Shelly's Toy
by Serefina

“Now, whatcha gotta 'member,” the delivery driver/installation tech said through his mask, 'Is that yer ain't gonna get any visual or audible warnin's, what when you over run the end of the main activation timer, o' the release o' the safety off a any o' the prim'ry devices.”

“None at all?” Shelley asked


A little shiver ran through her, as she contemplated all the devices hidden in to the 'Discipline Stand', along with more than a little arousal. She'd been amazed to find someone had not only built a timer controller discipline stand, but had made it available for sale online. What had really gotten her interest, was that the designer had included options for devices that could have very fatal consequences.

“Now, I need ya ta strip off so's I can measure ya, and set up the 'Stand's User Presets.”

“Un hunh,..” Shelley nodded. “And you'll be keeping your mask on the whole time you measure me up?”

“Yup. Gotta problem wit it?” he asked a little sourly.

“Only if you try and feel me up. So long as you behave professionally, we're good.”

“Proffes'nal, sure, sure,.... You gonna get ya stuff off now?”

Shelley watched as the technician's eyes wandered up and down her thirty two year old body, unable to see any expression at all, and yet she felt there was a coldness in them that gave her goosebumps all over her body. Still, she'd been prepared for this from the owners questionnaire and the purchasing agreement.

Undoing a couple of buttons, and then a wriggle or two, and she'd lifted her short strappy summer dress over her head, tossing her head to flick her long hair out of the garment, folding it and laying it over the hand rail of the stairs that led down to her basement.

“Hope this won't take too long, I've got friends due over for a Bar B Que within the hour.”

“Not too long, jus' a measure up an' a demo run,” the technician replied, not taking his eye's off the very good looking woman in front of him as she quickly slipped a scrunchy over the waves of her long blonde hair, leaving it swinging from a pony tail at the top of the back of her head. He gave her another long lingering look, admiring how she had both ample curves, and yet a surprisingly small waist and flat stomach.

Arching her back raised her large breasts as Shelley reached her right hand up behind her and unclipped her strapless bra, and another shrug and jiggle had it released from the crease their weight made against her chest. She laid the plain flesh-toned garment over the dress.

The technician enjoyed the sight of her milky skin and the gentle sway and bounce of the large fleshy feminine attributes. This was one part of his job he really loved, almost as much as measuring up the women who purchased the machines he made in his workshop. 'E Cups',...Must be. And so little sag too, wonder if they're real? Don't see any scars,..' he thought.

He enjoyed it very much when Shelley pushed her matching knickers down off her lovely round hips and towards the floor. Behind the mask he smiled dryly, liking the way his customer had trimmed her pubic hair in to a neat little heart shape above the bare pink folds of skin of her sex's opening.

“Okay, so what do you need to measure?” Shelley asked, striking a nervous pose, not unlike a fashion model standing at the end of the catwalk.

“All ya dimension's, as well as 'ow far ya bit's stick out, so's I can set the clear'nce's.”

He produced a tape measure from the toolbox he'd brought in, quickly measuring Shelley's height at five foot six inches, then length of her arms, height of her crotch above the floor, same with the underside of her breasts, armpits and chin. His client squeaked when the tip of the tape touched the soft pink flesh between her thighs, and she shivered each time the cold steel of the measuring tool came in contact with her body, making him have to leave it in place a few seconds to get the right measurement, which he wrote down on a small note pad.

Next he ran the tape around her calves, mid thigh, top, middle and bottom of her ample hips, then her waist, around her ribs under her breasts, and then over them, followed by around upper and lower arms and her small wrists.

She sucked in air when he whipped the steel tape around her neck, measuring it's circumference at her shoulders, it's middle and just under her chin. She was still a little surprised at the feeling of it when he wrapped it from the front of her neck, up and around the back of her head.

“Shoes?” the technician asked, waiting until Shelley had slipped in to the heels of her choice before he measured the height of her crotch, breasts and chin from the floor again, this time suprising her only slightly less.

“Shoes off, on the scales,..”

Shelley did as she was told, waited while he wrote down her weight, then accepted her shoes from him and waited while he wrote down the new figure including her heels.

She waited again while he set some of the boxes the Stand had arrived in, in to a pile in the correct order, and placed the scale on the top of one near it's edge.

“Feet there, 'ands here, one tit on tha' scale,..”

It was Shelley's turn to look the other person up and down, but with a little tilt of her head to show here confusion, but she did as was instructed, ending up standing with her bare feet about twenty inches apart, and her body stretched out leaning over the stack of boxes at nearly forty five degrees so she could place her hands either side of the top of the uppermost box. One large breast swung loose while the other sat on the top surface of the scale, where the technician could read off the weight reading, adding that to his note pad.

“Right. Final two measurm'nt's. Ya'll prob'ly want ta do these 'un's ya self” the technician said, first handing Shelley a skinny dildo with an inch scale marked down the side. “Need ta know how far 'nside,..”

Shelley gave him another look, almost but not quite having second thoughts, before she squatted with her knees apart and gently pushed the dildo in as far as was comfortable.

“Hmmm, 'bout av'rige,” the technician commented, marking down five and a half inches. “Now push in till ya think it'll hurt,..”

Shelley gave him a quick dirty look, but still pushed the dildo in deeper, a grimace on her face and a grunt passing her lips when she reached her limit.

“Eight 'n a half,.. 'bout average,..”

She'd let the dildo slide out and stood up facing the tech as he jotted that down. He left her holding it as he began using his tools to adjust various bits and pieces of the device she was paying for. He hummed some song she couldn't recognize as he worked, quickly fine tuning the Stand to be custom fit to Shelley's figure, virtually ignoring the naked woman who kept looking over his shoulder.

“Right. Now, ya want ta know how to work it, right?”

“Yes. Yes I do” Shelley said, almost breathlessly when she realised her new toy was ready for her.

“Button,” he said pointing. “Blue light fer shoes on, green light fer shoes off. You want to practice getting in?”

Shelley nodded, slipped her wedge heeled shoes back on, this time wrapping the tie straps up her calves and tying them off behind her knees. She pressed the button to turn the light blue, and then stepped up on to the users platform, taking care to place her ankles in the two horseshoe shaped sections mounted to the vertical shaft that ended just above knee hight.

“Wiggle ya feets, an' the ankle binding 'ill snap closed.”

She did so, looking down to see the clasps extend from the outside of the platform, meeting the fixed inner sections and locking her feet in place.

“Right. Wiggle again 'nd the pussy pole 'ill come up.”

She did so again, and then had to roll her hips about as the cock shaped steel tip of the pole rose from the inside of the shaft the ankle bindings were mounted on.

“Git it wrong, and it'll go up the otha hole jus' as easy” the technician commented once Shelley had adapted to standing with her hips rolled forward to accommodate the vertical pole that had forced it's way inside her, and her back arched sharply to keep her balanced, leaving her large breasts to stand proud of her ribs, quivering and jiggling as she steadied herself.

“'Kay, rope next,..”

Shelley looked up at the coarsely woven rope noose, drew in one deep breath, then settled it over her head, before reaching forward and pulling on the lever the instructions said would pull the noose taut, feeling the noose shrink around her neck until it a was just little less tight than her favorite choker collar, and she felt the lock click in place on the lever.

“'Member, need to remove 'ny weight from it ta un-click it,..”

“Right,” Shelley said, practising stretching out her body and neck and then un-clicking the lever lock, before she relaxed her body and secured the lever closed again.

“Next, Yellow one,” the technician instructed, waiting as she hit the large button next to the lever.

Shelley was rewarded with the sight of two V-shaped almost vertical panels rising to sit so her breasts were just slightly lifted by them, with her hardened nipples sitting near a deep groove that ran down the bottom of the V.

“Now, ya get those nips in that groove, and the nip lock 'll clamp on 'em.”

Shelley took that as an instruction, and ended up yelping as her nipples were caught and clamped rather harder than she'd expected.

“Now, don' move yer tit's about too much, else the platform release timer 'll start, and until the rest o' it's set, that'll jus' make tha platform drop wit'out warnin'. Ya don' want that yet, and ya don't hav' ta lock ya nip's in like that, and now ya can't get 'em out until tha release timer is wound down. Unlockin' tha noose 'll unlock ya nips.”

“Tha idea is that ya'll catch 'em in there while ya wriggle once locked in, and that'll set tha floor timer off. If ya lock ya nips in like this, ya got about two minutes afta' the clock run's down on tha release timer, ta get off tha platform. Understand?”

“Yeah,..” Shelley kind of sighed, wishing she hadn't clamped her nipples in place. She loved being bound up and in peril, but she really wasn't into nipple torture. She never noticed the box sections at the bottom of each breast panel, pressed snuggly against her ribs.

“Now, tha two big dial clocks on the front panel, tha right one is tha release timer countdown. Tha left is tha floor drop countdown. They light when tha' timers are on. Okay?”

“Got it.”

“Put ya hands back 'ere and sqeeze 'em in ta tha binding.”

Shelley followed his instructions again, finding the wrist bindings that hung on a cable attached to the noose rope, and fumbled once, then got her wrists secured in to the binding.

“Right. Tug tha cable down 'nce.”

Shelley did so, and was rewarded with the sight of a green light coming on between the two clocks in front of her, followed by the backlight of the right side clock flashing.

“Flashin'. Means ya didn't set tha 'Release' timer 'fore steppin' in. In this mode, tha Stand'll jus' set a random limit, and ya gots no way ta be sure if tha time'll be longer than tha' minimun main timer.”

Both people watched the clock light flashing, until the minute and second needles swung around to 34 minutes, 22 seconds, there was a beep, and then the second hand began to move backwards, with the countdown to Shelley's release from the Discipline Stand.

'Lucky. Default settin' fer the main timer's an hour. Yer'll hav' ta read tha manual to learn how ta reprogram it longer.”

“Okay,” Shelley said, her voice a little forced as she tried concentrating on his instructions, rather than the physical sensations of being lightly choked and more deeply penetrated than she liked, along with having her back arched to keep her balanced, and her nipples clamped and pulled on every time she took a breath.

She found herself delightfully bound and in peril, but just a little annoyed about her tits.

“Two more things ta 'member. One, tha timer only unlocks tha wrist bindin's, ya gotta reach up ta tha big button on top ta stop tha main timer and unlock ya nip's from tha clamps. When ya do, watch 'ow much weight ya put on tha boob panel's, else ya'll release the floor platform without warn'ng.”

“Okay,” Shelley said, eying the button. “You can release me now, and I'll show you out.”

“That bring's up tha otha thing. There's no external release on this model. Ya in there till tha timer run's out. An' there's a new feature. Tha lights are 'll hooked ta a sensor. They'll dim when the lights go out.”

“What lights?” Shelley was asking as the technician hit the switch at the bottom of the stairs, leaving the basement in almost total darkness but for a few dim beams of sunlight coming through the two tiny windows in the doors above the exterior exit stairs, and the scratches where paint had worn off the rest of the windows Shelley had blacked out for privacy.

“ 'll show meself out. Don' ferget ta read tha manual before ya use in next time.”

He was gone through the basement door before Shelley could yell out in annoyance. She heard his steps along the hall and her house's door creak open, and then his feet crunching down her stone driveway. She heard his truck door open and slam closed, and then the engine roared and he was gone down the long country lane that led to her farmhouse studio.

As the truck's motor faded in to the distance, Shelley realised she hadn't heard her home's front door close.

“Aww, crap,...” she sighed, before her eyes fell back on the second hand, willing it to spin faster, which it seemed to defy with every shudder to the next second mark on the face.

Over the next thirty minutes she felt every breath as her nipples tugged against their captors, felt the top of the steel bar in her pussy each time a muscle in her legs twitched. The bindings at her ankles, wrists and from the rope around her neck were a constant torturous tease. The rope tight enough to arouse fear and excitement, but not enough to make her panic.

Each second crawled past, stretching out her unplanned self bondage session closer and closer to the time her friends were due to arrive. The thought of having them catch her like this adding more tension to her mind and body.

After what seemed like forever, the clock had ground down until there were less than four minutes to go when she heard the approach of the first of her friends.

The car pulled up and stopped before the three minute mark, and Shelley listened to every sound as her friend got out of the car, and recognised Trisha's voice as her friend spotted the open door to the house and called out “Shelley? You inside”

Down in the basement, the buxom blonde paniced for a moment, flinching enough to tug harshly against her nipples, making her grunt in response to the pain, and then freeze when she heard a click.


The blood ran from Shelley's face, she heard her friend enter the house above her as she watched the platform release clock light up, and the needle swing up to five minutes.

She sighed, took a deep breath, and then the adrenaline kicked in with an idea.

“Trisha. I'm just getting something to wear out of the washing. Can you go out back and fire up the Bar B Que ?” she called out, trying not to move about in her bindings.

“Oh. Okay” her friend called back, and then Shelley heard her wandering through the house, right past the open door to the basement, and out the screen door of the kitchen in to the yard.

Watching the clock now an obsession, Shelley saw two minutes left, then one, then heard a second car approaching as the timer swept past thirty seconds.

The new arrival stopped as the second hand reach ten seconds, and Shelley heard voices and car doors as the wrist binding snapped open, her hand flying to hit the release button, and then her voice squeaked as the weight of her large breasts triggered the platform drop. Shelley barely had a second to grab the rope above her with both hands before she felt the platform under her feet begin a slow drop as her ankle bindings clicked open.

She thanked her gym routine for her life as she clung to the rope, her feet in kicking nothing but air, and her pussy filled with steel, as the sounds of her friends feet and chattering voices came down from above her.