By Sir Richard



1.                  Meeting and First Night


I was working as a mid level manager for a large firm based in San Francisco and had been sent to consult with one of our smaller subsidiaries in the LA area.  Being a mid level manager meant I was lowly enough to do the grunt work but high enough to report back to the senior managers with an opinion they would respect.  I spent long days working with the local people, examining strategies and production and marketing methods.  After one such day, with a take out dinner and too many cups of coffee, I was dragging my weary body back to the local hotel.  As I parked my car and started towards the side entrance I saw another car dump a bundle near the trash bin and roar out of the parking lot.  It wouldn’t have even registered, except that I saw the bundle move and heard a groan.


As I approached the bundle I saw that it was a young woman whose blouse was torn and soiled with what looked like blood.  As I got nearer I could see bloody welts across her back and bruises rising along her side.  “Don’t move, I will go inside and call an ambulance,” I told her.


“No,” she groaned, “no ambulance, that would bring the police.  Just help me up and let me get cleaned up.”


I helped her to her feet, picked up her purse and noted that she was a pretty young girl, perhaps in her late teens or early twenties.  She winced as I helped her towards the hotel entrance.  “You need medical attention,” I insisted.


“We can call my Aunt Paloma.  She is a nurse and she will know what to do.”


I caught the “we” and wondered how deeply I had gotten myself into this, whatever it was.  Still I couldn’t very well just drop her back onto the pavement.  I brought her into my room and laid her face down on one of the beds.  She told me her name was Gabriella and gave me Aunt Paloma’s phone number.


Still wondering what I had gotten myself into I called the number and asked the deep voice on the other end for Paloma.  She said that she was Paloma and listened carefully while I explained the situation.  She asked about the extent of the injuries and I explained that we (there was that word again) would need antiseptic for the open wounds, nonstick bandage material and tape and probably some ace bandages for what appeared to be some cracked ribs, as well as a new blouse for Gabriella.  I gave her directions and my room number and she assured me that she would arrive within an hour. 


While I was waiting I tore off the remnants of Gabriella’s blouse and cleaned the wounds as best as I could with a wash rag and cold water.  After a quick trip to the hotel ice machine I applied ice wrapped in a wash rag to the worst of the bruises.  Gabriella moaned but for the most part lay quietly as I did the best I could to soothe her back.


There was a knock at the door and in answer to my question the visitor announced she was Paloma.  I don’t know what I expected, probably some aging, fat old aunt.  When I opened the door I was flabbergasted.  Paloma was a late twenties, possibly early thirties, gorgeous woman.  She was clearly Hispanic with dark black hair and eyes and a very light tan complexion.  She was short, perhaps 5 feet or 5’2” but with the generous curves of a Latin woman.  She wasn’t fat though she was heavier than the conventional view of thin model beauty.  She wasn’t quite what might be called Rubenesque, but she had a generous chest, narrow waist and wide womanly hips that were well displayed in the cotton shirt and jeans she was wearing.  Though I didn’t see her rear until she passed me on her way into the room she also had beautiful full but firm buttocks.


She came into the room and immediately went to work on her niece.  While she worked we began to talk.


I began by asking, “Paloma, what is going on here?  I don’t want to be involved with drugs or anything like that.”


“It isn’t drugs, it’s just stupidity.  Gabriella’s stupidity and bull-headed ideas.”  As she worked she explained the entire story.  It seems that Gabriella was in the country on a student visa and a scholarship that covered her tuition, but no more.  She was staying with Aunt Paloma while attending the university but her books and lab fees, as well as clothes and food, were putting a real strain on Paloma’s nursing salary.  They couldn’t ask the family for funding because there was no money to be had, and Gabriella couldn’t get a job because of the terms of her student visa.  Paloma had told her that they could manage, but Gabriella, after experiencing the ‘free sex’ attitudes of her fellow students, despite lectures and warnings from her aunt, had decided to raise some extra money by freelance prostitution.  Apparently the organized pimps had objected to this and, after several warnings that had no effect, had grabbed her and beaten her as a ‘lesson’.


By this time Paloma had finished with Gabrielle and explained, “She can’t be moved tonight.  I have bandaged her, wrapped her ribs and given her some pain medication.  She needs rest and will have to spend the night here.”


“Oh, no! That’s not going to happen.”


Paloma glared at me and said, “Listen gringo, I am the one with the medical training and she can not be moved tonight.  Don’t worry I will stay and watch over her.”


“This is my room and I am not going to let two strangers stay overnight; not unless I tie their hands so that I am certain they don’t try to rob me during the night!”


“Typical gringo horse shit, you see a Hispanic and immediately you think you’re looking at a thief!”


“Don’t give me that racial crap; you’re the one who called me gringo.  And it wouldn’t matter what race you were, I can’t have strangers in my bedroom.”


“You don’t think I am going to let some strange gringo tie me up, do you?”


I won’t bore you with every word.  We must have argued for fifteen or twenty minutes.  Paloma was, by turns, clever, nasty, funny, intellectual, insulting and furious.  In the end, though, I held all the cards and we both knew it.  It was a simple case of do it my way or take the highway and Gabriella was in no condition to be moved.  I actually enjoyed the argument.  This was a very sharp lady and locking horns with her was fun.  In the end she glared at me and I understood what the phrase looking daggers meant. 


I used two of my neckties to capture Gabrielle’s wrists and tie them down to the bed frame on either side.  While I was there I rolled up the bed spreads from both beds and placed them on either side of her.  Then I pulled the sheet over her.  The bed covers kept it elevated enough so that it didn’t rest on her torn back.


I took the laces from my shoes to tie Paloma.  I took her right wrist and tied it just above her left elbow.  Then I tied the other wrist to the other elbow.  I planned to seat her in the only chair in the room and tie her ankles to the chair legs but something strange happened.  She had been twisting and tugging since I tied the first lace and now she twisted to face me.  Paloma moved forward pressing that great body against me and said simply, “Take me.”


I am not quite certain of what I would have said, probably some brilliant response like “What?” but I never had a chance to say anything.  Paloma leaned up and captured my lips with hers and kissed me.  No, that’s not quite right.  I had kissed women before, sometimes with what I had considered a high degree of passion.  This was different.  She enveloped me with her lips.  I felt that great body pressing against me on the outside but inside I felt that kiss all the way to my toes.


I know it couldn’t have lasted as long as it felt and I know that I didn’t really melt because I was still standing when she broke the kiss and said. “I haven’t had a man for three years, and I want you now.”  I must have been slow to react because she added, “What’s the matter gringo?  Can’t you handle a real woman?”


Now this was a woman who had spent the last fifteen minutes or so spitting invectives and scorn at me.  A woman I had just met.  I had intended to tie her to a chair and enjoy the sight of her in bondage but had no intentions of taking any liberties with her.  Caution was advisable here, but I am afraid that since she kissed me my brain had not been in charge of my actions.  Without a thought about set ups or possible charges of rape, I grabbed the lapels of her shirt and pulled her to me for an encore of that kiss.  It was as good as the first one but in some dim recess of my brain I understood that it would have to end if we were going to take this any further.


I stepped back and attacked the buttons on her shirt, sliding the material over her shoulders.  In retrospect I was much too aggressive.  My only excuse was that I couldn’t resist her passionate glorious body that was writhing against me.  As her shirt opened I kissed and licked and even nipped the creamy skin of her neck and shoulders.  Paloma encouraged me by melting against me and moaning to signal her enjoyment.  I released her bra and moved my mouth to the glorious swelling mounds of her breasts.  She was so short that I had to sink to my knees before her and I lifted each breast in my palms as though weighing them.  They were firm and heavy and looked like ripe and succulent fruit begging to be tasted.  I brushed my fingers across her nipples and was rewarded with them growing stiff and turgid.  I couldn’t resist bringing my mouth onto each nipple in turn.  Paloma was twisting and moaning appreciatively.


I continued to attend to those nipples while my hand unsnapped and unzipped her jeans.  All I heard from her was appreciative grunts and moans as I pulled her jeans and panties down to her feet.  The sight that greeted me was magnificent, like every other part of her body.  She had a prominent mound covered with a thick black tangle of hair which almost hid her vagina.  I say almost, because her lips were swollen and slightly open in invitation.  I could see her moisture and smell her musk.  Without moving from my knees I grabbed her behind her knees and forced her legs apart.  Since her feet were still tangled in her jeans she was forced to bend her knees bringing that lovely pussy into reach of my mouth.  I plunged my tongue into her.  The angle wasn’t very good for this but, consciously or unconsciously, she rotated her hips forward presenting me with a better opportunity.  I slid my hands up to those firm buttocks and pulled her tighter to me as my tongue did its best to lap up all of her juices. 


Briefly I had thought of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and AIDS but I convinced myself that she had meant the part about three years and that this made her safe.  I know this was probably stupid, at least as far as HIV and AIDS were concerned, but I really wasn’t thinking too well at that time.  I suppose my taste receptors were not functioning any better than the rest of my brain but I would swear that she tasted fresh and just slightly sweet.  She was so hot and wet it made me think of a tropical rain forest.  I slid my tongue up until I found her clit and attacked it with all the speed I could muster.


She said, “Mother of God,” (I think that’s what “Madre de Dios” means) and came.  Her entire body shook and jerked and, as she came down from her orgasm she collapsed folding over me. 


I moved my head to the side and lifted upwards, winding up with her over my shoulder.  I moved towards the bed pulling her shoes, jeans and panties off in the process.  When we got to the bed I set her on it and she mumbled something.  I asked what she had said and she responded “Condom, estupido.”  Clearly she had confused me with someone else but the condom was a good idea.  I turned from the bed and saw Gabriella’s purse.  A girl out hooking would surely have condoms.  Eureka!  I grabbed several and turned back to the bed while applying one.  “Come on gringo,” Paloma said,” show me if you are a real man.”  Considering that she had just collapsed from the orgasm I had given her, this taunting seemed a bit unfair to me.  I covered her on the bed and plunged into her with more force than finesse.


Now you have to understand that this wasn’t really the way I normally made love.  I like to think that I was a gentle and caring lover, sensitive to my partner’s needs and responses.  In the case of Paloma, however, finesse was not what she wanted, and I gave no thought to her bound arms that were pressed beneath us.  Her hips rose to meet me thrust for thrust.  I felt my own orgasm rising and reached between us to stimulate her clit.  It took no time at all for her to explode and what a wild ride she was.  I grabbed her oh so magnificent hips and held on for dear life.  As she came down from the peak with little shudders and aftershocks I grabbed the now very wet and slippery condom to ensure it came out with me and rolled to her side.  I took off the condom, tied the top and dropped it on the floor on the side of the bed.


Then I slid my arm behind her back and rolled her half onto me telling her how marvelous she was and how special that had been.  One of her firm breasts pressed my side while the other rested on my chest.  Her legs straddled my thighs and I could feel our mixed fluids flowing from her.  She kissed me and I felt her body move against me.  It was so sexy and she was such a desirable woman, that as I caught my breath I realized that I was growing hard again.  Now I have had multiple orgasms over the course of a night several times but I don’t remember ever growing ready for a second round so rapidly.  Hell, I don’t even remember ever having come so hard and so completely.  I should have been satiated but instead I felt a growing hunger.


I worked another condom on and pulled Paloma on top of me.  I reached behind her to free her hands but she said, “No, leave them tied.”  At that moment I would have done anything she said, besides it gave me a rush to see her useless hand peeking out from behind her and her fingers clenching uselessly.  Without hands she was pretty helpless, so I slid her down until my penis was poking at her.  I saw surprise in her eyes and then an almost predatory grin as I lifted her to a kneeling position.  She rose up enough so that I was able to position myself properly and she slowly sank down over me.  It was so different from the frantic coupling that we had done a few minutes earlier.  She slowly rose and descended gradually building speed and force.  It began so slowly that it was sheer torture but as she built up speed she clenched her muscles and gripped me tightly.  I played with her beautiful breasts as they rose and descended above me until I felt I was about to come.  Then I reached one hand down to the juncture of our groins and began to gently press and roll her clit.  It only took a couple of seconds before she exploded and collapsed onto my chest.  I let go of her clit and grabbed the condom as I deflated and slid out of her.


Paloma wiggled upwards a bit and began to lick at my face. I realized that she was cleaning her fluids that had dried around my mouth. I rolled slightly and she slid to the side in about the position she had been before this latest round of lovemaking.  I wrapped my left arm around her back pulling her tightly to me while I stroked her flank and gently squeezed her buttocks with my right.  “Paloma, that was fantastic,” I gasped (yes I was out of breath).  “I have never been with a woman like you.  You are remarkable.” 


She smiled and said, “You weren’t too bad yourself, for a gringo.”  Her eyes gave lie to the insult and I just tightened my grip.  I knew my arm and shoulder would ache in the morning but I couldn’t let this marvelous woman move away from me.  She wiggled down slightly so her head was on my shoulder and said “Let me get some sleep lover.”


I turned my head and saw Gabriella, whom I had forgotten, looking at us wide eyed.  I smiled lazily at her and she shook her head.  That’s about all I remember until my standing wake-up call rang the next morning.



2.         Next Morning and Pursuit


I opened my eyes to the telephone and slid over to grab it.  My left arm was stiff and sore.  You would think that after the sweaty sex of last night we would smell foul.  We probably did, but Paloma’s hair smelled fresh and clean and I felt happier than I had for many a morning.  I reached over and unfastened her wrists checking carefully for any signs of damage.  There were some pretty deep red bands from the shoelaces, but no signs of raw skin or chafing.  I rubbed her wrists a bit and then got up to loosen the neckties holding Gabriel.  Gabriel seemed to be in good spirits and smiled at me.  “You guys were awesome last night; I thought you were going to tear each other apart.”


Imagine my surprise then when I turned back towards Paloma and found her sobbing into her hands.  I asked “Paloma, what’s wrong?  Did I hurt you?”


Paloma responded angrily, “Get away from me gringo.  Don’t touch me.  I am not that sort of woman.  I don’t know what happened to me last night but I don’t jump into bed with men I have barely met, certainly not a gringo.”


“But Paloma, last night was wonderful.  I want to see you again.”


“Oh yes, gringo.  You think you have found yourself a little Latina puta to play with.”


“No that’s not it at all Paloma.  I want to see you to be with and talk to.  We can just go to dinner or something.”


But Paloma was having none of this.  She grabbed her clothes and headed for the bathroom pointedly walking well away from me.  She spouted something rapid and incomprehensible (at least to me) in Spanish towards Gabriella and disappeared into the bathroom with an angry bang of the door.  I turned to Gabriella and asked, “What did I do?  Did I say something?”  She shrugged and slipped on the blouse Paloma had brought for her.  “At least tell me her last name and where I can find her.  Maybe she will change her mind,” I begged.  Gabriella scribbled Paloma’s name and the hospital where she worked on the notepad by the telephone.


Paloma came roaring out as I folded the paper. She said, “Lets go,” to Gabriella and said in my direction, “Stay away from me gringo, I am not that sort of Latina.” 


I got mad, stupid of me, but it happens.  Instead of pleading with her I said, “Don’t give me any of that Gringo and Latina nonsense.  It doesn’t make any difference to me.”


“Well it does to me!” she shouted, and with that she and her niece sailed out the door and down the hall.  I almost ran after them until I realized that I was still nude.  By the time I threw on some clothes there was no sign of them.


That began a bad couple of weeks for me.  I continued to work hard and make my interim reports, both to local management and to headquarters, but my evenings became pretty grim.  Having dinner or drinks with my co-workers had no appeal.  Each evening I would try to call Paloma (the number was on my hotel bill) but each time she would hang up without speaking to me.  Once I caught Gabriella who encouraged me to keep trying, saying that Paloma seemed to like me but that she found her behavior that night frightening.  Finally I decided I was going to have to do something dramatic or give it up completely.  This woman haunted me and my thoughts.  She was pretty and sexy but more than that she was smart, funny and compassionate.  I couldn’t let go.


The next morning when we had a break I phoned a florist and ordered a dozen red roses delivered to Paloma at the hospital.  The card read “Mi corazon” (My heart) with my name.  I called that night with the usual response.  The next day it was two dozen with a card that read “Mi vida” (My life) over my name. 


That night she spoke to me, although only to say, “Stop wasting my time with your stupid flowers.”  OK, not a victory, but it was the first time she had spoken to me since that morning. 


The next day it was three dozen red roses with a card that read “Por favor” (Please) over my name.  When I called that night she swore at me and asked, “What do I have to do to stop you from sending any more of those damn flowers?”  I told her she could have dinner with me. 


“One dinner and then no more?” she asked. 


“No more flowers,” I assured her.  We set up a time and she told me where to pick her up. 


The next morning I canvassed my local coworkers as to the restaurants in town.  I wasn’t much good at work that afternoon as I searched for a Mariachi band to provide a suitable serenade.  I left work early and drove to the most romantic of the restaurants that had been suggested.  A few hurried words with the matrie de hotel (and a few large currency bills into his hand) and arrangements were made. 



3.         The Second Evening


She was distinctly chilly when I picked her up, reminding me that she was only doing this only to “stop my foolishness.”  Still she looked spectacular in a form fitting black cocktail dress.  I asked about Gabriella and learned that she had pretty well recovered and had gotten over her notions of freelance hooking.  I asked about Paloma’s family, her background, her education, her work, anything to keep her animated and talking.  I learned that she had been married for a couple of years but that her husband had been unfaithful and they had broken up and divorced a little over three years ago.  I told her that he must have been a fool and actually got a blush out of her.  The more she talked the more I was convinced I could not lose her.  She loosened up as she talked, and was actually funny as she told me about the teasing she was getting at work from the other nurses due to the flowers. 


The meal and wines were superb but when the Mariachi’s strolled in and began to serenade her I knew I had touched her heart. I don’t know the songs they played, but I had asked for romantic songs and she was near tears by the time they finished.   After the dinner I suggested we walk for a bit and she even let me hold her arm as we strolled.  Finally I dared to broach what had happened and why she had been so angry with me.


She reminded me that she had been brought up in a very traditional, old fashioned culture.  She also reminded me that she had not been with a man for a long time. After three years without a man she found it both frightening and annoying that she had asked a stranger for sex.  When I tied her, something had just burst loose in her and she just became an animal.  She didn’t understand why she had acted that way and it was so different from her upbringing and her normal behavior that it frightened her.


I thought for a while and suggested that some women found bondage very liberating.  Since they lost all physical control of their bodies, they could allow their body to react with no shame or inhibitions. While I was no expert on the subject, my understanding was that this seemed to happen most often with professional people in high stress jobs who had a strong character.  I could tell from the little time I had known her that she was compassionate and dedicated to her nursing.  That was the sort of job where she had to make decisions with serious consequences every day. Add to that the financial burdens she had taken on with Gabriella and the fact that Gabriella had decided to go hooking with all of the legal and moral problems as well as physical dangers that created.  I told her that I suspected the combined stress of all that had brought her pretty close to the breaking point. 


Add to that the fact that she was a young woman with all of the normal sex drives that women have but she hadn’t even been dating since her divorce.  Further, as we had both found out she enjoyed bondage and being controlled.  Perhaps she had unconsciously been looking for relief and she had responded to the paradoxical freedom of being tied and controlled.


I told her that this didn’t only happen to women.  From my reading, most clients of professional dominatrix were middle-aged businessmen in high stress jobs.  I ended my little lecture by saying, “Look, Paloma, I am no shrink.  You have probably had more psychology classes than I did.  What I am saying about bondage comes from my experience and my reading.  What I am saying about you comes from the very little time I have had with you and is pretty much guess work, but it seems accurate to me.  You can tell better than I can.  Whatever made you react the way you did doesn’t matter to me.  I am just so glad that I was there with you when it happened. I want to spend more time with you and I am willing to back up and take things as slowly as you want.  Please, just let me be with you.”


She was silent as she thought about all that I had said.  Finally she said we (oh happy word) would have to try it again to see if that was it. 


“Are you sure? I asked. 


She responded, “No, I am definitely not sure.  What you said about my being stressed out made sense.  Gabriella was driving me up a wall.  I guess I trusted you; you had brought her into your room and called me.  You were forceful and dominant when we argued and I guess I liked that.  Still the sex part surprised me.  I was a virgin when I married and my husband never did the things to me that you did.  I never thought I really missed the sex. I still want to try it again, and I want it to be with you.”


I walked her back to my car and took her back to my hotel.  She wandered around looking at this and that and then called Gabrielle to say that she might be very late and not to worry.  I told her to tell Gabriella that she would be all tied up but she just smiled and stuck her tongue out at my suggestion.  When she hung up she was as ready as she was going to get. 


I guided her toward the bed and asked her to remove her dress so it wouldn’t get wrinkled or torn.  She made some comment about “damn gringos always trying to talk a poor Latina’s clothes off her back” but unhooked her dress at the top and turned for assistance with the zipper.  I don’t know why, but lowering that zipper was one of the most erotic things I have ever done.  As it slipped down and more of her skin became visible, I nuzzled her neck and kissed her beautiful shoulders.  I suppose it would be a cliché to call her skin silky but it was soft and smooth and inviting.  She told me to wait and carefully hung her dress.  She turned to me and asked “How are we going to do we do this?”  Lord she was a vision.


I explained that there were all sorts of ways to do bondage and many various positions she could be tied in.  I also explained that there were ropes, straps and chains but that we would use rope that night.  I also told her that love bondage was a matter of trust between the Dom and the sub and that to enjoy it she had to be certain she trusted the person doing the tying.  She looked very seriously at me and said “I trust you.”  My heart was beating like a trip hammer as I explained that sometimes fighting the ropes or pretending to fight the Dom, or I added with a smile, swearing at him or calling him gringo or saying things like stop or let me go were all part of the game.  I explained safe words and we agreed that “popcorn” would be her safe word. 


She smiled at me and said, “I do trust you, even if you are a crazy gringo.”  I could be called a lot worse names if they came with that smile.


Then I pulled her arms behind her and tied her wrists.  I gave her a minute to test the bonds and noted that she was breathing a little faster now.  I asked her if she remembered her safe word.  She looked at me and, I swear, she said “I don’t need no stinking safe word.” in an exaggerated Mexican accent.  Then she kicked at me and turned to run.  Of course I grabbed her and pushed her towards the bed.  She kicked again but this time I grabbed her foot and lifted forcing her to fall backwards onto the mattress.  I pulled a piece of rope from my pocket and quickly wrapped her ankles together.  I was planning on changing these ties, so I wasn’t overly elaborate with the ties and cinches.  Holding her down on the bed with my body weight I opened her bra and began to play with her lovely breasts.  Her nipples drew my mouth to them and I sucked and licked until she was hard and engorged.  I felt happy as her body responded to me.  I knew I was pleasing her and it made me feel good.


Then I flipped her over onto her front slid her bra down below her elbows and ran a line between them. I took off the wrist bindings and pulled her bra from her.  I rolled her over onto her back and tied a line around her wrist and to the top of the bed.  With the line between her elbows I couldn’t make it very tight so after I fastened her other wrist I took off the elbow line and tightened her wrists.  I slipped a pillow beneath her head and another under her buttocks forcing her hips up. After a few minutes of playing with and sucking on her breasts, I slid her panties off and tied her legs apart.  While she was well spread I didn’t make it very tight.  She was going to be there quite a while and, in any case, I knew I would enjoy her body writhing under me. I explained that this was a basic spread eagle tie and that it was very convenient for many things.


Then I stopped talking and began kissing and stroking her.  She was so lovely.  I reached my right hand down and cupped her mound.  I inserted one finger and after a few strokes a second.  She was moaning appreciatively.  I started curling my fingers slightly and moving then inside her looking for her G spot.  I couldn’t actually feel it, with all the juices she was generating, but I felt her body stiffen when I found it.  I was very careful not to let my fingers slip away from that spot as I stroked it.  My thumb slid up until it was teasing her clit.  After a few seconds she exploded in a strong orgasm.  I tried to prolong it by continuing with my hand.  Eventually she came down and I withdrew my hand.   She smiled up at me telling me without words how much she had enjoyed it.  I just said, “That is number one!”


Her eyes widened and she asked how many I thought she could take but I just gave her a wicked grin.  Then I said “I love to taste you but pubic hair between my teeth is not my favorite thing,” and reached across her for my electric razor.  When she saw what I held she told me “Oh no you don’t,” and tried to twist and pull away.  She was, of course, entirely unsuccessful, as I opened the attachment for trimming beards (how appropriate) and turned the razor on.  I held one hand down forcefully on her abdomen as I carefully shaved her from the top of her slit down.  She let loose with a string of invective.  Fortunately I don’t understand Spanish or I might have been insulted.  Even though I didn’t understand the language I caught a word here and there and it seemed that, among other things, she was questioning my parents, my intelligence, my breeding, my lack of education and my serious lack of manners.  The electric razor left stubble but it was short enough that I wouldn’t get hair in my teeth and I didn’t have a safety razor to finish the job.  I wouldn’t have dared to try with the way she was bucking and trying to twist. When the job was done I closed the beard trimmer and reversed the razor in my hand using the handle as a vibrator to massage over her mound with particular attention to the area just over her clit.  I wonder if Norelco ever thought of this use for their product.


Now a razor isn’t intended to be a vibrator but you can feel the motor run and, between the first orgasm, the shaving, what vibrations she could feel and my manipulation of the handle around and slightly into her pussy, it gradually brought Paloma back to a simmer. I watched carefully as her labia engorged and opened like a beautiful flower.  When her curses had died down and were replaced with moans I turned the razor off and slid down to use my mouth on her groin.  I licked as deep into her as I could get my tongue and swallowed as much as I could.  I slid my mouth up to her now prominent clit and brought her to the edge of another orgasm.  As I felt her body begin to tense for the explosion I stopped and moved my mouth away.  When she realized what I had done she roared at me.  I think my manhood was in question along with a lot of other very rapid comments that I, fortunately, couldn’t understand.  I moved my mouth to her thighs and slowly kissed and licked my way back to her groin.  After a suitable time I repeated my attention to her canal and clit but this time I didn’t stop.  When she had her orgasm I held her lovely wide womanly hips with both hands and tried to keep her clit sucked into my mouth where I could batter it with my tongue.  I was successful as her orgasm seemed to go on an on.  Eventually all good things come to an end and she managed to buck my mouth off her clit and came down from the peak with a number of unintelligible sounds and jerks that seemed to signify aftershocks.  I watched her chest heave for a few minutes as her breathing returned to normal and then told her, “That’s two!”


By this time I was almost mad with desire so I reached for a condom.  “You don’t need that,” she said,” I am on the pill.” 


Now I know it takes several days for birth control pills to become effective, and I knew my sweet little innocent nurse would know that as well as I did.  If she said I didn’t need a condom it was because she had been on the pill for some time.  The light dawned. “You mean that these last two weeks of abusing me and torturing me was just running away until you caught me?” I asked.


She smiled and stretched reminding me of some great cat.  And I was the mouse.  “I think I ‘caught’ you, as you put it, when I first came through the door, gringo.  The last two weeks were to decide if I wanted to keep you.  Now stop talking and come and fill me up with you or I’ll throw you back.” 


My brain was pondering this new input but not reaching any conclusions so it passed control to my penis, which decided it would be a good idea to do what Paloma had said.  She had come twice and despite my raging desire, our coupling wasn’t the frantic animal coupling of that first night.  It was slow and tender and loving and prolonged.  I don’t know how I lasted so long, but I knew I was in heaven with her.  Despite having her legs pulled wide her muscles were tight around my penis and I never wanted it to end.  Paloma met me thrust for thrust and kiss for kiss.  In the end I felt that I was about to come so I slid my hand between us and stimulated her clit.  I can’t remember if she came at the same time or just after, but it was with all of the, by now familiar, bucking and moaning that had accompanied the first two orgasms.  I was absolutely drained as I slid down beside her.


Paloma said, “Mi amour, I have to go to the bathroom.”  Not the most romantic thing but important none the less. Summoning up my last reserves of strength I untied her ankles and then her wrists and flopped back on the bed.  As soon as I had, she rolled over and jumped on me grabbing and pinning my wrists to the bed.  “Just so you know you haven’t broken my spirit.” she said.  She leaned down kissed me on the lips and then the little minx bit my lip, hard.


That did it.  Jolted out of post coital stupor I decided it was time for a little clarification of the dom to sub relationship.  I rolled her off me and pinned her face down on the bed.  I lashed her wrists palm to palm with a tight cinch while she squealed and tried to twist away.  Her elbows were next.  I pulled them towards each other though they didn’t touch by several inches and cinched them so that they would stay that way.  “I really do have to go to the bathroom.” She protested. I rolled off the bed and I marched her into the bathroom holding her arm.  Once there I urinated, flushed and then turned her and sat her on the toilet.  She asked for privacy but I told her that she was too ‘spirited’ to be left alone.


After she finished I wiped her and flushed.  Then I stood her up and decided that both of our groins were pretty messy.  I wet a wash cloth with warm water and washed myself and then her.  Since I wanted to be thorough I rinsed the wash rag several times and did a very complete job of cleaning her, both inside and out.  She squirmed a bit as the rough cloth was pushed up into her and then slowly dragged down.  Isn’t it amazing how much fun a simple wash rag can be?  I finally ended it by rinsing the rag in cold water.  Of course my body hid the sink from her and she thought I was simply rinsing it out again in warm water.  I spread the cold wash rag out and draped it over her lovely right breast.  I thought she was going to shake the breast off her chest as she twisted and turned to get the cold rag off.


Taking Paloma’s arm I marched her back to the bed.  I sat down and turned her sideways between my legs.  Then pushing up on her bound hands I forced her down over my leg.  I had sat a bit sideways so Paloma’s torso rested comfortably on the bed with my left hand in the small of her back both holding her down and lifting her bound hands and arms up and away from the target area.  I clamped my right leg shut, trapping he legs between mine with her beautiful firm buttocks over my left thigh and perfectly positioned for my eager right hand.  She began to squirm as soon as I bent her down and she realized my intentions, but had no leverage. 


“You wouldn’t dare.” she said, but I am afraid my right hand gave lie to that.  It wasn’t a really hard spanking but it lasted a long time and her bottom was glowing red by the time I finished.  Of course I took the opportunity to fondle the reddened flesh between swats while I explained that proper subs did not bite their masters.  I must admit I was enjoying this little demonstration of my mastery and may have prolonged it a bit.  While Paloma continued to protest I felt her wriggle on my thigh and a certain amount of fluid advised me that she was once again aroused. 


Her movement also triggered my arousal so I rolled her over onto her sore ass and bound hands.  Using pillows I supported both of her sides so that her weight wasn’t fully on her hands.  Then I knelt between her legs and pulled her knees up over my shoulders.  This forced her hips to rotate up giving me a great angle to enter her while raising her well paddled buns up off the sheets.   Given Paloma’s fiery nature, it also had the not inconsequential benefit of ensuring that no matter how deeply I thrust into her, my testicles would be safely above the reach of her pinioned hands.  I entered her and thrust determinedly.  She was tight and hot and it was like liquid velvet.  The angle must have allowed me to stroke her G spot because she responded very rapidly and exploded into her fourth orgasm of the evening.  Her tightening muscles triggered my second orgasm of the evening and I let her down sliding against her and pulling her bound form towards me.  She looked as exhausted as I felt and I made a few comments on how marvelous she was and how she inspired me to do more than I thought possible.  She murmured a few sweet nothings and, very gently, scraped her teeth over my shoulder, letting me know that she could still bite if she chose to.  My lord, she was impressive.


It was about 3:30 in the morning when the telephone rang.  It was Gabriella worried because Paloma hadn’t made it home.  Apparently coming home very late was different from not getting home at all and she wanted to know what I had done to her aunt.  Of course a gentleman never discusses what he does with a lady, so I just held the handset up to Paloma’s ear and let her and Gabriella work it out.  Since the conversation was in Spanish, conducted at the rapid fire speed that only Mexicans seem to speak, and since my brain was still fogged both from sleep and from the night’s exertions, I didn’t understand much at all.  It did last long enough for me to hear many giggles (I think when she was talking about the spanking, but I am not certain) and some reference to ‘quatro veces” which I think meant four times.


We showered together without too much fooling around.  I washed her and she washed me. Some parts more than others.  I shampooed her hair which I found to be a very sensual experience even though she didn’t have much use for my brand of shampoo or lack of conditioner.  Then we got dressed and I drove her home.  It was actually Friday morning and she was going to be working a late shift that evening.  She told me to call her after noon on Saturday as she would need some rest.  I told her that I thought I would need about a week to recuperate.  All the silly things lovers say to each other.



4.                  Saturday Night


I got considerable ribbing at work on Friday but it was all pretty much good natured.  I got some much needed rest that night and called Paloma shortly after noon on Saturday.  Gabriella answered and accused me of corrupting her aunt which I denied, but not very convincingly.  She got Paloma to the telephone and we agreed that I would pick her up early enough for dinner that evening.


At dinner I asked her if she had ever thought about applying for a nursing job in the San Francisco Bay area.  I pointed out that there were great hospitals in Palo Alto and up and down the peninsula from San Fran to San Jose.  She asked me what was in the bay area and I told her simply, “Me. This assignment is coming to an end soon and I will have to move back near corporate headquarters.  I have a small house in Los Altos and would love to bring you home with me.”


“What about Gabriella?” she asked.  It was typical of Paloma that her first concern would be for someone else.


“I make a pretty good salary and could probably afford to rent her a room for the rest of the semester.  She could investigate the schools in the bay area and, if her scholarship is transferable, she could transfer up and live with us.  The schools are all part of the same state system, so she ought to be able to move the funding easily.”


“Got it all figured out, don’t you?  You probably just like the idea of having a nubile teen bouncing around your house.”


“Yeah, especially since the older Latina women tend to get fat,” I deadpanned.  That earned me a punch on the arm, a hard punch on the arm.


“I know so little about you,” she began, “we haven’t know each other very long and don’t know each other too well yet.”


“Paloma, I am 32 and single. I work for a large corporation and have a good enough salary to support a family if I ever have one.  I am in good health, though I probably ought to work out more and eat a little less.  I drink socially, but not to excess.  I don’t smoke or do drugs.  I am head over heels for a fiery Latina nurse who has hang-ups about the differences in our backgrounds.  Paloma, I know that’s superficial and there are a thousand other things to talk about.  Who were my parents, do I have brothers and sisters, do I like kids, what are my goals, what kind of music do I like, what sports teams do I root for, what about religion?  There must be a million things and we will have to explore them all but we don’t have the time right now and I don’t want to loose you.  I know you are sweet and funny and compassionate, proud of your heritage, dedicated to your profession as a nurse and I know I want to be with you.”


“You are moving pretty fast, gringo,” she said, “besides, I’m not sure I like being a ‘kept’ woman.”


“I understand, Paloma, and I would be willing to back off for a while if I could stay down here and be near you, but that isn’t going to happen.  Besides I thought I was the one that was caught and kept.”


“Do I have to decide this instant?” she asked. “I do like you gringo, but let me check out the nursing job market up north and talk with Gabriella.  I’ll give you my answer soon.”  I could live with that.  At least she hadn’t rejected the idea out of hand and a move like this was a pretty big deal for her.


“OK,” I responded, with a mock threat, “but if you don’t say yes by the time we get to my room, I may tie you down and tickle you until you agree.”


After dinner we drifted back to the hotel.  I had given some thought to visiting an adult store to get some more elaborate bondage gear, perhaps cuffs and a gag, but decided that it could wait until I got back home to the bay area.  We would have to make do with the rope I had picked up the other day. 


I put my arms around her from the rear and asked her if she would like a night without any bondage for a change of pace.  She leaned back against me and said “You know, when I first came through that door, I was thinking about Gabriella.  Oh, I noticed how you looked at me, women always notice men looking at them, but I wasn’t interested in a man.  I had been married for several years and it ended with a lot of bitterness.  I had spent three years alone, not even dating, and was OK with my life. 


“Then you tied me and I don’t know what happened.  I was like an animal.  You were so strong and dominant.  It was like nothing I had ever heard of or experienced, even when I was married.  I don’t think I ever had a real orgasm until that night.  And I loved it so that, in the morning, I was ashamed.  Ashamed of how I had acted and of what I had done and most of all how I had loved every crazy minute of it. I spent those two weeks running away from myself as much as from you.


“And then you came on all romantic with flowers and stupid attempts at love notes in Spanish.  I still wasn’t certain if I dared to be with you again when I agreed to let you take me to dinner.  Then the dinner and the wine and the Mariachi serenade.  I knew that the restaurant didn’t normally have music and you must have run all over town to set it up.  I think I knew then that I was stuck with a crazy gringo.  Then, when we walked and you explained the effect bondage had on some women, it made everything seem so clear and all of a sudden I had no more fear. 


“Then that night sort of confirmed everything.  I love it when you tie me and dominate me in bed.  Your ropes are like hands holding me and you were right, being restrained sort of makes me free to respond without worrying about what is or is not correct behavior.  I just am not afraid anymore.”


I nuzzled the spot where her neck joined her shoulder that I knew sent shivers through her.  She was wearing a scooped neck peasant blouse and a full skirt.  I began to pull her blouse from the waistband of her skirt.  “So you don’t fear me, your lord and master, wench?”


She laughed at the stage villain in my voice and said, “No, strangely enough, I don’t fear you.  I know everything you are doing is done with love.  I love to feel your ropes on me and you controlling me.  It makes me feel safe and loved, and …”


“And what?”


“And uninhibited.  I feel hot and horny and my pussy starts to gush.  I had a very strict upbringing and nothing prepared me for you, but when you tie me anything and everything seems so right.  I think I am going to keep you gringo.  And yes, you are my lord and master, at least when your ropes are on me.”


I slipped my arms up under her blouse and cupped her breasts.  I could feel her nipples grow under my touch.  I poked around looking for the catch in between her breasts.  She laughed at me and told me that this one fastened in the back.  I unfastened her bra and she pulled away from me.  She pulled her blouse up over her head and folded it before placing it over the back of the chair.  She let her bra slip down her arms and placed it on the chair.  I was fascinated at how lovely she looked and how erotic these very ordinary movements were.  She slid the full skirt down over her hips, bending forward as she did.  Her full ripe breasts swung forward as she bent, and no artist could have captured how beautiful that moment was.  She was about to push her panties down when I stopped her.  I told her to leave the panties but take off her stockings.  She was puzzled but did as I asked (commanded?).


When she was nude except for her panties I turned her away from me and pulled her hands behind her.  I crossed her wrists and bound them securely.  Then I turned her to face me and said “Move your feet apart.”  I began to caress her mound with particular attention to her clitoris. 


“You are going to make my panties all wet,” she objected.  I smiled and continued.  In just a few minutes I had to hold her up as she came with a gushing orgasm.


I rubbed the panties around her crotch until they were well soaked and then pulled them down.  She must have thought that I was cleaning her up, but I had a more devious plan in mind.  As I took her panties off I noted that she had shaved the stubble from her pussy and trimmed her bush to a neat slim arrow shape.  I nearly forgot my nasty plans and attacked her right then, but with fortitude I didn’t know I had, I left her standing there while I walked over to the chair and retrieved her stockings.  I pushed the soaking mess of dripping panties about half way down one of the stockings and tied it into a knot to ensure the dripping panties wouldn’t move.  Paloma had turned to watch and protested that I was going to ruin her new stockings but I ignored her.  I walked back to her with the stocking in my right hand and kissed her with my tongue probing her mouth.  She responded willingly opening her mouth.  As I broke the kiss I gripped her jaw through her cheeks with my left hand holding her mouth open.  I brought up my right hand and pushed the dripping panties into her mouth.  Her eyes opened wide as she tasted the fluids and realized that I was going to gag her. 


I crossed the ends of the stocking below her chin trapping her tongue, and her taste buds, below the dripping gag.  Then I brought both ends back across her mouth and tied a second knot.  At this point she probably would be able to rub the gag off by scraping her cheek on the bed.  I remedied this by placing the other stocking in her mouth and pulling it back behind her head where I tied it tightly.  The second stocking kept the gag from moving forward while the wrap under her chin held it tightly to her jaw both preventing it from moving back and ensuring that she would taste herself for as long as she wore the gag.


In truth this sort of gag didn’t prevent her from making sounds.  I don’t care what you have read in porno stories; one or even two pair of women’s panties don’t fill a mouth with packing, muffling all sounds.  I didn’t mind though, as I enjoyed hearing her moans and groans and sometimes shrieks as I played with her lovely body.  The gag secured her tongue and prevented her from saying anything intelligible. That was even more frustrating for my poor slave girl than a sound deadening ball or penis gag would have been.  She could make noise but couldn’t say a word.  Perfect!


I watched as she shook her head from side to side trying to dislodge the gag.  Of course it was totally futile but it was enjoyable to watch as the force of her twisting did all sorts of interesting things to her hips and made her bounteous breasts swing from side to side and bounce delightfully.  Eventually she realized the gag was not going to loosen and she stopped and glared daggers at me.  She made all sorts of grunting noises but it is absolutely impossible to enunciate such choice curses in Spanish as “Hijo de Puta!” with your tongue securely held to your jaw (Literally that means ‘son of a whore’ but colloquially it is the Spanish equivalent of “you son of a bitch”).  All I heard were “o’s” and “a’s”.


When my lovely captive ran out of steam, I led her to the bed and had her lie face down.  I tied a short length of rope around each lower thigh just above her knees.  Then I captured each ankle with several turns of rope and bent her legs up so that her heels were pressing against her buttocks.  I ran the ankle rope around the upper thigh and ankle several times and then cinched it off.  Her calves and feet were tightly welded to her thighs and butt.  A lovely sight but I was not even half done.


Next I used my Boy Scout skills to tie a loop in each of two short pieces of rope.  These ropes were then tied around her elbows so that the loop dangled from the elbows.  I loosened the binding that had held her wrists and lay across her using my body to hold down her left hand and arm as I forced her right wrist up to her right shoulder.  A few loops of rope and a couple of cinches and her arm was held doubled with the wrist secured to the shoulder.  Her hand were completely free but she couldn’t reach anything with her wildly flexing fingers.  I lifted my body off of hers and secured the left wrist to the left shoulder in a similar manner.


At this point I rolled her over and kissed her through the gag.  She managed to scratch my shoulder slightly with her finger nails as she tried to fight my control.  Her feisty, spirited struggles always made tying her an erotic adventure as she expended energy in uselessly trying to escape.  I watched as she twisted and tugged and tried to loosen the ropes or to pull at the gag.  After a few moments of watching her I decided it was time to show her just how diabolical I could be.


I grabbed the loose end of the rope around her knee, threaded it through the dangling loop at her elbow and slowly pulled.  She fought, of course, but had no real chance as I slowly pulled her knee up and out to meet her elbow.  I knotted the rope off and moved to the other side.  When I was done I sat there and contemplated this beautiful woman.  She was a strong willed, intelligent professional woman, proud of her heritage, compassionate in her love and most amazing of all she loved and trusted me enough to let me truss her up like a holiday turkey (of course I knew that once I tied her hands she had no choice but I knew that despite the fighting and scratching she wanted this as much as I did). 


Trussed up like a turkey was actually a pretty good description.  My beautiful Paloma was on her back with her feet tucked against her butt while her knees were pulled up causing her hips to rotate up presenting me with her groin elevated at an inviting angle.  Her elbows were locked to her knees and her hand clenched and opened uselessly at her shoulders.  She tried to twist from side to side but with her ass in the air and her back pulled into a tight curve she had little or no leverage.  She was able to rock a bit from side to side by pushing her shoulders against the bed and of course her head was free to thrash from side to side whipping that beautiful black hair about, but that was all the movement she could manage.  I watched her ineffectual rocking for a bit and then, concerned that something may have been pulled too tight, asked her if she was OK.  She gave me a nasty look (well as nasty as one can manage through a dripping panty and stocking gag) to let me know that I may control her body but that she would never surrender her spirit and nodded her head.  Good, that was the last chance I was going to give her.


I mentioned that her hips were rolled up and her groin invitingly presented.  I accepted the invitation and lowered my mouth to that sweet pussy.  I began by sweetly kissing and licking her upper thighs, her outer pussy lips and that sweet juncture between her thighs and her mound.  After a few minutes of this I ran my tongue from as far between her ass cheeks as I could reach up to the top of her slit remembering to add a little circular motion as I passed over her hard and needy clit.  Then I moved my tongue back to her warm and wet canal and tongue fucked as deeply and strongly as I could.  After this I ran my tongue back up her slit and began to batter and flick at her clit.  Though she couldn’t move much at all I could feel her muscles tense as she approached her orgasm.  I stayed alert and when I judged she was just on the edge I raised my head and withdrew my tongue.  There was an explosion of sound from Paloma but, of course, I couldn’t understand a word.


After a few seconds I used my hands to spread her outer lips further and focused on that lovely clit.  I made a few long swipes but concentrated mainly on her clit until I felt that telltale tensing of her muscles.  Again I withdrew and this time blew a stream of cooling air at the very wet and overheated bud.  Again Paloma said something, probably expressing her appreciation, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.  This went on over and over as I had learned that I could increase the strength of her orgasm by building it this way.  Tonight was going to be a very long very frustrating session for her, followed by what I hoped was a massive orgasm of such proportions that she would think it was all worth it.  I had planned to bring her to the edge twelve times before letting her come but somewhere around six or eight (I had been enjoying myself so much that I lost count) I found that I didn’t have to continue the cycle of build up followed by cool down.  I discovered that I could actually hold her on the very edge with no relief but no backing down by just slowing my tongue’s gentle passes over her clit.  I continued in this manner for quite a while and then relented.  I attacked her clit with my lips while sucking it up into my mouth and battering it rapidly with my tongue.  Although she couldn’t move much I could feel the tremendous vibrations of her body.  I held her clit with my lips and continued to lash at it with my tongue while she came, and came and came. 


Eventually she was totally exhausted and came down from her erotic peak.  I, of course, had a raging hard-on but she looked so exhausted and worn that I decided not to just plunge into her.  Instead I lay down next to her and slid my left arm under her back.  Heaving with that arm and tugging her ass with my right arm, I rolled her over so that she was face down on top of me.  With a little lifting and maneuvering her hips I was able to slide into her as her thighs, still attached to her elbows, spread on either side of me.  I began thrusting up into her and felt a weaker than normal but definite gripping of her groin on my penis.  She smiled at me and nuzzled my chest.  I was very close to coming and reached down between us to stimulate her clit but when I touched it I saw her flinch.  “Does it hurt?” I asked.  She nodded weakly.  I reached for her hips and was about to lift her off despite my, by that time, rather urgent need to come. “Shall I stop?” I asked.  She looked up at me and shook her head.  I let go and continued to thrust into her.  It took no time at all for me to have a very satisfying orgasm.


My ropes had her too rolled up for me to kiss her so I worked free the knots holding her knees to her elbows.  She unfolded herself with a groan.  “I am going to take off the gag so I can kiss you properly, but I am afraid I will still taste like your juices.”  I tugged out the knots holding the outer stocking and then reached into her mouth to untie the inner one.  It eventually yielded and I tugged it out of her mouth.  Her head dropped tiredly but I felt her tongue slip out and begin to lick her juices from my face.


After a moment she said, “I may never have sex again.  My poor little clit is so sore.  When you were playing with it, it just became more and more sensitive.  Towards the end it hurt almost as much as it felt good.  I loved what you were doing but you have an evil mind.  You have completely corrupted me and the worst part is that I love what you do to me and I love you more and more for doing it.  Oh, my love, my leg is cramping.”


It had been some time so I slid out from under her and went to work untying her ankles.  She unfolded her legs with a groan and I massaged her thighs.  She lay face down almost comatose.  After a few minutes she used her elbows to pull herself up the bed so that she could rest her head on a pillow.  I reached up to loosen her wrists but she said “No, please don’t.  I want to feel your ropes on my body.  It feels good and warm and loving.” 


I rubbed her back for a bit and gazed at her perfect ass as she drifted off to sleep.  I pulled the covers over her sweaty body and let her rest as I lay back.  I was a bit worried.  Obviously I had taken her pretty much to her limits.  Even after that exhausting orgasm and with her clit too sensitive to be touched she had the strength and desire to ensure that I came.  I was going to have to be very careful with Paloma or this woman would allow me to hurt her.  I looked across at her sweaty face with the disheveled hair and thought how beautiful she was.  I leaned close to her ear and said, “Thank you my love.” She was asleep but I thought I saw her lips curve slightly in a happy but exhausted smile.  I realized that when I called her my love it wasn’t just a word.  I had only known her a few days but I had fallen in love with her.  I thought that the realization that I was in love ought to frighten me but for some reason it made me feel content and happy as I drifted off to sleep.



5.                  Sunday


I awoke next morning to an incredible feeling in my groin.  I looked down and saw a lump moving under the covers. I pulled them off and saw Paloma’s head bobbing up and down as she mouthed my penis.  Although I had enjoyed licking and eating her several time, this was the first time that she had serviced me orally, and it felt great.  Apparently she had managed to shift around and crawl down the bed with her wrists still bound to her shoulders.  Then she used her mouth to envelop me.  Needless to say I was delighted.  As my penis began to throb in anticipation of ejaculation she pulled her mouth off with a sucking sound and blew at it in an imitation of what I had done to her clit last night.  I was torn between getting a satisfactory ejaculation and turning her over my lap for a spanking.


I was still concerned about what I had done to her last night so I asked how she felt this morning, thinking of her groin.  She looked at me and then answered “Hungry!” and dropped her mouth back over my penis.  I exploded into her mouth shortly after.  I untied her wrists and rubbed her shoulders and arms reminding myself that I really should change the ties to something more comfortable if they were going to remain overnight.  I asked specifically about her groin and clit and she touched them to test.  I offered to help but she just gave me a withering look.  “My clit is a bit tender but not too bad but my pussy feels like I may not be able to walk normally for a few days.”  I expressed some sorrow and offered to kiss it to make it all better.  She gave me a loving smile and assured me that everything would be back in working order by that evening.


Then she swung around and laid on top of me.  She said, “Listen to me gringo.  Listen carefully because I am serious now.  I am in love with you and in love with what you do to me.  I am yours body and heart and soul.  You can tie me and tease me and make love to me and I will be your little sub or love slave or whatever you want to call me.  But it has to be a partnership.  I give you whatever you want because I belong to you.  But you belong to me.  These belong to me…”  She gently squeezed my testicles.  “This belongs to me.”  She slid her hand up to my penis.  “This heart and this body are mine, all mine.”  She thumped my chest with her fist.  “And this is mine,” she said grabbing my chin and fiercely kissing me.  “I am a one-man woman and you had better be a one-woman man, comprende?”


I smiled at her and told her I was hers and that she was more woman than I could ever have imagined.  I told her again that her husband was crazy to have fooled around (I think I said ‘loco’) on her.  I said that while I would look at other women it would only be to remind me of how much better she looked and how much more I had than any other man.  I thought I was very poetic.


Her response was pure Paloma.  She said, “Gringo, you are so full of horse shit you could have been born a Latino!  But don’t stop, because I love your horse shit almost as much as I love your ropes.”  We kissed and cuddled and while she must have weighed 85 or 95 pounds, she felt as light as a feather on top of me.  Eventually we got up and showered.  While she was fussing with her hair I gathered up the various bits of rope and put them in my briefcase.  She came out of the bathroom nude and telephoned Gabriella.  I stopped what I was doing and just watched her as she moved around the room.  What a lovely sight.


While she was talking I got dressed and used my tooth brush, electric razor and comb.  When she was done with the telephone I told her, “You know if we were at home and didn’t have to clear the room for the cleaning crew I would keep you tied up all weekend.  In fact I don’t see any reason not to keep you in ropes all weekend.”


“You can’t take me outside with my hands tied,” she laughed, “we would get arrested.”


“I wasn’t thinking of your hands, come here.”  She stood in front of me and I told her to lace her hands behind her head.  She looked at me strangely but complied with my instructions.  This caused some interesting changes in the geometry of her breasts which distracted me for several long minutes.  After fondling, kissing, sucking and licking to my satisfaction, and to her rather obvious arousal, I looped a rope around her chest twice just below her luscious ripe breasts.  After tying it off, I made another two loops just above her breasts.  I cinched the ropes between her breasts and on either side before I let her put her arms down.  The ropes constricted her breasts and made them bulge into even more prominence.  Perfect from my point of view, as I was certain the constriction would restrict the normal flow of blood to those lovely secondary sexual characteristics and that this would cause them to become very sensitive to the slightest touch – like the cotton of her blouse rubbing them as they moved about under it.


Another loop of rope went around her delightfully thin waist above her broad set hips with the two ends dangling down.  I estimated the distance from her waist to her clit and tied a large knot in the loose ends of the rope at that point.  Then I threaded the rope carefully through her pussy lips and between her ass cheeks up to the rear of the waist rope where, after tugging it tight I tied it off.  Then I handed her the full skirt and peasant blouse she had worn last night.  Her panties and stockings went into the bathroom sink to soak, having become a bit soiled last night.  For good measure I decided her bra could stand to be rinsed out as well.  Using the hotel bar of hand soap I began to wash out her lovely undergarments.


She stood there with her outer garments in her hand as she watched me and said, “Are you crazy?  I can’t go out like this.”


“Well,” I said, “you look pretty spectacular to me, but you might want to consider putting on your blouse and skirt.”


“I can’t go out with no bra and no panties,” she insisted.


I turned to look at her and said “Paloma, my lovely little slave girl, as soon as I finish washing and rinsing these things we are both going out that door.  You can go nude as you are, or you can wear your blouse and skirt and even your shoes.  It doesn’t really matter to me because I love the way you look with or without clothes but make no mistake.  In about three more minutes we are both going out.”


She didn’t think long but quickly pulled the blouse over her head as I began to rinse out her underthings.  Then she stepped into the skirt and tucked the blouse into the waistband as I wrung out her things and hung them on the shower rod.  As I stepped out of the bathroom she was slipping her bare feet into her shoes.  Without pausing I grabbed the room key, her arm and the door.  I guided her out into the hall and watched as her very prominent breasts shifted and rubbed under her blouse.  She followed my gaze and realized how, even with ropes pressing on their sides, her breasts were moving under her blouse.  She began to blush as I hurried her towards the dining room for breakfast.  It was then that she felt the crotch rope and the strategically placed knot rubbing at her clit.  Her eyes opened wide and she said “You are a devil, sent here to torment me.  The problem is that it is sooo good!”


“Come on, I want to get breakfast before we walk to the church for Sunday morning mass.”


“You want me to go to church like this?”


“I thought you might feel the need for confession,” I said.


“You don’t joke around about things like that,” she snapped.


“OK, OK, we can skip church and just go for a nice stroll in the park after breakfast.”  She was somewhat mollified by my abandoning any discussion of church but I could see that she was contemplating what a walk would do to her and how long she could resist the effect of the ropes she was wearing under her clothes.  She may have also been thinking of how her breasts would appear to any strangers in the park as they swung under her blouse.  Just the movement from the room to the restaurant had made her nipples stiffen and form definite points on the front of her blouse.  I knew that as her breasts shifted and swung under the blouse the cotton fabric would rub delightfully across her nipples maintaining them at their peak arousal (no pun intended).


After breakfast we went for a short walk.  After we got about 100 yards into the park Paloma turned around and snuggled up to me.  Delighted, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her.  I could feel her rock-hard nipples pressing against my chest and her leg pressing between my thighs.  “Is it OK for strangers to view our arousal?” she asked. 


I should have known what was coming but, as I have explained, when Paloma really kisses me my brain doesn’t function all that well.  I mumbled something like “Sure...” as I went back for another taste of those lips.  She snaked her hand onto my already semi-hard penis and in about three seconds, before I realized what was happening or could react, she had me rock-hard and tenting the front of my slacks.  Oh my.  I was going to have to switch to tight jockey shorts and blue jeans in the future if I was going to avoid Paloma making my arousal embarrassingly apparent. 


She gave me a smug look and asked innocently, “Shall we continue our walk master?”  Since my rigid penis was even more apparent than her hard nipples I decided that we would return and see if they had finished cleaning the room.  Still, I forced our pace to a fast walk and I knew that although it was invisible, the crotch rope would work its magic on her.  Sure enough we had just entered the hotel lobby when she sagged against me.  She was clamping her teeth to keep from moaning but I felt her body vibrate through an orgasm.  A small one to be sure, but enough so that I felt my little walk had been justified.  A bell boy noticed her sag and asked if we needed assistance.  Paloma blushed bright red as I politely declined his offer.  Unfortunately her condition only aroused me further making my condition even more apparent.  I grabbed her arms and more or less pushed her down the hall in front of me hiding my erection.  I thought this a clever move but had, once again, underestimated my Paloma.  She took advantage of her position in front of to slip her hands behind her back and used her very talented fingers to stroke and tease me further.  I made it back to the room without coming in my pants but I can tell you it was a near run thing.


Between the orgasm in the lobby, the solicitous bell boy, and Paloma’s clever counter to my ropes we were both laughing as I shut the door.  “That was naughty, Paloma,” I said, “and naughty girls get punished.”


“Are you going to spank me?” she asked.


“Perhaps later,” I said, “ just for fun.  The problem is that you enjoy it too much to use spanking as a punishment.  I have a better idea.  Take off your blouse and skirt and come here.”


When Paloma stood before me I untied the crotch rope and gently worked it out of her pussy and her buttocks. Then I crossed her wrists and tied and cinched them.  I lifted her wrists over her head and then brought them down behind her until I could tie the end of the rope to the rope that was still around her chest.  I asked her if she would like to use the bath room before I began her punishment.  She smiled and said yes but only if I would promise no cold water.  I agreed and after she had finished I wiped her and led her back into the bedroom.  I stood her in front of the chair facing it and had her spread her legs.  Then I lashed her ankles to the outside of the chair legs so that her feet were almost three feet apart. 


Her lovely body reminded me that I was still very aroused so I had her bend forward and rest her shoulders on the upholstered back of the chair and I slid into her from behind.  She was still wet from the crotch rope and her orgasm in the lobby so I didn’t need to do anything to arouse her.  I loved her tight wet pussy and pumped in and out until I came.  She was a little surprised that I hadn’t manipulated her as I usually did but I just leaned over her and said “Naughty girls may not get to come.”


After I had satisfied myself I stood her up and climbing over the arm of the chair settled myself into the chair facing her.  My legs fit comfortably between her legs and I took a few minutes to just drink in the beauty before me.  She was puzzled and asked if not being allowed to come had been her punishment.  I explained that her punishment hadn’t yet begun but that I was slow to start because I was mesmerized by her beautiful body.


Then I reached up to her armpits which were fully exposed by the way her arms were tied.  “Are you ticklish, Paloma?  Let’s find out.” 


She shook her head and said, “No” but I saw the fear in her eyes as she realized how exposed she was.  Rather than discuss it I simply began to play my fingers in her armpits.  It took no more than ten seconds or so for her to loose her composure and begin to writhe exotically.  In another few seconds she burst into laughter.  I continued to tickle her concentrating on the armpits but varying my attack by tickling her ribs and the backs of her knees.  She went wild with peals of laughter and choked cries of “Stop.” and “No more.” between peals of laughter. 


Even more fun was watching the contortions her body went through.  She couldn’t retreat because her ankles were tied to the chair I was sitting in and she couldn’t bring her arms down to protect her body but, my oh my, could she twist and move.  Of course both her twisting and the tugging of her arms on the rope around her chest had interesting effects on her breasts.  Paloma had large firm breasts but they weren’t made of stone (or plastic).  They bounced up and down, swung from side to side, jiggled with her gasps of breath and moved in ways beyond my ability to describe.  It only inspired me to tickle her further.  Although I loved watching those magnificent breasts, I was almost as fascinated with her hair as she thrashed her head from side to side.  Paloma had long black hair but that really doesn’t do it justice. It was so shiny and jet black that you would have to call it raven.  In any case it was lovely to watch it as it whipped through the air.  As I watched her body contort (yes and her hair float through the air and her breasts jiggle and bounce) I was glad I had taken the time to have her empty her bladder before we started.  The knees of my slacks were between her legs and would have been in a very vulnerable position.  Eventually, with Paloma red faced and gasping for breath I relented and took my hands off of her.  As she gasped for breath I said, “That’s one.”


“Oh no,” she begged, “please no more master.  I will be a good little slave girl.  Please no more, I beg of you.”


“Well, perhaps I could find some other way of punishing you,” I said and began to slide two fingers into her.


“I think I like this punishment much better,” she said.  “You have a wicked mind.”


I found her G spot and stroked it with my right hand while my left played with her clit.  She moaned in pleasure.  When her body tensed in anticipation I stopped and slid out of the chair.  “So long, Paloma…I ought to be back from my walk in the park around dinnertime, say five hours.  I’ll see you then.”  Leaving her tied, unable to move and panting with desire, I walked out the door.


Of course I couldn’t stay away for five hours.  That would have been tormenting myself when I had that gorgeous woman in bondage to play with.  Besides, I was in love and wanted to spend every minute of every day with her.  That was impossible, of course, but I certainly wasn’t going to throw away a perfectly good Sunday afternoon.  I went down to the lobby, found the concierge and arranged for a cold chicken lunch to be packed in a cooler with a chilled bottle of wine and use of a hotel blanket.  As in most hotel arrangements this took very little time so long as I kept agreeing to their outrageous prices.  I then spent another fifteen minutes walking down the street to a jeweler’s to pick up an item I had previously ordered.


All in all I may have been gone from the room forty-five or fifty minutes.  It probably seemed like hours to Paloma who found that even without my weight on the chair she couldn’t move.  Further between the preparation time, the tickling, the arousal and my absence, her arms had been pulled over her head for almost two hours.  Her shoulders must have been aching by the time I got back.  I was prepared for the full blast of her anger when I came in but she was remarkably subdued.  I opened the door, walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her cupping her breasts and playing with her still turgid nipples.  This woman was really turned on by bondage.


She leaned back against me and said only, “Please, master?”  Now I know all the stories say the master whips her or slashes her with a riding crop, and perhaps I am not much of a master, but she was just too precious to me.  I untied the rope that pulled her hands down to the rope bra and then undid her wrists.  She rubbed her wrists but made no move towards her still-trapped ankles.  I rubbed her shoulders and arms for a while and then bent down and freed her ankles.


“We are going for our walk in the park,” I said, “but I will give you a choice.  You can go with or without the crotch rope.”


She told me that she would do whatever her “lord and master” wanted but I convinced her that I really wanted her to choose.  In some ways she wanted the stimulation and the orgasm it would bring, but in other ways she didn’t want to risk an orgasm in public.  In the end she chose to go without, explaining that her clit was still a bit sore from last night and she wanted to be in good shape for tonight. 


I told her to get dressed in her blouse, skirt and shoes which she did without complaint.  She was unusually quiet as we went down to the lobby and this worried me.  She brightened up, however, when we picked up the cooler and blanket and was in good spirits by the time we got to the park.  It was crowded and her breasts did get some attention as we walked.  Evidently she had decided that if I wanted her to flaunt her breasts, she would flaunt them.  Every time she caught some guy staring at her she would give a little up and down on her feet so that they would bounce very attractively.


We found a picnic space and spread the blanket.  I noticed that as she sat down she spread her skirt around her.  I gave her a questioning look and expected to be told something innocuous such as she wanted to avoid wrinkles.  Instead she looked at me with an impish grin and said, “I am so wet that if I sit on my skirt I will have a big wet stain.” 


I told her that keeping her constantly in ropes was fun but that something was missing for a proper slave girl.  She gave me a puzzled look and I told her about the symbolism of a slave collar that was never removed.  I talked about masters collaring their slaves as a sign of ownership.  She asked if I would collar her.  I reached into my pocket and pulled out the jewelry box and handed it to her.  I told her to take a look and then to be certain of what she wanted.  She opened the box to find a choker collar almost an inch and a half wide made of delicate gold links that would conform to the wearer’s neck.  She began to cry but gently and asked me to fasten it on her, which I did.  Then I kissed her and unobtrusively groped her hard nipples through her blouse. 


We had a pleasant lunch and then walked around the park arm in arm.  We talked about our families and our childhoods, about our likes and dislikes, a little bit about our work and just generally got to know each other better.  From time to time we would stop and hug and I would feel her hard nipples against my chest.  It was a very pleasant Sunday afternoon and we strolled until early evening when we returned the cooler and blanket to the hotel staff.



6.                  That Night


Paloma wanted to go out to show off her new collar so we drove over to her place to change.  She was concerned that if she got dressed up the breast ropes would show through her tight little black dress.  I took off the ropes and rubbed the red marks.  Actually I may have ‘accidentally’ rubbed her breasts and tight nipples for a bit as well.  I think I was concerned that her nipples had been abraded by the blouse so I licked and sucked on them for a while, just to ensure that they were OK, of course. We discussed a crotch rope and she was willing but the black dress was just too tight and the rope line was very apparent around her waist.  In the end I decided that the collar was sufficient bondage. 


We had a great dinner but as we got back to my room Paloma fell silent again.  I asked what was troubling her and after a few minutes of coaxing her she asked, “Would you let me tie you up tonight?”


Well, being a sub isn’t really my thing, but fair is fair, so I agreed.  She took off my clothes and then tied me face up spread eagled on the bed.  Then she climbed onto the bed and facing my feet she brought her pussy to my mouth.  I immediately got busy with my tongue and was doing a pretty fair job when she leaned forward and took my hard penis into her mouth.  Wow, if this was what she wanted to do, perhaps being tied to the bed wasn’t such a bad deal after all.  I was on the point of coming when she stopped and climbed off the bed saying, “No, this is no good.”


“I thought it was pretty good.”


She untied my ankles and then my arms.  I held her and asked what was wrong.  She said, “I wanted to try switching roles with you, but it wasn’t as exciting as when I feel you control me.  Oh it was fun, and you were doing a very nice job on my pussy, but it isn’t the same as when you dominate me and control me.  I know you love me and I was happy that you trusted me enough to let me tie you, but I didn’t feel as loved as I do when you tie me and I can feel your ropes holding me tight.  I would have come from your mouth but I didn’t feel the same arousal as when you tie me.  Does that make any sense to you?”


I told her that I did understand.  I didn’t really like the submissive role but I was willing to play it because I loved her so much.  She smiled and handed me the ropes saying, “Master me.  Tie me so that I can’t escape and make me your love slave.”  Of course, being a gentleman, I complied with her wishes.


I had enjoyed having her hips rolled up so that I could rub her G spot with my penis so I decided to go for that sort of a tie at least for the first part of the evening.  I took two long ropes and tied her wrists.  Then I led the ropes through the bed frame and brought the end back onto the upper part of the mattress.  I took her ankle and brought her leg up until her foot was near her ear.  Then I gently spread her leg and tied it to the end of the long rope.  I did the same on the other side.  Her hips were curved up giving me great access to her groin.  If she tried to move her legs she would tug on her wrists.  If she tried to bring her arms down it would pull her legs higher.  If left alone she might try to squirm towards the head of the bed but there wasn’t enough room before her head would hit the wall and, in any case, I wasn’t going to leave her alone.


“You know,” I said,” some masters like to torment their pretty little slave girls, even when they haven’t been naughty.  For example they might tickle your armpits,” (I used my hands to illustrate) ”or your ribs, or the back of your knees, or even the soles of your feet.”  Shrieks and bursts of laughter accompanied my teasing but I didn’t prolong it.  We had just eaten a meal and she hadn’t been to the bathroom and the idea of spending the night on urine soaked sheets did not appeal to me.  "Some masters might do that but not me.  I prefer to do this!”  I lowered my head and went to work on her lovely shaved pussy.  Since I was rock hard and needy from her oral ministrations I didn’t tease her but brought her to two orgasms very rapidly.  Then I plunged into her and pumped as rapidly and as deeply as I could.  She met every thrust and her pussy muscles clenched around my penis with a force that felt like a vise, but a liquid, slick, wet vise.  Knowing she had already had two orgasms I didn’t hold back but she was so aroused by the ropes and the domination that she came a third time just before I did.  Her shudders and vibrations took me over the top.


I untied her and sent her to use the bathroom.  When she came back I piled several pillows onto the bed and had her kneel with the pillows under her abdomen.  I took the two long ropes I had used earlier and ran them from the head of the bed to her wrists, then to her elbow, on down to her knee, to her ankle and then to the foot of the bed.  When I had finished both sides she could rock back and forth but couldn’t move from her kneeling position.  She couldn’t rock very far in any direction because it lowered her torso and the pillows prevented her from coming down.  Her legs were spread with her ass and pussy on prominent display and her breasts hung down invitingly from her chest.


Paloma said, “Master if you are going to go in my ass, please be gentle. I have never done that before.”


I slid down next to her looking up at that lovely face.  She had a frightened look which was not what I wanted.  I wanted to dominate her in our sexual games, but I wanted it to be fun and joyful for both of us.  I kissed her and said, “Paloma, I love you so much that I want to do everything that is possible for two people to experience.  Eventually I may take your ass but it won’t be until we are both comfortable with the idea.  I would need plenty of lubrication for your first time and I didn’t buy any, so it won’t be tonight.  But please remember my precious lover and intoxicating sex partner that I gave you a safe word.  If what I am doing or about to do frightens you or hurts you, use that word and I will stop.”


“But I don’t want to disappoint you,” she said.


I told her that with all she had given me, she could ever disappoint me.  In the end I said, “Paloma, I order you to use your safe word if you are frightened.  Not when you are mad because I am teasing but when you are really frightened.  And Paloma, that is an order and slave girls who disobey orders are punished.  Do you understand me?”


She rewarded me with a smile and I kissed her again.  As long as I was down there her breasts and their very prominent nipples seemed to demand some attention so I spent some time caressing and licking them.  Then I moved back behind her and slid into her very wet pussy.  I had planned to bring us both to orgasm in the doggy position but Paloma surprised me by asking. “Master isn’t there enough fluid dripping from me to lubricate my ass so that you could take me anally?”


“My love, I am quite willing to wait.”


“No, master, please.  I want you to take me in my ass tonight.”


What a courageous woman.  She had been badly frightened by the idea, but wanted to give me this as a gift.  I thought about it for a few seconds and then withdrew my penis from her.  I used my fingers to scoop up the liquids and spread them around her anus.  I reinserted my penis in her pussy and stroked deeply a few time to ensure that it was wet and slippery.  Then I moved up to her anus and began to press.  She forced herself to relax and pressed backwards.  I moved forward very slowly but gradually entered her fully.  I checked with her to be certain that she was OK.  She was very tight and hot and I began to move in and out slowly.  At first she moved with me but gradually she accelerated forcing my pace until I was slamming into her.  I reached around and grabbed her clit with my fingers, gently rolling and tugging on it.  I came almost explosively but was able to keep teasing her clit until she also came while I was still hard and fully into her. That was my second orgasm and her fourth of the evening.


I climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash my penis and groin.  When I came back I had a wet warm washcloth and used it to clean her buttocks and thighs. I rubbed her back and kissed her neck.  I played with her pendulous breasts for a bit and just lay over her pressing her to me.  I untied her, despite her protests saying that this wouldn’t be comfortable for the entire night.  I tied and cinched her wrists together in front of her and then tied them to the head of the bed.  This allowed her to stretch out and roll over but kept her under control and in her sub mode.  I kissed and nuzzled her while she lay on her back and debated another round.  Eventually all of the fondling and caressing made me hard again and I slipped into her, almost in the missionary position, for a long slow bout of lovemaking.  I stimulated her clit and we managed to come at the same time.  I slid to her side and she rolled away as we spooned together for the night.  I slipped an arm over her to rest lightly on her breast but, to tell the truth, I was too exhausted to do much fondling.  We drifted off to sleep with her in my arms.



7.                  Monday


We were still comfortably spooned when the wake-up call came.  “Shit,” said Paloma, “I have to get home and change and I want to go in early today to talk with the nursing supervisor to see if she knows anything about jobs up north.”  We got dressed and Paloma drove to her apartment while I shaved in the car.  She ran in and I slid over to the driver’s position.  In a very few minutes she was back out with a garment bag and a small carryall. 


As we drove towards the hospital Paloma took her official white nurse stockings from the carryall, rolled them up lifting her leg to the dashboard put them on.  They may have been white nursing stockings but they were also thigh high with pretty white lace trim around the top.  Paloma is short so the stockings reached very high on her thigh and to get the stockings on she had to pull her skirt way up.  I almost crashed as I found my attention drifting from the road to the show in the passenger seat.  When she finished the leg tease she reached behind her head and began to twist her hair into a sort of bun which she pinned atop her head.  Lifting her arms that way caused all sorts of interesting things to happen to her breasts. When she was done I asked if she was going to change into her dress while in the car.  She gave me a very sultry look and told me that she would use the nurse’s lounge because she didn’t want to cause a major accident with my driving.  While she said that she also stroked my very apparent erection through my trousers making me wonder if she was telling the truth.  Fortunately I was saved by our arrival at the hospital and she got out reminding me to pick her up at the third floor nursing station around 6:00 PM.


In the office I wrapped up a few loose ends, said goodbye to a number of coworkers, began drafting my formal report for the corporate officers and summarized what my formal recommendations and conclusions would be for the subsidiary managers. 


Then I drove to the hospital and took the elevator to the third floor.  I saw several nurses at the desk but Paloma wasn’t there so I asked the nearest nurse where to find her.  She looked at me and then stood up and began to applaud.  Before I knew what was happening there were four nurses gathered around me applauding and whistling.  I realized that Paloma must have told them something about our weekend and I think I blushed.  A door next to the nurses station marked “Nursing Supervisor” opened and an older nurse came out accompanied by Paloma.  Even in an entirely proper starched white dress she was a knockout.  The only thing out of the ordinary was a thin choker of gold links around her throat. 


The nursing supervisor told me that she ought to be angry at me for stealing Paloma away but that she wished us both well.  Paloma explained that the Sally, that was the supervisor’s name, had called a friend in Palo Alto and had faxed up Paloma’s resume.  They apparently needed RN’s up there and had arranged to interview Paloma on Wednesday afternoon.  Then the four nurses had agreed to cover Paloma’s scheduled shifts and Sally had juggled the vacation schedule so that Paloma could leave right away but still officially provide two weeks notice and remain in good standing for transfer of her retirement credits (which I hadn’t thought about at all).  Gabriella had spent the morning with the financial aid people and was all set to transfer up north for next semester.  All of this came spilling out of Paloma almost as fast as her rapid fire Spanish while she was hugging me.


The youngest of the nurses handed me a large plastic bag with the hospital’s logo on it saying “We have a few farewell gifts.  These are padded for long term use.”  I looked in the bag and found a set of padded hospital restraints complete with lockable buckles and straps to fasten them to the bed frame.  Just how much had Paloma shared with these women?


A tall, very pretty redheaded nurse handed me a wooden ruler.  The tag dangling from the end said, “If Paloma Bites.”  I guess she had told them quite a bit.  I looked at Paloma and thumped the ruler on my palm and said, “This ought to come in handy.” 


The nursing supervisor handed me a medical supply box with a note on top that said “If Paloma is Too Loud.”  I opened the box and found an assortment of women’s panties.  One was plain white cotton, the next was a pastel blue cotton cut a little higher on the legs, the third was dark green and made of some sort of silky material, the fourth was cotton again trimmed with lace at the top and little bows at the leg opening and the last was a very wicked V shape of black lace.  Something about this gift tugged at me for a few seconds.  They didn’t all seem to be the same size and, while they were clean they didn’t have that freshly laundered look.  Then it hit me.  There were five pair of panties and five nurses.  I pointed at Sally and said, “One.” Then I went around counting and pointing to each nurse in turn.  As soon as they understood that I knew that each woman had contributed what she had been wearing they laughed.  Two of them had very wicked tones to their laughter and one had the good grace to blush.


Knowing how most women don’t like to go around without panties I realized that this was a tribute to how much respect and affection they had for Paloma.  Caught by surprise by Paloma’s plans to leave they had used her description of our activities to improvise gifts very rapidly.  I looked at my love and asked, “How come yours are not here?”


Paloma blushed while Sally answered for her, “We were afraid that, if half of what she told us was true, she would be leaking all over the hospital corridors.” 


“Wet tile floors would have been a safety hazard,” deadpanned the redhead.


 “Not to mention that it would have clearly been unsanitary,” chimed in another.


After that the party broke up into hugs and promises to keep in touch.  We gathered up Paloma’s garment bag and carry all along with the gifts and she and I headed for the elevator.  We drove back to my hotel and I called my secretary to tell her that I would be out of touch Tuesday but expected to get into my office sometime Wednesday.  Then we checked me out of the hotel, returned my rental car and went to Paloma’s apartment.  Gabriella joined Paloma in the kitchen and they prepared a very nice dinner.


After dinner we packed Paloma’s things and loaded them along with my bags into her car.  Since the semester was almost over the plan was that Gabriella would stay in Paloma’s apartment until it was time for her to fly back to Mexico for the summer.  Paloma and I sent shut off notices to the utilities together with my Los Altos address for deposit refunds, final bills and the like.  Gabriella would try to sell the refrigerator, as I had a better one up north, and most of the furniture.  In a week, after she was familiar with my house, Paloma would decide what, if anything, she wanted to bring up north and we would rent a truck to haul it up.  We knew her record and tape collection would come as well as her books and photo albums so we boxed these things and stacked them to one side.


I don’t remember what started the argument.  I think Paloma had reminded Gabriella not to get wild in the last few weeks of school, when she would be unsupervised and Gabriella told Paloma that she could do what she wanted and that Paloma wasn’t her mother.  In any case by the time I got involved it had turned into a voluble and noisy argument with Gabriella hurling some pretty nasty insults at her aunt.  Finally I couldn’t take it any more and told Gabriella to calm down her aunt only wanted what was best for her as she loved her.  Gabriella was in full temper tantrum mode by this time and turned on me with invective followed by a hurled vase.  Now I know I had no rights over Gabriela but this was just childish behavior.


I grabbed Gabriella and twisted her arms behind her back.  Fortunately I had some rope in my pocket that I had planned to use on Paloma later that night.  I quickly lashed her wrists crossed behind her back and then, as she kicked at me, I lashed her ankles.  Gabriella continued to twist and swear at me as I lifted her and walked into the bathroom.  I set her on the bottom of the tub and turned on the cold water in the shower head.  The shower was one of those on a hose that could be moved about.  “Cool down!” I said as I sprayed her with the cold water.  I moved the shower over her entire body and every time she opened her mouth to curse at me I sprayed her in the face reducing her swearing to choked gasps.  Grabbing the back of her blouse I sprayed the cold water over her back telling her that she seemed to be a bit hot under the collar.  Eventually, when she was shivering and had stopped trying to curse I turned the shower off.


I had noted an ace bandage rolled up on the counter, probably one of the ones she had used on her ribs.  I grabbed a small hotel bar of soap and before Gabriella realized what was happening I shoved the entire bar into her mouth.  Then, using the ace bandage I wrapped her head from top to bottom ensuring that she couldn’t open her mouth and spit out the soap.  Then I grabbed the ends of the ropes at her wrists and her ankles and tied her in a tight and uncomfortable hog tie.


“Gabriella,” I lectured, “Paloma loves you and only wants you to be happy and safe.  I know you are both close in age but you are going to have to listen to her.  Now I love you as part of your aunt’s family, but I am head over heels in love with Paloma and I am not going to let any one attack her, not even you.  I know Paloma not only loves you but she respects you as well.  When you come to live with us we will treat you like the intelligent adult woman that you are, as long as you act that way.  If you act like a childish little girl, then that’s how you will be treated.  Now you can keep that soap in your mouth until morning and think about the language you were using.  Further you were acting like a little child, and since soap is a diuretic, I think it is best that you stay in this tub in case you soil yourself as a baby might.  Consider the humiliation of being treated like an infant your punishment for attacking Paloma and me.  I know I may seem harsh but remember that Paloma and I both love you.”  Having finished my speech I kissed the cold, wet, bedraggled girl with the mouth full of soap on her bound cheek and left the bathroom tuning out the light and closing the door.


Paloma was choking back laughter but did ask if I thought Gabriela would be all right; tied up all night.  I told her that while Gabriella would be cold and uncomfortable and probably not get much sleep, that would give her time to consider how she had behaved.  While the bandages held her mouth shut her lips weren’t sealed and she could breathe through her teeth as well as her nose.  Gabriella  was young and she would be stiff in the morning and probably pretty messy from the effects of the soap but she would recover with nothing worse than a bruised ego.  Paloma smiled and steered me towards her bedroom.


“I was worried that after you tied her up you would undress her like you do with me,” Paloma said. 


I laughed and said, “Bondage has always been a sort of foreplay with me, I will admit.  But as I told your niece, I am head over heels in love with you.  And you, my sweet little sub, are more woman than any man can handle.  There is no other woman on earth who could lure me away from my Paloma.  Now did you pack those hospital cuffs or are they still handy?”


Evidently that was the correct response because Paloma gave me a smile and pulled out the bag with the cuffs.  I fastened the straps to the frame of the bed while she undressed.  I am certain that I will eventually figure out all sorts of creative ways to use the cuffs but tonight I just placed Paloma into a simple, face up, spread eagle.  I wanted to have fun but was mindful of the fact that we were going to need some sleep if we were going to be able to drive almost 400 miles to the north the next day.


I decided to begin by kissing and nipping at her lovely thighs.  I gradually worked my way up to her pussy and slowly brought her up to the edge of orgasm.  Her body was tensing, almost vibrating when I lifted my head and said “I could go check on Gabriela if it would make you happy dear.”


“Don’t you dare leave me like this.  I am so close, just a couple of more seconds,” she begged.  Of course by that time the orgasm had begun to recede and I carefully inserted my tongue at the bottom of her slit avoiding her clitoris.  After sucking up her juices for several minutes I moved up and brought her back to the edge.  I lifted my head and innocently asked “Is that what you wanted dear?”


Paloma growled but realizing how vulnerable she was she took another approach. “Please, my lord and master, let your poor slave feel the joy that only you can bring her.  Make her respond to your power.”  I listened to this nonsense for several minutes trying hard not to laugh at her elaborate speech.  Then I rewarded her by getting back to business with my tongue.  It took only a very few seconds to bring her to a strong orgasm which I prolonged as best I could by continuing to lash at her little nub with my tongue.


I remembered something a very sweet sub had told me about how it made her heart flutter when her master described her body parts as “his” parts.  It seemed silly to me, but she had assured it that it must be a gender thing.  As Paloma came down I looked up from her groin and said, “This is ‘my’ sweet pussy.”  Then I moved up her body kissing the slight round of her abdomen and saying, “My pretty belly.”  I plunged my tongue into her belly button which elicited a shriek (Note to self for future action – Paloma is ticklish in her belly button).  I continued upwards, kissing and claiming her stomach.


Now Paloma had large breasts but when a woman is on her back with her arms stretched above her head even the largest breasts become relatively flat mounds.  If it doesn’t happen that way with your girlfriend it means she has enhanced her chest with silicone or saline.  Although Paloma’s all natural breasts were stretched into nothing more than swollen mounds they retained all of their sensitivity.  She positively purred as I rubbed her breasts and claimed them as “my” breasts and I felt her chest thrust upward as I kissed “my” nipples.  Then I pulled myself further up her body and held her head on both sides.  I lowered my face toward her lips and pausing for effect said, “And this, this is my love, my life and my future.”  I kissed her lips hard and felt her mouth open under mine.  I lifted my head and gazed down at my wonderful Paloma.


Oh shit!  She was crying.  “Paloma, what’s wrong?  Am I too heavy on you?  Are those cuffs pinching?”


“No, you crazy gringo.  Nothing is wrong.  I am crying because I am so happy.”


OK, guys.  It doesn’t matter who your woman is.  She may be bitchy or sweet, a Mistress or a Slave, dominant or submissive.  You will never understand her.  It is the whole Mars and Venus thing.  Not just different planets, but different orbits and maybe different solar systems.  She was crying because she was happy.  Still, I guess it really didn’t matter if I understood her.  I wanted to make her happy and she was happy.  And if she was happy I was certainly happy.  I bent down and kissed and licked the salty tears from her cheeks.


I told her I loved to lick “my” nipples and see how hard and long they became and I dipped first one and then two fingers into “my” pussy searching for “my” G spot.  Wait a minute.  How can I describe my pussy gripping my penis or my hips rising to meet each of my thrusts?  I think I am getting a headache.  No matter how my sweet sub’s heart may flutter I am going to refer to female body parts as her parts and male parts as my parts, at least in descriptive narrative.  And if a direct quote says “I love to see my nipples grow hard and firm as I lick them with my tongue.” You will just have to figure out for yourself that I am not playing with myself.


In any case I continued to lick her turgid nipples while searching for her G spot.  When her groans and the arching of her body told me I was on target I redoubled my effort and was rewarded with sweet sounds of submission and an orgasm that may have topped the last one.  I couldn’t wait any longer and slid into her.  I tried to go slow but she was so hot and gripped me so tightly that I couldn’t resist building up both speed and force until I came into her.  She was seconds behind me and I luxuriated in the feeling of her pelvis spasming against me as she came.  Mindful of our journey the next day I slid out of her and to her side so that I could cuddle her bound body and praise her.  My this woman was magnificent.


The next morning I went to free Gabriella with Paloma following to watch.  I started with the ace bandage and asked her if she understood what I had said about us both loving her.  She looked at me and just answered, “Yes sir.”  As expected she smelled pretty foul.  I told Paloma that Gabriella would be stiff and unsteady and that perhaps it would be best if she (Paloma) helped her (Gabriella) undress and shower.  They could also rinse the mess off Gabriella’s clothes while in the shower. 


I went to the other bathroom to shave shower and dress.  When I came out Gabriella was in the kitchen working on breakfast.  “Are you mad at me?” I asked. 


She actually smiled at me as she responded, “No, not any more.  Oh I was mad as a wet chicken” (this didn’t seem like the right time to tell her that the expression was mad as a wet hen) when you doused me with cold water and shoved that soap in to my mouth.  As I suspect you know, I didn’t sleep much last night and had a lot of time to think.  I know I got out of hand, and I know Aunt Paloma loves me, and I guess I deserved to be punished for acting so stupidly.  Still I didn’t expect you to be so forceful and I don’t really want to get you angry again.”


I heard Paloma laugh behind me.  She told Gabriela, “I told you he was strong and masterful.  Now you know.”


I turned to Paloma and I think my jaw dropped.  She was wearing jeans for the drive but she was topless.  In one hand she held her peasant blouse but the other hand was stretched towards me with a length of rope.  Obviously she wanted me to bind her breasts for our drive north.  I reached for the rope with a smile and wondered what I had done to have the gods smile on me by giving me this wonderful woman.