Other Worlds
Book 2 - Rescue and Return
by Sir Richard

The Worm Turns

I didnít know it until afterwards but the Space Force landed on planet about six and a half months after our capture.† There was some resistance but where the Moldovan women excelled at gravity levitation, artificial wombs, and medicine, generations of peace had led them to ignore weapons development.† Of course the United Planets were involved in constant exploration and expansion and had maintained weapons research to facilitate that expansion.

As might be expected the lower class, steroid driven men formed the bulk of the Moldovaís lower rank defense forces.† While they were strong and dedicated they were no match for modern weaponry.† That, plus the fact that they had been lobotomized to keep them from thinking for themselves made them pretty much into cannon fodder.† Of course the senior non-coms and officers were all women but with their troops rapidly decimated, they were unable to mount an effective resistance.

All in all it was a brief campaign which yielded quite a few slaves.† Whoops, thatís not politically correct.† Slavery is outlawed in the United Planets Constitution which calls for equal treatment for all intelligent life forms.† I meant quite a few indentured servants.† Anyone resisting the advance of civilization, as the United Planets defined it, was fair game for capture and indentured servitude.† Someone has to pay for the cost of the troops used to capture the new colony and advance civilization.† Of course that meant almost every being on any planet we landed upon.† This served two purposes.† It scattered the population across the known universe and it pretty much emptied the plant for human colonization.

With the spectacular looks of the women on this planet it was clear that almost all of them would be rounded up and sold for sex slaves.† Whoops, there I go again.† I meant indentured for sexual servitude for a defined period.† Of course while each indentured servant was credited for every day they served, they were also charged for their room and board.† In practice it meant that their masters were their owners and could do with them as they wished for as long as they wished.

As I said, the first I learned of the invasion of the planet was when troops burst into my room.† They turned me over to the medics and went on about the business of rounding up the inhabitants.† I think the entire subjugation of the planet only took four months after the initial landings.

While all of this was going on, I was learning to use my arms and legs again under the care of the United Planet Space Forces medics.† They did a great job though physical therapy was and is very painful.† After all, the only thing wrong with my limbs was muscle atrophy.† On the medical side they had less success.† They noted that the residual effect of the injections would ensure that I would be able to get erections more frequently and ejaculate more copiously than the norm, but they thought that that would eventually die away (no pun intended) as the residual effects of the injections wore away.† They warned that it might take several years.† In fact they had no idea of how long those effects would last and were only guessing when they said that I would eventually revert back down to normal functioning.

More discouraging was the fact that they were unable to fix my vocal cords.† Again, they thought that I might eventually get back to normal but they could do nothing for me.† That left me semi-retired on a medical pension though they did keep up my dignity by listing me as a consultant and planning analyst. †This work could be done remotely so I was able to build a retirement home in what used to be Montana.† It had been a horse ranch that went broke and not only was the main house in good shape, there was substantial acreage to give me the privacy I craved. †I planned to do the analysis work from home.

I got a substantial retirement bonus including being awarded two indentured servants from Moldova, nominally for a year each.† While there were many very lovely women to choose from, and I considered some of the leaders who had sent me into that hell hole of a hospital (if thatís what it was).† In the end I settled on the only two women (or female aliens, if you prefer) that I really knew, Blondie and Blackie.†

Gail, on the other hand, remained on Moldova and became governor general of the planet.† She spoke the language pretty well by now and there were several generations of young locals who had been too young to fight.† The girls would of course be raised for eventual bondage as sex servants, the feminine breeder boys were greatly sought after, not for their breeding but as domestic servants and boy toys.† I donít know what became of the other men who had passed puberty but not been selected as breeders but presumably Gail would review their usefulness and keep them busy.† After all, there was still grunt work to be done.

I wasnít allowed off planet until my physical rehabilitation was completed and by that time my new home was ready for occupancy.† In the interim I had Blondie and Blackie held in the general servant (e.g. slave) pens.† They both wore my ownership collars.† The collars were legally required both to identify indentured servants and to control them.† Each collar had a shock function and by briefly pressing the correct womanís button on the remote I could give the woman a reminder shock.† Holding the button down increased the voltage until even a Romulan (think Earth Gorilla but about three times as large and nine times as strong) would be writhing on the ground in extreme pain.† In fact the remotes came with a disclaimer that if you killed your servant with too strong a jolt the manufacturer bore no responsibility.

While in the pens they were taught English and the general rules surrounding their indentured service (basically I could do anything with them that I wanted).† I had kept them in handcuffs.† Blackie had her hands in front and Blondie with her hands behind her.† I had the pen keepers keep them busy with exercise and had them both take language and sexual service lessons.† I also had the keepers ensure that Blackie kept Blondie fed until I was physically in shape.† I didnít want her hurt before I could extract my revenge.

We Go Home

Once I had recovered the use of my limbs I retrieved my two servant girls.† I bought two bit gags with elaborate head harnesses and a selection of vibrators.† Then I booked passage home as a supercargo aboard one of the warships.† It was to be a short two-day trip and the captain had no problem allotting sufficient life support resources for both me and my two servants.

Once we had mastered hyper-space jumps and ion propulsion, fuel and weight became minor considerations.† Life support items, food, water, and oxygen became the major limiting factors in space travel.† While, strictly speaking, it wouldnít much matter on this short trip home, I wanted to be polite and planned to bind my two servant girls and keep them immobile for the trip.

I began by handcuffing the womenís hand behind their backs and marching them to the allotted cargo space.† Then I moved them face to face and wrapped a belt around their waists holding them together.† They were quiet as I strapped belts around their lower chests and then again just under their arms so that they were pretty much squashed together.† It flattened their breasts a bit but looked quite attractive.† I am certain that each woman felt it each time the other took a breath.†† Blackie began begging and promising that they would behave when she saw that I was bringing over the bit gags.

I generally prefer ball gags or nice big penis gags as they are the most efficient at silencing the sub.† I have a thing about using them if I am going to leave the sub (or in this case subs) alone.† I always worry about a runny nose restricting the airway and causing major damage.† Bit gags are just a rubber covered, metal bar that allow for a lot more noise.† Ours had round a rounded metal plate extending forward from the bottom.† This fit behind the lower teeth and held the tongue flat against the jaw.

At the ends of the metal bar there were large metal loops that held the strap and could also be used as an attachment point for reigns if you were doing a pony girl sort of thing.† In addition to the strap that went around the back of the head there was a short strap under the chin, one that went over the top of the head and a final one that ran up from the rings to join into one just above the subís nose and then ran over the top of the head and down to the on that fastened in the rear.† There was a hole in the buckle so that once the entire harness was on, it could be locked.

I silenced Blackieís pleading by buckling her into the gag and locking it.† Then I did that same, even tighter, if possible, to Blondie.†

Of course a bit gag holds your mouth open and my next step with the two open mouthed beauties was, I thought, inspired.† I tilted Blackieís head to one side and Blondieís to the other and then forced their open mouths together in a sort of bondage kiss.† I used a bit of twine to fasten the rings of each womanís gag to the other womanís, so that they couldnít pull their heads back and end the kiss. Incidentally this further reduced the protesting sounds coming from the women.

I had purchased a long wooden dowel with strong eye bolts near each end.† This was quite thick and could easily support the combined weight of the women.† I placed the pole between the women at shoulder height and used soft cotton rope to fasten the pole to their shoulders.† Then I released Blackieís hands and working with one arm at a time fastened each of her arms to the pole.† I tied cord above and below the elbow and at each wrist.† Then I did the same to Blondie.† Wanting to distribute the pressure as much as possible I then wrapped medical wrap around the sandwich made by arm, pole and arm.†

This medical wrap is good stuff.† It is slightly stretchy but clings only to itself.† It was invented to hold bandages and dressings firmly against a wound but to allow removal without tugging the surrounding skin.† Of course slightly deviant types like me also found it great bondage material as it could hold as tightly as rope but left fewer marks.

Now the women were standing tightly linked chest to chest with their arms outstretched and fastened to the pole and their open mouths bit gagged and locked into a kiss.† That left the legs.† Before attending to them I moved them under a pulley that led to the ceiling and fastened the ends of the pole to the pulley rope.

I tied them Blackieís right leg to Blondieís left and visa versa.† They were bound just below the hip, at the lower thigh and then at the ankle.† Just to make the package look pretty I used more of the medical wrap around the linked legs.† Of course since they were tied facing each other neither woman could flex her leg.

At least they couldnít flex them back and forth.† They could still move their joined legs sideways.† I tied a rope to one set of ankles and ran it out to the ends of the pole and slowly pulled the linked legs out to the side until it was parallel to the ground.† Most of their weight was now supported by the ropes holding the ends of the pole.† I repeated my performance with the other leg and now the women were dangling from the pulley above them with their legs pulled out in a full split.† With their arms and legs stretched out to the side they resembled a sideways letter "H", their torsos forming the cross bar.† Not an easy position.

It was however a position that left their pussies open and available. I began to rub and stroke them.† Just to be nasty (or was it nastier?) I moved out to one set of feet and tickled both soles.† The women shrieked through each otherís mouths but couldnít move or avoid my fingers.† I moved back to their very exposed tender pussies and resumed stroking until I had gotten some moisture flowing.

Then I got the largest vibrator we had.† Working very gently and carefully I worked the large round head between the women.† I didnít penetrate them really (though I did pull the labia a bit apart) but worked the head far enough up between them so that it rested just over where I figured their clits would be.† I plugged the vibrator in to the wall and turned it to its lowest setting.† I inserted egg shaped vibrators into their pussies and held them with a crotch rope running from the belt around their waists.† These were also the plug in type so I knew that they would keep running until I turned them off.

The Best Laid Plans...

Unfortunately, some civil servant failed to change the batteries in the slave collars on an already pacified planet and there was a nasty revolution.† As in all military organizations, plans change, and the ship I was on diverted as part of the fleet that was to ruthlessly put down the "incident" and restore law and order. I didnít hear about the change in orders until well after launch when it was a topic of discussion in the wardroom where I took my meals.

After dinner I went back to my cabin to figure out what I was going to have to do to keep my slaves uncomfortable but fed and watered until we got back to Earth.† My thoughts were interrupted by a knocking at my cabin door and I opened it to find a very attractive petty officer carrying a grey bag.† She introduced herself as Petty Office James and said that she was the ships cargo loadmaster.

I thought to myself, ĎOh shit.† Here comes a lecture by a female petty officer on how I had treated my slave girls and how chauvinism should be crushed out.í† You have to understand that while I nominally outranked her she was part of the crew with real responsibilities while I was essentially just a passenger.† Add to that the Space Forces are pretty informal and I thought I was in for it.

Accordingly I was rather surprised when she said, "In view of our extended mission, I have had to make some adjustments to your cargo.† I hope they meet with your approval."

She then proceeded to tell me that she had released the bondage kiss so that she could insert forced feeding tubes over the bit gags and reaching down to the womenís stomachs.† These were designed for prisoners who tried to go on hunger strike and she assured me that the slaves would taste nothing but occasionally get a full feeling in their stomachs.†

She also went on to explain that she had managed to work catheters into them without having to remove the vibrating eggs or the larger vibrator and that large waste plugs had been inserted in each womanís rectum.† She also mentioned that she had cleaned up Ďsome sticky stuffí on the deck below the women and had placed an open container on the deck Ďin case there was any more sticky stuff.í† I was pleased to think that my slaves had already had enough orgasms to have coated the deck with their ejaculate.

Petty Officer James managed to get through all this discussion including the parts about the vibrators and sticky stuff on the deck with no external signs of embarrassment. †This made me think that perhaps there was more to James than to most petty officers. †I told her that I agreed with all of the changes she had made and thanked her for taking care of it for me.† When she seemed to hesitate, I asked her if there was anything further.

She hemmed and hawed and then said no.† I began to get suspicious and asked her what was in the grey bag.† She had apparently forgotten that she was holding it and when the question arose she mumbled supplies and moved the bag more or less behind her.† I reached out and took the bag from her and dumped I onto the bed.

Petty Officer James

In the bag there were a couple of coils of rope, just what you might expect a shipís loadmaster.† Also in the bag, however were a pair of handcuffs and a box of condoms.† Not standard loadmaster equipment.† I looked at James who was now blushing quite red and seemed very flustered.

She said, "Well, that is, umm, I thought your ties were pretty inventive and I wondered if, that is..."

This was getting interesting.† I picked up the handcuffs and spinning her around cuffed her hand behind her.† Since I couldnít talk I typed onto the cabinís computer, "When do you next go on duty?"

James read the message, looked at the wall clock and said, "Six hours and thirty four minutes, sir."† She was smiling as she said this so I set the alarm for four hours and pulled her back against my body and reached around to unbutton her blouse.† Once her blouse was undone I let it fall down her arms until it hung from the cuffs.† Before proceeding further I stroked her shoulders and kissed her neck.† She moaned appreciatively and leaned further back against me.

I fumbled around between her breasts for the fastener on her bra and eventually got it open and down her arms to join her blouse.† I ran my hands across the lovely smooth skin of her flat stomach and slid upwards to cup and cradle her breasts.† I fondled them for a bit and played with her nipples that responded so firmly to my touch.† Then I realized that she was groping at my groin and needed better restraints.

Picking up one of the coils of rope she had brought I wrapped it around her chest below her breasts, under her arms and crossing behind her back.† I continued with another wrap under her arms crossing in front and then brought it back again.† This time I looped it around her upper arms holding them tightly to her sides.† I did another loop and tied it off in front with a simple bow knot.† Then I unlocked the hand cuffs and pulled her blouse and bra off.† I cut two lengths of rope and tied her wrists to her shoulders. This left her hands free but unable to reach anything.

Having solved her groping I turned her around and went back to her breasts.† They were quite lovely and I spent some time fondling them and gently squeezing her now engorged nipples.

I backed her up and sat her on the bed and began unlacing her duty footwear.† I donít know why the uniform still calls for those clunky boots with magnets in the sole.† I think the fleet has had artificial gravity in even the life pods for at least the last 30 years.† In any case I got her boots and socks off and massaged her feet.

I donít know why this is such a big deal with women.† I guess I could understand it if they are wearing high heels but with duty boots their feet shouldnít have any stress.† I may not know why it works but it does seem to work and James was no exception.† She lay back on the bed and moaned with pleasure as I worked on her feet.

When she was totally relaxed I reached up and undid her belt and the front of her trousers.† I donít think she expected it when I flipped her over to make it easier to ease her trousers and underpants over her ass.† James has a great ass and I spent some time groping it before I decided to get on with the bondage.†

I tied a knee and ankle to one side of the bunk and the other knee and ankle to the other side.† Then I pulled her hips back and up so that she was kneeling with her hands on the mattress.† I was tempted to be a wise ass and say "Which way to Mecca, Mack?" as she looked for all the world like a Muslim at prayer.† I wisely resisted the temptation, however.† Not only would it have not been PC, I have found that irrelevant joking while having hot bondage sex can be distracting and break up the mood.

I did give in to temptation to grope her buns again and this time I let my fingers slip down to her pussy which I found invitingly wet.† She had considerable pubic hair but I didnít mind.† I generally prefer a smooth pussy but thatís because I donít like pubic hair between my teeth.† In this case I had no intention of using my mouth as I suspected that James wasnít quite a blushing virgin and I had no idea of with whom she had last played.

I got undressed and slipped on one of the condoms she had so nicely provided, but before entering her I let my fingers do the walking and brought her to a very nice orgasm.† I worked her about half way to a second and decided we could probably get to the finish together.† I slid in to her and found that she was hot and, even with her legs pulled to the sides of the bed, tight.† It was a pretty narrow bed and that probably helped.

I leaned on her back and got one hand back on her breasts while the other stimulated her clit.† As I had planned we came just about together.† I unfastened her legs and we cuddled together until the clock warned us that it was time for her to get cleaned up and ready for duty.† I took her into the shower with me which, given the small size of the shower, was no mean feat.† I washed her carefully; some parts more than other and then patted her dry before finally releasing her wrists and arms.

We made hurried plans to meet again in a few days but alas it was not to be.† It seems the rebellion was subdued even before we got there and we were then ordered to proceed back to Earth as had been planned.† Altogether the trip took the better part of four earth cycles.

After we landed Petty Officer James and I untied both women.† They were in pretty bad shape and could barely stand.† I just locked a chain between their collars and restored their handcuffs for the trip home.† We made the usual promises about keeping in touch but she was a space crewperson and I was a disabled groundling and we never did see each other again.