Other Worlds
Book 1 - Disaster and Domination
by Sir Richard

Crash and Capture

I am Major Pete Williams, command pilot of the United Planets Space Force, or at least I was.  I used to be one of the intrepid souls who ran exploratory missions to locate suitable planets for colonization.  After my last trip, however, I was retired due to damage to my vocal cords.  Now I work at a desk, typing my comments on Space Forces studies and proposals and work on planning missions for others.  Not bad work, but not nearly as much fun as exploring the Milky Way.  Well, until the last mission.  That wasn't much fun at all.

I suppose I ought to start at the beginning.  It was 2276 and I was pilot and commander on a scouting mission with Captain Gail Martin acting as science and communications officer, in the region where the planet that we now call Moldova is located.  We came out of our hyperspace jump normally but found ourselves in the midst of a meteor shower.  I maneuvered as rapidly as possible but we both knew it was only a matter of time before the ship was damaged. Gail scouted for potential landing sites and found a promising planet just as we took some severe damage to our ion thrusters.  Fortunately our hull hadn't been pierced and we managed to drop a distress buoy and eject in a life pod directed towards the planet.

After landing (if the controlled crash of a life pod can be called a landing), we found that though the gravity was somewhat greater and the air somewhat thinner than earth standard, the rest of the life support tests showed a planet fit for human habitation.  We were pretty euphoric about this.  Without having run tests from the ship, the odds of our finding an inhabitable planet were right up there with winning a lottery.  If the planet couldn't support human life we would have had to sit in the pod until the life support functions were exhausted and then we both would have died.

We eventually cracked the hatch and climbed out.  We were both wearing standard Space Forces coveralls and decided to explore the area together rather than splitting up.  On the way down we had crossed a large river and had seen what looked like paths so we struck out in that direction.  We came to what looked like a dirt road and decided to follow it downstream in hope of meeting some sort of native civilization.  That was my last, and probably my worst, command decision.

We didn't know what sort of animals might exist so we stayed to the middle of the road as we walked.  Thus we were sitting ducks when the flying machine came over and dropped a weighted net over us.  I say flying machine because that's the only way to describe it.  It looked like no airplane or helicopter or space ship I had ever seen.  It made no sound and had no obvious method of flight or propulsion.  We know now that the Moldova had developed a sort of magnetic levitation system using repulsion to gravity but at the time Gail and I were completely ignorant.   I guess it would be like people from the 1700's seeing jets and rockets for the first time.  In any case the weighted net dropped over us and was pulled tight.  Then the craft landed ahead of us and the crew climbed out.

That's when things really came to a head.  The crew were humanoid, about 6 feet tall, and they all looked like gorgeous human women.  Gorgeous human women wearing only a short skirt and boots but otherwise very bare.  And what an expanse of bare flesh it was.  These women (if that's what they were) had very large breasts probably due to the thinner air.  Further they were obviously conversing which meant that, while we didn't understand the language, they were intelligent beings.  Machinery and language skills suggested civilization of some sort.  Gail and I were still tangled in the net but she took in the pulchritude on display and said "If these four are any example of life here, you are going to have to name this planet 'boy's wet dream'".

I laughed and said something, I don't remember what, but our few words had been overheard and created great consternation among the four natives.  Two of them worked our hands behind our backs where they cuffed them with thumb cuffs before taking the net off of us.  Next collars were placed around our necks.  I tried to say something to them about being peaceful visitors (not strictly true given United Planets record, but pretty much the standard explorer approach).  I knew they couldn't understand me but tried to convey a friendly tone.  They looked at me rather strangely but seemed more interested when Gail tried.

After some discussion including a visit by one of them back to the machine for what I assumed was some sort of communications with their leader or superior officer the one came back and issued orders.  The next thing that happened was that they removed our clothes, all of them, with something akin to a laser scalpel. Apparently they wanted to verify that Gail was female and I was male.  With our clothes in tatters there was no hiding.  Gail tried to say something but the leader simply placed a finger on her mouth indicating that she should remain silent.

I opened my mouth to speak but before I could get a word out the one of the others grabbed my testicles and squeezed.  I gasped and doubled over while a second shoved a ball gag into my mouth and fastened it behind my head.  Another one of them approached me with what looked like a curved tube with a single hand cuff at one end and a smaller cuff at the other.  Before I could react two of them grabbed my arms and the one with the device fed my penis through the tube.  The cuff was locked around my testicles ensuring that the tube couldn't be removed.  A second, smaller cuff fastened around the base of my glans ensured that even if the first cuff was opened the tube wouldn't come off.  Then she pushed my tube encased penis between my testicles until it locked with a snap to the first cuff.  This separated my testicles stretching the skin uncomfortably, though not really painfully.  It was apparently some sort of male chastity device.  Fastened as it was I couldn't possibly become hard and would have to urinate in a seated or squatting position.

They then proceeded to force me into a squat.  This was done by fastening my ankles to a spreader bar and a leash to the chastity device.  The leash ran under the spreader bar and they pulled painfully stretching my testicles and forcing me down.  They then fastened the leash keeping me painfully bent.

Gail while nude and with her hands cuffed behind her was not gagged.  I still didn't understand the difference in treatment between Gail and me, but began to realize that these women (for that's how I thought of them) really didn't like males.  This was reinforced when the leashed us.  Gail had a leash snapped on her collar but they looped a leash around my testicles and fastened the other end to the back of Gail's collar.  This had gone from 'wet dream' to nightmare pretty quickly.

One of them tugged Gail's collar and she began to walk forward.  I was a second late in following her and the leash tugged painfully on my testicles.  I hurried to catch up in my enforced squat; I had to waddle like a duck.  This was a slow means of locomotion and I was repeatedly tugged forward painfully.  As we reached the machine Gail was pulled in with me following as close behind as possible.  Two of the guards went to the controls while the other two secured us.  Gail was seated and I turned to sit next to her but the guard cuffed me and forced me to sit on the floor.  The trip was long but mercifully not stressful.

When we landed we were apparently at a police station.  The buildings were bigger and the cells locked some way that I don't really understand but it was pure institutional police station.  There must be some intergalactic cookie cutter used as a mold because no matter what world you are on, police stations are police stations.  Gail and I were separated and I wouldn't see her again for months.  The guard with me tugged my testicle leash and led me down a hall.

Within the station there seemed to be three sorts of people.  Bare breasted gorgeous women who seemed to be in charge, brutish looking nude men who wore collars and had apparently been castrated, and smaller, feminine looking men who also wore collars and had the same sort of chastity devices I was wearing.  Their ankles were free, however, are they were standing more or less upright.  The bigger men seemed to be performing manual labor, cleaning floors, distributing food to cells and so forth.  The more effeminate men seemed to be pets with a woman firmly holding a leash to their collar.  Several times I saw a woman sit down and pull her pet between her legs to service her.

While this looked bad none of the men, brutish or effeminate, had been gagged.  I wondered why I had been.  I was taken into a cell and forced to lie on a cot.  My hands were still cuffed behind me and I tried to roll off of them and was smacked for my trouble.  The guard took the leash off the spreader bar and fastened my legs to each corner of the foot of the bed spreading my legs. I can't say it was comfortable but it was certainly an improvement and my leg muscles, which had been very painful from the enforced squat, could at last relax.  A chain was run to the top corners of the bed through my collar and the guards departed.

Soon a group came into my cell.  A couple of the group looked like the police that captured me.  The policewomen sort of remained back in the corners of the room.  The others appeared older and more senior.  I don't know what they put in the water here but every one of them was lovely.  Even the older ones seemed to have aged very nicely and their bodies showed only slight signs of maturing.  A few crows' feet, a more mature face, very slight sagging of the still very attractive bodies.  Perhaps their species just didn't age like humans.  Whatever it is they were all spectacular and all, apparently, female.

They entered into a discussion obviously about me, though I couldn't understand a word.  From time to time one of the other touched me, it might just be on a leg or a brief stroke across my chest but I couldn't help myself.  Despite my danger they were all so lovely I found myself aroused.  That is to say, I would have found myself aroused if it weren't for the damn chastity tube.  Finally one of the junior ones removed the chastity device and as you might imagine I immediately became erect.

Now I am not abnormally large but I am not particularly small either.  My evident arousal was apparently a topic of conversation.  At the orders of one of the women my gag was removed and something was asked of me.  I tried to respond in gentle tones but they seemed to be more shocked by the idea of my speaking than anything else.  The gag was forced back into my mouth.  At last the conference was over, some of the older ones issued what must have been orders and left.  Then one of the younger one came over and began to masturbate me while another of the young ones positioned what appeared to be a specimen cup at the tip of my penis.  Of course, I ejaculated in great spurts.   Afterwards one of the guards gave me a shot and I fell asleep.

The Sperm Factory

O K, what I am relating now is not in chronological order.  At the time I didn't know the reasons for most of this, but it was very confusing and if I relate it as I figured it out it would make a confusing story.  In order to make sense I am going to tell what happened, even if I didn't figure it out until later.

I woke up in what appeared to be a hospital bed.  I was secured to some sort of rectangular frame by straps on my wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.  I felt like a frog in a biology lab.  The frame was attached to the bed at the head and foot by a set of shafts that could be raised lifting me clear of the bed.  The shafts had sort of gimbaled arrangement so that once lifted off the bed I could be rotated 180 degrees so that I was facing downwards.  The prettiest nurses I had ever seen regularly lifted me to change the bed linens and to give me sponge baths.  By flipping me over they could wash my back and also administer enemas.

I call them nurses though I could just as easily call them guards or keepers.  Like all of the women (that's how I thought of them) on this planet they were physically beautiful and dressed in nothing but short skirts.  I didn't know their names so I thought of them as 'Blondie' and 'Blackie' after their hair color.  I soon learned that they had further differences but at the time that was all that I was aware of.

I found that although I was no longer gagged, I couldn't speak.  I could grunt like an animal but couldn't form words.  Eventually I learned that my vocal cords had been surgically altered.  The strange thing was that every two hours I was masturbated and milked by one of the nurses.  'Blondie' woke me at 6 am and masturbated me.  She did this again at 8 am, 10 am and noon.  Around 2 PM "Blackie came on duty and she masturbated me at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 PM.  After the 10 pm milking, I was given an injection that put me to sleep until the next morning.  There may have been a third nurse on duty from 10 PM to 6 am but if so I never saw her.

It would have been a real pleasure to be masturbated by these lovely topless women except that as I was about to spurt they covered my penis with a clear suction device that sucked every drop from me.  In addition, after I had cum they injected some sort of medicine into my testicles and it burned.  I found out later that this contained both medicines to encourage sperm production and to make me get hard (something like Viagra, I guess).  Between the enforced milking they fed me, cleaned me out by giving me enemas, and bathed me.  I don't know if they were worried about my health or if they just wanted to keep me alive so that I could produce more sperm.

Gail Explains Moldova

After about two weeks (I didn't have a calendar, so that's a guess) Gail was brought in to see me.  She had learned the basics of the local language (remember I told you she was our communications officer) and told me about the planet and the predicament I found myself in.

It seems that Moldova was a matriarchy formed after a bloody revolution when the females became fed up with the constant (or at least frequent) intraplanet conflicts.  It seems that the women decided that the way to peace was through the subjugation of testosterone.  Currently females ruled the entire planet peacefully.  Children were grown (spawned?  hatched?) in artificial wombs avoiding all the messy aspects of pregnancy.  Boy and girl babies were raised together with basic lessons and clear instruction on the glory of female supremacy until puberty. 

When girls first had menstrual cycles and boys first had erections they were separated.  Girls went on to a higher education while boys were sorted into two groups.  This was done by masturbating the boys, collecting their semen and testing it for sperm count. 

Most males with normal or low sperm count were sorted into the industrial laborer group.  This group was castrated, fed the local equivalent of anabolic steroids, had simple lobotomies to ensure that they could not think enough to foment a revolution, had their vocal cords altered to prevent verbal communication, were taught basic agricultural and industrial skills (carpentry, metal working, welding, etc.) and, of course, absolute obedience to females.  The steroids bulked up their muscles and reduced any residual sex drive.  These were the brutish looking male laborers that I had seen.  They toiled until too old to be productive and were then 'put down'.  Basically they were draft animals.

The boys with higher sperm counts were called breeders and were sent to schools where they were fitted with chastity devices (similar to the one that had been locked onto me) and taught domestic skills (cooking, cleaning, home economics) how to sexually please a woman with their hands and mouths and, of course, absolute obedience to females.  During their schooling they were masturbated and milked twice a day to provide sperm for future generations.  At the completion of their schooling they were given a vasectomy, a six month treatment of estrogen to reduce their male drive and then sold to whatever woman wanted a servant.  Basically they served in their chastity device as a boy toy and domestic servant.  Occasionally a woman wanting a penis might tie her boy toy down and remove his chastity device but for the most part these effeminate creatures never saw their genitals for the rest of their lives.

This still didn't explain my situation and while I couldn't talk, I managed to convey the question to Gail by grunts and a raised eyebrow.  It seems that the planet had developed a serious problem in that, after many generations, there was serious inbreeding.  Now interspecies breeding is pretty rare but apparently the Moldovans were so like humans, this wasn't a problem, and our arrival had presented them with two completely new DNA strands.  

In Gail's case, she being female, it was simply an issue of harvesting her eggs once a month for fertilization with breeder sperm.  As a female, she was treated as an honored guest.  My case was a bit different.  I was clearly too big and strong (as well as too old) to be a breeder but I apparently had a high sperm count.  The rulers were uncertain of how long my sperm count would stay high so they decided that I would be milked for sperm every two hours to provide a new strain for the planet.

The idea of a male my age and size communicating had been too much for the women so they operated and destroyed my ability to speak.  I was kept tied down to ensure my cooperation and the injections to my groin were, as I had guessed, both to help my body produce more sperm and to ensure that I would almost always have an erection to ensure ease of milking.

Gail explained that she had no say in any of this and that by the time she had learned the language it had all been decided.  I indicated how unhappy I was by grunting, but Gail reminded me that we had left a rescue beacon and said that she didn't see that we had any choice but to wait and hope for rescue.  This didn't give me a lot of hope.  Before being promoted to explorer I had been on several search and rescue missions and the explorers being rescued were almost always dead by the time we subdued the planet and got to them.

My Nurses - Blondie

I think I mentioned that I soon learned that there was more than hair color to distinguish my nurses.  It soon developed that Blondie was sadistic and corrupt.  I don't know if it was because she was lesbian or if she was angry at being assigned to care for a lesser (e.g. male) being.  As the days went by her treatment of me became worse and worse.

At first I thought Blondie was just less skilled than Blackie.  If you have ever been in a hospital you know some nurses seem to be able to do everything more gently than others.  It soon became apparent, however, that, for whatever reason, Blondie enjoyed tormenting me.  When she masturbated me it was a rough jerking.  When it came time to inject me, she would pull my scrotum away from my body.  At first I closed my eyes in pain but after a while I opened them to see her watching my face for signs of pain.  If I tried to resist she would squeeze my testicles causing me immense pain.  Only when she could see tears of pain forming in my eyes was she content to give me the injection.  The she gave it slowly enjoying my torment as the fiery fluid was slowly pumped into my body. 

After a while even this wasn't enough for her sadistic pleasure.  She began to leave the suction device on my penis for several minutes after the milking.  Of course the constant suction was very painful and seemed to bring a smile to her face.  She began to give me the injections directly in a testicle instead of the skin of the scrotum.  I knew this wasn't a medical requirement because Blackie continued to inject the fiery fluid into my scrotum which she handled very gently without the pulling and squeezing that so delighted Blondie.

As time went on Blondie got bolder and bolder.  She would close the door to the room, slip off her skirt and mount my bed straddling my head.  I was 'encouraged' to eat her pussy by her squeezing my testicles.  Now don't get me wrong.  Blondie was, as all the women on this planet seemed to be, a gorgeous woman.  I enjoy cunnilingus and under other circumstances would have enjoyed bringing her to repeated orgasm.  Well, in fact I did enjoy the exercise.  It was just that I didn't like the domination aspects of how she mounted me and forced me.

Not content with cunnilingus, Blondie introduced me to anal sex with her strap on.  Securely bound in the frame I could do nothing when she raised me off the bed, flipped me over and then lowered me so that I was face down.  Blondie didn't want blood on the sheets so she did use some sort of lubrication but as time went on even that became an additional source of torture.  I don't know what the Moldovian equivalent to Ben Gay is called, but she began using lube that allowed her to enter without ripping me open but one that generated a very uncomfortable heat and irritation in my anus.

Just when I thought things couldn't get much worse, Blondie started pimping me.  It happened one day when she brought a friend into the room.  At first I thought it had nothing to do with me as Blondie dropped her skirt and her friend dropped to her knees and began to eat Blondie's pussy.  I couldn't see it all that well, but found it an erotic tableau.  Of course I grew hard as the sight, smell and sounds filled my senses. 

That's when Blondie pulled her surprise on me.  After she came down from her orgasm she came to the side of the bed and slipped an adjustable cock ring over my turgid penis.  She turned some adjustment and the ring tightened against the bottom of my prick crushing the tube through which sperm was normally carried.  There was no way I could ejaculate and no way that I would be able to grow soft.  That's when Blondie's friend, or, I guess, customer removed her skirt and climbed on the bed to take my penis into her.

Now, I am not a particularly well endowed male.  I am, I guess about average or perhaps a bit better, but certainly nothing to excite the porn industry.  At least that was the case on Earth.  I guess with all of the big guys shriveled by steroid use and the boy toys reduced by estrogen, I must have been pretty impressive for Moldova.  At any rate the customer rode me to two apparent orgasms in relatively short order.  From my point of view the sensations were wonderful, just like having sex in the female superior position except that I couldn't cum.  It was delightful, then it was annoying and then it became painful.  I was left high and dry (literally) as the client climbed off me, touched up her makeup, fastened her skirt and with a brief kiss for Blondie left the room.

Blondie looked at my penis which was throbbing with desire and smiled.  She slid the suction tube over me and opened the adjustment on the cock ring and I came, perhaps more powerfully that I ever had in the past.  Blondie just smiled as she removed the cock ring and then, tugging on my balls, jabbed the needle into a testicle.

And that became pretty much my life with Blondie.  Forced cunnilingus, being raped in the ass, satisfying her customers (seemingly) endlessly and painfully interspersed with torture with the suction device or pulling on my testicles or slowly injecting that fiery fluid.  While I could communicate pain by grimace there was no way I could explain how I was being abused and I was uncertain if anyone would care.

My Nurses - Blackie

Well, perhaps that's not quite true.  I was pretty certain that most of the abuse was Blondie's idea because of the way Blackie behaved.  Blackie was the nurse from 2 PM to 10 PM, and she treated me quite differently than Blondie.  Oh she still injected that damn liquid but she injected it into my scrotum not directly into a testicle.  Further she never tugged or squeezed my testicles and the injections when they came were fast and over with as quickly as possible.  Not Blondie's long slow injection of pain.  Blackie had a warm friendly smile that she wore almost full time.  She made a great change from Blondie.

Blackie used the suction device but she had her own method of arousing me and bringing me to the edge.  She used her mouth and her hands gently on my penis and boy; let me tell you she had a talented mouth.  She would suck me just to the edge and then as my penis began to throb she would hold the base of my penis tightly and slip the suction device over me.  She always observed my ejaculation and removed the device as soon as I finished spurting. 

Blackie never forced me to eat her, though I would have been quite willing, and she never invaded my ass (except for routine enemas).  Even her sponge baths were gentle and caring.  It was during one of these that she leaned across my body and I was able to capture a nipple in my mouth.  She jerked back but then saw me smiling and leaned forward again allowing me to kiss, lick and gently nip at the nipple while she finished bathing me.  Evidently she got quite worked up by this as she turned aside and out of my view a few moments later.  She may have been out of sight but the sounds and smells of female masturbation made it quite clear to me what she was doing.

That was my life then.  Eight hours of drug induced sleep followed by eight hours of abuse and then eight hours in which I was injected and milked but otherwise treated kindly.  All in all, Blondie was driving me near mad with her tortures each morning and then Blackie would calm and soothe me all afternoon.  I developed a real hatred for Blondie and a patient's typical fondness for Blackie but the unrelenting routine was taking a toll on me.  I considered suicide but couldn't figure out how.  All I knew was that I couldn't endure this much longer without going insane.