My Bondage
by Sir Richard

Part 2

Chapter 2 Ė Life as a Slave

F/m, F/mff

Meal time

Diane led me by the chain attached to my testicles to the dining room. I saw Pillar busy in the kitchen and soon Janice was serving Diane her dinner. Between mouthfuls Diane looked at me and said, ďYou might as well be useful. Get under the table and eat me while I eat my dinner. You better do a good job or we will have another session with the crop.Ē

I hesitated for a second but saw Dianne reach for the remote control and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled under the table. It was humiliating to crawl like that which, I am certain, was Dianeís intention. Humiliation was a way to break down my self respect and make me a more docile slave.

No doubt she also thought she was humiliating me by making me service her orally. In fact she outsmarted herself here. I enjoyed giving oral sex. I had always thought women were at their most wonderful when they were in the throes of an orgasm. All coyness and artificial manners cast aside, the raw power and beauty of the woman emerges. It seemed to me the woman was exposed as the beautiful primitive animal that she was. While I sometimes brought women to orgasm with penile sex I knew I could always bring this about with cunnilingus and enjoyed the bit of control this gave me.

Diane had worn a short light weight tropical skirt and, as I discovered, some very attractive panties. I reached up to the waistband and she lifted her hips to allow me to pull her panties down and off her legs. I saw that, like her slave girls, Dianeís crotch was bare. Under other circumstances I would have been attracted and eager to lick her. As it was I had mixed feelings but wasnít going to risk another shock by delaying.

I began by kissing her upper thighs and licking at the crease where her thighs joined her mound. From there I moved to her outer labia and, after a suitable time, her inner labia. Eventually I entered her with my tongue and alternated between tongue fucking and licking up her slit to her prominent clitoris. When I felt her arousal was peaking I grasped her clit between my lips and rapidly, but softly, flicked at it with the tip of my tongue.

I secretly enjoyed breaking Dianeís composure with her orgasm. She clenched her thighs uncomfortably on my head and, as Janice later told me, dropped her fork as her first orgasm overtook her. I had a bit of trouble breathing until she had shuddered through it and had relaxed her thighs. Then just as I felt she was regaining control I dove in for seconds.

I could hear her say no and felt her hand pushing at my head but ignored these. In a few moments her hand fell away and she was well on her way to a second, even stronger, orgasm. After all she had ordered me to service her and whatís a good slave to do.

She did manage to push me away after the second one and ordered me to sit still under the table. I complied but felt pretty smug.

After Dianeís dinner I was led into the kitchen where I found three bowls of stew and three bowls of water on the floor and Pillar and Janice kneeling on a cushion. There was a third cushion so without further orders I sank down to kneel on it. At Dianeís orders I watched as both Pillar and Janice bent forward with their forearms flat on the floor lowering their heads to the bowls of food. The position they assumed was subservient with their asses in the air and their heads almost to the ground. Diane indicated that I should follow them and I did.

The food was good, if a bit bland. I had some trouble managing to eat and drink without use of my hands. At the end of the meal my cheeks and chin and possibly my nose were spattered with the sauce from the stew. Diane told me to kneel up and I emulated the women kneeling with my back straight and my butt once more on my ankles. Then Diane said, ďJanice, clean Pillarís face.Ē

I watched as Janice used her tongue to lick all traces of the meal from Pillarís face. Then Pillar was instructed to clean my face. She seemed to glare at me as she moved next to me and then licked my face clean. Finally it was my turn to lick Janice clean which I found rather intimate. In fact as I went from one cheek to the other I managed a quick touch of the lips and to swipe my tongue through her lips. That earned me a quick and surreptitious wink from Janice.

After dinner we cleaned up. Pillar worked in the kitchen, Janice cleared Dianeís plates and the table cloth and I rinsed the six slave bowels and loaded them into the dishwasher. Pillar loaded the kitchen utensils and started the dishwasher. At Dianneís command we all went down to the basement.


Across from the bared room with the pillory was a second room with a toilet and three beds. Two of the beds matched and the third was similar but apparently a more recent addition. Pillar used the toilet and then climbed onto one of the beds. Janice followed her example. Diane told me, I had best urinate (she said pee) as it would be my last opportunity until morning. While I was doing that Diane fastened wrist and ankle cuffs on Pillar and Janice. The wrist cuffs were more or less at waist level so the arrangement was relatively comfortable as opposed to a stretched out spread eagle. Even with that, there was no way to roll over nor was there much slack to shift about.

Well aware that I was still wearing the damned control belt I meekly obeyed when Diane ordered me to lick first Pillarís and then Janiceís nipples. I guess it was just a new addition to the sexual frustration game but I didnít mind a bit. Oh well, I did mind the fact that I couldnít even get an erection but aside from that I certainly enjoyed making all four nipples hard and prominent. After that I followed Dianeís orders and climbed onto the third bed. I was similarly fastened. Thus all three of us were secured for the night, more or less comfortably but definitely on our backs.

Rather surprisingly once the lights were out and the basement door closed the women talked, softly but freely. I learned that we were in Haiti which is on part of a large island in the Caribbean. As you might imagine, that meant a low income, corruptly governed and policed country. The estate, I learned from the women was isolated and supplies were delivered weekly by truck.

Pillar, who was a native, had come to the estate in answer to an advertisement looking for a cook. Diane had first hired her, then had doped and subdued her, forcing her into slavery. She had been here ever since. While Pillar talked to me she clearly didnít care for me. Janice explained that Pillar had some problems with the males in her family and didnít really care for men.

Janiceís story was closer to my own. She had been a college student and was doped in a bar and then transported in a trunk. In addition to being the maid and housekeeper, she was responsible for managing Dianeís household, which included paying the bills from a local bank account. She regularly ordered cash which was delivered with the groceries but had no idea of how or where money came into the bank account. The cash was used to tip local delivery people and, monthly, to prepare the gift (read bribe) for the local police.

I told the women my story and asked about escape. They told me it was pretty much impossible due to the control belts. They further said that even if I could get over the wall the local police were all on Dianeí payroll and would probably bring me back. I think I discounted that as I couldnít imagine that sort of corruption and slavery in this day and age. I guess it shows how naÔve we can be.

The girls told me that there had been a local doing my work before, but that he had ruined a lawn mower, presumably by letting it run dry of oil. Then he just disappeared. It was possible that there were other slave owners and he had been sold but Janice thought that he may have been murdered and dumped onto the compost heap. That was a pretty chilling thought but around that time they said that they had better get some sleep so that they could perform their duties properly the next day. I got the impression that sub-standard performance brought punishment.

Even after the two women had drifted off to sleep I spent a troubled night. As mentioned above, I was locked on my back and I was bothered by the weight of the chastity device. I donít know if I could have slept anyhow. I knew what country we were in but I certainly didnít know exactly where. I did know that I didnít want to be here and I certainly didnít want to be a slave. The idea of being enslaved kept my mind in turmoil and, though I donít think I was able to think very rationally. I was, however, determined to find a chink in the security and escape.

Routine Control

I was soon to learn that the Pillory and recharged control belts were part of the daily routine. At night we were each chained to our respective beds, still wearing the dreaded control belts, in a fairly loose face up position. Each morning the Diane would release Janice and Pillar and take them to the Pillory room. With the control belts in place there was no rebellion as one of the women was fixed in the Pillory with her ankles tied apart to the floor rings. Only when she was secure would the Diane provide the key to remove her control belt. The other woman would administer the enema which would be held in place for a painful 15 minutes.

While one woman held her enema the other woman brought over a bucket of soapy water and began to wash the one in the pillory. She used a sponge and covered every inch of the imprisoned woman. Well, every inch except for the few inches of wrist and neck caught in the pillory. Even the soles of the feet were done as the ankle ropes were tied with enough space to allow the foot to be lifted.

While this was being done, Diane would take the control belt to the charging station, unlock the battery compartment and remove yesterdayís batteries. Freshly charged batteries would be substituted and the compartment relocked so the belt was ready for installation after the clean up following the enema.

The key to the battery compartment was chained to the wall near the charging station but was actually redundant. The battery compartment door was on the inside of the belt and could not be opened once the belt was secured around the slaveís waist even if it had been left unlocked. It appeared that while batteries were recharged daily, they retained sufficient power to provide debilitating shocks for several days.

In any case, after the first woman was allowed to expel her enema she was rinsed with the cold water hose. Her hair was dried and combed while still in the Pillory and the dreaded belt and butt plug reinstalled. Only then was she released to fasten the second woman and repeat the procedure on her.

When both women had been cleaned inside and out and the belts, with fresh batteries installed, Pillar was sent to prepare breakfast. Janice was sent to release ďboy.Ē Oh yes, thatís just one more humiliation Diane had for me. While slaves Janice and Pillar had names, and although Diane had initially introduced me as Bill or Billy, she now decided that, I, as the only male in our household would simply be Ďboy.í

The procedure was about the same for me though Janice seemed to spend more time washing my testicles than she spent on Pillarís pussy. That may have been my imagination. It worked out time wise as my nipples certainly got less rubbing than Pillarís large and very attractive breasts.

Once all three slaves had been cleaned, inside and out, and fresh batteries installed in the control belts, we made our way upstairs for breakfast. Janice would lead our little parade with me following and Diane trailing but holding the chain attached to my chastity device. I had enough respect for the control belt that it really didnít matter except that Diane had a habit of tugging, as though to remind me of who was in control. I think it amused her to have a male so completely subdued and controlled.

Breakfast was a repeat of dinner with us waiting for Diane to finish before we were fed, again from bowls on the floor. Breakfast was oatmeal rather than stew but the eating without hands, with butts in the air was the same. As with dinner we cleaned each otherís faces by licking. Diane occasionally varied the routine of who was licking who, but other than that, meals were pretty much the same every morning and evening.

The Gardener

That first day, I trailed Diane (who held the chain to my scrotum) and Janice outside. We went out the front door and Diane, waving at the lawn, told me, ďI want this mowed, then rolled and trimmed.Ē

She led Janice and me around the house to a shed in back. There was a compost bin beside the shed and a concrete apron in front of both the bin and the shed which apparently extended back under the composter. A hose bib was set into the concrete. I was told that kitchen scraps and garden clippings were to be dumped into the top of the composter and that I was to use the compost as mulch on the flower beds and around the trees.

Opening the shed I saw a shovel, various hand clippers, and a broom. There was also one of those nylon line edge trimmers, a lawn roller to smooth the surface and a relatively new gasoline power mower. Diane instructed me on how to check the oil (it was fine) and had me fill the gas tank. Then she had me wheel it onto the concrete apron and showed me where the cleanout plug was and told me to use the hose after each dayís mowing and then clean up and dump the debris in the composter.

All pretty standard garden stuff. Then, however, she had me kneel and told Janice to apply sun screen. I guess thatís a pretty good idea if you are going to be mowing nude but the very attractive, nearly nude Janice rubbing my body was sexually exciting and, with my penis constrained as it was very uncomfortable, if not so painful as to be called torture. Of course the chastity tube prevented me from growing erect but there was an increase in blood flowing to my penis and a distinctly uncomfortable feeling as it swelled and pressed against the sides of the tight curved tube.

This only got worse when she had finished my top and Diane had me stand with my legs spread apart. She, actually both women, seemed to be amused as Janice spread the lotion up my thighs. Of course when she fondled my ass and then gently applied lotion to my testicles it was even worse. Diane delighted in reminding Janice not to miss that delicate and decidedly un-tanned bit of flesh. My penis was uncomfortably tight in its curved tube but at least it was shielded from the sun and Janiceís fingers.

At last the sexually arousing body rub was done and Diane wrapped my scrotum chain around one of the uprights to the mowerís steel handle. She locked it so that it was about six feet long. I was chained to the mower but had enough slack so that I could detach the clippings bag and, with some effort, reach the top of the composter.

Diane walked with me back to the front of the house while Janice slipped inside to take up her normal maid duties. Diane gave me a final warning about the dangers of not keeping my feet from getting under the blade and left me to get the lawn mowed.

Though it was hot sweaty work, it wasnít particularly hard. The worst part of mowing was that I couldnít just detach the clippings bag and walk back to the compost heap. Chained to the machine as I was, I had to wheel the entire thing back and forth every time the bag was full.

Around noon Janice appeared with some sort of diet drink for the meal and a bottle of water. While I drank them she softly said, ďI am sorry about all of this. I donít really have any choice you know. She can be fearful when she punishes youĒ.

That afternoon

I continued mowing after lunch but noticed that the women were having fun in the pool area. Well, at least the Diane was having fun. She was sunning herself on a lounge chair while Pillar was tied to another chair and Janice was alternately fetching drinks and spreading sun tan lotion on the Diane and sexually teasing poor Pillar. I found out later that while both Janice and Pillar were bisexual, Janice preferred men while Pillar preferred women. Thus Diane tied Pillar down so that Janice would have the less favorable task of teasing her.

Pillar had large breasts which Diane had cinched with tight rubber bands at their base. This not only was uncomfortable it also made the captured breasts stretched and very sensitive. When she wasnít servicing the Diane, Janice knelt by the bound Pillar and licked her breasts and nipples. While I didnít have a watch this seemed to go on for several hours until Pillar was released to prepare dinner.

Crimes and Punishments

I would have to say that Diane, for all her liberal application of swats with the riding crop didnít appear to be a true sadist. By that I mean she didnít just tie us up and whip us for her own gratification. She certainly played sexual tease and denial games but that was pretty much it, unless she was punishing you. Then she became very nasty and quite inventive. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Pillar Punished

One evening the food was apparently too spicy for Diane. Or, perhaps it was too bland. I never really found why Pillar was to be punished but both Janice and I were there to observe.

Pillar had her hands tied behind her, crossed across her back, right wrist to left elbow and visa versa. Then she was moved against the barred wall and told to squat forcing her knees through the bars. With Diane behind her holding her in place, Janice was assigned to slip a long wooden dowel (it looked like a broom handle) behind Pillarís knees. This locked Pillar against the bars and prevented her from either straightening her legs or fully kneeling.

Forced to maintain a squat, Diane then pushed Pillar hard against the bars and Janice slipped a second broom handle through the rings from Pillarís nipples. This further limited Pillarís mobility. Next Diane wrapped a strap around Pillarís head and the two bars on either side. This forced her temples hard against the bars and prevented her from turning her head.

Satisfied with the uncomfortable bondage, Diane went into the cell and gripped Pillarís nose. When Pillar opened her mouth to breathe Diane grasped her tongue in a forceps. These are medical instruments that resemble a pliers made of heavy rod or thick wire but have a locking mechanism. Pulling Pillarís tongue from her mouth Diane had Janice hold the pliers while she applied a wooden clamp to the tongue.

The clamp was really just two dowels longer than the width of Pillarís mouth. They had been fastened at one end with a strong rubber band. Once they were across Pillarís tongue, Diane pressed the open side tightly together and fastened the clamp shut with another thick rubber band. The two wooden dowels cruelly pressed into Pillarís sensitive tongue. Her mouth was held wide open as the dowels pressed tightly against the corners of her mouth.

You would have thought this was punishment enough but Diane had other ideas. Releasing the forceps she now applied jalapeno hot sauce liberally to the entire tongue. Poor Pillar was forced to remain tightly against the bars as her taste buds were cruelly burned by the sauce. Diane left Pillar in that position for three hours before releasing her. I think she was only released then because Diane wanted her dinner prepared.

Weights and Measures

While I never really knew what caused Pillarís punishment, I was painfully aware of my punishment. I think I mentioned that Diane had a lawn roller. After cutting and trimming the lawn I filled the hollow metal roller and used it to smooth the lawn. After all that was done, Diane had me trimming shrubs. During this time she had anchored me by attaching my chain to the lawn roller.

One day she noticed that I seemed to be moving the roller as I worked with only one hand. Sure enough I had cheated and not fully filled the roller making it easier to move about.

Diane had me fix a triple pulley block to a tall tree limb. Then she produced a spreader bar with thick leather cuffs at each end and locked my wrists into them. The bar was attached to the pulley block and my hands went up in the air. Then she summoned the women and I began to see what this was all about.

Pillar was towing the lawn roller and Janice had a scale, some ropes and a gunny sack. Janice set the scale down and twisted the dial to get it to read zero. Together Pillar and her maneuvered the roller onto the scale and reported the weight to Diane. Diane brought over the garden hose and filled the roller. Checking the scale she said, ďYou cheated on filling the roller by twenty three pounds. Now you are going to find out why cheating me isnít a good idea.Ē

While Pillar emptied the roller and returned it to the shed, Janice secured my feet apart using ropes from my ankles to two nearby trees. Then she placed the sack on the scale. Pillar returned from the shed with a shovel and began filling the sack. They watched the scale and filled it with twenty three pounds of dirt.

I was getting a bad feeling about this and it only grew worse when Diane made a noose from a short length of rope and fastened it around my scrotum. The sack was closed and fastened to the other end of the rope. Then at Dianeís instruction both Pillar and Janice took hold of the rope holding my hands in the spreader bar and began to pull. First my hands rose and then my entire body was suspended. The ropes on my ankles tightened pulling my feet further apart as I rose.

That was stressful and painful enough but of course the real pain came when the twenty three pound sack came off the ground pulling at my scrotum. Not only did it pull so that I thought my scrotum might be ripped off, the noose tightened and slid down compressing my testicles. Crushed testicles create a nauseous feeling deep in the abdomen that is bad enough when you are hit and released but this was unrelenting.

I screamed and then tried to beg Diane for mercy. Predictably, all that got me was six slashes across my ass with her riding crop. Of course that caused me to jerk and set the bag to swinging back and forth. I had closed my eyes in pain and when I opened them again I found I was alone. Diane and the two slaves had returned to the house. I might have been on another planet. There was no one to beg, no one to witness my pain, nothing but time. My wrists and shoulders hurt from the strain, my ass burned from the nasty cropping but my testicles were where my entire being was focused.

The pain was unbearable. But then, I guess thatís the point of bondage. It may be unbearable but you have no choice but to bear it. The pulling on my scrotum and the crushing of my testicles became one single demanding pain.

At some time during the afternoon I looked down at the heavy bag it was only inches from the ground. If I could only lower myself those few inches I would get relief from the terrible pain. Of course the ropes didnít stretch those few inches and my attempts to bounce and stretch them were so painful I gave up. I hung there like a piece of meat, exhausted and in pain. I have no idea how long I hung there. It must have been most of the afternoon. In the end it was Diane who released me, again emphasizing that she had the power and must be obeyed.

Unauthorized Sexual Play

I have already mentioned that despite our slavery, Janice and I werenít above trying to tease each other if we thought we could get away with it. While we managed to get away with this while licking each other in the kitchen, Diane was very strict and would not tolerate any playfulness that she observed.

For example there was the time she really tortured Janice and I for unauthorized sexual activity. It was really all my fault. Of course, locked up as I was, I couldnít really have sexual intercourse. That didnít keep Janice from teasing me by fondling my testicles and the almost exposed tip of my penis while applying the sun screen. One day when she was applying the lotion and the Diane had gone back inside I decided that turnabout was fair play.

I grabbed Janiceís arms and lowered my mouth to her breasts. Janice did not have large breasts but they were proportionate to her frame and, in my opinion beautifully shaped. Her nipples were unusually (as least in my limited experience) long. They quickly responded to my touch and became firm and turgid.

At first she struggled and, whispering to avoid attracting Diane, told me to stop. After a very few seconds of licking and sucking her nipple she let her body relax and began moaning. I switched to the other nipple and worked at it with both my lips and tongue. I had planned to move down to her chained labia and see how far I could force my tongue under the chain. Perhaps I could even reach her clitoris. After all it was only a chain, not a real chastity belt and shield. I didnít get a chance to do this, however as I was surprised when, in a very few minutes, Janiceís moans turned to grunts and her entire body began to quiver.

I kept at her nipples until her back arched and she shuddered through what must have been an orgasm. Oh, it wasnít a huge, shake the earth orgasm, but she definitely had what appeared to be an orgasm. I had never seen a woman have an orgasm from just nipple play and I was astonished. Prior to that time I didnít know that some women had nipples so sensitive that they could be made to orgasm from what I would have considered foreplay. I was about to say something stupid like ĎDid you really cum?í when all playful curiosity evaporated as pain exploded deep within me. A half second later Janice was jerked into an equally contorted fetal position as Diane triggered her belt. We had been caught.

Painful Ties

I was still lying there recovering from the shocks as Pillar and Diane buckled leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Diane tied a rope from my right wrist cuff and bending my arm behind my back ran the rope over my left shoulder, across my chest and tied it to my right nipple ring. Unless I continually forced my arm high up my back I would pull painfully on my nipple. With my right wrist secured she did the left wrist over my right shoulder and back across the chest to my left nipple ring.

She then sat on my back and used her thighs to press my elbows together which forced my wrists further up my back. She used a rope to secure my elbows together and wrapped the tails around my chest to ensure that my arms were held tightly against my torso. Pushing my arms up had created some slack in the first set of ropes so she loosened the knots, pulled out all slack and re-tied it.

The next step was a third rope lashing my arms together where they crossed, high behind me. This rope, which I thought entirely redundant, was also wrapped around my chest. In retrospect I realize that the elbow rope and the rope where the forearms crossed helped hold my wrists in their uncomfortable high on my back position. Without them I probably wouldnít have been able to endure what was coming without ripping out my nipple rings.

While I was being tied, Pillar was fastening wrist cuffs to Janice at Dianeí direction. Then Janiceís right wrist was tied to her left arm just above her elbow. The left wrist was crossed and tied to her right arm. Both tail ropes were wrapped around Janiceís chest and tied behind her back. It was an efficient welding of her arms to her body if somewhat less stringent than the tie Diane had imposed on me.

During all of this neither Janice nor I was able to move at all much less resist the manipulation of our limbs. Eventually my muscles stopped twitching and normal feeling returned. I remember feeling the strain on my arms and shoulders and wondering how long I would be able to endure this strict bondage.

What nonsense! I would endure until Diane released me. It wasnít as though there was anything I could do about it.

Diane, whom I was thinking of more and more as Mistress Diane, brought us to our feet and with a tug on the chain to my scrotum and a firm hand on Janiceís bound arm she led us down to the basement with its cells and Pillory room. Janice was pushed into the Pillory room while I was maneuvered up against the barred wall on the corridor side.

Diane had me bend into a slight squat with my knees through the bars and inside the room. Once she was satisfied she had Pillar hold me in position while she went into the room and retrieved the broom handles. She proceeded to slip the broom behind my knees before motioning Pillar to enter. With the broom behind my knees I could neither back away from the bars nor fully straighten my knees. The second broom handle went through the nipple rings holding my chest firmly against the bars.

At Dianeís instructions Pillar had Janice lie down on her back and then fastened spreader bars to both Janiceís and my ankles. Janiceís legs were spread about four feet wide while mine was barely two feet wide, matching the spread of the bars. Janice was made to lie down and Diane had Pillar use a winch to raise her wide spread legs in the air. She cranked until Janice was suspended inches off the floor with her weight fully on her ankles. A short chain was fastened to Janiceís nipple rings and Pillar pushed Janice toward me so that she was perhaps at a ten degree angle

Then Diane reached through the bars to where the chain from my scrotum was dangling on the floor. Sliding it under my spreader bar she pulled forcing me to squat lower and lower. Thatís when I found that the broom handle behind my knees was an instrument of torture. As I squatted lower my knees bent further but with the broom handle in place I felt a terrible pain as my knee joints were being forced apart, almost to the point of dislocation.

Diane continued to pull until I was locked in position squatting on the balls of my feet unable to rise due to the painful tension on my testicles and unable to go lower due to the fierce pain in my knee joints. Satisfied that she had exacted the maximum in pain without quite causing injury, Diane fastened the chain that held me down to the one linking Janiceís nipples. Pillar let Janice swing back toward vertical taking out any slack in the chains. Janice was now just a few degrees off vertical but her weight pulled on both her nipples and my scrotum.

Then Diane pulled my head as far forward as possible pressing my temples tightly between two bars. She used a strap around my head to ensure that I could neither move nor turn my head. I recognized this as what she had done to Pillar when she wanted to punish her tongue. When Diane raised the forceps, I recognized the futility of resistance. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. Diane recognized my surrender and smiled as she fastened the clamps to my tongue. They hurt but not nearly as much as the burning sauce she spread over my tongue. She made some sort of comment about the Ďpunishment fitting the crimeí and Ďteaching me not to let that tongue go where it wasnít allowed except, of course, on her ordersí.


I had thought that the fiery destruction of my taste buds and tongue coupled with the strain on my testicles and Janiceís nipples, to say nothing of the very uncomfortable and strenuous bondage, was our punishment. Apparently this was not the case as Diane approached Janice with a flogger. She began with soft light strokes as she flogged first her back and then her front. I had read that this demonstrated an expertise on the part of the flogger. The soft gentle strokes seemed to wake up the nerve endings so that the following strokes would be more painful.

Sure enough the flogging gradually increased in intensity. Diane flogged Janice from her calves to her shoulders and then from her breasts down (or in her inverted position up) to her thighs. The flogger was wielded expertly moving from side to side and wrapping around Janice.

At first Janice moaned and then she screamed and finally she just sobbed. I squatted there with my head pressed tightly and painfully against the bars so that I couldnít look away. I tried to close my eyes but the relentless whack, whack, whack was almost hypnotic and I couldnít keep them closed. In addition to the pain in my head my arms and shoulders ached, and my knees and testicles burned with pain. My leg muscles, unused to squatting began to burn and twitch. Each twitch, of course, resulted in a sharper tug on my testicles or a further sharp pain in my knees.

Eventually Diane moved to flog Janiceís groin. Striking from behind she apparently put her full strength into those strokes which sounded more like splat than whack. I donít believe Janice was wet in a sexual manner but her sweat must have run down her legs to wet her crotch.

Janiceís screams had settled into sobs but when Diane brought the flogger down onto her exposed crotch, Janice screamed and her body jackknifed is a reflexive effort to protect itself. Of course that could only be held a few seconds and then she dropped back down. Janiceís reactions momentarily provided slack in our linked chains lessening the steady pull on her nipples and my scrotum. When she fell back not only did the pull come back, there was a nasty jerk that felt like it would rip off my testicles. I can only imagine what it felt like to Janice as her weight pulled against her nipples.

I canít tell you how many times Janice was beaten in her groin. I was too immersed in a world of pain to count or remember. I couldnít even scream properly with the clamp on my tongue but think I roared in counterpart to Janiceís screams.

Then Diane tossed down the flogger and returned to me. She removed the clamp from my tongue and as I drew it back into my mouth and closed my aching jaw she wrapped another strap around my head from crown down under my chin. At first I thought it was to keep me quiet but I soon discovered a more diabolic purpose. The taste buds on my tongue had been burned to a dull numbness but as the saliva in my mouth washed over my tongue the hot sauce began to burn my gums and the roof of my mouth. Had I been able to open my mouth I could have tried to scrape off the offending sauce with my teeth, but with my jaw pulled shut even this slight chance at reducing the pain was denied me.

End of part 2

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