by Sir Al

Chapter 8: meanwhile…

“Take it easy, Men! You both can’t be so unsteady all at once for a slave’s missing. Property is property, after all. I understand you hate this occurrence but, anyway, you lost her. Now let’s stick together our brains and strive to do our best to find her path. Is it Ok?”

“What the hell are you bubbling about, Lynn!? Property…? You were talking about my wife. And my slave of course. Primarily she is my soul mate, half the apple and so on. I can’t do anything but hunt those who’ve taken her away. And when I’ll get them…”

“Serge, I regret Lynn’s tone but she is right. They have stolen our property. Think of her like that and keep it cool. We’re both businessmen. We know mind coolness is strategic in targeting our goals, don’t we? I just sent one squad of mine to detect hints all around the estate. In the meantime, my friend, collect your thoughts and do try and remember if someone has showed a particular interest in Dyane. Come on Buddy, I know there should be more of evidence than we have now”.

“Good. I think I’ll go and study up the men you’re men seeking. Should I find some tracks I’ll call you instantly up? Ok?”

“Ok Lynn. Keep in touch” answered Serge demurely.

“Stupid dicks. All they can think about is a bunch of holes to use at their whim. So a woman isn’t but a piece of meat to be enjoyed uh? I’ll show you big men! From now on your precious one is mine to keep. I’ll break her to my pleasures… maybe next time they see her she’ll be naked and on a leash, driven by my dog to her kennel and barking aloud… as the bitch she is… nice way… mmmhhh,” Lynn mumbled to herself while running her Land Rover on the prairies.

Shortly afterwards she saw the men and stopped the car.

“Nice to see you here, Mistress Scott. Are you doing…”

“Here to help you Bud. Haven’t you found some of evidence?”

“Nope. Come with me to the camp.” He answered.

Lynn’s arrival focused all other men’s attention to the female body she displayed. After all, they were in search of a pleasure female and some of them had tasted her charms. They were riding from early in the morning, visioning and talking about Dyane’s charms and slavish skills. They were excited… and now this curvy rich female was there… alone.

Lynn sensed their disguised lustful glances. She was excited in a way. Being a dominant, so an evident male interest gave her a sense of power, but… it was also exciting in a strange way. For she flashed a thought of being overpowered by these nerds, roughly stripped and tied up and…

“Nice to see you all. Do I follow you by car or is there any horse for me?”

“Sure. Come with me Madam,” said a stud, black haired, tall guy, and the greenest eyes you could think of.

He led Lynn some hundred yards in advance, towards some bushes.

‘This snooty bitch,’ he thought, ‘wiggle and jiggle that smart ass of yours if you like. A horse? I think you will like yours, slut.’

As likely as they were amidst the bushes, so unseen by the group, he produced a pair of steel cuffs and snapped them onto Lynn’s wrists cuffing her hands behind.

“There. Much better now. Listen to me, cunt. I want to fuck you, here and now. Nothing else but for your sucking my cock after and lick it clean. I guess you’ll enjoy it. And know you like this treatment, even if you play this crazy stuff of being in command in the rest of your life. As likely as you satisfy me you’ll be free again to hunt that other bitch of yours. No one will know of your… entertainment. Don’t scream or I’ll kill you and report you’ve been assaulted by Dyane while I was bridling horses. Understand?”

Lynne was moistening. That abrupt reality lined up her thoughts. The way she was restrained had made her tits protrude… she was heavily and quickly breathing… her mouth was invitingly open…

“So you want to fuck me, you dirty stud. How come you thought to…”

“Quiet, stupid bitch,” he answered slapping her face, “quiet. Time for you to learn to address your male superior the proper way. Now kneel and beg me to fuck your worthless bunch of holes. I’m a one word man: I fuck you, you give me pleasure and then we go on our search, even though I think this is the occasion to teach you some proper manners. Now kneel, slut!”

“Fuck me Master, rough and hard. This worthless cunt begs you to use her. Anyway… anytime… please Master please use your bitch.” This was a fainting Lynn, head down, ass wiggling, invitingly.

Her captor padded Lynn’s ass a bit and hauled up her skirt, revealing the black thong. “Nice ass, Slut. You have a thing for attracting males, I see. Good for my Friend here.”

He ripped off the tiny panties and handled her ass cheeks, widening them. “Now take it all, you Bitch! And let me hear your appreciation for your Master’s cock filling this worthless shit hole. Come on whore! Thank me for fucking your ass!”

“Ooh… Master you’re so big you’re ripping me apart… thank you Master… mmmhhh… this worthless slut strives to have your cum up into her ass… harder... Master, harder I beg you!”

Lynn’s moans and ass bouncing up and down her intruder made him speedy harder than a rock. The man furiously began to groan and move faster.

“Good Bitch… up to your throat… enjoy my dick… now take my load up to your ass. This is what you need… oh God!” He erupted collapsing onto the kneeling and cuffed woman for a brief moment.

Lynn was in heaven. Her captor couldn’t have known that her only pleasure as a submissive relied on anal and rape… and bondage. She had climaxed two times while the male was pumping into her.

“Ok bitch. Got to work now. Stand up!” he said, opening her cuffs.

“Now you’ll show me how much you cherish your Master’s cum. Stick your finger up in the ass and lick my cream off... Now.”

A trembling Lynn obeyed the order. Red luscious lips sucking her creamy fingers time after time… dreamy eyes closed by pleasure… hips swiftly undulating… then..

“Your cream is off, Master. May this one serve you any other way?”

“No madam. As I said before now it’s time to forward our work. You’re a beautiful woman, and a nice piece of ass I should say. The pleasure you gave me was immense. I’m pleased with you.”

“Thank you Sir. May I know your name, now?”

“Name is Adam.”

“Well, Mr Adam, I guess this was a first step in our… cooperation, you know. This was my first time as a submissive and I must frankly admit that I liked it.”

“You’re welcome Madam. Now would you mount this one?” he answered giving to her the reins of a grey stallion.

They rode back to camp.

“I’ve got something to get from my car. Please just wait for me just a little bit.”  So said, Lynn rode to her car; they saw her catching a shoulder bag by the side window and riding back again.

“Ok men let’s go. May I suggest we open our rides on a 180° each? This way we could cover a lot more ground. Should someone detect a clue he could warn all the others by mobile phone. So what do you think about it?”

Lynn hoped they would go for her suggestion. If so, she’d have spotted all of her bogus hints all around without being seen. The men were visibly talking to each other and considering Lynn’s proposal. After all they were all professional hunters and such a suggestion tickled their skills. So they agreed and separately rode their paths.

Adam alone was a bit puzzled. He had sensed something unusual in Lynn’s thought, even if it apparently made sense.

‘Better keep an eye on this piece of cunt. I won’t interfere with that Dyane’s recovery and my Boss’ interests. It seems that she hid some tricks,’ he thought heading on Lynn’s tracks, caring to be unseen from her perspective.

Lynn headed for an exact point. She had planned for a black limousine to be there, two men openly putting some of Dyane’s dresses (she had stolen them during the past night) into the trunk and to be apparently uncovered by her. Then there would be a brief fight, whose end would have found Lynn aware they were from Sicilian Mafia, for they would have addressed her as “Bottana” (whore) “Fimmina fitusa” (lurid bitch) and such.

Shortly she arrived at the spot.

“Hey Vic who’s is this Bottana?”

“Donna know but better to take her with us,” answered the second mafia man. Next he caught Lynn’s leg and tried to pull her off the horse. Lynn reacted kicking him away and started to call for help.

“Help… I don’t want to… leave me alone. Help!”

Adam had seen the entire scene. He rushed his horse and flew onto the man who was still handing Lynn. It was a brief fight for Lynn’s thugs had to fake a runaway.

“Vic, let that fimmina fitusa away. Come on Bud, let’s go back, Don Siciliano waits for news, come on!” Once in awhile they were driving the limousine away.

“Are you Ok, madam?”

“Sure Mr Adam, thank you… shouldn’t you…”

“ Part of my work, madam. Who were those two? I heard them talking  about… Don Siciliano… and then calling you a … fimmina fitusa… dunna know what they meant…”

“Look Adam, I think they were from mafia. Don Siciliano is one of the most named big boss in New York. And most of all have a look. These are Dyane’s dresses pieces. They were loading some others into the car’s trunk. I fear Dyane has been kidnapped by Don Siciliano. I saw him in a bdsm party last year in Los Angeles. He had three slave girls for the night and the next morning they were in need of serious medical help. Poor Dyane! I am afraid  we’ll not see her again. Come on we need to inform Serge and Mark of this dreadful event.”

Adam called all the others searching at a gathering point while Lynn rushed his way back to estate.

She was smiling in a strange way. ‘And now, my dear Big dominant males, let’s see your skills. While you’ll be looking for a way out, I’ll be enjoying Dyane’s tongue right up my pussy. Anyway, who can know the future?’