Abducted at home

by Sidneyoz


Chapter 1 - Getting the Whole Scene Started

David Cartwright peered through the dark and the sweeping rain, his windscreen
wipers slapping to and fro
and the headlights shining on the trees and bushes as his car slowly crawled
along the country road. David
had already got lost twice and now he had found the right road he was still
having trouble finding the address she had given him. All the houses were huge
and  set well back  from the road, why the hell didn't people clearly mark their
house number.

Despite his frustration he smiled as he cast his mind back to his Father's party
and his introduction to the very sexy Alice Green. Sexy rather than classically
beautiful, and several years older than him. She had told him she had a daughter
about his age, which put her age at about 38 to 40.

Normally he wasn't turned on by  older women but Alice was not only sexy looking
but, he figured, was looking for sex. She had told him that her husband had left
her and her daughter, but he had done the right thing by them financially. She
had a large house on six acres in middle Dural and her lawyers had negotiated  a
significant divorce settlement for her which left her comfortably off. He had
told her he liked to write poetry but couldn't find the time or the quiet he
needed so she had invited him to spend the weekend at her place and he had
accepted without hesitation.

Since then Alice, a real Joan Collins look alike, had starred in his fantasies
and he had then decided that there was little to stop him turning his fantasies
into real life. Simply put he was going to turn her into is very own slave and
he was going to move in with her as her permanent 24/7 master. He glanced down
at his overnight bag on the passenger seat beside him. Along with his clothes,
the bag contained two sets of silver handcuffs, a leather blindfold, a table
tennis bat, a large bright red ball gag, several  hundred  feet of soft white
rope all of which he had bought especially for the occasion plus, of course, his
new digital camera. He smiled again as he ran his plans through his mind one
last time..

Suddenly there it was, number 128 clearly illuminated on the post box. He had
found her house at last and he chuckled in anticipation of things to come as he
turned his car into the driveway.

Several lights were on in the big house up ahead and David was pleased to see no
other cars in the large circular driveway. Hopefully that meant that Alice was
alone. He drove up close to the double garage doors and was preparing to brave
the rain when to his delight the doors opened and so he drove inside.

As he got out of the car a light came on in a stairwell in the corner of the
huge Garage and  there, waiting for him on the stairs' was Alice. Trying to act
cool, he waved at her and then got his overnight bag from the car and made his
way towards her.

'You're a bit late I hope you didn't have too much trouble finding the house'.
She called out holding up a beer as a welcoming present.

Climbing the stairs he took the beer and then slowly appraised his hostess. She
had long black hair which she had obviously let down, since at the party it had
been up in a bun of some kind but now was shoulder length. Her face was expertly
made up and she had shiny  red  lipstick which matched the color of her dress,
her fingernails and even her toe nails. She also wore a heavy perfume which he
liked a lot. The dress was flimsy almost like a nightdress. It was held up by
two thin red shoulder straps and it hung loosely leaving simply miles of smooth
cleavage on show. He could also clearly make out the size of  her  nipples
which seemed to be doing their best to poke through the thin material and
advertise the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. Down the front of the dress
there were six large black buttons and the hem finished a good six inches above
the knees which were covered by either black tights or, he hoped, black
stockings. The outfit  was  completed by shiny red high heel shoes.

She smiled at him 'I hope a beer was O.K'.

'The beer is fantastic but not nearly as fantastic as the looks of the lady
serving it' he told her.

She blushed as red as her outfit at the compliment and then there was an awkward
silence as he gulped down his beer and then, putting it on the ground he took
her in his arms and kissed her  shiny red lips.

She pulled back from him. 'Don't…I mean…'  the words died on her lips. So he
kissed her again and this time she did not pull away from him.

'Don't resist' he whispered in her ear 'You invited me here to spend the weekend
with you and I find you dressed to tease and all alone. Surely you don't expect
us to play scrabble all weekend'.

Alice blushed again. 'I'm sorry, of course you are right but I didn't expect it
all to happen so quickly. I thought we might first get to know each other

'Then what Alice, after we knew each other better …what then, tell me in your
wildest fantasies what would you have wanted to happen then'.

'I'm sorry David I can't just tell my secret fantasies to someone I hardly

'Of course you can surely it's easier to tell someone you hardly know than it
would be to tell someone who knows you well'. He could tell that she was
considering his words but then she shook her head.

'You may be right' she responded 'but I just couldn't I'm not that brave'.

'O.K. I understand, but how about you go along with my fantasy. All the way here
I've fantasized about what we would do together this weekend let's play out mine

Alice looked closely at her young guest. This was not going to plan at all. She
had expected to seduce him but instead he was asking to play out his fantasy and
they hadn't even yet left the garage and gone into the house. 'What is this
fantasy' she asked.

He smiled his eyes twinkling with mischief and took out a black leather object
from his pocket and held it up for her to see. 'It's a blindfold.  Look these
two fur lined pads go over your eyes, your nose goes through this triangular cut
out in the leather and the straps buckle at the back of your neck. Here try it
on'. He tossed it to her 'Everything will be far more exciting with you wearing
it for me, and my fantasy will have begun'.

'What if I say no' he asked but knowing deep inside her that she was going to go
along with his game.

'Then I guess we play scrabble after all'.

At this they both laughed and then she was pushing her nose through the opening
in the blindfold and then pressing the soft pads against her eyelids. As she
pulled the two straps behind her neck she felt him take them from her fingers
and buckle them firmly. She heard a small click and reaching back she felt a
solid padlock.

'You've locked it on me' she gasped suddenly alarmed at the total absence of
light and the knowledge that without him unlocking the padlock the blindfold
could not be removed. By way of a response he gently kissed her.

'Beautiful, you look beautiful. Trust me and don't worry I won't hurt you I will
only give you pleasure. Now lead me to your lounge slave'

'But I can't see anything with this on how can I lead you'

'Feel your way there you know you can do it'.

David watched as Alice slowly inched her way along the hallway and into the
lounge. He licked his lips as he watched her cute bottom moving beneath her
dress and her sexy nipples seeming even larger than before. 'There that wasn't
so difficult was it, go sit on the settee by the fire while I pour us a drink.
What would you like?'.

'Chardonnay' she whispered as she eased herself down onto the couch.

David poured the wine and a glass of brandy for himself and then walked over,
gave Alice her drink,
and  then sat in the big armchair opposite her.

'Cheers' he said as he sipped his drink. 'Here's to a sexy weekend'.

'I really don't know about all this' she said as she too sipped her drink.

'Do you feel turned on sitting across from me in such a revealing dress and

She nodded.

'Your nipples are almost bursting through your dress so why don't you shrug off
those tiny shoulder straps and let me see your bare breasts'. It sounds like a
question but really it is an order. DO IT FOR ME SLAVE'.

The words hung in the air and the silence that fell in the room seemed to last a
lifetime. Alice nervously chewed her lower lip as she considered her response to
the young mans command. Could she really do as he wanted? A large part of her
didn't want to but a small secret part of her liked what was happening and
wanted to submit to this sexy man. God, she had gone this far how could she turn
back now?

David used the pause in proceedings to take his new Canon IXUS V3 from his bag.
The memory card held about 128 pictures and it could also hold about  6  three
minute movies. He switched it to movie mode, focused on his soon to be slave,
and waited.

With the slightest shrug of her shoulders  the top of her dress fell into her
lap and Alice was baring her beautiful full breasts for him and for the camera.
As if realizing her predicament she moved her hands to cover  her breasts but
then without him saying anything she moved her arms back to her sides.

'That's a good girl' he said as if talking to a pet dog. 'Tell me if I was to
come over there and touch your pussy would it be nice and wet?'. He grinned from
ear to ear as she nodded. 'I want to hear you tell me how wet your pussy is, and
from now on you are to address me as Sir David'

'My pussy is wet Sir David' she whispered  really getting into the whole scene.

'How wet is it slave. Speak up I want no more of this pathetic whispering'.

'My pussy is very wet Sir David' she responded.

'Good that is much better now caress your breasts as if your hands were mine'.
Without any hesitation she started to do as she was told and the camera's video
function recorded it all. 'Pull and twist those lovely long nipples for me slave
come on I'm waiting'.

Again she did as he told her and David realized that he had somehow broken
through that thin layer of reserve that women had and that she would now do
almost anything he told her. 'Now I want to see your panties. What color are

'Red' she replied her cheeks turning that very same color.

 'What happened to the Sir David  I think that omission will earn you a dozen
good hard spanks on you bare bottom …don't you?'.

'Yes,  Sir  David' she replied and he could tell from the slight change in tone
in her voice and from the way she wriggled her bottom against the couch that she
was actually imagining it happening to her and that the mere thought alone
excited her.

 ' Now spread those knees as wide apart as you can and show me your panties'. As
she obeyed David got the whole thing on video. To his delight the panties were
indeed a bright red and the tiny gusset of lace hardly covered her neat black
bush of pubic hair. He took a long slow look at the sexy sight before him, the
crackling of the fire the only sounds in the room. 'Now take off the dress for

She did so without hesitation and in seconds the buttons were undone and the
dress was pulled up over her head and placed beside her on the couch. 'Now the
panties but I want you to roll them up in a nice pretty ball of lace for me and
then cram them into your mouth'.

He watched as she slipped her panties off, rolled the up and held them close to
her lips as if unsure of whether or not to actually put them into her mouth.

'That delay will cost you another dozen spanks. 24 spanks will leave your sexy
bottom a very bright red  and any further delays will double the total number to
48'. Alice emitted a sexy groan as she quickly stuffed her panties where he had
told her to. 'Now using just the tips of your fingers I want you to rub your
little clit and cum for me…and for the camera. Remember the slightest delay and
the number will be 48'.

There was no delay. Alice began fingering herself and in a matter of only
seconds David captured her orgasm on video. Everything was as he had planned it.
Alice was now very close to becoming his complete permanent slave and nothing
and no-one was going to save her from her impending fate. He waited until she
seemed to have composed herself once again. 'Now I want you kneeling on the
floor with your upper body flat on the couch seat your ass facing me and your
legs spread wide. You have ten seconds to get into position'. She promptly did
as she was told and was delighted at what a sexy pert spankable derriere this
lady had. He picked up his overnight bag and, placing it on the carpet beside
her right ankle, he kneeled down between her spread legs and  unzipped his fly
and eased out his very stiff cock.

 When  he was at school all the other boys had taken great delight in teasing
him about the size of his penis and the fact that it was larger than most had
always been a source of great embarrassment. But as he had gotten older and had
discovered girls he realized that all the previous disadvantages were outweighed
by the effect it's size had on his love life. He placed the tip of his cock
against the lips of the wet  pussy stretched wide open and waiting for him and
then he slowly pushed it deep inside her. He chuckled at the familiar groan of
shock and surprise that just about every woman emitted when he had first pushed
inside them. With his penis deep inside her he reached out and picked up a set
of handcuffs and in his other hand his trusty camera. He recorded the sight of
his cock thrust deed inside her and then he eased almost fully back out before
thrusting it quickly back up to the hilt.

'Place your wrists together behind your back' he whispered. He knew that the
most important step was hopefully about to be taken. He really hadn't considered
what he would do if she refused at this stage. To his delight and considerable
relief she moved her wrists together behind her. 'I want to handcuff your wrists
and then fuck you and make you cum for me again and again' he told her. 'It is
all part of the fantasy if you agree spit out the panties and tell to do it'.

She used her tongue to push her soaking wet panties out of her mouth. 'Please
handcuff me' she pleaded
 'I am your slave,  Sir David you can spank me, tie me up in fact do anything
you want, but please fuck me now. Please do  it now'.

Click, click and it was done the handcuffs were in place. David put down his
camera and grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head sharply back up off
the couch. 'That hurts she moaned but her protests were silenced when he started
seriously fucking her and then she was cumming for him, actually flooding the
front of his trousers as she did so. David tried all he could to prolong his own
orgasm, normally he just thought of dull and boring things but so erotic was the
whole situation he did not last long. However very soon he was amazed to feel
himself get hard again and this time he lasted much longer. Later he remembered
thinking she was so noisy he should have taken the time to replace her gag.

Pleasantly exhausted he sat on the couch beside her, her head only inches from
his right thigh. To his complete amazement she lifted her head off the couch and
although still unable to see she nuzzled it onto  his lap and then her lips
closed on his extremely wet and limp cock and began to actually coax it back to
life for a third time. When it was back to it's rigid best she stopped licking
and sucking and grinned. 'When am I going to get this spanking?' she asked.

David took out the bright red ball gag and positioned it gently against her
lips. 'I think that we will do that and have round three in your bedroom. Oh and
you forgot the Sir David bit so the number of spanks is now officially 48'.

'Anything you say, Sir David' she responded and opened her mouth wide to receive
the gag. As he pushed it home and buckled it firmly behind her neck he knew that
phase 1 was now complete. Silly woman she didn't even suspect that Phase 2 would
see her receive the 48 spanks from the table tennis bat and see her stay tied
all night while he slept comfortably in her bed. It would see him read through
all her documents and papers, see him take over her possessions and savings, and
see him isolate her from all her family and friends. Of course, he mused, if any
of her friends were good looking he might move on them as well….and of course
there was her daughter who was the same age as him. Oh my there were going to be
interesting times ahead. Interesting times indeed.

Chapter two - Bed and Breakfast

He hummed a little tune as he led his sexy newly acquired slave Alice Green up the stairs to her bedroom. Blindfolded, ball gagged, with her wrists snugly handcuffed behind her she offered little resistance. She still wore her red high heel shoes and her black self support stockings but the rest of her clothes were left behind beside the fire in the lounge room.

David was amazed. Her bedroom was larger in area than the whole of his apartment and had walk in wardrobes, a large en suite with a very grand two person spa bath and what is now referred to by estate agents as a parents retreat. She slept in a king sized bed which very conveniently had four wooden posts, one at each corner. The posts were too good to resist so taking hold of her left elbow he led her over to the nearest post and pressed her up against the unyielding teak.

'Stay there and don't move a pretty muscle' he told her as he rummaged through his overnight bag and found the copious quantities of soft white rope that he had brought with him. He had cut the rope into manageable six metre lengths and taking one of them he  doubled it up, passed it around the post and also around her waist. Taking his time he threaded the two loose ends through the loop he had made at the doubled up end  and pulled firmly until the soft rope was cutting sharply into the soft skin at her waist. She groaned partly in lust and he imagined also partly at the uncomfortable tightness around her middle, He passed the rope around and around her tummy each time tightening the bonds and by the time he had securely knotted the rope in place her belly was tied tight up against the wooden corner post and her ample breasts had developed a wooden cleavage, each breast thrusting out shamelessly, one on either side of the post.

He could tell from the squeals beneath her gag that she was not amused at the latest turn of events and that her sexy mood had new disappeared completely. Without speaking he took another length of rope doubled it as before but this time he tightened it around her arms just above her elbows. To get maximum tightness he place his foot against the lower portion of the post, gripped the rope firmly and pushed backwards, the rope cutting harshly into her skin and her elbows drawn unerringly closer and closer together until they actually touched behind her back. He knotted the rope and then ran the remaining rope around her upper body and the post carefully placing ropes both above and below her breasts.

This was thirsty work he decided so he left her and went back downstairs to get another drink He took his time after all she wasn't exactly going anywhere. By the time he got back there was a shiny film of sweat over her whole body he could see it and smell it and it showed that despite her considerable struggles she had not loosened her bonds in the slightest. He climbed onto the bed and lay back evaluating his new possession so firmly roped to the left hand post at the bottom of the bed. Because she was so tightly welded in place she had to poke her head to one side of the post and this meant that the sweat which was actually dripping  off the end of her nose was mingling with the line of drool from her ball gagged mouth and was cascading down on to her naked left breast.

She stamped her foot in anger when she heard the ice chink in his glass no doubt the gag and struggling had made her thirsty. 'Thank you for reminding me to tie those legs of yours' he called out to her as he put his unfinished drink on the bedside table and got back off the bed.

It took less than five minutes to finish tying her up. Ropes clamped her ankles together and also her upper thighs. Ankles and thighs tight together and tight up against the post. Tight ropes replaced the handcuffs at her wrists and the cinching rope from her wrists was fed forward between her thighs bisecting her pussy and rising up over her belly where it was tied in front to the rope around her waist. From there the rope led up between her breasts cinching the ropes over and under boobs and fixing them to the post and giving her a rope bra.

It was easy and he chuckled as he took out his new table tennis bat. The first she knew of his intentions was when the pimply side of the bat swatted her bare bottom. The noise was like a rifle shot in the quiet of the room and was quickly followed by a squeal of alarmingly loud proportions from his defenceless slave. 48 times the bat rose and fell and at the finish her bottom cheeks actually glowed a bright red and were hot as fire to his gentle touch. Alice had struggled and pleaded for mercy as best she could with the gag seeming to make the protests and pleading non coherent rather than actually reducing the noise. He reached between her thighs and felt her pussy which was almost as hot as her backside and, with a wail of pure shame and despair, she flooded his hand as the hopelessness of her situation and cruelty of her punishment combined to send her into yet another mind shattering orgasm.

He heard her sobbing as he strolled into the en suite and found the skin cream that he was sure she would have in plentiful supply. 'NNNNNGGG!!!' she shrieked as she felt him casually rub the cream into her most private and virgin opening.He gripped her glowing bottom cheeks and separated them spreading them as far apart as the bonds would allow and then positioned the tip of his very stiff prick against the puckered opening.

'I want you to push that bright pink ass of yours back onto my prick' he whispered into her ear. 'If you don't it's 96 spanks, I'm sure you appreciate that you really have no choice...do it now slave'.

As Alice Green impaled her virgin bottom on her masters cock any reserve or resolve she had left simply  disappeared and despite the pain she rode him like a wanton whore . She truly was his slave and dear God what was he going to do to her this weekend. There would be no hero with a last minute rescue, no knight on a white charger. She was as much a slave in her own home as any slave in the deepest darkest dungeon and as the reality sunk home to her eternal shame she came again.

Whilst Alice was trying to come to terms with the situation she had invited upon herself, David was exploring his new home. The first thing he had planned to do once his slave was safely tied up was to go through her wardrobe and choose which clothes he would let her keep and which would go to needy causes. With his drink in hand he started to sort his way through the huge collection of clothes in the walk in robes. All trousers and jeans went into the 'discard' pile. Next were a number of conservative skirts, tops and shoes and they were quickly followed by all of Alice's knickers and bras. He even checked the 'dirty washing' basket in the en suite. He found a suitcase and packed all the discards inside. The case and it's contents would go first thing tomorrow. Satisfied with his efforts he glanced at his watch. It was just gone midnight and he suddenly felt very tired.

He returned to Alice's bed and as he flung off his clothes he grinned as he realised that from now on it was no longer her bed it was his. The clean sheets felt good against his naked skin. 'Night night Slave' he whispered to her as he turned off the bedside lamp. 'Before I fall asleep I want to hear you rub that hot little pussy of yours against the post and I want to hear you cum for me once last time tonight. 'Oh yes Alice just like that. Go for it darling cum for sir David'.

In the darkness of the room he could just about make out her attempts to bring herself off for him and then he could hear her breathing become louder and could hear the erotic sound of her panting beneath her gag as she climaxed yet again. 'Well done slave, now try to get some sleep. Tomorrow we have a long day'. As he snuggled into the blankets he remembered wondering if Alice had any eggs and bacon in the fridge. Tomorrow he thought he would have a cooked breakfast. Tomorrow there was a lot to do.

At the other end of the bed Alice desperately tried to find a position that didn't hurt like hell. Unable to see because of the blindfold she still realised that David was really just going to go to sleep and leave her trussed up like a chicken. She had kept David's visit a secret from her daughter and her friends and had told them all she was going away for the weekend. No-one would call her or visit the house and she knew that despite being able to make quite a lot of noise through her gag the neighbours houses were too far away for the noise to carry.

Her position was hopeless and both she and David knew it. As she shifted her weight to try to gain some small relief the fiendish rope bisecting her pussy moved against her clit. 'Oh God help me' she pleaded to the heavens above. 'Please don't let him hear me cum again' and for once her pleas were answered as she heard the soft sound of snoring from the man in her bed.

Chapter  3  - Oh What a Beautiful Morning

It took a few seconds when David first awoke for him to remember exactly where he was and then, as if to check that it had not all been an erotic dream, he looked towards the bottom left hand corner of the bed. A large smile spread across his face as he took in the early morning view. The lovely Alice was still welded to the bedpost, the blindfold still covering her eyes and her shiny red lips were still framing  the ball gag . Drool still trickled down onto her naked left breast and her right breast was also wet, but from good honest sweat

'Good Morning' he called out to her and in response he heard a gentle, tired groan. 'I trust you slept well, I think I've never had such a good night's sleep' She groaned again clearly unimpressed at her current predicament.

David threw back the covers and allowed his morning glory to stand erect. He took himself in hand and eased down towards the waiting Alice until she was in range and lifting his left leg he caressed her right nipple with the sole of his bare foot.   She gasped at the first contact and gasped again as he trapped the erect nipple between his toes and squeezed.  He then lifted his right foot up and took her left nipple  between his toes. 'I'm stroking my cock with my hands and stroking your nipples with my toes, and you are going to be allowed your first orgasm of the day. Cum for me Alice let's see if we can cum together shall we. Ready, steady…go'.

To his amusement she beat him to it. Clearly her mood must have improved.

 'Let me tell you Alice about our upcoming Saturday morning. Firstly I am going to get up, have a quick shower, cook myself bacon and eggs for breakfast and if you are good I will then come back remove the gag and take you to the toilet. We are then going to make you a film star. I will video you as you truthfully answer a number of questions I will ask you. Failure to answer truthfully and quickly will lead to 96 spanks. Bye for now'.

Alice heard him get out of bed and go into her en suite. Without sight on speech her hearing seemed so much keener and she heard every little sound he made. The sound of him relieving himself, the sound of him brushing his teeth and of course the sound of him singing a complete medley from popular
Musicals. Somehow 'Oh what a beautiful morning' did not mirror her own view of the day ahead, what questions would he ask of her and she didn't at all like the fact that she was going to be on video.

She heard him come out of the en suite and as he passed her he delivered a cruel slap to her right buttock. In a matter of minutes her tummy rumbled as she smelled the bacon cooking combined with the aroma of freshly brewing coffee. At long last she heard him come back upstairs and then he was undoing her gag. 'Here I've brought you some coffee take a sip'.

'Thank you' she gasped as she sipped from  the cup of coffee he held against her lips.

'You have forgotten the 'Sir David' part again. Obviously you like being spanked'.

She did not reply her mind reeling at the thought of what damage 96 spanks would do to her bottom and to her soul. After she had finished the coffee he untied all but her elbows and wrists and led her to the toilet. She blushed as she realised he was not going to give her any privacy and muttered an embarrassed 'thank you Sir David' when he used a tissue to dry her.

She was then led downstairs and he sat her on one of the dining room chairs so that her bound arms hung over the back of the chair. 'Right  Alice I am going to start the video now. Start by hooking your knees over the arms of the chair so that your legs are spread nice and wide and so that your pussy is on display'.

Alice felt that familiar heat of shame and lust build within her  as she obeyed his outrageous order.

During the next 10 minutes or so, interrupted only by him making her wait while he restarted each video, she answered all his questions. Bank Account details, credit card details, pin numbers, the whereabouts of all her important documents….everything. She confessed on video to inviting him to her home and to letting him do all the things he had done to her. At the end she knew that he could easily take all her money and possessions and have on video the kind of material  that she knew she would never allow to be seen by her family or friends.

In short she was now his possession for as long as he wanted her and there was nothing she could do to stop him. When the questions were all finished, to her delight, he untied her even removing  the blindfold. 'Well slave are you ready  for the spanks now or would you perhaps prefer to wait until next week'.

'Do I have a choice Sir David?' she asked

'Alice for the rest of the weekend I am just David, and apart from the fact that I intend to give all your boring clothes and all your undies to charity, we are going to have a normal weekend. During next week you will have to make a bigger decision. In fact the biggest decision of your life thus far. If you invite me back next weekend you will be agreeing to be my slave forever'. David paused so that Alice could be in no doubt about the decision she was soon to make.

 'I  will spank you often, embarrass you in front of your family and friends, I will take all your money, your house your car everything and you will depend on me for everything. There will be no going back and no second chances. I believe that you have a submissive streak a mile wide and that you will both hate and love everything I do to you, but the decision is yours'.

Well there it was. Neither of them spoke for a long while and then Alice returned to her bedroom and showered and dressed. Of course she could only wear a dress or skirt that was short since all her others were no longer available for selection. The absence of panties and a bra was also a first. Indeed, as she lifted up the back of her skirt and studied her bare bottom in the mirror, carefully tracing  her fingers on the dark bruises, she knew that the whole weekend was one of 'firsts'.

'You look great' David called out to her as she came back downstairs and the weekend continued on as everything before had been a dream.

'David, a woman named Alice on line three for you'. It was Wednesday and he had thought she would ring today.

'Thank you Debra, put her through please'. Within seconds Debra, his secretary put the call through.

'Hi it's Alice' she said 'I was wondering if you would like to come to my place this weekend…Sir David'.

'I will be there Friday night at seven'. He smiled as he hung up the phone and on the other end of the line Alice was also smiling. She had done it and as he had said, there was no going back. She wondered if this time she would again be blindfolded. She hoped not because she knew his penis was big and she really had to see for herself just how big it really was.

In his office David was making another call. 'Hi Bob, I think that your and Carol's accommodation problem is over. I have found myself a very submissive lady and she has agreed for us all to move in with her. Does Carol still have those nipple clamps and the whip…she does…great. I'll email you the address. Bye'.

David hung up and sat back in his chair and smiled. Of course if Alice hadn't invited him he would have gone anyway but having her agree meant there was no need for blackmail or other nastiness. He wondered how long it would be before the daughter June would also be his. Somehow he suspected that if she was anything like her mother it would be sooner rather than later.

The End (for now anyway but if there is any real interest I suppose it does lead itself to a sequel).