Bright Penny
by Sir Richard

Authorís Note

This story is totally fiction and is a little darker than the stories I usually write.† It includes an episode of non-consensual bondage and of the protagonist using some unusual items such as a house cat to torment his submissive.† These elements are included to carry the story along.† I donít find them offensive, but if they bother you please skip over them or donít bother with this story at all.

Chapter One: Beginnings


It began with a rescue.† I had taken a well deserved vacation and was just beginning a week of hiking and camping in a state park when I came upon them.† Using the rangerís map Iíd branched off the well traveled trails and taken a little used path towards a stream.† I might never have noticed her as their camp was off the path itself; but the late afternoon light was shining on her bare back.† At first I didnít realize what I was seeing and then, when I realized it was the nude back of a woman, I thought of just slipping by to avoid embarrassing whoever had decided to go au natural in the woods.† It was her lack of motion that finally drew me toward the camp.

I decided to approach slowly making more noise and calling out "Anyone in the Camp?" to announce my presence and let her scurry for her clothes.† As I approached I was puzzled by the lack of movement.† It became clear as I reached the camp.† In front of me was a nude woman, apparently unconscious, hanging from her arms which had been cuffed behind her back.† She was turned away from me facing towards the bubbling stream and bore marks that could only have been made by a cane or rod.† They looked to be several days old.†

On the ground near her was a man who had apparently been beating her.† His head was in a pool of dried blood next to a rock and his neck was bent at an un-natural angle.† Apparently he had stepped back to get a better swing and had tripped and fallen hitting his head on the rock and either broke his neck or bled to death.† His bowels had released in death and the stench of feces, mixed with the coppery smell of blood was strong.† As I approached the couple I saw flies and insects swarming around his head.† He was obviously past help.

I turned towards the woman and noted that she was standing on muddy ground and her legs were streaked with her own feces.† I wondered how long she had been hanging there slowly dehydrating with the sounds of the stream tormenting her.† Well first things first.† Her hands had been handcuffed behind her and a rope over a tree branch had been used to hoist them forcing her to bend over.† When she had sagged the metal cuffs had cruelly cut into her wrists.

I wrapped my left arm around her waist and cut the rope with my right.† When she felt my arm she moved very slightly trying to straighten her legs and take some of the strain off her shoulders.† I cut the rope and laid her down more or less on her back and side.† Her eyes fluttered weakly.† I held her shoulders and head part way up, pulled out my canteen and let her have a few sips of water. Her lips were dry and cracked but she moved her head forward as I pulled the canteen back. I said, "Just take a few sips, until we are sure your stomach can handle it."

After a few minutes I gave her a longer drink.† She managed to get her eyes open and looked at me as she drank.† When I took away the canteen she tried to say something. †It might have been thank you but it came out mostly as a croak.† "Donít try to talk yet," I advised.

As I squatted there with her in my arms I took a look at the woman.† She had a fit athletic body which the dried sweat and feces didnít hide.† Although many parts of her body bore the fading marks of the whipping, her breasts were firm and full but not excessive for her frame.† Her hips were wide and generous and her legs looked very toned.† Her pussy had been shaved but a slim strip of pubic hair above it verified the jet black color of her hair.† Her face was attractive but was drawn and shallow with large bags under her eyes that spoke of sleepless nights until she had finally passed out.† Her hair was dirty and matted.

I gave her a longer drink and then broke chunks off a protein bar and fed them to her.† I tried my cell phone and surprisingly was able to make a 911 call.† I explained what I had found and tried to provide a location but all I had was a ranger station trail map and the sheriffís station I was talking to had a much different map.† In the end we agreed that there seemed to be no immediate medical emergency requiring them to call out the search and rescue people.† I could care for the woman overnight and help her back to the main trail in the morning.†

In the morning the sheriffís department would check at the ranger station and try to get a fix from the trail map coordinates I had given them.† Then they would bring up a four wheel drive along the main trail and meet me at the intersection.† I gave them my cell phone number in case they had problems locating the intersection in the morning.

Dressing for Dinner

With an immediate plan of action settled I turned back to the woman and explained what had been planned.† She seemed to be recovering rapidly as her body absorbed the fluids and the protein bar.† I told her, "Itís time to get you cleaned up and then I will make us a real supper."† Suiting action to words, I picked her up and carried her to the stream where I lowered her, rather unthinkingly, into the water. I was wearing boots and she was nude so the water temperature didn't register until I had set her down.† She was in a sitting position and shrieked as the cold water covered her legs and lower body up to her waist.† I chuckled and said, "Sorry, I didnít think of how cold it was but we have to get some of that filth off of you and this seemed like the quickest way.† Lean back and letís wash your upper body and face."

Obediently she leaned against my hand as I let her body slowly down into the stream bed.† "Deep breath," I ordered.† Her chest rose impressively as she obeyed me and I dipped her head below water and then pulled her back up.†

"Itís cold!" she complained, so I pulled her to her feet.† I was about to lead her back to the camp when I realized that her ankles were tied.† Dipping my shoulder to her middle I folded her over and walked out of the stream bed.† I couldnít help noticing the attractive ass under my steadying hand.† (Well I didnít want to drop her. I had to put my hand somewhere and it just seemed natural to put it on her ass.)

Once clear of the stream bed I set her on her not too steady feet and bent to cut her ankles free.† She remained upright but sort of leaned against me.† This put her pussy roughly into the side of my face and the feel of the soft flesh was arousing.† In fact I felt both aroused and, given the situation, ashamed of myself.† With her legs free I walked her back to the camp, pulled out a towel and began to dry her shivering body.† I scrubbed the towel down her back trying to avoid the still tender marks of the whip.† Then I swiped the towel over her cuffed arms and then made a quick swipe over an appealing, if still sensitive, ass and on down her legs.† Standing, I turned her and ran down the front as quickly as possible.

"I know youíre trying to be a gentleman but I am still wet between my legs and under my breasts."† Well who could resist?† I dried her breasts and then reached between her legs pushing the towel between her ass cheeks and wiped forward with my hand.† When I looked up (well I had to pay attention to what I was doing, didnít I) I saw that she was crying.

I jerked my hand away as though I had touched a hot poker and asked, "Did I hurt you?"

She answered, "No, I was just standing here and enjoying your hands on me when I looked over and saw Bill again.† I thought I was all over crying for him after the last three days but now I know I am going to live and he isnít and it feels bad all over again."

"Letís get you dressed before you freeze, and then Iíll make us some dinner.† We can talk about it if it will help."† Donít ask me why I suggested clothing that lovely body.† It certainly wasnít my first idea.

"Thanks...† I donít even know your name."

"Itís Fred, Fred Peters.† And you are?"

"Iím Penny.† Well, Penelope Ann Marshall but everyone calls me Penny.† And thatís... that was Bill Jackson."

"Pleased to meet you Penny; although the circumstances could have been better.† Now where do we look for your clothes?"

"My stuff is right over there but I donít know how to get dressed with these handcuffs."

She had no idea of where the handcuff keys were and though I checked the bodyís pants pockets I couldnít find them.† I got her into her panties, jeans, socks and walking boots but the bra was a non-starter and her blouse would not close with her arms trapped behind her back.† In the end I got her into a spare shirt of mine buttoned around her torso and arms.

I started a fire and began to cook a stew with freeze dried supplies Iíd brought.† Water was no problem as I boiled the stream water for cooking.† I also boiled a canteen full and, tightly capping my canteen set it in the stream to cool for drinking water.† As I worked on the meal we talked.


Penny and Bill had been together for about six months and had been on the verge of breaking up.† Sheíd agreed to this trip as a last shot at reconciliation.† Among other things it transpired that Penny liked Ďlove bondageí and sexual bondage games but Bill liked to play harder and more sadistically.† When they had started out they thought about how lucky they were to find someone into the lifestyle but gradually had come to realize that she liked B&D while he wanted S&M.† As Penny put it, "I am a submissive but not a masochist.† I guess you think Iím pretty weird, huh?"

"No not at all.† Iím sorry for your loss," I said, changing the subject and nodding in the general direction of the body.

"Iím not sure it is my loss," she said.† "We had pretty much decided to break up and look for others.† The B&D vs. S&M was a big part of it, but not the only thing where we didnít fit.† I thought this trip was going to be one last chance at seeing if we could find some middle ground but he apparently viewed it as one last time to whip me.† When he had me strung up he said that since this was the last time he was going to whip me he was going to make sure I remembered it.† He even ignored my safe word.† The bastard!"

I chuckled and replied, "Well I had guessed from the strapado and the cane stripes on your body that the reconciliation didnít work but it seems that Bill was right about the other stuff.† That was the last time he will ever beat you and, given all that has happened, I doubt if you will ever forget this trip."

She smiled ruefully and nodded.†

I asked, "If you knew he was wrong for you why did you stay with him?"

She thought for a moment and then said, "Well, at first I didnít know he was wrong for me.† For the first month or so we were just getting to know one another and bondage never was mentioned.† Then when he and I realized we both liked bondage we thought we were a good fit.† When it became clear that he was more sadistic than I could take, I guess I did what women always do -- I told myself that I could change him.† Like the song says Ďthe only thing changing is my way of thinkingí. "

I mentally gave Penny points for quoting country and western music.

"Then when I knew things werenít working out I think I was afraid of losing what I had.† Itís hard for a single woman who is into bondage.† Not only do you have to look out for all the creeps who just want to get into your pants, you have to watch out for people who will really hurt you.† Bill was bad but he didnít brand or mutilate me."

I said, "Itís hard for men who are into bondage too.† I donít think ĎLet me tie you to my bed.í is a pick up line that would work."

Dinner was almost ready and I said, "I have an idea.† Let me get this shirt off of you.† Then lie down on your back and push your hands down below your butt."† Penny was startled but didnít pull away as I unbuttoned the shirt and unwrapped her.

She looked at me strangely but complied and lay down.† I grabbed the nearest ankle and said, "OK. Now try to bring this knee up to your chest."† She did as I directed and I pushed on her knee and then on her ankle getting her foot down between the links on the handcuff.† She understood immediately what I was trying to do and straightened her leg with the links on top of it as she drew up her other leg.† Again I helped with the mechanics and when she straightened out her hands were cuffed in front of her.

"Brilliant! You are a genius!" she exclaimed as she stood up.† She was so overjoyed to have her cuffed hands in front of her that she twirled around like a little child.† Her joy was infectious and I stood watching her grinning like an idiot.† Of course the sight of her bare torso with her breasts swinging and bouncing about might have made me smile anyway.† She twirled over to me, grabbed my shirt and kissed me.† I think it was meant to be a little peck that said ĎI am so happyí but something happened.† Without any conscious though my arms came up and enfolded her and she pressed harder against me and suddenly the kiss was all passion and fire.

Now I know I didnít really levitate but suddenly I couldnít feel the ground, and if you have ever been hiking you know that at the end of a day your feet always feel whatever you are standing on.† In any case I think my entire body went numb.† I could feel her body against me but all of my brain seemed to be focused on her mouth.

After a few seconds, or perhaps a few minutes (I know it wasnít a few hours because the stew didnít burn) we broke the kiss.† "Wow!" I said, proving what a brilliant conversationalist I am.†

"Wow!" she replied looking into my eyes.† "Where did that come from?"

"I donít know, but I really enjoyed it," I said.

"Yes," she said, "so did I.† Thatís what scares me."

We were silent for a bit as I draped the shirt over her shoulders.† I didnít button it so that she could use her hands.† Well, OK.† A side benefit of not buttoning the shirt was it left her lovely torso and firm breasts on display.† Yes it was a side benefit.† The idea was to allow her to use her hands to eat.† Which we did.† Quietly.† Penny was, understandably, hungry and by now I was pretty certain her stomach could tolerate food again.

And So to Sleep

After dinner I cleaned up the cookware and plates, checked the fire to ensure it would die out peacefully.† It was time to get undressed for the night.† With her hands now in front Penny was able to handle this herself and stripped down to her panties.† In deference to her I decided to sleep in my boxers instead of nude as I usually do,

I had just opened my sleeping bag and was about to lie down when Penny asked, "Would it be OK if I sleep with you tonight?† I donít want to fool around or anything but I was so lonely that I want to be cuddled up close to someone tonight."

Now I have had better offers.† The idea of spending the night against that rather sensational body, and not doing anything about it, wasnít very enticing.† Still I suppose if you are going to rescue damsels in distress, you have to offer a full service rescue and I responded, "Sure, that would be fine."

We climbed into my sleeping bag and made ourselves as comfortable as possible.† Penny asked, "Fred, you werenít shocked when I talked about bondage and you knew the difference between B&D and S&M and you even knew what a strapado was.† Are you into bondage?"

"I am when I have a partner," I replied.† "My wife died some years ago in an accident.† I havenít really gotten back into dating since then.† I guess I still miss her.† In any case, right now I am into solitude and celibacy more than B&D."

Penny mulled over my response and seemed to grow thoughtful.† My sleeping bag had been designed to be roomy for one person.† With two persons it was tight and constricting.† Penny said, "This is so constricting.† Itís like being in a body bag."

I said nothing and after a minute or so of silence she remarked, "Something is poking me."† She moved her hand and encountered my very hard penis.† "Who is this?" she asked while running her fingers over it.

"Thatís me," I said trying to maintain a normal voice.

"Donít you have a name for it?" she asked, adding, "I think a lot of guys have a pet name for it."

By this time it had slipped through the opening in my boxers and she was fondling me.† My voice was strained as I replied, "No, I have never named my body parts.† When I was married my wife called it Winston.† I think it had to do with those long fat cigars Churchill always smoked."

Penny had moved on top of me and pulling aside the crotch of her panties she maneuvered me into her.† She was hot, wet and tight.† She said, "Is Winston going to prove if Frederick is really Ďthe greatí?"

Something perverse in my nature made me say, "I thought you didnít want to fool around."

I heard her say, soto voice, "Whose fooling?"† Then she went on in a normal voice, "I think the tight sleeping bag made me horny.† In any case Iíve changed my mind."† I must admit I wasnít thinking with my head at the moment.

She brought her hands up between us and over my head lowering them behind my back.† She hugged me to her while clenching with her pussy and said, "Gotcha."

Gotcha?† My mind registered the last few minutes of our conversation.† Sheíd changed her mind?† What the devil was going on here?† Whatever sort of relationship was developing here it required some clarification.† I grabbed a very well-shaped ass cheek with one hand and her smooth back with the other and rolled us over.† She grunted a little "Oh!" of surprise.

With me now on top I exercised a supreme bit of will power and pulled up and out of her.† Then I brought my hand down and slid under the waistband of her panties and began to massage her mound.† I slipped one and then a second finger into her and moved them slowly into and out of her.† I maneuvered with my thumb to gently rub her clitoris.† She moaned appreciatively and soon began to stiffen as her orgasm approached.

I stopped and as she began to say "Donít stop" I brought my wet fingers up and into her mouth.† "Suck." I demanded.† As she began to comply I said, "Penny, in my relationships I am the dominant.† I decide when we fool around, and I decide who comes or doesnít.† I decide when and I decide how.† Is that clear?"†

I pulled my fingers from her mouth and she responded meekly, "Yes sir."

Then, not being a complete fool, I moved the crotch of her panties to one side and re-entered her.† I began a slow rhythm but couldnít keep from speeding up as I felt her squeeze me.† The tight bag kept her from wrapping her legs around me but she was able to get her calves around my legs and meet me thrust for thrust.† My prep work with my hand paid off and, despite the limitations of movement in the tight bag, she came before I did with a loud piercing scream of joy; not long before I did.† Her pussy seemed to clench and milk me as her body arched (well as much as it could with my body on top of her and in the tight sleeping bag) and grew rigid and I couldnít hold back any longer.

As we both came down from our orgasms I rolled over so her weight was mostly on top.† Lust slaked, at least momentarily, mundane realities began to seep into our befuddled brains.† "I hope you are on the pill." I said.

"I am.† Can I assume we are both disease free?"

This was a hell of a time to ask I thought as I responded, "I am, how about you?"

"Clean as a virgin," she answered.† Then, changing the subject she said, "Thank you Winston, that was very nice.† Be sure to let me know when Frederick, the great, decides you can come out to play."

I caught the Ďwhen Frederick decidesí but couldnít make up my mind if she was being sincere or teasing me about my ĎI decideí speech.† In the end I decided it didnít matter.† It had been a rough day and tomorrow we had the authorities to look forward to.† I pushed her head down on my shoulder and said, "That was wonderful Penny.† Even in this stupid bag.† Now go to sleep."

She wiggled herself into a comfortable position and responded meekly, "Yes sir."

Next Morning

We woke up together.† Itís impossible not to when sharing a one-person sleeping bag.† I hugged Penny and told her again how I thought she was marvelous.† She was strangely silent.† I got the bag open and as we got up she said, "I want to apologize for last night."

Still in my morning fog I missed all of what she was trying to say and replied, "There is nothing to apologize for.† I was surprised you were up to it last night.† I guess the restorative powers of my stew were better than I thought."

"No, No."† She didnít say dummy but I think it was implied when she continued with, "I mean thatís not the way I act.† I donít jump into bed with guys like that.† You must think I am some sort of a slut."

"Penny, you have been on an emotional roller coaster.† Troubles with Bill, then you guys come up here to patch things up and then he double crosses you and ignores your safe word, then he falls and can't† hurt you any more, then several days of painful position and slow dehydration, then an accidental rescue.† You werenít thinking too clearly.† I understood when you said you wanted to be held by some one and I understand when you wanted more intimate comfort.† I just wish I had been more in control of my hormones last night.† I think I am the one who owes you an apology."

Penny smiled sadly and shook her head.† "You really are a nice guy."

We had breakfast and headed down the trail.† We had just reached the main trail when the Sheriff reached us.† It was quite a procession: two Sheriffís Explorers, a Coronerís Bronco and an ambulance bringing up the rear.† Both the Explorers carried four people which I assumed was to provide help in packing everything out.

One of the deputies un-cuffed Penny and she turned her back and got her arms into my shirt and buttoned it up.† The EMTs bundled her into the ambulance along with two deputies.† Penny said she felt fine but they insisted she needed to be checked out at the local hospital.

I, on the other hand, got to retell my story and lead the remaining people back to the camp site.† After I pointed out where everything had been I was taken back to town and quizzed for a couple of hours.† It seemed that the authorities felt my account was only one possible explanation for what they found, the other being that Penny and I had deliberately killed Bill and then rigged up the entire rescue scene between us.† They insisted I stay in town but told me that if I agreed to stay they would release me and even provide a motel room instead of holding me in a cell for 24 hours.† They also insisted that I allow them to impound my car so that it could be examined for forensic evidence.† Once I had agreed to all this I was released. Penny was still at the hospital and would be at least over night so I didnít have a chance to see her again

Second Chances

I spent a boring day exploring the small and not very interesting town.† One bright spot was that I ran into Penny who had been released from the hospital that morning.† Being the only people we knew in that town, we spent the afternoon together and had dinner.† Afterwards we walked back to the motel, said good night and headed towards our respective rooms. I had just returned to my room and was about to try to get some sleep.† I heard a light tapping.† I opened the door but there was no one there but the tapping continued.† I looked around and realized it was coming from the connecting door to the next room.

I opened the door to find Penny.† I looked at her and she softly asked, "Can I come in and sit with you for a while?"† I stepped back and allowed her to come in.† Deciding discretion was the better part of valor I sat in the roomís chair instead of on the bed.† Somewhat to my surprise Penny plopped down in my lap and cuddled close to me.† She, like me, was upset at being considered a suspect and had been questioned by the sheriff for most of the morning.† Towards the end of the day the deputies checking out her friends began to come back with evidence supporting her story and it looked as though we would be allowed to leave the next day.

This was good news.† I found holding Penny in my lap was having an interesting and definitely arousing effect on me.† I found myself in a very awkward situation as I really didnít think I was in any position to take liberties with her when Penny startled me by asking, "Can Winston come and play?"† Then she added with a smile, "You are a pretty dominating sort of guy but you are being such a reticent gentleman, I decided that the only thing left for me is to seduce you tonight."

I laughed and responded, "I donít think I will require much seduction.† You are very aggressive for a submissive."

She laughed and answered, "Yes I am.† Thatís part of my problem.† By day I function efficiently in the business world.† I even manage a section of my department, though I do try to avoid conflict.† I deal with problems and take positions all the time.† Itís at night that I want to be mastered.† Are you going to punish me for being too aggressive?"

Oh my.† This was like some sort of dream coming true.† "Probably," I said with a smile.


This was taking a very strange and rather marvelous turn.† I still loved my dead wife but the mourning period had gradually passed and I had played with various women but found most submissive women to be excessively so.† I called them Barbie dolls.† You could pose them however and whenever you wanted.† I found little thrill to controlling them because they needed so little control.† Although I am no horseman, I suspect it is like the difference between riding a tame saddle horse and bringing a wild stallion (or perhaps a wild mare would be more appropriate) under control.† I wanted a submissive, but one with fire and a spark that would make me work to master her.† I wanted a woman with opinions and views and the intelligence to support them with and the wit and ability to argue her positions.† Could it be that my walk in the woods had led me to what I had been seeking for several years?† I might have to start believing in destiny.

That all passed through my mind in a second or so.† What I said was, "Good, because I find you very attractive and since you knocked on the door ĎWinstoní has been aching to play.† Just one little problem, I donít really want to tell everyone in the vicinity that we are together, so I am going to have to gag you."

She looked around the more or less bare motel room and asked, "How?"

I smiled and said, "Thatís ĎHow sir?í but I will let it go this time.† I have an idea. Get undressed please."

Penny smiled and began to unbutton her blouse.† While she was doing that I went into her room and took the two pillowcases off her bed.† When I returned she was nude.†

Not just nude but gloriously nude.† I had seen her without clothes when I found her in the camp but then she had been dirty and bedraggled, with insect bites over her body and pouches under her eyes.† This was a revitalized nude with the whip marks faded and pretty much gone, her body straight and firm.† Even though she had no shoes, her legs were well-toned and shapely, her butt was tight, firm and attractive.† Pennyís hair had been shampooed that morning and glowed with health and radiance. It was now shiny ebony.† The pouches under her eyes had faded and her face was classical.† She wasnít quite beautiful but she was very, very pretty, or perhaps it was just that I liked what I saw so much.

Letís see, have I forgotten anything?† Oh yes her torso and breasts.† Penny had a flat stomach and gently rounded abdomen that spoke of exercise and fitness.† She didnít have washboard abs or anything like that but she obviously worked out.† And then there were her breasts: large, prominent and firm.† Well not too large.† They fit her body very nicely.† I would guess they were perhaps larger than a B cup but smaller than a full C cup size.† Whatever their size they had that very lovely slight sag of a fit mature woman that gave a roundness to her breasts and indicated that they were all natural and firm.† Though clearly not a teenaged girl, Penny had nothing to fear from the infamous pencil test.† Her breasts looked to me like ripe succulent fruit begging to be tasted.

Well I digress.† When I returned from her room she was nude.† I tossed one of the pillowcases on the bed and stuffed her underwear into the other. I rolled the pillowcase sideways until I had a thick tube and then rolled it the other way to make a sizable ball.† "Hold this," I said, handing the pillowcase ball to Penny.

"This will never fit in my mouth," she said dubiously.

"This will never fit in my mouth, sir," I said.†† "And that one will cost you.† When you came last night in my sleeping bag, I thought you were going to depopulate the forest of wild animals with your scream.† And you are going to need that gag tonight."

Penny had the good grace to blush while she smiled but all she said was, "Yes sir."

I hunted about in the backpack that I used to carry my hiking gear and dug around until I found the first aid supplies and the ace bandage.† When you hike alone you have to be ready for eventualities like a sprained ankle.† While it may not be the best medical treatment, a tightly wrapped ace bandage holds down the swelling and provides support for a sprained ankle.† In any case I had one in my first aid kit.† I also retrieved my climbing rope and a roll of the camperís friend, duct tape.

I returned to Penny and wrapped the ace bandage around her head at mouth level.† Leaving the end dangling I ordered, "Hold this right here."† She raised her hand to her cheek and held the bandage wrap.† I took the balled up pillowcase and said, "Open your mouth.† You know I could have tied you before I gagged you but I think it is much more fun to have you participate in your growing helplessness."

Penny widened her eyes and I could see her breathing deepen as she thought about what I had said.† Her nipples grew slightly but I was certain we could make them considerably stiffer before we were done.† Having opened her mouth as I ordered, the ace bandage was now loose inside her mouth.† I proceeded to tighten it by slowly stuffing the balled pillowcase into her mouth.† It was large and pushed against her cheeks as well as the bandage.† "Time for a test," I said and pinched one of her nipples, hard but not viciously. She shrieked but all that could be heard was a slight whine from her nose.† "Thank you," I said as I moved her hand down and continued to wrap the bandage around her head.† I stretched it as I wrapped so that the elastic pushed the pillowcase even deeper into her mouth.† The bandage inside stretched to accommodate the stuffing but kept if from moving back into her throat.† I didnít want her to gag on her gag (pun?) and vomit and I certainly didnít want to cut off her airway.

When I was done wrapping I used the little metal points they provide to secure the bandage for the moment.† I knew that those points would never hold through what I was hoping would be a very vigorous session, so I used the duct tape to wrap completely around her head.† I was careful to keep it over the bandage so that it wouldnít stick to her hair or skin.† When I was satisfied I said, "Thatís how."† Penny couldnít smile but her eyes were sparkling, encouraging me to go on.† As if I needed encouragement.

"Hands next," I said.† "Put them in front of you wrist to wrist, interlace and fold the fingers."† Penny did as I ordered though I could see some disappointment that I hadnít placed her hands behind her back.† Oh well, she had a lot to learn about me and just how creative, or was it devious, I could be.† I grabbed the second pillowcase and doubled it back around its opening so that it was only half as deep as it had been but twice as thick.† Slipping her clenched hands into one corner I wrapped the doubled case around her forearms.† A little duct tape around her wrists and her hands were tightly but comfortably held together.† I continued to wrap the duct tape up her forearms to the end of the doubled pillowcase ensuring that her arms were welded into a single unit all the way up to her elbows. Pennyís eyes were sparkling again as she tested the inescapability of her bondage.

Next came the rope.† I was reluctant to cut a perfectly good climbing rope into several lengths but the rope could easily be replaced and binding this lovely woman would be more fun than climbing anyhow.† I had her lift her bound arms over her head.† This pulled her breasts up slightly and removed the slight sag that had been there.† Her nipples seemed to have grown harder and more prominent but I figured I had better check.† For several minutes I tested their size and firmness with my mouth and tongue until her breathing started to whistle through her nose.

I doubled the length of rope and wrapped it around her chest just touching the bottoms of her lovely breasts.† I was tempted to stop and play with those lovely breasts but a dominant's work is never done and I had a beauty to render helpless.† I passed the ends of the rope through the doubled end and wrapped back in the other direction.† This time I led the rope over her breasts so that it gently squeezed down on the upper slopes.† I knotted the wraps off between her breasts pulling the two sets of wrappings together, ensuring that the ropes amplified the gentle squeezing of her breasts.† Then I led the ropes up over her shoulders and tied them off to both the upper and lower wrappings in the rear.†

There was no way that the ropes could slip down.† Next I would deal with preventing them from moving up.† This was simple.† The two rope ends ran down her back through the crack of her ass and then split to come up on the sides of her pussy where her groin joined her legs.† This pressed the lips of her vulva together but left easy access to her slit should I desire.† Should I desire; who am I kidding?† It left easy access to her slit for later in the evening.† From her groin the ropes led up to the outsides of her breasts where they looped over the upper wrapping and were tugged down to fasten at the lower wrapping.† At this point the ropes around her breasts could go neither up nor down and were cinched together in the center and on either side of her breasts.† The cinches werenít tight enough to really restrict the circulation of blood to her breasts (which could damage her) but they did squeeze them into prominence and restrict the blood flow enough to make her breasts very sensitive.†

Her hands were still free, although bound together in the pillowcase sack.† Here I had to face up to reality and cut the remaining length of rope.† I put two wraps over the wrists and then led her hands back over her head and down where I fastened them to the rear of the ropes around her chest, or rope bra, as I had come to think of it.† Her elbows were now pointed straight up at the ceiling.† I thought I detected growth in her lovely nipples as she savored the tight feel of the ropes so, holding her in place with my hands on her firm buttocks I used my lips and tongue to test my observation.† Unfortunately I hadnít made any exact measurements previously, so it took some time licking and sucking on her nipples before I was satisfied that they had indeed grown larger and harder.

Backing Penny against a wall I began to stroke and tease her armpits which were very exposed.† Muffled shrieks cam through her nose as she tried, to no avail, to escape my tickling.† When her face began to grow red from lack of oxygen I relented and led her into the bathroom.† I sat her on the toilet and told her to go ahead.† She gestured with her chin towards the door requesting privacy but I just couldnít seem to understand her.† Finally she understood that I was going to stay and watch and glared daggers at me.

†"You had better pee before we go to bed.† If you donít do it voluntarily I will sit on your lap and tickle you until your bladder canít hold it any longer," I said.† If she had been glaring daggers at me, she was now trying for swords, long nasty swords or perhaps it was thunderbolts.† In any case I didnít hear any sounds of urination so I sat in her lap, facing her with my knees spread on either side of the toilet tank and gently stroked her ribs as my fingers moved towards her armpits.† She got the idea and just as my fingers reached her armpits I heard her water flow.

I patted her dry with toilet paper and then decided that I ought to be a gentleman and be certain that she was thoroughly cleaned.† I had her move her legs apart and, wetting a washrag in warm water scrubbed her labia.† She squirmed a bit as the rough cloth passed over the sensitive flesh so I decided to do this some more.† I rinsed the rag and gently pushed it up into her.† Apparently she felt the nubby surface of the washrag on that very tender flesh because her eyes opened wide and a high pitched noise emanated from her nose.† The noise continued as I slowly tugged the rag down and out from her.†

By the time the rag had been removed she was blushing fetchingly so I led her over to the sink to view herself in the mirror.† I canít remember every little thing I did but I do seem to recall scrubbing her hard, flinty nipples.† After all they ought to be clean, shouldnít they?† After using the toilet myself, I led my bound little submissive back into my bedroom and sat her on the edge of my bed. †I tied her ankles in a crossed position and led the rope up through her rope bra and then back down to dangle for the moment.† I laid her on her back centered on what was going to be her side of the bed.† I ran a rope from her elbows that now pointed to the head of the bed up to the bed frame.† Then I tied a rope around one knee led it over the side of the bed and tossed it under the bed to the other side.

I spread her knees apart and pulled on the rope to her crossed ankles.† This drew her feet up towards her body and allowed me to spread her knees further apart.† When I had her knees spread flat on the mattress I brought the rope from under the bed around her second knee and tied it off.† I also tied off the rope running from her crossed ankles to the rope bra and back, to the foot of the bed frame.†

Penny was held immobile splayed open and inviting on the bed.† Rope from her elbows prevented her from sliding down.† Rope from her crossed ankles through the rope bra and to the foot of the bed held her from sliding up and kept her from bringing her feet down towards the foot of the bed.† At the same time she couldnít move from side to side because the rope under the bed from knee to knee held her pinned flat.

Well I had sacrificed a perfectly good climbing rope but in return I had a very attractive woman splayed open and inviting.† She was gagged so that she couldnít make a sound and was all mine to play with.† And play I did.† I used my fingers, my lips, my teeth, my tongue and my breath to tease and arouse her.† I played with her eyes, her ears, the side of her jaw below the gag, her neck, her shoulders, her collarbone, her breasts, her areola, her nipples, her sweet flat tummy, her inviting little belly button, her exposed inner thighs, her abdomen and her pussy.† Oh my, how I played.† I watched her very carefully and each time I saw her tense with what appeared to be an approaching orgasm I backed off.†

I could hear moans softly escaping as I built her up and then a shrill sound that must have been muffled invective when I backed away.† Oh what a sweet game this was.† Her body was covered with a sheen of sweat and she actually managed to buck her hips up slightly to encourage me, or to try to call me back.† I never knew that the juncture of collarbone and neck could be so inviting.† When I was at her pussy her juices were almost sweet with a marvelous musky odor that made me want to stay there forever.† I manfully rose to my duties however and moved from her pussy, preventing an orgasm, again.† I went back to those lovely breasts and managed to get her nipples as hard as little stones.† Her belly heaved under my tongue as I licked the slightly salty fluid from her.

Now I would like to have told you that I kept this up for hours but the truth is that I couldnít resist for more than 30 minutes or so.† I switched to seeing how many orgasms I could give her.† I used my tongue to lick her to her first orgasm alternating between long swipes and rapid flicks at her, by then, hard and needy clitoris.† Mindful that too much clitoral stimulation could be a downer I then slid my fingers into her and searched out that slightly rougher part that was her G spot.† Her second orgasm was by stroking her G spot alone.† Then her third came from combining stroking her G spot with licking and lashing with my tongue at her clitoris.† This one was the best of the lot and despite the gag there was a fairly loud shrill noise as she came.

All of these didnít take much more than another 12 to 15 minutes.† I suppose I should have gone back to teasing her at that point but by that time I was so hard that my penis ached.† I simply worked my way back up her body with my tongue from pussy to throat and then entered her.† She was hot and wet and, despite her widely spread thighs, tight.† Though I held off for an eternity (say six or seven seconds, which was an eternity under the circumstances) savoring her grip on me, I had to begin thrusting.† She couldnít move much at all but she had great control over her vaginal muscles.† She relaxed as I thrust into her and then, despite her spread knees, clamped down so hard that I could barely draw back.† Now I am fairly competent as a lover but there was no resisting her and I came hard.† I felt her using her vagina to milk every last drop from me.

I lay down beside her and released one of the knee ropes to reduce the strain I had placed on her hips.† Then ever the gentleman I crawled (she really had drained me) up beside her head and told her how fantastic she was and how I adored her body and her spirit.† Then I asked her if she would be OK tied as she was for the night.† She nodded her head with enthusiasm beyond any I could muster and nuzzled against me.† I realized that she would be unable to wake me if she needed to use the bathroom so I reluctantly forced myself to stay awake until I could pull the duct tape off her gag and unwind the bandage and pull the packing out.† "Do you need water?" I asked.

"I need my masterís kiss," she responded.† What the heck, I was slowly returning from my stupor anyhow.† I rolled over and used my arms to keep my full weight off of her, but not so far off that I didnít feel her lovely nipples pressing into my chest, and kissed her.† It was worth doing.† Then I slid down beside her and said, "Goodnight Penny."

The last thing I remember was Pennyís soft response, "Goodnight sir."


We woke and I took off all of the ropes and took her into the bathroom.† I used the john, flushed and sat her on it.† She was lovely in the morning light despite the activities we had been through last night.† She smiled and asked "Will I ever be able to use the bathroom by myself sir?"

I responded with a grin,† "What, you donít like the way I dry you off and clean you?"

"I like the way you do that and damn near everything else you do sir, though there were a few minutes when you were teasing me and then backing down that I could have been a very naughty girl."

I began working on the duct tape imprisoning her hands.† After all I had to return the pillowcase to her room.† As I worked I said, "You can drop the sir soon, we will be coming back into the real world.† I want you to know that I had a great time.† But donít forget I still owe you a punishment for not calling me sir."

"Wasnít I punished enough when you teased me for hours, sir?"

"It wasnít hours, you silly girl.† It was about 30 minutes.† Besides we need to protect your maidenly reputation and not get the sheriff worked up any further.† We will do that by making your bed look slept in, and I have figured out a way to do that and punish you at the same time."

I had most of the tape removed and her forearms free but still had her wrists trapped in the doubled pillowcase.† By this time Penny was done and I reached between her legs and wiped her.† She smiled as I wiped and wiped again.† I had to be thorough, didnít I?† I looped a rope over her wrists and led her into her bedroom.†

I pulled back the covers on her unused bed and had her lie face down with her head towards the foot of the bed.† I secured her wrists to the bed frame and went back into my room to retrieve the free pillowcase, the one that had been her gag.† I returned to her room and placed the pillowcase over the pillow that I then slid under her head.

I climbed onto her bed and settled myself comfortably sitting on her shapely and attractive ass facing her feet.† I reached down and pulled a foot back towards me.† I told Penny, "Here is what is going to happen.† I am going to tickle you until the bed is properly mussed and looks used.† Your punishment is that you have no gag but may not laugh out loud or cry out.† Remember, this is a motel with thin walls.† Are you ready?"

"As ready as I will ever be you devious S. O. B., SIR!"

I smiled at her response.† It was just the right blend of defiance and obedience.† I was going to have fun with this extraordinary woman.† I began by stroking the arch of her foot.† She began to giggle softly almost at once.† I stepped up my activities and felt her butt squirm as her body reacted.† Of course she tried to jerk her foot away but I had a firm grip on the ankle and kept her foot within range.†

She lost it as I shifted from her arch to her sole but I could hear that she had figured out the pillow.† She had turned her head and was pressing her mouth tightly to the pillow almost swallowing it in her efforts to muffle her laughter and shrieks.† I could hear these, but muffled as they were, the sound wouldnít carry outside the room.

Now the bed was sufficiently mussed in seconds but being a thorough sort of guy I teased her and kept at her foot for several minutes.† When her muffled shrieks seemed to become gasps for breath I relented and climbed off.† I finished removing all of the bindings on her hands and replaced the second pillowcase on the pillow at the head of her bed.

I checked my watch and told Penny, "I want to shower with you but I want to get out of this town. Lets defer that pleasure for another time."

"Is there going to be another time, sir?"

"You can drop the sir now.† Is there going to be another time?† That is up to you.† I would very much like there to another time.† No, thatís not quite right.† I would very much like for there to be many other times."

"I would like that too."

I wanted to get Penny into my car where we could talk freely (the sheriff was still holding Billís car) and get to know each other better.† In addition I had an ulterior motive.† I was fascinated with this strong woman who was willing to submit to my control.† I wanted to try to convince her to move in with me.

Chapter Two: Living Together

On The Road

Once we had gotten the OK from the sheriffís office, we picked up my car, packed, checked out of the motel and headed out of town.† When we were on the highway I asked Penny if she would consider moving in with me.

Have I mentioned that Penny is bright?† She understood what was coming and in a few seconds had processed the implications and was ready to discuss it.† There was no coy ĎWhatever do you mean?í †Instead she said, "Thatís an interesting offer but do you really think we know each other well enough to live together?"

I said, "Look Penny, I know we have only known each other for a few days but we are already more intimate than couples that have dated for weeks.† I know you are bright and aggressive in your real life and sweet and submissive when we play.† You seem to be everything I am looking for in a partner."

Penny said, "I like you a lot.† I remember how you tried to blame yourself for my practically raping you that first night.† I have had a lot of fun with you both in and out of bed.† You are a very good lover who reads my body and gives me a great deal of pleasure.† And you are certainly an inventive bondage master."

"I hear a Ďbutí coming."

"Yeah," Penny said.† "But the last time I leapt into living with someone who I really didnít know very well I wound up with Bill and nearly died from it.† Living with him I felt kind of trapped when things began to go sour.† I guess once burned, Iím twice shy."

"I know you have had a bad experience, but it wasnít with me.† I would respect your limits, though I might push to expand the envelope a bit from time to time. I would never ignore your safe word.† You know you are looking for a relationship with a Dom who is into B&D.† You donít know a lot about me but this doesnít have to be a lifetime commitment.† I am not going to chain you to my bed.† Well, on second thought, scratch that last," I said with a laugh.† "I might very well chain you to my bed but not 24 hours a day.† You will always be able to leave if it doesnít work out."

Penny said, "I like you a lot and want to be with you, but I am afraid of getting trapped again."

I asked, "How about keeping your apartment.† We could just move some of your clothes and stuff. That way if things donít work out you would have some place to go back to."

Penny said, "While I like to play, I donít think I could be a 24/7 slave."

I replied, "Thatís good. Iím not looking for one.† Iím looking for a partner and playmate but I expect you to function in the real world."

She asked, "So I would be myself outside the house and a submissive little slave girl when we are alone together?"

I said, "No thatís not quite it.† I want all of you.† I want your brains and your personality and your views and your humor. Itís more complex than in the house or out of the house. When we play you will be the submissive but when we arenít playing I want you to be you.† The whole woman that I find so attractive."

Penny smiled and said, "So how would I know what mode to be in?† I assume that if I picked the wrong one I would get punished."

I smiled and said, "I donít know exactly where and how.† We will have to define the boundaries together.† Remember I said I was looking for a partner, not just a slave.† But, in answer to your question, yes you will get punished."

"What sort of punishments?" she asked.

"Again, I donít have a list or anything like that.† We will work that out together as we go along.† I can tell you there would be no permanent marks unless we both decide on something like a tattoo or a nipple ring, but those would be for fun, not for punishment.† Mostly it would be sexual teasing, perhaps spankings, tickling, that sort of stuff.† I get more of a thrill out of watching you orgasm under my control than I would by beating you."††

"Why are guys so into nipple rings?" she asked rhetorically.† "Spankings can be fun even if they hurt at the time.† What kind of spankings do you mean?"

"That really depends on you and how you respond.† Certainly bare hand to bare ass cheek. I guess I might use a hairbrush or a paddle as well.† We would have to see how you respond and what turns you on.† Beyond spanking we will have to see.† I know some women who enjoy a riding crop or the sting of a flogger but I donít know how you feel about that.† Heavy bull whips, weighted cat of nine tails and stuff like that has never seemed erotic to me.† I guess itís OK if itís between consenting adults but it isnít my turn on.† I might push your limits but I wouldnít exceed them."

"I live with a cat," she said.† I was bemused for a moment.† At first I thought she was talking about a whip.† Then I realized she had changed the subject and she was talking about moving in with me.

"I am generally a dog person.† Cats are pretty independent but I donít dislike them."

I smiled broadly as I thought of something I had read.† "What?" demanded Penny.

"I was just thinking of a fantasy scenario I once read."

"Go on, I want to hear this."

"Have you read the ĎBeautyí trilogy; Taking of Beauty and all that?" I asked.

"Sure, hasnít everyone into bondage read them?"

"Do you remember the scene in which she is tied down to a big butcherís block table?† They put butter or cream or something like that on her groin and then a cat comes to lick it off.† The premise is that the catís raspy tongue brings her higher and higher but is never quite enough to allow her to orgasm.† There is just something in my mind that makes the picture of pussy licking pussy, on and on, so erotic."

Penny laughed and said, "I donít have a butchers block table to try that on.† It is an interesting picture though isnít it?"

Interesting she said.† Was this a remarkable woman or what?† I thought as I tried to adjust my very cramped groin, "I have always wondered if it was true.† That Beauty got higher and higher but never came.† We will have to improvise without the butcherís block."

"What have I gotten myself into?" she asked.† I didnít really think she wanted a response.† She knew exactly what she was getting into and, I hoped, was loving the idea.

"What about my clothes?" she asked.

"What about them?" I asked, getting used to her quick changes of topics.

"If I came to live with you.† Would you want to decide what I wear?"

"I hadnít really thought about that.† I am no expert in womenís clothes so the basic answer would have to be no.† I think, however I might want to push you in some directions at some times though."

"Like what?" she asked.

"Well, like a lot of men, I donít really like panty hose though they may be very practical."

"So you want me to wear garter belts with all those ribbons and clasps?" she asked.

"Not necessarily." I replied.† "Those would be OK, but thigh high stockings can also be very sexy and attractive.† As I say, I am not into womenís clothing but I would like you to lean towards the sexy side over the practical.† At least in underclothes.† I understand some really sexy underclothes can be uncomfortable and I donít necessarily want that.† I remember a woman I knew who wore matching bra and panty sets and I always found that attractive.† Teddies with snap crotches are very sexy but again I donít want you to be uncomfortable."

"Then too, I might want you to go without a bra.† Say if we were out having fun on a weekend.† There is something very erotic about watching a womanís breasts move freely underneath her blouse."

"Donít you think my boobies sag too much?" Penny asked.

"Is that what you call them?" I laughed.† "You do like names for body parts, donít you?† No I donít think they sag too much. Penny, neither of us is a teenaged kid.† Other than very young women and girls, the only people with breasts that donít sag are those bimbos with implants and I donít find anything attractive about that. Your Ďboobiesí look natural and beautiful to me.† I think they are nice and firm. Of course if you are worried I could always rig up a rope bra like you wore last night.† Or something that would make them stand out even more."

The conversation drifted off in other directions.† We talked about where we worked, B&D, our general political views, sex, our relationship, our families.† In fact we talked about anything and everything.† Penny was witty and sharp and it was very nice just to talk with her.† The trip went quickly as the result of my lovely traveling companion.

Home Sweet Home

We drove to Pennyís place and she began to pack her clothes, the catís litter box and scratching post and dozens of cans of cat food.† When the car was almost full I said, in my most outrageously exaggerated southern accent "Tímaraw is anuther day."

Penny laughed and said "Scarlet OíHara in Gone With the Wind, the most romantic film I have ever seen."

Of course that led to an argument, as everyone with any sense at all knows Casablanca is the most romantic film ever made.† The argument petered out without a definitive resolution as we worked at cornering the cat and getting it into a travel cage.

We almost had another when I saw all the cosmetics and stuff she was packing from the bathroom.† She had jars, tubes, bottles and, I swear, jugs of cosmetics and stuff.† I was amazed but she assured me it was all necessary.† I insisted that I didnít think she needed makeup.† She was lovely just the way she was.† She just rolled her eyes and said, "Thank the lord you think so." And continued to pack the jars, tubes, bottles, etc. etc.† I might have said more but remembered that Penny was only moving in with me on a provisional basis and decided that enlightened self interest would be to keep my mouth shut.

As we were getting into the car I realized that something was missing.† "No vibrators or dildos?" I inquired innocently.†

Penny grinned and said, "Canít a girl have any secrets?" and went to fetch the missing items.† When she came back with them she placed them in the rear seat with as much dignity as she could muster and said sarcastically† "I didnít realize that you would need mechanical aids."

We drove to my place and unloaded the stuff and the cat. I have an entire brownstone in mid-town and Penny was suitably impressed.† While I sorted through the mail she and the cat both explored the house.† When I finished we went grocery shopping.† I had pretty much emptied my place before going off camping so we needed just about everything.†

Then we went out to dinner and returned to feed the cat.† While I had enjoyed the drive, it had been a long day and I asked Penny if she was tired and would like to just get some sleep tonight.† Penny said, and I swear these are her exact words, "This love slave would like to make her masterís fantasy come true, sir."

Well being a reasonable sort of guy I decided to give her what she wanted.† Actually I was thrilled that she wanted to give me what I had fantasized about.† She had been through a very emotional and stressful time followed by a long, tiring road trip and all the work of moving, but she was still up for doing whatever would make me happy.† How did I get so lucky?

I covered the coffee table in the living room with two blankets from the bedroom to provide a bit of cushioning.† Yes I know I could have tied her to the bed but the mattress would have allowed her to twist and bounce too much and somehow a hard surface seemed to be required to replicate the story.† The blankets?† Well this was the real world and while I wanted a hard surface I didnít want my Ďbeautyí to get bruised.

I undressed Penny and produced four cuffs that I put on each wrist and ankle.† It seems so simple to say in one sentence.† Actually it took some time as I unbuttoned each button on her blouse more and more lovely skin was exposed and required careful examination and attention.† Her bra followed exposing her lovely breasts for further attention.† The same happened as I lowered her jeans and panties over those well-shaped legs.† In fact the entire scenario might have been forgotten if Penny hadnít reminded me with "This is very nice sir, but donít you want to try your fantasy?"

I laid her down on the padded coffee table and ran a rope between her wrist cuffs without tying it.† Her arms were pushed up towards the end of the table and bent so that her wrists were under the table.† I pushed her ankles and knees to either side of the table opening her wide and pulling her outer labia apart, exposing her inner folds.† The rope from her wrists was brought down through her ankle cuffs.† Then I tied the rope off with a simple slipknot between her ankles.† Now her wrists and ankles were all pulled under the table and held by a single rope that more or less formed a triangle under the table.† She could move her wrists slightly apart but that pulled her ankles further back and, in any case it didnít give her enough room to get her hands back above the table or to reach the knot between her ankles.†

I left her there and went to melt a stick of butter in a saucepan.† Rummaging around in my kitchen cabinets I came up with a pastry brush that I didnít even know I had.† It would be perfect for applying the warm butter.† When the butter was melted I got some on the pastry brush and tested its temperature with my tongue.† I was, after all, going to be applying this to some very delicate flesh.

I brushed her inner folds thoroughly with the liquid butter eliciting some interesting moans as the bristles teased her.† The cat, attracted by the sweet smell of the butter came to investigate. He hopped up on the table and sniffed at his mistressí groin.† Apparently deciding that it was edible he began to lap at her with his raspy little tongue.† Pennyís moans increased and her hips writhed under the assault.† The clever cat solved this problem by bracing himself with his paws on her inner thighs.† As he licked I could see him flexing his paws and driving his claws in and out of her thighs as contented cats do.† As Pennyís clit rose to greater prominence I dripped some melted butter onto it and was rewarded by the cat attacking the now prominent nub as well as by her moans.†

Oh yes, she moaned; she moaned, she cried out, she begged, she cursed, she became completely inarticulate and still that seemingly insatiable cat licked at her inner lips and clitoris.† I have to admit that I helped by dipping the brush into the liquid butter and dripping more on her from time to time.† The cat and I had formed a real partnership.† I applied and he removed.† He enjoyed the buttery taste and I enjoyed the sight of Penny thrashing begging and pleading (when she wasnít moaning and gasping).

Unfortunately, I have to report that the author of the Beauty series had it wrong.† Penny didnít build and build and never come.† After two hours and thirteen minutes Penny exploded into a magnificent orgasm.† Her entire body arched and went rigid, except for her pussy which was pulsing open and shut as though it was trying to grasp something, and she screamed.†

In fact she screamed so loudly the cat abandoned the buttery flesh and zipped out of the room at a breathtaking pace.† He moved so fast it was a blur to my eyes.† I guess even butter wasnít worth the risk of whatever that scream portended to the cat.† On my part, I was thankful to the builders of so many years ago who had designed thick walls that would shield us, I hoped, from complaints from the neighbors.

I gazed down at my beautiful sweaty, exhausted slave girl.† She had never looked more enticing.† Gradually the after shocks subsided and she opened her eyes.† She looked up at me and said, "I think my master has ruined me.† I may never have sex again."

Well I had gotten rather needy myself during the past couple of hours and I wasnít going to let that statement stand, so I lowered myself towards her, carefully holding my weight on one arm while I fished around and undid the slip knot with the other.† I had just begun to enter her when it happened.† She pounced on me.†

Now I know that pouncing is done from above but no other word describes what happened.† Her thighs came up beside me, her calves locked across my butt, her arms wrapped around my back and she pounced, pulling me into her.† My full weight came down on her and I could feel her hard nipples digging into my chest while her mouth opened mine and pulled my tongue into her.† I was glad I was up to the job (pun intended) because I felt that if I had been less ready she would have devoured me like a hungry lioness.

After a second or two of shock I reasserted my dominance and began to pull back and then thrust into her.† Her hips rose to meet me giving lie to the Ďnever have sex againí comment.† Now Penny was untied, and I was on top, more or less in the missionary position, but this, somehow, didnít seem like vanilla sex.† Oh no!† This was more like Rocky Road or perhaps even Chunky Monkey sex.† There were all sorts of flavors and feelings and nuances that went way beyond vanilla sex.† We came together, she somewhat less explosively than last time, but thoroughly satiating both of us.

When I pulled myself up off of her, she lay there breathing deeply but not otherwise moving.† I slipped an arm under her back and another under her legs and carried her into our bathroom.† After warming the water I pushed her into the shower and then dug around in her tons of cosmetics and Ďfemaleí stuff until I found a couple of prepackaged bottles of vaginal douche.† I discarded the cardboard cartons and then joined her in the shower handing her the plastic bottles.† I said, "Letís make certain we clean up any residual butter."

Penny smiled at me and said, "You take pretty good care of me donít you?"

I smiled and said, "You are much to precious to me to let something bad happen."† She washed her groin and used both bottles of the douche while I soaped her back and rubbed her shoulders.† Yes, I have read the bible and I know the slave is supposed to bathe the master but I found it very erotic to run my soapy hands over her flesh.†

One thing led to another and my hands slipped around her and groped at her chest.† Getting responsive moans I let my hands slip further south.† Well I had to check that she had done a good job on cleaning her vagina, didnít I.† When my hand inspection was complete I decided that it was inconclusive.† After all, slippery with soap I probably couldnít have detected any residual butter by hand.† There was nothing else to do but use my tongue and taste buds to verify the absence of any residual butter.† Turning her around I proceeded to do just that to the accompaniment of further moans and twists of her body.†

Finally satisfied that there was no butter remaining I rose to my feet facing Penny.† Whoops, it seemed that I was hard again ("Surprise, surprise." as Gomer Pyle used to say) and as I rose we managed to insert me into her.† I braced my hands on the wall behind Penny as she lifted one leg and then the other wrapping them around my waist.† This is a great position but in some dim recess of my brain I had a concern about slipping.† Then Penny began to rise and settle on me and the thinking part of my brain shut down as the pleasure receptors took over.† It was a very satisfactory shower.

After we had both come, and when the water began to cool, we untangled ourselves and dried off.† This included some further groping as I dried her and she dried me but we were both pretty worn out.† I scooped her up in my arms and carried her into our bedroom where I lay her on the bed.† Then I swatted the cat off of my side of the bed.† The cat didnít think much of my swat and didnít dodge so much as regally march out of the room with his tail held high.† It was as though the damn cat was saying "The orgasm I gave her was much more intense than the ones you gave her."† Well you canít argue with a cat and it was the truth so I just ignored him.† I thought briefly or tying her to the bed but we were both so exhausted I just slipped into bed and cuddled next to her.† It had been a long, but very satisfying day.

Next Day

I woke with Penny wrapped in my arms.† I got an eye open and saw her looking at me.† I mumbled a groggy "Morning".

Penny responded in a disgustingly cheerful voice for early morning "Hi yourself, lover."

Not being up to so much conversation in the morning I ran my hands down to her buns and groped her a bit.† I pried the other eye open and realized that she was still looking at me,† "What?" I demanded,

"I was just wondering how I got so lucky and if this was all true and if it was going to last.† I keep waiting for you to turn into an ogre."

"What you see is pretty much what you get.† And by the way, I donít think I am getting such a bad deal out of this." I said giving her buns another squeeze.

We showered together again and we nearly used all of the hot water.† It isnít clear to me why running my hands slick with shampoo through her hair was so erotic.† Perhaps it is just that it is such an intimate thing.† In any case it was intensely erotic as was the rest of the shower.† I scrubbed her with my soapy hands and she reciprocated.† Some parts got more attention than others and I grew hard as she soaped and played with my groin.

Penny solved this by turning me so that the water rinsed me thoroughly.† She then knelt down and took me into her mouth.† Do you remember the old Broadway musical The Music Man?† At some point the male lead sings that he doesnít want a "...bright eyed blushing virgin..."† I think the next line went "the sadder but wiser girl for me..."† I didnít think Penny was sad at the moment but she was certainly wise.† She sucked all of me into her and managed to deep throat my glans while sucking on my shaft while stroking with her tongue, all at the same time.† It didnít take long for me to come with Penny sucking and swallowing every drop.

When she was done, or more accurately, when I was completely done, she stood up and kissed me.† I could taste myself very faintly as we kissed.† As I noted above we played in the shower and didnít get out until the cooling water brought us back to reality.† Drying off was a shared adventure that also took some time.

That brought us to lunchtime and we decided to go down to the village (New Yorkers only know one village, Greenwich Village).† After lunch we strolled about and did lots of nothing talking about almost everything, just getting to know each other.† The more I we talked and the more I learned about Penny, the more I wanted her.

We had plenty of food now but I took her out to dinner again that evening.† Time enough for mundane things such as cooking after we had to go back to work.† I had a very nice veal picata while she had game hen which we washed down with a good pino grigio.† I didnít offer her desert as I had other plans to finish off the evening.

My Basement

When we finished I took her back to my (our?) place and took her down into the basement.† I had been in the process of finishing the basement to provide a game room but I told her that this could be our dungeon playroom.† She looked around at the unfinished framing and I could see she was unimpressed.† What a terrible lack of imagination.

I backed her up to the open framework that would eventually become a wall and, with a bit of rope fastened her hands behind a 2x4.† It wasnít much of a bondage situation but it was a start and I planned to improve on the situation as the night wore on.† To begin with she was wearing clothes, way too many clothes for my taste.† Her dress buttoned down the front, or in this case, unbuttoned down the front and slipped off of her delicious shoulders.† I knew they were delicious because I took my time tasting them along with her lips, her ears and her throat.

Her bra fastened in back and I briefly considered opening it when inspiration struck.† I simply used my hand to remove each breast from its respective cup.† That left her breasts supported by the bra but fully available to my lips.† I savored her breasts, the remarkably hard areola and her even harder nipples for several minutes.†

When Penny was thoroughly aroused I did unfasten the bra and slipped it up over her head so that it slid down her arms in back of her.† Then I tied her elbows together and finished undressing her by removing her panties.† While performing that chore I tested to ensure myself that she was in fact aroused.† I did this with great swipes of my tongue up her slit.† I told her "This is so good.† I know now why I passed up desert at the restaurant."† She seemed to be a bit inarticulate at the moment as the only verbal response I got was appreciative grunts and moans.† Since we both seemed to be enjoying ourselves I marched my tongue further up her slit and flicked her clitoris.† In just a few minutes I was able to convert her moans to a very satisfactory orgasmic scream.†

Her legs didnít seem able to support her so I untied her hands from behind the 2 x 4 and slipped her trapped clothes the rest of the way off.† Then I helped her over to a handy sawhorse.† I seated her well back on the crossbar with her right leg just at the front leg of the sawhorse.† I tied her hands again and pulled the end of the rope down and around the rear leg so that she couldnít easily get up or even bend forward.

Returning to the front I fastened her right leg with wraps at the top of her thigh, just above the knee, just below the knee and at the ankle to the front leg of the sawhorse.† Each of these was carefully cinched and when I was done she was pretty much welded to the sawhorse.† I then lifted her left leg and stretched it out along the top of the sawhorseís cross bar.† Rope cinched at the thigh, above and below the knee and at the ankle left her legs at a 90-degree angle with all of her delightfully exposed.† She had watched the progress of the bondage with interest and now she said, "You are inventive, master.† I feel very exposed."

"As well you should."† I said stroking her very exposed mound.† She twisted her upper body but found that from the waist down she was not only exposed but immobile.† I enjoyed watching her breasts twist and jiggle as she tested the bindings.

I lowered my head, opened my mouth and captured her nipple.† I went from one breast to another and when I heard appreciative moans I got on my knees and licked her slit until I reached her clit.† I played with that until I felt her stiffen and then moved away.† She pleaded, "Please donít stop master.† I was so close."

Of course I ignored her.† Her thighs we spread and inviting and I began to kiss, lick and nip on the one held across the top of the sawhorse.† Gradually I worked my way towards her groin which was thoroughly licked.† I stuck my tongue deep into her and licked up to her clit.† A few minutes of loving swipes and she was at the edge again.† I moved away and started with her other thigh, the one held vertically.† I got down to just above her knee and slowly worked back up to her groin.† By this time she was cursing instead of pleading.†

Now if I were a really strong master perhaps I would have left her tied and hanging on the edge with no satisfaction all night.† The thought crossed my mind as I brought her to the edge again and stopped.† I rose up and stopped her pleas by kissing her.† At the same time I brought my hands to her breasts, caressing and massaging them.† Holding and pinching her nipples I sank back down and brought her to the edge again.†

The problem with leaving her hanging was that I had grown increasingly needy of sexual satisfaction myself.† Repeated trips to her sweet pussy had made me so hard it was painful.† With her body tied open and exposed it was just too much for me.† I unzipped my trousers and pulled out a more then ready ĎWinstoní.† I swiped his head at her entrance a few times for lubrication and then pushed into her. Penny couldnít move to meet my thrusts but, as she had shown the other night, she had great vaginal muscles.† Even with her legs spread at a 90 degree angle and her pussy stretched open I could feel the vaginal walls grasping at me.

I wish I could say that I teased her with slow strokes, halting each time she came close but it would be a lie.† We were both very needy and very near the edge.† I didnít count the strokes but we both came very forcefully in just a few minutes.† I wrapped my arms around her and held her close while we both regained our breath.† I told her how wonderful she was and how lucky I was to have her.† She reciprocated saying I was a very inventive and wonderful master (Well she was still tied up and probably that soft soap was to enhance her chances of release.)† She also said "I am more impressed with your play room dungeon now sir."

I kissed her and fondled her breasts and lovely buns for a few more minutes and then got busy freeing her legs.† When she stood it was apparent that the top of the sawhorse had pressed deeply into the lower part of her ass cheeks cutting off the flow of blood to that part.† As with nipple clamps the return of the blood is often more painful than the initial pressure.† She danced about the room not quite able to rub that portion of her cheeks with her still bound hands.

Of course her little dance did all sorts of things to her Ďboobiesí as she called them and was very entertaining.† Eventually she danced by me and I grabbed her and rubbed her buns, a task I thoroughly enjoyed.† I was about to release her hands and elbows when she asked, "Master, can you leave those ropes on for the night?"

When we got to the bed I noticed that I had recovered and stiffened up again, probably due to having her lovely body bound and in bed with me.† In any case Penny noticed and swung her leg over my body.† Raising herself up she requested, "Help me please sir."† Being an obliging guy I positioned my penis so that she could slide down over it and ride me to another orgasm.

I think I have mentioned that Penny had great control of the muscles in her vagina.

Monday was a hurried morning as we both cleaned up, dressed (what a shame) and headed off for our respective offices.† Penny asked me if she could cook dinner for us that evening.† I asked, "You can cook too?" and was rewarded with a swat on my arm that suggested I had best not underestimate my Pennyís skills.

Chapter Three: Joann visits

A Surprise Guest

Life went on like that with my finishing the basement and building some bondage furniture and Penny and I playing and becoming more comfortable with each other.† I learned things like leaving the seat down on the john and she learned my moods and how to turn me on by dropping into her submissive mode at just the right moment.† She gradually became more comfortable with me and as the seasonís changed she brought her fall clothes from her apartment but I noted that her summer things remained.

Imagine my surprise, a few months later, when I got to home and found Penny with another woman.† She introduced me to Joann, her best friend who had flown in from Chicago for a few days.† We chatted for a while and then Penny called us to the table.† We sat to a very good meal and as Penny was clearing the main course and about to serve desert I jokingly asked if she had invited Joann because she thought we needed a chaperone.

Penny laughed and said that Joann was her confidant and wanted to meet me.† She also said that Joann knew all about our B&D games.† This floored me. Penny and I had talked about the need for confidentiality.† I had never thought that she would be so indiscreet as to discuss what we did with a stranger.† This could wind up costing me my job with my very staid employer and the years I had invested in my Ďrespectableí reputation with the company.†† I was angry and I guess I showed it.† Joann said something to the effect that I shouldnít worry: even though she thought Penny and I were Ďweirdí she wouldnít tell anybody.

I said, "Well Penny if you can discuss our playing with Joann you shouldnít be humiliated at being punished in front of her.† Take off your top.† You can finish your dinner topless."

Penny blanched and asked if I was serious.† I told her I was and that her hesitating might earn her further punishment.† Penny looked at me for a few seconds and then, realizing that I was really upset, rose and unbuttoned her blouse.† She carefully hung it over the back of her chair and then draped her bra over the blouse.

While this was going on Joann was protesting my Ďchauvinistic attitudeí.† She declared,† "This is crazy."† Then she said, "I am not going to let you humiliate my friend.† If she has to eat topless I will eat topless."† Suiting action to words Joann pulled her sweater over her head, draped it over the back of her chair and followed it with her bra.

She was lovely.† Not as lovely as my Penny but still quite lovely.† I admired her spirit almost as much as I admired her body.† Now I have told you that Penny was toned and had a trim figure.† Joann was rounder and softer.† She wasnít fat by any means but she had the soft feminine curves that Rubens would have loved.† Her breasts were larger than Pennyís, perhaps a D cup and they stood out proudly but also stretched invitingly on her chest.† It wasnít only her breasts.† Joannís arms were rounder and softer, her chest was fleshier and she was generally more padded than my lovely Penny.† At the same time while she was round and soft she was full and exciting. At the moment she was also blushing a bright red as I gazed at her.

Although she was lovely she was also interfering with my punishment of Penny and, in a way, challenging my right to punish her friend.† Well OK, I love a challenge.† I turned to Penny and said "Your skirt and panties, please."

Penny blushed but didnít hesitate.† She stood up and unsnapped and unzipped her skirt.† She folded it over the back of her chair and slipped her panties down her shapely legs.† I smiled at her both because she was pleasing me by being obedient and because she was so lovely.† And that, I thought, ought to end that.†

But as I turned away from Penny I saw that Joann, though still blushing furiously, had unsnapped and unzipped her trousers and was pushing them and her panties down.† Well this upped the stakes.† I had intended to let things end here with Penny nude and Joann topless but Joann was determined to match whatever I did to Penny.† Well we would have to see about that.

Penny was staring at Joann and said, "No donít Joann.† You will just make things worse."

Joann stood and looked at Penny and said,† "I canít let that man humiliate you in front of me."

I reached out and took Pennyís arm pulling her towards the side of my chair.† She realized what was coming and, without a word being spoken, draped herself over my lap.† Joann seemed mesmerized and stood watching.† Apparently the sight of Penny ready for a spanking made Joann forget her own nudity.

I began spanking Penny with hard swats that gave off a satisfactory sound almost like a clap.† After a few strokes I began massaging her buns between swats and letting my fingers trail between her legs.† Pennyís rear went from nicely white to pink to rosy to bright red.† Penny said "Ow" a few times and then began crying.† As I continued to spank and caress her I could feel her squirming and felt dampness beginning to soak through my trouser legs.† Damn, I was going to have to get this suit dry cleaned before I could wear it again.

When I felt Penny had been sufficiently punished I helped her stand and was about to send her to stand in the corner when Joann, her damned stubborn friend, draped herself over my lap.† This was getting silly.† I had been upset with Penny but didnít want to keep up this game of escalating punishments.† Instead I told Penny to kneel and hold Joannís wrists.

Then I began to speak to Joann punctuating each word with a hard swat to her rear.† I said, "This isnít a game for strangers Joann.† You should never try to put yourself between a master and his sub or interfere in their games.† First of all it could be dangerous.† Some couples are into very painful sorts of things.†† Secondly you were not invited.† These sorts of games are very personal and intimate and you could ruin your friendship (she got two swats on friendship.† Itís a long word) with Penny by intruding.† Finally if you challenge a master, you might not like how he reacts."

All through that speech I had been whacking at Joannís ass.† She was very different from Penny.† Penny had a well curved but lean and trim figure.† When she was bent over my lap the cheeks of her ass were stretched taut and firm.† Joann had a more voluptuous figure and this extended to the cheeks of her ass.† Even bent over my lap they were soft and fleshy and each time I swatted, my hand sunk into the flesh.† The surrounding flesh rose a bit and the opposite cheek jiggled invitingly.† The sounds were more muffled though that may have been because Joann had been reduced, rather rapidly, to great gasping sobs.†

With Joannís more fleshy rear I was able to vary my swats more than with Pennyís tighter buns.† With Joann I was able to swing up from the bottom striking where the cheeks joined the thighs and watch the entire cheek lift towards her waist.† Then as I raised my hand the soft flesh would jiggle back into position just in time to receive another swat directly down in the center or swiping down from above.† With both cheeks offering so much target area I spanked her for quite a while.

In the end I stood her up.† She reached for her buns to rub them but I caught her wrists.† "Bring both bras." I said to Penny.† When she did I tied each wrist to the opposite elbow so that Joann couldnít reach down.† Now bras are not particularly good for long-term ties so I sent Penny for an arm binder.† As I began to lace it up across Joannís forearms she regained enough control over her breathing to speak.

"I will have you arrested for assault," she said.† Still defiant. I heard Penny gasp as she undoubtedly knew what was coming next.

I pulled Joann back down across my lap and began a new speech, punctuated by renewed spanking, of course.† "Oh yes.† I can see the police report now.† You can tell them how you took off all of your clothes and then plunked yourself down across my lap before the assault.† I am certain that will go over very well in the tabloids."

"Now listen to me very carefully Joann.† You are acting childishly so I am going to treat you like a child.† When I have finished spanking your little heine (Donít ask me why I called it little, I guess I am just a gentleman. Heine, of course was the most childish term I could come up with at that moment) you will go stand in the corner.† You will not speak and you will not move or we will start all over again.† Do you understand me?"† I punctuated that question with a particularly vicious swat.

Joann sobbed out a "Yes" and I let her up.† I glanced down at my trousers and they were soaked.† I was certain all of that fluid had not come from Penny.† Taking Joann by the arm I walked her into the corner of the room and pressed her head forward until her nose touched the walls.† This took some doing as Joann was quite busty but we accomplished it.

Then I moved back to my chair unbuckling my nearly ruined trousers.† Penny saw the problem and knelt in front of me quickly grasping my hard penis in her mouth.† She was very good at this but it didnít generate enough noise to torment Joann as I wanted, so after a few strokes I pulled her up and had her straddle me.† This was even better because I was able to tease, lick and suckle Pennyís lovely breasts while she rode up and down on me.† This generated moans and cries of encouragement that I was certain made our activities obvious to Joann.† As I felt myself build I slipped a hand down to tease Pennyís clit and we both came together.†

As I have noted before Penny screams loudly when she comes.† It was very satisfying both sexually and psychologically, as I knew that Joann, Pennyís rather pushy friend, was hearing us have sex while she was aroused herself and unable to do anything about it.† Penny and I cleaned the table while I took every opportunity to try to humiliate Joann by telling her how childish she looked with her well-spanked red rear and standing in the corner like any little child.† She wisely said nothing.


I was still angry.† I was angry at Penny for having exposed our life style to someone who wasnít into B&D without having discussed it with me.† Though I barely knew Joann I was angry with her at having tried to interfere with Pennyís punishment.† Well OK if these women thought they could do as they damn well pleased I was going to really punish them.

I went down to the basement and rigged a spreader bar to a set of pulleys hung from the ceiling.† I placed another spreader bar on the ground and dug out wrist and ankle cuffs for Penny.† Then I pulled the large bondage cube over so that when Joann was mounted on it she would be able to see Penny.† I got out cuffs for Joannís thighs, wrists and ankles and several lengths of rope and placed them on the cube.† Then I dragged over a step stool that would facilitate Joannís mounting the cube.

I ought to explain what the cube is.† Basically it is a heavy three-foot cube constructed of 2x4s and covered in plywood.† On two sides a 2x4 is bolted through the plywood to the frame and rises an additional three feet.† The entire device has been sealed and sanded and painted a high gloss black.† Two heavy eyebolts have been mounted at each corner at the front and the rear and on the side extensions just above the cube and near the top of the extensions.

When I had completed these preparations I went for the two women, lovely in their nudity and led them to the basement.† They were so gorgeous that I almost forgot my anger.† I say almost because I remembered how Penny had acted and resolved to ensure that it wouldnít happen again.† I began by placing wrist and ankle cuffs on Penny and locking her to the two spreader bars.† I turned her to face the cube and pulled the pulley rope up so that her arms were stretched above her and she was forced to stand on tiptoe.† The rope was then tied off holding her in that position.

With Penny secured, if somewhat uncomfortable, I turned my attention to Joann.† Now, I was really angry at Penny but somehow my anger transferred to Joann.† I guess I though that if she hadnít come out to visit, Penny wouldnít have betrayed my trust. In addition I didnít like how Joann had pushed herself into our sex life by draping herself over my lap.† If I were honest I would have to admit that spanking that lovely body had been fun but she should have waited until she was invited.† Probably fallacious reasoning but that it how I felt at the moment.† In any case she was going to have a tough night.

I fastened the thigh and ankle cuffs on to her.† Then I braided a rope into Joannís hair.† To do this I tied a knot in the top of the rope.† I held it to her head and looped a single hitch around her hair.† Then dividing her hair into two hanks began to braid down from the top of her head.† Every few inches I looped another hitch around the braid holding the rope and hair braid tightly compressed to ensure that the rope could not slide down and out of the braid.† When I got to the bottom I tied off the rope leaving the long end dangling to the floor.

At this point I had Joann mount the cube facing Penny.† I had her kneel on the cube and fastened her thighs to the bottom of the side extensions.† Then I stood on the step stool and removed the arm binder and fastened wrist cuffs on Joann.† Still using the step stool, I fastened her wrists to the top of the side extensions.† I moved the step stool out of the way and tied Joannís ankle cuffs to the eyebolts at the rear of the cube.† Using the rope tied to her braid I pulled Joann forward and down until her torso was parallel to the floor.† With her wrists fastened to the side extensions they were spread and lifted behind her as though Joann were poised for some sort of athletic dive.† At this point I stepped on the rope ensuring that Joann couldnít lift her torso.† I fashioned a loop in a length of rope and slipped it over one of Joannís large breasts.† Slipping the loop tight enough to slightly restrict the flow of blood to the breast but not enough to cause serious damage I tied the rope to a front eyebolt. Her other breast received the same treatment and then I stepped off the rope from the braid.

"Open up." I told Joann producing a ball gag made from a whiffle ball.† I like to use this because the holes in the whiffle ball ensure that the woman can breathe even if her nose becomes clogged.†† Though it allows the woman to make noise, it prevents intelligible speech.† I often use this when I am planning to leave the sub gagged for a long period and donít want to have to be checking for their ability to breathe.

Once she was gagged I placed a belt with a ring on it around her waist.† I centered the ring at the rear of her back and tied a rope to it.† I led the rope loosely; at least for the moment down between the cheeks of her ass, up through her slit and under the belt in front and then back the same path to the ring.† Reaching under her spread thighs I began to stroke Joannís mound and finger her clit.† I felt her fluids as her arousal grew but stopped before she could come to an orgasm.† Leaving her protesting inarticulately (remember the gag) I went to our toy chest and retrieved a medium large butt plug, a tube of K-Y jelly and a large torpedo vibrator.† While there I changed the vibratorís batteries so that it would run all night.† I also picked up a scrap block of 2x4 perhaps 2 or 3 inches long.† I brought all of this back to the cube placing it out of sight behind Joann.

I opened the K-Y and slathered the butt plug.† Then using my fingers I lubricated Joannís sphincter and as far into her as my finger could reach.† She squealed at the first touch of the cold lubricant and lurched forward tugging at the ropes tethering her breasts.† She tried, unsuccessfully, to tighten her sphincter and deny my finger access.† Penny watched what was happening and began "Master..." but I glared at her with enough intensity that she shut up.

I moved my finger out and began to insert the butt plug.† Joann tried to resist but I said "Joann, this is going into you no matter what you do.† It will be less painful if you try to relax."† She relaxed her sphincter and I slowly worked the butt plug fully into place.† Then I washed my hands and returned to play with her pussy and clit.† Once I had ensured she was well aroused I slid the vibrator into her and made certain that the crotch ropes were positioned over both the butt plug and the vibrator.†

Before I tightened the crotch rope I placed the scrap block of wood on her belly just an inch above the position of her clitoris.† When I tightened the rope the block of wood ensured that, while the rope ran up her slit holding the butt plug and vibrator well into her, the rope itself was held well away from her clitoris.† I wanted to be certain that the vibrator in her pussy and the butt plug would keep her aroused but that the lack of clitoral stimulation, combined with her uncomfortable position, would, I hoped, keep her from reaching an orgasm.

Having tied off the crotch rope there was one further discomfort for Joann.† I reached around and grabbed the rope and hair braid and pulled back forcing her to bend her neck backwards and lifting her head so that she was staring directly at Penny.† I fastened this rope to the same ring in her belt that secured the crotch rope.† Joann was now unable to lower her head and any slight movement of her head would tug at the crotch rope.

I walked around in front of her and, attracted by her large breasts that were now hanging down from her chest due to her position, played with her prominent and turgid nipples.† All of this was accompanied by completely unintelligible protest from Joann.† Giving her nipples one last tweak I told her, "You really shouldnít have mixed into our little games.† You did ask for it though and, Joann, you should be careful of what you ask for.† You may get it."

Pennyís Flogging

Leaving Joann in her uncomfortable bondage I walked over to Penny.† I explained to her that I felt she deserved a severe punishment, for breaching my trust by talking to Joann without discussing it first with me. I asked her if she agreed that she deserved a punishment.† She agreed and I could see a glimmer of fear in her eyes.

"Penny, do you remember, in the car that day, when I said I would push your limits but not exceed them?"

She replied that she did.† I asked her if she remembered her safe word.† She nodded indicating that she did and I told her, "Today I am going to push your limits.† I am going to flog you.† Remember, we both think you deserve a punishment and this will be it. It is going to hurt but remember too that I am not Bill.† I am not going to gag you and if things get too hard to bear you can use your safe word.† I care for you and will respect your limits even when I am mad at you.† Do you understand?"

Penny looked at me for a long moment.† I could see conflicting emotions ranging across her face.† Finally she took a deep breath and said, "Yes sir."

I went to the cabinet and pulled out our flogger.† We had purchased it but never used it.† It had many flexible strands but I had removed the weights from the tips of each strand.† I began, almost traditionally by whipping the flogger across her ass.† I watched this tough skin and learned what gave a satisfactory splat while still being gentle enough to avoid individual stripes and welts.† I increased the strength of my blows until I got a satisfactory response from Penny.† Although the skin didnít show individual lines from the strands it colored nicely, almost as it would from a hand spanking.

By the time I was satisfied with the shade of red her ass had become.† Penny had moved beyond Ouches and Ohs to grunts and moans.† I shifted targets and moved down her thighs letting the tips of the flogger come around and strike the sensitive flesh on the inside of her thighs.† When her thighs had also taken on a pinkish hue I moved to her upper back being careful to stay well above her kidneys and other soft organs.

I moved around to in front of her, intending to release her, my anger slaked.† When I looked at her from the front, however it became obvious that Penny was not only in pain but was also aroused.† Her nipples were engorged and the labial lips were swollen and parted.† I could see her fluid leaking down her legs.† She was remarkably beautiful and in that moment I think I understood how people could be seduced by the harsher pleasures of S&M.† Almost without thinking I whipped the flogger across her chest and breasts, flattened by her raised arms and her position.† The flogger struck across her nipples eliciting a loud groan.† "Penny, do you remember your safe word?" I asked.

Penny turned her head to look at me and said, "Yes sir, I remember it, but I deserve to be punished."

This was rather impressive and convinced me again that this was a remarkable woman. I didnít quite know what to make of it.† I had intended to punish her and I was certain that I had been hitting her hard enough to hurt, but here she was aroused and ready for more.† I slashed at her chest another couple of times and then shifted to her abdomen.† Stepping to her side I delivered a sloping slash that covered her hip and wrapped into her groin.† Two more like that and Penny screamed.†

I stopped at once but then I smiled.† That wasnít a scream of pain.† That was Pennyís orgasmic scream.† I had managed to flog her to an orgasm.† I watched her body shake as she came down from her orgasm and decided that I didnít want to play this game any more.† Leaving Penny suspended, because I didn't know if her legs would support her and I didnít want her to lie on her still red flesh, I crossed to Joann.† I untied the rope from her hair to the waist belt allowing her head to slump forward.

I noted that Joannís breasts were somewhat discolored from the lack of flow of blood, and wanting to avoid any permanent damage, I released both her breast ropes.† This allowed the flow of blood to return to her breasts and must have crated a pins and needles feeling which, in turn, had Joann shaking her torso from side to side.† That, of course had the interesting and attractive visual effect of swinging her large breasts from side to side.† In fact it was so attractive I captured her nipples, one at a time for a bit of sucking and licking.

Removal of the breast ropes created another torment for Joann.† She wanted to sit upright to relieve the strain on her arms, but if she allowed her buttocks to sink back towards resting on her calves, the T handle of the butt plug would hit the cube and drive the plug further into her.† She tried to sit up and hold herself up off the cube but her thigh muscles began to cramp from the strain.† In the end she was constantly shifting from one position to another trying to relieve one strain or another and never finding a position she could hold for more than a few moments.

Then I turned to the steps and walked up into the house turning off the light behind me, leaving both women in uncomfortable bondage, perhaps for the remainder of the night.† I found that despite the fact that I had aroused two very lovely women, and given one of them an orgasm, I wasnít all that aroused myself.† In fact I was rather disgusted with myself.

I guess I decided that while some folks might enjoy S&M it really wasnít my cup of tea.† I enjoyed tormenting women with sexual teasing or mild spanking or even a little tickling.† All of that was hands-on sort of stuff though.† I found that whips and floggers were just a bit too removed for my personal pleasure.† It might be OK for people who mutually enjoy it but it just wasnít romantic enough for me. Although I might have crossed the line in mild S&M that night, it wasnít a line I would easily revisit.

And So To Bed

Having reached that conclusion I went back down stairs and unfastened Joannís wrists.† I then locked her wrist cuffs behind her and, using a length of rope pulled her elbows towards each other.† While I didnít get them to touch I did bring them close and cinched the rope to ensure there would be no slippage.† Then I unfastened her knees and ankles and helped her off the cube.† She was making all sorts of sounds and motioning towards the belt and crotch rope with her head but I ignored this and guided her up the stairs to the master bedroom.

In the bedroom we have a low cedar chest at the foot of out bed.† Normally it serves as a storage place for spare blankets but tonight it would serve as a table to hold Joann.† I had her lie face down on the chest and fastened her knee and ankle cuffs.† Then I passed a line from her wrists to the joined knee cuffs.† Pulling hard on this line I brought her into a very strict hog-tie.† Not wanting her to roll off the chest, I passed a line from one side of her belt under the chest and tied it off on the other side of her belt.† I swung the chest around so that Joann was facing the foot of our bed and, to ensure she was watching ran the line in her hair through the linked ankle cuffs.† This pulled up her head and made the hog tie even tighter.† Just to be mean I played a bit with the T handle of the butt plug twisting the plug in her anus and pulling and pushing it a fraction of an inch either way.† It was enough to engender a loud series of whines that I imagined were protests.

Leaving Joann on the chest I went back to the basement.† I didnít want Penny begging me to release Joann so a gag was in order.† I found a penis gag among our gear and pushed it into Pennyís mouth, buckling it securely behind her head.† Then I freed Penny from the hoist.† Leaving her wrists and ankles fastened to the spreader bars, I folded her over my shoulder and carried her up to our bedroom.

With the spreader bars on it was awkward to get through doorways but I held Penny with one hand on her lovely ass as I twisted through the openings.† I couldnít help thinking back to that day when I had found her and how, after cleaning her in the mountain stream, had carried her over my shoulder with my hand resting just about where it was now.† The French have a saying Ďplus ca change, plus ca la mem chose" (the more things change the more they are the same).

When we got to the bedroom I put her face up on our bed.† I began rubbing her breasts.† Stationing myself at her side I licked and sucked her nipple making certain Joann got a good view.† After a bit I slipped my hand down to Pennyís mound and began to caress and rub.† Leaning on one elbow I used that hand to spread Pennyís labia exposing her inner folds to Joann.† I managed to keep the labia spread and also get a finger into Penny while using the other hand to roll and stroke her clitoris.

All of this was happening in front of a very aroused and frustrated Joann.† When Penny came, with her scream muted by the gag, I scooped as much of her juices as I could into my hand and then wiped it across Joannís upper lip and nose.† This probably wasnít strictly necessary as the bedroom was already reeking with the odor of Pennyís musk.

At some point I slipped down to use my mouth on Pennyís groin.† After she had come for the third time I judged that her body had recovered enough from the flogging to bear some of my weight and I slipped into her.† I couldnít see Joann, of course, but I was certain she was getting an eyeful of me sliding in and out of Penny. For her part, Penny was tired but willing and participated enthusiastically bringing me off rapidly.† I guess I had gotten more aroused than I had realized.†

Leaving Penny spread in the spreader bars I slipped out of her and off the bed.† I walked back to Joann and untied the rope from her head to her feet allowing her head to drop down. I played with the T handle of her butt plug and with the base of the vibrator in her pussy moving them in circles and pushing then in and out.† I even reached down and gripped her hard and prominent clit.† Gently I rolled and rubbed it until I felt her tense for an orgasm.† I took pity on her and let her come which she did loudly, as loudly as she could with the whiffle ball gag. Then I pulled out the butt plug and vibrator and removed the crotch rope but left the waist belt so that she wouldnít accidentally roll off of the chest during the night. I loosened the rope from her wrists to her knees so that she was still held in a hog-tie but a less strict one. I climbed back into bed next to Penny and drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Joannís muffled protests and pleadings.† I think Joann stayed awake for some time.

Next Day

I woke early and freed Pennyís wrist cuffs from the spreader bar, being careful not to wake her by removing the cuffs.† When she woke she would be able to release her ankles and then Joann.† I donít know how late they slept but I know I left for my office before there were any sounds from the bedroom.

When I got home that evening both women greeted me. ††"Joann will be returning to Chicago soon, but she wants to play with us while she is here," Penny said.

"I thought you felt B&D games were weird," I said to Joann.

"That was before last night," Joann responded.† I will admit that she had the good grace to blush when she said it.

"I donít think it would really be a good idea for me to play with you," I responded.

"Whatís the matter?† Donít you like my body? You think I am too fat," wailed Joann.

Why do women think that any refusal to lust after them is due to their figures, generally their weight?† Well, OK, dumb question.† I know what passes for popular culture sets some unrealistic standards for womenís bodies.† You would think that they would understand that, at least some men might be governed by other thoughts (at least sometimes).†

I turned to Joann and said, "Donít be ridiculous.† You have a great body!† You are absolutely gorgeous and radiate gobs of sex appeal.† Under other circumstances I would love to play with you.† The reason I donít want to isnít fat; itís fidelity."

Getting a blank look I continued, "Look, bondage has always been a sort of sexual foreplay for me.† The entire scene, ropes, control, teasing, whatever, has always been a part of sexual activity.† Right now I am very involved in a committed relationship with your best friend, and I donít think it would be right to play with another woman."

Their faces had both turned from blank stares to stunned looks and finally to smiles as what I said sank in.† But it wasnít enough.† Penny told me how she appreciated what I had said but Joann was her best friend, and it really wouldnít be cheating since she would be involved.† In the end she pointed out that I was able to overcome any scruples I had last night with what I had done to Joann.

I donít know guys.† I really liked Penny but what do you say when your sweet little sub begs you to play with another lovely woman.† I know what I did.† I gave in and included Joann in that nightís activity.† At the same time I decided that I wasnít going to let two women dictate my sex life.† Chauvinistic I suppose but, while I am a romantic at heart, I am not really a PC sort of guy.

Play Time

This was really going to tax my ingenuity.† How was I going to deal with two women at the same time.† I know it must be a lot of guyís fantasy but my view is that the Dom has to drive the woman up a wall and then deliver satisfactory sex.† I was interested in the idea of having two women at once but not at all certain that I could deliver.† Obviously I was going to have to thinks about this, which I did through dinner.†

The more I thought about it the more I decided that the best I could do was to use them to arouse each other and then to take my lovely Penny to bed while leaving a very frustrated Joann to spend the night wishing for more.† Since I didnít think I would be able to satisfy both women the choice was easy.† I would worry about my Penny and her friend could worry about what she was pushing her way into.

After we had cleaned up from dinner, I had Penny lie nude on the basement floor.† I fastened her wrists and ankles to spreader bars much the way she had been last night.† I secured a butterfly vibrator over her mound being especially careful to ensure it would send vibrations to her clitoris.† I set the battery pack and control box aside for the moment.† Then I had Joann, who was also nude, lie on top of her with her arms and legs spread to mimic Pennyís pose.† I adjusted Joann so that her waist matched Pennyís.† Since Joann was several inches shorter her toes and fingers didnít quite line up with Pennyís.† Still it was close enough.

I had some heavy duty web belts used to secure cargo in a truck bed.† I slipped one of these around both womenís waists and tightened it until they were somewhat uncomfortably held tightly together.† I did the same around the top of each thigh just below the buttocks. My final web strap went around their backs just below the arm pits.† When all the belts were tightened the womenís bodies were welded together.† To spread the loads that were going to be imposed, I also tightly wrapped each set of arms and legs with ace bandages and then with duct tape.

I fitted our hood over Pennyís face.† This covered her head but left her mouth open for a gag.† I inserted a penis gag to give her something to chew on.† We didnít have a second hood so I used a padded blindfold and a ball gag on Joann.† Then I pushed the blind and mute womenís heads forward so that they were side by side and ensured that they remained that way with additional wraps of ace bandage covered with duct tape.

The final act before moving the women was to insert a tens (mild electrical shock) unit into each rectum and one end of a long flexible dildo into each womanís pussy.† The dildo had been purchased for an experiment in using both of Penny Ďs holes simultaneously but it would serve to work two pussies this evening just as well.† Pulled tightly together as the women were, there was no way to fit them with individual crotch ropes but I ran a rope from the webbing around Pennyís waist, through the crack of her ass and then over the flexible dildo, through the crack of Joannís ass and up to the web belt.† Once it was tied off I was certain neither the dildo nor either of the tenís units would be coming out.

I brought over the end of the rope from a double block pulley and fastened it to the spreader bar between the womenís arms.† I had thought of hoisting them upside down but with them gagged and their heads wrapped I didnít want to risk causing one or both to vomit and possibly choke.† Even with the double block pulley it took some effort to hoist the weight of both women off the ground.† I kept at it until they were gently swaying with Pennyís toes just off the floor.†

I wrapped their torsos in cling wrap because it would increase the pressure on their bound bodies.† Not incidentally it would also make them hot and sweaty and the idea of hot sweaty female breasts pressed tightly together appealed to me.† What can I say; I think it appeals to most heterosexual males.† In any case I emptied the pantry wrapping them from waist up to the upper web belting (just below their armpits) and back down to their waist.

I picked up the flogger and laid a relatively mild slash across Joannís buttocks.† I wanted to sting her into movement without any real pain.† It had the desired impact.† Though she couldnít move much at all, her hips gave a little twitch forward which, I am sure did interesting things to the double dildo in both women. I saw Penny react to Joannís thrust and the movement in her pussy with a twitch of her own hips.† Wanting to share the fun, the next stroke, which was equally mild, was across Pennyís buns with a similar reaction by her and counter-action by Joann.† I continued in this manner for some time but, while their butts both held a rosy glow that signified an increased sensitivity, their reactions began to lessen as they became used both to the flogger and to the effects of the flexible dildo.

OK, time for step number two.† I captured the wires from the tens units and plugged them into the controller.† Then, turning the control up to about one third I sent shocks into both of the women.† That broke up the comfortable rhythm of thrust counter thrust.† As the shocks hit their rectums both women twitched their hips as hard forward as they could.† I played with this for a while sometimes shocking one woman, sometimes the other and sometimes both together.† I am sure that even with their limited motion all sorts of interesting things were going on internally.

When I tired of this I decided to move on to the grand finally.† I took the wires from the butterfly vibrator and plugged them into the controller.† I turned the control down to low and turned it on.† I immediately saw Penny stiffen.† Gradually I increased the strength of the vibrations.† Though the butterfly was fastened only to Penny, pressed together as they were, I am certain that at some point they began to reach Joann as well.† Of course they were much gentler on Joann than they were on Penny.

It didnít take long before I saw Penny stiffen in orgasm.† Gagged as she was she couldnít scream as she normally did but the whine that came out of her made it clear to me.† If the noise wasnít enough I could see a rapid series of jerks and twitches in her hips.† Smiling to my self I turned off the butterfly.† This elicited a series of unhappy noises and hip jerks from Joann who had apparently been on the way but was protesting the lack of completion of her journey.

Time to put the girls to bed so I lowered the hoist rope until Penny had both feet on the ground.† I didnít let it all the way down as I wasnít certain that Penny would be able to stand after the strength of her orgasm.† Working carefully I unwrapped their heads and arms and cut away the saran wrap.† Penny appeared to be smiling happily but Joann seemed to be trying to convey something else to me.

As soon as I had Joannís arms unwrapped I pulled them down and across the small of her back and fastened her into an arm binder.† After all, it wouldnít fit my plan if she was allowed to masturbate.† We would loose all of that lovely edge.

Next I removed both tens units from their rears.† Then, I am afraid with some stirring of the pot, I worked the long dildo out of them.† It came with a lot of squishy slurping sounds.† After that I unwrapped the womenís legs.† With Penny flat footed, Joann was able to reach the floor with her tip toes.† This became easier as I removed the webbing from the womenís thighs and then from their waist.† The last web removed was the upper one from their back and I positioned myself to kind of catch Joann as she fell back and away from Penny.†

Ignoring her grunts and groans, which I knew very well were pleas for an orgasm, I wiped her down with a towel and led her upstairs to the guest bedroom.† I was all business though I may have lingered over her very sensitive breasts and rather wet mound.† Well I had to be certain she was properly dried didnít I?


I laid Joann down on her rear end, still tender from her flogging, and bound arms in the center of the bed.† I took a longish rope and ran it behind her neck, over her shoulders, through her arm pits and up to the corners of the head board.† Then I tied her ankles together and ran that rope down to the frame at the foot of the bed.† I told her that her arms had to remain bound so that she couldnít play with herself as naughty little girls sometimes did.† Joann blushed scarlet† at my words and I thought I saw her hips twitch at least once.† After warning her to remain silent I removed her gag and gave her a very parental peck on the forehead, pulled the duvet up over her, turned out the light and went off to retrieve Penny.

I took a clean towel with me and dried Penny before I unfastened her from the spreader bars, but left the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and removed her penis gag.† She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately.† We headed up stairs with Penny telling me that it had been an Ďintenseí experience and that she was looking forward to taking me properly when we got to our bedroom.† We had just reached our bedroom when we heard screaming from the guest room.† Damn, had Joann freaked out?† Had I really pushed her too far?

I tore out the door with Penny close on my heels and raced into the guest room flipping on the light.† I started towards the bed and then stopped and gazed at the sight before me.† Penny slipped alongside me and having seen what was happening began to laugh.†† The duvet wasnít tucked in at the bottom, of course, and Joannís feet were exposed.† Exposed to Pennyís cat who had climbed onto the foot of Joannís bed, pushed the duvet up a bit and was now seated on the bed casually licking the soles of her feet.† The screams continued but were resolved into laughing screams as the catís raspy tongue tickled poor Joann.

"It seems every male in this house has it in for you," laughed Penny as she pushed the cat away.

"Iím sorry Joann. †I forgot about the cat and didnít close the bedroom door," I said.

Then Joann surprised me.† Instead of being angry she asked, "Are you sorry enough to let me come sir?"†

Not only was her request politely worded, her tone was completely different from the way Joann had sounded when she first came to visit.† Penny and I looked at each other. I decided to give her what she wanted but in my own way.†

I looked at Penny and said, "Go get that vibrating dildo and give Joann an orgasm."† Then having thought about it for a bit I added, "Ride her mouth while you are helping her."

Penny smiled and mounted Joann in classic sixty-nine position and leaned down as though she was going to lick at her.† I stopped her and said, "Just use the dildo.† I know she is your friend but we donít know when she was last tested for STDs and you are much too precious to me to take any chances."

Penny said, "I trust Joann.† She is my best friend."

"Itís not a matter of trust.† Itís just common sense."

Joann broke into the discussion saying she was had been involved with some one in Chicago and had recently been tested.† At that point I relented and told Penny, "OK, enjoy her."

Penny beamed at me and then began to lick Joann.† I saw Joann hesitate for a second and then she raised her head and began to lick at Penny.† Being a helpful fellow I doubled a pillow and slid it down to give Joannís head some support.

Penny had already come once and Joann had been aroused most of the evening so it was no surprise that Joann came first.† She blushed very attractively from her head to the tops of her breasts and moaned loudly as she came.† I expected things to end then but Penny kept licking at Joann and as soon as her orgasm subsided Joann resumed her oral attack on Penny.†† The second set of orgasms was almost simultaneous with Pennyís scream adding counterpoint to Joannís moans.† Now given womenís glorious ability for multiple orgasms this might have gone on for some time but after the second orgasm Joann pushed her head down and said, "Thank you sir."†

Now I hadnít done the work and it seemed that Penny deserved the thanks but I guess Joann had figured out that I was the decision maker, at least in this house.† Penny climbed off of Joann gave me a feral look and pulled me toward the door.† I did pause long enough to turn off the light and pull the door securely shut.

When we got back to our bedroom I asked, "What just happened these last couple of days?"

Penny was all smiles and said "I think we went from being the Ďweirdí couple to being the Ďwow!í couple.† I am so glad you and Joann have become friends.† She has been my best friend for years even though she lives in Chicago."

I wasnít really certain that Joann and I were so chummy but if it made Penny happy to think so I certainly wasnít going to argue.† Still I was bemused so I asked, "All of that just from a spanking?"

Penny laughed and said, "No it wasnít just the spanking last night, silly.† It was the sexual frustration and the humiliation and how you just dominated her last night and again tonight.† I donít think you realize but when you go into your full-fledged Dom mode you are a pretty frightening guy.† I think you frightened her and then she found she liked being controlled.† You simply mastered her."

"But youíre not afraid of me."

"I know you," Penny answered.† "I know how sweet and generous you are when we arenít playing and I know how responsive you are to my needs when we are making love.† Still when we are playing I wouldnít think of disobeying you.† You are very inventive with your punishments and I donít want to invite more than I already get.† I guess the bottom line is that I know you better and that means I have more trust in you."

Well itís tough to be angry with a beautiful nude woman who is holding out her arms so you can tie down the wrist cuffs on them.† I pulled Pennyís wrists together with a loop of rope and tied them off to the headboard.† Penny and I often slept like this.† While she was securely fastened she had enough flexibility to roll over during the night and enough comfort to sleep through the night.† At the same time, while only her hands were bound she was available to me for whatever devious ideas I had.

The site of Penny and Joann, both downstairs and then in Joannís bedroom had been intensely arousing.† I know, I know.† It had involved internal electrical shocks and floggers and I had just decided last night that those things were too impersonal for me.† I didnít think that I had really changed my mind about S&M but perhaps the relatively mild use of the flogger didnít seem all that sadistic to me.† Certainly I found Penny in bondage to be very arousing.† Perhaps it had been the sight of Penny and Joann.† Whatever the reason, I did know that I was very aroused.† I let Penny stretch out on her back and slid next to her.† My hand followed the curves of her breasts and I lowered my mouth to her nipple.† Penny, noting my arousal said, "Oh, is my master turned on by a little girl on girl action?"

"Iím turned on by the gorgeous woman with the bound hands lying next to me," I told her.† Apparently this was the right response because Penny smiled up at me and moved her legs apart in invitation.† Of course, being a gentleman I accepted the invitation and slid over and into her.† Deciding I didnít want to work at keeping my weight off her, and that I didnít mind her weight I slid on arm behind her back and the other behind her ass.† Then, hugging her tightly to me I rolled us over so that she was lying on top of me.

This was a ridiculous position.† While Penny could spread her legs to ensure I was well seated within her, she had her hands pulled up to the headboard and almost no leverage to allow her to move anything but her hips.† Still that was enough and it felt great.† I reveled in the contact with her body and was able to move my hips to slowly build us towards mutual orgasm.† Penny, as I have noted before, had great control over her vaginal muscles and managed to stroke me with minimal movement of her body.† While the build up was slow it was delicious and the sense of pleasure became almost unbearable.† I gathered from Pennyís moans and breathing that she felt the same delicious agony.† We wanted to come, but we never wanted the build up to end.† It was marvelous while it lasted but eventually neither one of us could resist and we exploded into mutual orgasm.

Chapter 4: Another visitor

The Sling Chair

It was just about two weeks later after Joann had returned to Chicago.† I was in the basement cleaning up from the previous nightís session.† I had a new bondage swing or chair that we had initiated to our mutual joy late into the night.† It was something like the old butterfly chairs but was suspended from chains and cross bars instead of having a metal frame and legs.†

I had stripped Penny nude and seated her in it with her hands around the back of the sling-like chair.† I had cuffed her wrists and fastened the cuffs together behind the chair.† Her ankles were similarly held in leather cuffs and her legs positioned off the sides of the sling which held her wide open and available.† With a few bits of rope her ankles were pulled back towards her wrists.† Not only was she fixed in place but her weight and the natural dip in the sling ensured that she was pretty much immobile.†

Immobile except for her head, that is.† Iíd begun the session by lowering the chair nearly to the floor and letting Penny demonstrate again how talented she was with her mouth.† I did this at the beginning of the session, not to be selfish but because having come once I was certain to have more patience for the loving foreplay I planned to lavish on Penny that night.†

When she had drained me and was grinning like the proverbial cat that had swallowed the canary I hoisted the chair.† It took a couple of minutes to do this as I was strangely having trouble getting my muscles to function in response to my brainís desires.† Penny had really drained me.†

In any case I hoisted the sling chair so that Pennyís groin was at the level of my mouth and set about licking and sucking her.† I brought her to the edge three times and then, still not having allowed her to come lowered the chair to just below my waist level.† I am sure that Penny thought I was about to enter her, my rigidity being very apparent at the moment.

But, as Penny learned, patience is a virtue and I am a virtuous man.† I pulled up a chair, sat down bringing my face down to her groin level and resumed my ardent but gentle teasing.† Gradually her moans turned to pleas and then to begging and I decided to relent.† I inserted two fingers into her canal and searched gently for her G spot.† I saw her body jerk as I found it and, keeping my fingers working at her G spot lowered my mouth back to her clitoris.† She came loudly and explosively.

As she gradually came down from her orgasmic peak I stood up and moved the chair out of the way.† I then entered her and used the chair as a swing to move her in and out on me.† It was very strange but very erotic to feel her pussy moving in and out without having to move my hips at all.† Penny assured me that she enjoyed the feeling of sliding in and out and by controlling the rate at which the chair moved I was able to control my arousal until Penny seemed near a second orgasm.† Then using my left hand to increase the rate of back and forth motion I used my right hand to stimulate her clit and we both exploded in mutual orgasm.

We had been so exhausted after that set of orgasms I had just uncuffed Pennyís cuffs and dropped them on the floor without untying them.† We helped each other up to the bedroom and spent the night tightly spooned together with an occasional light kiss on the back of our lovely neck.


It was now morning and I was in the basement, cleaning up from the previous night.† Putting the cuffs and ropes away and sponging off the marks on the sling chair.† I heard the doorbell ring and Penny, who had been cleaning up the breakfast dishes went to answer it.†† I didnít hear her call me so I assumed it was just a solicitor of some sort and forgot all about it.

When I finished cleaning up I went upstairs and found Penny sitting very rigidly on the couch.† I walked in saying something like, "What's up Penny?" when I saw him.† He was a vaguely familiar looking man whom I couldnít immediately place.† On the other hand, the large pistol in his hand was instantly recognizable as a Colt, model 1911, .45 caliber automatic.† That is a big gun and it packs a very nasty punch.

I was about to ask what was going on when Penny said, "Fred, this is Marvin Jackson, Billís brother.† He has some sort of idea that we killed his brother."† As soon as she said it I realized why he looked so familiar.† There was a decided family resemblance.

"Shut up!" Marvin demanded.† He continued, "You didn't know I was at the motel that morning.† I had come to identify Billís body and the sheriff put me up in that motel.† I saw you two come out, arm in arm, and get into the car.† You may have fooled the cops but I know you two were in it together."

"Wait a minute..." I said, "your brotherís death happened long before I came on the scene and Penny couldnít have caused it because she was strung up from a tree."

Marvin, however, was not in a listening mood.† He pointed the pistol at us and ordered, "Strip!"† I guess we must have hesitated because he fired a shot into the floor between us.† Hastily we complied.† I slowed down when I got to my boxers but he just gestured with the pistol and said, "All of it."

He made me lie face down on the floor and handed Penny a set of handcuffs.† He had her lock my arms behind my back with the hand cuffs and then tie a rope to my right ankle.† Then he had us both stand up.†

"I couldnít get the cops to continue to investigate you two, but after a few months I got your witness reports.† That freedom of information act is really something.† The forms had your address and everything.† I went to your apartment first, you bitch, but when I saw it was empty it was easy to trace you right here to your little love nest."

"You; grab his cock and guide him into that bathroom," he said to Penny, gesturing with his gun.† Penny did as he asked and we all marched into the bathroom.† He had me sit on the toilet and keeping a clear line of fire made Penny push the rope from my right ankle around the bowel and then tie it to my left ankle.† He then told Penny, "Give him a blow job."

She opened her mouth, to protest or ask a question, I donít know which.† Marvin was in the mood for neither and hit her across the cheek with the gun.† He gestured at me and Penny sank to her knees and took my penis in her mouth.†

Now you would think that having been captured and bound by a guy who thought he had a reason to hate us that sexual response would be the most unlikely sort of reaction.† I must confess, however, that despite my fear and anger, Pennyís lovely body and seductive mouth soon had me hard and throbbing.† At that point Marvin stopped Penny and handed her a plastic wire tie, the type electricians use to hold bundles of wire together.† "Put it around the base of his cock and make it tight."

Penny did as he directed and I felt an uncomfortable tightness around my engorged member.† Then Marvin fashioned two loops in thin twine and made Penny bend over so that they could be slipped over her breasts and pulled tightly around the base of each breast.† The nooses opened somewhat due to the resilience of her breasts but this didnít seem to bother Marvin who draped the loose ends over her shoulders.

"OK, Get on him," he said. †Penny sat on my lap facing me.† Her expression was that of fear and embarrassment with perhaps a bit of apology at what she had been made to do.† Yeah, like any of this was her fault.† Marvin hit her head again and said, "I said get on him.† Put him into you, you dumb cunt."

Penny lifted herself and slid my erect penis into her.† I noted that she was not completely dry, the interrupted blow job apparently having aroused her almost as much as it had me.† When she was fully impaled on me Marvin tied a rope to her right ankle and brought it up and tied her ankle to my left thigh just above my knee.† Her left ankle was tied in a similar fashion to my right thigh.† The Marvin tied her wrists to her ankles (and by extension to my thighs).† He then reached behind me and removed the handcuffs.†

At this point my hands were free but my ankles kept me from moving forward and Penny, while not particularly heavy was sitting with her full weight on me precluding any chance to stand and grab at Marvin.† Stepping back he had me slide my hands under Pennyís arms and cross them behind her back.† The then took the end of the noose cord from her right breast and fastened it around my right wrist carefully tying the knots on the back of my wrists where I couldnít reach them with my fingers.† This was followed by the other wrist.† Then he told Penny, "Go up and down on him."† It was awkward but by flexing her leg muscles she was able to raise herself three or four inches.† Marvin left the room and she collapsed into my lap.† "What are we going to do?" she asked.

I was about to respond when Marvin came back in the room carrying a duct tape and what looked like a cattle prod.† "I didnít say you could talk," he said and slapped a strip across Pennyís lips.† He reinforced that with two other crossing strips and then wrapped the entire business with three turns around her head.† He then grabbed and pinched her nipple, hard. Penny tried to scream but all that emerged was a muffled whine.† "Good," said Marvin, satisfied with his improvised gag.

He then took up the cattle prod pressed the two prongs against my scrotum and pulled the trigger.† The pain was horrible and seemed to drive the breath from my body.† My scream, unfettered by a gag was long and loud and when it ended I was gasping for breath.† I instinctively tried to bend forward from the pain but Pennyís body, wrapped around me, prevented that.† Marvin laughed evilly and said, "Hurts doesnít it."

He then pressed the prongs against Pennyís anus.† She tried to twist away and to beg for mercy but tied and gagged as she was she could do neither.† I wanted to beg Marvin not to shock Penny but couldnít get my breath back in time.† "These things have to charge up between each zap," said Marvin, "thatís what makes them so strong."† Apparently the prod had recharged because he pulled the trigger and Penny shrieked as much as she could and jerked upwards.† This time the electric shock drove her even higher, but not far enough to let me slip out of her.† As she rose, the ropes from my wrists tightened the nooses around her breasts and jerked her breasts painfully.† The painful jerk on her breasts forced her to reverse direction and she dropped back into my lap, sliding fully down my shaft.

"Now, here's the thing," said Marvin, "with that plastic tie around your cock you arenít going be able to come.† At the same time that little bit of plastic will hold the blood in your rod and keep it from getting soft.† But with this cattle prod on her ass she isn't going to be able to sit still so sheís going be working you up all day.† Iíll bet you get the biggest set of blue balls ever, you dumb shit."†

"Of course she can try to hold herself up hurting her tits and staying above the prod, but her legs will start to cramping and then she will be back to up and down soon enough.† Why she might even get an orgasm out of it." †Using the duct tape Marvin tied the shaft of the prod to the rim of the toilet bowel so that the prongs pressed firmly against Pennyís ass.† Then he taped the trigger in the on position so that the prod would fire each time it reached full charge.† He watched a few minutes as Penny bounced up and down on me in response to the prod and the pull on her breasts.

Now you might think that with Penny in tears from the pain the cattle prod and breast ropes were providing, and a very real fear that we were all going to be murdered shortly, I would have been too afraid to even notice the sensations on my penis.† I am ashamed to report that it simply wasnít so.† If anything, I grew harder as Pennyís tight wet pussy slid up and down my shaft and her lovely breasts, pushed out by the ropes slid up and down in front of my face.† Of course, I ached to ejaculate but couldnít, so it was agonizing at the same time, but, Penny was a lovely women and her sliding up and down on my shaft was very, very arousing.

Marvin watched the regular upward jerk as the cattle prod fired and the downward stroke as Penny collapsed back into my lap for several minutes.† He asked, "Are you enjoying yourselves?† Just think of how raw and painful your prick is going to be after being jacked off for three or four hours with no hope of ejaculation.† This is just a little payback for what you two did.† Iím going to let you two enjoy tormenting each other while I go out and hunt up a hardware store. †Iím going to get some additional chains to keep you two very secure.† Then Iím going let you each watch while I cut the other apart.† It will take a long time and is going to be very slow and painful."

He left then and through the ache in my groin I began to form a glimmer of a plan.† The cattle prod was under Pennyís left ass cheek so it was towards my right side.† The next time Penny jerked up I twisted towards the left.† Two more bounces and I was able to bring my right foot far enough forward to touch the trigger housing.† Each time Penny bounced up I kicked at the trigger guard with my right foot.† Marvin had taped the shaft to the toilet at the rim but it was hanging free further down and while I wasnít able to remove it I did manage to twist it so that the prongs were off to the side.† The next time it fired I could see the spark leap from prong to prong but it didnít touch any flesh and Penny was able to remain collapsed against me.

Escape from Bondage

Now to figure out how to get out of our bonds and find a weapon before Marvin got back.† When he had tied us he had slipped my arms under Pennyís, so her arms prevented me from working the cord up over her head.† I realized what was happening so I pulled her tightly to me and moved my arms as much up and around her as possible to relieve the strain on her breasts.

While I was thinking one hand slipped down pulling on her breast.† This brought a pained moan and I quickly brought both hands up as high as I could and getting my finger tips over her shoulders.† That created a bit of slack in the breast ropes and gave me an idea.† I told Penny that wanted to try to work the noose off one of her breasts giving me a free hand.†

Unfortunately this would involve my trying to get my upper teeth behind the rope.† Then I would be able to pull it part way off her breast.† Once that part was too tight I would try to move my mouth to another part of her breast and try to move that part of the rope forward. I told her that it would be slow and painful but that I didnít see an alternative.† She agreed with nods and as much of a smile as she could manage around the gag.

I twisted her as sideways as I could and pushed my right arm as far forward onto her shoulder as I could.† This gave me the maximum slack in the noose around her breast.† I set to work with my mouth.† Under other circumstances this might have been a fun game but with our lives hanging on this slim chance, I didnít have time to enjoy Pennyís admittedly lovely breast.† I worked at it for some time without raising my head from her breast until I felt some wetness running down.† Looking up I saw Penny was crying.† She was obviously in pain from my teeth and the constant tugging of the thin cords, but hadnít moaned or made a sound.† I offered to stop to let her rest but she shook her head and pushed the breast towards me.† I went back to work with some appreciation of her fortitude.† I donít know how long it took to get that first hand free but it was slow going and must have been close to an hour.† Obviously I was hurting Penny but she never cried out or made another sound.† Quite a trooper.

Eventually the loop came off the first breast and I was able to slide my hand around to her front.† With a hand available to work the rope the second breast took only a few minutes.† Now I had both hands free but we still werenít out of the woods. I worked on her wrist and ankle ropes and once she was loose she was able to stand up. My groin gave decidedly mixed signals as she slipped off me as she had really brought me to the edge,

I started working on the ropes at my ankles and told her to look for a scissors to get her gag off and to cut the plastic tie on my penis.† I warned her not to delay as we didnít know when "that bastard" (Marvin, of course) would be back.† She nodded and headed for the kitchen.† When she came back she was carrying a sturdy carving knife.

With my hands free it took very little time to cut her gag off and then very carefully work the blade under the plastic tie and cut it off my aching penis.† The kitchen knife would make a good weapon.† Then I realized that there might be even better weapons in the other rooms.

When we got out of the bathroom I headed for the closet where I had some old sports equipment, including a baseball bat.† Penny kept watch at the front window while I armed myself.† It seemed like only seconds when she said, "Heís back."

We took positions on each side of the door with me holding the bat and Penny the kitchen knife.† As Marvin came in the door I swung the bat at his head with all the force I could muster.† It hit with a solid crack and he dropped like the proverbial rock.† He looked even more like his brother with the head wound and the blood oozing onto my carpet.† I recovered my breath, which I hadnít realized I had been holding and went for the telephone to call the 911 for the police.

I wonít bore you with the details of what followed. The police took hours going over the physical evidence and questioning us repeatedly but in the end accepted that Marvinís death had been justifiable.† The facts will still go to an assistant district attorney but the detective in charge was pretty certain that there wouldnít be any charges brought.


With the police finally gone we headed wearily towards our bedroom.† I think I was just coming down from the adrenaline rush that had propelled us and realizing just how close we had come to being murdered.† Though my testicles had been aching and I had wanted to ejaculate earlier neither Penny nor I felt anything like sex that night.† All the same, even without sex, we made love that night as we climbed into bed and clung to each other.

We must have shifted some time in the night because Penny was gone when I woke the next morning.† I smelled coffee from the kitchen and realized that I was starving.† After a quick trip to the bathroom and a swipe with the toothbrush I slid on my boxers and went downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen I stopped to reflect on what a lucky guy I was.† Yes there was yesterdayís escape, but even more there was the sight of my bright and shining Penny puttering around in the kitchen in my old terry cloth robe.† I slipped up behind her in my bare feet and slid my arms around her cupping her lovely breasts.† She hadnít heard me coming and shrieked dropping the pan she was carrying onto the kitchen counter.† As soon as she realized it was me she leaned back against me and asked, "Hungry?† For some reason I feel like bacon and eggs this morning."

"Me too," I replied nuzzling the back of her beautiful neck.† I let her go and poured myself a cup of coffee as she tended to the eggs.† As we sat down to breakfast Penny said, "I feel so stupid for letting that maniac into the house yesterday."

"Whoops, reality check time," I replied.† "Did you have any reason to think he was some sort of psycho?"

"No, but he was."

"Penny, an old boyfriendís brother comes to the house and asks to talk to you.† Of course you let him in.† Thatís what normal people do.† None of what happened yesterday was your fault."

"Then youíre not angry with me?"

"Not for anything to do with Marvin.† Of course I may still have to punish you."

Penny frowned in puzzlement and asked, "Why, then?"

I replied, "Well look at you all wrapped up in that robe and denying me the sight of your beautiful body."† Now this was thin.† So thin as to be transparent but I wanted to do something to get us back into our games and our normal happy mood.† We needed to shake off the ghost of yesterdayís terrible fears and bad memories.† I think Penny still felt, as I did, that our mood was heavy because yesterday still haunted us.

Penny rolled her eyes heavenward but smiled at me.† She stood up and shrugged the robe off her shoulders and sat in my lap.† "Is this better master?"† I couldnít hide my smile as I wrapped my arms around her and reflected again on what a lucky guy I was.† As she wriggled in my lap I felt my arousal grow.

Although Penny was smiling I knew her well enough to see in her eyes that she was still thinking about Marvin and our narrow escape.† I reached over to the robe and pulled the belt from its loops.† Now a terry cloth belt isnít great as a rope but it served to put two loops around Pennyís wrists and had enough left over for a cinch and a knot.† More than that it put an end to any discussion of yesterday and focused us both on todayís need to live and love again.

Although I knew Penny wouldnít mind a spanking along with the attendant groping, fondling and teasing, all of my thoughts of punishment were discarded as I turned her to face me.† I reached down and fumbled myself out of my boxers.† Without a word Penny rose slightly allowing me to slip into her.† We were both aware that although Pennyís feet were on the floor and there was no gag, our position was more or less the one Marvin had forced on us yesterday.† Somehow it was cathartic and as Penny began to slide up and down with her hands bound behind her we found ourselves getting past yesterdayís horrors.† Then in what was almost a parody of the stringent position Marvin had locked us into, we slowly exorcised whatever remaining demons had been hovering in our minds to haunt us.† It was a slow and gentle sexual encounter, and one that pushed all that had happened into the history section of our minds.† I am pleased to report that it was every bit as arousing and much more satisfying without the plastic wire tie and with my hands free to provide clitoral stimulation to my lovely Penny.