Service Days
by Sir Richard

Chapter 4

Free Days

Following our plan we spent the next day getting settled into our new home. I used the telephone to report our progress to the Major and the secure cell phone to report to Tom. Cathy finished the last of the unpacking and Pete fieldstripped, oiled and reassembled the weapons. We both checked out the rest of the gear, ensuring that it was ready to use.

We were done by late morning and had nothing else to do. Cathy and I took off to play tourist and see the sights. Pete had to stay out of sight as he was supposed to be on the east coast and we didn't want the slightest risk of anyone from the club seeing him. The odds were pretty long but the consequences would have been disastrous to the job. Pete had a TV and a case of beer cooling in the fridge so he wasn't in too much trouble.

Cathy and I had a great time. When in public she played a shy submissive woman but that didn't keep her from enjoying the cable car rides, the drive down Lombard Street or the stroll on pier 39. We had lunch in a little place in the Cannery, mid afternoon ice cream in the Ghiradelli ice cream parlor at Ghiradelli Square and, well after dark, a great meal at Alioto's on Fisherman's Wharf. During the afternoon we checked out the Maritime Museum but most of the time was spent strolling in and out of shops and rubbernecking at the sea lions sunning themselves on the docks. In spite of all the stamina-building we'd been doing, it was still a taxing day. I wound it up with a drink at the Carnelian Room atop the bank building. The bar had a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge to the left and the downtown area with the pointed Trans America building to the right.

We didn't get out to Fort Point at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge or to Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill but we promised ourselves another day of just being tourists once the job was wrapped up. Perhaps Pete would join us. When we got back to the safe house it was very late and Pete had turned in. We went into our bedroom tired but very happy. We made love slowly and sweetly and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

The next day was also free of any specific tasks so Cathy and I drove over the Coastal range to Half Moon Bay and then down the coast to one of the county's public beaches. We strolled barefoot along the beach holding hands and saying little. We were happy that we'd brought windbreakers but wished that we'd brought sweaters. The beach was beautiful with the pacific washing ashore and receding, but the winds seemed to come all the way from Japan, building force and losing temperature every foot of the way. We dipped our toes in the Pacific but quickly retreated as the frigid water lapped at our feet. Wasn't it Mark Twain who said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco"?

We headed back early to prepare for our second visit to the club. Pete had ventured out in the neighborhood and bought some really fresh salmon that we grilled with lemon and butter. Frozen corn and a cold Chardonnay with the fish and some small pastries with coffee afterwards, completed the meal. Cathy and I went light on the wine, as we wanted clear heads for the evening's activities.

After dinner Cathy and I prepared to go back to Dianne's. We broke out the wrist and ankle cuffs and the collar. Cathy wanted to wear the leather full body harness. I think she knew how good she looked in it and wanted to be certain Dianne saw her wearing it. It seemed a little silly as I was certain that Cathy knew that the business with Dianne and just been stage work but there is a certain competitiveness between women, especially beautiful women such as my Cathy.

In the end I agreed. I don't know why, perhaps I just wanted to see her wearing it again. She certainly looked spectacular in it. We added the collar and wrist cuffs leaving her arms free for the moment. With the ankle cuffs we put on a short hobble chain. Cathy twirled for me giving me the full effect. Now I know I am in love with the woman and my judgment may therefore be suspect, but what I said was, "Eat your heart out Dianne." This was apparently the correct thing to say because I was rewarded with a hug and a kiss that nearly diverted me from the job at hand.

It was a shame to cover her up but she put on a long cotton dress that buttoned up the front and had a cloth belt that matched the dress. I think she called it a shirtwaist dress but I will admit to a lack of knowledge regarding women's outerwear.

Back to Dianne's

We navigated our way back up the hills to Dianne's. It was early evening when we parked and but there were almost as many cars as there had been the other evening. As before, Cathy stripped in the barn and left her dress in the car. The body harness had rings that could be used to fasten the wearer's wrists to the sides but I decided not to use them. Instead I locked a long chain to one cuff, threaded it through the D ring on the front of her collar and then locked the other end to her other cuff. She could hold both hands just below her breasts or lift one hand to her neck and stretch the other out to its normal arm's length reach.

We made our way to the door and rang the bell. Dianne opened it looking elegant as always. She gave me a warm smile and said, "Welcome Mike. Do come in." The she saw Cathy and added, "Oh doesn't your pet look lovely tonight? One day you must loan her to me. I can think of so many things I would like to do to...I mean with her."

Meow. This was new territory for me. Although Cathy had sought me out, I was not the sort of guy who had women falling all over him. That was Pete's department. Still I had the distinct impression that Dianne wanted to get her hands on Cathy in order to get her out of the way and have some time with me. It was very flattering, but not necessarily in furtherance of our job (damn near called it `our mission'). All this attention from Dianne was distracting me. Still perhaps I could use her offer to our advantage.

As we walked through the inner door I smiled at Dianne and replied, "I don't usually loan out my slave. I might be willing to make an exception though, for a special friend. In fact it is funny that you ask because I was going to ask you a favor. I have a problem and you might be able to help me resolve it."

She smiled and sat down in a chair motioning me to one next to her. Cathy knelt by my other side.

"Do you remember I mentioned my east coast marketing manager? He is going to be here Sunday for some meetings next week. He and I share the same lifestyle preferences and we had a long telephone conversation yesterday. I've been thinking of acquiring a second slave for some time now. Pete, the manager I mentioned, would also like to acquire a pet but has no place to keep one on the east coast. He would be willing to fund part of the cost of a second slave for me if I had one or the other available for him when he visits."

"My problem is that I have no contacts out here other than Carl and Betty and they are only into the lifestyle on a part-time basis. Nice people but not the sort that would have the contacts I need."

"And you think I might have those contacts?"

"Well, perhaps you don't know anyone who could help me directly, but you might have heard of someone and be willing to contact them and, if possible set up a meeting for me."

"I may know someone who can help you. There would be a price, of course."

"Money really isn't a problem. I understand how expensive this sort of purchase may be."

"Well that would be between you and my friend. No, I was thinking of something else as my finder's fee." As she said this she leaned across me and ran her hand over Cathy's head as one might a pet dog. At the same time she managed to press her upper body across my chest.

After a moment or two she retreated back to her chair and said, "Why don't you let me see what I can do? You said that your friend would be here Sunday. Why don't you bring him out and I will see if my friend is interested."

This seemed like good news. If we could cook up a deal with the slavers and take them in the act of selling a girl we would not only have them but enough evidence to pressure them into providing information about their European contacts.

I sent Cathy to the bar to get us drinks. After all what good is having a slave girl if you can't use her for menial tasks? As I watched her walk to the bar something strange happened.

I loved Cathy and had always thought her pretty. But that night, as she walked she seemed transformed. I couldn't help thinking of a beautiful princess captured and enslaved by Roman Legions. Now she strode the streets of Rome in chains and slavery but was still every inch a grand woman with barely restrained power and even greater beauty. Somehow the hobbles and wrist chains emphasized her beauty and breeding. She was an obedient slave but with an untamed spirit.

I smiled to myself at my fantasies but then noticed that I was not alone. Conversation had died out and almost every eye in the room was on Cathy as she made her way gracefully to the bar. Apparently the beauty and grandeur I was seeing was evident to everyone. Strangely enough I felt proud as you might if your neighbor admired your car or your pet dog. I had done nothing in particular but my heart swelled with pride at owning a woman such as this.

Whoa, reality check, Cathy was not owned, she was playing a part. Wasn't she? Somehow, even though we were playing at this 24/7 business I felt the ground shifting beneath my feet.

Have you ever stood at the edge of the ocean and let the waves wash over your feet? As they recede the undertow pulls the sand from under your feet and you sink slightly deeper into the sand. It doesn't matter if you understand planetary rotation, or the effect of the moon on the tides. You may not know about weather patterns and wave action and undertow. But even without understanding any of the reasons, you feel the earth shift beneath your feet and know that it is real.

That's what was happening to me that night. I didn't really understand what or why but I felt the ground shift beneath my feet and I knew it was real. I seemed to have crossed a line. At that moment I knew that with or without chains, Cathy was mine, and how fortunate I was to have her.

Then it happened. As I was lost in this reverie of self-discovery, reality intruded in that ugly way it so often does. There was a tipsy patron at the bar and as he turned he bumped into Cathy spilling half his drink. I could see Cathy backing away and apologizing but he was having none of it. Blaming his own clumsiness on Cathy he yelled at her and then slapped her hard across the face.

Even as I saw her falling I came out of my chair and heard the angry howl of a predatory animal. I realized that the howl was coming from my throat and then a red haze of rage blotted out my conscious awareness.

The next thing I knew a pair of powerful arms were wrapped around me trying to pull me back. As my vision returned to normal I saw Cathy in front of me with a worried look on her face and her chained hands as high as she could get them trying to push me back. I took a step back and felt the arms behind me relax and slide away. Cathy had been looking into my face and now her arms folded as she nestled against me.

I realized that the animal roar had disappeared but there was a strange whining. It was coming from the floor. I glanced down and saw the man who had hit my slave. He was curled into a fetal position but his arm was sticking out at a strange angle and he had blood dripping from a cut over his eye.

I wrapped my arms around my slave and turned slightly. The person who had been pulling me back was one of the hard bodies I'd noted on the last trip. His partner had already turned and started back towards his seat. This one smiled at me and commented, "Remind me never to attack your slave."

I answered, "I protect what is mine!" But in truth I didn't feel that good about what had happened.

The hard body introduced himself as "Bill" and after asking if I was OK and receiving my assurances that I was back under control he went to rejoin his friend.

I stepped around the person on the floor and asked for some ice and a bar towel. The barmaid had a strange look on her face but provided them quickly. I dumped some ice into the towel and held it gently to Cathy's cheek. "Are you OK?" I asked my beautiful slave.

Cathy flinched a bit as the ice touched her cheek but assured me that she was fine with a whispered, "Yes, master."

We had gotten what we wanted. Dianne was going to talk to her contact and I would bring Pete to hear the results on Sunday. I didn't feel very much like socializing with the other club members, or with seeing how Dianne dealt with the broken arm without involving authorities that asked awkward questions, so we left and went back to our safe house.

Later That Night

When we got back to the house I filled Pete in on all that had happened. When I got to the fight he gave me a sour look. He didn't have to say anything. We both knew what I had done. We pride ourselves on discipline. We may fight, we may even be angry when we fight, but we never allow rage to take over the way I had. It is stupid because you are not thinking and when that happens, you give your opponent a huge advantage. I had been so out of control I couldn't even remember what moves I'd made. That was inexcusable, and we both knew it. All I could say to Pete was, "It won't happen again." He accepted my promise and handed me a beer. Discussion over.

I'd unchained Cathy's hands so that she could get dressed for the ride home. When we got home she slipped off her outer garments. I held her hand and led her to the bedroom with her ankles still hobbled. "You know you stunned everyone at the club with your beauty tonight," I told her as I started to unbuckle the body harness.

Cathy wasn't interested in compliments, however. "Are you really going to give me to her?" she asked.

I laughed. "It might be fun but I don't think it will be necessary. She doesn't get her finder's fee until we complete the purchase and that's when we would grab them. Why do you ask? Are you really so afraid of her?"

"No, I'm not really afraid of her. It would be kind of exciting to have my master loan me to another woman. And she is certainly attractive enough, so that being with her wouldn't be distasteful. I guess I am more worried about what she will do with you while she has me fastened down somewhere."

"Cathy, if the job really required it I could take Dianne to bed but it wouldn't really mean anything. You know that I am in love with you. If I did take Dianne to bed I would try to make it good for her but it would just be f---ing, not making love."

By this time I had removed her harness, shoes and stockings. I laid her on the bed and fastened her wrist cuffs to the center of the headboard. I left her ankles in the cuffs and hobble but otherwise free. I said, "You know, when this is over and we go back you will have a lot of catching up to do on your studies."

Cathy looked at me and said, "I don't know if we will ever go back. I don't think I want to go back. I don't think I can go back to that life, master." The last word was said almost shyly.

So, she'd felt the ground move as well. I'd been talking geography but Cathy was talking about so much more. We were in a new and very different place. Perhaps just at the beginning, just in the doorway to the new world, but I felt that we had both stepped over the threshold. I wasn't certain where we were going but I knew I would love the journey with this very special woman at my side.

Well philosophical musings have their place but I was in bed with a beautiful bound woman. No, not just a beautiful woman; I was with Cathy who was nude except for her collar, wrist and ankle cuffs and waiting for me. I began by kissing the palm of her hand. I worked my way down her arm slowly with light feathery touches and kisses. I was hoping to create erogenous zones where none had ever existed. It seemed to be working as Cathy moaned appreciatively and moved her hips under me.

When I reached her shoulder I worked my way across her collarbone and the base of her neck just below her collar and then along to the other shoulder. I was certain she thought I was going to go up the other arm but I hated to be predictable. Instead I moved up the side of her neck to her jaw and kissed back up to her ear. I nibbled gently on her earlobe and blew softly into her ear. Then I switched over to the other side and licked her ear. I kissed both of her eyelids and worked my way down the side of her face to her mouth.

Her lips opened under me and our tongues fought a brief but fierce encounter. When I lifted my head she moaned, "Take me master, take me now." Silly girl, the night was young and there was so much delicious flesh to taste. I moved my kisses down her cleavage while stroking the outside of her breasts. Then gentle touches along her ribs and back up the outside of her breasts.

I switched from kissing to licking and swirled great long wet sloppy strokes over and around each lovely mound. Eventually I captured her nipples and sucked at them as I teased them with my tongue. Cathy was moaning almost continually now and I still had over half of her body to play with.

I worked my way down her stomach and plunged my tongue into her belly button. Actually `worked' implies more drudgery and less fun than I was having. Perhaps I played my way down. In any case I continued down until my chin was lightly pressing over her clit. She was begging me in no uncertain terms. Should I do as she asked? No, this was much too much fun. Besides, when did a slave girl ever get to make the decisions about who was going to do what?

I lifted myself off of her and moved down to her feet. I licked and sucked each toe, something I had never done before and massaged each foot. Then I lifted her hobble chain over my head and behind my neck and began to kiss, lick, suck and nibble my way up each calf.

When I got to her knees I moved them over my shoulders rolling her hips up and presenting her pussy to my hungry mouth. Still patience is a virtue, and being a virtuous man, I was patient. Instead of touching her pussy I began working my way along her thighs. When I reached her hips I could see that her lower lips were engorged and open. Her inner lips were moist and red like petals from some exotic flower.

I thrust my tongue into her, well below her clitoris and began to lap and suck her nectar. The more I licked up, the more she seemed to generate. Imagine that! By now Cathy's moans had turned into cries and my own needs had become demanding. I had been planning to finish her with my mouth but I couldn't take much more because as I teased and aroused her, her moans and cries and twists and lunges teased and aroused me. I gave it up and plunged down into her.

At this angle my penis must have stroked her G spot with each thrust. Between that and her arousal she came on about the third or fourth stroke. With her pussy spasming around me it only took a few more strokes for me to reach my own orgasm.

The strange thing was that even though I ejaculated her thrusts and clenching muscles were so arousing that I didn't grow soft at all. Instead I began a steady series of strokes and watched as her body responded to me. Her cries built until we both came a second time. My own orgasm was weak and slight, although very satisfying; but hers was as explosive as the first one had been.

I unfastened one wrist and pulled her close to me. She rested her head on my chest, with her free arm across me and pushed one hobbled leg over mine. I could feel her still-pulsing pussy on my thigh and her hobble chain where it crossed my ankle. She was weak and sweaty from the teasing and the exertions bit she whispered into my chest, "Thank you master. I love you so."

I think I mumbled, "And I love you Cathy." We both drifted off to sleep.


We were all in the car headed for Dianne's. We were a bit tense and it showed as Cathy spoke up from the rear seat, "Pete, remember you are going to see some very strange sights but you are supposed to be an experienced player. Don't let anyone see you overreact. There may even be some violence but as far as we know it is between consenting adults."

"Hey Cathy, Pete understands the deal. He will be OK."

"It's just that the first time we were there and I saw that mistress caning that girl Mandy, I nearly tried to stop them. Fortunately I was tied up so I couldn't do anything and my bound hands and arms sort of reminded me not to say anything. Pete won't have any bonds to help him remember."

We parked in the barn and Cathy stripped. Pete, who wasn't as used to this routine despite our practice runs at home turned away. Cathy reached over and turned his face back. He smiled and said, "OK, I do understand what you meant in the car."

We'd decided that Cathy would wear her single sleeve tonight and once she was nude I laced her into it. She said it was `yummy' because it felt like I was caressing her arms constantly. We headed for the door and Lady Dianne. Once we went through the greeting and identification and Pete paid his visitor's fees and I paid my entry fee, Dianne led us into the main lounge. There were a number of interesting things happening.

On the stage Mandy's mistress and the mistress that owned the male slave had devised a way to torment both slaves at the same time. The male slave had been fastened bent backwards over a padded bench. To keep him arched backwards his wrists were tied to his knees and his ankles were fastened to his elbows. He was completely hooded and though the hood covered his mouth and eyes, its shape indicated that his mouth was fully packed with something. His penis had been placed into a leather tube-like device that had been laced very tightly. This pushed his glans into prominence at the end of the tube.

Mandy (she of the large mammaries) had been tied with her wrists to her knees that were held apart by a spreader bar. Her ankles were crossed and her nipples held by sharp pointed alligator clips that kept her bent forward over the male slave. Her tongue was in continual motion caressing and licking his glans. If she broke contact, even for a second, one or the other of the mistresses would swat her ass with a whippy cane. Her ass was crisscrossed with vivid marks indicating she had been at this task for some time. I was certain that her jaw and tongue muscles were aching by the time we arrived.

Of course the male slave was constantly being teased by this tongue bath on the most sensitive part of his penis. The very tight tube kept him from ejaculating and even from growing fully erect. It must have been very painful on his shaft. While the tube prevented ejaculation it did not keep his penis from jerking in response to the stimulation from Mandy's tongue. Of course as it bobbed about, Mandy lost contact and was whipped again.

Also on the stage area was another slave girl whose name I didn't know. She was fastened over the sawhorse and was being probed mechanically by two dildos that alternately plunged in and out of her ass and pussy. The two dildos were held in a cam arrangement so as one went in the other went out, the entire affair being driven by a motor and gear set. All in all I thought it didn't look like too bad of a punishment. I was missing the key part of the punishment however. As she was worked up to a climax her hips twitched touching a switch. The dildos stopped but a series of nasty electrical shocks were delivered to her nipples and clitoris. Since she wasn't gagged this resulted in an intense scream until the electrical device cycled to off and the dildos began their relentless buildup again.

I asked Dianne if she had been able to contact her friend. She smiled a feral smile and replied, "Oh yes, I have made some arrangements and soon this one will be mine to play with." As she said this she stroked Cathy's breast and rolled her nipple. Cathy managed not to flinch and kept her eyes submissively downcast.

"Why don't you loan her to me for a little sample while you and Pete go and meet my friend?"

I tried to keep my response light, but I really didn't want Dianne playing with Cathy. I didn't know Dianne's tastes in games or in punishments but I was willing to bet they were a lot harsher that the ones I had been playing with Cathy.

I said with a laugh, "Lady Dianne, I would be a poor businessman if I paid the fee before I even saw the merchandise."

She took it gracefully and ushered us back to one of the private rooms. She knocked and the door opened. To no surprise it was Bill. He smiled and ushered the three of us into the room. Dianne closed the door and left. Bill made the usual noises as if this had been a normal visit to a home and got the men seated in chairs facing him. Cathy knelt on the floor at my side.

Terms and Conditions

Bill said, "I understand you want to purchase a slave. I might be able to help you with some contacts of mine but first I have to understand just what sort of use you intend for her."

Pete asked, "What do you mean?"

Bill said, "Well if you want a pony girl to pull a cart you would need one with good legs and breathing as well as endurance. If you just want a housemaid and bed partner you could go with a more petite woman. If you want to be able to use her as an escort to parties you would want someone who has good carriage and can hold an intelligent conversation, or at least what passes for intelligent conversation at parties. Then there is the matter of punishment."

"We all understand that slave girls must be punished when they transgress and that these punishments are usually painful. On the other hand my contacts generally do not sell to people who want to whip a woman for no reason or who can't live without creating scars, branding, mutilation or snuff games."

I glanced over at Pete who managed to look bored. He said, "I can tell you my personal preferences but I will only have use of her, or of this one," indicating Cathy, "when I am out here on business trips. Most of the time Mike will be her master. Perhaps he should be the one to tell you."

Thanks Pete. Ball's in my court, or so you think. Here comes my best return shot. "Oh no, Pete. I already have this one and she is perfectly suited if I decide I want an escort. This next one should really be more to your tastes."

"OK then. I have no interest in using the woman as an escort. In fact, since I am based on the east coast, I would find it uncomfortable to have an escort if I went to a party. That said I am not interested in conversations with the slave. In fact I don't even care if she doesn't speak English, other than understanding commands, of course. Pony girls are also out. We don't have the large area you would need to exercise and run them discretely."

"I guess that leaves household duties and sharing my bed. I also find that I enjoy the sight of a woman tightly bound so she ought to have sufficient endurance to withstand long sessions in tight bonds. I have no particular preference in size though I want her to be attractive and well proportioned. I am not suggesting huge breasts but twiggy, tomboy figures are not for me."

"As far as punishments go, I am a strict disciplinarian. I might use a crop or a whip but I might punish by uncomfortable position, tickling or sensory deprivation as well. In any case, both punishments and rewards depend on her behavior. I agree that there will be no mutilation or branding though, if Mike and I agree, a discreet decorative tattoo might be nice. Mike, what do you think?"

"I think that sounds pretty good to me. I agree with what Pete said. As you can see from this slave's unmarked body, I am not an unreasonable master."

Bill continued, "OK then. I don't think my contacts will have any problems filling your order. The price will be $1.5 million, wire transferred to this account."

"That is a very high price and I don't think I want to transfer that much before the transaction is completed," I said.

"As far as the price goes, you have to pay for the quality we deliver. I am afraid it is non-negotiable. You might be able to purchase a slave somewhere else for less but we guarantee that our slaves are fully trained and relatively docile. Further, if, after five years you are unhappy with the woman you may return her and we will refund half a million."

"Of course, that means that you will have to agree not to trade her away or sell her to another master for that period. I have to tell you we have never had a slave returned at the end of the five years. Our training and matching of slaves and masters has resulted in complete satisfaction, at least for the five-year period. We don't track our slaves after that time."

Pete asked, "Does that mean we can't indulge in swapping the slave for five years?"

"No, of course not. She is your slave and if you want to loan her to another master or trade slaves for a brief period - that is your business. We trust, however, that with the investment you have in the slave you will ensure that she is not badly abused or mutilated by whomever you choose to allow to borrow her."

"Why the one-third price refund policy?"

"We don't rent slaves. The one-third return ensures that, while you have an option at the end of the five years, you are serious about your intentions to purchase her for the long term. As I say, we have never had a slave returned."

I interjected, "That still leaves the matter of payment."

Bill smiled and said, "We don't think credit cards with all of the trails they leave, are suitable for these sort of transactions. Personal checks are not acceptable for obvious reasons. That leaves two options. You can pay with a cashier's check from a reputable bank made out to cash, or you can come with a bag full of the requisite amount of cash."

"Do we get to see the woman before we complete the transaction, and when would we do the transaction?"

"That depends on when you have you funds ready. We have three women fully trained at our training facility in the San Fernando Valley at the moment. It is located on a large tract and is very discreet. If you are comfortable with the terms, I will provide you with a map a day or so prior to the transaction."

"We will set up a date and a time and we will have the women available for viewing at that time. You make your selection. We deliver her suitably bound and help you load her into whatever transportation you prefer. Some clients prefer a van, but most simply fold her into the trunk of their car."

"Why don't you discuss this between yourselves? This room is private. I will be in the lounge when you decide. Don't worry about the other patrons. They won't find anything out of the ordinary about two masters being in a private room with a slave."

Agreement and Finder's Fee

Bill left and we looked around for hidden listening devices. There was the intercom at the door and we couldn't be sure it wasn't connected to some recording device so we were circumspect in out conversation. While we kept our conversation in low murmurs it was clear that we had all been surprised by the concern about permanent marks and the `return' option. After we had spent enough time discussing the meeting sotto voice to appear reasonable we went back to the main lounge and found Bill.

We told him that we wanted to do the deal and that we could have the funds by Tuesday morning. He produced a map and we agreed that given the driving time we could be there around 3 PM. That would allow us to make our selection, complete the transaction (or so Bill thought) and return home at a reasonable hour.

We sat down with drinks and glanced around the room. The girl riding the double dildos had apparently collapsed and was lying curled up on the floor beside her master. Mandy, whose backside was a solid bright red with only a few darker lines showing where she had been struck most recently, was still teasing the male slave. I noted that she was crying as she licked.

As we watched the two mistresses decided that the slave had been punished enough. Mandy's mistress released her nipple clamps and pulled the slave upright. The blood returning to her nipples must have really hurt. Mandy moaned in pain and twisted her chest from side to side as though that would help. It didn't of course.

The male slave's mistress slipped some sort of cock and ball cage over his genitals locking it in place around the base of his penis and his scrotum. Then, working through the cage she released the laces and pulled out the leather tube. His tormented penis immediately expanded filling the cage and trying to expand beyond its confines. This, of course caused the wires of the cage to press deeply into his, now fully erect, penis. As I said before, I didn't know what had been used to pack his mouth but it was pretty effective. Although he must have howled, only the fainted of sounds could be heard outside the hood.

The mistress freed the slave's arms and legs but after so much time stretched over the padded bench he was barely able to move. His mistress cuffed his hands behind him and led him away by a leash attached to the cage device. Of course since he was both shaky on his feet and completely hooded this resulted in a series of tugs and jerks further torturing his groin. I was willing to bet that it would be a very long time before he flirted with a female slave again.

I was idly watching another master play with his slave alongside his chair when Dianne sailed into view. She smiled a feral grin and asked, "How did the negotiations go?" knowing full well that we had agreed with Bill's terms.

I knew what she wanted and said, "No permanent marks or damage, 24 hours, I will pick her up about this time tomorrow." Then I handed her Cathy's leash.

"Oh I wouldn't think of damaging her. She is much too precious. I just want to humiliate her so that she adjusts her attitude and is as humble as a proper slave should be. Slaves should never outshine free women, pet. You never know who you will have to serve."

Apparently Dianne felt that Cathy had been too impressive the other night. This was going to be tough on Cathy. She was going to have to maintain her slave position for a full day, even when I wasn't around to protect her. Still, she hadn't seemed to be very bothered when we'd discussed it.

Dianne led Cathy onto the stage and tied her ankles to the sawhorse so that she was facing the audience. Then she ran a line from the ring at the base of the single sleeve arm binder up through a ceiling hook and back down to a ring on the floor. She pulled the line bringing Cathy's arms up behind her and forcing her to lean forward but stopped before there was any serious strain on Cathy's shoulders. Of course leaning forward made Cathy's breasts dangle and swing freely below her torso. I didn't know what Dianne had in mind but Cathy looked beautiful and desirable.

Dianne went around the room and borrowed three female slaves including the hapless Mandy with her bright red bottom. She untied all of the slaves and placed them in ankle shackles chained to rings in the stage. The chains were long enough to allow them to move around Cathy but not to leave the stage area.

Dianne began to stroke Cathy's breasts and said, "It is so deliciously humiliating when a woman absolutely controls another woman's body. Just think about how you have absolutely no control over your body's response. You will become aroused because I have you aroused and you will not be allowed to orgasm until I decide to allow you to. I won't gag you though. If you beg well enough I may decide to let you come tonight. And then again I may not."

Dianne then gave an assortment of feathers to the three slaves and assigned two of them each to a nipple and Mandy, the third, to her pussy. She told them, "I want to hear her begging to be allowed to come. Use your hands, use the feathers and use your mouth, but if you fail to arouse her or if you let her have an orgasm before I say so, I will have you flogged until you wish you had never been born."

One of the slaves began to stroke Cathy's breast with her hands while a second hunched down and began to lick at a nipple. I couldn't see clearly what Mandy was doing to Cathy's pussy but Cathy's involuntary jerks forward indicated that Mandy was doing her job and doing it well. Dianne sat down so that she could look into Cathy's face and monitor her discomfort. I could see Cathy's nipples become turgid and she began to twist her hips as Mandy continued what appeared to be her oral assault.

I thought back to the time I'd played with Cathy with her paintbrushes and knew it wouldn't be long before Dianne had Cathy begging for release. But Dianne wasn't quite finished tormenting Cathy. She smiled at me and said, "Why don't we take that tour of the upstairs we talked about?"

I responded, "Pete and I would love to see your apartment."

Dianne laughed at me for thinking that having Pete along was going to make any difference. She had, accurately as it turns out, figured what would cause Cathy the most distress and she was going to make certain Cathy understood. Dianne turned to Cathy and said, "You can simmer for a bit while I see if I can't bring that handsome master of yours to a boil."

"You bitch!" Cathy spat at her.

Dianne just stroked Cathy's cheek, smiled and replied, "You see? You do need to work on your attitude. But don't worry, by tomorrow you will be a very humble little slave."

Then she took my arm and with one last smile at Cathy escorted me, with Pete trailing behind, towards the locked door to the stairs. I must admit that this was new territory for me. Pete was the babe magnet. Not me. I think Dianne had decided to go after me only because she had correctly figured out how it would bother Cathy.

For whatever reason Dianne took me upstairs and showed me her apartment. While touring we also saw a couple of rooms set up with office furnishings and file cabinets. When the time came, this would be the place to raid for records. Dianne maneuvered Pete into a seat in her living room and then asked me to help her with something.

It was no surprise when the something turned out to be the zipper on her dress. She was a very lovely woman. She was also very skilled in the arts of intercourse. I didn't know her background, but I was willing to bet she had been a high-priced call girl or some rich man's mistress (not that kind, the sexual kind, although the other wouldn't have surprised me) before she had become the manager of the club. While I had no real feelings for her, between her beauty, her skills, and her eagerness it was a very enjoyable interlude. The things I was willing to suffer for Corps and Country...

When we had both slacked our lust we dressed, picked up Pete (who had hopefully been able to check out the security system as we had planned) and returned to the lounge. The sex had been good but not nearly as wonderful as Dianne described it to the moaning and begging Cathy. Dianne told Cathy, "You are begging very well but I don't think you are quite humble enough. Beg each slave's owner to allow you to service them orally."

Cathy would have been willing to do anything by this time and complied. Of course the owners were willing and Cathy wound up orally servicing two male masters and a female mistress while the three slaves continued to torment her.

When she was done, Dianne freed the two slaves who had been playing with Cathy's breasts and brought them around in front of Cathy. Dianne looked into Cathy's eyes and said, "You really aren't worthy to eat masters and mistresses. Tell these slaves how much you appreciated them playing with your nasty breasts and beg to eat them to orgasm."

When this had played out she made Cathy beg Mandy. When all three owners and three slaves had had an orgasm, Cathy's urgent need had dropped to a needy ache. Dianne asked her, "Would you like to come now? Let's hear you beg like the humble slave slut that you are." When Cathy hesitated Dianne asked, "Shall we begin all over?"

Cathy begged, "Please mistress let your unworthy slave slut come."

Dianne smiled and went around behind her. She reached out and grabbed Cathy's clitoris. "Isn't it humiliating to have me control your orgasm?" Pinching and rolling it much harder that she should have, she forced Cathy to orgasm, but I could tell the pain was competing with the pleasure and it wasn't a very satisfying one. Cathy wailed. Dianne turned to us and dismissed me saying simply, "I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Mike dear. Oh, and you too, Pete."

What could I do? We left and drove home talking about the deal and the parts that seemed out of place. I wasn't very communicative. "Mike, she will be OK. I am sure Dianne will be rough on her but she saw what you did to the man who struck Cathy. I am sure she will think up some very nasty stuff but Cathy will be OK."


The early part of the day was spent arranging for the purchase money. There were no real hang-ups but the size of the transaction raised some eyebrows. Basically the government wire transferred the funds to the bank account I'd established here, and once the wire had cleared the bank issued the cashier's check. Pete spent the morning pouring over maps and checking our side arms.

Once I had the check in hand time seemed to drag until it was time to go collect Cathy. We got to the club about noon. Cathy was kneeling in the yard between the parking barn and the club. She was nude and magnificent. She must have heard us drive up but her head remained bowed and she gave no sign that she knew we were there.

Dianne must have been waiting for us because she came out of the house with Cathy's single sleeve and ankle cuff. She handed the gear to Pete and then flashed me a beautiful smile. "Good evening Mike. Here is your little slave girl. I think you will find her attitude much improved. As you can see I don't need physical bounds to hold a slave in position." Then she turned to Cathy and said "Slave into the car, at once." Cathy stood and ran to the car with her head still bowed. She slipped into the rear seat without a murmur or a glance in my direction.

I thanked Dianne for all her help and Pete and I got back into the car. As I started back down towards home I asked Cathy if she was all right. She asked, "Master, may I speak?'

"Yes, of course Cathy. What is it?"

"Master, this slave begs of you, please, please master, never give me to that woman again."

Oh shit. I didn't know what Dianne had done but it wasn't good. I pulled the car over and let Pete into the driver's seat while I sat in back. Cathy sat rigid with her head bowed and her eyes downcast. I pulled her towards me and wrapped my arms around her. I felt, rather than heard her sobs as we drove back home.

When we got there I asked her if Dianne had injured her. Cathy said, "No master. She wouldn't dare disobey your rules. She fears you sir."

"What did she do to you then?" I asked.

Cathy looked at me and said simply, "Women know how to hurt other women master. I think we are much crueler than men. "

That was all Cathy had to say on the matter so I gave her a bath and put her to bed. When I came out I was ready to kill something, damn near anything, but Pete talked me down and gave me a beer. We sat on the rear patio and sipped the beers.

Pete and I ate together that night. I'd considered waking Cathy but she was sleeping so soundly I decided to let her sleep. When I was ready for bed she was still asleep, and I just cuddled up behind her in a kind of spoon position. She didn't react at first but I felt her body push closer to me after a few minutes.

We were still in that position the next morning. When I moved however she rolled over and grabbed me fiercely. She kissed me with great passion and smiled at me. "Good morning master." The smile let me know that whatever hell Dianne had visited on her had been pushed back.

I never did ask what Dianne had done to her. I suspect that if I knew I would have resorted to violence. In fact, having seen the effect on Cathy, I didn't want to know. Cathy retained a more humble attitude and used sir and master a great deal more. She also tended to ask for permission to speak but other than that I couldn't see any outward signs of change. I didn't want to know about the ones I couldn't see.

San Fernando Valley

We loaded and hid our weapons and took the check with us. It was a fair drive to the San Fernando Valley, but we made it by our 3PM appointment. Following the directions Bill had given us we arrived at a wrought iron fence with an electronic opener box equipped with both a keypad and an intercom. Since Bill hadn't given us the key code we used the intercom and the gate was opened for us. The driveway was unusually long and had enough twists and dips so that we were completely out of sight from the road after the first few seconds.

Eventually we arrived at a large imposing home built of stone with a large out building that looked like some sort of storage barn, also built of stone. On one side was what looked like a large oval racing track. As we drove up Bill was riding in a two-wheeled cart pulled by two women. He saw us and wheeled the cart off the track and up towards our car.

The women fastened to the cart were an impressive pair. While they weren't twins, or at least not obviously so from their faces, they were well matched in height and build. Each woman wore what appeared to be a very restrictive corset that had rings on each side. The traces from the cart were forked into three tines and were fastened to the corsets with snaps after having been slid through the corset rings. Each woman wore a stiff posture collar that not only held her head up but also curved up on the sides to prevent the woman from turning her head. Each woman's hair was pulled back into a ponytail that swished attractively was she trotted.

Their mouths were fastened into a harness with bit gags and blinders so that each woman's gaze was limited to a few degrees directly in front of her. I'd expected to see the reins snapped onto the large rings on either side of the bit gag but they actually ran through those rings and down to the women's nipple rings. Both women had equally attractive breasts, somewhere in the C cup, full C cup/slight D cup range. All four nipples stood out hard and turgid with bright silver rings through their bases. While normal nipple rings would descend from the woman's nipple these were flipped up and held up by the reigns running through the loops on the gag and back to the cart.

Each woman also had some sort of butt plug from which rose a second ponytail that matched her hair color almost perfectly. Their feet were shod in a lace-up affair with their feet in metal arches with no heels. The toes of these arches ended in pseudo horseshoes. With no heels, and their feet bound tightly to the arches, the women were effectively held on their toes. I suppose the width of the horseshoe base helped them keep their balance, but it didn't look like it would be comfortable.

While examining the pony girls I also noted that their pussy lips seemed swollen and wet. These women were aroused by the bindings and the exercise they had been undergoing. Bill noted my glance and laughed, "Yes they enjoy it. In fact if I trot them long enough they are ready to orgasm at the slightest touch when we come back. Let's see how they are today."

Suiting his actions to his words he plunged two fingers into the near side girl while inviting me to sample the off side girl. Following his example I slid two fingers into the second girl and pumped up and down while using my thumb on her clit. Both women shuddered through orgasm, almost simultaneously. Their bodies shook and their knees bent precariously but neither woman lost her balance.

Bill said, "We work on reward as well as punishment here. I like to give the teams a reward if they did well on the track. I think it is a more effective way to train than just using negative enforcement."

Just then the second hard body I had noted at the club came out of the barn to take charge of the ponies and cart. Bill ushered us into the main room and sat us in a comfortable sofa. At least Pete and I sat; Cathy knelt at my side.

Bill walked to an open door and called, "Ladies."

Three lovely women came into the room and while their heads were bowed and their eyes were respectfully downcast. From what little I could see their expressions were pleasant, almost happy. The women were all bound in similar fashion with ankle hobbles and a slim chain around their waist from which other chains descended to their wrist cuffs. They all wore large-looking ball gags with single straps around their heads and attractive slim collars that seemed to emphasis the line of their graceful necks. Each woman had been shaved but with a colored stripe of pubic hair.

They lined up in front of the couch and sank to the floor with their knees spread wide and their butts resting on their heels. Each woman placed her hands on her thighs and stiffened her back so that she was upright with her shoulders pulled back and her breasts thrust forward. And what magnificent breasts they were. Neither small nor overly large, the different shapes and slight sags had me convinced that each woman's breasts were natural. The women kept their heads bowed and their eyes fastened to the floor although I thought I saw one sneak a quick glance at Pete and me.

Bill had each woman stand in turn while he rattled off her statistics. These were mainly numerical (age, height, weight, bust, waist, and hips) but included little snippets about each woman's education and skills, such as avid camper and fisherman (I know it ought to be fisher woman or fisher person these days but slave camps are not hotbeds of political correctness).

As each woman stood she kept her legs spread a little wider than shoulder height and clasped her hands behind her neck, again pulling her elbows back to thrust her breasts forward. When he finished with a woman she would sink, rather erotically, back to the kneeling position I described above.

I glanced at Pete. Since this wasn't really a selection process (we would be turning all of the women over to INS as soon as we had captured the slavers) I didn't want to waste much time. I waved at a buxom blond at the far end whom Bill had described as 27, and asked Pete, "How about this one?" He appeared to think it over for a few seconds and then smiled and nodded.

Bill motioned the other two to leave the room. They rose gracefully but left the room looking crestfallen. The blond held her position but even with her head bowed you could see a beaming smile. Bill looked at the slave girl and said "this is Master Mike who will care for you most of the time, and this is Master Pete who will be your master when he is on the coast (Californians always talk as though theirs is the only coast). And this is..." Bill paused and looked inquiringly at me and said, "You know, I don't think I have ever heard your slave's name."

I laughed and said, "I usually don't use one but I call her Cathy when a name is needed. I suppose I will need names now that I have two slaves in residence."

As I talked I drew the envelope with the check from my pocket. I removed the check and handed it to Bill without the envelope. I wanted to be certain that we had his fingerprints on that check. He glanced at it and then walked over to a desk, put the check down on it and selected an envelope. He returned to us saying, "And here are her papers."

I accepted the envelope and pulled out my pistol. The girl on the floor grew wide-eyed and Bill said, "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Making certain that Pete had Bill covered I went to the desk and slipped the check into a plastic bag to preserve the fingerprints. Then I turned to him and said, "Bill, you are under arrest for kidnapping and engaging in slavery."

"Kidnapping? You must be out of your mind! None of these women has been kidnapped. Ask her," he said indicating the woman still kneeling on the floor.

I loosened the woman's gag and said, "You are free now, miss."

Instead of the grateful thanks I had expected she burst out crying and between sobs asked, "Does that mean you won't be my master?"

This was getting silly so I put the gag back in and turned to Bill. "We are looking for a gang that kidnaps Eastern European women, enslaves them and then sells them off in this country. Are you telling me that you aren't involved in that?"

Bill said, "No, well not the kidnapping part. We are more of a matchmaking service. Let me explain how this entire thing works."

Bill explained that a fair number of young women preferred the life of a slave girl with a master who would care for her and the structure of a slave girl's life. Unfortunately locating a full time master was difficult given society's hypocritical views of the practice.

Since some masters were sadists or worse, it was extremely risky for a single woman to try to find a master on her own. Friends and acquaintances might help if they knew of the woman's commitment to the lifestyle but this was also often difficult. Caring for a full-time slave was a fairly expensive proposition, given the need to maintain discretion, and it was hard to locate like-minded people.

That was where he and Dianne and his other partner came in. They trained the women to be obedient slaves and then they checked the potential masters and asked about particular tastes to weed out people into heavy sadism. Of course some women were excited by pain so some milder sadism was actually a good thing in matching these women and masters.

The five-year check was really an opportunity for the slave to decide if she really wanted to continue in this lifestyle. One million was deposited in each woman's name so that, at the end of the five years she could leave with that and any interest that had accumulated. If she was happy with her life and her master she could retain that sum as a nest egg for her eventual retirement. That's why the refund for incompatible couples was only $500K. It was the `broker's fee' that Bill and his partners kept.

"Now since you know that I am not who you are looking for would you please get the hell off my property and never come back to it or to the club again," Bill ordered.

"Master, may I speak?" asked Cathy


Cathy turned to Bill and said, "Excuse me Master Bill but I don't think you want us to leave just yet."

"Oh yeah, why not?"

"We are working for an agency of the federal government. We will have to report to them that our cover has been blown and exactly what we have learned."

"So what? I'm doing nothing illegal."

"I'm not so sure of that. You are binding each woman to involuntary service for a period of years. That's not much different from the indentured bondservants back when we were an English colony. Then people got a passage to the new world and indentured themselves as servants for a period of time to work off the cost of the passage. Most states made that illegal when they abolished slavery. I don't know the law here in California but it is a good bet that your five-year slave contracts break some criminal laws."

"Even if the contracts prove to be legal the IRS will be very interested in your half million dollar broker's fees. Were they all reported as taxable income? If not there would be a lot of back taxes, to say nothing of the interest and penalties due. In fact, if there is a pattern of tax evasion, there might even be federal criminal charges under the racketeering crimes law."

"Then too there are the tax liabilities of the women who received the million dollars. I will bet most of them, if not all of them, ignored the tax laws. The IRS will want to seize your records and track down each woman. That will, of course, expose the wealthy and probably powerful buyers who were your clients. I am willing to bet that they will not be happy with the resulting publicity."

"In summary, Master Bill, if we leave now you business will be ruined, your customers will be angry with you. You may lose your savings and investments and might very well be facing serious criminal charges. Do you still want us to get out, sir?"

Bill's face had been sinking as Cathy spoke. Now it was buried in his hands as he thought about all she had said. "What choice do I have?" he asked.

"Well, if you were working with us we would have to preserve your confidentiality to let you be effective. Plus the fact that having kidnappers in the neighborhood operating as your competition can't be good for your business. If you worked with us you would get rid of a competitor and be able to keep your current business secret."

"How do I know you wouldn't turn me in once you break up the kidnapping ring?" he asked suspiciously.

"We aren't law enforcement officers and have no oath to report any crimes but the ones we were sent to look into. Master Mike is an officer and a gentleman and Master Pete is a Gunnery Sergeant. Both are on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. You ought to be able to take their words, sir."

"What about you?"

Cathy looked at me and said, "I am his slave sir. I would not tell unless he ordered me to."

I looked at her to see if she was kidding but found nothing but truth in that beautiful face. I think I felt the earth shift a little further under my feet. It seemed to satisfy Bill, however, because he nodded and asked, "OK what do I have to do?"

"What happens if your prospective customer seems to be rougher on his slaves than you are comfortable with?" I asked.

"I refuse to do business with them."

"Yes but do you ever refer them to someone else who might be less scrupulous?"

The light dawned. He nodded and said, "Yes, but it depends. If they really seem dangerous I just refuse to do business with them. If they seem to be into rough stuff, rougher than my women would take, but not really dangerous I take them and introduce them to Jerry."

"Jerry runs a club that is more or less similar to Diane's but with a more sadistic, much rougher crowd. There's a couple, they go by the names Nicholas and Victoria, who often visit Jerry's place. I don't think they are connected to it, the way I am with Dianne's, but they do go there frequently. I generally bring the prospective client to the club and introduce them. I could take you and introduce Pete as rougher than I wanted to deal with."

Cathy laughed, "Well Pete, do you think you can be a sadistic S. O. B.?"

He said with a smile, "Well, I have been a DI (drill instructor) at Paris Island. Some boots might think that it is the same thing."