Submission in Stuttgart
© 2003 by Sir Richard of Sherwood
Used by permission

Story codes: MM/f, nc, fantasy
The following actually happened . . .or did it? Read on and decide for yourself.
(Das Haus am Berg and Beate Uhse's shop are real locations.)

It was the summer of 1995. My wife and I had arrived in Stuttgart by train, and were staying at a bed and breakfast on a hill at the edge of the city, named with German logic "Das Haus am Berg". We had spent a warm morning sightseeing at the Daimler-Benz museum, and once back at our room Gloria announced that she was tired and intended to take a nap. I, on the other hand, was still feeling adventurous. Having noticed in the phone book a listing for Beate Uhse, whose name I recognized as the founder of a chain of adult shops in Germany, I took advantage of the opportunity to check out her local shop. When I returned to the B&B a siesta seemed in order. As I lay there daydreaming, I conjured up an erotic fantasy based on my afternoon jaunt. Gloria awakened after a while and wanted to know how I had spent my afternoon, so this is the tale I told her.

While I was in the adult shop during the afternoon, I got into a conversation with the store manager using my conversational German, and discovered we had similar likings for male dominance/female submission. Having agreed on a course of action, I went back to the B&B and persuaded Gloria to ride the U-Bahn downtown after supper and explore the shopping area. We just *happened* to end up in front of Beate Uhse's shop, and I dared her to explore inside. She wandered up one aisle and down another, peering at the items in the display cases. Meanwhile, as the hour was getting late, we were the only customers in the shop. Unnoticed by her, the manager closed the front door and switched the sign from "Offen" to "Geschlossen" ("Closed") and pulled down the shades on the front windows. At his spoken "Machen Sie fertig" (Get ready"), which Gloria wouldn't understand, I steered her to a low counter behind which he was now standing. At his next word "Jetzt!" (Now!"), I pinioned her arms while he reached across the counter and forced a ball gag into her mouth. He fastened its straps around her head, preventing her frantic but futile attempts to dislodge it, then I turned her around to allow him to fasten leather manacles on her wrists and fasten them together with a snap hook. The whole process took less than a minute, and now Gloria was totally under our control and completely at our mercy. To prevent her kicking out, he now fastened similar manacles on her ankles, connected by about a foot of chain. At his direction, I steered my reluctant captive toward the curtained entrance to a back room. We proceeded through the room to the back door, she struggling uselessly all the way. He opened the door and two husky men dressed in black leather and chains entered from the alley; a panel van could be seen behind them. "Wait here", I was told, as the three of them dragged her out of the shop and into the back of the van. Several minutes later the store manager reappeared holding a sack, and ushered me back to the front of the store. I was assured she would be well taken care of, and returned to me in three days at Frankfurt Airport for our scheduled flight home to the States. When I got to our room, I opened the sack and found all of Gloria's clothing, except the light raincoat she had been carrying over her arm!

Three days later, after taking the train to the railway station under the airport, I heard my name paged. Sure enough, at the directed location I saw my wife and two Germans, this time a man and a woman. Apart from being tall and muscular, he appeared an ordinary German. The woman, however, wore a black leather dress and studded cuffs and collar. Her makeup was extremely vivid, her fingernails long and lacquered, and her total appearance said "Bitch Goddess". They seemed to be supporting Gloria between them, as she appeared to be somewhat dazed and groggy. She was wearing her raincoat this time, even though we were indoors and the temperature was quite warm. As they turned to leave, the man handed me a video cassette and wished us a pleasant trip home. Talk about courtesy! Gloria sleep-walked through the terminal, through passport control, and onto the plane. As I discovered later, she was wearing nothing under the raincoat, and her vagina was plugged with two Ben-Wa balls. This probably explains why she had a dreamy smile on her face all the way home. Oh, yes, and she was now sporting some very artistic body jewelry, whereas only her ears had been pierced before.

As I related this to her, we both became more and more aroused. finally we could stand it no longer, and the "beast with two backs" possessed the room. But as time came slowly back into focus, I heard a plaintive little voice beside me say, ". . .but you wouldn't *really* give me to strangers, would you?"

The End . . .at least until our next trip.