Maria and her (Malevolent) Mother
by Sir Richard

Fm / F/fm / FF/fm MF/ff

In the Beginning

My dad is a field grade officer (higher than Captain but lower than General) in what he calls Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC). Mom, sis and I have lived at bases over most of the world with him but he was recently transferred to a post which doesn’t allow families. Rather than remain in our on-post housing at his old base, Mom decided to move us back to her old family home that she had inherited when her parents died.

That’s how I came to be entering a new high school as a 17 year old Junior. Although I had moved from school to school as we moved from base to base, I was always in a school with other military brats. We all had a lot in common, understood the written and unwritten rules, and could adopt and bond pretty much instantly. Now I was going to a civilian school with kids whose life had revolved around an entirely different culture and I wasn’t prepared to fit in.

At least I had tested out of some basic level courses and was placed in a number of AP courses. It was in AP math that I first saw Maria Leon (pronounced Lay-Own, as she eventually told me). Maria was Hispanic and drop dead gorgeous. She was more or less my age but had blossomed early and had a large chest, narrow waist, wide hips that swayed as she walked and a butt made for fondling. She had long jet black hair that nearly reached the small of her back and generally gathered it in a pony tail that swayed rhythmically in counterpoint to her hips as she walked. She had a lovely face and a smile that lit up the room.

Maria was part of the pep squad (as we used to call cheer leaders back then) and clearly one of the popular kids. She was so far out of my class that I never even thought of speaking to her. At least that was true until one day in Civics class, when the subject of the Mexican-American War and the Gadsden Purchase came up for discussion.

The discussion began normally but soon Maria and I had taken over the class and were debating with each other. I think the teacher was either amused or delighted that he had ignited such passion as he let it go on. I know I was so into the topic that I forgot I was debating with a goddess. It turned out that Maria had a brain and wasn’t afraid to use it. She also had a sharp acerbic wit and wasn’t afraid to use that, either. The details of the debate are not important but at the bell when the teacher shouted out the next day’s reading assignment I realized that I was totally captivated with this young woman.

Of course that made me even more aware of how far outclassed I was by her and tied my tongue even further. Then lunch period came and I sat down at an empty table. The next thing I knew Maria had set her tray down and gracefully sat down across from me. Of course everything she did was graceful but I was surprised when she sat down and said, “I need your help.”

I think I managed a brilliant comeback with something like, “OK, why me?”

“You're bright, you seem to get what’s going on in AP math, you don’t stare at my chest, and you’re kind of cute.”

Now cute is not what a guy wants to hear from a girl like Maria. Handsome would be good, a stud would be good, perhaps even boyfriend material. Any of the above would be better. My brain wasn’t engaged when my mouth began to operate and I said, “Maria, I have stared at your chest and at your ass and your legs and your face. I think physically you are pretty close to perfection. Having said that, what do you want from me?”

Maria, despite her olive toned skin, blushed when I told her she was close to perfection. She came back with, “I know you checked me out. All the guys do that. I meant that when you are talking to me you are looking at my face and not talking to my breasts and wondering how to get into my panties.”

You have to understand that this was some years ago and though I was 17, I was still a virgin. Oh I had fooled around with various girls but had never managed to ‘go all the way’. I must have blushed at the thought of her panties and the idea of ‘getting into’ them, because she added, “I need you to tutor me in math. I can’t afford to pay you but I will make it worth your while.”

You can probably imagine my lustful thoughts but even if all I got was to spend time with this smart, pretty and popular girl, how could I lose? I asked, “When do you want to do this and where?”

She gave me one of those smiles that seemed to brighten the entire lunch room. If I hadn’t already more or less agreed to tutor her I would have for that smile. She said, “Can you come home with me after school? My mom’s a nurse and she has day shifts so it will be quiet and we can study.”

Home alone with Maria! I asked, “Where do you live?”

She said, “Meet me at the front entrance after the final bell and I’ll show you. It’s not far.”

About that time several other girls joined us. Maria introduced me to them and the conversation became more general. Attracted no doubt by the girls, several guys also joined the table.


It turned out Maria lived only a few blocks from school. Her house was empty and we spread out on a table in the kitchen and began to review what we had covered in math class. Maria was bright and we got about halfway through the material when she called a break and said, “OK that’s about as much as I can absorb in one day. We can tackle the rest tomorrow. It seems so easy when you explain it. Come with me now and I’ll show you my room.”

I guess I was still thinking about math because I was obviously befuddled. Foolishly I asked, “Why do I want to see your room?”

She cleared things up for me when she said, “It’s got a nice big bed and it’s where I get undressed.”

Oh my! Still, I had been raised to be a gentleman and offered some sort of lame protest. I think I said, “Uh,… Maria you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I mean you don’t owe me anything for the tutoring.”

Maria laughed at me and said, “You are cute. I promise we won’t do anything I don’t want to do.”

Somehow being called cute wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maria took my hand and led me towards ‘her room’. When we got there she said, “Take off your shirt.”

She ran her hand down my chest and gently pushed me back toward the bed. “Lie down and give me your hand.”

I did as she asked and she wrapped a cuff around my wrist. While I was still absorbing that, she leaned across me with her torso and those impressive breasts pressing me down on the bed. I was too distracted by the firm but soft feel of her breasts to notice that she was cuffing my other wrist.

When she rose up and I was less distracted I realized that my wrists were held to the upper corners of her bed. “Hey,…” I asked, “…what’s going on.”

Maria was untucking her blouse and beginning to unbutton it when she said, “Shush, It’s just my way of making sure we don’t do anything I don’t want to. Sometimes a boy gets a little too excited and grabby so I like to keep things under my control. Are you OK with that?”

By this time her blouse was completely unbuttoned and she was letting it slide off her shoulders. Her bra was lacy and probably completely inappropriate for a 17 year old school girl but I loved it. My mouth seemed very dry, but I managed to nod and say, “Yes.”

Maria smiled but it wasn’t the smile I had seen at school. This was a more predatory smile. She knew she had me completely enthralled. She told me, “We are going to play a little game. You show me yours and I show you mine.”

Having said that, she unfastened and removed her bra. Her breasts were large and sat high and proud on her chest. She giggled as she saw where my eyes were. Maria climbed on to the bed and lay down on top of me pressing her breasts against my chest. Then she kissed me and I was lost.

We made out for a while and while I was bothered by not having my hands Maria’s kisses overruled any apprehension. She taught me to use my mouth on her breasts and just how to lick and suck her nipples. The she sat up and moved next to me. She unfastened my belt, undid the buttons and pulled my Jeans and boxers down my legs. Of course I immediately had an erection. Maria looked at my cock and stroked it carefully saying, “Mm... That’s a nice one.”

Then she stood up and pulled off my shoes and socks and then my pants and underwear. As she began to cuff my ankles to the lower corners of her bed, I asked, “What are you doing?”

She smiled that predatory smile and said, “I told you I like to keep things under control. But don’t worry, I keep my word. You showed me yours so I’ll show you mine.”

Maria then proceeded to unbutton and remove her jeans and panties, which I noted matched the lacy bra she had taken off earlier.

I had thought her body was perfection, now I knew it was. I told her how beautiful she was. Yes, I know beauty is more than physical characteristics but I have already told you she was bright with a great sense of humor. I suppose at 17 you can’t really be in love but I was as close as a boy could get.

The now nude Maria climbed onto the bed between my legs and took my rigid cock between her lips and proceeded to give me the best blow job of my young life. They say there is no such thing as a bad blow job but even today, speaking from years of experience, Maria’s blow job was the best I have ever had.

I warned her that I was about to cum but she just redoubled her efforts and took me deeper into her mouth. If that girl had a gag reflex she certainly didn’t show it. Instead she sucked and swallowed every last bit of my semen.

She crawled up my body and said, “My turn.”

The she planted her pussy on my face and told me to lick. Oh, she gave more instructions than that, as she made certain I understood exactly what she enjoyed. As a 17 year old virgin I wasn’t certain that it was manly to ‘eat’ a woman but I dutifully followed her instructions. I found that she didn’t taste ‘fishy’, that bringing a woman to a spectacular orgasm was an accomplishment and made me feel proud and, most of all, that the female orgasm, at least Maria’s orgasms, were awe inspiring.

My face was covered with Maria’s juices as she slid down my body. I could feel her wet pussy painting my body with her juices. You would have thought it disgusting but it wasn’t. It was terribly erotic. She reached down and found my cock which had grown hard while I was eating her and pressed it flat between our bellies. Then she proceeded to lick my face as though she was some huge cat.

When she had cleaned up my face she rubbed the tip of my cock through the lips of her pussy ensuring that I was well lubricated. Pressing on my chest she arose until she was half sitting on me and half leaning over me. Then she slid me into her with a warning. “Don’t move! We have to work on your self-control and you have to hold off on cumming until I tell you.”

“Wait Maria, I don’t have a condom.”

“You’re sweet, my little gringo. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill and I don’t have any diseases.”

Don’t ask me how she knew I was a virgin and clean of any sexual diseases but she apparently did. Forgetting about STDs and pregnancy I relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I was in heaven and would have done anything she wanted. I had gone from being a virgin to having a blow job, eating a pussy, and now being encased in her warm wet center. Could things get any better?

Well, yes. They could and they did. Maria began moving so that she was sliding up and down on my cock. I tried to follow her instruction not to move but it was hard and from time to time I couldn’t help but thrust my hips upward into her. When I did she would push her weight onto me and clamp the muscles in my groin holding me motionless and watching my face until I was more in control. She admonished me, “It’s all about holding back, mi gringo. You have to hold back until I am ready.”

Well, I had cum once already, but without Maria’s carefully watching and halting me, I would never have lasted. As it was, I managed to hold back until she said, “Now gringo. Cum for me now. Paint my pussy with your juice.”

I exploded inside her as she came. It was spectacular. I know I am overusing that word but spectacular is the only description I could give. I didn’t have as much ejaculate as during the blow job but it felt wonderful. The sight of Maria twisting and bouncing through her orgasm above me was awesome.

Eventually she collapsed onto me and I could feel the sweat from our bodies as my cock shrank and slipped out of her. After some minutes of deep breathing Maria kissed me and said, “That was great. You’re real boyfriend material. Do you want to be my boyfriend? There will be some rules and I expect you to be completely faithful to me and me alone.”

I was floating in post orgasmic bliss on some distant cloud but I managed a weak, “Oh yes, Maria. I want to be your boyfriend.”

She bounced off the bed and smiled at me as she said, “That’s good mi amour, because I definitely want you. Now I’m going to clean us up. Don’t go away.”

Of course I couldn’t go away. I was still tied to the bed. I turned my head and watched as she walked into her bathroom. Her butt was firm and tight and I began to regret that my hands weren’t free to caress it. I heard the shower running and, after a bit, Maria came back into the room wrapped in a towel carrying a bowl and a cloth. She proceeded to wash me from neck to groin. The water was cool and soothing.

Maria returned the bowl and cloth to the bathroom and came back to sit beside me gently stroking my body as she talked. I was still tied but her hands were so soft and yet strong and the feelings I had were erotic as she petted my tied down body.

“Look my little gringo. I am a girl who likes sex, but only with one guy. My last boyfriend was a senior and has gone off to school. I am looking for a new guy and you are smart and cute and have a very nice cock. I think we could be good together.

“The problem is that there are some girls, sluts really, who will try to seduce you. They’ll try because you’re cute and because they would like to piss me off. I know you say you will be faithful but I also know you are a teen aged boy with raging hormones. I don’t want to risk whatever STDs those sluts may be carrying so the only way we can be together is if you wear this."

This was a strange curved tube and a ring and a padlock. I wasn’t terribly naive but had never seen a real male chastity belt. Without waiting for an answer Maria installed me into the device and locked it. Then she opened the thin chain necklace with a silver crucifix that she wore. She threaded the key onto the necklace and fastened it around her neck. The key slid down next to the crucifix and rested between her lovely, large but pert breasts. “See,” she said, “right next to my heart.”

As she began to free my wrists and ankles, I asked, “How long do I wear this thing?”

“Silly, I told you I like sex. You wear it until you come over to study with me tomorrow. Then I teach you the difference between fucking and making love to a woman.”

“You mean I just wear this until tomorrow?”

She gave me a look that is normally reserved for mothers dealing with particularly dense five year old children and said, “No. You wear it whenever we are apart as long as we are a couple.”

“But you’ll take it off when we are together?”

“I told you I like sex and I’m going to train you to make love. This is the only way I can be certain you are faithful to me. Don’t you want to be with me?”

Well that was a question. Of course I wanted to be with her. I was bewitched, bothered and bewildered by Maria. The sex was great and I was a 17 year old boy. Beyond that, I liked her as a person and admired her intelligence and quick wit. If I got sex from her what was I missing? A few masturbation sessions, but real sex was so much better.

Back to School

The next morning Maria greeted me near the main entrance with a very public display of affection. She hugged me and laid on a simmering sexy kiss that bought taunts of ‘Hey, get a room.’ Once inside the school we were limited by the rules but Maria still walked close to me and we managed to hold hands as we went to our shared classes. Of course we spent lunch period together.

I don’t know what it is about girls’ sexual radar but apparently it was obvious that I was no longer a virgin. Several girls, who were in classes that I didn’t share with Maria, seemed to be flirting with me or at least subtly testing my level of interest in them.

Through all of this I was aware of a metal weight attached to my groin. Unlike the stories I had read, the chastity belt wasn’t really painful, even when my cock tried to get hard. It was uncomfortable and a constant reminder that Maria was in charge.

The only really awkward part of the day came when, for obvious reasons, I had to skip the showers after PE class. Fortunately it was the last class of the day. As we walked to her home Maria teased me about not having showered. I didn’t mind because, sweaty and smelly or not, I had my arm around the gorgeous Maria.

When we got to her place I got undressed and showered. When I finished my shower I couldn’t find my clothes. I called Maria and asked where they were. She walked into the bathroom and said, “You don’t need clothes. Yours were all sweaty so I tossed them in the washer. We are going to get naked together anyhow. Just come as you are.”

I headed for her bedroom but Maria said, “No, first we do the school work, then we play.”

And that is how I came to be sitting at the kitchen table, nude except for a chastity belt, next to a fully clothed Maria, going over the AP math work. At the time I had never heard of CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) but apparently I was living it. I felt very strange but when I tried to discuss it, Maria said, “I’m in control, remember? I like you nude. In fact from now on when you come to my house you get undressed until I tell you to get dressed and go home. You will be my nude gringo lover. It’s just between us so what’s the big deal?”

Have I told you how hard it is to argue with Maria? I mean I felt ridiculous prancing around nude but the sex was great and she had warned me that she liked to be in control.

Eventually we completed the work and went up to her bedroom. She carefully tied me down before removing the chastity belt and then undressing. Of course I was rock hard. Maria climbed onto the bed and said, “Let’s see how well you are at control. Remember you do not have permission to cum until I get an orgasm.”

Well you all know what happened. I was a horny 17 year old boy, being ridden by a gorgeous girl. It was no contest. I came after a few minutes and the vastly more experienced Maria, who must have known what would happen, feigned anger. “Damn it!,” she cried. “I didn’t get to cum so you are going to have to use your mouth.”

Cupping her pussy to keep our mixed fluids inside she moved up my body and planted her pussy over my mouth. I tried to twist my head to one side but, between gripping my nose with her free hand and planting her thighs tightly against either side of my head, Maria had no trouble positioning me where she wanted me.

Soon I discovered that the taste of my cum mixed with her fluids wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. In two days of being Maria’s boyfriend I had experienced blow jobs, eating pussy, fucking and now eating my first cream pie. Add to that the chastity belt and being tied down to the bed and my experience was growing at a very fast rate.


With Maria more or less up to speed on math I wasn’t certain what would happen next. Wednesday was more hand holding in school and I found that as Maria’s boyfriend I was accepted into the school. Some guys tried to probe about how ‘far’ we had gone but I had enough sense to keep my mouth shut and replied that she and I had been working on math together. I’m not certain that they bought it, given how affectionate we were between classes, but that was all they got from me.

After school we went to Maria’s and studied together for the other classes we shared. At Maria’s insistence my clothes were neatly hung in the entry coat closet and I was nude, except for my chastity belt, in her presence. I found this to be less and less strange. If this is what motivated Maria to provide me with great sex, why did I care? We did go back to providing each other with oral sex before fucking and it did allow me to hold back when we fucked.

As far as I was concerned things were great and could have gone on like this forever. Then there was Thursday, when we were discovered. Maria and I were just entering in our mutual orgasms when she was yanked backwards and someone shouted, “So this is what you’re up to, you slut!”

When Maria was yanked backwards her body pulled my cock down toward my feet before she slipped off and it hurt. I was half dazed by my orgasm and then the pain in my groin. It took me a moment to focus on Maria who was now on her back at the foot of the bed, held there by a firm grip in her long lovely hair. The holder, who had so rudely interrupted us, looked a lot like an older version of Maria. Good grief, it must be Maria’s mother!

As it turned out, there had been a fire at the hospital in which her mother was a surgical nurse. The fire department put out the blaze and the ward staff was engaged in getting patients back to their rooms, but all surgeries had been canceled until the operating theaters could be scrubbed and sterilized. The surgical nurses were told to take the rest of the day off. Of course, we knew nothing of this. We were just aware of the fact that Maria’s mother who never got home before seven was home at five and had caught us in what I believe is called ‘flagrante delicto’.

Maria’s mother pulled Maria off the bed and still holding her hair dragged her toward the bedroom door saying, “You and I have some talking to do, Missy. Get your naked ass downstairs to the kitchen this instant.”

I tried to clear my throat to ask if I could be untied but she looked at me and said, “You, just shut it. I will deal with you later.”

I don’t know how long I waited but it seemed a long time. When Maria and her mother came back I could see that Maria, who was now gagged, had been crying. Her mother turned her to the wall and I saw that she had been handcuffed with her hands behind her back and that her ass was red and bore marks indicating a pretty severe beating. Her mother pushed her against the wall and forced her to hold a coin with her nose. She threatened Maria that if she moved and the coin dropped she would spank her until she couldn’t sit for a month.

I tried to apologize and got as far as saying, “Mrs. Leon, I want to …”

That was as far as I got as Maria’s mother grabbed my jaw, forced my mouth further open and stuffed in a gag that had a penis shaped dildo sticking out in front of it. Then she unclipped my left ankle cuff and pulled my legs together clipping my left ankle to the same chain as my right ankle. Then she did the same with my left wrist.

I was still fastened to the bed but with my wrists and ankles together. Mrs. Leon rolled me over so I was face down on the bed. Then she unclipped my right wrist and fastened it across the bed. She did the same with my right ankle. I was spread eagled on the bed but now face down.

Then she went after my ass with what I later learned was her hairbrush, the same one she had used on Maria’s ass. She continued to spank me until I was crying and trying to beg through the gag for mercy. When she finally stopped my ass was burning and I’m certain it looked as bad as Maria’s.

From my position on the bed I couldn’t see her but Mrs. Leon apparently removed her blouse and skirt. In her underwear, she then stepped into a strap on harness with a large dildo. As she dressed she said, “We are going to try a little aversion therapy. You probably don’t know from being with my slut daughter, but after a few orgasms a woman’s vagina becomes too sensitive for more stimulation. It actually becomes quite painful.”

“You are going to fuck my daughter with that face dildo until she comes five times. I don’t care if it takes all night but by the time we are done she won’t want sex for a long time. And while you are fucking my daughter I will make certain you don’t ease off by fucking your ass. Believe me if you slow down I will slam you so hard you will think I am going to come out your throat. You plundered my daughter and I am going to plunder your ass.”

Mrs. Leon forced Maria to lie on the bed with her legs over my shoulders. Then she lifted my head and forced the face dildo into Maria’s pussy. I couldn’t see it but felt her tug Maria’s legs as she roped her ankles to the foot of the bed so that she couldn’t move away.

I felt some sort of cream squirt into my anus and then a large dildo was forced into my ass. My ass began to burn and I learned why when Mrs. Leon said, “I wanted to take you without lubrication but couldn’t risk tearing and infection. I decided to use muscle cream instead of the KY jelly so this ought to be plenty uncomfortable for you, you horny little bastard.”

She forced me to move my head up and down moving the face dildo in Maria’s pussy while she reamed my ass. I don’t know how long it went on but could hear Maria’s sniffles as she cried into the gag.

Mrs. Leon was relentless pounding into my rear and alternately pulling and pushing on my hair so I was constantly thrusting the face dildo into Maria’s sore and abused pussy. We were toy dolls controlled by the woman’s nasty wishes. She taunted us as she tortured us saying things like’ “Still want to fuck your boyfriend, Maria?” or to me, “I’ll bet you don’t like being fucked in the ass as much as you liked fucking my daughter, you bastard.”

I don’t know if Maria came five times. I lost all track of time and of her body’s reactions as I deal with the pain in my ass and the ache in my neck. Eventually even Mrs. Leon had enough. She pulled out of my ass with a nasty sucking sound and then freed her daughter’s legs. Pulling Maria off the bed she took her back to the wall and used Maria’s nose to hold the coin and ensure Maria’s immobility.

Then she returned and freed one ankle pushing on my hip so my body was twisted with my groin exposed. Quickly and efficiently she replaced the chastity belt and said, “I have the only key to this and if you ever want to see your cock free again you better be here at 9:00 am Saturday morning. Now get downstairs and get dressed and go home. I don’t want to hear a word from you.”

Mr. Leon released me from the bed but left the face dildo gag in place. I stood and saw Maria pressed against the wall but Mrs. Leon was glaring at me so instead of comforting her as I wanted to do I turned and went to the stairs unbuckling the gag as I went.

At Home and Next Morning at School

I gathered my books and walked home with my sore neck and equally sore ass protesting every step. I was later that I had ever been and my mother was angry that I hadn’t called. She wanted to know where I had been and what I had been doing. Not quite lying, but not really telling the whole truth, I said, “I was studying with a friend from school and I got tied up and didn’t call. I’m sorry Mom.”

My sister, who was a freshman at the same high school, snorted and said, “Yeah studying. I’ll bet you were making out with your hot new girlfriend.”

Of course Mom’s ears perked up at that and she immediately asked, “Girlfriend? Do you have a girlfriend? What’s her name? Are you going to invite her to dinner one evening so I can meet her?”

I gave my sister a dirty look and said, “Her name is Maria Leon and she is both a girl and a friend but I’m not sure we are boyfriend and girlfriend. I’ve only known her a couple of days. She is very bright and is in some of my AP classes and we study together.”

I was skirting close to lying on the boyfriend / girlfriend thing but I wasn’t at all certain what Maria and I were, especially after what had just happened with her mother. Were we friends with benefits? Maybe we were fuck buddies. With the chastity belt and bed bondage perhaps I was just Maria’s boy-toy. After her mother’s rather draconian punishment perhaps we were just ex-friends.

I sat gingerly as we began dinner and my sister, no doubt imagining that I was sore from too much sexual activity, gave me a knowing look. Well, in a way she was right. It just wasn’t the sexual activity she was imagining. After dinner I went up to my room to avoid more discussion and to finish my homework.

The next morning was Friday and Maria met me as usual in front of the school. She was moving slowly and wasn’t her usual bouncy self. I was apprehensive until she leaned against me and wrapped her arms around me. Her kiss was as steamy as ever, though her conversation was all about what a bitch her mother was.

I asked if she knew what her mother had planned for Saturday morning but Maria responded, “I have no idea. Whatever it is, it will be nasty and humiliating. That bitch is kinky and still treats me like a little kid. Do you know what she did to me? I’ve got a plug up my ass and a dildo up my pussy and they are held in place with a chain that forms a belt and then runs through my crotch. She even told me ‘I won’t have to worry about you screwing around this afternoon while I am working, will I slut?’

Class went as usual and both of our sore bodies began to recover.

Friday Afternoon

That afternoon I walked Maria home and came in with her. She gave me a kiss and then said, “Hey no clothes in my house, lover. Did you forget?”

I stripped and then said, “Since we are both locked up like little sex slaves, I think you should strip.”

Maria looked at me and then took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Once there she removed her clothes and underwear, slowly hanging each garment or placing it in the hamper as appropriate. It was slow and erotic and my cock was throbbing in the chastity belt. She smiled seductively at me and asked, “Okay, you have me naked, but with us both chained up what do you think we can do?”

Taking her shoulders I pushed her back onto the bed. I climbed on beside her and began to kiss her. I kissed her eyelids, her nose her mouth (for some time) and then nibbled on her ear lobes. I moved to her neck and then to her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. Gradually I worked my way down her body. Maria objected saying, “You are getting us both all worked up but that will just be more frustrating.”

“Hush, observe and learn, mi vida (mi vida means ‘my life’, I was besotted with Maria and had been studying a bit).

The chain through her groin had been pulled tightly through rings at the base of the butt plug and dildo so that there was no chance of removing either without removing the chain. The human body, however, is remarkably adaptable and there is considerable soft flesh around the groin.

The chain did nothing to keep my tongue from her outer labia and once I had made them turgid I pulled the chain, probably forcing the butt plug deeper into her as I gained a finger’s width of slack. It was enough to move the chain to the side over her outer labia exposing her slit to me.

I couldn’t really enter her as the dildo blocked her hole but I was able to worship her inner labia and run my tongue up her slit and circle her now exposed clit. Her reaction was everything I had hoped for and she came with a gush of fluid. It was messy as the dildo forced the fluid out in all directions but I kept at it enjoying the taste of the girl I loved.

It took some time before she came down and bemoaned her inability to reciprocate. I smoothed a lock of her hair from her sweaty forehead and told her that today was all about her.

Maria told me she was frightened at what her mother would do to us on Saturday. I told her that I was frightened too but that, “Your mother was mad yesterday but she has had a chance to cool down now. Let’s just face the music and see what she has planned for tomorrow.”

She was nervous telling me that I didn’t know how kinky and crazy her mother was. I told her that whatever her mother planned we could take it together. She was skeptical but agreed that we would just have to face her mother’s wrath.

Internally I figured that if her mother still seemed off the wall we would then figure out a way to remove any restraints and then to deal with her. Then I got dressed and headed out to make some purchases. While I wanted to calm Maria down, I wasn’t at all certain that Mrs. Leon would be reasonable and wanted to be prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Early Saturday Morning

I drove to Maria’s house as I wanted my purchases, which I had put in the trunk of the car, to be handy if things went wrong. Fortunately there were farms downstate so the age for a driver’s permit was 16, and I had gotten a full license at 17.

I rang the doorbell promptly at 9:00 AM. Mrs. Leon opened the door and stood aside to let me enter. She had me take off my shirt and then handcuffed my hands behind me. I tried to speak but she commanded, “Quiet.”

Then without as much as a ‘by your leave’ she opened my jeans and yanked both them and my boxers down to my knees. She pulled off my shoes and socks and then the jeans and underwear followed. I was standing in the foyer nude except for the chastity belt and handcuffs in front of my girlfriend’s fully clothed mother. I think I blushed three shades of red. She grabbed my testicles and led me upstairs.

I thought we were headed for Maria’s room but she paused at the doorway and said, “Lilly. He’s here.” I looked into the room and there was a nude Maria on her back on the bed. Her wrists were tied to her ankles and her forearms tied to her calves. The woman, Lilly, I guess, was teasing Maria’s pussy and clit alternately with a feather, a paint brush, and a slim vibrator. Maria was moaning and begging, “Please let me cum. I need to cum.”

I looked at Mrs. Leon who said, “We started without you. She has been teasing Maria since about 7:00 AM. Lilly is an expert on tease and denial.”

I looked at her and angrily asked, “How can you do something like that to your own daughter?”

Mrs. Leon exploded and answered in a very harsh, angry, tone of voice, “Don’t you dare try to tell me how to raise my daughter. If she wants to act like a slut she is going to be punished like one. Don’t you try to pretend you care about her, you son of a bitch. You’re just like every other guy. You just want to stick you dick in a hole and then to hell with the woman. Well, you just wait until you see what we have cooked up for you.”

That wasn’t really true. Maria wasn’t a slut and I wasn’t just after sex. Sure I enjoyed the sex. That’s why I let her dominate me and put me in a chastity belt. It was more than that though. I liked and admired Maria. We talked and had fun together. Being around Maria was always great. I knew we were both too young to declare we had found the love of our lives but we both cared for each other and to the extent that seventeen year olds could be, we were in love. I wanted to explain all that to Mrs. Leon but she had been so fierce that I knew that discussion, or even argument, would be futile and just shut up.

Lilly looked down at Maria and said, “Lets’ let you simmer for a while your mom and I deal with your boyfriend. Don’t worry Maria, soon we will let him fuck you. Only neither of you is going to enjoy it very much.”

With Lilly following and Mrs. Leon leading me by the balls we proceeded down the hall to what must have been the master bedroom. As we entered I could see ankle cuffs on a large, probably king sized bed. Where, I briefly wondered, did these people get all of this bondage and kinky sex gear?

Though I am fairly big and athletic, with my hands locked behind me, the two women had no problems maneuvering me onto the bed. They spread my legs and cuffed them to the lower corners of the bed, before removing the chastity belt. Of course I was immediately hard. They pushed me back so that I was lying on my cuffed hands.

“Not bad.” said Lilly. “It looks like your daughter caught a good one.”

She began to softly stroke the underside of my prick while Mrs. Leon worked a ball gag into my mouth. I guess I was ready to cum because Lilly stopped stroking and said, “Oh no, young stud. You don’t get to cum so easily.”

Mrs. Leon had said Lilly was an expert at tease and denial and she demonstrated that expertise for the next thirty minutes or so. If it hadn’t been for the gag I would have been crying and begging for release.

While Lilly was still tormenting me, Mrs. Leon left the room and returned with a tray of things I couldn’t identify from my prone position. She set the tray down and approached me with something that she set on my groin. I thought she had lit a fire. After a few seconds I realized the intense sensation wasn’t fire, but ice. She was forcing my prick to shrink.

I was puzzled. Were they going to lock me back in the chastity belt? Why take me out if they were just going to put me back in? Yes, the tease and denial had been a torment, but somehow that didn’t seem to be what they ultimately planned.

When my cock had shrunk far enough for their purposes one of them wrapped a piece if stiff brown paper around it. The other one rolled a condom down over my wrapped cock, ensuring that the paper stayed in place. Then Mrs. Leon took a razor and shaved a small area just above my cock. She swabbed it with something cold, I guess it was alcohol, and then used a syringe from the tray to inject me with something. She said to Lilly, “That ought to keep him hard for at least an hour and a half, perhaps two hours.”

I was confused. They had just softened me. Then I felt Lilly gently stroking on the sensitive skin between the scrotum and anus. She lightly teased my scrotum with a feather and I began to grow hard.

That was when their diabolical plan became clear. The brown paper around my cock was large grit sandpaper. As my penis grew in length and girth it pushed against the sandpaper causing me a great deal of pain. I think my cock would have shrunk from the pain but apparently Maria’s mother had injected me with some sort of ED (erectile dysfunction) medicine designed to keep me erect. My cock felt as though it was burning but this time it wasn’t the sensation that the ice had caused. It was burning from having been scraped with sandpaper.

While Lilly continued to tease me to ensure that I grew as much as possible, Mrs. Leon slipped a blindfold over my eyes. It wasn’t anything elaborate with straps and buckles, just a drug store sleep mask held with a single elastic strand. If I forced my eyes open, which was uncomfortable, I could see some light leaking around the edges.

I heard a soft rustling sound which I later deduced to be clothes being removed. One of the women climbed onto the bed, grabbed my sandpaper encased cock, and rubbed the condom against her clit to provide lubrication. Then she inserted me into her and rode up and down. It should have been pleasurable but all I felt was the sandpaper rubbing as she moved up and down. It was terrible. Of course there was no question of my ejaculating as the pain did nothing to stimulate me sexually.

Eventually I heard the woman gasp, “Oh God!”, as she fell forward with her hands on my chest. Although her voice was distorted in what was evidently her orgasm I was able to identify her as Lilly.

Mrs. Leon said, “My turn.” Sure enough as soon as Lilly climbed off me I felt another woman, presumably Mrs. Leon, climb on. She began a vigorous up and down with the muscles at the entrance of her pussy rubbing the sandpaper into my still rigid cock.

Mrs. Leon rode me to her orgasm and dismounted. By that time I was exhausted and my poor cock had been rubbed raw. I just wanted to lie there but felt the women taking off my ankle cuffs

Saturday Midmorning

The two women brought me to my feet and maneuvered me forward. I couldn’t tell where they were taking as I still wore the blindfold as well as the gag and the condom covered sandpaper on my still rigid cock. Of course, my hands were still handcuffed behind my back.

When they took off the blindfold I found I was in Maria’s bedroom. Mrs. Leon took a length of rope, folded it in half and tied the middle around my testicles. Now she had me on a leash with two leads. She passed one lead behind one of the legs to Maria’s dresser and tied it to the other lead with a simple bow.

It may have been simple but it was certainly effective. Without the use of my hands to undo the bow I couldn’t take two steps without being brought up short by the heavy dresser and the taut rope around my balls. While Mrs. Leon had been dealing with me, Lilly had gone back to arousing Maria. Maria was still on her back with her hands tied to her ankles and her forearms tied to her calves. In this position her knees were pulled up and back and her legs were open to either side. She was pleading with Lilly to stop teasing her and to let her cum.

Both women pulled Maria to the bottom of the bed so that her ass was hanging over the edge. They fastened a rope from each knee to the head of the bed so that Maria couldn’t roll forward and sit up. In fact the ropes from her knees not only held her immobile but spread her legs further.

I assumed that the women were going to force me to fuck Maria with my sandpaper covered cock but soon realized that they had even worse plans. While Lilly continued to tease and deny Maria, her mother pulled on a latex or rubber glove and began, none to gently, to rub a lubricant on the condom covering my sandpaper wrapped cock. That would have been OK although Maria was so wet that it seemed redundant. Then I saw Mrs. Leon slip a finger into Maria’s sphincter.

Suddenly everything changed. Maria had decided that I was too wide to comfortably fit in her ass and had ruled this out. Since I enjoyed her pussy, this had not been a problem for me. Now it appeared that the women were going to force me to fuck her ass. I didn’t like the idea but gagged and handcuffed, I really didn’t have much choice.

Lilly untied the bow, took one of the leads and grabbed one of my arms while Mrs. Leon took the other lead and grabbed the other one. Between them they maneuvered me to the foot of the bed. While Lilly held me more or less in place, Mrs. Leon tied each of my ankles to the legs of the bed.

With Lilly forcing me forward from behind Mrs. Leon aimed my condom and sandpaper covered cock at Maria’s anus. I tried to pull back but with Mrs. Leon pulling and Lilly pushing I was forced into Maria’s ass. To prevent me from backing away, Mrs. Leon wrapped the leads from around my balls around Maria’s thighs and tied them. With her knees tied to the headboard, Maria couldn’t lower her legs to give me some slack in the ropes..

Maria screamed as I was pushed about half way into her ass. I think I would have screamed if I hadn’t been gagged. Maria’s tight virgin ass painfully compressed my cock. Worse it pushed the sandpaper more tightly against my already sore cock.

Once I had been secured Lilly brought an electrical device and set it on the bed. She plugged it in and then attached what looked like two square patches with wires to the rear of the device. These she placed on my buttocks, securing them with tape.

“Try it on five and set it for every five seconds.” said Mrs. Leon. Lilly fiddled with some knobs on the device and I felt a sharp jolt in my ass as though someone had stuck me with a pin. Of course my hips lurched forward in an involuntary reaction driving my cock painfully into Maria’s ass.

Mrs. Leon said, “Not bad, but I want a deeper thrust. Step up the power to eight.”

Lilly turned one of the knobs and in a few seconds I got a sharper heavier jolt of electricity on my ass forcing my hips to ram further forward. Maria screamed again and my poor cock protested as her tight ass hole rubbed the sandpaper over the sensitive flesh. They stood there for a few seconds observing me jerking at the end of their electric device and listening to Maria moan and sob. It was then that I decided that no matter what the cost I would wreak vengeance on these two women.

Lilly made some snide remark to Maria saying, “See, I told you we would let your boyfriend fuck you. Now you have nothing to complain about.”

Mrs. Leon chimed in heartlessly, “I told you if you acted like a slut you would be punished like one.”

With that parting shot they left closing the bedroom door. I wanted to tell Maria how sorry I was but the gag kept me silent. She seemed to understand and told me, “I told you she was a bitch. I’m sorry I got you into this. Now you probably don’t want anything more to do with me, or my crazy mother.”

Well I couldn’t talk but I shook my head indicating no. Maria asked, “You still want me?”

I nodded my head yes. She smiled and while the pain didn’t go away it suddenly seemed to be all right.

The women left us for quite a while. Maria’s voice had fallen silent except for sobs. Perhaps it was thirty or forty minutes when they came up and untied my ankles and my testicles. They maneuvered me down to the kitchen where they removed the condom and peeled off the sandpaper.

There had been some bleeding and the paper was stuck to the skin of my penis. I was shocked at the red swollen appearance. The skin didn’t seem to be torn or ripped, but the entire surface was an angry red with darker dots where the grit had punctured the skin and blood had dried and scabbed over.

Lilly held a cotton pad under my penis while Mrs. Leon poured rubbing alcohol over it. Of course it stung like mad but, as she pointed out, “At least this will clean it and you won’t be getting any infections." Then she inserted it into the chastity device and locked it in place. She removed the gag and the handcuffs and, pointing to a pile of my clothes, told me to get dressed. As I did she said, “I don’t think you will be having any sex until that heals. Stay away from my daughter and come back in two weeks and I’ll let you out.”

While I was pretty strong I didn’t fancy fighting with two grown women at one time so I kept my mouth shut, got dressed and left the house. I drove straight home. After checking to see that my mother and sister were both out I returned to the garage and opened the car trunk. I pulled out the bolt cutter I had purchased, dropped my pants and underwear and carefully closed the blades of the bolt cutter on the hasp of the lock.

The hasp was hard steel but the bolt cutter had been designed to deal with padlocks. With one handle of the bolt cutter braced on the work bench I leaned forward and settled my full weight on the other handle. Then a gathered my muscles and was able to apply my full strength to the other handle. It took a few minutes but the bolt cutter closed with a snap. I twisted the lock off and removed the chastity belt. Pulling up my underwear and pants I placed the tool and the chastity belt in the trunk with my other purchases and drove back to Maria’s house.

Preparation for Revenge

I parked some way down the street from Maria’s house. I wanted to deal with the two women separately, though I was mad enough to take them both on if I had to. I opened the trunk and rummaged through my purchases, placing a pair of handcuffs in each back pocket.

I had created a garrote by drilling a hole in two short wood dowels. Then I cut about 4 feet of sash cord and ran each end through the dowels. Wrapping the cord around the dowels I tied it off. I folded the cord and slipped it under my belt so the two dowel handles dangled down my side. Carrying a roll of duct tape, a sharp knife, and the rest of the sash cord was more problematical. In the end I put them in a bag and carried it in my left hand.

I walked down to Maria’s house, but instead of ringing the front door bell I went to the back door. I used my plastic driver’s license to slip between the door and the door jamb and slid it town until I encountered the latch. Tilting the card I pressed down pushing the latch into the door until I was able to open the door.

I could hear them upstairs in Maria’s room. They were talking and I couldn’t make out the words but I could hear Maria begging, “No mas (No more).”

My objective was to separate them so I took a chance and slammed the back door. Then I moved to the kitchen entrance and flattened myself against the wall where I would be invisible. Maria’s mother called out,,“Hello?”

When there was no response she called, “Is anyone there?”

Then I heard her tell Lilly, “Keep her quiet while I see what made that noise.”

I could hear her come down stairs, turn and approach the kitchen. She was almost at the door when she called out, “It’s OK Lilly. There’s no one here.”

I held my breath as she stepped through the kitchen door and took a couple of steps toward the back door. I pulled the garrote from my belt, grasped the handles, crossed my arms and flipped it over her head. Then I pulled my arms apart choking her. She grabbed at the rope in a predictable reflex but had no leverage as I pulled tighter and tighter. In about a minute she crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

I loosened the rope and pulled her hands behind her. Using one pair of the handcuffs I captured her wrists behind her back. I knew I had to work quickly before Lilly came to investigate.

I sat on Mrs. Leon’s shoulders and pulled her hair to lift her head. Holding her head with my legs I wrapped duct tape across her mouth and around her head. I knew it would be painful to get the tape out of her hair but didn’t care. The next step was to wrap tape over her eyes and around her head. It is amazing how helpless a person feels when deprived of sight. When I had lived on base some of us had played around with capture, escape, and survival school tactics, though never officially.

Turning around, I was concerned with her legs so I moved down to her butt and wrapped tape around her knees. I also pulled her shoes off in order to minimize any noise and then taped her ankles together. I wanted to complete the job by taping her elbows and pulling her into a hog tie but decided that speed was more important at the moment.

Gathering up the garrote and the duct tape I swiftly but silently ran upstairs. As it turned out I needn’t have worried. Lilly was fully occupied with reaming Maria’s ass while thrusting a vibrating dildo in and out of her pussy. The squishing sounds and Maria’s begging provided enough noise to cover any sound I made.

Taking Lilly down was essentially a repeat of Mrs. Leon except I took the time to tape her elbows and run a rope from her feet up to her elbows, pulling her into an uncomfortable hog tie.

Then I turn to Maria. When I pulled the rope around Lilly’s neck, she had fallen back withdrawing the strap-on from Maria’s ass. The vibrating dildo was still hanging from her pussy. I reached over and pulled it out. Maria, who had been wide eyed with surprise when I appeared behind, Lilly was now looking from under half closed eyelids with a look that was both tired and incredibly sexy. She said, “I’m so sore.”

Half joking I asked, “Shall I kiss it and make it better?”

She laughed and said, “I don’t think I could stand it right now. Could I have a rain check?”

I probably mangled a few Spanish words when I responded, “Si, mi vida.”

Then I untied her and helped her stand. Once she was steady on her feet I carried Lilly in my arms and led the way downstairs and back to the kitchen. Once there I taped Mrs. Leon’s elbows together and asked Maria if she could drive. When she said yes I sent her to retrieve my car.

Maria returned and I told her to cut off all of the clothes from both women. Both women had regained consciousness by this time and found themselves blind, dumb and secured. There was nothing wrong with their hearing however and Mrs. Leon, who wasn’t hog tied, squirmed in protest at the idea of having her clothes removed. Leaving Maria working with the kitchen scissors I checked the pantry for large trash bags. I found a roll which I placed in the trunk of my car.

When I returned to the kitchen Maria was finishing up on her mother. I looked at Mrs. Leon and told Maria, “Your mother is a very attractive woman.”

“Are you perving on my mother, you horn dog?”

“No, but if you grow up as attractive and sexy as she is, I am going to be a very lucky man.”

I ought to point out that both Maria and I knew that teenaged romances rarely lasted twenty years. At the same time, while we knew that intellectually, we were very much in love and, at this point, contemplated a long and happy life together.

I wrapped her mother head to toe in a blanket and slung her over my shoulder. I went outside and placed her in the trunk of my car. I pulled off the blanket and closed the trunk. Returning inside I removed the hog tie and let Lilly stretch out. While Maria finished cutting off her clothes I hunted around and found Lilly’s purse which yielded her driver’s license with her address and her keys.

When Lilly was nude I was surprised to see that both nipples had been pierced and had little studs with balls on the end through them. I smiled evilly as I realized how I could use this when I took my revenge. Using the same blanket I took Lilly out and dumped her in the trunk of her car.

Maria followed me as we slowly and carefully drove Lilly’s and my cars to Lilly’s somewhat remote home. I used her keys to enter the house and check it out. The main and upper floors were normal enough, but when I descended to the basement I felt as though I had won the jackpot. Lilly had equipped her basement as a dungeon. Now I knew where all the kinky cuffs and electrical gear had come from. I even found a sheet of sandpaper that had a strip cut from it. No doubt this was the strip that had been so nastily wrapped around my cock.

Lilly’s house was far enough from neighbors and isolated enough that I didn’t need do worry about moving the women into the house. I opened the trunk to my car and slashed the tape holding Mrs. Leon’s ankles. For no reason other than curiosity I asked Maria, “What’s your mother’s name?”

“Angelica.”, she responded. Only when Maria said it it sounded like Ahn-hell-ica. I loved the music in her voice.

I told her mom, “Angelica we are where you are going to be punished. I have freed your ankles so you can walk and I will guide you. Trust me. I am going to punish you and it will hurt and embarrass you, but I am not going to injure you.”

I gave the roll of trash bags to Maria and said, “While I get things set up I want you to gather every scrap of clothing, clean or dirty, and stuff it into trash bags. Don’t forget the coats in the front closet. Leave them near the front door. Then when you get done with that take the sheets and pillow cases from the beds and linen closets and the towels from the bathrooms and the closets. We also have to take down any drapes. You can start now and when I am ready I will call you so you can see what is going to happen.”

Maria gave me a quizzical look but left to start her task. I took her mother’s arm and guided her up the porch steps and into the house. I walked her to the basement door and said, “We are going down a flight of steps. It will be easier for you to go sideways. Bend your knees and then get one foot down, and then bring the other. Ready… here we go.”

I counted the steps for her and then walked her across the concrete floor to a steel column that was supporting a beam. I turned her until she was facing a whipping bench I planned to mount Lilly upon and then backed her into the post. Duct tape at her waist and neck wedded her to the post. Picking up a scissors I worked the blade up her temple just before the hair line and cut through the duct tape. I repeated this on the other side and then warned her, “This is going to hurt.”

Sweet Revenge

I ripped the short tape from her eyes. I am certain it was painful but Mrs. Leon, Angelica, was still gagged. She blinked once or twice and then seemed to recognize the setting. Apparently she has been in Lilly’s dungeon before. I can’t help wondering what sort of relationship they shared. What sort of friends are they that Angelica can and does enlist Lilly in the torment of her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend?

Leaving Angelica tied and taped to the post I went upstairs to retrieve Lilly. On the way I noticed several trash bags stuffed and tied shut near the front door. Proceeding to Lilly’s car I opened the trunk, cut her ankle tape, and give her roughly the same speech as I gave Angelica. I brought her down to the basement. Of course Lilly didn’t know where she was so had no idea that she was in her own basement.

I led her to the whipping bench and, after cutting away the tape above her knees, manipulated one leg so she was kneeling on a lower shelf. Using the built-in cuffs, I buckled her calf just below her knee and her ankle to the shelf. The other leg followed onto a shelf on the other side and I wondered if she can tell what she was fastened to. Pushing her forward I forced her to lie on the narrow padded surface of the bench and fastened the attached belts over her waist, below her arms, and across her back. By now she must recognize that she is being fastened to her whipping bench.

I cut the elbow tape and took off the handcuffs. Lilly tried to struggle, but blind and fastened onto the narrow bench she was pretty much helpless. I strapped one elbow and wrist and then moving to the other side fastened the other. Now I cut the blindfold and ripped the tape from her eyes. She turned her head and saw Angelica observing her.

Lilly is fastened to the bench with her upper body supported by the padded surface, but her body from the waist down was stuck out in air, leaving her pussy, anus, and buttocks open and available. Her breasts were partly supported by the padded surface, but I pulled them to the side, exposing her pierced nipples.

Leaving the bound and gagged women I go upstairs in search of Maria. When I find her I invite her to watch but warn her, “I am going to be quite brutal to Lilly while your mom watches. Then we will take your mom upstairs and deal with her separately. I’m not going to injure anyone but I will give them pain. I think you should stay quiet and in the background but be there to see what happens and hear what I say to them.”

I don’t know what I expected Maria to say or do but she surprised me when she simply hugged me and said, “I trust you.”

We went back to the basement and I took two short lengths of twine. I tied a loop in one end of each length. The loop closed over Lilly’s nipples just behind the studs. Then I rummaged in the drawers and found two shiny metal pyramid weights with loops at the top. These were tied to the twine and then dropped so that they tugged at Lilly’s nipples.

Picking up the sandpaper I showed it to both women and said, “This is the same grit you used on my cock. I thought about sanding your pussy raw but decided that I wasn’t that mean. Instead I will use it to wake up the nerves in your buttocks before I cane you.”

Lilly’s eyes opened wide and she shook her head and tried to protest. I ignored her and began to rub her butt cheeks with the sandpaper. I’m certain it was painful but not nearly as painful as when I dropped the sandpaper and began using the cane.

It was a thin whippy cane and I swung it with considerable force. I left six bruised welts across her ass before I moved to the other side for an additional six strokes. Each time I struck her, Lilly’s body jerked forward and the weights from her nipples swung back and forth tugging at that sensitive flesh. I deliberately paused between each stroke to allow the nipple weights to stop swinging before I delivered the next blow.

When I was done Lilly was crying. I didn’t want a stuffy nose to cut off her breath so I cut away her gag. She begged, “Please, no more.”

“You know,” I responded, “…that’s just what Maria said this morning. What did you guys call it? Oh yes, you said it was aversion therapy.”

I went to a cabinet where I had found the electrical shock devices along with all sorts of accessories. I selected two reasonable-sized dildos with metal tips and wires running from their bases. I interrupted Lilly’s begging and promises to make amends by saying, “I learned so much this morning. I never knew about devices that delivered repetitive shocks.”

I lubed up both devices and slid one into her anus and the other into her pussy, using duct tape to ensure they stayed in place. I ran the wires back to the controllers, turned the shock level to 5 and used the test button to ensure that I had wired them correctly. They both worked and Lilly shrieked and jerked forward with each test. I set one for six seconds and the other for ten. That way the shocks would be closer and then further apart. It would seem, I hoped, that the shocks came at what would seem to be like random times. I turned both machines on.

Lilly’s shrieks and babbled begging followed us as I cut Angelica free from the post and walked her up the stairs. Maria followed us and closed the door which abruptly cut off the sounds from the basement.

It took us some time to reach the upstairs bedroom as Angelica still had her knees taped. When we got to the bedroom I went into the bathroom and retrieved Lilly’s hairbrush. I sat on the bed facing Angelica and said, “Angelica, we need to talk. Well, since you are gagged I suppose I ought to say I need to talk to you and you need to listen. I am going to keep my promise and not injure you but I am going to hurt and embarrass you so that you remember this day for a long time.”

Angelica made some noise but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I took a guess and said, “No, you won’t go to the authorities. What you and Lilly did was criminal assault on a minor and reckless child endangerment. I don’t know the legal terms in this state but I am certain your actions last Thursday and this morning were against the law. Even if you don’t get sent to jail you would probably lose custody of your daughter and the publicity wouldn’t do you any good at the hospital where you work. Your actions and my retribution are going to stay between the four of us.

"I will tell you one thing, though. If you come after Maria after I let you go I will hurt and perhaps injure you. Mrs. Leon, Angelica, I love your daughter. I know you aren’t happy with her being sexually active at her age but she is. At least she and I have decided that we will only be with each other, eliminating the danger of STDs. You know Maria is on the pill so there is no real risk of pregnancy. You may not like it, but many kids younger than us are sexually active.

“But I said love. I know we are young and it may not last the rest of our lives but Maria and I are very much in love and plan to be together for a long time to come. It’s not just sex. We like each other and enjoy being together so I hope you can adjust to it.

“Now I am going to cut away the tape over your mouth so you can breathe easily even if you are crying and get a runny nose.”

I worked the scissors up her cheek and cut the tape and then did the same on the other side. She screeched when I ripped the tape off. I ignored her and positioned her sideways between my thighs. Then using my left hand I lifted her arms forcing her to bend over my left thigh. I crossed my legs to ensure I could hold her steady and picked up the hairbrush with my right hand. I paused and said, “Just think, Angelica, you are about to be spanked by your daughter’s boyfriend while you are nude and over his lap. I hope you find being punished by a juvenile to be embarrassing."

Without further ado I brought it down hard upon her ass. She yelled but I ignored her as I began a steady tattoo on her butt. I alternated from cheek to cheek and moved my strokes up and down to ensure her entire ass would be covered. Of course she screamed and yelled at me to stop, all of which I ignored.

When her skin was glowing pink through her naturally tan complexion I paused. Flipping the brush over I began to draw the bristles over the inflamed skin. It left tiny scratch marks. After a few minutes I flipped the brush over again and resumed spanking. This time I didn’t stop until her entire ass was a bright red and her cries and yells had been replaced by deep sobs.

I let her stand but pushed her backwards onto the bed. With Maria’s help we cuffed her mother into a tight face-up spread eagle on the bare mattress. I told Maria that I needed to gather a few things and that she could keep her mother amused by tickling her. When I said that Angelica spoke up and said, “Maria, don’t you dare.”

“I’m sorry, Mama, but you can see he is in charge now. He rescued me from two nasty bitches who were tormenting me and I have to go along with whatever he says.”

Maria leaned over her mother. She began tickling her with her fingers in her mother’s arm pits. Angelica couldn’t resist and began laughing and twisting uncontrollably. I left and went downstairs to recover the things I wanted to use. On the way I did a quick search to ensure that Maria hadn’t missed any items that might have been stored away in obscure places. Nope, Maria had found and bagged everything. As I checked I could hear Angelica’s hysterical laughter echoing through the house.

I had to make two trips to gather everything I wanted from the basement dungeon. I did take pity on Lilly and turned the shock level down to three but it really didn’t seem to make any difference to the way her body jerked and the weights swung and tugged on her nipples. By the time I had everything I wanted back upstairs, Maria was using an electric toothbrush on the soles of her mother’s feet.

I stopped Maria and told her to spread oil over her mother’s upper body while I shaved her groin. Angelica moaned and said, “No! Why are you doing that?”

“I told you that you would remember this day for some time to come. Now once you are free you can get Maria to help keep you shaved or make an appointment with a salon for a Brazilian waxing or you can even try to let it grow out again. I hear that it is itchy and maddening if you let it grow. Either way you won’t be able to forget this for some time. Besides,” I said with my best leer, “…it gives me an excuse to finger a gorgeous woman’s pussy without Maria getting mad at me.”

Maria giggled and said to her mother, “He’s so bad!”

While Maria was sensuously oiling her mother’s arms and chest I used a small scissors to trim Angelica’s pubic hair and then rubbed in shaving lotion. Maria was working on oiling her mother’s legs by the time I finished shaving the last of the stubble.

The tickling had served a purpose as Angelica’s thrashing had created slight bits of slack in her bindings. I now tightened everything up so that she was again held motionless. She was moaning and somewhat aroused as Maria worked the oil onto Angelica’s now bare labia.

I lifted the heavy fucking machine onto the base of the bed. Next I picked up a rabbit vibrator. This was a vibrator with a rounded top ribbed along the sides with what vaguely resembled the bark of a log. On one side there was a shape that, with imagination could have been a rabbit with long ears pointed forward to slide along a woman’s slit and vibrate against her clitoris.

I put new long-life batteries in the vibrator and fastened it to the end of the fucking machine’s arm. With the fucking machine in its rearmost position I moved the machine up the bed. Maria spread her mother’s labia to show me exactly where I wanted to insert the rabbit. I silently held up a tube of lubricant, offering it to Maria but she gave me a grin and shook her head. To emphasize she ran a finger through her mother’s slit and held it up so I could see the glistening juices.

Up to this point Angelica had been relaxed on the bed enjoying the massage Maria had been giving her. When I inserted the top of the rabbit into her she gave a little shriek and lifted her head as far as she could. I rotated the wheel on the fucking machine to be certain that Angelica could accommodate the full length of the rabbit.

Despite her raised head I didn’t think Angelica would be able to see clearly so I decided to explain to her. “Do you remember last Thursday when you told me that after several orgasms a woman becomes overly sensitive? Then you made me hurt my poor Maria by fucking her for a long time with the face dildo.

“Well, now it’s your turn. This machine never gets tired and the dildo doesn’t get soft.” I turned the vibrator on and started the machine on at its slowest speed and watched as the ’log’ disappeared into her and the ‘rabbit ears’ parted her labia and slid up to vibrate over her clit.

“In just a minute here when I turn this up Maria and I are going to leave. We will drive to your house and leave all of Lilly’s clothes and her sheets and towels there. All the time we are gone the machine will be fucking you. When we come back we will run her car until the ‘low on fuel’ light comes on. The machine will still be driving the vibrating dildo in and out.

“When the gas is nearly gone from Lilly’s car, Maria and I will come up here and release your hands. It will take a while but you will eventually be able to bend forward far enough to stop the machine and then to free your legs. Then you can go downstairs and free Libby. By that time she will be very sore and in desperate need of relief.

“Once you are both free you will be two nude women in a house with nothing to use to cover yourself. We will leave Lilly’s keys and her purse with her driver’s license and her credit cards in her car so you can both go out nude and get in the car.

“Then you have a choice. You can try to drive directly to your home but that runs the risk of running out of gas on a busy downtown street. That would be humiliating and might even make the newspaper. It would probably get back to your employer.

“You could try to sneak home using back streets but that would take more gas and could strand you in some dark rundown neighborhood. Who knows what would happen to two nude women in a neighborhood like that? Not a good choice to my way of thinking.

“The third choice is probably the best. You could go to the nearest gas station and get out of the car and use her credit card to fill the tank. Of course you will both still be nude. Once you get home you will be in Lilly’s car so you won’t be able to open the garage door and will have to walk up to your front door. Don’t worry, Maria and I will leave it unlocked for you.”

Angelica’s eyes grew wide and she started to say something about not doing this to her but I ignored her and turned up the speed on the fucking machine. Then Maria and I left.


The day played out just as I had told Mrs. Leon except that Maria and I trailed Lilly and Angelica when they drove to Angelica’s house. We stayed back out of sight but were close enough to help if the women got into trouble. They tried to minimize their exposure by waiting until dark but it backfired as the pump area was brightly lit and displayed the nude women very well.

Mrs. Leon and I never became friendly but we arrived at a sort of unspoken truce and Maria and I remained a couple. I balked at the ropes and told Maria that trust was a two-way street and I would only wear a chastity device if she also wore one. In the end we lived without chastity belts or ropes. For a while I lay spread eagle while she rode me in the female superior position but eventually we got around to experimenting. Maria learned that she liked being taken from behind in the doggy position. It seems that in this position I was able to stroke her G-spot consistently, bringing her to stronger orgasms.

Our romance was still going strong until the middle of my senior year when my dad was promoted and tapped for a senior position on the Commandant’s staff in Washington, D.C. I wasn’t keen on changing schools in the middle of my senior year or on being 3,000 miles away from Maria but ‘needs of the service’, as they say, rule the lives of military families.

We wrote for a while but gradually drifted away. After graduation I spent the summer in preparation, both physical and scholastic, to enter Annapolis in the fall. After that I was far too busy for romance. I graduated and was assigned to the First Marine Division at Camp Pendleton but by that time the Leon family had moved and Maria had married and moved on with her life. I don’t think I will ever forget that woman.

The End

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