My Bondage
by Sir Richard

Part 4

Chapter 4 – On Loan and Escape

FF/mf, FF+/mf, FFM/f

A first meeting

I said that Diane wasn’t really sadistic. The same couldn’t be said for Senora Rodriguez, the wife of Senor, El Colonel, Arturo Rodriguez, the local federal police commander. She visited around the first of each month, presumably to pick up the monthly bribe money. Generally this was an all girl affair with me locked to my bed in the cell while Janice and Pillar had to provide the entertainment.

As I said I didn’t see this first hand but during our long nights Janice and Pillar would describe what went on. Generally the night would begin with some sort of oral sex contest between Pillar and Janice to determine a winner and a looser. Sometimes they had to see who could make Senora Rodriguez and Diane cum first. Sometimes they were tied in a 69 position and competed to see which one of them made the other cum first.

The winner would then be tied; face up to the coffee table to service both women while the loser would be tied at her feet and have to bring her to multiple orgasms while she was eating Diane or Senora Rodriguez.

Doesn’t sound too sadistic you say? The kicker is that while the winner serviced one of the dominant women the other would be lashing the loser with a flogger. When one woman had an orgasm, they traded places with the ex flogger mounting the winner’s mouth while the second woman began to flog the loser to ‘encourage her’ to do a better job of pussy licking.

As I say I was generally left out of these ‘guest nights’ but there were a couple of exceptions. The first time Senora Rodriguez and Diane took me from my cell to the living room where I was made to challenge Janice to see if I could bring Senora Rodriguez to an orgasm faster then Janice could bring off Diane.

Now I like to think that I am competent at cunnilingus but this was a stacked deck. First Diane was a known quantity to Janice while Senora Rodriguez was a total stranger to me. Secondly Janice was very, make that very, very talented with her mouth. Finally even if I could have won I didn’t have much motivation as I would rather have taken the whipping than to have been the cause of Janice being whipped.

In any case I lost and had the mixed pleasure and pain of licking Janice to some very loud, and (I was later assured) very satisfactory orgasms. The pain came, of course from the flogger across my shoulders and back urging me to greater efforts. Senora Rodriguez also insisted that since she had not cum I service her. Apparently I did this to her rather loud satisfaction.

Loaned Out

The upshot of that first night was that Senora Rodriguez asked to borrow Janice and myself for an evening with three of her friends on the basis that it would amuse all four proud upper class Haitians to be served and serviced by a gringo (me) and a gringa (Janice). Given the poverty and lack of development, I’m not certain why upper class Haitians are so proud, but that’s how I found myself folding into the trunk of Diane’s car, over a tightly bound and hogtied Janice. Once I was in the trunk, Diane tied my ankles to my thighs and secured my wrists in cuffs. Then she closed the trunk and drove off with us bumping uncomfortably against the various metal protrusions in the trunk.

When we arrived we were freed from the waist down and followed as Senora Rodriguez gave Diane a quick tour. Her basement housed a number of cells occupied by Haitians. The Senora explained to Diane that Arturo obtained these unpaid servants on a work release program from the local jail. I gathered that the women were primarily prostitutes who served the sexual perversions of both the Senora and her husband, Arturo. The males were petty criminals used for gardening. All of them were nude in their cells and most of them bore bruises and welts testifying to the sadistic nature of the Senor and Senora.

With the prisoner cook in the kitchen, Janice was put to setting the table for the dinner party. I, it appeared, was to be a sort of party favor. I was set down on what looked like a very sturdy coffee table with my legs spread and bent at the knees. My ankles and calves were taped to the table legs. Only then were my wrists separated. I laid back on the table and my wrists drawn together under the table. Diane unlocked my chastity device and Janice was summoned to bring me to full rigidity. Once I was hard Senora Rodriguez produced what looked like two halves of a plastic ring. These screwed together trapping the blood in my engorged penis and ensuring that I would be unable to ejaculate.

Diane left with a promise to pick up her slaves tomorrow morning. Senora decided to decorate me by sliding flowers through my nipple rings. That wasn’t too bad but the she inserted the stem of another flower into my penis. There were no thorns but the inside of the penis is very delicate and the flower stem wasn’t smooth. Of course I had no say in the matter and, wisely I think, kept my mouth shut.

The guests began to arrive and, though I wasn’t introduced, I gathered that they were wives of the local mayor, a judge and, if I got it correct, a local tax official. The ladies were told that the “handsome gringo” was there to service them all while a “pretty gringa” would be the waitress. My Spanish is pretty poor but I gathered a great deal of discussion revolved around how nice it was to have ‘Norte Americanos’ put in their appropriate place.

Janice delivered drinks and I saw that she had her hands tied behind her. She wore a tray that hooked over her control belt. The far corners of the tray were supported by chains through Janice’s nipple rings. As she circulated with a tray of glasses and later with nibbles, I saw the strain she was enduring as the weight of the tray distorted her nipples.

Eventually, after several drinks, all of the flowers were removed from my body and the party began in earnest. The first round consisted of flogging me. This was done sequentially by all four women and then by groups of two women at a time, the groupings rotating and changing composition in some pattern that was undetectable by me. I think the object was to see who could get the loudest groans from me but I wasn’t clear on anything except that my entire body from knees to neck hurt.

Having warmed up the ladies blindfolded me and began to ride my cock and mouth much as had been done on Diane’s sex toy nights. The difference here is that there were four women to satisfy both orally and with my penis. I have mentioned before that the constant stimulation on my penis without being able to ejaculate became very painful.

In total I brought women to orgasm on my penis seven times. I have no idea if all but one of the women came twice or if one greedy oversexed slut came four times. I lost count of the number of times women came on my face. I also learned that while each woman was adequately lubricated, at least for her purposes, my poor organ became swollen and hypersensitive to the point that even a normally welcome wet and warm pussy was incredibly painful. Any touch to my penis simply hurt.

Eventually the women went off to dinner leaving me crying on the coffee table. As I slowly became more aware of my surroundings I was able to catch glimpses of Janice through the archway. She still wore the tray that pulled at her nipples as she brought plates to the women and removed them as the courses progressed.

When dinner was over, the ladies returned to the lounge. Another slave, possibly the cook, loaded dirty dishes onto Janice’s tray. Eventually Janice appeared in the lounge with four small coffees and a selection of liquors. Once everyone had been served, the Senora announced that Janice and I were a couple and that together we would provide music for the rest of the evening.

She removed Janice’s tray though she seemed to tug at the nipple chains before it was totally off. She also unlocked Janice’s crotch chain and removed it and the Benewah balls. Then she had Janice, who still had her hands secured behind her, climb onto my coffee table and straddle me. Janice was forced to move back until Senora Rodriguez could insert my penis into her. I found it was still sore and somewhat painful though not as bad as it had been just before dinner. My groin, however, registered an immediate complaint regarding the lack of ejaculation.

Once Janice was riding me, Senora Rodriguez forced her to lie down on top of me. She ensured that Janice wouldn’t move upward by threading what had been her crotch chain through both of our nipple rings locking it so that there was virtually no slack. She also straightened Janice’s legs and strapped her left thigh to my right thigh and visa versa. Janice’s legs hung over the end of the table so a second set of straps was used to hold her ankles to her thighs, pressing her heels tightly against her butt.

The Senora then produced a strange metal bar that looked like the letter Z with a hook at the top. I had never seen anything like this so I watched as much as I could. First she worked the lower bar into Janice’s ass pushing it slightly over the control dildo or butt plug. Then she tied the upright part to the chain that held the butt plug in place ensuring that it would remain upright. Finally she hung what seemed to be a small set of wind chimes from the hook on the upper bar.

Placing a nasty looking cane on the table she said, “This is simple Janice. All you have to do is fuck your lover boy here. As long as your hips are moving the chimes will make sound. Any time the sound stops we will remind you to get busy with the cane. Now, get busy.”

Janice began moving her hips and the chimes began to tinkle. Even though my cock was still sore I enjoyed the sensations of Janice gently moving on me. Of course things rapidly grew worse as my body tried to reach orgasm but was prevented by the damn plastic ring. With Janice on top of me, and already aroused by the Benewah balls, her engorged clit rubbed against my groin and I knew she would soon achieve an orgasm. The problem was that just before her orgasm washed over her she became rigid. At that point her body clenched tightly arching her back and tugging on our nipples. She also stopped moving as the orgasm was about to engulf her.

I realized the danger and tried to pump my hips but I was too late. Splat, the cane whipped down across Janice’s buttocks causing her to scream. The pain also drove back her orgasm. The effect of the interrupted orgasm was, Janice later told me, to make her even hornier than the Benewah balls. Janice resumed rocking her hips trying to get back to the big O and, of course energetically rubbing my penis.

The entire cycle was repeated several times until eventually Janice managed to keep moving through to her orgasm. I lost count of how many times she had been caned on her butt or the soles of her feet. Then she was forced to start in again rubbing me for a second orgasm or nasty strokes with the cane.

Eventually the women left for their own homes, complimenting Senora Rodriguez on ‘how well she knew how to deal with those damn gringos.’ Janice, whose butt and feet were well striped by this time, continued moving until the Senora came back and removed the wind chimes.

She didn’t remove any of our bindings and Janice and I spent the night with her on top of me. We did risk whispering to each other and managed a few kisses. I commiserated with her about the pain on her ass and her feet and she told me how sorry she had been to cause me pain. She said that she had seen the pain reflected in my face as she moved on my sore cock but that she hadn’t had any choice. I said something stupid like she should forget the pain because having her on me was better than straight sex with any other woman. She kissed me then but neither of us believed what I was saying.

Despite our bindings the long evening took its toll and we both eventually fell into a troubled sleep, waking to involuntary nipple tugs or spasms from her pussy or my cock.

Morning Milking

I think Diane was shocked at the welts on Janice’s butt and feet, when she showed up next morning. She avoided saying anything, however, apparently conceding to Senora Rodriguez’s importance. When Janice was freed, the pain on her well-striped feet was such that she couldn’t stand. The Senora simply said, “That’s O. K. You can crawl on your hands and knees.”

My hands were released and I was sat up. After so long in one position, I couldn’t have done it if both Diane and her sadistic friend hadn’t pulled up on my shoulders. I was handcuffed in front and then my cuffs were locked to a collar which was buckled around my neck. Then my legs were freed.

Diane said something about wanting to take us home so that Janice could milk me. This led to a discussion about milking techniques. The Senora insisted that Diane let her demonstrate a milking process that she used on her male slaves. She explained that the benefit was the males (male pigs, as she put it) were emptied without giving them an orgasm. Diane was curious and it didn’t take much for her to be convinced. That’s what led to the worst morning of my life.

All three of us (Diane, Janice and I) were led into a large room with pulleys and chins dangling from the ceiling and rings in the floor. Upon the Senora’s instructions Janice crawled about and fastened my ankles to two widespread rings. Senora Rodriguez tied my wrists, with my hands palm to palm, in front of me and hoisted my hands through a pulley a few feet in front of me until I was stretched up and leaning forward. In this position I was forced onto the balls of my feet.

Then she put something on the floor behind me and slacked off the rope holding my wrists up. Of course as she slacked off I lowered my feet to the floor. That’s when I felt a sharp pain in me feet. I thought she had put spikes beneath my feet but Janice later assured me that they were just stones.

Whatever they were, the pain in my feet was intense and I pushed back up onto the balls of my feet. Of course without the pull from my bound wrists I had to hold myself up with the muscles in my lower legs.

I watched as Senora Rodriguez walked around me to a cabinet. She came back holding what looked to be a very long thin strap on and a tube of lubricant. Of course I couldn’t see what was going on behind me but Janice later told me what transpired.

Senora Rodriguez showed Diane the strap on calling it her ‘milking machine’. On the rear of the strap on was a ridge that fit the user’s slit and, as the Senora demonstrated, contained a vibrator. The business end of the strap on was thin but when turned on an internal cam began to slowly rotate. The Senora explained that between the in and out thrusts and the rotating cam the strap on provided the equivalent of fingers massaging the victim’s (in this case my) prostate.

Having explained the device she slipped off her jeans and panties and stepped into the straps of her ‘milking machine’. Then she approached me from the rear with the tube of lubricant. She tossed a screwdriver to Janice who backed out the screws and removed the plastic cock ring I had worn since last night. The restored circulation in my penis hurt with a pins and needles sensation and my cock retreated from its long hard on to about half mast from the pain. My testicles sensing the opening of passage through my penis reminded me that they would like to ejaculate. The Senora squeezed my balls and my poor cock went limp in response to the pain.

I was hanging from my wrists leaning forward and trying to keep far enough up and forward to avoid the pain to my feet. The next thing I knew was when the cold lubricant was squirted around and into my sphincter. Predictably I then felt the dildo pushed into me. I knew the drill and tried to relax my anal muscles but this dildo stretched me and hurt no matter what I did.

She got that damn thing into me and then did something that caused it to begin to squirm within me. I guess, given Janice’s description, it was really rotating rather than squirming but that’s what it felt like at the time. What ever it was doing externally, Senora Rodriguez withdrew about half way pulling me backward and jamming my feet on the stones. Then she reversed direction and slammed forward.

I have been told that some men enjoy a prostate massage even if it forces them to ejaculate without an orgasm. I can tell you I did not. The dildo was slamming in and out of me with brutal regularity, my anus was shrieking in pain and my feet were banging onto the stones sending pains up my legs. I guess it was me shrieking in pain, as an anus can’t shriek, but at the time all I felt was the pain in my anus and feet.

At some point I did look down and saw a stream of white liquid dripping from my penis. I could feel the thick viscous liquid moving through my penis but there was no sexual feeling any more than when I urinated. This went on for some time until there were only a few drops when Senora Rodriguez achieved her orgasm and abruptly pulled out of my ass.

I thought my torment was over but I had under estimated the nasty sadistic nature of the Senora. After a brief pause while she recovered from her orgasm I heard her take off the milking machine and gave it to Janice with instructions to clean it in a nearby sink. How Janice accomplished that while still on her hands and knees, I don’t know. I could hear as the Senora pulled on her panties and jeans. Talking with Diane the Senora said something to the effect that this was the best way to milk a man because while the male doesn’t get any pleasure from the milking she certainly does or did. I was still recovering from the brutal reaming and didn’t pay too much attention to her words.

I did pay attention when she appeared in front of me with what appeared to be a tiny bottle brush. It couldn’t have been three inches from handle to tip but I was worried when she grabbed my flaccid penis and brought the brush toward the tip.

Speaking to Diane she said, “This is called a dental brush. The bristles are a relatively soft nylon meant to go between teeth and are soft enough not to hurt the gums. Of course the inside of the penis is considerably more sensitive then the gums especially when you twist it back and forth like this. The beauty of this is that you not only clean out the last few drops of cum, you also inflame the interior of the penis. For the next couple of days every time he takes a piss it will feel as though his prick is on fire.”


By this time she had me screaming in pain. It seemed to be music to her ears. Janice was instructed to lick up the cum and Senora Rodriguez said, “Now he has to punished.”

Diane, who seemed a bit taken aback, asked, “Why does he need to be punished?”

Senora Rodriguez looked at her and said, “Look at the mess he made on my clean floor.”

I think both Janice and Diane were a bit taken aback by that but there was no objection as the sadistic Senora went on. The next thing she did was to slip the chain from my scrotum through a third ring in the floor a bit behind me. She pulled the chain forcing me back and my feet down until I was just balanced between stabbing the bottom of my feet if I went down and ripping off my testicles if I pulled forward.

I was balancing in this awkward position trying to find the best balance between the two pains when I heard a swish and a line of fire exploded across my buttocks. She had struck me with a cane.

Of course my body jerked forward painfully pulling my testicles. I reacted instinctively by pulling back only to stab my feet painfully. It took me a couple of seconds of back and forth to regain my precarious equilibrium. That’s when she struck again and ran another line of fire a bit further down my butt.

I tried to hold my body tense and not respond to the next stroke but she was an expert and judged my body language, watching for when my body’s rigidity relaxed slightly. That’s when she would hit me again. I don’t know how many strokes she gave it because I lost count after six. I think it was ten or perhaps twelve. What I do know is that when she finally left, chatting and laughing with Diane, my butt was on fire, my feet hurt, my testicles ached and my legs were burning with the effort I had put into holding myself high enough to save my feet but low enough to save my testicles.

After a while Diane released me and led me to the car. I was pretty much a wreck by that time. I seemed to be in pain all over and I couldn’t seem to stop sniveling. Diane let me lie on the floor of the back seat instead of forcing me into the trunk. Janice was curled up on the back seat.

I didn’t much like what I had been reduced to and recognized that even Diane was concerned with how we had be used and abused. I even risked further punishment by speaking to Diane. I said, “Please mistress, don’t ever loan us to Senora Rodriguez again.”

Diane said, “I won’t punish you for speaking and I will try to protect you from her. Senora Rodriguez is, however, a powerful woman and I need her husband’s police protection so it may not be possible. We will just have to see how it goes.”

I think I would have called the Senora sadistic instead of powerful but I realized that was the best answer I was going to get. Diane might try to protect us but in the end she would sacrifice any of us for her own comfort. I guess I would just have to turn back to how to escape this damn mess if I was going to do Janice or myself any good. All I said, however was, ”Thank you mistress.”

Second attempt

Since I was physically controlled by the damn belt it seemed that the only chance of escape revolved around somehow sabotaging it. The problem was that Diane checked the battery charger lights every morning and once the belt was on, she tested it to ensure that everything had been properly hooked up. This was done before she released me from the pillory. My futile resistance the first day proved just how easy it was to control any of us while wearing that belt and electric butt plug.

They say the greatest ideas are the simplest. When I finally figured out how to break her control I was astonished that I hadn’t thought of it before. The batteries and the electronics were in the locked-on metal belt and couldn’t be tampered with. The electrodes that delivered the shock were on the tip of the butt plug and couldn’t be reached because it was deep inside me, held by the chain from the belt. While the belt was locked on me the plug couldn’t be removed because of the length of the chain. Still, I realized, there had to be a way the electric current was passed from the belt to the butt plug.

I felt about behind me and sure enough there was a plastic cable threaded through the links of the belt. Now if I could find a way to break that cable Mistress couldn’t shock me into submission and I could overpower her. All I had to do was find something that would cut the cable.

I did have some worries with this scheme. After all, cutting the cable would probably short out the wires. I had no idea how the shock device was wired. Could a short set off the shock device and leave me writhing helpless on the ground until some one came and found me? Alternatively would an electrical short cause a fire in the batteries that were locked around my waist. I saw no way to answer either of those questions but, with more stubbornness and pride than bravery or smarts, I wasn’t going to let uncertainty deter me.

It was early afternoon when I went to the tool shed. I managed to get a pruning shears and work it behind my back so that the anvil was under the cable and resting on a link of the chain. The damned cable was strong and I had to exert all my strength to cut through it. At last it parted and I unlaced the broken end from a few links just to ensure that there would be no electrical continuity.

I didn’t know if Mistress had weapons or not, but it was now or never, as the cliché goes. I decided to take a garden shovel with me to use as a weapon. In the end it was easy. I found her on the patio having Janice lick her while Pillar was roped into an uncomfortable position with her wrists tied to one ankle and all three limbs hoisted to a tree branch.

I could hear Pillar moaning and Diane giving Janice instructions as I approached the patio. I went up as silently as I could. I saw the mistress lounging with her bikini bottom beside her on a chaise lounge. .

I got quite near without being noticed. Pillar was past noticing anything and Janice was focused on obeying Diane’s commands while Diane had her eyes closed enjoying Janice’s tongue.

I guess my shadow reached Diane because she turned and saw me. She immediately asked what I was doing on the patio with a shovel. I said nothing and advanced toward her. She smirked and pointed the dreaded remote at me. She pressed it and I felt nothing. Her face reflected astonishment and she looked down to check that she was pressing the correct button. I rather un-gallantly shoved the blunt end of the shovel into her stomach knocking the wind out of her.

After that, it was easy. I took the remote from her and pushed her back down on her chaise lounge. There were all sorts of lengths of rope lying about. I tied Diane’s elbow to the arm of the chaise lounge and then went around the other side. I tied her second elbow to the other arm and then added ropes at her wrists. Janice was still kneeling looking at me in amazement. I told her to let Pillar free and picked up some more rope. I tied a length around each ankle and tossed the end under the lounge. Then pressing her far knee to the edge of the lounge I pulled the ankle rope pulling Diane’s calf across and under the lounge. When I was done her knees were forced wide apart.

By now Pillar was shakily sitting up and both she and Janice were staring at me. Diane was yelling about the dire punishments she would visit on me. I got tired of hearing her so I reached behind her neck and untied the strap of her bikini. Diane shrieked and told me ‘not to dare to bare her breasts’. I remember thinking it was a silly thing to say, given the fact that she had already taken off the bottom to her bikini.

The back strap to the bra was next. I pulled the cloth off leaving her nude. Then I rolled up the cloth of the bikini panties, wrapped them in the cups of the bra and tied the entire lump into a more or less solid ball. This was unceremoniously worked into Diane’s mouth muffling her threats and invective. It wasn’t a perfect gag by any means but it did quiet things down on the patio.

Under new management

I told the girls that there was going to be a change in management. Both women were smiling and happy. Once they had calmed down I asked Janice where the keys were kept. She warned me that they were locked in a desk drawer but I brandished my shovel and told her it was my ‘lock pick’.

I looked at Diane who, believe it or not was actually blushing. Then I said to Janice and Pillar, “Didn’t you tell me that slave girls had to have a bare pussy? Look at all that hair. Janice, go and get the razor and a scissors and shave her bald. Don’t bother with shaving cream, I won’t mind if it is a bit uncomfortable. “

“Pillar you stay and watch Diane. You can play with her but don’t hurt her, at least not yet. Make certain she doesn’t get loose. Wait, Diane was her name when she was our mistress. I think she needs a slave name. I know, let’s call her ‘bitch’. I am going to find the keys to get rid of our chastity devices and these damn obedience belts.”

I went to what had been Diane’s office and found a locked desk drawer. It was simple. I worked the corner of the shovel into the gap between the drawer and frame and just like that I had the keys. First things first, I got rid of my chastity device. My penis felt good in the cool air without the weight of the tube. Then, like a horny teen aged boy, I went into the bath room and masturbated. Having relieved my self I went back to the keys, unlocked my control belt and eased out my butt plug. I was still nude but felt better than I had been for a long time.

I went back to the patio. I looked at bitch and found that the girls had done a good job of shaving her. I realized that I probably should have been a bit more specific as they had not only shaved her groin they had also shaved off all of the hair from her head.

Bitch had a nice tan but there was a big white area where her pubic hair had been and triangles of white skin where her bikini had covered her breasts. I had a nasty thought and lowered the chaise lounges back so that bitch was lying down. Then I turned the chaise so that there was no shadow on her body, just bright sunlight.

Pillar looked at the woman who had been our mistress and her widely spread legs and asked, “Are you going to fuck her?”

I answered, “No, I am not into rape. I think I will just leave her here to bake in the sun for a bit. By the way it looks as if she applied sun tan lotion. Use the garden hose and wash it off.”

Pillar had an evil grin as she went for the hose. Bitch realizing how badly she would be burned, especially on her breasts, her groin and the top of her head was making all sorts of funny noises, but, of course they were unintelligible.

I picked up some rope and turned to Janice. Pointing to the other chaise lounge I said “Sit!”

Just for fun I ran a loop of rope around her waist and the chaise back pinning her in place. It wasn’t serious bondage and she could have slid out but she (well both women) waited to see what I had in mind.

I knelt in front of Janice and took the key in my mouth. Nuzzling her pussy with my nose and mouth, I managed to slide the key in and open the lock to her pussy chain. I worked the lock free with my mouth and let it fall to the floor. Then I used my tongue to slowly and gently lift each crisscrossed strand of chain. Pillar was watching and said, “That looks so hot.”

Of course there was a lot of licking involved in getting my tongue up under each strand and Janice was wriggling around making little happy grunting noises by the time the chain dropped to the floor. Next I used my mouth to slowly, very slowly, pull out the Benewah balls. Then I dove back in and began to eat her pussy. It only took moments to bring the already very horny woman off. Then I removed the rope and unlocked her waist belt, letting her ease the plug out herself.

I turned to Pillar and said “Your turn.”

She, almost shyly, asked, “Master, can Janice do me?”

Well I was stunned by the use of the word ‘master’ but I had no real problem with the request so long as Janice was OK with it. I turned to her and raised an eyebrow inquisitively. Janice shrugged and surprised me even more than Pillar as she said, “I will do her, Master, but will you fuck me while I do?”

I nodded my assent and 'tied' Pillar where Janice had been. Janice knelt in front of Pillar’s pussy but raised her own butt so that her pussy was flashing me between her legs. I found that despite my recent masturbation, licking Janice had turned me on again and I was already hard. I hung back for a bit to allow Janice to get the lock off and make a good start on the chains. Then the sight of her sweet pussy looking back through her legs was just too much. I swept my tip through her wetness and plunged in.

I did try to hold back and I did use my hands on her breasts to bring her along but it was no contest. No matter how well she worked, and no matter how worked up Pillar was, I came before either of them. Not by much and I did remain bent over Janice playing with her clit as I softened and slipped out.

End of part 4

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