Part 2:
Penny's Revenge

by Sir Richard

I am approached

This was after Melissa had left for the coast.  I was a senior at CCNY, still earning occasional money as a rigger at bondage photo shoots.  I was in the student union or commons studying for a class when I was approached by Kate and a very pretty girl.

This was strange.  Kate and I had dated for a while and she had even enjoyed being in my ropes while we played and made love but we had drifted apart.  I was struggling to make ends meet and Kate was a well off sorority girl.  Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t a snob or anything but she was into a different scene. In any case it had been a couple of months since we had last been together.

They sat down opposite me and Kate introduced Penny who was, upon closer examination, was not just very pretty but drop dead gorgeous.  I don’t know where parents get the idea of calling their kid Penelope.  There ought to be a law.  Still I guess it is better than "Moon Unit" or worse yet for a girl, "Chastity."  Any way, her name was Penelope and she was called Penny.

After introducing her friend Kate said, "Penny has a problem and she needs to talk to you about it.  I’ve told her that you were the right guy to help her."

Stranger and stranger.  Did she just say that I was "the" guy to help her?  Now don’t get me wrong.  I think of myself as a nice guy but I am hardly a knight on a white charger.  Still this seemed interesting so I asked Penny what her problem was.

She hemmed and hawed and allowed as it was kind of embarrassing.  I pointed out that if she couldn’t tell me her problem I couldn’t help her and indicating the pile of books in front of me, I suggested that perhaps she ought to go back to her room and think it over.

In the end the story came out slowly with many blushes and pauses and prompting from Kate.  To shorten a long discourse, Penny was being dominated by her room mate, a girl called Jessica who was tying and abusing her.  At first it had been a great game as Penny enjoyed playing the submissive and Jessica had only acted platonically.  Lately Jessica had both stepped up how often she tied Penny and what she did to her after she was tied.  According to Penny, Jessica had taken to arousing Penny and forcing Penny to do what she called lewd lesbian acts.  It took some time to get the entire story out but apparently Jessica was grabbing Penny, tying her, stripping her and forcing her to eat Jessica off.  Then she would keep Penny tied for long periods and force Penny to be Jessica’s maid/slave/toy.  Penny had tried to resist but Jessica was strong enough to overpower her and Jessica had taken pictures of Penny in compromising positions and used Penny’s fear of exposure and shame to keep Penny from seeking help. 

Eventually with her grades deteriorating Penny had confessed to Kate, her ‘big sister’ at their sorority.  Kate knowing my involvement with bondage suggested that I was ‘into that sort of stuff’ and that I might be able to help her without getting the authorities involved.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

Kate and Penny had dreamed up a scheme where I destroyed the evidence Jessica was holding over Penny and then I would grab Jessica, take her off someplace and torment and humiliate her, until she would be too afraid to molest Penny any more.

I looked at them and asked, "Why doesn’t Penny just move rooms?"

There were a whole lot of reasons given, lack of available space, Jessica’s threat to expose them, etc.  I pointed out that what Jessica had done was assault and that she couldn’t expose Penny without placing herself into danger of prosecution.  I also pointed out that the threat of publication of the pictures was largely a bluff (this was long before the internet) as she didn’t have a model’s release which would be needed for any legitimate publisher (even of pornography).  As they talked it became apparent that Kate and Penny wanting more than escape.  They wanted revenge.

"Let’s see, you want me to kidnap Jessica, a federal crime.  Then you want me to burglarize her possessions and assault her, both class A felonies.  And I should do all this because you want revenge?"

In fact I was talking to the deaf.  The more I tried to reason with them the more stubborn the women became.  I explained that I would only do this if they joined me and that if they did, they would have to do things to Jessica that would turn their stomachs.  I pointed out the criminal penalties. I guess if I had been older I might have been smarter but I was young and, well women are women.  It was than that I came up with my brilliant plan.  I would lay down conditions so onerous that they would have to back off.

I said, "OK.  Here is what we will do.  You guys will be the nude dominants and deliver all of the physical abuse.  I will help in abduction, be the rigger and provide the physical force and take the pictures."

"Wait a minute," asked Penny, "why do we have to be nude?"

"What pictures?" asked Kate.

"Well you have to be nude because I like the idea of having two gorgeous nude love slaves and because it will show up well in the pictures.  As far as the pictures go I will review them all with you and we will eliminate any where you can be recognized.  If we have a good set of shots I may be able to sell them and then you each get a modeling fee."

Penny asked, "What do you mean love slaves.  Do you think you are going to f**k us?"

I smiled at her and said, "I don’t f**k people, I make love to lovely women.  Ask her (indicating Kate). But yes, I plan to make love to both of you."  I was almost certain that this would be a deal breaker for although Kate and I had been intimate Penny was a stranger and, as far as I knew not given to casual sex with strangers.  Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men and many a slip between the cup and the lip and all of those dumb clichés.

Kate smiled back and added, "And you do make love very well."

Penny wasn’t there yet and asked, "Why can’t you just f**k Jessica?"

With what I thought was charm, but in retrospect probably sounded like bull, I said "For two reasons.  First I am not into rape.  Secondly and more importantly, she can’t possibly be as lovely as you two."

Penny tried one last time, "Isn’t it rape if you force me to have sex with you?"

At the time I was sure I was at a deal breaker, and said simply, "I am not forcing you to do anything.  You want me to risk prison for you.  I want to make love to you, to both of you.  If you don’t want to do it, let’s just forget the entire conversation."

I sat back and waited for Penny to leave but instead Kate leaned in and began a whispered conversation in her ear.  Well, you know what happened.  I should never have tried to be subtle.  Not with these two.  In the end we agreed that I would borrow a van and the photographic equipment along with some bondage gear, Kate would borrow her uncle’s remote cabin where we could torment and humiliate Jessica to Penny’s hearts desire with no danger of her screams being heard.  Penny would play along with Jessica until the Friday before a long week end when she would let me into their rented flat.

Friday Afternoon

On the appointed afternoon I picked up Kate and we drove in the van to the building in which Penny and Jessica lived.  Penny let me in and we settled down to wait for Jessica.  The actual abduction went off smoothly.  I hid behind the door and as Jessica entered I pulled a drawstring sack down over her head and pulled the strings tight.  Naturally she grabbed at the sack to pull it off and as she did I twisted her around and sucker punched her in the stomach.  She lost her breath and clutched at her middle.  It was easy for me to grab her jaw and force her mouth open.  Then I applied a ball gag over the sack, buckling it tightly behind her head.

Penny and Kate each grabbed an arm and we forced Jessica down onto the floor.  Despite the gag Jessica was beginning to get her breath back and she fought valiantly, trying to get her arms loose and to kick with her feet.  I simply sat down on her butt, using my weight to keep her on the floor and tied her hands palm to palm behind her.  After a quick cinch I rotated until I was facing her feet and, with Kate and Penny helping grabbed her ankles.  A couple of quick turns and Jessica was secured.

Getting Jessica from the apartment to the van was the riskiest part of the operation.  I had decided to fold Jessica into a tight ball tie and conceal her in a duffel bag.  Accordingly I placed a leather belt across Jessica’s thighs, just above her knees and then bent her legs so that the heels of her feet were digging into her butt.  Kate added her weight to pressing Jessica’s legs flat and a few turns of rope secured her legs. I rolled the hooded Jessica onto her back and folded her torso forward.  I straddled Jessica and sat my weight on her upper back I reached down and grabbed the ends of the leather strap.  A couple of tugs and I buckled the strap holding Jessica in her uncomfortable ball tie. 

I decided to test the ties so I removed Jessica’s sneakers and socks and proceeded to tickle her feet.  I don’t know how ticklish you are or how you feel about being tickled but I can assure you that being tickled when you can’t move to respond is evil.  In any case my actions provoked a fine series of jerks and attempted movements from Jessica as well as an increase in the muffled sounds from her gagged mouth but revealed no slack in any of the ties.  I did tighten the ball gag a notch pushing it and the sack deeper into Jessica’s mouth.

Although we were going to reveal ourselves to Jessica at some point I wanted to keep her confused as to who we were and what was happening just now.  Accordingly I motioned for Kate to sit down and keep an eye on our prisoner while Penny and I went back to Jessica’s bedroom.  Penny showed me the bondage material Jessica had and I decided to take it all with us.  After all Jessica would have no need for it in the future. 

Penny also pointed out the fireproof lock box that Jessica used to store the pictures she used to keep Penny under her control.  As with most such boxes it was sturdy but not designed with any great locking system.  It was designed to protect against fire, not as a substitute for a safe.  In any case Jessica’s keys were on the living room floor and I was certain that we would have no problem opening it and retrieving the incriminating evidence.  Just to be on the safe side I had Penny search Jessica’s room for any other hidden evidence.  Being a bit paranoid I even moved the bed and pulled up the rug to check for any loose floorboards that might conceal some pictures.  This being real life instead of a James Bond movie, we found nothing and, after a while, I convinced myself that there was nothing to find.

Returning to the living room I swatted Jessica on her butt with the riding crop we had taken from her room.  Though I could see her muscles jerk from the unexpected pain there was no movement.  Then we put Jessica into the duffel bag.  This was done by my rolling her forward and tilting her until Jessica was on her head with her butt pointing up in the air.  Her weight was resting on her head and I simply held her in that position while Penny worked the bag down over her.  Once the bag was down as far as it could go I rolled Jessica back upwards, grasped the upper edge of the bag and lifted.  Then I let it drop bouncing Jessica on her butt and ensuring that she was all the way down in the bag.  I considered wrapping a towel around the drawstring sack that contained Jessica’s head to fill out the top part of the duffel bag but decided against it.  Jessica wasn’t going to be released until we got to the cabin and I didn’t want to give her more breathing problems than she already had.

Penny and Jessica lived in a first floor apartment so I simply dragged the duffel bag through the hall.  There were three concrete steps in front of the building and I am afraid poor Jessica banged her rear end on each one as I pulled the duffel bag down and to the van.  Bump, bump, bump.  That was really nasty but then I thought Jessica was in for a much worse time so I didn’t really worry about it.   Kate kept me company carrying the lock box and the bondage gear in a sports bag and Penny turned off the lights and locked up the apartment.  If anyone saw us it looked like three college kids off somewhere on the upcoming long weekend.

With Kate riding shotgun and providing directions we made it to her uncle’s place in about two hours.  It was a hunting lodge isolated in the woods.  Since hunting season wasn’t open the chance of encountering anyone in the area was slight.  The lodge itself was an A frame with a high roof line that would suit our purposes.  Though Kate’s uncle only used the place a few weeks a year it was well equipped and reasonably well furnished with running water, indoor plumbing, and central heat that drew off a large propane tank.  I set the heat to a reasonable level as soon as we entered.

Friday Night

Although the trip wasn’t all that far we were tired by the time we hauled in our supplies and the groceries we had purchased.  I decided that we would fix Jessica uncomfortably for the night and then I would sample my ‘love slaves.’  First I dumped Jessica out of the duffel bag.

The lodge had a large beam running across the main room.  I managed (after about 4 tries) to get a rope over the beam.  One end of this rope was looped around Jessica’s upper torso under both arms.  I loosened, but didn’t remove the strap holding her knees tightly to her chest.  This let her unfold slightly so that her bare feet could reach the floor.  I hauled on the other end of the rope lifting her until Jessica’s toes could barely touch the floor and marked the rope with a piece of tape.  Then I hauled her up so that she was swinging above the floor.

Further loosening the strap between her back and thighs, I was able to unsnap her jeans and pull them and her panties down a couple of inches exposing her anus.  From among the bondage equipment I had borrowed I got a heavy flat plate of metal with a center shaft that was meant to be the bottom of a stand for lighting or microphone equipment.  In the shaft I inserted a large tree shaped butt plug which I coated liberally with lube.  Then, pushing the metal plate into place, I placed the tip of the butt plug into Jessica’s anus.  Then I lowered Jessica to the point I had marked on the rope.  As she lowered the butt plug was pushed further into her stretching her rather painfully.  At this point she was pushing with her legs and toes to keep from sliding further down the butt plug.

I knew that she would fight to keep from being stretched wider on the butt plug but that as her leg and foot muscles grew more and more fatigued she would eventually lose that battle.  By morning she would be fully impaled but her efforts to fight the inevitable would lead her to have a long uncomfortable and exhausting night.  The last thing I did was to replace the solid ball gag with one made from a whiffle ball.  I didn’t want to risk her nose clogging and preventing her from breathing.

Having settled Jessica in her punishing position for the night I went to the bedroom with Kate and Penny.  I said, "OK, my little love slaves, let’s get your clothes off."

Kate, who had been with me before gave me a knowing smile and began to undress.  Penny gave me a nasty look and then began to comply, albeit somewhat more slowly.  I looked at Penny and said, "I get the feeling you don’t like the idea of making love to me.  I’ll make you a deal.  I won’t have intercourse with you unless you beg me for it."

I think Kate understood what was going on but Penny didn’t have a clue.  She did, however smile, and complete stripping.  Both women were gorgeous, perhaps Kate a bit more so.  Penny was a new delight however and I admired her body hungrily.  Walking behind her I brought her arms behind her back.  I tied each wrist to the opposite elbow, a relatively comfortable position and then brought her to the foot of the bed where I tied her ankles wide apart with her facing the bed.  I said, "I like the fact that you have shaved your pussy.  It looks lovely and very inviting."

Penny blushed and responded "Jessica did that.  She said slaves must always have a bare pussy."

I filed that bit of information away for use in tormenting Jessica tomorrow.  Then I had Kate lie on the bed so that she was facing Penny.  I tied her, not overly tight, in a simple spread eagle which had always been one of our favorite positions.  Leaving Kate to watch I got the ball gag and pressed it into Penny’s mouth.  Then I began to kiss and stroke and lick at her body.  I began behind her with her shoulders, the back of her neck, her ears and, pulling back her head, the sides of her face.  I let my hands roam over her body, bending to grope and fondle her ass and her well formed legs.  Penny couldn’t speak but I did get appreciative moans.

I paused to get undressed and slid up between Penny and the bed.  With her ankles tied to the bed she was pressed firmly against me while I focused on her face, neck and collar bone.  As I am sure you might have guessed I was quite hard by this time and my penis was rubbing Penny’s mound and abdomen.  As I slipped lower to properly pay homage to her very nice breasts my penis worked its way down her slit until it was bobbing between her legs.  I continued to sink down until my face was at her crotch.  I used my tongue to swipe at her slit, explore her canal and tease her already turgid clitoris.  I lashed at her clit a few times and then resumed tongue f**king her.  I kept this cycle up until I felt her tense as her orgasm approached.  Then I dropped down and left her and walked around to Kate.  Frantic sounds came from Penny but, with the ball gag in her mouth they were, of course, unintelligible.

Kate had been watching and saw Penny being left high and dry (well figuratively, she was actually quite wet) and knew exactly what I was doing.  She looked at me with a smile that belied her words and said, "You know you’re a real bastard, don’t you?"

Deciding the question had been rhetorical I simply said, "Kiss me Kate!  Or are you also reluctant to have sex with me?"

"I never have been.  You know all the right buttons to push and if Penny is too dumb to enjoy it I’m not."

With that I leaned over and began to work on arousing Kate, pretty much in the same manner I had worked Penny up.  There were differences, of course, the most important, from her point of view, being that when I got to Kate’s sweet pussy I didn’t stop until she had two orgasms.  From my point of view, however, it was equally important that after she had recovered from her second orgasm I untied both ankles and entered her.  Kate wrapped her legs around me and pulled me hard into her.  She met me stroke for stroke and clenched her muscles to enhance my enjoyment and to milk me when I exploded within her.  At that moment I was unable to recollect why Kate and I had drifted apart.  We had always been great in bed together.

We cuddled for a bit and I asked if she wanted to be untied.  She allowed as how she was comfortable with her wrists tied to the top of the bed and asked what I was going to do about Penny.  Penny had pretty much come down from the edge so I slid down and attacked her pussy once again with my tongue.  When I had her worked up I again left her unsatisfied and went looking for a torpedo vibrator and some rope. 

Returning to the bedroom I wrapped the rope around Penny’s waist leaving the end hanging down.  I came around in front of her and brought her to the edge of an orgasm for the third time that night.  Then I slipped the torpedo into her and brought the end of the line between her ass cheeks and up between her pussy lips.  I tied the line to the waist rope ensuring that the vibrator wouldn’t come out and turned it to its lowest setting.  I was pretty certain that it would be too low to allow Penny to climax but would keep her aroused until the batteries ran out.  I listened to the frantic sounds she was trying to make around her gag and said, "Cheer up Penny.  I will give you a chance to beg again tomorrow night.  You should remember though that reluctant sex slaves may get punished for their reluctance."

I turned out the lights and slid into bed with the remarkable Kate.  We made love again slowly but thoroughly with my using my hand on her clit to bring her along and ensure that Kate came along with me.  I was absently fondling a breast when she whispered, "You can be nasty."

I pinched gently on her turgid nipple and replied, "You had best be careful."

Kate responded with a "Yes sir."  It was said in a playful tone as Kate knew she had nothing to fear from me and it was accompanied by a sweet kiss as we both drifted off to sleep.


I awoke to find that Penny had managed to get to her knees and fold her body so that her torso rested on the lower part of our bed.  I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom where, among other things I ran a toothbrush over my teeth.  I returned to find Kate awake and needing the bathroom so I released her and set about removing the now dead vibrator and wrist ropes from Penny.  As I took the gag from her mouth Penny said, "That was really mean last night."

"I know.  Kate has already told me I was a bastard. I wouldn’t complain too much if I was you.  Things can always get worse."

Penny wisely shut her mouth.  Kate returned as I finished getting the ropes off Penny’s ankles. I told her to use the bathroom and hurry back.  When both girls were back I gave them a little pep talk.  I said, "Look, the idea of this whole thing is to ensure that Jessica is too afraid to ever go after Penny again.  To do that we are going to have to do more than cause pain and humiliation.  We are going to have to be so brutal that Jessica will fear you and your friends and she will never dare to try to coerce you again.  If you can’t convince her, Jessica will submit here and then grab you and really lay into you.  Penny, you have to convince her that you can be mean and tough.  That means that the two of you are going to have to be brutal.  More than that it means that you are not going to be able to let Jessica see that some of the things you are doing to her are repulsive to you.  You are going to have to convince her that you are really brutal and sadistic.  I don’t enjoy that sort of stuff and neither will you.  But please believe me it is necessary to put the fear of God, or more accurately the fear of Penny, into Jessica."

Both girls were thoughtful but eventually they agreed.  We went out into the living room and there I found Jessica fully impaled on her butt plug.  I retrieved the camera and had Kate and Penny remove her gag and then lift off the bag or hood from her face.  Understandably she looked somewhat the worse for wear.  When she saw the girls and me taking pictures she began to rant and threaten.  I simply told Penny, "Ball gag."

As Penny approached Jessica shut her mouth tightly.  I told Kate, "Pinch her nose shut and she will open her mouth."  Kate did and as Jessica opened her mouth to gulp in air Penny pulled in the gag.  I was snapping pictures all the while. 

When the gag was seated I told Jessica, "Failure to obey an order or resistance, such as what you just did, is punishable by five strokes with a riding crop.  Penny will administer them after we have had our breakfast."

I handed scissors to Penny and Kate and said cut off all her clothes. Now I wish I could tell you how exotic it was to watch her clothes come off and how sexy her underwear was.  I wish I could, but I can’t.  In point of fact Jessica was wearing the standard college girl uniform of sweatshirt and jeans.  Her underwear was plain cut white and while it had some sort of pattern it was strictly utilitarian.  After all, the girl couldn’t dress for being stripped as she didn’t know we were going to kidnap her.

I released Jessica from the beam and removed the butt plug.  Lifting her still doubled over body I carried her into the bathroom and set her on the john.  I told her that she had best pee as she might not have another chance today.  It took a while with the three of us standing around and watching her but eventually Jessica emptied her bladder.  Then I lifted her off the john and deposited her still ball tied body in the tub.

I inserted a bardex nozzle into her anus which had pretty much closed to normal size while she was on the toilet.  Then I prepared the enema bag with soap and hot water.  I added baking soda knowing it would cause bubbling inside her and make the cramps much worse. I attached the bag to the nozzle and released the clamp.  As the water began to flow Jessica jerked about as much as she could but the sides of the tub kept her more or less upright and I made certain the full two quarts were in her before shutting the valve and disconnecting the hose from the bardex within her.

Kate, Penny and I went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast.  I am certain the aromas of coffee, bacon and eggs were drifting out to Jessica.  When we were done with breakfast we returned to the bathroom.  I removed the bardex and, of course, Jessica expelled the enema along with anything else that had been in her bowels.  We hosed her down with cold water washing the discharge down the drain.

I hauled the wet, bedraggled and ball gagged Jessica back into the main room and told Penny and Kate to remove her bonds and hold her face down, flat on the floor. I kept busy with the camera while Kate and Penny fought with the now untied Jessica.  Jessica had been weakened by her long bondage, the uncomfortable position and the enema. Penny and Kate, though they struggled a bit, were able to use their two to one advantage to control her.  The reality of her struggles made for some great pictures.

When Jessica was face down on the floor with both girls on top of her, I dug out some fur lined cuffs and locked them into place around Jessica’s wrists and ankles.  Then I locked the wrist cuffs together, with a short length of chain on the same lock.  I tied the other end of the chain to the rope over the beam.  This put the rope knot at the far end of the chain and well out of the reach of Jessica’s fingers.

I had the girls get off and, using the rope, hauled Jessica to her feet with her arms overhead.  I lifted until she was fully extended but with her feet still flat on the floor.  I fixed that with a wide spreader bar fastened between her ankle cuffs spreading her legs and placing more strain on her arms.

Taking a riding crop I handed it to Penny and said, "I think you owe her five swats for not opening up for your gag."  Penny hesitated so I whispered in her ear, "Remember you have to make her fear you.  It won’t injure her so long as you keep it on her ass or upper thighs, no matter how hard you swing."

Penny sucked in a deep breath, took the riding crop and raised her head in a gesture of defiance.  She walked to Jessica’s side and began.  The swats were hard and Penny paused between each one to let Jessica feel the pain.  I wondered where she had gotten that idea and then I realized that she remembered how and what Jessica had done to her.  In any case it made for some great photos.

After the fifth swat I walked in front of Jessica and said, "Penny tells me that you think slave girls should have a bare pussy.  I don’t have any razors here (Which actually wasn’t true.  Shame on me.), but we will have to deal with that."

I turned my back to Jessica and rummaged in our bag coming up with two pair of pliers.  I gave one to Kate and the other to Penny and said "Pluck her bare.  Make it slow and painful and don’t forget the hairs around her asshole."

They both started to work and I got some great pictures, first from a distance of the overall scene and then some close ups of the pliers stretching the hair and lifting the skin.  Jessica was moaning and crying behind her gag as the slow torment continued.  She tried to twist and move but strung up as she was with her legs held apart she was unable to avoid the painful pulling on her tender groin.

By this time it was late morning so, leaving Jessica strung up the three of us adjourned to the kitchen where we had a light lunch.  During that time I told the women about the use of floggers explaining that it should be used hard enough to sting and redden the skin.  Too light and it would almost be a caress and two strong and it could cause welts.  I also explained that they could start on the butt and thighs to get the feel and then go from shoulders on down both the front and the rear.  I warned them about the kidneys and soft organs below the rib cage but encouraged them to let the flogger wrap around the thighs to strike the inner thighs.  I told them I wanted to see every inch of Jessica’s body glowing pink.

Penny looked at me and said, "I know you are helping me, and I know you are right about being brutal with Jessie, but I am not sure of how much more of this I can do."

"Good girl!" I said.  "I am glad you are not a sadist.  Still we need to do this and then, perhaps, one more brutal session and then we can focus on the humiliation and eventually on releasing her."

We returned to the main room where we ‘fed’ Jessica.  This was done by my pulling her hair back until her head was tilted towards the beams above her.  I had Kate remove the gag and Penny jam a funnel into her mouth.  With Penny holding the funnel steady Kate poured one of those liquid diet ‘meals’ into the funnel.  When the can was empty Kate filled it with water and poured that into the funnel which both replaced some of the fluid Jessica had lost and rinsed the funnel for future use.

Replacing the ball gag out I released Jessica’s hair and stood in front of her.  I looked her in the eye and said, "I imagine you have figured out that Penny decided to punish you for the way you have been treating her.  You have quite a bit of pain to go before she decides that you have had sufficient punishment. In the meantime, you had best think about what you have done to her.  When and if she decides that you are to be released (Pure stagecraft that.  We knew damn well that there was no ‘if’ to Jessica’s eventual release.), you had best be careful of what you try to do to or with her.  If you ever force her again we will be back and really hurt you."

Looking Jessica in the eye took some doing.  Despite her ordeal she was a very attractive woman with rather large breasts.  Now as much as I rave about woman’s breasts, you would think that I would favor large breasts such as Jessica’s.  Actually that isn’t true.  I prefer a svelte well toned woman such as Kate or the very lovely Penny.  Don’t misunderstand me.  They were ample, perhaps B cups on Kate and almost certainly C cups on Penny.  Large breasts often looked artificial and even natural ones often looked udder-like.  In Jessica’s case however her youth allowed her to carry large breasts with little or no sag and they did look delicious.

Well I digress.  I often do that when thinking of lovely breasts.  Having delivered my warning to Jessica I retreated to the camera and bade the girls to get busy with the floggers.  The started tentatively but soon got the hang of it.  I kept snapping pictures as they worked their way wound Jessica’s body.  Penny seemed to take particular pleasure in flogging Jessica’s front, particularly her breasts.  Kate on the other hand developed a little snap to her wrist, pulling back at the last moment so that the tips of the flogger snapped sharply against Jessica’s ass.  She varied this with longer strokes that allowed the flogger to wrap around Jessica’s thighs stinging the sensitive inner thighs.  Penny surprised me when she began to bring the flogger in a underhand stroke that hit Jessica’s tender pussy.

I kept them at it for over an hour until Jessica’s body glowed bright pink with some areas of darker red.  I got some good snaps of Jessica’s tear streaked face.  Finally I signaled the girls to stop.  I lowered Jessica’s arms and had the girls unlock her wrists and refasten them behind her back to the same chain.  It was then that I brought out the ‘horse’.  I had found a length of 2 x 6 lumber and drilled two holes near what would be the upper corners as it stood on its narrow edge.

Now you should understand that this was standard lumber yard dressed lumber not some fancy bondage gear.  Still the edges of the lumber were quite sharp and the nominal 2" edge is really only 1.75 real inches wide.  I managed to get two additional ropes around the beam and tied them through the two holes I had drilled.  Penny and Kate were looking on curiously but I saw fear in Jessica’s eyes and thought she understood what was about to happen.  I hoisted one rope and then the other until the narrow edge of the plank was just below Jessica’s groin.  Delaying the final hoist I took pictures of Penny and Kate appearing to hoist the horse into place. 

Then I really hoisted it until Jessica was just off the floor seated on the narrow wood.  I picked up the camera and had the girls tie ropes to Jessica’s ankle cuffs and drop the spreader bar.  Then I took pictures as they pulled on the ankle ropes spreading Jessica’s legs further and lifting her feet from the floor.  I had them tie off the ropes while I snapped pictures.  Then I retied the ropes after throwing my weight into spreading Jessica’s legs an inch or so further. 

I took pictures as I had Penny spread Jessica’s ass cheeks so that the wood was pressing uncomfortably against her tail bone.  Then, still taking pictures, I had Penny spread Jessica’s vaginal lips while I had Kate haul her bound wrists up forcing Jessica to lean forward.  This put all of Jessica’s weight squarely on her most tender flesh, the inner folds of her pussy.

I let the girls step back while I took pictures of Jessica and close ups of her poor punished pussy.  The final touch was the have Penny place the drawstring sack over Jessica’s head and close it off.  I didn’t want Jessica to be able to look around the room.  I just wanted her entire mind and body to be focused on the pain in her groin.

I motioned to Penny and Kate and we all went into the bedroom where we could talk without distracting Jessica.  They were both worried about what we were doing to Jessica but I insisted that she would survive the rest of the afternoon with no permanent damage.  Further I told them that the brutality was pretty much over, tomorrow would be more for humiliation.  When they didn’t fall in with my plans instantly I playfully threatened to take them for a walk in the woods, nude.  That broke the tension that had built up and finally they quieted down. I told them that they were free to tease Jessica’s breasts and her clit with a vibrator to take her mind off the horse.  Of course I knew that this supposed kindness would cause Jessica to squirm ensuring that the pain was refreshed and didn’t subside to a dull ache.  I don’t think I bothered to mention that to Kate and Penny, so they spent the afternoon caressing and vibrating Jessica, trying to be kind, while in fact they worsened her brutal punishment.

Eventually I relented and lowered the horse.  Jessica had no strength left and would have collapsed onto the floor had I not warned Penny and Kate. Penny held the tormented Jessica upright while Kate unlocked Jessica’s wrists from the overhead chain and undid the ropes to her ankle cuffs.  Working together Penny and Kate then brought Jessica over to a sheet I had spread on the floor and gently laid her on one side.  Then, while I snapped pictures they rolled her up in the sheet and secured her with belts around Jessica’s ankles, calves, thighs, waist, below and above her breasts and around her neck.

It wasn’t a particularly stressful tie, but the human body isn’t meant to remain in one position for long periods of time with no movement.  Before carrying Jessica into the guest bed room we fed her another can of liquid diet shake and a couple of glasses of water.  Then I had Penny gag Jessica with the whiffle ball so that she wouldn’t have breathing problems and had Kate and Penny carry Jessica into the guest bedroom.  They gently laid her on her back on the bed.  I suppose we could have left it at that as I don’t think Jessica would have the energy to roll off the bed but instead I had Kate and Penny rope her securely to the bed.  This was done by Penny securing a rope to the belts on one side, passing it under the bed to Kate who secured it to the same belt on the other side.  As a final touch I had Penny get the drawstring sack and slip it over Jessica’s head.

Turning out the lights we went into the kitchen to make dinner.  While we were eating Penny said, "I think we have done enough.  I don’t want to hurt her any more. Please."

I was glad she was fed up with the brutal treatment we had been dishing out and reassured her that while we would humiliate Jessica tomorrow there would be no need for brutality.  After cleaning up the dishes we all decided to make an early night of it.  It had been a long and busy day.

Saturday Night

The three of us headed for the master bedroom.  When we got there Penny surprised me by lying on her back in the center of the bed and spreading her limbs in a spread eagle position, an obvious invitation.  I asked her if she was certain that she wanted this.  Now you might wonder why I hesitated when Penny was so sexually attractive but remember I still had the very willing, sexually exciting and submissive Kate at my beck and call.

Penny smiled and said, "Master, this unworthy slave begs you to make use of her."

I must have looked as astonished as I felt because Penny smiled at my bemusement and added, "Kate and I have been talking.  She told me that abject submisiveness would turn you on.  Does it sir?"

Now, I don’t know when they had time to talk but the answer was apparent from the bulge in my pants.  Coming to my senses I realized that the luscious Penny was making an offer that I had no intention of refusing.  Still a man likes to keep a little dignity so I didn’t answer verbally.  Instead I grabbed some rope and set about securing the nearest wrist.  I motioned with my head to Kate and she went to the far side of the bed and helped fasten Penny tightly in her self-imposed spread eagle.

I stripped my clothes and climbed onto the bed.  Having spent the day with three lovely nude women I was more than ready.  At the same time, however, it has always been my practice to invest sufficient time to arouse my partner and to ensure that she was enjoying herself.  Invest?  Yes, invest.  It has been my experience that taking the time for extensive foreplay pays dividends both in better sexual experience and in invitations for repeat performances.

Accordingly I knelt by Penny’s side and began to stroke and fondle her.  Glancing across the bed I said to Kate, "You can join in if you wish."  I felt Kate climb onto the bed across from me and soon we had each settled on the breast nearest us.  Lifting my eyes from the nipple I was sucking I saw that Kate was stroking the breast with light feathery touches.  Reasoning that Kate would know what felt good I backed off and emulated her.  Penny had begun to make moaning sounds interspersed with little exclamations like ‘yes’ or ‘so good’.

I left Kate playing with Penny’s breasts and moved up to kiss Penny.  I kissed her eyelids, nibbled on her ears and moved back to her lips.  My kiss was gentle or at least it started that way.  Penny, who had been more or less reluctant up until now, opened her lips and attacked me with her tongue.  Of course, being a gentleman I responded by opening my mouth and soon we were exploring each other with our tongues.  I was surprised but put it down to Kate’s expert manipulation of Penny’s breasts.

After working my way down Penny’s neck to her collar bone I was going to kiss and suck at a nipple but found Kate had her hands on both nipples pinching and rolling them between her fingers.  Never being one to interrupt, I passed by Penny’s breasts and began kissing my way down her stomach.  Then moving over Penny’s outstretched leg I began to kiss and stroke her inner thighs.

I gave up teasing her thighs and went to Penny’s groin working (if it can be called that) with my tongue. With my head down between Penny’s legs I couldn’t see what Kate was doing but whatever it was Penny was enjoying it.  I was able to bring Penny off very quickly.  The next thing I heard was Penny saying, "Kate, come up here.  I want to taste you."

I popped my head up and was met by an equally startled Kate.  We both remembered Penny’s complaints of being forced to do lewd and unnatural lesbian things.  We looked at each other for a moment and then I thought, why not?  I shrugged and smiled at Kate and made a go ahead motion with my head and then dipped down to Penny’s sweet pussy in order to bring her off again.  As before I couldn’t see too well but Penny’s moans became more muffled and I realized that Kate must be straddling her face.  This was becoming seriously hot!  I got Penny to orgasm once again and decided it was time for a bit of fun for the good old master (that’s me).

I lifted up and found one of the most erotic sight I had ever seen.  Kate was squatting over Penny’s mouth and I could see Penny’s tongue busy deep inside of Kate.  Further Kate was leaning forward with both of her hands on Penny’s breasts.  Kate was squeezing Penny’s breasts and pinching and tugging Penny’s nipples.  I felt as though I had dropped into a porn movie.  I couldn’t help noticing that Kate was much rougher on Penny’s breasts and nipples than I had ever been on any woman, but that Penny didn’t seem to mind at all.

It was then that I realized I had a bit of a problem.  Generally even with a woman held flat on the bed in a spread eagle the man can enter easily in the missionary position by lying parallel to her.  With Kate on top of Penny’s mouth and her hand on Penny’s chest there wasn’t room for me to lie flat and unless I untied Penny’s ankles and let her bend her knees and roll her hip up.  Simply said, I was at a lousy angle.  I didn’t really want to loosen Penny’s ankles so I told Kate to throw me a pillow.  I then slipped my left arm under the small of Penny’s back and pulled her up as far as I could.  I held her there while I stuffed the pillow under Penny’s ass.  That gave me enough elevation to get a better angle of entry and move on to meet my, by this time, rather urgent need.

I slipped into Penny and leaned forward supporting my weight on my arms.  With Kate leaning towards me I found that I was in perfect position to capture one of Kate’s nipples and began to suck and lick.  You remember the old school stunt of patting your head while rubbing circles on your belly?  It takes some concentration and I found trying to maintain the in and out motion needed to f**k Penny while licking Kate’s nipple was just too distracting.  In the end I gripped Kate’s nipple with my lips, applied constant suction and gently pulled on her nipple as I rocked back and forth inside Penny.  It was very nice as Penny, despite her spread legs and two prior orgasms was wet but hot and tight.  I suppose the proper thing would have been to bring one hand down to stimulate Penny’s clit but what the heck.  She had already had two orgasm’s from my mouth.  In any event, proper or not I came before Penny though she did manage to orgasm a third time while I was still spurting into her.  I guess she found the threesome exciting as well.  As for Kate, I don’t know how many times she came, but it was more than twice.  In the end I shrank and pulled out and Kate just sort of collapsed over Penny.

I staggered into the bathroom and cleaned up a bit and then brought back a couple of wet towels which Kate used to clean both herself and Penny.  Kate got back on the bed on one side of Penny and I took the other and we all three drifted off in a post coital haze.

Sunday Morning

I woke the next morning to the rather enjoyable feeling of Kate giving me a hand job.  Not a bad way to wake up.  The girls were all for a shower but I delayed them by explaining what I had in mind to humiliate Jessica.  First we would unwrap her then haul her to the tub for a morning enema while we had breakfast. 

Then I wanted all three girls in the same shower but with Jessica’s hands behind her.  I explained to Kate and Penny that they were to work up a lather on Jessica’s breasts and then force Jessica to wash both of them, front and rear, by sliding her breasts up and down their bodies.  They could start with their legs and then go on to their torsos.  Heads and hair would be impractical but each one could do her own while Jessica was sliding up and down the other girl’s legs.  They could comment on how Jessica’s larger breasts made her very suitable for use as a scrub brush.  When both of the girls were clean they were to wash Jessica but to use their hands and to do as much as they could to arouse Jessica without allowing her to climax.  The entire shower and drying was to be as humiliating as they could manage.

Now I didn’t stay to observe the entire scene but I know how catty and nasty women can be when they set their mind to it.  Even without watching the entire thing. I know Jessica was pretty well humiliated even before the rest of the morning began.  And I had plans for the rest of the morning.

When the three nude women had finished in the bathroom they came to join me in the living room.  I was struck by how beautiful they looked -- each woman different, but all of them remarkably attractive.  Even Jessica, whose face showed the strain of two rough nights and yesterday’s brutal treatment had cleaned up well and looked fresh and inviting.  I paused just looking at them until Penny brought me back to earth by asking simply, "What?"

I smiled and said, "I am astonished at how lovely you three are.  You are all different in size and shape and coloring but are all so damn marvelous that I was just looking at you.  I think there ought to be a law that prevents any of you from ever wearing clothes."

Kate rolled her eyes as if to say ‘Oh brother!’, Penny smiled at the compliment and Jessica... Jessica smiled a rather wicked smile and looked at me like a lion appraising how tasty a gazelle might be.  It was very strange.  She was a prisoner, showing the ravages of the past couple of days, and yet looked very predatory.  Or was it something else in her eyes?  No matter, we had plans for today.

I approached Jessica with a short spreader bar which I fastened between her knees.  Then I had her kneel on the floor.  I moved her feet together and fastened them with a thumb cuff on the big toe of each foot.  Then I removed the ropes she had been wearing and her wrist cuffs and fastened her hands behind her back with another set of thumb cuffs.  Pulling her arms down and back, I looped a plastic wire tie around both set of thumb cuffs forcing her to lean back and form a human pyramid.

She offered no resistance through all of this.  I walked in front of her and said, "You forced Penny to eat you.  I think you should beg her forgiveness and demonstrate your contrition by returning the favor."

Jessica obediently said, "Please let me eat you."

I picked up a riding crop and swatted her inner thigh with some force.  I said, "You need more sincerity and please let me eat you who?"

Jessica looked daggers at me and said, "Please let me eat you Penny."

I swatted her other thigh and said, "Is that how a humble servant addresses her mistress?"

Jessica realized her position was hopeless.  I could see her shoulders slump as she said, "Please Mistress Penny, let me eat you."

I helped Penny to straddle Jessica’s shoulders so that Jessica’s mouth was pressed against Penny’s groin.  As the sounds of slurping began I gave a vibrator to Kate and said, "Arouse her but don’t let her come."

Kate smiled and lay down so that she could play the vibrator over Jessica’s body with particular attention to her clit and vagina.  I grabbed the camera and began snapping pictures of Penny, of Jessica’s mouth and of Kate and the vibrator tormenting Jessica.  In a few minutes Penny came.

There is something fascinating about a woman in the throes of an orgasm.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all different.  Some moan, some scream and some are almost silent.  Some thrash about, some grow rigid, some show almost no sign other than a blush.  But all are magnificent.  Penny moaned loudly and I knew that Kate would grow so tight and rigid that it looked almost like a stroke.  When Penny came down I made Jessica ask Mistress Kate to mount her and gave Penny the vibrator.  This switching off went on until both women had come three times.  At that point they were both so worn that they could barely stand.

I cut the wire tie, removed the cuffs on her toes and helped Jessica to stand.  I removed the spreader bar but inserted the now turned off vibrator into her pussy and secured it with a locked on chastity belt.  I didn’t have a hobble but I improvised with two pair of handcuffs.  One cuff was fastened to Jessica’s ankle cuffs and the other was linked to the other pair.  Then I removed the rest of her bonds including the thumb cuffs.  Except for the improvised hobble and the chastity belt Jessica was free.

I told her to run a bath for her mistress.  Jessica was an intelligent woman and realized that she had no choice but act as a maid servant.  She didn’t wait to be forced with swats from the riding crop but padded into the bathroom.  I followed and observed as she got the water warm and, without being told, added fragrant bath oil to the water.  I had Penny come in and slip into the tub and then gave Jessica a large sponge and told her to bathe her mistress.  Kate had wandered in and watched the process as Jessica gently and thoroughly bathed Penny.

When Penny was being gently dried by Jessica, Kate asked if she could have a warm bath.  I told her, "Of course.  As long as we have this pretty maid servant here you might as well take advantage of her."  Jessica said nothing but did stick her tongue out towards me at the ‘maid servant’ comment.  Penny watched Jessica wash Kate for a while and then said that she was going to take a nap.  I guess last night’s threesome followed by three orgasms this morning had left her pretty tired.  When Kate was done she went to lie down with Penny and I was left alone with Jessica.  I supervised Jessica’s cleaning the tub and straightening the bathroom and then took her to the kitchen to prepare my lunch.  This was probably cruel as Jessica had not had breakfast and had only had the liquid diet drinks yesterday.

When Jessica served my sandwich and beer she asked, "Sir, may this slave ask you something?"

I nodded my head with my mouth full of sandwich and Jessica continued, "Would master remove the chastity belt.  It is chafing pretty badly."

Whoops!  The chastity belt had come from my photographer friend and had apparently been designed to look good for the length of a photo shoot but not to be worn for a long time.  With all of the bending to bathe her ‘mistresses’ I could see that Jessica’s upper thighs, near the cup of the chastity belt were, indeed, red and raw.  I took the thumb cuffs and walked around behind Jessica and said, "Certainly I will take off that nasty belt.  First though I want to secure your hands.  After all it wouldn’t do for the maid servant to play with herself and cum without permission would it?"

Jessica actually blushed and I was certain that she had planned to do just that.  I removed the hobble between her feet as there was really no place for her to go and then took off the belt and slid the inert vibrator out of her.  I must admit that I couldn’t resist going in and out with the vibrator a few times just to see if I could make Jessica blush again.  While doing this I let my thumb slide up her slit and tease her clit.  After a bit her breathing became heavier and I stopped. 

Jessica moaned and asked, "Please master, let me come."

I smiled at her and said, "But you stuck your tongue out at me, didn’t you?"

Jessica sighed in frustration and admitted, "Yes, sir."

I asked her, "What would you call that sort of behavior?"


"Yes, and insubordinate behavior is naughty isn’t it?"

"Yes, sir."

"And what happens to naughty girls?"

Jessica was bright.  She had figured out where this was going almost as quickly as she had figured out that resistance would be not only futile but painful.  She walked to my side and draped herself across my lap as she said, "Naughty girls are punished, sir."  Then in a sweet high pitched little girl’s voice she added, "I have been a naughty girl.  Will you punish me sir?"

That was an offer I had no intention of refusing and I began to spank Jessica.  As I spanked she squirmed which had an effect on my cock.  As she squirmed her legs parted, presumably to allow her to keep from sliding off my lap.  Of course as they parted her pussy was exposed to me.  The spanking seemed to require some fondling of her buns and my fingers slid down to brush her exposed pussy which I found to be quite wet and inviting.  I could have gone on for quite some time but her wet pussy squirming in my lap made things uncomfortable for me so I stopped and helped her up.

Jessica stood in front of me with her nude pussy glistening with her juices.  I had planned to tease her and keep her on edge but I simply lost my resolve as the gorgeous woman stood nude before me.  I reached around with both hands and grabbed a hot red ass cheek firmly.  It must have hurt a bit as she thrust forward bringing her pussy into reach with my mouth.  I stuck out my tongue and licked from as far between her legs as I could reach to the top of her slit with a little extra back and forth over her hard clit.  Then I ran my tongue back down, found her hold and inserted it in as far as I could lapping up her juices.  After a second or so of my tongue lapping within her I repeated the upstroke through her slit and over her clit.

Jessica was ready and it didn’t take more than four or five of these before I felt her stiffen and moan loudly.  I felt rather than saw her body twisting from side to side as she reached the pinnacle of pleasure.  I encouraged her orgasm along with a few more licks at her clit and then let go.  Jessica almost collapsed but I caught her and held her as she shook form the force of the orgasm and its aftershocks.

When her breathing was more or less back to normal I let go and saw that she could now stand.  She looked down at the very uncomfortable bulge in my pants and said, "If you undress I can help you with that."

Well, an offer of a blow job from this lovely woman seemed to be a nice desert after lunch so I kicked off my shoes and stood up.  I dropped my pants and underwear and pulled off my shirt.  Rather like a bad old porn movie I didn’t bother removing my socks.  I sat back down with my penis bobbing in the air in front of me and opened my legs expecting Jessica to kneel down and give me a blow job.

Jessica, however, was full of surprises.  Instead of kneeling she stepped over my thighs so that she was straddling me.  Then she bent her knees and sat in my lap shifting forward so that my penis was caught tightly between our two abdomens.  Jessica was smiling again but it seemed to be that same predatory look I had noticed before.  The sort of smile a tiger might wear when approaching a gazelle or zebra.

Now today lap dances are pretty common.  I suppose they had been invented in dark dim history, but I had never been exposed to one and I was a bit astonished when she dropped into my lap.  She slowly rose up with a little wiggle that managed to part her vagina so that the underside of my shaft was rubbing inside her wet and warm slit.  She rose until only the top of my penis was touching her and then somehow rotated her hips so that the tip of my cock entered her.  Then biting her lower lip in concentration and with her smile positively feral Jessica slowly descended, bit by bit taking more of me into her.  It was a positively delicious feeling has her hot and wet pussy engulfed me.  When she got to the bottom her breasts were in front of my face so I leaned forward and began to kiss and lick at them.  Jessica twisted her torso slightly bringing a turgid nipple into range and I grabbed at it hungrily sucking it into my mouth.  While I sucked one breast I fondled the other and, remembering how roughly Kate and played with Penny’s breasts last night, I alternated my fondling with squeezing.  Apparently I was doing OK, because Jessica began sliding up and down my shaft.

After a few, make that a very few, minutes I moaned and said, "I am going to come."

Jessica surprised me again as she dropped down to my lap and did something with the muscles in her groin to grip the base of my shaft tightly.  She said, "Not yet." I was throbbing inside her but with all movement stopped my throbbing subsided and the urgency passed.  As it did I realized that Jessica had taken control but the feeling was so delicious that I wasn’t about to stop her.  She was watching my face closely and when I nodded she began the up and down motion once again.

As I looked at the rather marvelous woman I said, "You are getting pretty dominant for a submissive wench."

"You can punish me later." She said with a smile.  "Or do you want me to just bring you off quickly?"

Well, as I have mentioned before, my mama didn’t raise no fools.  Did I want to come quickly or prolong this delicious feeling?  Oh and if I prolonged the feeling perhaps I might spank Jessica’s lovely bottom again later.  I just said, "Don’t stop what you are doing." And latched back onto a breast.

Apparently what she was doing was arousing to Jessica as well as to me and she had enough clitoral stimulation to bring herself off.  All I know is that I fondled and sucked and squeezed for some time with Jessica in full control and halting all movement when I was just about to boil over several times.  Eventually she was too close to stop and she came with the load moan I had observed before.  This time I was able to watch her head trash back and forth as she came.  It was remarkable and lovely to watch.  Of course with her entire pussy pulsing around my penis I came, rather explosively, while she was still in the throes of orgasm.

I could feel the shudders running through Jessica’s body and she seemed to go limp.  I wrapped my arms around her to keep her from falling from my lap.  I pulled her tight against my chest enjoying the feel of her hard nipples and large breasts flattening against my chest while little shudders ran through her body.  She tucked her head onto my shoulder, gave me a sweet little kiss against my neck and breathed softly, "Oh my!"

That seemed to say it all.  I took a deep breath and as the roaring in my ears subsided I heard clapping.  I turned my head (That being the only part of me with enough energy to move at the moment.) and saw Kate and Penny standing just inside the door from the bedroom with big grins as they applauded the performance they had just seen.  I had been so absorbed in the extraordinary feelings in my groin that I hadn’t even been aware of them standing there.

All good things come to an end, and this was no exception.  I shrank out of Jessica.  Working together Kate and Penny helped her into the bathroom and ran a tub for her much the way she had been forced to care for them earlier.  I slipped into the bathroom, cleaned my crotch and took off Jessica’s thumb cuffs.  It was time to end this weekend.


We cleaned up the cabin and drove back into town.  Jessica’s clothes had been cut up so she had to walk back into the apartment covered only by my trench coat but we managed it without problem.  I dated Penny a few times after that.  After all she was very, very pretty, she was submissive, and we had already become intimate.  It didn’t really last too long though.  She was almost too submissive and never seemed to have an opinion that differed from mine.  Then too she ran in the same expensive sorority circles as Kate far beyond my means.  We parted as friends but we did drift apart.  Jessica?  Well Jessica was a fiery intelligent woman who was willing to be tamed by the right man, if that man was strong enough.  But then that’s another story to be told another day.