Amy and Vicky
by Sir Richard

Chapter 1

I had just been discharged from the army and was working at a ranch to save money and supplement what my G. I. benefits would pay towards putting me through college beginning in the fall. Being new to the area I didn’t have much of a social life. This didn’t much bother me as I found that after eight years serving in some pretty nasty places where practical activities were all that kept you alive, I was happy to kick back and lose myself in my job.

I had gotten a ride into town one Friday evening and was getting a drink when an attractive woman came up to the bar and said “Nice boots, cowboy. You’re not from around here, are you?”

At first I thought she was a working girl but she didn’t have the ‘I’ve seen it all’ look. In fact she seemed fresh if perhaps some what older. At the time I was 28 and thought she was more or less the same age. Not having anything better to do I bought her a beer and sat down at a table with her. Amy was her name and talking with her was fun at least until she asked “Are you any good in bed?”

At that point I choked on the beer I had been drinking. When I recovered I managed to ask “Why?”

“Because, silly, I was thinking of asking you to take me home tonight.”

I am not a virgin and I guess I look OK but I am not used to being asked to take women home for sex. At least not as directly as Amy appeared to be. I was about to ask if she was serious when I realized another woman had come over to join us. Amy introduced her as Victoria, her house mate and turning to her said, “I thought I would bring him home tonight. Is that OK?”

It sounded like a child asking mom if she could keep the puppy that was following her home. Victoria looked at me and asked, “Are you gay?”

I didn’t much care for Victoria’s tone but she was also good looking and Amy was apparently interested in having sex with me so I ignored her tone and told her I was decidedly heterosexual. This was followed by asking when I had last been with a woman (unfortunately some time ago). Apparently I passed some sort of test because Victoria said, “Go get me a beer.”

I still didn’t much like her tone but when Amy chimed in with “So we can talk about you behind your back.” I decided that if I wanted to score with Amy (and by that time I really did want to) I had best not start a fight with her house mate. Instead I got up and headed for the bar.

I had just given Victoria her beer (and gotten no thanks) as was starting to drink from mine when she asked “Have you ever had a threesome?”

I choked on my beer (again) and managed a strangled “What?”

She gave me a look normally reserved for village idiots and asked, “Have you ever had sex with two women at one time?”

I managed a choked ‘no’ and then took refuge in drinking the rest of my beer. I began to feel dizzy when Victoria said something like ‘Put a tip on the table and let’s get out of here.’

This sounded like a good idea so I laid a bill on the table and said something like "All set, lets go Vicky". I got a nasty look and was told in no uncertain terms that her name was Victoria and not Vicky or any other diminutive. As we started for the door my dizziness seemed worse and Amy and Victoria each took one of my arms to support me. Of course I now understand that they had drugged my beer, but at the time I had no idea why I was so buzzed.

Once outside they steered me to a dark corner of the parking lot where a slick little two seat convertible sat. At the time I had no idea why it made such good sense to follow Victoria’s “suggestion” or perhaps orders is a better word but I have since learned that one of the functions of the date rape drug is to make the victim amenable to suggestions.

I know that this is going to sound ridiculous but under the influence of the drug Victoria got me to sit on the floor in front of the passenger seat with my legs bent up and pressed against the dashboard. At the time it seemed a great idea especially when she climbed over me placing her thighs on either side of my head and her feet in my crotch. In this position she brought her skirt forward covering me completely so that anyone outside the car would be unable to see me. I even enjoyed it when she began to rub my crotch with her heels. I heard her say to Amy, who was the driver, “Men are so easy. Rub their cock and they will do whatever you want.”

In retrospect I know it was the drug’s influence but at the time I was enjoying the sensations. The women had me hidden from sight and were abducting me without even having to use ropes or blindfolds. I guess I was pretty easy.

We drove for quite a while and wound up in a garage attached to a home. I had been under her skirt for the entire drive and had no idea of where we were. Entering the house we all removed out shoes and socks leaving them in the kitchen and proceeded to a large bedroom with a king sized bed.

“Amy, take his clothes off.” said Victoria. This sounded like a great idea to me. In fact it probably would have sounded just fine even without the drugs. I raised my arms as Amy slipped my shirt over my head. As she did Victoria came up behind me, pressing her breasts into my back and wrapping her arms around me. Her hands gently rubbed across my chest and tweaked at my nipples. Now this was getting to be a very pleasant evening.

I felt a tug at my belt and glanced down. Amy was kneeling before me and as I watched she unfastened my belt, my waist button and pulled down my zipper. Victoria’s hands supported me as Amy pulled off my jeans and underwear lifting one leg and then the other.

I was conscious of my nudity when Amy leaned forward and took me into her mouth. At that point I lost all track of anything and everything other than the sensations emanating from my groin. It seemed to me that she was remarkably talented with her tongue (as well as her lips) and it took very little time for her to bring me to the edge. I tried to warn her but she just pressed her mouth further onto my shaft and kept on licking and sucking. I exploded and so strong was my orgasm that I would have fallen over had it not been for Victoria supporting me.

As I recovered my breath and some strength in my legs, Amy rose up with a satisfied smile on her face. “Now undress her.” Victoria ordered.

I had no objections to obeying that order and lifted the hem of Amy’s top. I had to pull it towards me to clear her breasts which, of course let the back of my hands rub over the delightful mounds of her bra. The top was pulled from my hands, I guess by Victoria, and Amy pirouetted to give me access to the rear closure of her bra. I undid the two hooks with no problem and Amy tossed the bra to one side turning back to face me as she did.

I don’t know why men, or at least the men I know, are so fascinated with women’s breasts. I do know that Amy’s breasts were magnificent. They were small but perfectly proportioned to her slim figure. Her aureoles were brown and puffy and her nipples were unusually long. They stood proudly from her chest inviting me to lick and suckle at them.

I had just begun to do this when I felt a hand slip through my legs and grasp at my testicles. It was Victoria, of course and all she said was “Kneel.”

It has always been my policy not to argue with anyone who has my testicles in their grasp. While I would have appreciated more time with Amy’s breasts I understood that there were still her jeans and panties to be dealt with. I got busy opening and pulling off her jeans. Amy rested her hands on my shoulders as she lifted her feet for me. I found myself facing her panties. They were red and shiny and looked oh so appealing. I slid my hands up the back of her legs fondling her panty clad buns (which were firm and, though out of view, very inviting) until I reached the waist band. Pushing my hands inside I eased the panties down over her firm ass and pushed them toward the floor where, I suppose, she kicked them off.

I didn’t help with that task because I was staring at a lovely pussy completely devoid of hair. She must have been somewhat wet because I could smell an intoxicating musk. Without any conscious thought on my part I leaned forward and began to kiss and lick at her.

Amy wasn’t particularly tall and I found it uncomfortable twist and bend enough to get my tongue fully into her. Using my thumbs to spread her labia I found her rather swollen inner lips and clit to be at a very convenient height. Remembering how she had serviced me I had no problems being on the floor and licking her to orgasm. After her orgasm I leaned forward to go for a second, but Victoria, whom I had completely forgotten, pulled my hair forcing my head back and almost lifting me to my feet. She got me upright and Amy used her hands on my shoulders to urge me to turn around. Victoria said, “My turn now.”

Unlike Amy and I who had both been wearing a pull over top and jeans, Victoria had a blouse and skirt (the same one she had tented over me during the drive). I began by unbuttoning her blouse. Victoria bought her hands up in front of me as Amy’s nude body pressed against my back. At first I thought Victoria was going to push me away but I realized she was just offering me the cuffs to be unbuttoned.

I slipped the blouse off her shoulder and finished with my arms around her untucking the tail of the blouse from her waistband. I dropped the blouse to the floor and then it was time to unveil her breasts. Victoria had a very attractive lacy bra with a convenient front clasp. My hands were still behind her so I raised them and ran one finger of each hand along her shoulder gently easing the bra straps over to the side and down her arms. She shuddered just a bit as I stroked her and looked at me with a strange expression.

I brought my hand to the front and opened the clasp. Victoria was a larger woman than Amy and had larger breasts. They were full and round and inviting and I was about to pay my respects to them when Amy grabbed my testicles and tugged gently while saying “Down.”.

Victoria had to shift a bit to let me see the button at her waist and the zipper. Once undone the skirt fell to the floor and she kicked it to one side. Her panties matched her bra and were very feminine and sexy. I pulled them down and found a neatly trimmed but hairy pussy. I do love to use my mouth to give women pleasure but don’t enjoy pubic hair caught between my teeth. I guess I hesitated for a moment because she pulled my head to her crotch. Still under the effects of the drug I gave a mental shrug and began to lick.

Victoria had not been aroused, as Amy had been and it took quite a while before she had a climax. By then my jaw ached and the muscles of my tongue were complaining. Once she had cum, Victoria said to Amy, “Let's get him on the bed.”

I was still a bit dizzy but something didn’t seem right and I guess I must have resisted a bit. I didn’t fight very much because Victoria once again grabbed my testicles and used them as a handle to direct me where she wanted me. Emphasizing her commands with sharp squeezes she soon had me on my back on the bed with my arms and legs spread out. At her direction Amy fastened cuffs to my wrists and ankles. When Victoria released me I tried to move my limbs only to find out that the cuffs were tied to the corners of the bed frame.

I guess I panicked then because I threw myself against the restraints trying to move my limbs. This was all useless effort, of course, and eventually I fell back exhausted. I saw Amy on one side of the bed and Victoria on the other. Amy was stroking my body and making little shushing sounds as though trying to calm and reassure a child. It was actually nice.

On the other side of the bed, however, Victoria wore a predatory smile as she looked down at me. Then she began to spin out a scenario. She said, “We are going to play a let’s pretend game. I am Princess Victoria and this is my bedroom high in the castle. This is Amy, my personal body slave.”

As she said this she was wrapping what appeared to be a dog’s collar around Amy’s neck. Amy was apparently expecting this because she was smiling and lifted her hands, in one of those incredibly graceful gestures that only women can manage, to lift her hair from her neck and allow Victoria to fasten the collar.

Not only was I fascinated by the grace Amy exhibited, lifting her hands that way did some lovely things to her breasts. OK, I know what women readers are going to say, “Here is some stupid male, tied to a bed by women who are playing games and he is admiring the woman’s breasts.” OK. I admit it. I was scared but I was also attracted to Amy’s slim well toned body. If the truth is to be told, Victoria wasn’t bad looking either, even if I was beginning to think she was several cards short of a full deck. So I can be frightened and admire women at the same time. Call it multi-tasking.

Victoria turned to me with another collar. As she fastened it around my neck she continued, “You are an enemy soldier who was caught spying and have been given to me to tease and torment as a boy toy, a mere sex object. Both Amy and I are going to use you in any way we want. I am going to humiliate you and break you and turn you into a sissy boy. Once you realize just how inferior and shameful you are, I may release you.”

Then she ordered Amy to get the shaving gear. Turning to me she told me that slaves had to have clean shaven groins so that they would always be available for their mistress. I didn’t much like the idea of sharp instruments being waved around my groin but took some comfort from the fact that it was Amy and not Victoria doing the shaving.

Of course I got hard with Amy rubbing me. First it was a warm wet cloth, then after some preliminary scissors work, the shaving cream. After the scrape, scrape, scrape of the razor it was back to the somewhat cooler wet cloth as stray bits of shaving cream was removed. Looking back, I don’t think that there could have been that much shaving cream. I think Amy was fondling me, playing with her new toy.

Victoria decided that my previous fighting the bonds meant that I must have a high metabolism and that the drugs were already wearing off. She ordered Amy to give me a second dose. Amy protested but was over ruled by Victoria and came to me with a glass with perhaps two ounces of a clear liquid. She lifted my head and placed the glass at my lips. I was going to refuse to drink when Victoria reached for my testicles again. I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and swallowed the two ounces or so of clear liquid.

There was something strange though. The liquid she gave me burned as it went down and tasted for all the world like vodka that hadn’t been chilled properly. The drugs I knew of were odorless and tasteless and went down without irritation. Was Amy giving me something other than a second dose of the drugs? The liquid hit me and made me dizzy but either the drugs or a double Vodka might do that. Whatever caused the flush to rise on my face it apparently satisfied Victoria who told Amy that I ought to be compliant for the rest of the evening.

I thought about my situation. Victoria was clearly in charge but while Amy was obedient she didn’t always agree with what Victoria wanted. Of course, I wasn’t certain that Amy had given me vodka instead of a second dose of drugs but I was pretty certain. How could that work to my advantage? Did I want Victoria to know that Amy hadn’t obeyed? Could I drive a wedge between them?

I realized that I was slipping back into combat mode. Situational awareness then decision and action plan. To me this confirmed that whatever Amy had given me, it wasn’t the same drug. Remember Descartes who said ‘I think, therefore I am.’ I was thinking of how to get out of this, therefore I wasn’t drugged. I decided that my best bet was to keep quiet about Amy’s disobedience and see what opportunities arose. Accordingly I stopped struggling and acted compliant with Victoria’s orders and/or suggestions.

Actually I would have stopped struggling in any case as Amy was now playing with my penis as though it was a lollipop. She had this technique of running her tongue up the underside and then swirling it around just under the head. It was very nice. I found myself growing hard and watched as she mounted me. I was ready to thrust up when I remembered that I was supposed to appear semi-recumbent with drugs. It didn’t matter as her slow rise and fall created wonderful sensations.

Less wonderful was Victoria mounting my face. She was turned towards Amy and her ass cheeks just about crushed my nose making it very difficult to breathe. This was somewhat rectified when she leaned forward apparently so that she and Amy could play with each other’s breasts. I couldn’t see that of course but the moans seemed pretty descriptive. In any case with Victoria leaning towards my groin and the very active Amy, I was again able to get air through my nose. Thus when Victoria ordered me to get busy I was able to comply and get my tongue back into action.

It took me a long time to bring Victoria to an orgasm. Amy gave me a wonderful one and came shortly after herself. I suppose she might have used her finger on her own clit once she realized that I was cumming and would shortly soften. She dismounted while I valiantly tried to finish Victoria off. The problem was that I could barely reach her clit and though I got quite a bit of very satisfied moans, the sought after explosion just took a long time to achieve.

Once she had cum, Victoria decided to shift positions. I didn’t know it at the time but she planned to have Amy ream my ass with a strap-on while I licked her to another orgasm. Even if I had known I don’t think I could have put up an effective resistance. Victoria unfastened the rope on my left wrist cuff from the bed and led it behind my back and through the D ring on my right wrist cuff. Then sitting me upright she maneuvered my wrists together behind my back where she clipped them together. Only then did she have Amy remove the cuffs from my ankles.

I thought about fighting but with my hands behind my back this didn’t appear to be the right opportunity. Remembering my decision to appear compliant I let her position me kneeling at the foot of the bed. Grabbing my hair, she then pulled me forward to her pussy while draping her thighs over my back. It seemed the woman was insatiable and wanted to be brought off again. I really didn’t mind this, at least I didn’t until I heard Victoria tell Amy to get the strap-on and lubricate my ass. By that time I was pretty well secured with Victoria’s legs over my shoulders and her hands in my hair holding my face in position and she seemed to not notice my struggles.

Not seeing much choice I began to lick at Victoria’s pussy. I felt a cold greasy finger in my ass and grunted. This evidently pleased Victoria as she laughed and made some remark about how she loved it when her boy toys were forced to squeal.

That’s when I became convinced that I had an ally in Amy. Instead of poking her strap on dildo into my ass, she moved it so it slid under me between the bed and my abdomen. I realized that Victoria couldn’t see this from her position above me on the bed and decided to support Amy’s deception with a series of grunts. Each time Amy thrust forward I grunted.

I had given Victoria and orgasm but she demanded another and I was about there when I felt Amy’s hands on my wrist cuffs. She had unclipped them and now I had my hands free. I thought of attacking Victoria directly but wasn’t certain if I had recovered sufficiently from the drugs and vodka. I decided that rather than trying to push her off me and then wrestle her down I would be better off attacking her where she was weakest, at her clitoris.

I brought her to her third orgasm and she shifted from pulling my hair to mash my face into her groin, to pushing my head back. She had had enough. Or so she thought. That was when I struck. I brought my hand up and grabbed her wrists twisting up to force her elbows down on the bed and levering her hands out to about shoulder width where they couldn’t grab or scratch at me. This also put my ribs between her thighs which might have been a very bad move but I didn’t plan to give her time for rational thought. Instead I mashed my lips to her overly sensitive clit and began to lick as though my life depended on it.

At first she yelled to Amy that my hands were free and to grab them but she soon lost the ability for coherent speech as I continued to work at her clit. She hadn’t squeezed my ribs but her heels were kicking at my back. I felt the kicking diminish and risked a quick pause for a breath of air. Twisting my head I saw Amy busily fastening one of the ankle cuffs to Victoria’s ankle, holding her leg out to the side. Soon the second leg disappeared from my back but by that time I had to surmise that Amy was working on that leg as I had dived back to Victoria’s pussy.

You can surmise what happened from then on. Amy took a cuff from my left wrist, put it on Victoria’s wrist and then pulled her arm up and tied it to the bed. Victoria’s protests had turned incoherent and then to moans and her ability to resist had pretty much vanished. I lost count of how many orgasms she had in succession. I think it was five but it may have been four or six as some of the later ones seemed to merge into a continuous long one. In the end her overworked body shut down and the poor woman passed out.

I lifted my head to see a grinning Amy pantomiming applause and an unconscious Victoria stretched in a spread eagle and tied to the four corners of the bed. I could barely talk but told Amy that I needed a cold drink of water and motioned her towards the kitchen. She reached into the closed and grabbed a robe so I shrugged and slipped on my shorts.

Chapter 2

Now if you thought this story was passing strange, this was where it really got strange. When we got to the kitchen Amy told me her story. It seems she and Victoria had lived together for about five years, during most of which they were lovers. They maintained a dominant/submissive relationship but Amy was bisexual and occasionally would bring home a man or go to a man's apartment. Victoria was a man hater but put up with Amy’s men friends (she assured me there weren’t that many) at least she had until a few months ago.

About four months ago Victoria ‘went off the rails’ as Amy described it. Victoria came into the bedroom while Amy was ‘entertaining’ and without a by your leave she jabbed a needle into the guys butt. Victoria was a nurse and as she explained to Amy the small dose of muscle relaxant she had injected rendered the guy incapable of moving his limbs, or turning his head or even wiggling his fingers or toes. At the same time it didn’t interfere with the deeper muscle functions like breathing or the heart pumping blood. In effect the patient, or in this case the victim, was paralyzed but not really hurt.

Victoria then used the cuffs that she and Amy used to tie the guy onto the bed and then let the drug wear off. Amy protested but Victoria used her dominant personality to subdue Amy. When the guy came to Victoria demanded cunnilingus. Not surprisingly the guy refused which led to Victoria directing Amy in a tease and denial session where the man was repeatedly brought to the point of orgasm only to have it denied. Eventually the guy was begging to eat Victoria in order to be allowed to cum. Victoria recorded the begging, got herself eaten out a couple of time, made him eat out Amy. Then she had Amy arouse him again with her mouth and when the guy was finally about to cum, Victoria pulled Amy off and jabbed him with another dose of the muscle relaxant.

The guy was then bundled, nude, into the car covered with a blanket and driven about 40 miles to a large urban park where he was dumped. The muscle relaxant eventually wore off and the guy must have made it home because the women heard no more about it.

Amy and Victoria had a big argument about it but as usual Victoria dominated Amy into accepting it as a game. She even got Amy to go out a month later and pick up another guy for similar fun and games. Amy didn’t like it but she and Victoria had years of history and submissive Amy gave in once again.

The problem, as Amy explained it, was that the second victim was treated much worse than the first. Amy had been provided with Rohypnol, sometimes called roofies or just the date rape drug. As I found out it made you more or less go along with every suggestion even if you would have refused them in an un-drugged state. In addition they clouded your memory so you had a hard time identifying what was done to you or who had done it.

I interrupted at this point and pointed out that while I had accepted and done everything they told me to, I still remembered it all. Amy told me that Victoria’s actions with the second guy had scared her and she had decided that she had to end this behavior. The problem was she wasn’t certain she could do it on her own, given Victoria’s dominance. Tonight she picked out the toughest guy she could and then had diluted the dose so that I wasn’t fully under.

I don’t think I am so tough but it does boost the fragile male ego to have an attractive woman describe you that way. In any case I wanted to hear the rest of the story so I motioned Amy to go on.

The second guy was brought home and treated more or less as I had been but before returning him Victoria had used the muscle relaxant to render him helpless, and she painted (apparently with Amy’s help- she wasn’t very specific on this whether from shame or perhaps from a dose of the drug herself) both his toe and finger nails in bright pink. His flaccid testicles and penis had been bound in duct tape, pink lipstick was applied to his lips and used to paint ‘sissy boy’ across his chest. As a final insult he was ‘dressed’ in an old pair of frilly ladies’ panties.

Unfortunately he was discovered before the muscle relaxant wore off. Cops responded to the report of a dead body and were taking crime scene photos and fending off a reporter when the ‘body’ twitched. EMTs were summoned and the man revived, but was, as you might imagine, spitting mad. Fortunately he never knew the full names of either woman nor did he know where he had been taken. Nevertheless the sordid story, with all the sexual innuendo, occupied the newspaper for several days. The publicity had frightened Victoria into stopping her ‘games’ for two months, but she had eventually gotten Amy to go out and pick up another sucker - yours truly.

I thought that was a pretty strange tale. I had played with some kinky ladies in my time… No, excuse me. Make that some imaginative and inventive ladies. In any case the drug-dealing man hater in the next room did not sound like a candidate for rehabilitation. I guess I expressed this to Amy because she told me that she had picked me because she was certain I was strong enough to bring Victoria into line so that they could go back to how things had been.

I asked her how she thought I could do that and she indicated that she had no idea but had complete confidence in my coming up with something. After all she said, all but batting her eyelashes at me, I was the man. Besides she added, I owed her for her help in escaping.

Now there is feminine logic for you. I owed the woman who drugged me and help to tie me up for helping me escape the situation she had put me in. As W. C. Fields once remarked, the only way to fight a woman is with your hat. Grab it and run.

And that is probably just what I should have done. I should have run as fast as I could. The problem is that I did like Amy and I didn’t want to run. I also didn’t have the faintest idea of how to do what she wanted but I decided I had to act as though I had a plan. It goes to show how stupid I can be when I want to impress a woman. With no real plan in mind I told Amy I would help and that the first step was to frighten Victoria. The smile I got from Amy lit up my heart, if not my brain.

We returned to the bedroom to find Victoria awake and understandably angry. She was yelling at Amy to release her at once. I was fed up so I turned to Amy and pulled off the cloth belt to her robe. Amy looked startled as her robe swung open but made no move to cover up.

I folded the belt to locate the middle where I tied a knot. Then I approached Victoria who realizing what I intended turned her head away while telling me to get the hell away from her. I used my free hand to grab her nose and swing her head around. Of course with her nose pinched shut, she had to open her mouth to breathe. As she did I released her nose and stuffed the knotted cloth belt in her mouth. I pulled the belt around behind her head pulling the knot further into her mouth. The belt then crossed inside her mouth wrapped around the back of her head a second time. There was just enough of the belt left to tie a second tight knot in her mouth. As a gag it left something to be desired but the two knots held her tongue so that she couldn’t form words and the knots plus the crossing cloth muffled the sound so that her angry shouts turned to mumbles.

Standing above the spread-eagled Victoria I said, “You underestimated my army. They have beaten your forces and conquered the kingdom. You parents have been taken to my capital in cages to be displayed, and the rest of your army and the fit men have been marched off in chains to work as slave labor, while your women will be sold either as sex slaves if they are attractive or as domestic slaves if they aren’t. My general has rewarded me with two slaves for my services. Amy is now my body servant, not yours, and you are no longer Princess Victoria but merely slave Vicky. Since you are untrained you are placed below Amy and must obey her and consider her your mistress.”

Victoria had to wonder at my sanity. She recognized her scenario but now this crazy man was expanding and twisting it. I bet she wondered if I realized that it was only a ‘game’ or if I really thought it was true. Turning from Victoria, I told Amy, “Get the shaving gear. Slaves aren’t allowed pubic hair. Oh, and while I am thinking of it take off that robe; you are much too lovely to be clothed.”

I slipped a pillow under Vicky’s ass and watched as a lovely nude Amy removed Vicky’s hair. I was theoretically familiar with the process, my groin having been denuded of hair just a few hours ago. At the time I was tied flat on my back and couldn’t really watch. I found it fascinating as Amy first used a scissors to reduce Vicky’s hair to choppy stubble. Then she applied a wash cloth with warm water to soften the stubble. As she rubbed gently over Vicky’s groin I could see Vicky’s labia react. The gentle rubbing in of shaving cream did nothing to reduce Vicky’s now apparent arousal and subdued moans. Then the razor was gently and carefully stroked over Vicky leaving strips of bare flesh. I found it very erotic to watch. When she had completed the task Amy removed the last bits of shaving cream with the wash cloth. I was tempted to let her continue until Vicky reached a climax but decided instead to gesture towards the bathroom. Amy seemed to read my mind as she smiled at me and gathered up the materials she had been using.

When Amy left to return the shaving gear to the bathroom I congratulated my foresight in having her remove her robe. Watching her firm nicely rounded ass cheeks sway as she walked to the bathroom was almost as good as watching her firm breasts as she returned. I was beginning to think that Amy was privy to my thoughts and could have sworn that there was an extra bit of wiggle on the way to the bathroom and perhaps just a bit more bounce on the return.

Then turning back to Vicky I removed the collar from my neck and fastened it around hers. I knew Vicky didn’t like men and quite frankly I would rather play with Amy. Still, it was time to instill some discipline so I told Vicky, “I am going to change your bondage, move you and remove your gag. When I do you will beg you mistress to be allowed to lick her pussy. “

I got a little carried away with securing Vicky’s hands. I wanted her to feel that she was helpless and that her body was mine to position any way I wanted it. While I wasn’t going to sexually molest her I felt a bit of humiliation might help Vicky with her attitude adjustment. I untied the long rope that held her left wrist cuff to the bed frame and brought it to her right cuff, where I bound the cuffs together Then I untied the right cuff from the bed

Now I had two long ropes leading from her fastened wrists. I tied a knot about two feet from her wrists and passed the rope through her legs and up the crack of her ass. The knot was slightly below her waist but high enough so that when I wrapped the ropes around her they were over her hip bones and couldn’t slide down. I tied the ropes together in front. That would have been enough to hold her hands firmly in her crotch but I had quite a bit of left over rope. This I used to wrap around her forearms, then cross behind her back and then take a second loop around her forearms and finally tie off in front.

To add to her humiliation I asked if she enjoyed the smooth feel of a slave pussy. I also told her that being the little slut slave she was she had permission to try to get herself off by rubbing her pussy. In fact I had pulled her hands so far between her legs her fingers were beyond her pussy and even the heels of her hands were too far down to permit any rubbing of her clit. I doubted that she would be able to get off at all.

At this point I took off the ankle cuffs and flipped her over face down on the bed. Pulling her down by her ankles until her hips were even with the bottom of the bed I let go of her. She found herself kneeling at the foot of the bed with her torso flat. She started to lift herself but I pushed her back flat on the bed and planted a knee on her back as I removed the gag.

Tossing the now soggy belt/gag to one side, I told her to beg Amy, her mistress, to let her eat Amy’s pussy. Not unexpectedly she told me to go to hell and made an anatomically impossible suggestion. I had anticipated this and swung myself around sitting on the small of her back. Without further comment I began to spank her, very hard. At first she swore at me, then she told me to stop, then she sort of dissolved in yelps of pain and tearful snuffles. Her ass went from its normal color to pink and then to red and was beginning to turn purple. In truth I was beginning to worry about how long she could hold out when she finally blurted between gasps and sobs that she would do it.

I paused and told her to go on. She began, “Amy, let me eat…”

Smack. That was as far as she got when I whacked her and asked, “How are you to address Amy?”

Vicky began again with, “Mistress Amy, may I…”

Smack. I told Vicky, “You are a slave. Slaves don’t use personal pronouns like ‘I’ or ‘me’. Try again!”

Vicky sobbed in frustration. I am certain her ass was very tender. Still, she pulled herself together and begged, “Please Mistress Amy, may this slave have the honor of licking your pussy.”

Well, you might quibble with a word here or there, but it sounded like pretty good begging to me. I stood up and motioned Amy to the bed. She spread her legs and slid down towards Vicky’s head. Just as a reminder I grabbed Vicky by the hair and raised her head allowing Amy room to position herself. Amy glanced up and gave me one of those smiles that so thrilled me and I lowered Vicky’s head.

I don’t know what it is about women performing sex acts with other women that men find so erotic and attractive. I certainly find no interest in watching a guy give another guy a blowjob. Even the few porno films of men and women having sex have seemed pretty boring. But I don’t know of any men, at least heterosexual men and, in my limited experience, even gay men, who don’t find two females performing sex acts to be erotic. So it was in this case. I was fascinated as Vicky’s tongue penetrated Amy; Licked along Amy’s slit, teased with its tip at Amy’s now exposed inner folds and delicately playing with Amy’s now prominent, fully engorged clit.

Even though Amy had given me a blow job and had ridden me to orgasm, I found that I was becoming aroused. Oh, I wasn’t fully firm or rock hard or anything like that. Still I was becoming somewhat turgid and definitely aroused. I briefly considered making use of slave Vicky’s pussy or ass, both of which were exposed and available but I decided that doing so would be too close to rape. Vicky didn’t like men and though, as a slave, I could force her, that wasn’t really the sort of guy I was.

I watched as Amy writhed and then almost exploded in a fierce orgasm. I have often said women are at their best at the moment of orgasm. All manners, all artifice, all put on appearances are stripped away in that moment of truth. The French call a woman’s orgasm ‘le petit mort’ which means the little death. Now Amy wasn’t dying but she was more lovely, more attractive, more sexy and appealing than ever.

Usually when a woman comes with me my view is limited to part of her. If I am eating her it is very limited. Now, however, I was standing by the bed and could see every part of Amy. Her abdomen was twitching, her stomach twitching, her breasts heaving, her back arched, her limbs rigid and her hands grasping the sheets. Her eyes were closed and despite the rigidity of her body her face moved from a grimace as the orgasm began to a satisfied, indeed satiated, smile of contentment. At that moment her eyes opened and she saw me watching her. Her smile grew but the flush that had come with her orgasm increased to a bright blush.

I pulled Vicky up from the bed and walked her into the bathroom. I faced her towards the tub and said, in the neutral tone one might use with a dog, “Stay.” Then I went back to the bedroom and pulled the duvet and a pillow from the bed. I returned to the bathroom and spread the duvet in the tub and placed the pillow at the far end. Turning to Vicky I helped her into the tub explaining, “You will sleep here tonight. I was just going to leave you in the tub but your mistress loves you and wanted you to have the padding and warmth of the duvet. Truly you are a lucky slave.”

Vicky was lying on her side but I wanted her to remember her spanking, hopefully so that I wouldn’t have to repeat it. I grabbed an ankle and roped it to the water tap making certain that the ropes around the tap were above the little handle used to switch the water from the tub to the shower. That way I was certain she couldn’t slide her ankle down off the tap. When the second ankle was similarly tied she was forced to lie on her back pressing her sore ass onto the duvet. Vicky whimpered a bit but I silenced her with a look and said, “Tomorrow you will scrub the floor with a brush held in your mouth. It may be a bit messy but first I will shave your head so that you will have no hair to get wet when you dip the brush into the bucket.”

Vicky began, “No. Please master…”

I cut her off with a shouted “Be quiet.”

I stroked a finger over her exposed sole eliciting a shriek from her. I added, “Your Mistress and I will be in the bed next door. If I hear anything from you I will tickle you until you lose control of your bladder and wet yourself. Then I will gag you and leave you cold and wet in a puddle of your own piss until morning. Do you understand me?”

Afraid to make any sound now Vicky frantically nodded. I smiled, snapped off the light and closed the door. As I turned I was met by a whirlwind named Amy who had apparently recovered enough to come to the bathroom door to see and hear what was going on. It took several minutes to very quietly assure her that most of what she had heard had been psychological warfare and that I had no real intention of shaving Vicky’s head. At least she was smart enough to keep her voice down.

By the time I got Amy calmed down we had somehow wound up on the bed. I was exhausted but Amy was a regular energy bunny and, playing her role to the hilt, asked, “May master’s body slave serve him?”

Amy was undoubtedly the most aggressive self-described submissive woman I had ever met. Despite the arousal I had felt while Vicky was eating her and the rather spectacular sexual attractiveness of her orgasm, I was mindful of the fact that I had already come twice that night. I may have doubted my ability but I found that I didn’t want to discourage Amy so I gave her a nod.

Amy flipped over so that her mouth was at my semi hard groin for a third time that evening. As she lowered her mouth onto me I realized that she was on hands and knees and that her lovely hairless pussy was just a few inches away. Well sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as they say. I grabbed her leg and lifting it across my body brought her pussy to my mouth in a classic 69. I wasn’t exactly a virgin but this was something new for me.

I found that in this position the geography was somewhat upside down. Her actual opening was up towards my nose while her clit was down towards my chin. Still, geography aside, I soon focused on her clit and gave as good as I got. In fact a bit better because she came with a gush of fluid before I did.

Amy swung around so that she was facing my head and straddled my groin. Holding my now quite firm member she slowly inserted me into her asking “Master, may your body slave be on top?”

What the heck, she was aggressive but she felt so hot and wet and tight and… well you get the idea. There was no way that I was going to do anything but gasp and nod my permission.

I thought we were about to embark on a round of cowgirl sex similar to that when I had been tied down. Amy surprised me however as she leaned forward, laying her torso on mine and straightening her legs on the bed outside of mine. You might think this would be difficult because of weight but she was stretched along me and while I was conscious of her weight it wasn’t unduly restrictive.

I was thrusting my pelvis into her when her voice said, “No master. Lie still and let your slave serve you. I promise you will enjoy it.”

That began the most erotic experience of my life. I am not quite certain if Amy moved up and down, rocked her hips or used the muscles of her groin. Probably it was all three but the movements were so minute, so subtle that all I could feel was pleasure building. At one point I felt her go still and grasp my penis with her groin while looking into my eyes. No, it was into my soul until she saw the impending orgasm slip back. Incredibly when she began to move again I found that while the urgent need to orgasm had receded the level of pleasure had not. If anything the pleasure had heightened.

After Amy had repeated this two or three times I began to understand the saying the pleasure and pain were related. The level of pleasure I was feeling was almost painful. I don’t know how she knew but just as I decided to thrust with my pelvis and end this exquisite torture she said “NOW! Cum with me master.”

I felt a warm gush of her fluids and I ejaculated everything left in me. I wish I could say that I painted her insides with gout after gout but in fact my third ejaculation of the night was pretty much a few dribbles. Still the pleasure I felt was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I felt as though I was being turned inside out. It was amazing. Call me a wuss if you want but at that point I think I passed out.

Chapter 3

I woke in the morning with Amy draped over me, her head pillowed on my shoulder and an arm across my chest. Her hair was a mess but she looked marvelous to me. I was tempted to renew our adventures but needed to visit the toilet urgently. I slid out from under her and relieved myself. I must have woken her because she followed me and sat on the john to empty her bladder.

While this was going on I untied Vicky’s feet leaving the ropes trailing from her ankles. I untied the ropes around her body and raised her bound wrists over her head. Then bending her elbows I tied her wrists to her collar. While I was doing this I told her, “Good news, slave girl. Your mistress thinks your hair is attractive and has decided not to shave your head. At least she won’t today.”

Once I had her hands away from her crotch, I led her to the toilet, sat her on it and told her to pee. She got all red in the face and said “I can’t pee with you watching.”

I reached over and pinched a nipple. She squealed and I asked “What did you say?”

Vicky wasn’t dumb and she understood her omission saying, “Please Master, this slave is unable to pee if the slave is watched.”

I sighed. A master’s work is never done. I slipped the tails of the ropes from her wrists down through her ankle cuffs and back up to her collar. This lifted her feet from the floor. Then I told Amy to sit on Vicky’s thighs facing Vicky. Amy looked at me with a puzzled expression but did as I asked. I walked to one side and told Amy to take the other side. Then I thrust my fingers into Vicky’s arm pit and began to tickle her. Amy joined in working on the other arm pit. Poor Vicky had no where to go. She jerked side to side and shrieked with laughter bouncing and jiggling her breasts most attractively.

Laughter is contagious and both Amy and I were laughing when we heard the first tinkles of urine. We continued to tickle Vicky as she emptied her bladder. Amy stopped tickling when I did. Vicky was gasping for breath. I pulled off a wad of toilet paper and gave it to Amy saying “I assume you will do the honors.” I couldn’t tell if Amy was just wiping Vicky or if there was some rubbing and perhaps a bit of penetration. I did note that Vicky’s nipples became hard.

Then it was shower time. I released Vicky’s ankles and got all three of us into the tub. Adjusting the water I pulled the lever and started the shower. Of course the water standing in the riser pipe is cold and the shower takes a few minutes to warm up to a comfortable temperature. Good thing I had Vicky under the shower head. Of course the cold water was the perfect antidote to the heat building in her pussy from Amy’s wiping exercise and but her nipples remained hard and prominent.

Once the water warmed up I washed Amy and she returned the favor. I will admit that I might have lingered at her breasts and her crotch but it is important that both areas be properly cleaned. I had thoughts of using my mouth there. Amy returned the favor and I damn near got a hand job but I turned her around and said “Wash your slave while I do your hair.”

I find washing a woman’s hair to be a very sensual thing and took my time. I managed to finish before the hot water had run out and stepped out to dry myself.

Amy had taken the occasion to play with Vicky’s body as I had suspected she would. She had finished washing her when the hot water ran out and the women turned to get out of the tub. I stepped forward with my arms outstretched and stopped them. I was smiling as I told Amy, “You haven’t done her hair. If you don’t want to shave her head you need to shampoo her.”

Amy didn’t much like it but she recognized that she wasn’t getting out of the cold water until she complied and had Vicky kneel so that she could more easily work on Vicky’s hair. While she did she gave me a rueful smile and told me that I was a bastard.

They were really cold by the time Amy finished so I toweled Vicky off while Amy dried herself. Of course there was considerable water on the floor and I told Vicky to mop it up. Without her hands she pushed the towels around on the floor with her feet, more or less cleaning things up. While she was doing that Amy and I went into the bedroom and got dressed.

When Vicky came in I began to untie her and asked Amy what the prospects were for breakfast. She started for the kitchen but I shook my head and said don’t be silly. Our slave girl will make breakfast. I asked if they had bacon and eggs and when told that they did I told Vicky that I would like two eggs.

Vicky started to get dressed and I stopped her telling her that she was to remain nude. She looked at Amy who turned to me and said, “Master, bacon splatters hot grease when it is cooked.”

I told Vicky how lucky she was to have a mistress who loved her slave and looked after her. First she has let her keep her hair, then she had personally washed her lazy slave (ignoring the fact that Vicky was bound and unable to wash herself.) and now she wanted to protect her slave from the bacon grease. I told her that she should thank her mistress. Vicky surprised us both by dropping to her knees and bending to kiss her mistress’s feet while thanking her for protecting her unworthy slave girl.

I told Vicky to bring me the blouse she had worn last night. When she had done that I held it backwards and told her to put her hands into the sleeves. She was about to point out that it was backward but my look silenced her. I had her turn around and buttoned three or four buttons. Of course the back of the blouse was cut to be flat and was straining over Vicky’s breasts. Slipping my hands around her I fondled her breasts and rubbed her nipples so that they further strained against the fabric. Then with a quick swat on what was probably a still sore rear I sent her to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I seem to do my best work in bed. Last night I had no idea how to help Amy control Vicky but this morning I had a plan. I told Amy my plan. She was worried (Oh ye of little faith!) but I told her we would discuss it after breakfast. She mumbled something about men and their stomachs and we went into the kitchen.

In the kitchen I saw the table set for only two places so I turned to Vicky and told her to make some breakfast for herself. Looking at the hard wood kitchen chairs I returned to the bed room and got a pillow. I had Vicky kneel next to the chair and use the seat as a table, explaining that I thought it might be easier on her butt to kneel than to sit. I actually got a rueful smile when I explained that.

Breakfast was mostly silent. I guess with all the energy expended last night we all had healthy appetites. After breakfast I asked Amy to remove the collars. She gave me a puzzled look as she began to comply. I explained that I wanted to discuss the future and was suspending our master and slave game for the duration of the discussion. I wanted honest discussion and, if appropriate, objections.

Most of what followed was addressed to Vicky or perhaps she was now Victoria. I told her that Amy still loved her but was concerned that she was getting more and more aggressive in her ‘games’ and that Amy had asked me to figure out how to bring back the Victoria she had lived with and perhaps even loved these last five years.

I told her that my first thought had been to use pain to drive her into submission. Vicky asked if that meant I would spank her again. I laughed and said no, last night was just a hand spanking on her chunky ass. (Note that Vicky actually had a very nice ass but I have rarely met a woman who wasn’t worried about the size of her ass.) I was thinking of using my belt to whip her. And not just on her ass. There were so many places on her body that could feel pain: her back, her calves, the soles of her feet, her breasts and even her pussy.

Both women were looking rather fearful as I described all the terrible things I could do to her. I decided to get back on track by telling them that I decided against this partly because I wasn’t a sadist and partly because no matter how terribly I hurt her, the bruises would heal and the pain would fade over time.

Then I told them my plan. For six days of each week they would live as they had. I didn’t know how much of their relation ship was dominant/submissive nor did I care. Similarly how many games they played and how much sex they had was none of my business. But, I emphasized, that each Saturday morning Amy would give Vicky her collar and for the next 24 hours there would be no Victoria, just the naked slave girl Vicky.

The first order of business each weekend would be pussy maintenance (shaving) so that the slave’s nude body would be as attractive as it was today. After that Amy could do as she wished with her slave girl.

Predictably Vicky asked what that meant. I said, “Well she could have you give her a pedicure and a manicure or have you scrub floors. She might want you to lick her pussy or do the laundry and ironing. She might have you give her a massage, or clean the house. She might have you do the cooking and wash the dishes or she might want to have her hair brushed for 100 strokes. Hell, for all I know she might like to tie you up and play with your body, either exhausting you with multiple orgasms or teasing you to the edge of orgasm and then denying any release. In short she can do what she wants.

"At some point during the day I will show up and find out if you have been a good slave who gets rewards or a bad slave who gets punished. Those will be administered by me, though I may be assisted by Amy. I won’t injure you but depending on your behavior there may be humiliating or uncomfortable punishments."

Amy was worried about assuming the dominant role but I pointed out that I was a pretty dominant guy but that is was her that had pretty much run things in the bedroom last night. That satisfied her or perhaps just quieted her down as she blushed very attractively.

Vicky asked me if I was going to use her for sex. I told her that I wouldn’t have intercourse with her for two reasons. Firstly, because I understood she didn’t like sex with males and I wasn’t into rape. On the other hand she didn’t seem to have any objections to male hands and mouths so I might use her as a sex toy in that way.

Vicky looked relieved and nodded at my response but, sharp cookie that she was, came back and asked for the second reason. I blushed a bit and said I tended toward monogamy and that I now found myself totally besotted by Amy who was more woman than any one man could desire and probably more than a mere male could handle.

Amy was really smiling now but said that this crazy scheme just might work if Victoria… “Vicky!” I corrected.

“OK. If might work if Vicky would accept it,” said Amy.

I didn’t give Vicky a chance to answer. Instead I said, “Oh, she will accept the scheme and the nudity and the collar because if she doesn’t I will make good on that threat to shave her head. Then she would have to go to work on Monday with some story about being involved in some kinky sex game.”

“But what if she goes to the cops and says you attacked her?”

I laughed and said, “She doesn’t dare. If the cops come after me I tell them the whole story. They already have the name of the second guy, the guy you dumped paralyzed in the park with the pink nails. Once the story comes out they will search for the first guy, and even if they never find the first guy you ladies would be in big trouble. I am pretty certain that things are bad enough Amy’s lawyer will tell her to tell the truth in order to get a lighter sentence or maybe even probation.

“Look ladies, I am no lawyer so I don’t know if what you did rises to the level of kidnapping or if there is a lesser charge like deprivation of liberty. I am pretty certain that what you two did would constitute aggravated felony assault. There would be three counts of say five to fifteen years of prison time for each. As far as prosecution goes there are dozens of district attorneys who have built political careers on less publicity than this case would have. A case involving gorgeous women playing sex games with kidnapped guys. This is front page stuff and the sort of case that prosecutors dream of.

“Even if you somehow managed to get away with no jail time, the story will be all over. The hospital Vicky works at will inventory their drugs and cover their embarrassment at not having found and investigated the discrepancy by firing you. The state medical board will revoke your license or nursing certificate or whatever it is called and you would be out of a job and no longer able to practice your profession.”

Both women were pale as the magnitude of what they had done as games began to hit home. Vicky said, “Damn, you do own us. One word from you and we are in deep do-do.”

I smiled and asked if there were any other questions. When there were none I motioned to the collars. Amy picked hers up with a smile. Vicky hesitated, took a deep breath and fastened hers.

I sent Amy to bring a pair of wrist cuffs and one of the long lengths of rope. Then I walked up to Vicky and wrapped my arms around her pulling her against my chest. Her breasts, while not huge pressed tightly against my chest. Her nipples were hard and poking my chest. Holding her against me I unbuttoned the blouse and then backing away pulled it from her. She was a bit flushed as she realized that she was once again to be without clothes.

I had her stand with her legs slightly apart and lace her hands behind her head. Pretending concern I noted that her nipples were hard and asked how her breasts felt. Standing nude in the submissive posture I had required she wanted to spit in my eye. Vicky was no one’s fool however and she understood what I had told her about the danger she was in so she meekly said, “They are very sensitive master. Every time I moved my arms in that blouse, the damn material dragged across my nipples. It was annoying.”

“Annoying or arousing?” I asked.

Amy returned and I told her to fasten the wrist cuffs. Vicky with her chest heaving said, “Arousing.” I looked at her and she belatedly added, “Arousing, Master.”

Amy and I each mouthed a nipple licking, sucking and perhaps very gently tugging. I know Vicky’s nipples felt better but I doubted if she was less aroused. Testing my theory I dropped a hand to her groin and played with her inserting one and then a second finger. I told Amy to take over while I ostentatiously sucked on my fingers.

Amy played with Vicky who grew red in the face as I used the rope to form a larks head around the D ring on her collar. I tied the cuffs about three inches above her waist. By this time Vicky was bucking and moaning though she tried to suppress her reactions. Of course Amy knew just how to work her up.

Eventually I pulled Amy’s hand from Vicky’s groin and told Vicky to go clean up the breakfast dishes. As she turned I could see her drop her hands towards her groin to finish herself off but she found that they were too high to allow her to end her considerable frustration.

I told Amy we were going shopping and led her towards the door. Amy’s eyes were sparkling when she said, “You know as soon as we go she will undo the knots and get herself off.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, but then we will have a reason to punish her for most of the afternoon.”

Amy was wearing a white T shirt and a denim dress that went to just below her knees. She said something about her bra being too dark for the shirt and that she would change bras as she ducked into the bedroom. I entered and watched her remove her top and bra. Amy was not shy and smiled as she saw me looking at her breasts. She reached for a lighter color bra and I stopped her. “Put the T shirt on without the bra.” I said.

Amy did as I said but looked shocked at how visible her hard nipples were without a bra. She tried to shrug the shirt to be less tight over the nipples which gave me a very nice view of her breasts moving under the shirt. Amy didn’t have large breasts but the cotton shirt outlined them very well and showed them shifting attractively with each movement. She looked at me and said, “I can’t go out like this.”

I told her she could and when she opened her mouth to protest I reached under the skirt and pulled her panties down. She was about to say something so I held up my hand in a stop motion and said, “You don’t have much left. If I hear one more protest you will go topless.”

Amy looked at me for a minute, gave a slight sigh and smiled. I reached into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. Amy gave me a puzzled look. I told her, “It’s for you to sit on. I plan to lift the hem of your skirt so you won’t sit on it and the towel will keep you from making a puddle on the seats, you randy little thing.” Amy proved how smart she was by keeping her mouth shut but was smiling as she flicked her skirt up and sat on the towel.

I won’t bore you with all of the details of the shopping we did. In short I drove first to a pet store where I used their machine to engrave name tags for the collars. Vicky’s took three lines and read ‘Amy’s slave Vicky.’ Since Amy would be mistress some of the time and sub to Vicky the rest of the time hers read simply ‘Amy’. While at the pet store I also bought a couple of hard rubber balls to use for gags. The next stop was the drug store where I found medical wrap. You know, it is like an ace bandage but it clings to itself so you don’t need a fastener and it doesn’t stick to skin like tape. We also bought a blindfold that the store called a sleep mask and some foam earplugs. Our last stop was the hardware store. Chain and bolt cutters, two large thick dowels that were intended to be closet rods, several eye bolts, a couple of packages of sash cord, ear plugs, duct tape, artists’ paint brushes and a collection of padlocks with common keys were added to our purchases.

When we got back to the house we found a less agitated Vicky who had untied her cuffs with her mouth and obviously gotten herself off. When Amy asked what she was doing Vicky protested that she was so horny that she had to get off.

Of course that couldn’t be allowed so we spread her on the bed. With Amy on one side and me on the other we slowly teased and aroused Vicky for the next three hours. We began by just stroking her body and moved to her breasts and nipples. About the time Amy switched from sucking Vicky’s nipples I went down to lick at her groin. Fortunately Amy knew Vicky’s body intimately and several times she warned me to back off.

I found three hours of bringing Vicky to the edge and letting her back off only slightly and then doing it all over again was an education. I don’t know if it was due to Amy’s intimate knowledge of Vicky’s body or if it was just her skill in general. For example, I had bought the paint brushes to use to tease nipples but had not thought of how the stiff little bristles could act like a thousand fingers gently stroking over an aroused clitoris. Although I had kissed my way along a woman’s thighs before, I had never paid adequate attention to the juncture of thigh and pussy.

That afternoon I learned a great deal about female bodies from Amy. I would never have imagined that just gently breathing on an aroused and engorged pussy and clitoris could produce the results that I achieved that day.

I felt something of an amateur during most of these hours but was able to salvage my pride a bit when I was able to demonstrate to Amy how sensitive Vicky was on the little bit of flesh at the tail bone, between the crack of the ass and the slit of the pussy. I think the Japanese call that spot the cherry. It almost sent Vicky over the top and I had to be careful with how much I touched her there.

During all of this time we had left Vicky un-gagged so we could hear her moans and begging for release. After all that time I used a knife to cut a hole through one of the balls and passing the cord through it we made a ball gag. I inserted this in Vicky’s mouth and asked Amy to show me their toys. Selecting a thin chrome vibrator for her ass and a bulkier plastic one with an offset arm for the clit I wrapped cord tightly around her waist. I inserted both vibrators and used a crotch rope to make certain they couldn’t be removed. Vicky watched this gratefully knowing that it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. Unfortunately Amy and I left for lunch without turning on either vibrator. Despite the ball gag Vicky managed to express her displeasure as we left her aching for release but unable to obtain it.

Chapter 4

When we completed our meal we returned to the bedroom and began the process of arousal once more. Vicky was begging in a garbled gag sort of way but we could see that she was torn. On the one hand she welcomed the attention to her body but on the other she was afraid that we would leave her hanging unfulfilled on the edge once again.

After about twenty minutes of working her up and holding her on edge. Amy asked if she wanted to cum. Much nodding of Vicky’s head resulted. Amy looked at me and asked what I thought. I went into a long discourse about how Vicky had untied her wrists and given herself an orgasm earlier while we had been shopping. During this time Amy and I had continued to play with Vicky’s body to frustrate her. Amy opined that Vicky was sorry for her transgression and was a new slave that hadn’t been fully trained. In the end I gave in and said, “Well, she’s your slave. I suppose you can do as you please with her.”

Amy reached over and turned on both vibrators and Vicky exploded. While she was still in the throes of her first orgasm I untied her left wrist and fastened it to her right. Then I did the same with her ankles. Vicky was still stretched out on the bed but had considerably more room for movement which she found she needed as the continued buzzing in her ass and pussy pushed her along to more orgasms.

This entire process had been not only educational but arousing. Yes I know that we took a lunch break, but we had both undressed before climbing onto the bed with Vicky. We didn’t want to wrinkle our clothes, did we? In any case watching a nude (except for her collar) and totally unselfconscious Amy moving about the kitchen to make lunch was arousing. So was having a nude Amy in my lap as we ate. It was awkward but arousing.

With Vicky secured and off in her own world I pulled Amy to her back and decided to explore her lovely body. I had observed her very erect nipples and wasn’t too surprised when I found her wet and ready. Amy was unbound and on her back and I was above her but I don’t think that what happened can really be described a missionary sex. Amy was a vocal and enthusiastic partner who locked her ankles behind my butt and her arms around my shoulders and met me thrust for thrust.

I don’t remember the details but eventually we were sweaty, satiated, and exhausted. As we rolled apart gasping for breath we became aware of Vicky who was weakly moaning through another orgasm. I had lost count of how many she had achieved but it must have been a considerable number because she was now trying to say something like “oh ore, ease urn i of.”

Amy looked at me with an unspoken question in her smile but I shook my head and said, “One must be consistent when training pets. She asked to be allowed to be allowed to come and you granted her request. It wouldn’t do to change your mind now.”

And with that we moved to the bathroom leaving Vicky with what appeared to be yet another orgasm rapidly making its presence felt. After showering we got dressed and talked about where to go for dinner. We didn’t think that our resident slave would be up to cooking this evening.

Eventually we did remove the vibrators and untie Vicky. We did ask if she wanted to go out to dinner but, as might be thought, she asked to be allowed to remain in bed. When we eventually got back from dinner she was fast asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake her and tie her up for the night. Instead I locked a chain to her collar and the bed frame and left to sleep. She must have pretty exhausted because she didn’t budge even when I licked Amy to a very loud orgasm or later when we had mutual orgasms during intercourse.

And that’s pretty much the way the summer went. I never asked how things went during the week or what they did with or to each other. Somehow that seemed to be a different part of their lives and I would have felt that I was intruding. I guess it worked out pretty well, Victoria holding herself in check knowing she would revert to Vicky in just a few days.

Every Saturday morning Vicky would collar herself. Generally, after the women shaved each other, Vicky spent the morning at household chores. I would come over from the ranch usually sometime in the early afternoon and we would move to deal with any punishment Vicky had earned and then on to sexual games. In regard to punishments, they were remarkably few as Vicky seemed to accept her role with enthusiasm. The sexual games varied. Sometimes Vicky would lick Amy sometimes I would lick both women; sometimes we would use bondage and tease Vicky without release. Bondage was always part of our games with Vicky subservient to both Amy and me.

The best part of the day, from my point of view, came at bedtime when Amy and I would have a night of the impressively great sex. At first we tied Vicky and left her on the floor of the bedroom but at some point we acquired a bunk bed mattress which we moved into the bathroom. Then the bound slave was left to sleep as best she could with the sound of Amy and me playing. Amy wasn’t really a screamer but she moaned loudly when having an orgasm. Most of the time she was roped to the bed in various positions but we did like variety.

Things lasted that way until about two weeks before time to leave for school. Amy approached me that evening and reminded me of how we had discussed the need for trust in a bondage relationship. Then she asked if she could tie me to the bed that night. Well, I am not much of a sub but I was besotted with Amy and agreed.

I was a bit nervous as Amy tied me in a face up spread eagle on the bed. I didn’t say anything as she had willingly been tied this way several times during the course of the summer. I did object, however when she slipped a blindfold over my eyes. Amy told me, “Please Master, you must be quiet. If you speak I will have to gag you and I don’t want to as I think your mouth might be put to better use pussy licking. Please trust me master.”

Well, of course it was really too late to object and I did trust her so I shut up. A few minutes later I felt her tongue begin to lick me to full erection. That was the good news. The bad news was that a few seconds later I felt some sort of twine or string wrapped around the base of my penis. I opened my mouth to speak but felt Amy lay a finger on my lips in the universal quiet command. She leaned close and said, “You are very good with that but it does tend to deflate after your orgasm. Tonight you are going to do better, Master.”

I felt like saying that that’s the way men worked but realized she wanted me quiet and that, as I had noted, things had gone too far for me to object to whatever she had in mind. Her still addressing me as master even though I was tied down and blind might have been sarcastic but I didn’t detect that in her tone. She sounded soft and sexy, just as she always did, despite my situation. I mentally shrugged and kept my mouth shut.

Shortly after that I felt movement on the bed and a warm and wonderful pussy slip over me. She began to ride up and down and I felt myself growing ready to spurt. Except that I couldn’t. The waves of pleasure kept building but I was growing frustrated. I was about to risk Amy’s displeasure and beg to be allowed to cum when my lips were sealed with a pussy.

O. K., if Vicky wanted to get her pussy licked it must have been with Amy’ approval and it certainly wasn’t the first time I had performed this service. Without waiting for orders I began to lick and suck. I felt the woman on my mouth begin to squirm just about the time that the woman on my groin collapsed in a massive orgasm. A few seconds later it was the woman on my mouth who moaned loudly as she came with a gush of fluid.

That was when I realized it was Amy on my mouth. Her gushing orgasms and loud moans had become very familiar to me over the course of the summer. But I was perplexed. If Amy was on my mouth, it must have been Vicky who rode my cock. That didn’t make sense though as Vicky hated the idea of penile sex with men.

Amy lifted off me and slid (lubricated by her own juices) down to my crotch where she mounted me. I was getting blue balls from the constant rubbing without being able to ejaculate and my face must have shown the pain it was causing because Amy was rubbing her clit to bring herself along and said, “I’m almost there. Just hang in there a few more seconds.”

Then she reached down and pulled on the knot around my penis and the string was roughly pulled away from my groin. Almost immediately she managed her second orgasm and I exploded into her with a loud groan of relief. Amy fell forward onto me still holding the damn string and shoved the blindfold up off my head. I opened my mouth but she filled it with the fingers that had been rubbing her clit and were now soaking. I loved the taste of her pussy and hungrily sucked the fingers. Amy was above me and as she withdrew her somewhat cleaner fingers she lowered herself to kiss me.

Amy stayed on top of me as she released my wrists and I asked her if that had indeed been Vicky. She teased me for a bit asking if I thought she was renting me out to all her friends but in the end agreed that it had been Vicky. When I asked her to explain she just said, “Let’s just say Vicky has some demons. This summer and in particular today you helped with them. I don’t think they are dead yet but you pushed them back and gave Vicky more room.”

I didn’t understand any of that but then I am just a dumb male. In any case I more or less forgot about Vicky as Amy and I got into our post connubial cuddling. It was an energetic night and the next morning we came out for breakfast before showering and dressing. Thus we were nude when we entered the kitchen and found a nude Vicky preparing breakfast. I guess flapjacks didn’t require a protective apron. I looked at Vicky and asked if she was all right. She replied softly, “Yes, Master.”

I knew I was treading on dangerous ground but I had had enough. It was nearly time for Vicky to remove her collar and revert to Victoria so I grabbed her, unbuckled the collar and tossed it to Amy. Then I held Victoria’s shoulders and looked directly in her face and asked, “Victoria, I don’t need a big explanation but I really care about you. Are you sure you are OK with what happened last night?”

Victoria (as she now was) just looked at me for a while and then she smiled and said, “Yes, I’m OK. Amy knows that I have some issues that have been festering for a long time. You’ve done a lot for me. Not just last night but all summer long. You pulled me up short and came up with this silly reverse-your-roles scheme to kind of scare me straight. Thank you.”

Then she smiled and said, “Now let go of me and let me get dressed, you perv.”

Victoria was smiling when she called me a pervert so I let her comment go. I couldn’t help thinking, though that a guy looking at a naked woman would hardly qualify as perverted. I went back to my breakfast but was interrupted by a nude Amy straddling my legs to sit on my thighs facing me. She smiled at me and hugged me saying, “You are a very remarkable man. I’m sort of sorry the summer is ending.”

All of a sudden the erection that Amy’s proximity was causing was beginning to wilt. She was saying goodbye. I guess I knew it was hopeless but I said, “Amy, I love you. I don’t want the summer to be over. More specifically, I don’t want us to be over. I could probably get a job at the ranch and pass on going off to school.”

All of a sudden Amy was looking at me as though I was a child. She said, “I know you could. Victoria and I both love you. She couldn’t have done what she did if she didn’t. I couldn’t have been your little bondage sub this summer if I didn’t. We love you but we are not in love with you. We are in love with each other. Our lives and our future are here. Yours is in school and in the rest of the world. We both knew that this was a summer romance. I got more out of it than I would have thought possible. Now it’s over.”

With that I got a warm but not passionate kiss, and Amy went back to the bedroom. I finished my breakfast and knocked on the bedroom door when I went back for my clothes. And that’s how things ended.

The End

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