Nikki's Adventure

by Serefina

Part 1.

Nikki looked over the collection of bondage toys she had just purchased, spreading them out across her bed as she again reached for the hardcopy of her favorite 3D image. Would she really be able to get herself into that position? Would she be able to get out again?

Nikki ran through her mental checklist again. Darkroom all set? yup. Video and Still Cameras set? Yup. Lighting right? Yup. Body cleansed inside and out? Yup she thought again, remembering what her first colonic irrigation had felt like only two hours ago.

Pausing for a moment, she changed her mind on one item. Nikki walked down stairs to the lounge, picking up and turning off her mobile phone, and pulling her land-line phone from the wall, she put both of them in a box, then put the box on the top shelf of the wardrobe in her master bedroom.

"This time, no interruptions, and no help getting out."

Nikki had been building to this adventure slowly, learning how to extricate herself from self initiated bondage situations, exploring her own sexuality as she did so. This time though, she wanted nothing to interfere with the experience, and was finally willing to risk being stuck in a bind of her own making.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, she reached down to undo the laces of her sneakers, pulling them and her sport socks off, before standing to peel off the rest of the sports clothes she had worn to the adult shop that Friday evening.

Once naked, she grabbed a scrunchie from her dresser, using it to tie her long dark hair into a bob, so it wouldn't catch in the chains, bars and clasps she had waiting in the spare bedroom, her playroom as it were.

Wearing nothing but the hair tie and her Gold-rimmed glasses, she checked herself out in her floor to ceiling mirror. Smiling at herself she thought aloud, "Not bad for a 24 year old. Five and a half feet tall, longish legs, delicate arms, nice ass, small waist and a great set of tits!"

Nikki wasn't afraid to be proud of her body, figuring that the number of men, and women, that chased her affection, was a sure sign the hours in the gym and her healthy diet had been worth while, and that other people thought she was beautiful.

She twirled and bounced on the spot, watching the way her boobs would momentarily float behind the rest of her body's movement. "Not bad, good thing I spend so much time in a well fitted bra." If only the guys at the office realised how rarely I wear panties she continued as an afterthought.

Nikki pulled the Master Bedroom door closed behind her, then wandered through her house, checking front and rear doors were closed, and pulling shut the drapes on her windows, before shutting off the lights and thinking out loud, "Wonder if the teen-spy was looking?"

'Teen-Spy' was the nick-name some of the other young women in her street had named the 15 year old boy that lived opposite Nikki, when they had caught sight of him using a telescope to watch them from his loft bedroom the year before. They knew he was harmless, just a kid checking out older girls, some even gave him the odd flash when they knew he was looking. Nikki had even left her playroom's drapes open one night, to see if he was game to watch her masturbate. The look on his face when she drove past him on his bike the next morning had told her that he had watched.

Tonight though, she pulled the drapes closed when she finished climbing the stairs, so he wouldn't see what she was doing to herself, even though closing them with the light on must have given him a great view of her body, if he was watching.

Nikki was almost giddy with anticipation as she turned her naked body to the toys on her bed. Wrist and ankle straps attached to spreader bars, the hook she'd fitted to the wall behind her play lounge, the studded collar and key pouch, the mallet required to complete the image, and the two dildo's she'd carefully chosen. One slender enough to fit up her ass, the other would stretch her pussy further than anything she'd ever dared before.

She really didn't like having anything pushed up her ass, more than one guy had been disappointed to learn Nikki hated anal sex, and one had even left her house with a cracked jaw after she right hooked him when he tried to force the issue.

But to recreate her favorite computer image as a photo, she was willing to try to overcome her hatred of the way the dildo would feel.

Flicking the power switch on her video camera, she brought it to life, followed by the small TV she had set up to monitor the view. Nikki zoomed the camera to where she would be when she began to play, settting the focus, then pulled back to a shot she liked on the TV, before setting the iris to manual, so her still camera's flash wouldn't affect the video camera. Finally she set the video camera to record, before stepping in front of it, moving to the still camera and setting it's zoom and focus so that it's framing would match that of the CGI Image.

By now, her body was already being recorded on the video tape, but she would have to set a timer on the still camera for it to capture her naked and bound on film. Nikki loved photography, and had done portraits of quite a few of her neighbours and friends, developing them in the darkroom she had set-up in her basement. None of them would ever have guessed what sort of shots she took of herself.

She set the timer to take a photo once every thirty seconds, that way she would have about 25 or 26 minutes to work herself into position, having made up her own custom roll of film with about 50 shots on it. She knew she was pushing what her camera's drive could handle, but 30 seconds was the maximum she could delay the camera by for repeated shots, rather than a single shot delay.

Sitting on the lounge, Nikki stretched out and relaxed, waiting for the camera to fire it's first shot. When the flash popped, she blinked for a moment then reached for the little pile of locks that would hold her wrist and ankle straps to the spreader bars, as well as locking the straps on her. Unlocking each of the padlocks in turn, she popped the individual keys into the pouch attached to her Collar, the still camera firing again as she did the last of the five locks.

"I really should have marked which key fits in which lock" Nikki remarked both to herself and the video camera.

Pulling the tie closed on the pouch, she looped it's long slender strap on the first padlocks open bolt. Next Nikki wrapped the collar snugly around her neck, setting it so the small padlock held it closed at the back of her neck, with the small pouch swinging from the now closed padlock about 12 inches down her back. She'd figured that the strap was just long enough for her to reach once she was done, although it would still be a challenge to reach it once her wrists were bound to the shorter of her two spreader bars.

Reaching for the longer bar, she bent her legs and spread her feet far enough to wind the ankle straps in to place, the camera firing again as she locked the bar to her left ankle. "Bet that'll be a great pussy shot" she said, looking up in to the lens of the video camera as she clicked the second ankle straps lock closed.

"Now for my wrists" she spoke, reaching for the smaller bar, which she quickly snapped in to place, holding it up as she waited for the still camera to fire again.

"That’s Four shots, now for the hard bit."

Nikki wriggled her way down the lounge, until her head, neck and shoulders were the only part of her leaning on the low backrest, then rolled to reach the two dildo's, dropping them on the lounge between her wide open legs.

Next she lifted her feet from the lounge, straightening out her legs before rolling her hips to lower the bar at her ankle towards her head. Letting her legs hang there, she lifted her hands up between her knees, holding her left hand up in the air with her right down near her body, wriggling to bend her elbows out behind her knees.

The camera fired again as she began to push her elbows outward, taking the most open and revealing shot of her pussy Nikki had ever made.

Grunting with effort, Nikki flexed her arms and tried to relax her leg muscles to slide more of her arms through her wide open thighs. She was already sweating from the exertion, and from the heat of her video cameras lights, and now the sheen on her skin helped her legs to slide across the flesh of the back of her arms.

"Arrrgh" Nikki yelped as the muscles on her thighs complained about being stretched to their limit, before she was able to finally wriggle her shoulders past her legs. Pausing and panting as she got used to breathing with her body flexed further than she had ever dared before, the camera fired again.

"Six" Nikki counted. "Now for the Spreader Bar hook."

Screwed in to the wall behind her, Nikki had fitted what looked like an upside-down curtain rail hook, only this one was much stronger and had a loop that spiraled back in on itself, leaving her a path for her to follow with the spreader bar. Rocking herself back and forth, Nikki managed to start the bar in the spiral, releaved when the tension on her legs dragged the bar fully in to the hook.

"Of course, that's going to be a bitch to get out of" she said with a dry smile to the Video, as another photo was taken.

Letting her hands rest on her upturned buttocks, Nikki was now most of the way in to the position she wanted to get in. With her wrist still held further apart then her hips were wide, she would have to stretch hard to reach, and then fit, the dildo's.

Straightening her arms and rolling her upper body forward, she came close to giggling when she realised the reason she couldn't reach the plastic penises was because her breasts were wedged between her ribs and her thighs.

"Damn. For the first time in my life, these D-cups are too big!" Either that or they're too firm she thought, not that any of her partners had ever complained about playing with D-cups that barely drooped below where they hung on her ribcage.

Pulling first her right, then her left hand up in turn, Nikki shifted her breasts closer together, until both were held in place between her thighs. This time when she rolled forward, she felt the ankle bar float around but stay in it's wall hook, and she was able to stretch her arms around her butt, glad she grasped the smaller of the two dildo's first, just as the camera fired for the eighth time.

Nikki had put water-based lube on both of the dildo's when she had unpacked them, figuring there would be no way to do it once bound. She was glad that she had as she flexed and relaxed the muscles in her lower abdomen, ignoring the strain in her thighs as best she could, and gently sliding the head of the sex-toy past her anus.

There was a grimace on her face when the camera fired again, with the dildo still only half way in. Grunting from the discomfort she felt at having it pushed where she felt nothing should ever be pushed, Nikki gritted her teeth and slid the dildo as deep as she dared, leaving the six inch toy with just over an inch of it's length hanging out her but.

"Now for the big one!" she said eagerly to the video camera, reaching out with her left hand to grasp the large plastic shaft. "This is Twelve inches long, and Two and a half inches wide on the shaft, but Three and a half inches on the head"

Changing her grip, Nikki held the head of the massive artificial cock to her pussy and waited for the still camera to fire again. Once it had, she looked up to the video again. "No I wont fit all of this in me, it's too long for that, I chose it for it's width, I've never used anything this big before."

Quickly Nikki laid the dildo on her belly, shifting her left hand to the base of the toy and lifting it by the blunt end, so that as she raised the cock with her left, the spreader bar dragged her right hand closer to her pussy. She had planned this from the start, hoping to be able to play with herself enough to start her juices flowing, and hopefully hold her pussy open as she started pushing it inside her.

Along with the anticipation of what was to come, and the stimulation she was already experiencing, it only took a few well placed strokes and flicks of her fingers to bring on the familiar moist sensation. She was still playing with her clit when the camera fried for the eleventh time.

"Here goes" she said to the video as she started pushing the massive toy inside her. Nikki grunted "Damn" as she was forced to pull her right hand away from her pussy, or loose her grip on the dildo.

Gritting her teeth, Nikki began to flex her left arm and rotate the shaft to ease it's oversized knob into her, letting out a few choice curses and the odd squeal as her pussy continued to resist. She was panting hard and tossing her head about as she tried to force the apple-sized head, her left hands grip tightening on the shaft, and the muscles on her upper arm standing out under her skin from the effort needed.

The camera flash blinded her eyes twice before she was able to get the widest part of the dildo head past the over stretched lips of her pussy, and the tension on her skin started to suck the plastic cock into her. Nikki was finding it easier to have the knob inside her sex and her pussy around the inch thinner shaft, then it was getting the knob past her pussy.

She never knew how loud she had squealed when the knob finally came to a rest inside her, but she did feel the sweat dripping off her head and down across her shaking breasts. Neither did she realise that all off her thrashing about had caused the strap from her collar to the key pouch to snap, leaving the pouch resting precariously on the edge of the lounge, next to her inverted right knee.

More careful now, especially with the smaller dildo still shoved up her ass, Nikki slowly pressed down on the base of the big fake penis. Again she began to squeal and moan, feeling as much discomfort as pleasure from the stretching of her insides far further than any of her sexual partners had ever come close to.

The flash had fired again while she was pressing on the dildo, but by now Nikki was more concerned with the way her insides felt then by what she was going to look like on film.

Still pressing the dildo further into her, she worked it in as far as she dared, realising that while it was extremely uncomfortable, the pain from the stretching had subsided, and she was getting used to how both dildo's felt. Nikki stopped when she saw there was only three inches of it's length left outside of her.

Again the camera took other photo, but Nikki had lost count, and decided she needed to get the last of her props in to the right position, so that one of the next few frames would look like her CG inspiration.

First she needed the Mallet, which she had to get sat on the lounge on the right side of her hips, then she would need to tip one side of her glasses off, and get her hands spread out across each buttock. Finally she had to hope enough of her juices would side down from her pussy and around the dildo in her ass to match the final detail of the 3D image.

The Mallet wasn't far from her left hand, sitting on the dresser next to the lounge, and she was able to reach it's handle by swinging both arms across to her left and twisting her body to roll her shoulders, so that her right arm would follow her left. This gave her left arm enough free play to get her hand around the Mallet's handle, but also made her breasts roll across in front of her.

Having her knees behind her head, twisting her body to the left, and dealing with the movement of her breasts made it virtually impossible to breath while Nikki lifted the large Mallet and swung it towards herself. By the time see noticed the flash again, she was panting for breath.

Nikki lay panting with her head sagging back against the lounge with the Mallet resting across her breasts while she caught her breath, the camera firing off a couple more shot while she did. She left the Mallet there while she reached up and pulled the left side of her glasses loose from her ear, leaving them sagging like the ones on the character model in the image.

Gripping the Mallet in her right hand, she hefted it and swung it over her right thigh, setting it down so it sat on it's striking face, with the handle pointing away from the camera, and slightly wide of parrallel to Nikki's body.

The camera shot another still frame as Nikki positioned her hands to spread her butt wide, and she clenched the muscles around her pussy to squeeze out some of the fluid from inside her sex. Over and over she clenched and released, panicking as the camera fired off another three shots.

"How many frames are left?" she asked herself out loud, relaxing her pussy for a moment. When she sucked in a deep breath, or as deep as a woman bent double and held bound in place could, Nikki was surprised to feel a wet dribble side over the small patch of skin between her pussy and anus. Taking another deep breath, and watching as the large dildo began to lift out of her in response, relief swept through her as she felt a much larger flow ooze from her and run down the cleft between her buttocks, just before the camera fired again.

"Now wait for a pair of keepers" Nikki said to herself, waiting for the still camera to fire off twice more before she decided it was time to get out of her bonds.

First she reached up to straighten her glasses, "Now what first?" she asked the camera, reaching to wrap a hand around the big dildo. Pulling upwards she drew it out of herself, stopping when she realised it was going to hurt just as much coming out as it did going in.

Instead she reached down and pulled the smaller one from her ass, sighing again and feeling much more comfortable with it gone, letting it fall to the floor as she let it go. "Damn! That feels so much better!"

Looking down the barrel of the video camera, Nikki blinked as the flash fired again before speaking to the camera. "I think I'll leave the big one in until I'm undone. First, it's time to unhook my legs."

By now, Nikki had been hooked to the wall for nearly 15 minutes, and had begun to loose some feeling in her legs. The muscles of her thighs were shaking slightly under the continued strain, and her calves were starting to cramp. Her feet, back above her head and restricted be the strain from the ankle straps and spreader bar, had already gone numb.

At first, Nikki tried to roll backwards and push her legs upwards to get the bar out of the hook, but her legs were shaking too much to move carefully enough to get the bar out.

The still camera took another shot while she was trying, and another two while she rested and then tried again.

"Keys first then" she finally realised.

Bending her right arm to bring her wrist to her shoulder, and bending her head hard over to the left, followed by her upper body, Nikki reached her fingers as far behind her to search for the strap she had attached the pouch to the padlock with.

Four things happened simultaneuosly then. The first was the still camera taking another shot. The next was Nikki finding she held the strap but no pouch. The third was in reaction to her twisting her upper body to the left, and the resultant roll of her hips to the right. As she did, her numb right knee nudged the small pouch just hard enough to roll it off the couch and on to the floor with a small dull plop.

The last thing that happened, and the one that ran a chill down Nikki's spine, was a voice from the tree outside her window. A fifteen year old boys voice saying "I heard screaming and your doors are locked. Are you okay?"

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