Living Together


By SirRichard



Chapter 1-    WeLearn and Adjust


Inthe story The Rescue I explained how I, a mid 50s widower, came to besharing my home with Sandy and Anne, two gorgeous women in their late 20s orearly 30s.  Even more astonishing, frommy point of view, was that both of these women had shared my bed as “bondageslaves”, providing me with some pretty fantastic sex and that they were willingto continue to do so.  As the daysstretched into weeks and months I came to know the women more deeply, although moreintimately would have been hard to achieve. The more time I spent with them, the more it seemed to me that they hadreally rescued me rather than vice versa.


Sandy was fairlyshort with jet black hair, great curves, and a smile that melted my heart.  More hips than the current idea of what amodel ought to be, but a slim waist and tight buttocks.  She looked very sexy and attractive tome.  She had a lovely pair of “C” cupbreasts with some very becoming slight natural sag.  She’d bemoaned the sag and asked if sheshould have a tuck.  I told her that onlyteenagers and plastic implanted bimbos didn’t sag and even rhapsodized (ratherpoetically, I thought) how the sag made her breasts look like ripe fruit, fulland sweet, just begging to be tasted. 


She’dalso talked about implants until I told her that is she let anyone near “my”perfect breasts with a knife I would hang her from the ceiling in the basementand whip her.  Since homes in southern Arizona are built onslabs with no basement, this was a totally empty threat and she knew it.  I delivered the threat with enough menace inmy voice, however, so that, even though she knew there was no real threat, sheshut up about body modification.


Sandy had alreadyproved that she was both smart and witty and that while she could be ameltingly delicious sub slave girl she could also be a tough take chargelady.  Add in a very pretty face, and thefact that she was turned on by bondage and she was clearly in charge of myheart.  She was great fun in bed, alwaysready to try something new and was quite loud in her moans and positivelyscreamed when she came.  The more I waswith Sandy the more I realized how trulybeautiful she was.  Not the painted onkind of beauty, but the kind that comes from within and just shinestrough.  I was seriously in love with thewoman but when I suggested formalizing the arrangement she turned me downsaying that it would reduce Anne to mistress status and she didn’t want to dothat to her.


Anne,on the other hand was more the conventional idea of great looking.  She had a lovely face topped by Auburn hair and atall slim body with great legs.  She alsohad “C” cup breasts, but on her slim body they looked larger.  She was very self assured and preferred beingon top during our lovemaking.  Ingirl-girl play or in our threesomes she would often show a dominant streak butcould be sweetly submissive as well.  Sheloved to receive massages and, I learned to my surprise, she enjoyed spankingsand having her buns touched and caressed. In fact a gentle spanking would turn her on and start her juicesflowing.


Inever did find out how they decided who would come to me bedroom when.  They may have had some private discussionsbetween themselves but I was never party to them.  However they managed things, it was withoutany signs of jealousy or bickering.  Isimply went to bed and either Sandy or Anne, or sometimes both would joinme.  Most of the time it was Sandy and as timepassed her clothes and cosmetics gradually migrated from the guest bedroom andbath to the master bedroom and bath.


Atfirst I avoided any hint of bondage, concerned that the women would reactnegatively given their experience at the hands of their kidnappers.  The first time Anne had come to my bed,however, she had tied up Sandy.  That led to revelations about the womenenjoying bondage and Sandy admittingthat she was turned on by it.  It alsoled to a pretty intense session in which Sandy, with myassistance, took her revenge on a tightly bound Anne.


Onething led to the other and I soon brought rope into my bedroom.  The first time I used it on Sandy, I tied herin a not very stringent spread eagle.  Iwanted her spread out but not pulled to the point of strain as I planned tomake this session last with plenty of teasing and multiple orgasms.  I really liked Sandy and enjoyedfeeling her body writhe with pleasure as I brought her towards herorgasms.  I also enjoyed the fact thatshe was very vocal while making love and even enjoyed her curses when I teasedher to near the peak and then backed down. Accordingly, I decided to gag her with a not very effective home madegag that would muffle and distort her cries and curses but not halt themaltogether.  In keeping with the teasingI planned to do, Sandy’s being ableto make sounds but not to make herself understood was delightfully frustrating.


Afterall four limbs were securely tied to the corners of the bed I went to herdiscarded clothes and retrieved her panty hose (terrible invention, I will haveto convert her) and the panties that she’d worn that day.  I took the bathroom scissors and cut one legfrom the panty hose.  Then I wadded upher panties and stuffed them about half way down the leg.  I tied a knot to hold the panties in placeand then with a twist of her nipple to open her mouth I shoved the knottedpanties into her mouth and over her tongue. Then I took the end of the pantyhose leg and crossed them under herjaw.  This served two purposes.  First it immobilized her tongue ensuring thatwhatever sound she made would be pretty much unintelligible.  Secondly with the hose leg stretched open itwas certain that her tongue and taste buds would contact the used panties andshe would taste her secretions. I then brought the ends of the hose leg up andcrossed them in her mouth again, adding to the muffling effect and then pullinghard brought them around behind her head where I tied them in a knot.


Therewas enough packing to muffle her but not enough to silence her and thepantyhose leg was pulled tight enough to ensure that the packing couldn’t slipback into her throat.  With theadditional crossing in her mouth there was no way the gag could contact or pullagainst her throat.  Sandy realized thatshe could make noise but say nothing understandable though I did hear a few“…ou atard…” and “…un o a it…” noises. Of course since my sweet loving Sandy couldn’t beswearing at me I had no idea of what those noises meant.


ThenI began to stroke and caress her body using my lips and tongue as I moved.  I enjoyed licking in and around her sweetpussy and loved to tease her by bringing her to the point of climax and thenbacking off.  Sometimes I missed andallowed her to orgasm before I wanted to, but then I would just move to herbreasts, her neck or her inner thighs and arouse her all over again.  As I learned more and more her body I learnedto recognize the sounds and movements that indicated an approaching orgasm andwas able to stop just at the edge more and more frequently.  Of course, combined with her somewhat loosespread eagled position this made for delicious twisting and turning and thrustsof the hips.  It also made for someserious invective if I hadn’t bothered to gag her.  “Bastard” and “Son of a Bitch” were frequentbut just two of the less inventive curses she used at these times.  I don’t know if she ever realized it, but herhead would thrash from side to side just before she came.  While my view was somewhat obstructed when Iwas eating her lovely pussy, I could usually catch that side to side motion outof the corner of my eye and back off.


Ofcourse teasing wasn’t the only thing I did. Sandy was very multi-orgasmic and Icould bring her off and then move back to her most sensitive parts (neck,breasts and inner thighs ) and do it all over again.  Most evenings she would come three or fourtimes before I entered her and finished off the session. 


Oneparticularly memorable evening Sandy was tied inour loose spread eagle with the homemade pantyhose and panty gag describedabove.  I’d teased for over an hour andhad brought her off twice.  I was workingon what I thought would be her last orgasm with fingers and mouth and she wasgetting very close when I decided to try something new.  I spread her labia and gripped the hoodaround her clit with my lips.  Pressingdown with my lips I sucked her clit into my mouth and battered it as rapidly asI could with my tongue.  As you mighthave expected her head went from side to side and she rapidly slid into herscreaming orgasm.


Atthat point I would normally release her clit and let her shudder and writhe inecstasy until she came down.  I hadalways heard that women’s clit's were over sensitive at that moment and thatfurther stimulation could be painful. That night, however, I held on to her clit and continued to batter itwith my tongue.  I don’t know what I hadexpected but Sandy just seemedto go higher and higher.  Her scream diedaway and her body arched rigidly.  Icould feel her muscles spasm and then, she dropped back onto the bed unconscious.  I thought she’d had a stroke. 


Ignoringmy rapidly deflating penis I scrambled off the bed. When I reached her mouthand began to remove the gag I could see her chest move up and down indicatingthat she was, at least breathing.  By thetime I’d removed her gag and began to untie her left wrist, her eyes werefluttering.  I continued to untie herlegs and was moving up the other side of the bed to get her right wrist freewhen she opened her eyes and looked at me with what could only be described asa feral smile and said  “Wow, what wasthat?  I have never come so hard in mylife.  If we could bottle that we couldmake a fortune.”  She stretched lookingfor all the world like a huge sensual cat. I asked her if she was all right before it all registered.  I found that with the emergency over my handswere shaking so badly that I couldn’t untie her wrist.  I settled down and got her last wrist freenoting that she had some red and raw marks from straining so hard against theropes.


Allthoughts of sex had been driven from my mind by worry and Sandy wasexhausted.  We spent the rest of thenight cuddling and holding each other with Sandy comforting me and assuring methat she was OK and that I hadn’t harmed her. In fact she made me promise to try that again sometime.


Thenext morning I drove down to an adult bookstore and bought the best set oflined wrist, elbow, knee and ankle cuffs I could find.  I came back and showed them to the ladies andgot a few raised eyebrows.  I explainedabout the chafe marks on Sandy’s wrists andtold them that I wouldn’t use the cuffs if there were too many bad associationswith the past but that I thought they would be more comfortable.  After a few minutes thought Sandy said “I trustyou.  I like being tied and helplessunder your control.  I can’t see thatcuffs would put me at any greater risk. I am OK with them, but next time you go shopping for equipment can wecome along?”


Thatwas the first equipment purchase and gradually over the months we boughtvibrators, dildos, vibrating dildos, smaller size butt plugs, bit gags, penisgags and ball gags.  We never bought apadlock however and both women understood that they could veto the use on themof any item that bothered them.


Chapter 2 -   Anne


Imentioned that Anne liked to be on top during lovemaking.  She had the most amazing control over themuscles in her pussy.  She could bring meto the edge of coming and then clamp down with her vaginal muscles and tease meback down.  It was delicious but hardlycorrect behavior for a slave girl so I took to tying her right wrist to herleft elbow and vice versa.  This made herhelpless to mount without my assistance and allowed me some pretty goodteasing.  It also forced her to leanforward once she was mounted  to counterthe weight of her hands behind her.  Iliked the effect as leaning forward made her breasts pendulous andinviting.  I loved to watch them swingand bounce as she moved on me.  My handswandered over them, massaging her full breasts, rolling and stroking thenipples.  Occasionally I would reach ahand down to her groin and tweak her clitoris.


Still,given her muscular control, I had to try other positions to keep her fromtrying to top from the bottom (even though she was on top at the time…oh well,you know what I mean).  One of myfavorite positions with Anne had her elbows tied to her knees with her wristsand ankles pulled towards the corners of the bed.  This positioned her with her lovely buttockstightly stretched and pointing up while her head and shoulders were on thebed.  In this position I had great accessto her pussy in a modified doggy sort of way and I could reach around betweenher shoulders and hips to play with her breasts or stimulate her clit.  The real reason I liked this position, though,was that Anne’s ass was apparently hard wired to her pussy. (I know hard wiredis a computer term and I am talking about a very human person, but the phraseis descriptive).


Wediscovered this together as I explored her body.  I had begun with a foot massage and thenrubbed my way up her calves and thighs but when I got to her buttocks theresult was impressive.   Now, don’tmisunderstand me, Anne responded normally to the usual erogenous zones.  I could get her into the mood for sex byplaying with her ears, her breasts, her thighs, her neck or that lovelyjuncture of the neck and collarbone that most women react to.  It was spectacularly faster, however, to goafter her buns.  From a cold start threeto five minutes of gentle spanking, rubbing and squeezing her butt would haveAnne gushing. 


NoticeI said gentle spanking.  Neither Anne norI (nor for that matter Sandy) was intopain.  This is apparently why theconnection between her ass and her pussy was a surprise to her.  When she had been kidnapped she was whipped,beaten and caned with no reaction other than pain.  A mild hand spanking was new to her and theresults were pretty amazing.  This led toall sorts of fun (for me) and embarrassment (for Anne).  We could be standing in line to be seated ata restaurant or to be admitted to a movie and with a few pats and rubs,carefully hidden by our bodies I could have Anne squirming like a schoolchild.  If I kept it up she became so wetthat the odor of her arousal, and the attendant secretions, were clearlydistinguishable.  This of course causedher to blush several shades of red.


Sowith Anne tied in the position I described, I could move her to impassionedbegging for sex with a mild hand spanking. Moreover I could lean against those tender buns while having intercourseensuring her continued arousal.  Now fromtime to time she would still try to clamp off my arousal with those remarkablevaginal muscles but by reaching around and stimulating her clit I could causeher to lose all control and make clear who was the master.


Anotherposition I enjoyed with Anne was with her on her back, but with both her wristsand ankles pulled up to the same widely spread points of the headboard.  This caused her hips to roll up presentingboth her pussy for oral stimulation and her buttocks for manualmanipulation.  It also gave me those longlovely legs just begging to be stroked and the back of her knees that werealmost as ticklish as the soles of her feet. I think that there is no better way to reduce a slave girl, withdominant ideas above her station, to a quivering submissive, than gentletickling.


Perhapsbecause we had so much fun with oral and vaginal sex, we never reallygravitated to anal sex.  We tried it

afew times (as I had with Sandy) but while itwas tight and different none of us really wanted to pursue it.  I was surprised given Anne’s sensitivity tostimulation of the buttocks but apparently that was a surface phenomenon withno internal correlation.  Other than anoccasional external stimulation, a well lubricated finger or a (relatively)small vibrating butt plug, we pretty much didn’t bother with the anus.


Chapter 3 -   Threesomes


AsI mentioned I had no idea of how the women worked out the schedule for whowould do what and when it would be done. Sandy shared my bed most nights withAnne appearing perhaps once or twice a week on no set schedule that I coulddiscern.  Of course menstrual cycleswould sometimes preclude one woman or the other for several days at a time.  I found I was having great sex morefrequently that I ever had and never asked for one or the other of the womennor did I question the schedule. 


Aboutonce or twice a month I was treated to a threesome.  This generally involved me plunging into oneof the women in a modified missionary position. It was missionary but it was by no means vanilla.  The woman on the bottom would be tied spreadeagle while the other woman would be riding her mouth and being licked toorgasm.  The woman on the top wouldcontrol the bottom woman’s breasts twisting and pinching her nipples if hertongue slacked off.  I, on the otherhand, would be screwing the woman on the bottom and playing with the breasts ofthe woman on top.  The visual imagescompeted with the sensual feeling in my penis and hands, and I was hard put todelay my ejaculation for a reasonable amount of time. 


Thewoman on top generally faced me giving her easier access to the breasts of thewoman on the bottom and allowing her to lean forward offering me herbreasts.  This made it more difficult forthe woman on the bottom to reach the top woman’s clit and bring her off.  Sometimes the top woman would face awayproviding easier access to her clit.  Thosetimes the top woman would have to lean back to reach the bottom woman’s nipplesand I would have to lean forward to reach around and posses the top woman’sbreasts.  Of course, just to be fair toboth women, the one on top always had her hands tied together at the wrists.  They were tied in front or in back dependingon which direction she wanted to sit.


ThoughAnne had a dominant streak that surfaced from time to time it appeared to methat top and bottom duties were shared about equally for our threesomes. Attimes Anne would take over the tying duties and position Sandy in one of thevariations we used and then act to stimulate her as I took my pleasure.


Wealso played a game that revived what the women had described as “lesbianraces”.  The women were fastened togetherat their waist in classic 69-position but with their wrists tied together andpulled out of action towards the head and foot (respectively) of the bed. At mycommand, they began to try to bring the other to orgasm.  The loser was the first girl to come.  The twist we played was that, instead ofpunishing the loser, we rewarded the winner. Depending on who had won I would roll the winner to the top and enterher vagina.  Invariably, even if she hadnot won, she was hot and wet from the attention the loser had given her.  The women were not untied until I was satisfiedthat the reward was adequate (generally measured by my coming, usually wellafter the winner’s first orgasm).  Theloser had to lie there with our combined weight more or less on top of herwatching my penis piston in and out of the winner’s pussy.  Sometimes the loser would stick her tongueout and lick my scrotum as it passed by her mouth.  The loser got no further stimulation,although since she had lost by being licked to orgasm by the winner, there wereno complaints.


Therewere as many variations as we could dream up.


Chapter 4 -   Palace Revolt


“Uneasylies the head that wears the crown” said Shakespeare.  I was about to find out how right he was. Itwas a threesome night and I was lying on my back while Anne rode me.  She had just clamped her vaginal musclestight around my penis preventing my ejaculation, and not incidentallydisconnecting my brain from all rational thought, when Sandy grabbed myright hand pulled it towards herself and cuffed me.  As I was distracted by Anne it didn’t reallyregister on me until Anne dropped forward laying her full weight on me fromgroin to neck.  Sandy climbed up onthe bed and flopped crosswise over Anne effectively adding her weight topinning me on the bed.  Then she wrestledmy left wrist into a cuff.


Thenshe got up and untied Anne.  Workingtogether they cuffed my ankles and then shortened the ropes until I was in apretty well stretched spread eagle.  Bythis time I was half laughing and half demanding my release.  In truth, I didn’t know if I should befrightened or not.  I loved and trustedmy two wonderful women but this was totally different behavior.


Sandy leaned overand said “Quiet, oh master of the harem, or we shall have to gag you.  The slaves have revolted and killed all ofthe harem guards.  You are now ourprisoner and there is no one left in the palace to rescue you.  You have teased us many times.  Now it is our turn to torment you.”


Whileshe was saying this Anne retrieved a shoe lace from my closet and tied alargish knot in the center.  The womenthen took position on either side of me and using their tongues and mouthsaroused me until my penis was as large and hard as it has ever been.  In fact I could feel it throbbing near torelease.  They then positioned theshoelace at the very base of my penis so that the knot was pressing in on thetube that carries the sperm from the testicles through the penis.  Then they wrapped the lace around my penisand tied it…tightly.  I realized at oncethat their plan was diabolical.  The knotwould keep me from an orgasm and the tight wrap would hold the blood in myengorged penis ensuring a constant erection. They then brought the laces down and tightly circled the top of myscrotum further obstructing and path for my release.  After tying that off, the remaining length ofthe shoelace was used to cut across my scrotum and pulled tight so that eachtesticle was effectively in its own sac and my scrotum was stretched tightlyover each testicle making the skin even more sensitive than normally.


Theybegan by stoking and teasing my aching hard penis with their mouths.  Then Sandy sat on myface and with many pinches and twists to my nipples told me to get busy with mytongue.  Anne climbed onto my penis andbegan to use me as a human dildo.  It wasagony as her wet love tunnel stroked me. My balls kept telling me that they wanted to come but I couldn’t do athing.  Anne didn’t bother to touch herclit and rode me for what seemed like hours until she came with a shudder and agush of fluids.  I had brought Sandy off threetimes during this and my neck and tongue were aching.  No rest for the wicked, though, Sandy reminded meto keep at her with my mouth with a particularly vicious twist of my nippleswhile Anne dismounted and “cleaned up her toy” with her tongue.  It was sheer agony.


Thenthey switched off.  Anne clamped hersticky wet vulva to my mouth while Sandy mounted andbegan to ride my penis.  Sandy had alreadycome three times, and with no clitoral stimulation, took what seemed to beforever to come.  I lost count of howmany times Anne came.  When Sandy finished shealso “cleaned her toy” and then they began with the verbal humiliation.  I was made to thank my mistresses for“…giving this unworthy slave the pleasure of serving you…”  While this was going on they maintained thetorment by stroking my penis and balls. By this time my penis had dried and each stroke felt like it was beingrasped with sandpaper.  My balls on theother hand were swollen and still trying to ejaculate.  From time to time they felt agonizing pain asthey were squeezed to improve my wording or my tone.


Eventuallythey made me beg them to allow me to come. They worked on the wording and sincerity of my tone for some time.  When they finally had it correct Sandy said “OK,that’s good.  Now, not another word fromyou or we start all over.  Yourmistresses have determined that you may not come tonight, but we will allow youanother opportunity to beg in the morning. Now we will get you ready for the night."


Sheinserted a well lubricated thin dildo into my ass. I tried to resist byclamping my sphincter muscles but she was persistent. With the smooth pointedshape of the dildo and the generous slathering of lubrication she had used myresistance was both futile and uncomfortable. Then she turned it on and I found that is was a vibrating dildo.  It apparently had a loop of some sort on itsend because she then tied it tightly to the shoelace.  Now I had a buzzing vibrator in my ass and,as if that were not enough, the vibrations were also being transmitted to theweb around my penis and testicles. 


Bothwomen climbed onto me and went to sleep. Each woman rested her head on an aching arm and put about half her body,including a ripe breast on my side and chest. They both straddled my thigh with one leg allowing their wet pussies torub against my thigh.  My penis remaineduntouched but throbbed in agony and desire. The vibrations kept me awake and aware. Occasionally one woman or the other would brush a finger along my penisor over my scrotum, reigniting my agony. Eventually they fell asleep while I continued to feel the pain andpressure.  I debated begging them forrelease (or at least a more comfortable bondage) but remembered Sandy’s threat tostart all over and decided not to test her resolve.


EventuallyI must have drifted off for a moment because I awoke to Anne’s pussy beingclamped over my mouth.  With Sandyencouraging me by manipulation and stroking of my very sore genitals I ate herto a climax.  Sandy replaced herand both women went off to clean up and dress. Sandy reminded me, “Not a wordnow!”  Eventually they both came back,fully dressed and breakfasted.  Sandy told me tobeg as I had last night which I did. They then untied the shoelace and masturbated me while tilting my penistowards my face.  As you might imagine itdidn’t take long for me to come in great gouts that landed on my chest .  It was both a relief and agony. 


AsI finished coming they untied me.  Havingbeen stretched in a fairly tight spread eagle for so long I could barely movemy limbs.  The women sat me up and witheach holding an arm maneuvered me into the shower stall.  They turned on the shower icy cold as theystepped out and closed the stall door. The cold water stung me back to life and I brought the temperature up toa soothing warm level and luxuriated in the spray.  After a few minutes of this I took the soapand began to clean the accumulated secretions from three people from mybody.  My penis and testicles were agonizinglysensitive and took careful handling.  Myarms and legs ached but this faded as I flexed them and let the warm watermassage them.  When I eventually steppedout of the shower I was feeling pretty much back to normal (except for my poorgroin).  I pulled on a robe and went outto the kitchen where I found that both women had left for the day.


Chapter 5 -   Retribution


Ispent some time thinking that day. Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said “Revenge is a dish best enjoyedcold”?  In any case, I decided that Iwould treat the entire night as a joke and act normally while I plotted myrevenge.  In the event, I was a bitsurprised at how easy it was.


Iwas just beginning work on dinner when Anne got back from her day of sketchingand painting the magnificent Sugaro cacti (the ones with the arms) we have inthe area.  Anne was trying to make herway as an artist.  That meant building aninventory of her paintings, attending and exhibiting at various art fairs,convincing gallery owners to give her wall space and occasionally, veryoccasionally, selling a painting.  Aftercommissions to the gallery owners and entry fees for the art fairs, it was atight balance between gains and losses. She had no rent or utility costs, as I bore those, and was able to tossa bit in towards the food.  Shesupplemented her earnings with commissions from advertisers who wanted art workthat differed from the standard clip art, and even did a bit of web design oncommission.  Still her sales werebecoming more frequent and she had reasonable expectations of eventually beingable to support herself strictly from her painting.


Whenshe arrived home, she was a bit nervous as to my reaction but I soon put her atease.  I asked her about her day and whatshe had painted and if she would help with the salad after she had washedup.  Soon we were chattering away in thekitchen as though last night had never happened.


SoonSandy arrived home from her day at thebank.  She had been a junior bank officerback east before her kidnapping and her banking knowledge and people skillswere apparent to her new employer.  Shehad begun work here on the lowest rung as a teller, but even at that level shestood out.  Soon the branch manager hadpromoted her to account manager or “personal banker” or whatever inflated titleher bank used.  This meant she had a deskand worked with new customers, mortgage and other loan applications, sellingthe bank’s investment services and resolving problems for existing accounts.  It was nowhere near where she had been, butit was a step in the right direction and she was pleased with the way thingswere going and the fact that her manager had recognized her efforts.


Dinnerwas pretty much under way and Sandy joined Anneand me in a glass of wine and everyday chatter. I could see that she was wary at first but gradually relaxed.  Eventually she asked “What did you think oflast night?”


Ilaughed as I answered “It was agony but I guess turnabout is fair play. I willhave to be very careful with nights when we are all in my bedroom from nowon.  Still it was a pretty goodscenario.  Who thought the whole thingup?”


“Itwas Sandy’s idea,” responded Anne, “but itdidn’t take much to persuade me.”


“Itwas fun for a change but I wasn’t certain how you would take it,” said Sandy.


Iresponded “Well, if I could have gotten loose at the time I think I would haveslaughtered one or the other of you.  Itwas very intense, you really had my arms and legs pulled tight all night.  You could have slacked the ropes off a bitand still kept me under control.  Thataside, it was a pretty neat trick.   Idon’t think that I would care for another night like last night, but it waspretty funny in retrospect.  Besides, howcould I stay mad at you, either of you?” Now, I didn’t lie to the women. Having had the entire day to calm down I wasn’t mad at them; but I wassure planning to get even with them.


Thatnight I began by kissing and touching Sandy, arousing hersomewhat before tying her in a spread eagle. It was a little tighter than usual but nothing like how stretched asshe’d had me last night.  For a gag Iused a bit gag that I had modified by wrapping it with cloth.  The bit running through the center wouldprevent if from moving too far back and choking her and she could still get airaround the end of the packing.  With theadditional packing she was pretty well muffled. She could still make some noises but she wouldn’t be able to warn Anne.  In any case Sandy was quitevocal during sex and I was pretty certain that any noises reaching Anne wouldbe dismissed as business as usual.


Onceshe was tied down and gagged I leaned close to her ear and said, “The Sultan’sarmy has recaptured the palace and the revolt has been put down.  Now it is time to punish the slaves who daredto act against their master.”


Sandy’s eyes flewopen as she realized what I had said. She struggled mightily but with no change in her tied and gaggedcondition.  I went down between her legsand inserted a well lubricated dildo in her anus, just as she had done to meyesterday.  I didn’t turn it on yet. butwrapped a leather belt around her waist. I used a larks head (when you double a rope to form an open loop, passthe loop through something and then run both free ends through the loop tosecure it) to fasten a rope behind her waist and led both end down the bedbetween her buttocks.


Leavingthe rope loose for the moment I worked first one and then two fingers into herpussy and began to rub her G spot.  Iwatched carefully and when she was about to come I removed both fingers andinserted a second slightly larger dildo into her pussy.  Then I threaded both rope leads through theholes in the dildos so that they could be secured and would not come out nomatter how much she writhed.  I was sureshe thought I would continue the ropes up through the vaginal lips to her waistbelt but I had a better idea. 


Concernedthat running straight up might allow her to work her clitoris against the ropesI took each rope sideways over and around a thigh.  Then I brought the rope under her leg and upalong the crease between her mound and leg so that it couldn’t touch herclit.  The ropes were then led up to thebelt and with some tugging to ensure both dildos were well seated and the ropeswere very tight, tied them off to the belt in front.  I then took each outer lip of her labia,stretched it to the side and tucked it under the taut rope.  The pressure was enough to hold her outerlips stretched to the side and the pull even opened her inner lips.  Her clitoris was now exposed and clearlyvisible for whatever nasty thoughts I had in mind.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to lick andnibble on her exposed bud.  Sure enough Sandy’s head beganto thrash from side to side as she approached climax. 


Idecided it was about time to get Anne into the act, so I removed my mouth from Sandy’s clit andturned both dildos on to their lowest vibration level.  I was pretty certain that this would arouseSandy, but not enough to allow her to orgasm. In NASA speak, that would be enough to cause ignition but not enough forliftoff.  I watched her for a few minutesand convinced myself that she was simmering but not boiling over.  I lovingly bent over Sandy, gave her asweet kiss on the tip of the nose and said "Don't go away now."  For some reason she looked upset with me buther reply was unintelligible so I decided that I was in error and went to fetchthe other revolutionary.


Ifound Anne in her room and pounced on her forcing her down on the bed.  In a few seconds I had snapped my newestpurchase, bright shinny handcuffs on her. I told her the same thing about the recapture of the palace and theimpending punishment.  Anne screamed out“Sandy, he lied to us.  He is going to try to get us back. Run!!”


Sandy,” I informedher, “is all tied up at the moment.”


Apparentlynot enjoying either bad puns or ancient humor, Anne ignored this and continuedto yell out warnings to Sandy.  I used the time to good effect by looping arope around her ankles.  With Anne undercontrol I set about the delightful task of stripping her bare.  I unbuttoned the cotton work shirt she waswearing and pushed it down her arms.  Ithen reached around and unfastened her bra strap.  Lifting the front of the bra over her head Ialso pushed it down her arms.  While Iwas up top, so to speak, I also silenced Anne temporarily with a ball gag.  Then I tied her elbows together and took offthe cuffs.  She twisted and tried to grabme but was unable to resist as I yanked off her shirt and bra and then reboundher wrists, this time with rope. 


Iturned her over intending to go after her jeans but was distracted by the wayher breasts moved from side to side as she twisted on the bed.  I gave each lovely breast and now stiffnipple the attention they deserved.  Thenopening her jeans I pulled them and her panties down past her knees and thentied her knees together.  I untied herankles, pulled off her jeans and panties and stood her up.  Grabbing an arm I marched her, if herprogress with bound knees can be called marching, from her bedroom into themaster bedroom.  I let the women inspecteach other.  Sandy was clearlyaroused but nowhere near a climax.  Herbody was covered with a fine sheen of sweat from her struggles and wisps ofhair were stuck to her face. 


Annelooked at the state Sandy was in and Icould see some fear in her eyes.  It wastime for a little play acting.  I wentinto the closet and brought back a cane. Swishing the cane through the air I told the girls that the properpunishment for rebellious harem slaves was the bastinado, whipping the soles ofthe feet with a cane.  At this Sandy forgot hertroubles and a look of fear spread over her face.


Thenext act was done with all the theater I could imagine.  I untied Anne’s wrists and tied a single strandfrom each wrist to her thigh pulling the hands as close as I could with herelbows still bound.  Then I removed theelbow tie and pulled each wrist onto the thigh tying them securely, with theknots above the wrist, safely out of her reach. I tied Anne’s ankles again and spread an old sheet on the bed. Pickingher up I stretched her out on the sheet with only her feet protruding below theedge.  I lifted her back with one armwhile folding the sheet down to about shoulder level with the other hand.  When I was satisfied with the sheet I laid herback and brought the shorter edge up over her and tucked it under her farside.  After that it was a matter ofrolling Anne up in the sheet and securing it around her shoulders, waist, kneesand ankles with duct tape.  I had herbound helpless and well mummified, but I didn’t particularly like the look, soI took the rest of the duct tape and wound it from her ankles around and aroundup her body.  When I was done the tapetightly compressed the sheet to the shape of her body and she was mummifiedfrom ankles to shoulders.


Ithen picked up the cane and began to swish it menacingly.  Remember that, at this point, the last thingI had said to the women was to talk about whipping the soles of the feet andclearly Anne was bound in a pretty much perfect position.  I started to rant, waving the cane about, asthe fear and apprehension grew in their faces. “Do you know what the matter with you two is?” I asked.  “I rescued you, clothed you, fed, you andtook you into my house and how do you repay me? Since they were both gagged Ianswered, “You made me fall in love with you and now I can’t punish you as youso richly deserve.  I could neverintentionally hurt either one of you and now you are making me get inventive tofind a real way to punish you without hurting you!”


Therelief on both faces was clear.  I tossedthe cane into the corner and took out Anne’s gag..  Then I grabbed Anne’s ankles and began totickle her.  It was as if an electricshock had hit her.  She was lying on herback and fueled by the adrenaline her fear had built she shot bolt upright fromthe waist (which I didn't think was possible swaddled in the sheet and ducttape as she was).  A second later she floppedback onto the bed and I continued to work on her feet.  She shrieked, she laughed she tried to beg meto stop but couldn’t get a coherent sentence out.  I continued this for a good 15 minutes untilAnne was gasping for breath.  A fewminutes more and she flushed even redder as she lost control of her bladder andwet the swaddling sheet.  I finallystopped when she was incoherent. Getting a scissors and a warm wet washrag fromthe bathroom I cut through the duct tape and the sheet (it was an old one, I toldyou).  I cut loose her knees and anklesbut left her wrists tied for the moment. Then moving her gently as she still had not recovered enough to move onher own, I positioned her over Sandy’s face,looking towards Sandy’s feet withher legs spread wide and positioned outside Sandy’s arms.  I am certain both women thought Sandy would belicking Anne’s pussy in a few moments. Little did they understand how diabolical harem punishments could be.


Isecured Anne’s calves to Sandy’s arms withace bandages and then with duct tape. Placing a couple of pillows over Sandy’s abdomen Ipushed Anne down to what might have been a 69 position if I hadn’t placed thepillows.  Releasing one wrist at a time Ibrought Anne’s arms outside of Sandy’s legs andfastened them with more bandages and then duct tape.  At this point Anne was on her hands and kneesbound to the spread eagled Sandy who was still enjoying the vibrators.  Anne could lower herself by flexing her kneesand elbows and moving either forward or back. I took care of that by wrapping a belt around her waist.  Then using the larks head I fastened ropes toeither side of her waist.  That gave mefour lines from her waist. Two for the headboard and two for the foot board.  I fussed with these ropes a bit until Annewas fully up on her elbows and knees, with her pussy just above Sandy’s face butwell out of reach.  Anne could move a fewinches forward or back as she strained against one set of ropes or the other,but she couldn’t move much.


Itook the pillows off Sandy’s abdomenconfident that no matter how Ann tried to lower her head she couldn’t reach Sandy to give herany comfort (that is to say an orgasm). The human body is a complex and marvelous device that can adapt toalmost anything over time.  Since I hadleft the vibrators on low Sandy had grownmore or less used to them.  They stillbothered her but they weren’t quite the torment that they had been atfirst.  You will recall that Sandy’s clitoriswas well exposed by the ropes pulling her labial lips apart.  While I was down at Sandy’s groin Istuck my head in and gave her clit a tongue lashing, again being careful tostop before she could reach orgasm.  And Sandy’s vibratorsplayed on.  I assumed that Anne was ashappy as I was that Sandy was gaggedbecause the invective she tried to hurl around her gag when I stopped wouldhave embarrassed both of us.


Nowthe fun began.  Having punished Anne forher transgressions I was now going to use her to worsen Sandy, theringleader’s, punishment.  I began thisby gently spanking Anne with sweet squeezing and rubbing of her buns betweeneach swat.  Anne responded to this asexpected, with her pussy lips engorging and turning red.  Since her pussy was directly above Sandy’s face, theringleader had a good view of Anne’s growing excitement. Anne began to secretelubrication (it would it be too corny to say ‘love juices”) in copiousamounts.  With her legs so widely spreadthe juice didn’t run down her thighs but began to drip on Sandy’s face withsome of it entering Sandy’s moutharound the gag. And Sandy’s vibratorsplayed on.


Onelast item and we would be ready to play. I played with Sandy’s breasts andnipples until I was certain the nipples were as engorged as they couldget.  I didn’t have any nipple clamps butI did have some of those black bulldog clips used to hold papers together inoffices.  I placed one on each nipple andSandy screamed and saidsomething.  Perhaps she was thanking me,but I couldn’t understand a word.  Thegripping surfaces are smooth, not serrated but the clips grip tightly so pageswon’t fall out.  Her nipples must havereally felt the grip of the clips.  Theclips have wire handles used to open them, and this provided a place to tiethin twine which was then tightly tied to Anne’s waist belt.  Now whenever Anne moved she would tug Sandy’s tightlyclamped nipples.  Anne realized this andtried to remain still but was unable to see behind her and, therefore, unableto brace for my swats or for my finger goosing her anus.


Ileft Anne holding as still as she could dripping juices onto Sandy’s face andreturned to Sandy’s engorgedand fully exposed clit.  A few lightsqueezes and rolls with my fingers and Sandy was onceagain at the verge of an orgasm.  As I amcertain you have guessed by now, rebellious slave girl ringleaders don’t getorgasms. 


Igot undressed and went back up to Sandy’s head. Icarefully placed my knees inside of her arms so that my calves held her headfrom either side.  After all, I didn’twant her to look away, most of this carefully arranged performance was for herbenefit.  I spanked Anne a couple of moretimes eliciting moans from the thoroughly aroused Anne and yelps from thenipple pinched Sandy.  Then I entered Anne from behind, doggystyle.  My arms reached around Anne andplayed with her breasts which were just above Sandy’sabdomen.  I pistoned in and out of Annewith my scrotum just brushing Sandy’s nose as shewatched me fuck her very aroused friend. Of course Anne came, and I came, and our combined fluids dripped downonto Sandy’s face.  And Sandy’s vibratorsplayed on.  Once I was satiated Istretched down and flicked Sandy’s clit acouple of times to ensure she was close to orgasm and then brought my hand backup to Anne’s pussy.  I made Anne comethree more times with my fingers over the course of the next hour or so.  Each time, as I gave Anne time to recover, Icranked Sandy back up to the edge.


Atthe end of that time Anne’s body just gave out. She just had no more fluids to give. I climbed off and took the belt off of her (whoops did that pull thosenipple clips Sandy?) and thentore off the duct tape and bandages.  Ihelped her off the bed, played with Sandy’s clit again,just for spite, and took Anne back to her bedroom and bath.  I told her she was done for the night and shejust smiled wanly and said, ”No kidding. I don’t think I am going to be able to walk normally for a week.  Are you going to keep Sandy on the edgemuch longer?”


Iassured her that I knew Sandy was near herlimit and that I would be careful.  ThenI went back to Sandy, licked herclit a couple of times and took off one of the nipple clips.  Sandy felt the painof the blood returning to the nipple and tried to shake her breast off.  Since it wasn’t going to happen, I held herrelatively still and soothed her nipple with my mouth.  I did the same on the other breast.  Then I went down to Sandy’s groinagain.  This time I turned both vibratorsup to their highest setting and lashed at her clit till she came, and came andcame. 


Asshe shuddered through orgasm after orgasm I loosened her waist belt.  That gave me enough slack to withdraw both ofthe vibrators.  Then I took her gagout.  She was too exhausted to curse atme so I told her that I loved her and kissed her gently.  I started a warm bath running as I got thecuffs off of her.  Then I helped herstumble into the bathroom and helped her carefully climb into the tub.  I turned on the Jacuzzi and told her to relaxand that we would clean up in a few minutes. Sandy wet her hands and began togently wash the dried fluids from her face. After a minute or so she smiled at me and said, “The revolt of the slavegirls is definitely over and I doubt that I will ever even try to trickmy master again.  I do love my master,even if he is sometimes a nasty S.O.B.” Lord, how I love this woman.  Shewas exhausted by the ordeal I had put her through but still had a smile thatlit up the room.


Chapter 6 - Sandy Asks


Itmust have been about a week after the women staged the revolt and I took myretribution, when I came home from running some errands.  As I walked in the door from the garage tothe family room I was greeted by the sight of both women, nude, kneeling on thecarpet in full submissive slave girl position number one (Buttocks resting onfeet, knees widely spread, hands, palms up, resting on thighs, back rigidlystraight, shoulders back to thrust breasts forward, necks submissively bent andeyes focused on the floor.  I realized atonce that I was about to be conned, manipulated and maneuvered into somethingthat I didn’t want to do. 


NowI knew that eventually they would get whatever it was they wanted.  I mean, I know I was the “master” and theywere the “slave girls” but I also knew that it would be damn near impossible torefuse my beautiful submissive women anything I was able to give to them.  Still when presented with an opportunity, Iwas not going to waste it.  Sandy began byasking “Master, may this humble slave ask her mighty master a favor?”


Wow,she was laying it on thick.  This wascertain to be something that I really wouldn’t like.  I decided to delay my eventual capitulationso I snapped, “Not now.  Silenceslave.  Slave Sandy, take position numbertwo.”  This was standing legs spreadapart with hand intertwined behind the neck and shoulders and elbows pulledback to keep those luscious breasts pushed as far forward as possible. 


Ipalmed her sex for a moment and then said, “Slave Anne, lick her pussy.  And do a good job or I will tie you and haveyou tickled for hours.”  Anne knew thatthis was very real threat and had no desire to experience another ticklingsession.  She moved in front of Sandy, on herknees, reached around to grab and control Sandy’s ass and,more to the point, her pelvis and got busy with her tongue.  I watched Sandy go from surprisethrough trepidation to acceptance and enjoyment in a few minutes.  I could see Sandy responding toAnne’s expert tongue lashing.  Sandy’s outer pussylips grew red and engorged and the tip of her clit could be seen starting topoke out of its hood.


Aftera few minutes I saw that Sandy was gettingclose and said “Slave Sandy, you may speak now but you are not to come withoutyour master’s permission.  What was thefavor you wanted to ask me?”


“Iwanted to ask…oh that’s good…if master would permit…uh, yes right there…wouldpermit…oh I need to come.  Master may Icome?  Please, please, please master?”


“Youmay come,” I smiled, “and after you come, not another word from either ofyou.  Both of you go and get cleaned upfor dinner."  I knew that this delayingtactic was only a minor victory and wouldn’t really change the outcome ofwhatever it was they wanted but master or not, a man living with two sexy andsubmissive women loses so many big battles that he has to savor whatever minorvictories he can gain.  At least theywould have to take another approach and that change in their carefully plannedcampaign was probably as good as I was going to be able to do.


Annemoved her hands and took a firm grip on Sandy’s hips, whilecontinuing her work with her tongue.  Shehad a very talented mouth.  I helped byslipping behind Sandy and wrappingmy arms around her torso to grip her breasts and toy with her nipples.  After all, no one said you can’t enjoyyourself while helping.  Sandy came with ascream and would have collapsed to the floor if we hadn’t been holdingher.  “Not another word,” I reminded herwith a not too gentle swipe at her lovely ass, “go get cleaned up.”


Sandy came todinner wearing a T-shirt, nothing but a T-shirt.  This was very unusual.  Although we often were nude with each other, Sandy rarely woreany top without a bra.  She wasconcerned, despite my repeated assurances to the contrary that her breastssagged too much.  Still, she knew howerotic I found the sight of her unfettered breasts moving beneath a shirt orblouse and she was apparently going all out to maneuver me into a good mood andto get whatever it was she wanted.  Itwarned me again that I wasn’t going to like what she wanted me to do. 


Asif the sight of her breasts moving under the thin cloth wasn’t enough, thewomen had prepared and very nice dinner. We had roast duck with orange sauce, wild rice and little peas withpearl onions.  This was accompanied by anicely chilled bottle of white wine and was to be followed with half an avocadowith a mustard, oil and vinegar sauce. While not in and of itself an extraordinary meal, it was several notchesabove our normal fare and had obviously taken some thought and effort as wellas some time to prepare.


AgainI tried to head off her request by playing dumb.  “I’m glad I, or perhaps Anne and I, were ableto give you an affirmative response to your question this afternoon.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyedwatching it.”


Nosoap.  Sandy said, “It wasgreat, thank you, but that wasn’t the favor I wanted to request.”


Wellthere it was.  No more beating about thebush, Sandy was going to come out with itstraight on.  I took another forkful ofduck and made a sign for her to continue.


“Wetalked to Margaret today.  You rememberMargaret.  She was one of the women yourescued.  She went home with her husbandBob.”  I nodded and sipped my wine.  I knew who she was talking about but had noidea of where this was heading.


“Hermarriage is in trouble and she needs our help.  It seems that Bob is a good man but not a verygood lover.”  I choked on the food in mymouth.


Annechimed in with “He essentially practices straight vanilla sex.  Missionary position, ram bam thank you ma’amand off to sleep.”


“Waita minute,” I said, “Margaret is his wife, and she ought to be able to tell himwhat she needs.  Or if she can’t, perhapsa professional, a sex therapist or a marriage counselor, could help.  And by the way, I don’t qualify for either ofthose jobs.”  This was a disaster in themaking.  My usually intelligent, savvywomen wanted me to get involved in someone else’s marital problems.  Worse, the problems weren’t drinking orgambling or spending money foolishly, they were the very touchy (no punintended) intimate problems of what went on between a husband and wife in thebedroom (I assumed if Bob was into vanilla sex only, he was probably a bedroomonly sort of guy.).


“Boband Margaret grew up with very sheltered lives. Both sets of parents were religious and tended to look at sex as a wayto produce children.  They were bothvirgins when they married.  Now Margaretlearned a lot from our captors but Bob still thinks sex is limited to straightpenis to vagina and that other things are ‘deviant.’  Margaret has tried to suggest otheractivities but Bob just tells her that she must have gotten some strange ideaswhen she was captive.  He just doesn’tbelieve that other normal people do things like oral sex or even that so called‘normal’ people use other positions. He really doesn’t understand howfrustrated Margaret is and what he is doing to their marriage.  Although Margaret knows a lot more due towhat happened when we were captives, she is basically shy and has troubletalking to Bob about sex.”


Sandyhad obviously thought through my objections and had prepared answers.  It was almost like watching a recital as theyalternated pushing their ridiculous proposal. Unfortunately they were sharp and had taken the time to plan all ofthis.  I was dealing with it for thefirst time and pretty much off the top of my head.


Itried again, “All I can do is tell him to use his hands and mouth as well ashis penis and to pay attention to what gives his partner pleasure and then domore of that. If he thinks getting out of the missionary position is deviant hewill just think I am some sort of pervert. Besides, what makes you think Bob,who is about 30 or so, will be willing to listen to, much less take advicefrom, an old man like me.”


Sandyand Anne looked at each other and then Sandy took a deep breath before plungingon, “We thought you could make love to Margaret for a two or three days whileshe is ‘visiting’ us before Bob joins her here. You would learn exactly to what her body most readily responds.  You could wait until the three of us leave togo shopping; then you could be very specific and tell Bob exactly what to dowhile pretending it is what you do with us. Bob knows his marriage is in trouble, it’s just that he can’t bringhimself to discuss sex with Margaret.  He might be more willing to listen if it was ‘guy talk’.   If it was just a couple of guys you could,kind of make believe, you were boasting about what a stud you are.  You can kind of convince him that it isnormal to do those things.  Don’t guysbrag about sex all the time?”


“Sandy,”I said, “you are asking me to sleep with his wife.  If he ever found out he would pound me intodust.  Then too you want me to beunfaithful to you two.  Then you think Iam going to find some magic hot button or super turn on technique for Margaretand convince Bob that this magic button works on every woman, that everyonedoes it, and that he ought to try it. This despite the fact that he thinks anything other than missionary sexis dirty.”


“That’sabout it,” she admitted, “except that since we are both asking you to do thisyou wouldn’t really be unfaithful.”


Annejoined in with “As far as learning how to ring her bells, we have great faithin you.  Given a couple of days of sexwith her you will be able to do it.  Youare a very inventive lover and very sensitive to your partner’s needs andresponses. Look, we are two very different women and, as you frequently pointout, considerably younger than you, and yet you give us more and better sexthan we ever had.  Further you use differenttechniques on us (yes when we girls talk, we compare notes) depending on howour different bodies react.  As far asBob finding out, Margaret isn’t going to tell him and we certainly aren’t goingto let the cat out of the bag and risk losing you.”


“Andlosing all that great sex you give us,” added Sandy.  I looked at her with some skepticism butcould see no signs that she wasn’t serious. “Getting him to open up with you and listen to you is the weakest partof the plan but Bob knows all about what you did to rescue us and he reallylooks up to you.  Plus Margaret thinks heis as troubled as she is by the way their marriage is going.  She thinks he might be looking for help if hecould just get past the concept of being open about discussing sex.  We think it is worth a try to try to saveMargaret’s marriage.”


“Thisis nuts,” I said.  “At least give me sometime to think about this scheme before I agree to anything.”


Sandyand Anne looked at each other and then Anne said “OK but please don’t take toolong.  Margaret’s plane gets in tomorrowaround noon and Bob will be joining her this weekend.”


Idon’t remember finishing the meal.


Chapter 7 – Margaret


Latethe next morning, Wednesday, the three of us (Sandy had taken a couple ofvacation days) piled into my car and drove to the airport to pick upMargaret.  According to the women, thecover story was that she was going to spend a couple of days with her bestfriends and fellow captives and then Bob would join her for a western vacationthey had planned.  They would spend a daywith us and then head out for Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  The girls assured me that Margaret had beenfully involved in the planning and was ready to be unfaithful to her husband inorder to save her marriage.  Anne warned methat after months of being unable to get Bob to deliver in the bedroom shemight have some self esteem problems.


Whenwe met Margaret at the airport, it reminded me that the kidnappers had greattaste in women.  I had seen her, ofcourse, but had forgotten how lovely she was. Well at least the next few days were looking up: a brand new gorgeouswoman to take to bed with no complaints from my two housemates.  Of course when Bob got here on the weekendthings could still go down hill fast. Margaret was just a bit shorter than Sandy and had lovely blond hairthat didn’t look as though it has been dyed. She was dressed very conservatively but appeared to have an attractivefigure. Her face and complexion were certainly outstanding. The women huggedand kissed and squealed.  Margaret was alittle awkward with me as might be expected. She put out her hand to shake hello and thanked me for agreeing to helpher (as if Sandy and Anne had given me a choice).  I gave her a hug instead of a handshake andwelcomed her to Arizona.


Whenwe got home Anne moved into the smaller guest room so that Margaret and Bobcould have the larger one (Sandy normally slept with me but could switch offwith Margaret if I was going to take her to my bedroom).  The afternoon and early evening passed withthe women catching up on each other’s lives. Since sex formed a big part of our lives the conversation driftedtowards that.  Margaret was clearlyuncomfortable.


Itold her, “Margaret, you don’t have to have sex with me.  I am not sure it would do any good.  It may be that if I talk to Bob about takinghis time and being aware of, and responsive to, his partner’s reactions, thatwill be as good as I can do.”


Margaretanswered, “Sandy, Anne and I have discussed this at some length.  They are convinced that you will be able todo better if I have sex with you for several nights.  Look, Bob is a good man and I know he lovesme as much as I love him.  He is awarethat we are in trouble and I think that deep down he knows part of the problemis that he isn’t satisfying me in bed. The problem is that he blames himself for our problems but his stupidmale ego won’t let it surface and come out in the open so we can fix theproblem.  I think that’s the same reasonhe is resisting marriage counseling.  Weare in trouble and it’s getting worse.  Itrust Sandy’s judgment and she thinks this will work.  I am so desperate I am willing to tryanything.”


“Sodesperate you are even willing to have sex with me,” I laughed.


“Ohno,” she responded, “I didn’t mean it that way. Sandy and Anne say you are great in bed. It’s just that except for the time I was a captive and forced I havenever been with anyone but Bob.  I lovehim, and even if I didn’t, I take my marriage vows very seriously.  Sandy and Anne insist you will be able tofind out what I best respond to and the worst that can happen will be I willget some great sex for a few days before Bob gets here."


Ilooked at my two conniving slave girls. They had clearly been working on this for some time before they dumpedit all on me last night.  I would have tothink of some way of expressing my displeasure but that could wait untilMargaret and Bob were out of the house and on their way to their vacation trip.  They had also been singing my praises farbeyond what I thought was appropriate. Now if I didn’t cureMargaret’s problems, or at least make a good dent in them, I would have failedin their eyes.  Talk about performanceanxiety.  Eventually bedtime came.  Between my concerns about my ability to helpand Margaret’s concerns about her marriage I doubt if a couple ever went tohave great sex more reluctantly.


Itook Margaret into my bedroom thinking it would be better if she wasn’tsleeping in the same bed she would be sharing in a few days with Bob.  There was an awkward moment and then I tookher in my arms and hugged her rather chastely. “Let’s start by getting undressed and then I will give you a massage.  It will help us both to relax.”


Shegave me a tentative smile and began to unbutton the dress she was wearing.  She reached for the light but I told her toleave it on.  “You are too lovely tohide,” I told her.  She smiled but wasobviously nervous.  This was going to bea problem, nervousness doesn’t make for good sex.  When we were both nude I had her lay facedown on the bed.  Covering my hands withlotion I began to massage her neck and shoulders, working my way down herback.  When I began on her buttocks shetensed up again.  Not a good sign.  I left her buttocks  (with some reluctance I might add) and moveddown to her feet.


NowI don’t know an adult woman who doesn’t like to have her feet massaged. Itprobably has to do with centuries of women wearing tight shoes, but the reasondoesn’t matter.  It is a non-threateningway to give her good relaxing feelings. I soon had Margaret moaning things like “that is so good”.  Unfortunately, while they love a footmassage, it generally does very little for their sexual arousal.  While working over both feet I moved her legsapart, devious little devil that I am. Then I massaged up one calf and then the other.  During this I moved up between her legs on myknees forcing her legs further apart. Now we were getting to the interesting part.  The thighs and particularly the inside of thethighs are usually a wonderful erogenous zone. I am sure they would have been with Margaret, if her sense of betrayingher husband and nervousness over her marriage and having a strange man in bedwith her, were not working to dampen her ardor. Dampen is, perhaps, the wrong word. I should have said prevent her arousal. When I got to the top of her legs I could see that her vagina was notengorged and there was no sigh of any lubrication.  This was going to be a tough night.  Massaging the thighs was perhaps my besttechnique and I was getting zero response.


Imoved to the side and gently rolled Margaret over, so she was on her back.  I began to kiss her, gently, all over herface and ears paying particular attention to her ear lobes.  Then I moved my mouth down along her neck tothe collarbone kissing her all the way and interjecting little murmurs of “Solovely" ,”What wonderful skin.” And so on. Margaret enjoyed this but there was no special reaction. I was planningto work my way down and give her oral sex, which, to the best of my knowledge,always works.  I was concerned though,that if this was the only way to give Margaret an orgasm, it might be difficultto convince Bob to leap into the breach, so to speak. 


AsI cupped and stroked her breasts I thought I felt a quiver.  This was worth investigation.  Sure enough I kissed my way down her cleavagewhile gently pressing her breasts from the outsides and was rewarded with botha moan and a definite hip thrust.  Itseemed that Margaret did have a hot button waiting to be pushed.  I spent a great deal of time with my mouthand hands on Margaret’s breasts.  Sheresponded more and more fervently.  WhenI got to work on her nipples with my mouth and tongue, not forgetting to keepthe other nipple busy with fingers gently rolling, tugging and flipping, shelost it. 


Itseems that Margaret was one of those rare women who could be brought to anorgasm with just breast and nipple play. I had read of women like this but had never encountered one and, more orless, thought it was an invention of erotic writers.  I had gotten enough moans and quivers to knowthat breasts and nipples would arouse a woman but had never had one come toorgasm with no further stimulation. Chalk one up to live and learn. At this point I was a pretty happy camper.  If she could be brought off simply with herbreasts and nipples I was pretty sure Bob could be convinced to do this (If Icould find a way to work it into our upcoming conversation).  I don’t know of many heterosexual men whodon’t like breast play.


Isuppose I could have stopped at that point but like any through scientist orexplorer I wanted to be certain that I wasn’t basing my conclusions on partialresults.  Besides, by this time I wassomewhat aroused (OK, I had a raging almost painfully hard erection) and didn’twant to stop.  I gave Margaret anotherorgasm with my fingers in her pussy and my thumb working her clit and then Ientered her for the grand finale (OK, my finale). I don’t remember if she had athird orgasm while I was in her but she was very responsive, meeting me thrustfor thrust.  After that, I checked myfindings by attacking her breasts with my mouth again.  Bingo, even after two orgasms and a prettygood fucking (if I do say so myself), Margaret responded to breast play and wasbrought to orgasm again.  By this timeshe was pretty limp and exhausted so we finished with a little cuddling andclose body contact while telling each other how great the other one had beenand how much we had enjoyed it.  Margaretseemed to have no concerns about marriage vows or anything else at that point,multiple female orgasms seeming to have drained her of any thought beyond themoment.  We cuddled and I stroked herbody gently until we both drifted off to sleep.


Thenext morning was Thursday and, being the perfect gentleman that I am, I kept mymouth shut as Margaret and I went into the kitchen for coffee.  She apparently wore that well fucked lookthat makes women glow, however, and Sandy and Anne both had broad knowing smilesbut enough sense to keep the conversation innocuous..  After breakfast I went to shower, while I amcertain Sandy and Anne pumped Margaret for all the details in explicit termsthat would have made a locker room of men blush.  Women can be like that amongstthemselves.  I don’t know why we men areever fooled into thinking that they are the gentle, weaker, or at least morerefined sex.


Therest of the day passed uneventfully with the women running errands, doing someshopping including stocking the larder for Saturday when Bob would be joiningus.  That evening, as bed timeapproached, I asked Margaret to join me. There was a flash of mixed feeling as she thought of Bob and she asked“Haven’t we found out what you needed?”


Itold her that I thought we had, but that I wanted to be certain it wassomething that could be replicated before I tried to convince Bob that it was atechnique that had the same results with all women.  She smiled and her reluctance vanished.  I guess as long as she could think it was allfor Bob’s benefit, it was OK to have fun with me.  I won’t bore you with all the details butsuffice it to say the results were replicable. With no body massage and much less preliminary kisses and caressing Iattacked Margaret's breasts.  It took afew minutes of effort, very enjoyable effort, I might add, and I brought heroff to what seemed a very good orgasm.  Ithen fucked her while sliding a finger between us to ensure adequate clitoralstimulation and we both came to mutual orgasms. After that I let her relax and we rolled into the spooning position withmy hand over her side and gently caressing her oh so sensitive breasts.  After a few minutes I let my hand slip downand we both went to sleep.


Fridaywas a repeat of Thursday except that at bed time I told all three women to goto sleep in Margaret's bed. I didn’t really need another night with Margaretbut I didn’t want her alone in bed getting nervous while she thought of Bob’sarrival the next day.  Sandy looked at mea little strangely but accepted my explanation and went off to bed with theothers.


Chapter 8 – Bob


Saturdaymorning I decided to change the program slightly.  I didn’t know how I would be able to workaround to sex in a conversation with Bob or how long my conversation with himwould take.  Further since the guy hadn’tseen his wife for several days, I didn’t want his volunteering to go shoppingwith Margaret and the others, that being the excuse we had planned to use toget Bob and I separated from the women. I sent the women off to visit the Sonoran Desert Museum and to drivethrough the Sugaro National park, two of Tucson’s greatest touristattractions.  In fact I was a little sadthat Bob would miss seeing them, but needs of the plan took precedence oversightseeing.  I gave the women strictinstructions not to get back home before 4:30 or 5:00 PM at the earliest andsent them off.  Then I waited for Bob whowas going to pick up a rental car at the airport so that he and Margaret wouldhave it to use for the trip to the northern tourist sites.


Asit turned out, the meeting and conversation with Bob was almostanti-climactic.  He loved Margaret andknew that their marriage was on rocky ground. All it took to get to the subject was my asking, as innocently as Icould, how things were going.  Bob openedup very quickly explaining that he didn’t know if Margaret was frigid (a littlesalve for the male ego?) or if he wasn’t doing the right things but that theywere getting very little satisfaction in the bedroom.  He concluded by saying that he knew, throughMargaret’s conversations, that Sandy and Anne were pretty happy with me in bedand by asking me what I did to keep them so well satisfied.  It was, truth be told, the perfect opener.


Iasked Bob what he and Margaret did when they had sex.  He told me that he would turn out the lights,slip into bed and hug and kiss her, then lubricate his penis and enterher.  He said that he tried to prolongthe sex but rarely got much response from Margaret.  After he came he would shift off so that hewasn’t on top of her and they would both (or so he thought) go to sleep.  It was like talking to a high school boy or arecently deflowered virgin, which, in truth, I guess he was.  I asked how long it took from the time theywent to bed till they went to sleep.  Hehad to think about that and guessed it was 15 to 20 minutes.  From Margaret's conversations with my women,I know that she thought it was more 10 minutes and I was willing to bet thatshe had a more accurate assessment.  It wastime to go to work.  The rest of ourconversation was pretty much a one sided monologue.


“Bob,your sexual encounters with a woman should last at least an hour and generallybe more like two.”


“Ican’t stay hard and hold back in her for that long.  Do you have some sort of secret technique oris it just something that gets better with age?”


“WellI will admit it takes longer for me to get hard as I age, but that’s not thereal answer.  The answer, my friend, isforeplay.  A man is much more than just apenis and unless he is just getting his rocks off with a hooker, and even then,some foreplay is in order, he has to learn to make love with all of him notjust his prick.” 


Noticethe non threatening use of the third part him rather than you.  Soon I would switch to me, and be explainingwhat I do with Sandy and Anne, or so we hoped Bob would think.


“Aman has a head and hands and a mouth as well as his prick.  To be a good lover you want to use all ofyour assets.  Of course I don’t knowspecifically what Margaret will react to (what a liar I am) but I can tell youwhat works with Sandy and Anne and I and perhaps you could try some of the samestuff with your wife.”


“Igenerally leave at least a bedside lamp on. It lets me tell her how lovely she looks or how sweet and ripe herbreasts are or whatever compliments I want to use as we start.  More to the point, it lets me observe herreactions visually as we make love.  WhenI see something that she reacts well to, I tend to go back and try it again.  Of course it isn’t all visual clues. I haveto keep my ears open to her moans and sometimes sharp intakes of air.  With my body I have to feel her reactions andremember what seemed to feel good to her. It is all a matter of my wanting to please her by finding what works forher.  Believe me there is no greaterrush, not even when I ejaculate, than feeling Sandy or Anne come under me andknowing that I created that pleasure.”


“Withboth of my women I start be telling them how great they look and how lucky I amto be with them.  Then some kisses,sometimes passionate, sometimes almost chaste, but never just on thelips.  I go all over her face, the eyes,the tip of the nose, the ears are especially good, and I might nip at the lobeswith my lips as well as kissing them.  Iwork my mouth down her neck and kiss in the hollow of the neck and shoulderbone.  Then I work kisses and licks downher cleavage while gently caressing the outside of their breasts.  I spend a great deal of time cuppingmassaging and gently squeezing her breasts. I use my mouth and tongue to lick and suck her nipples and generally geta first orgasm just from breast and nipple play.”  (That was a lie, of course, neither Sandy norAnne came just from breast play.  Stillit was something I was pretty certain Bob would be willing to do and, knowingMargaret’s reactions, she would almost certainly get a good orgasm out of it.)


“Afterthat first orgasm with the breasts there are several things I usually do withmy women.  Remember though that thisisn’t a checklist.  Some nights one thingor another seems to work better and it is important to keep enough variety sothat the sex remains spontaneous.  One ofthe things I do is to give her another orgasm with my hands.  I find that even before the first orgasm, andcertainly after it, there is enough natural lubrication so that I can gentlyslide a finger into her pussy.  After afew strokes, and depending on how she feels I generally add a second finger.  Instead of just going to in and out motions,though that is actually OK as well, I try to find her almost legendary Gspot.  I do this by getting my hand palmup and gently curling the two fingers inside of her in a sort of a ‘come here’motion.  Now remember I am dealing withsome very sensitive tissue inside of her vagina, so the motions are just afraction of an inch and done with very little pressure.  What I am looking for is a very slightroughness or slightly harder patch of tissue. Sometimes I can feel it with my fingers but sometimes it is so wet thatI can’t sense the G spot with my fingers. Here is where my other senses come into play.  If I feel her body twitch, as though a joltof electricity had gone through her body, I know I grazed the G spot and try tokeep my fingers right where they are. Then with my thumb I reach up and find her clitoris, which is usuallyhard by this time.  Again very gently, Iworry the clit with my thumb while continuing to stroke her G spot.  The orgasm is usually immense.  Sometimes I will find it hard to reach theclit with my thumb and will lie in my side and work her clit with the otherhand.  Even If I loose the G spot I bringher off with my hands.”


“Nowafter two orgasms I find that my women are more than ready for sex andsometimes will even call for me to put my penis into them.  I may do that, as I will be pretty hard andeager by that time but I really prefer to go to oral sex first.” 


Bob’seyes widened at this last remark and I could see a question forming in hismind.  I decided to preempt it.


“WhenI think back to how we looked down on giving oral sex when we were justlearning about sex in high school, I have to laugh.  Somehow we thought ‘muff diving’ or ‘cuntlicking’ was unmanly and diminished our status as studs.  Boy, were we off base.  One of the greatest pleasures I have ever hadis bringing Sandy and Anne off with my mouth.”


“Sincethey have generally just come off an orgasm with clitoral stimulation, theirbud may be too sensitive and it can be almost painful to stimulate it any more.  I use my tongue to lick up the whole lengthof their slit stopping just short of the clit, for the moment.  Then I push my tongue up as far into herpussy as possible and suck and lick their juices.  Each woman tastes slightly different buteveryone that I have ever been with tastes and smells good.  After a few minutes, when I judge her clit tohave calmed down a bit I use my lips to capture it and suck it into my mouthwhile lashing at it with my tongue.  Imay or may not insert fingers into her, spontaneity, remember. I just have toplay it by ear.”


“Speakingof ears, Sandy and I play a little at mild bondage games.” (Again I was lying,both Sandy and Anne played at bondage games and they weren’t always so mild.)“But if she isn’t tied up, she will often be so consumed by passion that shewill grab my ears or hair and try to direct my head deeper into her.  At this point I have to compromise betweenkeeping control and letting her passion direct the game.  If I don’t keep some resistance up I have foundthat when she orgasms it can result in her pubic bone smashing rather painfullyinto my nose.  Still I find the riskworth it because it results in a spectacular orgasm and I really feel greatthat I have created such a strong response.”


“Nowshe has come at least a couple of times and I am damn near bursting so it istime for a little penile sex.  I rub theend of my penis up and down her slit to ensure adequate lubrication and thenenter her.  I try to go slowly but if thetruth be known I am pretty much unable to apply much finesse at thispoint.  She may be pretty much exhaustedfrom the prior orgasms but generally I will find her hips rising to meet meand, if she isn’t bound, her legs wrapping around me and pulling me into her asfast as she can.  We rapidly establish arhythm and I try to hold back until she comes but don’t always make it.  I may try to bring her along faster byslipping a finger down to play with her clit but often we just fuck till I comeand then she spasms as her muscles milk my sperm from my penis.  Sometimes, as my penis deflates and slipsout, I can feel aftershocks like mini orgasms run through her body and into hercunt.”


“NowI am pretty much spent by this time, but there is one other important aspect ofloving sex.  That is after-play.  I am convinced that this is as important asforeplay.  I never let Sandy or Annethink that once I have come I am done with them.  I roll off them to keep my weight off, butpull them around sort of half over me.  Ihold them firmly to my side and chest with my left arm while my right strokestheir flank or caress their head and I tell them how great they were and howmuch they turn me on and how lucky I am to have them and all of the endearmentsmy besotted brain can devise.”


“Thatpretty much describes a night with Sandy or Anne and I but there arevariations.  Sometimes after I come theywill perform oral sex on me cleaning up my penis and re-arousing me.  When I am hard again they might mount me inthe female superior position and ride me to another climax.  This is great, as having come once I can lastmuch longer, usually until she comes again. Also this position has her doing most of the work (my hips to rise tomeet her) and leaning forward so that those gorgeous breasts are near enoughfor more massage and nipple sucking.”


“Anothervariation might be Sandy giving me oral sex before I eat her out.  This is also good because having come once Ican last a lot longer when we get to the penile sex part of the program.  Although none of us are into anal sex, somepeople swear by it as being very tight and erotic.  It is also useful when she is in her cycleand things are too bloody for vaginal sex. While we don’t go much for anal sex, vaginal sex from behind is greatstuff.  Usually the woman is on all foursand you can play with her breasts while fucking.  Of course you can also reach back andstimulate her clit in that position.  Shedoesn’t have to be on all fours. Anne likes sex from behind with her head andshoulders down on the mattress.”  Thislast was true but I saw no reason to tell Bob that she liked this as a bondageposition and after her ass had been lovingly spanked to a rosy glow.


“Thebottom line on all of this is that I use more than my prick.  I use my hands and mouth to give pleasure anduse my head to pay attention to what pleases each woman.  I take great delight in giving them pleasureand though I am quite ordinary in size, shape and endurance they find me a goodlover.  I can’t tell you exactly what todo with Margaret…” (did I just feel my nose grow like Pinochio’s) “…but if youtry some of these techniques and can react to what seems to turn her on I amalmost certain…” (make that damn certain) “…you won’t find her frigid.”


Thishad gone on for some time and I thought he had all that he could absorb at onesitting.  I didn’t know how well he woulddo, but it wasn’t going the get much better if I kept harping on it.  I got us a couple of beers and talk turned tothe best and most scenic routes north.  Iwarned him that he might have trouble finding lodging in the Grand Canyon Parkitself and was about to talk about the towns below the park entrance.  He interrupted me to tell me that that hadall been taken care of over a month ago when Margaret first raised spending afew days with her girl friends and then Bob joining her so that they could goon to some tourist sites together. 


Ourconversation turned to the local tourist site that he would miss this trip andwe talked about the places the girls were visiting today.  Late afternoon rolled around the womenreturned and made dinner.  Conversationcentered around the sights they had seen and how Margaret wished Bob had beenwith her.  That evening Bob and Margarettook the large guest room while Anne slept in the small guest room.  Sandy came to bed with me and began to cuddleup.  I asked her if we could just backoff and sleep.  She asked me what waswrong and I explained that I had a hard day and just wanted to get somesleep.  She asked me if I was angry withher and I sighed, “Sandy, I am a bit angry and also a bit disappointed anddiscouraged.  I also feel somewhat cheapand dishonorable.  We are going to haveto talk about this but not tonight. First Anne is a part of this and should be in that conversation.Secondly, I want to sort out my feelings and thoughts before we talk.   Finally, I want to wait until Bob andMargaret have gone so that we can talk freely instead of furtively.”  With that little speech I slid slightly awayfrom her and struggled to get to sleep. 


Chapter 9 - Relationships Are Tough


Thenext morning I woke up alone, put on a robe and stumbled out to the kitchen toget my coffee.  Sandy and Anne weresitting at the kitchen table deep in whispered conversation.  Obviously Sandy was giving Anne the low downon what had and had not transpired in our bedroom last night.  As I was sitting down with my coffee,Margaret came out of the guest bathroom wearing what I can only call a “wellfucked” look.  It is a sort of inner glowwomen seem to have on their wedding days, when they are pregnant (well, on gooddays when they are pregnant) and when they have had a satisfying sexualencounter.  She gave me a peck on thecheek and said thank you then flashed a thumbs up to Sandy and Anne.  They both grinned and were about to saysomething when I frowned at them.  Theyquieted down and dropped the broad grins, which was good, as Bob came out intothe kitchen just about then.  He rested ahand on my shoulder and said thanks.  Notreally wanting to get into a group discussion of their sex life I deliberatelymisunderstood the thanks, and told him that they would always be welcome to usethe guest room when they were out this way. 


Afterbreakfast Bob and Margaret packed up and with a flurry of hugs and kissesheaded out on their drive.  I don’t knowwhen they had time to discuss it but Sandy and Anne had apparently gotten afull report from Margaret on Bob’s bedroom performance last night and wereready to give me a blow by blow on the success of our plan but I stoppedthem. 


“Look,”I said, “marriage is a lot more than sex and while I am happy that they aremaking progress on that front it is really too soon to tell if they will beable to get things running smoothly. Moreover I really don’t want to play voyeur and hear exactly how thingswent last night.  It seems they wentwell, or at least better than they had been, and that’s really all I need orwant to know.  I like Margaret and Bobbut I am much more worried about us than I am about them.”


“Lastnight you said you felt cheap and dishonorable,” said Sandy, “but I think wehelped two friends get started on the right path.  Even if you are right and they are nottotally straightened out at least we helped get them started.”


“Yes,you are right, and I feel good about that. What I don’t feel good about is fucking another man’s wife for a coupleof nights like some paid sex worker and then spending the next day lying to thehusband, who happens to be a guy I like.”


“Margaretis gorgeous,” said Anne.  “We thought youwould enjoy loving her.”


“That’sjust it.  I didn’t and still don’t loveMargaret.  I fucked her as a favor sothat I could get a read on her body responses. It was as cold and clinical as anything I have ever done.  And poor Margaret didn’t really want somestrange man poking and playing with her. She was reluctant both nights and only did it because you two hadconvinced her that it would help save her marriage.  Well, it may do that, but it sure didn’t makeit a sweet and loving experience for either of us.  When you first came here I told you that Ididn’t fuck people, I made love.  Wellyou two have maneuvered me into changing into someone who will fuck withoutlove.  I guess it bugs me so much becauseit reminds me of when I was in my 20’s when I thought that sex was moreimportant than love.  It took me manyyears to grow up and realize that sex without love is really just masturbationwith a partner.”


“Wereally fucked things up between us, didn’t we?” asked Sandy.  She had tears in the corner of her eyes.


“OhSandy, I hope not.  I still love you bothand I hope we can work our way out of this mess.  I guess talking it out will help.  But I do feel bitter right now, and worriedabout trusting each other.  And its notjust the sex with Margaret or the lies to Bob. Tell me how long ago did you guys start planning this thing?”


“Margaret’sproblems surfaced in some telephone calls about two months ago.  I guess it was a week or two after that whenwe came up with the idea,” Sandy responded.


“Sofor the last six weeks or so you were planning and scheming but never thoughtabout talking to me about it.  You know Iam yours and find it very hard to refuse you anything in my power, but you justfelt it would be better to keep me fat dumb and happy and then dump it on mewhen it was too late to discuss.  I guessthat really bothers me.  I know youdidn’t directly lie to me, but keeping me out of the loop on something I had tobe so involved in was a kind of lie by omission.  I am sure I would have objected and tried tofind a way out or a way around but even if you wore me down, at least I wouldhave felt as though I had a part in all this. I kind of feel like I was just some boy toy you could pick up and usehowever you wanted.  It doesn’t feel goodand it doesn’t help our relationship.”


Bythis time both women were in tears and I think they understood how poorly Ifelt about this entire situation.  Wetalked through the morning and into mid-afternoon and came to grips with anumber of things.  I did agree that,based on preliminary input from one night, it did appear that we had helped ourfriends and that there was some redeeming value to the situation.  They understood that they had created aproblem with trust and that while I could laugh at their manipulating me whenwe were playing master and slave girls, there were lines we had to draw if wewere going to respect and trust one another in the real world.


Onestrange thing that came out was a response to Sandy’s thinking about my commentson lies of omission.  When she came intomy life I had been worried about her financial future given my first family andgrandchildren who would get whatever estate I had, and the disparity on ourages.  Sandy had assured me that betweenwhat she had saved before her kidnapping and the relatively small sum her folkshad left her, she could stand on her own two feet.  During the current conversations it came outthat her inheritance was considerably larger than she had led us tobelieve.  In fact, while she was no BillGates or Warren Buffet, she had well over ten million that was being managed bya large Midwestern bank and managed to grow even in years when the markettanked.  She suggested, with a wan smile,that while she still wanted to “sponge off of me” for her rent that she couldprobably afford to chip in more for her share of the food money.  I told her that the current monetaryarrangements were fine but that I was glad she was trying to eliminate any residualsecrets.


Allin all it was a long hard day with a lot of talk.  It should have been depressing as we airedour dirty laundry and complained about this or that, but it was actuallyinvigorating and I felt much better about us as a threesome of lovers by theafternoon.  Come to think of it, I guessthat is why people used to air the laundry. It made everything cleaner and it smelled better.  We still had some way to go, but I endedtoday’s conversation by reminding them that I was really upset with what theyhad done and that I thought they deserved to be punished.


Sandyand Anne sensed my, somewhat, lighter mood and asked if their punishment wasgoing to be as bad as the retribution for the palace revolt.  I said that I thought it would be worse,because that was really just playing while this had crossed the line into ourreal world relationship.  I assured themthat while I didn’t like what they had done I was no longer angry.  I thought this was a good thing because I wasthinking about something really nasty that would really hurt, though therewould be no injury, and it shouldn’t be done in anger.  I told them that I would not force them toaccept a serious punishment and that they had to decide if they wanted to gothrough with it, recognizing that it would be painful.  I also said that once we started I wouldn’tstop until I felt that they had been sufficiently punished.  In the end they decided that they trusted meto avoid injuring them and they accepted that they deserved a painfulpunishment.


Itook them into the master bedroom and told them to strip.  No loving preliminaries or softcaresses.  When they were both naked Ihad Sandy get up on the bed on her hands and knees.  Then I gave Anne two lengths of rope and toldher to tie them tightly around the base of each of Sandy’s breasts.  When she was done I had them reverse positionand had Sandy tightly bind Anne’s breasts. I had Sandy tie Anne, spread eagle,to the bed with a pillow under her buttocks. I went into the bathroom and brought out my hairbrush and gave it toSandy.  “Brush you breasts.” I commanded.She did, wincing from the pain of dragging the stiff bristles over the verytight and engorged flesh of her breasts which had taken on a purple hue due tothe restriction of blood flow.  “Harder…”I insisted, “…I want to see white streaks where the bristles rub theflesh.”  She did as I asked. 


“Now,”I said,” get on the bed and begin brushing Anne’s breasts.  Make certain it is hard enough so that I cansee the scratches.  Be sure you covereach breast entirely including the nipples, and don’t stop until I tell youto.”  Sandy looked at me but complied andbegan to brush the stiff bristles over Anne’s tightly bound breasts.  Anne was moaning and twisting to the extenther bounds would allow.  I told Sandy“You hurt me, even though you love me, emotionally by your actions.  Now I am going to hurt you psychologically bymaking you hurt Anne physically, whom you also love.  Hurting Anne is the first part of yourpunishment.”  Sandy was in tears as sherealized how nasty her punishment was and how she was torturing poor Anne.


Idecided Anne’s breasts had enough and made Sandy move down to Anne’s innerthighs.  After ten or twelve minutes ofbrushing and scratching Anne’s thighs I had Sandy untie her own breasts and assume slave position two (legsslightly spread, hands laced behind her head with her shoulders and elbowspulled back and her breasts pulled out). Sandy felt the pain as blood circulation rushed back into her swollenbreasts.  When I was certain that Sandyunderstood how much releasing the breasts would hurt I had her untie Anne’sbreasts. Anne thrashed about as the restored circulation tormented herbreasts. 


Ihad Sandy resume brushing Anne’s thighs for a few minutes and then moved Sandyto brushing the tender flesh of her pussy. By now both women were sobbing but I thought that Anne was at the stagewhere pain, at least relatively minor pain, and pleasure began to confuse thebody’s senses.  I stopped Sandy after afew minutes as Anne’s pussy had begun to look red and swollen. I took the brushand told Sandy to eat her.  Sandy was sohappy to stop causing pain she almost leapt at Anne.  Then she realized how sensitive the chafedskin of Anne’s inner thighs and pussy were, from the repeated rubbing with thebrush.  Sandy worked hard to avoidtouching anything but the inside of Anne’s pussy and her clit and brought Anneto a very strong orgasm.  It wasn’t soeasy, however, when I pushed Sandy’s face down and said “Again!”  By now Anne’s clit was stimulated to the pointthat it was almost as painful to touch as the abraded skin surrounding it. Ittook Sandy a long time to wring the second orgasm from her friend.  In the end I made Sandy eat Anne to a thirdorgasm. 


Atthat point Anne was pretty much stuporous on the bed.  I had Sandy stop and untie Anne while I wentinto the bathroom and began to run warm water into the Jacuzzi tub.  Once Anne was free of the bonds Sandy and Ihad to help her off the bed and into the bath. I let Anne soak for a while and when I judged her nerve endings hadcalmed down a bit turned on the Jacuzzi jets to massage her body.  When Anne had recovered somewhat I had Sandytake her into the shower and wash her gently but thoroughly.  I patted Anne dry as gently as I could whileSandy dried herself and then we helped Anne into her own bed.  I left Sandy with Anne to watch over her andwarned Sandy that the rest of her punishment was coming tomorrow.  I asked her to phone in sick in the morningso that we wouldn’t have to wait until the evening to complete her punishment.


Chapter 10 –Sandy’s Epiphany and Afterwards


Thenext morning, before Sandy came to bed I laid a doubled length of rope down thecenter of the bed with the loop near the foot and the open ends near theheadboard.  I also moved the wrist cuffropes from their usual position at the outer corners of the headboard to thecenter.  I also gathered some otherthings which I left out of sight.  Iinvited Sandy to join me in the bedroom as soon as she had made her excuses toher employer.  This was fairly unusual aswe usually played our games in the evening or at night.  No particular reason but with outside demandssuch as Sandy’s job, it had always worked out that way.  Punishing Sandy during the early hoursemphasized how different this was from our normal sessions.


WhenSandy came in she noticed the ropes but made no comment.  I undressed her, being very gentle andloving.  We had been through enough of anemotional roller coaster yesterday.  Iasked her to lie face down on the bed and cuffed her hands together and to thecenter of the head board.  Then Ifastened her ankles to the lower corners of the bed.  I placed a pillow and a baby crib sheet (theyhave a rubberized interior but feel like flannel on the exterior and are good forkeeping secretions from getting down into the mattress) under the doubled ropeand under her abdomen.  Then I tightenedthe ankle ropes until she was stretched into a taut Y shape with her abdomenelevated.


Sofar Sandy had remained quiet in her usual sub manner.  I disappeared from her view as I went to thefoot of the bed and using the doubled end of the rope tied it to a largeheaded, plug in, vibrator we had purchased. I went back up to the head and pulled up the loose ends of the ropethrough a hole in the headboard.  Thispulled the head of the vibrator tight against Sandy’s pussy but the size of thehead kept if locked at her very bottom with no way to reach the clitoris.  When I was satisfied I turned on thevibrator.  Soon Sandy was squirming andwriggling to try to get more stimulation or at least more direct clitoralstimulation.  It wasn’t going tohappen.  Still, after a while, thevibrations slowly worked her up to nearly an orgasm.  At that point I turned the vibrator off andset an ice cube in the small of her back just where the buttocks joined thespine.  Her shriek was very loud and thepillow did give her enough room to move the ice cube, first around her back buteventually onto the crib sheet.  At thatpoint I turned the vibrator back on and disposed of the half melted ice cube.


Iwatched her work herself back up on the vibrator until I judged her near anorgasm.  Switch off and this time I usedmy fingers to tickle the backs of her knees which were nicely stretched out fortickle torment.  The change in feelingcaught her by surprise and she was laughing and gasping for air before she hadtime to realize what had happened.  A fewmore minutes of this and I switched the vibrator back on.  This was fun. I could keep this up all day.  Wewent on and on in this manner with me interspersing spanks, tickles, or someother distraction with long rounds of vibrations that brought her almost to,but never quite, orgasm.  Her shrieks,moans and curses were music to my ears until something strange happened.


Wewere back into vibrator torment when Sandy moaned “Master, please whip yourslave.”  Now this was strange.  First neither Sandy nor I was into pain (lastnight’s torment of Anne being either mild pain or the exception that proved therule, your choice) and she had never asked to be whipped.  Further, Sandy had never, everreferred to herself in the third person. I lay down next to Sandy whose eyes were closed and rubbed her backlightly and told her that she was much too precious to me and that I loved hertoo much to ever whip her.  Still in thethird person she said “This unworthy slave loves her master and knows thateverything he does to her is done with love. She is so unworthy of that love. She nearly destroyed that love through her foolish actions.  That is why she deserves to be whipped,soundly.”


Wow,this was getting serious.  Sandy soundedlike she was slipping into some sort of deep sub space where she had never beenbefore.  I turned off the vibrator,uncuffed her ankles and rolled her off the pillow so that she was on herback.  While doing this the pillow andvibrator were swept off the bed to the side. I rolled over, partly on top of her and kissed her gently while reachingup to undo the cuffs on her hands.  “No,please don’t Master,” she said,” I feel loved when I am in your ropes.  It makes me feel free and tightly held at thesame time. I am totally vulnerable but I feel totally safe because you are incontrol and I know how you love me. Besides,” she added, “it makes me horny tobe tied and in your power.”


Well,whatever had seemed to be happening, she was back in her normal submissivespeech mode with first person references, she was the beautiful bound woman Iloved.  I looked at the side of the bedwhere the vibrator hung from the rope and said, “I am a little surprised youneed to feel more horny.  I would havethought the vibrator had made you horny enough.”


Shelooked at me seriously and said “No, that’s different.  The vibrations stimulate me and eventually willmake me come, but being tied in your ropes makes me horny and makes me desireyou more and more.  I don’t know how toexplain it, but it is different.  One isjust physical and comes from the outside, even the kidnappers could force me tocome.  The other is desire or longingthat comes from inside.  It makes mehorny because I know it is you and I want you to control me more and more.  Please make love to me master.” 


Herface was sweaty and her hair in disarray, her nipples hard and inviting and I knewher pussy was wet, warm and inviting. Who was I to refuse a request from a beautiful submissive woman inbondage?  Besides I was very much in lovewith this woman.  I rolled over on top ofher and entered her.  It was a long slowfuck and totally satisfying.  When it wasover Sandy cried, and I asked if she was OK.


“Iam so stupid” she said.  “Things havebeen going really well for me since you took me in.  I have my life back, I am making goodprogress at work, I have a loving man, even if he is a diabolical son of abitch from time to time (that last was accompanied by her sticking her tongueout), and a good friend in Anne.  I knowI owe it to you and I feel awfully stupid to have risked it all by shutting youout.  Please forgive me.”


Wemade love several more times before I set her free and we went to shower andmake lunch.


Afterone of the times, I think it was the third but who was counting, I lay therelicking a turgid nipple.  Sandy smiled upat me and her smile turned into what can only be described as a feralgrin.  I don’t know how she doesthat.  Her face didn’t seem to change atall but somehow shifted from loving and satiated to feral and predatory.  Can all women do that or is it only mybeautiful Sandy?  At any rate, she said“You know, you really are a nasty, devious bastard, but your are all mine.” Igrinned and nipped, gently, always gently, on that lovely nipple.


Wetalked about many things that morning as we rested between bouts oflovemaking.  She pretty much connived methat things would have worked out the same with Margaret and Bob, even if shehad dragged me kicking and screaming into the planning process.  We talked about our love for each other andwhere Anne fit into all of this.  I toldher that I loved Anne as a person, and as Sandy’s best friend, but that itwasn’t the same sort of love that I had for her.  I also told Sandy that she was right,  I was all hers, and that I knew she would getwhatever she wanted from me because I loved her so.


Sheplayfully tried to take advantage of that by trying to get me to promise neverto punish her by making her hurt Anne.  Ijust gave her an evil leer and told her not to be naughty and she wouldn’t haveto worry about punishments, and shifted across to the other nipple.  She stuck her tongue out at me and thenstretched like some great jungle cat and moaned in appreciation of what mytongue was doing.  It was a very nicemorning.


Tothis day I don’t know if Sandy conned me into stopping her punishment or if shewas really having problems coping with all that had happened.  Certainly she is smart enough to have trickedme but I don’t think that was the case. There was just too much emotion that morning for tricks.   In fact I don’t think I really want to knowif I was pushing her over some dark mental cliff.  It was a little to scary to contemplate.  Sometimes the best thing a master can do isshut up and enjoy.


Iwish that I could say we lived happily ever after.  Things did progress.  Sandy was promoted again, and now manages thebank branch where she works.  Anne’spaintings have become better known and have increased both in value and infrequency of sales. Sandy helped her finance a small gallery where she displaysand sells both her own work and that of other local artists.  It is modestly profitable and she is repayingSandy’s loan from the profits.  Anne isclearly self sufficient for now and for the foreseeable future, which finallyremoved one of my concerns about being older and not being able to provide forthem (the other concern, of course, is performance anxiety, but these women areso exciting and erotic that, somewhat to my surprise, this hasn’t been aproblem).


Myfirst family gradually came to accept my two housemates.  My daughter had the hardest time accepting thather father was living with two women approximately her age.  The grandkids, who were used to extendedfamilies caused by divorces and remarriages among the grandparents, had noproblems with two surrogate “grandmas”. I, of course, had great fun calling Sandy and Anne “granny.”


Ourbondage games gradually grew as we experimented in various directions.  We began pretty much with rope, and thencuffs to minimize chafing, but gradually we tried shackles, metal handcuffs andchains.  We also expanded into leatherharnesses and straps.  Our toys grew froma few gags and dildos to encompass butt plugs, nipple clamps and plug invibrators. Our bondage games moved about the house using furniture and even afew specialized items such as a Saint Andrews Cross and a Pillory.  I put some hooks into the master bedroomceiling and we played about with suspension. We bought some hoods and experimented with both sensory deprivation andmummification.  We had little use forchastity belts, whips or canes, though I did indulge Anne’s love of spankingswith a paddle.  Over time we graduallycame back towards the ropes and cuffs used to tie one or the other (oroccasionally both) of the women in various positions.


Likeany family we had disagreements, and even arguments, but managed to resolvethem and keep a strong invigorating playfulness in our relationship. At times Iwas unreasonable and cantankerous.  Attimes one or the other of the women was bitchy. Each time we managed to work through it. Sandy and Anne worked hard at making me feel that I was the lord andmaster of our little group.  For my partI acted the part and pretended not to know that I loved Sandy so much she couldhave done damn near anything she wanted. It was sort of our own private version of the “don’t ask, don’ttell”  policy. Still, overall, our trustand respect for each other grew and our love remained strong.  On reflection, perhaps we did live happilyever after.