Service Days
by Sir Richard

Chapter 1 - We Meet

First Meeting

I was one PO'ed Gunnery Sergeant. This was supposed to be the first day of a 72-hour weekend pass and I had planned to get in a little fishing when the Skipper called Lt. Ames and his platoon together and gave us the word. It seemed that a group of anti-nuke activists had planned some sort of demonstration at Norfolk Navy Base and the base CO had called down to Camp Le Jeune for some additional Marines to beef up the normal Marine security detail. So here I was riding shotgun in Lt. Ames' Hummer as we drove from up from North Carolina to Virginia with three truckloads of Marines trailing us; and all chances of off-duty time gone.

We got to Norfolk, squared the platoon away with chow and racks and drew web belts, holsters, 9 mm Glocks and ammo from the base security office. The commander of the base security detail met with Lt. Ames and me and went over the layout, the gates we would be guarding and the procedures to be followed. Basically our job would be to cover two gates and "deny access to unauthorized personnel." If any unauthorized person or persons crossed into the base we were to "apprehend and detain" and call the security office who would take them into custody for the civilian authorities.

He had sufficient troops to cover the other gates and provide a rapid response force should one be required and the Coast Guard had launches to be certain that no one tried to enter from the waterside. Each gate would be backed up by a corpsman or a medical officer to ensure that any confrontations requiring medical attention could be promptly handled.

We split the platoon into two sections of thirty Marines each and divided them into three watches. Each watch had four hours at the gate, then four hours in reserve in the nearby guard shack and then four hours of rack time. Another Gunnery Sergeant and I had the thankless task of being in overall charge of each gate; meaning that the only sleep we would get that day would be in the relatively noisy guard shack at our gates. Lt. Ames, who was actually a pretty good guy, would rove between our two gates and cover for us when we had to make a head call or get some chow.

Things went pretty much as planned most of the day with the protesters marching up and down and occasionally approaching the gates to be politely turned back by the men on duty. A little after noon things started to get agitated. An attractive woman with a bull horn arrived and started to whip the crowd into a frenzy. I missed most of it but it appeared that she felt, no make that "knew", that if we would just disarm the rest of the world would follow.

I alerted Lt. Ames, the security office and the section in the guard shack that trouble was brewing. Sure enough some civilians in a car came at the gate at high speed and crashed the barrier. They got as far as the spiked strips we had laid down, but when the tires blew the car skidded to a halt. The men on duty began to haul the trespassers out of the car and to fasten them to the chain link fence with the plasticuffs we had been provided. While they were busy with the ones from the car another group, this time on foot, rushed the gate.

There were too many for the men left at the gate and while they grabbed and cuffed several demonstrators the others slipped passed. I called out the section from the guard shack and began to pitch into the demonstrators. I saw the woman with the bull horn and grabbed her. She was apparently an experienced demonstrator and attempted to drop and go limp. The idea of this tactic was that it took three or four civilian police to lift and carry each demonstrator. We were not civilian police. I simply twisted her arm into a stiff arm bar and hauled her painfully to her feet. If she tried to go down again she would dislocate her shoulder. Since I only had one hand busy as I marched her towards the fence I reached out and grabbed another demonstrator's hair and pulled him along towards the fence.

When we got to the fence I slammed the head of hair onto the ground and planted my foot on his back to hold him there. With both hands free I pressed the organizer to the fence with my body and cuffed her to it. Then I reached down to grab him in order to lift and cuff him. I saw then that he was a she. In fact she was actually a rather attractive, collage age woman. Although she was somewhat stunned by my rough treatment she still had enough spirit to swing at me. I stepped into her swing and cuffed her hand to the fence. She tried, rather ineffectively, to batter me with her other hand so I cuffed that one to the fence as well. I turned to check out the situation and saw that the second section had the people inside under control and that the first section had pushed the crowd back at the gate. I was about to leave to report to the Lieutenant when little miss coed kicked my leg. I turned back as she tried to kick me again and grabbed her ankle. Damn she was feisty! Pushing up I soon had her leg stretched above her head and cuffed it to the fence. It seemed to be a very well-shaped leg. In fact all of her seemed to be very well-shaped.

From behind me I heard another idiot say, "Police brutality. I saw what you did to that girl. It was police brutality and I have it all on tape." I turned and sure enough there was one that I had missed with a video camera to his eye. Since his right hand was occupied with the expensive-looking camera, I grabbed and twisted his left arm to throw him against the fence. Then I cuffed him to the fence. I didn't bother to explain that I was not a police officer.

The organizer had gotten her wind back so she started hurling insults. "Fascist, Pig, Storm Trooper!"

I shook my head and asked her, "Why is it when you liberals are in trouble you resort to name calling? Could it be that you don't have the ability to put together a cogent logical argument or is it just that you understand that your position is untenable and can't be supported with facts?"

"Nuclear weapons are immoral!" This from little miss coed. Boy she was cute.

"Weapons are neither moral nor immoral. It is how they are used that either has or lacks morality," I responded. Then I turned back to the woman organizer and said, "I am neither a fascist nor a storm trooper. I am a Marine serving his country by protecting the constitution which, among other things, protects your right to assemble and petition the government for change. Your problem is that like every other liberal you think your ability to theorize makes you more competent to decide how to run the country than the masses you claim to love."

"Democracy is flawed. With all the special interest money the voices of the people can't be heard." This was from Joe College with the camera.

"Yeah," I responded, "wasn't it Winston Churchill who said that democracy is the worst form of government in the world except for all the other forms that have been tried?"

About that time Lt. Ames showed up with a very pretty Navy Lt. j. g. (junior grade) with a medical caduceus on her uniform. I came to and saluted and filled him in on what had happened including why the coed had her foot lashed to the fence above her head. He used his radio to tell base security that we had over twenty detainees and that we would need a tow truck for an impounded car with four flat tires.

About that time I noted the pretty coed was breathing strangely and asked the Navy Lt. to check her out. The Lieutenant went over to check on the girl and came back laughing. "Your prisoner is OK sergeant," she said.

"Gunnery sergeant!" Lt. Ames and I blurted out together.

She looked startled but said, "OK, gunnery sergeant. In any case there is nothing medically wrong with her. Her breathing is irregular because she is turned on." Seeing the blank looks on Lt. Ames' and my faces she laughed again and continued, "You well-turned-out, big, strong, studly marines don't realize the impact you have on women. That girl, gunnery sergeant, is hot for you and is so horny her breathing is impacted. If you keep her bound that way you may soon see a wet spot in the crotch of her jeans." I noticed that although she was addressing me she was looking at Lt. Ames, especially when she was talking about our impact on women.

I was saved from further conversation by the arrival of the security bus and the need to work with the men to get the prisoners off the fence, securely cuffed with their hands behind their back, and loaded on the bus.

Second Meeting

It must have been close to a year later. I had just graduated from Officers Candidate School and was 'wetting down' my new bars with my fellow newly-minted Second Lieutenants. Tom Ames, who was a Captain at this time, had driven down from Washington to attend my graduation and congratulate me. He brought his bride, the Navy medical Lt., whose name I learned was Sally. I don't know how they wangled it but he was on some joint project in the Pentagon and she was now based at Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washington. That let them live together without a nasty commute. I saw that Sally was now wearing the two broad stripes of a full Navy Lt., which is the same rank level as Captain.

I was older than most of the new 'butter bars' as we call Second Lieutenants, because of my time as an enlisted man and an NCO, so I drifted away from their boisterous celebration at the bar and sat with the old married folks, Tom and Sally. I told them how much I appreciated their driving down to watch me get commissioned and then teased them by asking if they were going to maintain rank parity through their careers. Sally laughed and said, "Damn straight. I don't mind sharing his bed but I'll be darned if I will let him give me orders." Then she saw something over my shoulder and said, "Here comes trouble. Watch your six Lt."

I'd just told her that she had to stop hanging around with pilots when someone swatted me on the back of the head and said, "I owed you that for pulling my hair you big ape." I turned around ready to get into a bar brawl but stopped as I realized that it was the pretty coed from the protest demonstration. She had apparently been in the group of girls at the bar my fellow officers and more or less gentlemen had been chasing and had recognized me sitting across the room. She looked lovely and, while swatting a stranger was a dumb thing to do, I did have to admire her spirit.

I smiled at her, shook my head and said, "Sit down and I'll buy you a beer but if you ever swat me again I will put you over my lap and paddle your rather attractive rear end."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh dear, this could be big trouble," Sally said to the girl. "If you are going to hang around Marines you must learn to never dare them. They take challenges and dares as a matter of honor. It is some ridiculous male testosterone thing. But for your own good, don't try to tell a Marine that he wouldn't dare to do something."

I pulled out a chair for her and could see she was considering Sally's words carefully. In the end she sat down and Tom and I made our way to the bar to get another round of beers. When we came back Sally and Cathy Richards (as I later learned her name to be) had their heads together and were talking.

On the way back Tom said, "You had better watch yourself, that look she gave you was the same one Sally gave me that first day we met."

We sat down and made introductions all around. It turned out that Cathy was a junior at Georgetown. That sounded promising as I had been assigned to command a platoon at Marine Corps Headquarters at 8th and I in Washington. We chatted for quite a while with me enjoying her company. At one point she asked if I had been promoted because I was so good at "beating up women".

After assuring her that only my modesty kept me from explaining my many sterling qualities and that the Corps had finally recognized my value. "Yeah," chimed in Capt. Ames, "his completing college, his service record and his medals didn't hurt either."

I gave the Captain a sour look. Of course since I had my ribbons on for the graduation Cathy asked what they meant. I explained that they were just service ribbons but while my look had been understood by the Captain, Sally wouldn't let it go. "See that one with the star? That's the Purple Heart for combat wounds and the star means it has been awarded twice. And that top one is the Bronze Star which is the country's third highest award for valor."

"Sally," I said with warning in my voice.

She looked straight at me, smiled sweetly and said, "Just remember Second Lieutenant Wilson, you are addressing a senior officer."

I put my head in my hands. She was right; I couldn't stop her no matter how much she embarrassed me. I looked at Tom for help. He shrugged, smiled and said, "When she gets the bone in her teeth there is no stopping my Sally."

"So you were lying to me," Cathy accused. When I didn't respond she punched my arm. At last I saw a way to change the subject.

I looked at Cathy and said, "I warned you." Then I grabbed her arm and pulled her face down across my lap. Her rear end was very attractive and very inviting. As an officer I had to honor my word so I spanked her. It wasn't particularly hard and was only about 10 spanks long but from her shrieks and protests you would have thought I was maiming her.

When I let go she jumped up rubbing her rear and glared at me. I stood up to face her and I knew her well enough to see that she was about to swing at me. To prevent this I grabbed both her arms. Without thinking I pulled her tightly against me. I don't really know if that was a defensive move or just attraction. In any case with no real thought on my part I kissed her. I could feel her body react. First it went rigid in shock and then it sort of pressed against me and then she seemed to melt and flow into me as she responded by deepening the kiss. I felt her arms slip away as her hands come up around my back. My arms seemed to move of their own volition as I pulled her tighter to me.

Eventually the kiss broke and I became aware of my surroundings. Somewhere between the beginning of the spanking and the end of that kiss the entire bar had gone silent. Cathy looked at me and asked softly, "Do you have wheels sir?"

When I told her I had my car outside she said that she had to tell her roommate that I was taking her home. She slipped out of my arms and started across the room.

I think I was a little stunned, but I was brought back to earth as Tom said, "Now that's what I call taking an objective."

I turned back to them and said something brilliant like "I have to leave now."

Sally laughed and replied, "Yeah, that's a much better plan than rolling around on top of the tables."

I thanked them again for driving down and then said, "Oh shit! I am still in the BOQ at Quantico. I can't take her there."

Tom tossed a hotel key on the table and said, "We'd thought of staying overnight and driving back up in the morning but I am still reasonably sober so we can go home tonight." I told him that I couldn't do that to him and Sally but he just said "Get out of here before the two of you burn the place down."

Sally, always the professional medical officer, just said, "Don't forget to stop at a drug store." When I looked blankly at her she added, "Prophylactics you dummy. Don't jar head butter bars know enough about the birds and bees to practice safe sex?" I think I must have blushed, or at least got as near a blush as a salty ex-gunnery sergeant could get, but I knew a good thing when I had one and took the key from the table.

Cathy was waiting near the door that I held open for her. She asked which car and I responded without thinking, "The red convertible, ma'am." Now you have to understand that they drill sir and ma'am into us for weeks on end. It is sort of an automatic response to anyone who is not obviously a lower rank than you are.

Cathy wasn't buying it however. She turned to face me, looked me straight in the eye and said, "None of that ma'am crap. I have a name. Use it!"

I almost responded on autopilot with another "Yes ma'am." but I caught myself about half-way through and said something like, "Yes m...Cathy," instead. She seemed to know what had almost happened and gave me a big smile as she leaned in to kiss me.

I got her seated and started for the hotel. Along the way I pulled up at a drug store and slipped inside. When I came out Cathy looked a little frightened. "Cathy, we don't have to do this. I really like you and, while I would very much like to make love to you, we don't have to rush into this. If you would rather we can just drive you home and I will call you tomorrow."

She smiled shyly and said with a blush, "No, I really want to do this Mike. It's just strange for me. I don't usually jump into bed with a guy. I am no virgin but I have only had sex with two guys, once in High School and once during my freshman year here at Georgetown. I've dated some, but after that first fling ended I never met a man I was really attracted to and I am not into casual sex. I'm not even sure I'm up to adult sex. My experience has been so limited I am a little afraid that I won't be able to make you happy."

"There isn't much chance of that. I certainly don't want to talk you out of it. I'm much too selfish for that but I want you to understand that this isn't something you have to do just because we kind of exploded with that kiss."

"Yeah, it was kind of explosive wasn't it? I don't know if it was that or how you manhandled me. This is the second time you have kind of overpowered me and both times it's had a strange effect on me."

First Night

By this time we had reached the hotel. I parked and took her arm as we made our way to the room. By the time we got there I could feel her body was more relaxed. I nuzzled her neck and kissed her gently a few times as we checked out the room. It was nicely furnished but it was pretty much just a standard room, dominated by a queen-sized bed, with an overstuffed chair, a desk and chair and an armoire with the TV and drawers. In one corner there was a mini bar and I offered her a drink. Cathy declined saying she was already high on my kisses, which I thought was sweet.

She started to unbutton her blouse but I told her that I wanted to undress her so that I could see every inch of her and touch every bit. She blushed but let me start, when there was a knock on the door. I waved Cathy into the bathroom while I went to see who was at the door.

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and found Tom and Sally. They'd dumped their luggage in the room earlier in the day and needed to pick it up so that they could head back home. Before I could react Sally headed for the bathroom saying she would pick up the cosmetics. Tom gathered the rest of their luggage but Sally didn't emerge for a long time. When she did come out she was smiling but silent. Oh well, they knew why I wanted the key in the first place.

I opened the bathroom door and asked Cathy to come out. She said Sally had invited us to join them sailing tomorrow but that she, Cathy, had said that we would decide after we had spent a little more time together. I thought it was a little strange that Sally was thinking of us as a couple when we had just met but the thought slipped out of my mind as I returned to Cathy's blouse.

I undressed her and then myself. We turned off the main light but left the bedside lamps on as I kissed my way around her body. I brought her to orgasm with my mouth and then, giving in to my urgent desires, slipped on a condom and entered her. It was an energetic, pretty much straight vanilla coupling.

Afterwards I rolled on my back, got rid of the condom and pulled her half over me. She asked, "Why did you lie about your medals?"

"There are lots of guys out there and it is really a team effort. Sometimes one guy or another gets a medal but it doesn't really mean much. I think you will find that most guys who have been in combat don't really want to talk about it. It's just too hard to explain."

"If we are going to become a couple you are going to have to open up to me and tell me all of the things in your life. Even the ones that are hard to talk about. No, especially the ones that are hard to talk about." She said this while looking directly into my eyes.

I liked this woman. She was sharp, she fought for what she believed in, she took risks, and she was passionate and giving. I thought about what she had said and decided she was right.

"OK, I will tell you my secrets if you tell me yours. Deal?"

She took a deep breath and responded, "Deal."

"I was part of a three vehicle reconisance patrol in enemy territory and we were ambushed. The first two hummers were shot up and in flames before we knew what was happening. We managed to dismount but were pretty much pinned down by enemy fire. I managed to get to the burning vehicles and pull out a couple of wounded guys. Then I worked my way around the flank and took out the bunker with the machine gun on that end. After that I could move down the trench and just roll up the line of ambushers. Once we had broken the ambush we were able to take prisoners and radio for support and a medical evacuation helicopter. It was all over in a couple of minutes and it was more a matter of doing what had to be done to stay alive than any great bravery."

"But the Marine Corps must have thought you were unusually brave or they wouldn't have given you the medal, would they? It's kind of silly to hide it just because you were just one of a team of guys."

"It's not just that. Boy, this stuff is hard to talk about. Look, I wound up killing seven men that night. Now don't get me wrong, they were trying to kill us and I would do the same thing again tomorrow if I was in the same situation. It just seems kind of wrong to brag about killing people. It had to be done and I did the job but I can't see it as something to be proud of."

"You saved the patrol and those wounded guys you pulled out of the burning cars or trucks. That seems to me to be something to brag about. Besides, I am kind of glad you don't want to be proud of killing. It must be hard to talk about and I am really happy that you trust me enough to open up to me like that. Besides, I guess you have a soft little underbelly inside that he man Marine Corps shell."

She laughed.

"Your turn," I reminded her.

She looked at me and said, "A deal is a deal but this is hard and I want you to promise to hear me out. After you do you may not like me very much, and if you want me to go I will understand."

She slid a little further from me. "We didn't meet by accident this evening. I have been thinking about you from that day at the demonstration. I liked the way you just took charge of me. In fact it made me hot."

"I even drove back down to Norfolk to try to get your name. I talked to a gunnery sergeant on gate duty. He was very nice but he had no idea who you were. I remembered the Navy medical officer and he was able to figure out that it must have been Sally. He called her and we set up a meeting."

"We got to talk that evening. She was already going hot and heavy with Tom and she knew quite a bit about you from him. I met him later at their wedding. I had hoped you would be there but they said you were at Officers School in Quantico."

"Sally and I became pretty good friends and we even talked about their sex life. Do you know anything about B&D?"

"You mean whips and chains and stuff like that?"

"No. That's S&M or sadism and masochism. I mean just Bondage and Domination. It's where one partner dominates the other. It can involve fantasies like a master and slave girl, or a peasant and a lord, or a captive princess and her white knight or it can just be one partner dominating and tying the other. Often there is a lot of sexual teasing. In any case Sally and Tom play with it and Sally recognized my reactions. She and I have talked about it, and I think that I am what she calls a natural submissive. I need a strong dominating partner in the bedroom.

"Sally and I also talked a lot about you but she didn't know if you were interested in me. She said she had told you that I wanted you that day but you were a Marine on duty and never followed up or gave any indication that you liked me. We decided that a blind date would be awkward because you might feel obligated no matter what you really thought about me. In the end we decided that it would be better to cook up an accidental meeting. She was pretty sure she could get you to the bar and we could 'accidentally' meet. Then we would just see where things went from there."

Cathy was looking hard at me. "Sally said you didn't like dishonesty and might be mad. Do you want me to leave?"

She looked so cute and apprehensive that my heart went out to her. So I had been set up by my best friend's wife. I was still in bed with a very pretty woman who had guts enough to level with me. I knew it must have been hard for her, especially as she didn't know how I would react. Let's see should I have sex with this gutsy, strong willed, intelligent woman who was obviously very interested in me and who wanted to be my little love slave or should I chase her away because she had conned me for a couple of hours before confessing all?

It took me perhaps three nanoseconds to reach out and grab her rolling her under me. "You may (pause for kiss) have earned yourself (pause for kiss) another spanking (pause for kiss). This one (pause for kiss) on your bare butt."

Then I gave her a long lingering deep kiss.

Cathy smiled up at me and said, "Promises, promises, promises." Then she lifted her head and gave me another kiss.

I got another condom and I used my hands and lips to arouse her. We made love again, this time slowly and less urgently but very satisfactorily for both of us. Afterwards we talked more about ourselves, our families, our hopes and dreams. Together we talked about B&D and how to use it to keep things interesting in our sex life. Eventually we just cuddled together and fell asleep.

Saturday's Errands

I woke up the next morning still spooned to Cathy; a nice way to wake up. It was the telephone. Who, I wondered, knew we were here? Of course it was Sally, wanting to know how things had gone and if we were going to go sailing with them. I tried to act offended because of her part in setting me up, but Sally just asked if Cathy was still in the room. When I laughingly admitted she was, Sally told me that I obviously had nothing to bitch about and to let her talk to Cathy. I understand the concept of strategic withdrawal, so I just rolled the now awake Cathy over on her back and handed her the telephone.

Since it appeared that I was to have no part in planning my future, I went into the bathroom used the facilities and then the razor, comb and toothbrush I had bought along with the condoms last night. When I came out Cathy was still giggling on the telephone. I took the receiver from her and asked to speak to Tom. When Sally protested that she had been in the middle of a conversation I said, "Sally, do you agree that this conversation has nothing to do with our military careers?"

She reluctantly agreed and I said "Then, slave Sally, get your master Tom and give him the telephone before I tell him you have been disobedient and deserve punishment." I heard Cathy gasp behind me but when I looked her way she had a big smile on her face.

When Tom came on I said that Cathy and I would love to go sailing Sunday but that today we were going to go apartment hunting. We needed to get me checked out of the BOQ and then find a place for us to live. It would have to be close enough to Georgetown University so that my slave girl could get to her classes on time but still be a reasonable commute to 8th and I for me.

Now I knew I was taking a chance here. I hadn't asked Cathy if she would move in with me. But I needed a place to stay so the only downside was that I would just have an apartment a little closer to the Georgetown campus and a little further from 8th and I. Not a big deal and Marines are trained to move forward aggressively. As the bard said (no, no, not Leviticus, the other bard, Shakespeare) "Faint heart ne'er won fair lady." In any case when Cathy heard what I was saying she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

In the end Tom and I agreed to meet for lunch and then they would join us in apartment hunting. We would all go sailing on Sunday. I hung up and turned to a very happy Cathy. I told her to get dressed as we had a lot to do this morning. "Oh," I added, "no bra." She gave me the usual load about how she needed a bra as it was healthier, and she bounced too much, and she sagged too much, etc. In the end I told her to kneel down and be quiet. Her eyes got wide but she did it. I reached out and fondled her breasts.

"After 14 years in the Corps I have seen enough breasts to make a valid judgment. These firm mounds do not sag and are, in fact, the most beautiful set of breasts I have ever seen. They are on the chest of my beautiful slave girl but they are mine. They are going without a bra today for three reasons. First as they move under my slave's blouse the cloth will caress them and keep her aware of them and aroused and needy for her master's touch. Secondly, I may want to fondle my beautiful breasts and feel my nipples grow hard under my fingers without all those layers of clothing. Finally, and perhaps most importantly I will enjoy watching them move and sway, bounce and jiggle, as we go about our errands.

"Now you want a dominating master and, my beautiful slave Cathy, you now have one. I know we are partners in our relationship, and I wouldn't dream of making major decisions without your input. I will never do anything to intentionally hurt you, but going without a bra while we are house hunting together is not something you get to agree or disagree with. In fact I think I will have to punish you this evening for not obeying. Now, get dressed and NO BRA!"

Cathy opened and closed her mouth a couple of times but in the end she simply smiled and said, "Yes sir." She rose and went into the bathroom with her clothes, but left her bra lying on the chair.

While she was getting dressed I checked us out of the hotel and went to a drugstore and bought a newspaper. While I was there I also managed to find a package of cotton clothesline that I thought might come in handy. When I got back to the room she was ready. I gave her the newspaper and told her to get busy with the want ads. I also showed her the rope I had purchased and set it on the chair on top of her bra. I thought it was sort of symbolic.

The rest of the morning was pretty much spent at Quantico. Though I was all packed, I needed to change out of uniform. In addition you never get into or out of military housing without signing at least six forms. We managed to get to one apartment before meeting Tom and Sally. Throughout the morning Cathy's breasts bounced and swayed invitingly. From time to time I would caress or lift or just brush one or the other. Her nipples grew hard and visible through her blouse and though she blushed from time to time as men stared at her chest she was a real trooper and didn't utter a word of protest.

When we came into the restaurant Tom and Sally were already at a table. I saw Sally's eyes widen as we approached their table and she saw Cathy's very prominent nipples. She turned to me and asked, "Did you make that poor girl go out without her bra?"

I ignored her and looked at Tom and said, "It's very pleasant to have one's slave girl without a bra. It definitely makes running errands more enjoyable. You might want to try it sometime."

Tom reflected on that for a couple of seconds. Then his face broke into a wide grin and he turned to Sally and simply said, "You can use the ladies room." Sally shot me a dirty look but then smiled rather impishly and left for the washroom. When she came back she had obviously removed her bra. She was smiling but when she sat down she stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed and said I owed her payback for her little conspiracy.

We saw four more places that afternoon. The best was on the fifth floor of a high rise with a reasonable, if not great, view from the living room. It had a gas fireplace and was furnished reasonably well but the real clincher was that it was empty and we could move in as soon as the checks cleared. To expedite things I went to the bank and got enough cash for the deposit and the first month's rent and the agent gave us a set of keys. Cathy was worried about the cost but I told her I could handle it.

Tom and I moved my luggage in and then we all went to the store to get small appliances, sheets, new pillows, cookware, etc. On the way back we stopped at the grocery store and stocked up. The apartment had a tiny balcony and we had bought a small grill and charcoal so it was to be steaks, potatoes, salad and a bottle of red wine. As the women prepared the salad Tom and I drank beer and tended the grill.

We came in to a nicely set table and Tom remarked, "You know if braless is good, I would bet topless is even better."

The women looked startled but I responded, "Why not?" and peeled off my shirt.

Cathy laughed. "As my lord and master wishes." And then she took off her blouse pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her chest forward in a pretty good imitation of attention. Tom pulled off his shirt and a furiously blushing Sally had no real choice but join the fun. Her breasts were larger than Cathy's but not as firm. Still, they were very attractive.

We tried to keep the talk out of military matters, though Tom and I slipped from time to time. Most of the evening was spent talking about sailing the next day. We agreed that we would get a later than usual start so that Cathy and I could move her things to our new apartment.

As they were leaving (with their tops back on) Sally said she was glad Cathy and I hit it off because she had been sure that we would be a good match. I told her that I ought to be angry but was so happy with Cathy that she was forgiven. Tom said that I certainly slipped into the whole master and slave thing quickly.

That Night

It took us quite a while to get the bed made with the new sheets. Cathy and I were still topless and each time she bent to work on her side of the bed I was distracted by the sway of her breasts. She saw me watching and one thing led to another and, as I noted above, it took us quite a while to get the bed made.

We had a busy day ahead of us again the next day so I planned to keep our evening fairly easy and her bondage comfortable. I undressed her and after playing with her lovely breasts for a while (OK for a while again) I sent her to use the bathroom and get ready for bed. When she came back I tied her in a secure, but not very tight, face up spread eagle. As I tied her I saw her breathing quicken and her nipples grow and become engorged. This woman was really turned on by bondage.

I stroked her thighs for a while and then massaged her feet. As she moaned appreciatively, I reminded her that she had not been very obedient about the bra that morning. I took the hand that had been massaging the foot and ran a finger down her sole. She jerked reflexively but between the ropes and my other hand holding her ankle she couldn't move that foot. Holding the foot still with one hand I used the fingers of the other hand to tickle the sole, the arch and the toes.

I had made the ropes loose enough so that she could jerk her body from side to side but that foot was pinned in place. She giggled, she laughed, she shrieked and she gasped for breath. She tried to beg but couldn't get enough breath to form a complete sentence. About the best she could get out was "Oh no..." or "Please..." which, of course, I helpfully explained that I took to mean 'Oh no don't stop,' or 'Please tickle me some more.' When she was red-faced and gasping I relented and stopped.

As she got her breath back, I leaned over and grabbed the other foot. "Is this one jealous?" I asked.

"Don't you dare!"

"You didn't listen very well to Sally's warning last night did you?" After that the conversation kind of died down as she dissolved in laughter and gasps for breath. When she looked as though she was on the verge of passing out from oxygen deprivation I relented and began to kiss my way up her legs.

I couldn't resist a little tickling flutter on the back of her knees as I worked my way up but concentrated primarily on licking and kissing, particularly the insides of her thighs. When I was at the top of her thighs I began to worship her mound. I let my tongue lick the length of her slit and then lave the juncture between the mound and the thighs. Then I returned to her slit, this time pushing my tongue as deep into her canal as I could.

Cathy was thrashing from side to side again but it was accompanied by appreciative moans, encouraging grunts and remarks such as "Oh yes" and "Right there" and "Oh Lord." I watched until I was pretty certain the flush on her neck and the tensing of her body indicated she was close to an impending orgasm. Then I slid my tongue up her slit and began to massage her clitoris. Her body arched so rigidly her shoulders and heels seemed to be all that was touching the bed and her groans grew into one long rather loud moan as she came. It was really quite beautiful to watch.

When she came down and her breathing slowed from gasping to panting, I slipped first one and then two fingers into her. As I searched very gently along the delicate tissue for her G spot I told her, "You can relax Cathy. The Marines have landed and the situation is well in hand."

I'm sure her groan had nothing to do with my lousy sense of humor. In any case I found her G spot and was rewarded with her body jerking as though an electric current was passing through it as I stroked it. Between the ropes and the G spot she was rapidly rising towards another orgasm. Being an officer and gentleman, as well as an ex-Boy Scout, I decided to help her along and lowered my mouth to her clit. I licked gently at the hard nub but she was so close she exploded almost as soon as I made contact.

Enough of this! Generous and caring is OK but by this time I was so hard and needy that it hurt. As I went for a condom I told Cathy that she needed to get some birth control pills. She nodded her head weakly and said that she would call her doctor Monday morning right after her first class. She looked so exhausted that I considered masturbation.

"Are you OK? I asked her.

She smiled up at me and answered, "I will be, once I feel you filling me up." Well I might have gone to masturbation if she was too tired but it would have been one hell of a waste.

I covered her and slid into her. She was tight and hot and while she had already come twice she used her muscles to grip my penis and hold me in her. I wish I could say I held back until I brought her to a third orgasm but there was no way I could last very long. I came, recovered my condom and nuzzled up next to her. "Are you OK sleeping like this or do you want me to take off the ropes?" I asked.

"I don't know. Everything is fine now but if I have to go to the bathroom I will have to wake you up. I kind of like how it feels. Let's try it this way and see."

I pulled the sheets over her and reminded her that she was still owed a bare bottom spanking and that she shouldn't think I had forgotten. She looked at me and smiled. Now you would think a woman who had been tickled to the point of passing out, had had a couple of very strong orgasms, had been well mounted by yours truly and was tied to the bed would look worn. Instead Cathy looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. I think we could have turned off the lights because her smile was so radiant. She was obviously content and very happy.


I woke early Sunday morning and licked and kissed Cathy's ears, face, neck and shoulders until I was certain she was awake. Then I worked her up with my hands in her pussy and my mouth moving greedily down to her breasts and her nipples. It took very little to bring her to full arousal. I pulled on another condom and slipped into her. I pumped away with her hips rising to meet me thrust for thrust until I was near the edge. Then I slipped a hand down to our groins and stimulated her clit. We came together or so near together as to make no difference. It was a very nice way to begin the day.

Since we were a bit pushed for time I decided we could shower together. It was a good idea but I don't think we really saved much time as we washed each other. I loved the feeling of her hair as I rubbed the shampoo into it. Other body parts received lengthy attention as well.

In any case we eventually got to her place, packed her stuff and prepared to leave. She introduced me to her room-mates as the oldest Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, which, while it may have been accurate, wasn't very flattering. We left our forwarding address and promised to call with a phone number as soon as we had one. I wrote a check for Cathy's share of the rent for the rest of the semester.

Cathy was a bit bothered by the costs but I told her not to worry. When she protested, I told here that her room-mates shouldn't be burdened by what we did. More importantly we were moving very fast and if she decided that I wasn't right for her, I didn't want her to feel trapped with me. I wanted her to know that her old apartment was still there for her, at least through the end of the semester. She told me I was sweet and we got kissy face for a few minutes.

We dropped her stuff at the apartment, changed into swimsuits under shorts, tops and boat shoes and headed for the marina. Tom and Sally had already stocked the boat with food and drink so we were soon underway. It was one of those great days with plenty of sun and plenty of wind. Tom and I had served together for some time but my status as a NCO and his as an officer had prevented us from really fraternizing. While I had plenty of sailing experience this was the first time sailing with Tom and each captain feels differently about fooling around under way.

I decided to sound Tom out. I reminded him that the women had talked about B&D and asked how he felt about playing around on the boat while we were under way. He said he was OK but wanted me to be careful; reminding me that if Cathy went overboard with bound hands she might not be able to swim. I told him that I was going to prevent that. I also checked the horizon to be certain that we were pretty much alone.

I took Cathy forward and kissed her while gently pressing her against the front of the mast. Then without warning I pushed her arms back and tied her hands behind the mast. A loop around her waist and a rope securing her ankles ensured that she wasn't going anywhere. Another line between her elbows and one under her armpits and across the mast to secure her shoulders and she was pretty much welded to the mast (except for her head). I told her that she was too precious to me to risk losing her overboard. Of course she knew that that was all BS but I didn't hear any protests.

Then I started to stroke her body. When she was aroused and moaning I went back to the cockpit and asked Tom if he had any suntan lotion. He called down to Sally who was working in the galley. She came halfway up the steps to hand me a bottle of suntan lotion, saw the silly grins Tom and I were wearing and asked what was going on. Tom told her "I think you've created a monster," and gestured forward with his chin.

While this was going on I had taken the lotion forward and started to smear it over Cathy's face and neck. As I worked my way down it became clear that her top would limit the area I wanted to fondle and to which I wanted to apply lotion. It only took two tugs to remove the straps tied behind her neck and those behind her back. I tugged off her top and noted some very pale flesh. Obviously I would have to apply a lot of lotion in that area. As I did I noted some obvious signs of arousal including her nipples growing stiff and turgid. Who knew how big they might grow. Obviously I needed a lot of lotion just there.

Eventually I left her breasts and worked my way down her flat belly, around her slim waist and onto her abdomen. Now in truth her bottoms were skimpy enough that they could have remained but they were tied on either side and it was just so inviting to tug at the pretty bows and remove them. When she felt me tugging she almost said "You wouldn't dare!" but I looked in her eyes while I was tugging and she bit the phrase off in mid sentence.

I kissed her while spreading lotion over her lovely buns and then moved to her front. It occurred to me that if she was any more aroused her lower lips might open exposing some pretty tender flesh to sun and wind burn so I inserted my lotion-slick fingers into her and made certain that she was well protected. I slid down and did a good job on her legs and then, just to be on the safe side rubbed her pussy again, inside and out.

I worked her over until Cathy was on the verge of a pretty major orgasm and then I left and went back to the cockpit. I handed the lotion bottle back to Sally and asked, "What's for lunch?"

Cathy had realized what had happened by this time and there was a steady stream of invective mixed with pleas for me to come back and finish her off. Tom said nothing but smiled and gave me a big thumbs up.

Eventually Cathy ran out of steam so I went back to check on her. In the process I seemed to have aroused her again because when I got back to the cockpit she was begging. When it was lunchtime Tom slipped into a little cove and dropped the sails. I helped with the anchor while Sally set up a folding table and spread out the lunch.

I decided that it was time to relent and let Cathy loose. I had planned to give her back her suit and go back to the cockpit for lunch, but I hadn't realized how aroused I had gotten her. After I took off the last rope I turned to retrieve her suit for her.

She literally leapt at me and knocked me to the deck. Before I could untangle myself she pulled my suit down and mounted me in the female superior position. She was absolutely wild and managed to come twice before I did which, given my arousal, was pretty amazing. I tried to gasp out something about needing to get a condom but she yelled, "If you don't fuck me now, and fuck me well, I will feed you to the fish, balls first!" Well I didn't want to suffer that fate, so naturally I did as she requested.

Somewhat red-faced and worn I managed to get back to the lunch table where Tom said, "Isn't young love grand?" Sally was laughing. Cathy retrieved her suit, dressed and dove over the side to clean up and cool off. I decided lunch could wait and joined her in the water.

After a short swim we joined Sally and Tom at the lunch table. It was a simple cold meal, but after hours in the sun and wind and then all that exercise (the swimming, the swimming) Cathy and I were ravenous. Tom put on his official voice and asked, "Is all this public nudity and sexual activity what we should expect from you Lieutenant Wilson? It hardly seems to be in line with the decorum and dignity the Corps expects of its officers."

I responded, "Sir. This has all been due to my superior officers and any questions will have to be answered by them."

Tom raised a questioning eyebrow so I continued, "A certain captain exposed this civilian to dangerous ultra violet rays and it was clearly my duty to protect that civilian's rather attractive skin from that danger. Protecting civilians is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Corps, sir."

"And all that rope?"

"Sir, that same captain pointed out the danger of allowing the civilian to fall overboard. It was my duty to prevent that from happening."

By this time both women were laughing and Tom was smiling. He turned to Sally and said, "I give up. I told you that you have created a monster. What's the B&D equivalent of opening Pandora's Box or uncorking the genie's bottle?"

"I like the all powerful genie analogy much better than Pandora and her box of troubles," responded Cathy.

"Seriously, if we went too far we apologize," I said, "things just sort of got out of hand."

"No. No. Nothing got out of hand. It was just that there was so much energy on display it made us old folks tired just watching. It was like having a boat load of rugrats. You just never know what will happen next."

Sally added with a giggle, "In fact I thought everything was 'in hand'. At least from where I sat it looked like it was."

I noticed that Sally was drinking water instead of the beer the rest of us had. I knew she liked beer because she matched us round for round at Friday night's wetting down party. Then I put that together with Tom's comments about rugrats. I stared hard at Sally and asked, "Sally are you?"

That was as far as I got with the question. Sally's face broke out into a big silly smile and she nodded as she responded, "We think so. We have been trying for a while and I tried one of those home pregnancy, pee on a strip kits this morning. It came up positive but we don't want to talk about it until we get the medical test and a more certain confirmation."

Cathy shrieked while I leaned over the table and gave Sally a congratulatory kiss and hug. The girls hauled the remains of lunch down into the galley. Tom started the motor while I handled the anchor and hoisted the sails. Once the sails were up I offered to sail and suggested he go down to the galley and 'help' Sally. Tom smiled and showed me the base course, picked up a couple of hanks of rope from the locker and said, "I'll tell Cathy to come up and keep you company. Sailing can be a lonely business and I don't want you falling asleep and running us aground."

Yeah, sure, like I could run aground in the middle of the ocean. Still it was a handy reason to send Cathy above deck.

When Cathy came up I had her sit on the rear bench next to me. After a bit the sound died down in the galley but neither Tom no Sally came back up. Cathy asked me if I thought they were 'doing it' on the galley table. I explained that there was a large foam rubber V berth in the bow and that it would be more comfortable than the hard table top or the deck. She reminded me that I hadn't seemed to have any complaints about the deck before lunch. I slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. I told her that I agreed that the deck had been just fine.

We snuggled and talked, nuzzled and kissed for the better part of two hours until, with the harbor mouth in sight, I started the engine, luffed the sail, and explained to Cathy how use the tell tales to keep the boat into the wind. Then I went forward and lowered the main sail and jib. About that time Tom and Sally, alerted by the change in the boat's motion, came up on deck. Tom was carrying the jib's bag and the main sail cover.

"All cleaned up in the galley?" Cathy asked with an innocent air.

"Everything has been taken care of in good fashion," Sally assured her.

Both girls smiled as Tom took the tiller and put the engine into gear to take us into the marina. I got busy putting the fenders over the side and making certain that the docking lines were not tangled.

It had been a great day and after the boat was secured we thanked out hosts and went back to the car for the trip to our apartment. I realized that I was thinking in terms of 'us' and 'ours' instead of 'hers' and 'mine'. I decided I liked that. I had been with many women in various port cities and outside several camps and several of those encounters had lasted a week or more. I realized, however, that I had never been in what might be described as a relationship. I had only known Cathy for a couple of days (OK we had contact at the protest a year ago but I hadn't really met her then) but I already knew that if it were up to me whatever it was we had was going to be a long-term thing.

I guess I was smiling, or perhaps she was just reading my mind the way women seem to do, because Cathy asked what I was thinking. I told her and she said, "You poor man. I feel the same way. I think we may be in love. Watching Sally and Tom today made me realize how happy they are. "

"We have a long way to go before we get serious though. I want to be even more sure about you and more importantly I want you dead certain about me before we start to talk about commitments. I want to know everything about you and I don't mean just your service record. Let's not rush into things until we know each other better."

"Still..." she added in a dreamy sort of voice, "it is nice to be in love."

Sunday Night

We puttered about the apartment putting things into drawers and onto hangers. We made lists of all the stuff we had forgotten to get. Can you believe we didn't have a single wastebasket or trash bag in the house?

I went into the bathroom and found my razor, shaving cream and aftershave sitting out on the counter. When I opened the medicine cabinet to put them away I found it full of various pots and jars of mysterious creams and lotions. Since Cathy didn't need or wear much makeup other than lipstick, I went on a rant at all the junk she had stuffed into the cabinet. She listened patiently until I ran out of steam and then looked me in the eye and said simply, "Don't be silly."

Having finished all discussion of this topic she closed the medicine cabinet and went back to hanging her clothes. Apparently while I was lord and master in the bedroom she was mistress of the medicine cabinet. Oh well, I guess I could live with that. In truth I could live with a great deal more if my sweet, strong-willed, sexy partner felt she needed something.

Despite the tasty lunch and the pleasant sense of tiredness that came from a day in the sun we decided to go out to dinner. It was a good meal, with wine, in a nearby restaurant. Afterwards we strolled back to the apartment hand in hand like a couple of high school kids.

When we got back I asked her if she was too tired to play. Cathy looked at me and said, "Hey, I'm the young one here. Nothing an old guy like you could do would bother me." She was smiling as she said it and I decided I would have to be especially innovative tonight.

First I undressed her and nibbled her nipples and her mound until I could feel her arousal. Then I bound her wrists crossed in front of her leaving a long end of the rope hanging down. Using that as a leash I led her into the living room and behind the couch. I used two short ropes to pull her ankles far apart and tied them to the rear couch legs. Then I took the 'leash' rope and pulled it around the middle front leg of the couch. As I pulled she was bent forward over the back of the couch with her lovely buttocks stretched tight and pointing up. As I fastened the front rope she realized the implications of her position but was already too well fastened to do much about it.

I told her "We are going to play a little game. Each time I spank you, you will count and say 'thank you sir, may I have another'. If you miscount or forget to thank me or to ask for another we will go back to one and start all over again. I know how many swats you are going to get if you respond properly but I am not going to tell you because I don't want you comfortable with getting close to the end." Actually I had no specific number in mind. I would judge by the color of her buttocks and how she sounded but there was no reason not to give her a bit of mental torment along with the physical.

I swatted her hard on one cheek. "Ouch," she said.

Before she had a chance to say anything else I swatted her other cheek. "I guess you like this I told her because I haven't heard you counting yet." Swat.

"Ouch, three, thank you sir, may I have another?"

"No, none of those counted. You have to begin with one and keep track." Swat.

"Oh, one, thank you sir, may I have another?"

"Better," I said. Swat

"Two, thank you sir, may I have another?"

I won't bore you with the entire process but my little Cathy was quite a trooper. She was squirming and crying but never missed a count as her buttocks went from white to pink to bright red. By that time I felt she had paid for her deception in full, so I massaged her bright red buns and slid into her wet and ready pussy from the rear. She was tight against the rear of the couch but I managed to work one hand down to her clit which I stroked in time with my thrusts.

After we both came I untied her ankles and led her by the leash into our bedroom. I tied her hands to the head board. Then I looped a line around her left knee and drew it up and out to the outside corner of the headboard. Another line and the other knee was similarly secured. Her hips were rolled up by the pull on her legs so that her bruised buns were up and off the bed.

At this point I went into the bathroom and retrieved my shaving gear and a warm wet wash cloth. I came out and laid the shaving gear at her side as I began to gently rub her groin and abdomen with the wet wash cloth. It would have actually been more convenient to put the shaving gear at the foot of the bed but I wanted her to see it and realize exactly what I had planned.

She saw the shaving gear and began to wave her feet around while she protested, "You wouldn't dare shave me down there. You beast!" Her tone belied the words however so I took it all with a grain of salt.

I explained, "Cathy I love to eat you and it is absolutely marvelous when I see you come from my mouth. I know you enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy giving you that pleasure. What I don't enjoy is pubic hair stuck in between my teeth. Now I am betting that you would prefer to be shaved and eaten than hairy and never eaten."

She laughed, "Well if that's my choice, I can only misquote Shakespeare and say 'Shave on Mac Duff'!"

By this time she was damp enough so that I began rubbing the shaving cream in and around her groin and abdomen. I may have spent a little more time rubbing than absolutely required but her moans sounded encouraging and I was certainly enjoying myself.

After I finished shaving her and wiping up any leftover shaving cream I decided to try the result so I lowered my mouth to her pussy and brought her off. I told her that I wouldn't mind if she wanted to let a little hair grow back as long as she kept it trimmed above her slit and that I would help keep it shaved if she found the position awkward and wanted help.

"It feels funny all bare and exposed like that but if you continue to eat me like you just did I'll get used to being bare."

I went back to her pussy and brought her back to the edge with my mouth while my fingers teased her nipples and played with her breasts. I hadn't been lying. I enjoyed eating Cathy and loved to watch as her body tensed and then exploded in orgasm. Of course I enjoyed coming in her, but while I could feel her body when I was on top of her, the visual effect was somewhat less impressive.

In any case, it didn't take long before her happy moans were almost incoherent and I could feel her body tense. Of course I stopped. When she protested I told her that 'us old folk' got tired and needed to rest. Two more buildups and almost orgasms and she was reduced to begging. She was alternately pleading for release and swearing at me for stopping.

"Didn't you say B&D often included sexual teasing? I wouldn't want to disappoint you. Perhaps I should go boot up the computer and see if the B&D sites could provide me with some insight. Now don't go away."

I listened in wonder as she used some inventive cursing that I'd never heard in all of my years in the Corps. Of course with her hands tied and her knees up and out she couldn't do anything to stimulate herself in the slightest. It was time to bring out my newest toy. I returned to the bedroom with a vibrating dildo.

I turned it on and ran it over her breasts and pussy being careful to keep it away from her clit. She moaned and groaned but was helpless. I went back to teasing her with my mouth, which was much more fun than the mechanical device. I managed to hold her on the very edge for several minutes. Now that doesn't sound like a long time but try with your wife or girlfriend and see what she has to say.

In the end my own needs overcame me and slipping on a condom I decided to enter her. I teased her a bit by rubbing my latex covered penis up and down her gushing slit. Then holding her hard against the bed I tried to slowly inch into her. Now in this position each time I thrust down my penis rubbed over her G spot. I had planned to make this a very slow session drawing her out as long as possible but on about the third slow stroke she exploded. Her pussy spasmed around me and combined with how aroused I had become, that was enough to bring me off.

I held my weight off her with one hand while I used the other to free her knee. Then I switched hands, loosened the other knee and let her stretch out on the bed. She was still gasping for breath while I moved slightly to the side so that my weight wouldn't be fully on her and I began to kiss and nibble on her breasts, her shoulder, her neck, her lips, her ears and even the tip of her nose and her eyelids. Between kisses I told her how marvelous she was and how privileged I was to have her.

I asked Cathy if she would be able to sleep with her hands tied above her and her wrists crossed.

She responded, "Are you kidding? Sleep won't be a problem. I am damn near unconscious now. The question is will I have recovered enough by tomorrow to get to class? I am beginning to see what Sally meant when she said not to tease you. Set the alarm and hold me please. I need to feel you next to me."

"That's OK my love you can tease me any time you want. I had fun too. I guess it wasn't too bad for an 'old guy'."


I untied Cathy when the alarm went off but not without a little playing with her breasts and belly button. Since she was in class until late afternoon I decided to check in at 8th and I even though I had the day as transit time since this was a permanent change of station. By going in today, when I had no particular due time I could get a handle on the time the commute would take. I would also be able to take a look at my platoon before they had a chance to clean things up for the formal change of command ceremony.

My day went pretty well. My new CO and the guy I was to relieve were both helpful. If there was one rough spot it was Pete Johnson, the Gunnery Sergeant, who seemed a bit reserved. When I asked him for a quick run down on the platoon members he said, "It would be better if the Lieutenant formed his own opinion of the men sir." Since the outgoing lieutenant was upstairs saying his good-byes I asked the gunnery sergeant to join me in the lieutenant's office.

When he came in I asked him if he had read my service record. He started to spout some bull about service records being confidential. I told him I hadn't asked what the f---ing policy was I asked if he had read the g-- d--- thing. He admitted he had read it and I asked if there was anything in it that made him think I wasn't worthy to command or if he just didn't like NCO's who became officers. He asked for permission to speak frankly, which I granted. He explained he didn't see why after so many years of "working for a living" (his phrase) I had decided to become an officer.

"Gunny, sit down. I am going to tell you a story and then I am going to tell you how things are going to go around here."

"I went to college with correspondence courses while I was in the Corps. When I got my degree the Company Commander and my Platoon Commander (Tom Ames, although I didn't mention that) double teamed me and told me I should put in for OCS. I told them I was happy where I was. They reminded me in no uncertain term that the Marine Corps was not created to ensure my personal happiness. In fact they said they didn't give a rat's ass about my happiness and that as a Marine I should damn well be willing to serve wherever and however it served the best interests of the Corps and my country. I tried to tell them that I had never turned down an assignment and thought I was serving the Corps pretty well as a Gunnery Sergeant. They glowered at me and said that right now there was a serious shortage of junior officers with combat experience and that they were better judges of the needs of the Corps than I. And that, gunny, is the story of how I 'volunteered' for OCS.

"Now," I said, "let's talk about here and now. Since I am now a f---ing officer it is my turn to tell you that I don't give a rat's ass about how happy you are or what you think of me (not really true but effective for the point I wanted to make). You say you work for a living. Well right now your 'work' is to bring me up to speed on the f---ing platoon and helping me get a handle on how to do my job so that I can do it competently and maybe, if we are both lucky, even do it well. Now I may the oldest damn Second Lieutenant in the Corps but I am probably also the saltiest and you had best not forget it.

"I may not be a brilliant guy but I am smart enough to listen to my gunny. I will form my own opinions about the men as I get to know them and observe them. Right now, however, I am a newbie and I need guidance and the benefit of my Gunnery Sergeant's knowledge and experience. And when I ask for you opinion on something I want a straight answer with no equivocation or sugar coating. I may not always listen to what you say but I damn well demand that give me the skinny as best as you can. Are we clear gunny?"

"Yes sir."

"OK then, sit down and take me through the platoon. Before we get started you want a coffee? I saw a machine in the outer office."

Things seemed to go better after that.

When I got home that night Cathy had everything laid out for dinner and was at the dining room table reading for her classes. It was amazing how quickly the concerns of the day vanished as I looked at her. I guess I was staring because after a while she looked up and demanded, "What?" I told her I was just thinking of how lucky I was that she and Sally were such devious conniving women. She snorted and went in the kitchen to start dinner. I followed and grabbed a beer to drink while I watched her bustle about the kitchen.

After dinner she went back to her studies while I pulled out the training schedules and special standing orders and operating procedures for my platoon along with my notes from what had turned out to be a two and a half hour skull session with gunny Johnson.

When time came for bed I undressed my lovely girlfriend and brought out some ropes. I tied her wrists to her ankles and her elbows to her calves just below the knees. This kept her legs spread to shoulder width. After she was tied, I rolled her over on the bed so that she was face down with her lovely buns up in the air and her spread legs displaying the lips of her pussy.

Now I knew what I wanted to do but I had no feather. What could I use? Oh, yeah. Hadn't we brought in a wooden box of art supplies for a landscape painting class Cathy was taking? I searched for the box and sure enough there were several brushes of varying softness and textures. Perfect.

Concealing the brushes I lay down next to my lovely slave girl and began to toy with her glorious breasts. Soon her nipples grew stiff and elongated. Then I produced a soft sable bristled brush. With a very careful stroke just barely making contact with the side of her nipple I began to stroke the brush back and forth. I was instantly rewarded with moans. She twisted her face towards me and by pushing her head down was able to see what was happening to that nipple. I continued to stroke, very lightly, barely touching, back and forth. Each bristle slid across her nipple.

"Do you know what you are doing to me?"

"I am giving you the sexual teasing you told me a Dom is supposed to do to his little subbie."

"Yes but I never imagined a paint brush. This is torture. Aren't you guys bound by the Geneva Convention?"

"I will look it up but somehow I don't think the Geneva Convention covers sex play between two consenting adults."

"I never consented to this. Oh my god. It is like a thousand butterflies landing on my nipple. Oh lord. It's sending sparks from my breast straight to my pussy!"

"Well, let's see if we can shorten the journey. I can't use the sable brush on your pussy because it would get soaked and not give the delicate touch we are after. I have here a brush with slightly stiffer nylon bristles. Let's see, if I spread your outer lips like this, I can see that pretty little clit that I love to taste. Now if I prop my elbow like this, I ought to be able to run this brush very, very lightly right across your clit like this."

"Ah! Oh! Oh my gosh! Harder please."

"Oh no. You're missing the point. I think if I am careful I can keep this up very slowly and lightly and let you build and build but never have quite enough to let you come."

"Oh god. You are going to drive me mad. Oh no. No more. Oh yes. Moan. Don't stop. Oh damn, I don't know what I am saying any more. Oh god. Please, you are going to have an insane idiot if you keep this up. Please, please master, no more brush. Please let me come. Oh I have to come, Oh please, please."

After a bit she was reduced to moans and inarticulate sounds interspersed with incoherent pleading. This was fun. Since I was a sweet and compassionate guy I debated going into the other room for a beer or taking her from the rear. Any bets on which I chose? After all I could always get a beer afterwards. My poor little love slave was right at the edge and came almost as soon as I entered her. I had to pump for a few more strokes before I was satisfied but it was an enjoyable session.

I took off the ropes and Cathy rolled over on her back. She looked up at me and said, "You, Second Lieutenant Michael Wilson, have a nasty and devious mind. That was absolute torment but it was delicious. I don't know if you are the best or the worst master a girl could have but I do love you and what you do to me. That was so intense. Where did you come up with the idea of using paint brushes?"

"Well, I couldn't find a feather."

"If I had the strength left I would attack you. Come here and hold me my great and powerful master."

Now how could I refuse a request like that? I didn't even go to the kitchen for that beer. Instead we cuddled and nuzzled.

I asked her if things were moving too fast for her. She laughed and said, "Let's see. We met on Friday night; you spanked me in public then took me home and gave me multiple orgasms. Then Saturday you had me running around with no bra and then moving in with you. That night you tied me to the bed, tickled me and gave me more great sex. Sunday we went sailing and you had me nude lashed to the mast, begging for an orgasm and finally jumping your bones, more or less in public. Then that night you paddled me, shaved my pussy and gave me more great sex. Today you teased me with my own paintbrushes and gave me more wonderful orgasms. Why would you think things might be moving fast? I will say that knowing you has been anything but dull, Lieutenant. It is kind of like a wild ride but it seems to be all thrills and no downers, at least so far."

After we had rested for a bit Cathy used her mouth to bring me erect again. Just to help her along I tied each of her wrists to the opposite elbow. Then, with some help from me she mounted me and began to move up and down. I loved this position because she had to lean forward to balance the effect of her arms being tied behind her. This made her breasts more available to me. I could watch her lovely breasts sway with each stroke she made and I played with her nipples as she moved up and down. She was now moving with tantalizing slowness and, although the female superior position was more or less the same, it was nothing like the time she had mounted me on the boat. I lasted a long time but loved every second of it. We both came and then drifted off with me on my back and Cathy half covering me. I knew my shoulder, which was supporting her head, would be stiff in the morning but there was no way I had either enough energy or the desire to move.