Other Worlds
Book 6 - Mavis and Mayhem
by Sir Richard

We Meet Mavis

And so it came to pass that our book signing tour wound up near home at a Barnes and Noble in the town nearest our home.  It was Friday and we were both looking forward to getting home and back to our own bed (and perhaps not so incidentally, to the bondage toys we had accumulated). By this time I had pretty much recovered the use of my voice but didn't really say that much in public.  Come to think of it, I didn't really say that much in private either as Tara and I had developed a method of communication with my expressions or a lifted eyebrow or gestures.

In any case this was pretty much the standard set up.  I sat behind a table in full space forces uniform with a bare breasted Tara by my side to answer questions and chat with the people who brought their newly purchased copies of my book to the table for my signature.

We were supposed to be there from noon until 4:30 or so and everything ran smoothly until about 4:00 when I saw Mavis approaching.  I had never met Mavis Witherspoon but knew her by sight and reputation.  She was the daughter of 'old money' somewhere back East and was reputed to be and arrogant bitch and was certainly the wealthiest woman in the state.  She had come out West some years ago and purchased a large cattle ranch with her family's money. 

Mavis proceeded to replace the ranch hands with indentured servants including a couple of big toughs she used as overseers.  It was rumored that she also used one of them as her personal sex toy but, as I said, that was just a rumor.  What was fact was that Mavis treated her indentured hands miserably with substandard housing and meager food accompanied by brutal punishments from her overseers.  No one could intervene in the punishments, of course, but the government officials who were expected to see that housing and food met minimum standards seemed to ignore Mavis's spread.  Rumor had it that it was cheaper to bribe a public official than to fix up the housing.

I didn't know how much of the rumors were true, or how much was just gossip.  Whatever the facts were, Mavis was respected as a tough rancher who was making it pay when many smaller spreads were having financial troubles.  In any case everyone pretty much knew Mavis by sight, but very few people wanted to have anything to do with her (other than selling her supplies, of course).  Now she was walking up to our table with a copy of my book in her hands.

She opened with, "Sign this please.  One day it may be worth something."

I smiled politely and scrawled my name on the book and then returned it to her.  That's when it happened.  Mavis reached over and took Tara's chin in her hand lifting her head and said, "Well, she's pretty enough for a sex toy.  Still, it is a shame you couldn't afford a real woman instead of some alien."

Having said her piece Mavis turned and walked off.  Neither Tara nor I had said a word.  As Mavis walked off I decided she deserved her reputation as a cold blooded, cast iron, bitch.  Then the next customer came up and I forgot all about Mavis.

At around 4:20 things had pretty much quieted down and the stream of customers had dried up.  Tara asked me if she could go to the ladies' room.  I nodded and thought nothing of it.  She returned a few minutes later looking a bit flushed and asked if we could go home.  It was almost 4:30 by then so I nodded and helped her into her jacket.  We had just started towards the door when there was a scream.

I turned and saw a woman backing out of the ladies room.  I and most of the other people in the store headed over that way but the woman was pretty incoherent and all she said was, "In there."

Someone in the crowd said, "Could a bear have gotten in there?"

"More likely a cougar." Someone else said while a third voice chimed in with, "It's probably just a rattlesnake."

The store manager and a male clerk looked at me.  Since I was in uniform I had my sidearm so I took it out and held it muzzle up and nodded.  The clerk pushed open the door and we slowly advanced.

The outer room appeared empty.  Along one side there was a large well lit mirror with a counter and wash basins under it.  Against the other wall was a couch but there didn't appear to be anything on or around it.  Through an arch in the rear of the room we could see two rows of stalls along either wall.  We looked around for a few moments and then heard some sort of noise emanating from the third stall on the left. 

Slowly we advanced.  I lowered my weapon to point at the stall and nodded to one of the men to stand clear and push open the door.  The door opened at to all out surprise there was a nude, bound Mavis Witherspoon.

Mavis had her wrists and elbows fastened together behind her with what appeared to be strips of cloth.  They looked as though they had been ripped from the dress she had been wearing.  Her legs were spread wide and her ankles crossed and tied behind the bowl so that Mavis had no leverage to stand and couldn't close her legs.  I couldn't see what was packed into her mouth but it was obviously stuffed and, whatever the packing was, it was held in place with a cleave gag made from strips of the same material.  Across her chest someone had written, in what appeared to be her own lipstick, the single word "BITCH" in large letters.

I don't know who started and I am certain it was not done with the intention of being cruel, but one of the men behind me laughed.  All of us had been pumped up on adrenaline, not knowing what sort of danger we would find and with the sudden release of tension, I am afraid the laughter became general. 

Mavis grew red and began to sputter as best she could through the gag while twisting and tugging against her bonds.  It was quite a show.  Eventually we calmed down and the manager shooed us back towards the store saying that he would have one of the female sales clerks come in to release Mavis.

I came out back into the store and looked around for Tara.  Eventually I spotted her waiting patiently by the exit door.  I remember being a little surprised that she hadn't joined the curious crowd around the entrance to the ladies' room but I didn't really think too much about it.

I guess we were about half way home when I began to wonder if Tara wasn't curious because she knew what we would find in the ladies' room.  In fact, I began to wonder if Tara hadn't been the cause of what we found in the ladies' room.  Then I realized that there were all sorts of laws against mere indentured servants assaulting free people and that perhaps I didn't really want to know if my suppositions were, in fact, correct.

That Night

Although I realized that I didn't want to directly question Tara, I wasn't smart enough to just let the whole thing slide.  That night I wrestled Tara down on our bed and tied her in my favorite position a loose face up spread eagle.  When I say loose, don't think the ropes themselves are loose.  She was tightly bound.  It was just that I leave enough slack so that she could thrash and struggle.  I love to see her body move and twist, only to be brought up by the ropes.  It is very erotic.

Once I had tied her I began by fondling her breasts.  Not only do I enjoy this, it is a major turn on for Tara.  I played with her breasts and kissed and sucked on her firm nipples until I could sense her arousal.  I slipped a hand down to her groin and found her labia swollen and her pussy moist.  I slipped in one finger and then a second and began to slowly move my hand in and out.  She began to moan and I added my thumb, just brushing over her clit each time my fingers moved in.

I watched carefully until I judged her to be about to orgasm and pulled my hand from her pussy.  I brought the wet fingers to her mouth where she began to suck them dry hungrily.  Then I asked in a conversational tone, "Did you hear what happened to Mavis at the bookstore?"  I could feel her body tense as the question registered.

"No, master. Why do you ask?" she mumbled around my fingers. 

I know Tara is an alien and perhaps in some way not quite like an earth woman but I was unconvinced that she would be asking why I was asking instead of what had happened if she didn't already know.

I slid down the bed and began to lick at her pussy.  I kept a careful watch and when I judged that her body was about to orgasm, I lifted my head and said, "Someone stripped her and tied her up."

Tara moaned and said "Please let me cum, master."  Then, a second or two later, she said," She probably deserved it."

I went back to licking at her pussy and when I thought she was on edge again I stopped and said, "Oh, no doubt.  She is a real bitch, isn't she?"

Tara apparently didn't hear me or the words didn't register as she was moaning and thrashing about desperately.  Her only words were pleas to be allowed to cum.  After a bit she slowed down and I began lapping at her clit.  I did this very slowly and carefully bringing Tara back up toward an orgasm but never quite over the edge.

After several minutes of this Tara was almost incoherent.  Finally she cried out, "OK, I did it!  I confess to whatever you want.  I shot Lincoln, I destroyed the World Trade Center, and I tied up Mavis.  Whatever you want, master.  Just let me cum."

I realized that this was about as much confession as I was going to get.  I also realized that teasing Tara had, as it always does, also teased me.  My need was almost as urgent as hers.  I pulled myself over her and slid into her.  Tied as she was the only part of her body she could grip me with was her sweet pussy but, my lord, how she gripped me.  We both exploded in what I am pretty certain were a mutually satisfying pair of orgasms.

Wednesday's Mayhem

That had been Friday and though I had some apprehension that Mavis would try to retaliate or create some sort of legal trouble, my concerns faded as the weekend and then the first part of the week passed.  Thus I was totally unprepared when I answered the door Wednesday and found Mavis and the biggest man I have ever seen on my porch.  This guy was huge.  Think of a football linebacker and super-size him.  I am not a small guy but this monster towered over me and his wrists appeared to be about the size of my biceps.

Mavis slid past me and greeted me with, "I've come to take your slave to my ranch for some discipline.  I will teach her respect for free women."

I started to say something but big boy (I never did learn his name) swept his arm across my chest and pushed me back out of the way with no more effort than you might use to fan yourself.  I realized that this situation wasn't going to be resolved by discussion and I backed toward my desk where my personal weapon resided.  As I got the drawer open and fumbled behind me for the weapon I kept my eyes on the scene unfolding in the room before me.

Mavis had stepped to one side and was tapping her leg with a riding crop in a rather imperious pose.  Big Boy had pulled a set of handcuffs from his pocket and was holding them in his right hand as his left reached out to grab Tara's arm.

I had found the weapon and my hand was just closing on the grip when it happened.  Everyone in the room expected Tara to attempt to pull back from Big Boy's grip.  Everyone in the room, that is, except Tara.

Instead of pulling away she stepped quickly and deliberately towards him allowing his tug to add to her momentum. As she reached him she brought her knee up directly into his groin.  Big Boy grunted in pain and dropped both the handcuffs and Tara's arm.  Both of his ham sized hands went to his groin as he doubled over in pain. 

Tara didn't hesitate.  She stepped back and laced her hand together bringing them up over her shoulder as though she were pantomiming chopping wood. Then she took a half-step forward again and brought her knee up into Big Boy's face as she brought her linked hands down hard at the base of his skull.  It was as perfectly executed rabbit punch as I have ever seen.  Big Boy didn't even grunt this time.  He simply dropped to the floor unconscious.

Tara stepped over his recumbent body picked up the handcuffs and knelt beside the prostrate body.  She tugged his hands out from under him and cuffed them behind his back.  Then she strode over to Mavis and said, "Strip!"

Mavis pointed the riding Crop at Tara as though that would stop my magnificent Amazon and started to say something, "What do you mean..."

That was as far as she got. Tara yanked the crop from Mavis and tossed it to one side.  Then she slapped Mavis on one cheek and backhanded her on the other.  These were hard slaps and both sides of Mavis' face bore angry red marks.  Tara said, "I didn't say talk.  I said strip!"

I saw a strange look on Mavis' face as she reached up and began to unbutton her top.  She pulled the blouse from her slacks and handed it to Tara who tossed it, more or less, on top of the riding crop.  Mavis obviously hadn't planned on a seduction as her bra was built for comfort more than sex appeal.  Still it was a pretty pastel blue and while the cups were plain the cloth had been woven in such a way as to suggest a pattern of some kind.  Clearly this was upscale from a working woman's bra.

I realized that I probably wouldn't need my weapon and let my hand relax.  While I watched Mavis disrobe I slid the drawer shut with my hip.  By this time Mavis had unfastened her belt and opened her slacks.  I noted with some surprise that they didn't open at the front but had a button and zipper over one hip.  I have since learned that this is a mark of expensive ladies slacks. 

As the slacks joined the growing pile of clothes on the floor, I noted that Mavis apparently preferred matching bra and panty sets.  As with her bra, the panties were cut for comfort but matched the blue bra in color and woven design.  Clearly these were several steps up from plain white cotton underwear.

Mavis hesitated but Tara gave her a come ahead gesture and she complied.  I noted that Mavis was blushing as she reached up and unfastened her bra.  It and then the panties joined the pile.  Mavis did a 'September Morn' sort of a pose with one hand in front of her groin and the other arm across her breasts, but Tara ignored that and grabbed her arm.  She then proceeded to move Mavis out of the room through the door to the transport bay.

You will recall this is the room where Tara had done most of the tormenting of Blondie.  I decided I had better go along and make certain that whatever Tara had in mind didn't get us into too much trouble.

When I got to the transport bay I saw that Tara had tied Mavis's legs wide apart to the two support pillars.  I watched as she inserted the cross bar at waist level and then tied Mavis's hands together in front of her.  Tara used a long rope and tied it to the transport bay door pulling Mavis over the cross bar so that her torso was parallel to the floor with her breasts pointing prettily straight down at the floor.  In this position Mavis was well exposed and her pussy peeked invitingly from between her legs.

I wanted to see exactly what Tara had in mind so I remained silent as she rummaged in our toy box and pulled out a ball gag.  Tara pulled on Mavis's hair hard enough that her head was pulled up and Mavis opened her mouth to protest.  When she did Tara pushed the ball into her mouth and let her head drop back down.  As she fastened the gag strap Tara said, "That ought to hold you while I go take care of your partner."

Tara left the room and after a few seconds of admiring Mavis (she was an attractive woman if not particularly my type) I decided to follow Tara and watch all the fun.  By the time I got back to the main room Big Boy, who was now awake, was nude from the waist down and Tara was approaching him with a pair of scissors.  Big Boy eyed the scissors with some trepidation as Tara bent over him.  He started to ask a question but Tara just put a finger to her lips and said "Hush now.  You only talk when I ask you a question."

Tara then cut off his shirt so that he was completely nude but still handcuffed. He was apparently somewhat aroused at being woman-handled because, while he wasn't fully erect, he wasn't fully flaccid either.  I noted that his penis matched the rest of his physique.  It was big.  Apparently he had come by his muscles through exercise as there was no evidence of the effects of steroids.

Tara said, "Up!" and helped him to his feet.  Grasping his penis like a leash she led him towards the transport bay and his now nude and bound mistress.

As they walked Tara asked Big Boy, "Do you ever have sex with Mavis?"

"Oh yes miss.  All the time.  Mistress says that's one of my primary functions."

"Have you ever had anal sex with her?"

"No miss.  She doesn't allow that."

By this time they were in the transport bay and Big Boy, having responded to Tara's touch was fully hard.  Now I am not one to go around comparing men's cocks but I do have to say that Big Boy was awesome.  I think he could have put some horses or donkeys to shame.

Tara went over to the work bench and picked out a hose clamp and a screwdriver.  For those of you who aren't mechanical a hose clamp is a strip of perforated metal bent in a circle and held by a screw and gear device.  As to turn the screw the gear pulls the metal strip into a smaller and smaller circle.  It is used to clamp soft hoses to metal machines and can be tightened down to prevent leaks.  I thought I knew where this one was going to go and couldn't help wincing in sympathy for Big Boy.

I was correct as Tara slid the clamp over Big Boy's penis and then tightened it unmercifully.  As she did she said, "You are going to take your mistress home impaled on that thing and I wouldn't want you to get soft or to cum before you get there."

Big Boy was so shocked her forgot the no talking rules and said, "But miss, that's a good 35 -- 40 miles."

Tara laughed and said, "Yes but it is only 5 or 6 miles to the main highway.  Once you are there I am sure someone will call the sheriff's department or the highway patrol and they will come and untie you."

Tara continued, "I will lock your clothes in the cargo compartment of your transporter and park it just outside master's property.  When you get home you can send someone back to pick it up.  Just make sure whoever you send stays off master's land.  If I catch one of your boy toys on master's land I'll castrate him and send him back as a gelding.  And, Mavis, if you come back without an invitation you will be scrubbing our floors with the brush held in your teeth.  We haven't had a decent scullery maid since we sent Blondie back."

This last was said in an undertone but I knew she intended Mavis to hear it because she used 'Blondie' as I had in the book though I knew quite well that Tara knew Blondie's real name.

While she was saying this, Tara finished tightening the improvised cock ring and pulled on a latex glove.  Opening a tube of lubricant she liberally coated Big Boy's cock.  Of course all the up and down strokes made things rather painful for him as there was no way that he could ejaculate.  Then she towed him behind Mavis and lined him up with her anus. 

Until that moment I don't think Mavis realized what Tara had planned for her.  As soon as Big Boy's cock touched Mavis's asshole she began to squirm.  Tara wasn't impressed and used her ungloved hand to hold Mavis's ass steady while she inserted Big Boy.  Once she had him in an inch or perhaps even less she pulled off the latex glove dropped it into a trash can and, using both hands on Big Boy's ass, pushed him deeper and deeper.  At this point Mavis was shrieking through her nose and protesting as vociferously as she could through the gag.

Tara, however was merciless.  Deciding that Big Boy could thrust even further into Mavis, she picked up a cattle prod and turned it on.  She applied it to Big Boy's ass and, of course he jerked forward ramming the last fraction of an inch into Mavis.  Tara picked up a pair of short belts and strapped Mavis and Big Boy together at the thighs.  Now there was no way to separate the two as the belts only allowed an inch or so of movement and that wasn't enough to get his rigid penis out of her.

Tara then put wrist cuffs around Big Boy just above the handcuffs.  When she had them secured she picked up the cattle prod again, showed it to Big Boy and said, "Let me tell you what's going to happen.  I'm going to take off those cuffs and you are going to bend forward on top of her.  Then you're going to wrap your arms around her just as tight as you can.  When I let that rope off the door, you are going to straighten up with her still in your arms.  Any funny business and I'll use this right here." 

Tara accompanied her little speech by jabbing the side of the cattle prod against Big Boy's already sore testicles.  Big Boy was clearly afraid of Tara.  He was big and he was tough but remember she had kneed him in the balls, knocked him out, cuffed him, stripped him, then put a clamp around his dick and jabbed him with the cattle prod.  I don't think there was any fight left in him.  He said, "Yes miss.  No funny business, miss."

Tara removed the cuffs and Big Boy did just as she said.  Tara came back and ran a short rope from one wrist cuff around his back to the other making certain that he couldn't let go of Mavis.  Then she finished off their torsos with ropes around both of their waists and one that went under his arms and across her chest. 

Tara wasn't done yet, however.  She pulled Mavis's arms up over her head and then down behind Big Boy's back so that her elbows were pointing more or less up.  She fastened the end of the rope to the one between Big Boy's wrist cuffs.  Any attempt to lower her hands would just pull Big Boy's arms tighter.  As a final step she untied Mavis's ankles from the posts, crossed them behind Big Boy and hoisted them up so that Mavis's full weight bore down on the shaft in her butt.  This rope was also fastened to the one between Big Boy's wrist cuffs.

Tara noticed that Mavis still had her sandals and pulled them off as she said, "It doesn't seem fair for you to keep your shoes while he has to walk home barefoot."  Then Tara got a nasty sort of smile and ran a finger down the exposed soles of Mavis's feet.  Of course, Mavis squealed and jerked about which couldn't have been comfortable for either her or Big Boy. 

I decided that this had gone far enough.  I laid my hand on Tara's arm.  She instantly understood and walked around in front of the bound couple.  She looked Mavis in the eye and said, "One last thing tiny tits..."

I have to interrupt my narrative here.  It is true that Tara and Mavis were quite different body types.  Tara, whom I have called 'my Amazon', is tall, taller than I am and I am not a small man.  She is a big woman.  Not fat, large and, to my eye, perfectly proportioned.  She has broad shoulders and hips, a narrow waist and generous breasts and buttocks. 

Mavis, on the other hand is perhaps 5'4" or 5'5" and has one of those trim, well toned bodies that only the very wealthy seem to be able to maintain.  I suspect her cook is a certified dietician and that she has a personal trainer to design her exercise schedule.  Her breasts are certainly smaller than Tara's but are probably a B or perhaps even a C cup.  In any case they are well proportioned to her body and certainly not tiny.  Of course, with her arms pulled up and back her breasts were stretched up and somewhat flattened on her chest but the name was just not fair.  Still, fair or not, that's what Tara said.

"One last thing tiny tits, you had best put your mind to inventing a good story about a wild orgy, or a bet gone bad, or some such for the authorities when they cut you loose.  Remember I am not a person under the law. I am just livestock like cattle or horses.  You came here to take me without authority from my master and that is theft of livestock which is still a hanging offense out here.

"Now, I am sure your lawyers would be able to avoid the death penalty but spending the next 30 years in a cage on a penal planet doesn't sound very appealing.  Even if you were able to get off free, just think of the publicity as we testify to exactly how you were mounted and tied. 

"And of course the tabloids would love to hear about how wet you got when prodded up the ass."

Mavis was pretty well spread open with her ankles pulled back and up behind Big Boy.  I looked and despite a pretty fair covering of pubic hair I could clearly see that her lips were swollen and engorged and even caught the reflection of the lights on what appeared to be fluids that had leaked from her pussy.  As I watched Tara inserted one and then two fingers and stimulated Mavis until she was moaning.  Then Tara stopped and pulled out her very wet fingers.  She waved them in front of Mavis so that she could see how wet the fingers were and then moved them to Big Boy's mouth.  Like the obedient sex toy that he, no doubt was, he immediately began to lick and slurp on the fingers.

Tara laughed and told Mavis, "Even Big Boy here will be able to testify about how wet being fucked up the ass made you.  No, I am certain you won't want this all exposed in the press for months to come.  You will come up with a good story I just know it."

Tara pressed the button opening the door and we watched as Big Boy awkwardly waddled down the drive with his burden.  Each time he lifted a foot Mavis was shifted up a bit only to settle back down as his foot came down.  The effect was that she was being prodded in and out as he walked and would be well and truly butt fucked by the time they got to the highway.