Kenís Story
by Sir Richard

Club Nights


It was the year that I was discharged from the Corps.† I had enlisted right out of high school and spent eight good years on various ships and deployments.† My plans were to enter college and complete my education before looking for a career.† Unfortunately the timing was off and I was mustered out in April, too late for the spring semester.† After some discussion with the people at the university, I decided to skip the summer session and begin my college education in the fall.

That left me four or five months to fill in with a temporary job.† A buddy of mine suggested joining a small traveling "male revue" troupe.† It was easy work, good money and, my buddy assured me, plenty of opportunities for sex without commitment.† Of course my buddy warned me that, with the exception of bachelorette parties, most of the women who attended were older.† I didnít respond to that but I already knew I preferred older women.

I was younger then and had a somewhat caviler attitude towards sex.† Like many young men I believed that quantity was important and I had taken advantage of my years of liberty ports.† At the same time I, frankly, didnít understand why so many men were fascinated with youth and virginity.† Oh sure, the young ones had firmer breasts but sex with a virgin was just bad sex.† Even with more experienced girls there were often all sorts of relationship and commitment issues. (But will you respect me in the morning?) If you could overcome that there was still generally a problem with getting the girl to openly discuss what she liked and what she wanted.†

More mature women had more experience and expertise, generally didnít want more of a relationship than an occasional phone call and night of pleasure when I was in port.† Their bodies might be a bit softer but that was seductive and appealing to me.† Further all the blushing shyness had been worn off and they were, in my limited experience, frank about what gave them pleasure and what they wanted.† Knowing that, it was easy to give them a great deal of pleasure.† And I have to tell you, guys, when you please your partner, you get great sex in return.

And so, unbothered by the idea of stripping before older women, I joined the troupe.† This wasnít a Chippendales with professional dancers and slick routines.† This was a smaller troupe that traveled a circuit in western New York, western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.† I suppose I could claim Kentucky as we did cross the river into Louisville for two nights.† It was a nomadic life with two and three night stands in city after city.

I found that most women who came to these reviews were ready to let their hair down and have a good time.† There was a lot of touchy feely but the women were generally harmless and, having had a few drinks, they were generous with the tips. I will also admit that these tips didnít always get accurately reported on our income tax forms.†

While dancing I would try to check out the audience.† There was a lot of rowdy good humor but I was looking for the woman with a predatory smile and a pensive look on her face.† You could feel them through their eyes on you.† It was as though assessing a hunk of prime meat.† These were the women, generally divorced or widowed but sometimes with preoccupied husbands, who if handled correctly offered a night of great experienced sex with no pretenses at commitment.

The way our troupe worked two other guys and I handled the first and third sets.† Three other, generally more experienced strippers did the second and final sets.† We were expected to mingle after our set but be gone by the next set so as not to distract the audience.† This was fine with me as it gave me time to wipe the sweat off, get dressed and connect (seduction wasnít really required) with one of the predators.

And so the job went, from city to city, good nights would produce about $200 in tips, and more sexual opportunities than I really needed (but not more than I wanted).† Until that night in Cleveland.

Four Ladies

We were playing at a semi-new complex called "The Powerhouse".† It was a large brick building that hosts "The Improv", "Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant",and "Howl at the Moon", on three different levels and guarantees entertainment on every level. As usual I was scheduled for the first and third sets so I was in the wings when the MC came on to introduce the show.† He explained some of the ground rules.† While neither the performers nor the club had any objections to the women touching and even grabbing, the MC stressed that the women weren't allowed to "tug" the shaft.† "Please." he reminded them, "just gently grip around the shaft."

With that sort of introduction the hoots and cheers were loud as the women welcomed each act.† We danced around the stage a bit, teased with opening our shirts and finally pulled off everything but our pouches. The pouch itself was pretty much like a womanís thong panty but with a bit more cloth in front to encase the genitals. Mine was a zebra skin number which, I thought, showed me off pretty well.

After each set we dancers would go out into the audience and things got even wilder.† I noticed a table with four attractive women who were having a great time.† Unlike most of the women in the club who wore jeans or trousers, these four were all wearing dresses or skirts and tops. I liked the look and circled closer to their table.† Of course I didnít know their names at the time but I do now.† Let me introduce you.

There was Betty, a short blond who, as I later learned, was recovering from a divorce and had a predatorís glint in her eye as she watched me perform.† She had a nice figure with great legs.† Her sorority sister, Chris, who I learned was married and had a boy about to graduate from college, was eyeing me like a feral jungle cat eyes a wild goat.† Doris had a sparkling grin and impressive chest but she had more a lets have fun look than a lets have sex look, or at least thatís what I thought at the time.† Doris was a bit heavy but not excessively so.† In fact with her sparkle she looked as though she would be great fun to get alone and fondle. The fourth woman, Paula, was the shyest of the group.† She was pretty but also the least well endowed of the women.† Yes I know it is sexist to sort women by size and shape but I was young and I was looking for sex.

As I danced around their table in my little pouch I felt a hand stroke my ass and looked over my shoulder.† Sure enough it was the smiling Doris.† ĎWell, letís see how the women react,í I thought.† I turned around and faced Doris and, spreading my knees crouched down slowly swiveling my hips all the while.† I thought I heard a "Yum!", and decided to go a bit further.† As I was coming back up, I leaned forward and grabbed the hem of Doris' top in my teeth, I continued to rise and lean back lifting her sweater until her bra was well exposed. Her bra was blue and of some smooth rayon or satin material that just begged to be stroked.† More to the point it was adequately and attractively filled with what must have been C cup sized breasts.† Doris giggled and the other women cheered and hooted at her exposure, but no one appeared to be offended.† It was going to be a good night.

I turned towards the other women and short little Betty caressed my chest.† She leaned her head forward and rested it on my chest.† She went to stick a bill into the strap of my pouch and while she was at it she pulled the pouch forward, checking that it was all me with no padding.† "Like what you see?" I asked her.

She pulled back her head, a little embarrassed at having been caught but smiled, licked her very kissable lips and said "Oh, yeah!"†

It was then that shy, demure little Paula, the one with the A cup chest, reached out and groped me.† Now I was already semi hard from the close encounters with Doris and Betty but as Paulaís hand wrapped around my penis it sprang to full length.† Holding it through the zebra striped fabric she waved it back and forth for the others at the table to see.† "Look at the size of this monster!" She exclaimed.

There were murmurs of approval and cheers from her three companions and Chrisís feral grin became even more intense.† I didnít think too much of the encounter because it was that sort of a night.† With the intros starting for the fourth set I left the floor and went back to the dressing room.

I slipped into my jeans and shoes and pulled on a polo shirt.† The other two guys asked me to join them at a place on the next floor called "Howl at the Moon." It's a piano bar where patrons sing along with the music. Think of Karaoke and pianos.† I would have preferred to see if I could separate Chris or Betty from the group for a night of hot sweaty intercourse but saw that the table was empty.† All four women had left.† Darn, I had spent most of my time focused on their table and had gotten my hopes up.† Oh well, I guess a beer with the guys is going to be the best I could do.

Imagine my surprise when we walked into the "Howl" and I saw all four of them at a table.† Little did I know, at the time, that they were plotting my abduction.

Itís not quite clear why Chris didnít put a stop to the plot.† She was the sober one, the designated driver.† By all rights she should have squelched the plan before Betty, Doris and Paula completed their plotting.† Perhaps Chris felt she was missing some adventure in her life as she realized her son was about to graduate.† Perhaps it was the heady adrenaline that had been flowing through the room of wild raucous women all evening.† Perhaps it was her sorority sister teasing her that she had always been the stick in the mud, the good little girl while she, Betty, was off raising hell.† Perhaps Chrisí husband was a bit less romantic than he had been.† Or perhaps she just liked the idea of having a cute stud like me under her control.† Whatever it was Chris didnít stop the others.† Instead, this normally level-headed wife and mother threw herself into the plot.

I had just risen to my feet and started walking towards the four women, hoping to find some way to strike up a conversation and separate one from the group for a little fun when it happened.† Seeing me approach they stood up.† Or, I should say, three of the ladies stood up.† Betty, the fourth, attempted to stand but twisting her foot slipped and fell to the floor banging her head.† I didnít know if the fall was due to alcohol or just a general klutziness (or, as I often wondered later, to guileful artifice) but I was, of course concerned.

I knelt beside Betty and slipped my arm behind her shoulders and, helping her to sit up, said, "Are you OK?† Letís get you out into some fresh air."†

Before she could respond Chris said, "Letís get her to the car.† Can you help?"

I slipped my other hand under Bettyís thighs and stood up cradling her in my arms.† I wasnít particularly thinking of sex at the moment but couldnít help notice that Bettyís thighs felt as good through the thin material of her dress as they had looked earlier.† Hey, I am a guy and notice such things.† In fact with Betty pressed against me I felt a little lurch in my anatomy south of my belt line.† Looking at Paula and Doris I asked, "Are you guys sure you are OK to drive now?"

Chris smiled at me and assured me that, as designated driver, she was sober and would be doing the driving.† Well I enjoyed holding Betty and of course I wanted to be helpful so I led the group towards the elevator.† When we got off Betty directed me towards where their car was parked, the other three women trailing behind us.


When they reached the car Chris used her remote to unlock it.† Instead of opening a door so that I could put Betty into the car she opened the trunk.† As she did Doris grabbed one of my arms and Paula grabbed the other.† Paula used her other hand to reach around, unsnap my jeans and run down the zipper.† Then she reached into my pouch and grabbed my testicles.† I still had Betty in my arms and it all happened so fast that she had me firmly in her grip before I could react.† Before I could even protest Paula said, "Kenny, you are going to be our boy toy tonight."

Startled I tried to set Betty down and pull away from the hand firmly holding my testicles. The only thing that accomplished was to make Paula squeeze hard and painfully, and say, "Hold it right there Kenny boy."† While I doubled over in pain I tried to assess the situation.† Chris was rooting around her trunk where she couldnít find any rope but came up with half a roll of duct tape.†

Returning to us, she said "Cross your wrists behind you."† Still dazed by the sudden turn of events and wanting to avoid another painful squeeze, I did as I had been told.† Chris quickly wound the duct tape around both of my wrists both horizontally and then vertically effectively rendering my hands useless.†

Realizing what was happening and having gathered my thoughts I began to object, so Chris told Betty, who was now standing in front of me "Get his mouth and keep him quiet."† Betty wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled my head down to hers and kissed me, running her tongue into my mouth.

Chris, now taking the role of ringleader, instructed the other women to remove their panties.† As I had noted the women had worn skirts and dresses instead of jeans, and all four quickly complied with Chrisí instructions.† I couldnít help noticing that Dorisí panties did indeed match the silky looking bra that I had seen earlier in the evening.† Smiling at the damp crotches of more than one pair, Chris pushed three sets of panties into the fourth creating a sizable ball, which she stuffed into my mouth. I tried to resist this by keeping my mouth firmly shut, but I was quickly persuaded by another nasty squeeze on my testicles.† With my mouth stuffed, Chris used the duct tape to place a strip across my mouth.† Two other strips run in an "X" shape from my cheeks to under my chin ensured that I couldnít expel the four pair of slightly damp and aromatic panties.

After that it was simple to tape my knees and ankles.† The women carefully maneuvered me into the trunk.† It took some urgent squeezing before the women persuaded me to let them fold my legs with my knees almost to my chest.† Once I was fully in the trunk Chris said, "Donít be frightened, Kenny boy.† We are going to take you and have some fun using you for our pleasure.† Be a good boy and no one will really harm you."

Betty (who was rapidly sobering up) asked, "Wonít we get in serious trouble for snatching this guy?"

"I donít think so," replied Chris.† "First of all it is the four of us and what we say against only his word.† Secondly, I think he will be so ashamed of having been taken and used by a group of women that he would rather not let anyone know about it.† He will just pretend it never happened.† Think of how the other guys would laugh at him if he lets it become public."

"But wonít he try to get back at us?" asked Doris

"How?† He doesnít know our last names or where we live.† The show will be leaving town in a day or so which means he wonít be around long enough to look for us."

With that bit of wisdom she slammed down the trunk lid.† Mortified, I realized that they were probably right.† If I let the other guys know that four older women had taped me up and put me into their trunk I would never live it down.† More than that, I was mad at myself.† I mean, how had I let this happen?† If I had dropped Betty and started to fight I should have been able to handle all four women.† It was just my surprise and shock that had enabled them to get control and now here I was taped up in the trunk of a car being abducted by four women whom I didnít even know and I was feeling like a complete idiot.

The four piled into the car and, after some discussion (most of which I could hear through the back seats) decided that Paulaís vacation cabin would be the ideal place to spend the night.† It was apparently on 20 acres of land that ensured privacy and at this time of the year the women were pretty certain that there would be no hunters or hikers trespassing through her woods.

While I didnít know it at the time Chris was very pleased with herself.† As she drove, she reflected on what they had done and realized that she had enjoyed the sense of power it had given her to render me helpless. I was bigger and stronger but the four of them even in their drunken state had managed to pull it off without a hitch.† Once Paula had me by the balls I was easily controlled.† A lesson to be kept in mind for the rest of the night, she thought.

Arrival at the Cabin

It was almost an hour to the cabin so the "kidnap gang" and their victim (me) didnít arrive until about 11:30.† Despite the hour the women had rested and sobered up a bit on the trip and were eager for action.† Paulaís cabin had two bedrooms and a sleeping loft.† The women decided that they would secure their "victim" on the large bed in the main bedroom.† Accordingly they cut the tape from my ankles and forced me to walk, with short mincing steps due to the tape still around my knees, into the bedroom.† They lowered my trousers and the zebra striped pouch that I still wore to my knees, and made me lie down on the bed. Playfully the women joked about how impressive my penis was, even in its semi flaccid state.† Much to my embarrassment I found that being a captive to four very attractive women was in some way arousing.

It was Chris, this time, who took control by grabbing my testicles.† Paula produced a kitchen knife and cut the knee tape and Doris dragged off my shoes, socks, pants and underwear.† Chris forced me, with gentle squeezes of my balls and the threat of much harder ones, to roll over onto my stomach and then to kneel on the bed with my knees and ankles spread apart.† Betty brought rope from the kitchen and secured each of my ankles to the bottom of the bed and my knees to the top leaving me unable to close my legs or move up or down on the bed.† Doris fitted a noose around my neck and forced me to lean forward and down so that my face was on the mattress with my rear, including, as the women joyfully commented, my oh so attractive buns, up in the air.

Paula and Betty then removed my shirt and controlling me, both by Dorisí noose around my neck and Chrisí firm grip on my testicles they forced my hands to the upper corners of the bed where Paula and Betty tied them.† With my arms stretched out before me I was unable to move back but could still lie forward.† Betty solved this by tying a loop around the top of my scrotum and running the line back to the frame at the foot of the bed.† Then the women removed the noose from my neck and released my groin and stepped back to admire their prize.

I realized how vulnerable my position made me, kneeling with legs spread wide, testicles dangling, ass in the air, face and arms down on the bed. I must have looked almost as though I was a supplicant in a mid eastern position of prayer.† Though I knew how exposed I was, I was helpless to do anything about it.† At the most, I could twitch my rear end from side to side.† This was humiliating and I was getting angry.† Still I was in no position to do anything about it just yet.† I told myself that I would get even but I would have to wait for the right opportunity.

The women began to run their hands over my nude body paying special attention to my ass and groin. My legs and sides and chest got their share of gentle caresses as the women explored their Ďproperty.í Despite my fear I couldnít help reacting to the four attractive women and their hands.† Much to my chagrin, I felt myself grow hard and swell.† The women commented on this teasing me about liking what they were doing, which only made me grow harder, as did their comments on my size and girth and how delicious my firm buns looked.† Bettyís stroking my buns, and running a finger down the crack of my ass and over my anus, added to my feeling of helplessness.† At the same time, even as I was powerless to prevent my mistreatment or my arousal, my anger grew.† Sooner or later these women would pay for this humiliation I vowed.

At this point it was Paula who suggested that they all get more comfortable adding the "It doesnít seem fair to poor Kenny that he is nude while we are fully clothed."†† Even her tone and use of the diminutive "Kenny" added to my anger.† No one had called me that since I was ten years old.† I was mortified and I added each humiliation to the score that I would eventually settle with these women.

Betty stripped off her outer clothes and bra, but left on her high heeled pumps and thigh high stockings, a very sexy look.† Paula and Doris were a bit shyer, Paula leaving on her bra.† Doris began the same way but decide that her pretty blue bra, while well filled, looked silly with the matching panties still secured in my mouth and took that off as well.† With my head down on the mattress my view wasnít great but I could still turn my head from side to side and I couldnít help noticing that all four of these women were very attractive.

Chris begins

Chris, who had stripped completely, climbed onto the head of the bed, exhibiting her dominant streak, she spread her legs and slid them under my outstretched arms as she moved down towards my head.† "Now Kenny, I am going to remove that gag so you can eat my pussy.† I donít want to hear a sound from you except slurping.† If you donít get busy and do a very good job I will whip those lovely buns of yours until they are raw and bleeding.† Do we understand each other?" she asked.

I grunted and nodded my acceptance of my fate.† While I was angry at my treatment and didnít like the way this had come about, the prospect of eating out one or more of these lovely women was not distasteful.† In fact while I was normally a take charge sort of guy, and I was worried that this game might get out of hand, I found the idea of being used by the four lovely women was both attractive and strangely exciting.

Chris pulled off the strips of tape and helped me get the four pair of panties out of my mouth.† Then she pulled my head up by his hair and slid further down placing my mouth firmly on her pussy. "Get busy!" she commanded.† The position was awkward and my neck was strained uncomfortably backwards but I had no desire to see if Chris was serious about her threat.† Besides she had a great pussy.† OK, OK, I know itís a hell of a thing to think but give me a break.† She did.

While this was going on the other women surrounded me and began once again to stroke their hands over my body.† Betty was particularly fascinated with my large balls and fondled and stroked them while Paula preferred my ass including tickling the edges of my sphincter.† Doris was content, for the moment, to run her hands over my chest and side while pressing her bounteous breasts into my side.† From time to time her hand would slip down from my chest to slide through my pubic hair just lightly touching my hard penis.

I was, understandably I think, distracted by the sensations generated by the three women stroking me, but each time I faltered Chris pulled my hair reminding me of my duty.† Chris must have realized that she was gushing and moving quickly towards orgasm but I didnít know if it was due to my skill with my tongue or to the sense of being in complete control of me, a strong and reasonably attractive young guy. I was actually pretty good at the art of cunilingus and soon Chris gave her body over to moaning and panting. As she came closer to her orgasm her head began to thrash from side to side and she lost control shouting "Oh Yes.† Thatís it. Oh Yes.† Right there. Oh Yes."† Finally she came with a loud drawn out scream.

Taking Turns

After Chris came, noisily and obviously, Doris insisted it was her turn.† Chris slowly pulled herself off the bed while Doris got into position.† Instead of sliding her legs under my arms, Doris laid her legs over my back and gripped my head between her thighs.† Then she said "Hey, get busy Kenny." After a second or so she complained, "He isnít doing a thing."

"Give me a minute."† I said in a muffled voice.

"Crack."† The sound reverberated through the room.† Paula, sweet demure little Paula, had picked up a ruler and swatted me, hard, across both cheeks of my ass.† "You donít get choices tonight, Kenny, boy. You just get to follow orders.† Get busy now." She said, punctuating her remarks with another vicious swat.

Well, I was no dummy so I immediately got busy at Dorisí pussy, which was evidenced both by the loud slurping noises I was making (she was already quite wet) and, though I couldnít see it, by the beatific smile that spread across Dorisí face.† It was one more thing for which these women were going to have to be paid back.† Chris, her dominant streak showing, took the ruler from Paula and trailed it over my legs and my ass to remind me of my need to keep busy.

Betty, who, as it turned out, loved giving oral sex almost as much as receiving it, gave me a better incentive as she slid between my legs on her back and used her mouth and tongue on my balls and my cock.† With the threat of the ruler and the pure pleasure coming from my groin I lost all conscious thought and focused on pleasing the pussy before me.

"Thatís good Betty, but donít let him cum," commanded Chris.† Betty didnít particularly like taking orders from Chris (they are sorority sisters, after all) but accepted that they had a need to keep me on edge and each time she felt my testicles start to tighten or my penis begin to throb she backed off. I moaned in frustration but the burning in my ass and the feel of the ruler trailing over my body kept me from complaining.

After Doris, I serviced Paula and then Betty. My neck was aching and my jaw and tongue muscles were protesting the unaccustomed exercise but I was bright enough to know better than complain. I usually enjoyed giving oral sex and, under other circumstances, would have thoroughly enjoyed pleasuring these four women.† The position, however, was painful after a while and I was dammed glad when they decided to change it.

Sunny Side Up

After all of the women had come at least once (and Chris and Paula had insisted on seconds) the women decided to roll me over.† They untied my spread hands while Doris sat on the back of my aching neck to keep my head down on the bed.† The women bound my wrists together and then tied them to the center of the headboard.† With my wrists together it was a simple matter to untie my knees and ankles, stretch me out on the bed, and roll me over onto my back.† Paula and Chris each took an ankle and stretched my legs out to the lower corner of the bed where they tied my ankles.

Even though I was glad to be able to straighten out my neck I moaned as my weight came onto my sore ass. Betty took pity on me and put a spare pillow under my butt.† This also had the effect of raising my groin and my penis now thrust upward toward the ceiling. With a pillow under my head I looked down and saw just how exposed and vulnerable I was.† I might have thought that my fear would cause me to shrivel but I think my anger at being woman handled this way pretty much canceled out my fear.† Then to, the sight of the four lovely women whom I could still smell and taste was arousing.

Up to this point I had seen very little of the women after we left the Powerhouse.† Now, stretched out on my back, I found myself surrounded by female flesh.† Make that by very attractive female flesh. Without really thinking about it, I glanced around and I guess I took a quick inventory.† There were eight well shaped breasts ranging in size from Doris who would probably over fill a C cup down to Paula who probably fit in an A cup.† Even though she wasnít buxom Paulaís breasts were well shaped and attractive, I noted.†† Though none of the women were in their twenties and the effects of gravity were apparent, I actually found this very attractive.† I had always preferred women with enough maturity to have become accomplished in bed.† Then to, the slight sag of their breasts proved to me, always a breast man, that these were all natural without an implant in the bunch. I felt the slight sag in a womanís breasts just begged for a palm to cup and weigh them like some exotic sweet tasting fruit.† I wished my hands were free but even tied as I was I enjoyed watching the womenís breasts bounce and sway as they moved.† A lifted arm raised a breast here, bending slightly allowed two breasts to slightly descend forward there, a turn caused a lovely sway there.† Despite my situation I found myself becoming further aroused.†

And it wasnít all breasts.† Betty had a great ass and very sexy legs. Doris might have spent a bit more time on a stair stepper but her buns, while a bit softer, were also very attractive.† With me tied down on the bed I found myself almost at eye level with four lovely pussies.† Though I had been in contact, make that intimate contact, with each of them before, I had not really been able to see much, pressed as I had been to one woman or another.† Now I could view them and appreciate the subtle differences among them.

Yes, I know all pussies have the same basic parts.† That is like saying all faces have two eyes a nose and a mouth.† There are subtle differences between each of the women which I, though I couldnít necessarily describe them, appreciated.† A puffier set of labia here, a more open set of lips there, the variations were endless and, I found intriguing.

"Ken looks like the Eiffel Tower," giggled Betty, referring to the inverted Y they had tied me into.†

"Yes but the flag pole is in the middle instead of the top," replied Doris playfully.†

Paula joined Betty and Doris in laughing while I think I actually managed to blush.† Chris, enjoying the dominant streak that the evening had brought out, was already planning ahead.† She asked Paula, "Do you have a vibrator, some lube and some rubbers?"

While Paula went to fetch the items Chris wanted, Betty crawled up on the bed and used her mouth to ensure that the Ďflagpoleí was at full extension and hardness. Now my ass still hurt but I was in a less stressful position and I have to admit that I enjoyed what Betty was doing.† I gasped for breath as Betty skillfully used her mouth to suck and her tongue to circle the top of my penis.† I was getting awfully close and moaned when she sat back releasing me with a wet Ďplopí.

Paula produced the desired items, and at Chrisís direction rolled a condom over my Ďflag poleí.† Chris had removed one of the laces from my sneakers and tied a large knot in the middle.† She proceeded to press the knot against the bottom of my penis collapsing the tube that normally caries the sperm from the testicles.† That would, I realized, prevent me from ejaculating no matter how hard my testicles tried to pump out sperm.† Then she wrapped the shoe lace, tightly, several times around my shaft, and tied another knot.† That trapped the blood in my engorged penis and ensured that I wouldnít grow soft.

Now I am pretty big, both in length and girth, but all things are relative and there was plenty of shoe lace left over for Chris to encircle the top of my scrotum, tightly and rather painfully and then bring the last of the shoe lace up between my balls and tie it off. With the tight lacing around my rock hard penis the blood was trapped in the engorged member and I could not grow soft.† At the same time the knot would keep me from ejaculating and the ties around and through my sack kept each testicle in a separate pouch of stretched and very sensitive skin.

"Better than Viagra for keeping a guy hard," said Chris with a smirk. I wondered how Chris knew how to do this and if she had practiced this with her husband or even with some other guy.† I decided, wisely I think, that this was not the moment to ask that question.

Chris looked down at me and said, "Itís getting late Kenny, so you are going to have to do us two at a time.† Be a good boy and we will let you get some rest after we are all satisfied."†

There was that damned diminutive again.† Whatever happened to the rest of the women I knew Chris was going to be my principle target once I got free.† Unfortunately, that didnít seem likely any time soon.

She then turned to her sister and said, "Cock or mouth, you get to choose."

Betty was already climbing onto the bed when she responded, with a smile, "Cock.† I have already had his mouth and I want to see just how well this monster fits into me."

Doris, who, I learned later, had been Bettyís best friend since she taught her about sex many years ago, said, "OK, itís the mouth for me.† This boy has a talented tongue with two capital Ts."†

Suiting action to words she climbed over my mouth facing Betty.† Doris reached down and tweaked one of my nipples to remind me that I had work to do.† Betty who had eased over my impressive member gave herself a moment to adjust to my size and then began to raise and lower herself.† It felt great to at first but soon turned into a torment as my testicles tried to spurt semen only to be foiled by the cunning knots Chris had tied.† I had great sensations but these were soon replaced by an ache as my balls tried but failed to ejaculate.† It was a living hell with the smooth silky heat of Bettyís pussy offset by my complete inability to cum.† I couldnít actually see past Dorisí pussy but from her change in angle and the sounds I heard it sounded as if Doris and Betty were fondling each otherís breasts.† I longed to have my hands free to touch all that sweet flesh but soon the only thing I was able to focus on was the exquisite torment of Bettyís pussy riding my hard cock and my inability to cum no matter how great the stimulation and my desire.

Of course with no clitoral stimulation other than our pubic bones pressing together it took quite a while before Betty came.† I think Iíd brought Doris off twice or perhaps three times before I heard Chris say, "OK, you two let us have a chance."† Doris and Betty, who was pretty shaky, climbed off and Paula and Chris mounted. †I had little time to rest before the torment began all over again.† I suppose I should have begun planning what I would do to these women but in truth my entire being was focused on my urgent need to ejaculate and the need to avoid further punishment by keeping my tongue in action.† To put it another way I really couldnít think straight as woman after woman rode my overly sensitive penis without my being able to gain satisfaction.

And so the morning, for it was growing late, passed.† Each woman took turns at satisfying herself on my mouth and upon my rigid penis.† The combinations and permutations multiplied. Some women were faster some were slower.† All were deliciously tight, hot and wet.† I felt incredible sensations as I tried again and again to cum in response to the unending stimulation I was receiving.†

I was frustrated and exhausted but when I tried to protest during one change of women, Chris abruptly shoved Paulaís vibrator into my ass and turned it on to add to my torment.† Now I not only had my balls begging for release my prostrate was being massaged by the vibrator making what I had thought was incredible torment several times worse.† Whenever I began to slow down Chris, or one of the other women if Chris were mounted, demonstrated just how painful it was to have the soles of ones feet beaten with a wooden ruler.† Tormented almost to the point of tears I complied with the womenís demands until finally, around six or seven in the morning, they were all satiated and began slipping off to the second bedroom and the sleeping loft.

Betty remained with me and, taking pity on me, decided to give me some relief.† She carefully unknotted the shoe lace and gently removed the rubber.† "Now itís your choice Ken," she said kindly.† "I am going to bring you off, no matter what Chris says.† Do you want me to use my hand, my mouth or my pussy?"

"You do great with your mouth but I really enjoyed it when you mounted me. Are you on birth control?" I asked.

"You are sweet," Betty smiled.† "You donít have to worry about pregnancy or birth control.† I had my tubes tied off after my third."

"You donít look like you could have had three kids," I said, admiring her body.

"Bullshit.† Sweet bullshit, but bullshit just the same," she replied.† "Now it is getting late and I am about played out. How do you want it?"

"I would love to feel your pussy on me but I am so horny I am going to come as soon as you touch me and I probably wouldnít be any good for you."

"Well considering all we have put you through you are a pretty considerate guy. Lets do something about the immediate need and then we can enjoy a more relaxed fuck."† Betty dropped her head and took my penis into her mouth.† As I had expected, it only took a few seconds before the load that had been building all night shot out into her mouth.†

I expected Betty to remove her mouth but instead she swallowed my entire load and then began licking around the head of my penis while bobbing her head up and down and sucking.† To my amazement I found myself rapidly growing hard once again.† Betty smiled at my astonishment and with pride at her own skill.†

When I was hard again Betty mounted me and slowly and gently rode me to a second climax.† As she rode she leaned forward and stroked my chest.† In that position her breasts swung forward and I tried to lift my head so that I could capture one in my mouth.† Betty saw what I was trying to do and leaned forward offering me a nipple which I seized with my lips.† In just a few moments I felt the familiar tightening in my somewhat sore testicles and warned her that I was about to cum. She reached down and helped herself along by fingering her clitoris until we both climaxed, more or less together.† It wasnít the frantic driven sex that had been the case all morning.† Rather it was a slow, sensual, almost loving coupling.† When we were both satiated Betty rolled off, lay by my side and fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

The Tide Turns

Though the women had said that they intended to release me sometime after they woke and to rely upon my embarrassment to protect them, I wasnít sure that would happen without another long and even painful session of servicing them.† Then too, I didnít know how they planned to release me without my gaining control and once they were gone I would have no way of finding them.† While I didnít think they would really harm me, I wanted to get back at all of them for the way they had treated me.† I decided that, though physically exhausted, I should take advantage of the quiet in the cabin as my best opportunity to escape.†

The women might have played with bondage but none of them was expert. During the night all of the thrashing about on the bed had resulted in some slack in the ankle ropes.† I moved up on the bed, being careful not to wake Betty and by stretching my arms upwards, I was able to reach the knot on the head board. Once I had undone the knots to the headboard I brought my wrists to my mouth and used my teeth to free my hands.† After that it was a simple matter to free my feet though I continued to move cautiously to avoid waking Betty.† Several times she moved or shifted and each time I froze but the prior nights alcohol and the many orgasms she had experienced must have pretty well exhausted her.†

I was pretty sure I could physically handle all four women once I was free but, though I was eager to get my revenge, I didnít want to get into a brawl in which I might really have to seriously harm one or the other of them.† My plan called for stealth until I had them all under my control.† Moving off the bed, I quietly gathered up the ropes the women had used on me and took several wash rags from the adjoining bathroom.† I figured that if I could capture and bind each one quietly I would be in a good position to exact payment for what they had done with little or no risk of actually harming them.

Moving carefully so as not to wake Betty I climbed back on the bed straddling her upper body and capturing her arms between my legs.† Then I balled up a wash rag, opened her mouth and stuffed it inside.† This woke her but with her arms trapped I had no problem running a short rope around her head to hold the gag.† She was fully awake now and struggling but I easily flipped her over and tied her hands, with her wrists crossed, behind her back.† Then I slid down her body and roped her ankles together and pulled them up to her wrists in a secure hog tie.† As I had not roped her knees Betty began to move herself toward the edge of the bed. I stopped this with another rope pulling her knees together and then tied them to the bed frame.† To keep her from hurting herself by falling off the bed as she struggled, I lowered her to the floor, still hog-tied and attached to the bed frame.

"Iíll take that gag out just as soon as I have the others secured," I said kindly.† After all, while Betty had been one of my tormentors, she was the only one of the women who had shown me some kindness and consideration.† I slipped into my pouch and jeans and pulled on my shirt.† It was amazing how much more in control I felt just by virtue of having clothes.† I decided to leave my shoes and socks for later in the interest of stealth.† Before leaving the bedroom, I paused for a moment both to check that Betty was securely bound and to admire her body.† Well, I couldnít help but admire her.† She looked so cute in my ropes.†

Satisfied that she wouldnít be able to get out of the hog tie, and taking all the ropes I could find, I tiptoed from the main bedroom. I quickly found the second bedroom where Paula had bedded down.† It was pretty much a repeat of what had happened to Betty except that Paula managed to get an arm free before I rolled her over.† No problem, I simply tied her hands in front of her and then to an upper corner of the bed frame, with the knot safely out of reach.† I tied Paulaís ankles and pulled them kitty corner to the bottom of the bed.† I made certain that she was well stretched out to opposite ends of the bed, leaving her no slack to use to imitate my escape.

Moving quietly, I went into the main room and listened for any sounds indicating that the other two women had been alerted by the brief struggles.† All I could hear were the sounds of regular breathing suggesting that the remaining women were still fast asleep.† As quietly as I could I climbed the steps to the sleeping loft.† There I found Doris and Chris both asleep in tightly zipped sleeping bags.† Perfect for my purposes.

Now I didnít really want to harm the women though I did want to punish them for what they had done. I didnít mind being a bit rougher with Chris, however, as she had clearly been the inventive one in charge through all of my torments.† In charge, hell, she had devised most of them.† Accordingly I fashioned a noose on one end of a short rope and secured the other end to the post that supported the loft and the roof.† Moving quickly I looped the noose around Chrisís feet over the sleeping bag and then scooped her up and flung her over the railing to the loft. Chris woke to the sensation of falling through space and screamed.† The rope jerked her to a stop, hanging by her ankles a few feet above the floor.† She was terrified and afraid to move for fear of crashing head first to the floor.

Of course Chrisís screams had woken Doris but as she rose from the fog of sleep and tried to remember where she was, I pounced.† It was quick work to wrap a few turn of rope around her still in the restricting sleeping bag and secure her. I slung Doris over my shoulder and carefully backed down the stairs where I laid her bound body on the floor.† Neither she nor Chris were gagged as I no longer had a need to silence them. Chris was, predictably cursing at me but I just gazed at her hanging upside down, still in the sleeping bag like a bat from a cave roof.† A rather pretty bat, I must admit.† Just to add to her discomfort I gave her a gentle push and watched her swing back and forth at the end of the rope. I then went back and collected the other two women, removing their gags along the way.† Betty was left in her hog tie while Paula had her hands pulled over her head and down her back where they were held by a rope that wrapped around her waist, led through her pussy and up the crack of her ass to fasten, tightly, to the rope around her wrists.† I couldnít help but notice that this position further flattened poor Paulaís chest until she could have been mistaken for a rather pretty boy.† Well, a boy above the waist perhaps.

I spent a moment just enjoying the sight of these four lovely women, securely held in my ropes.† I realized that the heat of my anger had dissipated though I still wanted to extract a suitable revenge for what they had done and how they had humiliated me.† A plan began to grow in my mind.† I suppose I gloated a bit as I said, with my best evil smile, "Well ladies, I think it is payback time."


"You first Chris," I said striding over to the still hanging ringleader.† I unzipped the sleeping bag and said, "Put your hands behind you."

"Never, you bastard," said Chris swinging wildly at me.† Then she froze as her violent gyrations made her ankles slip down a bit. I smiled as I took advantage of her fear and secured her hands behind her.† Then I lifted her and slipped off the noose.† Bound as she was it was relatively easy to march her to the large dining table and secure her right leg to one of the table legs.

Paula was next and was stood next to Chris.† Paulaís left leg was tied to the table leg at the other end and her right leg was secured at the knee and ankle by tightly cinched ropes to Chrisís left knee and ankle. Once she was secured to the table and to Chris I untied her hands and retied them behind her.

Having seen that it was hopeless, Doris offered only token resistance when I unwrapped the sleeping bag and extracted her from it.† Her hands were tied behind her and she was tied to the opposite side of the table facing Paula.† Betty soon completed the arrangement, opposite Chris, with one leg tied to the table leg and her other leg tied to Doris.

I tied rope around each womanís waist and led the end down the crack of their asses, through the lips of their pussies and up between their skin and the rope at the front or their waists.† I made certain that the ropes were deeply imbedded in their slits and held flat against their abdomens, any pulling would rub against their clits.† The ends of the ropes were all tied together, more or less in the center of the table.†

Though the cabin was equipped with electricity a large heavy candle-lit chandelier hung over the table.† I guess electric service wasnít all that reliable out here in the woods.† In any case it served my purpose admirably. I climbed up on the table and removed it leaving the heavy suspension chain that was fastened to the ceiling.† Dismounting I fastened a rope to each womanís hands and threaded it through the lowest link of the chain.†

Selecting a rope at random I hauled on it hoisting, as it turned out, Dorisí hands and arms forcing her to bend over the center of the table.† I pulled until she was bent over the table with her lovely large breasts just inches above the surface.† Hey, I am a guy.† I notice breasts.† With her arms pulled up behind her she was forced to push back with her ass which was now attractively, if somewhat provocatively, displayed.

Having her in the position I wanted, I lifted the knotted pussy ropes and tied the rope from Dorisí hands to it.† Now, as she soon discovered, if she moved or tried to stand more upright she would pull on all four pussy ropes.† I repeated the process with the remaining three women so that each had her arms hoisted uncomfortably behind her and was forced to bend over the table with her breasts just above the table top and her buns stuck out to the rear.† Not quite satisfied with how uncomfortable they were, I lifted the bound together ankles and ran a rope to the crotch ropes.† Now all of the women were balancing on one foot and any movement of any of their hands, torsos or of their bent up legs would yank on the crotch ropes of all four of the women.

I gazed in satisfaction at the out thrust asses, dangling breasts, available ribs and armpits and soles. I knew that the women would move when spanked and that the others would be forced to move in response to the resulting tugs on their crotch ropes and the friction of the rope in their pussies.† I also knew that while I wanted to torment them for some time I just wasnít mean enough to beat their asses past a moderate point. Instead I would enjoy their shrieks of laughter as I tickled them, and their squirming would have the same effect on the crotch ropes.† Interconnected as they were I was pretty certain that movement by any one of the women would result in uncomfortable movement in reaction by all of the others.

Spanking first, I thought. I retrieved the ruler that Chris had used on my feet. I began with Chris and delivered a rapid series of hard swats which had her crying out in pain.† As I had anticipated each time Chris was swatted she moved tugging the other womenís crotch ropes. They in turn reacted to the tug by jerking and trying to balance on one foot which in turn tugged again at the crotch ropes. Soon the entire scene was one of writhing women, swaying breasts and twitching asses, as they tried to adjust to the swats and the tugging but found no way to remain still.† I was really enjoying this.

I continued to spank Chris until her ass was bright red and she was sobbing in pain.† Then I moved on to Paula who received a similar but somewhat milder spanking. I rounded the table and gave Doris and finally Betty spankings similar to Paula.† They were hurt and crying but not nearly as bruised as the ring leader.† Rounding the table to Chrisí position I set down the ruler and began to use my fingers on her arm pits and ribs.† Now Chris was hurting, but she was also very ticklish and screamed as I tickled her.† Of course she couldnít stay still so the rest of the women continued to be tormented by the movement of the crotch ropes.

For a while I moved from woman to woman amused at how their friendship quickly turned to nasty cries of "Quit that you bitch." Or "Stop moving, damn you."† After a while I backed off and found that, even without my stimulating one woman or another, the tugs and return tugs kept all of the women in motion for quite some time.† It was almost as if I had invented a perpetual motion machine.† Each time the women seemed about to slow down and regain their precarious balance, I could swat one or run a finger nail down a raised foot sole and start the entire circus up again.

After I had enjoyed the performance for some time, I realized that I felt worn out. It had been a strenuous morning.† Leaving the women moving against the crotch ropes in a sort of macabre dance, I wandered into the kitchen looking for coffee but found none prepared. I turned to the refrigerator hoping to find some cola for a quick burst of sugar and caffeine.† As I looked over the shelves my eyes fell to the vegetable crisper.† Sure enough, once opened, it revealed a healthy bunch of fresh carrots.† Grabbing the largest four, along with my can of cola, I returned to the dining area.

I slipped behind Betty and without warning slid a cold carrot into her pussy.† She was, as I had suspected, almost dripping wet.† After a few quick strokes with Betty squealing from the cold vegetable and jerking so that all of the women were in motion again, I pulled out the vegetable.† Without a pause I inserted the carrot into her anus causing another shriek.† Fortunately for Betty the taper and size of the carrot and the copious amount of her juices made the insertion almost painless.†

Chris who could see what he was doing stopped her complaining at the jerking of the crotch ropes and began to beg, "No.† Donít do that to us.† Please donít."

Ignoring Chrisís pleas I shifted to Doris, who was also wet though perhaps less so then Betty, and repeated the process. I then proceeded around the table to Paula and finally to Chris. I patted her still bright red, sore ass and said, "It isnít a vibrator like you used on me but it will have to do."† Then, without moistening the carrot in her pussy, I moved the vegetable to her anus and slowly inserted it deep into her bowels.

Stepping back I laughed at the site of the four women, once again in motion, this time with bright orange carrots sticking out of their asses with the green leaves of the top of the carrot plants being whipped about by their motion.† It made me think of the stories I had read of pony girls with butt plugs that had long tails of hair.† Well it was pretty good improvisation, but carrots are not butt plugs, and despite the bumpy surface of the vegetable, the women gradually expelled the carrots, one by one, over time. I thought briefly of forcing the women to eat the now dirty vegetables, but decided that this would be both nastier than I really wanted to be, and possibly dangerous from a health point of view.† Instead I decided to move on to some serious humiliation for Chris.

Chrisí Arousal and Humiliation

I unfastened the crotch ropes to sighs of relief and heart felt thanks from the women. I also let some slack into the ropes holding their arms up behind them before I tied them off, allowing them to stand more upright than the cramped doubled over position they had been in. In the process I untied the womenís raised ankles allowing them to stand on two feet for the first time in quite some time.† There were moans of relief as they straightened their cramped legs. I untied Chrisís ankle and knee from Paula's and used the rope to tie both of Paulaís ankles together.† Then I forced Chris onto the table on her back.† Her still fastened arms were uncomfortably under her body while her bruised buns ached from pressing onto the hard table.

While Betty, Paula and Doris watched I spread Chrisís legs and bent her knees over the sides of the table.† Her ankles were roped to the table legs under the table.† This left Chris in a wide and I hoped, very uncomfortable split. Then I looped a rope around Chrisís waist and secured it under the table holding her lower body in place.† Only then did I reach behind her back and untie her hands.† Chris struggled weakly but her arms and shoulders ached from having been drawn up behind her and fastened to the table as she was, she was no match for me when I drew one wrist and then the other to the upper corners of the table.† When I finished Chris was securely, if uncomfortably spread open on top of the table.

I untied the ropes holding Betty and Doris together and secured Betty with her ankles together just as I had done with Paula. I removed the rope holding Dorisí other ankle to the table leg and marched her to the foot of the table with her wrists still securely fastened behind her. I spread her legs and fastened each ankle to a table leg.† Being a guy, I was distracted by Dorisí chest and fondled her for a few moments before bringing myself back to the business at hand.† "You are going to eat her out," I said.

"But I am no lesbian," Doris protested. "This isnít fair."

"You didnít mind forcing me to use my tongue and I wonít mind forcing you to use yours.† And, as far a sexual preference goes, I donít recall any of you asking me if I was gay."

"You arenít gay," asserted Betty from her side of the table, probably thinking of how easily I had become aroused and hard and how enthusiastically I had returned her attentions while on the bed.

"No, Iím most certainly not but my point is that none of you bothered to ask."† I reached over for the ruler and delivered a swat to Dorisí ass.† Doris understood the message and protests forgotten she quickly leaned down and began lapping at Chrisís somewhat sore pussy.† Though Chris was sore from the chafing crotch rope it took very little time before her pre orgasmic shouts of, "Oh Yes.† Thatís it. Oh Yes.† Right there. Oh Yes," filled the room.† While Doris had been working on Chris I had been encouraging her by gently stroking her ass and pussy lips, but at that point, I grabbed Dorisí hair and pulled her head back.†

"Thatís enough," I said with a smile.† Bending down I unfastened Dorisí ankle ropes and ordered, "Now get up on the table and straddle her mouth."† As Chris moaned in frustration I helped Doris to step on a chair and then onto the table.† It only took a few seconds before her groin was just over Chrisís mouth with her knees and legs on either side of Chrisís head.

"Now Chris, I am going to stand here and encourage you by smacking your inner thighs with the ruler until Doris comes.† And Doris, I will test to see if you really did cum. and if I think you are trying to help her by faking it, I will beat your ass until it bleeds.† Chris, get busy."

Chris got busy and as Paula and Betty looked on, I began to swat at her thighs. It wasnít very forceful but it stung and the repetitive swats turned her skin pink as I struck her over and over again.† It didnít take long before Doris, who was pretty far along from my fingering, came with a gush of fluids that was obvious to everyone in the room.† Of course Chris, who had to swallow in order to breath, was more aware than the others.

I gently lifted Doris, who had collapsed into a slump when she came, down from the table top and carried her to a couch.† Still being very gentle I set her down and tied and cinched her ankles to ensure that she couldnít to move when she recovered from her orgasm.

Then I took the ropes holding Paulaís ankles off of the table legs and repositioned her at the foot of the table. I tied Paulaís ankles wide, as I had done with Doris and said, "You know the drill."

Playing Barbershop

Paula, wanting to avoid further swats to her still stinging ass, bent over and began to eat Chris.† After a few seconds, however she rose back upright.

"Whatís the matter?" I asked as I raised the ruler.

"I have pubic hair caught in my teeth," Paula complained.

"Well you guys didnít seem to care about that when you forced me to eat you all, but just to show you what a nice guy I am we will take care of that for you."† I smiled with a smile that could only have been called sinister.† I walked into the bathroom and came back with a razor, a small can of shaving foam and a warm damp rag.

"Do you use this to shave your legs Paula?" I asked.† Paula nodded and my smile grew wider.

"I used to live with a girl called Barbie. One of the reasons we broke up was that when Barbie used my razor on her legs she would forget to change the blade.† I always knew when she had done that as the leg hair nicked the blade and gave me a tough shave.† I used to hate it.† Oh well, I guess we have to work with what we have.† Paula, we are going to play barbershop and you are going to shave Chris bare with your razor.† Do a good job and get all the way down to her ass because you will get five hard swats for every hair I find on her after you are done."

"No," cried Chris, "what will my husband say?"

"Well we will just have to work up a story for him, wonít we?"† I responded as I untied Paulaís hands.† More quietly I whispered in Paulaís ear, "Be as gentle as you can be, I want to scare her not hurt her.† I changed the blade so it ought to be smooth and sharp."

Paula went to work and Chris found herself becoming aroused as her friend handled her labia.† When Paula was done, she wiped Chrisís pussy with the damp cloth.† While this was going on I untied Dorisí ankles and led her back to the table.

"Chris, why donít you tell your husband you saw how sexy Dorisí pussy looked bare and decided to try it.† Of course we will have to make sure Dorisí pussy is bare, just in case your husband ever checks on the story."

I helped Doris onto the table between Chrisís spread legs and directly in front of Paula.† Doris, who had been the life of the party was still irrepressible, stuck her tongue out at me but smiled as she spread her legs. She seemed to understand that protests wouldnít change anything and might earn her some punishment. Paula went to work.

When she had finished and Dorisí newly bare pussy shone. I briefly considered having Paula eat Doris before moving on to Chris, but decided to get back to my earlier plan.† I retied Paulaís hands behind her.† Then I untied Dorisí hands.

"Doris, my old grandmother used to say Ďnever two without three.í† Since turnabout is fair play I want you to slide off the table and kneel in front of Paula and return the favor.† Same deal.† If I find a hair when you are done you get five swats for each one."

Doris was untied but realized that she had no chance against me and did as I had instructed.† The interlude allowed Chris, still spread on the table to come down from her arousal.† When Doris was finished, I tossed the shaving gear into a corner and tied Dorisí hands behind her again. I walked her to the couch and tied her ankles and all was as it had been except that three newly bared pussies glinted wetly in the light.

The Games Continue

I gently tapped Paulaís ass with the ruler and nodded toward Chrisís pussy.† Paula (resigned to her fate and, it appeared, not particularly put off by the thought of eating another womanís pussy) bent over and began to work Chris back towards an orgasm.† As with Doris, I encouraged her by fondling her ass and pussy.† When Chris approached orgasm I again pulled Paula back, untied her legs and had her mount Chrisís mouth.† While she was positioning herself Chris was begging to be allowed to cum.† Paula's pussy effectively silenced her pleas and I slapped Chrisís thighs a couple of times to get her started on eating Paula.

After Paula had come, noisily I might add, I marched her over to Doris whose ankles I once again untied.† I wanted to give Chris time to cool down before I started Betty on her.

I looked at Doris and Paula and said, "Since both of you have proved so adept at eating out women I want you to sixty nine each other."† Their protests died as I gave the two women a stern look. I had Paula lie face up on the floor on her bound arms and Doris lie face down reversed on top of her. I took a couple of quick turns around the womenís waists to weld their bodies tightly together and then had Doris spread her legs.† Using Paulaís hair as a handle I pulled her face up into Dorisí crotch and had Doris close her legs, trapping Paulaís head.† Several turns and a cinch around Dorisí thighs assured that she wouldnít be able to loosen her grip.† Then I rolled the women over and repeated the process pressing Dorisí head to Paulaís crotch and securing them by lashing Paulaís thighs tightly together.†

I made their bondage slightly more comfortable by unbinding their hands from behind them and tying them stretched out along the legs that so tightly gripped their heads with Paulaís hands roped to Dorisí ankles and vice versa. I left the two women on their sides after instructing them that I wanted to hear plenty of tongue slurping and had better see some multiple orgasms.† As I had suspected the prospect of being eaten and forced to eat the other wasnít completely repugnant to either woman.† Paula was decidedly bi-sexual while Doris was a happy free spirit who was willing to try almost anything.† Just to remind them of who was in control I used the ruler a couple of times on each of their exposed asses but little encouragement was really required.

I returned to the table with the still widely spread Chris, who had come down from her near peak, and her sorority sister Betty.† "You know what is going to happen.† You are going to eat out Chris while I finger you from behind, just like the others." I said to Betty.

"I was surprised you only fondled the women while they were bent over.† I can see you are hard and excited by these games and I had half expected you to slide into Doris from behind," Betty said.

I laughed and said, "Well, I enjoy controlling lovely ladies like you four, and Iím certainly into heterosexual sex, but I am not into rape."

"It wouldnít be rape, if the woman was willing.† Some women like a man who knows how to take control and how to use ropes to stay in control."

I was surprised and asked, "You mean you would be willing?"

Betty answered his with a smile and a nod but Chris was shocked.† She said, "Betty how could you.† This guy may kill us all.† You donít know who he is or what he is going to do."

"Oh, Chris, thatís bull.† If Ken had wanted to harm us he would have done so already.† Actually he hasnít done as much to us as we did to him last night.† His punishments hurt but none of them have really been over the line or out of bounds.† And you, "sister" dear, have no room to talk.† You were supposed to be the designated driver last night and keep us all out of trouble.† Instead you got us involved in what could be some pretty nasty criminal activities.† I am just glad Ken decided on personal payback instead of going to the law.† Besides, he is cute and very well hung and, I think he would be a neat lover.† So just shut up and be grateful he isnít mad enough to really harm us."

"Thatís quite a speech," I said.† "Do you really mean it?"

Betty smiled and, revealing a submissive streak that I hadnít picked up on, said, "Yes, sir."

Now this could be interesting.† Barbie and I had played around a bit with bondage and I had found having a woman tied in my ropes added quite a bit to our sex life.† It might be fun to have a sweet little sub in the area.† I said "OK, but lets not just make this a one time thing.† I will be traveling with the show for about a week and a half but ought to get back to the area before the end of the month.† If you would like, I will call you and we can try to set something up."

"I would like that sir," said Betty

While all of this was going on I was positioning Betty as Doris and Paula had been at Chrisís widespread legs.† I said, "You know this doesnít change anything.† You were still part of the gang and still have to be punished like the others."

Betty looked up at me and said, "But, Sir, she is my sorority sister.† Isnít that incest or something?"

I noted the Ďsirí.† This Betty certainly did like to have a guy in control.† I looked at her and tapped her ass; she had a great ass that looked as though it would be eminently spankable, gently with the ruler and said, "You donít get a choice, Betty.† Get at it or I will batter that great ass of yours until you canít take any more and then you will be forced to do it anyway."

Betty looked from the ruler to Chrisís crotch and said, rather reluctantly, "Yes sir."† The she turned and began to arouse her sorority sister once again.

I began to run my hands gently up the back of Bettyís widespread legs.† After a bit I let my hands slip to her inner thighs and got an appreciative moan from Betty.† When my hand reached the junction of her leg and groin I found, as I had suspected, that Betty was dripping wet.† Now I eschewed rape, but Betty had clearly invited me and having spent the morning teasing and tormenting four lovely nude women had left me hard and needy.† Opening my pants I pulled out my penis and slid into Betty.

Bettyís legs were stretched apart but as I entered her I felt her clench her pussy around my penis.† The sensation of hot, wet, flesh overwhelmed me and I moaned appreciatively.† I am, however, a considerate lover and managed, with some difficulty to hold back. I knew, however, that I wouldnít last forever and to speed things along I reached around Bettyís hip and sought out her stiff little clitoris with my fingers. I began to roll Bettyís clit and to gently tug it in time with my pistoning strokes.† Each time I pushed forward Bettyís mouth was driven harder into Chrisís pussy and soon both women were moaning appreciatively.

Realizing how close Chris was, I used my other hand to pull Bettyís head back and away from the frustrated Chris.† Chris cursed as she felt Bettyís mouth move away.† This was payback as she watched me slamming into the fully aroused Betty.† With Bettyís head up Chris could still feel my thrusts through the tops of her thighs as Bettyís body was pushed forward with each thrust.† Soon she could hear Betty and my moans turn to screams as we both orgasmed, almost on top of her.

"I need to cum.† Oh please, let me cum," cried Chris.

"No not yet but since I have just given Betty an orgasm (as well as a load of sperm) you wonít have to eat her out.† Thatís all the pity you get Chris and you only get that because I like your sorority sister."

I untied Bettyís hands from behind her and retied them in front of her with the knots on top of her wrists. Then I hoisted her arms with the rope through the chandelier chain until she was standing, legs spread, in a duplicate of the inverted Y that had been my last bondage position.† Of course Betty was standing at the foot of the table while I had been flat on my back but otherwise the positions were identical.

Final Plans

I gave Betty a friendly swat on her ass with my hand, checked that Doris and Paula were still busy at pleasing one another and went back into the bedroom. I gathered up all of the womenís clothing, the sheets, pillow cases, towels and blankets and brought them into the main room. I also removed the curtains and checked the house for spare sheets, towels and clothing or other cloth items that could be used to cover a nude body. I also picked up the womenís purses, wallets and house keys and took every telephone in the house.

Wanting Doris and Paula to watch what was happening, I dragged over a coffee table next to the taller table to which Chris and Betty were still secured. I untied both Doris and Paula warning them that any resistance would force me to use strength and telling them that I didnít want to have to hit them.† Doris and Paula, exhausted both by the long evening and the multiple orgasms they had experienced at each otherís mouths, docilely complied as I ordered them to sit straddling the coffee table facing each other.

I then proceeded to lift Paulaís legs onto the table and tie Dorisí wrists to Paulaís ankles.† Then I brought up Dorisí legs and similarly secured Paulaís wrists to her ankles. I had the two women wiggle closer to each other so that their now bent their knees met and then I roped them together, Paulaís right knee to Dorisí left knee and vice versa. I then ran a line from one set of knees, under the coffee table to the other set.† Pulling on the rope I forced the women to spread their knees widely.† Satisfied with the position, I then tied off the rope.†

Being a guy, I took a few minutes to play with Dorisí impressive chest and, being a gentleman, I also played with Paulaís less full but still very nice breasts.† Because their legs were spread widely I also fingered their groins for a few moments.† Hey, I am a guy and these women were very attractive. When I had all four nipples standing at attention and Paula and Doris moaning from my fingers at their pussies, I left the women. They looked at their erect nipples and spread legs and Paula actually managed a blush.

I began tying the womenís clothes, the sheets and blankets, the curtains and towels into knots as the four women watched curiously. I showed the women their purses, wallets and house keys which I dropped into a pillow case.† I rolled it up and sealed it with duct tape and then shoved it into the bottom of a sleeping bag. I also showed them the car keys which I slipped into my pants pocket. Then I held up the telephones I had collected before adding them to the sleeping bag. Finally I began stuffing all the articles I had knotted into the bag.† When I was done, I folded the top of the bag and ran duct tape around it sealing the fat bundle shut.† Then I slid the sleeping bag, duct taped opening down, into the second sleeping bag which I also proceeded to tape shut further sealing the bundle. I picked up the large bundle and walked outside placing it in the trunk of the car.

I came back in and addressed the four women, "Ladies, here is what is going to happen.† I am going to change Betty and Chrisí bondage so that working together they will eventually be able to get free and release you two.† When that is done you will be four nude women, very attractive nude women I might add, without anything to wear or to use to cover yourselves and no cash or keys and no way to call a friend to come for you."

I paused and let this sink in as the women realized the plight they would be in even after they escaped his ropes.† I resumed, "I am going to drive back to the Powerhouse and park your car as near to where it was last night as I can manage.† Of course it is after mid-day on Saturday, and the Flats are crowded with people, both strollers and those going to the Improv for a matinee.† I am going to snag a cab and show the driver your car and then give him $100 of my money to come out here and pick you up.† I will tell him that there is a second $100 for him if he refuses to take you anyplace but back to your car in the middle of that very busy parking lot."

"But we are nude," protested Paula.

"Exactly!† You will have to ride in the cab nude and by the time you get there the matinee crowd ought to be coming out and the dinner crowds just arriving.† When you get to the parking lot you will have to transfer to the car nude in the middle of the crowds.† Of course you could go into the trunk to get your clothes but seeing how everything is sealed and knotted it would take you the best part of 30 minutes to get it sorted out and I donít think you will want to do that while nude in the busy parking lot.† No, I think your best bet will be to get directly from the cab into the car and drive away still nude.† Since your house keys are all buried in the trunk, you can either go to Chrisís and hope her husband is home to let you in, or better yet, to Bettyís where one or more of her kids are almost certain to be home."

I continued, "Of course you could drive to some remote park and get things from the trunk sorted out but I wouldnít advise it.† If it took almost an hour to get out here and another hour for me to drive back you might not have enough gas in the tank to drive out to a remote park.† With no clothes and no money you would be in bad trouble if you ran out of gas, especially in a nasty part of town.† No I think your best bet is to head for Bettyís place."

Chris, always the practical one, asked "Where will the car keys be you SOB?"† Her words were harsh but she was smiling as she realized the predicament the four friends would share.

"Now, now, attitude Chris..." I admonished with a smile.† "Just for that little outburst I am going to make your escape a bit more difficult as punishment.† As to your question, I will give the car keys to the cab driver but I am also going to tell him he doesnít get the second $100 unless he gets all four of you safely delivered to the car.† I want all four of you to get to be humiliated by being nude in the middle of the crowds at the parking lot."

Doris and Betty both groaned as I said they all had to take the nude ride.† They both had thought that they might be able to persuade one of the others to take the nude ride and bring the car and their clothes back.

Then I got busy with the final bondage. I untied the rope holding Chrisís hips to the table and used it as a crotch rope running the long end down her rear up the front bisecting her pussy, through the waist rope at the front and on up to where I tied it to the rope holding Bettyís arms up. I allowed enough slack to allow Betty to lower her arms until her elbows were about even with her mouth.†

I laughed as I told the sorority sisters, "OK. Here is the deal.† If Chris can arch her back and thrust her pussy up and hold still, it ought to give enough slack for Betty to get at the knots on her wrist with her teeth.† Of course Betty wonít be strong enough to lift Chris off the table so Chris has to hold that arch without squirming around.† If Chris slumps back to the table the rope will pull Bettyís arms up and the knots out of her reach."

I demonstrated by running an arm under Chrisí waist and lifting her.† Sure enough as she went up Betty was able to lower her arms and get her teeth on the knots.† Seeing that I had the ropes at the right length I quickly slipped my arm out from under Chris allowing her unprepared body to fall back to the table with a painful thump to her still sore ass.† Her weight jerked Bettyís arms up and the knots out of reach.

I turned to Doris and Paula.† "I donít think you ladies will be able to get free until Betty unties you.† I donít want you to struggle too much or you could fall off the coffee table and that could be painful."

"Oh, and one last thing: I promised Chris a little punishment for her outburst."

I produced the vibrator that had been used on me earlier in the morning and, tugging the crotch rope aside, slipped it into Chrisís pussy.† "It is set on high," I remarked.† "Try not to wriggle around too much.† It will just delay your eventual release."

"I will never be able to hold still you SOB." Chris said.

I just smiled at Chris, gently patted her pussy and said, "Try."

Then I leaned over and kissed Betty gently.† "Iíll call you soon." I promised.†† Stepping back I said, "Ladies, I canít say I enjoyed everything you did to me early this morning, but the rest of that day has been great fun. I know driving and running around the parking lot nude is going to be humiliating but think of how you all humiliated me last night.† See you soon, and I do mean SEE you, at the Powerhouse. Bye."† And I left.