Other Worlds
Book 5 - Publishing and Partying
by Sir Richard

My Book

While Tara dealt with Blondie I continued to work for the United Planets as a consultant.  My exploits had been turned into a book which provided a sizeable boost to my finances.  The military had me play down the collision and crash but had me puff up the heroic space explorer because they thought it would help in budget battles.  My publisher had me expand and elaborate on the sexual portions because it would help sell the book.  In the end I hardly recognized it as my story but it did give me some fame, or perhaps notoriety, as well as quite a bit of monetary credits.

In any event, with my vocal cords still damaged, the traditional book promotion tour was modified to have Tara by my side answering most of the questions.  Of course the publicists insisted that she appear in the traditional Moldovian costume of short skirt and sandals while remaining topless.  The only change was that they had me enter holding a leash attached to her slave collar.

I had objected to this blatant exploitation because I didn't want to humiliate Tara.  There were a series of knock down drag out arguments in which the military told me that they needed the good publicity and the publisher and publicist insisted that sex appeal was important to promote the book.  Well, I certainly couldn't deny that Tara had sex appeal, not when we romped in my bed every night. It was just that I felt it would be too demeaning for a woman that I had come to care for.  In the end, however, it was Tara who persuaded me that it would be the best thing to go along and show the master and slave role on the interview programs.

In fact Tara seemed to love the role of bare breasted captive slave led around by a leash.  She even embellished the role by kneeling instead of sitting by my side whenever space permitted.  She flirted shamelessly with the hosts of the programs often causing them to muff their lines or forget their questions.  This was equally true of both female and male interviewers. 

Our First Interview

The first appearance was, I thought at the time, a disaster.  It just goes to show how little I know.  It was at the start of a series of interviews and we were given an expensive suite in midtown Manhattan to enable us to get to the various interviews.  The publisher and the military split the costs, though how the military managed book tour costs into their budget baffles me.  Someone once told me that the military covered the book tour as recruiting costs which I suppose made as much sense as anything.  Certainly, the idea of winding up with a bare breasted female slave as sexy as Tara must have lured scores of young men to the local recruiter's office.

As I said I thought the first interview was a disaster.  We got to the studio on time, went through a grooming and makeup session (apparently bare skin shines into the camera under the lights), and we escorted to a waiting room called 'the green room.'  I never did find out how it came by that name as it wasn't green.  It was just a large room with refreshments and couches.  We were introduced to Cindy Lee, the star country and western singer who would be the first interview and some politician, whose name I have forgotten, who was to be the third and final 'guest.'

In retrospect, what happened was mostly my fault.  I 'talked' (via my keyboard) a bit with Cindy Lee for a few minutes acting, no doubt, like any star struck fan.  I was in fact a big fan of her music and was impressed with her celebrity.  Once she left for her interview, I became nervous.  When I am nervous I want something to do with my hands so I began to stroke Tara, particularly her breasts.  Tara has very sensitive breasts.  I don't think she has ever had an orgasm from breast play alone, but she becomes very worked up and aroused.

When the woman came for us Tara was breathing heavily and I could smell her musk.  We entered the stage, passed by the host's desk and sat on the first two seats on the couch, Tara on my left nearest the host.  Cindy Lee had moved down the couch and was on my right.  The host held up the book and introduced us. Then he noticed Tara's breathing and asked her, "Are you OK?"

Tara smiled at him and answered, "Oh yes.  I'm just horny!"

The host's mouth dropped open and after a moment he said, "Horny?"

"Yes, horny.  You know, turned on, aroused, in need of sexual satisfaction."

Trying desperately to regain control the host ignored her response and turned to his list of questions asking Tara, "So you are his indentured servant."

Tara said, "Well that's what the government calls it.  Actually he is my master and I am his sex slave."

At this point the host had totally lost control of the interview and, trying to regain some degree of control, he dropped the prepared questions and asked her, "And how do you feel about that?"

Tara looked thoughtful as she replied, "Well it could be bad but my master is very kind and generous.  He always gives me at least two orgasms before he enters me."

At this point Cindy Lee decided to rejoin the conversation, so she leaned over me and asked Tara (in that country girl drawl of hers), "Honey, how often does he do that for you?"

Tara smiled and said, "Every night and usually a couple of times during the day."

Cindy Lee looked doubtful and asked, "Every day?"

"Oh yes, every day and every night."

Cindy Lee still looked doubtful and said, "Honey, I doubt any man on earth can do that every day."

Tara said, "Well, most men may not be able to but my master received quite a few injections while he was on our planet.  He has more frequent erections and ejaculates more copiously than most men."

Now as Cindy Lee had leaned over to talk with Tara she had, innocently, I have no doubt, placed her hand on my thigh to support herself.  The problem was that, as she did her fingers contacted my penis which was already a bit hard from playing with Tara.  Cindy Lee was a very attractive woman and as her fingers brushed against me I sprouted a full erection.  It was just at that moment that Cindy Lee realized what she was holding.

She sat back up, blushing slightly and looking pointedly at my lap as she asked Tara, "Did you guys do anything to make that monster grow?"

Tara giggled and replied, "No, I don't think so.  It did get a lot of exercise while he was in captivity though.  Remember our leaders wanted to spread his DNA around our entire planet."

Cindy Lee was still staring at my embarrassingly visible erection when she licked her lips and asked Tara, "Have you all every thought of a threesome?"

Well, I won't bother you with the entire word by word playback.  Suffice it to say I sat there for the next four minutes while Tara and Cindy Lee discussed and critiqued my sexual technique and performance while the host held his head and I blushed redder and redder.  Finally it was time for the next commercial, the stage light dimmed and we were led off stage with Cindy Lee and Tara still chatting like long lost sisters.

That Evening

It seemed to me that there had been little mention of the book or its contents and an unnecessary amount of detail about my private life.  I took Tara back to our suite and into the bedroom where I feigned greater anger than I really felt (how could I really be angry at this wonderful woman) and had her undress down to her collar.  We didn't travel with a lot of bondage gear but Tara had found a wonderful medical tape that adhered to nothing but itself.  Intended for tight bandages that could be removed without pain, it could be applied very tightly.

I had Tara lie back on the bed and then fastened her elbows to her knees and her wrists to her ankles wrapping the entire length of her forearms and calves in many turns of the tape.  Then I rolled her over so that she was kneeling on the bed with her face down on the bed and her butt stuck up in the air.  In this position I could reach under her and fondle her breasts, play with her butt and, of course, have access to her pussy between her legs. 

I began to spank Tara.  She made the appropriate noises as I smacked her, but we both knew that I wouldn't be spanking her very long.  I loved to look at Tara from the front but I thought the smooth skin of her back and the curves of her ass were equally gorgeous.  Oh, I smacked her until her buns changed color from white to pink and then towards red but before they were really red I couldn't help caressing them.  Caresses turned into fondling and as I fondled with my palms, my fingers slipped along the bottom of her lovely pussy.

I smiled as I realized that Tara was moist.  Not as wet as when I played with her breasts but definitely lubricated enough for me to slip in a finger.  One finger was followed by two and I searched until I found her "G" spot.  Maintaining a steady stroking of that magical little bit of flesh I reached around her hip with my other hand and searched for her clitoris.  When I had found that lovely little pearl I slowly stroked and rolled it in time with my fingers rubbing inside her.  Tara's moans turned into inarticulate little 'ohs' and soon she had her first orgasm. 

I rolled her over on the bed and pressed her thighs apart.  With her forearms still bound to he calves her hips were rolled up presenting her groin to me.  I was getting pretty needy but, perhaps reflecting on her standard of "Two orgasms before he even enters me...", I lowered my mouth to her pussy.  Of course I couldn't reach her "G" spot with my tongue but I worked as skillfully as I could and she moaned appreciatively.  It took a while but she gradually built towards an orgasm.  When I felt that she was almost there I moved my mouth up and gripped her clit with my lips and flicked at it with my tongue. 

Well I may not have gotten to her "G" spot but I think her second orgasm was even more satisfactory than the first.  I climbed onto the bed and was about to enter her when I heard an annoying buzzing sound.  I paused and heard it again.  Someone was ringing the door bell to the suite. 

A Visitor

I quickly ran through who might be interrupting me at this critical juncture.  We hadn't ordered any room service and the hotel would call the room before delivering any package.  The only person I could think of that knew our room number was the publicist from the publishing house that had booked the suite for us.  She was probably here to tell us how badly we had screwed up the interview.

I wasn't really in the mood for that but I have always faced bad news squarely so despite my desires and rather urgent need, I left Tara on the bed, shrugged into a hotel robe and went to the door.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and Cindy Lee breezed in.  She barely glanced at me as she walked past me and said, "Tara gave me your room number.  Hey little darlin', where are ya?"

I heard Tara respond, "In here."

I wanted to say something like 'Just a minute.  We are busy right now, go away and come back later', but, of course, I still couldn't speak.  Where the hell had I put that damn keyboard.  A brief search of the sitting room in the suite produced my keyboard but by that time Cindy Lee had disappeared into the bedroom and I heard the unmistakable sounds of sexual activity.

Sure enough, I walked into the bedroom and saw a topless Cindy Lee busy licking Tara and bringing her up toward her third orgasm.  Well this was really too much.  Here was the other person who had dragged my sex life out over live video and now, without so much as a 'by your leave' she was playing with my Tara.  Well if she wanted to participate in our games I could deal with that!

I thought for a few moments and then moved forward to recover the medical wrap from Tara.  She felt the release and lowered her feet to the bed but was so near orgasm that I don't think she was consciously aware of her release.  I reached down and pulled Cindy Lee's hands behind her back where I bound them with one of the medical wraps.  Cindy Lee felt that of course and tried to lift her head to protest being bound but I just lifted her arms forcing her head back down into Tara's groin until I finished securing her hands with the medical wrap.

Then I flipped her over onto her bound hands.  This elicited a disappointed moan from Tara who had been quite close to reaching her orgasm.  Cindy Lee immediately began to ask me what I thought I was doing and to demand her release.  I just brought my finger to my lips in the universal 'hush' sign and then pointed my finger at her.  I guess Cindy Lee, who wasn't used to it, found my silence to be threatening because she grew quiet and her face took on a concerned look.

For my part I reached down and pulled off Cindy Lee's boots and then her stockings.  I am not, and never have been, particularly attracted to feet.  That being the case I can't really explain what happened next.  I glanced down and noted some red marks, apparently caused by her boots.  I pulled her feet up, which incidentally pressed her down on the bed and began to massage them. 

I don't recall ever having done that to a woman before but it seemed to work with Cindy Lee.  She relaxed and a look of utter contentment spread over her face.  She moaned appreciatively.  It was almost as though I had uncovered a new erogenous zone.  I was going to have to try this again.

Cindy Lee's Punishment

After some time Cindy Lee was relaxed and almost comatose on the bed.  I lowered her feet and unsnapped her jeans.  She woke up and watched as I lowered the zipper, but she made no protest.  In fact, as I began to tug them down she lifted her hips to assist me.  I pulled off her jeans and then her panties leaving her nude before me.  She was looking at me but more with interest than concern.

I took her by her hips and rolled her back over so that she was once again at Tara's groin.  Then I lifted Cindy Lee's hips forcing her face tighter into Tara's pussy.  Just to finish things off I brought Tara's legs up over Cindy Lee's back and used the second medical wrap to fasten them together. 

Now there was no way Cindy Lee could move from Tara's sweet pussy and she was more or less in the same posture that Tara had been in (though fastened differently) with her sweet ass invitingly up in the air.  I took the invitation and began to swat her.  She tried to yell but found her mouth was securely in Tara's pussy.  I don't know if Cindy Lee was trying to avoid punishment or just making the best of the situation but she began to lick Tara again.

And I proved again, that while I might be a master, I wasn't much at punishment.  My swats turned to caresses and then to fondling and my hands moved from Cindy Lee's lovely buns to her equally lovely pussy where they found her wet and obviously willing.  I went back to searching for the 'G' spot while gently stroking her interior and reaching around a hip for her clitoris. 

Cindy Lee proved as explosive as Tara and rapidly came to a pretty intense orgasm.  This time there was no flipping over and no minimum of two orgasms before entry.  I climbed up on the bed behind her and shrugging off the hotel robe slid into her.

Now I know I should have been worried about social diseases and birth control but it had been a long session and I don't think I was thinking with my big head.  Hey, I am a guy and sometimes my little head does the deciding if not actually thinking.  In any case I didn't give it a thought at the time and didn't learn until long after Cindy Lee had left that Tara had discussed all that with her before inviting her to join us.

It was strange as I had not been with another woman since that first night with Tara.  I had not really even desired another woman (Alright, really desired).  Sure I had noticed other women from time to time but had not really been interested.  Tara was all I could wish for.  Still the sight of Cindy Lee's sweet ass and lovely pussy while she was licking Tara just set me off.  In any case I continued to play with Cindy Lee's clit and managed to hold off until I brought her to a second orgasm.

At that point I was exhausted and untied both women.  I lay down next to Tara and noted idly that Cindy Lee didn't pull away from Tara until she had given her yet another orgasm.  I had lost count by that time and was drifting off to sleep when Tara pulled out my arm and cuddled into me with a leg over my thigh, one breast on my chest and her head on my shoulder.  This was one of our favorite positions and I sighed contentedly.  Then I felt my other arm being pulled out as Cindy Lee mirrored Tara on my other side.  I remember I was a bit surprised but supremely comfortable as a sandwich filling between two very attractive women.  I remember thinking that my arms would be stiff in the morning but that the sensations I was currently enjoying would make it all worth while.

Next Morning

I awoke to the sound of giggling, very female giggling coming from the direction of the bathroom.  I pried open an eye and saw that it was that half light, grey pre-dawn.  Much too early to wake up.  I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the female voices whispering in the bathroom.  I could feel the bed move as first one and then the other woman climbed back on, apparently freshly showered and wide awake.  I heard a voice say, "Let's not waste this."

Then I felt a very strange, wonderful but strange sensation as two tongues began to lick at my very erect penis.  Neither woman took it into her mouth but both vied to see who could create the most sensation using only their tongues.  They licked up and down, they swirled around the head.  In fact I don't know all what they did but I did know I wasn't going to get any more sleep.  I opened my eyes and looked down at the two heads pleasuring (and tormenting) my cock.

Cindy Lee glanced up and saw that I was awake.  She reached over and pushed Tara slightly away and then she mounted my shaft, cowgirl fashion.  I watched her slowly move up and down and was about to reach for her breasts when my view was cut off by Tara swinging her leg over me and lowering her pussy toward my mouth.  She was fresh and clean, confirming my supposition that the women had showered.

I had a momentary flashback to when I had been a captive with Blondie using my mouth while one of her customers rode my cock.  It only lasted a second though as I recognized that this was an entirely different situation.  I wasn't restrained, there was no cock ring, and the pussy at my mouth was Tara, the women I cared for.

I was busy trying to get Tara off and still concentrate enough on holding back my own orgasm until Cindy Lee could get some satisfaction.  I think I did pretty well from the sounds Cindy Lee made but I couldn't swear to it.

In any event Cindy Lee and Tara decided they needed another shower and while I was quite willing to go back to sleep nothing would do but they dragged me along with them.  The hotel shower was good sized but it had been designed for one, or no more than two persons, and it was ridiculously crowded with the three of us.  There was a lot of groping and a lot of rubbing.  Being cleaned with soapy breasts is an experience I won't soon forget. 

In the end I had both women kneel while I washed their hair.  I don't know why I find that such a sexy thing.  It is just hair and scalp.  Perhaps it is sexy because it is so intimate.  In any case I became hard again.  Cindy Lee looked at Tara and asked, "Don't that thing ever go down?"

Tara responded happily, "Nope."  Then she swiveled around and grasped me in her mouth.  Cindy Lee said that she had another appointment that morning and had to get moving.  She slipped out of the shower and, I guess, dried off before she went to get dressed.  I was too preoccupied by Tara to notice what Cindy Lee was doing.

All good things come to an end and Tara's blow job was definitely a good thing.  Eventually she emptied me, swallowing every drop and we left the shower and dried off.  In the bedroom we found a now dressed Cindy Lee.  She gave me an almost sisterly kiss on the cheek and thanked me for a great night.  She hugged Tara and whispered to her for some time as I checked at the door to ensure the hotel corridor was empty.  When I reported all clear Cindy Lee slipped past and out of sight becoming just a memory.

Additional Interviews

We had a couple of additional interviews.  Before we went to them the publishing house publicist dropped by.  I thought she was going to chew us out for yesterday's interview but she had loved every minute of it.  As far as she was concerned 'sex sells' and the more sex we could introduce into the publicity the more books would be sold.

We finished up the interviews with Tara projecting sex in every word and movement.  Most of the hosts were better prepared and managed to keep more or less in control, though all of them, male and female, were obviously impacted by Tara.  Of course, although she was doing exactly what was expected of her, Tara's behavior warranted several additional spankings and wild sex sessions.  Those were just between the two of us however.

Book Signings

After the interviews we embarked on a multi city tour where we would sit behind a table and autograph the copies of my book that the customer had purchased.  Not much of note happened during these events though several women did proposition me right in front of Tara and several male customers were quite obviously drooling over Tara.  We kept it professional and rejected all such advances.

The only other thing of note that happened was that my voice began to return.  I was just entering a bound Tara, pretty much in the straight missionary position when it happened.  (I know missionary is boring but it is popular not only because it doesn't require much imagination, it is also popular because it is good and comfortable.  At least it is as long as you keep part of you weight supported by your arms.)

In any case, I had just entered her when I said, "Tara."

She froze rigid under me and I thought I had done something that somehow hurt her.  I pushed up. Tara was looking intently at me and I thought I saw a tear drop glistening in one eye. I raised an eyebrow in inquiry and Tara said, "Master, you spoke!"

Had I?  I thought back and realized that I had.  Looking down at my wonderful Tara I half whispered, "You inspire me." And, since she wasn't in pain I proceeded to slide the rest of the way into her.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that my vocal cords felt as though I had been screaming for an hour.  Apparently, like any other muscle, they had atrophied during the long period of disuse.  Then all such thoughts were swept aside by sensations from my groin.

Over the course of the book signing tour my ability to speak gradually returned to normal.  Tara and I had developed communication by look or gesture (like a raised eyebrow for 'What') to such a high degree that she and I didn't really speak much.  Outsiders, who had read the book, expected me to be mute so I didn't speak with them.  It was a relief, however, to be able to communicate with the publishing house without having to hunt and peck each word out on my keyboard.