It is not our intention to depict anything from Islamic culture as depraved or disgusting. This is a story from reality that took place within a highly exclusive resort in Saudi Arabia, between adults consenting to very special rules. Dyane ignored them. So enjoy her ordeal.

Indecent Exposure
by Sir Al

Part 1 – Arrested

Saudi Arabia. I really couldn’t believe to be here. This golden light sprawled all around… that blue sea lingering the sky… Wow! As master came home last week and told me to pack for a brief vacation (he said nothing about location) I quivered just a little bit, but also enjoyed the thought of a brief holiday.

“Dyane, we’re heading to a place where women know their place. Saudi Arabia is a soothing place for us men and a soft trainer for a girl like you. You’re to mold your natural skills and habits to their standards. You know, walking behind me, discreetly lowering your eyes when in public and most of all never walk down the street revealing your charms as I like so much, even if in your elegant style. Did you get me, pet? ‘Cause you break their rules I couldn’t but allow them to punish you as like as they punish their women. Maybe this could be a threat for you but at that place a woman is but a dog or a camel. Though, I think we need a bit of vacation. So my dear hurry up”.

And now I’m here on my way to the hotel’s pool. Those Arabic men are so fiercely polite. They look at me as just as they’re seeing a princess… but their looks tell about a woman pleasure toy… a slave to be used… mmmhhh. Am I dreaming about? I don’t think so!

However Master has told me to join him by the swimming pool. Entering there I couldn’t but read this warning:

“Our revered female guests are kindly requested not to let somebody see most of their bodies wearing too tiny or bikini swimsuit. Islamic law prohibits it to save womanly decency and safety at all. Penalty will be five lashes and/or whatever the Hotel’s management will see fit. We regret this international rights’ suspension in submitting foreign guests to Arabic rules but so Koranic laws prescribes for whoever walks onto our sacred land. Thank you for your patience.”

Here we are, don’t we? I must admit this warning makes its run inside of me… and my pussy is… well, you know what. But, I don’t like the idea of my Master having to abdicate his prerogatives for my so called indecent exposure. Even if my swimsuit doesn’t fit at all with rules. It just covers my nipples, cleft and buttocks while underlining my thighs and ankles bouncing onto these high heels. Well, we’ll see. Maybe that’s a simple threat not to be put in action so that all of us foreign “bitches” (ops) are kept through our paces. No I can’t really believe these sweet Arabic men could thrash a woman for doing her work. Now my girl let’s go and do our best.

I didn’t see Master all around there and walked to my deckchair, keeping my bathrobe stick to my curves. Then I lay down and threw it aside… and all of Arabic personnel’s eyes bulged out!!! I couldn’t but jiggling inside even if that warning made me a bit feared about. I spent half an hour sipping a light drink and tanning my body. So warm and relaxing this Sun. Then all of a sudden I felt a strong hand over my left shoulder. Turning to my left I saw them. Two brown skinned men, black haired, muscular, both perfectly attired in a well-tailored blue suit, and I’d say sternly looking at my…charms.

“Would you please stand up, madam? This apparel of yours doesn’t fit at all with Hotel’s as well Law’s standards. Haven’t you seen the posted Warning?” Meanwhile his colleague was draping a long black silk cape over my shoulders.

“Sure I did and also thought it was a simple threat not to be really put in action. Maybe I was… terribly wrong.” I answered, quivering a lot.

“Terribly wrong? Much more than that you are, madam. You’ve broken Hotel’s requirement as just as Islamic Law. You’re now under arrest and going with us to a proper place. Please to take off your swimsuit and give it to my colleague. That will be the body of evidence before your punishment.”

“You want me to undress?! And I won’t come anywhere without my… Hey!”

A swift move and the man had my bikini in his hands. I was now stark naked, even if covered by the long cape. The man moved hasty again, threading  his hands under the cape.. Mmhhh… just a second after I was… I was cuffed!! Fingering the cuff I found they were the hinged type, you know. So! I was a dangerous one, naked and cuffed piece of female at the mercy of the… Law.

“Now, please come with us without utterly defying our patience, woman. We’ll be heading the manager’s office now. This way, please”

I saw some other Hotel’s staff members around us stealing a satisfied look on my new predicament. I saw their thoughts as well as written in front of my eyes. They thought that, finally, one of those luscious foreign bitches was down to her heels. Enough of that naked exposed as untouchable flesh! Naked and in chains to be whipped! Enjoy slut!

In the meantime we were walking through the Hall. I got other foreign guests’ puzzled glimpses. It was undoubtedly a sight: two Arabic men leading a female guest strangely attired and clearly preventing her from changing direction, or escape… in addition to it, my high heels and my hands cuffed behind made my steps a bit enticing, you know. My nipples were a bit swelling from under the cape.. And my moistened pussy drove me to wave my flanks, step by step. Many male guests in the Hall were excited and bulging. Once into the elevator their stylish manners got to an abrupt change.

“Down on your knees, woman. Ali take off that cape,” said one of them.

“Much better. Now listen straight to me, you foreign bitch! We’re bringing you to meet your judge. He is the Hotel’s manager as like as our Sheik, the Religious Power here. He is to choose and administer the five prescribed lashes and any other puns he’ll see fit for your misbehaviour. Remember to cast down your eyes at all. As for our national and religious rules you’re but a bitch to be properly tamed. During your punishment period you’ll be treated as such. We know your husband is just aware of your actual status and allowed all of our procedures related to. At the end you’ll be given back to your owner.”

As soon as Ali had collared and leashed me, the elevator stopped and Yussuf made me to rise, pulling onto my leash.

“Take off those heels, bitch! You’re heading to a place where a wiggling ass can’t gain you but a whipped ass. Try and be decent, come on.” He said making the leash so short to keep me on my tiptoes for breathing. Decent?! How could I be that? Naked, hands cuffed behind, collared and leashed… Indeed! I was a decent female slave!

We moved trough a long strip; my nipples reacted to the fresh air conditioning, stiffening a bit… treacherous those two! For Jussuf and Ali saw them and slapped my ass, lecturing my habits.

Shortly after we entered the Manager’s office.

“Well, well. What do we have here? You seem to have a thing for bringing nude female in this office Jussuf. What’s the matter this time? Indecent exposure, is it?”

“Yes El Hadj. And this foreign bitch knew the warning… and ignored it! In addition to this, when we asked for her swimsuit as a body of evidence to exhibit, she refused to go along with. This way I was compelled to restrain her. Now El hadj we wait for your honourable assessment. What should we do?”

“We have a policy here to be fully pursued anytime. Our civil and religious rules can never be broken. But also our manners are to be protected at all, in foreign point of view. If she were an Arabic woman I’d have just ordered her five lashes. But she is a foreign guest. So that my first job is to notify her owner her actual status as a bitch to be punished. In the meantime bring her to our special flat and wait there. I need his informed allowance to proceed. And keep her restrained at all times; this foreign women needs to be taught her exact value and position in life”

So said, the two men bowed and grabbed my arms, heading to the door. Once in the walkway, Ali shoved a finger up into my ass… aaahh… And grabbed my breasts roughly handling them, while his fellow went for the elevator.

“You heard El Hadj, woman. Till your punishment begins you’re to be kept restrained.  The better you please us the easier it will be for you. Got it Bitch?”

I was terribly feared and excited. Then we entered into luscious flat, stone walls, soft carpets, seats of soft skin. They removed the cape and cuffs. “Stay straight, whore, and don’t move! Good. Now Cross your wrists behind you.”

My preferred predicament, you know! Naked and being tied by two… wow… two males ready to administer their whims. I felt my thighs moistened… fear could be such erotic… In the meantime Ali had tied my hands with white rope and was dragging me to a wall to anchor the rope to a hook.

“Finally you’re at your place. Hooked as you are now, you’ll be waiting your punishment time. Look at those buttocks, Yussuf. I dream about opening them and shoving my cock deep into…”

“Keep it cool Ali. We’re not to interfere with El Hadj orders. Anyway I got your point, my friend. This foreign bitch’s tits intrigue me… maybe I could massage my dick through them… and that hairy cunt too. I guess that’s a pure silk one. Look Ali our bitch is cuddling the wall… maybe she likes having us here to comment her assets. Yah, Ali do try and feel her cunt! She moistens!!!”

“A tight crotch rope is a must now. This untamed bitch needs to learn she hasn’t privileges here. Come on, man, good and tight.”

Mmmhhh. They put me on fire! My so beseeched pussy juiced and… juiced… and my nipples were so stiff they hurt. Those two guys were horny, believe me! They fondled my ass, one sticking his finger into it, while the other one groped and sucked my breasts… mmhh… pure torture, wasn’t it?

“Yussuf she likes it! She likes being abused! These scornful whores crave to be dominated. Every man who got them this way, well… I guess he owes them at the very best. It needs a hard cock and a strong mind to put them to their heels. This cunt deserves her treatment.”

Saying so Ali shoves his hand into my mouth, making open wide and drool… drool a lot. And when I drool… well, I got pleasure from my humiliation and start drooling a bit down under… and also moan...

“That couldn’t be, my friend. Here, let’s gag and bind her the proper way. You do the thighs, I do the elbows. Good; this way the slut is well opened for inspection. Comfy, slut?”

They had tied my elbows, making my tits protrude, and spread my ankles and thighs tying ropes from them all around the pillar I was hooked to. I was also rope gagged; three loops through my mouth and connected to my wrists, so that my head tilted… mmgghh... up. I was helplessly opened up and couldn’t move a bit. I was at their mercy. And isn’t a woman on the edge of pleasure at her masters’ mercy? Their rough manhandling continued a lot. Each time I was close to a climax they stopped and laughed at me, calling me dirty names and things.

“So you’d like to come, don’t you, lurid slut? Pleasure is for honest women when and if their man allows it. Nothing more, nothing less. Are you an honest woman, slut? I don’t think so. We caught you wiggling your ass and tits in front of our people. Maybe you were striving to seduce them. Now you are in a proper position. Consider you’re being her as a slut to be properly tamed, used, and trained to be an honest woman from now on. ‘Honest woman’ stands for a female who knows her life is to be played with, serve her man, her sons, with honour and dignity. No more wiggling your naked ass in public.”

While being so lectured I was tied into a different predicament. They put me onto my knees, keeping me rope gagged (the rope gagging me run all around the pillar and was tight). My wrists were re-tied in front and tied on my head and again to the pillar. Tied tighten the knots a lot then… their cocks were off their trousers and Yussuf and ALI began to knead… and rubbing my gagged lips and… grazing my nipples… and threatening to take off my gag and make me suck them… and I was again on that damned crotch rope squeezing my pussy when… They came, sprawling their cums all around my face and tits, and breasts and… wow!!!