the master bathroom, stripped the sheets from our bed and, placing the lot in the hamper, carried the hamper to the laundry room. We then took a break for breakfast which, except for my nudity and the butt plug, was pretty much normal. She did chide me for, as she expressed it, ‘dawdling over the newspaper’ as I had the dishes and the laundry to do. Of course, wanting to avoid further penalties or punishments, I simply agreed and said, “Yes Miss Jennifer.”

After breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen and placed the dishes in the dishwasher. Then Jennifer led me back to the laundry room. She supervised as I sorted everything into three piles, whites, coloreds and delicates. Jennifer watched as I loaded the whites and began the machine. She then had me begin to hand wash and rinse the delicate items including her underwear, stockings and night gowns.

Jennifer told me she had some errands to run. I was to continue washing, rinsing and gently wringing out the delicate items and placing them on a rack to dry. When the white load finished in the washing machine I was to put in the dryer and start the colored load in the washer. While the machines were working I was to complete the delicate items. Then, when the machines were done I was to begin ironing the white items while the colored items went into the dryer. She anticipating being back for lunch before I completed the ironing and warned me that she would inspect my work.

After lunch I finished the ironing and Jennifer approved my work. There were a couple of things that might have been better but she felt it was good for a first time. I thought I was done but I then had to carry everything back to where it was stored. That included getting her blouses, skirts and dresses hung in the right place. While I had carried everything down in one overstuffed hamper load, it took three trips to get everything, including the now empty hamper, back in place. Then it was time to place fresh towels in the bathroom and make the bed with crisp fresh sheets. Jennifer actually helped me make the beds showing me how to get everything properly squared away.

By this time I had missed most of the Sunday football broadcasts. I did have a greater appreciation for just how long the laundry and ironing took. I think if you had asked me before, I would have said ‘It’s all done by machines. We have both a washer and dryer.’ While I wasn’t overjoyed with the laundry work I did realize that my taking on that chore was significant and probably a fair division of the work load in the house.

When we went upstairs Jennifer said, “Since you wore the butt plug all day today we will count this as your first day of your punishment. That means no relief for you but your being celibate doesn’t mean that I don’t have needs. Kneel by my side of the bed and use your mouth to give me an orgasm.”

Although it had only been one day since Jennifer had given me an orgasm with her hand job, I found it much more frustrating than the first day of my business trip had been. Then I had been away from the woman I loved and focused on company business. Now I was licking her vulva and tongue fucking her pussy. The smell and taste drove me wild with desire and my cock was very uncomfortable. In fact it tried so hard to gain an erection, that it became slightly painful. I could see that a week of being intimate with Jennifer without any sexual relief was going to be very difficult.

The Work Week

Monday morning, as I was getting dressed, Jennifer had me pull down my panties and lean over the bed as she inserted my butt plug. Then she drew a line across the base of the butt plug and onto the cheeks of my ass. She explained, “Just in case you think you can remove the butt plug in the office and then reinsert it before you come home. I will check and see if the marks still line up or not. I doubt you can get them lined up behind yourself and if they don’t line up you will be in serious trouble.”

After breakfast I drove to work and realized just how devious a torment Jennifer had devised with the butt plug. Yesterday I had felt it on my rear but in my nude state had been pretty much able to ignore it. Today the panties seemed to constantly push against the base and every time I moved my foot on the gas pedal or lifted my leg to apply the brakes, the plug made its presence felt.

It was even worse in the office as I dealt with meetings with both subordinates and the CEO, resolved conflicts and reviewed status of ongoing projects. I was constantly reminding myself not to cross my legs. It also seemed that the women in the office were all dressing more sexily than ever before. I knew this wasn’t true. It was me viewing the women through the prism of my sexual frustration.

Similarly my pant legs seemed to constantly rub over the nylons I wore and each time I moved the panties seemed to caress my testicles. The drive home was equally uncomfortable and I was actually happy to be home and able to strip down to my chastity belt, butt plug and slippers. Of course Jennifer inspected my butt plug and found no fault with my behavior.

That evening was pretty much a repeat of Sunday with my frustration growing as my gorgeous Jennifer flaunted her body and my cock tried to rebel against its prison. One slight variation was that Janice asked if I could take a week of vacation next week. It seemed she had access to a country house and thought we might spend some quality time together. As my week of chastity and butt plugs would be over I thought the idea of spending full time with my wife was a brilliant idea. I told her I would have to check with my boss but that I thought I could get approval.

Tuesday in the office was similar to Monday except that my secretary asked me if I was OK. When I told her yes and asked why she had asked she replied that I seemed out of sorts. I made an effort to appear more cheerful.

When I got home Jennifer stopped me after I had removed my suit, shirt and shoes. I was still in panties and nylons when she produced a corset and two breast forms. I had to admit that the corset would look pretty sexy on a woman but asked, “Why do you want me to wear that?”

Jennifer tolerated no reluctance on my part and said, “Let me remind you that we have agreed that I would decide what you wear and I want you in this for the evening. Now hold your arms up while I wrap it around you or do you want to add several more days before your chastity belt comes off. It would be a shame if the vacation I designed for us to be together wound up with you unable to perform and sexually frustrated.”

With the building sexual frustration I had been feeling, the last thing I wanted was more time locked in the chastity belt so I raised my arms. Jennifer fastened the corset around me and then began to tighten the laces. I felt the tremendous compression of my chest and worse below my ribs. Finally I begged, “Please Miss Jennifer, it’s too tight. Please, I can’t breathe.”

Jennifer answered, “Take shallow breaths and you’ll adjust to it.”

She did, however, relent and tie the laces. The trailing ends were neatly folded and covered with a zippered flap. Jennifer then went to the closet and returned with a pair of shoes and a maid’s dress. The shoes had about the same 3 inch heels that the slippers had but they were much narrower. They weren’t stiletto heels but the narrower footprint made me walk very carefully.

The dress wasn’t one of those silly French Maid costumes with short skirts and deep décolletage. Rather it was a staid and somber maid’s dress. It was black with long sleeves and white lace trimming the wrists and collar. The hem was below the knee, but not so low as to impede efficient work. Over the left breast was embroidered the name ‘Mitsy’ in white cursive letters.

“Here,…” she said, “…put this on.”

Having already been reminded who was in charge of what I wore and when I put the dress on and, with some difficulty fastened the buttons that ran up the back.

Jennifer led me down stairs to the dining room where the table had been set for one and instructed me to ‘serve from the left and clear from the right’. I must have looked bewildered because she asked, “Do you have a question, Mitsy?”

“Where do I eat, Miss Jennifer?’

She smiled at me and said, “Servants eat in the kitchen, after I, and any guests I may have, have completed their meal. Now go to the kitchen and get the soup, and remember to bring it on a tray.”

I went into the kitchen, ladled the soup into a bowl, placed the bowl on a tray and returned to the dining room. I carefully place the bowl of soup, serving from the left, in front of Jennifer. She glanced at me and said, “Very good Mitsy but there should be water in this glass and wine in this one. The wine is chilling in the fridge but you will have to run the tap and use ice to chill the water.”

Jennifer turned back to her soup and I removed the two glasses from her right and headed back into the kitchen. It wasn’t hard work as Jennifer had done the cooking and soon her solitary meal was over. I set the last of the dishes in the sink and placed my meal on the kitchen table. I was about half way through the soup when I heard a bell tinkle and Jennifer called, “Mitsy.”

I went into the living room and Jennifer said, “I’d like to finish with an Irish coffee, Mitsy.”

I retrieved the bottle from the bar and went into the kitchen to mix her Irish coffee. I remembered to place a napkin on the tray as I returned. I found however that I had difficulty in bending with the new corset. Jennifer saw my difficulty and said, “Bend your knees, Mitsy, and keep your back straight.”

I managed to do as she suggested and returned to the kitchen and my, by now, cold dinner. No, that isn’t accurate. My dinner wasn’t really cold, it was just tepid. I finished dinner and cleaning the kitchen and was allowed to go upstairs and try to undress.

I say try to undress because while I managed to get the shoes off and remove the dress, the corset defied my attempts at removal. In the end I put on my pink fuzzy slipper and went back down stairs to the living room where I asked, “Please Miss Jennifer, would you help me with this corset?”

Jennifer’s eyes flashed as she said, “You realize that if I had guests it would be totally inappropriate for you to appear in this state of undress. I will help you tonight because it is your first night, but in the future if you can’t manage you will simply have to wait until I come up to bed.”

Once she had unzipped and untied the laces I went up to the bedroom and carefully studied the back of the corset so that I would be able to find the zipper and laces in the future.

Sex was similar to Monday in that I knelt at the side of the bed and licked her to several orgasms while my frustration built.

Wednesday was similar to the prior day except that Jennifer now had a long wig for me to wear with the Mitsy dress. The wig was about the natural color of my hair but was longer, reaching to my shoulders. I got brief instruction on how it was to be placed on a plastic shape and combed each night.

Thursday was also similar except my frustration was making it hard for me to concentrate in the office. When I got home in addition to the corset, dress and wig, Jennifer had makeup for my face. She applied it and then had me practice applying it several times. It was late by the time I finished cleaning the kitchen and licking Jennifer to her requisite two evening orgasms.

It was now five days since I had cum and the chastity belt had moved from uncomfortable to mildly painful to just plain painful. I was on my best behavior, aware of the fact that Friday and Saturday would be the final days of my ordeal, assuming, of course, I didn’t give Jennifer some excuse to extend my punishment.

Friday was frustrating and when I arrived home Jennifer had me dress as Mitsy and apply my make up by myself. Apparently I passed inspection because after I served her meal, cleaned the kitchen, removed the makeup, stripped to my chastity belt and butt plug and licked her to two orgasms we went to sleep.

An Eventful Saturday

Saturday finally arrived. I spent the morning doing the laundry and ironing. I had improved to the point where I could pretty much get this done in the morning. After I cleaned the lunch dishes I went upstairs to put away some of the ironed and folded clean laundry. I found Jennifer in the bedroom with two suitcases. She said, “Get dressed as Mitsy. Quickly now, we have a long way to go.”

I was shocked. Up until now everything that had gone on had been between us. Now it seemed I was going somewhere in women’s clothes. I looked at Jennifer and asked, “Are you going to make me go out in drag, Miss Jennifer?”

She looked at me as a parent might look at a particularly dense child and said, “I just told you we have a long way to go. Do you think it would be better to ride in the car nude?”

“Couldn’t I wear my male clothing?”

“There will be no use for it where we are going. It is quite isolated and, in any case, you pass quite well as a woman. Get dressed. I’ll help with your corset.”

Her tone left no room for discussion let alone argument. I was very aware of the fact that this was the last of my seven days of penance in celibacy, and was dreading her extending it. In the end it was easier to go get dressed as she ordered.

Once dressed, Jennifer had me bring the two suitcases and put them in the trunk of the car. She drove and I rode in the passenger seat certain that people on the street or in other cars would know that I was a man dressed in woman’s clothing. I couldn’t keep from nervously fidgeting.

Jennifer became fed up with me and pulled the car to the side of the road. She pulled the hem of the dress up to my waist and pushed the elastic of the panties down below and behind my testicles. Now anyone looking in the window would see my caged penis and exposed testicles. I dropped my hands to my lap to cover myself. Jennifer laughed as she pulled back into traffic and said, “That ought to keep your hands folded in your lap and prevent you from fidgeting.”

We drove like that for about two hours with me afraid of moving. Eventually we left the highway and Jennifer pulled to the side of the road. She looked at me with a cheerful grin and said, “Stop playing with yourself and fix your clothing, you slut. We are nearly there.”

We entered a long driveway and pulled up in front of an attractive looking house. Jennifer pressed the button opening the trunk and told me to bring the suitcases. By the time I picked them up and closed the trunk, Jennifer had climbed the steps to the front porch and was waiting for me. I quickly climbed up and approached her. Instead of using a key Jennifer pushed a doorbell button.

There was someone else in the house! I thought of running but in my 3 inch heels I couldn’t have made it to the driveway. Also, it was that instant that I realized that ‘Mitsy’ didn’t have a purse. Unless Jennifer had packed my wallet I had no identification, no driver’s license, no money and no credit cards. I tried to stand behind Jennifer but that made no sense. I was taller than her in bare feet and here I was in high heeled shoes. Whoever Jennifer had decided to exhibit me to, I had no choice but to remain and see what happened. I heard the sound of the door lock opening and, though I was facing the door, I looked down.

“Well, hello and welcome Jennifer and … Mitsy?” a familiar voice said. I looked up into the grinning face of Terry McFarland who was reading the name embroidered over my breast. I think my jaw dropped in astonishment. I know I must have blushed as I felt the heat across my face.

“Come on in.” Terry said, laughing as she stepped back from the doorway. Jennifer stepped into the house and embraced Terry. My mind was totally confused as I followed into the house. Jennifer and Terry barely knew one another and now they were acting like old friends.

Terry showed us to a guest bedroom and told us that it had its own bathroom. She said, “Dinner’s about ready, so why don’t you wash up and join me in the dining room. Just leave the bags Mitsy. You can unpack later.”

After a quick visit to the bathroom we went to the dining room. There were three places set but Jennifer pointed to one and said, “Take that in the kitchen and then tell Terry you will serve tonight.”

Terry, who had only known me as a strong department manager was trying to keep from laughing as I delivered my message. She quickly showed me where things were in the kitchen and then went to join Jennifer in the dining room. I was still in a daze, realizing that I had been reduced to a servant, a servant in women’s clothes, in front of my co-manager. How would I ever be able to show my face again at the office?

I opened the wine and prepared a pitcher with iced water. Placing them on a tray I walked into the dining room. Conversation didn’t stop but I heard Terry giggle as I walked around the back of Jennifer’s chair so that I could pour from the left.

The meal was simple, just the main dish, desert and coffee. As the women lingered over their coffee I began to quickly eat my meal. I had just managed to finish when I heard Jennifer call, “Mitsy.”

When I entered she said, “We have decided to have our coffee in the living room. Top up our cups with fresh and bring them to us.”

I started to collect the cups when she asked, “Did you hear me Mitsy?”

I knew what she wanted so I answered, “Yes Miss Jennifer, I will bring fresh coffees to the living room.”

Terry couldn’t contain herself any longer and laughed out loud as she said, “Miss Jennifer! Oh, that’s precious.”

Of course I felt myself blushing again as the women walked into the other room. I retreated to the kitchen, refilled the cups with fresh coffee and using a tray carried it into the living room. With my tight corset I had to bend my knees in order to place the cups in front of them. Jennifer said, “Go clean up the kitchen and then come back to see if we want anything else.”

I said “Yes Miss Jennifer.”, and went to clean up. When I finished I returned to the living room and waited silently while they chatted. At some point Terry turned to me and said, “You make a very presentable woman Mitsy. I don’t think I would have recognized you if Jennifer hadn’t told me. I just wish I had a camera handy to record this for posterity.”

Jennifer said brightly, “What a good idea. Mitsy go up to our room and open the larger suitcase. The camera is in the right hand pocket. Go and fetch it.”

When I came down they took pictures of me both full length and close up. Then they had me take pictures of them sitting together on the couch. Terry brought a couple of books and set them on the table. Pulling the table back she set the camera on the books. Then she had me pose kneeling in front of them and with the timer took a shot with all three of us. They liked the idea so much they moved the camera and books to a different table and had me pose bending my knees with their cups on a tray as if I was serving them. They thought the entire process of posing and picture taking was great fun.

When they finished taking pictures Terry asked, “Mitsy, do you like cross dressing?”

I replied, “No, Terry, I don’t.”

Jennifer interrupted and said, “Mitsy, while we are guests in Terry’s home you should treat her with the same respect you treat me and refer to her as Miss Terry. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Jennifer. No, Miss Terry, I don’t enjoy wearing women’s clothes and makeup.”

“Then why do you do it?” asked Terry.

“I do it because I love Miss Jennifer and she told me to.”

Turning to Jennifer, Terry asked, “Do you usually keep him in drag?”

Jennifer smiled and said, “No. Usually he is naked at home. Well naked except for his chastity belt, butt plug and slippers.”

“Ooh, I’d like to see that. Besides, this is a vacation week for both of you and you ought to be able to be yourselves and relax.”

Jennifer turned to me and said, “Go upstairs and get undressed. Come back in what you normally wear at home.”

I blushed and thought of arguing but I didn’t want her to extend my week of chastity and knew that I had better obey, no matter how humiliating it would be. In the end I simply said, “Yes Miss Jennifer.”

When I came back down, nude except for the chastity belt and the fuzzy pink high heeled slippers Terry couldn’t control her laughter. I was also wearing the butt plug but it was so deep within me that it was almost invisible. Jennifer ordered me to stand in with my legs apart and my hands behind my head. Of course this set off another round of picture taking.

Terry wanted to see the chastity belt so Jennifer had me stand in front of her in the same pose that I had been in. Janet was explaining about the four digit combination lock and how the combination could be reset each time the lock closed when Terry reached out and tugged the curved tube. She then ran her hand, palm up, between my legs and cupped my testicles. After a week of sexual frustration by Jennifer, Terry’s touch caused me to moan. She immediately jerked her hand back and said, “I’m sorry Roger. Did I hurt you?”

I noted that I was back to Roger and no longer Mitsy as I replied, “No Miss Terry. It’s just that it has been a long time since I have been allowed to cum and things are very sensitive.”

Terry turned to Jennifer and asked, “How often do you let him cum?”

Jennifer said, “Almost every day when he’s been good but he was being punished this week and hadn’t cum since last Saturday. Today’s the last day of his punishment and if he is obedient I might let him cum tomorrow.”

Terry said, “That doesn’t seem very nice. After all this is his vacation and I’m sure he would enjoy it more if we let him cum.”

Jennifer thought for a minute and then, with a twinkle in her eye she asked me, “Would you like to show Terry how you masturbate?

I realized she was talking about me masturbating in front of them. Here I was nude in front of two fully clothed women and she was asking if I wanted to humiliate myself further by jacking off in front of them. At the same time I was very frustrated and both Terry’s touch and the situation had made me very needy. I was desperate to cum so I answered, “Yes Miss Jennifer.”

Terry asked’ “Do we need a towel or something? I don’t want his stuff all over my rug.”

Jennifer’s answer made it clear just how humiliating she planned to make this. He said, “We don’t need a towel. We can just use a glass. A drinking glass will do very nicely.”

Terry must have realized what Jennifer planned because as she stood to go to the kitchen and blushed as she said, “Oh my!”

Jennifer said to Terry, “Come sit here on the couch next to me so that we can both watch together.”

Then she turned to me and said, “Roger, take these coffee cups into the kitchen and bring back a drinking glass. Make certain it is big enough to catch your ejaculate but small enough so that after you drink your semen you can get your tongue all the way to the bottom to lick the glass clean.”

I thought I heard a sharp intake of breath, probably from Terry, but I was looking at the coffee cups as I picked them up. I did as Jennifer had directed.

When I came back Jennifer looked at me and said, “You were to be punished for a week which would be until tomorrow evening, but Terry has interceded for you. She is our hostess and has been so sweet and accommodating it would be rude if I didn’t accede to her request. I think you should thank her.”

I said, “Thank you Miss Terry.”

Jennifer twirled her finger indicating I should turn around, which I did. The she said, “Spread your legs and bend forward with your hands on your thighs.”

I assumed the humiliating position well aware of the fact that my sphincter, with the base of the butt plug just peeking out, as well as my heavily filled testicles were on display. Someone, probably Jennifer, gripped my testicles and pulled me back a step or so closer to the couch. I heard the clicking as Jennifer turned the dials to the correct combination and the louder click as the lock came undone.

“Turn around…,” said Jennifer, “…and put your hands on your head. Spread your legs a bit.”

I complied and Jennifer removed the chastity belt. Of course I immediately grew hard as a wave of humiliation washed over me. Why was I doing this? I loved Jennifer, I answered myself. I was standing nude with my hard cock pointing at the two fully clothed and very sexually attractive women sitting on the couch. My rock hard penis was more or less at eye level.

It was Terry who spoke. She said, “That’s a nice one. If I had a hunky guy with a cock like that, I don’t think I could wait a week for sex.”

Jennifer laughed and said, “Oh I didn’t wait a week for sex. He is very talented with his mouth and tongue.”

“You mean he goes down on you.”

“At least once a day, and usually more often.”

“Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll borrow him and just to see how good he is.” said Terry

Jennifer said, “That can be arranged. Would you like a sample right now?”

“Now? You mean right here?”

“Why not? You might want to sit on a towel to protect the furniture but Roger will be happy to perform. Won’t you Roger?”

I looked at Jennifer and said, “I will if you are certain you want me to do this with another woman, Miss Jennifer. I have been a faithful husband for over seven years. Miss Terry is a very lovely and sexually attractive woman and it seems almost like I would be cheating.”

Jennifer gave me a smile and said, “It wouldn’t be cheating if I was right here and told you to do it, Roger.”

Terry just said, “Aw, that’s sweet.”

Jennifer turned to her and said, “He is sweet and I love him very much. Tell you what let’s get his jacking off and drinking his semen out of the way. Right now he is so frustrated he would do anything. After he cums it will be more humiliating for him to perform in public, as it were.

Turning back to me Jennifer said, “You are right handed Roger, so you are going to jack off with your left hand while holding the glass in your right hand. Be certain you catch every drop. Then ask Terry if you may drink your warm semen. Once she gives you permission, drink it all and clean the glass with your tongue as much as possible.”

Jennifer was on a roll tonight. I don’t know where she gets these humiliating ideas from. I suspect she has been surfing the Internet. I took the glass in my right hand and gripped my cock with my left hand. I began what should have been the familiar motion of masturbating but it was difficult. Using my left hand somehow felt awkward and strange but I had been teased and frustrated for almost a full week. I think I could have cum from humping the furniture. Despite the strangeness of my left hand it didn’t take long before I felt the familiar sensation in my testicles and began spurting into the glass. I was getting sexual relief at last. It really felt wonderful.

After a few minutes I was sated and stood holding my shrinking penis in one hand and a glass of my semen in the other. Jennifer looked at me expectantly and raised an eyebrow. I remembered the rest of her instructions and asked, “Miss Terry may I drink my semen?”

Terry surprised me when she said, “You didn’t sound very eager. Are you certain you really want to?”

Good lord now I had two women teasing and mocking me. Trying to sound more enthusiastic I said, “Oh yes I really want to drink my semen. Please Miss Terry let me drink my cum.”

Terry smiled and said, “Well I wouldn’t be a good hostess if I denied my guest’s request. Go ahead and drink it up.”

I had tasted my semen before when I licked it from Jennifer’s pussy but it had been mixed with her fluids which I loved to taste. Alone in the glass my semen tasted different. It was, I noted somewhat salty. I tried to drink it quickly and almost gagged on the viscous liquid. Of course I was no longer sexually excited and wished I could get out of the licking the glass clean but a deal is a deal and Jennifer had made it clear what the price of my orgasm was to be. I stuck my tongue into the glass and licked as though I enjoyed it.

Jennifer said, “Very good Roger. Now take the glass into the kitchen and wash it thoroughly. Use the kitchen sponge to clean off your cock and then come back so I can lock it up again. Oh, and bring a towel for Terry to sit on.”

When I came back Terry had removed her slacks and panties. Her groin was neatly trimmed but there was enough hair above her slit to prove, as the expression goes, that the curtains matched the rug. She, or perhaps Jennifer, had thoughtfully tossed a cushion on the floor for me to kneel upon. First there was the humiliating business of replacing the chastity belt on me and then my turning and bending as Jennifer set the new combination, locked the belt and then zeroed out the dials.

Terry looked a bit apprehensive as I knelt before her. I noticed she had removed her shoes and sock when she took off her slacks so I picked up a foot and began to massage it, saying, “Relax Miss Terry. It will be better for you if you are relaxed.”

After a few minutes I switched feet and a bit after that I could see her tension lessen. I gently pushed her knees apart and began kissing her inner thighs. I alternated from side to side and as I moved up her thighs I lifted her legs and slipped them over my shoulders. I was just a bit above mid-thigh when I caught the first faint whiff of her unmistakable arousal.

As I worked my way up toward her Venus Mound I began to vary my kisses with soft nips and gentle licks. Then I used my tongue in flat broad sweeps over her labia. As with her thighs I alternated side to side but not in any sort of regular pattern.

Her arousal was no longer a faint whiff and the smell was like an aphrodisiac. Her outer lips grew and parted revealing the lovely flower of her inner lips. I had to remind myself to go slowly. This wasn’t Jennifer, and while the basic anatomy is the same, I didn’t know just what would work best on Terry. If we had been in bed I would have been exploring her eye lids, her neck, her ears, her shoulders and the valley of her collar bone. I might massage her breasts and tease her nipples or use my tongue in her belly button.

All of that was denied me here. I was on my knees while she sat on the couch and only her lower body was available to me. So I used my tongue slowly and patiently. I noted what caused the muscles in her abdomen to flutter or what made her legs jerk in involuntary spasms. I went back to doing those things time after time. Patience isn’t only a virtue, when making oral love to a woman it’s a necessity.

And that was what I was doing. I was making love to Terry McFarland in front of my wife Jennifer. Jennifer thought she was humiliating me by forcing me to lick another woman’s pussy. She didn’t know what an opportunity she had given me, and I wasn’t going to tell her. I suspected that Jennifer would be insanely jealous if she knew that rather than forcing me to labor over Terry’s pussy, I was worshiping the woman and her sexual center.

Someone once said that the mind is the greatest sexual organ in the body. I suppose that may be true but the mind is also, at least to me, the most sexually attractive organ in the body. Oh sure, I like breasts and I just told you that I was worshiping a pussy. Well shaped legs and asses are attractive and will turn my head. A sharp clever mind however is irresistible.

Terry McFarland had that sort of brilliant mind. Always able to see a different point of view, capable of defending her position but willing to absorb and accept other’s views. I think I had had a crush on Terry after the first time we had strategized over an apparent screw up in meeting our contractual obligations at the company. Of course I never acted, in any way, on those feelings. I was a married man and in love with my wife Jennifer. Still the more domineering Jennifer became the more attractive Terry appeared.

It was time. Terry’s body was signaling. The gasps and moans were unnecessary signals but supported what her body was telling me. I curled my tongue and tongue fucked Terry, alternating every few strokes with long flat swipes of my tongue up the length of her slit stopping just short of her clitoris. Her thighs were clenching my head and her hands were fisted in my hair, pulling as though she wanted my entire head in her pussy.

I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue while I drove first one and then two fingers into her. I curled those fingers searching for her G spot but she was so wet I couldn’t be certain that I had found it. My lips closed around her clit and the very tip of my tongue battered at it.

Terry came with a gush. I don’t think that she squirted but there was a flood, a gush of her juices. I moved my mouth down and tried to drink up as much of the fluid as I could, my tongue thrusting to find still more as Terry’s body shuddered through her orgasm. I sat back on my ankles and watched her body. I think women are at their most beautiful when they orgasm. All artifice, all social graces are stripped away and there is nothing but the raw sensual sexual woman.

Terry opened her eyes. Her chest was heaving as she took deep breaths. She turned towards Jennifer and said, “Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said he was good. I’ve been with women who weren’t that good.”

I glanced at my wife and could see she was disturbed. Jennifer couldn’t quite put her finger on it but something had not gone according to her plan. She had wanted to show off her boy toy to Terry but hadn’t anticipated Terry’s enthusiastic tone of voice. She had expected me to be red and flustered but probably saw satisfaction in my posture. I carefully kept my face blank though I was grinning ear to ear inside.

Jennifer said, “Now you’ve made me horny. Come over here.”

I stood up to follow her orders but Terry said, “Wait! I have an idea. Roger, go up to your bedroom and wait for us.”

I looked at Jennifer who, with a flick of her head, indicated I should do what Terry had said. She added, “You can take out the butt plug but be sure to clean it properly.” I smiled as I turned toward the stairs.

It took some time before they came up and I occupied myself with unpacking the two suitcases Jennifer had packed. The larger case had her things, and included things like underwear, casual clothes and bathing suits which I hung or placed in drawers. Her cosmetics went in the attached bathroom as I didn’t see anything like a makeup table.

The smaller case was apparently for me. It had panties, a second corset, another maid’s dress, stockings and the small amount of cosmetics I used. It also contained the pink ribbon, a tube of lubricant, a wicked looking large strap on dildo, the metal handcuffs, a gag, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, lengths of chain, several padlocks and what appeared to be four hollow leather tubes. I stowed all of the bondage gear in a drawer.

When the women arrived they both looked like the proverbial cat that had swallowed the canary. Obviously they had cooked up some sort of plan. I soon found out what the leather tubes were for. Jennifer told me to watch while she slid one end of one of the chains through a tube. Then she wrapped the leather covered chain around a bed post and secured it with a padlock. “Do the other three and be careful so that the bare chain doesn’t scratch Terry’s furniture.”

I did as ordered and was told to lie down and spread my arms and legs. Jennifer and Terry each took a side and working together wrapped the leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles and locked them to links in the four chains. Once again I was in a spread eagle which was loose enough to be comfortable but strong enough to ensure my immobility. Jennifer unlocked and removed my chastity belt and I, of course, grew hard. I lost track of Terry and assumed she had left.

Jennifer undressed which made me even harder and then mounted the bed. She swung her leg over me lowering her groin to my mouth. I was surprised. If she wanted me to service her orally why had she removed the chastity belt?

This time she had chosen to mount me facing my feet. When she sat upright her butt covered my nose and made it difficult to breath. It also made it difficult to reach her clit, ensuring it would be a long time before she came. Fortunately she leaned forward giving me better access both to her clit and to air. As I began licking, I realized my vision was limited to the cheeks of her ass.

Then I felt the bed move a bit and something tight moving down my cock. At first I thought of a cock ring but then I realized someone was rolling a tight condom over my cock. Then a tight warm something slid over my condom encased cock. From the ease with which it slid on either the condom had been generously lubricated or the woman was very wet. Could it be Terry riding me? I didn’t think it was possible for me to grow harder but perhaps I did. Jennifer leaned forward and I had the distinct impression that the women were fondling each other’s breasts. I couldn’t see of course but I could hear the murmur of voices and what sounded like kisses and perhaps the sucking sound when tongues were being pulled out of lips. My imagination ran wild.

Jennifer and Terry both came. I felt Terry climb off and presumably disappear into the bathroom. Jennifer stood up, swung around and squatted over my cock. “Try to hold off as long as you can”, she said as she slid down.

I had masturbated downstairs perhaps an hour or hour and a half ago which ought to allow me to last longer. On the other hand I had been licking Jennifer and having my cock stroked by what I could only assume was Terry’s pussy until I was very aroused which might offset the effects of the first orgasm. Was there some sort of mathematical formula that I could apply to see if the effect of the stimulation was greater or less than the earlier orgasm?

I did the best I could and managed to hold off long enough for Jennifer to enjoy a second orgasm. Her contractions overcame all my efforts and I came for the second time that night. I never did find out what happened to Terry but I assumed she dressed and slipped out while my attention was completely on holding back long enough to please Jennifer.

Jennifer crawled up over me and unfastened my wrists. We worked together to free my ankles. Exhausted we fell into each other’s arms and lay down. I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. It had been an eventful day.


It began as a strange week. Most of the time I was Roger but from time to time Jennifer converted me to Mitsy. Roger was a guest, albeit a submissive one.

I ate with Jennifer and Terry though it was strange to sit nude at the head of the table with two fully dressed, attractive women on either side of me. It was even stranger if we had a roast or a bird that needed carving. I would have to stand up and parade my nude body to the foot of the table where I carved and served out portions. Then it was back to the head of the table to join in the meal. Conversation was interesting and wide ranging though I remembered to throw in a respectful Miss Jennifer or Miss Terry from time to time.

Jennifer kept me locked into the chastity belt most of every day having made it clear that she felt Terry had too much affection for my cock. Terry did flirt shamelessly and freely run her hands over whatever part of my body was near her but Jennifer couldn’t object as she was doing the same thing so that I was in a constant state of sexual frustration all day long.

Sunday morning I woke up hard. We had both been so tired Jennifer had failed to lock me into the chastity belt. I slipped out of bed and after a few moments urinated while standing. When I returned to the bedroom the sight of my nude Jennifer made me hard. I hoped we would continue last night’s sexual romp but Jennifer, now awake, was having none of that. In fact she had me stand with my legs apart and hands on my head. When this did nothing to shrink my cock she held it in one hand and whacked the tip with a slipper. I damn near screamed with the sudden pain but it did have the effect of making me flaccid. By the time the pain receded I was safely locked up once again.

That morning the women decide to lie out by the pool and work on their tans. That meant that I had the very pleasant job of rubbing protective lotion on their backs. Terry undid her bra strap while I was rubbing in the lotion. Never one to be one upped Jennifer not only removed her bra strap. She also untied her bikini bottoms and had me rub lotion over her lovely buns. I was enjoying the morning.

Terry rolled over to get her front tanned but declined my offer to spread the lotion over her front. Apparently she had picked up the jealous vibe from Jennifer. Terry, however, was no shrinking violet and decided to up the ante a bit further. When she finished spreading lotion on her front, including very attractive breasts with very erect nipples, she asked, “What about you Roger? It wouldn’t do to let these get sunburned.”

These turned out to be my testicle which Terry had grabbed with her lotion filled hands. Using my testicles as a handle she turned me and began to massage my buns with almost as much enthusiasm as I had rubbed hers. Jennifer was upset but tried to hide it and just said, “I brought a bathing suit for Mitsy. Come Roger let’s get you properly dressed.”

I followed my nude wife into the house hoping for some sort of sexual adventure, but it was not to be. Instead she led me to our bedroom and the drawer in which I had stored her bathing suits. She pulled out a modest two piece woman’s bathing suit and handed it to me saying, “Put this on.”

From her makeup kit she pulled a roll of double sided tape which she applied to the back of the breast forms. With the breast forms glued to my chest she had me don the wig and apply lipstick, telling me I didn’t need makeup to lounge around the pool.

When we emerged from the house, Terry shot me a sympathetic look and asked Jennifer, “Isn’t it too hot for a wig?”

Jennifer pretended she hadn’t heard the question and said to me, “Mitsy lie face down on that lounger and I’ll do your back.”

When she had finished my back she had me roll over so that she could do my front. She firmly pressed my breast forms to my already sweating chest and told me, “You better stay out of the water. We don’t want your boobies to come loose, do we?”

“No, Miss Jennifer.”

It was hot and the damned wig made it worse. After some time I got up to go inside but Jennifer told me to roll over so that I had an even tan. I did as told but got another sympathetic look from Terry.

The two women frolicked in the pool together while I lay on the lounger and sweated. Eventually Terry and Jennifer decided it was time to prepare lunch and Jennifer told me, “Go take a shower and rinse out Mitsy’s suit. Clean the tape off the breast forms. Then come down as Roger.”

When I came out of the shower I caught site of myself in the mirror. I was shocked to see that I had white lines that showed clearly against my darker skin. The lines of a woman’s bathing suit complete with large triangular white patches over my hairless chest. It was clear that I couldn’t go to a beach or a pool as a male without attracting a great deal of attention.

When I got downstairs Jennifer smiled at my appearance while Terry was shocked. “What did you do?” she asked Jennifer.

“Oh,…” said Jennifer, feigning innocence, “..I must have used the tanning lotion instead of the sun screen. My bad.”

After I licked both women to orgasms and Jennifer to a second one in the bedroom, she decided she was too tired and decided not to unlock my chastity belt. To tell the truth I was getting a bit bothered by this dominance. Oh, I still loved Jennifer and wanted to give her what she wanted but I didn’t understand why that including humiliating her husband whom she claimed to love.

Monday and Tuesday were relaxing at leisure days. It turned out that Terry hadn’t taken vacation but had decided to visit some suppliers who were located in this part of the world, out past her house. This was routine as there were always questions to be resolved and frequent meetings kept everything running smoothly.

With Terry gone during the day Jennifer relaxed and swam enjoying the warm sunshine. She gave me the tanning lotion she had used and I tried to use it to eradicate the lines she had created. Of course while the white parts got darker the other parts of my body also became more tanned. By the end of Tuesday the lines were faint and really only visible on close inspection.

While the tanning was doing well my sex life had taken a turn for the worse. Jennifer had decided that she liked the longing and desire in my eyes that came from my being frustrated and horny. While she had three or more orgasms each day I had been kept in chastity.

Wednesday things turned upside down. Shortly after lunch Jennifer brought the metal handcuffs and dog collar downstairs. She handcuffed me to the collar and then fastened the collar around my throat. Then she had me stand at the end of the dining room table facing the far end, and had me spread my legs which she cuffed and tied to the table legs.

Then she had me bend forward until my torso was lying on the table. She ran a rope across my back, under my arms and fastened the ends to the table legs at the far end. I was unable to move as she went upstairs saying, “Don’t go away now.”

My back was beginning to ache when I heard her behind me. She asked, “How many times have you fucked me over the past seven years?”

I had no idea of the actual count so I said, “I don’t know Miss Jennifer.”

She asked, “It has been a lot of times though, hasn’t it?”

Well we had an active sex life and had been married over seven years so I suppose it must have been many, many times. I replied, “Yes Miss Jennifer.”

She continued, “So it’s only fair if I fuck you now isn’t it?”

I suddenly realized that she was talking about using that huge strap on dildo on me. I said, “No! Don’t use that on me Miss Jennifer.”

In a deadly voice she asked, “Are you giving me orders subby?”

I said, “No Miss Jennifer, but I don’t like anal sex. The butt plug hurt when you put it in and that dildo is much larger. Please don’t do this to me.”

I heard Jennifer on the stairs and felt relief. She was going back to take off the strap on. Though my back was still aching from my bent over position I sighed with relief and relaxed the tenseness I hadn’t realized my body had developed.

I heard her come back down and was about to thank her when I saw that she was still wearing the strap on. I opened my mouth but before I could say anything she pushed the gag into my mouth and buckled it around my head.

Jennifer then said, “Don’t you remember when I told you to accept your place and obey everything I said because I could always make it worse? For trying to tell me what I can and can’t do you are going to be punished. First I am going to spank you and then I am going to use the strap on. Since you tried to tell me not to I am going to make it worse and use the strap on without lubrication.”

I tried to object but with the gag in my mouth I couldn’t say anything intelligible. Jennifer began to paddle me. I wasn’t certain but I think she used her hairbrush. I tried to keep count of the strokes but lost count somewhere before 20. She continued to hit me so I guess I was beaten 24 or 25 times.

When she was done she giggled as she said, “You look all rosy and warm. Now for the main event.”

I felt the huge dildo nudge against my anus. She pushed forward hard and I felt that my sphincter was tearing. Jennifer grabbed my hips and pulled until her thighs banged against my sore buttocks. Then she began to pull and push in and out. The pain was so intense I passed out.

Hospital Time

I regained consciousness slowly. I couldn’t figure out where I was. I seemed to be face down on a bed. I heard a beeping like some science fiction movie. Gradually I realized that I was in a hospital bed. The smells of disinfectant associated with hospitals were vaguely in the air. The beeping sound resolved itself into some sort of medical monitor.

Apparently something signaled the nurses station that there was a change in my breathing or my heart rate or some damn thing, because a nurse came into the room and asked softly, “Are you awake then?”

I started to roll over but her hand on my shoulder held me down. “Don’t try to roll over. You’ve had some surgery and the doctor wants you on your stomach for the next few days.”

“What happened?” I croaked.

She gave me a chip of ice which melted in my mouth and sent cool liquid down my throat. I asked for more and she fed me several chips. As I became more aware I could feel a catheter tube in my penis and pain in my rear end. The nurse said, “The doctor will be in soon along with the police officer and the public health worker. When they finish there is a woman who is waiting to see you.”

Sometime afterward a doctor came in and pulled down the sheet covering me while saying in a jolly voice, “Let’s have a look shall we.”

Then there were some “AhHum”s and several “Good! Good!”s. The doctor walked around and sat on a chair near my head so that we could look at one another. He said, “I expect you would like to know what’s been happening.”

I managed to say, “Yes, I would.”

“Well, two days ago you were brought in by private car. You were nude and unconscious and evidenced bleeding from your rectum. You also had welts and bruising on your buttocks and an expensive chastity belt on but those presented no serious medical issues. We examined and found severe bruising and some tearing of the lower gastro intestinal tract. Unfortunately you had not been cleaned out prior to whatever activity caused the tears and had bacterial infections, probably from fecal matter, in your body. We had to operate to try to remove the fecal matter and to sew and clamp shut the actual rips.

Of course we also began a regimen of antibiotics to fight the infections. You appear to be healing nicely but will have to remain prone on your front for at least another couple of days. During the course of our work Mrs. Blake provided the combination for the chastity device which was removed. Now, if you are up to it there is a police officer and a public health worker who wish to speak with you.”

I was puzzled. “I guess I can understand the policeman but why the public health worker?”

In a rather disparaging tone the doctor said, “Mr. Blake, when we operated we had to draw and examine your blood. During the course of the analysis we determined that you had a rather nasty sexual disease. The Public Health Department will want to know everyone you have had any sexual contact with and I advise you to be truthful and forthcoming with this information no matter how embarrassing it may be to you personally.”

I told the authorities that I had no sexual contact with anyone but Jennifer for over seven years with the exception of performing oral sex on Terry McFarland. They went back and forth on this for some time until one of them said, “I think we should re-interview Mrs. Blake.”

After they left I had another visitor. I had expected Jennifer but it proved to be Terry McFarland. After a few minutes of aimless hellos and how are you feeling sort of chatter I asked her, “Can you tell me how I came to be here.”

Terry looked at me sadly and said, “It isn’t a very nice story, but I suppose you have the right to hear it. I got finished up a bit early that Wednesday afternoon and came home. When I walked in I saw Jennifer banging away at you with you passed out on the table and blood dripping from your ass. I guess I screamed something like ‘What the hell are you doing’ because Jennifer looked up and said she was ‘just pegging’ you. She told me all the female dominants did this to their submissive males.

At that point she hadn’t even realized that you were bleeding. Anyhow, I pulled her off you and made her help get the cuffs and ropes off and half drag, half carry you to my car. By this time she was frightened and wanted to try to treat you at home but I insisted on bringing you to the hospital.

As it turned out, in addition to the injuries you had a nasty sexual disease. Both Jennifer and I were tested and I came up clean, but she seems to have been carrying it for at least several months. The police lab work suggested that the disease was further along in her than in you so it seemed that she infected you. She, however, has adamantly denied sexual contact with anyone but you and says you must be the source of the infection.

What a mess this whole thing is.”

I said, “I’m sorry about the blood on your rug.”

We both realized the absurdity of that comment and broke out in laughter. Terry said, “Bugger the rug. Are you going to be OK? What do the doctors say?”

I told her what the doctor had said and asked, “Where is Jennifer?”

Terry said, “She has been charged with criminal assault. The judge released her on bail but told her to restrict herself to work, grocery shopping and your home.”

I looked at Terry and said, “Do you know any good divorce lawyers? I don’t care what Jennifer is saying. I know I haven’t been with anyone for seven years except for the oral sex with you this past weekend. If we have an STD Jennifer must have cheated.”

Terry said, “Look you aren’t going to be up to meeting with lawyers for a few days. Why not let the police and Public Health Department complete their work. They really want to get to the bottom of this and if they find who she cheated with, your lawyer will be able to use that to help if you do decide to divorce her.”

“I don’t think there is anything to decide.”

“Look! From a selfish point of view, I would like nothing better than to see you single and available but you are in no condition to make life changing decisions right now. First of all you are still recovering from a traumatic incident, secondly you are barely awake from several days of drugged unconsciousness and thirdly you don’t know all of the facts.”

“If she had a STD she must have cheated.”

Terry looked at me and gently asked, “Would you feel the same way if she caught the STD when she was raped?”

I was exasperated but had to smile and said “Damn, you are a good lawyer. OK if it was rape I wouldn’t be so angry.”

We were silent for a while and then I asked, “So is it true, from a selfish point of view you would like me single and available?”

I’ll be damned if Terry McFarland, the hard driving legal department manager, didn’t blush like a schoolgirl. She didn’t say anything but leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek. Then she left the room.


Jennifer eventually gave up the name of her lover in a complicated deal in which she gave them the guy’s name and pled guilty to assault but her sentence was suspended and she was released on probation. It turned out the guy was intimate with six other women, four of whom were also married. Public Health was happy they had been able to track down and test everyone involved (and their husbands and significant others.) That meant they had stopped the spread of the STD. The District Attorney was happy that he had another conviction without the work and expense of a trial. Apparently my having allowed myself to be tied to the table made it a difficult assault case to prosecute. Jennifer was probably happy to get away without any jail time. The only person unhappy was me.

The problem was I loved the miserable bitch. I no longer trusted her and certainly wasn’t going to stay married to her, but love isn’t a reasoned argument, it’s an emotion. I was angry with Jennifer and angry with myself. All the crap I had put up with, the bondage, the chastity belt, the cross dressing, the humiliations was because I was stupid enough to love a woman and surrender myself to her while she was cuckolding me.

I moved out of what had been our home because I could no longer stand to be with the woman I loved. Amusingly she tried to dominate me one last time. As I was packing, Jennifer said, “You don’t have to leave. The ropes and cuffs are on the bed and our sex life was always great.”

I didn’t respond but looked at her with such anger in my eyes that she stepped back. She did ask, “Where will you go?”

That was a good question as I had no idea. I would probably get a hotel for a few nights while I looked around for an apartment. I just told Jennifer, “Where I go is no concern of yours.”

“What if we need to talk about the divorce settlement?”

“Your lawyer can contact mine. I don’t want to talk with you or even see you. When you broke your wedding vows, you ruined what I thought had been a pretty good marriage.”

By this point I was done packing, so I closed the suitcases and went out intending to walk to the corner and catch a cab. Instead I found Terry McFarland standing by her car. I nodded and she said, “Put your bags in the trunk. You’re moving into my spare room.”

I was bemused and asked, “What do you think you are doing?”

She sighed and said, “I’m giving you a place to live and a shoulder to cry on while you go through the divorce. Then I’m going to convince you that love isn’t finite and you can love another woman, even while you still can’t get over Jennifer. Once you are convinced I will do my best to seduce you and, if things work out, to eventually marry you.”

I think I just stared at her as she gently pushed me toward the trunk of her car. I was still confused when I put my bags in the trunk and sat in her car.

When we got started toward her house Terry added, “Look, I know you from the office. You aren’t a natural submissive. In fact you are a pretty macho sort of guy even though you don’t swagger around. Any man who can love a woman enough to go through the crap Jennifer put you through, is something of a prize. Ergo, (Well she was a lawyer and prone to use an occasional Latin word) you are worth the investment in time that this will take. I know you are attracted to me even though you never acted on that attraction. Now we will just take it slow and see what happens.”

And that’s what we did.

The End

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