Service Days
by Sir Richard

Chapter 7

Next Morning

The next morning I woke up reasonably early, mindful of the many things that had to be done that day. I looked at Cathy who was still asleep and wondered how I had gotten so lucky. I might wake up with her bound in my bed every day for the rest of my life. It was a very nice way to wake up.

Shower or tease my love? Choices, choices, choices... In this case I chose both. I slipped down to the end of the bed and began to tickle her feet. She tried to move in her sleep but the ropes prevented that. Then she awoke and was caught up in laughter. I let her loose and we both went into the bathroom to clean up and use the john. After I shaved we both stepped into the shower and washed each other. We might have still been in there with my planned busy day forgotten if the hot water hadn't run out. I guess we weren't the first ones up that morning.

We came downstairs to find Sophia and the other women nude and kneeling in a line. Sophia had that well f---ed look: sort of rode hard and put up wet, but still looking like the cat that had swallowed the canary. Cathy, who was wearing a similar look, simply slipped into place at the end of the line. Now I knew about inspecting the troops in the morning but the sight of ten nude women kneeling in a line made my heart leap and a part of me somewhat south of my belt line twitch. Pete was standing nearby and looked rather tired. I wondered if I looked as bad as him.

I sent Cathy into the kitchen to rustle up some grub. I asked Sophia to join me and translate. Then I began my little speech. I told them straight out that I could not let them mutilate the prisoners. There was some grumbling at this. I explained that I agreed that the prisoners deserved to be mutilated but that I would not let the women do it because, in my opinion, it would weigh heavily on their consciences. I explained that I was a fighter and had killed before, including yesterday, but that it was not something that brought joy or peace.

I asked them to think of the man they had killed yesterday. I understood their anger and their actions, but did it really bring them peace? By the time Sophia translated most of the women had calmed down and two were quietly crying. There were still two who weren't ready to let it go.

Through Sophia they asked if I'd not said that the prisoners would be able to buy their way out of punishment. I guess buying with information isn't all that much different from the bribing of officials they were used to in their home countries. I told them that I had a plan to ensure that they did not escape justice and asked them to trust me at least for a few days. Even the two who were strongest about wanting to hurt the prisoners were willing to accept that.

Then I moved on to a happier topic and told them that I understood that some of them wanted to remain in the United States and that I would work on that. I asked them to discuss this among themselves and let me know how many wanted to remain. I asked Sophia to get the full names of the ones who wanted to remain and then I went into the kitchen with Pete.

Cathy had prepared breakfast for four and we sat down sipping our juice while we waited for Sophia to join us. I asked Cathy to see what she could do about teaching English classes and to let me know what supplies she would need. When Sophia joined us she gave me a list with all of the names. I was surprised that they all wanted to remain but took the list and told Sophia about the English classes.

I also told Pete about a change in priorities. The four bodies would soon begin to bloat and stink. While I wanted the rings removed, I more urgently wanted the bodies buried and buried deep. I told him, "Use Nicholas to do the digging and hauling around of the bodies but stay on your toes as Nicholas must be getting desperate by now."

When that was done he could feed and water the prisoners, using the women to help. I thought cold oatmeal and water would be sufficient to keep them alive, at least for the next few days. Sophia was actually smiling at this.

Pete asked what the devil I was going to be doing. Of course it would have been out of line for a gunnery sergeant to question an officer, so he phrased it as an innocent question, "Where will you be if I need you sir?"

"First I'm going to call the Major and lie through my teeth. Then I'm going to call Tom and brief him without getting him into this too deep. Then I'm going to go through the files until I understand what we have here and finally I'm going to arrange for a rental truck and some industrial supplies that we will need. You ought to be able to find me in the office."

Sophia cleaned the dishes with some help from the other women and apparently explained about the cold oatmeal because two of the women began to cook a large pot of oatmeal.

Telephone Calls

Cathy came with me to get supplies from the office for her English class and to listen in on my conversation with the Major. I used the cell phone to place the call so that it couldn't be traced to our location. When I got through to him I explained that we'd busted the slave ring open. The three principals were in the wind (I lied) but we (Cathy and I) had some leads and were chasing them. We had freed nine slaves, and shattered the operation.

I gave him Nicholas' and Victoria's house address and told him where to find Jerry, one of the ring's customers and a practitioner of slavery. I told him about the location of Jerry's club and the slave waitresses he would find there. I was pretty certain that Jerry would talk quickly once he was in custody. It would make a dramatic bust and get the Major's agency good publicity.

I told him Linda Wilkinson was definitely a ringleader and explained how her Virginia import business was a sham to cover the importation of kidnapped women. He was certain that he had enough for a warrant and a raid which ought to yield all sorts of additional evidence.

I told him we still had possession of the government's money and that I could FedEx the check back to him in Washington if he wanted to provide an address. He gave me an address to use.

Then I got to the issue of the women. The Major reacted like the predictable jerk we'd always thought he was. That was a question for INS and he couldn't do anything about it. I told him that I wanted full visas and green cards issued for each of the women even though they had no passports.

He told me I was crazy and I told him that I was sitting in a room full of records on both the European end and the domestic and foreign customer lists but that with all the trauma of the fighting I had forgotten the location and that continued worry about the women would probably preclude my recovery.

I have to give him some credit. He knew he needed those records and that his position was untenable. I read him the lists of names spelling each one, and made him spell them back to me. I told him that I looked forward to his providing the green cards and documentation so that I could put my mind at rest and remember where all of the records were. He made a rude suggestion that I do something to myself which I think is a physical impossibility.

I reminded him that I didn't want the temporary visas issued for witnesses but the full resident visa and accompanying ID cards. He made another rude remark and hung up. Did you know that resident alien ID cards are now red, white and blue even though everyone still calls them green cards after the color they used to be?

Cathy kissed me on the nose which I think is a silly place to be kissed so I pulled her into my lap and kissed her properly. We were interrupted by the cell phone. "That," I said, "will be good old Tom."

I picked up the telephone and said, "Hello Tom."

"This isn't Captain Ames, Lieutenant," came the deep voice of the Commandant. "I borrowed his cell phone. I hope that doesn't bother you lieutenant."

"No sir," I said standing up. That was ridiculous. I knew he couldn't see me and Cathy slid off my lap with a thump, but when the senior general in the Corps uses that tone of voice lieutenants snap to attention.

"Would you like to tell me exactly what sort of s--t storm you have started Lieutenant?"

"No sir."


"Begging the general's pardon sir, there are some things happening here that I think the general would prefer not to know."

"So now you are going to tell me what information you think I ought to know. That is pretty bold for a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant. Do you know what sort of calls I have been getting here?"

"Yes sir. That is, I think I can imagine sir. I suspect that Major Smith has told you that I am blackmailing the government of the United States, sir."

"Well that is pretty close Lieutenant. Maybe you aren't as dumb as I thought you were. What do you think I should know Lieutenant?"

"Sir, we have achieved the primary purpose of our mission. The smuggling ring has been stopped although there is quite a bit of work remaining for the Major and his people in rolling up the entire ring. Several slaves and at least one slave employer have been delivered into the Major's hands together with information of the boss, or at least the east coast boss of the slaving and smuggling operation. The Major should be conducting raids on those locations as we speak sir."

"Well that's the good news. Now tell me why I'm fielding all of these strange calls."

"Sir, may I speak hypothetically of a possible delicate situation, sir?"

I thought I heard a sigh as the general said, "You don't need two sirs in a single sentence Lieutenant. Relax and tell me about your hypothetical situation."

"Sir, in the hypothetical situation I am discussing four guards were at a slave compound. In overcoming the enemy we, that is the hypothetical we, had to take out three of them and captured the fourth. Then the hypothetical we had to go after the hypothetical leadership who had fled with a prisoner. While the hypothetical we were gone, the freed slaves fell on the remaining guard, the prisoner, and killed a very messy manner, sir."

"Drop the hypotheticals lieutenant. This is enough to give me a headache. We will assume everything beyond this point is hypothetical."

"Yes sir. Well we caught and captured the leaders and recovered the prisoner but the leaders indicated that with their financial resources they could work a plea bargain and get off scot-free. I think this is not unrealistic considering that they would be dealing through the Major, sir. The captives wanted to destroy them as they did with the fourth guard but I have dissuaded them on the promise that justice will be served."

"How was the prisoner? Do we have friendly casualties?"

Silently I was pleased to recognize that his first concern wasn't the political problems I was causing but the safety of our own people. I responded, "No sir."

"Good. Go on with the hypothetical story."

"Well sir, the freed women want to remain in the states but they have no papers and no visas. I told the Major that I couldn't remember the location of the files he needs because of post traumatic stress syndrome and that delivery of resident visas and ID cards might relieve me enough so that I could remember the location of the records, Sir."

I actually heard the general chuckle when he said, "Well post traumatic stress syndrome can be pretty powerful. I suppose if you are refusing to tell the Major something due to amnesia brought on by a medical condition it would be foolish of me to try to order you to remember, wouldn't it?"

"Yes sir."

"Now about this hypothetical leadership element... You have a way to serve justice?"

"Yes sir, with no murder and no mutilation as the ex-slaves wanted, or would have wanted had this story not been hypothetical."

"Do you believe, as an officer, that what you are planning to do is the honorable thing to do?"

"Yes sir."

"But you think I would be better off not actually knowing what you plan to do because it may not be, hypothetically speaking, strictly legal?"

"Yes sir"

"Lieutenant, I have always felt it is best for senior officers to defer to the judgment of the commanders in the field. Get this thing done and report back here as soon as you can, given the things that need doing."

"Yes sir."

"And lieutenant, well done."

"Thank you, sir."

The telephone went dead and Cathy was looking at me. I smiled at her and she said, "I am going to have to get a bigger ass if I keep getting dumped on the floor like that."

I sat down and said, "Don't change for me. I like your ass just the way it is."


I pulled out the telephone book and looked up the nearest wholesale chemical supplier. I told them that we were manufacturing a new line of tools and that we wanted liquid vinyl that could be used to dip the tool handles or that could be applied to machine parts with brushes in order to dampen vibration. I explained that as tool handles, the vinyl would have to be of a grade that resisted friction and abrasion once it had dried. They wanted cash on delivery and were happy to ship five drums of liquid black vinyl and a case of thinner and brush cleaner via an express company. I told them to have the driver call when he was 15 or 20 miles from Ukiah and we would give him specific directions.

The next call was to a sporting good store in town and yes they did carry swim goggles and flip flop sandals. Then I called an office supply house and ordered a white board, two boxes of erasable marker pens, two erasers, a flip chart stand, and six pads of paper flip charts. I sent a fully dressed (although in ill-fitting clothes) Sophia and Cathy, into town to pick up the school supplies, the swim goggles, flip flops and food for the larder. I also told them to get at least one set of jeans, one shirt, and panties for all of the women, themselves included.

I gave Cathy my credit and ATM cards, told her the code and told her to withdraw the daily maximum and use what she needed. She would have to do this each day until we had enough cash to cover the vinyl. I used the telephone to transfer funds from my investment account to the checking account that the ATM accessed. Then I wire transferred funds from Linda's accounts to reimburse my investment accounts.

I also gave Cathy the check and the Major's address and told her to find a place that made FedEx shipments and overnight the check to our friend in Washington.

When they left I checked to see that Pete had things under control. I needn't have bothered. Then I returned to the office and, using the rough organization Sophia had created, began looking through the recent correspondence. The amount of data was absolutely staggering. After about three hours I found the request I wanted.

Then I went back to the barn. The women had agreed not to mutilate their captors but that didn't include not tormenting them. Both Linda and Victoria had oatmeal on their faces apparently from being pushed into their bowls, and tight clamps on their nipples. All three prisoners sported huge butt plugs and Nicholas was being aroused by one of the women. I didn't understand why she was stroking him so sexily until I saw him get hard. Then the woman and a companion began to whip his penis until it deflated. Then the stroking and fondling began all over again.

I didn't see much harm in this and let the women carry on. While this was going on I took a woman aside and began to remove the rings. Now you should understand that all of these women had been kidnapped because they were sexy and attractive. You would have thought that removing the rings would have been erotic. In fact there were so many women and rings to deal with that it was just a task.

We sat the woman in a chair with arms and had her lift her legs over the arms while sliding her butt (and pussy of course) forward. I lifted a ring and held it out while Pete slid one jaw of the bolt cutter into the loop. A push on the handle and the ring was severed. I picked up two pairs of pliers, grabbed the ring on either side of the cut and twisted. Then we rotated the now spiral loop of metal out of the woman's labia. Then I went to the next ring and we repeated the entire process. Four rings per woman, eight women, 32 rings in all. Add in the women who wanted their nipple rings removed and the time it took to get them into and out of the chair and we were still at it when Cathy and Sophia got back. In fact, Sophia and Cathy were our last customers.

Cathy had determined that while the chain might be sexy and arousing while she was nude, it was just damned uncomfortable when she was dressed. She'd tried wearing it inside her panties but it was lumpy and difficult to sit. She'd then let it down the leg of her trousers but the legband of the panties kept any movement from reaching her clitoris and the chain on her leg was annoying. At her request I cut the top link of the chain but left the ring. That way we could always use a small snap to attach a chain if we wanted to play.

Then I took the women into the dining room and distributed the clothes while the food was being stowed. I'd never seen so much fuss and tears over a few jeans and blouses. None of the women had seemed self-conscious about running around nude but apparently being given clothes again signified their freedom more than even the removal of the metal rings.

Eventually we got the women quieted down and got Cathy and Sophia started on the English classes. I gave Pete a brief rundown on my conversations and also explained what I planned for the three captives. I showed him the correspondence I'd found.

Pete and I drove down to Ukiah, a good 30-some odd miles south because I didn't want to let the Major trace the cell phone calls to a cell tower too near to the compound. I called him, listened to him rant about phony medical problems and, when he ran down, asked how he was doing on the green cards. He agreed to meet us in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco in seven days with the documents.

He also said that the raids on Jerry's club, the house on the peninsula and the Virginia estate back east had been very productive. He had the cashier's check for the government's money in hand and by the end of the call was almost cordial.

I told him that we were still searching for the ringleaders (a lie) and that we would be out of touch until we met him in San Francisco (the truth).

While we were in Ukiah I opened a company checking account with the false credentials the Major had given me. I explained that it would be a lock box account where customers would deposit payments for invoices ranging from three to eight thousand dollars (banks are required to report transactions of over ten thousand dollars to the U. S. Treasury Department and I didn't want to call attention to our little fund laundering operation) and that we would be writing checks from the account as well as clearing the excess balances to our main corporate account which was offshore. I used a wire transfer of an even eight thousand dollars from that account (which was actually Linda's account) to initiate the local checking account.

I had Pete rent a box van with a lift gate for two weeks with return to be at the rental company offices in San Francisco. Then we drove back to the compound. I pulled over several times to ensure that the truck wasn't being followed. The Major may have been able to determine that the call came from the Ukiah area but he apparently didn't have agents nearby. I may have been overly suspicious of the Major but better safe than sorry.

I got Cathy busy transferring funds in odd `invoice size' amounts from all of Linda's various accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands except the one that was the "corporate main account". The object was both to simplify the many accounts by consolidating them and to have sufficient cash to pay for the vinyl shipment and the planned boat rental.

From Slavers to Slaves

Things had pretty much settled into a routine with the prisoners. They were given two enemas each morning and then kept plugged the remainder of the day. They were fed cold oatmeal and water twice a day and wore the nasty six rivet gags the remainder of the time. They were kept chained in uncomfortable positions in their stall cells and, from time to time tormented by the freed women.

The only variance was when we held a ringing party. I gave the freed women pliers and let them remove the prisoners' pubic hair. Then, one at a time we gave them their slave rings. Since there were eight freed women, not counting Sophia, each one got to insert a labia ring in either Linda or Victoria.

The insertion of the rings was a three-step process which the freed women had all seen as they were ringed and were all eager to perform. First the flesh was punctured with a tool that looked like a leather punch. Then a second tool was used to spread a steel ring so that the end could be slipped through the hole in the flesh. The rings pulled themselves almost completely closed as soon as the tool was removed. To make the ring permanent, however, the opening in the ring was turned away from the flesh and another tool was used. This was sort of pliers with a slot cut in the tip. The two sides of the ring were set in the slot and the handles were squeezed until the pointed end of the ring snapped into the hollow part.

The women had great fun playing with the tools and ringing their former mistresses. When all four rings were in place alcohol was splashed over the wounds and the bicycle locks were applied to the rings.

Sophia and Cathy reserved ringing the nipples of the former slavers to themselves. They each took a breast and worked to pet and lick and arouse the woman until each nipple grew of its own accord. Then they ringed the nipples.

Pete and I added our own little twist. I held their nostrils back and Pete inserted the punch tool into the septum. In just a few minutes all three captives had nose rings.

For Nicholas we didn't bother with nipple rings but did give him a ring at the end of his penis just below the glans. I think it is called a Prince Albert but have no idea why. We also gave him two rings in his scrotum, one above each testicle. When the bicycle lock was added it became impossible for him to have an erection; and it was very painful for him to develop even a partial one.

It was obvious to everyone by this time that I was planning on disposing of the former slavers as slaves. We got them all back into their cells and I gave a little speech to the slaves setting out the entire plan. I went slowly as the speech was more for the freed women than for the new slaves and I wanted Sophia to have plenty of time to provide a running commentary.

"You are going to be sold to a particularly nasty African dictator who is apparently a racist as well as a sadist. He wanted two white female slaves because, according to him, his last white slaves didn't hold up well under the lash and he was bored with only a black harem. He didn't say, but I think there is a little paying back the colonial European powers in his views also."

"He also wanted a castrated male to serve as a eunuch for his harem. I told him, via e-mail, using your name Nicholas, that we didn't do castrations because we didn't have the medical facilities but that we could provide a healthy intact male slave and that, of course, he would be free to do whatever he pleased with the slave."

"There is a Liberian flagged freighter transiting from Seattle to the West African coast that we will meet at sea in a few days. They will take three crates aboard with no questions and deliver them to the dictator's agents. All we have to do is package you for the trip."

I could see the impact on the new slaves. They were very frightened. I asked Sophia if the women were satisfied that justice would be done but I didn't have to wait for her to ask them. The broad smiles the women wore made it clear that they were happy with this sort of justice.


The Express truck driver called the next morning and we directed him to a mall parking lot in Ukiah. We drove down to meet him. He wanted cash instead of a check so we walked with him to the bank, explained to the manager that we had a COD delivery of industrial supplies and that the driver needed to have our check cashed or replaced by a certified check. The manager checked our fluctuating but rapidly growing balance and was happy to cash the check. We backed our rented box van up to the Express truck and rolled the five drums onto our truck. Next we loaded the solvent and brush cleaners and headed back to the compound.

I'd set the women to work on cutting bed sheets into strips about three inches wide. Now we set about mummifying our new slaves with the strips. We did Nicholas first because he was the strongest and I figured that the others would resist once they saw what we were going to do to them. I had the women doing the wrapping stop at his hips and wrap the lower legs and feet separately. They double-wrapped around his knees to ensure adequate stiffness. At his ankles we fastened leather cuffs with the D-rings facing the opposite leg. At the other end I had them stop at his shoulders.

I rolled in a drum of vinyl and chocked it on a table. Opening the spout, I filled two buckets. Taking paintbrushes I began to cover his torso and legs and as far down his sides as I could reach, avoiding the groin area, but covering as much of the ankle cuffs as I could reach. While that was drying I tied down his ankles and applied vinyl to the soles of his feet. Then I slipped the flip flops over his feet so that the sticky vinyl adhered both to the wrappings on his feet and the top of the flip flops. When the vinyl was dry, in about three hours, I rolled him over and painted his back and legs making certain to get far enough down his sides so that I overlapped the vinyl on his front. I took care to avoid the area of his ass. I also moved the ankle ties apart so that I could coat the inside of his legs. I splashed more liquid around his feet and the soles of the flip flops making certain that they were welded to his feet.

While allowing him to dry we also started to coat the women. In their case we also avoided about a six-inch circle in the breast area as well as the groin and ass. By late evening they were each sealed into a vinyl suit that compressed and molded them. Now for the fun part. All three were face down drying and I used scissors to cut openings exposing most of their asses. This didn't allow the bindings to loosen because the vinyl had penetrated the cotton wrapping material and made it rigid around their bodies. When I was satisfied with their exposure we applied another coat of the vinyl around the opening to strengthen it. We fastened their ankle cuffs with a 12-inch chain and then pushed each slave's table into his stall cell as a safety measure though with their ankles still tied down and tightly wrapped as they were I didn't really think that they would be able to move. Then we cleaned up the brushes and went into the house for dinner.

That evening Pete and I drove down to Fort Brag. No, not the army base in North Carolina, wise guy: the little fishing village on the west coast of California.

It is a pretty place with some old Russian buildings (they had used it as a whaling station before the Spaniards settled the west coast) including an onion domed church built of redwood. In addition to being a tourist attraction it is the home to a modest fishing fleet and a great place to get a freshly caught salmon meal.

We didn't go for the tourism or the fish but we were interested in the fishing fleet. American fishing fleets were having hard time financially and it wasn't hard to find a captain who was willing to make an `export' run with three seven-foot by three-foot by three-foot wooden crates, from shore to a passing freighter for $6,000. We set a date and gave him a $3,000 down payment. Pete and I made certain we knew the captain's name and residence and the name of his boat (just in case he tried to be a no-show) and returned to the compound.

I was exhausted from the day's activities but Cathy was bright and perky as well as lovely and nude. When I told her I was beat she sweetly asked, "Is the old man too tired to play tonight?"

Now I don't know if she meant `old man' as in the commander or as in her ten or so year older boyfriend. In any case such insolence couldn't go unpunished. I roped her wrists to her thighs and turned her over my lap. In no time at all her shrieks and cries filled the house as her oh so lovely buns turned pink and then red.

The funny thing was that the more I banged on her ass the more she squirmed and the less tired and more aroused we both became. I eventually quit spanking and went into a caress and massage mode both for her buns and the very wet pussy peeking out between her legs. Since I wasn't all that tired anymore I stood up and positioned her over the arm of the chair.

I entered her from behind and she exploded at once. I let her come down while enjoying the clenching of her pussy and then went to work. I made certain that I banged her sore red ass with every stroke. After all this was punishment, wasn't it? Well sort of... I might have miscalculated a bit because she came a second time setting me off. After that I was bushed, and took her in my arms in bed. After telling her how much I loved her we both went to sleep spooned together.

Final Packing and Delivery

The next morning we pulled out the three slave tables. The women found that they could administer the enemas and butt plugs through the openings in the vinyl. Afterward we flipped the slaves over and made the appropriate cutouts. The one for Nicholas' genitals was quite small and required some tugging to get his bicycle lock, ringed scrotum and penis out and exposed. The cutouts for the women's genitals were a bit larger to ensure that the freighter's crew could rape them in comfort after removing the bicycle locks. The six-inch cutouts for each breast resulted in a great deal of pulling and squeezing to get their breasts properly (improperly?) exposed. I had no shortage of volunteers to pinch and tug and pull at the slaves flesh. We used the nipple rings and the penis ring to pull the flesh out of the way of the liquid while we reinforced the openings.

We were into the second drum of liquid vinyl but it was pretty obvious that the five drums I had ordered would be way more than required. I didn't really mind, after all Linda was paying for every bit of this.

At this point all three slaves were encased in vinyl from shoulders to toes. I wanted the women to be able to watch the next step and think about it. When the reinforcing was dry we stood the women up and using their nose rings pulled them into cells where they could see Nicholas who remained bound face up on the table. They found that they could move with very short steps limited by the hobble chains.

They were brought to the front of the cells side by side. To keep them in position and attentive I took a length of pipe and passed it outside the bars through all four nipple rings. This kept them pressed against the front of the cell and also added some weight to pull on their nipples. This weight complimented the weight of the bicycle locks tugging on their labia rings.

I couldn't find another length of pipe but did find a push broom. I unscrewed the broom from the wooden handle and slid the long wood dowel through both women's nose rings. Now they couldn't turn their heads from the straight-ahead position. I put a posture collar on Nicholas to ensure that he had limited head movement. Then I gave my electric razor to one of the women and showed her how to use the beard trimmer to shave his head. When she was done another woman used Pete's safety razor to remove the stubble leaving him completely bald. She even shaved off his eyebrows and the others laughed and jeered.

The gag would be in the way for the next step so I had it removed. Of course he begged and pleaded. He offered all sorts of financial fortunes but it fell on deaf ears. When his pleading became annoying I told him to be quiet and had one of the women squeeze his testicles until he got the idea. I placed the swim goggles over his eyes to protect them from the latex and had the women wrap his head in the bedding strips. We covered his head from the crown to the bottom of his nose, but not obstructing the nostrils or the nose ring. In addition strips over the top of his head covered the back and sides of his head and were held in place by strips around the posture collar.

A little work with the brush and he was sealed from heed to toe with only his ass, his genitalia and his mouth and nostrils free. Given the butt plug and the rings on the genitalia and the intent to re-gag him as soon as the vinyl dried, "free" may be the wrong word. Let's just say that those were the only areas where flesh was visible. I could see in the wide and horrified eyes of the women slaves that they knew that they were next.

I did Victoria next because I wanted Linda to see more and think more about her fate. We slid the pipe to the side so that it rested fully on Linda's nipple rings. The wooden broom handle wouldn't balance on one ring so I roped it to another bar which kept Linda's nose in place. The actual work was pretty similar to what we had done with Nicholas.

The posture collar was slightly shorter than the first one we had found. Victoria's hair was too long for my electric razor's beard trimmer, so the women had to hack most of it off with scissors before we could use the beard trimmer and safety razor. When the gag came out Victoria had apparently decided that begging for release was useless. She knew the customer we were sending her to and wanted no part of him. Her begging was mostly focused on keeping her as our slave or selling her to Jerry. She didn't know, of course, that Jerry and his S&M club were no more. Anything to be kept from the dictator I had named. Of course it did her no good and she was also encased in vinyl.

By this time Nicholas was dry so we gagged him with one of the nasty six-rivet gags and stood him up. The women took turns running him around by his nose ring while Victoria dried and we began on Linda.

I don't know what Linda was thinking but she tried to appeal to Pete reminding him of their night together. Bad mistake as Sophia didn't like Linda, even in her pitiful state, trying to use a seductive tone on Pete. She had found one of the fiberglass rods that had been used on her breasts. While she didn't have the strength to double the rod she had plenty of muscle to put into her swings. She battered Linda's breasts with blows that left welts. Soon Linda was screaming with no coherent sounds at all.

When all three slaves were dry and gagged I looked at our efforts. The broad leather strap on the gags covered the flesh on their faces that we had left to allow feeding but blended with the shiny black vinyl to create a rubber fetishist's dream.

Their bodies were tightly encased in vinyl with only their asses and genitalia, and in the case of the women, their breasts exposed. I am not into that particular fetish but couldn't resist stroking Victoria's breasts. Linda's were nice also but somewhat less attractive at the moment given the whipping Sophia had administered.

We hauled out the crates and pushed the slaves backwards into them. We laid them down on the floor by the simple expedient of pushing the crates over backwards and letting them fall. A tight line went from the top of the gag straps to a hook in one end of the box. A line through the D-rings on the ankle cuffs stretched to the hook at the bottom and our slaves were secure. The only remaining thing would be to nail the boxes shut. We left that until later.

From the house I placed a call to the marine operator. She raised the ship. I was connected to the captain and I identified myself as Nicholas. We confirmed that we each knew about the other. Then I confirmed the GPS position at which we were to meet and asked the captain for his estimated time of arrival at that position. I called the fishing boat captain and told him where we wanted to be and when. He did some calculations and suggested we leave early that evening. I had hoped we could load the fishing boat in the dark but time and tide wait for no man so we agreed on a time to meet.

Sophia and Cathy wanted to ride along but we decided to leave them at the compound. Pete backed the truck up to the barn door and lowered the rear lift gate. I set the lids on the boxes and nailed them shut. Together we carried each box out to the truck and loaded them. It was still light when we got to Fort Brag but no one paid any attention as we loaded what might have been crates of machinery from the truck to the fishing boat. We cast off with Pete and me acting as deck hands and headed for the rendezvous.

It was dark when we found the freighter but the fishing boat captain put us alongside with no problems. The freighter lowered a net and we loaded the crates into it. I climbed aboard and met the captain and gave him the keys to both the bicycle locks and the gag locks. I explained that no one would mind if his crew abused the slaves on the voyage but that the dictator was expecting delivery of all three alive and on time. He opened one crate while I was still on board and pulled on the woman's nipple ring to be certain she was alive. He did the same with each of the other two before having the crates shifted below. His crew looked like the sort of cutthroats you would expect on this kind of ship and, although I was armed, I was happy to climb down and re-board the fishing boat.

The rest of the night was anticlimactic. By the time we reached Fort Brag it was early morning and the sun was almost up by the time we got the truck back to the compound. Even my bubbly Cathy had sense enough to let Pete and me sleep until almost midday.

With two cars, ours and the slavers', we could transport ten people with a crowded rear seat. The truck cab could carry another two or three. With the nine ex-slaves, Cathy, Pete and me we had twelve people. The next problem was drivers. Sophia and Cathy knew how to drive but of course neither had licenses. Sophia had none and Cathy's was still at the Major's safe house on the peninsula. I had Cathy drive one car and I took the other. We loaded whatever we wanted to keep in the trunks of the cars. We headed south in a convoy.

More Problems

Eventually we got to the safe house where Cathy broached a new set of concerns. What was going to happen to the women once they were free?

I'd hoped that this would just go away but of course my love wanted me to solve it for them. We sat down in the living room with the women. Their English was improving, but for a discussion like this we needed Sophia to translate.

We started out with Sophia. She wanted to get her medical license and a job as the surgeon she was, in a hospital. Pete said that he didn't think there was much call for putting in rings in hospitals. Sophia hit him and then she blushed about three different shades. Ain't young love grand? I told Pete I would try to find out where the corps was going to send us and that would let Sophia know where she wanted to get licensed.

Although that part of the discussion was OK in English, I asked Sophia to translate it all for the other women. I thought, `Perhaps it will be easier for them to open up if they understood what all the blushing had been about.' She gave me a funny look but did. We could tell she had covered it all when the other women laughed.

The next woman surprised me. She wanted, she said with many blushes, to find a master like me. I thought she meant a boyfriend or a husband but she was adamant that she wanted a master. It would be OK if he married her but as long as he mastered her and took care of her, it would be OK if he didn't. Two other women said more or less the same thing.

Two women wanted to go to school and study something in the medical area. They had completed their countries' high school equivalent and had been college students. They weren't certain if they wanted to be doctors or nurses or pharmacists, or even go into veterinary medicine, but they knew that they wanted to study medicine.

The last three had no particular plans. They didn't want to go back to their homelands and they wanted to study and learn written as well as spoken English. They knew that they wanted jobs but that was as far as they'd thought.

We probed their skills and experience. One had been a waitress and was certain she could handle that sort of a job. She thought that someday she would like to learn to be a chef but had never had the money to begin studying.

A second had been a legal secretary, which I gathered was sort of like a paralegal here but under an entirely different system of laws. She wasn't sure if her skills were transferable.

The third and been a researcher at a scientific lab and was skilled at searching the internet. She had some English reading skills although she'd never spoken English until Cathy and Sophia began their classes.

OK, one doctor, two med students, one chef trainee, one paralegal trainee, one scientific researcher and three voluntary slaves. Now how could I make it all happen? Well, first things first. I called Tom and asked him to find out where Pete and I were going to be based. That would help with Sophia and, not so incidentally, my Cathy.

I learned that Sally had decided to resign from active duty (she would retain her reserve commission) and go into private practice. She wanted to have a more fixed base from which to raise her child than Naval service provided. I told Tom about Sophia and asked if she might be able to employ her as a medical assistant until she passed her medical board licensing and possibly, if she worked out, help her find a hospital position as a surgeon after she was licensed. Tom said he supposed that meant he ought to see if he could work Pete into one of the enlisted spots on a joint services project at the Pentagon. He promised to call me back once he talked to G-1 (the personnel people}.

That much done we sorted ourselves into sleeping arrangements somewhat more cramped than those at the compound. This safe house had not been designed for twelve.

I remembered how we'd found Sophia and how erotic it had seemed despite her bruises. I decided to try to tie Cathy in as similar a manner as I could devise. The headboard was a wrought iron sort of thing that offered all sorts of attachment points. I hunted around and found an unopened clothesline. Shaking it out, I tied the center to the center of the headboard about two feet above the mattress. I put a cuff around each of Cathy's lower thighs, just above her knees. Then I pulled up each knee in turn until it was about even with her ear and tied the rope to the D ring on the cuff. The upward pull made her hips roll up rather invitingly. Then I led the ends of the rope to the outside corners of the headboard. This held Cathy's legs spread wide, so wide in fact that her outer pussy lips were spread open and allowed her moist inner lips and emerging clit to be visible. If I were poetic I might say that her clit ring was winking at me as her motions caused it to reflect the lights in the room.

There was still plenty of rope so I went down to where her wrists were out to her sides in a relaxed manned. A quick loop and a knot around the D ring on her wrist cuffs and then on down to the foot of the bed. A hard tug on the rope and her hands were held immobile between the headboard and the foot of the bed. I hunted up some ankle cuffs and there was just enough rope to reach from the footboard to the ankle cuff and tie it off.

Now Cathy couldn't move up or down in any direction. I teased her for a bit with light fluttery touches to the inside of her thighs and gentle licks to her breasts and her already turgid nipples. I even interrupted the teasing with some tickling of her soles, which, as she found, could not be moved more than a fraction of an inch in any direction. I am usually a guy who believes in quality orgasms and I usually try to make hers stronger by teasing her to a higher and higher peak and then backing off and returning. Tonight, however I decided to try quantity.

I went after her sweet pussy with my mouth moving very rapidly up her slit to her clitoris. I played with the ring in my teeth and my tongue on her clit and brought her to a very satisfactory orgasm. After that I slid up alongside her as though we were going to cuddle for a while as she came down off the peak. Instead of allowing her to relax I inserted two fingers into her gushing pussy and searched for her G spot. I knew my tongue hadn't been long enough to reach and that this particular area of very sensitive nerve endings was still virgin territory. Well at least it was virgin for tonight. I began to stroke this with a very gentle movement of my fingers and brought her off a second time without touching her clitoris.

While she was still gasping I slid down and began to lap at her juices. Gradually I worked my way back to her clit and lapped at it with very light rapid strokes. I think this third orgasm was the best of the evening as she went off like an explosive ordinance.

Now I can be a nice guy and pleasure my partner but there are limits. I moved up between her legs and began to kiss my way up from her nipples to her shoulder and collarbone. When I was far enough up I slid into her. Apparently in this rolled up position I was able to stroke her G spot because after a few minutes, as I came, she had a fourth orgasm.

It wasn't as strong as the third one but it was certainly arousing to feel her clenching around me. In fact, it was so arousing I stayed hard and continued to pump. I felt as though I could last forever but who was I kidding? I lasted longer than I had before but soon felt that urgent sensation in my testicles that said I was about to come. G spot or not Cathy wasn't twitching the way she normally did so I used my hand to bring her along by playing with her clit. We came together and I more or less collapsed on her.

In a few seconds when I came down from my second orgasm I lifted myself off of her and looked down. What I saw was a beautiful but sweaty woman so exhausted by five rapid fire orgasms that she had either passed out or fallen asleep. I could see her chest rise and fall so I knew she was OK but, in a flash of ridiculous male ego and pride, I felt that I had outlasted her.

Yeah, I know she'd had three rapid orgasms before I'd started but feelings aren't reasoned, they are felt. I didn't say I deserved it, just that I felt it. I slid down beside her under her upraised leg and kissed her. I also, fairly gently, swatted her ass. I didn't consider it punishment for falling asleep before her master; I just wanted to feel that lovely ass. I did it for the same reason I had kissed her. I wanted to and I could, so I did it.


The next morning I awoke with Cathy next to me still strung up. She was awake and watching me. I said, "It might be fun to tickle my lovely slave girl."

Cathy smiled and said, "I love you too master, but don't we have to get to the Fairmont?"

Damn, she was right. I untied her and went to check that the others were awake. We took all three vehicles and stopped to return the truck to the rental agency where we picked up a third car. Now we had three licensed drivers as Cathy had found her purse and driver's license. We made it to the Fairmont on time, although with the traffic we encountered in the city it was pretty remarkable. The twelve of us occupied quite a corner of the lobby and the Major and another man with him had no trouble finding us.

I showed him some samples of the correspondence and a list of Nicholas' and Victoria's offshore accounts and balances that the government would be confiscating (but omitting the access codes for the moment). The other guy turned out to be from INS and he went through a brief questionnaire with each of the women. He used his digital camera to photograph each woman. Then he had them sign the application form a couple of places including a card that his laptop read. After a few seconds fussing with his machine he gave them their documentation including the prized resident alien cards.

When all nine women were legal I gave the Major a list of the access codes to the bank accounts, the GPS location of the compound and its office full of detailed records, and the county maps showing which logging roads to take to get there. I omitted any reference to Linda's west coast place and her `extra' off shore accounts. I knew that he would eventually find her house, but hoped that he would assume the accounts listed in her east coast records were the only ones Linda had. I wanted to use Linda's second set of accounts to get the women set up in their new lives.

I told him that the ringleaders had escaped the country (true but omitting the fact that they had left as slaves) and mentioned that the correspondence indicated that there were at least three slaves in transit to a certain West African dictator. The Major grimaced and said that the State Department would probably want to ignore that customer because of strategic minerals that we imported from him.

The Major was quite pleased with the haul but wanted us out of the safe house and all of the phony cover story identification returned. We compromised by giving him the credit cards but holding onto the California driver's licenses as our genuine IDs and credit cards had been left on the east coast.

We left the Fairmont and drove to the Hyatt where Pete used his genuine credit card to book a huge set of rooms for the twelve of us. I stopped long enough to call my credit card companies, answer a bunch of questions about my mother's maiden name and have replacement cards shipped to me, via FedEx overnight express, at the hotel. I also made a wire transfer from Linda's offshore account to Pete's checking account so that he could cover the hotel bill.

Leaving the women at the hotel with Sophia to translate room service orders, we took two cars and headed unannounced to Bill's training camp with the three women who wanted masters. Cathy rode with me while the three women rode with Pete in the second car.

On the way Cathy asked me if she had to be subservient to Dianne if she was out there. I told her that the cover was no longer in use and she could act as she pleased. She looked at me and said, "I know the job or mission or whatever is over, but I am still yours and if you want me to be a submissive little slave at Bill's, then that is what I will be."

I told her that I loved all of her, not just the submissive part and she could do whatever she wanted with Dianne. "Just don't kill her or cause any permanent damage," I said, "if you do Bill might insist that we purchase her and take her home with us."

"No permanent damage, sir," she agreed.

Bill was not overjoyed to see us. In fact he was downright hostile. I told him that we were there to do him a favor. He said he didn't need our favors. He did admit that the raids on Jerry's place had resulted in better business at Dianne's.

I told him that we were going to give him three women who wanted to have a master. They would need English lessons and probably should be blood tested because they'd been repeatedly raped. They were already partially trained as slaves. Bill said he didn't want the extra work of being school teacher and certainly didn't want to take the medical risks.

I told him that I would fund (from Linda's account) $4.5 million for the three women, deposited by wire to any offshore account he wished. That would cover the fifth year gift to the women plus his normal profit. Anything he made on the women would be pure gravy to him. Further, while I would expect him to deal with any normal STDs, if there were real problems such as HIV I would take back that individual or individuals and he could keep the funds. (I was betting here that Linda, and therefore Nicholas and Victoria, didn't want any major diseases to damage their merchandise.)

He told me that he didn't like me and didn't trust me. He, as he described it, was in the business of making people happy while I was in the business of hurting people. I told him that I didn't see my business that way but it really didn't matter how he viewed me so long as he did what we asked. Bill asked me why I was doing this. I told him it was to "keep my honor bright."

He didn't really understand but I signaled Pete to bring in the women. Their clothes were a bit wrinkled (memo to self, more shopping and some laundry in order for the remaining women) but they were all real beauties. Whatever else Linda's organization had done, it certainly picked some beautiful women to kidnap. I told the women to strip and they did, tossing their clothes behind them. Then they faced Bill and sank to the floor on their knees.

They spread their knees, rested their hands palms up on their thighs, looked submissively at a spot between their knees, straightened their backs and pulled back their shoulders which thrust their breasts forward. Slave position number one, perfectly executed, courtesy of the training Linda's organization had imparted. I looked at Bill and saw that we would have no further problems.

He grumbled a bit looking for imperfections and finding very little. He asked about the still visible little circular marks on their shaved labias. I explained about the rings that had been cut off and said that we thought their labias would heal themselves just as pierced ears did. He asked why they still had nipple rings and I explained that they had asked to keep them.

He ran out of objections. He still didn't trust me or like me but he couldn't refuse voluntary slaves of this quality. We finalized the details of the wire transfer and were about to go when Dianne walked in.

Payback is Sweet

Dianne looked over the new girls and, in a very sexy and seductive voice greeted me and made some remark about my taste in slaves improving. Then she turned to Cathy and asked if I'd told her about what a wonderful time she and I had the night I visited her apartments. Cathy simply said, "No ma'am, he didn't speak of it"

I could see Cathy was holding her submissive pose but underneath I could see her muscles tensing like a great lioness about to spring. That's when Dianne pushed her just that little bit too far. She reached for Cathy's jaw to turn her head and Cathy exploded.

Cathy came to her feet and grabbed Dianne's outstretched arm. The next thing Dianne knew Cathy was marching her towards a whipping bench on one side of Bill's office. Bill started to get up but I put my hand on his arm and suggested we let the girls deal with the problem. Now Bill is a big guy but he saw me that night when I went into a rage and he also knew that Pete was just on the other side of him, so he very sensibly settled back into his chair.

Cathy opened the top two buttons on Dianne's blouse and pulled it down over her shoulders trapping her upper arms against her sides. Then Cathy forced Dianne down on the whipping bench and sat on the small of her back further restricting Dianne's arms with her thighs and holding Dianne firmly down on the bench. Cathy reached under Dianne and unsnapped and unzipped her jeans pulling them and her panties down exposing Diane's ass and upper thighs.

Reaching over Cathy snagged a riding crop and whipped Dianne mercilessly. At first Cathy struck downward on the top and center of Dianne's buttocks. Bright red welts appeared as Dianne screamed in anger and frustration. She was unable to unseat Cathy and soon her screams turned to sobs and pleas for mercy.

Cathy shifted her stroke to a sideways motion so she could punish the lower edges of Dianne's buttocks and her upper thighs. After a bit with Dianne brutally marked Cathy said, "You look like you are getting wet aren't you, you little slut?"

Dianne responded between sobs, "Yes mistress I am getting wet."

"I am not a mistress, you slut. I am Master Mike's slave, remember? Try Again." All of this was accompanied by a rapid tattoo on Dianne's inflamed and very sensitive rear.

Dianne wailed, "Please stop Mike's slave. Yes, I am getting wet."

"I? Sluts don't use "I". Try again."

Dianne sobbed, "Please, please Mike's slave, this slut begs you to stop because she is getting wet."

Cathy smiled what could only be described as a feral smile and switched hands with the crop. While continuing to batter Dianne's ass with her left hand Cathy stuck her right thumb into Dianne and began to frig her forcibly while pinching Dianne's clitoris between her fingers. "Does the little slut want to come? Let's hear the slut beg to come."

By this time Dianne would have done anything to stop the punishment. She begged, "Please Mike's slave this unworthy slut begs you to make her come. Anything to end this punishment. Please, please Mike's slave, this slut is unworthy of you attentions."

Cathy smiled and moved her hand up to grasp Dianne's clitoris. She forcibly masturbated her, much the way I had seen Linda do to Cathy at the house in the woods. Dianne came, but I don't think she enjoyed it much.

Cathy got off of her and yanked her to her feet. Then she tore Dianne's blouse off of her. "I was going to strip you but those pitiful flabby sacks need all the support they can get. Let's go stand in the corner like naughty sluts do."

Now I knew from experience that what Cathy had said was unfair. Dianne had lovely breasts and they didn't sag overly much. Still it didn't seem like the right time to mention it to Cathy. After all this was Cathy's payback party, not mine.

Suiting action to words Cathy forced Dianne into the corner shuffling along with her jeans and panties around her ankles. Dianne had no fight left in her. Cathy made Dianne lace her hands on her head and stand with her nose right in the corner.

Dianne was sobbing and looked like a miserable child. Her buttocks and upper thighs were red and raw, her juices dripped down her thighs. Her jeans and panties were around her ankles and in that position her bra straps across her back just made her look more ridiculous.

Cathy came over to us dropped the riding crop into Bills lap, knelt before me and said, "All done master. Thank you." The three eastern European women who'd witnessed the entire session hadn't moved or broken position although two of them had broad grins visible even though their heads remained downcast. The only sound in the room was that of Dianne's sobs.

I rose and said, "Nice to be able to do you a favor Bill. Be sure to treat them well. I don't think you should let Dianne at them. They are much tougher and more vicious than Cathy."

Bill shook his head and I think he actually smiled as he nodded and opened the door for us. Pete took his now empty car and Cathy and I got into mine for the drive back to the Hyatt. "How did you know she would get wet?" I asked.

"I didn't, but I knew what she had done to me and one thing sort of led to another. Was I very bad master?" she asked with an impish smile.

"No, you were very good, but I may have to spank you anyway."

My lovely sweet and submissive slave girl smiled at me and said, "Promises, promises, promises."