by Sir Richard

Sharon turned her car into the parking lot of the hotel, found a space and parked. ‘What am I doing here? This is crazy. I am going to meet Rick, a man I hardly know. Don’t even know she corrected herself. I’ve read some of the stuff he wrote and exchanged a few e-mails with him. I don’t really know who he is. This is so dangerous. I must be out of my mind,’ she thought as she locked her car and headed for the hotel lobby.

‘I know how he writes. He seems to be a nice guy. But that stuff is fiction. I am kidding myself. We have talked via e-mail. Lord should I do this? I wish Fred were here to tell me what to do. But not only is he not here, he is out of touch. I can talk with Fred when he is in town or when he is at a secure computer but he told me never to discuss the lifestyle when he is out of town because someone may be looking at the computer he is using. So I can’t even ask Fred if I should do this.’

‘Rick’s stories are pretty happy, kind of romantic, but I have Fred to master me; I don’t need any more romance. And is that really him that Rick is writing about or just some story line? His e-mails are happy and seem attentive to what I say but who knows how much of that is real. Is this just curiosity? Or is it that this guy seems so dominant and I am so submissive?’

Sharon walked across the lobby towards the elevators and thought, ‘I don’t have to do this. I am a grown woman and I belong to Fred not to Rick. I can just decide not to show up.’ She pressed the elevator button.

She had been doing some work for Rick on his stories. Then she had told him that she was late because she was watching some silly shows on TV. Then she teased him. It was all in good fun but he had said that she needed punishment. That was a joke, wasn’t it? He lived hundreds of miles away. Then, the other morning, there it was in her e-mail: just a date, time, a local hotel name and suite number and his signature.

She wasn’t stupid; she knew it was his summons for her punishment. ‘If I’m not stupid, what am I doing here?’ she thought as she pushed the button for his floor. He hadn’t asked Fred for permission to punish her, had he? Would Fred give her to a stranger for punishment? Fred might but he would make certain that she was safe.

‘Well, at least I will get to meet Rick. I will apologize for teasing and tell him I belong to Fred. If he wants to punish me he will have to ask Fred and he can’t do that right now. Perhaps we can just talk about things and we will have a good laugh. Surely Rick won’t try to try to punish me without Fred’s permission. We don’t have that sort of a relationship. And he knows about Fred and me. We talked about Fred in our e-mails.’

‘Still this does seem dangerous. No one knows where I am. How could they, most of my friends don’t have any idea of the lifestyle I am into. I can see trying to explain to my straight vanilla friends that I am into a B&D lifestyle, I am a submissive and a strange Dom has summoned me to be here at a certain time. Oh yeah I can see explaining that big time.’

‘Perhaps I should have e-mailed some people who are into the lifestyle. But what good would that do? I don’t think any of them live here in Portland. Even if they did, what would I say? If I don’t show up tomorrow look in this hotel room and for a Master Rick? That would be so useless.’

She stood in front of the door to his suite. ‘Should I go through with this? Would Fred want me to? I should just turn around and go back home. Rick would never even know I had come.’ She saw her hand move, almost on its own, to the doorbell to the suite.

The door opened and she saw him. He had a pleasant face, very strong, perhaps a bit older than she had envisioned. “I…” she began. He placed a finger on her lips silencing her. It was a clear instruction but it was also strange. Why hadn’t he put his finger to his lips the way Fred would have? With his other hand he grasped her arm and firmly but gently drew her into the suite.

The shades had been drawn and the room was in shadows. There was a lamp lit on the desk providing soft illumination and light came through the doorway to what must have been the bedroom. He was behind her now and looping a rope around her wrist. Wait, this was going too fast. Did she want this? It was Fred’s decision when she needed punishment. Surely Rick would stop when she told him to. But Fred would have wanted her punished for teasing, wouldn’t he? She felt her wrist being drawn up to her opposite elbow. Then as she stood there he tied the other wrist to the elbow on the other side.

With both hands secured he guided her towards the desk. He pulled out the desk chair and turned it so that it faced the room. Gently drawing her towards him he sat in the chair and opened his legs. He was facing her but the lamp was behind his head placing his face in shadows. She couldn’t see his expression. With his hands on her hips he gently positioned her between his legs inches from the chair.

She felt rather than saw him tugging at her belt and opening it. Then he unbuttoned her waistband and pulled down the zipper of her jeans.

‘No wait a minute. I didn’t give you permission to do that. What do you think you are doing?’ But he hadn’t asked for permission she realized. They both knew what he was doing and why she was here. Fred had treated her the same way the last time he had spanked her. But this wasn’t Fred.

His hands were on her hips again inside her jeans as he pushed the material away from her sides and then from her buttocks and on down until her jeans were around mid-thigh. His hands were strong but gentle. She squirmed as his hands slid down her flanks, his fingers brushing the sides of her panty-covered buttocks. She felt like a ten year old child. ‘No, wait a minute, I am a grown woman. I don’t have to put up with this. But wouldn’t Fred want me to accept a punishment for teasing a master?’

She felt his thumbs in the leg holes of her panties. He was pushing the material towards the crack of her ass, bunching the material as though it was some sort of weird thong, exposing the cheeks of her ass behind her. As he pulled the material she felt her panties grow tight across her groin. ‘This can’t be happening,’ she thought. ‘Why don’t I tell him to stop?’ Because he had silenced her at the door. This was ridiculous. She wasn’t gagged. She could tell him to stop. But somehow she couldn’t form the words.

Now he was turning her sideways. She must look so strange with her jeans bunched around mid-thigh and her panties pulled together. Oh man. Now he could see her ass. Would he think it was too big? Maybe he liked big rear ends. Fred thought J Lo had a nice behind and it was big. But Fred liked her ass too. He said it was perfect for her. Would Rick think it was perfect? Perhaps Rick would think her butt was too small. Fred liked her ass but had bought a stair stepper. Was her rear too flabby? ‘What is the matter with me? Here I am with a stranger exposing me and I am worried about how I look?’

She felt his hands bending her over his leg. One hand was on her tummy supporting her, the other on her back forcing her down. Now she was over his leg with her head almost touching the floor. This was different than what Fred did. He usually sat on the bed so her upper body could rest on the mattress. This was more the way a small child would be spanked. It was a very humiliating experience.

His legs closed trapping her legs between his. He placed his left hand on the small of her back holding her down. ‘Yea,’ she thought, ‘as if I have the abdominal muscles to get up without using my hands…’

“OH!” she breathed. It was surprise more than hurt. He had swatted her cheek with no warning. It wasn’t an overly hard swat but it stung. Strangely enough she felt something like a little electric spark in her pussy. She had no time to reflect on it as he swatted the other cheek.

His swats were different than Fred’s she realized. Fred kept his hand flat so that it hit with just his palm putting more force into a smaller area. Rick was hitting her just as hard but cupping his hand so the force was spread over a larger area. Each swat was transmitting little sparks to her pussy. ‘Oh no. Don’t let me get aroused. Not from another man’s spanking.’

Rick didn’t just lift his hand he drew it off so that it was almost a caress after each swat. The pace was steady and she could feel her buttocks growing warm from the steady assault. Spreading his hand had another effect. Each swat tugged at her already tightly stretched panties. Each time the panties tugged at her groin and it almost felt as if a hand were cupping her pussy. She could feel a growing dampness as her pussy betrayed her mind. She could sense her clit growing hard and turgid slipping out of its hood as if searching for the friction of the tugging panties.

Gradually her “OH’s” turned to “Ow’s” as her behind grew more and more sensitive. She didn’t know if it was the pain or the humiliation of her position or her shame at being aroused by a man other than her master, but she began to sob. Great gasping sobs. He stopped with his hand on her buttock. She could feel the heat radiating. “Are you all right?” he asked.

‘What a stupid question. Here I am a grown woman with my pants pulled down and my ass exposed, across a strange man’s lap, getting spanked. Of course I am not OK. What a dumb thing to ask.’ Then she heard her voice between deep sobs reply, “I’m…sob…I’m OK, sir.” Had she said that? No she couldn’t have said that. She wasn’t OK. She was hurt and she was humiliated and she was getting worked up by a man who wasn’t her master. She wanted this to stop, didn’t she?

He reached up to the waistband of her panties and lifted them and eased them down to join her jeans just below her ass. The front of the waistband barely rubbed over the very tip of her engorged clit as he pulled them down. ‘Oh lord that felt good. I bet he can see my pussy between my legs.’ And, she realized, it was really wet. ‘I can feel the moisture running down my thighs.’

He resumed the spanking. With the last covering gone she felt her buttocks bounce and jump under his hands. Her thoughts were confused. She thought briefly of whether he thought her buttocks too flabby and then immediately of how Fred, her master loved to squeeze and massage them. She lost count of the swats.

None were fierce but they stung and, even more humiliating, she became aware of the ever-increasing amount of moisture between her legs. Each swat increased the heat radiating from her buttocks but each swat also drove sparks into her pussy. Then she smelled the scent of her arousal. ‘Oh no. If I can smell it he must smell it too. What’s the matter with me? I am not some freaky pain slut. This isn’t my Master spanking me. Why am I getting so aroused? What is happening to me? This is embarrassing.’

‘Oh sure, now I get embarrassed. It wasn’t enough that I am hanging bare assed over some stranger’s leg getting my butt whacked, now I am getting all worked up. This is so humiliating. He must think I’m a real slut. He must think? What the hell do I care about what he thinks? Fred is my master. What would Fred think if he knew Rick was exciting me so easily?’

‘Oh he is stopping. Finally, he is helping me to stand. I am sobbing like a child. My ass feels hot and tingly. I wish I had my hands so I could rub it. Oh no, now what is he doing. He is turning me to face him. No I can’t look at him. Not after this. Not with my pussy so wet and my clit so hard.’

‘Oh man, his face is inches from my pussy and I am gushing like a fountain. I can feel my juice running down my legs. If he didn’t smell me before there is no way he can miss my arousal now. No, he is pulling me closer with his hands on my sore buns. What is that? Lord it is his tongue. No I didn’t give him permission to touch me there. This is rape. But it feels so good. Is it rape if I don’t want him to stop? It is so good. No I must stop this, Rick isn’t my master. Only Fred has the right to do this but why are my hips rotating to give him better access? My body won’t obey me. I can’t let myself enjoy this. It isn’t Fred and it can’t be right for me to come from this.’

‘Oh yes! Right there. That’s so good. Oh I can’t believe this. A stranger is licking my pussy and I’m loving it. Oh! Oh! Yes! He’s flicking my clit with his tongue and I was about to come. Now he’s back down pushing his tongue into me. He’s licking up my juices. I can feel his tongue curling inside of me. Oh, wow this is so good!’

‘I can’t let someone other than Fred bring me to orgasm. But Rick has a very talented tongue. Oh my, now he is coming up my slit so slowly. Faster damn you. Yes! Yes! That’s it. Right there on my clitty. Oh this is so good. Now he is sucking my clit. I am so near. I can’t hold back any…’

‘Oh no. He stopped. Now he is back down pushing his tongue into me. He’s teasing me the way Fred does. No wait a MINUTE. This isn’t Fred. I can’t feel this way. I have to be loyal to Fred. But this is so good. He’s working his way back up and I am getting near the edge. Oh no he has my clitty between his lips and is holding it while he lashes it with his tongue. Faster and faster. Oh, I am…’

Where am I? I am face down on a bed. My jeans and panties are still around my thighs. Did he rape me? No I don’t feel like I have been entered. The bed isn’t mussed. He must have carried me in here when I fainted. Fainted? That’s a nice euphemism. I came so hard I passed out. Oh, could this evening get any more humiliating? Where is he?

There is a note on the night stand hear the telephone. It says “S- The room has been paid for through the morning. Take your time cleaning up. Rick”

What? Is he gone? I can see the sliding door to the closet is open. It looks empty.

Sharon rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom holding her jeans and panties. She noted that the room was empty. No razor or aftershave, no toothbrush, no signs that he had ever been there. She wet a washrag and cleaned the juices from her groin and legs. ‘At least the ones he hadn’t licked up,’ she thought with a smile. She looked in the mirror and fixed her hair as best as she could without a comb. Rinsing the wash rag thoroughly she cleaned all traces of her tears from her face and wiped her puffy eyes.

She looked at her inflamed ass as best she could in the bathroom mirror. It was discolored and she could feel the heat and the sting. Then she pulled up her panties and her jeans. The panties were damp against her groin and the cloth felt tight against her tender buttocks. She checked to see that her keys and wallet were still in the pockets and left the room. As she walked the friction of her jeans on her sensitive buns reminded her of her punishment. It was harsh and uncomfortable but sort of like a master’s caress as the cloth slid over the tender flesh.

‘Master! Oh shit! That devious S. O. B.! Rick knew she would have to tell Fred all about this. Fred was her master and she couldn’t hide this from him. Her punishment wasn’t over yet. She would be so humiliated when she told Master Fred. She could just imagine how she would blush. It would be every bit as humiliating as what she had just gone through.

And what would Master Fred’s reaction be? He would probably be amused. Yeah, he would find it funny but he would punish her all over again. In effect she had played with someone else without his permission. He would probably decide she needed another bare-bottom spanking. And she knew how strong he was.

She had been humiliated tonight, would be humiliated again telling her master, then humiliated a third time with another spanking. Oh, that Rick was devious. Sharon smiled to herself as she gingerly eased down on the driver’s seat and started the engine. The effects of this spanking would last several days. Then she would have Fred’s return and his punishment to look forward to. This was a punishment that would last for quite a while.

‘I wonder,’ she thought with a smile, ‘if this will cure me of teasing or encourage me to do it more often?’