Linda Comes of Age
by Sir Richard


I am a retired solder and one time mercenary, that runs a small horse training ranch in Northern Arizona.  I am fortunate enough to live with two gorgeous women who at one time were call girls.  I am fortunate because I love one of the women, Jenifer, and because both of the women enjoy bondage and sex in my bed (and my barn, and the living room, and the kitchen, and… well you get the idea).  If you want more details I suggest you read the story Jenifer to learn how I met and came to love my significant other.  Another story, The Pro Bono Mercenary explains how I came to rescue a group of women including Tanana, Jenifer’s best friend and my other bondage and bed partner.

It was during that rescue that I also wound up with a prostitute from Guatemala.  She had been sold into prostitution at a young age and was just 18 when I rescued Tanana and her.  We used a birth certificate from a seventeen year old girl that had died in an auto accident to establish an identity for her and she is now Linda Montoya, a U. S. citizen and an orphan who lives with her godparents (Jenifer and I) and attends high school.


Linda is a lovely young lady who applies herself at school and brings home good grades.  She is smart and works hard and, unlike many kids her age, thirsts for learning.  She is surprisingly normal, given all of the trauma she had gone through.  She brings home pretty good grades and has only been in trouble at school once.  It seems a jock groped her and she smashed his nose.  The whole thing got cleared up as the boy wasn’t a real monster and admitted that he had put his hand where it hadn’t been invited and that Linda had just been defending herself.  He also offered an apology and while they are not great chums, they are reasonably friendly now.

Her lack of formal education left her behind in some subjects but she willingly spent her summers taking remedial math and science classes.  After a couple of years she is pretty much caught up with her classmates except in math where she has selected a boyfriend to tutor her.  I suspect he gets some affection in return but I doubt that they have gone all the way.  Hey, I am having fatherly feelings here.  Despite the fact that Linda probably knows more about sex than I do, I do not want to think of her in bed with some high school kid.

It is those fatherly feelings that are my problem.  While both Jenifer and Tanana love Linda and feel protective towards her, they are much more relaxed about sex than I.  I suppose that is natural given their background.  They view Linda more as another woman, though younger, while I think of her more as an emerging child. 

That is part of the problem.  None of the three women is particularly modest about their bodies.  That isn’t a problem with Jenifer and Tanana.  Anytime I feel particularly aroused I can always grab them tie them to my bed and have a great session with them.  This doesn’t happen too often during the day as they pretty much exhaust me each night and I do have horses to train and a ranch to run.  No, the problem is Linda whose favorite apparel around the house is a T shirt and panties.

Linda is well developed with a large bust, narrow waist, full hips and a very nice butt.  At her age she doesn’t really need a bra and often does without.  Further, between the normal young woman’s beginning recognition of her sexuality and the experienced prostitute’s knowledge of sex and arousing men, Linda is a danger to my health.  Now as her substitute father I would never touch her in a sexual manner.  It wouldn’t be right.  Still, she is devastatingly attractive, has the body of a porn star and radiates sexuality.  And that is my problem.

Neither Jenifer nor Tanana shares my view on this.  The women play with each other as well as with me and they both include Linda as a full fledged partner if she is in the mood and her homework is caught up.  They have both encouraged me to take Linda into my bed but it just doesn’t feel right.

Linda Propositions Me

That’s why I was upset when Linda plopped into my lap one morning and reminded me that her (official) 18th birthday was fast approaching.  She then proceeded to tell me that as her present she wanted me to be her first lover.  I protested, as diplomatically as I could, that I could hardly be her first.  She proceeded to explain that while some clients had been nice and some nasty, none of them qualified as a lover.  She wanted a real lover who would have sex with her while making her feel loved and mommy (that’s Jenifer) and Tia Tan (that’s Aunt Tanana) thought poppy (that’s me) would be great as a first lover.

I shot my nastiest glare across the table at my two women who blithely ignored me.  Seeing no help from that quarter I asked abut Dan, her math tutor boyfriend.  She proceeded to explain that while he was trainable and had gotten pretty good with both his hands and his mouth (oh, way too much information there), she thought that it would be to quick (to use her words “…ram, bam, thank you mam…”) the first few times she let him have sex with her.  (Really, that was way too much information there!)

While I couldn’t fault her logic, this really wasn’t something I wanted to do.  Well this wasn’t something I wanted to do intellectually.  A part of me was responding to the tight butt squirming about in my lap.  I finally fell back on being her father now and that I couldn’t have sex with my own daughter.

It was at that point that Jenifer came to my aid.  Well, more or less to my aid.   She walked over and swatted Linda on the butt and said, “Your birthday isn’t for more than a month.  You have told him what you want, now go off and get ready for school. Poppy and I will discuss it.”

That solved the immediate problem and got Linda’s teenaged butt off my lap.  On the other hand Jenifer hadn’t really said that.  That’s what you would have thought she said had you been listening.  For those of you who have never been married or who have never had a live-in girlfriend, I will translate.  What she really said was, ‘Don’t worry about it.  I will straighten him out.’  It is kinds of female code speak.

Jenifer looked at me and said, “You know that you aren’t her real father and that there is no real incest issue here, don’t you?”

When I nodded she went on, “You know she is really over 19 now and there is no kiddy porn issue, don’t you?”

I nodded and that pretty much sealed the deal.  Don’t get me wrong.  Jenifer isn’t a nag.  It is just that I love that woman so much that I find it very hard not to do whatever I can to get her what she wants.  She knows this and doesn’t abuse it.  In fact she is tighter with our finances than I ever was.  Still, if Jenifer wants something I will try to get it for her.  And when she wants something to happen it usually does.  While I might argue a bit and perhaps even whine, I knew then and there that I would be bedding Linda for her birthday.

I Draw the Line

Jenifer and Tanana had been making plans on just how I could be more romantic with Linda on her birthday.  I had in the past showered with both women and washed their hair and they thought that this was nice intimate thing to do.  A massage was definitely in the works.  Various bondage positions were reviewed and discussed.  Finally I drew the line at allowing the women to participate or even be spectators.  The last thing I needed was one of them leaning over my shoulder providing pointers.  This was met with some resistance on their part.

In fact I overheard the women discussing this.  They decided that they could listen from outside the room and that once I was fully engaged with Linda, they would be able to slip into the room and observe.  I was upset at this and decided that instead of arguing the point, I would ensure privacy by binding Jenifer and Tanana in the living room.  I would leave them tied while Linda and I explored a romantic but very private first loving bondage experience and then let them free.

I decided to tie Tanana first as she was the one that fought the ropes and had to be ‘forced’ whenever we played.  I grabbed her without warning and handcuffed her hands behind her back.  Then I used a penis gag to keep her quiet and led her into the living room.  You may recall that my living room has two large support pillars about eight feet apart.  I backed her against one and looped a rope tightly around her waist three times.  Then I removed the handcuffs and pulled her arms back on either side of the pillar.  I tied her with her wrists crossed behind the pillar, a fairly comfortable tie.  Then I ran another rope three times around her body and the pillar just under her arms.  I cinched this rope tight, added one three times around her chest and the pillar just below her breasts and cinched that one as well.  Then I went back and tightened up the waist rope cinching it as well.  For good measure I folded a rope in half, looped it around her waist, passed the ends through the fold and then led them down between her legs on either side of her mound.  This last rope was tied tightly to the main waist rope (the one that went around the pillar) and ensured that her, rather shapely, ass was tight against the post as well.

Recovering the handcuffs I went off and found Jenifer.  In less time than it takes to tell, she was bound exactly the same way to the other pillar.  Well I say exactly the same way but we only had one penis gag so Jenifer was ball gagged.  It was then that I began to make it tough on the women.  I would work on one and then step back so the other could see.  Then I would do the same to the second woman and step back so that the first could see.

The first thing I did was tie a rope to Jenifer’s right ankle run it up over her joined wrists and, lifting her leg behind her pulled it tight and tied it off.  Then I pulled up her other ankle and tied it to the first one being careful to keep the knots where she would be unable to reach them with her hands.  In truth I didn’t think that, held tightly to the pole as she was, she would be able to arch her back enough to lift her ankles up to her wrists, but I wanted to be careful.  Of course pulling her legs up shifted all of her weight to the ropes making the tie somewhat less comfortable.

I stepped back so Tanana could see what was about to happen and then tied her legs up the same way.  Next I opened Tanana’s blouse and ran my hands inside her bra using the backs of my hands to push the cups of her bra to the side and exposing her very lovely breasts.  I spent a few minutes fondling those lovely breasts and then bent down to kiss, lick and suck at her nipples.  I say nipples, not nipple because I played with both.  Tanana has very long nipples and I played until they were engorged and firm.  Then I took out the nipple clamps and firmly fixed them to her nipples.

Stepping back I let Jenifer see how lovely Tanana’s breasts were with the nipple clamps.  Then I walked over to her and unbuttoned her blouse.

Jenifer’s breasts are not as large as Tanana’s but are every bit as lovely and I paid careful attention to them.  When Jenifer’s nipples were firm and turgid I took the next step.  I didn’t need another set of nipple clamps because Jenifer had cute little nipple rings.  Once I had her nipples standing out I hung little lead weights from each ring.

Then I stepped back allowing Tanana to anticipate how the weights would feel when I added a set to her nipple clamps.  The clamps were that complex Japanese type that gets tighter as they are pulled so I am certain Tanana felt the impact of the weights.  Then I unbuttoned Tanana’s jeans and slipped my hand into her panties.  Some gentle probing assured me that she was indeed wet and ready for the next step.  I held up a long vibrator for her to admire, carefully adjusted it to its lowest setting and worked it into the panties.  I tilted it a bit so that, although the head was touching her labia the vibrator didn’t run up over her clit.  The idea here was to let her get increasingly aroused while I was with Linda, not to let her cum.  I made certain that her jeans were buttoned tightly enough to hold it in place.

When I stepped back, Jenifer could see the vibrator sticking out of Tanana’s jeans with the as yet unplugged line cord trailing onto the floor.  We didn’t actually have a second long vibrator to use on Jenifer but we did have an adjustable vibrating egg that worked off an electric plug.  Tied as she was it took me a while to get the egg into Jenifer and I may have cheated a bit by pushing it deep within her with my fingers.  In any case I made certain that her tight jeans were pulled back up and securely so that there was no chance that she could work the egg out of her pussy.

Other than plugging in the vibrators I was pretty much done with their bondage.  There was however one last step.  I pulled the penis gag out of Tanana’s mouth and replaced it with a bit gag tied behind the post limiting her ability to turn her head.  Jenifer’s ball gag was replaced by four strands of rope through her mouth and around the post cinched off so that she would have to look across at Tanana.

Now I know that bit gags and strands of rope do not provide as much silence as either the penis or the ball gag.  The problem is that when a sub gives herself to a dominant she is offering up all of her trust and confidence.  I might make these women uncomfortable (well, I just had) but I wasn’t going to do anything that risked actually injuring them.  I know it is a long shot but with a mouth filling gag there is always the chance that a woman might sneeze or cry or get a stuffy nose for any of a hundred different reasons.  With the mouth stuffed full, if the nose is clogged up there is no airway.  I never leave a sub with a stuffed mouth if I am going to be out of the room for any length of time. 

I told the women that I had overheard their plot to sneak in and observe Linda and I and that this was their punishment.  I told them that I would be back to release them once Linda was satiated.  In retrospect that is pretty colossal ego.  I mean I am pretty good in the bedroom but satiating and 18 year old?  I didn’t know if I could, though I was certainly going to try.

Linda’s Night – Some Preliminaries

Having dealt with my two nosey companions, I went off to find Linda.  She was waiting in her room.  I had her stand and relax while I slowly undressed her.  And yes, part of the reason it took as long as it did was because I spent some time fondling, kissing and petting each bit of skin as it was uncovered.  I had some nylon cuffs that closed with Velcro instead of a metal buckle and I used them on Linda’s wrists.  I clipped her hand together behind her back and walked her to the master bathroom.

I decided to improve on the shower idea by using some of Jenifer’s bubble bath.  I ran the tub with warm water and got Linda seated in it relaxing in the bubbles.  Jenifer had a puffy thing she called a loofah which I used to gently wash Linda’s body.  I spent more time rubbing some parts than others.  I didn’t want to push her head under water to wash her hair so I got a measuring cup from the kitchen and used it to dip water over her hair.  Of course I was getting myself wet in the process so I shucked my clothes.

When Linda was cleaned up I helped her from the tub and patted and rubbed her dry, using the hair dryer on low to dry her long black hair.  I told her to go lie on the bed while I cleaned up the bathroom.  I did do that but I also took some time to jack off into the toilet.  I knew that if I didn’t do that I would never last long enough when I entered Linda.

I am not much of an expert on romance so I didn’t know exactly what would make it a romantic night for Linda.  I did think that some pampering might be in order so I sat Linda up and worked a comb gently through her hair removing all the snarls and tangles.  Then I used her hair brush to brush her hair for 100 strokes.  Don’t ask me why 100 stroke instead of 80 or 120.  It just seemed right.  I was pretty proud of how nice and shiny it looked when I was done.  I could see Linda was smiling and when I asked her why she said that her mother used to brush her hair like that when she was a little girl.

Linda’s Night – On the Bed

I said, “Well you’re a big girl now and I am feeling anything BUT motherly towards you.”  This was accompanied by my best leer and running my hands over her shoulders and down her arms.  I laid her down and had her roll over so that she was face down.  I unsnapped her cuffs and mover her arms up toward the headboard so that they stretched above her head.  I resnapped the cuffs and tied them to the headboard but left her legs free so that I could roll her over later.  Then I straddled her.  Most of my weight was on my legs but I let my ass sink down so that it was pressing against her butt.  Then I began to massage her back.

I guess we must have made a pretty funny picture.  There we were this rough old ex-soldier, now a calloused rancher sitting on a nineteen year old woman's butt and rubbing her shoulders.  I am no certified masseuse, that’s for darn sure.  Still, with my fingers moving around her shoulders and my thumbs pressing into the muscles of her back I managed to relax her and was rewarded with some murmured sighs.  I kept up a running commentary on how lovely she looked and how smooth her skin was and how lucky I was to have her and how much honored I was to be her first lover.  It was all pretty much just filling in the time but I worked at keeping it a loving experience instead of just a sexual one. 

I ought to make one thing clear.  Up until this time I have been talking about how reluctant I was to have sex with my daughter, even if she wasn’t my biological one.  I entered into this whole thing reluctantly, but I don’t want you to think this was an onerous chore.  Linda had a beautiful, tight and sexy body and once I had agreed to be her first lover I had no further reticence.  Hey I am a guy, she was a great bodied, not really related, fully of age female and I did care for her.  I may not have wanted to get into this but once in I was enjoying myself.

After a while I moved down to the foot of her bed took one of her feet in both hands and used my thumbs to massage her foot.  I don’t know why this is a turn on for women.  I guess I could understand if she had been teetering around all day in high heels but Linda wore sensible running shoes.  Still, I never claimed to understand women.  I just have a good working knowledge of what pleases them.  I worked one foot over until she was moaning.  Not a sexual moan, more a pleasurable moan.  Then I went to the other foot and did the same.

I gently rolled her over on her back and tied her ankles apart on the bed so that she was now in a sort of an inverted “Y” shape.  I guess some people call that and Eifel Tower tie.  I slipped one arm under her waist and lifted her from the bed using my other hand to stuff a pillow under her.

Then I moved up to the top of the bed and began kissing her.  First I kissed her on the face, the nose, the eyes, the lips, one ear (with a gentle nip of the ear lobe), then hinge of her jaw.  I slowly moved down her body, paying attention to her shoulders and her collar bone.  With my mouth so busy I couldn’t keep up my running commentary but I managed to slip in a “So lovely” or a “So silky and smooth” between kisses as I played.

My mouth moved down her chest between her breasts which I fondled and licked.  Her nipples were small, smaller than either Jenifer or Tanana.  At the same time they were flinty hard and drew my mouth like a moth to a flame.  While I was using my mouth on her nipples I reached down to her groin and, finding it very wet, inserted first one and then two fingers.  I gently explored her by flexing my fingers until I found her G spot.  Then I kept at her nipples with my mouth while working her up to her first orgasm.

I let her come down from her peak as I slid down the bed and positioned myself between her legs.  Then I licked up all of the liquid I could find and lapped at her labia.  Of course they were pretty puffy by that time so I moved my tongue to her inner folds and plunged into her wet warm slit.  I varied my licking between reaching as far into her as I could and running up the length of her slit to lap at her clitoris.  Eventually I clamped my mouth over her clit and licked as fast as I could.  Her second orgasm was even stronger than her first.

I lost no time in working (if it can be called work) my way up her body and sliding into her.  I had planned to f**k slowly but Linda was having none of that.  Even tied as she was she was able to buck her hips and force the pace.  In fact I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to hold back so I worked a hand between our groins and played with her clit to bring her along.  We came together or as near as makes no difference and it was a very satisfactory orgasm for both of us. 

I was exhausted but remembered how important post coital cuddling is to a woman (To men it is more like throw pillows on top of the bed.  We can see that they are nice, and are willing to have them, but are never quite certain that they are worth the time and trouble.)  Accordingly I untied her legs and while leaving her wrists clipped together, untied them from the bed.  Then I rolled on my back and pulled her over on top of me.  Wrapping my arms around her, I told her how very special our evening had been and how memorable it would always be for me (OK, so I exaggerated a bit.  I was supposed to make her feel special wasn’t I?).

Once we were comfortably settled with Linda lying on one side of me with one leg over mine and one breast resting against my side and the other on my chest, I drifted off to sleep.  I remember thinking that there was something that I was forgetting to do but I couldn’t quite remember what it was.

Next Morning

I woke up a happy camper with Linda still curled over me.  Nature called however and I slid out from under her and headed for the bathroom.  It wasn’t until I was about halfway through relieving my bladder that it struck me what I had forgotten to do last night.  SHIT!!!  I had completely forgotten about Jenifer and Tanana who must still be uncomfortably tied up in the main room.  As soon as I could I grabbed a pair of jeans and headed for the main room.

The looks I got when I got there were distinctly unhappy and somewhat angry.  Well, they had a right to be.  First I had tied them pretty stringently and then instead of keeping my word and letting them loose after I finished with Linda, I had fallen asleep and left them there all night.  The first thing I did was to pull the plug on the vibrators.  It was obvious from the soaked crotches that, despite to low settings on the vibrators, both women had cum multiple times during the night.

Then I went to Tanana and unbuttoned her jeans so I could pull the vibrator out of her pants.  I stepped behind her and untied her ankles.  Her feet dropped to the floor but she wasn’t able to get them under her yet.  I guess the muscles in her legs were really sore from having been held in one position all night,  Moving back around in front of her I removed both nipple clips.  Of course this let the blood flow back into her nipples creating a painful pins and needles sensation.  I went to massage her nipples but Tanana said, “Et ur ands uf eye oobs” around her bit gag which I understood to mean ‘Get your hands off my boobs.’  Well, try to be a nice guy!

In any event I went to work on the crotch rope, the waist rope, the wrist rope and the lower and upper chest ropes.  I left the gag until last because I felt that I would be better off not hearing anything she might want to say at just that moment.  By this time her legs had recovered enough to bear her weight and she pushed past me and headed towards her room.

Freeing Jenifer was pretty much the same thing as Tanana.  I tried to apologize but got nothing from Jenifer but a nasty glare.  That’s not quite accurate.  As she staggered out she said, “You can fix you own dammed breakfast.”  It was pretty clear that I was in deep doo-doo with my lovely ladies and I decided to follow the advice of W. C. Fields who had said “The best way to fight with a woman is with your hat.  Grab it and run.”  Rather than stay around and make things worse I went out to work the horses.

That Evening

I guessed that the whole thing would blow over.  I made another apology at the dinner table but the meal was eaten in a distinctly chilly atmosphere.  After dinner I went up to take a shower.

Yes, I shower in the morning, like most people do.  Horses may or may not be intelligent.  People who work with them have different ideas about that.  No one who works with horses has any doubts about the fact that they are smelly beasts.  It is hard work training cow ponies and both the horse and I work up a sweat.  That’s why I take a second shower in the evening.

In any case when I walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel I was met by two visions of loveliness.  Jenifer and Tanana, who were both nude, each grabbed me by an arm.  I suppose I could have fought them off but I was feeling bad about what I had done and felt that if they wanted a little payback in good fun they were probably entitled to it.

If you are reading this story you are probably into bondage, and if you are into bondage you know it is based on a large degree of trust.  Oh your woman may get a thrill from being tied up, but each time she lets you tie her she is giving you her most precious gift, that of trust.  She trusts you to care for her and not to exceed her limits.  Last night I had broken that trust at least in a small way.  No one was hurt but they had trusted me to come and release them and instead I had fallen asleep.  So if they were mad enough to ‘attack’ me I was pretty much willing to go along with them.  Had I known then what they had planned for me, I am not so certain that I would have been so accepting.

As I said each woman grabbed an arm and they began to tug me toward the bed.  I went along with them.  Tanana used her free hand to pull off my towel, which was discarded leaving me as nude as, though less attractive than, my two gorgeous companions.  Jenifer used her free hand to grab my already stiff penis (Hey, when you find two gorgeous nude women in your bedroom, it is a natural reaction) and used it more or less as a tiller to steer me around and backwards onto the bed.  Swiftly and efficiently they tied me in a face up spread eagle using wrist bands and ropes they must have put in place while I was in the shower.  Up to this point I hadn’t resisted and now things were pretty much out of my control.

Payback - Part 1

To my surprise Jenifer climbed onto the bed between my legs and took my penis into her mouth.  I was a bit confused as this didn’t seem like the payback that I had been expecting.  I opened my mouth to say something when Tanana appeared beside my head with a gag I had never seen before.  The inside held a mouth filling leather wad connected to a flat strip that covered the lips.  What made it unusual however was that on the other side of the leather strip was a fairly large dildo.  Taking advantage of my open mouth, Tanana stuffed the leather wad into my mouth and buckled the gag behind my head.  Then she climbed onto the bed, straddled my face and lowered herself onto the dildo,

It was about then that I realized that Jenifer had stopped playing with my genitals and that my wet and very hard penis was now bobbing in the air with no stimulus.  Tanana began moving up and down, forcefully, on the dildo sticking up from my face.  Each time she came down my head was pushed down into the pillow and mattress, bending my neck.  As she rose up the resiliency of the bedding pushed my head up.  Tanana sped up but with no clitoral stimulation it was going to take a long time for her to reach orgasm.  This was literally becoming a pain in the neck.

At the same time, Jenifer kept watch at my groin.  If I began to lag at all she reapplied her mouth and brought me back to near orgasm.  Of course, she knew every facet of my body and she skillfully avoided ever bringing me over the edge.

This was really torture.  I could see Tanana’s lovely body with those big breasts bobbing up and down over my face but I couldn’t feel a thing (except at my groin, of course).  I enjoy sex in most forms but watching that beautiful body move up and down and not being able to feel anything except the weight pushing my neck back was just humiliating.  I closed my eyes and don’t really know if Tanana had helped herself along by playing with her clit or if she eventually came from the vaginal friction.  What I do know is that it took a long time before I felt her steady up and down become jerky motions as she got to orgasm.  My neck was aching and I was damn sorry that I had let them take control.

Payback - Part 2

After Tanana had her orgasm, the women switched positions and things became both better and worse.  When Jenifer climbed up to my face instead of sitting on the dildo, she removed my gag, saying “I want the real thing, get busy with that tongue.” She straddled my mouth and I got my tongue into action.  I like to eat Jenifer to orgasm and do so frequently though I had never been tied down before.  Even with my being tied this was no punishment for me.  I varied my strokes sometimes pushing deep into her and sometimes lapping up along her slit to reach her clit.  I was still limited in my movement, of course, and my neck was still sore from the pounding Tanana had administered but I could taste my love’s juices and this was infinitely better that the remote pounding I had experienced with the dildo gag.  With me tied down it would take some time to bring Jenifer off and my jaw and tongue muscles were becoming sore but still, this was an improvement.

While things were better up top, at the same time they got considerably worse down below.  Tanana had taken over the job of keeping me aroused but not allowing me to cum.  Tanana isn’t a mean person but she does like her sex rough and tends to be rough with her partners.  While Jenifer licked me and then stopped and left me hanging, Tanana adopted a different method.  She would suck until she felt the first twitch of an orgasm and then squeeze my testicles so that the pain forced me back from the edge.  This entire evening was becoming painful but I took comfort in knowing that once I got Jenifer off the payback would be over.  It was painful but up to that point I pretty much felt the women had been fair.

Things Get Nasty

Once Jenifer had cum she climbed off of me and I thought the evening would draw to a close.  Imagine my surprise and consternation when Linda climbed over my head.  LINDA!!!!  She hadn’t been wronged last night.  In fact, my working to give her a romantic evening had been what tired me out and caused me to get into the proverbial dog house with Jenifer and Tanana.  I was beginning to grow angry.

I didn’t want to have sex or play sexual games with Linda.  Last night had been a special occasion but I still thought of her as my daughter.  OK, so we weren’t biologically related, that’s the way I felt.  Even if she hadn’t been my daughter I don’t think an 19 year old ought to be having sex with an old (well 43 isn’t that old but it is well out of what ought to be her range) man.

Even as I was getting angry at the women having brought Linda into the bedroom with us I was getting mad at Linda.  She had mounted me like the other women but unlike them she was facing my feet.  In this position I could lick her but, tied down as I was, it was almost impossible to reach her clit.  I could just barely reach it with my tongue stretched out as far as possible when she was leaning forward with her hands on my chest.  As she became more and more aroused she tended to sit up straighter which took her magic button out of reach.  Further my nose was pushed into the crack of her butt and her tail bone pressed painfully against my nose.  Further Linda wasn’t shy and if I slowed down or missed a lick she dug her nails into my nipples to urge me on. 

Damn, now I was getting mad.  If including Linda in our games hadn’t been bad enough, Jenifer and Tanana now took things over the edge.  They fastened roped around the bottom of my thighs, loosened the ankle ropes and pulled my knees up toward the head of the bed.  Then they refastened my ankles to the foot leaving me stretched wide open with my hips forced to roll up.  This all happened while I was getting adjusted to Linda and I didn’t really realize what was happening until it was done.  I was brought back to reality with a jerk, however, when I felt something cold and greasy being applied to my sphincter.

Look, I like bondage and that is far enough out of the mainstream that I don’t want to criticize anyone else’s preferences.  There are people who like pain, people who like anal sex, and people who only like straight vanilla sex.  Different strokes for different folks and all that.  Having said that, I am not a big fan of anal sex.  First of all it is messy.  You have to use an artificial lubricant or risk tearing the tissues and possible infection.

Secondly, unless you are going to take the time to clean out the colon with an enema it can be very nasty.  Finally, it seems to me to be a waste of perfectly good pussy.  I mean, if you have them both in front of you why opt for the anus?  There was a further factor.  I had discussed this with both women and though they had been willing enough to have anal sex if I wanted it, they both felt that it was a degrading way to have intercourse and didn’t enjoy it.  Between my lack of interest and their feelings we had left it out of our fun and games.

At least we had until that night.  When I felt the lube being shoved up my ass and realized how they had positioned my legs, I tried to protest.  Unfortunately with Linda riding my face and pinching my nipples every time I removed my tongue from her pussy, I was unable to make my protests understood.  Instead I was trapped there as something was shoved into my sphincter.  It was pretty long but I didn’t realize that it was a vibrator until they turned it on. 

Then they pushed it further into me until the vibrations were massaging my prostrate.  At the same time Tanana began jerking at my penis.  I knew it was Tanana because she was rough in a way my Jenifer would never have been.  I began to spurt all over the place.  Though I was pumping sperm like mad, I didn’t have the normal pleasurable feelings that accompanied an orgasm.  To make matters worse it was right about then that Linda shrieked and came, straightening up and mashing my poor nose as she did so.  I was exhausted, my neck, jaw and tongue ached, my ass felt as though it had been stretched open and my groin felt strangely uncomfortable.

Once I had stopped spurting, the women untied my knees and ankles.  Linda hopped off my face and left the room as Jenifer and Tanana crawled up on either side of me.  They left my hands tied to the corners of the bed and lay down pillowing their heads on my shoulders.  Now this was pretty much my favorite way to sleep with one breast pressing my chest and the other against my side.  The women each threw a leg over mine so that their damp pussies pressed against my thighs.

I still had aches and pains but was smart enough to realize that this wasn’t the time to complain.  I just wished they had untied my wrists so that I would be able to wrap my arms around them.  The women drifted off to sleep while I debated what sort of punishments would be appropriate.  I guess I eventually drifted off to sleep myself.

Back to Normal

When I woke the next morning I realized that Jenifer and Tanana had untied my arms.  I was upset at how my lovely ladies had treated me last night and decided it was time to reassert my dominance.  You might say that they were entitled to some payback and you would be right.  They had gone too far however and I was mad.  There was only one alpha dog in this pack and that was me.  They were going to be punished for going too far.

I got dressed and went to look for Tanana.  She was the feistiest of the three women and I wanted to secure her first.  I found her in her room.  I walked in and without a word pounced on her.  I forced her down on her bed and cuffed her hands behind her.  Then I inserted a penis gag to keep her silent.  I flipped her over and unbuttoned her blouse and jeans.  I found she had conveniently worn a front closing bra so I opened it revealing her magnificent breasts.

Tanana calls her breasts her ‘boobs’ or her ‘boobies’ but I have never liked that name.  They are breasts, lovely full and ripe breasts.  While Tanana isn’t a pain freak, she likes her sex play rough.  As I am an obliging sort of fellow I roughly mauled her breasts.  I could have kept on with that for some time but I had bigger plans so I finished stripping her, marched her into the living room and back against a post where I cuffed her hands behind her and around the post.

Jenifer was in the kitchen and when she saw my face she knew that she was in for it.  She said, “I guess we went a little too far last night.”

I nodded my agreement but all I said was, “Strip!”

She looked around the kitchen where she was in the middle of getting things together for a meal and I could see she was contemplating objecting to my timing.  Jenifer is a smart woman however and knows all of my moods probably better than I know myself.  In the end she smiled brightly at me and said only, “Yes master.”

I took my now nude Jenifer into the living room and cuffed her with her hands behind her and around the other post.  I used a ball gag to silence her.  It was time to collect Linda.

Linda was in her bedroom wearing a T shirt and the tightest pair of jeans I had ever seen.  She smiled when she saw me and said something about going to the movies with Dan later in the day, but I didn’t bother to pay any attention.  I had other plans for her and the other women.  I grabbed one arm and brought it up behind her back where I tied her right wrist to her left arm.  Then I tied the other wrist to her other arm and marched her out to the living room.  I didn’t bother to gag her because, frankly, I wanted to hear her cries as she was punished.

Holding Linda firmly by one bound arm, I placed a kitchen chair midway between the posts so that both women could watch Linda’s punishment and contemplate their own fate.  I told the women that they had been entitled to some payback but they had gone over the line in two ways.  First they brought my more or less adopted daughter into our sex play even though they knew I didn’t approve of that.  Secondly I was seriously P. O.’d by the anal activity and they were both going to pay for that. 

Linda, of course objected to being punished saying, quite accurately I assume, that she had been invited to participate.  I told her that she knew as well as the others how I felt about father daughter sex games and that if she was truly grown up she would have exercised better judgment.  Since she hadn’t, she was obviously still a child and would be punished as one would be.

Linda’s Punishment

Linda was struggling now but I ignored her futile efforts.  I opened her tight jeans and pushed them and her panties down her thighs. Turning her around, I rolled up the hem of her T shirt and tucked it over her bound arms.  Then I forced her across my lap.  Linda was screaming that she was too big to be spanked but I soon proved her wrong.  I held her over my lap and really battered her buns.  Ranching, like farming gives you hard calloused palms.  This was a serious spanking and I used quite a bit of force.  Linda has a light brown complexion so I didn’t see her ass turn pink but soon it took on a red glow.  By this time her protests had become cries and the cries had turned to sobs.  I didn’t stop until her ass was almost purple.

I eventually let her stand but her punishment wasn’t over yet.  I fastened a collar around her neck and tied a rope to the collar. 

A word about collars.  I don’t generally use them.  They seem to denote ownership, which is a bit too much for my relationships.  I know damn well that I don’t own either Jenifer or Tanana.  Instead I am privileged to be the dominant they allow to play with their bodies, minds and, yes, with their very souls.  But I know very well that neither woman is an animal or a pet.

Nevertheless I used a collar that day on Linda.  Not to prove that I ‘owned’ her but to keep her in the place I was going to put her.  Of course with her jeans and panties around her knees she could only move in small shuffling steps.  Using the rope as a lead I pulled her into a corner of the room where there was an eye bolt, pushed her forward until her nose was tight in the corner preventing her from turning her head to either side, and tied the leash holding her there.  I couldn’t help thinking about how those now purple buns had held me in place by my nose last night.  I thought ‘what goes around comes around.’

I know Linda is really over 19, but I don’t know anything more embarrassing for a teen age girl, even a nineteen year old, who considers her self to be very grown up than to be spanked like a child and then forced to stand in the corner with her pants at half mast around her legs.  That was exactly the punishment I had planned for Linda.  The pain, and perhaps humiliation, of the spanking, followed by the humiliation of standing in the corner like a naughty little girl.

Tanana’s Punishment

Having dealt with Linda I un-cuffed Tanana from her post and led her outside.  I placed a stool near the end of our driveway and tied her ankles to two of the legs of the stool.  Then I removed the cuffs and fastened her hands together in front of her.  I tied her with her wrists crossed so that there was no chance of her reaching any of the knots. I pushed her backwards so that she was sitting on the stool and then led her hands up over her head and down behind her.  I tied a rope from her crossed wrists loosely to the rear rung of the stool.  This left Tanana unable to stand fully upright and with her elbows pointed up with her entire body exposed.

Then I got nasty and gripping her nipples pulled her up off the stool as far as her bound arms would permit.  This left her in a sort of a crouch.  Reaching into my hip pocket I pulled out the gag she had used on me last night, the one with the dildo sticking out.  Reaching around her, I worked the tip of the dildo into her sphincter.  Then I pushed her back down so that the base of the dildo gag contacted the seat of the stool.  I walked around behind her and took the slack out of the rope from her wrists to the rung of the stool so that she couldn’t straighten up and expel the dildo.  Crouched as she was I knew that her calf and thigh muscles would begin to ach and that as they did she would sink down slowly impaling herself on the dildo.

When you are in stringent bondage the best thing to do is to try to remain motionless, hoping that the pain dulls.  I didn’t want Tanana to have that relief however so I got the garden hose.  This is the one I use when mucking out the horse stalls and has a massage head on it.  Turning on the icy water I sprayed Tanana forcing her to squirm and jerk.  Of course the jerking forced her lower onto the dildo.

I walked behind her and tightened the rope from her wrists taking out the bit of slack she had obtained by sliding down on the dildo.  Then I focused the pulsing stream of water on her exposed pussy and prominent clitoris.  She fought valiantly against the increasing tide of arousal but the outcome was never in doubt.  I continued until she had an orgasm with her stomach and belly muscles flexing and her body jerking, awakening all of the pains in her joints.  I thought it was kind of poetic justice that she had gotten off with an impersonal dildo fastened to my head last night and that I brought her off with an impersonal water hose today.

I changed her gag from the penis gag to a bit gag so I could leave her without worrying about airways.   Once her gag had been changed I went into the house and brought Jenifer out.  I could see that Jenifer was afraid that she was in for the same but that’s not why I brought her out.  I un-cuffed Jenifer and her kneel in front of Tanana.  “Eat her.” I said.

Jenifer probably thought it strange that I wanted to give Tanana pleasure but, obedient submissive that she is, she leaned forward and got busy at Tanana’s crotch.  Of course Tanana knew that when she reached orgasm she would slide the rest of the way down, impaling herself fully.  She tried her best to resist but both of these women knew their way around a pussy and while it would take Jenifer longer than usual, there was never any doubt that Tanana would eventually cum.

As I planned Tanana jerked in orgasm and lost control of her now aching thigh muscles and slid fully down onto the chair.  I went around behind her and took the last of the slack out of the rope from her wrist forcing her to arch back against the dildo now in her ass. 

I think Jenifer thought she was done but I handed her a bottle of suntan lotion, and told her to apply the sun block to Tanana.  Jenifer went to work gently rubbing the lotion over every exposed bit of Tanana.  Now I know Tanana is black but that doesn’t mean she can’t get sun burned.  Of course in addition to protecting Tanana, Jenifer’s soft rubbing was distracting Tanana and, I hoped, was arousing her.  Just to make things more difficult I slipped one and then two fingers into Tanana’s pussy.  As you might imagine, it was soaking wet from her first two orgasms.  I moved my fingers carefully around until I located her G spot.  Then I began rubbing faster and faster until I forced her into a third orgasm which had her squirming around the dildo in her ass.  Withdrawing my hand I moved to one side to give Jenifer access to Tanana’s front side.  I reached over and forced my wet and musky fingers over Tanana’s bit gag so that she could taste herself.

When Jenifer finished applying the suntan lotion, Tanana’s body and limbs glowed like a magic statue.  I debated playing with that magnificent body but decided to use Jenifer instead.  Taking the sun tan lotion bottle from her I said, “Let’s go inside for your punishment.” 

Jenifer’s Punishment

I had actually begun Jenifer’s punishment by making her kneel in the dirt by the coral and lick Tanana to an orgasm.  While she might normally enjoy giving Tanana oral sex kneeling naked in the yard probably wasn’t the most comfortable way to go about it.  Then too, the way Tanana was tied her pussy was not at an ideal angle and Jenifer had to twist down in order to lick her.  That and the fact that Tanana had already had two orgasms which ensured that Jenifer would have to spend considerable time bent over licking her made it part of Jenifer’s punishment.

Now, however, I was going to focus on Jenifer herself.  I brought Jenifer inside and to the large table where we ate most of our meals.  I tied her ankles to two legs of the table holding her stretched wide apart.  Since I had removed the penis gag from Tanana, I used it to silence Jenifer.  Then I stretched her hands across the table and tied them to the far legs.  This forced her down lying across the table with her breasts pressed to the surface.

Jenifer’s breasts weren’t as large as Tanana’s.  Jenifer felt they sagged too much but to me they looked just about perfect.  Sure they sagged a bit.  Jenifer was in her 30s not her teens.  Still they were full and ripe and I loved to fondle them.  Jenifer also thought her ass was too big.  From my point of view it was perfect.  She worked on the ranch with me and she was fit and toned but kept comparing herself to the anorexic model types featured in magazines.  Some one once told me that clothes models were very thin because the clothes draped better.  Personally I think it is because all the designers are gay and turned on by skinny asses and boyishly flat chests. 

Be that as it may, I had Jenifer stretched across the table and was about to get on with her punishment when I realized that I didn’t want to punish her.  First of all I had worked off my anger on Linda and Tanana.  Secondly I was head over heels in love with this marvelous woman and didn’t want to do anything with her but tie her in my bed and spend days and days making love to her.  How sick is that.  My submissive girl friend shoves a vibrator up my ass and I am not angry with her.  If my old mercenary buddies could see me now they would tell me to ‘grow a pair’ and to ‘teach the bitch her place’ but it was no good.  I simply wasn’t angry any more.  Still I did want to re-establish my role as the dominant in our household so some activity was called for.

I went and got our butt plug.  It wasn’t a particularly big one but I set it on the table where Jenifer could see it.  Then I went off and gathered up some other materials including the vibrator she had used last night and a tube of KY jelly.  These I set at the base of the table out of sight of Jenifer.  I put on a pair of latex gloves and brought out a tube of muscle cream which I used to lube up the butt plug in front of Jenifer.

Muscle cream, as you may know, reacts chemically with the human body to produce a warming chemical reaction.  Applied to the relatively thick outer skin (the epidermis if you want the correct term), it produces warmth that slowly penetrates and helps sore muscles to relax.  Applied to either the colon or the interior of the vagina the same warmth creates a nasty burning sensation on that very sensitive tissue.  When Jenifer saw me lubing the butt plug with muscle cream she tried to protest what she thought I was about to do,  though the penis gag made her protests unintelligible.

I had no intention of inserting that into her ass but she had no way of knowing that.  I moved around behind her where she couldn’t see me and discarded the butt plug, the muscle cream and the one glove that I had used to spread the muscle cream.  Then I used the other gloved hand to lubricate the vibrator with the KY jelly and touched it to her sphincter.  I could see that she still thought it was the muscle cream by the way she was clenching her sphincter and wriggling her ass.  I paid no attention and slowly forced the vibrator into her.  I don’t think she realized that it wasn’t the butt plug until I turned it on.  Even then it took a few minutes for her to work it out in her mind.

One of the things I liked about Jenifer was how turned on she got when tied up.  Sure enough I could see the dampness on her pussy below the vibrator stuck in her ass.  I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my penis.  A couple of swipes to spread the lubrication around and I slid into her.  She wasn’t as tight with her legs stretched apart but she was plenty tight enough to bring me along.  Holding her hips for leverages I slammed into her at an increasing pace.  Each time I plunged into her my belly drove the vibrator into her.  In just a few minutes I came spurting deep within her.  I realized that, though aroused, she had not had an orgasm and was about to reach around and play with her clitoris when I heard a car pull up outside.

Linda Again

I backed out of Jenifer; reluctantly I might add, wiped myself off and stuffed myself back into my jeans.  Opening the front door I saw the car was actually a pickup truck.  Dan, Linda’s boyfriend, climbed down from the cab and stood as though riveted in place.  I walked over to him and said, "Hi Dan.”

“Tanana is all tied up,” he responded, still not moving.  Now I had no doubts that Linda had probably flashed Dan at one time or another.  Still, here he was with a very lovely, full grown nude woman tied to a stool just in front of him.  I think his being stunned was pretty much a normal reaction.

I replied, “Yes, she is being punished.”

“But she’s naked.” Dan protested.

Smiling to myself I put my arm on Dan’s shoulder as I thought of a way to increase Linda’s humiliation.  I said to him, “Don’t worry.  She has plenty of suntan lotion on.”

I led Dan into the living room where he immediately saw a nude Jenifer tied over the table with her legs spread and her pussy flashing at us.  I steered him towards the corner where Linda was.  Releasing his shoulder I went over to Linda and began to untie the leash from the eye ring.  I said to her, “Linda, Dan has come to visit.  Don’t you think you should say hello?”

Linda’s face grew red as she realized that Dan was staring at her.  It was about as red as her buns.  She just said, “Poppy.”  That’s her pet name for me.

I swatted her still sore and red ass and said, “Be polite! Say hello to Dan.”

No one has ever accused Linda of being dumb and she realized that she wasn’t getting out of this situation.  With her face still red she said, “H...h…hello Dan.”  While this was going on I was leading her over towards Dan.  Of course her jeans and panties were still around her knees so she could only shuffle towards him and it took some time.

Dan was getting a pretty good view of his girl friend’s pussy but I will have to give him credit for trying to be a gentleman.  He cleared his throat and, rather nervously, asked, “Shouldn’t you pull up her jeans sir?”

“Why no, Dan.  Her ass is rather tender just now and that would be very uncomfortable for her.  In fact I’m afraid she wouldn’t be comfortable sitting in your truck or the movie theater this afternoon.”

Then I got really creative.  I handed Dan the leash and said, “Here, why don’t you take her to her room and lie her down on her bed.  You will find some lotion in the bathroom and I am certain she would appreciate your spreading some on her rear.  That ought to cool and sooth her buns.  After you are done you can untie her hands.  Who knows, she may even be grateful for your rescuing her.”

You might wonder why, after my professing parental feelings for Linda, I was sending her half nude into her bedroom with an 18-year old boy with instructions to rub her naked ass.  Look, despite evidence to the contrary, I am not completely stupid.  I know Linda, who is vastly experienced is going to be sexually active.  I just don’t want her to set her sights on me because I was the one who rescued her and protected her.  That could only end poorly causing her all sorts of grief.  It would be much better if she had the normal high school relationships with people who were more or less her own age.  I didn’t really want to hear the details but I wasn’t going to lock her in a chastity belt either.

Then too, this was a delicious addition to her punishment.  Did I say earlier that there was nothing more humiliating for a teenage girl than to be spanked and forced to stand in the corner with her pants at half mast around her legs?  I stand corrected.  Having her boyfriend see her that way and then having him rub lotion on her buns was way more embarrassing.

Punishments Are Over

With Linda and Dan off in her room I turned back to Jenifer.  I stopped the vibrator and pulled it from her ass. 

Then I went back outside toward Tanana.  When I reached her I untied her hands and then her ankles.  She rose to her feet stiffly and I pulled out the long dildo.  I helped her to go inside and into the bathroom that she shared with Linda.  The bathroom had doors to both bedrooms and the door to Linda’s room was open.  Through the open door we could see Dan and Linda on her bed. 

Both of them were nude. Dan was on the bottom and Linda was laying full length on top of him.  Her ass had faded almost back to her normal skin tone but looked very shiny.  Apparently Dan had rubbed in quite a bit of lotion.  We couldn’t see their faces but we could see Linda sliding up and down on him.  It was clear that Dan had remembered to use a condom as Linda slowly moved up and down on him rewarding him for her rescue.  I had no doubt that in the position Linda was using, she was managing to rub her clit on his pubic bone. 

All of that was visible in a glance.  Not really wanting to be a voyeur, I quietly pulled the door closed and continued with Tanana.  I ran a tub of hot water and helped her settle into it.  She moaned as the water covered and soothed her aching ass.  Once she had settled back I told her to soak in the warm tub for a while.

Leaving Tanana soaking I went back to where Jenifer was still stretched across the table.  I laid the dildo next to the vibrator and the muscle cream covered butt plug on the table to which she was still tied.  I untied Jenifer’s wrists allowing her to stand.  Then I used the rope that had held her wrists to the table, and tied it to one of her wrist cuffs.  I ran the rope through both of her nipple rings and then tied the other end to the other wrist cuff.  I had shortened the rope so that Jenifer’s wrists were more or less at the bottom of her rib cage.  She could lift one wrist towards her breast and gain some more slack in the other wrist but she couldn’t get either wrist all the way down to her waist.  If she really stretched she could get her fingers onto the upper part of her abdomen, but no matter how she tugged and pulled she couldn’t get a hand far enough town to play with herself.

Of course she could have reached her other wrist and untied the rope giving herself free use of her hands but a few drops of candle wax over my knots assured me that any tampering would be apparent.

Jenifer, of course, realized what I had done.  She smiled at me and said, “You know, it looks like everyone around here has gotten to cum except me.  I do have this terrible itch.”

I laughed and said, “Well that itch is part of your punishment for last night.  Right now you can clean up the toys and finish what you were doing in the kitchen.  I’m not going to work the horses today, but their stalls have to be mucked out and I have to make certain that they have fresh water and plenty of feed.  Then, and only then, will we meet in the bedroom, tie you up and see about curing that itch.”  My sweet Jenifer smiled at me and gave me a little peck on the cheek and we went to work. 

Curing Jenifer’s Itch

It took about two hours to square away the horses and come back inside.  As I entered my bedroom I found my nude beauty kneeling next to the door.  Her wrists were still bound by the rope through her nipple rings.  Wanting to take another shower, well really needing to, I moved her on to the bed on her back.  I retied her wrists to the upper corners of the bed.  Then I wrapped a cuff around each of her thighs and bent her legs back.  I looped a large rubber band through the ring on each cuff, and I put an S hook through each of her nipple rings.   I tied a cord from the S hooks to the rubber bands making certain that she had to keep her knees well drawn up to avoid painfully pulling her nipples.

I took a quick shower because I didn’t want to risk her leg muscles cramping and pulling her nipples severely.  When I came out of the bathroom I could see the strain was starting to show on her face.  I crawled up between her legs, used my shoulders to push her legs up (lessening the strain on her nipples) and lowered my mouth to her pussy.   I licked and chewed and lapped and flicked with my tongue until she exploded under me.

It was as she exploded that I realized how stupid I had been.  In the throes of her orgasm her hips rose but she pushed her legs back trying to straighten them, oblivious what that would do to her poor nipples.  I pushed against her thighs trying to hold her down but it was a strong orgasm and while I could keep her legs from moving down the bed she began to slide up towards the top of the bed.  I grabbed her hips and hung on for dear life.  This wasn’t sexy at all, it was just damn scary.  I felt, though it didn’t register at the time; myself grow soft as arousal was replaced by fear.

All of this only took a few minutes but it seemed much longer.  Eventually she began to come down from her sexual peak and realized how tightly the rubber bands were pulling her nipples.  She pulled her knees back up and I breathed a sigh of relief.  As soon as the pressure began to ease I let go of her hips and grabbed the S hooks.  I slipped them off the nipple rings silently thanking whatever fate had made me use them instead of tying the ropes directly to the rings.

I don’t think she fully realized what had happened and she looked at me and said, “Master, my nipples hurt so.”

I was shaking as I pulled myself up so that I could lick and (gently) suck those hard nubbins.  It must have been OK because Jenifer began to moan.  Getting slightly more adventurous I flicked the rings up and down with my tongue.  Convinced that her nipples hadn’t been injured I pushed myself up further and began to kiss her face.  I know I kissed and nibbled at her forehead, her eyelids, her nose, one of her ears and along her jaw as well as her lips.  I can’t remember, there may have been other points.  I was so relieved that I hadn’t injured her.

Of course that higher position put the lower part of my body just over Jenifer’s groin.  I was reminded of this when my penis, which had re-hardened after my fright, bumped against her entry.  This barely registered but Jenifer must have felt it also because she looked up at me and said, “Please master, take me now.  Let your slave feel you fill her.  Please master!”

Well, I think I would have done anything she asked after the fright I had.  This particular request, however, was one that I would grant any day.  I rubbed myself at her slick entrance and slid into her.  I tried to go slow and give her time to adjust but Jenifer was having none of that.  With her legs now free she humped her hips up and enveloped me.  Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me down t the bed with her.  I say her legs did that but at the same time she managed to clamp her pussy around my rod so that I was also pulled down.

You would think that with Jenifer having just had an orgasm she would have wanted slow, gentle loving.  You would have thought wrong.  I don’t know if it was the day we had or the waiting she had to endure or what it was.  Jenifer was horny.  No, make that Jenifer was really HORNY!  I don’t know why but her first orgasm, instead of slowing her down, seemed to just whet her apatite. She was wild that night and was an absolute tiger in the bed.  She had at least two more orgasms, though the first was a relatively small one, before I came.

Finally we were both exhausted.  I freed her wrists and she pushed me onto my back climbing half over me.  I could feel her breasts on my chest and her messy pussy over my thigh.  I lay back in my favorite position for sleep.  I could have drifted off then but didn’t.  Instead I took Jenifer’s shoulders and rolled her off me and towards the far side of the bed.  When she was lying on her left side facing away from me I spooned up behind her.  I pushed my left arm out to pillow her head.  My right arm wrapped around her pulling her tightly against me.  My arm was between her breasts resting on the side of her left breast wile her right breast rested on my arm.  My hand was just at the base of her throat where the tips of my fingers could feel her pulse.

Jenifer brought her right hand to cover mine.  She lifted my hand from her throat and brought it up slightly so that she could kiss the tips of my fingers.  Then she lowered my hand back to where it had been, at the base of her throat.  She softly said, “Thank you master.”  You see, while lying on my back with a gorgeous woman sprawled on top of me is my favorite way to sleep, this was Jenifer’s favorite way.

So order had been restored and things were back to normal.  Well, as normal as things got at a ranch with a horny old bondage master (that’s me) and two lovely submissive, bondage loving women (Jenifer and Tanana) and a nineteen year old girl.  Some day I will have to tell you about our experience with pony girls.