The Football Game
by Sir Richard

The Set Up

Lori had changed her hair color without consulting me.  Now, don’t misunderstand.  While she had looked great as a blond, she would be even more lovely as a redhead.  No, I didn’t mind the change.  It was just that she had done it without asking my permission.  I felt that punishment was in order.  It was really a matter of exactly what and when.

When I say punishment I am not talking about whips and canes.  Neither Lori nor I are into serious pain.  A spanking, the strain of tight bondage, even tight nipple clips are within our boundaries, but no real mind shattering pain. Lori was a bright, single mother, living in San Francisco with a couple of kids.  She worked as a lawyer and was happy to have the burdens of decision making taken from her when we played.

Oddly enough for a woman, Lori was a NFL fanatic.  In particular she was a 49er fan and followed each game both preseason and through the regular games.  She could name players and statistics better than I and we often cuddled together at her place or mine to watch a game.  Victories called for celebration and defeats called for commiseration and both wound up, more often than not, with her bound in bed for our mutual enjoyment.  As it happened her kids were going off somewhere with her sister next weekend and we were planning to enjoy the game at her place.  It seemed to me the perfect opportunity to remind her of her submissive place in our relationship and to punish her for changing her hair color without having asked my permission.

Sunday rolled around and I rang the doorbell.  Lori greeted me looking luscious as always.  She wore a blouse and jeans with sandals.  I set down the bag of bondage toys I had brought, gave her a hug and a kiss and then told her to turn around and give me her wrists.  Lori saw the bag and knew that I had some devious plan in mind.  She loved to be fondled while tied, almost as much as I liked to tie and fondle her, so she saw nothing amiss and quickly turned offering me her wrists.  I used a pair of handcuffs knowing that I would replace them with rope later.  It always seemed to me that rope was more intimate than handcuffs.

Having captured her hands, I turned Lori around and began to unbutton her blouse.  She smiled at me and said in mock protest, “You’re feeling a little aggressive today.  Did I say you could undress me?”

“No, but you know that you enjoy our little bondage sessions as much as I do.  Besides with your hands cuffed behind you there isn’t much you can do about it, is there?”

“I could scream for help,” she said.

I didn’t reply but took a ball gag from my bag and placed it around her neck.  Then anticipating her trying to run from the room I unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down to her knees.  In the process I paused to grope her panty-clad ass.  Lori has a great ass, which is equally nice for kissing, spanking, or fondling.  She claims to be annoyed at how often guys have told her ‘You have a great ass.’ So of course I pulled her near and whispered “Great ass,” in her ear.

After a few minutes of enjoying the feel of her body against mine, and her body language indicating that the pleasure was mutual, I returned to unbuttoning her blouse.  I pushed it down her arms and let it hang from the cuffs.  Normally I would kiss and fondle her body as each part was revealed, but today I was in a hurry to get her in position before kick-off time.  I unfastened her bra and lifted it over her head allowing it to slide down to join her blouse.  Even with kick-off time fast approaching I couldn’t resist a quick cupping and fondling of her breasts.  Her nipples grew turgid suggesting that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I completed undressing her by pushing down her jeans and panties.  Her newly shaven pussy was inviting but I had a plan to follow.  I tied a loose hobble between her elbows and removed the cuffs.  Her hands were free but restricted somewhat by the line between her elbows.  I pulled off her blouse and bra and led her towards the couch.

“Kneel down.” I said.  “I want to get things set for today’s game.”

Puzzled Lori knelt while I turned on the TV and adjusted it to the correct channel.  Then I picked up my bag and went back to Lori.  I had her spread her thighs and then crossing her ankles behind her I tied and cinched them.  Next I put leather cuffs on her wrists and on the bottom of her thighs just above her knee.  Though she didn’t know it yet, her punishment was going to take quite some time and while I wanted her bound, I didn’t want to chafe her skin when she struggled. 

I ran a line from her right wrist around the far right leg of the couch and back to her thigh cuff.  With that side secured I repeated the action on her left side and removed the elbow rope.  Remaining behind her it was a simple matter to tighten the lines at her thigh cuffs so that her arms were pulled out towards the side of the couch and she had very little freedom of movement.

“It’s going to be hard to see the game,” Lori complained as she looked at the TV over her shoulder.

“You don’t know how hard it will be,” I said taking a blindfold from my bag and slipping it over her head completely blocking her sight.  “You really should have asked before changing your hair color.  Now I am going to punish you while the game is on.” I added.

For those of you who don’t follow American Football I should explain that the game is nominally one hour long with four 15-minute quarters plus a 20-minute half time intermission.  With all of the penalties, moving of the measurement markers, time outs, exchanges of sides, substitutions, challenges of official’s decisions, and commercial advertisements, the game actually takes about three hours of air time.  Thus each quarter, nominally 15 minutes, actually runs more like 35-40 minutes.

First Quarter

Lori was volubly protesting that this was an important even vital game (Isn’t that an oxymoron like military intelligence?) and that I was a nasty bastard for blindfolding her now, etc… I could have just gagged her but I didn’t want to obstruct her breathing during the first quarter’s punishment so I just ignored her.  I wandered into her bathroom and grabbed a towel and then into her kitchen for a large, several quart, pot.  I returned to Lori and spread the towel under her knees and bound ankles and placed the pot directly under her.

I couldn’t help admiring her lovely body from the rear.  I wanted to reach out and fondle her but that wasn’t the plan.  In the background the game got underway and Lori, realizing her protests were futile settled down to try to make out what was happening from the commentary.  Of course television sports commentary isn’t like radio commentary and it is hard to follow the game from the sound alone.

It soon became much harder for Lori as I held her crossed ankles in one hand and began to run my fingers over the soles of her feet.  At first she protested crying, “Stop that!” but soon all intelligible words were lost in her laughter.  Lori is very ticklish but doesn’t mind playful tickling when she is free to squirm and fight back.  When bound and held in place however, as she was now, she feels it is pure torture

And torture her I did.  I would tickle her until she was gasping for breath and then back off just a few seconds as she gulped in air.  Then I would resume sending her into gales of laughter.  I think she actually managed to get out ‘Stop’ or ‘Not fair’ once or twice but most of the time it was helpless shrieks of laughter. .  I had actually brought several feathers in my bag to increase the tickle torment but Lori was so responsive to my fingers that I never got around to using them.

Of course once you are being tickled every part of your body seems to become more sensitive to tickling.  With her arms stretched out, kneeling before the couch Lori’s underarms, armpits, and ribs were all delightfully exposed.  I took advantage of this exposure to shift targets in a random pattern.  I wouldn’t want my lovely submissive to become bored.

It was well into the quarter when she lost control of her bladder and urinated into the pot.  I ignored her loss of control and continued to tickle her until I judged that she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen.  Then I stopped and while she was gasping for breath I emptied the pot in the toilet and set it in the sink rinsing it and then filling it with hot water.  She could put it into the dishwasher later.

When I returned to the living room Lori had recovered her breath, so I began working on the soles of her feet again.  The tickle torment moved randomly to her ribs, her armpits, and back to her feet.  In addition to her soles, her arches and toes received considerable attention and I found that light touches barely stroking along her inner thighs produced the desired reaction.  I continued to tickle Lori until I heard the commentators say that the first quarter had ended.  As Lori caught her breath I moved into position for the next quarter.

Second Quarter

Between gasps Lori was saying over and over again, “No more, please no more.”

As I placed the ball gag in her mouth and buckled it behind her head I said, “OK, my love.  No more tickling.”  That, of course, did not mean no more punishment.  I finished gagging her and watched carefully to ensure that she was able to breathe.  Her chest was still heaving and I could hear the large intake of air through her nostrils but she seemed to be getting back down to a more normal level of breathing.

I knelt down behind her and slid my thigh between her legs until I was supporting that great butt with my thigh. I wrapped my hands around her torso and cradled her breasts as though I was weighing them.  Gently I lifted and fondled them getting an appreciative moan through her gag.  I let my thumbs slide across her breasts to tease her now turgid nipples as I brought my mouth into play gently kissing and nibbling on her ear lobe, licking into her ear, kissing the place behind her jaw bone just below her ear and down the side of her neck to her shoulder.

I knew I was having the desired effect as she tried to arch her body back against mine straining at the ropes that held her hands forward and to the side, towards the ends of the couch.  With one hand I continued to massage a breast while the other slipped up to grip her nipple, which I gently squeezed, rolled and tugged at.  I knew Lori enjoyed nipple play and she had, in fact, told me that when I played with her nipples, she felt sparks shooting directly into her pussy.

Continuing to play with her nipples with one hand I let the other brush down over her stomach, tease her belly button and come to rest on her abdomen just above her mound.  I continued to play with her breasts and to kiss her neck and ears as my hand slid down and cupped her labia.  After a few seconds I inserted a finger and, as I had anticipated, found her very wet.  A second finger slid in easily and I began a slow in and out motion.

Usually I would have used my thumb to stimulate Lori’s clitoris but not today.  Today was punishment day and this quarter was planned for arousal without satisfaction.  My fingers continued in and out but I was careful not to curve them so that they might touch her G spot.  I wanted to arouse her but not allow her to orgasm.

I could smell her arousal now so I withdrew my two wet fingers and slid them over her upper lip just above the ball gag she wore.  I was certain that her musky scent would be apparent with every breath she drew.  I made a big production of noisily slurping her juices off my fingers and then resumed stimulating her neck and head with my lips and her vagina with my fingers.  My other hand never left her lovely breasts though I varied my touch from firm squeezes to light touches as I moved from breast to breast.

As Lori’s arousal grew I could feel her thrust her hips against my hand to try to get greater contact.  Perhaps I should have said to get contact on even more sensitive points.  This, of course, I denied her.  Now I playing with Lori’s vary attractive body could never become boring and repetitive but I will admit that while I continued to stimulate and arouse her, I occasionally turned my head to catch a bit of the action on the screen.  I never did this long enough to allow my touches to become routine and I varied my strokes and groping and penetration from area to are and type of touch from butterfly light touches to firm gripping.  While Lori’s body was sensitive at many places, her nipples seemed particularly productive for my purposes.  I never gripped and rolled them or flicked them without eliciting a groan and a bodily response from her.

As the TV announced the two-minute warning I changed Lori’s position by lifting her marvelous butt and pushing her forward.  She wound up with her head and upper shoulders resting on the couch and her back more or less parallel to the floor.  I am certain that she thought I was going to f**k her from the doggy position, but you know, dear reader, that I am more devious than that.  It was time to take Lori’s mind off her arousal and the need to cum that I had so carefully built up for so long.

Instead I got up and straddled her waist facing her ass.  During the last two minutes of play (which takes longer than two minutes, remember) I spanked her.  Not hard and viciously but hard enough to sting and very consistently.  I used one hand until it stung and then switched to the other.  When that one stung I went back to the first hand.  In this manner I covered her entire ass with stroke after stroke and watched the pale skin turn pink and then an angry red.  Her ass was almost purple by the time the half ended.

Half Time

Half time is, of course the quiet time to rest between the hectic activity of the halves of play.  When half time came I climbed off of Lori and went into her bedroom.  I rooted around through the night table by her bed until I found the C cell powered companion she used when the urge took her and she was alone at night.  It was an impressive length, silver colored and smooth sided, slightly larger than the C cells that powered it.

While there I also found the tweezers-style nipple clamps that had been my first bondage gift to her.  They were in a small cardboard box, about two inches deep, which would be perfect for my plans for the next step.

Bringing the vibrator, the nipple clamps and the box, I returned to Lori grabbing a length of rope from my bag as I passed it.  Her buns were still red and hot when I reached her.  It was time to take her mind off her still burning buns.  I tied the rope around her waist with the tail dangling down for later use and turned the vibrator on high.  I was certain she recognized the humming sound it made and think that she actually blushed a little.

Now I don’t think us guys will ever understand women.  Here is this gorgeous woman, nude and in my ropes, obviously we have been intimate, obviously she allowed me to strip off her clothing, obviously this isn’t the first time we have been nude together and yet my discovery and handling of her vibrator caused her to blush.  How can a nude woman who has had sex with you many times become embarrassed at the idea of your finding a vibrator in her night stand?  I guess it really doesn’t matter if we understand women as long as we mutually enjoy each other and I was certainly enjoying Lori’s punishment.

In the position Lori was in her breasts were swinging free below her chest.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Lori has very nice breasts but when a woman is held parallel to the floor, as Lori was, her breasts do hang down.  This suited my purpose as, with the vibrator on high, I stroked Lori’s breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples.  I used the vibrator and my finger to ensure that her lovely long nipples were as hard and turgid as I could make them. 

Then I fastened on the nipple clamps eliciting a groan from behind the ball gag.  These clamps were the tweezers type and got tighter as the keeper ring was pushed towards the tips.  I was very careful in applying them to ensure that they were gripping at the very base of Lori’s nipples, leaving the rest exposed to my fingers for tweaking, tugging and rolling.  I also made certain that they were tight enough to restrict the blood flow to her nipples making them very sensitive to the touch.  When both clamps were fastened I dropped the chain that connected them.  It hung from her nipples tugging at the clamps and gently swaying as Lori breathed.  I was hoping the gentle sway would be enough to constantly change the direction of the chain’s weight so that Lori would continually feel little tugs on her nipples.

With Lori’s breasts attended to I moved around to her rear and began to use the vibrator, still running on high to tease her ass crack, her sphincter and the very bottom of her pussy.  I would briefly run the vibe up her slit allowing the tip to just barely stimulate her clitoris.  As I did this Lori’s growing arousal became apparent.  Her outer vaginal lips grew slightly engorged and opened revealing her inner lips, shining with the lubrication she was producing.

I tell you, it took all of my willpower not to abandon my plans for tormenting the marvelous woman and dive into her pussy with my tongue.  Still with fortitude I wasn’t certain that I had, I returned to my plan.

Having aroused Lori once again, I turned the vibrator down to its lowest setting and slid it into her very wet opening.  I reached through her legs and brought back the rope from her waist to hold the vibrator in place.  Before I tied the rope off, however, I placed the now empty nipple clip box between Lori’s abdomen and the crotch rope.  This had the effect of holding the crotch rope away from the area of her clit.  No matter how much she wriggled back and forth and no matter how much vibration the rope transmitted, Lori was not getting any clitoral stimulation.  In this way I would keep her on edge with the vibrator and the constantly tugging nipple clamps but not allow her to get far enough along for an orgasm.  After all, half time was supposed to be a time for resting.

Having gone as far as I wanted, for the moment, I went into the kitchen for a beer.  Hey this was football season and it is almost unpatriotic not to have a beer while the game is on.  While in the kitchen I also got a small bowl and some ice cubes.

Third Quarter

I wandered back into the living room as the third quarter was beginning.  First things first, I thought.  I had best cool down those burning ass cheeks.  I did this by application of the ice to the inflamed portion of the beautiful body before me.  You would have thought I had touched her with a hot poker the way she squealed behind the gag and tried to jerk away.  Of course the ropes prevented much movement and I simply continued to apply ice cubes until I judged her to have sufficiently cooled down.

We had been at this for the better part of two hours and, while I had enjoyed every minute of playing with Lori’s glorious body, I had decided that, at sometime during the third quarter, I would need some relief.  Accordingly I removed Lori’s blindfold as no longer necessary.  With her head and shoulders holding her weight on the couch she couldn’t easily twist her head far enough around to see the TV.  I placed a riding crop on the couch where Lori could see it and pulled a ring gag from my bag.  Working swiftly, I unbuckled her ball gag and replaced it with the ring gag.  Then I undressed, sat on the couch with my thighs draped over Lori’s lovely shoulders, and slipped my very hard, and rather needy, penis into her mouth.  I was confident that my thighs on either side of her head, and my penis in her mouth would prevent her from turning to see the screen.  There was a distinct lack of enthusiasm for a moment or two until I gently tapped one of Lori’s breasts with the riding crop and said, “Get busy.”

It wasn’t much of a swat but the threat of harsher swats was enough and Lori got busy.  Lord, that woman was expert at oral sex.  By pushing back on her bounds she was able to get her mouth back until she could circle my glans with her tongue.  Now this was the way to watch football.

Lori was able to get her lips sealed around my penis and began to suck while swirling her tongue up and down the length of my rod.  She moved her head forward and began a back and forth thrusting motion that soon had me on edge.  I grabbed her hair and ejaculated into her mouth.

I glanced at the screen and saw that there were still about six minutes of playing time left so, instead of withdrawing I left my somewhat deflated cock in her mouth and told her to “Keep sucking.”

Lori had always been proud of her oral skills and, having decided that she had no way of avoiding my orders, she decided to make the occasion memorable by doing her best to completely drain me.  I am not certain that I fully understood everything she did or that I can recite them in order but it is fair to say that she rose to the challenge.  I do remember a lot of suction, quite a bit of tongue, her pretty head bobbing back and forth energetically and some vibration that seemed to come from her humming.  In any case she not only got me hard again but brought me off and drained me thoroughly.  I would have been ready to quit but before the quarter ended she had sucked me back to full rigidity again, with the clear intention of seeing if she could bring me off a third time.

Fourth Quarter

I withdrew as the teams changed sides for the fourth quarter saying “enough.”  Lori didn’t respond but despite the O gag she gave me one of those cat that swallowed the canary looks that said ‘I’ll bet your little punishment has left you drained and aching.’  She was, of course, absolutely correct.

I limped over to the television and, revealing a nasty streak I didn’t know I had, turned the sound down.  Then I came back behind her, untied the crotch rope, pulled out the vibrator and slid my now aching penis into her.  I rested my weight on her back and reached around to fondle her breasts while I began a slow in and out rhythm.

The intent had been to slowly f**k her for the entire quarter without allowing her to cum.  In my somewhat drained state, however, I miscalculated.  With my body high on her back my slow thrusts must have been at just the right angle that my penis rubbed across her G spot with each thrust.   Even with the slow rhythm, my rubbing her G spot combined with all of the earlier arousal had her screaming (I had left the O gag in place and hadn't bothered with the ball gag) through an orgasm in just a few minutes.

OK, Plan A was down the tubes.  Never let it be said that I wasn’t an inventive master.  Having blown the plan to deny her an orgasm I immediately switched to Plan B, multiple orgasms through the remainder of the quarter.  Having had two orgasms myself in the third quarter I was nowhere near ready to cum, so, despite her orgasm, I remained hard and was able to ride out the earthquake (the ropes helped limit her body movement) and continue thrusting. 

I would like to tell you that I continued that gentle motion through the fourth quarter riding Lori to orgasm after orgasm.  I would like to tell you that, but it wouldn’t be true.  Come on, what guy could last 35-40 minutes.  There may be some porn stars who can do that but not me.  Having had two orgasms from Lori’s talented mouth just a few minutes before, I did outlast that first orgasm.  It may also have helped that with her knees pulled towards the end of the couch Lori’s pussy wasn’t as tight around my penis as when she had her legs locked around my waist.  Don’t get me wrong; Lori’s pussy wasn’t loose. I could feel it tight around me, just not quite as tight as when her legs were free.

In any case, I had Lori well on the way to a second orgasm when I felt that familiar tightening in my testicles.  I managed to get my hand around her body and slide a finger up from the juncture of our groins, through her slit to her hard clitoris.  I used my thumb and second finger to grip her clit, firmly but gently, always gently, and my index finger to tease her clit with gentle rubbing.  The result was to bring her off a second time more or less as I was exploding into her.

Well that was it for me, at least for the time being.  Still, I wanted to take advantage of Lori’s (and most women’s) marvelous ability for multiple orgasms.  I reached out to the side for the recently discarded vibrator and turned it back on and up to high.  I teased her breasts and the crack of her ass for a few minutes, giving her time to come down from her second orgasm.  Well, OK, I guess it also gave me time to enjoy Lori’s bound body and watch her twist and squirm in my ropes.

I slid the buzzing vibrator into her, tilting it forward trying to emulate the position my cock had been in when it was rubbing her G spot.  A garbled shreik (she was still wearing the ring gag) indicated when I hit the correct spot.  I very gently moved it back and forth over her G spot and in just a few minutes Lori came for her third time.  She was sweating and moaning almost constantly now but I knew that, unless I absolutely exhausted her with orgasms, I would get a lot of verbal abuse.  Not over my having teased her for so long, but over my keeping her from watching her beloved 49ers play.  My intent now was to ensure she had nothing to complain about.

I briefly considered trying to fasten the vibrator in place and taking my flacid dick back to her O ring gagged mouth to see if she could resurrect me once again.  I abandoned the idea when I realized how effective the constant stimulation of her G spot was and how unlikely it was that I could achieve this just by roping the vibrator in place.

And I was being effective.  Lori was coming frequently now and each one was prolonged by the happily buzzing toy.  I know that continual clitoral stimulation can become almost painful to a woman but this was evidently not the case, at least with Lori, with continual G spot stimulation.  She seemed to go from peak to peak with long moans interspersed with high-pitched shrieks.  I could see that her body was tiring and, to my surprise, I could feel myself responding to her beautiful predicament by growing hard once again.

I scooped a handful of her lubrication from between her legs and applied it to the crack of her ass.  I knew she felt my hands but she was so absorbed in her orgasms that she didn’t even respond to my touch.  I scooped up another handful and applied it around and into her sphincter.  Then I removed the dripping vibrator from her pussy and slowly worked it into her ass.

Of course the vibrator didn’t have an indent like a normal butt plug so I had to hold it in place with one hand while I used my other hand to guide my once again turgid penis into her warm, wet pussy.  Once I was in I could press my body against the base of the vibe so that each time I drove into her pussy with my cock, my belly pushed the vibrator slightly deeper into her ass.

Her pussy had always been a warm wet vise but now it was pulsing from the aftershocks of her multiple orgasms and it felt like fingers grasping me.  I suppose, if I were more poetic, I might say it felt like fingers playing on my skin flute.  It was a wonderful feeling but I was so drained from my prior orgasms that I wasn’t sure that there was anything left in my testicles to give.  Still the sensations were amazing.

Lori had been coming from internal G spot stimulation alone, so I decided that it was time to pay some attention to her clitty again.  I slid my arm around her hip (Have I mentioned Lori has a great ass?) and fondled her engorged labia.  I slid my fingers into and up through her slit and sure enough, erect and waiting, was her lovely clit.

Post Game

Though my attention was on Lori I dimly heard the commentators announce the final score.  It was time to end Lori’s punishment.  I brought her off again as I (rather weakly) spurted into her.  As I withdrew I looked at her face and found her eyes closed.  She hadn’t actually passed out but was exhausted from her multiple orgasms.  Enough was enough.

I removed the vibrator from her anus.  I had already softened and slid out.  Then I unfastened the ropes and removed the cuffs.  Lori didn’t move, until I took the nipple clamps from her.  Then the returning blood flow created sharper pain that caused her to roll to her side and collapse with her back to the couch.

I scooped her up and carried her into her bedroom.  I laid her gently on her bed and she looked up at me and said, “That was pretty intense.  I was going to try brunette but I think I will wait until after the football season ends.  What was the final score?”

I was pleased to see that she still had her sense of humor but replied, “I have no idea what the score was.  You might recall that I was preoccupied with a lovely sub’s body.”

“You really are a rat,” she said, but her tone belied the comment.  I left her there and returned to the living room where I turned off the TV and picked up my toys.  I debated a moment and then returned to her bedroom, slipping into bed with Lori for a little post coital cuddling.  She had rolled onto her side so I spooned up behind her and wrapped one arm around her holding us close.  Lori was almost asleep but she gave a sleepy, happy grunt and pushed her ass back against me as we both drifted off to sleep.