Ranching 4.1 – Captives

Pete Remembers

Things were going pretty well for me and my two subs. I had sold the last of the cow ponies I had trained and would be free until the BLM decided to do a spring roundup of the wild horse herd. They would cull the herd and auction off the horses that they caught, keeping the herd to a manageable size in line with the open range available. Most of the horses would go to slaughter houses in Mexico where they would either be cut up and shipped to Europe to be eaten or ground up and made into dog food. I generally found four or five that were in prime condition and bid for them. These I took home to my isolated ranch in Northern Arizona and trained as cow ponies.

If you want to learn more about how I came to be a horse rancher and have two gorgeous women as my subs (to say nothing of a pretty, teenage, more or less adopted daughter) read the first three stories in this series, Jenifer, The Pro Bono Mercenary and Linda Comes of Age.

I remember it all began when Jenifer and Tanana, who had been exchanging e-mails with an old friend, came to see me with a request. They had apparently described the ranch to Patty, their friend who had in turn told her boss, one Mistress Catharine, about the ranch. Now Patty wanted to know if she and her Mistress, and her Mistress’s chauffer, could visit the ranch.

I am not one for visitors but told my women that any friend of theirs would always be welcome. I thought that was it until I saw that both women were nervous. I sat them down and the story came out in fragments.

First it seemed that Catharine and the chauffer, and probably Patty, were dedicated lesbians. OK, I wasn’t as shallow as to be bothered by that. Then it seemed that they were into B&D. Well so were we. I still didn’t understand their hesitation.

In the end they told me that Mistress Catharine wasn’t just a lesbian, she was also a real man hater. Further the B&D they were into wasn’t just the sex games we played. It was harsh full time 24/7 mistress and slave. Frankly Jenifer and Tanana had heard of Catharine’s reputation for being a cruel domme and were rather frightened of her and worried about Patty. Patty’s request was worded, “My Mistress instructs me to ask your Master if we may visit the ranch. If he agrees our party would be Mistress, her driver and her slave (me).”

Now the women and I play bondage games but they are pretty much a way to spice up our sex life and we don’t generally carry the master/slave thing into our day to day life. We have found it just too restricting. I suppose I could chain Jenifer to the desk as she works on the ranch books and manages our (considerable) investment portfolios. And Tanana could be chained up in the kitchen when she is preparing meals and the laundry room when she is working there. I suppose it would be possible and sometimes we do it just for fun, but it is not an everyday sort of thing. For one thing, I don’t want to have to leave the ponies I am training every time someone needs to go to the bathroom or shift work positions. More importantly I understand that I am lucky to have these gorgeous women to tie and play with. I am very clear that this is all by mutual consent and, while I am the dominant and they are the submissives, I do not ‘own’ them.

We talked it over and decided that the best way to be certain Patty was OK would be to let them come out to the ranch and see for ourselves. That turned out to be the worst decision I had ever made and I have made plenty of bad decisions in my life. Jenifer and Tanana went off to fix a date and give them driving directions (the ranch is really quite remote).

Guests Arrive

When our guests arrived it was in what looked to be a stretched out Hummer. It was all black with heavily tinted windows. It pulled to a stop in front of the house and the chauffer got out. She was a big blonde woman with shoulder length hair. She wasn’t fat, just big; something like a statuesque Amazon must have looked. She must have topped 6 feet with broad shoulders and hips and well muscled arms displayed in a tailored sleeveless blouse and some expensive looking slacks.

Don’t let me give you the wrong impression. This was not the stereotypical bull dyke. Despite her size she looked very feminine and attractive. Her breasts were apparently large and in keeping with her frame and she had nice hair and a lovely waist that looked inviting.

She ran around the car and opened the door for a woman who had to be Mistress Catharine. She was a slightly older woman with an obvious air of someone who was used to being obeyed. She wore a beautifully tailored suit that must have been of some expensive special travel fabric because it looked crisp and immaculate as she stepped out of the car. Catharine was also very attractive physically but though she carried herself with elegance there was an air of arrogance that made her seem, at least to me, very unattractive.

The chauffer leaned into the car and seemed to release some sort of catch. Then she pulled a leather leash and brought out a younger handcuffed and gagged woman. The woman wore a collar and not much else and must have been her slave girl, Patty.

I approached them trying to be polite despite my instant and unreasonable dislike of the group, and said, “Welcome Catharine, I’m Pete.”

She gave me a cold stare as though she was looking at something distasteful on the bottom of her shoe and replied, “Mistress Catharine, or just Mistress if you have troubles remembering two words.”

Oh boy, this was going to be a fun visit. I decided to change the subject and said, “It looks like Patty is going to have problems visiting with her friends.”

Mistress Catharine ignored me but turned to the Amazon holding Patty’s leash and said. “Inga, remove her gag and take her to visit with the other slaves.”

OK, so the blonde was Inga. I guess it wasn’t worth introductions to a mere male. I was getting annoyed with Mistress Catherine and her entire retinue but I figured that if the girls were going to have a chat with their friend I had better swallow my pride. I turned and went back to the barn leaving it up to Jenifer and Tanana, excuse me, slave Jenifer and slave Tanana, to bring the visitors inside and get them settled.

The visit was to be overnight but it wasn’t until after dinner that I learned that Jenifer and I had been dispossessed from the master (or is that now mistress) bedroom. We would be in my daughter Linda’s room. Fortunately she was off at college. It is comfortable enough and the large bed is fine but I was getting a bit pissed off. Mistress Catherine and Inga were sharing my normal bed and Patty was to sleep with Tanana. It wasn’t all that bad and Jenifer calmed me down, explaining that it was pretty hard to resist Mistress Catharine’s desires (or were they demands?) and that it was only for one night.

The next morning Mistress Catharine asked if I would be interested in renting the ranch to her for ponygirl training. My slaves could remain or leave but I would have to lodge elsewhere, of course. She offered a pretty fair price but in such an arrogant manner that I told her that I had no intention of leaving my home.

She didn’t like my answer but by that time I was less than concerned with her likes and dislikes. Tanana had told me that Patty was OK with her position as a 24/7 slave though I found it hard to understand. I put it down to ‘different strokes for different folks” and let the whole thing slip from my mind.

The Invasion – Tanana’s story

It was the following week when Pete drove into town to pick up the mail. I don’t know if they had been watching the house but it wasn’t until our loving master and provider was well out of sight that we saw the stretched Hummer drive up.

Not knowing what to make of this, I told Jenifer that it looked as though Mistress Catharine and her party had returned again. Jenifer who was working on the ranch books said something to the effect of, "Here we go again. I will be out as soon as I can reach a stopping place." I nodded and went out to greet them. Patty, Inga and Catharine got out of the car. I smiled and said, “Jen is just finishing up something but please come in.”

All four of us moved toward the front door. Catharine leading the way, as she always tended to. Patty was beside me and Inga slightly behind me. Before I realized what was happening, Inga grabbed my arms and Patty swung around with a ball gag in her hands. Startled I opened my mouth to say something but never got a word out as Patty shoved the ball into my mouth. The she pulled out a pair of handcuffs and placed them on my wrists which Inga was easily holding behind my back.

Once I realized what was happening I tried to kick and pull away but Inga, who was holding my arms, was very strong. She lifted my arms behind my back forcing me to bend down and then swept my legs out from under me forcing me onto the ground. I felt her knee in my back pinning me to the ground as she buckled the gag straps behind my head. She gave a one word order to Patty, “Hobbles!” I had been thrashing my legs about but Inga turned and sat on my butt and grabbed my ankles. I felt some sort of cuffs being buckled around each ankle and Inga stood up beside me.

Inga reached down and lifted me to my feet. I staggered a bit and tried to put my feet apart to get my balance only to find that there was a short chain between the cuffs. Inga looked and me and said, “Mistress wants this ranch to train ponygirls. Behave and you will be trained, fed and looked after. Fight it and you will suffer great pain and discomfort.”

I had once been held in a mob run B&D bordello and while I enjoyed playing B&D games with the right people, I didn’t like the way this was sounding at all. I saw all the signs of enforced bondage and nasty punishments. Further this didn’t look like an operation that was just a run for profit deal. These people were several cards short of a full deck. That could well make things really dangerous as well as difficult. Even though I began to recognize their madness I had no idea of how bad they were or how far they might go.

Inga fastened a collar and leash to my neck and handed it to Patty. My friend! Still, I wasn’t too mad at Patty at this point. She was just so deeply into submission and 24/7 slavery that she obeyed her mistress without thought. Still, it would have been nice if she wasn’t so willing to help trap an old friend.

We went into the house where Jenifer was lying on the floor, evidently the victim of the stun gun Mistress Catharine was placing back in her purse. Inga began to strip Jenifer’s clothes off of her. Once Jen was nude, Inga handcuffed her hands behind her, gagged her with a ball gag and cuffed her ankles with a hobble chain.

Then it was my turn and I was more than a little put out when Inga just cut my clothes off instead of undressing me. I guess it was too much trouble to un-cuff me. Catharine told Patty to empty all of the clothes in the bedroom closets, except for Jenifer’s and my high heeled shoes. She was to put our clothes into plastic garbage bags for disposal. That I didn’t like as it seemed that we were either going to be nude or given an entire different and probably less comfortable wardrobe. Catharine also told Patty to move the luggage into the house. Patty was to have Linda’s room, Inga would have my room and Mistress Catharine would take the big bedroom. I wondered where the three of us were going to sleep but gagged as I was I had no opportunity to ask questions.

Catherine turned to Inga and asked if she was clear on the plan. Inga agreed that she was and then Catharine looked at me and told Inga to bait the trap. Inga gave me a predatory smile and took me by the arm, leading me out of the house. Along the way she picked up a canvas carryall.

Baiting the Trap

I didn’t like the sound of ‘bait.’ All sorts of thoughts of wild animals chewing on my body came to mind. I mean, I know I had nothing to fear from deer or even elk, and coyotes probably wouldn’t attack a person while there was easier game around like field mice and rabbits and such. On the other hand Pete had been bothered by the government re-introducing wolves into the area and had frequently warned against contact with the bears that were plentiful in the area.

In the end I found that I wasn’t going to be bait for wild animals as Inga steered me into the barn and the first stall.

Let me digress for a moment. Pete raises and trains cow ponies. He buys wild mustangs at auction, breaks them to saddle and bridle and then teaches them what a cow pony needs to know. The barn he uses to house them has six stalls, three down each side. Each stall has three stout wooden sides. The fourth has a strong wooden wall about four feet tall with heavy steel bars running from the wall to the ceiling. Part of this side slides back to provide an entry to the stall. The entire thing was built with obstreperous untrained wild horses in mind and is very sturdy. There were numerous eye bolts at various levels around the sides, roof and floor of each stall to provide convenient anchor points. With all of the horses having been delivered Pete had cleaned out the stalls and they all stood with their doors open.

Inga steered me into the first stall and forced me to sit down. My hobble chain was padlocked to an eyebolt. She pulled a head harness out of the carryall and removed the ball gag I had been wearing. Before I could form a word she inserted a flat plate attached to a bit gag into my mouth and began to do up the head harness. The flat plate pressed down on my tongue and made speech impossible though I could make a lot of unintelligible noise.

Straps from the bit gag ran around the back of my head. Then a web of straps went up over my head to fasten somehow at the rear. As the harness was pulled up I saw flat plates that projected forward from either side of my head. It took me a few minutes to understand what they were. They were blinders such as a horse might wear. I thought back to what Inga had said about training ponygirls and began to have a bad feeling about what was to come. The final strap wrapped under my chin. Inga tightened all of the straps and secured the entire assembly with a padlock.

With me wearing the new gag and blinders and my ankles shackled to an eye bolt, I was clearly unable to escape. Inga then opened one hand cuff and re-cuffed me with my hands in front of me. Looping a larks head knot (formed by looping the rope through itself with both ends of the rope trailing away so that there is no knot susceptible to handcuffed fingers) through the links on my handcuffs, she lowered me to the floor. The trailing ends of the rope were tied off to an eyebolt at the far end of the stall.

I was puzzled as there was some slack in the ties. I had expected Inga to stretch me between the two anchor points. The answer to this little mystery came quickly and wasn’t very nice. Inga pulled out a board with sharp, long nails and waved it over my head so that I could see it. She said, “I am going to arch your back and slide this under you. You will keep your back arched or these spikes will pierce into you.”

Shit! Now I knew why she had left some slack. She slid an arm under my waist and seemingly effortlessly lifted me into a back straining arch. I couldn’t see the spiked board but heard it scrape as she pushed it under me. Slowly she eased her arm down and I tried to tighten my muscles to hold my body off the spikes. This was a very nasty position and I knew that in a very few minutes every muscle would be aching.

It was at that point I heard Inga’s cell phone ring. She answered it but I couldn’t hear anything she said. She was standing near the stall door so I could see her upside down as she held the phone to her ear. I heard what sounded like a car or jeep drive up into the lean-to next to the barn that we used to park. By now my entire back felt as though it was on fire and I was sweating with the effort required to hold my back arched. Inga waited a few more minutes and then turned to me and said, “Scream.”

I didn’t think I had heard her correctly so I hesitated. Inga didn’t like this and slashed with her riding crop directly into my crotch. That got her a scream. It also distracted me enough that my ass touched into the spikes and I realized that I had to push up. I managed to do this despite my muscles rebelling against me. By the time I was stabilized again Inga was gone and the stall door had been closed.

I Am Trapped – Pete’s Story

As I came back from town and into view of the house I saw Mistress Catherine’s big car parked in front. Oh great, I thought, more visits from that arrogant bitch. I guess I was hoping to avoid seeing the bitch as long as possible so I decided to park in the lean-to next to the barn before checking in at the house. I could only kill so much time parking, and eventually I started back from the barn towards the house.

I was a little more than half way to the back door when I heard what sounded like a scream from the barn. Thinking that someone had been hurt I turned and raced into the barn. At first it appeared empty. Then I realized that one of the stall doors had been closed.

It should have been an empty stall with the door standing open. That’s how I had left it. I went to the stall and looked in. Imagine my surprise when I say a nude and cuffed Tanana with a complex head harness tied up and gagged in the stall. She was desperately trying to support her torso above a board with long nails driven upward beneath her. If she let her torso sag, even a few inches she would impale herself on the nails. She apparently been bound in that position for a while as she was sweating and I could see her arms and legs tremble as her muscles cramped. She was moaning around her gag.

Of course I rushed into the stall and pushed the board out from under her. She moaned again and dropped to the floor. I was reaching for her gag when I heard a rumble behind me. I sprang up and turned but it was too late. The stall door slid shut and I heard the bolt slam home. I minute later I heard a click as the bolt was padlocked in place and I realized that I was a prisoner in one of my own stalls. Then the blonde head and pretty face rose up and I saw Inga had been the one who had locked me in. Of course I said something like, “What the hell is going on?”

Inga looked through the bars at me and, in a nasty tone, said, “I don’t make explanations to slaves, especially to males. Take off your clothing and push it through the bars outside of the stall. Then put these on your wrists with your hands behind your back.” Having said that, she dropped a pair of handcuffs into the stall.

I said, “You’re crazy. I’m not going to chain myself up.”

“We’ll see,” she said. With that she turned and walked out of the barn.

I tried to remove Tanana’s gag only to find that the entire harness had been padlocked on to her. Similarly her handcuffs and the hobble chain all appeared to be secure. At least I was unable to untie the rope from her handcuffs and help her to sit up.

I knew that with the stall door locked, there was no way I was going to get out of there. These stalls had been built to hold wild horses and they were strong. I took off my shirt and wrapped it over Tanana’s shoulders and wrapped my arm around her. She sort of collapsed against my side and we sat there.

In a few minutes Inga returned leading a nude, gagged, hobbled and cuffed Jenifer. I stood up and watched but didn’t like the implications. Inga tied Jenifer against the stall across the aisle by simply wrapping her leash through the bars and pulling it tight. With Jenifer secured, Inga un-cuffed her and roped her hands, palm to palm behind her. Then Inga ran a rope from an overhead eye bolt and hauled Jenifer’s hand up behind her in a nasty strappado. Inga pulled until Jenifer was forced onto the balls of her foot with her heels clearly off the ground.

With her hands pointing to the ceiling Jenifer had very limited ability to move. Apparently it was still too much for Inga as she unlocked the hobble chain and replaced it with a nasty spreader bar. Of course this forced Jenifer’s legs further apart putting more strain on her arms and raising her to tip toes. The final step was to remove Jenifer’s gag, probably so that I could hear her cries.

Without even glancing at me Inga picked up a flogger and began to slash at Jenifer. She demonstrated her expertise by beginning with relatively gentle lashes to awaken the nerve endings in Jenifer’s butt and thighs. Gradually as Jenifer’s skin took on a rosy glow she increased the force of her slashing strokes.

At first Jenifer moaned from her strained position, then she begged Inga to stop and as the strokes became harder she began to scream.

I knew that once I was cuffed we would all be in serious trouble. At the same time I knew that Inga could whip poor Jenifer all night and that at some point I would have to give up. Even if she hadn’t been whipping Jenifer she had me locked in a stall and could just wait until lack of food and water forced me to do what she wanted. At least a prompt surrender would spare Jenifer some pain. I called out, “OK you win. I’ll do what you want. Just let her alone.”

Inga ignored me and the steady whack, whack, whack went on. I shouted, “Didn’t you hear me? I said I would do what you want. Let Jenifer be”

Inga stopped and turned to me with a look of disdain. “Address me as Mistress Inga. Slaves don’t give orders. I will stop when you have complied.” Then she turned back and the steady sound of the terrible flogging resumed. By this time Jenifer was past screaming and just moaned as blow after blow rained down on her.

Boy, I was mad but now time was working against me. I pulled off my clothes and pushed them, together with the shirt that I had wrapped around Tanana, through the bars. Then I hunted around to find the cuffs and put them on. Once I had handcuffed myself I said, “Inga, I have done it. I am nude and cuffed.

Please let her be.”

Inga continued but said “How do you address me?”

“Mistress! Please Mistress Inga I have followed your instructions.”

Inga Takes Charge

Inga walked over to my stall and motioned me to turn around and show her the cuffs. I backed up to the wall of the stall and bent to bring my hands above the lower wooden wall to the upper wall of the stall where the bars were.

Inga pulled my hands back jerking me into a sort of strappado and slid something, possibly a broom handle between the bars and the chain linking my cuffs. Now I could not move from the wall of the stall. She twisted the broom handle (if that’s what it was) horizontal and did something I couldn’t see that kept it that way so that it wouldn’t slip out. I guess she simply wrapped a piece of cord around the handle and a bar. Whatever it was it effectively pinned me against the stall wall in an uncomfortable bent and twisted position.

My head was lower than the top of the wooden part of the wall so I couldn’t really see what was happening but from the groans I think she lowered Jenifer’s arms, reinserted her gag and replaced the steel hobble chain and handcuffs. I heard a stall door slide open, something thump like a body pushed in and onto the floor and then the stall door slide shut again.

In a few minutes the door to the stall I was in slid open and Inga came in and unlocked the padlocks and pulled Tanana out. She was so contemptuous of me that she didn’t even bother closing the stall door behind her. I heard what sounded like Tanana pushed into a stall across the way.

Once both women had been locked into stalls Inga returned to me. She smiled at me and said, “You men are so easy. I knew you would never be able to suffer her cries.”

She was laughing at me and what bugged me most was that she was right. Inga put a collar around my neck and locked it in place. Ankle cuffs with a short hobble chain followed. She ran a taut line from the collar to an anchor point at one end of the stall and another pulling my feet away toward the other side of the stall. Then with a simple flick of the wrist she released whatever was holding the broom handle horizontal. It responded to the pressure of my twisted hands, rose to vertical and slipped down releasing my cuffed hands.

Of course I fell to the floor. Inga had anticipated this and pulled on the rope to my feet stretching me along the floor. I now had my neck anchored at one end and my feet at the other end of the stall. She ran her hands over my body and seemed to be enjoying herself as she said, “I am going to have such fun breaking you. It won’t take long before you are a well behaved slave.”

I didn’t like the sound of that but figured that silence was my best option here.

Punishment Instead of Persuasion

Then Inga said, “Now for your first lesson. You are going to be punished for not doing what I told you.”

“But I did Mistress Inga.”

“Yes but not promptly. You had to be persuaded by my beating Jenifer. No, you are now going to be punished for not obeying when I gave you an order.”

She reached down and fondled my testicles. Now any guy will tell you that this is a very vulnerable spot and I had visions of the pain she could cause simply by squeezing them. Inga was more subtle than that however. She formed a larks head with a doubled up length of rope and slipped it over my scrotum. One end of the line was tossed over my shoulder and the other down towards my feet. She unlocked one wrist and brought my hands forward so that they stretched out on either side of my head.

For a moment I thought of fighting but with my neck and feet tied down to say nothing of a rope around my scrotum there was no sense in bringing down more punishment. Inga must have seen my thoughts because she patted me on the head and said, “Good boy.”

She locked the handcuffs again and then brought my hands back over my head. Letting go she said “Stay.” I felt her doing something between my cuffed hands, but I couldn’t see what it was. I felt the tension come off my ankles as she released the rope that had been holding them and brought my feet up towards my waist.

I was pretty certain she was planning to hogtie me but had no idea of the torment she had planned. First she ran the rope from my ankles through the links of my handcuffs. Then she pulled forcing me to arch my back and bringing my feet up to meet my wrists. She tied this line of but it seemed to be a simple knot that I might be able to reach. I knew she had more expertise that that and I was wondering what she had planned.

I felt a pull on my testicles as she pulled the two ends of the larks head looping one tail through the chain on the ankle hobble and the other through the handcuff links. While I couldn’t see what she was doing she must have tied the two ends together and then released the original hogtie rope. Suddenly I was in a three point hogtie with my back trying to straighten, my arms and legs trying to unfold and every movement pulling on my scrotum.

This was a very difficult position. In a normal hogtie the feet are fastened to the wrists and pull against each other. In this case both my feet and my wrists were fastened to my testicles and held in place only by will power. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold my body this way for long and my poor testicles would become more and more tightly stretched. I was already sweating from the effort and knew that soon my muscles would begin to cramp.

Inga laughed as she watched me and said, “This is just lesson one. There are so many ways to hurt you. Do you think you are learning your lesson?”

“Oh yes Mistress. Please, please I beg of you. Your slave will be obedient. Please mistress.”

Inga laughed and disappeared from my field of vision. I didn’t know if she was near by or if she had left to go up to the house. I could feel my muscles spasm and I was beginning to pant and moan as the rope tugged my testicles higher toward where my ankles and wrists were above my back. I was in agony.

I was crying when she came back. I know that’s not the way we big tough guys are supposed to act, but I was. The larks head is a sort of a slip knot so not only did it feel as though I was going to be castrated by the upward pull, the increasingly tight rope on my scrotum made me feel as though I was inventing a new way to get a vasectomy without an incision.

Inga sliced the rope running from my scrotum and my feet and arms fell to the floor. My muscles had been so strained that I couldn’t move at all as she undid the handcuffs and pulled my arms behind my back replacing the cuffs. Then she retied my hobble chain to the eye bolt and I was stretched out on the floor. She played with my ass as she asked, “Have we learned to be a good boy?”

I was too exhausted to do anything but tell her what she wanted to hear. I said, “Yes mistress. Thank you for releasing me mistress. I understand I must obey mistress.”

That was a little over the top but I would have gone on forever if it avoided more torment like that. Apparently Inga was satisfied because she left and eventually sent the chained but obedient slave Patty to give me a bowl of stew and one of water. She placed these on either side of my mouth and I ate and drank like an animal, which, I suppose, was what I was being reduced to.


I was left stretched out on the floor for the rest of the night. In the morning Inga released me and led me outside to urinate and defecate over a hole in the ground. The hole resembled a wide trench or, more ominously, a grave. With my hands in handcuffs behind me I couldn’t wipe myself, so Inga did the honors with a blast of cold water from a garden hose.

I was led back into the barn and backed up to the outside of the stall where a strap was placed over my collar and around several bars securing me. Then my hobble chain was removed and my legs were spread and anchored by ropes from the ankle cuffs. Only then were my handcuffs unlocked from my right wrist. My left wrist was stretched out to the side and the free cuff locked to a bar. Then my right wrist was similarly cuffed to a bar on the other side. At no time did I have the slightest opportunity to escape. It was pretty clear that Inga knew her bondage.

Then we were visited by Catharine and Patty. Patty was shackled and handcuffed as usual but she was pushing a covered cart. Catharine came over to sneer at me while Inga and Patty brought out Jenifer and then Tanana and bound them to their stalls across from me. I didn’t know what was coming but I didn’t think I would like it.

Catharine said to me, “So you won’t leave your home. Well I was going to push you in a pit and burry you alive. Inga convinced me it would be much more fun to keep you and humiliate you. This way you will be able to see as we transform your women into ponygirls.”

She continued, “You are too big ugly to be a pony but we might use you as a draft animal for a while. After that Inga has some very clever ideas of what we could do with you.”

By this time Inga and Patty had finished securing the others and now all three walked over to Jenifer. I couldn’t see very well but heard Catharine say, “No, remove the gags off so the others can enjoy the screams.”

Patty brought over the cart and removed the cover. From where I was I could see some sort of tools and some bottles but couldn’t make heads or tails of it. They were doing something with Jenifer’s nipple rings but I couldn’t tell what. Then they seemed to be playing at her crotch and I heard her shriek and scream, “No, please no. Please, not there.” Then there was a guttural scream and Inga sprayed something at her crotch bringing another scream.

Then they moved closer and were standing by Tanana who was next to me. I could see Patty’s bound hands playing gently with Tanana’s breasts. Of course her body responded and her nipples became erect. Patty reached down and picked up a pair of pliers and gripped the very tip of Tanana’s right nipple. She pulled the nipple away from her chest distorting not only the nipple but also the breast. Tanana was yelling but not making much sense. Well I guess it is hard to be coherent when you nipple is being crushed by pliers and stretched at the same time.

Catharine tilted a bottle of clear liquid and swabbed around the distorted nipple. As soon as she moved out of the way Inga used what looked like a leather punch to pierce a hole in the nipple. Tanana, still protesting at the crushing grip and nasty stretching done with the pliers, screamed as Inga punched through the tender flesh.

Inga set down the leather punch and picked up a shiny ring that had been twisted to a slight spiral shape. She slid it through the bloody hole and then Patty moved the pliers to grip one side of the ring while Inga used a second pair to grip the other side. A brief twist and the spiral was again a flat circle. Using another tool Inga pressed one end of the ring into the other. Apparently there was some sort of locking mechanism because the ring closed with a click.

The other breast was treated similarly. Inga picked up a bottle of lemon juice and swabbed both piercings. The astringent liquid washed away the last of the blood but also brought more pain, causing Tanana to shriek.

I thought that was all but then saw that Patty was on her knees before Tanana licking at her pussy. Of course Tanana’s clit grew in response to this stimulus and Patty was ready with the pliers to seize and crush and pull that delicate pearl. Inga repeated her performance with the leather punch and soon Tanana had a third ring.

I was next in line and despite the relatively small size of my male nipples I soon sported large rings. I also found out just how much the lemon juice used to clean up the blood stung the open wound. I wondered if I was to have a Prince Albert in my penis but the women opted for a ring through my scrotum. It was a painful morning.

Ranching 4.2 – Beasts

Draft Horse

The women were returned to their stalls while Catharine and Patty went off to modify their shoes. I didn’t know it at the time but later learned that they drilled a depression in a pair of each woman’s high heeled pumps. These were on the inside of the shoe at the heel. Then they installed a ball bearing, gluing it in place with epoxy. Thus when the shoes were forced onto Jenifer and Tanana, any attempt to place weight on the full foot caused excruciating pain. They women had to keep their entire weight on the balls of their feet holding their arches rigid.

I however had a different job. Inga went about preparing me carefully, never giving me a chance to escape. First she formed my right hand into a fist. She taped this with two strips of duct tape. Then my hand was pushed into a bondage mitten which was tightly buckled around my wrist. My hand was brought to my shoulder where it was tightly tied. Not only did I not longer have fingers and thumbs, now I had only foreshortened arms that were pretty much useless.

Having untied my ankles but having secured them with a hobble she then released me from the wall. She dropped a sort of leather harness of straps over my head working my now useless arms through the proper holes. She buckled the harness with straps across my chest. The last item was a head harness complete with a bit gag and blinders on either side of my eyes. The bit gag had some sort of flat plate attached to the inside of the bit. This held my tongue down and prevented me from saying anything, although I could breathe and make noises. Once this was snuggled down tightly, she snapped reins to the loops at either side of my bit gag, grabbed a carryall bag and led me from the barn.

We went to a broad more or less level area behind the corrals and exercise yard where there was a rental trailer parked with what appeared to be farm equipment. One of them must have gone into town and rented the trailer and equipment yesterday after ringing us, while we were suffering in our stalls. Inga fastened ropes from my harness to what looked like a plow and told me to pull it off the trailer. I dug in and got it off. She harnessed me to the plow climbed on the rear of it and told me to pull emphasizing the command with a sharp cut across my ass with the ends of the reins.

We pulled the plow down a long straight line and then she began having me curve to the left by pulling on the left rein. After completing the broad turn we went back the way I had come and then plowed another broad turn. Then she had me plow just outside of where the last furrow had been. After a while it became apparent that we were creating a broad oval about a mile and a half long.

We worked pretty much in silence (well I worked while she rode the plow and gave occasional verbal commands to supplement the tug on the reins and the occasional slash at my back or butt with the ends). At lunch time she showed me how practical my scrotum ring was. She looped a leash around a tree and snapped the end onto my scrotum ring. I docilely stood where she had tethered me while she enjoyed a picnic lunch. After she finished lunch I was watered but not fed and we went back to work.

Each evening she would recount what she considered to be my errors (such as working too slowly, or not responding rapidly enough to the reins) and punished me by forcing me to run laps around the outside of the track with weights dangling painfully from the scrotum ring. Even after I completed the required number of laps the weights stayed dangling between my legs as we headed back to the barn. Of course, running or walking, my legs would bang the weights causing them to swing and tug and Inga never lost an opportunity to laugh at how stupid I looked and generally humiliate me.

Once back at the barn Inga would remove the chest harness and the head harness with its’ bit gag and blinders. Then I would be hosed down with cold water (Inga being certain to direct the stream against any weights dangling between my legs). Only then would the weights be removed and I was secured in my stall.

Generally this meant that I lay on my stomach with my legs spread and secured to anchor points behind me. A line ran from my collar to an anchor point in front of me. This was loosened to allow me to get my head high enough to eat the evening bowl of stew and lap up water. If Inga thought I had deliberately been slacking she would release one leg, bring it up over my back and secure it to my scrotum ring. That meant a long night with little sleep. As you might imagine I did my best to meet Inga’s every requirement.

The next day was more of the same. We finished plowing in the afternoon of the second day and then I pulled a scraper to level the earth. After the scraper I was dragging a garden roller filled with water to pack it all down. Then came a wagon with cold asphalt mix, the scraper again and then the roller again. I lost track of the days but I think it took just over a week and a half to complete the track.

Footwear and Measurements – Jenifer’s Story

After they placed rings on us they pushed Tanana and I into our stalls. Both of us were gagged with bit gags with that tongue depressor in order to prevent our talking. Catharine and Patty disappeared for some time while Inga fastened Pete’s arms and put him into a harness and led him off somewhere.

I was worried about Pete. Well, to tell the truth I was worried about Tanana and myself as well. It was Pete, however, that gave me the biggest concern. First I knew he had let himself get chained up because of me, so I had some guilty feelings. Then I didn’t know what had happened in his stall but it must have been very painful. I don’t think I had ever heard Pete cry. He had always been the strong one in charge and now he was, to hear Inga tell it, just a slave. Further it was clear that Inga really liked to hurt men.

My reverie was interrupted when Catharine and Patty returned. Patty had me sit on the floor and put my feet into a pair of my own shoes. Straps were locked around my feet to prevent my removing them. Then Patty gave me a smile and helped me to my feet.

I stood and instantly pain shot from my feet through my legs. Patty and Catharine had anticipated this and caught me as I almost fell, face first, to the floor.

“Ponygirls must remain on the balls of the foot at all times.” Catharine lectured with a smug little smile. “Any weight on the rest of you foot will be rewarded with pain.”

The pain had been blinding. I convinced myself that they had driven a spike through my shoe, though I later found that it was just a ball bearing. Just! How something so small and round could cause such pain baffled me.

Catharine then locked a chain from a central ceiling eyebolt around my neck. The chain had some slack but not enough to allow me to sit or even kneel. I was encouraged, with swats from Catharine’s riding crop, to walk around the stall and get accustomed to balancing on the balls of my foot. It took some while for me to be able to walk instead of totter. When Catharine was satisfied, she and Patty left for the next stall with a pair of similarly modified shoes for Tanana. Looking at the modified pair of Tanana’s shoes is how I learned that it was a ball bearing in the heel.

With the chain around my neck they didn’t even bother closing the stall door. I heard muffled sounds of pain from the next stall as Tanana learned about the damn shoes. Then a few smacks as she was encouraged to walk about.

After a while I heard Catharine calling out a series of numbers but it didn’t make any sense to me until she came back and began to measure me. Catharine would measure and call out a number and Patty would write the measurement down on a form. From time to time Catharine would glance at the form but I don’t know if it was to check Patty’s work or to see what came next on the form.

The measurements were extensive. There were the standard bust, waist and hips but there were all sorts of other measurements including forearm, upper arm, and thigh and calf length. They measured from the waist in front to the waist in the rear which I figured was for a crotch strap. Shorter measurement went from waist to asshole, asshole to bottom of pussy, bottom of pussy to clitoris and clitoris to front waist. Nipples were teased erect and measured for both diameter and length. Similarly all sorts of measurements were taken of my neck and head. Rather ominously they used a speculum to open both my pussy and my anus and then inserted a ruler to get internal measurements.

They also spent quite a bit of time matching my hair color to a book with pages and pages of colors. For this they released my neck chain, clipped a leash to my clit ring and took me out of the barn into the natural light. Once they were happy with the measurements and color chart I was taken back into the stall and the chain replaced around my neck.

I saw Tanana led past, presumably for the hair color chart and couldn’t help but notice how walking on the balls of the foot shaped her calves and legs. It made her a bit taller, of course, but it also forced her to hold her back straight to help her balance and imparted a certain elegance to her walk. I couldn’t help wondering if it did the same to me.

After Tanana was led back we remained in our stalls for the rest of the day. Unable to sit or kneel we could do nothing but work on our balance and on remaining properly on the front of our foot. Of course from time to time you would let your foot down too far and immediately get a nasty dose of pain. I managed to avoid almost falling now as I understood that by getting back onto the balls of my feet and lifting my heels I could stop the pain. I was frightened of what the neck chain would do to me if my full weight came onto it.

As evening fell I wondered if we were going to be forced to remain standing all night but eventually Patty came along. She changed my handcuffs from rear to front and unlocked the neck chain. Patty helped me to kneel and then sit and fastened my hobble chain to a ring in the floor with a padlock. Then she unlocked the terrible torture shoes. I hoped that they would go away but she just set them by the stall door ready for future use. I couldn’t seem to look away from them.

Then she removed my gag and gave me a bowl of stew and another of water. I was about to ask her something but she shook her head and held her finger over her lips. She picked up the ball gag and showed it to me menacingly. I decided that I didn’t want to risk being gagged and not being allowed to eat so I got busy on the stew.

After I finished Patty ran a line through my handcuff chains and helping me lie down on my front tied it off to a ring bolt. It wasn’t terribly tight but the knots were all out of reach and I wasn’t going anywhere. I could feel the ring at my groin and those at my nipples but at that point they weren’t a big deal. Of course since my hobble had been locked I now had to sleep with my ankles crossed but it wasn’t the most uncomfortable of position. It became somewhat worse when Patty stood over me and replaced the bit gag with the tongue depressor but at least she left off the head harness and blinders I had seen used on Pete.

The problem with a bit gag is that you can’t lay your head fully on its side. The shaft of the bit bangs against the floor. The best I could manage was sort of an angle with both the shaft of the bit gag and the side of my nose on the floor. Patty saw the position I was in and shifted the torture shoes so that they were right in front of my eyes. 'Thanks, Patty. That’s a real morale booster.'

Training, Day One – Jenifer’s Story

The next morning I was awakened by Patty who removed my gag. Breakfast was a bowl of dry cereal and a bowl of water, both of which were eaten from a prone position. Shortly after breakfast I heard Inga fitting the straps and head harness onto Pete. He was led away before I was let up from the floor.

Catharine came into the stall and with both Patty and herself present in case of resistance, she unlocked my handcuffs. They crossed my arms behind my back and bound my right wrist just above my left elbow and my left wrist just above the right elbow. Patty rolled me over and helped me to sit up. Then she knelt to force my feet into those damn torture shoes while Catharine concentrated on my head.

Catharine removed my gag and was reaching for a head harness when I began, “What are…”

That was as far as I got when Catharine slashed me with her riding crop. This wasn’t the medium strength swat that she had used to move me around the stall yesterday. This was a full force slash across my breast. She accompanied it with, “You had no permission to talk. Ponygirls do not speak unless their owner wishes them to. You had better remember that.”

My breast was burning and I wished I had the use of my hands to rub it but Catharine ignored it, tugged the harness over my head and began to buckle and tighten all of the many straps. The gag was replaced, with its straps sliding through loops in the harness. As I had seen on Pete’s harness, blinders stuck out on either side of my head so that I had to turn my head to see to the side.

That freedom was soon denied me as Catharine showed me a sinister looking metal hook. The short end of the hook had a large metal ball while the shank ended in a circular opening. Catharine squirted something on the ball and then spread the cheeks of my ass and squirted more of the stuff on my sphincter. I knew enough about anal play to know that it would hurt if I clenched my butt so I tried to relax as she worked the ball into me. Then she ran a cord from the opening on the shank through the straps of my head harness.

By this time Patty had finished with my feet. I was helped to my feet by both women who slid the stall door shut as they moved on to prepare Tanana. I found that not only was my posture rigid as I balanced on just part of my feet, but that I had to keep my head slightly up. Any movement of my arms away from my back or my head in any direction tugged at the hook up my butt. Similarly if I didn’t keep my back ramrod straight the hook tugged at my ass. It was, I suppose, a wonderful posture training device, albeit one that I would rather not have.

With both women next door I suppose I technically would have been able to run away, IF I could open the stall door with my hands crossed behind the small of my back, IF I could dare to move when I couldn’t look down or to the sides, and IF I could run with a hobble chain. All this passed through my mind in a few seconds and I knew that the noise of my moving the stall door or my foot steps on the wooden floor would alert my captors. So I just stood there like a big dumb horse.

Eventually the stall door was opened and Catharine brought me out to stand in front of Tanana. She was bound just as I was and standing just a rigidly, no doubt held by a similar hook and cord. I stared at her harness and crossed arms and nipple rings and the ring hanging from her clit. I couldn’t lower my head or eyes enough to see her ankle cuffs and hobble but I was pretty certain that she, like me, had them.

Catharine ran a pair of reins through the rings on my bit gag and down to my nipple rings. I stood there until she swatted my but with the ends of the reins. Then I moved forward unable to see the ground directly in front of me guided by tugs on my nipples. Eventually I figured that we were headed for the exercise corral.

Round and Round

The exercise corral is where we walk ponies after they have worked out or when we are trying to get them used to a new piece of tack. It is a large roughly round corral with a walker in the center. This is a tall pole with arms sticking out from the top. It looks a little like an old fashioned clothes line, except the only ropes are leads that come down from each arm. Ours is electric driven as Pete doesn’t want to spook the horses with the sounds and smell of a gas engine.

Catharine guided me into place under one of the arms and clipped the lead to my left nipple ring. The reins were removed and I was ready for exercise. I saw Patty leading Tanana past me but once she was secured to the opposite arm the blinders prevented me from seeing her.

“Listen up,” Catharine called from somewhere out of my sight, “there are four basic ponygirl gaits. You have already mastered the walk which can be done with hobbles. Then there are the Prance, the Trot and the Run. None of these can be done with a hobble. Today we are going to practice the Prance. As soon as Patty finishes removing your hobbles we will start to walk. When I call Prance you will lift your leg at each step so that your thigh is at right angles to your body and parallel to the ground. You will then advance bringing down that foot and raising the other thigh so that it, in turn is parallel to the ground.

"If you are slow the walker will tug your nipples. If you fail to lift a thigh high enough Patty or I will correct you with these nice springy bamboo canes. You might keep that in mind as most people find these corrections rather painful.”

And that’s what happened. Patty got the hobbles off but left the ankle cuffs in place. Catharine started the walker and said “OK, Walk.” After a couple of circuits when she felt we had the rhythm she ordered, “Prance.”

Do you know how difficult it is to lift your leg that high with every step? It is especially hard when you have to bring your foot down on just the ball of your foot or get a terrible pain in your leg. Catharine and Patty were snapping their canes almost constantly at one thigh or another. It seemed no matter how hard I tried one leg or the other would get a sharp whack.

After a while I realized that I was becoming incredibly horny despite the pain of the canes. While I am a bit of a bondage slut I have never been into pain. I realized that as I lifted a leg it pulled up on that side of the clit ring pulling my clit to one side. As I lowered that leg and raised the other my clit was pulled the other way. They weren’t sharp tugs or anything like that but gradually, as the leg motions continued, the sensations began to build up. I couldn’t look down of course but I could feel fluid leaking from my pussy and running down the insides of my thighs. I was certain that it would be visible to anyone watching me.

As we went on and on I became more and more aroused. Fearfully I recognized the signs of an impending orgasm. I tried to concentrate on holding it back but it seemed that I was doomed to cum, breaking the monotonous rhythm and probably while getting pulled off my feet by my nipple.

I was just about to lose it when Catharine called, “Walk” and then, “Halt”. Had she seen what was happening? Did she care? I don’t know but I was glad to stand still for a few minutes and let the raging fires recede.

I thought our torment was over but apparently it was just time to change directions. Catharine unclipped the lead from my left nipple ring, turned me around and clipped the lead to my right nipple ring. Then the whole thing began all over again. Well it began all over again with one exception. This time I was already horny.

I don’t know if I was doing it deliberately or if it was the effect of my increasing arousal but I seemed to be getting sloppier. Of course that resulted in more pain from those damn canes but at least the pain drove back the orgasm. Still the constant movement on my poor clit was about to overwhelm me when the walker jerked to a stop and I heard a high keening sound from across the way. Tanana had succumbed to the insidious tugging before I had. Still I was panting and my legs were trembling as Catharine berated Tanana and told her that she was a "ponygirl slut".

I didn’t really pay attention to what she was saying until she appeared in front of my blinkered face. She smiled at me the way a cat must smile at a mouse and asked, “How about this one. Is she also a slut?”

I tried to back away from her but the lead was still attached to my nipple and I couldn’t manage more than two steps backward. Catharina used her left hand to hook through the ring on my clit and pull me back towards her. She said, “Let’s see what state this one is in.”

Holding my clit ring in her left hand she inserted one and then two fingers into my pussy. “Oh…” she said in mock surprise, “this one is gushing.”

I felt my face go red. How in the hell can an over 30 year old woman who spent years as a call girl blush? Catharina began friging me with the two fingers of her right hand while holding me in place with her left. I began to pant and gasp as I felt my orgasm build. It was when Catharina let her right thumb gently rub over the very tip of my clit that I lost it. I exploded into a major orgasm that had me jerking and bucking right in front of that damned mistress. I think I came so hard that I squirted my juice which I have almost never done.

Well, embarrassing or not, having both been forced to public orgasms ended our prancing practice for the morning. We were left standing weakly shuddering in aftershocks while Catharine and Patty to a picnic lunch break. Apparently ponies don’t eat lunch because we stood and watched them eat. When they were done we were given some sort of sports drink to replenish the fluids we had lost both as sweat and otherwise.

They did restart the walker after lunch but it was only on Walk and the lesser leg movements didn’t seem to set us off as the Prancing had. Still it was a hard couple of hours walking in circles, one way and then the other before they unhitched us and led us back toward the barn. Of course we were sweaty and got a brief garden hose cold water shower before being taken into our stalls. No towels or rub downs for these ponies. Catharine was obviously a city girl.

There they left us in all of the bondage gear we had been wearing and chained our necks to the central ceiling eyebolt. It was, Catharine told us, good for us to get used to wearing our pony gear for longer periods. I was so exhausted I just wanted to lean against the stall wall and found that this was just possible at the middle of the back wall. I really understood the phrase ‘rode hard and put up wet.’

Eventually, with a hobble chain between my ankles, the harness and gag were removed, my hands were freed only to be handcuffed in front of me and I was again laid face down. With the hobble padlocked (but my ankles uncrossed this time) and my hands stretched out Patty fed me a bowl of stew and another of water. They must have had a discount on case lots of that damn stew. It wasn’t really bad but it was monotonous.

As soon as I finished dinner Patty installed a more comfortable ball gag and I was done for the night. My body was exhausted and my mind was confused and drifting. I fell asleep even before the lights were turned out in the barn.

The Twins Arrive - Jenifer’s Story

Day two began like day one with the same bondage. Arms crossed behind us, head harnesses with bit gags and blinders and the terrible shoes strapped to our feet. We visited the latrine trench on the way to the walker but before we were led from the barn a limousine drove up. Catharine gave both sets of reins to Patty and told her, “Wait here.”

I wondered how the presence of two bound women was going to be explained to the occupants but I needn’t have worried about it. Since Patty was holding the reins slackly we turned to look at the vehicle. From the limousine emerged a driver and a solitary passenger, a woman dressed in an oriental dress. The woman was greeted by Catharine.

Then the driver popped the trunk and Inga, who had joined the party, lifted a bundle from the trunk. She reached in and took a second bundle. With the limousine driver carrying one bundle and Inga the other they headed for the barn and us. As they grew near I saw that each ‘bundle’ was in fact a bound and gagged oriental woman who had been compressed into a tight ball, presumably for ease of transportation.

The driver returned to his vehicle while the passenger and Catharine went into the house to discuss business. The business they discussed was, no doubt, the business of training captive slave girls as ponygirls. Inga decided that she wanted Patty’s assistance so we were returned to our respective stalls. The reigns were taken off and our necks locked but we were free, even with the blinders to turn and watch the proceedings.

Catharine cut a rope that had been between bound ankles and wrists. Then she removed a strap that had held thighs against breasts. The woman moaned and stretched out on the floor. She still had ankle cuffs locked together and cuffed wrists locked behind her back. She was obviously gagged from the sounds she was making but I couldn’t see the gag because a bag of some heavy dark material had been pulled over the woman’s head blinding her.

Inga told Patty to go into the house and ask for he keys to the padlocks that secured the cuffs and to bring back the cart. I knew she meant the cart that had carried the pliers and punches she had used and I shuddered for the two bound women.

With the women stretched out on the floor it was apparent that they were both of Chinese extraction, or at least some flavor of oriental. They had lovely slim figures and beautiful unblemished golden skin. Though they were slim it was obvious that they were women, not girls, as they were fully developed. Their breasts were on the small side, in keeping with their figures, perhaps a B cup. They had raven black bushes covering their pussies.

Patty came back pushing the cart and handed some keys to Inga. She unlocked one of the women’s ankle cuffs and lifted her to her feet. We were surprised to see the woman try to squirm her way out of Inga’s grip. With her hands still cuffed behind her and her head hooded and gagged it was silly to fight but I had to admire the woman’s spirit.

Inga just pushed her roughly back against a stall on the other side of the barn and looped a length of rope around the woman’s neck and the bars. The woman still tried to fight, lashing out blindly with her bare feet. Inga avoided the kicks easily and simply grabbed the next ankle that was flung out. She tied some rope through the cuff and the pulling the leg to one side tied it. With a rope around her neck and one leg pulled to the side the woman’s struggles subsided. Soon the other ankle was secured.

Only then did Inga unlock the handcuffs from behind the woman’s back and stretch her arm out along the bars. Soon both arm were stretched out and secured to the bars. Inga turned to the second woman who fought and struggled just as valiantly if just as vainly.

Apparently Inga was upset at the amount of resistance they had shown. She turned to Patty and said, “Remove their pubic hair.” When Patty made to go into the house for scissors and a razor, Inga shook her head and said, “No, use the pliers. I want them to know that resistance is not only futile, it brings pain as a punishment.”

Back to Work

It was at this point that Catharine arrived. She looked at Patty, who was dutifully plucking pubic hairs to accompanying muffled screams from the bound Chinese women, and raised an eyebrow at Inga.

Inga smiled and said, “They fought and now they are learning what comes of resisting. Still they are a feisty pair.”

Catharine smiled and nodded. She said, “They are a perfectly matched pair, as well. They are identical twins, smuggled all the way from China. They are both intelligent and well schooled, speaking English as well as their native tongue. One was a veterinarian and the other was an electrical engineer. Let’s pull off the hoods and see what we have.”

Inga moved forward and pulled the hoods from the women. As they were removed long black hair that had been pushed into the hoods spilled out and down. They were remarkably lovely. You could see the anger in their eyes and the dismay as the looked around the barn.

Catharine moved forward and said to the women, “Listen to me. You are no longer women. You are ponygirls. We will train you. If you learn your lessons quickly you will suffer less. If you are recalcitrant you will find your training very, very painful.”

Then turning to Inga she said, “All right. Let’s ring them and then you can take that useless male waste of space and get back to work on the track. Patty and I will do the measurements.”

'Pete,' I thought. 'His name is Pete not that male.’ These women didn’t even consider us human. We were just the livestock on their training ranch. I had known this, I guess, but it just hit home now. I felt a new wave of despair roll over me. It was bad enough being kept in forced bondage but being reduced to animal status was so much worse.

I knew what was coming for the new women and probably should have turned away to give then some modicum of privacy. I couldn’t, however, it was like watching an accident as it was happening. I was unable to tear my eyes away so I stood there and watched as their nipples and clits were sanitized, played with, crushed, pierced and ringed. I could hear each woman’s screams, though they were somewhat muffled by their gags.

When they were finished Inga left Catharine and Patty measuring and went to the end stall. A few minutes later she emerged leading Pete in some sort of harness. I saw with horror that his arms seemed to end around his elbow. Had they cut off his hands? I twisted and pushed against the bars of my stall and was pretty certain that I saw that his forearms were doubled up against his upper arms. Thank goodness for small favors.

Eventually the new women were bit gagged and chained in their stalls. Catharine and Patty led us out to the walker and clipped our nipples. Then Patty worked us at Walk, and Prance for a half hour in each direction and then introduce the Trot. Catharine, it seemed would be in the house preparing shoes for the new women.

Patty dutifully did as ordered but with only one person with a cane and two ponies, we were out of range for much of the circle and seemed to get less corrections. Actually I found that yesterday’s training had given me some muscle memory and that I was able to handle both the Walk and the Prance much better. I did get worked up during the Prance exercises but not to the point where I couldn’t hold things back so I avoided an embarrassing public orgasm.

The Trot, as Patty explained, was a sort of jogging step where you bounced from foot to foot, lifting your legs, at a faster pace than either the Walk or the Prance but short of a full out run. She adjusted the speed on the walker and got us moving. I actually found it easier on my legs than the Prance but it took a lot of oxygen and we were both breathing quite hard when Patty stopped the walker and reversed us.

The other problem with the Trot is that our breasts bounced up and down. I now know why joggers wear a sports bra. Not only is the constant up and down mildly painful I was afraid that my breasts would be stretched and sag further. I guess Tanana, who had significantly larger breasts than mine, would be having a harder time of it.

At lunch time we were left standing beneath the arms of the walker with a nipple still clipped to the arm while Patty returned to the house. Later she and Catharine went to the barn to put the torture shoes on the new women and get them into standing on the balls of their feet.

After that Catharine joined Patty. They gave us some sports drink and ran us through all three gaits. Catharine saw the problem with bouncing breasts and cut the Trot short remarking to Patty that the corsets would fix that. I didn’t know what she had in mind but I was pretty certain that I wouldn’t like it.

Unwilling to proceed with the Trot, Catharine went back to Prance. Actually, even with both women wielding canes we did pretty good and, though we were both whacked a few times for not getting our thighs high enough, it was fairly peaceful afternoon. I couldn’t see Tanana but I could hear it when the cane impacted her thighs.

Of course, at the Prance, our clit rings got us all worked up but the afternoon session wasn’t long enough to cause an orgasm. I told myself that avoiding a public orgasm, which had been so embarrassing, was a good thing. It may have been but I was damn horny and even the cold water shower didn’t make it go away. It took me longer to fall asleep that night.

Rewards and Punishments

On the third day I saw Inga drive off in the big Hummer. At the time I was hitched to a corral railing watching the Chinese women being put through the same three paces that Tanana and I gone through. It seemed that Catharine wanted all four of us to be more or less on a par as the training moved forward. We had begun with all four of us on the walker but the Chinese women were fighting and Tanana and I had been pulled aside to allow better access with the canes.

Both of the new women were smaller and more delicate that Tanana and I. They seemed to have fewer problems with their smaller tighter breasts when they trotted. At the same time they wore the same size rings as us. While the clit ring was the same size, it was proportionately larger compared to their thighs and seemed to work them up faster. Of course Catharine watched this and frequently jilled them off while verbally humiliating them. I think the orgasms sapped their spirit both from the physical exertion and from the growing recognition that they no longer had control of their own bodies.

Inga returned about lunch time leaving us standing in the sun at the corral. After they ate all three came out to the corral. Inga left with Pete to do whatever it was that they were doing. Tanana and I were reattached to the walker and spent the rest of the afternoon working with the Chinese women. Fortunately, at least for us, they were behind us on the learning curve and seemed to be catching most of the corrective whacks with the canes. Catharine had placed us between the new women. With four of us we could each see the person ahead of us despite the blinders and posture straps. Catharine was constantly saying, "Look at the pony ahead of you," or "emulate her steps."

In the evening after our cold showers we were led into the barn where there were a number of boxes that looked as though they had been expressed. Apparently Inga had gone into town to pick them up. I assumed that they were more things to torture us with.

I wasn’t all that interested as we entered our stall and were tied down and fed. Then we got a surprise. Catharine told Tanana and I that she was pleased with our progress and that as a reward we would be allowed to sleep without gags. She did warn us that talking was not allowed and that there would be dire consequences if she found us talking. It wasn’t much of a reward but at least I was able to lay my head more comfortably and after the pain we had suffered any improvement, no matter how slight, was wonderful.

The barn was dark and I had fallen asleep when I heard Tanana calling, “Jenifer, Jenifer, wake up.”

I mumbled, “Tan, shut up. They said that they would punish us if we talked.”

Tanana replied, “Hell they can’t hear us. Anyway it can’t get much worse than it is. Boy would I like to get my hands on that bitch Catharine. Hey, Pete, are you here?”

A muffled grunt answered so I knew that Pete could hear us. I wasn’t certain Tan heard the grunt so I said, “He’s here but he is still gagged.”

I called out to the new women and asked them if they were awake and if they knew where they were. I got some muffled “Uh uh’s” in response.

I told them where we lived and that we used to train cow ponies here until that bitch and her gorilla snuck up on us and captured us. Tan chimed in with some choice comments about both Catharine and Inga. We weren’t getting loose but it felt good to just be able to communicate for the first time in days.

Then the lights came on and Catharine and Inga came in. They were burning mad. Catharine was screeching, “I reward you and this is how you pay me back. We will see about that.”

Inga fastened my right ankle to a spreader bar and unlocked that ankle from the hobble chain. She pulled that ankle wide so that the other end of the bar was at my left ankle. Securing that ankle she fastened a line to the spreader bar, ran it through a ceiling hook and began to hoist.

At first my knees just folded back lifting my feet. As she continued to pull a strain came on my hips which were being lifted backwards. Then the pull began on my spine curving the wrong way. I thought she was going to lift me upside down but she had nastier plans than that and stopped with my face, shoulders and breasts pressed to the floor. My back was screaming as though I had been pulled into an ultra tight hogtie.

Inga walked out and went into Tanana’s stall, presumably to fix her in the same painful position. Catharine came in and began to batter my thighs including the tender inner thighs, my ass, my labia and even my poor tender pussy. These weren’t gentle taps but full arm swings and I was screaming in no time.

I could hear Tanana screaming behind me as Inga presumably beat her in the same manner. The pain was so intense I think I finally passed out. I regained consciousness early next morning. My legs and butt and pussy burned as though I had a bad case of sunburn. My back was arched backwards and was terribly painful.

I could hear the sounds of morning. Inga was getting Pete up and out to whatever they were doing. I heard sounds that must have been Catharina and Patty getting the Chinese women ready. Then Catharine came in and stood to one side of me. She sneered when she asked, “Have we learned our lesson now?”

I would have said anything that she wanted me to say. I responded, “Yes Mistress. I am truly sorry Mistress”

She said’ “We’ll see. You can stay there and contemplate your position. You are a slave. I can grant you favors or make your life a living hell, or even end it. There is no white knight to ride to the rescue. No cavalry. Only your mistress and whatever she decides to do. You would do well to accept that and try to please me.” With that she turned and left me hanging there.

I hung there in misery for I don’t know how long. I do know that full daylight came. At some point I realized that with my hands still pulled out in front of me and my shoulders on the ground I should be able to roll over. My legs would still be pulled up but at least my back would be curved in the other direction.

I tried to roll over but couldn’t seem to make it. I tried again and again but even though I could lift one shoulder I couldn’t quite make it over. Rolling became the most important thing in my life and I tried again and again. Finally I became suspicious. I twisted my head as far as possible and managed to bring my head around enough to see the end of the spreader bar. Sure enough there was a rope running from the spreader bar to the stall’s bars to prevent me from rolling over. Mistress had anticipated me and prevented me from improving my position.

I lay back exhausted recognizing that I had been out-thought again. I lay there in pain and made two promises to myself. From now on I would do whatever they told me with no hesitation. I knew that they could beat me for no reason but so far they had seemed to follow a carrot and stick approach. First they showed us that no escape was possible, the, they gave out both rewards for good behavior and punishments (dreadful punishments) for failure to obey.

Well, OK, I would work the system. From now on I would be the best behaved ponygirl they had ever seen. I briefly did a reality check. Was this the infamous Stockholm syndrome? No, I wasn’t getting sympathetic with my captors. This was survival. I would be good because by pleasing them I would improve my chances of survival until an opportunity arose to escape. It looked pretty bleak at the moment but sooner or later it would happen and when it did I would be prepared to take advantage of it. To do that I had to be in the best physical shape I could manage.

And then there was the second promise I made. That was that when I did manage to escape I would find some way to pay Catharine and Inga back. I didn’t know what or how or when but I would survive for that day. If necessary I would be submissive on the outside but inside the hatred would build and some day I would have justice.

It was past midday when Patty was sent to lower us. She wasn’t as strong as Inga so I came down to the floor with a bump but it was so good to have my back straight again. I didn’t even mind when she pulled the rope on the spreader bar through an eyehook leaving me stretched in a Y face down on the floor. My thighs, my butt and my pussy all felt as though they had been sunburned but the relief at being able to relax my back was so great that I was content.

I wasn’t gagged but I didn’t even try to talk. I heard nothing from Tanana so assumed that she had decided to obey, just as I had.

Ranching 4.3 –Ponygirls & Puppies

Costumes – Jenifer’s Story

I was fed but left in that position all night. In the morning there was a change in routine. After my bowl of dry cereal and bowl of water, I was led handcuffed and hobbled to the latrine trench. Then I was led back into the building and fastened to the outside of my stall. Without head harness and blinders or the hook and strap, I was able to look around. As I did a little spot of pink in my stall caught my eye. There isn’t much pink in a horse barn so I looked hard at it. Something clicked in my mind. It was a baby crib monitor. One of those listening devices a mother might place near a crib while she took the receiver off somewhere else. That was how they had heard us taking last night.

Each of the other women was treated similarly. When all four of us had been fed and watered Catharine announced, “You are all lucky ponies. Today you will be given your ponygirl costumes and your pony names.”

Pointing to Tanana she continued, “We will start with you Blackie.” I braced myself for some reaction. Tanana was, after all, a black woman and sensitive to racial slurs. I saw her open her mouth but yesterday’s punishment was still fresh enough that she swallowed whatever she had been going to say.

Patty unfastened Tanana and brought her to a spreader bar in the aisle between the stalls. Her hands were fastened to the bar which was then hoisted to a bit above waist high.

Catharine was sorting through the boxes that had arrived yesterday and handed Patty a pair of strange half boots. She showed them to each of us including Tanana. There was a shiny toe cap for the front of the foot that looked like stiff rubber. Under the toe cap was a horse shoe. Behind the toe cap what appeared to be a metal foot plate rose at a sharp angle to a point where it would cup the heel of the foot. Beyond the heel cup the metal bent straight up and was slightly rounded with holes on either side.

The design became obvious when she placed Tanana’s foot into the first boot. Tanana was standing on the ball of her foot as we had been trained to do. Her foot and heel were raised sharply. If there had been heels they would have been 5 or 6 inches tall but there was nothing but space under Tanana’s foot. Her calf was cradled by the slightly rounded metal shaft that went over half way up. The use of the holes became clear as Patty inserted long straps that crossed the front of Tanana’s leg as they laced up. When Patty completed the lacing the boot was held solidly to Tanana’s leg. The final touch was a padlock with a bell through the hasp that held the ends of the strap together. Tanana would have no way to remove the boot and would ring the bell with each step she took.

While Patty was finishing the boots, Catharine wrapped a white vinyl corset around Tanana’s torso. The top of the corset was a sort of shelf bra that lifted and molded Tanana’s large breasts but only covered perhaps the lower third of her breasts. Most of her breasts, including her nipples and nipple rings were uncovered and available. Still, what little bra there was would help when we were at a Trot or a Run. The effect of the bra was enhanced by straps that ran over her shoulder and buckled to the rear of the corset.

I couldn’t see exactly how the corset fastened in back but I seemed to be some sort of levers to hold it in place while the laces were tightened. Oh and how they were tightened. Catharine isn’t as large as Inga but she was pretty strong. She braced her knee in Tanana’s back and used her body weight to pull the last bit of slack from the corset laces. I watched as Tanana’s waist compressed. Finally Catharine tied off the laces. The ends of the laces were wrapped around a cleat on the back of the corset. This was covered with a flap that was zipped neatly in place and secured with a padlock. There were some additional straps whose purpose I didn’t understand at the time.

In the course of all of this tugging Tanana had rotated a bit and I could now see her front. She looked spectacular. The corset went from above her pussy to just a bit of her breasts. Tanana has a lovely coffee au lait skin but her aureoles, nipples and pussy are a much darker shade almost black. The shiny white corset contrasted with her skin. Catharine fussed with the shoulder straps removing any slack that had developed during the lacing process.

Now Catharine picked up a white vinyl hood with a long stiff neck piece. She held this up for us all to see (and admire?) On top of the hood there was a long white plume such as might be seen on some fancy marching band shakos. Over the forehead the name “Blackie” had been embroidered in block letters. The face was open, framed by an oval cut out but the blinders were an integral part of the hood. I couldn’t help notice that the inside of the blinders were faced with some sort of dark materiel, apparently to keep reflected glare from the pony’s eyes.

There were loops on the side of the hood to hold a gag strap level and the hood continued down to a stiff portion that covered the throat and acted as a built in posture collar. In the rear of the hood there was an opening through which Catharine pulled Tanana’s hair, or perhaps in her warped mind, Blackie’s mane.

Once the hood was in place and tightly laced Patty added a bit gag running the straps through the loops I had seen. Unlike the bit gags we had been using this one was quite elegant and was covered in white so that it matched the corset and hood.

While Patty was gagging Tanana, Catharine returned to the boxes and emerged with something that looked like a large U shaped bracket. On one arm of the U there was a large plug, while the other end had an arched fall of hair, the same color as Tanana’s. Catharine dipped the plug end into some sort of lubricant and then began inserting it into Tanana’s ass. Of course Tanana reacted by stepping forward a few inches, making little bell sounds. Catharine simply said, “If you don’t hold still I will flog you and then shove this in without any lube. What’s it going to be?”

Tanana recognized the inevitable and moved back to her original position which she held while Catharine pushed the plug home. Once it was fully seated a slim chain from the bottom of the corset was secured to the U shape with a padlock, ensuring that it would stay in place. With the plug fully inserted it looked as though Tanana (or Blackie) had grown a magnificent tail that reached up from her butt and then curved gracefully down. I was certain it would swish from side to side as she walked.

Only now did Catharine unlock Tanana from the spreader bar. Even then she unlocked only one arm at a time. The arm was bent across her back and secured with straps. The second arm received the same treatment and I realized why those additional straps on the corset were placed where they were.

Tanana was placed against her stall and a leash looped around one of the bars and clipped to her clit ring. This was, of course, Catharine’s favorite tether point for hitching ponygirls. Because of her tail Tanana (or Blackie, as she was now called) had to stand sideways but Catharine made certain that she was in position to see me acquire my ‘costume’.

I was led out and fastened to the spreader bar. As she dressed me Catharine announced, “I hope you are paying attention because in the future each pair of ponies will be required to dress the other. Any slackness in the lacing will result in very nasty punishments for both ponies in that team. You will also be required to maintain and clean your tack.”

My gear was all in black, including the corset, hood, gag and plume. I suppose this was to contrast with my fair skin. My embroidered pony name was "Star". I found the boots strange and was glad that we had practiced first with the shoes. I didn’t love the weight of these boots and was certain they would be a nasty annoyance when we were performing our gaits.

After I was properly costumed, it was the turn of the Chinese women who were named "Gee" and "Haw" which is a sort of a joke as it means left and right to the driver of horse drawn wagons. Unlike Blackie in white and Star in black, Gee and Haw were a matched pair in a bright red. The color was perfect for their lovely golden skins.

The corset was tight and restrictive and I was unsteady on the new boots but I did have to admit that from a strictly visual point of view we were a ponygirl fetishist’s wet dream.

More Training

I won’t take you through everything we did as it got pretty boring. We had to relearn the gaits with the corsets and the new boots but the head start in the other gear made it relatively easy. As I had suspected all of us had sore thighs during the Prance exercises as our legs strained against the weight of the boots. The Trot and Run were hampered by our inability to take deep breaths in the restrictive corsets but our breasts were more comfortably cradled by the top of the corset. We endured. (We didn’t have much choice.) Gradually our stamina improved.

The big change occurred a couple of days later when we were introduced to pulling sulkies. They were like a racing sulky with two big wheels, minimal body and a seat and foot rests mounted in the center. There were two curved arms that slid through rings in the corset, more or less at our waist. We were backed up to a strap that crossed behind us below our crossed arms. Then a second belt was pulled tight in front of us. When we moved the sulky moved behind us.

We practiced the Walk and Trot over rough ground but Catharine said the Prance and Run would have to wait until the track was completed.

Each evening two of us were led into a single stall. Our arms were unfastened and we unlaced and undressed each other. When we were done our arms were free but our ankles were still hobbled. The woman who lived in the stall locked a long chain around her neck. Then the other woman gathered up her gear and stood waiting at the stall door. Catharine always had her stun gun ready and Patty carried a cane as they opened the stall door and escorted the hobbled woman to her own stall. Once there the second woman would have a chain locked around her neck. In addition to the chains around the neck the stall doors were locked.

With the long chains things were somewhat more comfortable for us. We cleaned and hung our gear for the next morning. Except for the ankle hobbles and the chain around our necks, we were no longer bound and gagged but were still not allowed to talk. No one dared to violate the no talking rule as the baby monitors remained in place.

The Rape Party – Pete’s Story

I don’t know why they did it. Perhaps they wanted to punish the Chinese women for some reason. Perhaps it was something racial, they certainly seemed racist when they named Tanana Blackie. Maybe they just wanted to show how much control they had or to humiliate us. For all I know it was just their twisted sense of fun.

Whatever the reason, one day after dinner I was chained by the neck to one of the support beams in the barn. My hands were still taped and in the bondage mittens and tied up to my shoulders and I wore the familiar bit gag. Inga hauled two bales of hay into the center aisle. Under the center of each one she laid a long strap and a bungee cord with S hooks on each end. She then laid a length of 2 X 4 along each side of the bale.

I stood watching as she brought out the first of the Chinese women. I hadn’t even realized that there were more captives than Jenifer, Tanana and I so the appearance of the young attractive Chinese woman was a surprise to me. The woman had a bit gag similar to mine and had her hands were cuffed in front of her.

I watched as Inga forced her to lie along the length of the bale of hay on her front. Inga positioned the woman with her handcuffs out in front of the bale and her knees bent on the floor behind the bale. She brought the long strap up and buckled it behind the woman’s back ensuring that she could not get up. She slid the lumber forward and then forced the woman to spread her knees wider than the bale. Then she slid the lumber back trapping it between the bale and the inside of the woman’s thigh. It was over the woman’s calf and prevented her from raising her foot.

Inga slid the wood far enough back so that she could pull the woman’s elbow out to the side and then slide the lumber forward. With the woman’s hand cuffed her forearms were pulled toward the center of the bale and were now trapped under the length of wood.

At this point the woman’s arm and thigh were held to one side outside the width of the bale by the piece of wood. Inga then went to the other side and repeated the process with the other piece of wood. When she was done the woman was held rigidly with the lumber forcing her thighs and elbows wider than the bale. Her cuffed wrists were pulled tightly across the front of the bale.

I was less surprised when Inga brought out a second woman and positioned her on the second bale. She was secured in the same manner but with her head at the other end so that each woman could watch what was happening to the other.

Inga told Patty, “Get him hard.”

With useless arms and chained by the neck I couldn’t resist much when Patty began to fondle my testicles and stroke my penis. I hadn’t had sex for well over a week which might not sound too bad but you have to remember that I had been living with Jenifer and Tanana and playing bondage games every night. I thought that Patty would be able to get me erect very quickly, but I have never been into rape and saw nothing sexy either in our current captive status or in the poor women bent over the bales.

Well that may not be strictly true. I mean the women were attractive and, yes sexy. Still I didn’t get hard until Patty dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. At that point no matter what my big head thought about the situation my little head insisted on a transfusion and I grew hard.

My face must have showed my feelings because Inga said to Patty, “I said get him hard. Don’t you dare bring him off you little slut.”

At this point Catharine arrived with a plastic ring. She unscrewed two wing nuts and the ring came apart into two halves. Catharine showed it to Inga saying, “See this bump here presses against the sperm tube and prevents ejaculation. The ring itself contracts around his cock and prevents the blood from escaping. A simple yet effective device if you insist on using males.”

This didn’t sound like anything I would like but with Patty firmly gripping my penis I didn’t have any choice as Inga applied and then tightened the device. Then she told me to get on my knees behind the first woman.

I guess I could have tried to resist out of some noble chivalry but I remembered what she had done to Jenifer the last time I had fought her and I meekly got down behind the woman. It was then that Catharine went into a stall and brought out Tanana. She had her hands cuffed behind her back and was wearing a gag but what really worried me was the strap on positioned at her groin. She fastened Tanana to the post that I had recently occupied.

At that moment Inga brought me back to the business at hand with a nasty cut with her riding crop. I obediently crawled forward until my penis was nudging the woman’s pussy. Inga, who apparently didn’t like anything to do with a male penis, had Patty guide me into the woman. Once I was fully in, Inga forced me to lean over the woman pressing my chest to her lower back. Then I found out what the bungee cord was for as Inga grabbed the S hooks and placed them on my nipple rings. I knew that I wouldn’t be getting up soon.

Having seen Tanana’s strap on I wasn’t particularly surprised when I felt some cold lube squirted up my ass followed by a rigid dildo. Since Tanana was still chained in front of me I surmised it was Jenifer who was being forced to ream me.

I was trying to be gentle with the woman under me and Jenifer was trying to be gentle with me, but that didn’t seem to make the mistresses happy. I heard Catharine saying, “Faster, Harder.” I could feel Jenifer jerk forward as I heard a riding crop impact on her ass. Of course as she jerked forward the dildo was pushed deeper into me and I was pushed deeper into the woman under me. The sounds of the crop continued with Jenifer thrusting faster and faster. The woman under me was moved a bit back and forth as our bodies thrust and drew back. Apparently her clit ring was tugged and, though it took a while, she was making sounds that might have been an orgasm.

I am not a big fan of anal sex and didn’t really enjoy the ass reaming I was getting. At the same time the woman under me had a soft wet and tight pussy and the friction was arousing me. I couldn’t ejaculate, however, and continued to thrust into her. Behind me I felt a change in motion as Jenifer was brought off. Apparently this particular strap on had an internal (to the wearer, the other end was internal to me, of course) dildo and perhaps something to rub the clitoris. Jenifer didn’t usually come so fast.

I thought we were done, at least with this woman but Inga had an idea. She said, “Wait, he has another hole we haven’t even used yet.” She pushed Jenifer back so that she was fully into me. Since the ring kept me hard I was fully into to woman under me.

Inga brought Patty around to the front of the bale, removed her hobbles and told her to sit on the woman’s shoulders. Patty complied spreading her legs so that her feet rested on the 2 X 4 s on either side of the bale with her pussy just in front of my face. Inga un-strapped and removed my gag.

I suppose that Inga thought that this would be the ultimate humiliation. A male forced to service a woman with his tongue. As it happens, she was dead wrong. Unlike anal sex, I love oral. I love to bring a woman closer and closer, hold her just at the edge and then bring her over the top in an explosion of sensation. It doesn’t hurt that I have always felt women are at their most marvelous when in an orgasm. All artifice, all polite little mores and social graces disappear. Oh, sure some are more powerful than others but all orgasms seem to have that moment when the woman’s body is out of control, the mind is only a sensual receptor and the wonderful animal that is the woman is laid bare (no pun intended). I suppose that in some way bringing a woman to that point is the ultimate domination.

Then too, I knew that there was another woman on the next bale, and that while I was screwing her, Tanana would be butt f***king me. My ass was already sore and while I still had Jenifer’s strap on up my butt at least I wasn’t being reamed at the moment. It just wasn’t practical to be moving back and forth at the hips while maintaining any sort of contact and concentration at the mouth. So the longer I ate Patty the longer my sore butt would have to recover.

Finally if my love for women and the pain in my ass isn’t enough there was a psychological need to bring Patty to the best orgasm I could manage. In the current circumstances when I had just about zero control, this was an opportunity to control one of my captors. If I could drive her over the edge at least for those few seconds (I would have said few minutes but I had never been with Patty and don’t want to seem boastful) she would not be in control. Now I know it was only Patty the submissive and not Inga or Catharine but still, she was one of them. In reading back I guess it was pretty petty of me to think along those lines, but that’s what I was feeling.

I lifted my head and used my foreshortened arms to pull as best as I could at her ass urging Patty closer to my mouth. She slid forward a few inches and I ran my tongue through her slit avoiding, for the moment, any contact with her clitoris. I pushed into her as deeply as I could in my awkward position and wiggled my tongue.

Patty responded as though she was starved for affection. I would have thought that as part of a lesbian trio she would have had plenty of satisfaction but this didn’t seem to be the case. Of course I didn’t know the dynamics in Catharine’s weird household. Perhaps poor submissive Patty was only the eater and never the eaten.

Whatever the reason Patty was very responsive. When I lapped up and around her clit I felt her grab my hair and could hear her loud moans. I decided to focus on her clitoris and found that I could work her further and further up by lapping and then judiciously pausing to let her catch a breath and then going back at her.

When Patty came she shrieked and thrust back so hard that she fell off of the woman. Inga seemed to be impressed. Of course none of that did me much good. Jenifer and her strap on were pulled out and the S hooks released from my nipple rings. Inga led me by my hair around to the second woman and a recovered Patty helped me insert myself. Then Tanana was at my back door.

Tanana is a wonderful woman but that night she was literally a pain in the ass. She liked rough sex herself and tended to assume her partners liked it that way as well. When we played I tried to meet her needs and was rougher with her than I was with Jenifer, but my personal style is more sweet and gentle.

I don’t know if Tanana was turned on by the treatment of the Chinese women or from having watched Jenifer in my ass, or from Patty’s pretty major orgasm or the fact that she now had free reign with her strap on in my butt. It was probably all of the above. Perhaps I ought to give her the benefit of the doubt and guess that she wanted to avoid the pain of being slashed with the riding crop as Jenifer had been. Whatever it was, she was in my ass hard and fast and as I remarked above, she was a real pain in my ass.

Other than Tanana’s enthusiasm things went pretty much as before with the woman under me being moved to orgasm both by my rutting and the friction against the hay bale. It took what seemed like a long time for Tanana to get off. I expected to service Patty again but was surprised to hear Inga say, “I’ve never had a man who was any good at eating pussy. I don’t know what got Patty off so well but I’m going to try some of this.”

Sure enough I was between some very attractive Amazon thighs looking at a neatly trimmed but not fully shaved blond pussy. This was the first time I had seen any part of Inga without her being fully clothed and despite my current predicament, I noted that she was rather attractive. (Hey, I was there and couldn’t help seeing what was there. If I was attracted, just put it down to being a guy thing.) Of course my view was pretty much limited to her thighs and her pussy but I have to admit that I was attracted to her. I felt like I had been called up from the minors to the big league.

Inga didn’t want to waste any time but I insisted on touring the limited portion of her inner thighs and the sweet juncture of her thigh and her prominent Venus mound. I nibbled very gently at her labia before swiping me tongue through her slit. I could hear a sigh of contentment as I thrust my tongue deeply into her. The damned bitch was already wet! I don’t know what had turned her on but this was going to be almost too easy.

I alternated between her insides and her large and tasty clitoris. I drove her up, slipped back to her outer labia and as she realized I had backed off dove back into her. I repeated this several times, increasing her arousal each time, but was afraid she would see a pattern and start to resist. I decided that I had done as much as I could so I wrapped my lips over my teeth and gripped and gently tugged on her clit while lashing and tapping it as rapidly as possible with my tongue.

Inga came with a gush that nearly blinded me but I hung on trying to drive her higher and higher. I was doing pretty well until she pushed me off of her. Of course my moving back drove Tanana deeper into me and pulled at the rings in my nipples. Fortunately Inga levered herself up and let me go so I was able to move a bit forward. I could see a pool of Inga’s juice between the poor Chinese woman’s shoulder blades. Of course my slight forward movement helped my nipples but at the same time it drove me deeper into the woman beneath me.

I was exhausted and sore. Catharine took over for Inga, who was a bit shaky herself at the moment, and pulled Tanana from my very sore and bruised rectum. She and Patty led Jenifer and Tanana back to their respective stalls and did whatever they did to secure them for the night.

I was next and Catharine inserted the bit gag, buckled it very tight and then released the S hooks. Both she and Patty accompanied me to my stall but I was too worn to give them any trouble. Catharine though it was funny to put my ankles in a spreader bar and have me lie me on my back with my still rigid penis standing up like a flag pole. Chains at my neck and the spreader bar fixed me on the floor for the night.

Of course I couldn’t see but I heard the sounds of the Chinese women being released and returned to their stalls. I guess Inga recovered because I heard the bales being dragged back to the side and couldn’t envision the haughty Catharine doing that. I doubted that Patty was strong enough so it must have been Inga. The lights went out and I fell asleep.

It was some time in the middle of the night when I woke to the sound of my stall door sliding open. Someone entered the stall using a flashlight. I couldn’t tell who it was at first but heard the clink of links and realized it must be Patty who was always in handcuffs and often hobbled as well. She wasn’t hobbled that night. Patty located me with the light and straddled me. Then she lowered herself onto my still rigid penis.

Turning out the flashlight she leaned forward and braced her linked hands on my chest. Then she began to ride me up and down. It was a very nice sensation, a slow and gentle f**k. It was also terribly frustrating for me because with the ring tightly around me I couldn’t manage to ejaculate. Patty rode me for some time and then straightening up brought her linked hands town to play with her clit. I could feel the juices when she came.

Then she climbed off of me, loosened the screws and removed the damn ring. She whispered softly, “I was told to bring this in and clean it up. They didn’t say we couldn’t have any fun.”

What fun? The woman had raped me and now was leaving me with the worst case of blue balls I could remember. I mean she could have removed the ring first and then ridden me. That way we could both have had some fun. No, she had left the damn thing on and now without even giving me the relief of jerking me off she was slipping out and closing the stall door. Damn, if I ever got that woman when I was free, she was going to suffer.

Threats and Pets

The next morning, after breakfast, Inga came into my stall and led me to the latrine trench. While I was relieving myself Catharine came by headed for the barn. As she passed us she said to Inga, “You ought to just push him in and let him wallow in the filth until he starves.”

Inga responded, “You promised I could keep him as my pet dog.”

Catharine sounded annoyed but said, “Oh very well. Get him fixed up and keep him out of trouble.”

After she left Inga led me toward the house. As we went she said, “I told you that I was going to have lots of fun with you.”

I didn’t know what to think. Catharine’s casual suggestion of killing me slowly in a particularly nasty way had frightened me. Chained up as all of us were and with me having no use of my hands or arms I realized that we were all terribly vulnerable. So I guess I was relieved that Inga had plans for me. Still, I very much doubted that I would enjoy her plans.

Inga led me to what used to be Tanana’s and was now her bedroom. There were a number of bondage devices, some of which I didn’t recognize on her bed. The first thing she did was to lace a sheath over each of my doubled up arms. To get it fit properly she had to remove the rope holding my wrists to my shoulders. I started to straighten my arms but it had been bent for a couple of weeks and it was painful. It didn’t really matter as they were bent and compressed even tighter by the sheaths. Each of these sheaths had a pad at the elbow.

Next I was made to lie face down and my legs were doubled up until my heels pressed my butt. Then my legs were also sheathed. Inga pulled the laces tightly and tied them in a knot. Inga had me stand, if it can be called that, on my knees and elbows. I realized that the pads at the closed end of the sheath would make this tolerable for long periods and began to wonder about what sort of ‘pet’ I was going to be.

With me on my elbows and knees Inga spread my legs and reaching between them pulled my testicles back behind my folded legs. This was tight but just short of painful. She flourished something in front of me that looked like two long sticks with screws and wing nuts on the end. She smiled at me and said, “The ultimate male control devices. It’s called the ball stretcher.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about but didn’t like the sound of its’ name or how amused Inga seemed to be. In any case I soon found out how the device worked. She slipped my scrotum between the sticks pulling them slightly further back. The she slid the sticks together and fastened them probably by screwing down the wing nuts. Inga said, “Try to straighten up.”

I obediently tried but the sticks were caught on my doubled up legs and there was a flash of pain as they stretched my testicles and scrotum. I dropped back down listening to the sound of Inga’s amused laughter. She said, “See, I told you we would have fun. If you’re careful you can sit up and beg. Try it.”

I managed to ease back on my folded legs and bring my folded arms up in front of me. Inga thought I looked cute and ruffled my hair. Then she said,” Come over here, I have one last item for you.”

I half expected a butt plug with a tail similar to the ones I had seen on the pony girls but Inga had other ideas. She showed me some sort of recharge unit and two collars. Both said “Fido” on the front. She took the one from the recharger and put the second one in for future use.

Then bending low in front of me Inga explained, “This is a bark collar. It was made to change canine behavior by shocking its wearer each time it makes a noise. See this little pad behind the name plate goes against the throat and senses the vibrations if you try to talk. It is supposed to catch any sound above a soft whimper. The pad is like the old throat microphones that pilots used to wear back in the days of propeller airplanes when the ambient noise was too much to allow normal microphones. Once the microphone picks up the sounds you make, the circuitry causes the collar to discharge a shock through these metal bits that sit at the back of your neck.

"Now I don’t want to muzzle you because little dogs lick things a lot. I have decided that I will want to use that talented tongue of yours. Since we can’t have a doggy making noise or trying to speak, you will wear this collar all the time. Each morning we will change to the newly charged one.”

Having said this she buckled the collar around my throat. “Let’s see how it works”, she said. I didn’t really want to find out and tried to shake my head no, but hesitation when Inga gives an order is a mistake. She picked up her riding crop and slashed down between my upraised feet slamming directly onto my testicles.

I realized just how vulnerable I now was as blinding pain roared up from my groin. Of course I yelled and that triggered the collar which produced a shock that seemed to make my head explode. I found myself on my side with my knees drawn up to try to reduce the pain in my testicles while my head jerked to and fro reacting to residual pain from the electrical shock. Inga looked at me rolling around on the floor and laughed at my agony, gleefully saying, “See, lots of fun.”

My Life as a Dog

Now I was Inga’s pet dog. Each morning I would wake up and have my collar changed to the freshly charged one. Any attempt to speak in the brief period when my neck was free was met with nasty slashes from her riding crop.

Once freshly collared, I would be led outside for my morning ablutions. Inga was amused by my going to the bathroom, doggy style, in the yard. Of course I had to be cleaned up before I was allowed back into the house. This meant a cold stream of water from the garden hose which she usually managed to direct at my testicles in their exposed rearmost position. Once she was certain my rear end was clean I would get a general shower and be directed to shake off the water so that I would dry in the proper doggy method. Of course I didn’t get dry, but that was the dog’s problem.

Once clean I would be turned over to Patty for hair removal. This involved chaining me to the porch rail. Once I was secure, Patty would slather a cream over any visible hair, including my face. The cream was allowing it to sit for some period of time and then washed away with the garden hose. Only then was I allowed back into the house for what passed for breakfast.

I was still on a two meal a day schedule but now I ate from two bowls properly labeled “Fido.” In the morning I would have water and dry cereal. In the evening I no longer had the stew served to the ponies. Apparently, as a dog, that was too good for me. Instead I was given a can of dog food and my water dish was refilled.

After her work with the ponies, Inga delighted in tossing a ball and having me run out and retrieve it in my mouth. I had to develop a new gait as my testicles were tugged any time either of my legs went past a 90 degree angle with my hips. In the end I learned to swing my arms forward and then sort of jump forward pulling my legs forward. I couldn’t move all that fast but Inga thought this looked very funny and would have me racing all over the yard for hours at a time. Of course all this exercise got me dirty which called for another cold and painful cold water shower.

One day Inga attached a leash to my collar and led me out to the walker. The four women were prancing round and round. Catharine slowed the women to a walk and then had them halt. This was the first time I had seen the women close up in their full Pony gear. I didn’t like what had been done to them but I had to admit that they were impressive, attractive and very sexy.

Inga led me to Tanana and asked me if I wanted to say hello. Of course I couldn’t utter a word without getting that terrible jolt of electricity in the base of my skull so I just shook my head. Inga laughed and said, “Oh, that’s right. Puppies can’t say hello. When they want to be friendly they nuzzle you in the crotch. Go ahead puppy, nuzzle her.”

I did as Inga ordered and was surprised to find Tanana wet. I didn’t learn about the effect of the clit rings when prancing until much later. Inga ordered me to beg and I carefully rolled back on my haunches. Then Inga laughingly ordered Tanana, “Look, the puppy wants to lick you. Go ahead, give him your pussy.”

Tanana crept forward and I lapped at her wet pussy. I gripped her hips as best as I could with my folded and sheathed arms and tried to give her the best I could. She had already been very aroused and when I let my tongue lap up to her clit it only took a very little time before she came.

After her I was led to Jenifer and repeated the performance. The Chinese women weren’t part of this humiliation. Yes it was humiliating to play the dog and lap at the women who were themselves being forced to play ponies. At the same time it was the only contact I had with them and it was reassuring to see that they were alive. They might be suffering but they didn’t appear to have been injured and that was a good thing.

I don’t know if the idea was to humiliate me by showing me what had been done to the women I loved or to humiliate me by showing them that I had been reduced to nothing more than a dog. I can tell you that while I was humiliated, it just made me that much more determined to find some way to escape.

With the exception of that day, and when I was chasing balls or going potty, I was kept indoors, where I had pretty much the run of the house. The major exception was that Catharine made it clear that I was never to go into her room. At night I slept on a dog bed in Inga’s room. My movement was so restricted by the arm and leg sheathes and the ball stretcher that after the first night she didn’t even bother chaining me to the wall.

Evenings were the worst time as Inga undressed without regard to my presence and then played with her pet. Most nights she had me lick her to one or more orgasms which, given my enjoyment of oral sex, wasn’t too bad. The worst part came when Inga would pull my head up so that my neck was between her powerful thighs and squeeze my neck. She delighted in verbally tormenting me and seeing how slowly she could choke me into unconsciousness.

On days when she was in a bad mood, however, she had me lay, torso and arms across her bed and got her orgasms from a long double dildo inserted into her pussy and my ass. Inga was a strong woman who thrust powerfully and the dildo was sized to be comfortable for her which meant it was decidedly uncomfortable for me. The double ended dildo was a single diameter and had no particular clit stimulator which meant it took a long time and quite a bit of ass reaming for Inga to reach a satisfactory orgasm. As the dildo didn’t seem to provide as good a sexual experience and, it seems, was less satisfactory than being able to watch me forced to service her, Inga only used it occasionally.

When she and Catharine were off with the ponies Patty would be in charge of me. Apparently Patty did not share Catharine’s and Inga’s aversion to the male sex. She often brought me to her room for some doggy sex. Fortunately while she might have me eat her to an orgasm or two, she would generally get down on all fours and have me climb on her haunches and f**k her from behind. That was true doggy sex. She warned me never to tell Inga but without my being able to speak there was little possibility of that. Then too it was the only sexual relief I got and I certainly was not going to anything that might jeopardize those few moments of pleasure.

Patty may have enjoyed both oral and vaginal sex with me but she obeyed Inga’s and Catharine’s instructions and kept a close eye on any attempts to loosen my bondage. These were prevented and reported to Inga who would then punish me both by beatings with her riding crop and, generally, by using her dildo on my butt.

I was desperately looking for a way to escape Catharine’s crazy establishment. I realized that after being held in one position for so long, the muscles in my arms and legs would atrophy. Then too, the amount of food I was given was less than what I needed. I realized that if I didn’t find a way to escape soon I would become too weak and eventually be killed.

Not only was my bondage bad, I was still bothered by Catharine’s casual thoughts on how to get rid of me. In addition I was afraid for Jenifer and Tanana and, I suppose, to a lesser extent for the other women. As a dog no one paid much attention to me and Catharine and Inga talked in the evenings as though I wasn’t there.

At one point Catharine and Inga talked about branding their ponies so that people would know where they had been trained. They dropped that idea but it was clear that at some point they planned to sell off the trained ponygirls and kidnap new victims for training.

There was also continual pressure from Catharine for Inga to ‘fix’ her pet. She said castration or ‘neutering’ as she called it was normal and made male dogs more docile and well behaved. Inga resisted this, pointing out how the ball stretcher worked so well to keep me from trying to stand and get anything from a table like a knife that I might hold in my teeth.

I realized just how easy it would be to castrate me or brand one or all of the chained women and knew that if an opportunity to escape ever arose, no matter how slim; I would have to take it. Even this wasn’t much comfort because I knew a botched attempt would probably mean that I would, in my captors’ words, be put down like the dog I was. Despite all of this I didn’t see how I could get away as I was never alone.

Ranching 4.4 –Turning the Tables


Then one night I found an opportunity. It was dark and raining heavily when I asked to be allowed to go out to urinate. This ‘asking’ was done proper doggy style by whimpering softly (so as not to set off the collar) and scratching a paw (my bound elbow) at the kitchen door. Inga led me to the door but when she saw the rain she said, “I’m not going out in that. Go ahead and do your business but stay out there until the rain washes you clean.”

I went out and urinated and turned to go back to the house when I saw that no one was standing at the door observing me. Bound as I was I couldn’t move very fast. If someone was at the back door and saw me they would easily be able to catch me. With no one at the door I could try to get into the woods and possibly hidden before they knew I was gone.

I didn’t have much of an escape plan but this might be the best and only chance I would have to get out of sight. I headed for the woods and got into them. Knowing my tanned but fairly white skin would show up when they began to look for me I rolled over in the mud, leaves and branches. This got enough to camouflage me or at least break up my silhouette.

Sure enough I had barely gotten out of sight when I heard Inga yelling, “Fido get back here now!” Soon I saw flashlights sweeping the area but as luck had it I wasn’t near the area where they were searching. After a bit they decided to wait until dawn and then try to track me down.

Now I had a decision. Did I keep going and get as much distance as possible between them and me or did I stop and try to get out of this damn bondage? I knew that even if I got out of the bondage my arms and legs would be weak from days of confinement that Inga was strong and powerful and that Catharine would be with her and almost certainly armed, at least with that damned stun gun. All of this argued for getting distance but on the other hand I didn’t want to desert Jenifer and Tanana. Who knew what the crazy Catharine would do to them if she thought help was on the way. Dumb though it may have been, I decided to stay in the area and try to free myself and then figure out how to rescue the women.

The first thing I did was to grab the laces on my right arm sheath in my teeth and begin to gnaw at them. I couldn’t reach the knots that were up at my shoulder and the best I could do was sort of grind my teeth back and forth. I think I was half crazy but I remember thinking that my dentist would be upset if he could see me grinding my teeth like that. It must have taken me the best part of an hour to get through that first lace. Then I had to use my teeth to pull the broken lace through each hole until I could finally get that first sheath off. All of this while shivering in the cool night air and cold drenching rain.

I slowly unfolded my arm. It hurt as the muscles strained through the unfamiliar movement. I didn’t know how long it had been bent but between the time it had been tied bent and the time in the sheath it must have been right around three weeks. My arm moved but it was painful and stiff. It didn’t feel strong enough to be of much use.

That first sheath took the longest but the next part was the most frustrating. I still had a tightly buckled bondage mitten over my balled and taped hand. The strap was easy enough to grasp in my teeth and pull half way out of he buckle. Then with the strap in my teeth and pulling with my weak right arm I was able to get the tang of the buckle out of the hole. The problem was that each time I slacked off the damn tang slid back into the hole. Eventually I got the strap pinned down with my left elbow, managed to pull away with my right arm and got my tongue down to flip the loosened tang up.

That took care of one cuff and I just had the duct tape holding my fist closed. Actually the tape had been on so long that sweat and dead skin had pretty much loosened it and a couple of tugs with my teeth gave me my hand. My fingers were numb but for the first time in weeks I had a fully functional right arm complete with a hand with fingers and an opposable thumb. Remarkable! I felt like cheering but didn’t partly because I wasn’t certain if Inga or Catharine might be in range to hear me and partly because I remembered the damn shock collar I was still wearing.

I wasn’t out of the woods yet (is there a pun in there?). My fingers were numb and my arm ached but I went to work on the laces on the left arm sheath. Eventually I had the knots undone; the laces loosened and could slide the sheath off. The second mitten was easy with a functional right hand and suddenly I had both arms and hands.

I reached around my neck and took off the shock collar. Since she had been in the habit of changing it for the recharged one each morning Inga had not bothered to lock it on. A few fumbles behind my neck and it was off. What a relief.

I knew what I wanted off next. I wanted to get rid of that damn ball stretcher. Of course with it behind me I couldn’t see what I was doing, but with my knees and head on the ground I felt around until I found the wing nut. I turned and felt the stretcher loosen but still couldn’t get it off. In the end (and that was a deliberate pun) I managed to get the wing nut completely off and slide the damn thing off to the side.

I still had my legs to do and I didn’t know what time it was so I was in a hurry to get to work on the laces. It seemed to take forever but eventually I was free. I stood up and my legs almost gave out on me. I was clearly in no shape to fight even Catharine, much less Inga, but I knew that while my arms and legs would get better with time and exercise, my body would grow weaker without a food supply.

Well, I was free but I was nude with arms and legs that didn’t want to function normally. Clearly I needed some sort of help if I was going to free the women. I decided to risk a visit back to the barn to see if I could get into the tack room where my hunting rifles were stored or, failing that, at least into the tool room across from it where I could at least get some sort of weapon.

I bundled up all of the bondage gear and used one of the long sheath laces to hold it all in a package and tie it high in a tree. I didn’t want Catharine or Inga to realize that I had escaped the bondage.


I snuck back into the barn while it was still dark. I stayed in a low crawl because I didn’t want any of the women to know I was back and free. I was afraid they would act differently or give me away by looking where I had gone or something like that. In any case I knew that they would be locked in or chained and until I found some keys I couldn’t do them any good.

I crept to the rear of the barn and tried the tack room door. It was locked. I crossed to the tool room and found the same thing. I wondered what I could use as a weapon when I saw my roping lariat neatly coiled and hanging from a peg beside the tack room door.

One of the big jobs that cow ponies do is holding the roped cow or calf while the rider slips off the horse and goes to throw the animal down. It is unnatural for the horse as he (or she) has to back up to keep the rope tight. It takes a lot of practice to train a cow pony and I had several lariats, some tied on to saddles in the tack room some extras hung from pegs.

There was a big opening with a ladder to the hay loft that formed the second story to the barn. I climbed up into the loft and hid behind some bales. If I could catch either Catharine or Inga alone I might be able to rope her and then only have to deal with the other on a one on one basis.

It was early the next morning that I got lucky. Catharine and Inga came into the barn together. I lay still above them and heard them talking. Catharine was saying, “If he tried to get to town he has more than 15 miles and in those sheaths he can’t be far. The land on either side of the road is pretty open. I’ll take the Hummer and the stun gun. If I catch him I will stun him, tie him up and dump him in back.”

Inga responded, “That’s good but he is tricky. I think it would be best to take the pistol as well. If he managed to get loose don’t fool around with the stun gun, just shoot him and get the body into the car.”

Catharine asked, “What are you going to do?”

Inga answered, “Well he calmed down pretty quick when I lashed Jenifer last time. I thought I’d use the bull horn to call him and amplify her cries. If he was stupid enough to stay around that ought to draw him out. After so many weeks of short rations and cramped muscles he ought to be easy to take.”

Good news, bad news. Catharine would be going but she was armed. Inga was going to be on guard here but she would be beating Jenifer and I didn’t know where she would be standing or if I could get a clear shot with the rope. Further she was a strong woman and in my current weakened state she could probably best me easily if I faced here one on one. One thing I did know was that I wasn’t going to blow this chance by being a boyfriend instead of a warrior. All my old caution and strategic thinking came back to me. Jenifer might have to suffer for a while but the end result would be worth it.

I waited in the loft until I saw the Hummer drive off. In that time Inga had taken Jenifer outside where a beam projected from the front of the loft with a pulley. The rope was normally used to hoist bales into the loft, but Inga had tied Jenifer’s wrist cuffs to a spreader bar and now used the rope to stretch her up onto her toes. Inga turned on the bull horn and called, “Fido! Come out, come out wherever you are. If you don’t show yourself this minute Star is going to take a beating until you do.”

Leaving the bull horn turned on, she placed it on the ground and said to Jenifer, “Call him.”

Jenifer succinctly said, “F**k you.”

I know it wasn’t smart to antagonize her captor but I couldn’t help but admire my feisty Jenifer. Heck, she was going to be beaten no matter what she said so maybe she wasn’t so dumb to vent a little steam.

Inga began to slash Jenifer with her riding crop. In just a few minutes Jenifer was crying out from the pain, her cries amplified by the bull horn.

I had to bide my time until the Hummer was gone. It would be risky business trying to deal with Inga in my current state. It would have been suicidal to try to overcome both women. While waiting I ran out the line on the lariat and looped the tail around a post to give me something to pull against.

Once the Hummer was gone I carefully made the most important toss of my life. It was better than I had hoped. As the rope settled over her shoulders Inga realized that she was being roped. With faster reflexes than I had anticipated she reacted by spreading her arms and trying to push the rope up. All that she accomplished, however, was that as I took up the slack the rope closed around her neck.

Inga had dropped her riding crop and was trying to open the noose around her neck. She had enough presence of mind to move toward the barn door in hopes of getting enough slack but I took up the slack on my end as fast as I could, which was faster then she could move. Finally the rope was up and down and I worked my way back to the post. There I placed my foot against the post wrapped the rope around my hands and heaved. I heard a strangled sound so I tied off the rope and went back to look. Inga was slightly off the ground swaying back and forth. Both her hands were above her head pulling on the rope trying to take the strain off her throat.

I didn’t particularly want to strangle Inga to death but an unconscious Inga would be easier to deal with. Besides, I owed her some oxygen deprivation for all those times she squeezed my throat between her thighs. I checked the knot and then went down the ladder and headed for the two hanging women. I undid the hoist rope and lowered Jenifer. She was actually able to smile at me and said something like, “I knew you would come and save us.”

I decided a heavier spreader bar would be needed for Inga so I sent Jenifer to bring one along with suspension cuffs and a pair of handcuffs. All the while Inga was fighting the rope. When Jenifer got back I told her to pull off Inga’s boots and put the suspension cuffs on her ankles. Then I took the handcuffs and said to Inga, “Put you hands behind your back and I’ll let you down. Otherwise you can stay up there until you pass out.”

Inga didn’t like it but she brought her hands down and behind her back. I told Jenifer, “Lock her ankles to the heavy spreader bar and I’ll be up in the loft letting her down.”

I got up to the loft and, looking out saw that Jenifer had done as I asked. I untied the rope and let Inga drop. By that time she was almost out and she collapsed to the ground. There was a second hoist over the large opening inside the barn used to lower bales from the loft. I brought this out and tied it to the spreader bar between Inga’s ankles.

I took Inga’s keys and gave them to Jenifer and told her to release everyone. Then I hauled on the hoist rope pulling Inga into the barn and eventually up off the floor. She wound up hanging upside down with her hands cuffed behind her. Tanana was free by this time and I told her to get a ball gag into Inga as I didn’t want her yelling to Catharine when she got back.

I was about to tell the women where I wanted them to hide when I saw the Hummer drive up. I yelled, “Get out of sight. Catharine is back.” into the barn and hoped they were doing what I said.

I still hadn’t gotten a weapon but picked up the spreader bar that Inga had used on Jenifer and tried to get back into the barn. Catharine was advancing on me. She was laughing, certain that she had me as she pulled a pistol from her bag.

It was at that moment that Patty came running from the house holding a frying pan in her handcuffed hands. At first I thought she was coming to help her mistress but at some point Patty had crossed sides. She screamed, “No, leave them alone.”

Catharine swung towards Patty. As she did Patty slashed at Catharine with the pan. Catharine jerked back and fired the gun twice. Gunshots outdoors aren’t the loud bang that you hear on movies and television unless the gun is right against your ear (as a rifle might be). Rather there is an almost inconsequential popping sound. If I had to describe it I would say it almost sounds like corn popping. Despite the sound at least one round hit Patty and she fell backwards.

That takes longer to read than it took to happen. I was still holding the spreader bar and as Catharine turned towards Patty I ran forward and swung it with all the force I could muster. I was aiming for Catharine’s shoulders but as soon as she fired she began to duck and turn back toward me. It was too fast to change direction and the bar hit her just where the neck joins the skull. There was a loud crack and it was all over.

Death isn’t pretty and Catharine’s was no exception. All of the muscles let go at once and while her clothes hid most of it we could smell the shit and urine as her sphincter and bladder relaxed. Her body lay in a heap that no live body could have formed. I picked up the gun as I passed her and headed for Patty, but it was almost a reflex action. Catharine would never move again.

Patty was badly hurt and was coughing up blood, apparently from a lung wound. I tried to close the wound but she died in my arms. She had bought us just enough time to save ourselves but had paid dearly for it. When I looked up Jenifer and Tanana were coming out of the barn, the former armed with a pitch fork and the later with a length of timber.

Inga had regained full consciousness during the brief action but said only, “You murdered her.”

Now that wasn’t the way I remembered it. I sure as heck killed her but she had just shot Patty and was turning to point the gun at me. I thought I had a pretty good case for self defense. I told all of the women to head up to the house. Then I took the keys from Jenifer and got some tarps from the tool room to cover the two bodies. I left Inga dangling uncomfortably upside down, but still alive, and headed for the house.

War Council

All five of us sat nude around the table. The nightmare was over but any euphoria we might have felt was dampened by the fact that there were two dead bodies and a prisoner to be dealt with. Then too, it felt strange to sit in a chair after so long. I am certain the women felt the same strangeness in being able to put their feet flat on the floor after so many weeks of balancing on the balls of their feet.

Tanana left the table and went to what had been her room. Then she came back from having looked for her clothes and said, “That bitch destroyed every last bit of my clothes.” After all the things that we had been through, the idea of being upset at the loss of a few clothes struck us all as hugely hilarious and we all laughed, probably a bit hysterically.

After we calmed down I said, “We have to decide what to do with Inga.”

Jenifer nodded but added, “You know you can’t let Inga live. She’s the only one who saw what happened and she is already calling you a murderer.”

I said, “Catharine was armed and had just shot Patty. It was self defense.”

Jenifer looked at me somberly and said, “Yes, I know it was. But we were all in the barn and can’t testify. It would be her word against yours and Inga looks like the sort of person who bears grudges. Besides this whole thing would come out and who would believe it?” The others looked somber but nodded in agreement.

One of the Chinese women said, “We are here illegally and really don’t want to get involved with the authorities.”

Tanana said, “Inga wouldn’t hesitate at killing us and I don’t see why we should hesitate at killing her.”

I didn’t really want to accept what Jenifer was saying but I knew she was the smartest one among us. In the end I very well might have to kill Inga. I hadn’t gotten there yet, however, so I just looked at Tanana and asked, “Do you want to be the one to do it?”

The consensus was that while all of the women were OK with the idea, none of them wanted to be the executioner. I had killed both as a soldier and as a mercenary and had no regrets about Catharine. Still, that was in the heat of the moment and I was still unhappy with the idea of a cold blooded killing so I waffled a bit and put off a decision by telling Jenifer, “In any case I want you to wear some of Catharine’s things and go into town with the jeep. You can buy a couple of sets of basic clothes for all of us. That will last until we can all go to town. I also want you to rent a small bulldozer and trailer. Whatever we do with Inga, I am going to bury that Hummer, the pony sulkies and all of the bodies so deep that none of this can ever come back to haunt us.”

When Jenifer got back we all got dressed. It seemed strange at first. We also had a good steak dinner. We all found that after our limited diets, mine more than that of the women, we weren’t able to eat as much as we used to. After dinner both Tanana and Jenifer crawled into bed with me. I wish I could describe some great sexual romp but the fact of the matter was that all we did was hold each other and cuddle. We were all to exhausted, emotionally as well as physically, for sex that night. Even without sex, it was a memorable loving experience.


Early the next morning, I ran the bulldozer into the center of the pony track we had built and began to dig a ramp and pit. It was late afternoon before I finished. We laid Patty and Catharine in the pit. None of us wanted to be the one to kill Inga so Jenifer and the others had decided and I reluctantly agreed to leave her in the Hummer, which was to be buried.

We tied Inga with her hands cuffed behind her and her ankles roped together and tied to the handcuff links. The hogtied woman was loaded into the back seat of the Hummer. I backed it down into the pit. The sulkies were taken apart and dumped into the pit along with the corsets, pony boots, plumed head harnesses, butt plug pony tails and all of the damned bit gags. I even went into the woods and recovered my bundle of dog gear.

I had run out of ways to stall the inevitable so I started up the bulldozer and began pushing dirt into the pit. I had the ramp pretty well filled in and the hood covered when I decided that I couldn’t do it. There was enough dirt in the pit that I couldn’t open a door so I had to smash a window to get at Inga.

I looped a rope around her and pulled her out of the car. Climbing out of the pit I found the four women waiting for me. They walked over and helped me drag Inga out of the pit. Jenifer looked at me and said, “You know this is foolish don’t you?”

Tanana laughed and said, “Damn, a girl lets you eat her pussy and you go all mushy for her.”

Actually her laugh felt good. So did her teasing. It was another little bit of normal and we needed that in our lives just then.

I nodded in agreement with Jenifer and made a face at Tanana. I don’t know why I couldn’t kill Inga. I had killed better people for less reason as a mercenary. I don’t think it had anything to do with Inga. It was clear that she would happily have murdered any one of us. Further so long as she was alive she would be a danger. Still I couldn’t quite bring myself either to kill her in cold blood or to bury her alive. That seemed to me to be a particularly nasty way to die. It would either be starvation or dehydration or perhaps suffocation. No, I guess I was getting soft but I wasn’t going to do that. Now we had a prisoner on our hands and we had to decide what to do with her.


We hosed Inga down, chained her in a stall and fed her (stew and water, of course). Then we retreated to the house. Not knowing what to do about Inga and wanting to talk about something else I said to the Chinese women, “We will have to see about how we get you home since you don’t have passports. What are your names?”

The women smiled at me and began to open their blouses. One of them said, “We are home!”

The other said, “She is Tuesday, I am Thursday.”

Now I may have been slow on the uptake as I was watching them strip off all of their clothes but I realized that they had been inside with Jenifer and Tanana while I had been digging the pit. I began to get a bad feeling about this. It got worse as I realized that Jenifer and Tanana were on each side of me holding tightly to my arms.

The first nude woman, I think the one calling herself Tuesday, knelt before and a little to one side of me and reached for my belt buckle. She said, “We are your concubines.”

I rather stupidly said, “Concubines?”

Thursday knelt next to Tuesday and unzipped my fly. She said, “In China if you save someone’s life you become responsible for that life.”

Both women were pulling my jeans and boxers down. I fought a little but with Jenifer and Tanana holding tightly to my arms I didn’t want to really struggle too much. I told myself that I didn’t want to risk hurting them. Upon reflection I suppose I knew that if Jenifer and Tanana had decided that these two women were joining us it would happen no matter what I said or did.

Tuesday licked at one side of my penis and said, “Its Confucian philosophy.”

Thursday licked at the other side of my penis and said, “You don’t want to argue with Confucius, do you?

Tuesday added, “You already took advantage of us when you f**ked us in the barn.”

Thursday said, “We would loose great face if you sent us away after taking advantage of us.”

Now I thought that was a bit much. If you recall I was forced to take them and was wearing a cock ring that kept me from ejaculating. Further I was being reamed up my ass by a strap on at the time. I don’t think it was quite fair to say that I had taken advantage of anyone.

Before I could respond, however, things became a little hazy as Tuesday and Thursday proceeded to treat me like a lollipop. I do seem to remember turning to Jenifer and saying, “You can’t possibly expect one old man to satisfy four sexy women.”

She serenely responded, “It will only be one at a time; we don’t need sex as much as you do. We will handle the scheduling. All you have to do is enjoy your harem.”

To which I responded, “Bull! You guys are all bisexual and take care of each other.”

Jenifer, by now laughing at me, admitted, “Well, there is that.”

I knew that I had some sort of objection to this scheme but at that moment I lost my train of thought as Tuesday took my testicles into her mouth and Thursday took my penis into hers or perhaps it was visa versa. At that moment it became very clear to me that there were some advantages to this entire concubine business.

A Solution

While my sex life was just fine and dandy we still had the problem of what to do with Inga. Tue and Thu, who insisted that these sounds approximated their real names as closely as a ‘gweilo’ tongue could manage, fit right in with our group. Thu was the veterinarian and would become very useful once we were back to training real cow ponies. In the interim she worked with Tanana in the house. Jenifer got caught up on our investments. Tue was the electronics genius who was working her way through Catharine’s computer.

She had already found several off shore accounts and cracked the access code to two of them. This meant that though we had missed the auctions this year we had plenty of spare cash and could report to the IRS that we were training and profiting from the sale of ten ponies. That laundered a fair amount of cash into our company accounts. Of course like any legitimate business we had costs for the purchases of stock, the animal feed and our company employees including our President and Chief Wrangler (me), our Treasurer and Investment Manager (Jenifer), our Executive Chef and Chief of Maintenance (Tanana), our Resident Veterinarian and Assistant Wrangler(Thu) and our Manager of Information Systems and Security (Tue). All of these people were paid good salaries upon which they paid the requisite FICA and Income taxes. The IRS had to be pretty happy with us.

It was in searching Catharine’s past correspondence that Tue found that a matched pair of oriental ponygirls, once fully trained, was to be shipped to a wealthy but relatively minor Saudi Prince. Tue raised the topic with me (whom she rather annoyingly insisted in calling her master) and I, being of sound mind, brought it to Jenifer and the rest of the women. Tue was concerned with canceling the sale and Thu came up with the idea of saying that we had to cancel due to an accident during training that left the merchandise less than desirable.

It was my brilliant Jenifer (You see how clever I was to refer this to her?) who suggested that in addition to offering to refund his deposit we also offer a substitute. This would be a fully trained Blonde Caucasian Amazon Ponygirl. Not only would Inga be out of the country but she would be in a land where women were controlled and kept hidden behind walls but she would also be in a land where she would be unable to speak the language. I thought this idea had real merit as it took killing off the table but pretty much solved our problem.

We Begin Training

I hadn’t realized how subdued we had all been with the Inga problem hanging over us. We were free and the long nightmare was over but we still had to deal with our captive. Now with a potential solution everyone seemed relieved.

Tue transmitted the apology along with a wire transfer of the deposit and our offer of a unique replacement. Apparently the prince was interested as he requested pictures. That led to some frenzied activity where we roped Inga, took all of the necessary measurements and placed a rush special order with the providers of the ponygirl gear. Due to Inga’s large size almost everything was special order.

While we waited for the outsize corset and ponygirl boots (and the head harness, etc.) we decided to take a page from Catharine’s book and begin by modifying Inga’s shoes with ball bearings and starting her on the basic gaits. Of course the women decided that this also meant that we had to pierce and ring Inga. There was considerable discussion among the women as to who got to do which piercing. Eventually we decided that there would be a fourth piercing so that each of the women could have her turn.

I suspect Inga knew what was coming when we tied and measured her. She certainly tried to resist. We were careful with the restraints and I stayed around just in case Inga got to be more that the four women could handle, but they never had a serious problem and Inga never had much of a chance. My presence, as a male, also added to Inga’s distress which I didn’t mind at all.

Tue and Thu traded off pliers and leather punch on the two nipples. I ought to note in passing that Inga was big all over and that her nipples gave plenty of room to grip. The same was true for her clit which Tanana sweetly and lovingly brought to prominence and Jenifer grabbed with the pliers. Tanana did the honors with the leather punch.

The fourth ring was actually to be a stud through Inga’s tongue. This had a practical purpose as the stud was located to pass through the tongue depressor attached to Inga’s bit gag. Unscrewing the ball on the stud would allow removal of the bit gag but our plan was to seal the ball to the stud just before she was packed for shipment.

I won’t take you through the details of the gait training which were pretty much the same as had been described above when Catharine had been doing the training. There were a couple of minor differences in that there were four cane equipped trainers and only one pony on the walker, so that even very slight errors were spotted and corrected instantly. I am not quite clear if it was due to Inga’s larger size or if she just had a very sensitive clitoris but she had quite a few Prance and clit ring induced orgasms. Perhaps her trainers were just more dedicated. I tried to observe these if only to be able to tell Inga what a slut she was and how appealing she was to men, especially when she was cumming.

Sealing the Deal

Once we had the ponygirl gear and got Inga strapped into it we took pictures for the Saudi and began negotiating a price. We still had to cart train her but felt that a sulky would be too light for someone Inga’s size. Accordingly we searched the net and purchased, of all things, an Irish pony cart. This was a considerably larger two wheel cart that was entered through a step and door in the rear. With a bench seat on each side, it easily held the driver and a passenger.

While Inga was fully trained with the reins, Tue felt something a bit more modern would add something. She used the electronics from several cattle prods and a hobby shop transmitter and receiver for remote control airplanes. The thing strapped around Inga’s waist above the cart’s pull straps and had wires running to the butt plug end of the pony tail and to two nipple clamps. The controller transmitter was mounted on the front of the pony cart. It was a small box with a joy stick about two inches long.

Pushing the joy stick forward delivered a shock in Inga’s rectum as a start or go to the next faster gait signal. If the joy stick was pushed left, Inga’s right nipple received a nasty shock causing her to veer away from the pain and to her left. A push to the right had the opposite nipple shocked and Inga turning right. If the joystick was pulled back both nipples were shocked signaling Inga to slow down a gait or, if she was walking, to stop. All in all, it worked beautifully.

When we offered to include the pony cart and the remote control device at no extra charge, the Prince was so delighted that he decided to send his own airplane with his own minders to pick her up.

Packed for Shipment

With the Prince sending his airplane and men to Phoenix we only had to worry about controlling Inga for a short drive. Of course we had to keep our cargo concealed. I used 2” x 4” timbers on edge, all around a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood. Then we drove screws through the plywood into the timbers and screw eyes (similar to eyebolts but they screw into place and don’t require a nut to fasten them) at each corner. Inga was stretched out over the plywood and secured to the screw eyes. I marked each side of her ankles, her thighs above her knees, her wrists, her arms above the elbows her neck and her temples. We removed Inga and drilled each of the places we had marked. Then it was just a matter of building a four sided case with a top over and around the platform and bracing it so that it could handle the shocks and vibrations of transit.

On the big day I rented a truck with a hydraulic lift and parked it near the plywood platform which was already elevated on sawhorses. We made a final check to ensure that Inga’s corset was as tightly as possible, her bit gag was secured with the bar through her tongue and the top ball securely locked in place with glue. The glue would eventually break down but it would prevent removal of the gag for at least a month. Comfortable that she had been properly prepared we stretched Inga out on the platform and tied her to the corner screw eyes.

That was really enough but I wanted her more uncomfortable for the long trip. I had initially planned to use metal U shapes that would be fastened below the plywood with nuts. In the end I found that this was too much fuss as you had to slide the U shape into place and then have someone hold it while you ducked under and tightened the nuts onto the threaded ends of the U shape.

Instead I used plastic wire ties through the holes pulling them down and then up the plywood so that both ends were on top. Then I could fasten the wire ties over her limbs from the top side. That way she was going to stay uncomfortable for the entire trip. It was overkill, of course. The ropes to the four corner eyebolts would have been enough. Just to be mean I shoved a vibrator into her to work her up on the long drive.

Then we lowered the top over the platform and screwed it to the 2” x 4” frame. The completed box slid onto the lift and into the truck bed. The pony cart followed and we were off for the private aviation gate at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Once we got to the aircraft I met the man the Prince had sent to conclude the transaction and the two hulking black bodyguards. With their help the cart and the crate were loaded onto the aircraft. Safe aboard the aircraft we were concealed from prying eyes and I unscrewed the box top and, with the help of the Princes men, lifted it off.

I confirmed that the final payment had been received by our bank and spent a few minutes showing the Prince’s man in charge just how the electronic joy stick worked. I am afraid that might have been painful for Inga as she couldn’t move at all but had to lie still and feel the shocks.

Knowing how she hated men I made certain that she heard me when I asked the Prince’s man if it was true that harems were guarded by eunuchs. He and the guards laughed and he told me that this was no longer true as it had become a problem when recruiting guards. I smiled and said that was good because she was a nymphomaniac and that she would be easier to handle if they would screw her each hour or so.

I know that last was a nasty thing to do, as Inga does not like men at all, much less heterosexual sex. On the other hand I don’t like anal sex and she had no problems in having both Jenifer and Tanana ream me. For that matter when she felt like it, she reamed me herself when I was forced to be her dog. Heck, I was the one who decided to spare Inga’s life. If that means a bit of unpleasant sex or even rape, I don’t think it is overly much for what she did and tried to do to us.

With a final handshake I drove the truck off and out of the way. We remained parked at the side of the tarmac until I saw the Prince’s airplane taxi off. Then I had only to drive back and turn in the rental truck. It had been a long day but when I got home I was welcomed by four very lovely women. I think we were all glad to see the last of Inga.

Ranching 4.5 – Aftermath

Settling In

With Inga shipped off to her new home and Catharine and poor Patty interred in the center of our new race track, things seemed to be getting back to normal, whatever that is. I was informed that the twins would share my daughter’s room and that when Linda came home from school she could share with Tanana. Since my mama didn’t raise any fools, I was smart enough not to interfere in any domestic arrangements my four women agreed upon.

I did note that there was some friction between Tue and Thu on the one hand and Jenifer and Tanana on the other hand. The two newcomers were younger and very attractive but that didn’t seem to be the source of friction. Hey, it was Jenifer and Tanana who cooked up this whole darned concubine scheme in the first place.

No the friction seemed to be more based on the fact that both of the Chinese women had completed their university degrees and had been professional women. Jenifer and Tanana had also been professionals, professional call girls, but this didn’t seem to impress the new women. I knew that Jenifer had dropped out of school when she became pregnant. I had never raised her background with Tanana and hadn’t a clue as to what her story was but I assumed that she had not completed upper level school and perhaps had never attended.

I was taking advantage of the lack of horses to train by riding over my ranch and doing the thousand and one maintenance chores that seem to pile up. While I was off mending my fences the friction seemed to come to a head. Of course I was blissfully unaware of this until I came home one day and found only three places at the dinner table. I idly asked where Tue and Thu were and was airily told, “Oh, they are out in the barn. They didn’t want to do their chores and they can stay out there until they change their attitude.”

I resumed my meal but gradually got the story out of the women. It seemed that the new women had decided that it made more sense for them, being better educated, to run the house. Not unreasonably my two older women felt that their maturity and experience made them better qualified.

Apparently this had escalated into a nasty argument that had ended when Jenifer and Tanana had subdued the two and tied them in the barn after having spanked them for acting like spoiled little girls.

Attitude Adjustment

I finished my dinner and decided to stroll out to the barn and visit Tue and Thu. Jenifer asked me to wait until the kitchen was cleaned up and the dishes were loaded into the machine and then she would join me. This seemed reasonable so I agreed to wait.

When the kitchen was cleaned up, Jenifer and I headed to the barn where we found Tanana. She was touching up the bright red on Tue’s and Thu’s well spanked bottoms. She was doing this with a flogger applied briskly to said butts.

I had to laugh at the predicament in which the Chinese women found themselves. They were both nude, face to face with padlocks holding Tue’s right nipple ring to Thu’s left and visa versa. Their clit rings had been pulled together until they overlapped and the cord and handle of an electric vibrator with a large head had been worked down through the overlapping rings. This pressed the women tightly together with the cord powering the vibrator plugged into a wall socket. The head of the vibrator rested directly on their clits.

Now if that had been the extent of their bondage they could have moved away from the wall and unplugged the vibrator. Unfortunately a wooden garden stake had been placed between Tue’s right leg and Thu’s left one. The entire leg had then been wrapped with what appeared to be a self clinging plastic kitchen wrap (think Saran Wrap, but I don’t know what brand had been used). The wrap extended from hip to ankle and since the women were facing and the stake added stiffness, neither woman could bend either leg.

Of course Tue’s left leg was similarly fastened to Thu’s right one. The women wore wrist cuffs and rope pulled their arms around each other and quite high up the other woman’s back. Tue’s right wrist was pulled across Thu’s back. The rope led over Thu’s right shoulder, down through her armpit, across her back, under the left armpit and over that shoulder to end pulling on Tue’s left wrist.

The effect was that Tue was tightly hugging Thu to her. Of course Thu’s wrists mirrored Tue’s ties and she was tightly hugging Tue. To increase their discomfort more cling wrap had been wrapped from the women’s waists up to their shoulders. For those of you that don’t know, plastic cling wrap traps the body heat and becomes uncomfortable warm.

The final touch was two large ball gags into each of which an eyebolt had been screwed. Both women were securely gagged with the straps tightly buckled behind their heads. Then the two eye bolts had been fastened together with another padlock. The sisters couldn’t move their heads and had to stand staring into each other’s eyes at close range.

The effect was that the two sisters were hugging each other and sharing a vibrator just over their clit ring. Of course this worked them up to orgasm but, interestingly enough, it seemed that they were slightly out of sync so that instead of coming together, first one would cum and then, as if the slight pelvic thrusts she could manage triggered it, the other would cum.

I couldn’t help notice that Tanana was helping the process along flogging first one woman, forcing her to slightly thrust forward away from the flogger, at which point she would flog the other woman’s ass.

When they saw us enter there was a lot of “mphing” but the ball gags were really too large and too deeply imbedded for us to understand. Tanana looked up and saw us and smiled. She asked Jenifer, “Hey Jen. Don’t you think these oh so well educated little bitches would have been able to get out of this by now?”

Jenifer said, “Let’s hear what our educated friends have to say.”

Suiting action to words Jenifer unbuckled one gag while Tanana did the other. Then they grabbed the sisters’ hair and pulled their heads back while working the still linked gags out of their mouths. I expected to hear an appeal to be let free but the sisters had more urgent needs,

Almost together they begged, “Please, please mistress. Make it stop. Please no more.”

I didn’t know how long they had been tied or how many forced orgasms they had gone through but I think it must have been quite a while. Jenifer and Tanana looked at each other and Jenifer must have given some sort of signal. Tanana reached down and unplugged the vibrator.

One of the sisters said, “Oh thank you mistress.” The other chimed in, “Yes mistress we have learned our lesson.”

I think the lesson was that you don’t mess with Jenifer, who now said, “Not so fast. Who runs this house?”

“Oh you do mistress. You do. We won’t ever question our chores again mistress.”

Jenifer whispered something to Tanana who got a devilish smile on her face. She picked up a knife and slit the leg wraps and pulled out the garden stakes. Then she carefully slit the torso wrap and peeled it away. Then Jenifer hung a key on a bit of twine and dropped it over one woman’s neck. She then said “Goodnight children. When one of you chews through the rope holding your hands behind your sister you will be able to get the key and release your nipple lock. You will also be able to pull that nasty vibrator out of your clit rings. When you get free you can come back to the house. Don’t forget to shower before you go to bed. You are both all sweaty and smelly.”

The three of us left the barn, turning out the lights. Our exit was accompanied by a rising chorus of pleas. The rope was accessible where it passed over the shoulder but it would require a fair amount of twisting and probably tugging on nipples to get to it. Even then it would take some time to chew through.

Cultural Differences

Tue and Thu both came to petition me to ask if I would consider removing their rings. Understandably, they felt somewhat vulnerable after their rings had been used to bind them.

I guess I was bothered by the way they asked if I would consider it. I realized that while these were two cultured, educated, multi-lingual women they were also women from a different culture with different set of views. I had been thinking of them in the same way I thought of Jenifer and Tanana and sort of dismissing all the concubine business as just their way of pulling my chain. It now appeared that this was not the case.

I had cut off my rings the day after we captured Inga. Tanana had come to me the same day and said that they had too many bad memories and she wanted to get rid of them. I helped her cut them off. Jenifer wanted to get rid of the clit ring but had worn nipple rings before and wanted to leave them at least at first. After a few days she had decided to change the ones Catharine had put on for smaller ones similar to those she had worn before. It seemed that the bigger rings were too hard to conceal under clothing.

I told the women they were free to do as they wished. They told me that they honored my beneficence. The next time I saw them both women had removed all of the large rings though they did replace the nipple rings with little bars.

I was bothered by their submissive approach and discussed it in bed with Jenifer that night. She talked about how the Chinese culture valued the group over the self, unlike our western culture. Jenifer also warned me that because they subjugated their feeling to the needs of the group and because I was the head of the group, I would have to be careful as both women would allow me to hurt them before they objected. She also told me that in dealing with the two women I should think in terms of benefit to our group rather than of the benefit to an individual group member. I thought about that for a while before drifting off to sleep.


The next morning before breakfast I handcuffed Jenifer with her hands behind her back. Jenifer was about to ask what I was doing when I slipped a ball gag into her mouth and buckled it behind her head.

I got dressed and led my nude and bound Jenifer to the kitchen. Tanana, Tue and Thu were already there and turned to look as we walked it. I smiled and made a little speech something like this, “You all know Jenifer is my first woman and the head of our little family. As the oldest we all respect her wisdom and her seniority. She is responsible for running our group and it is fitting that all of you obey her instructions.

“She makes all of her decisions for the good of our group. She knows that she was right to punish you for your reluctance to follow her instructions but now feels that she may have displayed arrogance in having been so harsh. Today she, as the oldest and wisest and most senior among us, offers herself to the newest and youngest among us and requests that you help her to remember the need for humility.

"You will care for her and respect her but keep her bound and gagged. Today she will humbly do as you decide and direct. You may bathe her and clean her. If she needs assistance in the bathroom you will have the honor of providing that assistance. You may feed her if you wish. She is to remain gagged unless you remove it to brush her teeth or to feed her but if she attempts to talk you will punish such arrogance by instantly gagging her. She will then miss that meal.

"She begs you to accept the gift of her person and use her body as you desire. It is her sincere hope that she will emerge from this day a better and more humble and responsible leader. I suggest that you begin by taking her to the bathroom and brushing her teeth. After that you are on your own.”

Jenifer was squirming, Tanana was trying to hide her smile and Tue and Thu were looking wide-eyed at Jenifer. They rose from the table took Jenifer toward the bathroom.

My Humble Day – Jenifer’s Story

Well here I was bound and gagged and turned over to Tue and Thu to be taught humility. Still I had to admit that Pete (that rat) had listened to my lecture on the importance of group and the differences in our cultures. What he had done was probably the best group building exercise anyone could have devised. I was delivered into their hands but with the admonition to respect and care for me while teaching me to be humble.

The lessons started right away as I was taken to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I can assure you it is a humbling experience to have to depend on someone else to wipe you. Then the gag came out and they brushed my teeth. It wasn’t mean spirited or anything but it was vigorous and thorough and involved a lot of moving my head around so that they could see what they were doing.

They replaced my gag, and dug around in our bondage gear and came up with a broad leather belt with rings on each side. The belt was fastened tightly, make that very tightly, around my waist and my wrists were tied to the rings. The two women noticed that this belt also had provisions for a crotch strap.

Of course there is no reason for a crotch strap unless you are holding something in place. Two something’s appeared. The butt plug was lubricated with KY from a tube. The dildo however got natural lubrication, generated by very clever fingers playing at my pussy. While one woman worked my pussy, the other licked and sucked at my nipples just to help everything along.

When all the inserts were in place the crotch strap was tightly fastened and I was taken to breakfast. The dildo was a vibrator but was not turned on. Despite that the walk to the kitchen made both plugs move inside me creating a strange but not unpleasant feeling.

At the table I was made to kneel between the women. They thoughtfully placed a cushion on the floor. The gag was removed but buckled loosely around my neck to remind me to remain silent. The women took turns feeding me from their plates and the conversation flowed normally as though I was not kneeling, nude and bound at the table.


Living and working on a ranch neither Tanana nor I used much in the way of makeup. Apparently Tue and Thu felt that honoring me called for some better grooming. First on the agenda was a long hot shower. My hands were released from the belt and cuffed behind me with plastic wire ties. The gag (which had leather straps), belt, crotch straps and inserts were removed and we all got into the shower.

The women used large sponges to scrub every bit of me. How humiliating is it to have a younger woman washing your ears? I can tell you it isn’t nearly as bad as being masturbated by them. Since both women were short I was made to kneel, ostensibly to allow them to shampoo my hair. I soon found that my kneeling also put me at the correct height to humbly lick their pussies.

Shower over, the gag was replaced but the belt, plugs and crotch strap were left aside. The plastic ties were cut off and my hands were cuffed in front of me. I soon learned that behind me they would have been an obstacle for the next activities. I was led to their bedroom where a straight backed arm chair from our dining area had been placed on the back porch. With a woman on each side they sat me in the chair and put a single strand of rope across my chest and under my armpits securing my back to the chair Then they un-cuffed one hand and snapped the free cuff around the arm of the chair. One of the women left and the other began to tie my free arm to the arm of the chair. She tied me at the elbow and wrist with the elbow tie going around the back of the chair as well as around the arm which prevented my arm from sliding forward. Then she removed the remaining cuff and laced my second arm to the chair on the other side.

A few minutes later the first woman came in trailed by Pete carrying some plywood, some small wire ties and his portable drill. They slid a piece of plywood under my hand and the women spread out my fingers. Pete carefully drilled on both sides of each finger and the women then used a plastic cable tie to hold the finger flat against the plywood. This was repeated until all ten fingers were spread and held flat against the plywood and I couldn’t move a finger on either hand.

At this point Pete leaned over and said enjoy your day, kissed the tip of my nose and left. The two women now pulled my hips forward towards the front of the chair and lifted and spread my legs so that they hung over both the arms of the chair and my forearms. Ropes from my ankles ran to the rear of the chair pulling my feet back and pressing my thighs down on my forearms. Except for my head, I was completely immobile.

There was a pause as the women went inside to fetch some supplies. Then one woman began to work on my right hand. She was giving me a manicure. I was so fascinated that I wasn’t looking when the other woman dropped a cushion onto the floor and knelt in front of me. My attention was jerked back from observing my hand as she buried her face in my crotch and began to kiss, lick and generally eat me.

I came twice before my right hand was finished. Then the women changed places and began on my left hand. When that was done (and I had been forced to orgasm for the fourth time) it was time to return to my right hand and paint the nails. When both hands were completed they continued on my feet. It took hours and was early afternoon before they were done.

I had lost count of my orgasms but each one was slowly and lovingly coaxed from my trembling body. These women were really good at this. Long before they were done my body was protesting. I think I stopped lubricating somewhere after six or eight orgasms but they had some sort of edible lubricant and kept on forcing more and more orgasms from my body.

After they had finished they brought a dish of cut up fruit, removed my gag and fed me. I was dehydrated and greedily ate the juicy morsels they fed me. After lunch they gagged me again and moved me from the chair to their bed. I was tied in a comfortable but inescapable face up spread eagle. Then they buckled a blindfold over my eyes.

Unable to see, I could only feel as they rubbed my body with lotion. Every inch of my front and sides were massaged and covered until I imagined I gleamed. I felt someone climb onto the bed and straddle me. She slid a pillow under my head and the gag was removed. I felt the unmistakable shape of a woman’s pussy pressed to my mouth.

I began to lick and suck and felt someone doing the same at my groin. I brought off the woman at my face long before I reached orgasm. Remember I had been forced to cum over and over again all morning long. After her orgasm, the woman at my mouth climbed off of me and joined her sister at my crotch. Briefly I felt two tongues licking at me but then the second woman (presumably because I couldn’t see) left my groin and straddled my mouth.

I had come so many times that I was sore. The next time the woman at my mouth climbed off to head down I forgot that I wasn’t to speak and called out, “Please, no more.”

I heard a voice say, “As you wish revered leader.”

Then another pussy covered my mouth. At my pussy the tongue lapping stopped but there was a steady slap, slap, slap as whichever woman was at my crotch began to spank my pussy. It wasn’t hard but it was consistent and my labia, already abused by this morning’s activities, began to heat up and burn. I found it had to concentrate and it took a long while to bring off the woman at my mouth.

I had learned that no matter what I was feeling, these two Chinese devils knew how to make it worse. When my mouth was free this time I begged, “Oh please don’t spank me any more. Let me feel your lovely mouth.”

The response was in an amused tone as it again said, “As you wish.”

The spanking stopped and I was again tongued to orgasm after orgasm as I ate the first one and then the other woman above me.

In the evening they released me and handcuffed my hands behind me. I was somewhat lightheaded from the orgasms as I was taken to the bathroom, showered and washed and then forced to take an enema. The women explained that enlightenment required that the body be cleansed of all impurities both inside and out.

Strangely enough, despite the ache in my groin, I was feeling better after that and they brought me back to the dining room where Pete and Tanana were just setting the table. One of them said, “Master we have done as you requested. Reverend mother has been pampered and purified.”

The other chimed in, “She has learned humility and is now stronger as she resumes her rightful place in our family.” Then they un-cuffed and un-gagged me and led me, still nude to my normal place at the table. They pulled my chair out and, when I sat, they both knelt before me kissing my newly pedicured feet. I could see their lovely bodies beneath me and said only, “Thank you precious children. Now take your places before your dinner grows cold.”

I don’t really understand what happened that day but I think I had a small glimpse into their culture. At first I was mad at Pete for pushing me into this but he was reacting to my suggesting that he deal with the group rather than the individual. Further I noted that afterwards I seemed to have acquired the respect of both women. While I don’t know exactly why, I think it did make me a better person.

Identification Problems – Pete’s Story

Tue and Thu were impossible, at least to my western eyes, to tell apart. They were both lovely slim petite women. While small they were both clearly fully developed. Their breasts were smaller than Jenifer’s (and of course Tanana’s), perhaps a B cup, but looked great on their slim frames. Having been denuded of pubic hair they continued the practice of keeping their pussies bare. I preferred oral sex with bare pussies and they enjoyed having me eat them to orgasm.

The lack of differentiation led to some minor confusion such as when I would ask Tue something about treating horses or Thu something about the offshore accounts. The woman would politely inform me that they would fetch their sister to answer my question but as they left to get her I could hear them laughing at my confusion. If being laughed at by a gorgeous woman or concubine as they preferred me to call them, was the worst that happened I could definitely live with the confusion.

That changed one Thursday evening when I went to put something away in the tack room. With no ponies to train, I rarely went into the barn in the evening. I noticed that one of the stalls was closed so I went over and looked. There on the stall floor was one of my concubines bound and tightly stretched. Her wrists and ankles had been bound with rope and the tails of both ropes had been stretched between two eyebolts so that her body was held taut. She wore a blindfold and an old fashioned rubber bathing cap. Duct tape had been wound around her head both across her mouth vertically holding her jaw clamped shut. I noted that whoever had bound her had cut a small slit over her mouth and inserted a piece of tubing to ensure that the captive would be able to breathe even if her nose became obstructed.

I was guessed that Tue had tied up Thu and was planning to take her place in my bed this evening. The breathing tube and the rubber bathing cap, which would allow the removal of the duct tape relatively painlessly, indicated that whoever had done this didn’t want to hurt her.

While I was pretty certain Tue was to blame I was mindful of how easily I had been captured last time I rushed into a stall to rescue someone. I didn’t think that Inga had come back, but this could have been some sneaky sort of thing that Jenifer and Tanana might have cooked up. We frequently played tricks on each other. I decided to check things out before rushing to the rescue.

I went back to the house and found Jenifer and Tanana finishing up the dinner dishes. I asked Jenifer where Thu was. She looked a bit surprised and said, “Well it’s her night so I assume she is in your bedroom waiting for you.”

I asked where Tue was. Jenifer looked perplexed and said, “I don’t know. I suppose she is in her bedroom.”

I asked her to check and come back to the kitchen. She did as I asked but came back with a frown and reported that she couldn’t find her anyplace. I was convinced that my first though had been right and that Tue was trying to pull a fast one and take her sister’s place. I sent Jenifer and Tanana to the barn with orders to free the woman in the stall and then all three of them were to come to my bedroom and wait quietly outside until I called to them.

Order Restored

I went into my bedroom and there kneeling on the floor was a marvelous slim golden oriental body. She was a perfect concubine, waiting for her lord and master to take her and bind her for his pleasure. Except that I knew that this was Tue trying to cheat her sister. I motioned her to stand and gave her wrist and ankle cuffs to wear.

Have you ever watched how graceful a woman’s body is as she bends to strap cuffs around her ankle? If I wasn’t planning a devious punishment I could have watched that lovely body dip and sway for a considerable length of time.

When she had the cuffs on I positioned her at the foot of my four poster bed, facing away from the bed and tied her in a standing spread eagle. I dropped a pillow on the floor in front of her and I am certain she thought that I was about to drop to me knees and eat her. Well she was almost right but not quite. I called through the door saying, “You can come in now.”

In came Jenifer, Tanana and a nude and very angry Thu. So angry in fact that she was spitting invective at her sister in Chinese and I had to grab her arm and hold her back from physically attacking her sister. I told Thu to calm down, she had been rescued and we would soon enjoy the evening while Jenifer and Tanana punished Tue.

I could see Jenifer and Tanana winding up to protest that they had no part in this dispute between sisters, but I said, “You two were the ones who cooked up this whole concubine business. You assured me that there wasn’t going to be any jealousy or cat fighting and that you would manage the schedule. Besides, we must think as a group and correct the deviant member for the good of the group.

You two will administer that punishment to Tue while Thu and I enjoy each other.”

Now Jenifer knows I am head over heels in love with her (someday I’ll have to tell her that) and that as a result she can pretty much have things any way she pleases. She is smart enough, however, to know that in this instance I was in the right and that it would be better if she did as I said. She simply smiled.

I sent Thu to get some cuffs on her wrists and ankles. While she was doing that I told Jenifer that her job was to arouse Tue with her hands and mouth but that she was to stop just short of allowing her to orgasm. Turning to Tanana I said that when Jenifer felt Tue was on the edge of orgasm she would signal to Tanana. Tanana was then to tickle Tue until she was gasping for breath and the orgasm had been driven far away. Then she was to stop and signal Jenifer to begin all over again.

I also told Jenifer and Tanana that if they misjudged and allowed Tue to cum or if they tickled her until she lost control of her bladder they would be severely punished. Ever practical Jenifer asked, “How long are we to keep this up?”

Jenifer loved tickling and Jenifer hated tickling. She had told me that even in the most stringent bondage the sub could relax and let the ropes do the work. With tickling, however, there was no relaxation possible and the body fought the sensations and pulled against the bondage. Alternating between the loving and arousing caresses and the violent reaction to the tickling would impose considerable strain on every part of Tue.

I smiled and replied, “I’ll let you know when to stop. You two will keep it up until Thu and I are satiated. Until then, you two can change off every hour or so.”

Tue groaned as she knew that meant that she would be tormented for quite some time. Thu however was smiling at the thought of what her sister would have to endure as she climbed onto the bed. I tied her in a conventional face up spread eagle and began.

Thu’s Thursday Night

Jenifer was, as all four women are, bisexual, so I knew that the arousal part wouldn’t be particularly stressful for her. She was smart and sexy and already had Tue moaning by the time I finished tying Thu to my bed.

Thu was still upset and tense so I began by gently stroking her face and neck. I ran a finger tip down the inside of her arm and along her side and asked her, “How did she get you all tied up line that.”

Thu said ruefully, “I am so stupid. She told me that there was a hole in one of the stalls and that she was afraid a horse could get hurt. Of course I know we don’t have any horses just now but I wanted to keep the stalls in good repair for the future, so I went with her. She squatted down and pointed and when I leaned down to see what it has she sprang at me, knocking me down. Then she got handcuffs on me and it was all over. ”

“That’s not stupid. You just worry about the animals. We are so lucky to have you.”

Thu’s smiled up at me and said, “No, not just yet. Right now Tue’s computer work is helping us more. Just you wait. Once we have the animals you’ll see how valuable I can be.”

Sometimes when I look at one of these submissive beauties I forget how smart and well educated they are. She was right, of course, but I didn’t want to hint that she wasn’t pulling her weight. The bed shook a bit and Tue’s moans became shrieks as Tanana began to tickle her. We both listened for a bit. I was still fondling her breasts and Thu said, “I wish I had big breasts like Tanana.”

I laughed and said. “If you had breasts like Tanana you wouldn’t be able to stand up. You would fall over forward. Besides, you are absolutely perfect. You are my pearl of the orient, my perfect lotus blossom. Your breasts, like the rest of you are perfect.”

Yes I know that sounds sappy. In my limited experience, however, women don’t mind sappy if it is my expressing how much you love them.

Tue wasn’t ready to drop it at that and said, “Men like big breasts. Would you like me to have mine made bigger?”

I looked at her and said, “Don’t you dare to think of mutilating this perfect body. I will hang you by your thumbs and flay the skin from your body with the biggest whip I can find if you even dare to think such a thing.”

Apparently Thu knew me well enough not to be terrified of my threats. I tell you it is a pretty pass when a master can’t even frighten his concubine. Of course it might have been that while I was talking my hand had slipped over her flat little tummy and delicious abdomen and was now gently rubbing her labia.

I think Tue stopped shrieking about then as Jenifer took over from Tanana, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I slipped first one and then a second finger into Thu, searching for her G spot. The literature says that there is a slight difference in texture for this sensitive bit of flesh but I have never been able to detect it. I don’t know if my rancher’s hands are too tough and leathery or if it is just all the lubrication my partners seem to generate. Rather than tactile I have to rely on the visual.

When I found her spot her body jerked as though it had received a jolt of electricity. I was careful to keep my fingers rubbing the same area as I brought my thumb into play on her clit. It took very little time to bring her to an apparently very satisfactory orgasm. I tried to keep my fingers and thumb active in the same places to prolong it but despite her bondage, she jerked and twisted and bucked so that my hand slid out completely.

I watched her shaking from the aftershocks as she slowly came back down. I wasn’t attuned to it but in the background I could hear Tue moaning and begging to be allowed to cum. I imagine the sounds of Thu’s orgasm added to Tue’s frustration. That was just what I had hoped for.

I slid down to taste my bound concubine. I licked and lapped at her but avoided her clit until she was begging for release. By that time her sister was again screaming and gasping for air. I licked up and found Thu’s clit. I battered at it with my tongue and nearly lost my nose when she heaved into her second orgasm. It was a damn good thing I had tied her down.

By this time I needed to get some relief myself so I pulled myself up and slid into her slowly. I was mindful of the fact that this delicate flesh had just been fingered and licked to two orgasms and might be tender. Thu was having none of this and though she was tied down she managed to buck her hips up, clamp her pussy around my penis and pull me down. Releasing her pussy muscles she bucked up again getting me deeper into her.

I established a slow rhythm and gradually picked up the pace. Thu tried to force me to go faster by bucking but I placed both hands on her hips and held her down on the bed. This was so good I wanted it to last! Gradually I increased until I was slamming in and out. I had been concerned for my partner but she was meeting me thrust for thrust. We made silly squishing sounds and then she arched her back and moaned. I felt her pussy pulsing around me and lost whatever control I had left. I collapsed onto her as I spurted into her. Fortunately, at the last moment, I remembered to take the weight of my upper body on my arms though my lower body was pressing her into the bed.

I rested for a few minutes and gradually we regained our breath. My sweet little concubine looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary. It may have been her third orgasm and she may have been tied to the bed, but there at the end she was completely in control as she milked everything I had from deep within me. I looked down and smiled at this precious woman. I leaned forward and kissed her. Not so much passionately, but gently and sweetly. It was a sort of a thank you kiss.

As I recovered I heard her sister shrieking and gasping again. I looked over my shoulders and it was Jenifer kneeling on the edge of the bed doing the tickling. As I watched she stopped and signaled to Tanana who began to lap at Tue’s pussy once again.

I was about done for the night so I rolled over and called Jenifer to me. I told her to go find some rope, some twine, a riding crop, the smooth torpedo vibrator with the adjustable settings, four weights and a set of nipple clamps that could be tightened. She scurried off as I went into the bathroom and cleaned up. I brought back a dry towel to replace the wet one Thu was lying on and a damp wash rag to clean up her groin.

Tue Loses Sleep

When Jenifer came back Tue was again close to an orgasm. I had Tanana stop and began preparing Tue for the night. First I placed the riding crop in her mouth as sort of a bit gag. I told her, “Hold that if you don’t want me to use it on you.”

Then I placed the clamps on her turgid nipples making certain they bit tightly into the soft flesh. I tied the four weights into sets of two with the twine and then used more twine to tie them to the nipple clamps. Instead of releasing the weights I balanced them over each end of the riding crop. Now if she let the crop out of her mouth the weights would drop and pull on her nipples.

Next I took the rope, doubled it and wrapped it around Tue’s waist and brought it down the crack of her ass, through her legs to the front. I slid the vibrator into her wet pussy. Then I knotted the rope just at the vibrator and ran the two ends up diagonally to her waist rope where I tied them off. With the ropes spreading out from the base of the vibrator there was little chance of the rope rubbing or the vibrations reaching her clitoris. I turned the vibrator on its lowest setting and told Tanana and Jenifer they could go to bed. Tue would have slow vibrations all night long but I doubted very much that the vibrations would be enough to let her get anywhere better than a slow simmer.

Jenifer looked at what I had done and asked, “How long are you going to torture her like that?”

It was really none of her business so I just made a shooing motion and said, “Oh, I don’t know. She doesn’t really have anything on her schedule until next Tuesday.”

Jenifer knew damn well that I wasn’t going to leave her like that for days and days but had enough sense not to start up with me. I was in my full dominant mode, ready to punish the naughty and Jen was smart enough not to want to provoke me.

I returned to the bed and untied Thu’s legs. Tue was squirming but had to limit how much she moved because she didn’t want to drop the weights. I was surprised to find that I had pretty much recovered while binding Tue and covered Thu sliding part way into her. I had intended to lift her legs with my shoulders but never had the chance as she wrapped them around me pulling me deeper into her.

With her legs free I moved us both up the bed a bit. Thu’s hands were still tied but she now had some slack and was more comfortable. I pumped away enjoying how tight and wet she was. When I felt the familiar tightening in my groin I reached down between us and fingered her clit to bring her to another climax.

At that point I was definitely done. I did remember to untie Thu’s hands and was rewarded with her rolling on top of my near comatose body and snuggling onto me. The last thing I remember is snapping off the bedside lamp.


I woke with Thu still on my chest. She and her sister were such delicate little things that I carried the weight without discomfort. I gently woke her and asked, “Have you forgiven your sister?”

Her eyes widened as she realized that Tue was still tied uncomfortably at the foot of the bed. She responded, “Oh yes, master. She is my sister.” That last was not for identification. I knew she was her sister. I think it was to explain that she couldn’t stay angry with her.

“Go let her loose.”

Thu jumped up and ran to her sister. She grabbed both nipple clamps and pulled them off. Tue had been half in a daze but when the clamps came off and the blood raced back into those nipples she screamed dropping both the riding crop and the weights. Fortunately the weights dangled from the clips in Thu’s hands.

Tue mumbled something that sounded like, “Please let me cum. I can’t take any more.” As I had planned the vibrator had been holding her close to the edge but hadn’t been quite enough to push her over.

Thu looked at me to see if this was permitted and I smiled and nodded. Thu hugged her sister and said, “You’re such a slut.” Then she kissed her sister and dropped to her knees on the pillow that Jenifer or Tanana had left last night. Thu removed the crotch strap, let the vibrator slip down and out and leaned forward to her sister’s pussy. I don’t think it took more than two licks before Tue exploded into an orgasm.

Thu finished removing the ropes from Tue’s ankles and then stood to take off the wrist cuffs. After so long in bondage, Tue had trouble standing so I scooped her into my arms and carried her to her own bed.

I showered and had breakfast and then made both of my oriental concubines get dressed. We drove all the way to Flagstaff with Tue still napping in the rear seat and went to a tattoo parlor. I selected a pretty red rose bud. Both girls removed their tops and flirted with the tattoo artist. I had him place the tattoo placed on Tue’s right breast and Thu’s left breast. That, I figured, would solve the identification problem for once and for all.

Of course the tattoo guy wanted the women to confirm that they wanted the tattoo with their own free will. Typically, the women acted all slavish and submissive. Tue said, “It is my master’s wish.” Thu added “It is master’s gift to us.” Well, you get the idea. It took several minutes of this sort of thing before the tattoo artist was convinced that they were having the tattoos because they wanted them, not just because I was forcing them.


Things have gotten back to normal at the ranch. Linda, my daughter, was bit miffed when she came home at Thanksgiving and found Tue and Thu occupying her room. Apparently a few nights sharing Tanana’s bed mollified her. When she came home for Christmas there didn’t seem to be any problems.

Spring has come and the BLM auctions yielded six good animals. Thu is a big help with that many animals to care for, and it looks as though we will have a good year on the ranch. I am still a bit disturbed that Tue and Thu are passing up opportunities for real careers and for meeting men their own age but Jenifer has advised me to be patient.

That’s pretty much the story of our brief foray from cow ponies to ponygirls and the story of how a broken down rancher like me came to be living with four (count them) wonderful women who were all submissive and willing to submit to my demands and fulfill my every need.