Ranching 5 – Aftermath

Settling In

With Inga shipped off to her new home and Catharine and poor Patty interred in the center of our new race track, things seemed to be getting back to normal, whatever that is. I was informed that the twins would share my daughter’s room and that when Linda came home from school she could share with Tanana. Since my mama didn’t raise any fools, I was smart enough not to interfere in any domestic arrangements my four women agreed upon.

I did note that there was some friction between Tue and Thu on the one hand and Jenifer and Tanana on the other hand. The two newcomers were younger and very attractive but that didn’t seem to be the source of friction. Hey, it was Jenifer and Tanana who cooked up this whole darned concubine scheme in the first place.

No, the friction seemed to be more based on the fact that both of the Chinese women had completed their university degrees and had been professional women. Jenifer and Tanana had also been professionals, professional call girls, but this didn’t seem to impress the new women. I knew that Jenifer had dropped out of school when she became pregnant. I had never even raised the subject of her background with Tanana, and hadn’t a clue as to what her story was, but I assumed that she had not completed upper level school and perhaps had never attended.

I was taking advantage of the lack of horses to train by riding over my ranch and doing the thousand and one maintenance chores that seem to pile up. While I was off mending my fences the friction seemed to come to a head. Of course, I was blissfully unaware of this until I came home one day and found only three places at the dinner table. I idly asked where Tue and Thu were and was airily told, “Oh, they are out in the barn. They didn’t want to do their chores and they can stay out there until they change their attitude.”

I resumed my meal but gradually got the story out of the women. It seemed that the new women had decided that it made more sense for them, being better educated, to run the house. Not unreasonably my two older women felt that their maturity and experience made them better qualified.

Apparently this had escalated into a nasty argument that had ended when Jenifer and Tanana had subdued the two and tied them in the barn after having spanked them ‘for acting like spoiled little girls.’

Attitude Adjustment

I finished my dinner and decided to stroll out to the barn and visit Tue and Thu. Jenifer asked me to wait until the kitchen was cleaned up and the dishes were loaded into the machine and then she would join me. This seemed reasonable so I agreed to wait.

When the kitchen was cleaned up, Jenifer and I headed to the barn where we found Tanana. She was touching up the bright red on Tue’s and Thu’s well spanked bottoms. She was doing this with a flogger applied briskly to said butts.

I had to laugh at the predicament in which the Chinese women found them selves. They were both nude, face to face with padlocks holding Tue’s right nipple ring to Thu’s left and visa versa. Their clit rings had been pulled together until they overlapped and the cord and handle of an electric vibrator with a large head had been worked down through the overlapping rings. This pressed the women tightly together with the cord powering the vibrator plugged into a wall socket. The head of the vibrator rested directly on their clits.

Now if that had been the extent of their bondage they could have moved away from the wall and unplugged the vibrator. Unfortunately a wooden garden stake had been placed between Tue’s right leg and Thu’s left one. Their legs had then been entirely wrapped with what appeared to be a self-clinging plastic kitchen wrap (think Saran wrap, but I don’t know what brand had been used). The wrap extended from hip to ankle, and since the women were facing and the stake added stiffness, neither woman could bend her leg.

Of course Tue’s left leg was similarly fastened to Thu’s right one. The women wore wrist cuffs and rope pulled their arms around each other and quite high up the other woman’s back. Tue’s right wrist was pulled across Thu’s back. The rope led over Thu’s right shoulder, down through her armpit, across her back, under the left armpit and over that shoulder to end pulling on Tue’s left wrist.

The effect was that Tue was tightly hugging Thu to her. Of course Thu’s wrists mirrored Tue’s ties and she was tightly hugging Tue. To increase their discomfort more cling wrap had been wrapped from the women’s waists up to their shoulders. For those of you that don’t know, plastic cling wrap traps the body heat and becomes uncomfortable warm.

The final touch was two large ball gags into each of which an eye bolt had been screwed. Both women were securely gagged with the straps tightly buckled behind their heads. Then the two eye bolts had been fastened together with another padlock. The sisters couldn’t move their heads and had to stand staring into each other’s eyes at close range.

The effect was that the two sisters were hugging each other and sharing a vibrator just over their clit ring. Of course this worked them up to orgasm but, interestingly enough, it seemed that they were slightly out of sync so that instead of coming together, first one would cum and then, as if the slight pelvic thrusts she could manage triggered it, the other would cum.

I couldn’t help notice that Tanana was helping the process along by flogging first one woman, forcing her to slightly thrust forward away from the flogger, at which point she would flog the other woman’s ass.

When they saw us enter there was a lot of “mphing” but the ball gags were really too large and too deeply imbedded for us to understand. Tanana looked up and saw us and smiled. She asked Jenifer, “Hey Jen. Don’t you think these oh-so-well educated little bitches would have been able to get out of this by now?”

Jenifer said, “Let’s hear what our educated friends have to say.”

Suiting action to words Jenifer unbuckled one gag while Tanana did the other. Then they grabbed the sisters’ hair and pulled their heads back while working the still linked gags out of their mouths. I expected to hear an appeal to be let free but the sisters had more urgent needs,

Almost together they begged, “Please, please Mistress. Make it stop. Please no more.”

I didn’t know how long they had been tied or how many forced orgasms they had gone through but I think it must have been quite a while. Jenifer and Tanana looked at each other and Jenifer must have given some sort of signal. Tanana reached down and unplugged the vibrator.

One of the sisters said “Oh thank you Mistress.” The other chimed in “Yes, Mistress, we have learned our lesson.”

I think the lesson was that you don’t mess with Jenifer, who now said, “Not so fast. Who runs this house?”

“Oh you do Mistress. You do. We won’t ever question our chores again Mistress.”

Jenifer whispered something to Tanana who got a devilish smile on her face. She picked up a knife and slit the leg wraps and pulled out the garden stakes. Then she carefully slit the torso wrap and peeled it away. Then Jenifer hung a key on a bit of twine and dropped it over one woman’s neck. She then said “Goodnight children. When one of you chews through the rope holding your hands behind your sister you will be able to get the key and release your nipple lock. You will also be able to pull that nasty vibrator out of your clit rings. When you get free you can come back to the house. Don’t forget to shower before you go to bed. You are both all sweaty and smelly.”

The three of us left the barn, turning out the lights. Our exit was accompanied by a rising chorus of pleas. The rope was accessible where it passed over the shoulder but it would require a fair amount of twisting and probably tugging on nipples to get to it. Even then it would take some time to chew through.

Cultural differences

Tue and Thu both came to petition me if I would consider removing their rings. Understandably, they felt somewhat vulnerable after their rings had been used to bind them.

I guess I was bothered by the way they asked if I would consider it. I realized that while these were two cultured, educated, multi-lingual women, they were also women from a different culture with different set of views. I had been thinking of them in the same way I thought of Jenifer and Tanana and sort of dismissing all the concubine business as just their way of pulling my chain. It now appeared that this was not the case.

I had cut off my rings the day after we captured Inga. Tanana had come to me the same day and said that they had too many bad memories and she wanted to get rid of them. I helped her cut them off. Jenifer wanted to get rid of the clit ring but had worn nipple rings before and wanted to leave them at least at first. After a few days she had decided to change the ones Catharine had put on for smaller ones similar to those she had worn before. It seemed that the bigger rings were too hard to conceal under clothing.

I told the women they were free to do as they wished. They told me that they honored my beneficence. The next time I saw them both women had removed all of the large rings though they did replace the nipple rings with little bars.

I was bothered by their submissive approach and discussed it in bed with Jenifer that night. She talked about how the Chinese culture valued the group over the self, unlike our western culture. Jenifer also warned me that because they subjugated their feeling to the needs of the group, and because I was the head of the group, I would have to be careful as both women would allow me to hurt them before they objected. She also told me that in dealing with the two women I should think in terms of benefit to our group rather than of the benefit to an individual group member. I thought about that for a while before drifting off to sleep.


The next morning before breakfast I handcuffed Jenifer with her hands behind her back. Jenifer was about to ask what I was doing when I slipped a ball gag into her mouth and buckled it behind her head.

I got dressed and led my nude and bound Jenifer to the kitchen. Tanana, Tue and Thu were already there and turned to look as we walked it. I smiled and made a little speech something like this:

“You all know Jenifer is my first woman and the head of our little family. As the oldest we all respect her wisdom and her seniority. She is responsible for running our group and it is fitting that all of you obey her instructions.”

“She makes all of her decisions for the good of our group. She knows that she was right to punish you for your reluctance to follow her instructions but now feels that she may have displayed arrogance in having been so harsh. Today she, as the oldest and wisest and most senior among us, offers herself to the newest and youngest among us and requests that you help her to remember the need for humility.

You will care for her and respect her but keep her bound and gagged. Today she will humbly do as you decide and direct. You may bathe her and clean her. If she needs assistance in the bathroom you will have the honor of providing that assistance. You may feed her if you wish. She is to remain gagged unless you remove it to brush her teeth or to feed her but if she attempts to talk you will punish such arrogance by instantly gagging her. She will then miss that meal.

She begs you to accept the gift of her person and use her body as you desire. It is her sincere hope that she will emerge from this day a better and more humble and responsible leader. I suggest that you begin by taking her to the bathroom and brushing her teeth. After that you are on your own.”

Jenifer was squirming, Tanana was trying to hide her smile and Tue and Thu were looking wide eyed at Jenifer. They rose from the table and took Jenifer toward the bathroom.

My Humble Day – Jenifer’s story

Well here I was bound and gagged and turned over to Tue and Thu to be taught humility. Still, I had to admit that Pete (that rat) had listened to my lecture on the importance of group and the differences in our cultures. What he had done was probably the best group building exercise anyone could have devised. I was delivered into their hands but with the admonition to respect and care for me while teaching me to be humble.

The lessons started right away as I was taken to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I can assure you it is a humbling experience to have to depend on someone else to wipe you. Then the gag came out and they brushed my teeth. It wasn’t mean spirited or anything but it was vigorous and thorough and involved a lot of moving my head around so that they could see what they were doing.

They replaced my gag, and dug around in our bondage gear and came up with a broad leather belt with rings on each side. The belt was fastened tightly, make that very tightly, around my waist and my wrists were tied to the rings. The two women noticed that this belt also had provisions for a crotch strap.

Of course there is no reason for a crotch strap unless you are holding something in place. Two somethings appeared. The butt plug was lubricated with KY from a tube. The dildo however got natural lubrication, generated by very clever fingers playing at my pussy. While one woman worked my pussy, the other licked and sucked at my nipples just to help everything along.

When all the inserts were in place the crotch strap was tightly fastened and I was taken to breakfast. The dildo was a vibrator but was not turned on. Despite that the walk to the kitchen made both plugs move inside me creating a strange but not unpleasant feeling.

At the table I was made to kneel between the women. They thoughtfully placed a cushion on the floor. The gag was removed but buckled loosely around my neck to remind me to remain silent. The women took turns feeding me from their plates and the conversation flowed normally as though I was not kneeling, nude, and bound at the table.

Grooming Jenifer

Living and working on a ranch neither Tanana nor I used much in the way of makeup. Apparently Tue and Thu felt that honoring me called for some better grooming. First on the agenda was a long hot shower. My hands were released from the belt and cuffed behind me with plastic wire ties. The gag (which had leather straps), belt, crotch straps and inserts were removed and we all got into the shower.

The women used large sponges to scrub every bit of me. How humiliating is it to have a younger woman washing your ears? I can tell you it isn’t nearly as bad as being masturbated by them. Since both women were short I was made to kneel, ostensibly to allow them to shampoo my hair. I soon found that my kneeling also put me at the correct height to humbly lick their pussies.

Shower over, the gag was replaced but the belt, plugs, and crotch strap were left aside. The wire ties were cut off and my hands were cuffed in front of me. I soon learned that behind me they would have been an obstacle for the next activities. I was led to their bedroom where a straight-backed arm chair from our dining area had been placed on the back porch. With a woman on each side they sat me in the chair and put a single strand of rope across my chest and under my armpits securing my back to the chair Then they un-cuffed one hand and snapped the free cuff around the arm of the chair. One of the women left and the other began to tie my free arm to the arm of the chair. She tied me at the elbow and wrist with the elbow tie going around the back of the chair as well as around the arm which prevented my arm from sliding forward. Then she removed the remaining cuff and laced my second arm to the chair on the other side.

A few minutes later the first woman came in trailed by Pete carrying some plywood, some small wire ties and his portable drill. They slid a piece of plywood under my hand and the women spread out my fingers. Pete carefully drilled on both sides of each finger and the women then used a plastic cable tie to hold the finger flat against the plywood. This was repeated until all ten fingers were spread and held flat against the plywood and I couldn’t move a finger on either hand.

At this point Pete leaned over and said 'enjoy your day', kissed the tip of my nose and left. The two women now pulled my hips forward towards the front of the chair and lifted and spread my legs so that they hung over both the arms of the chair and my forearms. Ropes from my ankles ran to the rear of the chair pulling my feet back and pressing my thighs down on my forearms. Except for my head, I was completely immobile.

There was a pause as the women went inside to fetch some supplies. Then one woman began to work on my right hand. She was giving me a manicure. I was so fascinated that I wasn’t looking when the other woman dropped a cushion onto the floor and knelt in front of me. My attention was jerked back from observing my hand as she buried her face in my crotch and began to kiss, lick and generally eat me.

I came twice before my right hand was finished. Then the women changed places and began on my left hand. When that was done (and I had been forced to orgasm for the fourth time) it was time to return to my right hand and paint the nails. When both hands were completed they continued on my feet. It took hours and was early afternoon before they were done.

I had lost count of my orgasms but each one was slowly and lovingly coaxed from my trembling body. These women were really good at this. Long before they were done my body was protesting. I think I stopped lubricating somewhere after six or eight orgasms but they had some sort of edible lubricant and kept on forcing more and more orgasms from my body.

After they had finished they brought a dish of cut up fruit, removed my gag and fed me. I was dehydrated and greedily ate the juicy morsels they fed me. After lunch they gagged me again and moved me from the chair to their bed. I was tied in a comfortable but inescapable face up spread eagle. Then they buckled a blindfold over my eyes.

Unable to see, I could only feel as they rubbed my body with lotion. Every inch of my front and sides were massaged and covered until I imagined I gleamed. I felt someone climb onto the bed and straddle me. She slid a pillow under my head and the gag was removed. I felt the unmistakable shape of a woman’s pussy pressed to my mouth.

I began to lick and suck and felt someone doing the same at my groin. I brought off the woman at my face long before I reached orgasm. Remember, I had been forced to cum over and over again all morning long. After her orgasm, the woman at my mouth climbed off of me and joined her sister at my crotch. Briefly I felt two tongues licking at me but then the second woman (presumably because I couldn’t see) left my groin and straddled my mouth.

I had come so many times that I was sore. The next time the woman at my mouth climbed off to head down I forgot that I wasn’t to speak and called out “Please, no more.”

I heard a voice say, “As you wish revered leader.”

Then another pussy covered my mouth. At my pussy the tongue lapping stopped but there was a steady slap, slap, slap as whichever woman was at my crotch began to spank my pussy. It wasn’t hard but it was consistent and my labia, already abused by this morning’s activities, began to heat up and burn. I found it had to concentrate and it took a long while to bring off the woman at my mouth.

I had learned that no matter what I was feeling, these two Chinese devils knew how to make it worse. When my mouth was free this time I begged, “Oh please don’t spank me any more. Let me feel your lovely mouth.”

The response was in an amused tone as it again said, “As you wish.”

The spanking stopped and I was again tongued to orgasm after orgasm as I ate the first one and then the other woman above me.

In the evening they released me and handcuffed my hands behind me. I was somewhat lightheaded from the orgasms as I was taken to the bathroom, showered and washed and then forced to take an enema. The women explained that enlightenment required that the body be cleansed of all impurities both inside and out.

Strangely enough, despite the ache in my groin, I was feeling better after that and they brought me back to the dining room where Pete and Tanana were just setting the table. One of them said, “Master, we have done as you requested. Revered mother has been pampered and purified.”

The other chimed in, “She has learned humility and is now stronger as she resumes her rightful place in our family.” Then they un-cuffed and un-gagged me and led me, still nude, to my normal place at the table. They pulled my chair out and, when I sat, they both knelt before me kissing my newly pedicured feet. I could see their lovely bodies beneath me and said only, “Thank you, precious children. Now take your places before your dinner grows cold.”

I don’t really understand what happened that day, but I think I had a small glimpse into their culture. At first I was mad at Pete for pushing me into this but he was reacting to my suggesting that he deal with the group rather than the individual. Further I noted that afterwards I seemed to have acquired the respect of both women. While I don’t know exactly why, I think it did make me a better person.

Identification Problems – Pete’s story

Tue and Thu were impossible, at least to my western eyes, to tell apart. They were both lovely, slim, petit women. While small they were both clearly fully developed. Their breasts were smaller than Jenifer’s (and of course Tanana’s), perhaps a B cup, but looked great on their slim frames. Having been denuded of pubic hair they continued the practice of keeping their pussies bare. I preferred oral sex with bare pussies and they enjoyed having me eat them to orgasm.

The lack of differentiation led to some minor confusion such as when I would ask Tue something about treating horses or Thu something about the offshore accounts. The woman would politely inform me that they would fetch their sister to answer my question, but as they left to get her I could hear them laughing at my confusion. If being laughed at by a gorgeous woman, or concubine, as they preferred me to call them, was the worst that happened I could definitely live with the confusion.

That changed one Thursday evening when I went to put something away in the tack room. With no ponies to train, I rarely went into the barn in the evening. I noticed that one of the stalls was closed so I went over and looked. There on the stall floor was one of my concubines bound and tightly stretched. Her wrists and ankles had been bound with rope and the tails of both ropes had been stretched between two eyebolts so that her body was held taut. She wore a blindfold and an old fashioned rubber bathing cap. Duct tape had been wound around her head both across her mouth vertically holding her jaw clamped shut. I noted that whoever had bound her had cut a small slit over her mouth and inserted a piece of tubing to ensure that the captive would be able to breathe even if her nose became obstructed.

I was guessed that Tue had tied up Thu and was planning to take her place in my bed this evening. The breathing tube and the rubber bathing cap, which would allow the removal of the duct tape relatively painlessly, indicated that whoever had done this didn’t want to hurt her.

While I was pretty certain Tue was to blame I was mindful of how easily I had been captured last time I rushed into a stall to rescue someone. I didn’t think that Inga had come back, but this could have been some sneaky sort of thing that Jenifer and Tanana might have cooked up. We frequently played tricks on each other. I decided to check things out before rushing to the rescue.

I went back to the house and found Jenifer and Tanana finishing up the dinner dishes. I asked Jenifer where Thu was. She looked a bit surprised and said, “Well it’s her night, so I assume she is in your bedroom waiting for you.”

I asked where Tue was. Jenifer looked perplexed and said, “I don’t know. I suppose she is in her bedroom.”

I asked her to check and come back to the kitchen. She did as I asked but came back with a frown and reported that she couldn’t find Tue anyplace. I was convinced that my first though had been right and that Tue was trying to pull a fast one and take her sister’s place. I sent Jenifer and Tanana to the barn with orders to free the woman in the stall and then all three of them were to come to my bedroom and wait quietly outside until I called to them.

Order Restored

I went into my bedroom and there kneeling on the floor was a marvelous slim golden oriental body. She was a perfect concubine, waiting for her lord and master to take her and bind her for his pleasure. Except that I knew that this was Tue trying to cheat her sister. I motioned her to stand and gave her wrist and ankle cuffs to wear.

Have you ever watched how graceful a woman’s body is as she bends to strap cuffs around her ankle? If I wasn’t planning a devious punishment I could have watched that lovely body dip and sway for a considerable length of time.

When she had the cuffs on I positioned her at the foot of my four poster bed, facing away from the bed and tied her in a standing spread eagle. I dropped a pillow on the floor in front of her and I am certain she thought that I was about to drop to me knees and eat her. Well she was almost right but not quite. I called through the door saying, “You can come in now.”

In came Jenifer, Tanana and a nude and very angry Thu. So angry in fact that she was spitting invective at her sister in Chinese and I had to grab her arm and hold her back from physically attacking her sister. I told Thu to calm down, she had been rescued and we would soon enjoy the evening while Jenifer and Tanana punished Tue.

I could see Jenifer and Tanana winding up to protest that they had no part in this dispute between sisters, but I said, “You two were the ones who cooked up this whole concubine business. You assured me that there wasn’t going to be any jealousy or cat fighting and that you would manage the schedule. Besides, we must think as a group and correct the deviant member for the good of the group. You two will administer that punishment to Tue while Thu and I enjoy each other.”

Now Jenifer knows I am head over heels in love with her (some day I’ll have to tell her that) and that as a result she can pretty much have things any way she pleases. She is smart enough, however, to know that in this instance I was in the right and that it would be better if she did as I said. She simply smiled.

I sent Thu to get some cuffs on her wrists and ankles. While she was doing that I told Jenifer that her job was to arouse Tue with her hands and mouth but that she was to stop just short of allowing her to orgasm. Turning to Tanana I said that when Jenifer felt Tue was on the edge of orgasm she would signal to Tanana. Tanana was then to tickle Tue until she was gasping for breath and the orgasm had been driven far away. Then she was to stop and signal Jenifer to begin all over again.

I also told Jenifer and Tanana that if they misjudged and allowed Tue to cum or if they tickled her until she lost control of her bladder they would be severely punished. Ever practical Jenifer asked, “How long are we to keep this up?”

Jenifer loved tickling and Jenifer hated tickling. She had told me that even in the most stringent bondage the sub could relax and let the ropes do the work. With tickling, however, there was no relaxation possible and the body fought the sensations and pulled against the bondage. Alternating between the loving and arousing caresses and the violent reaction to the tickling would impose considerable strain on every part of Tue.

I smiled and replied, “I’ll let you know when to stop. You two will keep it up until Thu and I are satiated. Until then, you two can change off every hour or so.”

Tue groaned, as she now knew she would be tormented for quite some time. Thu however was smiling at the thought of what her sister would have to endure as she climbed onto the bed. I tied her in a conventional face up spread eagle and began.

Thu’s Thursday night

Jenifer was, as all four women are, bisexual so I knew that the arousal part wouldn’t be particularly stressful for her. She was smart and sexy and already had Tue moaning by the time I finished tying Thu to my bed.

Thu was still upset and tense so I began by gently stroking her face and neck. I ran a finger tip down the inside of her arm and along her side and asked her, “How did she get you all tied up line that.”

Thu said ruefully, “I am so stupid. She told me that there was a hole in one of the stalls and that she was afraid a horse could get hurt. Of course I know we don’t have any horses just now but I wanted to keep the stalls in good repair for the future, so I went with her. She squatted down and pointed and when I leaned down to see what it has she sprang at me, knocking me down. Then she got handcuffs on me and it was all over. ”

“That’s not stupid. You just worry about the animals. We are so lucky to have you.”

Thu smiled up at me and said, “No, not just yet. Right now Tue’s computer work is helping us more. Just you wait. Once we have the animals you’ll see how valuable I can be.”

Sometimes when I look at one of these submissive beauties I forget how smart and well educated they are. She was right, of course, but I didn’t want to hint that she wasn’t pulling her weight. The bed shook a bit and Tue’s moans became shrieks as Tanana began to tickle her. We both listened for a bit. I was still fondling her breasts and Thu said, “I wish I had big breasts like Tanana.”

I laughed and said. “If you had breasts like Tanana you wouldn’t be able to stand up. You would fall over forward. Besides, you are absolutely perfect. You are my pearl of the orient, my perfect lotus blossom. Your breasts, like the rest of you are perfect.”

Yes I know that sounds sappy. In my limited experience, however, women don’t mind sappy if it is my expressing how much you love them.

Tue wasn’t ready to drop it at that and said, “Men like big breasts. Would you like me to have mine made bigger?”

I looked at her and said, “Don’t you dare to think of mutilating this perfect body. I will hang you by your thumbs and flay the skin from your body with the biggest whip I can find if you even dare to think such a thing.”

Apparently Thu knew me well enough not to be terrified of my threats. I tell you it is a pretty pass when a master can’t even frighten his concubine. Of course it might have been that while I was talking my hand had slipped over her flat little tummy and delicious abdomen and was now gently rubbing her labia.

I think Tue stopped shrieking about then as Jenifer took over from Tanana, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I slipped first one and then a second finger into Thu, searching for her G spot. The literature says that there is a slight difference in texture for this sensitive bit of flesh but I have never been able to detect it. I don’t know if my rancher’s hands are too tough and leathery or if it is just all the lubrication my partners seem to generate. Rather than tactile I have to rely on the visual.

When I found her spot her body jerked as though it had received a jolt of electricity. I was careful to keep my fingers rubbing the same area as I brought my thumb into play on her clit. It took very little time to bring her to an apparently very satisfactory orgasm. I tried to keep my fingers and thumb active in the same places to prolong it but despite her bondage, she jerked and twisted and bucked so that my hand slid out completely.

I watched her shaking from the aftershocks as she slowly came back down. I wasn’t attuned to it but in the background I could hear Tue moaning and begging to be allowed to cum. I imagine the sounds of Thu’s orgasm added to Tue’s frustration. That was just what I had hoped for.

I slid down to taste my bound concubine. I licked and lapped at her but avoided her clit until she was begging for release. By that time her sister was again screaming and gasping for air. I licked up and found Thu’s clit. I battered at it with my tongue and nearly lost my nose when she heaved into her second orgasm. It was a damn good thing I had tied her down.

By this time I needed to get some relief myself so I pulled my self up and slid into her slowly. I was mindful of the fact that this delicate flesh had just been fingered and licked to two orgasms and might be tender. Thu was having none of this and though she was tied down she managed to buck her hips up, clamp her pussy around my penis and pull me down. Releasing her pussy muscles she bucked up again getting me deeper into her.

I established a slow rhythm and gradually picked up the pace. Thu tried to force me to go faster by bucking but I placed both hands on her hips and held her down on the bed. This was so good I wanted it to last! Gradually I increased until I was slamming in and out. I had been concerned for my partner but she was meeting me thrust for thrust. We made silly squishing sounds and then she arched her back and moaned. I felt her pussy pulsing around me and lost whatever control I had left. I collapsed onto her as I spurted into her. Fortunately, at the last moment, I remembered to take the weight of my upper body on my arms though my lower body was pressing her into the bed.

I rested for a few minutes and gradually we regained our breath. My sweet little concubine looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary. It may have been her third orgasm and she may have been tied to the bed, but there at the end she was completely in control as she milked everything I had from deep within me. I looked down and smiled at this precious woman. I leaned forward and kissed her. Not so much passionately, but gently and sweetly. It was a sort of a thank you kiss.

As I recovered I heard her sister shrieking and gasping again. I looked over my shoulders and it was Jenifer kneeling on the edge of the bed doing the tickling. As I watched she stopped and signaled to Tanana who began to lap at Tue’s pussy once again.

I was about done for the night so I rolled over and called Jenifer to me. I told her to go find some rope, some twine, a riding crop, the smooth torpedo vibrator with the adjustable settings, four weights and a set of nipple clamps that could be tightened. She scurried off as I went into the bathroom and cleaned up. I brought back a dry towel to replace the wet one Thu was lying on and a damp wash rag to clean up her groin.

Tue loses sleep

When Jenifer came back Tue was again close to an orgasm. I had Tanana stop and began preparing Tue for the night. First I placed the riding crop in her mouth as sort of a bit gag. I told her, “Hold that if you don’t want me to use it on you.”

Then I placed the clamps on her turgid nipples making certain they bit tightly into the soft flesh. I tied the four weights into sets of two with the twine and then used more twine to tie them to the nipple clamps. Instead of releasing the weights I balanced them over each end of the riding crop. Now if she let the crop out of her mouth the weights would drop and pull on her nipples.

Next I took the rope, doubled it and wrapped it around Tue’s waist and brought it down the crack of her ass, through her legs to the front. I slid the vibrator into her wet pussy. Then I knotted the rope just at the vibrator and ran the two ends up diagonally to her waist rope where I tied them off. With the ropes spreading out from the base of the vibrator there was little chance of the rope rubbing or the vibrations reaching her clitoris. I turned the vibrator on its lowest setting and told Tanana and Jenifer they could go to bed. Tue would have slow vibrations all night long but I doubted very much that the vibrations would be enough to let her get anywhere better than a slow simmer.

Jenifer looked at what I had done and asked. “How long are you going to torture her like that?”

It was really none of her business so I just made a shooing motion and said, “Oh, I don’t know. She doesn’t really have anything on her schedule until next Tuesday.”

Jenifer knew damn well that I wasn’t going to leave her like that for days and days but had enough sense not to start up with me. I was in my full dominant mode, ready to punish the naughty, and Jen was smart enough not to want to provoke me.

I returned to the bed and untied Thu’s legs. Tue was squirming but had to limit how much she moved because she didn’t want to drop the weights. I was surprised to find that I had pretty much recovered while binding Tue. I covered Thu, sliding part way into her. I had intended to lift her legs with my shoulders but never had the chance as she wrapped them around me pulling me deeper into her.

With her legs free I moved us both up the bed a bit. Thu’s hands were still tied but she now had some slack and was more comfortable. I pumped away enjoying how tight and wet she was. When I felt the familiar tightening in my groin I reached down between us and fingered her clit to bring her to another climax.

At that point I was definitely done. I did remember to untie Thu’s hands and was rewarded with her rolling on top of my near comatose body and snuggling onto me. The last thing I remember is snapping off the bedside lamp.


I woke with Thu still on my chest. She and her sister were such delicate little things that I carried the weight without discomfort. I gently woke her and asked, “Have you forgiven your sister?”

Her eyes widened as she realized that Tue was still tied uncomfortably at the foot of the bed. She responded, “Oh yes, Master. She is my sister.” That last was not for identification. I knew she was her sister. I think it was to explain that she couldn’t stay angry with her.

“Go let her loose.”

Thu jumped up and ran to her sister. She grabbed both nipple clamps and pulled them off. Tue had been half in a daze but when the clamps came off and the blood raced back into those nipples she screamed dropping both the riding crop and the weights. Fortunately the weights dangled from the clips in Thu’s hands.

Tue mumbled something that sounded like, “Please let me cum. I can’t take any more.” As I had planned the vibrator had been holding her close to the edge but hadn’t been quite enough to push her over.

Thu looked at me to see if this was permitted and I smiled and nodded. Thu hugged her sister and said, “You’re such a slut.” Then she kissed her sister and dropped to her knees on the pillow that Jenifer or Tanana had left last night. Thu removed the crotch strap, let the vibrator slip down and out and leaned forward to her sister’s pussy. I don’t think it took more than two licks before Tue exploded into an orgasm.

Thu finished removing the ropes from Tue’s ankles and then stood to take off the wrist cuffs. After so long in bondage, Tue had trouble standing so I scooped her into my arms and carried her to her own bed.

I showered and had breakfast and then made both of my oriental concubines get dressed. We drove all the way to Flagstaff with Tue still napping in the rear seat. WE went to a tattoo parlor and I selected a pretty red rosebud. Both girls removed their tops and flirted with the tattoo artist. I had him place the tattoo placed on Tue’s right breast and Thu’s left breast. That, I figured, would solve the identification problem for once and for all.

Of course the tattoo guy wanted the women to confirm that they wanted the tattoo with their own free will. Typically, the women acted all slavish and submissive. Tue said, “It is my Master’s wish.” Thu added “It is Master’s gift to us.” Well, you get the idea. It took several minutes of this sort of thing before the tattoo artist was convinced that they were having the tattoos because they wanted them, not just because I was forcing them.


Things have gotten back to normal at the ranch. Linda, my daughter, was bit miffed when she came home at Thanksgiving and found Tue and Thu occupying her room. Apparently a few nights sharing Tanana’s bed mollified her. When she came home for Christmas there didn’t seem to be any problems.

Spring has come and the BLM auctions yielded six good animals. With that many animals to care for Thu is a big help, and it looks as though we will have a good year on the ranch. I am still a bit disturbed that Tue and Thu are passing up opportunities for real careers and for meeting men their own age, but Jenifer has advised me to be patient.

That’s pretty much the story of our brief foray from cow ponies to ponygirls and the story of how a broken down rancher like me came to be living with four (count them) wonderful women who were all submissive and willing to submit to my demands and fulfill my every need.