The Pro Bono Mercenary
by Sir Richard


OK, I know it is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.  Pro Bono is Latin meaning ‘for the good’ or perhaps for the public good.  These days it is generally used to describe a professional who donates his services such as a lawyer who defends guilty people without charge.  I know it doesn’t seem as though that would be for the public good but the lawyers swear that it is.

“Mercenary”, on the other hand means someone who is concerned with money or someone who does things only for money.  These days it is generally used to mean a soldier who fights for payment rather than for any particular belief or ideal.

All my life, though, I have found myself questing at windmills and fighting for lost causes.  That’s why I left the service and why I eventually retired from a career using my military skills as a mercenary.  In the first instance I found that special operations often were decided by politicians on the basis of self interest rather than national good.  I don’t know why I even tried life as a mercenary, as being able to hire the best didn’t mean it was the right side.  In any event I have considerable combat skills and made a fair amount of money.  Now I raise horses on my isolated ranch in northern Arizona.  I own my ranch free and clear and most years I can add to my savings.  I used to live pretty much in isolation and based on what I have seen of people that was the way I liked it. 

I say used to because I got mixed up I with a smart, feisty, tough woman named Jenifer.  Jenifer had been a prostitute (excuse me, a high class call girl) and had gotten involved in industrial espionage involving a friend’s company.  When I put a stop to that espionage, for some reason Jenifer decided to stay with me.  It’s a long story and one that I cover under the title, obviously enough, of “Jenifer”.  If you are interested, go read that story. 

I have done some stupid things in my life but hooking up with Jenifer isn’t one of them.  She is a very skilled in the bedroom but while she can be a tiger most of the time she loves to be the tied up submissive little slave girl when we make love.  Yes, that’s right, I said make love not just f**k.  Jenifer is just too special a person.  I know that while I am lord and master in the bedroom (and the various other places we decide to make love), Jenifer has me wrapped around her little finger when it comes to other matters.

I suppose that’s why I acted the way I did when Jenifer told me she had “bad feelings” about her missing friend.  Now you would think that a guy my age, with as much bad experience as I have had, would have learned not to be all macho in front of the woman he loves.  You would think so but unfortunately, when Jenifer told me about it, instead of just saying something sensible like “Don’t worry.  She is a grown woman and will turn up sooner or later.” I agreed to look into it.

It seems her friend had been a call girl with Jenifer and had continued in the business when Jenifer left.  The women kept in touch by e-mail and telephone until recently.  Tawny (real name Tanana) had told Jenifer that she was moving from the escort agency (that is to say, call girl service) to an up scale bordello called Hill Top House.  Shortly after that the e-mails stopped and her telephone went unanswered.  Jenifer even managed to get to the superintendent of the building where Tawny lived only to be told that she had apparently moved out and left no forwarding address.  After several months with no rent payments and unpaid utility bills piling up her things had been sold.

I Visit San Fran

Rather stupidly I agreed to go to San Fran, see if I could track down this Hill Top House and ask if they knew where Tawny was.  Finding the house was a snap.  In the evening, I left my car parked at the hotel, took a cab and asked the driver.  If you want to find a high class whore house (or a low class one, for that matter) ask a cabbie.  He let me out in front of what appeared to be a small four story apartment house.  The only think that seemed unusual was that the windows on the lower two floors were covered with elaborate wrought iron grills.  It didn’t seem a poor enough neighborhood to require such elaborate burglary protection, but what did I know of crime in San Fran.

I rang the bell and was buzzed into a small reception room with an attractive older woman behind a desk and a large man seated off to one side.  I smiled and said I was looking for Tawny.  The woman replied that it would be $300 including the floor show and that Tawny was in the show and wouldn’t be available to “entertain” until about 6:45 or 7.  I hadn’t planned to have to pay to talk to her but decided that in a time oriented brothel it would be simpler to pay rather than trying to get through the entire story.  I guess it was a hell of a price but I had no idea of what the going rate was and I didn’t think I was going to be able to convince either the madam or her muscle man to offer a reduced rate.  I did ask about the floor show and was told that the “girls” put on a brief show each night between 6 and 6:30 and that tonight it would be Tawny and Theresa.  Tawny would be available shortly after the entertainment and the price bought me an entire 50 minute hour with her.  Gee, just like a shrink.  I guess professionals everywhere all shorten their “hour” to 50 minutes.

Having paid with my plastic the woman buzzed me through a second door that opened into a large parlor with a small stage at one end and a bar at the other.  The room was nicely furnished with small tables and populated with another ape man and about a dozen or so scantily clad women.  A few were already with customers while several of the unattached ones drifted toward me.  I politely turned them down explaining that I had booked Tawny and was waiting until after the show.  A couple of the women were nice enough to act as though they were disappointed but most just drifted away.  I bought a beer (and almost choked at the price) and settled back to wait.

A Floor Show

The lights dimmed on stage and a speaker announced “Tawny and Theresa in School” as though everyone would applaud and the lights came up on the stage.  Sitting crosswise to the audience was a desk and a chair.  Facing the desk was another chair with a woman made up to look quite young and dressed like a school girl.  She had on a white blouse with a tie, a gray pleated skirt and school girl shoes (Mary Jane's?) with white stockings.  Her hair had been done in pigtails.  While she looked young she was obviously fully developed.  I guessed that she might be 18 or 20.  Into the ‘school room’ came a second woman whom I took to be Tawny.  She was a black woman with light coffee and cream colored skin and was dressed similar to the ‘school girl’ except that her hair was straight and she wore black boots with heels.

Tawny sat in the ‘teacher’s’ chair and stretched out her hand.  The ‘school girl’, Theresa I guess, passed her a sheet of paper. Tawny looked at it and acted very angry.  She summoned the girl up to her chair and pulled her down over her lap with the girl’s rear facing the audience.  She flipped up the girl’s skirt and, surprise, surprise, the girl had no panties.  With her legs spread she was flashing the audience as Tawny spanked her and then sent her to stand in the corner.

Theresa rubbed her sore rear, which was apparently not allowed, because Tawny then made her undress and stand facing the desk.  I guess the school was called, ‘our lady of no undies’ because Theresa was braless as well as bare assed.  Tawny was apparently too warm because she discarded her blouse and, having also been braless, showed a rather magnificent pair of breasts.  Well, of course she did.  Didn’t your teacher always go topless when she was administering punishment?

Now I have to digress for a moment.  I am a guy and I like women.  I like their bodies and I like their breasts.  Having said that, I am not a big fan of huge breasts.  To me they often look artificial or, even worse, bovine.  Tawny had big breasts but they were very nice indeed.  They sagged a bit but breasts that big would have to.  The remarkable thing about her breasts, were her areole which were larger that any I had ever seen.  Darker that the rest of her skin, almost pure black, hers must have been four inches across.  Overall her breasts looked full and ripe for fondling, licking and perhaps even a bit of gentle nipping.  Tawny had a slim waist and broad hips with a prominent butt.   I was impressed and could only approve of her body.

Tawny tied Theresa’s ankles to the legs of the desk. Then she pulled the school girl flat across the desk and tied her wrists to the far side, ensuring that her legs were spread wide apart with her lovely pussy fully exposed. Once Theresa was secured, Tawny took out a ruler.  She spanked Theresa soundly which apparently aroused her.  Tawny also became aroused.  In fact she became so aroused that she dropped her skirt and mounted the far side of the desk and sat down with her legs over Theresa’s arms and her pussy pushed directly in Theresa’s mouth.  I couldn’t help noticing that Tawny’s labia were the same dark color as her areola.  How nice, a matching set.  Her ass was prominent but looked tight and just invited one’s hands.  It was a butt that needed to be fondled, kissed and perhaps spanked.  Actually she looked rather enticing.  Theresa, encouraged by an occasional swat with the ruler, proceeded to eat Tawny to what appeared to be a very satisfactory orgasm. 

Of course I never attended a girl’s school so I can’t comment on how authentic the sketch was.  All in all I didn’t understand why they bothered.  It wasn’t a bad sketch and there was enough sex to excite most men, but at the prices they were charging I would have thought that their clients were older, more affluent, and less in need of titillation.  Still I may have been wrong as a number of the men now moving off with their chosen woman had obvious hard ons.  In fact I was sporting one myself.

I Meet Tawny

In a few minutes Tawny came into the room.  The muscle man spoke to her and she headed over towards me.  She had changed from her stage costume (or lack thereof) into a bikini that left little to the imagination.  She was a very attractive woman and I couldn’t help thinking of how good she had looked as she climbed nude onto the desk.  OK, I know I was in a relationship but I couldn’t help noticing.

“You asked for me?” Tawny asked with a professional smile.

I answered, “Yes, I wanted to talk to you.  Is there some place we could go?”

“Oh, yeah sugar.  I know just the place to TALK.” She said with a smirk.  Obviously she didn’t believe that I just wanted to talk.

She grabbed the front of my jeans and steered me upstairs and into a room.  It looked like a motel room, mostly bed with a bathroom off to one side and a sliding door in front of what must have been her closet.

“Tanana, I’m a friend of Jenifer…” I started. 

That was as far as I got.  As soon as she realized what I was saying her eyes opened wide and her face took on a fearful expression.  She interrupted me by placing her hand over my mouth and grabbed me pulling me toward the bathroom while talking nonsense. 

“Don’t worry sugar.  Lots of guys cum in their pants.  Let’s get you cleaned up and then Tawny will make you all hard again.”

That made no sense at all but I was so startled by her reaction that I let her lead me into the bathroom.  Once we were in there, she turned on both faucets in the sink.  That’s when it hit me.  Her room was bugged and she wanted the running water to disguise our conversation.  This was very strange.  Why would a bordello bug the rooms and why would that frighten Tawny so much?

Tawny leaned close to me and whispered in my ear urgently.  First she confirmed that the rooms were bugged.  Then she told me that she and the other women in the house, except for the madam, were prisoners forced to service customers with bondage and prostitution, but not allowed out or to communicate with outsiders.  Any breach was met with beatings and torture.

All of this was conveyed sotto voice with the water running.  It was a pretty fantastic story, but the fear in her face convinced me that it was true.  I was really bothered by the thought of these women being forced into sexual slavery.  OK, I knew that this sort of stuff went on but I thought it was pretty much in poor third world countries.  I guess it offended me to learn that it was happening here in the states.  Without conscious thought I decided that I would have to free at least Tawny and if possible the entire group.  If I had any common sense I would have high tailed it out of there and made up a story for Jenifer about not being able to find Tawny.  That’s the problem with falling in love.  You wind up doing dumb things just because you know it will please your mate.  I shifted into reconnaissance mode and began to quiz Tawny using the same quiet whisper that she was using.

It seemed that the women were confined on the lower two floors of the building.  All that fancy wrought iron wasn’t to prevent burglars.  It was to confine the women.  There were five people in the crew.  Three male goons provided the muscle, one woman was the madam and one slightly older guy was the manager or boss of the operation.  The crew locked the women in their work room apartments each morning after business had died down.  Then they monitored the tapes for any attempts to communicate.  The three goons and the madam each had apartments on the third floor while the boss had a larger apartment and office on the fourth floor. The building’s basement contained storage and a sound proofed punishment room or torture chamber.

All of this took less time to relate than it did to type.  While we were whispering Tawny had undressed me and put my perfectly dry shorts under the water as though she had washed them.  She was nervous about how much time we had spent in the bathroom.  She signaled that our conversation was at an end by turning off the water, handing me my wet skivvies, grabbing both my clothes and me and leading me back to the bedroom.  By the way she grabbed me, not by the arm but by my already hard penis.

OK, so maybe I was more aroused by the floor show than I had realized.  Or perhaps my being undressed by a foxy woman in a bikini got to me.  Or maybe it was that very inviting chest and prominent ass of hers.  For whatever reason, I was hard and she grabbed me and practically dragged me back into the bed room saying, “Looks like you have to go commando tonight sugar.”

When a woman is tugging you by your penis you tend to go where she wants.  Tawny wanted me on the bed.  I tried to protest but we were in the bugged room now and I didn’t want to give the listeners any hint that this wasn’t a normal transaction.  How she managed it isn’t quite clear but the next thing I knew I was flat on my back, handcuffed to the bed with a now nude Tawny rolling a condom onto me.  I tried to say something like ‘You don’t have to do that.’ But got no further than “You don’t…” before she silenced me by the simple expedient of shoving one of her luscious breasts in my mouth.  I swear I wasn’t being disloyal to Jenifer but with the breast in my mouth it was natural to begin licking and sucking.

Tawny proved to be very skilled at her profession as she straddled me and began a delightful up and down motion.  She watched my face carefully and each time I came near to ejaculating she froze and used her internal muscles to clamp down on me.  I opened my mouth to protest but she simply leaned forward and stuffed it with a breast.  Well, my mama didn’t raise no fools.  Each time she did, I licked and sucked as best as I could.  I guess she enjoyed it because her nipples grew engorged and quite prominent.  Eventually with my short hour coming to an end Tawny gave me a very nice orgasm which had me filling the condom.  She was very good at this and while I was still in love with Jenifer I was impressed by Tawny’s skills.

Tawny slipped off of me, deftly removed the condom and released me while providing me with a professional prostitute’s normal patter of how big I was and how well I did in bed.  She ended by telling me to be sure to come back and to make it soon.  Her voice was a bit more sincere when she said that.


The next morning I had some second thoughts about rescuing the women.  After all five to one are pretty long odds.  Then I thought of what Jenifer would say if I didn’t do something for her friend.  It was time to go shopping.  My first stop was a firm that sold veterinary medicine.  I had done business with them for years but never in person.  I went to the office and introduced myself to the manager.  At first he was a bit reserved thinking I had come in person to register a complaint.  He was all smiles, however, when I told him that I was in town on other business but had come in to discuss a bear problem with him.  I told him that black bears were moving in on my ranch and were a danger to my horses.  I could shoot them but would prefer to tranquilize them and release them back up in the mountains.  He had just the thing, shells that fit a normal 12 gauge shotgun but were loaded with tranquillizing darts.  When fired the tip of the dart would penetrate the bear’s fur and thick hide until the body of the dart was right up next to the animal.  The body would stop but the momentum would keep the weight in the rear of the dart moving forward to inject the bear with a powerful tranquillizer.  They were normally sold to animal control officers but he had no problem selling a box of 12 to an old and valued customer like myself.

My next stop was the Moscone Center where they had, of all things, a gun show.  There I filled out all the federal paperwork and purchased a Glock 9mm automatic, a box of ammunition and a nice side by side, double barreled 12 gauge shotgun.  One of the loopholes in the federal gun laws allows gun show dealers to sell without waiting the normal three day period for the FBI records check.  The vendors get all of the papers filled out, but send them in after the sale.  The shotgun was for the darts, of course but the Glock was for a back up if something went wrong.  As I said before, five to one are not good odds.

I returned to the hotel and dumped my purchases and then went out to a hardware store.  I bought a large canvas tool bag, a hack saw, a half round metal file, a hand held electric sander, a portable vise, a large package of plastic wire ties, a pocket knife and a package of sash cord.  The plastic wire ties are long strips with a hole molded at one end.  They are designed to hold electrical wires in neat bundles and are used by pulling the end through the hole.  They close up easily but can’t be opened.  I find they make great handcuffs or ankle cuffs if you inter loop two of them.  Everything fit in the canvas bag and I returned to my hotel room.

The room had been cleaned so I wasn’t worried about being disturbed as I set to work.  I used a towel to protect the table top as I fastened the portable vise.  Then I secured the shotgun in the vice and, with a waste basket positioned to catch the saw dust, I used the hack saw to cut off the barrels and most of the stock leaving just the so called ‘pistol grip’ where the stock bent.  I used the sander to round off the remaining wood so that it could be held just as a pistol could, and used the file to ensure that there were no burrs inside the cut off barrels to impede the knock out darts.  I cleaned up the mess, not because I am a neat freak, but because I didn’t want anyone looking too closely at the mess as I had checked in using my real name.

I had lunch, loaded the Glock and slipped it into my jeans at the small of my back, covering it with my jacket.  I put my purchases into the canvas bag and packed my suitcase and checked out.  I took my own car and parked in an almost empty parking lot.  With my body shielding the trunk I unloaded the tools from the canvas bag leaving the sawed off shotgun, the darts, the wire ties, the knife and the rope.  The canvas bag was placed on the passenger seat and I settled down to wait until 6 PM when the Hill Top House would open.

Time for Action

At six I was parked a few doors down from the brothel.  As soon as I saw the door unlocked and the outside lights turned on, I loaded the shotgun, slipped it under my jacket and, carrying the canvas tool bag headed for the door.  Surprise is an important edge when the odds are against you and as soon as I entered the door I leveled the shotgun and fired a dart into the ape who was the bouncer.  Without pausing I turned and fired the second barrel into the madam’s generous bosom.  The muscle man guarding the door had stood up when I fired but the dart was intended to stop a bear weighing 800 to 1200 pounds and even at something over 200 pounds he never knew what hit him.  He was out like a light and the madam followed before she could utter a sound.  I set down the tote bag, locked the front door and turned off the outside light.

I reloaded both barrels of the shotgun conscious of the fact that somewhere in the building were three more ‘enemy.’  Using the plastic wire ties I worked quickly to secure both sets of wrists and ankles.  I used the sash cord to pull their sleeping bodies into a tight hogtie.  I wasn’t certain how long they would be unconscious so I decided to gag them.  I used the knife to cut off the legs of the big guy’s trousers.  Rolled up these made sizeable gags and filled their mouths pretty well.  Another wire tie held the wadded material tightly in their mouths.

With the shotgun at the ready I stepped into the ‘parlor’.  As before it was filled with scantily clad women and another big guy who I now understood was more to guard the women than to act as a bouncer.  This guy actually got started towards me and was making a fist when the injection got to him and he toppled over.  There was quite a bit of noise from the women who had no idea of what was happening.  I waved the shotgun at them and told them to quiet down as they would soon be able to leave.  Then I reloaded the one spent barrel and got busy trussing up the third guy.  Three enemies down and two to go.

It was then that I noticed that Tawny wasn’t in the room.  The women had more or less huddled at the other side of the room so a faced them and asked, “Where’s Tawny?”

A tall slim blond wearing a baby doll and the sheerest see through panties I have ever seen stepped forward.  I thought she might be Scandinavian until she spoke with a fairly heavy accent from someplace in Eastern Europe.  She said, “She is punished.  I am Anya.  I show you where.”

I stood up and nodded to her.  She came towards sleeping beauty on the floor and said, “Need key to lift.”

She rummaged around in his pocket for a few seconds and pulled out a key ring.  Mindful that there were still two of the enemy not sleeping and tied I told the women to be quiet until I could secure the last two.  Anya smiled and said, “One is in punishment room with Tanana.  You shoot him now, then get boss on top floor.”

That sounded like a plan to me.  I followed Anya to an elevator that had a key box instead of a call button.  She used the goon’s keys to call the elevator.  Inside it seemed normal enough with standard buttons for each of the floors.  Anya pushed a button labeled B for basement and worked her way behind me.  Yes, she was very close and yes I felt her breasts pushing into my back.  I really didn’t have time to think about it though as the elevator opened into the basement and revealed Tanana and the goon “punishing” her.

Tanana had been tied kneeling on a low bench that resembled an exercise bench.  She had been fastened with her knees and ankles apart tied to either side of the bench.  Her hands had been tied behind her and hoisted to the ceiling so that she was bent forward with her torso parallel to the floor.  A metal hook in her anus was tied to the harness around her head forcing her to bend her neck uncomfortably backward so that her face was facing forward.  The head harness must also have had a ring gag because the goon rather obviously had his cock inserted in her mouth.  Tanana’s big breasts had been tightly bound at their base with the rope holding a heavy weight that looked about the size of a bowling ball.   She was rocking energetically back and forth on his cock which caused the heavy weight to swing back and forth tugging on her breasts.

I wondered why she was going back and forth until I noticed the wires coming out of her pussy and running to a box on the floor.  Another set of wires rose from the box to a button in the goon’s hand.  He would press the button giving her a shock inside of the tender flesh of her pussy causing her body to lurch forward taking him deeper into her mouth.  Then, when he let up on the button, her gag reflex would force her back sliding his penis part way out of her mouth.  Then he would press the button and the cycle would start over again.

I saw all of this in less time than it takes to read about it.  The goon heard the elevator doors open and turned his head towards me.  I fired a dart into his side.  He managed to say, “Who the hell are…” before he collapsed on the floor with his still hard penis pointing up in the air.  I tied him up as I had with the others and dragged him back into the elevator.

“Should we no help her?” asked Anya.

I replied, “In a bit.  First we need to put the last guy out of commission.”

Tanana made some angry sounds at this, but first things first.  I pulled Anya back into the elevator and hit the first button.  When the doors opened I dumped the guy out with the others.  Some of the women dragged him clear of the doors and I hit the button for the fourth floor.  On the way up I reloaded the spent barrel.  I know there was supposed to only be one guy left but I felt better with two shots available.

The elevator opened into what looked like a luxurious living room.  Obviously the boss’ apartment was pretty upscale.  Anya pointed towards an open door and I walked over.  There was a large man behind a desk.  He was older that the goons downstairs but still looked pretty tough.  He was sitting behind a desk which left only hard targets like the skull or the rib cage available for my darts and I didn’t want to risk a shot.  He looked up and said, “Who the f**k are you?”

I brought the shotgun up so it was pointed at him and said, “Roll back from the desk and keep your hands where I can see them.”  I might not have wanted to risk a shot but for all he knew the shotgun could have been loaded with double ought buckshot that would tear him apart.  Anya, bless the smart little girl that she was, moved around the side with a handful of the plastic ties.  She fastened his wrist and forearm to the arms of his chair.  His knees were then fastened to the uprights supporting the arms and finally she pulled his ankles back and fastened them to the chair.  All the while she stayed to one side or the other ensuring that she wasn’t in the line of fire.

The boss let himself be fastened but talked tough telling us that this was a mob place and that when he got loose they would hunt us down no matter where we ran.  I had a bit of concern over this but didn’t show it.

On the way up Anya had asked that ‘I make him tell where papers are.’  I had a bit of trouble understanding until it dawned on me that she was talking about passports.  I asked him where they were and he told me to do something that was a physical impossibility.  I said that I had to get Tanana loose but that Anya could stay and see if she could persuade him to tell her.  Anya smiled a rather predatory smile and I saw a concerned look flash across the boss’s face, though he was tough enough that he kept issuing threats as I left.

In the Basement

I took the elevator back down to free Tanana.  She was, not surprisingly, just as we had left her.  The first thing I did was slash the rope between her breasts letting the weight drop down and roll away.  Tanana grunted with relief as the heavy weight stopped tugging at her breasts.  Next I slashed the rope between her head harness and the hook in her sphincter.  She dropped her head in relief as the strain came off her neck.  I walked around to her rear and worked the metal hook out of her sphincter.  Then, as gently as I could, I spread her labia and tugged at the wires.  As I had suspected the large dildo had metal strips on each side so that the electrical shock was delivered deep in her poor pussy.

I walked up to her head and removed the head harness and ring gag.  Tanana said, “I thought you would never get here.”

“I had to secure the last guy.” I responded.

“No, I thought you weren’t going to get here before they killed me as an example to the other women.”

While this was going on, I cut the rope pulling her wrists up behind her, which let her drop her arms and sit up.  At first she sat back on her haunches but apparently those lovely buns that I had so admired had been beaten.  As soon as she made contact she sat up straight.

I cut the rope holding her elbows and then the one holding her wrists and was about to free her knees and ankles when she wrapped her arms around me and began to sob.  “I was so afraid that you weren’t coming.”

I didn’t know what to say sat that point so I just hugged her and let her cry for a bit.  Then I finished getting her loose.  Her breasts were a bit of a problem as the ropes had been pulled deep into the flesh but I managed to cut then without cutting her.  Of course once they were removed the blood rushed back into that tender flesh causing her considerable pain.  Being a gentleman I massaged them as best as I could to ease her pain.  OK, It was enjoyable but I really did it to ease her pain.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it!  Finally, with me helping her walk, we headed back to the elevator.

Anya Gets Answers

We went back up to the top floor and found most of the women had gathered there.  The tough guy boss was no longer quite so tough.  I don’t know where Anya learned her technique but I suspect the KGB would have been proud. 

She had found a thin skewer such as you might use for shish kabob and inserted it into his penis sliding it in as a doctor might insert a catheter.  It was deeply into his penis so that only a bit showed.  Then she had gathered one of those surge protector extension cords.  You know the kind with the multiple outlets and a little on/off switch.  She plugged this in and then ripped the electrical cord from the desk lamp.  After cutting off some insulation to expose the bare wires she plugged it into the surge protector.  One wire was twisted around his scrotum and the other around the tip of the skewer.  Each time she switched on the electricity he got 120 volt jolt of electricity directly into his groin.

I have always said that the female of the species is the deadlier and while Anya looked sweet and lovely I made a mental note never to seriously piss her off.  As I said, the boss wasn’t nearly as tough and defiant as he had been when I left him in Anya’s tender care.  In fact he was sobbing while Anya was using the fruits of her interrogation to open a safe that stood at one corner of his office.

We got there just in time to see her swing open the door.  There was an old automatic pistol just inside the door where it could be easily grabbed.  It was a Colt model 1911, .45 caliber.  These had been developed, as the model number implied, early in the century.  They were designed to give Army officers a hand gun with the stopping power they needed to deal with drug crazed tribesmen during the Morro uprising in the Philippines.  It was a big pistol and had been the standard U. S. military weapon right through both world wars, Korea and Vietnam until it had been replaced by a 9mm.  It packed enough power so that almost any hit would put any man down.  I added it to my tool bag.

Anya was more interested in the tray on the top shelf which contained an assortment of passports and wallets, obviously stolen from the women.  The rest of the safe was packed with bundles of cash which was apparently being laundered by the brothel.  I told Tanana to find some clothes and Anya to bring all the women up for a meeting.  I went down and checked on the four other enemies and found them still asleep and secure.

The Best Laid Plans…

When all of the women were assembled Anya distributed the passports and drivers licenses.  There were 16 women in all.  Tania and one other were U.S. citizens and had their wallets and drivers licenses returned.  Of the remaining 14, three (including Anya) were from Eastern Europe, two from the Philippines, one from Thailand, one from Japan and the rest from various South and Central American countries.  Of this last seven only 3 had passports, the rest being what we now call undocumented aliens.  I split the cash into sixteen piles, suggested they hide most of it.  I also suggested that if they were going to stay in the States they fly to a busy airport such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta or Miami.  Then stay in an inexpensive motel paying cash for a couple of nights then purchase connecting tickets to their final destination.  That would make them harder to follow.  I also suggested that they spread their flights out by using San Jose and Oakland as well as San Francisco for their initial flights.  The women without documentation would be better off traveling by bus.

The only real argument arose when I said that I didn’t think the mob would waste too much effort trying to track them.  The old Sicilian Mafia was big on revenge but the modern mob was more business oriented and would find it easier to recruit new women than to waste time tracking those that had gotten away.  Tanana pointed out that the five here in the house knew what each woman looked like and might want to get them back to redeem themselves with their higher up bosses.  I held that they would likely be punished for screwing up and that we should just go about scattering. 

That’s when I heard the sound of a hammer being pulled back.  I turned and there was Anya with my shotgun.  I started to get up when she fired and I felt a sting.  When I came to I was nude and tied spread eagle on what must have been the boss’ bed.  Someone must have been watching me and gone to fetch Anya when I began to move.  She came into the room and smiled a gentle smile at me.  She said, “We are sorry to do this (it sounded like ‘dis’) but we need some time to make arrangements.”

I was still pretty fuzzy so I was trying to figure out the words to ask her what she was talking about when she did something very strange.  She pulled a pillowcase over my head so I couldn’t see and took my penis into her mouth.  She expertly made me hard and brought me to the edge of orgasm.  Then she (or I guess it could have been one of the other women) mounted me and began to ride up and down.  All coherent thoughts drifted from my mind as I focused on the great sensations coming from my groin.  Hey, I am a guy and I enjoy sex.

I must have drifted off to sleep after my ejaculation.  That’s when things got a little fuzzy.  I can’t really tell if it really happened or if it was a dream but it seemed that every time I started to wake up one or more mouths would go to work on me and then bring me off again and again.  Of course this exhausted me and then I would drift back to sleep.  I don’t know how many times this happened or how long it lasted (or if it ever happened at all, it was all a bit fuzzy and dream like) but it seemed to be a long time.

Eventually I woke up to find the pillowcase gone.  I was still tied nude to the bed in a face up spread eagle.  I shifted my head and saw the young looking woman who had played the school girl, with her legs hanging over the arm of a chair.  The girl was dressed in jeans and a T shirt and reading a book.  I must have made a noise when I turned my head because she looked up and saw me staring at her.  She jumped up from the chair and ran out yelling, “He’s up!”

Tanana came in and said, “Hi, sugar.  How do you feel?”

I thought for a moment taking inventory of my body and said, “Pretty good except I am hungry and my groin feels like it has been rode hard and put up wet.”

Tanana started to untie me and said, “Good! We can get some food as you drive us to your place.”

“I have some questions.” I began.

“Shower first and then drive.  I promise I will answer everything in the car as we get out of here.”

I suppose I was ready to argue but Tanana had finished untying me and she simply pointed to a pile of neatly laundered and folded clothes and left the room.  The clothes were mine and I had no intention of chasing after her without getting dressed.  I needed a shower and wasn’t about to get dressed before washing up so I mentally said ‘yes dear’ and went and took a shower.

We Head Home

I didn’t really find out what happened until the car got to the other side of the bay and we hit the interstate.  Until then Tanana was tense and terse.  Once we were on the way she relaxed and filled me in.  Anya didn’t accept my view of a criminal mob that would be willing to forgive and forget, especially since we were ripping off more than $250 K in cash.  She had knocked me out so that she could discuss her views and the women would jointly decide what to do without pressure from me.  Apparently she had some horror stories about the Russian Mafia and after discussion the women decided that killing all five of those who had held them in the house was for the best. 

When she got to that point I understood why Anya had knocked me out.  I tried to protest five murders but Tanana told me not to be so judgmental.  She and one other woman had been hooking (her word, not mine) and had been lured into captivity.  Most of the women, however, had been innocent dupes, lured into the country with the promise of good paying jobs.  When they arrived the mobsters took their passports and return tickets, and then beat and raped them until they agreed to work as prostitutes.  They were kept prisoner in the house and raped by the goons as well as forced to serve the customers. 

I pointed out that the madam didn’t rape them but Tanana told me not to be naive and that she was a sadistic slut and worse than most of the men. They may have decided to kill the mobsters to prevent pursuit but there was clearly also an element of payback.  The actual killings were not swift and efficient but slow and painful.  One of the decisions the women made was to keep me out of the picture while they gathered clothing, suitcases, and what ever else they needed for their get away.  The women felt that it might be dangerous to keep injecting me with the sleeping solution in the darts, and they didn’t really want to harm me, so they devised a different method of keeping me out of action.   I learned that the repeated orgasms had not been a dream but a plan designed to exhaust me and keep me quiet.  I had to admit that it had worked quite well, and had, in retrospect, been very enjoyable.  I just wish I had been more alert so that I could have enjoyed it more fully. 

She also told me that one of the suitcases I had loaded into the car held $110 k that the women had given me as a reward.  They limited what they took to $10k each and Tanana and the other woman in the car hadn’t taken any as they had me driving them out of town.  Now I don’t have a particular hang up with prostitution or prostitutes but I do think that most of them are pretty avaricious.  I was actually touched by the collective decision to limit themselves so that I would have a reward.

That brought me to the woman in the back seat.  I asked why she was with us instead of on one of the escape routes with the other women.  Tanana told me Gabriella’s story.  It seems that she was just 18 and had been in forced prostitution for several years.  I guess I was mildly surprised as it seemed that she had started a bit young.  The facts were that she came from a middle class family in Guatemala where she had attended school.  A series of business reverses had gotten her father locked into punitive loans from the local mobsters.  When he couldn’t pay off the loans they first chopped off one of his fingers and then took his daughter in payment.  Finding her both attractive and a virgin they maximized their return by selling her to a prostitution and white slaving (curious name as the women were all shades and colors) ring in the states.  Her story was pretty much the same as the others, beatings and anal and oral rape (not wanting to destroy her hymen without getting the best price for a virgin) until she became a prostitute.  She had no papers so she couldn’t even get an airline ticket home and was afraid of what would happen to her if she did try to go home.

All of that was very sad but it still didn’t explain what she was doing in the car with us.  Tanana was Jenifer’s friend and I had rescued her.  Now I was taking her back to reunite with Jenifer.  Why, I wondered, was the other woman with us?  Tanana said that Jenifer was clever and would be able to figure out what to do with her.  In view of what happened later I don’t know if I should have been suspicious of Tanana at the time but I wasn’t that clever.  I just kept driving.

Gabriella Becomes Linda

Our return home was sufficiently festive.  Tanana told the story of abuse and slavery and my ‘heroic’ (her term, not mine) rescue and liberation.  She, mercifully, I thought, skipped over the details of my first night with her in her bed but covered, in excessive detail, I thought, exactly how they kept me comatose while they dealt with their captors, went shopping and generally prepared for their scattering across the country.  She also covered exactly how they dealt with their former captors which details I will spare you.  I had seen, and in fact done, some pretty nasty stuff but “Hell hath no fury like a woman…” and even though I was convinced that their captors deserved to die some of the details bothered me.

Jenifer had a long discussion with Gabriella about what she wanted to do.  Strangest thing was, that while so many young people want to drop out of school and get into the ‘real world’, Gabriella wanted nothing more than to go back to school and perhaps even on to college.  Kind of refreshing in this day and age.

Jenifer took charge and began surfing the New Mexico newspapers on the web.   Why New Mexico?  The state was relatively poor but had a high Hispanic population and Jenifer thought that it would be easier to hide Gabriella’s dark good looks with a Hispanic, rather than an Italian or other Mediterranean identity.  It didn’t take long to find a tragedy that we could turn to our advantage.  Three girls driving home after a party near their Albuquerque high school lost control of the car and died when they flipped over in a ditch at the side of the road.  Alcohol was suspected as the cause.  Two of the girls came from Albuquerque but the third was born in Farmington, a small town near the reservation.  It was a poor community in a poor county in a not very affluent state.  As such it was almost certain that the country recorder’s office did not have birth and death certificates cross referenced.

Sure enough it took $12, including postage charges, and about a week to get a certified copy of Linda Montoya’s birth certificate.  Linda had been 17 instead of 18 like Gabriella, but a few months difference meant nothing to us.  With the certified birth certificate Jenifer took Linda (as she was about to become) to the local Federal Social Security office to apply for a number.  Then, after another week while the federal government wheels churned out an absolutely legitimate card for her, it was off to the Motor Vehicle Bureau for a driver’s license.  In our state it was a learner’s permit that restricted the supposedly 17 year old to driving in daylight only and only with a licensed adult in the car but again it was a perfectly genuine government issued document that would withstand any sort of scrutiny.  Better yet, it was a state issued photo I. D.

With all that in hand Jenifer and Linda went to the local high school.  We were on a bit shakier ground here as we had no school records to transfer but Jenifer explained that Linda had been home schooled until her parents died in an auto accident and she came to live with us.  I don’t know if the school district believed the story or if they just wanted the state’s per student payment.  A Supreme Court decision some years ago had said that public schools could not fail to offer children in their district an opportunity to learn just because of their immigration status, so they probably didn’t care very much, one way or the other.  

(Author’s note:  Please don’t write to me explaining how wrong the Supreme Court was or why the decision should be reversed.  Right or wrong, that was the decision handed down and that’s now the law of the land.  If you don’t like it contact your congressman, not me.)

At any rate they gave her a battery of tests.  Linda was bright enough and did well in English, Spanish (no surprise there) and Social Studies.  She did poorly in Math and the school suggested a remedial summer course.  Linda signed up for that as well as Driver’s Education and by fall was a full fledged high school student in the Flagstaff Unified School District.

Trouble in Paradise

Now you think a guy reunited with his love, back doing the horse ranching he loved would be pretty much in paradise.  To tell the truth I was a pretty happy camper.  Jenifer was cooking the books as though we had expanded operations from the usual 4-5 horses being trained to 10 or more.  That let her put herself on the payroll as bookkeeper and Tanana as assistant trainer.  When we sold our 4 horses, we reported ten sales and deposited the difference from the mob money.  The IRS was happy because the profits stayed consistent with our ‘larger’ operation and we paid taxes on time, laundering the money and slipping it into our growing bank account.  Jenifer was also good at managing our now combined portfolio of investments and we were doing well financially.

Oh there were some minor problems.  None of the women was self conscious about flesh and I did have some trouble, especially with Linda bouncing that tight teenaged body around the house in nothing but a T shirt and panties, but all in all things were going well.  At least I thought so, until that evening when I stepped into the master bedroom, nude from my evening shower and found Tanana instead of Jenifer.

Tanana was dressed, if it can be called that, in the skimpy bikini she had worn that night at the bordello.  In her hands she held the handcuffs she had used on me when she pushed me onto her bed.  I wrapped my towel around my middle though I have no doubt my sudden hard on was clearly visible and asked, “Where’s Jenifer?”

Tanana said, “Tonight’s my turn.  Jenifer is in my room and you need to get on the bed.”

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t get a lot of invitations like that and I was more or less inclined to accept.  I am pretty much a dominant but that time in the bordello with my hands cuffed and Tanana riding me was a very nice memory.  Still, there was something wrong here.  Jenifer hadn’t said anything about trading or my being with Tanana and I decided that I had better follow my instincts instead of my penis.

I stepped towards Tanana and grabbed the handcuffs.  I locked one on her wrist, spun her around and pulled the other arm behind locking that wrist.  Grabbing her arm I marched her out the door and down the hall towards her bedroom saying, “Let’s go see Jenifer.”

Tanana’s bedroom was empty so I called out, “Jenifer?”

There was a muffled thumping from Tanana’s closet.  We marched over to the closet door with me still holding Tanana’s arm and I slid the door open.  There, on the closet floor was Jenifer, nude, securely trussed into a tight ball, gagged and obviously mad as the proverbial wet hen.  I was tempted but, rather wisely, I think, refrained from laughing.

Instead I bent down and unbuckled the gag from her head.  It proved to be a rather large Penis gag that must have been in Tanana’s luggage as I had never seen it before. 

“Get me out of here and let me get at that slut.” Jenifer demanded.

“First things first,” I said. “Let me put her someplace secure and I will come back and get you loose.”

I still had the penis gag in my hand so I pushed it into Tanana’s mouth cutting off her attempt at explaining that she only wanted to switch for one night and it wasn’t fair that Jen was the only one that was getting some and….  Well you get the idea I am certain.  After fastening the gag I marched Tanana back to my bedroom and tied her ankles spread to the feet of my bed.  Then I went back for Jenifer.

Jenifer had been tied with a rope under her thighs pulling her legs to her chest and with another rope pulling her bound wrists to her bound ankles.  It was tight and uncomfortable but I couldn’t resist fondling her as I worked to remove the ropes.  When she was free I helped her up and we both walked back to the bedroom.  I handed her a quirt (riding crop) and said, “You might want to discuss this with Tanana.”

Jenifer got that evil little grin of hers where one side of her mouth curves up and she said, “Oh yes, master.  I do.  But this is too masculine.  I think this should be a more feminine discussion.  Just girl talk.  You can stay and watch if you want but please allow me to ‘talk’ to her.”

While she said this she handed the quirt back to me and climbed onto the bed in front of Tanana.  I decided that this would take some time so I pulled up a chair and settled down to see how Jenifer was going to ‘talk to’ Tanana.

Tanana Is Punished – Part 1

She began by kissing Tanana’s face and caressing her breasts.  She moved her mouth down to Tanana’s shoulders and kissed her way down to her breasts.  The kisses were light touches, arousing and gentle.  I wondered when, or even if, punishment was going to come into play.  I couldn’t imagine Jenifer allowing Tanana to get away without some sort of punishment but there she was kissing and sucking on Tanana’s breasts and nipples as though they were going to make love.

My puzzlement was resolved however when Tanana’s nipples were firmly standing out from her rather magnificent breasts (and yes, if you must ask, a part of my anatomy was also standing out firmly).  Jenifer took two lengths of twine and tied a noose in one end.  This she fitted over Tanana’s turgid nipples and firmly tightened.  She crossed the twine in front of Tanana’s chest and dropped the loose ends over Tanana’s shoulders.  Then she climbed off the bed and circled around to Tanana’s rear.

Jenifer tied Tanana’s right wrist to the top of her thigh and then removed the handcuffs.  Using both hands she had no trouble twisting Tanana’s left arm up behind her back.  Then Holding Tanana’s left arm uncomfortably high behind her back she looped the twine coming over her right shoulder around Tanana’s left thumb.  You get the picture don’t you?  The line from Tanana’s left nipple was pulled over her right shoulder and fastened to her left thumb high behind her back.  Now Tanana had to force her own arm up as high as she could or she would pull nastily on her own nipple.

With the left arm secured, Jenifer untied Tanana’s right wrist and repeated the process.  Now she had Tanana straining to push her arms up to relieve the tension on her nipples.  Jenifer returned to the bed in front of Tanana and began to caress and stroke her body.  The room filled with musk as Jenifer slowly aroused Tanana.  She even stroked Tanana’s pussy, inserting first one and then two fingers into her.  I wondered if she was planning to give Tanana an orgasm but just then Jenifer stopped and shifted gears.  Tanana was on the edge of an orgasm moaning as much as she could around the penis gag when I heard her try to shriek.  Most of the noise was muffled, of course but I could se Tanana’s body jerk and thrash.  I looked more closely and saw that Jenifer had begun to tickle her!

Of course you can’t stay still when tickled, not even if moving your arms pulls harshly on your nipples.  After a few minutes of tickling Jenifer stopped and began to arouse Tanana again.  I was fascinated.  Jenifer never raised her voice or struck Tanana at all but this was pure torture.  I know I have remarked on the female of the species being the more dangerous gender and here was diabolical proof.  I would never have been so nastily inventive but I was fascinated.  Jenifer alternated between arousing Tanana to just the point of orgasm and tickling until the arousal was gone for the better part of an hour.  While working Tanana’s arousal she would say things like, “Good sluts ask if they may use their mistress’ toys.  Only naughty little sluts try to just take them.”

I don’t know if I wanted to be considered as a toy but it was a fascinating and erotic performance.  Eventually she left Tanana hanging on the edge of orgasm and switched gears again, abandoning the harsh mistress persona and becoming my submissive little slave girl once again.  She turned to me and smilingly asked, “Would my master come and make love to his slave girl?”

Well we all know the answer to that question.  Jenifer positioned herself low on the bed and welcomed me with a murmured, “Would master like to kiss my breasts?”  Now when playing the submissive Jenifer did not generally try to direct our lovemaking so I understood immediately that she wanted our coupling to further torment Tanana, whom, you will remember, was tied facing the bed with her ankles spread and secured to the foot of the bed.  Sure enough as I slid down to Jenifer’s breasts I could feel my calves brushing the inside of what must have been Tanana’s thighs.

Jenifer was not normally particularly vocal in bed but that night she kept up a running commentary describing how good her master was and how great it felt to have me suck her nipples.  When I sat up to reach her pussy I could feel my ass pressing against what must have been Tanana’s belly.  Now I am pretty good at licking a pussy but I couldn’t possibly have been as good as Jenifer made it sound that night.  Moans and cries of “So good” filled the air.  When she had her first orgasm she screamed and then pulled me up to enter her.  Again the commentary was vastly exaggerated as I was “so big” and “my master is stretching me” and “Oh, he is filling me so full” and “Oh he is f**king me so hard.” Mixed with grunts and groans of passion all designed to further frustrate Tanana.

Now I have to admit that all of this vocal praise did inflate my ego a bit even though I knew that I wasn’t all that special.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with my equipment and after watching Jenifer torment Tanana for almost an hour I was fully hard and ready.  It is just that I don’t think I am anything to interest the porn industry though you wouldn’t know it from Jenifer’s descriptions that night.

Eventually both Jenifer and I were satiated and I got up to turn out the bedroom light.  I asked if I should untie Tanana but Jenifer said, “No, let the slut have as bad a night as she had planned for me master.  Please come and cuddle me,”

I turned out the light and came to bed.  Jenifer had a favorite position where she faced away from me but scooted back until we were spooned together.  Then she would pull my right arm over her side and up between her breasts.  She would cover my hand with hers holding it just high enough so that she could kiss the tips of my fingers.  That’s the way we slept that night.

Tanana, of course remained standing and I have no doubt sleepless.  Every time she would drift off enough to let her arms relax a sharp tug on her nipples would yank her back to wide awake.

Tanana Is Punished – Part 2

I didn’t want to interfere but early next morning, I pulled Jenifer into the kitchen and pointed out that Tanana’s circulation both to her nipples and her thumbs was probably getting critical.  Jenifer agreed and said that she would tie Tanana outside this morning but that both her nipples and thumbs would be free.

I watched as Jenifer marched Tanana outside to one of the horse corrals.  She backed her up to the railings and made her bend her knees until her shoulders were level with the top rail.  Jenifer used rope to secure Tanana’s shoulders to the rail.  Then she cut the twine holding one arm.  Tanana’s arms had been held in one position so long that she was unable to move them.  This didn’t deter Jenifer who unfolded the free arm and fastened it to the top rail.  She tied it above and below the elbow as well as at the wrist, removing the twine from the thumb as she did so.  Then she did the same for the other arm.  Tanana was now in a more or less crucified position crouching slightly.

Next Jenifer put a rope around one ankle and stretched her leg at a ninety degree angle fastening Tanana’s ankle with a line to the nearest post.  When she did the same to the other ankle Tanana was pulled more or less into the shape of a sideways letter H with both her arms and legs stretched out to the sides.  Her torso, which formed the crossbar of the letter H pressed down by gravity forced her hips into a full split and as her weight pressed down perhaps even a bit more of a stretch.  It must have been agonizing pressure on her hips with her own weight pressing down.  Of course Tanana was still gagged so she was unable to cry out at this treatment.

Jenifer worked the twine off one nipple.  Of course the blood flowing back into that lovely nipple brought it from numbness to fierce pins and needles of agony.  Jenifer calmly watch Tanana absorb the pain and when she seemed to be recovering her equilibrium as the pain subsided, Jenifer removed the twine from her second nipple.

When Tanana’s nipples seemed to be back to normal Jenifer produced a bottle of suntan lotion.  She carefully spread it over every exposed millimeter of Tanana’s skin.  Jenifer began at the extremities and worked inwards.  Tanana’s torso was the last part to be coated.  In the process I could see that Jenifer was once again arousing Tanana again as I could see Tanana’s pussy lips and nipples growing more turgid.

The arousal had to compete with the agony of her difficult position.  From my vantage point I could see Jenifer talking to Tanana but was unable to hear what she said.

Jenifer left Tanana hanging on the corral railings and went into the barn.  She returned with a box and a pair of pliers.  Using the box as a seat, Jenifer sat down and slowly began to pull out Tanana’s pussy hairs.  From where I stood I could see Tanana flinch each time a hair was pulled.  Eventually Tanana’s groin was completely smooth.  Jenifer set down the pliers and began to massage Tanana’s smooth mound, arousing her once again.  When she judged Tanana to be on the verge of an orgasm, Jenifer stood up and walked into the barn with the box and the pliers, leaving Tanana to gradually come down from her arousal to the agony of her stretched limbs.

I followed Jenifer into the barn and reminded her that Tanana was her best friend.  She smiled at me and said, “Yes, I haven’t forgotten.  I will let her down soon but why do you think it is so easy to work her up?  That slut likes it rough.  This may be a bit rougher than she likes but I am not exceeding her limits.  I will let her down before lunchtime.”

Well, I had to think about that.  I mean, I knew and loved Jenifer and that implied that to some degree I had to trust her.  Still, this looked like a lot more severe punishment than I would ever do.  In the end, I had to admit that she knew Tanana better than I did.  If Jenifer wasn’t in some sort of blind rage, and she didn’t seem to be, I would let her have her head at least until lunch time.  I kissed Jenifer and went about my work with the horses.


It was getting towards lunchtime when I headed back towards the house.  Tanana was gone from the corral so I guessed that Jenifer had taken her inside.  I entered to find the kitchen empty but heard some noises from the master bedroom area.  I walked over thinking I would ask about lunch but stopped in the door mesmerized by the scene before me.

Both women were nude on our bed.  Tanana had her knees tied to her elbows and her wrists tied to the headboard while her ankles were tied to the footboard.  This kept her upright supported on her forearms and calves with her legs and arms spread wide.  She was only able to rock back and forth and she wasn’t doing much of that because a very nude Jenifer was lying in front of her with her thighs holding Tanana’s head in her (Jenifer’s) crotch.  Tanana couldn’t see me (or much of anything) and was busily licking Jenifer’s pussy.

Jenifer looked over at me and said, “Master, this slut needs to be f**ked.  Please get undressed and take her.”

Well that was an interesting prospect and Tanana’s perfect ass and thighs provocatively flashing her turgid pussy lips at me made it a very inviting prospect.  At the same time I was a bit worried and said, “You know I’m not into rape.”

Jenifer smiled and said, “It isn’t rape if the woman wants it and believe me this slut wants it!”

I was still a bit doubtful so I asked, “Is that right Tanana?”

Tanana said, “Yes please sir.” 

It sounded like a line from the musical Oliver so I asked, “Yes please Sir?”

Tanana dropped into a ghetto accent that I had never heard her use and replied, “Well, ain’t no sista gonna call no white boy masa!”

What the heck.  She had said yes and now she was even joking about it.  My significant other was lying right there and had told me to do it so there was no question of my cheating on her.  I think I set the new land speed record for moving from fully dressed to stark naked.  I climbed on the bed and knee walked up behind her.  I swiped my already hard penis at the entrance and found her wet and ready.  I was going to slip in gently but Tanana was having none of that.  As soon as I got part way in, she rocked back inserting me fully into her.  I grabbed her hips and hung on for dear life as she rocked back and forth while continuing to lick Jenifer.

Events got a little hazy after that.  At some point I reached around Tanana and began to fondle her breasts and still later I removed one hand to reach back and stimulate her clitoris.  I don’t remember exactly when Jenifer came but she signified she had had enough by opening her thighs and moving back up towards the head of the bed.  I had some problem holding off but Tanana had been stimulated enough so that she came pretty quickly.

Life Goes On

I woke up in the early afternoon surrounded by gorgeous female flesh.  I guess Jenifer had untied Tanana and they had each taken a side of me.  I have to tell you it is a very nice way to wake up.  I showered and playfully swatted Jenifer, telling her that I was hungry.  As we were eating lunch I asked her if she wanted to tell me what this had all been about.  She explained that Tanana wanted to get some male attention (e.g. heterosexual intercourse) in addition to the women’s Sapphic activities but that, while Jenifer had no objection to sharing, Tanana hadn’t properly asked her permission.

Now any guy’s first reaction to two gorgeous women fighting over him has got to be a little bit of puffing up your chest and letting your ego grow.  Of course, in my case a little thought told me that as remote as the ranch was it was either me or one of the horses.  Having deflated my ego and gotten back to thinking I asked Jenifer if I didn’t get to have a say in all this.  She gave me a look usually reserved for drooling idiots and said, “I know you like both her body and her.  If we had asked you, you would have said something about how you loved me and were committed only to me.”

Well she was right of course, on both counts.  I mean Tanana was pretty neat and did have a body that you couldn’t help lusting after.  At the same time while I might lust after Tanana, I was head over heels, stone cold in love with Jenifer.  I sure as hell wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that relationship. 

I couldn’t help thinking that Jenifer had said “…If WE had asked…”  Then I thought about the fact that though I knew Jenifer was feisty and could be pretty fierce there were no bruises on her when I found her in the closet, not a one.  Could Jenifer and Tanana have generated all of this to maneuver me into screwing around with Jenifer’s best friend?  And if they had, how did I feel about being manipulated that way?  I decided that there were some questions best left unanswered.  I decided that I would just ignore that entire line of thought.   Jenifer, who seems to be able to read my mind, smiled at me and said something like ‘good boy.’

Now I had two bondage loving women in my life.  We didn’t have threesomes, at least not very often.  I never understood how they decided who was sharing my bed on any given night.  Of course they traded off during their menstrual periods but other than that I would spend most nights with my sweet submissive slave girl Jenifer.  Once or twice a week, however, I would attack and roughly maul and rape a fiercely resisting Tanana. 

Wait!  That requires some explanation because it wasn’t really rape.  It was role playing and I was doing what Tanana wanted.

I am a pretty gentle lover and I try hard to do what my partner likes and responds to.  Jenifer liked being the submissive slave girl greeting me kneeling and nude and allowing me to pose her.  I would have been quite willing to forgo the ropes but her years of prostitution had created some sort of mental block that desensitized her to straight vanilla foreplay.  It was only after she was tied and helpless, a situation that had never happened when she was a working girl, that her body could respond.  So we played master and bound slave girl and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Tanana had a whole different set of fantasies.  This was mixed up with racial differences and what was pretty much a rape fantasy where she was roughly wrestled to the ground, stripped, bound in exposed and obscene positions and roughly taken.  I had some problems giving her what she wanted at first and we had several mornings after kitchen table discussions.  Gradually I came to understand that if she wanted to be treated that way.  I could see that she was turned on by that sort of treatment as her nipples became engorged and the outer lips of her pussy became puffy and turgid.  With that as a clear reality, then I, as a caring partner, should do what gave her pleasure regardless of my own feelings.

It was the same when we had one of our rare threesomes.  Jenifer would lord it over Tanana forcing her to call her mistress, teasing her tightly tied body and denying her any sexual release until she had been forced to lick her mistress to multiple orgasms. 

It went further than the overall scenario.  Jenifer wanted a gentle and caring master even though she wanted to be tied.  Tanana wanted to be treated roughly.  Hey, I am a guy.  I like women’s bodies.  I like breast play.  With Jenifer I would fondle her breasts and lick, kiss and gently suckle her nipples.  With Tanana I would maul her breasts rather than fondling them.  I would grip her nipples in my teeth and pull them away from her chest stretching and distorting her beautiful breasts.  Further if I had left her without a gag, she would demand even rougher treatment.

This was not the style I enjoyed most, but it was apparently what it took to float her boat.  In the end I told myself ‘different strokes for different folks’ and gave her what she wanted.  I never really enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Jenifer, though I must admit I never had any problems completing the mock rape by ejaculating inside her.  Hey, I am a guy, she was a lovely woman with a great body and I enjoy sex.   I gave Tanana the rough sex she craved and had fun doing it but I preferred the loving gentle couplings with Jenifer.

In the end things were pretty good for me.  I had two hot women sharing both me and my bed.  The horses were coming along nicely, the bank balance was growing.  All in all things were perfect, or at least they would have been if Linda wasn’t about to have her official 18th birthday (remember she was already 18 when we left San Fran).  But that’s another story, for another day (see Linda Comes of Age).