By Sir Al

Chapter 7: Awakening

A soft buzz was sticking through my ears. I was quietly surfing onto the air… moving just a little bit towards… moving?! What the Hell?! I opened my eyes at once. I was into a trunk. I was as likely tied up as my Master had left me past night but… I was being transported somewhere and not knowing where… and most of all who was bringing me away from my barn… it seemed I was into a car’s boot.

I screamed aloud, forgetting I was gagged by a big rubber penis gag... An exciting thought, I guess, as my loins stated to tingle.

I spent some time letting my mind wander through past events. I had been sold to Serge (even if for a limited period). Undoubtedly now someone had stolen me from him and Hubby.

Abruptly the buzzing engine was off. I heard doors crashing and voices.

“Ask the Devlin to come and carry my new property home. I want her up to my bedroom next hour. By my footboard, of course. Cleaned, if needed and restored. Give her a bit of food and water but keep her restrained.”

“Yes ma’am. Would you like her perfumed & oiled? I think she – your property – stinks just a little bit.”

“Nice idea. Do your best.”

Those were all unknown feminine voices to me. Anyway I was to be used (and abused) by a woman. In fact they had said “Madam” addressing whoever was in charge of my future.

“So nice a pet, this one. Have a look Jane! I guess Madam will have plenty of good time tonight. Come on Baby, let’s take you out of here.”

Tall, muscular but feminine, busty, green… mmmhh… liquid eyes, slim, clearly liking her work. That was my temporary thug. She had a strong but sensual grip on my breasts and thighs, lifting me out of the trunk. And she was in the nude!? Yes, she was stark naked saved for a black stilettos pair and a red collar… collar? Was I manhandled by a slave? Should they have taken my gag off I would ask about, but…

“All right, Pet, I bet you’ll walk a better way now,” she said, freeing my legs. “I’m mistress Devil to you. Now I’m to take off that gag. Are you going to be good and silent, Pet?”

I nodded.

“Good. Here we go. Now I guess you have a lot of questions to express. All newbies going to be permanent slaves here have them. As for now, I feel confident in allowing your first question to be solved. But remember, Pet, from now to the next permission to speak may run a lot of time, depending on your actual and future habits in training. So be careful, slave.”

I was quivering a bit. Also my freed legs shook violently for blood flushed again after a long time. I needed to know where, who, why. As an experienced slave I knew as my first requested thought had addressed to my new owner or such… so I went easy.

“Mistress Devil, may this one know whom is honoured to serve now and if Master Serge and Master Mark are aware of my being here? As a loyal slave this one feels compelled to ask about them.”

“Pet, your new owner is Mistress Scott. You’re definitely a piece of Her Property now and I guess the rest of your life along. No one will know or uncover where you actually are. Most probably your past Masters will come across your missing without finding evidence or such. Mistress Scott is actually at Serge’s estate sharing their efforts. She will fake discovering evidences of Mafia thugs around. At that point your past owners will strive to contact those persons. And they will deny anyway. You’re definitely lost, my pet. You’re here to be fully enslaved and wholly committed to Mistress Scott’s service. I know you knew each other. I also guess you think she can’t easily do that, cause of her friendship for your husband and Serge and, most of all, for her social habits. Maybe you guess all the other people at her periodical parties know you and could report your presence to husband. Well you’re wrong! You’re not to be sheltered into Scott’s estate. After your preliminary training you’ll be here, mostly chained to the wall of Mistress’ Bedroom. I forgot, pet, we’re in the Caymans now; and all the surrounding here around belong to your Mistress. And only Lynn Scott and her lawyer know about this place of hers. Put behind you all your past lives, pet. You’re to rebirth as a piece of property, cherished, cared for, but property at all. Is that enough Pet? I think so. Now let’s go.”

While she was talking, her fellows had retied my arms behind me… they also made my elbows touch… ouch … and my nipples protruding and stiff. Then, just as a steel collar clicked shut around my neck, Devil snapped a leash onto it and hauled me to the house we’d been in front of.

I gathered my data and my pussy her juices… I unmistakably had been stolen away from life (and luscious Masters). I had to face a real enslavement. No hope, no escape. Lynn Scott had planned this a lot of time ago I guessed. Through the years I guessed her desire to own me a few times and reported to Hubby. My beloved had accepted these warnings as ones of her appreciation and convinced me she was not dangerous. He told me also that masters/Mistresses Code in BDSM inhibited such habits. Slaves are property but each Master (Mistress) has earned that property through his/her path. Stealing a slave is crime not play.

But the very fact was that I was a stolen slave facing a harsh future. Once again I was naked, tightly tied and leashed as a pet. My swelling breasts were abruptly touched by the whip…

“Ouch”… thwack  “ouch”  tweak, thwack… “Mistress this one regrets her habits, thank you Mistress for your guidance.”

“Excellent Pet! I tested your attitude by whipping your breasts” (the deadly bastard!?) “I think you’ll do the very best for your Mistress, don’t you?”

Once inside Devil gave my leash to a male butler waiting by the main door.

“Up in the shower room, Philip. Lynn wants her a bit refreshed. Give her a bath, oil and perfume her and a bit of good food and water. Then the ring on the footboard. Let her as she is now. I know you’re the best to…”

“Well Miss Devil, I’ll strive to be. What if she misbehaves?”

“As usually, Phil. At your wariness.”

Philip drove me to the shower.

“They told me your past name was Dyane, Pet, didn’t it? Now it’s Pet. No more Dyane. No more womanly habits. You are a Pet. A cherished property, a female toy to be pleased with. You’re not even human too, or at least you are within limits your owner will set up. Now, rules n. 1: you’re not to speak unless told to. You can say “yes” by juddering your breasts left to right, and “thank you Mistress” by wiggling your ass or say “no” (when requested to) by bending forward and presenting your butt. Only when and if your mistress (or guests of her choice) request of you can talk in a proper third person manner. Even if you’re not valued as human, your movements and habits gotta be gracious and feminine and charming at the very best or you’ll suffer the consequences. Is that understood?”

I wobbled my tits vigorously.

“Good Pet. Back to work now.”

He hooked my leash to a ring on the wall and left. Slowly the air’s heat was pleasurably increasing.   It was relaxing even if I started to sweat a lot. Ten minutes later I realized it was a Hammam room. Well a so-called Turkish bath fitted the scene. A stolen slave, a luscious harem and such…

My blood quietly ran all along my body... especially through my most sensitive areas. Tied as I was I couldn’t test them but knew them. I was moistening and… well you know what. I found myself cuddling my helpless conditions… tits were hard as rocks… hips rousing up and there… up and there… it seemed I was lost again and again… naked, helplessly tied up and collared… mmhhh…

“So, you’re enjoying the heat, Pet, aren’t you,” said Philip

“…mmm. Yes Master… me…”

“Master?! I’m not your Master, Pet. You haven’t a Master here! You have a Mistress, Lynn Scott her name. And most of all you’ve just broken rule n.1. Or did I allow you to speak?!!”

He was angry. I bent forward and presented my ass to his whims. He slapped my cheeks twenty or thirty times. Then he gagged my sobbing mouth with a bit gag, hard and tight and blindfolded me. In the meantime the room’s temperature was hotter than before.

“I hope you learned your first lesson, pet. Now it’s really time to clean you up.”

I sensed him unhook my leash and pull. I followed demurely, quivering thighs and ass burning. Then a cold water jet was hurting me all around. It was a shocking but exciting test for my nipples. I felt them protruding a bit more stiffly… damned unruly slave bitches aren’t we? Philip continued his work, softly drying my body with some sort of soft rags. His hands were strong but kind someway… he rubbed my breasts, my armpits… then he did my thighs expertly undoing my tension. Then we were going to the core… my love spots I mean, but he disappeared all at once…

I would have screamed but I was tightly bitted and blind… and on the edge again. I thought they were putting me to my heels. As a slave pleasure is not my thing, save for serving my masters or... Mistress, So that orgasm-denying could be a tool to drive me to attention... The quicker I relaxed the better. Instantly I felt delicate hands pinching and opening my labia. A woman… again?! I pushed my hips forward and met… her lips… wow!!! She was licking me dry… and… I climaxed one... then two... three times. As I was gasping for air, my unknown user probed my ass with his hand and sprayed some cream inside. It was fresh and pleasantly. Then a thick rod was plumbed into my ass... deeply… the ultimate touch in my debased state.

Next the same hands went ahead oiling all of my body. And that was a scented one; I savoured mint, sandal, and incense. My skin infinitely liked it. I felt like a radiant sun now and ready to serve my fate…

Unexpected pleasures and all that body caring had relieved me of any tension related to my new predicament. I was terribly hungry and thirsty too. As Lynn had ordered I was now quietly following my leash to an unknown place where I hoped to find a meal.

“Here we are, Pet. Kneel down for me.” It was Phil again. He took away my gag.

“Now open your mouth Pet, and taste this superb steak. Better you gain some strength for your next hours will be a bit harsh I presume. Good. Now what about a sip of wine? I knew you like it.”

Philip served my meal patiently and a bit sternly, you know. In fact each time I relaxed my position just a little bit, bending forward or such; he roughly twisted my nipple, lecturing my habits. Aside from that He expressed approval of my posture by… well two probing finger deeply into my ass. Anyway, I felt quickly restored.

“Now I’m to put you in a proper position to wait for your Mistress. Down to your heels, slave!”

He tied my ankles together, the ran a rope over my shoulders, down under my armpits and knotted it in front between my breast, and drove the remaining around my thighs, tightening and ouch… pushing my head down.

“Open your mouth, pet. Wider… wider… relax… good pet!”

It was a ring gag and that wasn’t enough. A chain connected the ring onto my collar to something solid behind me. I heard the lock closing.

“Now open your eyes, Pet. Your Mistress will probably arrive in the next few hours. This is your new home (save when you’ll be stored away for puns, of course). Comfy? I think so. Stay there and wait, slave. But remember: never to look directly at your Mistress!”

And there I took a pew, on my knees, naked, ass plugged, tied up, collared by a luscious bed. Would I be in Lynn’s pants when she entered this room? I‘d be instantly taken away by pleasure. Is there someone who hasn’t dreamed about such a scene?