Judgement Month
by Serafina

As is often the case before a ruling, the public seated in the pews in the rear half of the courtroom seemed to know instinctively when the Judge was about to return, and all of the already quiet conversations taking place seemed to cease of their own accord. All eyes turned to the front of the courtroom as a clerk opened the door leading from the judge's chambers, and the elderly woman made her return. The long robes of her office swept around her legs as she strode confidently to her seat once the clerk had called "All Rise".

"Be Seated" the clerk called once the judge sat, her steely gaze passing over the victims, and their family members before finally coming to rest on the defendant and her lawyer. A small nod to the clerk and the judge was ready to deliver sentence.

"The defendant will rise for sentencing" the clerk called.

Slowly the woman in the docks rose, as did her lawyer, exchanging worried looks and waiting for the inevitable sentence. She was expecting prison time, even though she really didn't think she'd done anything wrong, just been a little more innovative in controlling and disciplining her students.

"Miss Erica Stevens," the Judge began, then paused just long enough to make sure she had everyone's attention. "You have been found guilty by a jury of your peers, of charges that boil down to gross misconduct, abuse of those entrusted to your care, and being the cause of the gang rape of a student."

The judge paused again, taking a long breath before delivering the sentence she had given lengthy consideration to.

"There is a long history within this court, of making the punishment fit the crime. I have spent many hours during the two weeks of this trial looking for legal precedent to guide me, but there has never been a case of this nature before the court."

"You forced teenage female students to be naked before their peers. You encouraged those peers to be abusive verbally and physically towards those students you were punishing for minor infractions of the student behavior codes set by this very court."

"And through your negligence, you placed a student in a position of vulnerability, that led directly to her being held down and forced to sexually please older students, both male and female."

"No High School teacher in this state has ever acted in such a manner, nor has anyone been charged with this sort of criminal behavior."

Again the judge paused. She'd considered the punishment, consulted amongst other judges, even spoken to the State Governor, and heard from the Supreme Court and the Office of the President. Not one person in higher office than her own had disapproved of her choice of sentence.

"So I choose to punish you in the same manner you punished those under your care."

A gasp was heard from the families, was the judge really setting an 'Eye for and Eye' style sentence?

"You are hereby sentenced to thirty days totally naked before the public. You will attend your work as a teacher, your time in public places, your home life, every minute of the day without clothes. Every detail of your life will be made public; you may not refuse any genuine request for interview by the media. Any detail of your person, your personal history, anything asked of you must be revealed."

"While on campus you will teach as normal. But added to your duties, you will make yourself available to any student organization that makes request of you."

The Judge paused for a breath, and thinking she was finished, the crowd erupted, cheering the judge, and making Stevens quiver in shock as the noise hit her. 'No. Anything but this' she thought, knowing from experience just how cruel students could be, especially as they would be able to get away with anything for the next thirty days.

"Clerk, bring this court to order."

"Yes Ma'am." Clearing his throat the Clerk used the loudest of his commanding voices, "This court will come to order!"

It took a few more calls to order, but after a minute, the Judge spoke again.

"You are to spend the next thirty days naked in all forms. To wit, your home is to be cleared of all clothing, personal belongings, anything that can give you a sense of security. Remote control locks are being fitted so that you may request their activation by phone from the Sheriff only when you are retiring for sleep."

"Because it is nearly winter, you will be able to cover one bed with sheets and quilts to keep you adequately warm when asleep. Those bedclothes must be stored in a cupboard connected to the remote locks, so that it can only be opened when the house is closed for you to sleep."

"Your car is impounded for these thirty days, you are to walk or use public transport. I will leave it to a public vote in the media as to whether you go barefoot, or what type of shoes you may wear, to protect your feet."

"Further, for the term of this sentence, your assets are frozen, you will receive only that percentage of your wages required for the upkeep of your home, for diet needs and to pay for bus or train tickets. This court will not allow you to freeze or starve, or give you any medical escape from this sentence."

Turning to face Steven's lawyer, the judge added, "I have spoken to every level of justice above me, and this punishment has received unanimous support; do not waste the states time and money with appeals."

"Yes your honor" the defense lawyer answered, before shrugging his shoulders to his client and whispering, "This could have been much worse Erica." Secretly he was overjoyed at the sentence, and as her legal representative, at the commission he could extract in liaising between Steven's and the Media.

"Justice has been served" the Judge finished, before uttering the command to start the defendants sentence.

"Bailiff, take the defendants clothes, leave her shoes until the public has made its decision. Use force if necessary."

"Yes your Honor" the large bailiff replied, moving to where Erica stood shaking.

"Oh god, no," Erica whispered in fear as the Ex-Wrestler moved closer, her mind already racing as she realized he could easily pick her up and tear each garment from her body.

"You'd better get on with it Erica" her lawyer advised, reaching one hand out to hold her shoulder in a show of support.

"But," Erica sobbed, tears running down her face.

"You heard the Judge. Strip" the bailiff commanded.

Erica looked around the courtroom, which normally would have been clearing out by now, but not today. Today every eye in the room waited to see her naked. For the first time she felt sorry for what she'd done, and understood what she'd put her students through.

Her shoulders drooped and she sobbed again as she resigned to her task, reaching for the buttons of her jacket. The heavy woolen garment came off with out hesitation, and with effort Erica was able to pull her skirt down and step out of it, before handing both to the bailiff.

Each of the buttons on her silk shirt felt heavy and draining as she undid them, before looking around the court again, until the bailiff cleared his throat and gave Erica a glowering look. Slowly she opened the shirt to reveal the simple white bra and black panties she'd worn, as well as the tops of her stay-up stockings.

Erica shook with nerves as she slipped the shirt down off her shoulders, pulling each arm out in turn. She was breathing fast as the bailiff took the shirt, pilling it up with her jacket and skirt on the evidence display table.

When he turned to face her again, Erica was stiff fumbling with her bra, fear making her fingers miss the clasp.

Just as her lawyer was about to offer assistance, the Judge spoke. "Bailiff, get this done, I've got an appointment with the Governor at the 1st tee in half an hour, and I don't intend to be late.

Before anyone could react, the Bailiff reached one massive hand out, wrapping his fingers around the joint between the two cups of Erica's bra, and pulled her two steps closer to him. With a sudden jerk forward and down, the two shoulder straps and the clasp where ripped apart, dragging the stunned defendant to stagger forward, her breasts bouncing free.

As Erica flailed and tried to steady herself, the public gallery erupted with a cheer at the sight of the beautiful woman's charms. She was still trying to right herself when the Bailiff grabbed the sides of her knickers in each hand and jerked them upwards. He'd intended on making the plain black knickers tear at the crotch, so he could pull what remained up to her waist and tear it off, but all he managed to do was pull the light weight woman clear of the ground.

Erica had to grab the Bailiff's shoulder to stop herself from toppling over as she was effectively lifted by her pussy. Even so, the large man still ended up with a face full of Erica firm breasts before he tried to bounce her up and down to tear the material.

The gallery added laughter at the sight of her embarrassing mid-air dance, until the Bailiff set Erica down. With a quick change of his grip he yanked on the crotch of her knickers, which immediately tore the now frayed sides loose, leaving him holding the torn garment as Erica tried to cover herself with her arms.

Again the Gallery cheered, drinking in the sight of one very beautiful naked woman, only to be quieted by the judge as she rapped her gavel. "Leave the stockings Bailiff, but cuff her to prevent her from covering herself with her arms, if she fails to drop her hands to her side soon."

"Yes Ma'am" the Bailiff answered, sharing a look with his boss that clearly indicated Erica was going to be in cuffs whether she complied or not. In seconds the massive court officer had grabbed Erica's arms and pulled them behind her, snapping the steel around her wrists.

Left as she was, in her dressy pumps and stockings, the covering from her toes to her thighs only served to emphasize the rest of her nudity. Having her hands cuffed behind her pulled Ericaís shoulders back and pushed her breasts out, making her firm c-cup sized assets even more noticeable as they bounced and jiggled with every breath and movement Erica made.

"This court is dismissed. Bailiff, you may deliver the handcuff keys to Miss Stevens once she reaches her home.† Mr. Waltkins, I assume you'll make sure your client gets home safely, and according to the letter of this courts ruling, " the Judge spoke to the defense lawyer, rising to leave as she did so.

"ALL RISE" the Bailiff called, and the public gallery did, with a standing ovation for the judge as she left, and hoots and hollers as Waltkins escorted his client out to the waiting media, and the long walk home.

"Well Georgia, this has to be the slowest pursuit we've ever broadcast. As you can see, Miss Stevens is now almost to her home, only a hundred or so yards to go."

"Yes Jim, and I think we'll be in for more fabulous footage of the woman that has now been dubbed nationally as 'The Naked Criminal'. In moments we'll be handing the viewers over to the national sports desk, where the team has been hard at work over the last eight hours. They've compiled vision from all our local affiliates, amateur filmmakers, and security cams across the city, ready to bring the viewers highlights of Erica's journey home."

"And her she is, getting to her front door, where Bailiff Andy 'Colossus' Jones is waiting to remove the handcuffs that have really made life hard for Erica. Surely Colossus Jones is going to be one of the new millenniumís folk heroes, and sources tell me his technique for stripping prisoners is already being applied. I've had calls telling me 'working girls' are already being well paid to let customers 'do a Colossus'."

"There it is Georgia, Erica has finally made it to her house, you can she her legs are really aching from walking those long miles in her heels. Oooh, that might have been a bit nasty, Colossus might have been a little rough pulling Erica's arms up her back to get the key in to the cuffs."

"And yes, can you see, she's collapsed just inside the door as she waits for her lawyer to climb from his limo. Bet that's gonna add carpet burns to her bruises. I can't understand why Waltkins has taken so long, but yes, here he is now, and he's carrying something to her, you can see Erica's not happy, is that a pen? Yes she's signing a document, and there, Waltkins is waving in several young girls, and they seem to be assisting Stevens out of sight inside."

"That looks like all we're going to see from here Georgia, it's back to you in the studio."

"Thanks Jim. Jim Tratt in the Channel 12 chopper."

The news host looked at the laptop on her desk as an instant message from the news producer popped up. She paused, and then summarized the message for the viewers. "I've just been advised that the document Erica Stevens just signed was an exclusive coverage deal with Channel 12, and from tomorrow morning, you'll be able to watch 24 hour coverage of Erica on our digital side channel, 12-Digi-2, along with hourly updates."

"The girls who assisted Miss Steven's are some of her students, collectively known as the Stevettes, who have volunteered to help Miss Stevens prepare for the next thirty days."

"And now that's all from me, Georgia Kray, I'll see you tomorrow, and it's over to Jesse Burton at the National Sports Desk."

"Thanks Georgia. Welcome all, here with me is our regular desk of Carl and Jaqui, as well as sport psychologist Sara Jamal, who'll be giving us a special insight in to Erica Stevensí frame of mind, and her ability to endure not only today's, but the rest of this months ordeals, Jaqui,"

"And what a day she'd had Jesse. Later we'll be joined but exotic dancer 'Jenna', who'll explain how to deal with being nude in front of large crowds, and I'll be wrapping the rest of the days events in Sports Desk News, Carl,"

"Oh boy, oh boy, you won't believe where I've been today, and what's coming up in my special exclusive interview with the Stevettes -- the nation's ONLY strip-tease cheerleading squad!"

"More of that later, first up let's check the phone poll on Erica's shoes. And it looks like those tired feet had better get used to the heels, they're way out in front. Barefoot in second, heels and stockings a close third, and combat boots surging in to fourth, just ahead of Exotic Dancer's Platforms."