Other Worlds
Book 4 - Tara and Torments
by Sir Richard

Tara Discovers Shopping

I said that Tara used household items to torment Blondie.  That was true in the beginning but then I made the same mistake that men have been making since time immemorial.  I gave Tara my credit numbers (OK, I know in ancient times they didn't have credit numbers so it was more like access to the exchequer or vault but it was really the same thing).

It started one night when Tara was musing about wanting to find some way to keep Blondie quiet.  I told her to buy a gag.  Well that opened the floodgates of Tara's curiosity.  I got no peace until I untied her. (Well where do you think we were while musing about the next day's torments for Blonde?  We were in my bed and had just finished playing.)  I showed her a bondage store on the internet.  I remember giving her my credit numbers, saying something like ‘have fun' and then going back to bed leaving Tara surfing in a world whose existence she had not known.

As with Pandora's Box, once the lid is off it never seems to go back on.  Soon we began to receive packages of bondage gear.  I could have stopped it, of course, but the joy on Tara's face as she opened each box was like that of a child at Christmas.  It wasn't all that expensive and we could use the stuff so I let her go on.

And go on she did.  For about a month Tara was enchanted with the variety of commercial devices available.  She bought blindfolds and hoods because, as she explained to me, the sensations are so much more intense when you can't anticipate them and when you can't see anything to distract you from the feeling.  The initial ball gag was soon followed by a penis gag, an inflatable gag, a ring gag and a rather nasty looking brank gag mounted in a sort of a head cage.  There were ropes and chains and cuffs and locks.  She bought anal plugs, dildos and an amazing variety of vibrators. 

In fact she bought so much I eventually bought one of those mechanics' tool carts to keep it in some sort of order.  You know the kind I mean.  Sort of a metal chest on wheels with six shallow tool drawers and two deeper bottom drawers.  The shallow drawers held the blindfolds, hoods, most of the gags (the one on the head cage was too big and had to go into a bottom drawer), the cuffs, the locks and all of the plugs, dildos and vibrators.  Chains, neatly coiled hanks of rope and the brank gag filled one of the deep drawers while the other one contained the electric shock machine and the f**king machine.

That's right.  Tara found a machine that could generate electric shocks.  Anything from a mild tingle to a serious ouch.  It had twin outlets so you could go from zapping one area to another without moving the wires and had an amazing assortment of devices to which the wires could be attached.  There were flat sticky pads with a place for the wires like the ones your doctor uses to get a cardiogram reading.  There were nasty little sharp toothed clamps to which the wires could be fixed.  There was even a large plastic dildo with two metal strips running along it.  Once inserted this little baby could deliver the shocks directly to the interior of the pussy or anus.

The f**king machine was just what you might think.  It had a heavy base to keep it in place with an electric motor driving a large flywheel through a reducing gear train.  An arm attached to the flywheel provided the in and out motion.  Stroke length was determined by how close the arm was fastened to the outer diameter of the flywheel.  The further the arm was moved towards the outer edge of the wheel, the longer the stroke would be.  The arm itself was also adjustable in length so that the base could remain on the floor.  The motor was variable speed so that the machine could deliver slow strokes or furiously fast ones.  As with the other ‘toys' there were an amazing variety of things that could be attached to the arm.

We soon had a plethora of toys for Tara to use on Blondie.  OK, I will admit that I used many of them on Tara in the evenings.  Not all of them.  I didn't see any point in mechanically f**king my Tara.  The Moldovian injections were still allowing me to perform that function quite well, thank you.

Sexual Frustration and Orgasms

With her new toys Tara found it easier than ever to hold Blondie on the edge of orgasm.  Imagine the machine stroking a dildo in and out of her pussy while Tara teased the blindfolded victim with a vibrator.  First Tara would use it on Blondie's breasts then, very lightly, just over her clitoris.  Then just as Blondie was about to explode Tara would press a button on the shock machine and a nasty shock delivered, say, to Blondie's labia would bring her down.  The machine would just continue stroking and Tara would resume the gentle touches with the vibrator bringing Blondie back up.

Of course while sexual frustration was a great way to torment a tied down Blondie, Tara also found ways to hold Blondie on edge while she was performing her household chores.  A little silver egg shaped vibrator inserted in Blondie's pussy and set on low would keep her aroused but well below the orgasm level as she worked changing the beds and doing the laundry.  Tara would remotely change the intensity of the vibrations kept Blondie from growing accustomed to the constant stimulation.

Of course Tara was too clever to constantly use the same technique or even series of techniques.  Sexual frustration was fine but when that seemed to become routine.  Tara switched to forcing Blondie through constant non stop orgasms.  Blondie was blindfolded and tied down with her legs spread widely, just as she had been for the frustration but this time Tara continued to stimulate Blondie's clit.  When Blondie exploded in orgasm, Tara increased the speed of the f**king machine and turned up her vibrator.  She pushed Blondie through one orgasm into another even though Blondie's groin was so inflamed that the stimulation was almost painful.  I think she managed to wring five orgasms out of Blondie before Blondie's body simply shut down from sensory overload and she passed out.


I did draw the line when Tara wanted to get a rack, but we had plenty of other bondage furniture.  There was a Saint Andrew's cross that held Blondie in a standing spread eagle, a padded table with a row of eye bolts down each side and an ingenious bondage chair the spread the legs but kept both the pussy and anus available.

She also ordered a rather ridiculous pillory device.  I did have to admit it was very frustrating to have your head and wrists secured by a wood block while you are absolutely helpless.  Tara would often secure Blondie in this and then spread her legs apart with ropes.  Then she could set up either the f**king machine or a simple vibrator on a stand and torment Blondie for hours.

Then there was the cage.  I don't know if this actually qualifies as furniture but it was a travel crate for a large dog.   The top sides and bottom were plastic but the ends were strong metal wire.  Blondie often slept in the cage.  It was fairly large but she could neither sit up nor stretch out.  Usually she would curl up on the bottom.

The Milk Maid

Tara's ultimate purchase however wasn't something intended for bondage games.  She was a bright curious woman and spent quite a bit of time surfing the web (well, quite a bit of time when she wasn't tied down in my bed or busy tormenting Blondie).  She had a healthy curiosity about United Planets history but one day she wandered into a medical web site.  I think it happened when I talked to Tara about gynecological exam tables with their adjustable stirrups. I suppose, given her nursing or caregiver background, that this was inevitable.  In any event Tara found Lactaid.

Lactaid was a liquid filled with enzymes, or perhaps female hormones, I never really understood the difference.  In any event, the liquid was meant to stimulate production of breast milk in mothers of newborn infants who were having problems breast feeding.  In normal use the product was ingested orally but after some research Tara determined that there was no reason the product couldn't be administered by injection.  Tara ordered a case of the concentrated product as well as disposable syringes and needles.

I was unaware of this until I noticed that Blondie was doing her household work with rope tightly cinched around the base of her breasts and some particularly nasty looking clamp on her nipples.  Curious, I followed Tara and Blondie to the transport bay.

There seemed to be a well developed routine as Tara needed very few words to get Blondie into position.  Blondie's legs were spread and tied to the supporting posts and her hands, which were tied behind her, were hoisted toward the roof forcing her to bend forward until her torso was more or less parallel to the ground. 

Tara pushed a bucket into position, unscrewed the nipple clamp and began milking Blondie as one would a cow.  While Blondie seemed relieved as Tara first released the clamp and the milk began to flow, that soon turned to pain as Tara squeezed and tugged on her breast to drain the last of the milk.  Once one breast had been emptied Tara replaced the nipple clamp and turned to the second breast, repeating the entire milking process.

With the nipple clamps replaced Tara untied the ropes around the base of Blondie's breasts and waited while Blondie endured the pins and needles pain of the restored blood flow.  Then Tara retied the ropes ensuring that Blondie's breasts were tightly squeezed and at their maximum sensitivity.  I thought she would release Blondie at that point but instead Tara began injecting each breast with the Lactaid.  Each syringe was slowly pushed deep into a breast and then the liquid slowly forced into the already tightly stretched flesh.  I doubt that the Lactaid burned as had the stuff the Moldavians had injected into my testicles but the injections were clearly painful to Blondie.

When the injections were complete Tara released Blondie and retied her so that she could reach in front of her to do her chores.  Tara was careful however to keep Blondie's hand low enough so that she couldn't rub her breasts.  I know nursing mothers who have described how uncomfortable full breasts can be.  I am certain that with her breasts so tightly stretched by the ropes that Blondie was more than uncomfortable.

I learned about the research and what the liquid was after Blondie had gone back to her chores.  I asked Tara to explain the entire thing to me.  She told me that just as they had milked me time after time she was going to force Blondie through the same humiliation every two hours, even if it did reduce her productivity on chores.  I would never have thought of this sort of a punishment but it did seem fitting.  I couldn't imagine a worse humiliation than being milked like a cow.

Oh, by the way she did find her gynecological table.  And while she was surfing the medical sites she came up with some dandy hospital restraints and a bandage tape that stuck only to itself.  Great for holding someone tight and then being able to remove it without pulling at the skin.

Sex and the Single Slave

During this period I never actually had sex with Blondie.  Apparently Tara was telling her how good it was and how unworthy she was.  It was strange as I had never been reticent about sex but the more I came to know Tara, the less attractive other women seemed to me.  No, that's not correct.  They, the other women, seemed just as attractive as they always had but I didn't desire them as I used to.

Now you would think that with all the erections I was getting I would be rutting after any female around.  It actually didn't work that way.  Partly because Tara was so openly sexual and partly because the more I knew her the more I wanted to please her.  I know a slave has no say about what a master does but I cared for this woman and didn't really want to be with others.

Tara, for her part played along with whatever I indicated I wanted.  Some times I had to wrestle her to get her down on my bed other times she simply assumed the positions I wanted and waited to be restrained.  Of course we experimented with all sort of positions and ties. 

I think the most elaborate was a suspension from the rails at the top of our four poster bed.  After a great deal of fussy up and down adjustments I had Tara above the mattress more or less parallel to it.  I positioned the machines at her anus and then slid under her working my way up until I was fully inserted in her pussy.  Then with the control to the machine I was able to have the machine push her butt forward which had the effect of my partway exiting her pussy.  As the machine did its back stroke she would slide back down encompassing me fully.

The sex was great.  Well, I am a guy and all sex is great.  It is just that some is better than others.  At any rate to feel her sliding back and forth over me without either of us using our muscles was unique.  To tell the truth, though, it was a bit sterile.  It had taken so long to set up that it just wasn't worth it and we never repeated it.

We both liked oral sex, both giving and receiving.  I have already told you that Tara has a very talented mouth.  Anal sex was just OK.  Neither of us really thought that it was that great.  And then there were all sorts of variations on penile/vaginal sex.

We did it from the front, with her legs down and with her legs up, from the rear with a cushion under her abdomen.  I don't think we actually went through the Kama Sutra, but we tried some pretty strange positions.  Sometimes, just for variety I would have Tara ride me ‘cowgirl' style.  While we had a few uncomfortable positions Tara was always up and ready to play and was certainly the most willing love slave I could imagine.

Do All Good Things Come to an End

It was somewhere in the 10th or 11th month of Tara's and Blondie's slavery when Tara came to me with the records.  She said, "Master I think it is time to send Blondie back to Moldavia."

"You think I've had enough revenge on the poor woman?" I asked.

"Oh. No master.  This has just been the preparation phase.  Your real revenge will take place once she is back on her home planet."

My throat was still a little tender (more on that later) at this point in my recovery so instead of asking I raised an eyebrow and made a go on gesture.

Tara explained that most people on Moldavia had convinced themselves that the only reason their planet had been invaded and subjugated was because Blondie had been mistreating me.  Given the United Planets historical record I knew that it was extremely unlikely that we would have come in peace and negotiated some sort of friendship treaty, but true or not that was most Moldavians thought.  Thus Blondie was some sort of pariah and would be without friends on her own planet.

Then too, even if Blondie tried to conceal her identity it would be hard for her to make new friends.  I know it sounds shallow but appearances are important to the women of her planet and Blondie was no longer the beauty she had been.  The months of torment had given her face a worn and lined appearance; her starchy diet had thickened her thighs and waist and added flesh to her upper arms and to her butt.  The constant stretching both from the ropes and the Lactaid had pulled her breasts out beyond their normal size and now, without the constant injections they were flat and sagged and looked unnatural.

Finally with her record it was clear that the government would never allow her to work in her chosen field again.  She would probably be given some mindless clerical job to allow her to survive but she would spend every day of the rest of her life regretting her treatment of me.

I think I remarked earlier that the female is the deadlier of the species.  This was revenge far beyond anything I could have plotted.  I never did learn how much of this was due to Tara being offended by what Blondie had done to me and how much was due to her being offended at Blondie's violation of the caregivers' code.  I guess that, in the end, it really didn't matter. My revenge was complete and total.  I did make a mental note, however, that master and slave or not, it would not be a good idea to get Tara pissed off at me.  Of course by that time I had fallen in love with Tara and wanted to please her just as much as I could so it probably didn't really matter.

I grumpily said, "I suppose you want to be released early as well."

Tara didn't reply but just handed me the two ledgers in which indentured servants are charged and credited.  I know it is nonsense to have hard cover ledger books in this day and age but that's the law. 

In any event I opened the top ledger and noted it was Blondie's.  It showed charges for room and board that would have extended Blondie's service by another two or three months.  Still grumpy at the thought of loosing Tara I signed the early release notation that Tara had already recorded.

Then I turned to Tara's book.  I was astounded!  First of all, Tara had charged much more for her room and board than she had in Blondie's book.  I guess that was fair enough.  Tara slept in my bed and ate her meals with me.  She was certainly better fed and housed than Blondie.  Still it was not the sort of thing I would expect a sex slave to do on her own.

What really astonished me were the rest of the entries.  Tara had added time to her service to compensate me for Blondie's early release and had charged herself for every purchase of bondage gear we had made.  I took a quick look at the balance and Tara had extended her one year of service to something over five years.

I looked at her and asked, rather stupidly, "Are you sure you want to be my sex slave for another five years?"

Tara glanced down submissively and said, "If my master wants me."

I passed her back the books and watched her perfect buns as the gently swayed out of the room.  I guess I watched her buns.  Actually my thoughts were more on how much I enjoyed having Tara around and how delighted I was at the prospect of having her for years to come.