by Sir Richard

Author’s Note: I have written several B&D stories on this site. Usually they have been M/f but I have occasionally tried some F/m stories. This is one of them.

1. The Beginning

I was living a pretty ideal life. I had a good job and was newly married to Jessica, my beautiful and sexy wife of three months. We had just purchased a new house in an upscale development. Jessica and I had what I considered to be a great sex life. We must have made love almost four or five times a week. Even better, Jessica had jumped right into my love of bondage sex adding spice to our lives. Many evenings I tied her to our bed in the playroom (as we called the bedroom) but Jessica, being a modern woman, insisted that we share everything as equal partners. That meant that about half the time she tied me to the bed and took control of our lovemaking. I really didn’t mind as it was great sex either way.

It was one of those nights when things changed. Jessica had tied me to the bed in a face-up spread eagle. Instead of mounting me cowgirl style (or, as our more formal friends might say, in the female superior position) as she normally did, she teased my erect cock for some time. I was begging her to mount me when she said those dreaded words, “Honey, we have to talk.”

Even newly married men, such as I, know that those words are never the harbinger of good news. ‘We have to talk’ generally means she has something to say and he had better listen carefully.

Jessica softly stroked me as she talked. Every few seconds my cock bobbed as I approached orgasm. Jessica would smile and release my cock until the jerking stopped and then, very softly, resume her stroking. My concentration was obviously not at its best but, as I recall, the conversation went something like this:

Jessica, “We agreed that to have a happy marriage we had to be equal partners, didn’t we?”

Me, “Moan, Yes! Of course, my love. Could you just bring me off now?”

“In a little bit, lover. That means we should both get equal benefits from sex, doesn’t it?”

“Oh! I’m so close. Please my love.”

“Doesn’t it?” she asked in a sharper tone.

“Yes! Yes my love. Oh please don’t stop.”

“But our sex life hasn’t been equal. You get to come every time and then it’s all over and I am left high and dry. Or perhaps high and wet is a better description, but whatever you call it I am left unsatisfied,” she said with a smile.

Even in my fog of sexual frustration this registered as a discussion we had had before. The problem was that Jessica was so damn hot and tight and wet and just damn sexy that I couldn’t last until she reached orgasm. I had tried holding back but it just wasn’t possible. I told her, “I have tried honey. Really I have.”

Jessica smiled at me and said “I know you have, darling. But the fact is that you get an orgasm with me four or five times a week. I haven’t had three orgasms in the three month we have been married. In addition, I know you masturbate several times a week. Let’s see four times a week with me and, let’s say, another four times with your hand, that’s eight orgasms a week. Now with four weeks a month that’s 32 times a month. Let’s reduce it to 30 to allow for the days when I have my period and multiply for the three months we have been married. That’s 90 orgasms for you and only 2 for me. That doesn’t sound fair to me. What do you think?”

By this time my brain was barely registering what she was saying and I would have agreed to anything to get her to finish me off so I said, “No dear, it’s not fair.”

Jessica smiled at me and said, “So you agree that you owe me 88 orgasms and that you shouldn’t come until you give them to me?”

I could barely understand what she was saying but I knew that I had to come and that the only way to end this torturous teasing was to agree with her so I said, “Yes, of course my love.”

And those words, uttered without thought, in the throes of sexual urgency, were the real beginning of the changes in my life. Jessica stopped stroking me for a moment and I realized what I had agreed to. She was to come 88 times before I even masturbated.

I tried to claw back saying, “But Jess, I can’t not come when I’m in you. I really have tried but you’re just so gorgeous and sexy…”

Jessica put her finger to my lips and said, “I know dear. You are weak like all men, so I have come up with something to help you.”

She slipped off the bed and padded over to her dresser and returned with some things in her hand. She showed me a large bead with a hole through it so it could be strung on a necklace and a long shoe lace. I was puzzled. She must have realized that I was confused because she told me, “Just wait darling, and you will see how this will help you keep your pledge.”

Alarm bells were going off in the back of my mind. A pledge sounded pretty serious and 88 orgasms sounded like a long time but I guess I had given my word and I did love my wife so I kept my peace and watched and waited.

Jessica slid the shoe lace through the bead and slid it along until the bead was roughly in the middle of the lace. Then she tied a knot. Climbing back onto the bed she pressed the side of the bead without the knot firmly against the base of my penis. It didn’t hurt but felt a bit uncomfortable as though she was pinching the base of my cock closed.

She wrapped the laces around my cock and back over the knotted side of the bead. Then she pulled the laces tight. Perhaps I should say she pulled the laces TIGHT! She continued to wrap and tighten the laces. Each time she pulled the bead was forced further into the base of my penis and the laces circling my organ cut deeper into the turgid flesh. It was uncomfortable but only mildly painful so I didn’t object as she explained, “The bead will press shut the urethra so no fluid can be ejected, or should I say ejaculated. At the same time the laces will keep all of the blood in your beautiful cock so that it stays nice and firm for me.”

Having tied off the laces, Jessica straddled me and positioned my cock at the entrance to her already wet pussy. Slowly she sank down taking my full length into her. The sensations were wonderful. She began to ride up and down telling me how wonderful I was and how good my big fat cock felt.

Now that does wonders for a guy’s ego. I mean, I know I wasn’t a porn star or anything like that but I was a big guy and my equipment was pretty proportionate to my body. Jessica is a gorgeous woman and watching her bounce up and down on me while telling me how big I was and how I really filled her, was really great.

At least it was for the first few minutes. Her tight hot pussy rode up and down giving me all the wonderful sensations I had learned to love. After a few minutes, though, I felt the familiar pre ejaculation feelings as my balls tightened up and my hips thrust up to meet my wonderful wife. I was right on the edge of what was certain to be a powerful orgasm.

But, damn it, that’s right where I stayed. No matter how my muscles clenched, no matter how my hips rose to meet her, I couldn’t come. I hovered on the edge of orgasm for what seemed like hours but must have been only 20 minutes of so until my wife exploded in her orgasm. I must admit she was never lovelier than when pure (or impure?) pleasure swept over her. She fell forward onto me, her breasts pressing against my chest and her lips capturing mine in a kiss more passionate that any I could remember.

As her breathing returned to normal my need to ejaculate grew until I was in tears. Jessica saw my tears and said “Poor baby. I know you want to be released but if I do that you will just wank and break your pledge. I will untie your cock but I am afraid your hands and feet will have to stay in bondage all night or at least until you come back from the edge enough for that marvelous prick of yours to soften. Then I will pop on the chastity belt and let you loose.”

“Chastity belt! What are you talking about?”

“Well…” said Jessica, “…you did need help not to come when I rode you and we both know that the way you feel now you won’t be able to keep your pledge not to masturbate. Don’t worry, darling, I bought this in just your size to help you keep your word to me.”

While she was talking she went back to the dresser and returned with what looked like a curved tube and a ring. I had never seen one but had read enough porn stories to recognize it. Then it struck me that my darling wife hadn’t just ‘wanted to talk’ but had planned out the entire evening. I tried to tell her I hadn’t agreed to a chastity belt but she just pointed out that I had pledged no orgasms and that we both knew I would masturbate if I wasn’t restrained. I didn’t like it but I couldn’t really maintain that I was strong enough to abstain, especially as frustrated as I felt now.

I tried to talk her into releasing me, saying I couldn’t sleep stretched out like this. Jessica saw my point but, unfortunately for me, she is a resourceful woman. After some discussion she went to the kitchen and returned with two plastic bags of ice. She removed the shoelace and the bead which caused an uncomfortable ‘pins and needles’ sensation as the blood resumed circulation in my organ. Then she placed the bags of ice on my groin. One of them was placed under my testicles and the other wrapped around my penis and soon they both shrank. As the intense cold penetrated they felt as though they were on fire but eventually I became flaccid enough that she was able to place my prick in the tube and lock it in place with the ring around the top of my scrotum.

The she untied me and draped herself over me to sleep. She, wisely I think, refrained from teasing me but I saw the amusement in her eyes as my cock twitched and tried to expand within the confines of the metal tube.

The next two nights were a repeat of the first with me tied down, chastity belt removed and the damn bead and shoelace preventing me from enjoying our coupling. No, that’s not strictly true. The coupling was enjoyable. More than that, it was great. Great right up until the point where the need to ejaculate overcame the pleasure and resulted in painful frustration. Both nights Jessica had strong orgasms. She had found a child’s slate and propped it up on our dresser. Each day she erased the prior number and recorded the remaining number of orgasms that I ‘owed’ to her.

The next night I complained to Jessica that the frustration was becoming painful and refused to allow her to tie me to the bed. She, however, was prepared for my reticence and suggested I give her an orgasm with my mouth. Thinking it would be less frustrating and painful I agreed.

It took me almost 20 minutes to bring her off with my mouth and although she had an orgasm it was considerably less spectacular than when she rode my imprisoned cock. Jessica gave me credit for an orgasm, reducing the number on the slate by one, but she was not overly enthusiastic about my performance. She said something about looking into training for me.

2. Subby Hubby

By the end of the week my oral skills had improved somewhat but Jessica said she missed riding my cock. I was complaining about my mounting frustration. She was reminding me of my pledge. I argued that with all of my sexual frustration, I was having trouble focusing at work and that this enduring chastity would put my future career at risk.

Jessica listened to that. We were both working and both of us were earning a good salary but mine was considerably higher than hers. Oh, we wouldn’t starve if we had to get by on her salary alone but we would be considerably less well off and have a much poorer standard of living. We were young, newly married and had stretched our finances to purchase a house. I didn’t think my job was at risk, at least not yet but I had been considered a probable fast track towards partnership and my less formidable performance this week could certainly impact on that. Risking my advancement and, to a lesser extent, even my current salary didn’t make sense to either of us.

In the end we reached a sort of compromise. Jessica relented to the extent that she agreed to allow me two orgasms a week so long as I agreed to act as her submissive husband or subby hubby as she put it. I wasn’t really turned on by the idea and asked her what she meant by being a subby hubby. She explained that I would have to obey her at all times. Among the things she would demand would be multiple orgasms each evening and the right to humiliate me as she deemed necessary.

I asked why humiliation was necessary and she simply explained that it was a part of what a mistress did to her submissive. I thought it sounded a bit like Tom Sawyer leaving cryptic messages when he and Huck Finn were rescuing Jim, simply because that was the way rescues were done in the books he had read. She said that I had given my word and now wanted to change for something more favorable to me and she wanted that offset with something less favorable for me.

I tried to point out to my loving wife that what she was describing sounded like slavery. She thought about that for a bit but argued that it was more like indentured servitude. It was slavery but only for a finite time.

She also pointed out that with multiple orgasms the count would go down more rapidly. She said, “If I get two orgasms a night, that’s 14 a week. Deduct the two a week you get and the count goes down 12 a week. It will be even faster if I demand service during the day on the week ends.”

In the end I realized that I wasn’t in a strong bargaining position and agreed that she could humiliate me and that I would obey her every order until my pledge had been fulfilled and we were equal partners again.

You may wonder at why a guy would be willing to act as his wife’s submissive servant and obey her every whim. The thing was we loved each other and that meant I trusted her in every way. Then too, I needed to come and it was the best deal I could negotiate. Oh, I know I could have just gone to a locksmith and had the damn chastity belt lock picked but that would be going back on my word to my wife and, I suspected, lead to a bitter argument and a long period with little or no affection, much less sex, between us.

Servicing her usually meant an orgasm while I was tied down while she rode my bound cock, followed by her straddling my mouth while I licked her to a second orgasm. Often Jessica would also have me go down on her in the afternoon on the weekends. I found this very frustrating but the threat of reverting to no relief for me until fulfilling the entire 88 orgasm pledge kept me in line. Twice a week wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy me but it was tolerable and a damn site better than none.

The other things that Jessica dreamed up to emphasize her control were humiliating but tolerable. First she insisted that I be nude, except for the chastity belt, in the house. Apparently she had found some CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) websites and found them very amusing.

When I complained that it was strange to sit nude at the dinner table with her fully clothed, Jessica pointed out that it could always be made worse. Rather foolishly I challenged her as to how it could be worse than nude. She got up and went upstairs and returned in a few minutes with handcuffs. I was flabbergasted. Where in the devil had she gotten those? Jessica cuffed my hands behind my back, moved my plate next to hers and told me to kneel beside her. I was fed dinner kneeling beside her. She insisted I eat all of my veggies and decided water would be more suitable than wine for a kneeling slave. I had no more questions about what could be worse than sitting nude across from my fully clothed wife.

After dinner she uncuffed me and said, “I cooked the dinner. You do the washing up.”

This wasn’t a big deal as we had a dishwasher but I soon learned that it was just the first of many reassignments of house keeping duties. Soon I was vacuuming (hovering to our UK friends) and dusting the house on Saturday afternoons. I protested that I had mowed and edged the lawn all morning but Jessica simply pointed out that she had been working at weeding and trimming the garden all the time I was mowing. She gave me the choice of vacuuming or changing the beds and doing the laundry and I went to get the vacuum cleaner.

Sunday we had a lovely brunch but before I settled in front of the television to watch a game Jessica announced that there was more housework to be done. She was going to scrub the kitchen and the downstairs half bath and I was to get busy on the two upstairs bath rooms.

I wasn’t happy with all the housework (performed nude, of course) but couldn’t really complain. In each case she took on, or more accurately kept on, a fair share of the work to be done. I didn’t grumble but must have looked dour as she reminded me that as my mistress she could be lounging on the sofa while her subby hubby took on both jobs. She said, “I haven’t made you do it all because we do want to be partners and I want to be fair. I don’t like your attitude and if I don’t see more willing compliance I can always make it worse.”

Remembering what happened when I asked how at the dinner table, I put on a better face and attitude and got busy cleaning.

The next humiliation I had was when my boxers and stockings disappeared to be replaced by some large sized but very feminine panties and extra large panty hose. I protested that dressing this way would be spotted at work but Jessica simply pointed out that with the chastity belt I had to enter a stall to urinate anyway and that if I kept my feet on the ground instead of crossing my legs no one would notice how high the stockings went. I was grumbling about this when Jessica showed me a web site selling corsets. I immediately stopped my grumbling.

Of course I found that when I had to urinate I couldn’t push my hose and knickers down with my trousers because there was a bit of space under the stall door. Instead I held them at knee level, deathly afraid that somehow one of my colleagues would discover my forced cross dressing. While I never actually got caught I was humiliated each time I went to the bathroom.

I did less drinking at lunch with friends from them office. I had never noticed it before but the seats in some of those men’s rooms are simply filthy. My chastity belt also made it seem that the women in the office were dressing sexier than before. I realized that wasn’t true and it was just my perspective due to the almost constant sexual frustration. To counteract that perspective I tended to spend less time in the break room chatting with other employees and more time at my desk, beavering away. The good news is that my productivity improved and I got several compliments from the partners.

I dutifully reported these to Jessica who was satisfied that my twice a week relief was adequate to allow her to tease and humiliate me without jeopardizing our future.

Of course Jessica would only let me orgasm if I was restrained. Usually I would be nude, with my hands cuffed behind my back, kneeling in front of my fully dressed mistress. She would make me beg to be allowed to lick her and then remove her panties and slip her skirt up enough to allow me to eat her. Then while my face was still covered with her juices she would unlock the chastity belt and bring me off with her hands after wrapping my cock in her used panties. The she would carefully and teasingly wash me off and lock me back into the chastity belt.

I found, after a while, that just the sight of my wife’s pussy or her panties would create uncomfortable feeling in my groin that always became painful as the chastity belt restricted my cock.

3. Training

All of this changed one Saturday evening. We had agreed that I was to be allowed to come each Tuesday and Saturday. With Jessica having orgasms twice a night and often three times on the weekend she came 21 times a week. My two times reduced the net total to 19 and Jessica duly recorded the decreasing number on a slate in our bedroom.

On the Saturday in question, I was nude with my hands cuffed behind my back expecting to lick Jessica to orgasm and then have my cock unlocked for my biweekly relief. Jessica approached me fully dressed but that wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was that she said, “Open your mouth.”

I don’t know if I was obeying her or if I was going to ask her what was going on but in any case I opened my mouth. Jessica didn’t waste any time shoving a penis shaped gag into my mouth and fastening the buckle around my head. I could only grunt as I tried to ask what was going on.

I soon found out as Jessica held up a small chain with loops on either end. She slid the chain through one of the loops and I recognized it as a choke chain for a very small dog. She slipped the loop over my scrotum under the chastity belt’s locking ring and fastened a leash to the other loop. As she then demonstrated that pulling on the leash tightened the loop around my scrotum and further tugging pulled my balls painfully.

I realized that the chain was so small and dainty I could have probably pulled it apart with my bare hands. Of course with my hands cuffed behind me that was impossible. Any resistance, while not impossible, was totally impractical and Jessica led me downstairs to the front door. Humiliated by the dainty chain that so easily controlled me, I hurried along behind her to avoid more pain to my poor leashed testicles. It is amazing how little force is required to lead even a large man if you are towing him by his balls.

I was afraid that she was about to take me outside, nude and bound. Instead Jessica pulled out my long raincoat and draped it over my shoulders. She buttoned it up the front which both hid and further restrained my bound arms. To further disguise my lack of arms she shoved the empty sleeves into the pockets of the coat and then led me out the door.

I was almost ready to panic. I knew any close examination would reveal my barefoot feet and nude legs as well as the rather obvious gag strap and the leash leading through the front of the coat below waist level. With my arms held behind my back, the tight fabric of the coat must have made me look like a humpbacked Richard III. I thought about resisting but a sharp tug on my balls convinced me to do whatever Jessica wanted.

What she wanted was for me to sit in the passenger seat of our car that I had left in the driveway when I came home. This was a pet peeve of Jessica’s as she much preferred the car to be parked out of sight in the garage. She didn’t fail to point this out as she towed me towards the car saying, “If you had put the car properly in the garage as you should have, you wouldn’t have to be paraded around the neighborhood like this.”

Fortunately the parade was cut short when she opened the passenger door and helped me to back into the car. She carefully fastened the seat belt to hold me in place and then dropped the leash in my lap where I could look at it but, with my wrists behind me could not touch it. Of course the interior light came on when the door was opened and I was certain all of out neighbors would see me gagged, bare legged and apparently without the use of my arms. Fortunately it was evening and there were few, if any, strolling neighbors about.

As she drove Jessica told me, “I have found some one to train you in the art of cunnilingus. I expect you to be on your best behavior tonight and to pay attention and learn. If you give me any trouble it may be a long time before you get any relief.”

I don’t know what trouble she thought I might give. I was nude, cuffed, gagged and being led by a leash around my balls. Still I was apprehensive. It was one thing to play sex games between ourselves in our own house. It was quite a different thing to be hauled about and exposed to others.

We eventually pulled up at a suburban home that I didn’t recognize. Jessica unfastened the seat belt and picked up the leash. Wanting to minimize painful tugs on my testicles I slipped out of the car and stood up. She led me to the front door and rang the bell. It was opened by a typical suburban matron who smiled and welcomed Jessica while ignoring me completely.

Once the initial pleasantries had been exchanged the woman, who was apparently called Liz unbuttoned my coat and took it from my shoulders. I tried to twist sideways in some stupid residual modesty, but Jessica pulled firmly on the leash and brought that to an end. Liz looked at me and said, “You have noting to be ashamed of. In fact you have a nice looking body. Wait until you see my slave.”

Of course, even nice things said about my nude body by a perfect stranger were intensely humiliating. I could feel the heat on my skin as I blushed like a little boy. Both women ignored my embarrassment and humiliation as they led me deeper into the house.

Liz led the way upstairs with Jessica following and me being towed along last. We came to what must have been the master bedroom (or perhaps, given what transpired that night, I should say the mistress bedroom) and entered. There kneeling on the floor was a nude, slightly pudgy, middle aged man with his hands cuffed behind his back. His knees were actually on a large pillow and his ankles had been crossed and lashed together with rope. A strand of the rope ran through the chain between his handcuffs and he wore a blindfold as well as a collar. Though I didn’t see it at the time, his penis was locked into a chastity belt similar to mine.

Liz tossed a pillow down next to the kneeling man and told me to kneel facing him. While I was getting down (Not an easy maneuver without the use of one’s hands.) I saw Jessica reach under her skirt and pull down her panties. Then she sat on the bed in front of the kneeling man and hiked her skirt up spreading her legs.

Liz turned to me and said, “You will note his hands are bound behind him. There is no need to allow a mere male to grope a female body. He is also blindfolded because he isn’t worthy of looking at any woman’s beautiful pussy. He will do this totally by his sense of touch using his mouth and tongue. He will also have his sense of smell. Your mistress tells me that you are mediocre at bringing her to orgasm with your mouth. He is useless as a man but quite good with his mouth. Pay close attention and learn. You will be tested later this evening and if you don’t prove an apt pupil you will feel my riding crop on your ass and thighs.”

This last was accompanied by a swish of the riding crop that she had picked up from somewhere. This wasn’t something that Jessica and I used in our games and I was frightened. I wasn’t someone who enjoyed pain and I certainly didn’t want to be whipped (or is it cropped) by this woman. While I was quite a bit bigger than her, with my wrists handcuffed behind my back and the chain around my balls I knew I would be totally helpless if she decided to use the crop on my nude body.

My fear helped to focus my attention wonderfully. I suppose that was her intent but, in any case I shifted forward and watched as the man moved forward towards Jessica.

He began by kissing the inside of her thighs sort of locating where he was by touch and I guess smell. Liz began a running commentary, “Notice how he doesn’t just push forward to her center. The inside of her thighs, particularly near the top are very sensitive. He kisses and, depending on the woman, may even gently nip at that flesh. Note that I said gently. There will come a time to thrust your tongue firmly but not at the beginning. Not for quite some time. All of the early contact must be gentle in order to gradually arouse the woman.”

He had moved forward and was now touching either side of her pussy with his tongue. I felt a momentary flash of jealously but Liz’s words brought me back to the lesson. She said, “Different women have different responses to various touches so you must always be sensitive to her reactions. Still, with a new partner you should approach with a flat tongue with long wet caresses. You see that he is using his tongue to bathe her outer labia from the crease where it joins her thigh almost to the slit. This is working well on her. Look at how the outer labia have swollen and engorged revealing the complex and beautiful folds of her inner labia.”

Jessica moaned and the man seemed to take it as a sign to move on. His tongue slipped along the very edge of the outer labia and just barely licking the inner labia. I could see him working the inner labia now and Liz added, “Long gentle strokes. Look at how her labia respond. If you are blindfolded, you will have to sense this with your tongue, though you might be allowed the use of your eyes so that you are better at pleasing your mistress. Observe it now so that if you are blind you will be able to envision what is happening.”

This went on for some time and even at my greater distance I could smell Jessica’s arousal. I could see how the labia grew and seemed puffy. Then the man sort of rolled his tongue into a U shape and slipped it into Jessica’s opening to the accompaniment of further moans and shudders through her body. “You see how he is making his tongue stiffer and thrusting harder.” Liz added. “Now is the time to thrust then back to gentle swipes up to her clitoris.”

The man was anticipating her words by no more than a few seconds. His tongue was now swirling around Jessica’s turgid clit. The he sucked her clit into his mouth. Liz described the invisible action saying, “Having laved around her clit he has now captured it with his lips. Lips only! No teeth here! His tongue is rapidly, firmly but gently working the very tip of her clitoris.”

Jessica exploded into one of the strongest orgasms I have ever seen her enjoy. She pushed the man back as she shuddered through the aftershocks. I felt jealous again. Not so much of the man’s touching my wife so intimately, but of the skill he had shown. I wanted to give Jessica that much pleasure.

Liz unfastened the man’s ankles and made him crawl on his knees to one side. Then she unbuckled and removed my gag and indicated with a gesture that I was to take his place. “Not a word!” she instructed as the gag was removed.

I crawled into place eager to worship at Jessica’s center but with the same trepidation that a student has when sitting down to an exam. I didn’t really think about the threatened cropping. I just wanted to do as well as the stranger had, though I was uncertain of my abilities.

Slowly and tentatively I leaned forward and began to kiss, lick and gently suck at my wife’s inner thighs. I had never thought of doing this before but found it pleasant and Jessica’s responsive moans and body language to be encouraging. Gradually, as I gained confidence, I worked my way up trying to perform the things I had seen. Once, Liz corrected me by saying “Not yet.”

That was when I was about to move from the inner labia to thrusting my tongue into Jessica. I retreated back to the long gentle swipes of my tongue enjoying the taste of her juices as well as the lovely odor. Apparently I had judged her responses correctly the second time because when I again moved to use my tongue to enter Jessica, Liz remained silent.

I spent quite a while enjoying thrusting into Jessica and then moving to gently wash around the sides of her clitoral shaft. When I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to flick rapidly at the tip of her fully engorged member, Jessica exploded into her second orgasm.

In all truth I couldn’t say if it was stronger or weaker than the first one. I was pretty certain that it was much better than the ones I had previously been able to give her at home. I was rather childishly elated at having generated so much pleasure for the woman whom I loved. I realized then that I had moved from viewing cunnilingus as a chore to viewing it as a sexually satisfying act that created vast pleasure for my beloved wife.

My wife recovered from her orgasm and said, “Brilliant.”

I was proud, though Liz put the damper on it saying, “Not bad for a beginner but he will improve with practice.”

Jessica and Liz helped me to stand and I thought that was the end of the evening but Jessica showed me a hood and began to place it over my face. I panicked for a moment until her voice soothed me saying, “Relax darling. No one is going to harm you but we still have to pay for the lesson and the hood is for your own good. It will preserve your anonymity.”

I didn’t understand what was going to happen next but trusted Jessica and let her get the hood over my head and lace it up. The hood had eye holes and a mouth opening that could be closed by zippers as well as nostril holes for breathing and small holes over the ears for sound. I could see pretty well, though the top and bottom of each of the eye holes was lined with the teeth of the zippers.

Once the hood was in place and securely laced, Jessica wiped her groin with her discarded panties and then told me to open my mouth. When I complied she stuffed the moist and fragrant panties into my mouth and then, pushing my jaw shut, zipped the mouth opening. “I don’t want you to forget who you belong to. Besides,…” She said with a nod towards the kneeling man, “… there is no need for anyone here to hear your voice.”

Jessica and Liz had me sit on the bed facing the foot and spread my legs. Liz showed Jessica some straps as she wrapped a cuff around each ankle. She explained, “They are trucker’s tie down straps. Very strong and very easy to adjust. You just slip the strap around the bed frame, both at the side and then at the bottom rail and use the sewn on hook over the strap. Then you hook the ratchet’s hook to his cuff, slide the strap through the slit in the ratchet axle and use the handle as a lever to tighten it.”

As she talked, she secured one ankle and Jessica followed her instructions and secured the other one. Then both women came up to my side. My wrists were unfastened and with a woman on each side I was pushed back to lie on my back on the bed. Two more straps and trucker’s tie downs secured my wrists and I was very quickly in an inescapable face up spread eagle. The women then adjusted the ratchets pulling my limbs more tightly. Liz warned, “Don’t over tighten these straps. They are very strong and can dislocate a shoulder or a hip if you go to extremes.”

Jessica asked, “How do you know when to stop?”

“I test like this.” Liz responded as she leaned over my torso and played her fingers in my arm pit. Of course I reacted to the unexpected tickling and twisted my torso only to be rewarded by the sound of additional clicks on the ratchet. When she tickled me again I could barely move despite my attempts to pull away from her fingers. She followed this by stroking the soles of my feet and then tightening the straps until I could barely move my feet. Of course I objected to this treatment, or at least tried to object. In fact, between Jessica’s panties and the zipped shut mouth opening, I made very little noise.

Next the women brought a chair toward the side of the bed and placed it a few feet from my waist. The kneeling man was then brought to the chair and forced to sit in it facing the bed. His arms were over the back of the chair forcing him to lean slightly forward. After securing his arms to one of the chair’s cross pieces a belt was tightened around his waist and the back of the chair. Finally the women forced him to spread his legs so that his knees were splayed beyond the chair’s seat and brought his feet up off the floor securing his ankles with a rope across his lap. It was then that I saw his penis was locked into a chastity belt similar to mine.

I still had no idea what all of this had to do with paying for my lesson, but I began to understand as Jessica unlocked and removed my chastity belt. Of course I was immediately rigid. Jessica donned a fancy face mask that covered her face from her nose to higher than her head. It was an elaborate mask with a sort of beak covering her nose and elaborate feathers and jeweled projections extending above the mask and beyond the side of her face. It reminded me of something that might have been worn to a masked ball in the Doge’s palace in Venice in the 1600’s. The feathers and the projections broke up the shape of her face and there was no way anyone could recognize her.

At the same time Liz removed the blindfold from the, until now, anonymous man tied to the chair. “Look little Jimmy. That’s a real cock not like that tiny worm you have.” Liz said.

With the mask removed I recognized the man. He was James Farnsworth III, the CEO of one of my company’s largest clients. I remembered he was a bit stiff and starchy in meetings and I seemed to recall that he had a wife named Elizabeth. I was suddenly glad that I was hooded and Jessica was disguised.

Liz began to get undressed while Jessica applied the bead and shoe lace to my turgid cock. Liz asked, “Are you sure that thing will prevent ejaculation. I’m not on birth control. With little Jimmy’s tiny little cockette, I have no need for protection.”

Jessica assured her that she had used this many times and I had never been able to come. Then, as Liz finished removing her clothes Jessica asked if she needed help getting lubricated. Liz looked at her and said “Tempting offer. Very tempting, but no thanks. I have been practically dripping all night, ever since you showed me how hunky your man is.”

Then as she climbed on the bed and swung a leg over me she turned her head and addressed her husband, “Did you hear that little Jimmy? This is a real man and…” she added gripping my penis, “…this is a real cock. I am going to enjoy being filled and stretched as you could never do with that tiny worm of yours.”

I don’t know how I felt at that point. It was pretty obvious that Liz was going to fuck me as payment for the lesson. I felt kind of bad for Jimmy (Mister Farnsworth) who was to forced to watch as his wife cuckolded him but, on the other hand I realized that I had no idea of what passed between husband and wife and that this might be something he enjoyed.

On the other hand Liz (Mrs. Farnsworth) was an attractive, if somewhat older, woman whom any man would enjoy fucking.

On the other hand I didn’t really want to be intimate with another woman. I loved Jessica and would prefer to be faithful to her.

On the other hand Jessica was right here and had obviously arranged all of this so I was really obeying her and not being unfaithful.

On the other hand I knew full well that with Jessica’s bead and shoelace it would be a long and frustrating event which would leave me hanging once again.

On the other hand…

It was at this point that I realized I didn’t have that many hands, nor did I have control of the situation. Whatever Jessica had arranged would happen and I might as well relax and enjoy it. Well, enjoy it as much as I could.

Liz eased down over my cock sighing as I was apparently larger than she had experienced in a while. She muttered something like, “So big.” But it was sotto voice more to herself than a statement. I looked at her husband and could see tears in his eyes. Still, it was none of my business what happened between a husband and wife. I had enough problems of my own as the wonderful friction on my cock had me trying to get release and, of course, failing miserably once more.

Liz was mauling her breasts as she rode up and down. As I watched I saw Jessica climb on the bed behind her and reach around Liz to play with her breasts. Liz dropped her left hand to steady herself on my chest and brought her right hand to her clit, which she began to rub furiously. It only took a few minutes after that and Liz had her orgasm. She fell forward with her pussy still pulsing around my still rigid cock.

After a few moments she rose and thanked Jessica for ‘loaning her the cock’. She added, “He did pretty well tonight. Do you think he could have a treat?”

Jessica asked, “What did you have in mind?”

Liz took Jessica’s arm and the walked to the far side of the room conversing in whispers. I heard Jessica giggle and became worried about what they were cooking up. Still, I reasoned, whatever they wanted to do, they were in a position to get it done.

Liz came back and began to untie her husband as she said, “Mistress Jessica thinks you did a good job demonstrating proper style and we have agreed to allow your little worm to spurt as a reward.”

Once ‘little Jimmy’ was untied from the chair (but with his hands still tied behind him) Liz produced a key and removed his chastity belt. He immediately got hard but, even turgid, he was on the small side. She helped him onto the bed and told him, “Hump his leg!”

He became red in the face and said, “Please mistress, I don’t like men.”

His answer was delivered with a swoosh and a sharp smack as Liz used her riding crop. Apparently Jimmy was not to question his mistress’s instructions as she just pointed at my leg and drew back for another blow.

He quickly lowered himself so that his small but hard penis was pressed against my leg and began to hump up and down. My revulsion must have showed despite my hood because Jessica, who was in the process of removing the shoelace and bead, was looking at me as she giggled.

Now I am not some sort of homophobic bigot but I am not attracted to men at all and the idea of some guy getting himself off by rubbing on my leg was simply revolting. Of course, my views on this didn’t matter at all as I was firmly bound and gagged and I couldn’t avoid it. All too soon I felt a warm wetness on my leg and knew he had come on me. Of course the humiliation didn’t end there. Liz calmly told him, “Lick up your mess!”

Little Jimmy was blushing furiously but, prodded by threat of more use of the riding crop, he dutifully licked my leg. I thought that would be the end of it but had seriously underestimated Liz, or Jessica, or perhaps both.

I had been so distracted by what was happening on my leg that I really hadn’t paid much attention to Jessica. She had removed the bead and shoelace from my cock which was now bobbing in frustration like a flagpole (Well a thick flagpole) in a high wind. Jessica was smiling as she looked at me and said, “It seems everyone in the room has come at least once this evening. You have been such a good boy today we decided to allow you an orgasm as well.”

There was something in her smile that warned me that this wasn’t the good news that it seemed. This was confirmed when Liz swatted her husband’s ass (arse) and said, “Suck him off!”

He turned to protest or plead but Liz was relentless with the riding crop and he turned with tears in his eyes and crawled up so that he could take my cock in his mouth. I was straining at my bonds and twisting my hips to try to get away from him but to no avail. As with his humping my leg and then licking up his discharge there was nothing I could do to avoid what was happening.

I told myself that I wasn’t homosexual and that this was a vile and disgusting act. I was certain that it would be offensive and that my body could never accept a man’s mouth on my penis. Unfortunately those thoughts were in the big head and the little head didn’t seem to care. Warm wet lips were warm wet lips without much gender distinction. He used his tongue as well as his lips and I felt the familiar signs of orgasm approaching. I did everything I could to hold back but after half a week of abstinence and then licking my wife to orgasm and having Liz ride my cock to her orgasm there was no way I could stop it.

I spurted deep into his mouth and he desperately tried to swallow as the next spurt came, and the next and the next for what seemed like a long time. I have heard people say that even a bad blow job is good sex but was pretty inexperienced in that area. All of the pent up frustration of last week and the last few hours came pouring out and I enjoyed the orgasm. In my mind I wondered if I was becoming homosexual. How, I asked myself, could I have enjoyed it?

Eventually I stopped ejaculating. Jessica reached down and milked the last drops into his mouth as I softened. Then she calmly reinstalled the chastity belt on my now flaccid cock. Liz showed Jessica how to release the tie down devices and suggested that if she decided to use them, she should make me go into the store to purchase them. Before I was fully released Jessica reapplied the choke chain and leash around my now emptier scrotum.

Liz took her husband off somewhere. It may have just been to a guest bedroom but, at that point, if you had told me it was to a built in dungeon, I wouldn’t have doubted it. Jessica unlaced the hood but, as she removed it, reminded me,”Not a sound.”

She reinforced this with the gag I had worn from our house and then led me downstairs where we retrieved my raincoat. Nude and securely locked into my chastity belt Jessica saw no need to cuff my hands for the return trip. It was a silent trip as I tried to process all that had happened and deal with the question of my homosexuality. I knew I was repulsed by the idea but also knew that I had enjoyed the orgasm and that shook me to my core.

4. Celebration

The next couple of weeks passed pretty uneventfully. I went to work during the day (fortunately with no meetings with Mr. Farnsworth) and spent the evening and weekends servicing Jessica both orally and with my restrained cock. I was regaining my confidence though I was still troubled by my enjoyment of that homosexual blow job. Intellectually I put it down to the built up frustration but emotionally it was harder to deal with.

It was a Tuesday evening when Jessica told me to strip and cuff my hands behind me. There was nothing particularly unusual about this as Jessica enjoyed having me handcuffed when I ate her to orgasm. My oral skills had improved exponentially and I found that enjoyed giving my wife so much pleasure. Yes, I was frustrated by the limits on how often I was allowed to come but had pretty much adjusted to the twice a week relief.

I had complied with Jessica’s instructions and was waiting in our bedroom when she came in carrying the gag, choke chain and leash and a blindfold. I wanted to ask what was going on but Jessica insisted on inserting the gag and attaching the choke chain and leash before telling me anything.

“I am having some women from the neighborhood and you are going to be the entertainment. You are going to be blindfolded so you won’t know who they are but they all know you are my husband with his cock caged and trained to provide oral service on demand.”

I tried to shake my head and back away but Jessica controlled me with the cock leash. I think I even stamped my foot but Jessica just said, “You don’t have a choice. You may be humiliated but until we get up to full partnership you agreed to be my subby hubby and will follow orders. Don’t make me spank you in front of my friends.”

This was ridiculous. I was bigger and stronger than Jessica but with the choke chain around my balls she could easily put me over her knee and spank me. The problem was that once exposed as a submissive I wasn’t certain I could ever hold my head up in the neighborhood. We weren’t such a close group of friends but there were barbeques and get togethers. As with so many other things these past weeks I had no choice but to go along with Jessica and hope for the best.

With the blindfold loose around my neck Jessica tethered me on the rear porch. Our back yard was fairly private but not totally enclosed with walls so I spent the first hour or so crouched down hoping none of the next door neighbors was looking over the property line fences. I could hear faint conversation and laughter from the living room as Jessica served drinks and snacks to the women she had invited.

After a while Jessica came for me. She covered my eyes with the blindfold and led me by my balls into the house. As we moved down the hall I could hear the women arguing catching snatches of ‘she couldn’t’ and ‘don’t believe it’. All conversation died and there was a collective gasp as Jessica steered me into the living room. Dead silence reigned until one of the voices said “Oh my God!”

The rest of the evening was a blur. With the gag removed I was forced to crawl on my knees from woman to woman and beg to be allowed to serve them. Every woman assented and I would bring them off with my now sharply honed oral skills. It was something of a revelation as to how similar yet how distinct each pussy was. I must admit I found it strangely arousing to be forced to service so many unknown women. I went around the room several times until Jessica’s guests were satiated. Several of the women were eaten more than once and I really was unable to figure out how many women were in attendance.

The high point of the entertainment however was when, still blindfolded I was tied down on our dining room table and I had my chastity belt removed. One woman said, “He must like it. A hard cock doesn’t lie!”

“Yes, but look at the size of that hard cock.” Another responded.

I wanted to tell them that after half a week of being forced to perform sex acts without being allowed to come, my cock would be hard whether or not I was enjoying the evening but Jessica had re-gagged me after all of the women had declined further oral ministrations.

Jessica demonstrated her bead and shoelace invention and offered the women rides on my twitching and fully engorged cock. Blindfolded as I was I didn’t know if six women rode me or if two women rode me three times. I was pretty certain that at least two women were involved because the tactile sensations felt like it wasn’t all one pussy.

When all of her guests were satiated Jessica brought me off with a hand job to the ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ of the women as I spouted string after string of thick semen, mostly onto my chest. Jessica reapplied the chastity device and said good bye as the guests left. Then she returned and cleaned my chest and fastening my hands behind me led me up to our bedroom.

There I was fastened to the bed in the familiar face up spread eagle and Jessica removed the blindfold and chastity belt. Then she brought my penis to full hardness with her mouth. This was unusual but, still gagged, I was unable to ask what she had planned.

As I lay there Jessica quickly stripped and climbed on the bed mounting me. She began to ride me cow girl style watching my face carefully. Having been jacked off (Or was it jilled off since she did the masturbation?) just a few minutes before I found that, despite my cock’s being unrestrained in my wonderful wife’s tight pussy, I was able to hold back and watch her become even more appealing as her orgasm approached. As she grew close she began to chant, “Not yet. Not yet.”

Finally just as I was about to come she said, “Now darling. Come with me.”

I felt her pussy spasamming around my cock and that set me off. For the first time in our married life we achieved simultaneous orgasms. It was a wonderful feeling especially when she collapsed forward onto me and holding the sides of my head in both hands kissed me with a passion that spoke volumes.

Eventually I softened and slipped out. Jessica was working at the bindings, releasing me. It felt strange to have my limbs and cock free at the same time. I asked Jessica, “Mistress, haven’t you forgotten the chastity belt?”

She laughed and said, “No my darling. Tonight we finally caught up and are full partners. You can go back to being the he man husband I love. Just remember, we are to remain full partners. If you don’t make certain that I am satisfied when we make love, your dominant mistress will have stored the chastity belt, and the straps and cuffs. If you neglect me we can and will return to mistress and subby hubby.

5. Epilogue

Jessica and I still play bondage games and still have a very active sex life. My experience has made me a great deal more sensitive to meeting my partner’s needs. I still have problems holding back until she is ready for an orgasm but we have resolved that by either having me ejaculate before entering her or by my using my mouth to bring her almost to the edge before I enter.

We still share the housework as well as the garden chores and I am still in love with the devious, clever, marvelous woman that I married.

Oh, one final note. I am a junior partner now, which is the good news. I service James Farnsworth III’s account which is the bad news. He hasn’t recognized me but part of managing the account includes socializing with him and his wife. Lately she has been discussing some sort of plan with Jessica which, I fear, may involve me. I don’t have to fall in with their plans, of course, but I do know that Jessica can be very persuasive and of course I do want to keep the Farnsworths happy. Ah well, I am certain Jessica will let me know when the time is right.

The End

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