Other Worlds
Book 3 -Rage and Revenge
by Sir Richard

I Lose It

Once I had them home I took them into the transport bay. The people who had built the house had provided a large parking bay to accommodate three vehicles, though I only had one. Because of structural needs each of the bays was separated by posts which were actually steel beams. To make the posts more attractive the architect had used large beams but cut a series of circular holes in the webs. This gave the beams a light airy almost sculpted look. While the holes were meant to be decorative, I had found that I could slide a steel pipe between two posts at various levels and have an ideal firm structure to which I could fasten my subs.

I undid the chain linking their collars and removed Blackie's gag. I helped her sit in a chair and gave her a drink of water and roped her still cuffed hands to the rear rung of the chair. With my hand I motioned that she should stay in the chair. To ensure that she didn't move I ran a strap around her and the back of the chair and another over her lap. I bound her ankles together and tied them to the same rear rung pulling her feet back and up off the ground.

Blondie's gag was also removed and I walked her to the steel pipe. I tied her ankles to posts, forcing her to spread her legs. I removed her butt plug and hooked a line to her wrists, which, as you will remember were cuffed behind her back. I gave her a few sips of water and then forced her to bend forward over the table, hoisting her cuffed hands towards the ceiling to hold her in position.

Then I took my riding crop and proceeded to whip her raw. A blind rage overtook me and all of the anger, hatred and humiliation I had suffered over the months of captivity poured into the blows. She was soon screaming and her screams seemed to fuel my anger and hate. Eventually I came down out of my rage and saw the mess I had made of her ass. It was an angry dark red with blood showing where I had broken the skin.

It was then that I discovered (or more accurately, reaffirmed) that I wasn't really a sadist. Despite my anger and hate I was ashamed of what I had just done to her. I saw nothing even remotely sexual in her state, just ugly bruises, welts, and some blood. I was ashamed of myself and threw the riding crop on the floor. My plan had been to beat Blondie daily while using Blackie as my bondage sex slave but I realized how stupid that idea had been. There was no way I could stomach doing this sort of thing to Blondie again.

Oh I know the law says that I am permitted to do this to an indentured servant. After all she isn't really a person, just an alien life form. But to me both of them looked like real women. Heck, we were even able to breed as had been proven on their planet.

And yes, I know that there are women who get off on pain. That's fine for people who swing that way. That wasn't the case here, however. Blondie was clearly suffering and as I mused on how stupid my plan had been, I turned to take Blackie to the bed room but was stopped by the sight before me. Blackie was literally shaking in fear and horror. I reached out and she trembled under my touch. The poor woman thought I was going to do the same to her. If I hadn't already been ashamed of my actions this would have driven me there. Poor sweet Blackie, always gentle, always ready with a smile now was terrified that she had been indentured to some sadistic monster.

I opened the strap and pulled her from the chair, untied her ankles and guided her trembling body to my bedroom. She was almost in a panic from her fear. I laid her on the bed, unclipped her handcuffed wrists from her collar and tied them to the head of the bed, leaving her legs free. I undressed and climbed in beside her and pulled her towards me so that she was sort of half resting on me. Then I began to gently caress and stroke her body. I wished I could talk to assuage her fears. It was quite a while before I felt Blackie stop sobbing and trembling and a good half hour beyond that before I felt her body relax. I remembered how aroused she had become when I had licked and sucked her nipples so I shifted my focus to her breasts.

Well, that was a little self serving! I did remember how she enjoyed breast play and I did want to give her pleasure but the truth was that I would have gone to her breasts anyway. She was a very sexy woman (OK, alien if you insist, but a very sexy female humanoid alien) and had the large attractive breasts so typical of the women on her home planet. Now, having admitted that I was attracted to her breasts for my own pleasure, playing with her breasts and licking and sucking at her nipples had the desired effect and Blackie began to moan appreciatively. Soon I caught a whiff of that lovely musky smell women give off when they are aroused. I brought one hand down to her groin and sure enough she was more than moist, she was wet.

At that point I slid down on the bed to taste her and eat her lovely pussy. I licked her to two substantial orgasms and about half way to a third before my own need overcame me. I slid back up and mouthed a nipple as I penetrated her. She was hot and tight and altogether ready. I began slowly not wanting to hurt her but Blackie was having none of that. She pushed her groin up at me stroke for stroke pushing the pace faster and faster until I was going about as hard and fast as I could. After a few minutes (OK, it might have been seconds. I wasn't looking at my watch), she exploded in orgasm under me and I followed within seconds by spurting into her.

Have I ever mentioned how beautiful women are when they are coming? All artifice is gone. What you see is raw, primal animal and it is glorious. In any case I held her for a few minutes until I got my breath back. I slid off to one side and wrapped my arms around her and found that she'd turned towards me so that we were cuddled together with her breasts pressed to my chest. After a while she rolled over and we spooned together with one of my arms over her cupping one of those lovely breasts. It was a very pleasant way to stay. I held her in my arms until I was certain that she had fallen asleep.

Next Morning

I awoke next morning with my arms still around Blackie. I pried open my eyes and found myself inches from her face. She had apparently rolled over at some point during the night and was lying there with her cuffed wrists still fastened to the bed. She was awake and her eyes were looking into mine. I could think of worse ways to wake up. When she saw that I was awake she said, "Good morning master."

I smiled as I unwound myself from her. I didn't know what the sexual servant training was in detail, but I kind of enjoyed her subservient attitude. I kissed her nose and then pointed to the auto chef. Picking up my keyboard I typed "Make us some breakfast" and pressed the send function.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about the keyboard's speech function. I could type anything from a word to an entire book into it and then press send. It then spoke what I had typed. It was actually pretty good, though it was a pain in the ass to have to use it whenever I wanted to speak. You had to use the spell check function and be certain that the words were in the keyboard's vocabulary but it did a pretty good job. No change in tone or inflection, of course, which made it sound a bit robotic but, hey, it was a machine.

In any case I freed up Blackie's hands to let her navigate and went to relieve myself and take my shower. I had just gotten the shower adjusted when the door opened and Blackie stepped in behind me. I didn't actually realize that she had joined me until I felt a soapy pair of hands (and an equally soapy pair of breasts) begin to rub my back. I was so startled that I spun around only to be firmly turned away by Blackie who was, apparently, determined to wash my back.

I decided that I was enjoying this so I let her have her way with me. She was quite thorough including massaging my buns and ensuring that my crack and sphincter were squeaky clean. That was me squeaking. Having finished my back Blackie turned me around and thoroughly cleaned my front with considerable attention paid to cleaning my groin. Having finished cleaning me externally, she took my very rigid member into her mouth and proceeded to clean me internally.

I wouldn't have expected a planet ruled by females where the only men were either idiot muscle men or wimpy boy toys to have developed the fine art of cock sucking. Perhaps it was something that came with the sexual training at the slave pens. Whatever the source of her knowledge, it was vast. She used her lips, her tongue, blowing, sucking, humming and some things that I felt but can't identify. She was, in short, marvelous and it was the best blow job I had ever experienced on any planet.

As you might imagine my brain had pretty much ceased to function (due no doubt to the fact that my blood had apparently moved south of my waist) during her ministrations. Upon recovery I realized that A) Blackie had left the shower, B) she had apparently overcome last night's fear of me, and C) that I didn't mind at all that she had delayed preparing my breakfast.

When I had recovered enough to actually move I dried off, dressed and went into the kitchen and sat down to breakfast. While there was plenty of food, Blackie had only set one place. I grabbed some dishes for her and sat her across the table from me. She was really an attractive woman and her cheery face made me like her though I could see something was troubling her. Using the keyboard I asked what the problem was.

Blackie asked why I was treating her (and she referred to herself as Tara) so well when I had been so mean' (her word) to Blondie. (Blackie actually used another name which I couldn't pronounce, but it was clear that she was referring to Blondie and last night.) I tried to brush it off by saying (typing) that she was an ugly person. No good. Tara was intelligent and said' "But she is quite beautiful."

I responded with faltering keystrokes, "No! She is very pretty but beautiful comes from within and isn't just surface appearance. She is mean and evil and that makes her ugly. You are beautiful."

Tara blushed (I didn't know that she could do that.) but persisted, asking. "Why do you think that?"

It seemed that even with slave girls (sorry, indentured sex servants) a man couldn't get through breakfast without a full explanation. I know I could have just bound and gagged her but I didn't want to do that to her, at least not yet. Instead I began typing. I covered several paragraphs of what Blondie had been doing to me. I was aware of Tara moving around behind me so that she could read over my shoulder and a few gasps as various actions of Blondie's were revealed. It was pleasant to feel Tara's hand on my shoulders and her breasts pressing against me as she leaned forward to read.

I guess I got involved in the typing and spelling as I didn't even notice when Tara slipped out of the room. I was brought back to reality by screams. I jumped up and ran to the room where Blondie was still strung up to find Tara violently whipping her with my riding crop. She was shrieking something in their native tongue but I didn't catch a word of it.

I wrapped my arms around Tara and pulled her back. She dropped the riding crop and didn't resist as I tied her wrists palm to palm behind her back and then tied her elbows tightly, almost touching. I thought I was hurting her when I saw her tears but they turned out to be tears of shame, similar to the way I had felt last night. Tara apologized for her loosing her temper and asked me to punish her as she draped herself over my lap.

Well, I wasn't too angry with her. In fact I was pleased to see that she regarded what Blondie had done as wrong. At the same time, however, it is very difficult for me to resist a nude woman, who was over my lap asking to be punished. Did the fact that she had a great ass influence my decision? Well that's just a silly question.

Tara had an ass that just begged to be fondled, squeezed, pinched, kissed and spanked. It was firm enough to be very inviting but not so hard that my hand didn't leave impressions as I spanked her. Unfortunately I soon discovered that spanking Tara wouldn't work as a punishment. Oh, I spanked her hard enough and her buns turned pink and then red but I noted that she was moaning appreciatively and that there was moisture forming between her legs. I stopped spanking and began caressing and then groping her buns and it wasn't long before I pulled her off my lap and bent her over my desk as I slid into her from behind.

When she had finished and some blood had returned to my head I told her (typed to her), "Now you see my problem. I had planned to use you as my bondage sex slave and beat her daily to get my revenge but I find that I can't beat her. It just isn't who I am."

Tara looked at me with a smile and said, "Actually I'm glad you aren't that sort of person. Now, as to the rest, the bondage sex slave part is OK. We just have to work on the revenge part."

"You mean you are not bothered by being my sex slave and being tied down?" I asked.

"Oh please! If last night was any sample I am going to enjoy being your bound slave. I had more and better orgasms last night than I ever had at home."

While that was sinking in Tara continued, "No the bondage and the sex are fine. It is just that your revenge is too masculine. It isn't subtle enough."

I must have raised my eyebrows because she expanded, "You are just relying on pain. You need to be more subtle and use degradation and humiliation. You have to exert control over her mind and spirit as well as her body. You're much too masculine. You need a more subtle feminine approach. I have it, use me to punish her."

I think my mind was reeling as I struggled to keep up with Tara and what I saw as her rapid shift in priorities and allegiances. I typed, "I am willing to try but no permanent injuries or marking."

She responded with some asperity apparent in her voice, "You are not paying attention master. There will be no need to injure her though there will be lots of uncomfortable things for her. I think I have some ideas and will get started."

Tara walked over to the auto chef and programmed some sort of bland gruel which was apparently going to be Blondie's diet. I reflected on our conversation and realized that it wasn't all that strange. Tara was gaining a virile male lover (well, I do have an ego), at least as long as the residual effect of the injections lasted. That was something that was pretty much impossible on her home planet. The sex and bondage had been conditioned into her at the slave pens so it really wasn't all that strange. I was surprised at her anger at Blondie and her willingness to join in punishing her but, as I thought about it, I realized that both Tara and Blondie had been something like doctors or nurse practioners and that Blondie's treatment of me must have been seen as a betrayal of whatever the Moldovian equivalent of the Hippocratic oath was, as well as an attack on me.

I never did figure out how much of Tara's anger toward Blonde was due to her sympathy for how I had been treated and how much was anger at Blondie having broken her nursing vows but in the end it didn't really matter.

The Deadlier of the Species

They say that the female is the deadlier of the species. Under Tara's direction Blondie became our live-in maid constantly cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry and all the menial chores related to keeping the house running. Between her chores, Blondie also endured bondage and torment sessions devised by Tara. I must admit that Tara's torment of Blondie was more inventive and probably a lot more effective than anything I would have come up with. When she had finished her chores and Tara was done tormenting her, Blondie spent her nights in uncomfortable bondage. While she was enduring uncomfortable nights Tara and I romped in my bed (with Tara suitably restrained of course).

For example Tara began with the pole at shoulder height and tied Blondie's shoulders to the cross piece. Then releasing one arm at a time she tied Blondie's elbows and wrists to the pole holding her in a sort of crucifix position. Tara then roped Blondie's ankles and arranged them in the position she wanted. She could pull them slightly apart allowing access to Blondie's body. She used this if Blondie was going to be there a long time. If Tara's planned torment was going to be shorter she might pull Blondie's legs further apart so that only the tips of her toes touched the floor or she might even pull Blondie's legs to the sides until she was suspended from the arm and shoulder tie. As I said Tara was very inventive.

Initially Tara would torment Blondie with things she found around the house. On my desk there was a container of bulldog clips. These are little steel triangles with handles to force them apart. When released they close tightly holding several pages of paper together. Tara found that these could be fastened to Blondie wherever she could gather a bit of flesh. Of course, you know she used these as nipple clamps, but the ever inventive Tara also used them on Blondie's stomach and sides and the soft flesh between her toes. Nastier still was her placing them on Blondie's labia and even on her soft inner pussy lips.

Often she would work Blondie against herself. For example the handles of the nipple clips would be fastened to a string. The string would be run through a hook in the ceiling and then tied to Blondie's raised ankle. Of course Blondie's muscles would eventually grow so tired that her foot would come down pulling on the nipple clips. The pain would force Blondie to try to raise her aching leg again but in the end she had to endure the additional pain in her nipples.

Another favorite position was to lower the cross pole to about waist height. Then Tara would force Blondie over the pole and tie her wrists to her ankles. Pulling her ankles to the sides would leave all of Blondie's body exposed to Tara's not too kind ministrations.

Pain Isn't the Only Way

Tara used pain as a way to torment Blondie but she was too clever to stick with just one thing. For example she managed to find ways of making Blondie perform routine household tasks in the most humiliating and degrading manner. Take scrubbing the floors for example. For this chore Blondie had her elbows and wrists tied tightly behind her back. Then she was forced to kneel and spread her knees apart. Tara would cross Blondie's ankles and tie them that way to ensure her legs stayed apart. Tara had me drill holes in each end of an ordinary wood and bristle scrub brush. Using two short lengths of rope through the holes and as straps she forced Blondie to grip the scrub brush between her teeth.

Then Tara forced Blondie to dip her face into the bucket of water and floor cleaner to wet the brush and to painfully crawl over every inch, face down to the floor. Tara would follow behind Blondie with the riding crop encouraging her with swats to her rear (which her position forced up in the air) and occasional flicks against her pussy which was nicely displayed between her legs.

Then there was tickle torture. With Blondie securely roped into one position, Tara would attack her with light tickling strokes. I know it sounds like a kid's game but if you have never been tickled while unable to move you really don't understand. Your body jerks and pulls against the unrelenting restraints causing sore muscles worse than any workout. Eventually your screams and peals of laughter leave you short of breath and gasping for air. Often Tara would tickle Blondie until she lost all control and passed out. This was usually accompanied by Blondie voiding her bladder but the transport bay had a floor drain and the mess gave Tara an excuse to spray cold water over the humiliated Blondie once she had regained consciousness.

Sex Can Be Frustrating

Shortly after I gave Tara charge of Blondie I wandered into the great room and found Blondie securely tied to a table. Blondie's wrists were in cuffs that were secured to the upper corners of the table. Her legs had been spread wide and her cuffed ankles pulled together under the table. This forced her thighs far apart spreading her obscenely. I must admit that I wondered what was going on as Tara was enthusiastically fondling Blondie's breasts and licking at her pussy. This didn't seem like much of a punishment and, as I watched, Blondie began to give off the familiar signs of approaching her orgasm. Remember I had ample opportunity to observe Blondie both pleasuring herself and being eaten out by customers, to say nothing of the times my vision had been obscured by Blondie's sitting on my face while she forced me to eat her. Suffice it to say I knew Blondie was about to orgasm and was about to step in to prevent it.

It was at that point that Tara stopped leaving Blondie writhing in frustration. Blackie told Blondie, "Slaves should never cum before their mistress." And then Tara climbed onto the table straddling Blondie's face. Pulling Blondie's head up by the hair, Tara commanded, "Eat me." Apparently Blondie was a bit slow complying because Tara reached back with my riding crop and delivered a stinging swat to Blondie's exposed inner thigh. Blondie got busy with her tongue and Tara began playing with her own breasts. Soon Tara began to pant and then moaned through what appeared to be a very satisfactory orgasm. I am not much of a voyeur but found it to be one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.

Tara dismounted and walked around to Blondie's crotch. On the way she saw me and gave me a radiant smile. I thought she was going to begin licking Blondie's pussy but Tara was more subtle than that. Instead she lay between Blondie's legs, across her crotch and began to fondle Blondie's breasts. Blondie, already worked up was apparently very sensitive to breast play and began to moan and twist. Of course Tara made certain that she moved her body just enough to rub Blondie's pussy while playing with her breasts.

I had seen enough. This was more than I could take. I unzipped my fly, pulled out my stiff penis and walked up behind Tara. I grabbed Tara's hips and slid into her already wet pussy. If I thought this would surprise Tara I was wrong. She almost seemed to have anticipated my move and thrust her hips back to encompass all of me. At the same time she moved from fondling Blondie's breasts to playing with Blondie's nipples. She also began to talk to Blondie, grunting as I thrust into her.

"Oh... grunt... our master... grunt... is f**king... grunt... me so... grunt... well.

Grunt. I bet... grunt... you wish... grunt... he was... grunt... filling... your pussy. Grunt. Oh, it's... grunt... so damned... grunt... good."

Well you get the idea. I accelerated my pace and Tara fell silent or at least just grunted but I am certain Blondie felt each thrust as Tara's body rubbed against her pussy.

Eventually I came, pouring more than I realized I had into Tara. As soon as I finished and backed out, panting for breath, Tara put her hand over her pussy and climbed back over Blondie's face. Gripping Blondie's nose to force her mouth open, Tara placed her dripping pussy over Blondie's mouth. "Eat it, you miserable slut. That's as close as you will ever get to our master's wonderful cock."

Tara kept at her until Blondie managed to eat her to another orgasm. I was exhausted but curious as to what Tara would do now. She hopped off the table and resumed her stance between Blondie's legs. Then she began softly running her nails up and down Blondie's inner thighs, just barely stroking Blondie's swollen labia and generally softly but surely teasing her back to the edge of orgasm.

Now I think I am a pretty decent lover and I understand the importance of foreplay with a woman. I knew all about fondling breasts, stroking under arms and inner thighs, fingering and licking at a pussy. At least I thought I knew all about it. Tara proved me wrong with her artistry.

Have you ever seen an artist sketch something and watch as it comes alive on the page before your eyes? You can take the same sketch book and pencil and even imitate the artist's strokes, but the result is nothing like the same. So it was here. I can't really describe what Tara did differently than what I did but the result was pure artistry. Where I might arouse a woman to the point of orgasm and then back down and slowly repeat, Tara didn't seem to back down. She just kept Blondie on the very edge of an orgasm for what must have been over half an hour. Eventually the sensory overload was too much and Blondie passed out.

I felt as though I had witnessed a virtuoso performance and ought to applaud. Well, I felt that way but what I actually did was drag poor Tara to my bedroom, tie her in a loose face up spread eagle and have my way with her. I attempted to imitate her performance with Blondie but wound up eating her to two very satisfactory orgasms before plunging into her for my own (also very satisfactory, I assure you) orgasm.