Service Days
by Sir Richard

Chapter 8

Travel preparations

With the disposal of the three voluntary slaves to Bill, we had no reason to remain on the west coast. Still, the San Francisco area has some great tourist sights and we took a few vacation days. Pete returned his car and rented a van with lots of seats so that the nine of us could move around in one vehicle.

We also used the time to clean up what loose ends we could. I transferred the money to Bill for the slave girls. We swept what laundered cash remained, and closed out the `company' account in Ukiah, saying that `corporate treasury' had decided on a new cash collections scheme. The cash would cover air tickets for the women to get them back east.

The other great thing about San Francisco is the number of places supplying gear for B&D. While the others went to see some of the sights Cathy and I had already covered, she and I went shopping. We found all sorts of nasty yummy things to add to our collection including a leather straight jacket similar to the one Linda had used on Cathy. Among the things purchased were several plug-in vibrators, a very wicked battery vibrator with a programmable remote control, a butterfly vibrator that was slim enough to be worn under clothing, and a vibrator with a neat prong that reached the clitoris when it was inserted. I found some thumb cuffs and a neat set of handcuffs with no links whatsoever.

Tom came through with information on our new assignments. Pete was headed for the Pentagon which meant that Sophia (who was obviously going with him) could work with Sally in her new private practice. The women were making rapid progress in English and Tom and Sally offered to house the two women who wanted to pass the GED and go on to college. As Sally pointed out it would also give them a built in set of babysitters.

I was to take a platoon of infantry at Camp Le Jeune in North Carolina. Cathy and I would house the other three women until they were settled and ready to move out on their own. The move meant no return to Georgetown for Cathy but she would continue her schooling by correspondence courses if necessary. We would check out what the local campus, if any, offered, although I wasn't too optimistic. I didn't think that there was much in Jacksonville which was just outside the base. Wilmington, which may have had something better, was at least a 50-mile commute over marginal roads.

We did a reverse airfreight shipment with the guns and most of the bondage gear, although I held back the pronged vibrator and the thumb cuffs. I purchased one-way tickets for the six women (Pete, Cathy and I still had out return tickets) and we packed our clothes. Even after another day's shopping the newly released women didn't have much in the way of clothes and we only needed two additional suitcases with three women sharing one suitcase. Sophia and the two prospective college girls would be staying in Washington and shared one suitcase. The would-be chef, the paralegal and the researcher who would be continuing down to North Carolina with Cathy and me shared the other.

I decided that I would have some fun with Cathy on the flight home so I had her bring me some rope and remove her blouse and bra. I had her put her hands on her head and wrapped three turns of rope around her chest just below her very lovely breasts. Three more turns above her breasts just pressing down on the very top slopes of those beautiful breasts made them stand out a bit. Then with three short strands I cinched the upper and lower wraps between and on either side of her breasts.

At that point I let Cathy lower her hands and asked how she felt. She said that her breasts were compressed and felt very sensitive. We noted that they certainly stood out more prominently than usual. I rubbed them a bit getting Cathy somewhat aroused and squirming in the process. Then I sucked her nipples and flicked them with my tongue. When they seemed hard as little rocks I let her put her blouse back on and sent her to put the bra into her suitcase.

When she came back she told me that every time she moved the blouse rubbed across her nipples and made her feel as if some little demon was playing with her. I smiled and told her that was the effect I was aiming for. I couldn't help thinking back to that first morning when Cathy had objected to apartment hunting without a bra. We had come a long way since that morning.

While Cathy was out of the room Sophia asked Pete why he didn't love her enough to treat her the way I did Cathy. Well we had plenty of rope and it never pays to challenge a Marine so Pete roped up Sophia. As Sophia had a slightly larger bust than Cathy the effect was very impressive.

Seeing what was going on the other five women stripped topless and demanded their own rope bras. We tried to explain that they didn't have to travel that way and that it might in fact prove uncomfortable for the long transcontinental flight. They were having none of it. They knew Cathy was a citizen and if that was the way a female citizen traveled, that was the way they wanted to travel. Sophia tried to convince them but, as she explained to us, they had seen her get roped up and thought she was being nasty not to let them join in the fun.

And that is how Pete and I came to have five topless women (Cathy and Sophia both had their tops back on) lined up before us with ropes in their hands. The kidnappers really had good eyes for female flesh and we had a very impressive display to deal with. Oh well, never let it be said that the Marines were upset by the size of the task. Cathy thought it very funny until I finished the first woman and began to caress her breasts and lick her nipples. Then she seemed to find it a great deal less amusing.

At the Airport

We got to the airport very early. It was a good thing we did. Apparently buying one-way tickets with cash is a warning sign for the security people. We'd purchased six of them. Add to that the less than perfect, if not broken, English of five women and we had quite a long time in the security office.

Of course it didn't help things when they checked our carryon bags and found the pronged vibrator and thumb cuffs I had slipped into Cathy's purse. The security guard held up the vibrator for all to see and, rather stupidly, I thought, asked Cathy, "What is this?"

She blushed quite red and said, "It is a vibrator."

I thought the guard was going to ask further stupid questions and we would get to see just how embarrassed Cathy could get. She was saved when a female security guard came over to the one holding the vibrator and whispered in his ear. The male guard looked shocked and quickly pushed the vibrator back into Cathy's purse. He didn't search her purse any further, apparently worried that he might find something even more intimate so he never found the thumb cuffs and Cathy was spared having to explain their function to him.

The female guard just gave Cathy a knowing look and a small smile. Well it was San Francisco after all and not really surprising that of the eight or ten security guards, at least one or two would be knowledgeable about such things.

After our little adventure with the security staff Pete and I led the seven women down the long corridor to the gate. Now remember that these were all stunning women and that their breasts were roped in a way that made them very prominent but allowed them to bounce and jiggle enticingly as they walked. Add to that the friction of their blouses that made their nipples firm and clearly visible beneath their blouses and we attracted quite a bit of attention. In fact there were several crashes as men pushing luggage carts forgot to look where they were going.

Near the gate I sent Cathy into the ladies room with instructions to insert the vibrator but not to turn it on just yet. When she came out she sort of squirmed as she walked which made for some very attractive sway to the hips. Yes I know that it's obvious that I enjoy women's breasts, but in all fairness, I do enjoy other female body parts as well.

I slipped the thumb cuffs onto Cathy as we waited for the boarding call. They were small and unobtrusive but Cathy's warm glow made it clear that she felt as if everyone in the terminal was staring at them. When the boarding began I stayed close behind her and handed both boarding cards to the attendant at the gate.

Cathy hung back in the walkway so that I could catch up and get to the airplane door with her. I showed the stewardess (I know they are flight attendants now, but give me a break, I can still remember when they were all under thirty and none were overweight) our seat numbers and we walked down the aircraft aisle. If the stewardess noticed that Cathy's hands were behind her she didn't say anything.

Eastward Bound

We came to the next problem when Cathy sat down. The vibrator was filling and the prong properly brushed against her clitoris when she was upright but when she sat the internal geometry wasn't comfortable and the prong pressed somewhat harder against her clit. She found that by scooching her butt forward and leaning back against the chair she could get into a comfortable position. It was even better with the seat back reclined.

The flight was a wide-bodied aircraft with business class seating in sets of two down the center and on each side of the aircraft. None of the women had ever flown before and they wanted to see out the windows. Of course we all know that there is nothing to see once you are at altitude but that didn't matter to the women. I wanted to keep our party together so I had booked all nine seats on one side of the airplane. Since there were nine of us we occupied all but one seat down one side of the airplane.

That seat was filled by a businessman who stowed his luggage in the overhead and then glanced down at his seatmate. It looked as though he was frozen in place as he took in the lovely woman, her very prominent breasts, and the little tents on her blouse obviously caused by rock hard, fully engorged nipples. He eventually awoke when the stewardess passing preflight mimosas or champagne nudged him. He quickly sat down and I, several rows back, lost sight of him but I would have been willing to bet on where his eyes were fastened.

We taxied out with seat belts fastened and seats in the fully upright position. Since Cathy's arms were still held behind her by the thumb cuffs I helped her with the seat belt. She had to move to an upright fully in the seat position which was uncomfortable but not unbearable. Of course the vibrations and bouncing as the plane roared down the runway may have made things a bit more uncomfortable.

Once we were airborne I let Cathy's seat back down so that she could ease the pressure of the prong on her clitoris. I left the seat belt fastened. It wasn't much as far as bondage went but with her thumbs secured behind her she had no way of opening it.

Not wanting her to get too comfortable I draped an airline blanket over her and slipped my hand under her skirt to turn on the vibrator. I kissed her and said, "Those are brand new copper top batteries. They're supposed to have a long life. We have a five and a half hour flight to Dulles. Let's see if they are still running when we land."

This vibrator and the vibrating prong on her clitoris were doing a good job of bringing her towards orgasm and she was squirming and moaning a bit as the Stewardess came by for drinks orders. She noticed Cathy and asked if she was OK. Cathy took a deep breath, doing marvelous things to her breasts (the blanket had slipped to the floor with all of her squirming) and assured the stewardess that she was fine.

Now Cathy has never been unusually loud when she has an orgasm. She isn't what you would call a screamer. She does moan however and her body goes rigid. The noise of the airplane pretty much covered her moans unless you were standing right next to my aisle seat; which, of course, is where the stewardess was standing as she delivered our drinks and the little bowl of mixed nuts that this airline serves. She saw Cathy arch her back lifting her butt as far out of the seat as the seat belt allowed, and heard the moan that signified yet another satisfactory orgasm. The stewardess still hadn't figured out what was going on and she blanched and headed towards the first class cabin.

Soon we were approached by an attractive but clearly older and more experienced stewardess from first class. By this time Cathy had come down and rejoined reality but the insidious vibrator was slowly working her back up again. The woman asked Cathy is she was OK and, having received a positive response from Cathy, stood there observing. She noticed that Cathy's hands were behind her back and said, "Do you have a problem with your arms dear?"

Cathy had enough of the game. She twisted around so that the thumb cuffs were visible to the woman in the aisle and said, "No problem at all ma'am. My master just cuffed me and turned on the vibrator that is driving me crazy. Other than that I am just fine."

Having completed her response Cathy returned her hands behind her and settled back to enjoy the vibrations and where they were taking her. She closed her eyes but I saw a small smile twitch at the corners of her mouth.

The poor stewardess may have been more experienced but this was beyond her. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, plastered on her `smile school' happy to greet the passengers smile and said "Oh." Then she went back forward to the first class cabin. I don't know what she told the younger stewardess from our cabin but I noticed that she was often hovering near our seats and that service was very attentive.

Cathy never complained but about an hour or perhaps an hour and fifteen minutes into the flight I saw she was about ready to pass out and decided that I wasn't nasty enough to keep her going for the entire five and half hour flight. I reached under her skirt and turned the vibrator off, leaving it in place. Cathy took a couple of deep breaths enjoying the lack of vibrations. I asked the stewardess for a glass of water for Cathy and she was back very quickly, but Cathy had fallen asleep, or perhaps she had passed out. In any case we set the water on the little table and I let Cathy sleep for the next three hours or so.

About an hour out of Washington I reached under Cathy's skirt and fumbled around her crotch. She groaned as she woke up and realized what was going on. I turned the switch on and Cathy started climbing again in response to the vibrations.

She looked at me, smiled and said, "You are a diabolical son of a b---h."

I glared at her.

Her brow furrowed and then as she realized why I was glaring her eyes opened wide and she said in a rush, "Sir. You are a diabolical son of a b---h, sir."

I gave her a smile and noticed that in her sleep her nipples had partly relaxed and were no longer quite as prominent little bumps trying to push through her blouse. That would never do so I loosened my seat belt, but not hers, leaned across the armrest, and caressed her bound breasts through the fabric of her blouse. It was very pleasant.

When her nipples were once again as hard as flinty little rocks and properly trying to rip through her blouse I kissed her. It was a remarkable kiss that electrified my entire body. I don't know if it was the vibrator working its magic, or my ministrations to her breasts, or perhaps just the fact that we were in love, but Cathy put everything she had into that kiss. If nothing else had happened on the flight, that kiss would have made it memorable.

The young stewardess made a point of standing just next to my seat as the announcement was made to "...turn off all electronic devices and return your the full upright position." She watched as I reached under Cathy's skirt and turned off the vibrator. She was smiling as I pulled Cathy and her seat back up and couldn't contain her giggles as I uncuffed Cathy's thumbs. She hurried away to her landing position.

Rather surprisingly it seemed that no one else in the cabin had noticed anything unusual. After several hours of vaginal and clitoral stimulation, Cathy was pretty much worn out when we landed and taxied to the gate. I had to help her stand and walk to the door. When we got there both the older and younger stewardesses were saying farewell to the passengers. The older one just glared at us, but the younger one smiled and said to Cathy, "I hope you had a pleasant flight."

Cathy gave her a smile and said weakly, "It has certainly been a trip that I will remember for a long time."

"I think you are a very lucky woman," the stewardess said.

We got the bags and two rental cars. Neither Pete's nor my apartment was set up for very many guests but we figured we could make do for the night. Pete and Sophia left with the two would-be college girls after many tearful farewells. He would contact Tom and Sally the next day and turn over the two girls as well as the weapons, smoke grenades, field glasses and night vision goggles.

Home Again

For our part Cathy and I had a guest bedroom with a double bed and a couch that could hold one woman so we all headed to the apartment. As you might imagine, Cathy did not feel like shopping and cooking so we picked up a couple of six packs and ordered pizza. Even though we would be headed south to North Carolina in the next day or so, it felt good to be back to the only `home' Cathy and I had ever shared.

As soon as we got to the apartment the women all stripped off their tops and lined up to have their rope bras removed. This was an important task and apparently I was the only one who could perform it. Now please understand that I was deeply in love with Cathy and that while I had some responsibility and affection for these three women I had no real passion for them.

That said there was still something very enjoyable about this task. Of course removing the ropes involved some fondling of their breasts. It would, it seemed to me, have been impolite not to help rub out the rope marks on each pair of breasts as they became unfettered. Then too, the poor women's nipples had been abraded by constantly rubbing against their blouses. It would have been positively rude not to soothe those lovely little nubs with my tongue.

Cathy was last in line and I spent more time on her glorious breasts than on the other women's. After all I had to ensure that she understood where my interests lay. I think she did, because as I suckled at her firm nipples she caressed the back of my head. Between nipples I smiled up at her and said, "Semper Fi, Cathy." And she responded, "Semper Fi, master."

I'm afraid the pizza was cold by the time we got around to it, but that's what microwaves are for. We sat around the table with all four women topless eating pizza and drinking beer. Gradually the story of what Cathy and I had done on the flight was explained to the others causing great laughter and shouts of glee. When one of the women accidentally dripped a bit of pizza topping on her breast I thought it polite to lick it off. That resulted in quite a few drips but Cathy, practical woman that she is, put an end to my services by passing paper napkins to the offending women.

After the meal we cleaned up and sorted out the sleeping arrangements. Then two of the women took Cathy off to the bathroom. The other one had me sit in a chair and explained that they were preparing Cathy. I had no idea what Cathy was being prepared for but I was willing to let the game play out. The woman with me turned on the TV, gave me the remote and fetched me a beer (she even poured it in a glass, a nicety that I usually don't bother with) before she disappeared into the bathroom with the others.

After about forty-five or fifty minutes the three topless beauties reappeared without Cathy. One of them turned off the TV and cleaned up the beer glass while the other two tugged me out of my chair and began to undress me. This was not unpleasant, but I was Cathy's as much as she was mine, so I objected. The women were undeterred however and explained that this was all for Cathy, whom they loved.

I didn't understand what they were doing. I don't think any man really understands women. You may learn her habits and her likes and dislikes but you won't understand her. That lack of understanding, call it mystery, is part of the attraction. Well yes, the body and the sex are part of the attraction too. It seems to me that the best us guys can hope for is to be able to pick up on her moods and respond in a way that pleases her.

It is one of life's little, or perhaps not so little, paradoxes that, although I am clearly the master and she is the slave, pleasing Cathy brought me more pleasure than anything else I could imagine. Well orgasms are very nice and it would be a close run thing but I think keeping her happy would still rate number one. If you don't want that to happen, guys don't fall in love with your slave. That doesn't mean that she will enjoy everything that I do to her while it happens but it does mean that, I hope, she will look back on each torment with great pleasure.

As I said, I didn't understand how undressing me was for Cathy or how rubbing three lovely sets of breasts against me was for Cathy or, for that matter, how playing with my penis and testicles was for Cathy. All became clear as the women pulled me, rock hard erection leading the way, into our bedroom. There kneeling on the floor was a nude and freshly bathed, oiled and tightly roped Cathy.

The room was lit by several candles and the light flickered off Cathy's freshly oiled skin in a constantly changing and very erotic pattern. Cathy's feet were cuffed and crossed forcing her knees apart. The women had improvised using a spreader bar vertically. They had fastened Cathy's crossed feet to one end of the bar and then, holding the bar vertically had pulled Cathy's wrists and elbows back and roped them tightly to the bar. This had the effect of pulling Cathy's torso back at an angle. Combined with the effect of the elbow tie her breasts were offered up proudly and enticingly. In her mouth was a ring gag that I didn't remember that we had. As I moved nearer Cathy stuck her tongue through the ring and beckoned sexily.

Never one to refuse an invitation I moved forward until my penis was in her mouth. She licked all around but in truth it wasn't a very good job of oral sex. The ring gag that held her mouth so invitingly open also prevented her from closing her lips and while she could breathe in and out with her mouth open there wasn't much suction. I suppose I could have forced my groin tight against her mouth to facilitate suction but that would have forced me deep into her and that didn't seem like the best of ideas. Now I don't think I am magnificently endowed or anything but I guess I am somewhere up in the average to well endowed group. If a very willing Cathy couldn't manage much of a job with a ring gag holding her mouth open another myth of pornographic writing had been shattered.

I pulled out and took off her ring gag. She smiled, licked her lips and made that come-hither motion with the tongue again. Much better this time. Her tongue was just as active but she was able to suck much better and provide both point and counterpoint. I was getting very close to coming and started to pull out. She shook her head sucked harder and just barely grazed my member with her teeth. The communication was decidedly non-verbal but her intent was clear. I relaxed and enjoyed it as she swallowed every drop.

I thought we were done then but a brief tug with her mouth convinced me not to leave and she worked with her mouth until I stiffened once again. It took several minutes for me to get hard but I enjoyed every second of it. When I was beginning to throb she released me and begged me to take her. Nice guy that I am I asked if she wasn't a bit sore from the games we had played in the airplane. She allowed as how she was but insisted that she wanted her master to fill her and ravish her.

Well I already said I was a nice guy. How could I refuse a beautiful woman in bondage begging her master (that's me) to take her? The answer, of course, is that I couldn't. I unsnapped her ankles from the bar binding her wrists and elbows and lifted her onto the bed. I placed her in more or less the same position and then slid down under her. When my erect penis was touching her belly she rose on her knees and I positioned myself at her opening.

She began to side up and down on my shaft. Since this was a second time for me I knew it would last quite a while. If her mouth had been wonderful, this was even more marvelous. She kept the strokes tantalizingly slow but steady and leaned forward to ensure that the butt end of the bar between her elbows and wrists didn't come anywhere near my scrotum. This had the effect of making Cathy's lovely breasts swing free and pendulous. Her breasts were full and inviting like some sweet luscious tropical fruit.

The entire scene was enchanting. Lit only by the flickering candles I watched her oiled body rise and fall on my shaft. The visual sensations were almost as powerful as those in my groin. Her breasts were so lovely that I hitched myself onto my elbows and kissed them. After a bit I was able to time my mouth to her motion and sucked at her sweet nipples.

Do you remember that verse from Omar Kyhan's Rubiat? It went something like "A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou beside me in the wilderness. Ah wilderness were paradise enough." Well the jug of wine had been cold beer, and the loaf of bread was pizza. But there was no doubt in my mind that this was paradise.

Cathy picked up the pace and was now bouncing energetically. It became impossible, or at least very difficult, to keep my mouth on her turgid nipples. I relaxed and fell back on the bed just enjoying but the feeling of her clenching pussy and the sight of her oiled body and bobbing breasts. I felt a familiar tightening in my testicles that presaged an orgasm and reached down to play with her clitoris. Cathy asked, however that I just relax and let her pleasure me. Since she asked so nicely I did as she asked.

After I came I pulled her down on top of me and held her. I told her how marvelous she was and how lucky I was to have her. She squirmed appreciatively and laid her head on my shoulders. I asked if she didn't want me to untie her for the night but she just answered, "No master. I am happy the way I am." Eventually she slid a bit more to her side still resting against my body. I was getting used to sleeping with her weight half on me.

Loose Ends

The next morning I untied Cathy and massaged her very stiff arms and shoulders. I also took advantage of our mutual nudity to caress her body. One thing led to another and although we had gotten up early, we were the last ones out of the bedroom. I left Cathy with the other women to get everything packed while I got into a Class A uniform and got ready to report to 8th and I. It felt good to be back in uniform. I met with Tom and got my orders and said goodbye to a few people I'd met.

We had to deal with the lease but Federal Law protects service people when they have a permanent change of duty station. We toyed with flying to North Carolina but then we would have the hassle of shipping the cars and household goods. In the end we decided I would rent a truck and drive our household goods down while Cathy followed with the women in my car.

We drove straight through and got to the motel in the early evening. House hunting would start the next day so we made an early night of it. I crossed Cathy's wrists and tied her to one corner at the top of the bed. One leg was then tied to the opposite corner at the foot of the bed. Her other leg was bent back and her foot tied to her thigh near her groin. I rolled her face down and massaged her shoulders and back. Then, straddling her, I began to tickle the one foot that I had doubled back. At the same time I teased her anus. Eventually I tired of this game and spanked her.

She asked what she had done to merit punishment. In truth she hadn't done anything but that perfect ass was just too nice to ignore. I asked if she wasn't about to have her period in a couple of days. When she said she was, I told her she was being punished in advance for denying me sex when she got her period. She protested with some comment like, "Oh brother," but, in fact, I knew she enjoyed a mild hand spanking and that it got her hot and ready.

When her squirming and ouching had turned to writhing and moaning I rolled her over. Then I began kissing her from head to toe. OK, well I didn't get down to toe. I worshipped her body from head to groin but got distracted at that point. I held her at the edge of an orgasm with my tongue for several minutes and then let her come. As soon as she began to come down I plunged into her and forcefully ravished her. She came a second time just before I did but we both came down together. I left her angled across the bed and toyed with her body for a while telling her that I was head over heels in love.

"With anyone I know?" she asked in her most innocent voice.

That did it. Don't tease the bear in the woods! Over on her face again and a much harder spanking until she was torn between the pleasure it brought and the hurt in her bright red buns. I just couldn't resist so I loosened the stretched out leg and propped her up on her knees. Holding her hips (remember she still had one leg doubled and therefore didn't have a lot of stability) I entered her from behind. I rammed forward forcefully banging my hips and legs into her already battered buns. Evidently she wasn't in as much pain as I thought because she managed to come for a third time that evening.

I let her down flat on the bed and asked, "Guess who I love?"

Cathy gave me a very satisfied smile and said, "My master loves his slave girl."

I left her face down and put an arm across her back and one of my legs over hers in a kind of reversal of the way we usually slept. Part of my weight rested on her back but I heard no complaints as we drifted off to sleep.

New Beginnings

The house hunting went quickly. I still hadn't touched my lottery winnings and there was quite a bit of Linda's money left. When you know what you want and can afford it, house hunting isn't hard. We wanted a four-bedroom house somewhat remote from town but not too far a commute. It wasn't clear if all three women would sleep alone (two were decidedly bisexual) but the fourth bedroom would be handy for guests. We found an ideal place that was about a mile outside of town surrounded by thick woods to ensure privacy should our games take us outdoors. It was located to one side of town so that I could get to base without actually having to go through the center of town.

After we had the housing settled I drove the truck to the new location and left Cathy to deal with the telephone company and the other various utilities as well as unloading and unpacking whatever the women could manage on their own. I drove to the base, showed my orders to the guard at the gate and was directed to the Provost Marshall's office. It took very little time to register my car and get the bumper sticker that would allow me to drive on and off post at will. I wasn't due to report for another two days but drove over and introduced myself to my company CO, the company first sergeant and then to my platoon gunnery sergeant. I didn't have the landline number yet but gave them all my cell phone number in case anything arose before I officially reported.

Military courtesies resolved I went back and picked up one of the women (it happened to be Natasha) to head out to the PX for grocery shopping. Cathy would normally have come with me, but she was deep in discussion with the telephone company which didn't seem to understand why we were so unreasonable as to actually want telephone service installed the next day.

With both the larder and the bar fully stocked I pitched in on the unloading and unpacking chores. When the truck was pretty much fully unloaded, I broke out the grill we'd purchased in Washington so long ago and fired it up. We had a simple but satisfying dinner of steaks, baked potatoes and a fresh green salad. Cooking for five taxed our small `apartment' grill so we did the potatoes in the oven. It had been a pretty busy day so as soon as the dishwasher was loaded I was ready for bed. That's when Cathy surprised me, again.

We had just gotten into our bedroom and I was gathering cuffs and ropes when Cathy said, "Master, my period came today. I will go and get Natasha."

I said, "Wait a minute. We don't need Natasha my love. I can go without sex for a few nights and if I couldn't we could always play anally or orally."

"I know that, master, but these women feel that they owe you quite a bit. You rescued them and then you fought for their resident visas. Now you are housing them and feeding and clothing them until they get onto their feet. They have nothing to give but their bodies so they want to make you this gift. Besides," she lightening her tone and laughing, "I think that more than one of them has a crush on you."

"Cathy, I don't think they have to do this. We had a mission and we performed it. I'm glad that they are free but they don't owe me anything, certainly not their bodies. As far as providing for them until they are ready to go out on their own, that's mostly Linda's funds. When did you guys discuss all of this?"

"We talked this afternoon when you were on post. It's true that it's Linda's bank account but you didn't have to spend it on them. And they understand that they have no obligation to do this. It is their gift to you. They want to do this as a way to thank you. They will be very sad if you won't accept their gift."

"That's all very well and good and I certainly don't want to offend them, but haven't you forgotten that I am head over heels in love with a certain crazy college girl cum love slave? While all three women are lovely, and at another time and place I would have welcomed any or all of them into my bed, I am in a relationship and committed to one very special woman."

Cathy smiled and sat on my lap. I don't actually remember sitting down. I think I just collapsed at some point in our conversation. She said, "You are very sweet and very loving but this won't be cheating. We talked it all out and I will be there with you. It will be sort of like a threesome. Please do this for me master."

Well how can you tell the woman you love no when she asks you to have sex with another gorgeous woman? This entire deal seemed crazy to me but I had exhausted all my arguments. So I did what any one else would do and acquiesced.

Cathy went and fetched Natasha who must have been hovering just outside our bedroom door. Cathy motioned me to stay seated where I was and began to caress Natasha's face and neck. Then she slowly began to open Natasha's blouse. Once it was open Cathy slowly peeled it off of Natasha's shoulder. As she revealed more of Natasha's skin, Cathy caressed it and lightly kissed it. Natasha didn't move but simply stood and let Cathy work on her. From time to time Natasha shivered or tensed from a particularly erotic touch but it was all very subtle. It was the most intensely erotic strip I had ever seen.

With Natasha's blouse open and off her shoulders, Cathy tugged it out from the waist of Natasha's jeans and draped it over a chair. Then she stepped behind the taller woman and with feathery light touches Cathy reached around and caressed Natasha's stomach, her sides and the upper slopes of her breasts. Without unfastening Natasha's bra, Cathy slid a strap off her shoulder and down along her arm. Even that motion had Cathy's hand gliding down Natasha's arm in a loving gentle stroke. Gradually one of Natasha's breasts was revealed, stroked and touched and then slowly the same process was repeated with the other breast. At this point Cathy unhooked Natasha's bra and tossed it onto the chair near her blouse.

Natasha was now topless. The process up to this point must have taken ten or fifteen erotically charged minutes. I don't know if it is because women understand other women's bodies or if it was some special skill Cathy had, but Natasha was showing signs of arousal. Her breathing was deeper and her nipples, while not yet fully erect, were starting to swell. Cathy came around to her side and began to caress and stroke Natasha's upper body with her hands and her lips. I could see Natasha's bosom heave and her nipples engorge as Cathy worked on her body.

After several more minutes of erotic teasing Cathy unfastened and removed Natasha's belt. The she unbuttoned Natasha's jeans and slowly dragged the zipper down. With a final kiss to her breasts, Cathy knelt before Natasha and began to pull her jeans down her legs. When she had them on the ground Cathy began to stroke and kiss Natasha's legs. Without rising Cathy reached up and slowly pulled down the panties. Then Natasha held Cathy's shoulders as she lifted first one foot and then the other while Cathy removed the jeans and panties.

Cathy kissed and stroked her way up Natasha's body until she was standing in front of her. Again she ever so gently stroked and fondled Natasha's breasts. Then Cathy led Natasha to our bed and positioned her in the center. Cathy fastened Natasha's arms and legs to the four corners and slipped a pillow under Natasha's buttocks. By this time Natasha's arousal was apparent as her labia were swollen and slightly open and I could see a slight bit of moisture beginning to leak from her groin.

I expected to be invited to join the party at this juncture but there was to be one more act before I was to participate. Cathy picked up a multi-stranded flogger and began to whip Natasha. Though the sound of the flogger striking flesh was quite audible this was not the vicious whipping that we had seen at Jake's club. Instead Cathy was almost caressing Natasha's body with the flogger. She whipped Natasha's breasts, stomach, belly, the tops and inside of her thighs and finally her pussy.

While the flesh grew a bit pinker as it was repeatedly struck, there were no angry welts or harsh redness. I don't know where Cathy had gained such expertise but Natasha was obviously more and more aroused by the whipping. Natasha writhed on the bed thrusting her hips up to meet the strokes. Her labia had opened wider and her fluids were leaking at an increasing rate. Natasha was moaning in ecstasy when Cathy motioned me to the bed.

I quickly stripped off my clothes, breaking years of training by failing to properly hang the sharply creased uniform trousers, and moved to the bed. Natasha was stretched invitingly and her moans and twisting body inflamed my own desire. As I mounted Natasha, Cathy tossed the flogger aside and began to stroke both Natasha and me with feathery touches. Cathy rolled a condom over my achingly hard penis. Then she seized it and guided me into the gushing Natasha. It was quite amazing to see Natasha with her hands bound above her and still feel a woman's hands caressing my back. It was as though Natasha somehow had an extra pair of hands.

I began to pump into Natasha as her hips rose to meet my every stroke. At the same time I felt Cathy climb onto the bed and lean her nude breasts onto my back. I don't know when Cathy took off her top. I would have sworn she was fully dressed when I entered Natasha and that her hands had never left caressing and stroking our bodies. Obviously I was wrong as I could feel Cathy's breasts and part of her weight on my back as she reached around us and stroked both Natasha's and my chests.

Natasha was very aroused, I suspect from the flogging as well as Cathy's caresses, and came after only a few strokes. It was quite wonderful to feel her pussy clenching around my penis while I continued to stroke deeply into her. I continued to pump and after only a few seconds Natasha began to match my strokes with her hips again. As I got closer and closer I felt Cathy slip back and caress my scrotum with one hand while the other slipped between Natasha and me to stimulate Natasha's clitoris. I came explosively and Natasha joined me after the first spurt.

Cathy was still wearing her panties but had participated in our coupling as much as if she had been the woman tied to the bed. I was gasping, Natasha was both sweaty and smiling and Cathy was clenching me from behind in a tight loving hug. It was the most amazing sex that I'd ever had.

No, it wasn't. The scene and the buildup were tremendously erotic. The sex itself was straight penile / vaginal intercourse. Good but hardly amazing. The amazing part was Cathy and what she had done both during the buildup and during the actual coupling.

In any case, Cathy and I draped ourselves over the still tied Natasha on either side of the bed. We all slept that way in close contact. Or at least we did until about 4 am when Natasha woke me so that she could use the bathroom. As intertwined as we three were there was no way of her getting up without waking Cathy. When Natasha headed for the bathroom, Cathy and I just cuddled on the bed. I guess we fell asleep because when Natasha finished she went to her room instead of rejoining us on the bed.


When I won the lottery I'd used a lawyer named Robert James from Jacksonville to help me arrange things. I decided that I might as well lean on him to find Katherine (Katerina if you prefer the eastern European pronunciation. I know it is confusing to have a Katherine and a Cathy in the same story but that was the woman's name and I am stuck with it) a job so I called him. He was dubious about the language barrier but agreed to give it a try. We agreed that a month's probation would probably tell if she had enough skills to handle working in an English language law office. When I told Katherine she was ecstatic. I reminded her that this was only a trial and that we might be pushing too hard too fast. She had no self-confidence problems however and promised that she would make me "so proud" of her.

Natasha and Mariska spent the day cleaning and polishing our new home. This didn't involve dust rags and vacuums but scrub brushes, wood polish and elbow grease in what was apparently the eastern European way of cleaning. Of course it made no sense to get their new clothes sweaty or dirty so both women reverted to cleaning in the nude. It was an impressive sight to turn the corner and come upon one or another woman, bare buttocks in the air, swaying provocatively as they scrubbed the floor. Side views of the ample breasts in motion inches above the floor were equally impressive.

Cathy and I attacked the want ads to find jobs for them but while there were a couple of waitress positions open there was nothing particularly promising. Cathy was able to register for some mail order courses and arranged to get her Georgetown credits applied. All of Cathy's work was by cell phone because the telephone man hadn't showed up yet.

Katherine came home that evening with a large Russian-English dictionary and a somewhat smaller Polish-English dictionary. I asked her how she had gotten these (because she had no credit cards and very little pocket money) and she said Mr. James had purchased them for her. I didn't know if that was a bad sign because he felt that she needed them or if it was a good sign because he thought it was worth the expense to help her along.

I took the women out to the on post officer's club for dinner. This was probably a mistake as a Second Lieutenant with four extraordinarily attractive women was not the norm. As it happened, my new company CO and has wife were dining with a Major and a Lieutenant Colonel and their wives. I nodded in recognition to my CO but he waved me over to introduce me to the battalion CO and XO (executive officer). Introductions were in order but I didn't want to get into the story of how Natasha, Katherine and Mariska had arrived and why they were staying with me. I simply introduced them as Cathy's sisters, recently arrived from Eastern Europe. If the lack of physical resemblance caused any wonder, no one remarked on it.

Eventually we got through dinner and drove back home. I took the opportunity to better explain the new family relationship among the women and why I thought it best if they did not casually talk about their actual experiences.

When we went to bed Cathy warned me that what was going to happen would seem rougher than the prior evening but assured me that this was not only voluntary but that it is what the woman wanted. Then she led in a nude and hooded woman wearing high-heeled shoes and a ball gag. The hood covered most of her face so I wasn't absolutely certain but I thought it was Mariska. It certainly wasn't Natasha, whose body I had become quite familiar with the night before. This woman was shorter and more rounded and wore bright silver nipple rings.

Cathy led the woman to the foot of our sturdy wrought iron four-poster. Cathy placed cuffs on the woman's lower thighs just above her knees. These were fastened tightly to the posts on either side forcing the woman to spread her legs and bend her knees. Then Cathy tied the woman's elbows tightly together, leaving her hands free to clench and unclench uselessly behind her back.

Cathy had the woman bend at the waist until her breasts were dangling a scant inch above the bed. Cathy tied a cord to one of the nipple rings, ran it around an iron bar in the footboard and then back up to the other nipple ring. A slight tug and a quick knot ensured that the woman would be unable to raise her torso. Making the position even more uncomfortable Cathy ran a line from the cinched elbows to a ring in the top of the hood and, pushing up on the bound elbows so that they pulled hard on the line. This forced both the woman's elbows and her head up, placing strain on both her shoulders and her neck. When Cathy knotted off the line at the ring on the woman's head the bondage was complete.

The woman was fastened to the foot of the bed forced into sort of a squat by her widespread knees and her torso held parallel to the mattress by the ropes to her nipple rings. From the rear her pussy was clearly visible between her upper thighs. At the same time her arms and head were fastened together so that if the woman tried to bring her head down to relieve the pressure on her neck it would add to the strain on her shoulders. If she tried to let her arms down to relax her shoulders it would further strain her neck. In fact any movement in any direction would be painful.

And that of course is exactly what Cathy proceeded to force. Cathy had a riding crop and the paintbrushes that I had used on her so long ago. She began by swatting the woman's ample buns with the crop. Of course the normal reaction was to try to jerk upright but this tugged on the rings in her nipples. After a few swats the woman forced herself to bear the cropping without trying to jerk upward. Her forearms and hands were free and waved ineffectively in the air as Cathy continued to strike her. That's when Cathy switched to using the little flap on the end of the crop to tease the woman's pussy. The woman tried to move away but found her nipple rings anchored her firmly in place. She could barely twitch her buttocks in response to Cathy's teasing strokes.

After a while Cathy switched to using a paintbrush on the woman's nipples which had become turgid and painfully stretched by the tugging of the nipple rings. The woman's nipples must have been extremely sensitive by this time as the light feathery touches caused her to jerk against her bounds despite the pain she must have been feeling.

Eventually Cathy returned to her rear and used the crop harder on the woman's ass. While she didn't strike hard enough to cause welts she struck repeatedly until the woman's ass glowed a bright red. At that point Cathy handed me a condom and signaled me to enter the woman from the rear. I rolled on the condom and pushed into the woman. I found that despite the nasty position and the torment that Cathy had inflicted the woman was aroused and wet. I rammed into her pussy from behind slamming my groin into her tender red buns with enough force to push her forward against the tug of the ropes to her nipple rings.

After I'd come, I softened and holding the condom, slipped out thinking that the evening's entertainment was over. Cathy had other ideas and had me kneel on the bed facing the hooded face. The gag was removed and my now soft, bare and somewhat messy penis was inserted into the woman's mouth. Cathy began to stroke and caress the woman's breasts which, judging from the enthusiastic mouth action I felt, had the effect of arousing the woman again.

After she'd cleaned me she continued to lick and suck until I grew hard again. Cathy sensing this, probably by the look of enjoyment on my face, left the woman's breasts and began striking her buns again. This forced the woman into a forward motion against my groin, sort of having me face f--k her without moving. As I had just emptied myself into the woman's pussy this went on for some time.

Cathy kept a careful watch on my face and when she saw that I was getting near to coming again she pushed me back on the bed. I left the woman's mouth with a loud plop. Cathy pulled me off the bed and, rolling on a fresh condom, tugged me around to the woman's rear. She guided my penis into the woman's gushing pussy for about three strokes and then pulled me back and repositioned me at the woman's anus. With no further urging I pushed into her slowly but relentlessly until I could feel the heat emanating from her glowing buttocks. Then I picked up the pace, slamming deeply into her until I came for the second time that evening.

As I slipped out and pulled off the condom, Cathy handed me a warm wet washcloth to clean my rather messy groin and penis. As I got busy with this task Cathy began to release the woman. She groaned when her arms came down and her neck straightened. Cathy untied one nipple ring and allowed the woman to straighten up as she un-cuffed the thigh cuffs. Then with her elbows still bound tightly behind her and a rope still dangling from one nipple ring Cathy led the still hooded woman from the room.

When Cathy came back I asked if she was certain that the woman had wanted the little game to be that intense. She reassured me that it had all been worked out in advance and that it had gone exactly as Mariska (Aha, as I suspected, it was Mariska) had wanted. We spooned together on the bed and as we cuddled I asked her how she felt about all of this with the other women.

Cathy said, "You know I thought I might be a bit jealous but I am so much a part of what we are doing, I don't feel left out at all. I don't feel you are doing something behind my back or even with someone else because I am right there and a part of the scene. Does that make any sense to you?"

I said I thought I could understand but I wanted to be certain that she was OK with these little scenarios we were playing.

She laughed and said, "The only problem with these scenes is that they may give you some ideas of what you would like to do to me once I am back in service."

Cathy grew thoughtful and said, "When you introduced Natasha, Katherine and Mariska as my sisters at the O club, I realized that you were more correct than I had ever thought. We had a lot of shared experience. Of course they had been kidnapped for a longer time than I had been, but they didn't have Linda taking a special interest in them."

"Did you know that Linda was able to make me come by painful manipulation of my clit? I didn't think something as painful as what she had done to me could be arousing. It was painful and nasty and I didn't want to come. I didn't want to respond to Linda but my body just betrayed me and did what she wanted, not what I wanted. It is really humiliating when another woman controls your body like that."

"I did the same thing to Dianne but I am a little ashamed that I took it out on her like that."

That made me ask if she'd found a dominant side within herself.

"I don't think so," she said. "I was angry with Dianne and wanted to be mean to her to get some payback. It wasn't that I got something out of dominating her; it was just that I wanted her to understand that she couldn't dominate me. At least she couldn't unless my master ordered it."

"It is kind of the same thing with Natasha and Mariska. I don't particularly want to dominate them; I want to serve you by giving you pleasure and an enjoyable experience. If you told me to scrub a floor I would scrub it vigorously, but not because I wanted to dominate the floor. It would be because I wanted to do what pleased you. In the same way what I do with these women isn't to give me a thrill. I get my thrill from doing things that please you."

Cathy continued, "You know it's funny: I knew I wanted to meet you and I had a great time with you but I never really expected to fall in love like this. I have a totally unreasonable faith in you. When Linda held me captive I never had any doubt you would find me and save me. I knew you would come riding over the hill like the cavalry."

"Wrong service, my love; the cavalry is Army, not Marines."

That got me a sour look and an admonition, "Don't be a jerk master. You know exactly what I meant."

"Slave girls shouldn't call their masters jerks," I said as I began to tickle Cathy's ribs. She shrieked and twisted but couldn't get away. After a bit I stopped and hugged her to me. "I do love my little slave. I was really torn up when you were snatched." Then I surprised myself by asking, "Do you think we ought to do something to formalize it?"

She pushed back so that she could look clearly at me and questioned, "What are you saying?"

Now I knew very well that Cathy was a very bright woman who knew exactly what I was saying and what I was asking. Still if she wanted to hear it in specific words I wasn't adverse. I asked, "Cathy Richards do you want to marry me?" She looked so serious that I couldn't resist adding, "A PX card goes with the deal."

Oh man, here we go again: tears, hugs and swatting all at the same time. I gathered she meant yes but didn't appreciate the business about a PX card. I was not certain if she ever did specifically say "yes" but we were engaged as of that moment.

Back to Work

The next day I went back to report officially. I spent several hours reviewing the training schedule and the platoon fitness reports as well as signing the multitude of forms that made me responsible for the equipment that had been issued to the platoon. We scheduled the change of command ceremony for the next day.

During a break I telephoned Robert James to get some feedback on Katherine's first few days. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she had proved herself to be valuable on the first day by organizing a messy pile of motions, pleadings and depositions in one of his larger cases.

Not only had she straightened out the paperwork itself, she'd also created a database that let him refer to depositions by date, by the name of the person deposed and by key subject matter and to motions and pleadings by date and by key legal points. Although he had an overworked secretary and two junior lawyers none of them had been able to find the time to organize these files and he'd never had a database index to help him through the stacks of paper.

That had motivated him to purchase the dictionaries and, in fact, he was willing to forget the trial period and hire her permanently. Encouraged by his praise I told him about Cathy's other two `sisters' and asked if he had any ideas. He was no help with the waitress cum student chef but did think that the researcher might be helpful if she had the computer skills needed to search for legal precedents and rulings that might impact his cases. We agreed that we would send Natasha with Katherine the next morning. Since I knew that Natasha had good computer skills I was relatively confident that this meant that two of the three would be gainfully employed and more or less on their own two feet.

When I got home with the good news I found that Mariska, with Cathy's help driving, had been making the rounds with restaurants in the area. The waitress situation was such that there were several openings. She managed to work a deal where she would work a six-hour shift from late afternoon through the dinner rush and then get two hours of unpaid instruction in the kitchen.

With that taken care of I was more or less back to normal except that we had to shop for an engagement ring or more properly rings. Cathy's eyes sparkled when I said we could do that Saturday. She said, "I don't think that jewelers will do clit rings master."

I smiled and responded, "For enough money jewelers will do whatever you ask. I think a nice heavy gold wedding ring will be just about right. It's going to be amusing to see how they manage to keep from burning you when they solder the ring shut."

Cathy blushed vary attractively and said, "Perhaps one ring would be enough. We don't have to spend money for one for my hand as well."

I've already said that men will never understand women. That means you will never fully understand that mysterious and marvelous creature who allows you to love her. It doesn't mean you will never understand anything they say. In this case it was very clear that Cathy wanted a ring for her finger and that her protests about it being unnecessary were simply to get me to insist. I decided to play with her.

"Well I have to mark you as mine," I said. "If you don't want a ring, perhaps I should brand you." I would never torment her with a branding but I wanted to hear how she would get out of this one. She foxed me however when despite the fear in her eyes she said only, "If my master wishes it..."

"I could never mark that perfect body. We will have to stick with a ring."

Cathy smiled, happy with the outcome of her little protest. Since it was what I had planned all along I was also happy. I had managed to surprise her and challenge her and still get back to what I wanted. Sometimes I wonder why we play these games when we both love each other. I've heard it said that the brain is the most powerful sexual organ. Perhaps the image of branding and, even more, of her submission to my branding her, was a sort of erotic mental foreplay.

When bedtime came Cathy led me to our bedroom. I was a little surprised when I saw a block and tackle hung from the ceiling a few feet below the foot of the bed. I had no idea what Cathy was planning but it was clear that our four-poster bed would not have allowed use of this rig.

As we entered the room we saw Natasha and Mariska preparing Katherine for tonight's game or scenario. They'd undressed Katherine and fastened her wrists to a wide spreader bar. Then they brought up her ankles fastening them to the same spreader bar. They wrapped ace bandages around her calves and forearms welding them into a solid unit and holding Katherine in a very tightly bent position. Then they blindfolded her, gagged her and placed ear plugs in her ears.

A loose cloth sack was drawn over her head and fastened around her neck with a collar. I'd experienced this during survival training when you are "captured" by the "enemy". The cloth would allow her to breathe but would reduce the amount of oxygen in each breath as it held the carbon monoxide she exhaled near to her face. Gradually this would disorient her. Robbed of her senses of sight and sound, tasting only the rubber ball gag and with no smells other than her own breath her sense of touch would be magnified.

The two women lifted Katherine by the spreader bar and carried her under the block and tackle. Cathy fastened the hook to the center ring in the spreader bar and hauled on the rope. The block and tackle let Cathy lift Katherine's weight easily. When she was satisfied with the height Cathy tied the rope to a dresser leg.

Then all three women went to work on arousing Katherine. Natasha and Mariska each took a breast and began to stroke, caress and massage. Cathy lubricated a large vibrating butt plug that she proceeded to insert into Katherine. While this filled her rear the vibrator wasn't yet turned on.

Instead Cathy came around to the bound woman's front and began to work on her pussy. She used her tongue and a medium-sized vibrating torpedo dildo. I watched in wonder as the three women teased Katherine to the edge of orgasm again and again without allowing her to come. This must have gone on for some length of time but I didn't look at my watch. When Cathy judged Katherine was at the point she wanted her she made some sort of signal to the Natasha and Mariska and they left Katherine, come over and undressed me and then withdrew.

Katherine's nipples were long and hard and almost begged to be touched. Her labia were red and puffy and open. Her inner lips were actually opening and closing trying to grasp the vibrator, or Cathy's tongue, or anything else near them. Fluids dripped from her in such copious quantities it almost formed a stream. Her clit was fully extended from its hood and quite visible.

Cathy rolled a condom over my erect penis and pulled me over so that my glans was just inside those grasping inner lips. Then she went behind Katherine and turned on the vibrator in the butt plug and very gently, touching only the base of the vibrating butt plug, she pushed the suspended woman towards me. My penis, which had been hard for some time, slid smoothly into her pussy. Cathy decreased her push and Katherine slid back. I didn't move a muscle and Katherine slid back and forth f---ing me slowly and deeply. After a bit Cathy motioned towards Katherine's nipples and I raised my hands to them. They were hard and seemed to be demanding so I gently squeezed and rolled them in my fingers. If I held my hands still they were pulled and stretched as Cathy let Katherine swing back.

It took no time for the super aroused Katherine to spasm around my penis. Her orgasm seemed to go on for quite some time but Cathy was relentless. She maintained the slow back and forth motion pushing and releasing the vibrating butt plug while I continued to toy with Katherine's nipples. I lost it when Katherine came a second time but although I ejaculated fully the constant motion of her pussy on my penis kept me hard. Still Cathy kept up the slow rhythm.

I don't know what Katherine felt although it must have been good. For me it was a very strange, intense yet detached feeling. Here was this gorgeous body displayed in front of me, here I was feeling all of the familiar sensations of intercourse but my hips weren't moving.

I say I don't know what Katherine felt but it must have been good as she came repeatedly with each orgasm seeming to be a little more intense than the last. Eventually Cathy sped up the rhythm and as I was about to come again she reached around and grasped Katherine's clitoris which hadn't been touched since the preliminary arousal.

Katherine came with an explosive force and a surprisingly strong gush of fluids. Neither the gag nor the hood could contain the sound that Katherine expelled through her nose. It was a shrill, high pitched sound that was unlike any description I can think of. Perhaps a long "Nnnnnnn"? Whatever the sound was and however it is described, clearly it was an expression of pure pleasure.

Katherine slumped limp in her suspension and we worked to get the hood off and the gag out. Her chest heaved as she sucked in air and Cathy went to untie the rope and lower her.

I was so mesmerized by the scene that I forgot to release Katherine's nipples as she was lowered and for a brief instant they were stretched unbelievably long. Then they slipped out of my hands and my condom-covered penis slipped out of her pussy as she descended towards the floor.

She hit the floor with a bump with the still-vibrating butt plug firmly in her. Cathy said, "Watch her head please master." As she continued to lower the bound woman onto her back I held my hand under her head and guided it gently to the floor. Cathy came over and removed the butt plug and we both went to work removing the ace bandages and unclipping Katherine's ankles and wrists.

Katherine was awake but dazed and unable to move on her own so I lifted her and carried her to her own room where I placed her on the bed.

Rings n Things

I'd cleared some free time with my CO, so the next day Cathy and I went ring shopping. We visited a nice looking jewelry store and had no problem in selecting a very nice engagement ring and matching wedding ring. We then picked out a plain gold band for me. I asked about sizing the rings and the saleslady explained that she would measure our fingers and that her father, Mr. Jonas, would do the sizing. I asked if he were here and if we could meet him and get the ring sized while we waited. She explained very politely that this wasn't the way things were done and that Mr. Jonas had other work ahead of ours.

I told her to get Mr. Jonas out front or we would shop elsewhere. She was offended but didn't want to lose the sale so she went and fetched her father, a courtly old southern gentleman. I explained that we were prepared to pay a bonus if the rings could be sized while we waited. I also explained that the heavy gold band was not for me but was for a piercing on my fiancée in a rather delicate place. The saleslady vacillated between staying near to satisfy her prurient interests and moving away from what was clearly, to her, a very strange situation.

Mr. Jonas appeared a bit puzzled but eventually ushered us back into his workroom. I turned to Cathy who was blushing a deep shade of red and said, "Panties off and up on the table." I told Cathy to lift her skirt and spread herself open so that he could see the piercing and the steel ring that had to be removed.

Mr. Jonas realized the approximate location of the `delicate place' and made a rather strangled sound. I have to give the old boy credit. After a few seconds he remembered his old fashioned "the customer is always right" philosophy and became very professional. He rubbed his chin for a few seconds and then bent close to Cathy's crotch.

"I don't see a problem with removing the old ring and inserting the new one," he said. "The hard part will be soldering the new ring shut without burning the young lady's, flesh."

"I'd thought of packing the area with wet tissue to absorb the heat while leaving just the joint area exposed to the torch," I said

"Yes, that should work." Turning to Cathy he said, "I'm afraid I will have to touch you a bit. Please let me know if I'm causing any distress."

By this time Cathy had, at least partly, recovered from her embarrassment. I think Mr. Jonas' professional demeanor reassured her. In any case her blush was fading back to her normal complexion. "Go ahead," she said.

Actually Mr. Jonas made things move pretty smoothly. He cut off the steel ring using a motorized hand saw like a Dremel tool but with a stronger motor designed for jewelry work. He had small pliers to twist the ring and remove it then he cut and deftly inserted the gold ring twisting the ends to align them.

He packed wet tissue around Cathy and the gold ring leaving only the joint exposed. Of course this involved some touching of flesh and a few flinches, more on his part than hers. He had me hold a foam cup of water and instructed me to add water wherever the tissue seemed to dry out and start to discolor from the heat. He also had Cathy warn him if the heat became bothersome.

Wet tissues or no, I admit to some concern as he bent over Cathy with his jeweler's torch and the flame approached her groin. In fact he was very expert with the soldering torch. He used the pliers in his left hand to press the ends of the gold ring together and placed the very tip of the flame on the joint. The two sides were sealed into a solid ring very quickly.

We did come to a slight problem once the ring was sealed. The joint had to be smoothed and buffed out with a special wheel in the motor tool and while he held the gold ring tightly in the pliers some of the vibrations were transmitted through the ring to Cathy's, by this time, quite sensitive clitoris. Cathy fought it as well as she could but just as Mr. Jonas was pronouncing himself satisfied with the now smooth and invisible joint, Cathy came rather explosively. Mr. Jonas was visibly shocked. Then both Cathy and Mr. Jonas tried to apologize to each other at the same time and I couldn't contain my laughter. That earned me glares from both parties but in the end the humor of the situation won over Cathy and then Mr. Jonas and we all wound up laughing.

Apparently we were special enough customers to rate jumping the line (or perhaps he just wanted to see the last of us) so Mr. Jonas quickly sized the engagement and wedding rings. I pocketed the wedding bands and slid the completed engagement ring on Cathy's finger. She twisted and turned her hand admiring the ring and started for the door.

"Miss," said Mr. Jonas. Cathy turned and saw that on the end of the pliers were her panties that Mr. Jonas was holding out to her. In the excitement of admiring the engagement ring she'd forgotten that she'd removed them.

I paid the bill (thanks Linda, wherever you are) and we headed for home for dinner and to show off the ring to the other three women.

Back in our own bedroom that night I picked up the spreader bar and roped it to Cathy's shoulders. Then I extended her arms out along the bar to either side and roped her elbows and wrists to the bar. Then I led her to the bed facing it and tied the rings on either end of the bar to the wrought iron uprights. I sat down facing her, slipped the vibrating torpedo dildo into the front of her panties and turned it on. I began to play with her breasts and said, "We ought to talk about the wedding."

We talked about wedding plans while she continued to writhe in front of me. She'd called her mother and we were going to have to meet soon. The base had a chaplain who would do the ceremony and we could book the small chapel on post. Officers from my company would form the groomsmen and Tom Ames would come down to be best man. Sally would be Matron of Honor. Of course Pete and Sophia would be invited to be in the wedding party.

"Master, this is very frustrating."

"You don't know what frustrating is yet," I said, showing her the chastity belt that we'd discussed in California. I'd ordered it for her and now as I showed it to her I also demonstrated how the slim chain with the snap clip for her clit ring could just slip through the slot in front. Cathy's eyes sparkled as she contemplated wearing the chain that would keep her aroused while the chastity belt would keep her from doing anything to relieve herself. She thought it might be great fun for a day or perhaps an entire weekend.

We didn't talk about the fact that my platoon was scheduled to deploy with an MEU (marine expeditionary unit) and that these deployments normally ran for about six months. After all it would destroy the surprise. And she thought my teasing her tonight had been frustrating. Now the only question would be, should I leave a spare key at home? What do you think I did?